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"luis ketones" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

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"luis ketones" Discussed on The Jason Beem Horse Racing Podcast

"Up, Hollis to the final furlong. He leads by a length over Greeley and Ben in second. Bob's edge is flying in the center of the racetrack, but he's still two and a half from the front, but he does have momentum. Hollis has the lead. Here's bob's edge trying to go last to first and look at him blue boy. Bob's edge two lane trist bob's edge. Wow. So bob's edge, Larry Jones, back in the graded stakes winner circle scores here from well off the pace he was last early on and he kind of was a little more of a stalker he type last year. Obviously it's smaller fields that sometimes tends to happen more. But it seems like this year, at least his last 5 starts, you know, he's been a little further back at least positionally and comes with that big run and this was another one where, you know, I think that that fact that they kind of stacked up up front. They went 21 and four while they were stacked up, so they were going quickly, but Hollis was covering ground out wide there. You know, three wide into the turn. You heard vik say accurately in the call, like Hollis looked like he wanted to try to get over and then all of a sudden Greeley and Ben slips through and then needing to know slips through and he needed snow was between horses. To me is one of the worst spots to be in when you're between horses and in this case there was one to his inside and two to his outside when he kind of steadied. But when you're between horses and you're a little behind him, I always think that's the worst place. Now, on the turn, I think it gets amplified 'cause on the turn is where everybody kind of wants to try to keep tucking in more, right? Down the back stretch sometimes you'll see geisel. Horses will be three across the track and then you look at the head on and there's two paths between each of them. So yes, there are three across the track, but they're not in the tight quarters that they are going into the turn. And I think it's a much more distressing position to be and when you're just behind and between horses or when you're just behind and you're down on the rail and the other horse is right you're outside. Like to me, it's so rare that horses a, come back through there and be don't end up kind of pulling themselves out of there or just backing up. It's just a tough spot to be in. But Luis ketones and bob's edgy, a big, big close, a telling tryst also came from off the pace, just kind of got outrun in the last 16th there, but ran a very good race. And really Ben was a part of that early mix and was still battle in a way. Just a super game horse greeting in Ben and then Hollis actually ended up fading back to fourth after the somewhat wide journey in my horse faded back to last. But yeah, very cool day at Oakland park, the whitmore I just thought was just kind of a neat event we'll say. Kudos to them for a fun day of racing. I watched a fair bit of Oklahoma, which I hadn't watched a ton this meet again. They kind of run as we're, you know, as we're going and then when we finish, they're still going by the time I get home, it's kind of over. Talk about a couple of the other stakes races going on from around the country over at aqueduct. The cicada stakes it was lady scarlet, Kendrick Carmouche rallying from off the pace to get the win. This was the race I talked about, you know, it looked like there was a fair bit of early speed and then something kind of had to give and lady milagro and maldon, who both showed a lot of speed in previous starts all at mansion, of course, only had. The one start for ray handel, but they ended up going out and kind of going after it a little bit, 22 flat 45 and three, and kinder Carmouche kept lady scarlet just out in the clear, you know, 5 wide and rolled by him and really poured it on down the stretch to score nicely for Mike maker. Ray handel's horse should hold on nicely for second. They were way clearer really, really super strung out field. And, you know, I was going to say two year olds, but they're not. They're three year olds and at this point, but lightly a lightly raced group of three year olds how about that. But Kendrick good to see him get a nice win. I feel like we haven't had kit. We had Kendrick on once and it's been, it's been a few years. Maybe he maybe Kendrick's a guy to add to the guest list here. Down at beautiful Gulfstream park in Florida. I was trying to think if I'm going to be able to get down there once more 'cause I'm going down to the pop for the Gabe versus Pete match race, which is only two weeks from today. April the fourth, I believe it is. But it's going to be on a Monday Tuesday, so no Gulfstream running. We do have a Sunday off the week before Kentucky Derby at Tampa. So I thought maybe I'll go down there, but then I'm going to drive home or back to Oregon to grant's pass like the next week. So do I really want to drive four hours each way to Miami after I did it three weeks before, just to then drive across country? I think that feels like that feels like a lot on the old car. So it might not get down to GP again, but I had a nice day there before Christmas, and then I got COVID. I'm blaming, I'm blaming Miami for giving me COVID back before Christmas because when I was down there, I came back at like two or three days later. Boom. And they said that the only crime was a faster transmitter. So I'm blaming Pete and the team at Gulfstream. Actually Mayo, you were my tour guide there, probably you. No, Ashley's great. Love Ashley. The talk also in part, the Hutchinson stakes, which a lot of people kind of made no to this. And I kind of agreed, you know how, you know, races do this, right? Race is ebb and flow. In terms of their history, their importance and what have you. And the hutcheson was kind of erased that, you know, this used to be a grade two race for a lot of years. And then it became a grade three and now it's listed. And I mean, you go back and look at some of the horses that want it. Okay, Gladiator kings, but he's a nice little sprinter. But the funny bone, captain candyman can, wildcat red,.

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