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"luna pinger" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Version of Netflix series begins. With portentous words from a cynical narrator telling a dark tale. It's about how a bunch of institutions. Some you're supposed to trust got together. And started a war the kind that's easy to forget his happening until you realized in the last thirty years in Mexico. It's killed half. A million people narcos Mexico jumps back in time to the nineteen eighties. When Mexican gangs were disorganized and the drug trade mostly focused on marijuana American. Authorities weren't trying hard to stop them that change because of two men hard-charging ambitious Drug Enforcement Administration agent KiKi Camerena played by Michael penna and Felix guy. Jarido crafty ex cop who slipped into the dark side the yard owes plagued by Star Wars alarmed Diego. Luna pinger is perfect as Camerena an aggressive agent working for the DA when not many people even police officers knew what those initials met Camerena found that out the hard way when he was arrested by racists city, police while working undercover in Fresno, California you ever hear of the DA. Yes. Like drug enforcement agency or some cheek over your keep saying he's working under Trump before we picked up all team. That's one of my guys. Well, nothing personal money. Tough telling the good old grace from bad. Sometimes I get I get that soundless Camerena punching the local cop he would eventually transferred to a sleepy DA office in Guadalajara turns out Felix guy haired. Oh was there to uniting Mexican criminals into one giant drug smuggling operation? How did that work? Let the narrator fill you in the narcotics game was made of lone. Wolf traffickers who.

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