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LA Lakers: Takeaways from the first half of the season

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

03:00 min | 3 years ago

LA Lakers: Takeaways from the first half of the season

"Win in Denver. A tough place right okay. Heading into the all star break four-game lead. I know it doesn't matter. Homecourt advantage Blah Blah Blah. How come we're not talking about how impressive first half of the season? This is for the Lakers. Everybody's talking about the clippers in the off season during the season because we live in a Wa Lakers are okay. Go ahead the last years of the number one seed. It didn't matter they didn't win a championship. The number two seed one titles is it. All I'm saying is the number one seed especially when we talked about it yesterday with the clippers if the clippers and Lakers they're all playing in the same building and I don't think it's that big advantage to beat a number one. I really don't have when they played the clippers in the playoffs. They have seven home games. Here the Rose Casino Clippers Games. There will be more Lakers fans there. There's no doubt about I think though is because we all know about the playoff. Yes we know Lebron you know. He had this great regular season but about winning the championship for both the clippers and the Lakers. I think that's why we're talking more about this than that. Great Win last night. It was a great win but it was. One of eighty two was impressive. You go to Denver and you beat them in their place. That's news that's really really. What are we gonNA talk as much about a if they lose their next game to a bad team? We're going to talk about the Celtics tonight. Are we gonNA have the same energy tomorrow? Words darn is big and is important as the Lakers in search of Lebron's not even that it's not even that what we've seen with Kawai is even last year. We saw him in and out of the lineup. In and out of the line of all regular season and then what happens in the postseason? He says I'm playing. He obviously has to play and look what the result ended up being. So with the with the clippers you automatically say he'll be sort of blew era. We see the same recipe being built in orchestrated here in La. We'll is okay you you too are starting irk me. With this whole. We saw the result the championship. Okay can we at least talk about this? Is You love to call. The warriors chip fraudulent Kawai. Leonard faced a team that Kevin Durant played twelve minutes in this series. Klay Thompson got her done. At what point are we going to say listen? It was a nice championship. Well done you. Do you mind being down Janas. Yeah they were GONNA smoke. Sorry let me let me say this off. This is the best player on planet Earth. Stuff you argue. He's in his better. This is designed to be. Why did you say Anthony Davis was better and Anthony? Davis legs Kuwabara Lakers to the Lakers. I'm not saying kawais definitely better. Clearly he doesn't control a game initiate an office like Lebron but clearly at this point a better defender at a goal to move Kawais. GotTa go to move where he had to undergo in the mid range. Yes but that's part of the discussion. He when he needs a bucket. He's GonNa get to a few spots in the mirror. Good above sixty five percent of those shots. The Brian has to drive all the way to the hole for it to be like some. You definitely think is going

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