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"luong eu" Discussed on The Complete Guide to Everything

"Uh let loose the secret yeah because billy joel's like oh yeah the rohde's you know they picked out a young in our area harold sandies no either clearly acting on orders from britain right oh and it's an accident i have no say in the matter so armed it's no but he's at elton born elton john's people do it no he tell spent yeah exactly so that's a it's it's a topdown thing sylla hey billy joel i still love you but like a show us the love lynn mian tomor stacked in the other day yeah tell you rhody scum get us where uh podcasts hosts that uh speak in sort of well about you some devs stood cajun we still your music for show yeah we do uh but other than that it was a lot of fun paul schaeffer uh the the band leader for days lehrman was was the the substitute bandleader like the additional bandleader yeah i mean you don't uh he's not in additional anybody he months the show when he's there while women all schafer's onset who is a like clear though in the clear tones featuring paul schaeffer at is in addition yeah um well how many songs had billy joel play five six played one suck uh uh it was uh allied ill it seemed like all whole lot effort for three and a half minutes of music yeah i'm not i'm not all that upset that i didn't go to that 'cause i am on record tom saying i will never be in the audience of a tv show ever again briefly luong eu had to win and so many minds takes up the whole day and then a man it i mean this is a this is a bigger place that you are at the normal but like usually a man like yells eight you for not cheering enough if yet cheering enough say an unlike him knighted cheer for anything big like i'm a bad audience member billyjoel not even for billy joel.

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