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"luke peas" Discussed on Couples Therapy

"Class. He was going to get the rolling pin out next and just start rolling. I feel very like wow. He's an excellent comedian. A dryer if you want to go inside. Yeah. On tumble low, just a low tumble. It was my best sir. That was serious so factual. Yeah. Okay, everybody in the comments. You know what to do, spread that rumor. You're messy. You're shut down. Matt has to do something. That's right. Given weird massages now, guys. Step right up. So okay, so you are you realized you're two co dependent, right? That's nice. Not too nice. I'm too polite. I'm letting everyone run all over me. And say yes to too much, I like, and when I say things, people don't listen to me and I'm like, but I said it already. And then when the bad thing happens, I'm like, but I said this two months ago. So I'm learning how to be more, yes. My inner bitch. Okay, yes. Honestly, bring that to these letters. These people need tough love. So I want you to be direct with them. Don't tell them what will make them feel good. That's true. That's what my mother says. She says, my job isn't to make you feel good. My job to tell you the truth. Sure. That's a black mama. That's the truth that there's anybody made the book yet, black mama isms and it's called you don't you have McDonald's money? I think you just I think you just sold it. I think that's an outfitter coffee table book. That's right. I said koda pennants because I thought that was like if you are like, if you don't value yourself enough, you let other people kind of walk on you, right? I guess. I guess I want to be nice because I've dealt with a lot of mean people, so I just don't want to be like them, but I think of course corrected too much. Yeah. Brian, you're recovering nice guy, right? Who's learned to step into his truth? Yeah, I am. The day by day, but I'm trying to learn the power of no. There's nothing like saying no in front of a mirror. And meaning it? In front of a mirror? It's good practice, yeah. You know, it's really confident it's moving to look yourself in the mirror and say, no? No, no. No, but I think yeah, I do think that I sometimes am like you Lacey, I think I fall into the trap of not only just being nice, but of just wanting everyone to really like me. And then at the end of the day, with my relationship right now, he'll say, what do you want to watch for TV? And I'm like, oh, anything you want. And then he picks something and I'm like hyperventilating because I don't know. That are just like, I'll just suffer through this. I'll just step her through this. Otherwise, and then like a month later, I'm like, you've always beg what we want. Which is not healthy. And he's like, because you told him, tell me to. And I'm like, fair. Okay. But yeah, I suffer from that too, I say, for sure. And I am recovering from that, hopefully. Thank you. That was helpful to me. Okay, speaker. The latter is I'm excited. Now you know I'm so not qualified to give advice. That's basically what. Okay, I think IO is the most sane of all of us. Yes. She might be on drugs or the coding. Are you two nice aisle? Probably any other time except for now, I guess. I feel really like in touch with I think what my personality would be if I did more therapy. You know, I love that for you. You know, I love that. I think I realized this is like what I could be like. It's kind of nice. Just being like, later. Do you think it's more like, 'cause you're like, I'm mellow, I don't feel the need to do more. Yeah, I feel like deeply centered right now. Hey, wow. Wow. Wait, what does that feel like? Nikki, can you please put up Luke peas comment? Because I think that just really puts a lot into perspective. That's it. Cody makes everything nice. And I'm just like, I love all I love all these stories. I can relate to them. And I can say, and I just, and I'm happy to be here. I want to do our iOS. I also, I'm trying to join you. So I'll be free. Two days after this, once I'll be over here, had pitched scream and in the streets, absolute mess, but, you know, till then. Decoding and wine go together. Is that a good pairing? My thing goes well with coding. What do you mean? Give me a minute. I'll start spending some lyrics. All the way. Come on. Okay, here we go. Here for now me and Andy's show. About to get a bunch of letters to read. That was amazing. Oh my God. Take me. Take heed. Okay. Take we like that. Are you watching? Somebody please God please too.

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