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"The Jim bohan Cho at one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo, but 866-505-4626. Luke Perry has written that joke isn't funny anymore. And it will take some calls here in just a second, but what was the first time you realized that you were being categorized politically? Cool. Well, one of the, one of the cool things about when I was working for we the answer to that TV when I was producing over there is that depending on which comedy video I put out, anybody watching it within make all these sweeping assumptions about where I stood politically. So I would put out one video about guns and people would be like, oh, you're a pro gun conservative nutcase. And then I would put out a video critical of president Trump. And then I was a liberal snowflake, et cetera, et cetera. So I've had a lot of fun playing with playing with people when it comes to political identity in particular because it's so it's so easy to rile people up if you can't be placed squarely in one box or another. So you yank their chain. Oh yeah, yeah. Whenever. All right, Larry in the Mount Vernon, New York. Good evening, Larry. Yes, good evening, Jim and good evening for your guests. What I'm curious about is comedy comes in many forms and visual role and just on stage and TV and various other ways. Even deaf people have comedians. They're very far few in between, but some of them are very good, although I don't know sign language. So I can't appreciate it. What I wanted to know is what is your guess and impression of the old stuff that used to be on television, such as like the gong show and SNL. We're going back 40 years at least. It shows like that in living color. Okay. Yeah, well, one thing I could say, thanks to the gift of YouTube, we all are able to consume clips of all of those great shows. And what's amazing is when you look at something like the gong show, like something like Hollywood squares, the stuff, the jokes that still hold up that stand the test of time we're talking 40, 50 years, it's really amazing to be able to see that and see like, oh, we're actually not that far removed from the great laughter, but back in the day. And your color, you bring up in living color. I mean, in living color, was such an important crucial part of my upbringing before I even had any aspirations of doing comedy. I was a kid in grammar school, I remember it was the 5th grade and we had an assembly. And one of the classes were performing in front of the entire school, a particular skit from in living color. It was the men on films get where David Alan Greer and Damon Wayans would play the super Flynn buoyantly gay movie reviewers. Think fiscal and meets Paris is burning. And here you have these 6th grade kids up on that stage in front of everybody doing their best impression of like the gayest loudest characters you could possibly have. And I'm sitting there, you know, as a 5th grader and we are all laughing and I don't mean just the kids. I mean, the kids and the teachers and that's something that we couldn't see right now. That's something that that couldn't happen. It might have to do with casting. I don't know if you'd be able to cast a straight Puerto Rican boy to play a gay black man or if you want to get into stuff like that. But man, it was magical. It was really, it was such a wild time to be growing up. And such an influential time on me for sure. When you talk about that joke isn't funny anymore. Are any of the jokes that aren't funny anymore? Were they ever not funny at all? I mean, or have they just been declared by some self appointed arbiter of humor to be not funny? Well, well, the title of that joke isn't funny anymore comes from a song by the band the smith. And the lyrics to the song goes that joke isn't funny anymore. It's too close to home in two near the bone too close to home in two near the bone. And I thought that that was just while the song came out in the mid 1980s, I think it's just like such an such a perfect encapsulation of the times that we're living in, where so much has become politicized. The individual identity has become politicized, where people take even a joke, like right to the bone as a personal affront as being even here the term like you're trying to erase me. And so what might what might have been funny and what might still be funny is still taken as if it's just a challenging somebody humanity to an extent. Yeah, I mean, it's remarkable. Are you that easily erased? Really? I had no idea. You know, I'm pretty much me and whether you choose to erase me or not. I'm still here. All right, more to come. Lou Perez, that joke isn't funny anymore on the death and rebirth of comedy. We will dwell on that when we come back in just a moment. Finding the right person for the job isn't easy. Just ask someone who hired a drama coach to be an IT guy. Yeah, I'm having trouble logging in. I'm not buying it, say it again, this time with feeling. I can't log in? Come

Jim bohan Cho president Trump Luke Perry Larry David Alan Greer Mount Vernon SNL Damon Wayans Jim Flynn YouTube Hollywood New York Paris smith Lou Perez
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"Type music every kill by the way a little warning. This did might make me laugh more than it makes you laugh so yeah on this day. Nineteen seventy five. The tied the knot. Let's go back to win the. It was the library at yale university. You know we're all romances began seventy. Hillary saw bill looking over at her. Can you imagine bill looking at a woman. I guess you can anyway. Hillary goes up to bill introduces himself. He says that he can barely remember. His own may also the cheek exuded this sense of strength he magnetic. Murphy's used that line and others anyway yeah so. They became friends and a month later. Bill traveled a texas together to work on me. George mcgovern presidential campaign in nineteen seventy three. Come on how romantic is george mcgovern totally. Be more funny to me. Bill would expose propose to hillary while vacationing in england. And of course. Hillary said well she say she said no. Actually she's no. Hillary would need more time and bill not wanting to give up asked several times because bill never takes no for an answer. Can't believe i wrote this anyway. So one day yes. They did decide to get married They were actually driving in arkansas. To an airport they saw this house he decides to buy the house and when she came back says hey i bought your house now. Will you marry me. And she said yes. So guys out there. If you're kidding turn down. I guess the lesson from bill clinton is buy a house. Let's take a look at her birthdays for today. Luke perry was born on this day in one thousand nine hundred sixty six. Peter thiel turns fifty four. Stephen moyer is fifty two michelle. Trachtenberg is thirty. Six cardi b. is twenty nine brandon. Flynn is twenty eight. And that is your look at october eleventh. Thanks for listening to this day where you are together on. Correct information if we made a mistake and you heard it. You're super smart and word superstar v. Shirt subscribe where to get your podcasting. Five-star we serve it. Thanks for putting up with that bill clinton story. It's not that was fun for me. I enjoyed learning about. Today i'm russ..

Hillary George mcgovern yale university Bill bill Murphy hillary texas Luke perry england arkansas Peter thiel bill clinton Stephen moyer Trachtenberg Flynn michelle brandon russ
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"Darkness so yes soldier boy. Tell him needs to get cute with it soldier. Boy talim these people men and me too. I mean it's not just them. I often talk about. Hey it's at somebody it's them but you know we're all the problem in our own way dude. I'm not people say. Oh he's fucking year every he's always making fun of everybody else. First of all that's comedy all open the door to it. Okay but second of all. It's like dude. I'm doing that because it's funny but also there's problems with me too okay. I'm not trying to act like i'm better than anyone. You don't talk about when i was in high school. I thought it was cool to fuck. It's tom i hear like jason prissy. I was in new jersey. And then my dad's i gotta move to l. a. And i was like cool. Do it and i started doing my hair. Like luke perry and walking around everyone was fucking making fun of me and laughing but guess what i did. I did my hair like that. I walked every day to school. And when i got an everybody laughed at me but guess what guess who was more luke perry than luke perry dude you boy in my head. And that's all that matters. I was fucking luke. Perry to one zero in high school and i made sure everybody knew it. I made sure everybody knew stupid. Hair go nats cool man and then your boy got real popular with that confidence. He went from the outcast with the hair to the cool dude with here. Of course the hair got lower. And i started a little bit differently as it got cooler because i get affected too i can affect it too but people are always like you know they talk about. You know life can hit you fast. Life could come at you fast. You know we all had weird years last year. All we fucking woke up and life hit fast life. Hit me fast. When i got to. La hippie fast. When i got to la. And i thought. I knew how it was going to be. I was one of the cool kids at six raid moved here. Seventh grade was immediately door. Hit me fast. But it's not really that life hits you fast but it's more like you're on your track and life doesn't happen life doesn't happen to you right. People say hey life happens it hits you fast. Life happens but it's not that it happens to you. You gotta let life happen dude you got to be on your track and then life hop on in right if life is hitting you fast if life is happening because it does it happens but bro beyond that track. Come on life. Happy and t- she along the way for one shoulder up shoulder from the homeless man. Called philo homeys no checks. He dude life hops in homey move over. Where more crowded you understand mentality. That's why i wanna talk about live rips. I'm really mean that shit life really rips dish. It isn't just as saying it's a culture. This shit isn't just as saying it's a colt. That's what i'm telling you man so let high.

luke perry Boy talim jason prissy new jersey Perry luke philo homeys la
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"You for playing this. I love it. Is this the theme song of night? Yes, Brett Burkhart's My God. May I Now I was I was at Dylan McKay lover and I've shared this on the show. When Luke Perry passed away you want to talk about? We were talking about Blue's clues earlier. You want to talk about something that made me cry? I remember driving into work, and I was You remember going? I remember was on that day, a mess, So that'll just bring back all of these. Um, yeah, but Brian Austin Green is also on that list. I'm seeing here. These are all sea level stars. Yeah, they always are right. Kind of, or it's people that are trying to rehab their reputation like Olivia Jade, right? I mean, it's like, please Sean Spicer. Oh, God, Right, And I know it draws eyeballs, and it draws clicks and things like this. So my mom loves the show. She'll watch it for me. If I'm over, I'm I'm really over there in the evening, so I might have to turn it on. I just want to see how well they do or don't dance. Isn't it funny like shows like this? Do you want them to be bad, or do you want them to be good? It's kind of like watching race car. Uh you are you watching to see the race or you're watching to see the next crash? Right? Obviously crash Watching somebody driving a circle is boring. I'm sorry. I really come on. Let's just be honest here. Alright. So again, that is all of the people coming up on season 30 of dancing with the stars, and we'll check in with our star Mark Thompson. Next on kgs. You're listening to the morning show with Nikki Maduro. You have a voice. Use it K g o a 10. Hey, we get it. You don't want to be hearing a progressive commercial right now. So let us tell you something You do want to hear. You are intelligent. You make all the right decisions. You were smart before smart was cool and you made it cool again. You have a wealth of knowledge. And you are so very clever. I bet you already knew I was going to say that.

Nikki Maduro Sean Spicer Luke Perry Mark Thompson Brian Austin Green Olivia Jade Brett Burkhart season 30 McKay 10 Blue Dylan God
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"The judge and the jury exactly who he is in the movies with any kind of trial scene. There is always that dramatic moment. Like i just discussed where one of the attorneys presents a witness or a piece of evidence. It completely changes the course of the trial. Knee the judge or the opposing turn attorney knew anything about it. That does not happen in real life. You have to have a deadline for discovery. You have to tell the opposing attorney what you're bringing up so they're never surprised. Completely after every lovemaking scene in the movie. There's no need to get up and go anywhere. it's just you. Just get on with your life without getting specific. That's not real life. A girl waking up with perfect hair and a faithful to perfectly done make. I'll care how pretty you are. That's probably not the situation at seven. Am do you remember at lot of famous women including tammy faye bakker did this but do you remember. We talked to someone. And i can't remember who it was. Who would get up in the morning. At like four o'clock put all of her makeup on and then slide quietly back into bed so that her husband just thought she woke up looking like that it was. It was somebody that i remember the story. It was somebody that works within the building and and and then she was one of the first people i knew to get tattooed. Permanent like eyeliner and lip liner yourself. A few minutes for exactly in the movies whenever anybody plays something back you know might be a tape recorder of video recording or whatever. They can always fast forward or rewind to exactly the point. They want with perfect. Accuracy it's just they hit it zooms for one second and then they find the pickup point. Just like that can i wears. I'm sorry going another thing that they do. Is they go. Can you separate that sound out. Oh yeah yeah right. Oh my i like to when they say when they say can you can use zoom in to that grainy photo and then those zoom in and you can see the perpetrators face and also like his phone number on his phone. Meanwhile you you could have a picture of your dog on your phone. Right now zoom. You can't see what's in the background of exactly right in the movies. There's always a bunch of high school students. But somehow they look like they were approaching thirty and yet you're asked to buy that one after another obviously greece's the perfect example of this. They remember them. There was a movie called porkies and they did like three of them but at the time they got to the third would some of the guys that had receding hairlines they look likely retirement age even beverly hills nine o. Two one which. I dearly dearly loved in the day and dylan perry luke luke perry's dylan mckay character. It's the rare high school junior. That has laugh lines. It just is. It's true that's very true. And finally in the movies there are guns with no recoil and the guy who shooting it one shot after another is not wearing hearing protection and yet he doesn't go death if you fire certain guns. They are very very loud. Well how about the the scene where the guy gets shot in the leg but he just he just keeps going keeps going in the leg with a with like a rubber band. It would stop me much less with a bullet. More news is next. And it's a special edition of morons in the news as we say goodbye to summer. Twenty twenty one we round up the top morons so far. Who's going to be the winners next. It's five in cherry. We've got him morons with bob and sheri. He's a moron. It's morons in the news at the so hard to pick a favorite moron of than in the news for summer. Two thousand twenty one. There's so many but we wanted to bring in fall with bag by saying goodbye to some of our favorite's like for example the woman who didn't have any training or dentistry license pulled a person. Poke someone's teeth thirteen of them. I remember that yes arrested. Or how about the guy in louisiana who stole a ring from his girlfriend pond it and use that money to buy her and engagement ring. Remember that guy more more. How about the woman who got her excess car. She was so mad that he dumped her that she sneaked in god. His keys took his car and ran. Forty nine red lights so that he would get all the tickets. That was fun right. That was my toy you know. I don't remember that when she ran. How many free forty nine. Or or. What about the florida man. Who came home from a doctor's appointment. I'm found a woman skinny dipping his pool in the backyard. He called the sheriff's office and she just wouldn't leave. It was hot and she was swimming. And you can just mind your own business and stop staring. That was a good one right. How about you before you go on before you go on the woman who did it with the forty nine traffic lights. That's probably a city that has cameras with the traffic lights. So she she was probably not pulled over even one time. She just timed it. So that the photograph would be taken her exes license plate. That's kind of evil genius. Actually and he just was bombarded with one after another from the or or is our favorite this elderly gentleman who had in his basement in his house a nazi era german tank in any aircraft gun and torpedo machine guns and multiple assault rifles. Plus boxes and boxes of ammo. Sure he's a good one. he's a good one. Or is that the lady that was using the gun. Laser targeting thing to play with her cat and accidentally shot her friend or is it anyway. What what was she doing. What was she was using the laser target site on a handgun as a cat toy and accidentally shot her friend. Oh that was a good one or or or is it the pilot in saskatchewan who landed his plane illegally so he could go get himself a dairy queen. That's a good one. Remember that. I had that one. Yeah but our favorite. Our favorite has to be this gentleman in south carolina and the reason that we picked. This is our favorite. Is the renault weapons involved. There were no drugs involved. There was no violence. Nobody got hurt. Deputies went into a house in a coney south carolina after they got a call from a woman who said i just saw my nephew go by on a horse and he definitely does not own a horse. You might want to look in on that. So the deputies. The deputies went to gary chase colpon junior's house and they tried to talk to him but he wouldn't open the door and they couldn't make out what he was saying. Then they call gary chase coble juniors daddy who owns the house and the dad said all gary cope with juniors not allowed in that house. He's not supposed to be there so the cops went in and they couldn't help but notice piles of four species all over the living room and it was that time at that time one deputy wrote in the report quote. I observed a full-sized quarterhorse standing in the middle of badger but worse was commonly hanging out in the bedroom. And just kind of looking around deputies took.

tammy faye bakker dylan perry luke luke perry dylan mckay beverly hills sheri greece louisiana bob swimming florida south carolina gary chase saskatchewan gary chase coble gary cope
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"Oh i knew that happened. But i thought the character just died. I didn't know he died. Okay so that's what i thought i do. 'cause i was i have. I'm not like fully up-to-date date riverdale. But i was watching riverdale around the time that it happened. I love the first season. I didn't really stick with it after that. It's a really good show. Actually like i kinda hate i kind of like not hate it on it because i never liked out like in public was go. Fuck this show or anything. But like i don't know i kind of just in my mind i was like. That's not something i want a stupid show. Yeah exactly when. I i watched it. I remember lake. Who'd be like. Oh what are you watching now on. I'm like okay. Don't laugh but riverdale stupid show. And i'm like that show is way better than it has any business. Being is insanely good. Like i dare anyone to start riverdale and not just like start it and then like you know act like you're watching it and then turn it off but actually watch it and try not to get addicted to it. Yeah i dare anyone to do. That is such a good show. It is so if you like if you like. Buffy you probably will like one hundred percent of you like buffy like riverdale like it is such a good show like i could actually actually can't say enough. Good things about riverdell. It's this show that i really wanted to hate. But when i started watching it i was like. This is actually fucking incredible. Bummer because i do like perry and i actually did like his character and riverdale to thought he did a great job so that's really unfortunate that he's not alive anymore because he's also great in this movie. Yeah so i mean. That's just something i wanted to say real quick while. You're cutting me off while to give condolences bros. Names fucking pike. This goddamn honestly. I mean we should probably talk about his soul patch for just a quick second. Have you i know james is pike comma soul patch comma luke perry and oh two one. Oh come that's not a name comma. It's a fish. That's my notes about by james. I don't wanna say it right now because it's gonna come later as a good reveal but there's a scene with his soul patch and just tell me that you know what i'm talking about you you know you know what i'm like seeing i'm referring to right. Yeah yeah for sure. The most iconic thing in like movie or tv anything history. Like probably the greatest thing i've ever seen happened in my life. Yeah okay cool. So let's move on so we are like five minutes into the movie. But we're like forty minutes on this podcast I know the fucking teen hangout. Fucking place looks fucking cool. Was at the club the club. Yeah it looks fucking awesome again. Just just lights everywhere like it places like that don't really exist. They liquidity then. Real a lotta times..

luke perry perry james bros
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"Percent goodbye insurance. Hello anyway moving on Do we talk about the birthday party. That was a crazy story but it was. It was a an in a weird way. It made me happy for humanity Do you know what. I mean so this this birthday party kid's birthday party. They go to a zoo and utah and all the something entails. I don't remember and for the most accurate news source you can just not as you. It was was it a petting zoo. Anyway i don't know i'll give you the full dietz hold on. I have it right here. Abc news they probably got it right. Let's see breaking news. Let's just wait five minutes and we'll Nobody asked you do. I'll tell you while she's doing that. The top trending topics irs tax. Fourth stimulus checks. Dr pimple popper black heads and full moon august twenty twenty one blue moon so those are the three most important things. Oh here it is. You're right got it. a utah. Animal trainer is recovering after the alligators. She was feeding during a girl's birthday party chomps down on her hand and refused to let go until another adult jumped in to help her. Lindsey bull thirty one said. She fed darth gator hundreds of times in the past but the eight foot six inch long star from scales entails in utah was being a little pushy on saturday when she opened a plexiglas door to open his enclosure. So this video footage starts out really basic right. You see all the kids lineup is big plexiglas thing. All the kids are sitting there. They're all getting excited because they see the alligator at the woman walks in. And you do see the alligators start to knows her. She he literally comes up and he starts pushing her hand because he knows he's going to get fed right because she's getting ready to. She's got the gloves on and everything she's getting ready to feed this thing. All of a sudden this son of a allegations shops down her hand and pulls her in how fast he pull her in. If you've not seen this video of sly it was kind of like how many. And then. I'm just going to turn my head to the side. And he just snagged her real quick and just and that's why when people are like when they're like. I don't understand why you guys don't swim in lakes. That's why did if you saw this video you would see how quickly they can snatch you and your whole entire body is under the water like and then they do the death roll so then which circumnavigated very well. Well i guess there is another report where she spoke about like the situation and she was smart because she said i went with him. I just let my body go limp. And i let him romi she says because if you fight it that's when your arm will break or your hand will come off or whatever body part they have. You're just you're toast right so she rolls with this thing. The best part of the whole video is how calm she was. The woman never freaked out and then the dad jumps in. That wasn't another trainer. No birthday party. I'd be like someone needs to help this lady. That's name's donny. Wiseman and he said we got trouble in here. There is no backup trainers anywhere around. He yelled it twice and then the second time he yelled a he literally jumped right in to the alligators enclosure. Point john donnie. Opt on its back dude right on. It's bowl he's like. Tell me what you need to do. Yeah he was so calm and cool and collected. He jumped on top of the alligator. And then she's like okay donnie. So here's what we're going to do. And i'm looking at this and i'm going. How is she not so unbelievably panicked to have her whole. Frigging arm inside of this dinosaur's mouth with this guy now writing it as a bowl. And she's like we're just gonna be really calm. We're gonna talk nice soothing. Tones as to not upset darth gator. And i've just like watching this like. Oh my god let go over. Oh my god like oh and then he like. I don't know if she told him to put his hands over. Its is or to do whatever but you see him kind of creep up. And then he gets he he gets his legs wrapped around it and his arms like up over top of its face and whatever is is i guess and she gets released right and so somebody like helps scooper out but then this thing just hurts going crazy and this guy's riding it like a bowl and you're just like reminded me of that movie with luke perry eight seconds. He just on there and it's like whoa and realize this is a big dude right. He wasn't a small guy and he was well he wasn't he wasn't i mean he was. I guess an average size man right but he was getting thrown around by this thing. The whole thing was just insane. I feel like different people. React to different situations differently Three different and you never really know until you're in it. And so i i'm sure she's thought about this scenario million times in our head. I'm sure she's had a lot of training. But still when you're in the moment it's easy to panic and freak out. I admire this dude Because i don't know anyone who would have been like all right. I know what i need to do. It's my time and jumped right there on the back. I don't know anyone who had done that. And the guy. I guess who owns it or whatever he's like. We usually don't do trainers. But i think now we're probably going to do that. Basically weren't is that exact words. But when i read it that was basically what he said was a policy change coming in. Yeah we're going to be asked. I guess she has to have surgery but they leave. She's going to have a full recovery. So we do wish her a very speedy recovery with that. You know very tragic incident that took place but she was so collected. And whenever i'm watching it. I was like like i know in situations. It feels like forever when it's only set seconds. And i know that everybody again reacts very differently but i my. I was on my gosh. Get the kids away from the window. Like don't let them see this. Well you can hear the kids going. Mommy mommy you know. They were freaking out. Because they're watching this the nightmares. Yeah at first. I didn't realize her hand was stuck. I didn't realize it got her hand. Go just feeding. And then i was like oh wait a minute but but what you said about people reacting differently in different situations. That's an meredith. Told me when she came home. I was like. Hey did you guys test out those personal safety devices. And she goes funny story. We may have accidentally tested. One in the middle of rush hour traffic and tampa. Do you want to tell everybody that story. It was a horrific wait first of all. Tell everybody what you want it. Let's start with what you wanted to do. And then how. It actually got tested. I i wanted to test it in the hotel room because it said Before you ever need it so you know what it is and you're not surprised dave bodice all these little self personal alarm things where you pull them in an alarm goes off or something and as soon as i opened my and i was like all right. Let's do it and she's like no. You can't do it in the hotel and i'm like i i was like i can't wait physically. I have to pull it like you're telling me not to. I have now. I have to and she wouldn't let me and was super lame the at night and hotel. Yeah but i feel like she thought we were going to get kicked out. I in trouble anyway. So we were sitting in traffic in at a red light. And i have my personal device on my lanyard. there's a man. I'm presuming is homeless next to our car.

utah Lindsey bull john donnie dietz Abc news romi Wiseman luke perry donnie dave bodice meredith tampa
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"This big the size of an ostrich egg However i mean there are other options between cremation burial after being totally embalmed and Well at least in in some places of course you can always donate your body to science which get some use out of it. You are filled with formaldehyde. You will be cremated so both of those toxic and climate change producing things are going on in that. However there is one washington state where bodies now are being able to be composted. There are two different places. Where at the marginal cost of around a thousand dollars You can be put in a cylinder with Some saad uh-huh and Friends and family are welcome to put flowers or other biodegradable upon your your corpse which is then sealed in this container. The containers roll. You know those those things that you have for composting at home that kind of things that you rotate every once in a while after putting your food scraps in one of those made for mental image and it's no i guess it only takes two weeks and then you get your family and friends get a cubic yard of compost that they can use for both food or or Other types of plants. So this is something that is an option better than the so in traditional burial in the. Us us about eight hundred thousand gallons of embalming fluid a year The caskets that have steal parts and stuff you're looking at about nine hundred thousand tonnes of of metal parts that's about enough this eight per year But it is enough to build the golden gate bridge. It's a lot of steel. But so these things that don't need embalming or don't need cremation. I think is is one where we can kind of get around all those negative aspects so yeah washington state and Yeah well good. Anya and fun fact. luke perry died in that. You know he died in two thousand. Nineteen was buried in an eco-friendly mushroom suit. So that's an option. Whatever that looks like so it was it was infused with mushroom spores to them breaking down. What is a mushroom suit. Ever looks like his nothing like the mental image. I have of it. Oh richard now. Okay so yeah go ahead. Yeah i think a lot of these kind of imagined ecofriendly options. I mean like. I think if it brings someone joy like say say someone knows that they're going to die and while they're making funeral plans. This makes them feel better about that right. This brings confided. go for it We usually things. That aren't very eco. Friendly all the time this this other option. Not really being eco. Friendly doesn't necessarily mean people shouldn't ever do it if if someone really wants to. I don't see why not. It's not that much west than cremation. And i mean there. There are various options that i think to be honest..

washington luke perry Anya Us richard
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"Later. Should he go. Fuck the maxima clicking. He likes he go. You go max. That almost looking ahead lake just like we planned to ask. She's she's saying he's like all the court he he like. Jesus i thought he'd never leave. So yeah so now. Susan i gotta tell you baby little like you actually cared there for a moment you do. I didn't mean to jump on your lives. But he was gonna let me start by jump the queue but the slavic head to the screen is ms bond gets stuck in a shutdown chamber with luke perry. Yeah what's the what's the mom's name man something. Yeah she's a she because she was in a few things man. She was just in a show not too long ago amazon about ghost and got what was called anyway. It's the dane. Cook come on sundays. About sons of anarchy. Two allie walker. Yeah i remember seeing her and some things alley walk. She's in mom is actually really pretty. Thing is that the boyfriend is really cool. man see. I making a sound worse than what he is. The boyfriend is patient. Boyfriend is cooled. Boyfriend actually tells mom every nine eight is just letting a little cool off. so boyfr-.

luke perry allie walker Susan amazon Cook
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Open Loops: Conversations That Bend

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"luke perry" Discussed on Open Loops: Conversations That Bend

"So that's what i think. That's what i think i was like. Well you know the more time we spend on some of these things like you know even As things that are identity identity very important me but also the the less time we spend on Addressing the class issue. And all these other issues the less unified wore like splitting hairs. And you know we're not demanding Things need for survival nikki. You know in the and they're rocketing to the moon without a big stink. So that's what i think. I think that while some of these things are true that i feel like any way they can keep us. You know distracted over here so they can go and do whatever plans they they. They have transferred anti That's the case. I think they'll do it all the way up to their last space shuttles. All the way up to mars they lamar's Still squabbling yeah and hate this it. It took me a long time to that conclusion Because there are some important injustices that i do believe need to be addressed. But it's also it's also denied like a thing in my mind that is completely undeniable Especially with the internet and like the fact that they are things that people that are factual that people can't even agree on point People are leading into their own biases. An away that. It's really unsettling even i can. I've done it so while. I'm sure all these i've done it too. We've all done so wild interested. All these things like. I have to for me. It's like a baton perspective but there's a couple of like i definitely far as some of the fascinations you athlete. You could tell the as all over something you know. I don't know there but there's some deaths is just like come on like that. He probably a part like what do you think they did. Luke perry luke perry as low fifties probably had a stroke. Know what he. And that's and that's very prevalent around here because everybody thinks it. Hollywood is the center of all the conspiracy theories in seven other people that practice called magic. Kenneth anger's out here. And i know that he has a history antoine levay but half the time..

nikki lamar Luke perry luke perry stroke Hollywood Kenneth antoine levay
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Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

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"luke perry" Discussed on Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

"Vanderbeek vanderbeek. Getting the robert pack really. Yeah it's fake. I wish it was real. What did he do on the show instead. I do not know you'd have to ask. Aj okay aj jay. You care josh. Yes yes all right so around. Two here we go. This episode comes from season one. Aaron paul guests as mike izzo leader of the lords of destruction believed to be a satanic cult however is actually just a goth kid who likes to boost it up and listened to heavy metal while wearing islander bitch yes. Same same yeah. Pd yes all right season. Three luke perry takes on a role as a demented preacher who is ridding the world from sin by picking up hookers and removing their eyes. While singing amazing grace l. was blind but now i see okay leaning towards that being fake because luke perry then doubling up on his his holy roles having played the reverend jeremiah clue ta on is for multiple seasons. So unless he did basically that twice. Play a preacher and more than one show. Yeah but i feel like this luke. Perry doing that twice. I don't know perry did a lot of things. dude man. i loved great. God doing mckay. Anyway we'll talk about that another title. Choose me josh. All right season four jodi. No look what they did to her brand anyway. Sorry very upsetting all right. Well this one comes from season for jason. Alexander plays a man obsessed with the fibonacci sequence. Louis gossett.

Vanderbeek vanderbeek aj jay mike izzo luke perry Aaron paul josh jeremiah clue Perry mckay perry jodi jason Alexander Louis gossett
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"luke perry" Discussed on Johnjay & Rich On Demand

"Girl he married. Looks exactly like courtney cox. He got remarried. Kids four kids your back trying to tell you so. He's in this documentary. He has a lot of money. I'm assuming it's the alimony from getting married to courtney cox and his whole and he's like on the laughing stock of hollywood. I'm whatever but he does. He say he goes back arresting school. He traveled he goes and does signing at a wrestling appearance. Nobody shows up he start. He goes down to lose lebron in tijuana and he starts trading with the mexican guy and he starts he loses fifty pounds. So but this is the part that blows me away at towards the end he does this wrestles guy and this guy takes a light from the roof and stabs it in this neck and cuts his artery and blood starts squirting out everywhere. He goes emerge from whom with dies. Luke perry the actor luke. Perry is his best friend. Takes him to the emergency room and telling cameras got. It's so so dramatic and and then the loop of dying right at the very end of the movie He's teaching a young kid. How to wrestle the kids twenty two twenty three. It's luke perry son. He's got long curly hair and he's and he wants to be professional wrestler. Why it's the weirdest thing it's true. Feels very random. Soul random courtney cox in it throughout the whole show. There's there's one scene. They i've seen a couple times but it's him basically being like. Hey courtney what do you think about. Megan back into Cocoa isn't it the whole time cuco looks like now i'd say documentary movie documentary holdings documents. They're the ones actually wasn't he's yeah he's like going on the ellen. Show the wendy jo di. No-one heard about it will they. Show tmz clips. He's like david arquette decided to get back into wrestling. This guy stabbed in the neck clips. That's so stupid. They showed joe rogan clips to show everyday weirdest thing. You must've come out. It looks like it was shot by the same people who did like the fire documentary. It looks it's really really well done. It's called you can't kill david. Our cat and the fact that monica from friends was married to him at his in it throughout the whole thing makes it valid. Yeah istat who. I saw it on the airplane..

courtney cox Luke perry wrestling tijuana lebron hollywood wendy jo di Perry luke courtney Megan david arquette joe rogan monica david
"luke  perry" Discussed on Who? Weekly

Who? Weekly

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"luke perry" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"Of the. Yes the twins. The property twins is part of their production company. Property brothers department others. That's close enough okay. Show is from your dad. It's called seventy. iou joy reid. Yes so basically. it's about cars. I guess they give celebrities friends cars of their dreams. Because there's also weirdly a show where an and said gives drew or jonathan. I think drew. I forget which one the car of his dreams so apparently this is the thing you know where he's like. What's your favorite car. Let's get it for you. I don't know how that's a whole show. You'll have to watch and find out but this one is celebrity. Meaning like celebrity comes on is like my dear friend. Jessica has always been there for me. I want to get her a car of going. Give her a car. I'm going to give her a new kitchen. I'm going to give her something that requires an hdtv niche. You know like it's a sweet idea. It hollywood stars will quote roll up their sweeps to create automotive masterpieces for special people in their lives. Read the press release. According to the announcement the stars featured in the first season our marriage. Abe lies tony. Hawk octavia spencer james. Marsden danny trae. Oh and you guessed it. Renee zellweger aka. How these two met on this show which was a clue already filmed I didn't realize how much people magazine covers this guy and danced it. He is in this magazine. Every fucking week christina made him sort of popular. And if you haven't hdtv showed like you're pretty fucking pop through and they but it's just so funny because they covered his house hunting and then got the exclusive when he bought the house on the photos and the photos aren't photos that they sent a photographer their photos that he sent people a may slapped the exclusive on there. But back to rene and tarik they just click how. I was going to read that. Sometimes people just meet and click and the timing is right a source says in this week's issue. Oh this week's issue rene is creative and often goes for guys who think outside the box. She smart thoughtful and always looking to expand horizons and nurture those around her. Love this because it is true. That rene does love to date a rockstar. She loves a creative guy She dated kenny. Chesney jim carey. I'm gonna go through rene zellweger's story dating history again. A lot of these rumors. But there on whose data to and we're just gonna do rapid-fire you're gonna say say. They thought out of the box they didn't think about okay thought of a box. Didn't they got the first. Few are literally not famous people. So i'm going to start when people actually get famous. Jim carey definitely thought outside the box. Okay great matthew. Perry I kind of think he didn't think outside the box george clooney. He thinks out of the box. Yeah i thought so. Too jack white. Oh totally out of the box. Now about damien rice. Wow okay interesting. I kind of feel like he thinks inside the box. He's definitely in the box. Okay kenny chesney okay. Interesting interesting interesting he definitely. I think he's inside the box know. I think he's inside the box. I'd love him to come out of the box. But i don't think he's going to luke perry luke perry. Yeah see.

Property brothers department drew Abe lies tony Hawk octavia spencer james Marsden danny trae rene zellweger rene reid jonathan Jessica Chesney jim carey tarik hollywood christina kenny Jim carey george clooney jack white damien rice Perry
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The Cycling Podcast

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"luke perry" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"Be like the the while the tour like we were going from taunton town and or tour white when when you go on the tourists tour trip around the country. Oddly enough this is not the we don't see to infringe for that sort of thing But tour means many things means. It's actually means kind of a circle. Walk it going around a place and that the small the idea lab for instance on on a track is an tool if you if you lose the lap or earn the lap. It's an tool you know onto is also a tool used to in pottery. You know When you you know you you make pots. Stacey snider will know all about So stacey you know. I don't know how you say that in in industry bonus the that the main the main tool to to to the process will put us wheel. It's it's infringes also onto and well and obviously tomorrow we're going to do to our culture. You know my my impression of that. Is that I've been to also means tower. And you know we have lots of towers who go. Round castles around. France and so tool is is is quite. A you know involves a lot of difference signification so white white tower and torah. The tower is usually circular. So i suppose that's it. It all comes from latin. Obviously yes i think tour is an interesting word because in means many many things and and it's a good way In french when you write a story and you want to to sound funny about a tour of france to to play on the words and lots of pants run tool like you have to the someone means. It's deterrent is richard's more stern. You say sell it to the rich and more so you. You can really play around with with with that word. So yeah you know to to. There is word of the day less than we should wrap things up because we to go have dinner. Don't fail be as good as last night. And so we're back tomorrow. Chateau ru where Mark com dish. One in two thousand eight is. I heard of france stage win. It's also lionel bernie's breath tomorrow so we might hear from lionel. Who knows but we might also have a message. Or too far lionel. In tomorrow night's we're seeing some very nice tomorrow night in honor of lionel's breath of originally he was going to be there to joy but we will enjoy an i guess tomorrow song of the day we probably be linked to birthday. Maybe maybe not all for now anyway. Thank you francois. Thank you thank you kate. We play of course has ever was song of the day competing against fellow background. Noise here fronts. Well you know. It's i suppose it's like you know singing in front of a loud odense when you're in the band you know anna guys. I'm listening to you. And they're the support bond and everyone's there to see the may not the problem. Is these guys have lots of beers on their on their table. So if i don't sing well they might throw beer cans and glasses at me but well trauma so the song. The song i sing now is a song by a guy called. Dick anna gum. Dick aragonese the dutch guy who lived in front slope. Almost always life is quite a is an interesting character is a is kind of an activist in is a green activist for many many years is being you know defending the rights you know. Domestic homosexual community for many many years is is my age now maybe even older so but is is always been a very interesting singer. Singing in french been attachment of course is interested in cycling. And if you're interested in the arrogant the as a song about cycling. This villa verbal another pun in available And you can find on. The youtube said nice little clip. He's on a bike and he's right is riding along so I thought it was a so. I chose chose the song by arrogant. Because it's called perry boone and apparel is a is a very famous Novel play by by a radical alfred jerry and after jerry leave at the beginning of twentieth century and was in level it was it was his pupil student in the local high school and was it was one of the pioneers of surrealism. Anywhere really shocked While the word the town of level teachers at the time when he wrote this book called. Luke perry and read a classical literature. He was really is is. It's a very strange work of art. We're pretty pretty shocking for the time pretty shocking for now as well and ecomog on road. This song about luke perry It was kind of satire of the bourgeois of the time. And and this is what Luke perry by dick sounds like dumping been bartolotti. See don's be planned lucy. Plaka plan will see booty camp confidence in yavapai. The shampoo swan. He are too busy. Go sam adam meeting to pharma pharma to mary. The beds in mishaan bizarre male donating make good zone a clam mobile. Xiv it plop cudi included avic and bazooka alavi to petisi angle. King been sama down mate in fama family to do that. Mary dining ovation from the bar please..

Stacey snider lionel Mark com lionel bernie taunton france stacey Dick anna gum Dick aragonese Chateau francois France perry boone richard alfred jerry kate anna Luke perry apparel dick sounds
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"luke perry" Discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show

"We jumped on the the usos airplane and they were flying over with you know. Half of the airplane was stuff for the for the soldiers. And we kind of piggybacked on that and i remember. We landed in switzerland to get gas and we were told if we got off the airplane. We wouldn't be allowed back on. Which of course means we got off the airplane. It was actually scotland. But yes you're right. Scotland as an airport and we got back on. Yes we saw But yeah i and i remember it was. It was intense and that we were allowed to be on the ground for exactly four hours Do your show in and get the hell out there on the and so it was. It was a quick turnaround and did something that i found to be. Brilliant i because it was such a fast turn. I wore my watch. Which i never did. But i took my watch and when the rest of the airplane would sleep. I was awake. I kept myself on the sleep schedule of california. So that when i landed i was still good to go so while you guys slept. I was awake while i slept. You were aware. I kept a journal for on that trip and i. It was packed away years later. I found it. It was like the twenty fifth anniversary of the war. Or something. And i pulled it out in posted it again and i read it i. It brings me to tears but that was the kind of shit that we did and it wasn't just a goofy show. That was talking to soldiers who were stationed out there and it was before the holidays. It was christmas time and we would connect them with their families back home and it was. There wasn't a dry eye anywhere That day and and it was just so leaving closing the door of the plane and leaving those young men. There was just heartbreaking. it was just horrible. it was and that was you know. I'm glad you documented that. Because that was i think the end of ninety one. Yeah what that year for us. We were doing. The adventures. Of mark and brian filming. Kat we would finish the show at ten jump in a van gogh shoot. Tv climb in bed eleven. Get up and do it again So it was an exhausting year and and that was certainly A unique and very powerful way of saying goodbye to that that very powerful for year. Yeah it was and then but there but it wasn't over yet because we came back and we had already. I believe on your birthday show because we would do. These ridiculous birthday shows twice a year for you in december and for brian in may that we're just over the top crazy I was looking at video of one. That i do. I all kinds of stuff here Where you you for. Whatever reason really liked the marty robbins song el paso so we recreated the rosa's cantina and acted it out and had horses come in one year. We had the your big andy griffith fan. We re we built or our listeners. Built the Andy griffith show Jailhouse in the fun zone or parking lot which we call the funds on and we had done knots. Come in. I mean it was just a magical show in at the end of the show. I think we put you in a car to go. Meet andy for the first time so yeah i went to the set of matlock has tried to get andy to come out. He couldn't get as he was shooting But i met andy of all things. I was taken to the makeup room and very was and i met him and i had a chance to explain to him how much he meant it. Of course he hears that from everybody but as we were meeting and talking his makeup artist was trimming his eyebrows with scissors of of of all things. 'cause bushy hair of let but he could not have been more gracious or wonderful and that was a unique and special wonderful moment in fell. If i haven't said thank you thank you for not. I'm laughing because i could just picture with what you're thinking with. The eyebrows thinking aren't going to get a couple of the clippings and there's a bit in here somewhere everything the game a bit seriously. Everything became the it was. That was a big big year in in very special to meet andy. Because you know even to this day in fact you'll enjoy this. I met On the program. I i met luke perry and when it was first presented to me about luke being on the show i didn't. I was very busy in the nineties. And i didn't see beverly hills nine two out plus i mean i was i. It wasn't my bag. It's not the kind of show. I'd see but i was told that luke would be somebody we should have on the show so i agreed he came in. I fell in love with him and one of the in he and i were big buddies in one of the main things we had in common was the andy griffith show. He was as big a fan as i was. And we would do a thing where we would go for months and not speak And then most of our communication was text he would text me align from the andy griffith show and the the the game was to text back the very next line that comes from that moment awhile and neither he or i ever missed one. Wow and normally it would be months and our our normal communication was real simple instead of calling and saying. Hey our communication was. I would get a text from luke and it would be goober says hey and the proper response is hey to goober and that would be it and that would be all we would have so Sadly we we lost luke and it was such a shocking and saddening way for it to go. But yeah the andy griffith show still to this day a massive part of my life. Oh without a doubt. And of course it's synonymous with you. you know one other thing is kahlo. S was a big rock station in los angeles. You and brian were not exactly the rock aficionados. I think the the station birmingham was top. Forty right yes yes it was. I spent my entire life at top forty right so you really didn't know the music and it didn't matter because we would play anything everything. We had musical guests on. We mentioned pete townsend. We had crowded house. We had lyle lovett. We had jackson barry. Barry manilow is a friend of the show he did. The christmas show was awesome You know people that you would not expect came on and again because it was a thing where we're gonna we're gonna end on the progressive voices network in just a moment so i'm going to say goodbye to our friends at progressive voices. Thank you for listening. You can come over to nicole. Sandler dot.

Barry manilow switzerland los angeles luke perry december Andy griffith brian Scotland california jackson barry nicole Jailhouse scotland marty robbins mark may four hours Forty progressive voices luke
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"luke perry" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"To me all the time. I don't know what the hell they do it for, But God damn it. If we can't come out of a slow record, I don't understand It is down on the phone. Okay. I want a goddamn concerted effort to come out of a record. That is Temple record Every time I do a goddamn death dedication. Now make it and I also want to know what happened to the pictures I was supposed to see this week. There's a God last goddamn time. I want somebody used brain did not come out of a goddamn record. That is that's up tempo, and I got to talk about dog dying. You're talking about a pond ponderous. Oh, yeah. Nonstop music. Rigby's So there you are the one in case in case of legendary, I write it squeaky clean image. You don't know what goes on behind the like. We all have a bad day at work every now and then that day. I mean, you just went from what they be the uptempo record from that. And then although some pictures I mean, she's thinking for camera phone, So you don't worry about that stuff. What were those pictures? He was supposed to see Publicity pictures. So you know, he used to do the voice of always a shaggy and Scooby Doo. Shaggy, shaggy. Yeah, No, that's Scooby Saw reeks like a man. Don't be posting my tapes of me cursing, speaking of family that did some weird stuff in there with their relatives about his Casey case in the whole thing when he died, his family body and the dead body. I mean, I think it was like weekend at Casey's Germany and is it still there? They They like buried it like 2 to 3 years later. Own. Casey Casey. Yeah, he was He was legendary. I used to when I was a kid. I used to listen to 80 40 all the time. He's looked forward to that. Because you know that was back in the day before he could. You know that Billboard charts, he would look at it and just you know, it was interesting about you know, radio at the time. Because there was only so many different places that you give music from right Wolf man, Jack. Oh, yeah. I mean, he was legendary. I mean, that was back in there when you had your giant personalities, and they were just larger than life met. Casey was where he was very, very cool. I so badly want to ask him to do it? You know the impersonation is RDX anyways, Scooby Doo. You know you're sick of hearing that. Do you hear? Did you hear? They're making a Scooby Doo I live action with Thelma. Didn't they do that 20 years ago? No they're doing they're doing just Thelma like reimagined almost like along the lines of Riverdale path. Have you seen Riverdale? It all how they're trying to pray that, as you know, quote unquote high school kids where they're doing, like saucy things like Forget about. I just I couldn't watch it because it was Psycho Mike. It's a little weird, very weird. And to do it of Archie, of all things like very you know, wholesome. You expected Sugar sugar? Ah, honey, honey. I mean, it's just weird to take something that's so lighthearted and then make it into something that's like, you know, Ming girls. I don't know. It just struck me is weird. It's like, why are we doing a dark reboot of the Archie comics? I washed it. I watched a few episodes I gave. I was like this is one is too weird to I'm too old to be watching us and three is way too twisted. Yeah, period. He was and then, like he died while filming it, And I mean, not while filming it, But I mean he while they were, you know, doing the show, I wonder what he was like. He back in the day. Big came through town right as 902 or no was starting and he asked for our radio station T shirt. The station was that Gave it to him, and he would wear it in the promo for Beverly Hills, 92 10. So much So to the point that when he got, like, you know, faded his publicist, uh, hit up the radio station called us as to send him another 10. Yeah. There you go, Luke Perry. Um, rest in peace. When we got on the phone there we have. Brian has a dedication. Oh, there we go. All right, Brian. No cursing. What's the song? Well, let's Let's talk about your first lesson. Haven't tell us a story, Brian. Floor's yours are you doing? Tell us about yourself Happy Valentine's Day. I just wanted Tol. Dedicate a song to Denise Denise Love to love you, baby. Ah, there you go Love to love you, baby. Lana Ross. Yeah. There you go. It was the reasoning for the dedication. You just us silently stock her or you. I think she's an amazing woman. That's all. Ah, there we go. So bright. Are you a single man? Yes,.

Lana Ross Luke Perry Brian Casey Scooby Doo Casey Casey Valentine's Day first lesson Jack Thelma Tol 20 years ago Riverdale 10 this week Beverly Hills three Psycho Mike shaggy 2
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"luke perry" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"It's like glue. No, it's like Luke Perry's rodeo movie, 47 Seconds or whatever, Kenny Love on. Let's Get this over with seven seconds. Whenever it's right, it's right. Yeah Seconds horse. Kenny Jump, I let's get the liver with which I'm doing average out. Would you rather where a black wedding dress and not explain it to anyone they'll know or wear a red right writing dress and not explain it to anyone. I'm going with black slimming. I look better in black. I'll do red. Yeah. You look good in red. That was a harlot. Yeah, For those 15 minutes. I think I look really good. I look good and Okay, I'm gonna I'm with dawn. I look good and run would do read. Make everyone wonder, huh? Oh, no, We can't do that One can't wait. We can't do that. My mother. Okay, Here we go. Would you rather be able to fly at walking speed or be able to run at the speed of cars? Oh, I fly. I want to do that. She wants to float? Yes, imagine fun. That would be e Wanna run at the speed of cars? That sounds fun. E. Don't catch You don't have any more info to you. Which one is gonna be Oh anymore E flat My arms. Keep running makes me tired. I have to admit running makes me very tired. So if I don't have to flap my arms, I'll do the flood flowed around one slower up there. Okay, so lower. I'm flying. Meditative maybe. Yeah, Flying Now, This is.

Kenny Jump Kenny Love Luke Perry
The Academy explains why Luke Perry was left out of Oscars 'In Memoriam' segment after outcry

Colleen and Bradley

00:29 sec | 3 years ago

The Academy explains why Luke Perry was left out of Oscars 'In Memoriam' segment after outcry

"When a lot of people were baffled that Luke Perry was left out of the in memoriam segment at the Oscars on yeah Dave Chappelle now the film academy is explaining why Luke Perry was left out here is their explanation they said quote the academy receives hundreds of requests to include love once an industry colleagues in the Oscars in memoriam segment they say an executive committee representing every branch considers a list and make selections for the telecast based on limited available

Luke Perry Dave Chappelle Oscars Executive Committee
Luke Perry's daughter says school is being named after him in Malawi

Memphis Morning News

00:43 sec | 4 years ago

Luke Perry's daughter says school is being named after him in Malawi

"Across Luke Perry's daughter reveals a school in Africa will be named after the late actor. Here's FOX's Kristin. Goodwin to explain people magazine reports Luke Perry's eighteen year old daughter Sophie in two friends have been living in Malawi a country in southeastern Africa serving as development instructors to help build preschools in rural areas team sharing a group photo on Instagram thanking those she says helped donate to the cause. Adding our first school is finished. And I can't tell you how proud and excited. I am to open on Wednesday. She goes on to say, thank you to my amazing partner Ruben for everything especially for fighting to name the school after my dad, actor Luke Perry died in March after suffering a stroke. He was fifty two years

Luke Perry Africa Kristin FOX Malawi Goodwin Ruben Partner Sophie Fifty Two Years Eighteen Year
Director John Singleton in a coma after 'major stroke'

Jason and Alexis

01:48 min | 4 years ago

Director John Singleton in a coma after 'major stroke'

"John singleton had a stroke, and it is way more serious in his family. I revealed he is, of course, director from boys in the hood and a bunch of other films. I think that's his most famous film. Fifty one years old. He it was a major stroke, and he isn't a coma. The families in the process of establishing a conservative ship for him. Heartbreaking. Yes. So apparently, he went to Costa Rica. And when he was there, he experienced some problems with his legs, and he checked himself into cedars Sinai Medical Center in L A, and when he was in his hospital room, he had a stroke there. So that is the one positive thing about this is that he wasn't just in Costa Rica because that was the first reports then they learned more that he wasn't feeling well after his trip. Oh, no. Yeah. They're saying that the stroke was mild. But now they're revealing it was a major stroke. Probably so terrible to go through all this stuff with your family anyway. And then knowing that your your family member is a public figure and people people keep calling in, you know, asking questions. So his mother spoken out about that how dawn his age. Again. I forgot how old fifty one. Wow. Goodness. Gosh, we just lost Luke Perry to a stroke. It's just really at least if there's anything from this. It's really shining some light on strokes and being aware of strokes. And and you know, I went through some material after the Luke Perry thing just reading more about strokes and just how it can affect anybody at any time and what to do. So. Yup. Just so scary. So

Coma Costa Rica Luke Perry Cedars Sinai Medical Center John Singleton Director Fifty One Years
Luke Perry Has Been Laid to Rest

Phil Valentine

00:21 sec | 4 years ago

Luke Perry Has Been Laid to Rest

"And finally, Luke Perry has been laid to rest in Dickson county. This is according to his death certificate obtained by TMZ the nine oh, two one. Oh and Riverdale star died on March fourth after a massive stroke at his home in California, very was a part-time tennesseean who owned a farm in Van Leer, which of course, is

Luke Perry Van Leer Dickson County California
More Americans under the age of 40 are having heart attacks

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More Americans under the age of 40 are having heart attacks

"More Americans under the age of forty having heart attacks. What time is Dr free? Good to be with us this morning, Sherri, six eighteen. He's about forty five minutes. He's going to be talking about this. More Americans under the age of forty having heart attacks. Okay. So what is this all about is it because we're becoming more sedentary? That'd be Luke Perry had that death at fifty two from a stroke that just shocked me it's like what? Because he looked like he was in great shape. How does this happen? And he was a smoker and a drinker and I didn't a day. Well back in the day. What did he what did he do? You know? In more recent years, it sounded like he was going to the gym every day and. Getting his health back together. So can you can the damage you do as a young man effect you later in life? We'll have to Dr freed. I have a feeling I'm that answer is gonna worry. A lot of us. You, but you really got to wonder right, heart attack rates are rising for adults under forty researchers found after comparing data heart attack survivors between forty and fifty with survivors who were forty and younger. In fact, the proportion of heart attack patients under forty has been climbing two percent every year for the last ten years. This is for at the American college of

Luke Perry Sherri American College Of Forty Five Minutes Two Percent Ten Years
Luke Perry's Death Has People Wondering: What Causes a Stroke?

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Luke Perry's Death Has People Wondering: What Causes a Stroke?

"There's lots of questions about strokes. After a recent actress debt, USA radio networks to Burg has more tributes for actor, Luke Perry continued to come in after he died days after suffering a massive stroke, Dr Caleb rocking director of the Mount Sinai. New. Stroke center says strokes can happen at any age people think that if they're young they're protected right about stroker's that most people think it only happens when you get older really the reality of stroke can occur at any age, many, different reasons, and certainly the incidence of stroke increases as you get older because the medical conditions associated with that increase. But it doesn't mean that if you're young you're Kantor strove, and when a young person gets the stroke. She says the brain we start off with it's not the brain we end up with right? So if you're younger you have a really robust will bring and if it should get injured. There's a lot of swelling sometimes associated with that. And could cause further injury as time goes on. So sometimes, you know, being younger and having a stroke can cause more problems than

Luke Perry Mount Sinai Dr Caleb Stroker Burg Kantor Director USA
Here's What Can Cause a Stroke at 52 Like the One Luke Perry Had

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Here's What Can Cause a Stroke at 52 Like the One Luke Perry Had

"With the death of actor Luke Perry from a stroke at fifty too many are asking if that's not too young to have a stroke. Luke Perry is dead. The Beverly Hills nine to one zero star suffered a massive stroke last week and passed away yesterday morning in Los Angeles. Dr Steven Chastain is the medical director at encompass health stroke have silky in Stuart. And he says stroke often strikes. Young people. The older people brain attack like a heart attack would be to your heart. Can affect people in their twenties and thirties. There's a lot of fifty two year old man, that'd probably haven't even had pressure. Check. According to the CDC thirty four percent of stroke patients are less than sixty five years

Luke Perry Dr Steven Chastain Beverly Hills Los Angeles CDC Medical Director Thirty Four Percent Sixty Five Years Fifty Two Year
Ex 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star Luke Perry dead at 52 after stroke

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Ex 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star Luke Perry dead at 52 after stroke

"Of all we mentioned that he had suffered a massive stroke and sad. Sad news. Luke Perry from nine to one O N. Riverdale has passed away at the age of fifty two. That's crazy. That's that's that age fifty two terrifying. Luke Perry, of course, best known for his role as Dylan McKay on the smash hit drama Beverly Hills nine oh, two one oh on FOX in nineteen ninety became a teen heartthrob and by all accounts, it was hard for him because he was kind of a serious actor, and you know, it's out of your control. You take any job that you can get when you're struggling actor. You don't expect sometimes the byproducts of those shows, and he became on the cover of all the teen magazines and stuff and something he apparently was not always been ever come with that fail. But I'm glad to see that. He worked a ton. And of course, he was a stars. I mentioned on CW's Riverdale at the time of his death. So he he was able to get other roles. He wasn't really typecast. But still shocking that age of fifty two we could pass away from massive stroke crazy, I've got a friend of mine. Teddy who worked on the crew of that show for its entire run. And said just a sweet sweet man could not have been a nicer guy. So hard

Luke Perry Dylan Mckay Teddy FOX O
Ex 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star Luke Perry dead at 52 after stroke

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Ex 'Beverly Hills, 90210' star Luke Perry dead at 52 after stroke

"Actually, Luke Perry is dead. The Beverly Hills nine O two one O star suffering. A massive stroke fans are surprised to learn he died after suffering a stroke at age fifty two. But according to the CDC thirty four percent of stroke patients are less than sixty five years old. So Jerry who was also known for his role in the teen drama series. Riverdale leaves behind two children NFL fan say they had put him in a medically induced coma to relieve the pressure on his brain. But it

Luke Perry Beverly Hills CDC NFL Jerry Thirty Four Percent Sixty Five Years
'90210' actor Luke Perry dies after a massive stroke

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'90210' actor Luke Perry dies after a massive stroke

"Definitely hills nine O two one zero actor Luke Perry has died. He had a massive stroke last week while at home. He was fifty two years old. You're listening to USA radio news.

Luke Perry USA Fifty Two Years
Stars, friends pay tribute to Luke Perry on social media

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Stars, friends pay tribute to Luke Perry on social media

"Hollywood. Reacting to the sad news of the death of actor Luke Perry social media buzzing with celebrities paying their tributes to the Beverly Hills nine oh, two one star the actor known to play a bad boy on TV, but friends and relatives say in real life Perry was a family man with a kind demeanor. He died this morning after suffering a massive stroke

Luke Perry Beverly Hills Perry Hollywood.
90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry dies days after suffering stroke

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90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry dies days after suffering stroke

"Hour newsroom. Former teen idol Luke Perry has passed away the actor became famous in the nineties playing Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills nine oh, two one. Oh, he was on the TV show. Riverdale Perry also appeared in movies such as the fifth element and eight seconds, yet, a massive stroke last week at his home in Sherman oaks and had been at a hospital in Burbank ever since Peres Publicis, the actors, friends fiancee and family, including his two kids were with him when he died

Luke Perry Dylan Mckay Beverly Hills Peres Publicis Sherman Oaks Burbank Eight Seconds
90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry dies days after suffering stroke

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90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry dies days after suffering stroke

"Hey, kelly. Brennan, I was just talking. But do you think is best on girls long short hair? That's a deep question. Personally. I prefer blondes actor Luke Perry. Best known for his role as Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills nine O to winnow has died after suffering a massive stroke, very was rushed to providence. Saint Joseph medical center in Burbank last week and his publicist released. A statement Monday morning saying Perry had died surrounded by family and friends. It was his role as Dylan McKay on the nineteen ninety s hit Beverly Hills nine oh, two one. Oh that made perria teen idol. He's been most recently starring in the CWC Riverdale as a dad. Well, the kids are having fun. That's the point right? It will be seen in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film once upon a time in Hollywood, Luke Perry was fifty

Luke Perry Dylan Mckay Beverly Hills Quentin Tarantino Saint Joseph Medical Center Brennan Kelly Burbank Providence Hollywood