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"lundgren quincy" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

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"lundgren quincy" Discussed on Newsradio 1200 WOAI

"Here are some of the stories. We're following for you L actor jesse's Molad says he will forever. Be grateful to his friends and family who stood by him. He spoke with reporters just moments ago after all charges against Moore dropped the empire actor said he'd been truthful inconsistent on everything from day one. It was being prosecuted in Chicago for allegedly lying to police about an alleged racial attack supreme court chief Justice John Roberts, refusing to haul the Trump administration's new ban on bump stocks and a number of lawsuits concerning that band have been initiated. And I got to see any scooters on the streets of new braunfels a ban on the dacas electric scooters has been made official city leaders. They say not a single person stepped up to support the scooters at the session. Have also been watching reports of the increasing numbers of accidents from downtown San Antonio people crashing on the scooters here. Another avenger has been confirmed for the Senate Antonio fan fest in Janet Freeman Coliseum actor, Paul Benny. He started iron man, and he was vision joins fellow avengers. Jeremy Renner at the event. It's also going to a feature panel discussions photo sessions and meet and greet also untapped for the event Jason momoa, aquaman and off Lundgren Quincy. I give your money on Wall Street. The Dow is up one hundred and fifteen points. Breaking news on the hour at the half anytime at W dot com. It's brought to you by comfort air engineering. Russia had but first a look at traffic.

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