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"lydia crossbow" Discussed on Side Hustle School

"Brande new book. The money tree is now out in the wild. Or at least it's out on lines and somebody. Bookstores are closed. These days but you can still pick it up from any online retailers including Amazon audible dot com or apple books or of course support your local bookseller by going to bookshop dot work. Now this book is really different. From others tells the story of finding the fortune in your own backyard which is the theme. You might be familiar with from listening to the show but the story is told three cast of characters in a fictional setting. I really is the book I wanted to write. I'm proud that we've had over a hundred five star reviews on Amazon already and it was also reviewed by the New York Times. So if you're trying to find your way out of a financial difficulty or perhaps if you know someone who is. It'd be really grateful if you consider buying a copy for yourself and a copy for that friend you can learn more money tree book. Dot Com. Thank you so much for your kind support. I'm excited to keep making the show for you. Hey what's up friends listeners? Sottile school community CRISCO. I have the privilege of making this program for you every day. I have been doing so since January one twenty seventeen. I'm thrilled to continue. Even the age of so much change disorder chaos etcetera but where is the opportunity whereas the opportunity? How can we adopt? How can we perhaps even learn to thrive? That's what we will look at today. This is the throwback Thursday segment where we take an in depth. Look at someone who story has evolved considerably since we first feature them. You've got all sorts of features throughout the year on today in our latest one. We will hear from Lydia Crossbow who we featured a long long ago. I forget the episode number But she will tell you. Maybe it's actually nine sixty nine. I can see that now episode. Nine six nine. She is a textile designer. Who just so happened to be expanding her business into a retail shop. Right is the pandemic known as Kobe. Nineteen began to hit covered. Nineteen if you've heard of it okay. Just just making sure well. Fortunately Lydia has adapted and she's done so swiftly. I've been really impressed with what she's able to do. Both in terms of her attitude and perspective also her action. So in this update. You'll hear very honest report from her. I I'd like to thank our sponsor and I will come back at the end to wrap up if you are still using one of those big wireless providers this year. Have you ever ask yourself what you're paying for you're paying for expensive retail stores inflated prices in hidden fees and you're also being taken advantage of because they know you'll pay well? Internet mobile mobile provides the same premium network coverage. You're used to but at a fraction of the cost. Because everything is online you can use your own phone and keep your same phone number along with any of your existing contacts to get your new wireless plan for just fifteen bucks a month and get the plan shipped to your door for free. Go TO MITT MOBILE DOT COM slash hustle. That's meant mobile dot com slash. Cut Your Wireless Bill to fifteen bucks. A month had met mobile dot com slash hustle..

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