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"My mother was the same way. They Riveria paranoid about the neighbors. And what people thought of them in a way, it was good. I was allowed to take my own lead in that sense. I couldn't have chosen better parents and quote Levin described his religious background at this time as. Is very I Kana classic and extremely permissive. His parents didn't participate in religion and never pushed him into it going so far as to tell him that another word for God is nature. Levin said, quote, we did have relatives who were Christian and Jewish. I had an ad who was a Christian scientist at an atheist uncle you could say I grew up a second generation non-believer or cynic and quote Levin or Tony as he was known then began to play music at the age of five he claims, he went into a music store with his mother and spontaneously picked out a tune out of harp. His parents were supportive of his newfound interest, and he went on to try number of different instruments, most notably the pipe organ and the client p this newfound passion would continue throughout his entire life. When lavar was seven years old. He became obsessed with tales of the supernatural and occult too young to fully understand what he was reading. He turned to his. Maternal grandmother Luebbe Colton who regaled young Tony with the mysteries of her homeland Transylvania. She told him of the legend of Dracula about bloody battles fought against Turkish and Russian invaders and between Hungary and Romania over the right of rule. She even told him about the eccentrics in his own family, including her brother a bear trainer who traveled with carnivals and circuses from the Black Sea to Hungary, this ladder detail would prove particularly influential later in Tony's childhood, according to Levin, one thing the majority of satanists have in common is that they were stigmatized as youths. It's this stigmatism that steers them towards satanism later in life, his stigma. He claims was his unattractive. Face levin. Said quote, I was odd-looking by today's standards. I would've looked fine. But in nineteen thirty nine I was not cute. I was certainly not a van Johnson or John Wayne and. Quote, he spoke of the horror of going to gym class with other boys, which was so great that he would get a doctor's note to avoid it to some this may not sound too dissimilar to what a lot of children experience in their early years. However, it appears Levin also experienced another stigma as a child the stigma of having a human tale in blanche Barton's authorized, nineteen ninety biography of the secret life of a satanist. She writes that Anton had an extra vertebrae removed near the end of his spine that formed a prehensile tail this appendage occurs in about one in every one hundred thousand births this tailgate Tony an enormous amount of trouble as an eleven year old he had to have a drain several times and even learned to sit on chairs sideways has to avoid the pain one night when it became Rian flamed Anton once again visited the hospital to have drained. However, there are no rooms available at the hospital. So the doctors could only administer a local anesthetic. The pain was so great Tony says he bit through the rubber pad. He was lying on and bent the steel bar on the side of the gurney. He eventually had the tail removed at the age of twelve by the age of sixteen. He was beginning to have his first romantic relationships with women, however because of his already sinister appearance most of his girlfriend's chose to meet him in secret. So that their parents wouldn't see the type of boy their daughter was keeping company this was upsetting for Tony he wished he could look normal like other boys, his age Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here. And throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks, greg. According to psychology today, children who experienced betrayal, rejection and other deep wounds are at risk of developing narcissistic, personality disorder these individuals spend their adult lives trying to fend off such feelings by acquiring success. S wealth celebrity status and power when we look further into LA's adult life will see that he seems to constantly seek out celebrity and power. This need is likely rooted in these negative early childhood experiences. It was also at age sixteen that Tony had an experience. He claimed would shape is taste and the opposite sex for the remainder of his life..

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