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"luke ludovico sforza" Discussed on Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids

Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids

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"luke ludovico sforza" Discussed on Bedtime History: Inspirational Stories for Kids

"Bedtime history Close Your eyes and think of your day think of some of the objects you saw family friends trees maybe the ball most of these objects are things you are used to but when you were a baby they were very interesting you are curious about everything because it was all new and fresh as we get older many of these things become familiar perhaps not as interesting tonight we're going to learn about Leonardo Da Vinci who is one of the most curious and creative geniuses and recorded history as we learn about him think about how he saw the world differently and how you I see the world differently to Leonardo was born on April fifteenth fourteen fifty two in the country of Italy in a town called Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci Means Leonardo of Vinci the town where he was born he was born during a time that later became known as the renaissance Ons which means rebirth because the way people saw the world was changing dramatically during this time the Medieval Times were over and people are beginning to see themselves as beings who had control over their life in the world and could think differently than those who came before them Leonardo grew up but this father and spent much of his time exploring the land around their home he loved to observe the birds and animals and get lost in the beautiful countryside around the age of fifteen has father noticed he had an interest in a gift for art for this reason his father had him become an apprentice to Andrea Dale Verragio in Florence Italy an apprentice is a student to a master artist at this time Florence was known for its gifted artists and sculptors virtues workshop Leonardo learned from his master how to paint and sculpt sculptors use materials like clay or marble to make grand sculptures Leonardo studied and helped with paintings and sculptures and virtues workshop until he was twenty years old the next step in an artist's life was to join a guild and Leonardo did just that when accepted into the painter's guild in Florence a guild was a group of skilled artists who worked in Matt together at this time He created many an Pencil drawings and technical drawings of weapons and other mechanical devices he was very interested in how things worked and created new aces he loved inventing things and fourteen eighty two when he was about thirty years old. Leonardo moved to the city of Milan where he worked for the cities Luke Ludovico Sforza there. He created paintings and worked on inventions for the duke the ability to create an improved technical devices it's called engineering and Leonardo was a very gifted engineer he worked for Dukes for for many years there he painted two of his best known works the Virgin of the rocks and the Last Supper depicting Jesus and his twelve apostles he also helped design buildings and gave the Duke engineering advice for his army one of Leonardo's other biggest projects was a huge twenty four foot bronze horse for Duke spores that he spent twelve years designing it out of clay which would be a mold to be turned into bronze unfortunately before they could pour the metal into the mold to finish the horse sculpture the project was stopped because war started and the metal had abused for cannons instead of the Horse in day someone decided to get together the money to finally build the Horse Leonardo had always wanted if you ever visit Milan Italy you can see it today after the war dukes four zero was is no longer duke so Leonardo stopped working for him the Leonardo continued working in his workshop in Milan and soon had his own students and apprentices hundreds of French army invaded and took over Milan so Leonardo left and went to Florence where he had been an apprentice as a young man in Florence he painted his famous painting the Mona Lisa.

Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci Means Leonardo Leonardo Da Vinci Florence Florence Italy Milan Luke Ludovico Sforza Italy Andrea Dale Verragio Matt Milan Italy renaissance Ons Medieval Times engineer Mona Lisa Dukes twenty four foot thirty years twelve years twenty years