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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday Oct 10th 2019  Hour One  FALL SALE Coupon FEAST 7% Savings Checkout NutriMeds and Lumen Photon IR Pads, Ryan Frace, NutriMeds Expert, Dr Bill Deagle MD, NutriMeds Protocols,

NutriMedical Report

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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday Oct 10th 2019 Hour One FALL SALE Coupon FEAST 7% Savings Checkout NutriMeds and Lumen Photon IR Pads, Ryan Frace, NutriMeds Expert, Dr Bill Deagle MD, NutriMeds Protocols,

"Just keep you well it's the doctor Bill Eagles show presented by neutral medical dot com call eight eight eight six four zero one and welcome back to the dramatic report grocer function first hour it'll change trump and become much more trumpian we want trump to be more trump being rather less If I was in these seat of office I would actually do a lot more but now in next year thank God we get Real Nancy Pelosi what a plague that woman is Nancy Pelosi Jackson and Mr Nadler I call rattler scare he's a strengthening Medicare he's GonNa make drug prices cheaper he's GonNa Civil Albatross border competition with companies and you're Congress people that actually got elected in red states to supported trump will probably be removed office lose the house when the twenty two thousand election happened if you want more information we have also linked the other day from Monday which includes Cara Group Site Dot Com and Kate Dash Merchant Dot com get more information what's going are supporting Medicare was just a rule changes earlier this week announced leave trump alone get the guy some advice the the information they're the latest we have links up for Care Pires KABC COIN TO CARE IC- acquaint gotta get in there on you gotta get into this because economies teetering on a major correction it probably what happened after the election I'm really glad that trump is actually standing firm against me a yearly we also expanding our products over evident frequency we're going to have jewelry available with embedded radio frequencies for healy rattlesnake and Mr Chefs last two letters of his name this is the biggest liar and chief these people are so not and it's just like they've said the so congressperson from diplo's into maniacs in the Dima Radic Party it's likely that he'll force a vote and if they've all these so-called a semi conservative that The paper towel being paranoid gives hassles so if you want to go down the peptides and you'll find the these people are clinically insane suicidal and if we let them get empower it will ruin our nation okay I know how to fix healthcare was allow people to still have autonomy control minute couple announcements we are bringing back the wellness conditions but it's going to be under of paper I'll be under striped so we'll be able to have peop- the conditions will be able to prescribe monthly Oh and screwing up about five network genetically modified food and these things they're minor the economy's better he was going to actually do major tax changes he's already helped lot was healthcare tolls wrong cool announcements we do have the ham sale available you have to go to peptides where we have it hidden now under HEP while because some states apparently still make hurt seeing the price of healthcare insurance drop dropping increasing and we of course are not going to be forcing for federal law force vaccinations or the agenda to take way meat and to get rid of airplanes and cars and all the other foolishness these crazy troyon democrats magic money Tree WanNa do that'll be available as well here in the next week we are expanding our pure water system so instead of going off site to pair water system will be onsite you build actually Houston said unless we impeach him now of course I don't say trump is fit perfect I think trump shouldn't treat what everything but while still allowing competition innovation but we need to have the middle class get more discernible income now they do have five thousand dollars plus more income since the yes in fact it's likely I got some context now to get trump junior on the program and if we get through to trump treating eating missile defense and what's going on in Russia I will give them some advice trump took office that's fact our economic factors but we wanna do you WanNa start seeing some major controls prices healthcare get rid of malpractice of course in other countries that are controlled by Codex Alimentarius we need also get rid of toxic food that means GMO food we need and then can actually provide care we also want alternative pathways so you know if we can do these kind of things we're going to make a major advances legal by by hamp which is ridiculous initial founders of the constitution used happened sold half I mean there's not genyk there's no Delta The thc your water and purchase one hundred two hundred three hundred five hundred auto flash whole-home systems and also the replacement filters and everything's being set up to actually have it on our site. Brian told me that he was actually doing something in the first couple of minutes here of the segment so I don't know if we have right back right near there deteriorating everybody as we are going to be having totally safe it's a in most countries in the world is completely legal it just even federally legal it's just some states or funky and so because alternate pathways to to practice medicine including say medics that are gonNA learn how to be surgeons Allow alternative with your like give me one more minute okay a little rant here I'll let's talk about some of the other major optic country when we need to actually move to try to improving healthcare of the population everybody their healthcare is air to be totally written off that many supplements technology allow innovation allow national licensure Redden State licensure so that people are licensed non government agency we have of course the most advanced nutraceutical on the planet and Free Protocols I just got a call this morning by gentleman procedures if you have a friend that has something the we down just got Alexa for our site we have also as the IPHONE APP over in a radio dot co station intellectually around I write is rebuild your bones how we got Ryan Ryan our heading toward the holidays and Scary times we have Halloween coming in fact what's going on with them and give me their email and I will call them back free no charge the starter protocol this particular lady had jaw cancers you'd only thirty cure systems broken The churches are lost in space the geopolitical systems insane even people that are good don't trump has got bad advisers around him back when it was thirty years ago why people don't understand is that it's the addams family in our world I mean The next few months because of the change in diet they're often goes through severe we call Stress Season Depression of the holidays I call the Halley days and said and he's doing things that we don't agree with five G. Network Genetically Modified Food and fracking which gives you toxic water he doesn't allow good thanks to though healthcare days you like that holidays oftener dealing freebies conflicts and their family previous breaks like divorces whatever previous fights Asian you can write it off now in the middle of a feats sale fall sale okay and the code is Feast FASD and we sell not only let's first off if you're going to new dramatical you're gonNA find lots new kind of links we are going to have expanding health concerned me from the dead or near dead a number of times I can tell you and you know the most I goddess with me and I want you to you need to understand where he remember our soil's we actually have mineral and food value inner food we need to get rid of toxins stop pushing five network talk more fiber nutriments but also read our our aluminum photons so into talking about the kinds of things that are going to happen people fall most people in the fall several things happened Sary's don't just tell me I got a friend I don't know their name whatever give me your name your phone number give me the time when I can call give me a couple of paragraphs talking about the approaching here that much again we're going to be back in tax season six months from now people need to realize if you buy an interesting Dr Deal and technology I'll provide the documents yeah I think the movie that I think my daughter's going to see this weekend is called the addams family I'm not really keen on that was pretty funny show kind of a comedy show but Monday tend to gain weight start having joint pain if they're gonNA get cancer the most likely you're gonNA get between now and January if they're going to have a heart attack or stroke that's more likely to happen us we have heart disease cancer and we got depression look pick your choices to what you WanNa approach and then tell us what recommend enamels that cannot produce vitamin C. so we need to consume it in order to stay healthy and so the power C. Plus more Aniela if you're maybe a war or they came back from the war and they've had you know the legs blown off its dizzy season to be stressed so we have provide you healthcare solutions that are going to bring health back so we have all our great great drinks ageless life-support Cemex neutra complete we've got of course things the air like an APP called skills that over and a radio station important things to do is look at your vitamin C and make sure that it is a very powerful bioavailable former vitamin C we argument that never got resolved gall generational curses near dealing with previous health problems where they lost somebody like their mothers fathers wives their son and making it more affordable and Medicare shoring it up making a stronger I want people to eventually realized that they if they actually even if they do conventional Serapio improve their chances of survival I don't care what the problem is I'm a survivor diabe etcetera etcetera godrejs record it'll benefit out of it in comparison and that's why this become a top top formulation for people once they start using it they realize their immune system it's much more well I think one of the top ones that I would focus on is is the seasonal change and just the immune challenges that that can present to people and nobody likes being sick you know just talking about mobility and movement and healthy movement and repair and regeneration so vitamin C is critical there as well so this would be something that part of your daily regimen for you a an ingredient that's designed and it's been studied for increasing the absorption of the C forty percent higher into the bloodstream so now all of a sudden the seven hundred fifty capable and this also relates to vitamin C. for so many functions in the body that also include Collagen production and so we're big on AH using the top seller for the new medical lineup it is fantastic at seven hundred fifty milligrams of vitamin C. But this is a unique vitamin C. it's called your own family and other drama that comes around but listen stress is one of the big things that staffing and so we can change the perception it doesn't mean we your kids and then when it comes to stress Smith holidays I guess is the new one that you just came up with that one's pretty good Graham capsules really are coming in at a much higher level for people getting the benefits that you wanna see and so this stuff that most people buying vitamin C is just they're getting very can change our circumstances obviously can turn off the news he can't stop the world from happening around you and a lot of it you're not gonNA agree with because you don't control the world so you gotta learn how you get better you know weight management because you're not making bad choices with sugar alcohol all the time and so that's really helpful people feel empowered and it is because they've overcome it a mix minerals scorebig land at neutralizes the Ph so she did a very high rate without causing diarrhea issues like that but then it's also enhanced with it go to it and so this is an important point when you use something like Columbine Call Mine isn't GonNa Change obviously the circumstance it changes the way in which the body interprets the circumstance laxed we can calm down more we don't have to crave alcohol we don't have to crave sugars we don't have to create a drug because we've got things called makes everything just a struggle right being a parent you know the loss time and it could be work or kids anyway one of the down this has been a formula that has saved so many people from making bad choices day in and day out which then leads to hey listen better family life changed the way that they're behaving and my nostril in particular is working as a secondary neurotransmitter messaging molecule meaning your body may be sending out messages that they weakened on your mind this is actually nutrients that you need like motto Inositol Gather L. Seen a night museum in Tory that all make your neurotransmitters if I've HDP and so that's really important that you want to be able to do that then stress to go when you're talking about regulating cortisol which raises up when you're stressed out and resetting the do you have difficulty taking supplements are you searching for a high-quality complete nutritional drink as your whole family will love neutral medicals life before has arrived all of your daily nutritional so it's a powder formulation usually wanted to scoops you can have a profound difference in the way that you're feeling and this is on Q. Out this isn't thc that's supposed to know meal replacement on the market whether you are an elite athlete have post operative challenges chronic illnesses elderly or a family that you want a quick delicious drink Dr Bill Eagles Life uh-huh yeah if you're using five HDP listen you're barely getting anything out of it so this is you know being able to use the control relief mechanism really important for the bioavailability requirements in one quick delicious drink Dr Ville Eagles life support is a proprietary blend of Megan protein activated vitamins minerals amino acids probiotics sleep rhythms or security ribbon that your formula stress could knock it out you can make it go away green tea digestive enzymes anti inflammatory cancer prevention detoxification and much more your body will high five for this one life support is the best complete nutrition nothing like emergency food if the power goes out and you can't go to grocery stores or if there's an emergency national prices so neutra medical dot com I optimize nutrition in one great tasting smoothie just add cold water all of cruise or anything else you like neutra medical life support try our great tasting talk recommendation legacy foods neutral medical dot com going to the shop byproducts of dropdown menu and stay well with neutral medical every day of your life the twenty percent off and free shipping do get emergency foods for your supply for preparation and get it for legacy foods contact Dr Bill Diggle for the lake at the most varied entrees as well and the longest food storage shed light doesn't like legacy emergency foods and if you place a regular musty odor dramatic dot com joe to the shop byproducts link and dropped down message at neutral medical dot com and then place your orders for regular emergency food for yourself and your family aw rate ideas great solutions will be back in a moment with Ryan Nutrient deficiency that they had to address that's really powerful and of course I love the cross in any way to help your body to convert the five trip to fan across the blood brain barrier into Serotonin Melatonin ramones the stress to go or amazing legacy merchandise food is the top recommendation Dr Bell legal for loss auction concentration largest entrees a heist amount of protein regeneration healing and pain control nothing like the limited Proton therapy for the easy therapy for your is your pain your joints regeneration of Oregon Chocolate Vanilla today call triple eight to one to eight hundred seventy one or visit US online at neutral medical dot com neutra medical dot com for the whole family missives improve perfusion release stem cell therapy throughout the body and genetically stimulate the body to release DNA activated the genetic therapy structural protein enzyme deficiency for almost every illness there's nothing like the sine wave therapy for improving body healing for exercise but also of your stem cell activity This amazing limit Photon therapy this year will probably have an additional device stringency therapy during the phase of the lights to medically stabilize to clear the body of bacteria fungi Michael Bacteria and parasites it penetrates body biofilms and is non toxic to tissues pathogen resistance this cannot develop for long-term body optimize wellness clear stealth pathogens that promote autoimmune disease cancer and vascular inflammation and plaque and promote healing of tissues. Yeah right yeah you get you get a bar buy things you know you don't even have to turn on the news you just Michael need a powerful ally to fight daily bugs and serious pathogens ellison met the powerful universal pathogen killer's latest advance of German source alison ends in contact us at neutral medical com triple eight two one two eight seventy one or go to the website neutral medical and give us a contact doctor bills available to help you get well with nutrients looming photon therapy infrared light far and near thread is extremely important for pain control nitric oxide and group revision and since Needs Alison Med order Dr Bill Eagles Neutrogena at triple eight two one two eight eight seven one or neutral medical dot com that's AAA two one two eight eight seven one now pathogen free with two milligrams more power than prior al-Ahmed you can't get a more powerful ally to fight daily bugs and serious pathogens give your body what it sonic life machines one of the most amazing therapies that Dr Bell provides here's the best sign we've exercise with on the planet doing whole-body vibration opening up the muscle to Reduce Insulin tain machine contact Dr Bell at Neutral Medical Dot COM AAA two onto in each seventy-one he'll prescribe it Lizzie provided nutraceutical to helpless or neutral medical dot com and listen to the medical report on the Genesis Radio Network with open lines every weekday neutral medical dot com bringing nutrition and medicine together the vessels and it's really Kinda strange thing we got designed the I have it turns out my little vessels are in front of your visual and so forth and it's amazing and all that can do so protecting it obviously is really critical lega regulation being one of those important things you feel really good right after the cataract surgery but then within a matter of months hence deteriorating and what's going on it's not another cataract you've got an artificial engineer involved that sowed in there so it can't be a cataract or even a canvas clerel membrane over the cataract lend it is division and reduction aside a doctor bill uses it for pain control for generation techniques for organ regeneration and for stimulation and welcome back are there we haven't talked about is in the fall with the change in light and so on his vision and of course we vision Max I'd lady the Ryen talk about all these different supplements obviously the I is incredibly sensitive uh troopers Dr belkin provide can help neutralize frequencies for disease states annella get an sonic like machines Dr Bill Diggle at neutral medical dot com the pressure of the eye being an important thing so when we start looking at formulations that that are in the marketplace Dr Bill most of them the pressure and so forth by using formulations that really are designed with the right nutrients that overcome the bioavailability issues that a lot of people have nations they just starting with let's say blood sugar outta out of out of out of whack and how damaging that can be the issue when you start looking at least certain they're not built with real power you know for protecting the tissue itself and so this is where you know coming in with opposite and that's what you wanna take things like vision Max one or two capsules twice a day you wanna take our things to get rid of free radicals ultra Simon and be one the full via the center of your vision and in fact it's actually micro-vascular changes that can make you lose your vision and with retinopathy that's where Vein Awakens the eating foods that aren't going to continually playing the body everything that we consume it's got a negative consequence with regards to the body's gotta digested and there can be they do a direct job whether that is the neutrality or you're looking at the glycemic meal these are formulations and calls in the eye so if you're gonNA start losing your vision it's actually oftentimes micro vascular disease that blows the ability of the cone of light coming leading to the damage that you find in the issue and so forth and vision Max and so forth great formulations that get direct any oxidants support to the eye relation that has really nutrient dense twenty six grams of protein per serving and then a whole host it's actually over forty eight ingredients that are in here all of the sudden you can come in from a different angle you can start regulating where the inflammatory process an oxidative stress is continuing her meal after meal day after day nation that goes on on due to oxidative stress that can be a part of the normal process but we've talked about this before it is you can make so much headway with the challenges not a sine wave curve of frequencies given for automic residents but side Atlanta's pauling for minerals and amino acids seeming production of MSG Arnie correct twenty five percent of the American population admit eating a vegetable and like a year something astounding and you're like okay people may not be very good that for example have cataract surgery and they don't realize you have cataract surgery you don't protect drive from inflammation you're going to have celery inflammation which may find hey so I know you've got a lot of people that have moved over from OTC type formulations and if found that they can have a dramatic impact on the health of their eyes the inflammatory process that could be going on in the body and being able to do it on a consistent basis because not everybody out there. I think you said you know a couple of days ago I don't people are facing with using the shakes that have multifaceted approach and their nutrient dense for example supports one of the top go to's it's a big it but the shakes turn the tables you announce our bathing your tissues with a ton of good nutrients that are going to work things for the you know the way your body wants to supporting not just the gastro intestinal track but they phase one phase two detoxification process in the liver or balancing hormones or balancing which regards some of the key areas but the body were oxidative stresses occurring it seems simplistic but with the immunoglobulins in the formulation it is really helpful for a lot of individuals age leads ageless definitely starts going up the The choice bladder when you have a weakened immune system it's much less complex formulation be able to use it to fuel to protect it so so life support is a good one ageless is another great shake to think about how I differentiate life support well I just you know on this aspect of people in the inflammatory processes that are going on it's it's one of the top things to do is make sure Shen in this Vegan formulation this works at it from a different angle and so it's really making sure that you can detoxify really well and support that have kind of a weakened immune system and then the other one glycemic meal big hitter for weight management and it's not just as a meal replace and the down that road exactly when we're go ahead sorry continue basket to a bowl of chips and you want to minimize the damage that's going to happen in the weight gain because that's what your body's doing it's deciding between desert story does it burn it and if you use the that we talked about this a lot hits preemptive strike against the other meals that you might consume that day if you need to go out to eat you're not so sure what you're going to expose yourself to from a bit like scenic meal that you can do is you can definitely put that switch in your favor. I lowering the carbohydrates and how quickly that they can impact your system and spike oxidative stress and dramatically is all functional integrated mass than we deal with conserved geopolitical virtual issues are two and three out today we have Ryan back row B in eighteen life support is kind of like a reset button for the body there's a lot of challenges going on from wait to Jasmine's detox and you need help when it comes to handled the way that it's built is so powerful that as a preemptive half serving is all you need and you can just spoon stir that into a couple of water even sitting at a restaurant talk to the case of the body get a little info time machine from Dr Bell diggle Neutral Medical Dot Com triple eight two hundred twenty eight thirty one to stay well with Neutra Medical L. D. Tax Moose island gamble he plus and self-defense plus because you have to realize an advantage away because one of the first things that goes with his inflammation in the eye especially in front of the Eyes Insulin Glucose Garden and Cortisol primarily because people get fat developed to slip it he mea develop heart disease develop all the other things associated with the difference in other words you can do that before you've been a regular meal cut down the carbohydrate absorption because the problem is not just blood sugar surges it's the secondary hormone imagine pulse magnetic to hurts the Soviet on that and if oh don sound beaming a genetic frequency therapy our three or not consuming vegetables what did you say what was the snappiest day twenty five percents that never eventual it was something crazy it's the wearing down of our immune system over many years is usually going to be one of the tipping point that that you cross and thresholds that you cross your body is for for which are still Americans and and their dietary habits but like when we look at like Malinga Block for example it's a Broccoli seed extract kicking the body into the wrong direction you know and and lessening the performance of what you're trying to achieve so it's a really great thing to you don't have to do it every single time but one thing is you know in in the context that you know what what you're harvesting now is or something like that or you're doing a very low carbohydrate intake that's all good you and I both know that even the meat and or the fat can also be things like CRP and stuff so these inflammatory markers that are going on and we know when you eat even when you're trying to a You know undoing You know maybe Paleo Allison mad neutral dine neutral silver piles power see things that repair the DNA alagic acid a malignant block is making sure the immune system is working well and when people are we said it ready beginning overstressed not using nutrients they're gonNA support like your power sleep things that turn off decided kind and get rid of the kids mother cells cell defense plus seven hundred percent more absorbed in the coming on the planet in our solar offense composition and as you can to consistently watch it exactly mix huge difference let's look at it answer and it's amazing how frequent here diagnosis of somebody in either during the holidays or the fall or Christmas with a change in Diet all of a sudden they're cancer explodes normal process like see something abnormal it doesn't get its foothold because the immune system no it's not supposed to be there and so forth so when we see these progressions of the body can't the next area the next day I would say would be pre cancer a lot of people over the holidays for some reason or other dietary triggers off cancer explode and of course cancers near anybody flaming Tori in nature to the body and so you want to blunt that because it's that kind of stuff that oxidative stress and inflammation that's constantly annulation also known as garage men and this is a component that you get basically when you eat vegetables it's really powerful stuff and protect the cancer why do you think the holidays cancer rates takeoff and either during holidays or right after people have equal Sawyer Doc you have diet you know these abnormal cells and they continue to grow and propagate into You know what you eventually can get cancer where where we starting with the fine but if you can work on it two meals a day work on preemptive strike like that you can have a profound impact and you'll see it by the energy levels of their body veteran sugar but there's also fed by stealth pathogens that's why we're GonNa dock office tells passengers with things like Nutrient Twenty six Y and not to make these stimulatory effects that we'd like to have and so when you use something like the blink of block what you're doing is each capital they should go equivalent of consuming for humor the body and regulating how we produce any oxidants including things like glued if I am but we don't necessarily eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables probably a seed that's been planning for some time and you know a lot of times it's not just you know one exposure obviously that's gonNA cause cells to go abnormal right a laundry we'll do and I know I've heard lectures in the past where you're like listen but you know the the immune system constantly defeating out normal cells it's just the got a pound and a half a percent for vegetables and you can imagine doing it every day and no that's that's a dietary challenge not probably GonNa meet but being able to use it as a capsule you're all of a sudden now bathing the tissues with this really beneficial material and now your body has this profound capability to start affecting the waves rafter and then after a few months data ten days a month this is a full meal deal in terms of of testicle regeneration Andrew cost the body is reacting to all the challenges that face it so my people out there going on so deep better that doesn't mean it's necessarily easy and certainly the eight pumps in the groin echinoderms to have the transdermal support for their protest is to make the hormones we also have the testicle peptides you know and and fighting back against basically the aging process where we see this ratio get completely out of whack for individual so oftentimes people need to remember they have the testosterone available but they don't have access to it like it's daring your body but it's bound up and so this makes a lot of sense now if you are a person that's starting a huge advantage to be allowed these high powered supplements to To help with that exactly makes us different the next door yeah men's Max plus is really a great relation for a lot of guys to think about they have studies with these ingredients also done with women one of the primary things array back with Ryan and neutral ads are here for you free advice on Feast is the code seven percent off including complete the most powerful healing formula other is Tri Adine clears the body of all known pathogens restores into an alkaline state and even promote temps Cafa Masuda supportive adding stopped under the body so this is a really good option for people and so when it comes to really vigor strength muscle mass your testicles shrivel if you shrivel your testicles you're now dependent on drugs forever you K- you'd have to bump up your own Oregon production of hormones and you want to pre hormones ax plus which we upgraded the formal all four capsules in the morning and at Hormones Energy for capitals twice a day we also give them Dha pregnenolone test or cream Janse Germany to bypass the liver and you want the actual sex hormone binding lobby underneath male hormone then you want to make sure it doesn't get converted to female hormone was the will give a red deer velvet and vascular peptides by the way when you take the pet is unique vascular peptide with it twice a day for the first month then once the free yes so even if he used a hormone you WanNa make sure you know converted to female right exactly he's let's start off as men's Max blessing hormones energy this is a big deal it's easy to it's not treated by using pellets or hormone injections they actually is your literature. Dr Bill is is allowing the ratio between what's known as bound testosterone free testosterone to improve and it does so by lowering what's known as spectrum regeneration order doctor bills try a dime today at triple eight to one to eighty eight seventy one or visit US online at neutral medical dot com Ludi Lin and so people that have these moderate deficiencies this is a great formulation to be able to use and not move onto as you're saying like order still looking for that one iodine that you can really trust a medical doctor endorse products that is backed by research and true integrity of science then searched or is Andropov a lot of people don't discovered them and that they may be having erectile problems or maybe just there man this is going to need a man red deer velvet Dr is an amazing new product with a patent into preserves reenter bio-molecules six months same as fetal life. Hi I'm Dr Bill. MD A EM ACM a forum of neutral medical dot com and consultants providing email advice free of your own primary doctor to do as well as recommendations to give you an idea of consultation and a full protocol to try to help regenerate tissues heal naturally without the use of either go to medical dot com Dr Bill Eagles neutral dine proven time and time again to be the very best iodine available for you knew triad I in view you know by goals or something like that it's still an important formula to use because it keeps the ratio Open Excreta surgery is performed there is no scar taking a two to three capsules twice today with Uncle Mason Michael D to provide an amazing support or eight eight eight two onto eight seventy one he get free email starter protocols of our top medical grade nutraceutical 's initial testing and recommendations eight parole and renaissance and the energy let's talk about all these neat technologies which are all safe nontoxic and they're gonNA actually make your body work again aren't they neutral medical dot com that's tier I medical dot com or eight to eight hundred seventy one were you don't age at all the state of fetal life allows Serena bio-molecules and six armone Bruce by the Placenta to be we have life support the detox is face to detox pathways glue Purana Dacian Salvation and methylation pathway support we have glycemic some blocks of carbohydrate oxyde Poly Pharmacy I contest to you as well anywhere in the world and provide you recommendations referral of specialty clinics worldwide so contact me Dr Bill Bagel at called Mega muscles between meals along with sports energy light we have the amazing neutral complete the most complete read and re greened drink in the world with the best for regeneration any tissue and organ on the body and even advanced stem cell therapy support treatment do get nick medicals red deer Belvedere from Dr Important and there are some really powerful formulations that people need to be aware of so that they have viable options to OTC or Medicaid danced protocols for your optimize wellness and advanced technologies to healer regenerative contact us at neutral dot com that's tier I medical doctor allies in the venom from a spider bite in California to eliminating malaria parasites reported by medical missionaries in Central India doctor bills he tried lineup and I know that when it comes to everybody out there but the ability to move and move comfortably critically of the generation of tissues and organs was maximum pastas are changing the tissue organ structure of a fetus that's why the only tesla activated monitoring plasma in the world optimizes might Okon drill function generation of new might oh Qendra from totally nude in house with diabetes or weight loss and as well helps with people they're trying to build boscell using things like our special formulas for darker wall he's a formulation that has been used in the lineup of neutral medical for quite some time what is beneficial about is this is extra but it's not just your those powerful persistence of nutrients to heal your body dramatically we have ageless which makes you age less which repairs your DNA extend your telomeres etc extract this is actually got the essential oils curcumin in it as well is actually the most research form of the ingredient and so this is all right I think Dr Bill will be joining us fact and just a second this is Ryan and we've been talking about all kinds of options for improving your health and wellness with the future medical once people start using it they find that they base Kasey other curcumin aside because they realize they can take far less and get much better an intro medical dot com we held the most amazing drinks invest most feel highest quality by a nutrient exposure to your body to heal and regenerate and the most feel and flavor you can often mix it to with butter mineral MEC switches are fruit flavored mixed power of vitamin stay well with neutral medical every day results than what they've seen before explaining that whole concept of this is a natural extract is got the tumor owns or essential oils right non-steroidal anything that comes with a lot of negative side effects and you know may actually impede the healing process so depends plus L. D. Litany of dramatical dot com Kiro medical dot com triple agent to unto eight to one stay well and stay on with neutral medical. The formulation gives a huge advantages for not only absorption bioavailability results so the other one that you gotTa have in ready if you don't get the full benefits and so one of the things dryer attention to is when this formulation this ingredient has been used to measuring it it's a free curcumin and they can is to try to drive them across but in a lot of the research that John would be different versions of curcumin really dealing with with northbound not three curcumin type issues and so one of the top things that Dr Bill and I have discussed many times is one something that can be a good alternative instead of reaching the ankle to doing something that's pretty swollen joint and what you need are these enzymes to help with that process obstructionism facts etc right correct and that's something that you get when you're talking about pain reliever much just putting table in you know get this potential that much greater absorption by evening seven times on human extract can do and then they can keep it around in the body just because of the national twenty six years previously and When I went in for the console at six weeks the surgeon said if I I mean I didn't know any better your former so those are great advantages and so you can work with it not just the nanny as an antioxidant really for a lot of people it becomes viable and that alternative and when we the way that it it still hasn't been denatured process of harvesting that has been shown to stay around the body a lot longer period of time down the road can make a very dramatic change in the level of discomfort pain and so forth and then get you moving again like you want and so the earning light and you're like why don't feel pain you're like what was that really helping with the healing and it's not what you're trying to do here is really trying to stimulate the healing process which written hey Dr Belgians talking about clutch for head alternative yes well then house would help you digest your food they're actually the formulation is designed to use in between the else So that it can get into circulation the body and help basically with post op in what you do and you're looking to speed up killing recovery process The implant Max is something that I would you to go whether it's acute or chronic challenges that the plan Max one relation those are very Olympic invites and so these enzymes if you took it around your meal

Dr Bill Bill Eagles Brian testosterone Michael Dr Belgians US Ryan ellison John Shen Andropov Ludi Lin six months five thousand dollars seven hundred percent twenty five percent twenty six grams
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Mortal Kombat (Directed by Simon McQuoid) Get Over Here

"Hey what's up buddy. Welcome to show me the meaning. Wisecracks movie podcasts so off combat as pretty good those pretty good. that was pretty good. I am austin hayden. And i am joined by the show me the meaning crew. We have raymond and coming back after a couple of weeks absence. We have ryan what film fans excited to talk to you about in k. Yeah what what a film bring ryan back in for right it is the streaming smash hit that. Everybody's talking about We're gonna be talking about the reboot of mortal kombat is directed by simon mccoy in his feature directing debut. It stars louis tan. Jessica mcnamee josh lawson mccaw brooks ludi lin chin-han a bunch of others. Let's go around and let's get some first impressions. We'll jump right into this here. What was the first time you saw. Have you watched it on repeated viewings. Let's let's start with ryan welcoming him back to the show ryan. What were your first impressions on on the of mortal kombat. Well full disclosure. I didn't watch it at wire. Speed is the real question. I watched it a full speed. But i i had never seen the original mortal kombat film rights over one. I think a lot of people are comparing and contrasting a between the two. I didn't have that comparison. So i was going in fresh on and play the video game. Obviously i'm more of a streetfighter man. i'd say same. No big deal but But i have grown to love the shit out of the mortal combat video game cut scenes just like watching to see how weird and gross in fucked up the murders can get. That's always fun. However i wanted this movie thinking about mortal combat as murder simulators very fun. Oh yeah the people that work on. Those films has to be psychopaths. Well if you talk to remember. Tipper gore and all of them in the censorship controversies. There was a big controversy about that. I remember in the nineties right that that it was like super violent and stuff like that so it was murder simulator in their mind. Okay yeah but that was. That was nothing compared to what the mortal combat sar. Today they took such an insane. You have play the last couple moral combats it is it is it is like just the imagination that takes to come up with the ways that they murder people. I'm very impressed with anyway. All this is to say. I want the movie very fresh and i like to pretty good be plus a lot of people. Wh i was amazed a lot of people telling me that they love the shit out of it before i saw it. I had a lot of people saying that they hated the chevette. But that i should see it which is a sign. I like that and so it seemed to be a very hot or cold. You either loved it or hated it. And i definitely am in the. I don't think i loved it. But i definitely liked it a lot like i thought it was a fun. You know jared the wise crack founder. Jared's even has like. Is that even movie. I think he wrote on facebook or something. Yeah i kind of agree like the move. The definition of movie was stretched here but it was a whatever it was. I had fun watching. What did y'all think. Sorry i rambled. Raymond what do you think brother. Yeah i am like many folks. A few weeks ago flocked to home. Box office max to see what all the buzz was about with this new mortal combat. My girlfriend's a big fan of action movies. So we figured this would be a fun. One to just kind of put on in the background while we were eating dinner and That's pretty much what we did. And i think for what it was. It was fun that opening sequence between sub. Zero and scorpion is Is really well choreographed. I think it's well realized in. It's an interesting way or intriguing. Way to sort of bring folks into this universe and then after that. The movie kind of settled in to what i had more or less expected it to be which is a little bit of dialogue. Here mostly to set up the next fight and you know by the end of it. I was just kind of like sitting scrolling twitter on my laptop a checking going on one and a half speed yet. But i wasn't planning on doing a podcast about this movie i was. I was just planning on listening to it until someone started to get their ass. Beat and then. I would pay closer attention for the two to three minutes at that was happening. And then i would just go back to having it on in the background and like i said it was. It was absolutely fine for what i had anticipated. A distracted me from the fact that i was going to die for two hours and basically forgot about it as soon as the credits rolled. Didn't think about it once until we found out that we had to do it on the podcast city. You re watch it. No i got it. I got the gist guy in blue and yellow who spent centuries beating the shit out of each other. I mean it's all there you know you. What's on the box. I will say. I like. I like some of the stuff i'm not. I'm not trying to do right or anything. Like i said i think for the movie is trying to do it. More or less accomplishes it. It's it's a fun actioner. There are some really great visualizations of the fatalities from the video game You know the guy throws his hat in the sand and pushes a body through like a buzzsaw. And i just remember those awesome. Yeah why can't captain. America do that in the marvel movies. That would be so much more interesting to me. So yeah i mean there's there's some cool fun action You know some some fatalities. I guess the big question. I had coming away from this. It's like this fucking hard r. rated movie being made for like this weird new demographic of you know adult babies like us who now have kids of their own and want to sit down you know. Watch a version of this movie that they grew up with and just kind of enjoy it. And it's weird because there's there's a lot of weird kind of comedic aspects with With kaneohe that seem tailored for a younger audience but the violence is so aggressive in the movie that it is like. I'm i i. It's so funny to see them. Try to make like a marvel style for quadrant pleaser. Out of the most violent video game ever made or at least for its time But yeah it was. It was fun. And that's all i have to say about. Yeah so my experience. Was i put it on not having much hope for it and i put my these headphones that i'm wearing now my beats on right and i set up my computer on my bed and i was cleaning my room and i figured okay. I'm going to clean the room and do my stop. And then you know like i'll pay attention. Whatever s going on and honestly the opening scene. I stopped everything i was doing and i just like sat on my bed and i was just engrossed. I loved it. I thought this opening scene. I was like man and then i tweeted and said. Do this film rips. I thought the opening scene was so cool and then the rest of the film happened. And and i was like i was like victory. God hey can we just go back to that world seventeenth century japan please. I would much rather just stay in that world. I get it. That's not the story. They have to get into the tournament aspects. I thought maybe they were going to do like some cool narrative story like that was going to be tied to like a prequel almost or or maybe some other. We're going to bring us into this world and i was like. Oh man this is so freaking cool. I was like i'm and they had a little bit of crouching tiger you know the guy flying into the trees and so it was kind of supernatural and elevated but still human and like blood lineage. Feuding people's and i was like man is so cool and then i don't know what happened but they hired. How do i say this kindly other. Say there are so many brilliant actors in this world. There are so many enacting class with them. I just had a workshop. There are so many beautiful talented diverse actors in this world. We should hire more of them. All i'm gonna say to tech what you were saying austin. There's is there an aspect of that that i think because you know. I think they've already signed a lot of these actors to four other movies. I heard us In the universe route to me it would make sense that they would do like you were describing a full-fledged kind of scorpion versus subzero thing and you kind of hinted the the larger universe or you end with a big cliffhanger that brings in another recognizable character. That could be in that same timeline. I think that would kinda of be a cool way to an unexpected way especially to open up a mortal kombat universes just focusing on one or two really iconic characters and and just have a story built around them rather than having it. just be a punch out. You know okay before we get real quick before we get into this. We gotta get into the synopsis. Let's keep thoughts in mind this just first impressions and we'll kind of start. Tearing apart the film talking about things. We love to sit around the other side of this synopsis. Here but let me just give a recap real quick okay. so basically. The film opens in seventeenth century japan. Where by han. And his crew slaughter the warriors of the rival ninja clan lend led by hans zoa. Sashi honjo was killed by by han which condemns his soul to the nether room. But then reagan shows up and saves hans owes infant daughter to ensure that the family line will continue so then we fast forward to the present were introduced to col- young a former champion. He and his family are attacked by by haunt who now goes by the name subzero because coal is part of the earth realm champions who are prophesied to defeat the out world in their death match. That's called mortal kombat before cole and his family are killed by subzero though. Jack's rescues them and tells cole to find sonya blade so kohl's call tracks blade down and she explains. That cole wears the dragon mark which destined to be part of this centuries. Long feud with the help of k no then they find redden's temple and are introduced to the current earth room champions liu king and kung lao the temple is then attacked by out realm out world leader shang soon and subzero but raden fends them off after this. The earth champion struggled to bond while also trying to unlock their unique special powers. Cain unlocks his ability to shoot a laser out of his. I call however struggles to unlock his power and raden reveals. That cole is a descendant of hasan. When kohl's family are attacked his are cana- that is his special power becomes unlocked which gives him a suit of armor. And a set of taunt foes which basically bad ass melee weapons cold and devises a plan to get all the out world champions and do a single combat event raden then gives cole his great ancestors could i while the earth room and the outer world champions fight and then sub zero kidnaps kohl's family to laura him into a one on one fight but then when kohl's blood spills on the honjo is released from the nether realm as a vengeful scorpion. Spector who uses the famous line. Get over here. Which was a really fun moment. And i was just waiting when he appeared. I was waiting for him to say. I thought it was going to say it in the first scene and he didn't did he. Maybe he did. I don't remember but he definitely said at this at this culminating went and it was kind of fun a fun little easter egg moment. That was realized anyway. Scorpion helps cold. Defeat subzero freeing kohl's family but of course jackson redoubt vows. Revenge and reagan begins plans to train new warriors for the next tournament. And the film closes with coal heading to hollywood to track down the famous martial artist and movie star johnny cage perfectly setting up a sequel cha ching all right before we continue. I wanna give a shout out to this week's sponsor story blocks story blocks is the place to go if you're in need of premium stock assets. They have millions of high quality video clips audio tracks and images. That could help you. Complete your student film youtube video podcasts stream etc etc etc whatever kind of creative medium that you're on with their affordable subscription options. You can choose the right plan for you. And if you're just working on a podcast in need a few soundbites or music tracks or anything like that then you can just grab those sound bites and go with their unlimited all access plan. You can download as many things as you want from their library. The best part. Is that once you download an asset. It's yours to keep story. Blocks is constantly adding to their library so there are always new options to choose from so check out everything in their library today by going to story blocks dot com slash wise crack or by clicking link in the show notes now back to the show. Okay so let us get into the film here ryan. I cut you off before we went into the recap. What were you going to say. I was gonna say that. I think that they did. I would argue that. They did kind of Do you guys said that. They didn't do about the setting up with a kind of prequel because they obviously didn't have mortal kombat tournament. Which was the whole reason for being of this series or or In every game. So i think that they basically were like. We're going to introduce you to this new character get you invested in him. We're going to meet all of our friends along the way that we know. Get a bit backstory about each of them give familiarize and then the second movie johnny cage and our main character. We're gonna go to the actual tournament and i think they've kind of set it up. Culture wise a perfect for that because everyone was super this movie or at least it was everyone i knew was watching whether they liked it or not. Yeah it's definitely it's marmite kind of film people either frigging love it or they frigging hated which to be honest in this day and age kind of means. Well at least they're talking about it. Right i would. I would say to to counter your point ryan. Because i have seen a lot of folks either complaining that there wasn't the tournament in it or like you just said it. It's more of a prequel energy. But i think structurally there's not a whole lot different than if the movie were just the tournament. You know they have all these like narrative pretenses to get them. Siloed off into one on one battles in these weird and ethereal locations like. I don't think the tournament version of this movie would look all that much different. You know if if rate and turn to the camera when he was spiriting them off to two different realms so that they could fight each other one on one before teaming up against zero and said like and now it's time for the tournament like it would be exactly the same. You know it. When when i was talking about like not necessarily that my ideas any better like i'm an idiot but i just like the notion of zeroing in on you know one or two of these characters and just building a story around them and seeing how their powers interact with the world at large rather than having them have to come into conflict with other empowered beings. Yeah i feel like well. There's a real difficulty in taking a video game just in general making it into a movie but especially one that isn't designed with a built in narrative right like like they're adapting the last of us right which is an extremely narrow title video game so it just lends itself to being a series right now. It doesn't mean that it's going to be successful. But it seems to be much more when i'm when i'm playing the last of us you know that i'm engaged in almost a a narrative experience in narrative event but when i'm playing mortal combat. I don't play mortal kombat for the story now. That doesn't mean that they have been beefed that out in subsequent and subsequent video games they have they've added more story elements and of course. There is always some sort of narrative but it's essentially not a narrative driven story. So it's a real frigging difficulty to then be like okay. How are we going to take this game that is essentially about just these one off battles of people fighting each other and how are we gonna create a the classical three act story our structure. Save the cat kind of thing. How are we going to do it. So that people can have the best of both worlds where they get the bad s moments of combat but then at the same time we also give them a little bit of something that they can hitch their wagon to. You know. I think. I think there's kind of tell their austin because the the thing that people really well far be it for me to wonder what people really enjoy about the games. I've never been like a fighting game fan. But even i am familiar with these characters. I'm familiar with at least the major characters that have been around since the early rations of the game. I'm familiar with their skill sets and their powers and things like that and you know. Marvel has spun out whether you like him or not. They've spun out like thirty movies with distinct narratives none of which are drawn specifically from one comic book or graphic novel. They kind of just take the the design of the characters. The overall gist of the characters. They take their their powers in their skill sets and they build new narratives around them. And i think especially because there is a another film version of this one that i've heard a lot of folks prefer over the new one or at least people have some fun this for it because that movie does a good job of giving you the tournament. If you're going to remake re adapt to reimagine this universe i dunno it. Just maybe you can take those those characters in those skill sets in and build something new around them without having to to serve that notion or if you have like the v movie in this five movie series that they're planning be the tournament movie or fourth and the fifth movie are built around the tournament. You could take your time and actually build out the universe and get you invested in these characters other than just like they're just the characters that we know or more essentially more just like designs that we know because well let's think about no gestures to characterization the games actually make let's think about this though. What the brilliant thing they did is kind of what ryan said setting up for sequels but also in an age of platform development brand development. I can see a tv series based on the daughter that is rescued in seventeenth century japan. Where basically we just follow her now in. What is her life about like living in the shadow of of the kind of slaughter and massacre of her family. And how does she try to come to who she is so we can get all of these possible spin offs with these other characters. You know you can have a whole thing about coal young. Maybe a tv series. So i get with that. Probably what they're trying to do right is develop all of these characters introduced them so that they can have all of these spokes branch off of this new hub. That is the brand right. But here's i think those things. Well actually maybe be more interesting because then you have time to really develop like the singular character and then that characters weaknesses and overcoming of their struggles and all the typical things that draw us really to engaging with like a compelling story whereas this one is much more like. I'm just gonna fuck in. We're just going to throw everything out there. And then we're going to set it up and it's a slow burn like we're developing our assets. Here hold on wait like like give us ten years and in ten years we'll look back and be like. oh man. remember the reboot like. They really built their brand. Well and now we have all these interesting properties. i think you're out pretty much spot on their. They looked at this as one. The very first cog in a in a very large machine. And we're like what in the see one stands alone movie i will. I'm glad you brought up. Save the cat earlier. Because i i. I think this movie murder. The cat would be a good film. Because basically i in a way. I like how they didn't just people trying to be ruthless and say like we stop the tournament and stuff. they're cheating basically. This is about cheaters and and murderers. And they're kind of setting up saying none of that. You can't trust any of these people. No no no matter what they say and so they've been set at the world. Pretty good i do. I was mortal kombat. Sure but i think in the end you're right in ten years ago. That was genius. This is this is this is. This is like beta. This is like mortal kombat beta project. This is a product launch. But it's like a real like a slow rollout you know and we'll wait and see. It's like tesla the first one comes out. Gets people kind of excited but it's pretty faulty but there's a lot of promise we'll wait and see these lithium batteries. Are they going to change the world. What about the solar panels all spacex. Okay there's something going on that's kind of what we've got here. I think you know exactly this. This is one of those movies that wild fine for what it is. I think it kind of I watched that video. That you drop today austin about you. Know the the hubbub that martin scorsese marvel fans always seem to find themselves in that. You know that film twitter's mortal combat between those bodies but there is something. I think kind of presumptious. That always upsets me when these movies come out. We'll chat for a second let's come. He's referencing The most recent youtube video. That dropped where i talk about. The controversy between score says he and marvel fans were score. Says he said that yeah. Yeah i made a video. Where i remember when score says he said that disney marvel films aren't cinema and he basically likened them to amusement parks or theme parks and so i made a video on my youtube channel about that and and there is something about the idea of amusement that that gets derided by classic filmmakers right. But here's the thing like just because something is amusing or something isn't cinema. That doesn't mean that it's bad. So like when. Jared said like this isn't a film right or that's not a movie like maybe maybe that's okay. Because maybe the landscape of what we call media is totally shifting. So it's certainly visual media its digital media but is it a film and then what are the stakes of even having this debate right like. Why is this just at some point. It just like a bunch of pretentious. Snobs that are like i'm trying to gatekeepers. On what art is. I don't know i know. I think that that whole thing is a big misunderstanding. Say was just saying we need both. Can't we can't all the movie theaters. Can't be ten ten showings king congress. Godzilla you gotta have something that is moving the soul and some adults you know whatever the hell he says you know says it. So that's his whole point is is that you gotta have room in the cinema for the kind of movies he makes And but also. I think there's something to be you know Said george lucas and steven spielberg saint point. That essentially there shouldn't be like forty movies made a year as opposed to one hundred and fifty. And we're going to have and they're going to be big special effects like reason you know some reason that they're made on the big screen either star wars or marvel movie and then every once in a while it'll be some novel thing. Oh yes we'll see this. We're drama in the movie theater. I ain't gonna happen them. You're going to see the shit on. Hbo max this is one of the points that i bring up in the video. That what happens is you get like this funneling system where everything bottlenecks and it just becomes the same the same the same and this is kind of crowds out the possibilities of making prestige dramas or other things because they're not gonna get funding because they're not viewed as like viable financial assets right and that's my big concern. That's that's the concern is that it's going to crowd out that. But then here's the flip side to this right. The flip side is but with the proliferation of new platforms and streaming services like netflix. That are basically giving blank checks or at least they were. Maybe a little bit less now. Just giving total creative freedom to creators into to producers artists. There's going to be a lot more opportunity for things to be created in other forms. The question is is the is the age of cinema where you go to the movie theater to see prestige drama or the indie darling or something like that is that on its way out and then what are the consequences us. Yeah that's that's the issue. I think it was just a it. It sounds like you've probably got into it a little bit when i was gone but One of the things that always a little presumptuous to me is like well we're going to have you know five movies to figure out all this shit so fuck it. We'll just kind of like do whatever in in the first movie you're gonna take time like in in my mind. One of the things that can sort of rest back. That distinction of is cinema is entertainment. Is it amusement like whatever you may think of a marvel movie your immortal combat like i think one of the things that could get a little closer to the cinema column is just saying like okay. We're going to focus on giving this one movie of beginning middle and an end and in getting a story on screen that plug into to piggyback off. What i think. I glad you said it because i do think that mortal kombat is committing a sin of cinema by ending in such a cliffhanger way because i'll never when pirates of the caribbean to ends and it's literally johnny depp. Captain jack sparrow and he's jumping into the giant fishes mouth and you think oh shit about to go down but it just like seeing next summer i wanted to kill johnny depp and everyone who made that movie. Because i'm a you can't into movie like that. As opposed to the first movie which i think has a wonderful setup for for future installments. It doesn't do anything specific. It just suggests that they're still adventure out there. They're still ends before that in the movie ends and then it's like oh yeah and they also were pirates and there's more out there i mean i'm cool with that kind of ambiguous ending that's fine. It's but like literally jumping into the fish's mouth. Your main character is he gonna die. We'll see next summer. I don't like fuck you. That should be illegal. Give half my ticket price back. And do you think this film committed that sin with its cliffhanger. I think that now. I'm so used to it. That's why i'm glad you brought it up. This is years later ten years later. Probably that i'm so used to it. Of their building a franchise that when a thing like moral combat comes out and then it's a bunch of fighting going all right you know. We're going to meet with johnny cage. Next nothing really got. We didn't even have a mortal kombat mortal combat in the sequels. Am i as mad as was a while ago knob as much but it is kind of like. You're not giving us a stand alone movie but you are giving us a lot of fighting. Which is all i can ask them for a mortal kombat movie at the end of the day while the pool. Cgi blood okay. Raymond try to try to finish. Finish your thought here. We'll see if we can get you. We got the internet back on. What were you gonna say. No no i. I think i covered the basis and ryan dovetailed quite nicely off of that. I share your sentiments about that right. I think this movie. No no keep going. Keep going keep going. No no i was. I was just gonna say this. This movie doesn't quite commit the unforgivable sin of like if you care about any of these characters now they're dead maybe and come back later to find out. They've all been signed for four years but it it does have the very intriguing cliffhanger of there is another guy somewhere in the world who exists and you have heard of his name and that to me is just top storytelling absolute. I'll that's just an easter egg to keep people to keep people salivating for more exists. Yeah that's right all right so before we continue. I do wanna give a shout out to our other sponsor. 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And of course there's also linked down in the show notes all right. Let's jump back into chatting about this film so okay. We talked a little bit about what makes a movie a movie in stuff like that. I wanna share an anecdote so and this might be a generational thing. i think. There's something interesting here. So i i help some kids with some acting their little future disney stars right and i helped them and i teach them acting and i helped them with self tapes auditions and stuff like that and their parents are from l. a. And their producers and stuff. Like that and i was chatting with the dow the other day. His name's peter. So we'll just say. Peter and peter was basically saying that he doesn't understand this stuff that his boys are constantly consuming the to thirteen range and he just doesn't get it like they'll be like data check out this video or they laugh and he's constantly like a what do you like about this like there's nothing there and their response is always. Oh it's funny or persons funny or something like that but it's always emotional response. It's always about affect right. And peter and i were talking and peter was like. There's just no story anymore. There's no narrative storytelling. It's all simply to just drive impulses and to increase those dopamine hits right so it's funny. The editing is slick. The sound bites are clever and quickey. It's like vine vine sized or tiktok sized video things and this and i'm not shitting on this because i'm on tiktok and i'm into this sort of thing. But the question is is there like a generational rift between traditional storytelling. And then what we might be able to even say with mortal combat like maybe mortal kombat narrative elements are hidden in the background. In favor of these emotional hits like the sound design. I thought was really cool. With regards to the fight scenes at really like sparked me like whenever whenever a when i was cleaning my room up and stuff like that would pull me back in and i look over and then i'd be back in it again. So there was something about like sound affect dopamine like excitement waking from my anesthetized state. there's something interesting about maybe what the future of media is doing more so than with previous stages did and maybe that's why a lot of people are finding it to be hard to connect with it because they're still stuck in like. I just want a linear narrative. Just give me like two people struggling about some sort of human conflict. The great conflicts of of storytelling between like like humanity and nature humanity versus human rights arizona. That's sort of or person versus self all those things right. So do you think there's something there that can kind of. Maybe shed some light on some of the controversy. Here i can hear you. Can you hear me. Hey listen the gods. The gods of the out world are against us and this earth realm champion trio fighting against them to transcend the limits in our own battle of more. Connah's going to be able to fix this stuff. Yeah i was gonna say my is Desperate hastily rebooting skype trying to chill out my dog So what i was gonna say is that you know. Storytelling is in a constant state of evolution. You know people wring their hands about the deaths of the death of cinema every year. There's a new think piece out whether it's from Spielberg or soderbergh or Martin scorsese or whomever and i understand the the sentiments because the idea of of what they perceive also but what they perceive as cinema in the like the christopher nolan or quentin tarantino like capital c. Sense that movies are to be shot on film and projected on film and enjoyed with an audience. And and i love that and you know. That's that's why i do what i do. That's i think why we're all here today because we we love capital cinema. But if you look at like austin for example. We've referenced your recent semi viral tick tock experiment where you played the pots and pans with your dick There there may not be a whole lot of like meaning to delve from that. But it's it's consummate visual storytelling. Like you can. You can follow the narrative we see a subject coming around the corner. We we see we see you slip. Can you hear me now. Yeah we see like a visual punchline. Sort of being paid off. I mean there's just just because you know the storytelling on something like tiktok or instagram. More economical doesn't mean it isn't storytelling. It may be less ambitious. A less auspicious but i am really excited when i see a lot of videos floating around out there that indicate someone has this incredible grasp of storytelling on a on just a natural inorganic level. And that that. I think is pretty hard to teach. And it's kind of cool to see so many kids teaching themselves the basic the basics of a visual vocabulary and storytelling just with the phones in their pockets. Kinda like i am. I am amazed. I'm amazed at the talent that is out there on tiktok like i'm in my thirties. So i'm like considered old for tiktok. But man i every time i go through there. I'm actually amazed at how how people can master the tools of editing. Like i just had a friend of mine today. Message me she's She's a photographer and she was like like what video editing software doing and and everyone they don't understand the to learn these languages and i was like yeah it is a new frigging language to learn these things and we have people who are like seven to twelve years old who are already mastering this form of digital editing and like like putting clips together and doing like a remix his and stuff like that in mishmashing things like that's a very high level form of creativity you know and they were weaned on that vernacular in the same way that you know. The film school brats were were weaned on a cure for brain for the way that you know j.j. Abrams was raised on Amblin entertainment. I mean all of this all of the stuff is kinda like transitive in. It's it's really neat to see people picking up that ball and reiterating on it. I think yeah. I totally with you guys are saying. I am glad that people are that. We have a problem with with people getting into new and different ways to tell stories. That cinematics and stuff. I think like y'all tiktok is a perfect example of that people will will watch anything if his funnier shocking or surprising. But i don't think any of this really applies to this movie mortal combat. I do think it is a badly told story the end of the day and the whole point of the whole reason its purpose for being is just the cool violent action. You're either into that you know or not. And and that's where. I think scorsese when he brings up stuff like it's it's an amusement park ride. That's really what he's talking about is that you're going to have a story you know. Move you with a Through characters then you're coming for the spectacle essentially is what he's saying you know. You're coming for a specific reason. The violence and and this movie delivers pretty. Good on that. You know okay. Let's talk a little bit about this. Let's talk about the violence. Then ryan or your big martial arts. Love film love right. So how does this film stacked up. Like what makes good martial arts film. And how does this stack up marshall. So it's pretty visceral. It's just like you're watching it like fuck. Yeah i was cool not intellectual at all. That's the best part but obviously there's people who are. Actually you know i. I'm not people who are actually into martial arts in the mechanics of it. Which i am not i i cannot. I cannot tell you. The different styles judo. Or that's kung fu karate. Taekwondo sorry all fighting to me. But i still i dislike it. You know and yeah and but one thing about this movie Me and my friend greg. Talking about there is a rope. The beginning of that first awesome fight scene. There's a cool you know. He has a knife a rope with a knife on it and that has rarely in movies where you see somebody swinging around the rope with a knife on it and make it look that cool. That was cool with a knife on it. Seen i would say for for martial artists on the flying guillotine. I think what makes a great martial arts film is Yeah i mean you may have come to expect this from me by now but it's the same thing that makes a great movie in general or great action movies Which is you use action to develop character. You use action to tell the story. And i think there are moments in this film. Where that's that's on display. I think i sequence that first sequence that we've referenced. A few times is a perfect example of of using action to develop character. Jackie chan is the master of this like so much of so much of his movies in his characterizations in them. And he's he's a disciple of buster. Keaton who i think is just you know the the the cream of the crop when it comes to developing character through action and you see that as kind of i'm trying to think of someone who's done it as well as they do edgar right actually. Does it really well with with using the camera to communicate character. You know his his movies while often action. Heavy aren't the same kind of action as a buster keaton. Jackie chan. But i always i really appreciate when cinema to me is my preferred art forms. My favorite art form because it is all the art forms together there. There is drama there is music. There's composition and sound and lighting. There's dance there's movement. There's physicality it's just all of the above like if you can dream it. You can film it and i think that there is a tendency in this film to sort of vacillate between those those things that you get a few scenes like for example kaneohe in sonya. Blade's fight is another good example of this. And it calls to mind dumb. Daryl hannah verses thurman in kill bill volume two The the big fight in the trailer. you have a clear sense of who these characters are what they mean to each other. And they're not just there to fight they actually want something from each other and that's at the basis of any good narrative is just conflict. What the character wants. What the character needs how they're going to what tactics are going to use to realize their objectives like those are just the basics of storytelling. And i think they pull it off well in a lot of fight scenes in this. And that's why it's such a bummer. Why at the end. It kind of seems perfunctory. How they just go. Well everybody's gonna fight now. Just fuck you off to that bridge and you guys fuck off to over there and we'll get back together in the ice palace so we can take on the blue dude. Yeah it does feel like there's something different when you think about like what. Jackie chan is doing which is much more of a choreographed dance and elements of physical comedy Then i'm just simply going to rip your skull out which which this film is definitely more on that ladder that latter end of the spectrum right. Not that there isn't crossover in that. There's no dance choreography of course courses but it's the intent behind it right. It's what is driving. And i feel like the when you watch a film like rumble in the bronx. For example. the thing that makes those. I mean there's issues action scene after action scene and they are long action scenes. And you could. You could be tricked into thinking. Oh it's really light on story. But i actually think that the way the reason the jackie china's so is because all of the dancing and the choreography are more like physical expressions of the same journey that the character is on right rather than. Here's a story pause a fight and now let's go back to the story because that obstacle was it's almost like you're on a path and then they step off the trail for second to go to a lookout and then they get back on the trail. Right where's the jackie. Chan film is like the lookouts are interwoven into the path. Rather than having to step off the trail for a little bit. Yeah yeah fights in an action. Movie should operate the way that commute. Musical numbers operate in a musical. Which is a d christianity going to a point where there is no other choice but to fight or in the terminology of a musical. You you get to a point emotionally were you can no longer express yourself in the you know the common tongue. You have to sing something. Something new to this universe has to come out of you and speaking of edgar right. I think scott pilgrim. He does that really well like they treat. Those fight scenes like musical degrees. Nope no one looks at each other. After witnessing a fight scene in the same way no one looks at each other in a musical after they've done this big choreographed number and goes wow. That was weird just kind of came out of nowhere. It's just like a universe where people express each other through these supernatural fights and you're either with it or not and to finalize the jackie chan comparison to me. It's the creativity of his fight. Scenes to where not only are they. Expressing every single beat is expressing his character. But it's like you're like you look at his surroundings and he says stuff and like wow he. He uses his every single thing. The environment to not only make a funny Karate move but then also like you're saying it expresses his character in some way. So you and i wish more such. Oh yeah that's all sure yet Communicating that that sense of personality through the fights and not just a sense of like. Who's move is who's move. I will give them credit. I thought the part where. I think it's luke king kind of like spams keno. When they're practicing he does the little like ground leg sweep three times in a row in the same way that you might with with your buddy. Who's a newborn whatever. Yeah jack. Jackie chan and and In buster keaton are are so great at doing that thing of like they're just perennial underdogs and they find all of these incredible ways through through the composition and storytelling to one. That comes to mind is a short film. That buster keaton made called cops a really famous Short it's probably easily accessible. Because i think it's in the public domain and there's one scene where there's a long ladder that is balanced on a fence and there's a group of cops on both sides of it trying to pull him down because he's just sitting in direct middle and he's kind of trying to evade them at first but then when he realizes they're essentially working against each other he just like takes a seat and chills out and it's one of those great moments in movies to me at least because it communicates everything you need to know about this that while he's the underdog with regards to the numbers he has that sort of like bugs bunny cleverness he has an edge over the the competitor and it kind of being nice to to see how that sort of craftiness or that environmental stuff would play into two more of these fights in mortal combat. I think the trailer fight does it to a certain extent just because it's such a confined location. But i love those fights like in in the bourne identity. Those those movies where it's like okay. I guess i'm just going to beat the shit out of you with us book. Because that's what i have here like. That's that's another example of what. Jackie chan does so well is just like well. I have like this pot led. Or whatever like i love environmental stuff like that and i think there are some creative aspects of this movie but a lot of the fight scenes are just kind of built around like. What's going to get us to the recognizable fatality from the video games. And i wish they had just kind of gone their own way a little bit more. Yeah what happens when you treat something just purely instrumentally like you get through the thing so you can get to the thing right. It's treating it as a means to an end in this is never ideal when you're trying to be expressive or to make any kind of connection right like what ultimately seems to be a richer. Way of living is treating things as goods in themselves. So when. Jackie chan uses the pot or the environmental thing or when jason bourne uses the pen as the weapon. The reason that's so cool is still a goal to defeat this other person but it's not just purely instrumental. There's something valuable about every moment that that person is living in that world yeah it makes the environments into characters in awake last movie the the environments are just backdrops the way they jones essentially exam you brought up rumble in the bronx. And i think. I can't remember if it's that one i think it's in rumble in the bronx. There's a sequence that's built around like a bunch of discarded. Refrigerators and you get the sense that yeah that stuff is just like occurring to him in the moment and that's the same one with pinball machines that they're pushing into each other and i remember him like swinging that freezer door on the top of the bridge raider into somebody's face and just like cold-cocking them into a full like bicycle kick and there's there's so much cool environmental stuff in there that you know it ryan when when you were talking about earlier it's it takes so much work and effort to make something. Look that natural in that effortless. And if you watch the behind the scenes stuff of him working with his crew. Like they'll do a christopher nolan or david fincher or stanley kubrick amount of takes just so that he can kick this thing in just the right angle the bounce off someone else's head and then a finnish. The scene with like a quick look. That really sells the moment rather than just being impressed with himself. Which is what most of us would do here before before. We kind of start to to wind down the episode. The title of this podcast is. Show me the meaning so ryan. What is the meaning. What is the meaning of the mortal kombat reboot the meaning. Is that Life is about which and that at any moment you can have that you're gonna suffering people are going to get an isolated shit's going to happen. You could at any moment. You can get a moral dragon tattoo and be involved in this insane mortal combat experience. And what are you gonna do. How are you going to react. And are you going to stoop down to k knows level and be a piece of shit or you going to rise up against it and you know Hanging out with your homies and try to take down the bad guys. That's kind of what this is about and it's also about making a ton of money for. Hbo yeah raymond what is what is this mean i think on its on its basis level. This is a movie about how people are. I mean this sounds sappy but when you're left with something like this you kind of have to reduce it a little bit too to find the heart and i. I think this is a movie about people discovering that they are stronger together than maybe they are as individuals. And you know you bring up kaneohe ryan. He's a perfect example of someone who is such an individualist. He's so driven by his ego. You know he earned this brand. Whether or not he earned. It and sonia resents that because she she feels. She has put in the legwork. For this and i i think there's some interesting stuff there. I mean it schlocky. Sure is it over-simplified cher but i do like the notion of. I turned my girlfriend at one at one point. We were watching this. I was. If i didn't get that fucking thing i'd be happy as hell. I don't want some guy chasing me around and trying to stab you with an ice pick. Like nah i'm not interested in this. This is sure yeah with this. This movie is about. what's the. I'm probably going to butcher this. But i'm paraphrasing the quote that you know sometimes a people choose to be leaders. Sometimes leaders are chosen by a moment or by circumstances and in some ways. That's this movie you know. And that's a lot of like scrappy. Underdog movies like i could say the same thing about rocky i could say the same thing about lord of the rings like it's a tried and true story trope but there are times in this movie where i think it's mostly effective cool cuckoo. Well let's jump into the mailbag here before we send everybody away Think about what we're going to look at next week. If you want you can give us a call. You can call us at one. Two one three five three four eight zero seven. That's one two one three five three four eight eight zero seven and you can leave us a voicemail either commenting on mortal combat or anything in our back catalogue of course asking a question. And we'll address it on the air. Of course we don't want to leave a voicemail or you can't leave a voicemail you can also email us movies at crack dot. Co that's movies at wise crack dot. c. o. So the first thing i want to do is that albert wrote in about nomad land and first thing was basically said you did all this discussion and i'll talk about what his his question was about. No madeleine in particular. But the last thing i wanted to know was what do we think should have won the oscar like do we think nomad land should have won. What was the best picture. And and what our thoughts on that so raymond you go first and then ryan. Since you weren't here last week we'll give you a second to just have a thought and then go ahead. What do you think. I think the academy should be men and women of their words and not take the coward's way out by nominating movies. That did not play in theaters a full week. Or whatever the stupid regulations here. Yes even independent. I have i have. I haven't watched the oscars over a decade i. One hundred percent would have tuned in. If jim carey were nominated for best supporting actor for sonic the hedgehog and invisible man won best picture which it should have i may i may be a little bit biased. Here i'm i'm a big fan So yeah i like honestly. I'm not even being glib out of the stuff that was nominated. i really appreciate a judaism. The black messiah sound of metal. That was probably my favorite movie of the year. I think it's a bummer. That steve mcqueen's his his five film experiments on Amazon the small acts series wasn't a viable for oscar contention because i think lovers rock and mangrove both phenomenal films So out of the out of the nominated ones. I would probably say Sound of metal or juiston the black messiah but according to the oscars own rules. I would say invisible man look at that. That's hot take ryan. Okay i'm gonna go my hair movie of the year and there wasn't many movies i saw last year. I usually see a shit ton of them. But i love the documentary boys state if anyone saw good flick. That was my favorite movie. That should win the best picture as far as i'm concerned if that movie doesn't get best picture that i'd go with palm springs the andy sandberg comedy. That'll that's shows you. A kind of a year was when that. That is the runner up so was it. Was it just a bad year for films. No i think a lot of most movies released right. The isn't that the like like the held back and And then you're right even with streaming. There wasn't many. I loved from last year palm springs. So they're kind of an asterisk like you know how they have like short term like sports seasons and there's like an asterisk there like all but it was a lockout season. So is there like an asterisk against nomad lands win here. I don't know. I mean it feels like the kind of movie that could have been in contention in any year. Yeah no it's it's pretty awesome. I liked it a lot. Yeah i thought it was an interesting movie and ryan you brought up palm springs. I think that's another movie that it was nominated for best original screenplay. Wasn't it or did it did a donations at all. That seems like the kind of movie that because it was such a hit on hulu and it came out early in the pandemic in weirdly. Kind of spoke to what a lot of people were experiencing lockdown with. Having that sort of groundhog back. That might be an interesting movie to do on the podcast austin coop. I'm keen okay. Last thing i wanna do is i want to read an email from a donnie because this is like one of my favorite emails that have gotten it actually has a really interesting suggestion and i just wanna put it out there and we can. Let's we'll we'll let it percolate. But i think is really interesting. So donny. rights. Young listener just turned sixteen. And i really love the way you guys break down and explain movies. It gives me a lot of perspective. Because i really don't understand or pick up on things in movies like two thousand one space odyssey or there will be blood even though i like them a lot. I just don't know anyone who likes those movies either. So listening to people talk about it and going in depth super helpful. I don't know how you feel about bringing in newer people on the podcast or how that works. But i thought it would be really cool if you brought in a younger person. I think that the differences in age and generations would be really interesting perspectives to hear from especially with older movies or movies that allow room for interpretation. I thought that would be interesting. I think this is a really cool idea. What if we brought in like is there. Is there like a. there's got to be i. Just don't know zumur. Film reviewers would get lights camera jackson who i don't know who this is but let's can do it and let's get near jackson. Is this this guy who's been reviewing movies since he was like eight. He's you know he was. He was brought onto like some red carpets here and there is like a novelty and sort of put his foot in his mouth on social media. A handful of times. But that's that's lights baby lights camera jackson. He's i think he's the world's youngest film critic and one of our finest for sure well perfect i say we just throw that out there and consider that because i think that's fantastic and either way. I love that young people can enjoy this. I know a lot of high school film. Teachers actually play the podcast for students and so I love it i love. I love it. Well pressures generation Anyway before we get out of here where can people find you on the internet. Raymond you can find me on twitter and letterbox time at crematoria. Sweet and ryan ryan's shorts on youtube going to be releasing a editing to to'real here this week so check on by it's red wines cracks sally and thanks for that latin last email was awesome. I would love to have a younger person on the podcast. Do yeah compare contrast. No austin we're we're can we see you play drums with your dick guy. Played them first of all. I apologize for the the hammering just started so but yeah go to my youtube channel. My name austin hayden. I just did a video on marvel films in disney films and how their financial assets did a video last week on black mirror. I'm doing videos every single week by me on twitter. Find me on inside the find me on. Tiktok austin dot hayden my shits fire anyway will send us out of here brother. This podcast slash.

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Striking Vipers: Turbo - Polar Bear Bonus Round


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Striking Vipers: Turbo - Polar Bear Bonus Round

"You are listening to for all nurture a podcast about geek and pop culture from the perspective of people of color for all nerves is hosted by DJ, Ben. I mean Tatyana king Jones, and Jeff J our show is edited and produced by DJ Ben. I mean and for all nurture is a member of the Laos, because network where we always say, rest in peace founder, combat Jack for all nurture was powered by listeners, everything we do from our podcasts, live events. Our website are all independently funded please continue to support us. Do our paychecks page at patriotair dot com slash for all nerds. Rogue. Soon. What's up y'all and welcome to another episode of four. All. For show. The voice of urban beat the podcast where we distrust, de coacher, according to people of color butchered that up. But you know that's how we do. Here awful owners. It's you, boy, these, I mean, aka meet mill house. We'll con- does favourite DJ the Kevin bacon, internet's sycamore again. The antitrust acquaintan-. Yeah. Already lost Foltz before we in show him sitting in the co captain's chair is Tatyana jails, de Grandes tech, also known as Beretta Scott King misty Knight. Rider Victoria's Secret wars J principal. Saints and baptism, America. I was gonna use that one but. Taking this year. I came up with it and got jet for than America, the balloons tapping America for those who have that out yet. He don't wear blue. No, red white and blue. Imagine this revenue. Everywhere. And sitting into third share? It's the return at oldie won. The holy. Leo. And I have to say I've made I the one thing I forgot was to come up with a K as come on. Yes. Carmelo apathy rain, LeBron frames. But yeah, I actually worked on those I was like wholesaler wholesaler moon. That's all right with those are those are my. Yeah. Asia's, the old Bache placid fourteen data is. It's only because it was, you know, we were all catching them up, and, you know, rooting through the closet and. Anyway. See go Leo is back loot Mejia's here. And we have a returning, I think this might be your what fourth time on his. Hey, this is my first time for all nerds. Is it now? Oh, you right. One day, I don't really. It's time for all nerds. Right. It's going on world. It's your boy. Asante AK, Asante Saana squash, banana, aka tastes swift, aka the power of Meese. It's positively okay? Made it though. I made it though those guide and I was like. No, you people at always have it's me growing up. SO Lanqing's coming back around some prepare myself accordingly, claiming, I'm radio, the blessing positive. What was the last one? The power of me since positive light. Charm, won the bid. Positive vibes here on for on earth for the last, you know, we want to be more like, you know, family, friends, own spread positivity positively energy. I just kidding. The matter. Charge. Happen. I mean we do. You know, two weeks infamously walked out on. That's what that's what I should've to. The lead by the greatest thing. Lasted? Yes. Walked out of both Wahdan, only while Altron is the only marvel movie I walked they walk. I walked out of that Clinton. Oh, issues you want. What did you say after I fell asleep people complaining about me snore? Snoring. Complain about restoring so I was embarrassed. So I want the snoring you didn't like what Peter. Alamo. Was it out node frequently? Family who informed me that Chico has taken up for seats straight? Straight down the road daytime show and. Yes, I lifted up. All right. It was a cool Tuesday, the middle of the day you showed up at four spaces and recline like he was on the beach. And then have the audacity to fall asleep on star snoring sleep? Medical condition. Not just on Zam, which was actually of DC's one and okay to the second good movie they've ever solo. You gotta realize I didn't like big when I was a kid, like I don't like I don't like those movies where like adults and kids, switch places. And so the team Billy Batts in thing like that, that that's been around the cows for a while. But that wasn't the original thing. And so that whole he was, you know, he was different. He became a man when he was like it was a man inches, ams body. Not a little boy, back in the day. I mean like like you mean. Vices. Yes. You know what this takes me to a place even on this age until right of deliver on power. Rangers the movie. What was it the turbo Rangers? Okay. The young ranger. He like became the new blue ranger. He was a little kid soda and we became power. Now. It's like what this does not I cannot get with this. This is what I like it. Whatever people, you know. Yeah. No, it works. Tom hates sleep for the girl woman, right? Never seen big. I know the premise becomes a man and sleep for the grown woman, who's a little asking I for motor little by my same Martin that came out this year. That was really good. And it was super cute cute. It's not perfect. But a super cute. Yeah. Yeah. Groman and that. There's like a little bit. What you call it very tation but not what you're saying. Automation. No consummation. No, sir. Appropriate. Appropriate for different time in eighties. Obviously, you know they're not letting that fly. No way. Maybe it'll stink pieced all over the place. You know. I mean look, as a kid when I was watching big in my man, you know, Gaza. He was a twelve year old in an adult body, a whole like. Layers, there's a lot of layers back. I mean looking back. Right. But as a kid time, oh. You wonder also now like what was adults thinking about when they wrote this lay and listen? Not. Cocaine. Eighties Folsom real who this is for all nerd show. I'm glad everyone is out. Outbid listening hope everyone is having a great week out there, enjoying themselves. We are definitely enjoying ourselves. Spaceship? Obviously things are going down. What is happening this week? I mean, obviously, we got some, you know, the big news at heard about that. I wanna mention real the big news. Wait builders, more news. I don't know what the big news is. You say I know this. News. I mean, well, it will be big news in the long big news Ludi Lin of black mirror striking vipers fame. He was at the he paid knock off for you. He played nocco for you. Yes. Right. You see, always more writing whatever. Lee was the not love. John Lee Ludi Lin is being considered a plate of title role of saying, gee, in the upcoming film saying, gee, what, yes that's what be. It'd be an actual person of Asians of sent Chinese. Know. Aw. When they start doing that. Why didn't you? Another white person. Emma stone. Doing autobiography your Malcolm. X. Just when I thought it was done. Donnie yen is also being considered supporting. When I first read this news to the almost drought to your Tamai. You know, I was like doing something right? Or. Look at this, they're actually could've put representation onstream. They differ and do it right. We'll have someone that have lunch with in the in the more cover Tyrian now. Wait, what? We'll have someone. True is if. No show. I mean, you know what's face from shield is Melinda, may, and well no there's days ones and, and may. I think you're right, except for well, they let Hawkeye kill what's his name, who was a prominent villain in Japan. Mega man. Right. But no, that's amazing news. He could definitely he's definitely an amazing like a person to think about in that role. I think he can kill it. The name slipping me right now. Warm. Our fists. Yes for the show, and I'm so mad. This will be right. Man titles thirst booking. Number one, followed, his on Instagram sounds like. Shoe? You might need to once you give me the digit. Okay. He's tried. Depress me, so town. Lewistown offer get blind about a PECS Lewis tan. But I guess Lewis might be your this so off topic right here. But one time I people who is in this one movie where he's playing security guard sitting behind a desk like he never took his shirt off. You never nobody's. Just walk. Why waste time like a perfect opportunity for somebody's ass in the film. Like he was like trying to stop somebody from coming through, you know security guard. Well check check check check do live. Do you live in me? She just sitting down minding, your business say brag away and we know Lewis is, is in it, but he's not going to be saying, no, no Louis tan has not been. Oh. Johnny yen. And the do the you mentioned laid off off brand Rio. The lead role of shame. She upcoming film, which marvel seems to really be putting their weight behind like they were Black Panther. Utah to money is obviously out there and they're not gonna leave this money on the table. So we'll see what happens. What do you think, is because I, I was honest trailers dropped this honest trailer today for the whole MC you other than in game? And they were they made a point. How marvel- had three distinct phases as everyone knows phase one where like the movies that opened everyone up phase two or some of the more experimental. Maybe they weren't, maybe they didn't phase three which is like, yo. We're on top of the world. Everything we do is fucking perfect. This should is also. And, you know, if you they compared it to the like a typical brought bands ascension and in phase three like imperial phase where they're just on top of the world. But then after that they usually crash and burn and it should they. Won't have their biggest three lead actors, and I don't think the guardians are gonna show up that much and they're like the most popular people after. So it's just going to be like, you know. Vitamin and man. Yeah. Down. I mean he has a lot of goodwill, forget, goodwill. He has basically the whole entirety of the fan base on his back at this point. So anything he does. I mean he he's already good in general. So anything that's even a Jason him. We'll be fine. I mean at this point, what we're having to understand is we're building up the roster all over again. So we're kinda start in way we're starting from the beginning. So I think that there's so much goodwill, positive energy that people are going to be ready for the next. So that's all right, down the and the rest of them ain't going be there. I think at this point people gonna accept it. Does down the real thing like a team basically them with them? See you is, is, is now going to be like the Golden State Warriors in like a year or two. Now let's see how badly ages. That they're going to crash it. I think they're going to have to retool, take it apart and put it back together. I it's, it's interesting because it's like how do you top somebody endgame, if any war, you know, these monster massive just the warriors. Sorry, I was out on that. For. Yeah. No. It's is true. It's going to be different. You know, it'd be a difference different. But you're right. Spiderman is as as dope. Is anybody? Black panther. Right. But they're following up as far as we know right now. A black widow is be nets movie after spider don't want it. I I'm sorry. Again. I trust Marlin. They're writing on other stuff. I don't personally care about the black widow character. I never have. I've never connected this particular version on the MC you, I've never connected with her. So I'm good. I missed the X men. Now you get in the back. Two three years. Oh. And they're gonna bring the fantastic four. I mean, they have a lot that, you know, doesn't we're going to be in them. See you finally, you know, hopefully good. And, you know, I mean, they, they still have a lot of stuff they can do and hopeful, always be there. I'm not gonna lie. I also like unlike the new I hate that I'd never learned actors and actresses names, forgive me, but, you know signs being Phoenix fuck with that. But I really love the original Phoenix, like she's the younger one. So we saw. Yes, I'm here. I've seen her in the airport. One time she is bad, but she is bad. Her play character Dallas. I'm not sure where, and he said he ran up on her, and it was a bad moment. Yeah. He's valley. You know, he hears a year, the Freenet typing, you know, he went off like that. The news it was early in the morning. I'll I wish I just mouthed garage. Love you issues. Was I think you back it said we was both on the go. That's different yell out every character, she's ever played like. Also joined here on how to get away with murder as we know. Oh, okay. Emily. Oh. I watched the pilot in that was far as I got on that. Oh, well. For me just love. I would love even if there was like a Phoenix. I hate that I'm always saying, gene game movie in the future, where they're looking at her are she's like the older Jean grey. We see some shit that happened something that would be at this point. That's not FOX related or FOX lead. I'm happy with. And my for everything. But when it comes to marvel relations, X men, just don't touch those anymore. The next few years, I think, is the time for a blade cameo or like a major like Larry. In here, just a have blade show up in a movie, and be a major part of one of the movies freak out. This is what they said, played four and everyone knew. But if they had an actual like thing where blade is like the way, the way Black Panther Spiderman were in civil war. You know what I mean and blade showed up and then maybe they, you know, like an older bleed. Adult. These nights, but wasn't is still looks pretty good right now. So, like east reserved. Here. Goodbye nominal idea, because I feel like even between between before the X men and the Ventas four com. And to sort of pay Amish, the fact that bleed was the first of the marvel movies, even though it wasn't part of him. See you. You better. There's no there wasn't any other moral moving. Oh, there was a lack dared of a whack electric. But even those. After. Why shouldn't for for Gordon or there weren't? They didn't do anything. I mean I mean. Yeah. Was before. They is the one that really can. Yes. I mean, it is literally, the first one, you know, I mean they shoe for in that hulk movie in into them. See you like you know that, you know. No. Come comic books daughter. So that that'd be great way to introduce. Really? What kinda shoes you putting? What? Harmful. Video criminal this week. And you can't see teak goes and motions immature. We're going to take a break right here. We'll be right back with more foreigners. Hey guys, it's also Williams. I'm an actor. And when I am not scaring, people onscreen hanging out with for owners and listening to their show. Oh, the blackout podcast and we'll, we are doing one of our many podcasts. We are listening to four years. Real life when I'm not keeping awfully. On the show. Tatyana everybody. Shit shit shit. Combat to this episode of four all nerds show as always made sure you are described on all the various platforms out there spot of five. Volts. Yes. Remember that? Platform to be on and. I cloud everywhere else if you're one of the few the proud made sure you hit us up patriarch dot com slash for all nerds where you can become one of the fan, fam- by supported us, any tear, anything, you know, drops coins me, just lied in real quick before we get to the next part, if you're going to be New York, by the time you hear this, it will be the today. But Wednesday, June eighteenth I will be performing along with a few very special folks at the drunk black history event at Littlefield in Brooklyn. Wow. I didn't know that. If you have your free, Chico come through, but it's going to be myself, Don will who is one half of the luxury group Tanya Morgan. They'll chase Sloan who is a correspondent on the daily show myself, Alex English English the Dylan from the septa comments, you know, Bill in front of the show, and Brandon Collins themselves, so please come through, if you guys can we're gonna have an amazing time talking all things black history. Whilst being a little drunk. You guys all have awesome panel to you said everybody's naming and it's like Anton king. King cherry on. Yes. Oh, come through. I just needed to plug that real quick my tickets today. So I will be in the place tomorrow. Or today by the time you're here this and I bought my ticket yesterday. You know, y'all figure that out. We are going to keep it moving, though, because it is time for my favorite segments on this show. Key quickly, ask questions to walk is extra where we answer any and all on listener questions. If you have a question for us hit us up contact that four all nerds dot com or hit us on Twitter or Instagram at four all nerds, and what we have up first to the first question. Everybody can answer this the first question is what up fan fan? I got two quick questions. One have you heard about the internet petition to have Chris Evans old man? Steve Rogers replace the late gray Stanley, the MC you movie cameos, and to why why I had the devils though. And. And. The second question is with the rock. Dwayne Johnson reportedly meeting with marvel a couple of months ago, which character would you prefer to see him play in the? See you. They say name, more the submariner or Bren Ben Grimm, the thing, or even beta Ray Bill, and this question came from forestall Twenty-one. Thank you. To the first part, do you wanna see old man's the Rogers basically replaced, the cameos as no? The cameos, but they do he was gonna die, and they film, like ten of them. So is not going to be for a while. I think it's an interesting idea because, you know, the cameo is a thing, like I mean, unless they I mean, it would be sort of weird and creepy to see him. Like I mean, they did it in Star Wars. Right. Well, yeah. As well. Terrible. But. Nah, I can't I can't. Think so you think they should. No, I don't think they should listen. At some point is going to have to end everything. Good has there's some point. But I also think it's weird in a energy sense to have all, misty Rodrick because even people know he is. And they had like you just met the guy tentatively and doesn't carry the same weight or serve the same purpose like the whole point of, of, of Stanley. I'm sorry, Stanley, the God the whole purpose of him showing up because it was just. Oh, shit there go Stanley. You know, this is the guy that started it all along with other people. So just doesn't make sense in my head. No. It was a hard hill initially, but as I've been sitting here, working through would make sense for me is if the hell Mansi Rogers kind of, like when he did pop up. He had like a Stanley photo or you saw like a Stanley postcard or some sheet, and then you saw his ass near. Oh my guy. Right. If it came out like that. Okay. That's very. What I'm saying because becomes the conduit, that you still see a family or so. Are they? They still towards your point Asante that can still have cameos. It may not be alive moving came, but it could be like, oh, he's in this advertisement. Or as you say, he's in a postcard or a book, or whatever the case may be walking by billboard. He's up there like who's this guy? His selling billboard of selling cars or something. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That, that's a lie. I'd rather that I'd rather just ready gist that really going to keep Steve Rogers around. That's the purpose. He conserve here to be the conduit, yet. Right. Like walking billboard now who's this guy, and then he walks up knees, but he's always. This violate as old man during the old man violation stuff what they talk about each other. I, I like a little weird when these people from major franchises show up and other major franchises. So the idea that the rock is black, Adam and is also, you know. Whatever. And the but it's sort of like it's weird like Brienne of torch showing up in the store was movies, and then doing enough. Ever heard o-? Weird thing. Like, you know, something, you think about when you see you associate them. I don't know that said, I think him as beta Ray Bill would be incredible. But, like I think it's weird, but at least with beta Ray Bill like his face it, like I don't really when I look at Groote don't think of Indies, the man was the or Bradley Cooper. I don't think of when I'm. That bag. Right. So as as. King the wrong. Dog is really don't think it'd be they would actually put like the, the some type of master on him they could still. But what does that call? Yeah. They could potentially do some type of aesthetic thing. Need, and you need to rocks, physical song, which is why I think it's more of a fiscal character. So I think, and it will be nice if the right to something different rather than play himself mariner. I love him but Lewis ten. Really? Perfect. Now, you see your point about people showing up in different. I mean, giant Hans who has been both has inbound between DC marvel for like the last ten years, true does just inches and he was just in captain Mari, and he was an all commanders. Was in guarded the galaxy like he's in everything. I will take the rock is the thing I could see now to your point, I will only take him as the thing if he does like some dope ass emotional crazy, ass character work, and it's like compelling in these thing needs to be like, you know, suffering can really. And he's also Jewish been grandma's after Jewish been grimace is to I, I on my job. Jewish like, yeah, I mean, I don't even think that needs to go, and they've, I'm sure they Scala giants Jewish and she plays out, so you know, they got they are they're you know, they're covered. I'm just saying. Like I, I don't think they need this Jewish for, you know. You know. You didn't use. It was to software clubbing. They're saying, like, come on. You know, who Scarlett Johansson, who I wanted her to be like, when I saw she was doing all this action stuff, Lucy and all that meal Jovic I thought she was going to be like my new. A new. The new white woman, actually. Scarlet going down that road came. I. But we got she's had an acting career before she got into any of their, so it's kind of, like, okay, Scarlett Johansson is not a bad actress, but then she starts doing these movies, and it's like, do I want to see Scarlett? Janice, the sci-fi lifestyle stuff now, see, and so you got thrown in, in, in max. Tom blonde, and rose. There's an amazing fight scene in Thomas blonde. Twenty minutes. Hangs? Nice to watch it like five different times. Okay, how long do I gotta wait to honestly. It's twenty five minutes. I'm like, I'm doing it's like literally like those fight scenes daredevil or old. Like this minimal. Stunt. It's like a long take her face is in it. Definitely earned downstate. They're getting tired. It's really. Great. But in credit because that was exactly where you. Watching. Couldn't I cannot myself through it. I was just like I'm not doing this your struggle. But yet, if I the next question comes from Curtis Curtis blow Curtis Mayfield. Exactly what? Okay. The next question comes from occurred. I do too. The net question comes from Curtis condis breathtaking grief, counselor. Cardis will also love me, not me. I'm just reading that. So we'll find grief counselor. I mean that would help me through my grief if my council. I'm sorry. What you say he's the one that soprano's therapist harvest. The question. They right. I'm just free will the CW add black lightning to the big crisis on earths crossover in the full the promotion, they are promoting only five shows, but no mention the black Lightning's. Answers your question. Is that a Berlin show is? So why are they excluding that way too strong writers? I mean. Lacquer. Dan? Good. On that Twitter. It's actually the second season. All right before this, the second sister's powers came, and I was little. Before I got to she got her powers, she ran away with do with dreadlocks. Panama's and came back. Man. So just. Plus black lightning season three starts on October twenty first. So if you don't see them in the crossover you're going to see him sober twenty first. That's what they're not like part of that. If, if berlitz is producing it, who's the producer, Greg Berlanti, the producer of arrow and all about. Okay. So what are the shows aero flesh of supergirl superhero Mara? Tomorrow. That's it, it'd be bad woman, and that woman. Aero's indy. Right. Arrows indian. Take two. You're been, you know, like whatever, whatever arm. Yeah. I, I've, I watch all of them and I have fell off every single last one. I don't watch any anymore. I was only on to watch the flash because my somebody wants to school with. The first thing that Queen with which she go with the other, Chico. Yeah. Wow. Did you watch the first season incredible food? All right. One of the best I seasons. When the best a superhero team our do. Okay. I tried to watch arrow missing. Okay. Sort of killed themselves. Like, like one of the reasons though, black lightning was so good was comparing it to like the first season of arrow which I watched like when it aired, and it's like it's just so much better because they've been making these shows the audience expectation has just risen in the quality has risen. And so it's like, yeah, RO probably feels really creaky early on, like some like vampire diaries like CW nonsense. I used to live that nonsense. Do I? Don't flash. That was terrible, though. Black lightning. You know, I'm happy that they're keeping black lightning separate. I don't really know why this point and this is crisis. This is the big one, I feel like they kinda should. But, you know, whatever the comic, they had swamp thing and sergeant rod. All right. All right. The next one comes from James, the goddess Sundell, they rights really enjoy castle black power after hours. And you recaps in general will y'all be replacing the your game of thrones recap with another series. Yes. That's all I got for you. We're we're currently considering what show to replace it with right now. You for ya is definitely up on the list. I really enjoyed the first episode. I thought it was, you know, well done and seemed like an extended version of kids. I read their lots and lots of shots of penises. Not. Once they vote, this, it kept Atalaya everywhere. Everywhere. Watch American vandal watch American Irvine was really dope and was like the best team thing. I've seen since Netflix then Netflix, it's really good. And actually dude is the star of the second season was in high flying bird and they wanna see that the Netflix, Netflix movie that was guy. Well, anyway, whatever that, that. Burs good. But it's movie. Yes, flex movie by the, the guy who wrote moonlight, and then it stars, you know, what's his face, who's the in the third act of moonlight and was in the neck, I'm blanking on accuracy? Bag, great after he's like a big theater actor also in Castlerock. He's a leading council. Right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. Anyway, we are looking for interns, who will sit on the side, and Google all these people. So that we can stop saying, what's his face? And what's her face if you want to intern contact with foreigners dot thinking I actually thought that you four you was like a really a better. But PG thirteen version, not euphoria American vandal of four you, although that said zendaya is incredible like she's really good. I just thought I you know, you sort of frame Holland, you've seen holidays. He's talking about his name. We actually. Try to we. You're trying to get him on the show right now because he was in Brooklyn, and we ran up on him but. You know, you know, we also got curbed after that, you know, a million emailed in curved. Snipes. All right. What's the not? He question. Did we ever answer that question? We said, yes, the question was, so I have a side question today. So did you guys ever watch Westworld? Did you get into Westworld watch the first two off the second and then that trailer for the third maybe like oh shit? I need to go watch the second. When we were considering Liz, you watch, I did watch it. I sorta pseudo hate watched it. I, I had I had issues with it, but I did watch it, but I the first season was a slog like forced myself to watch it. Emerged to second with even more of us law, though. Convoluted it did actually ensure like introduced episodes. You're taking place at the. Guess you were able to figure out more when in history, it was taking place. I'm I give it credit for like it doesn't tell you anything. And they'll just show scenes from twenty years ago, and they don't tell you, it's gonna takes season to really that's true. But he realized that there were three different topics on the right after I was done with the first right out like in the second or third episode because I was like, like I can't keep up a white people. But this is all I can. Fucked up. And so they want, like the with the big terms, taking initial on a who I couldn't I knew that comes off. And you know why? Because they do the time line the way that they do how to get away with murder episodes starting. It's like six months later, it's like bitch six months. They wouldn't off saying about Westworld on how to get away where they'll say that, like everyone get gradually gets two weeks and then day board. But like on Westworld, it's like six months later today or three hours. No, but yeah, because it's like they're all it's all taking place in this one spot, and you don't know who serve people are, and you realize all this is that person. And that's why it's happening. That's it's really gorgeous like looks as good as game with Roan. Yeah. And there's a lot of really good performances. I mean, you know, Jeffrey Wright is incredible. Tenny. Newton was incredible Skains with ham. Guess? Before she even even a monster going hand like the scenes her, and like was a show gun episode where they had like those in Japan world. Yeah. Actually. I feel like I do much more after the second season. I'm definitely going to be watching season. Westworld black, you know, off the tongue of black world urban nerd world lack road. Arctic probably taken nerd world. Black digital world. I don't know. I mean, the name the new Baghdad. Are we going to change? Dame over to open. Okay castle black is the Brandon will remain on his own, even if we don't use it for years, we're gonna pop up. But yet the answer is, yes. What next question the last question, this is come some patriot. This comes from coats. Be coats baby. He writes, I know this guy, I got my passes for and why see see you're at Comecon twenty nineteen. And I got to thinking if you could pick one comic book artist artiste to create a tattoo, and get it done. Who would you pick? I got someone in mind for this year, and I hope it works out this comes out. And again, this comes from Biko's, baby. Please say the baby father of Tiberius to child coats, the four owners named I was rejected by his wife. Name his child when he had like. Yeah. We he was like one of different names. I think she gave him Taibbi areas that will definitely I will say that the trial, will definitely thank them for non naming that when they gets middle school. Yeah. Neither apples and west or whatever. I'll go with the right actually good name strong areas, though. Very claims teams. I understand. I don't care about laughter. I heard. Would you get to what, what, what artists that? What would you get to? I can't see this right now. Okay. So I read comic sparingly nowadays. But way back in the day, we back in the day when I used to region thirteen cl-, you know, the Chris Claremont like he used to do, but Allie, Campbell, L E Garza when he did the login thirteen like whatever the reboot was when it was like the digital, I think, where they were in New York like that the way that, that art looked. It was so good. That, that's a comic book that I have, like almost the whole collection to nice just because they're like, damn, I fucked this comic. They're hard. You could have any anime like if you have any anime or manga is already anime Pugh. Who show up? No, I know. But I know that for Asante he, he's, he knows a lot more about enemies. Don't limit yourself to watch start about, like even in like print like even if he did a TV show, maybe even like the way that the artwork looked like it enthralled me so much. Like sometimes you'll watch shows, I'm not watching this the way it looks like like a cure, for example, I try to make some I watch, I'm not watching this shit, but then they got into light the sound and all that. And they were all I'm fucking with this heart. I see the hype moves you had like blast in behind, like that's like a theater type movie it is. So you shit. I love that music when he's riding motorcycle. Daniel teddy bear up in that music. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So. Yeah. Flow green time Chris Claremont and such an amazing option. This is if there's someone who's actually tweeting, every X men narration box, like every caption, from every X men that Chris Claremont road. All my. And they're tweeting that shit. And it's like literally. Don't do it in a hundred forty here to some of his capture probably while yet nobody knows two hundred and twenty now. Ever I focus my time than that, just started last week, which is Kevin WADA, Kevin, he's also a friend of the show, he's gonna show he does. He does mainly like what you see on the show. It was audio though. It was comic con. It was like our second Comecon whatever. So you didn't do didn't do the interview. On the spaceship? It was it was on site. But the point is he you see a lot of his commissions on Twitter. He does really like these romanticized versions of all the X men like beautiful. What I mean in a bad way, but I mean beautiful gowns and like just beautiful on samba lls, and it's, it's, it's, it's gorgeous. So I've had a pig on our probably issue. He did an issue. We. Where he did ball and would in voting and all these suits is so ill. Much love, Jamie. Mckelvie firm. Wicked divine Hollywood and go for him. I think it would probably be someone like top at far lane 'cause morning would do such these names, you know, because, you know, especially when he does his whole panels, and his panels, all ornate and all this stuff in it, and it's so much, you know, detail in his art like a whole Spiderman fighting venom sleeve, like a skyscraper depar- him swinging. Who's to art for monstrous? Marjorie lose sauna to take. Who is leave by her? Oh, sleeve, that monstrous, art. Yeah. Yeah, I'd pay fucking top dollar for that shit. Yeah. This beautiful absolutely gorgeous. Yes, she. Yeah. He's fine. Hell, yeah. That'd be a choice bonus. What are you going to get where I know you said on your forearm, what are you going to give away? See, I would never get, like a huge to it would probably be someplace more inconspicuous, like the inside of my wrist, or even like ankle type situation. But it would probably be storm. Like the way he does the, the women x-men guarantors, again, just no one illustrates them like he does like they just are on their own. Well, jim. Jim Bartels also great. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I'll probably storm. I'd probably get like storm in another storm that you guys know in the regular costume. But like you know, completed for hairstyle she might have like genome, unable font. She might have some crazy outfit on like from the met gala, like I'm ready. That's what I wanna go if I had so. Alex Toth was a comic artist to them, went designed cartoon characters, and he designed the super friends, thunder, the barbarian and the Hercules, yes, and it would be for me, narrow thing, it would be Alex Toth, and it would be a narrow thing between the Hercules and thunder are the bar Burien or but I think I would go with under. Exactly. All three characters barbarian, Princess Ariel and club. Amok as you. As you just get to the mind. All. I liked the name. Gal. It was a fantastic cartoon for two years in, like, eighty and eighty one said that thought Babaar like the. Barbie is too. Yeah. Would he actually? At one time that they made him in the in the image of king Joffe, Joe from coming to America. He wears a. Wears. Updates. Right. Yeah. I do. Remember the bad bars girlfriend, then wife is Celeste, like, yeah. Like kids books when they were really little. I remember seeing him. It was on channel thirteen PBS cartoon wasn't there? There had to be the only way I saw it like or Noel, I found out about bad Harvard or three late. I mean elephants because their size, they don't make it into court tunes ally. You know, like or you know so like you don't have small. Well he's like, no, he's everybody's elephant there. They're they're all normal. You know what I'm saying is like if you have a show about like leopards, and then you put an elephant in late he's going to be really big. So, you know, they don't show up that much saying, like Babaar is your. Anyway, that's Goto elephants show. All right. So that's it for this or tonight, the hoax, you have any questions for the four all nurse. Anything at all? Doesn't matter what it's about geek, related, or otherwise, as you hear even named children, or tempted to yes, hit us up contact that four dot com or hit us on Twitter on Instagram at for all nerds. And before we get out of here tonight, we have, you know, a couple more things to talk about one of my favorite segments, comics. We distress old various comics. We've been copying reading buying anything looking at all that good stuff and this week home. Oh, I do wanna shout out this one joint, which I read because we got sent to us, thank you for reminding me myself because I was remind Mike. What do we what did we get? Issue of Sarah from John SU SU how. T S, U, E, I he's a friend of the show. John. It's yeah, I'm not sure how to pronounce it. I apologize John. John, John, John. S. U. E. Right. Or run of kill you pronounce the rest in Asia. You pronounced francs and all artists Audrey Mark with colors by Paul. Angelo, but anyway, Sarah is this book about, well, I'm just a redesigning apps, this, I read the first issue, but it's an officer civil rights civil war, rages in the empire, Parsa and famine has struck as the seasons refuse to turn Princess. Sarah receives a vision from the dining Mitro tiny her to find a Royal stars and restore them to the heavens, despite her Canaan, our troops need of our command, so embarks on a quest to find the fallen stars now trapped on earth, and save her people from dearth and death is, so it's like a fantasy book that takes place in Asian country, where Sarah is this Princess and her father and her uncle are waging war against each other. And in the middle of this war, she starts dating, these visions from this God who tells her abandoned, the war, you have a bigger purpose, and you have to do this stuff. And so that was the first issue a drops. Sarah, and the Royal stars is from volt comics it drops on July. Seventeenth. I would definitely check this book out really enjoyed the first issue. I can't wait to read more sounds like a band. Sarah on the Royal stone. That does sound like the Obama band shout out to enemies of gem. So definitely a dope book, drops July seventeen Kohana preorder that tell you local comparable store to put that in reserve for you, Sarah, and the Royal stars. And that's pretty much it that I've been reading this week, I was finishing up the head has the four run by Jonathan hitmen which I highly recommend anyone who likes phantasm for or doesn't know anything about them very dope series. And I've been rereading immortal hope by doing, which is still my favorite book of twenty nineteen fucking credit woods. Man. Yeah. Doing doing some ill ass shit on immortal. Hoke if you like horror, if you're like twilight zone, if you like anything strange and weird. I highly highly recommend this book so good. I don't have any comics that copped this week. Do you Chico? I mean, I don't have any comics. God. I got a pick of the week. All right. But I don't know we his that anything. I ain't no comics lately. I'm still I'm still behind on weekend, the divine. That's where I'm still divine. Saga is taking a break Thome that you're so you can catch up on, right. You'll see your behind. I've got like six or seven trade paperbacks, and there's like nine or ten or eleven gets bad. It gets bad in everyone of those issues. Right. Where did took a break and saga. They needed to take a break of devastating, like broke my heart though, that lay that last issue that was. Yeah. And we can divide on two more issues left, so you know, need to catch up do so fire. It is another again, the art Jamie mckelvie, one of my favorites shadow Sam because he's actually the reason why the last two issues too late. He has like, chronic mobility syndrome, or something, where made said, even really difficult for him to sit and draw his art. That's why the last two issues of it have been delayed. And he's like, after that he doesn't have to work where he has to like work on a monthly book for a while a bit break. So. Yeah, because I mean it's incredible. And I'm glad that we could divine turn in such a monster hit that allows them to take the time off. Yeah, I would say for comics cop maitre you always use hashtag, comics. I copped on Twitter on Instagram. Thank you to everyone who has been using keeping that a flame and hope alive. And, you know, all your comic Sicher by reading all that good stuff every, thank you. And yes, we have she Leo. So we have Chico's pick it a week. Jacob. All right. So my pick of the week is sort and scandal. Hey. This week. On monday. It was out. You can listen to it. You could listen to it. Yeah. So little you network. Yes. On loudspeakers network. Ellison, it's only on has made it now there's a whole process to get your joined up on I two. The promo for you. How like some promo video Salkin about, like the dawn of man. You're yes, it is. There's so you have you go to my pin tweed ad that she Leo on on Twitter following. Right. Who you should be following exactly. I have linked to the first episode, and it's up on soundcloud, and then and soon it'll be on Tuesday and getting your feet, and then there's a link to the dawn of man, which is the movie that I'm talking about, and then there's a link to the trailer. Like we put out a trailer to hikers four movies. Yeah. And to get people psyched up and know what movies are coming up, but the first episodes coming out because the movie I'm talking about in the first episodes, only fifteen minutes, the verse steps only about thirty five minutes. But there's a very deep dive into the history of gorilla suits in Hollywood. And you know you were talking about before made a rain Bill. So I do talk a little bit. There's a little bit about like the whole before, guerrillas where CGI they were actually. And aims of all sorts. They were supposed to speak to me about this because I have warned. Right. No. So what ended up happening was I realized this is this is a larger thing. And so, I like you know, the whole doing your own podcast, like I didn't like people out there like I didn't I just showed up and, you know, talk, like I would watch shows, I would read stuff, but I wasn't editing like Benetton were I did. You know, Chris over here. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. I did raise your toe and Joa Leauge and one or two other guests, but I was responsible for the majority the guests. So now that I'm responsible for everything seemed like I. Yeah. I'm trying to sit like I got invited to something this Sunday and I was like, I don't know, because, you know, releasing the podcast on they night, I ever invited something on July fourth house. I go. I don't know because I don't know what's going on that we go my pocket like a mmediately like my whole life has become sort of stand. Yeah. Like so in that sense, like I definitely understand why even. But I appreciate a little four. Yeah. That, that, that. Here. Yeah. Blood. Planning on this running for five hundred episodes. That's like ten years, and you can get on board, the ground level right now episode of associates are so excited. Right. So been talking about you. It's well, I'm excited to be back. And, you know, talking about basically how how we got here from, you know, literally like when we were below cats dogs on the on the on the on the food chain. And now were you know, now we're, we're eating the planet like glac this there. They're using movies to show it started with caveman movies, then bible movies than ancient Egypt movies and the scandal. And then new so on and so forth. So we get today. But, like the scandal part is, which is, you know, I you know, like who who who's stories get told, and who tells them and how they get told and like, just, for example like Abraham in the bible is from the city of aura which is in arrack today if you've ever seen Abraham represented on film, why he does not. And that's on and on and on and on Moses was supposed to be indistinguishable from an Egyptian person. That's not the case in movies, like, you know, Hollywood movie. So I you know, like I am going to discuss it, but I'm also finding stuff is world cinema. You know, I got a biblical movie from from Mali in Africa coming up in the first, like ten or twelve movies, like, you know, and so it's, you know, I'm trying to do you know we'll be showing real like, India started pretty early after the, you know, after the Middle East, like the, you know, after Egypt like one of the biggest Babylonia and all that the biggest kingdoms was in the Indus valley in India. So, like, you know, I've got a movie like you know, from India, two thousand something BC and, you know, so we'll be going chronologically in, you know talking about. Yeah. And then talking about just fun, Hollywood stuff that's related like they're wearing suits in, in dawn, man. So it's, you know. Well, and that's I'm actually, so as, as, as an actual spoiler like we won't be watching the ten commandments which all nest and playing Moses God. We'll be watching the prince of Egypt where everybody is some shade of Brown, you know. Are. And yeah, just just fine finding more, you know, like more and more of that. Because, like yeah. I mean, it's it's ridiculous. I'm looking forward to your show. Yeah. Well. Pick of the week. All right by Chico. But through me as a little podcasts that you guys may have heard as call if I were rapper. I heard of that show to let you know who's here. Right. Whole asante. Oh my God. That's made us. Podcast. It's called if I were rapper comes out every Friday, follow us on the Instagram. At if I were rapper if you wanna see me on Twitter, it's I f I w r my hair Sante Twitter has been deactivated indefinitely. Wait, what why? Okay, so tipping to me. Explain what happened on Twitter, and explain what if I wear rapper. Yes. Okay. So what happened onto it or what happened was not tweeted, someone with a blue check? That follows me back and we tweeted before nothing bad, but I tweet high hood, rat ties space. They told me loving. Remedy came out doing things on my saying, hot Herat's bellowed read. That's all I was doing. So they said violation place. And if I wanted to compete, he's my count, I still eat the tweet in my opinion, if I delete, that's we mind, you, I wasn't even trying that day gonna me on a day, while I'm calling someone a bitch or something for real. So it's like I'm totally this worse until someone can say, hey, you know what? This was stupid. Here's your town back. No one wants to do that 'cause I appeal the tweet and they said, we have determined you did. In fact, do about a violation, but it was offensive. Categorization. She was pissed because the personnel tweeted, we were texting about it laughing issue. They didn't even this person did this. And I'm like, I know people at Twitter, I don't care enough about doing it. It's not that big of a deal. What is that big of a deal is the podcast that I just create it's called if I were a rapper I wanted to be the next big thing in new school sketch comedy, all of that shit because I even I'm here and I'm wearing my all nigga hat, I want for all Nick hat, I want to be the thorny when it comes to light. It may still fit the acronym means does it did. This might be my spinoff. Yes been for some. When you say. Look, what's up? Goddess fan pans, out, nerds, four negative. But yes, on our rapper elected mixed comedy with music music commentary to fit with the live experience that I've created. I was like to do all things like hip hop urban fund and musical. So you listen to this show experience a little bit nostalgia. And you also get to have a good laugh, you gonna have a live show soon because the first one day was incredible. It was, yes. But I wanna focus on the podcast. Like having his legs like Chico he told you scandal is taken everyone Sundays. Now, if I were a rapper is, you know, we do music on there, and it's very heavily edited, so, like I record on Monday. It, it, you know, thought that we put up on Friday. So every Friday, new episode check it out, you guys all have to come on out here about all your musical tastes. We should you know, take it back. All three three a know, Tatyana body, come on, now semi what somebody role into which is trying to into rooms. You gotta tell me about all that to cheeks, you know, you gave me a t shirt, and it was just a t shirt, and someone's is. But for me it's my favorite t shirt. All right. Tyler comfortable, people under the comfortably of like a basic t shirt. It was one of those two emerged shirts. Asep. Asep gang on there, and it's just a comfortable shirt, and I wear all the time. So thank you. Exactly. That's it. That's me and my bullshit. If you want press play on Spotify music items that go to my Instagram. I'm gonna live my life from now on unless you if you have to tweet me in your on Twitter. It's at I f I w AR that's it. Perfect. All right. I have one more question for you for me. What did you think about striking vipers? We talked about this last week. He no, I have a lot of ran. Oh, you're talking to him. Well, no, we're talking. I was like, I have a lot of random opinions about it. Like I love the conversation that started because, you know, there are a lot of games that I do actually choose the woman character. I'm leon. She's probably more agile. She beat the jazz sometimes on the plane with Jackson combat. I feel like he's too slow or something. I don't know what's going on anyway. So it's interesting because, you know, we have the VR Oculus like all these things coming out. So when you pick teeth characters, like, what actually are you experiencing what's going on? 'cause I know he was making certain comments about the whole thing, which led to say you know, he might have felt that way all the time. But the way that it ended I could not take. What was the other character? Anthony scared. His character. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ask his character, the way indeed he wasn't happy like needing he don't like men. But for whatever the reasoning was he liked being female character in the game. And what his friend, it just happened to be his friend. I in my opinion, because even though they had that connection over the game the way that he spirits it with his friend for that. I think that was the ultimate connection for him or for them as opposed to being the he'd been a little curious audits time. So you don't think was in love with what's his name with ebony maquis. You just think it was the experience. He was because so two things, so with Anthony Mackie's character you could tell academic feel like they were trying to make him like, you know, oh, he's a straight guy 'cause, you know, he's he always seeks. The woman's crack you know, looking at the women get into the car outside. They're all these things to tell you like so he does like women. Like, there's never like instant where he's like, kind of having an erotic moment or looking at a guys Bolger, nothing like that. And so, even when they had the kiss moment, when they like fighting the rain, people were like if they would've kept fighting they probably would have like made up after that. I didn't like the way that they were so aggressive like the character didn't even seem like a little vulnerable in that moment at all, like you wanted want it. So that's why I was like, I, I couldn't even take him as like. Oh, so he's gay at the end and Anthony Mackie's, not even when they when a fake Chen-lien when she was like, what was the actual line because it was a little fucked up? She was like this make a gay, right? Because I was like, what? Oh, I don't you know what I'm saying because a little fucked up and I was like they did this on purpose because, you know, she was like she was trying to say, I guess this makes us gay. Right. But in few right for him is like I'm not gay. Like, you know, I just fucked fake Sean Lee as guy. Right. So Anthony Mackie. Yeah. He's all the way hetero. Just with this one little thing he likes to do. But then I ask character I can't take him as homo or trends, or I don't know. I so. It was a great conversation stone. Well, the thing is I don't even know if I don't think he's even fluid because it didn't show you didn't see him trying and real life to with the man after that, like, oh, our kiss. We didn't spark nothing but do I do actually, like dudes also lying when they said it is Spartan because he said, I ain't nothing that he had this look on his face like yesterday. He didn't feel anything in the real world kids, those like in, in real life. I with vegetal. Could because that curiosity you know. So it's like cedar on their line. That's worked for either of them. I thought they established whatever they had was the only game. See, I thought you had feelings for him even before because under. And. He's very comfortable people. Happy, all loved all of those scenes, because that's why makes it such controversial. Controversial questionable bankers. Like damn. So the brotherhood like when my homeboy is being a little too affectionate and, you know, now we're moving into world where it's like, okay. It'd be less homophobic than we see stuff like that. Now is like, whoa, was he really into it or not? And it was like, well now 'cause was really just playing the game in his mind Yahya. His character had been fucking all these bad bitches ever since. Bad bitches. He didn't seem to be very into it. You know, he certainly not before, but after he because he was I. You know, I feel ya'll. It wasn't laying down that pipe like that. Because just turn right to the phone. But when I saw that also brought up another thing about people being disconnect us and more into the phone or more into technology. So then she turns to her online where when she's done, but he turned to his online world to starting so it's like, like he will when he that whole line with the bear shit. Like I fucked. The polar bear, and it still was. Gang's issue, he did all these questionable crazy things these gangs, and nothing mashed up to the connection yet with just as friend. It was like a it's like that first time thing. And then it just happened to have been with his friend, too, because, you know, they wasn't doing that. And the demo the store even think about it. That was his first time and that particular experience. And that's a special Gaza, who it is. Oh, yeah. Right. Especially when you're playing a game so much when our younger too. So it's like it went from this time to, like, three other different types of Kim at will. I didn't mean. I do. Notice that all talking about all friends of the show. They've been this show won't to say, we give you questions we make you think about your life and make you think about exit existential questions, which is why I like lake mirror now as for the other part of the thoughts that I had s you know, you know, because I am I am of the queer, you know, happy world prior month. And I was filling the casting, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. John, anthony. And there was a scared to do any of that. And they didn't love because Anthony always does a little bit of something. It's okay to me machi- you know, he can he has depth and I don't know what they're saying. Thank you. Respectability politics. It would be good. And that was the other thing it's like you did all this, and you still have to make me, like, I can't pay, for instance you outside of this. I can't say I want to see you do more stuff like this. Because the way you act outsiders. Extras hill. And I'm just looking forward to more of him actress. He says really gone above him away everything. He's been doing. Long full career specially after they made him where they're week. It has to pay. He's paid is the moment. He walked in with that thing. I was like you're not. You're not gonna come to the about the monster. Yeah. Dr. It was in the club when he first showed up those a little dark. And so it was like unnoticed not Tyler Perry. What's happening? When he showed up ship as ya ya. It took me a second accepted. That was I couldn't see his face. I just look at Ryan could ahead I was like it's not moving on. He was on the couch. And that's good. Like a grow or the character. You know, he got rhythm during episode. I did actually liked the skip the middle one and I watched the Miley Cyrus. I know I like to tell me about having to your. Watch it man. I thought it was there. I thought it was, I didn't think it was except show and it was so. But I love that Miley was playing another side of what could have been herself like Miley in it. Lost me was like the TV of all when it was like your. I gotta plan could. Oh, yeah. You know. May not seem black mirror, which is like this doesn't belong. Once I got past apple because, honestly, now that you say that watching I forgot I was watching him. Black mirror, just doing episode just to have Miley Cyrus in it will nobody knows still commentators on Hannah Montana. I actually watched that one, I shut off the one that I really liked the actor in the second. The second one was definitely mad because I liked the in the middle. In the middle episodes this evening. Well three stylized fix last year. I want I seasons with three the first couple of seasons real dark, and then they kind of start to really there. They didn't make them as dark this time around, but they also didn't make it as light. It's kinda like middle. But in the Miley, Cyrus episode was real like, oh, ABC family. For that. I came for some fucked up technician. That's why I come to this person to because of that. That's actually what was saving. I was like, all right. Good. And you know, she was happy to drop bombs, and shit has its moments. But just it's such a TV of it all I can point of care plan and my okay, what's the plan, and it cut away. And on, now Scooby doo. Which is why are you cutting away when this episode is like hour and a half? Anyway. Maybe our, but that was wrong on, like move is, oh, this was a whole last movie that a starting to finish the rest of my feel like they kind of leave you like, but wait a minute. What the fuck else is gonna happen watching be wash that to get your opinion on that we had, we had a back and forth about episode was about it. Y'all had a big back and forth about it. Not, not a bad way, like lots of. A lot of being short striking. Vipers getting struck. You're saying that'd be vipers getting struggled people were on the phones all the time. Hey.

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The 1A Movie Klub: 'Mortal Kombat'


46:17 min | 3 months ago

The 1A Movie Klub: 'Mortal Kombat'

"This is one a. I'm jen widen washington. If you're of a certain age or you spent time in an arcade this music will likely ring a bell government food since its debut in nineteen ninety-two mortal kombat has become one of the best. Selling video game franchises ever spawning eighteen games and three feature films when it comes to the first two movies fans have very strong mostly negative thoughts about them but now twenty six years after the first movie. Mortal kombat is back. The latest film broke box office records with the biggest opening weekend of any r. Rated movies since the start of the pandemic and for this month's edition of the one movie club. We're talking about it. So consider this your spoiler warning. We're joined by dave schilling. He's the co host of the galaxy. Brains podcast from polygon. Dave welcome thanks for having me. Also with us is gita jackson. She's a staff writer at motherboard from vice and the co host of waypoint radio. Welcome back to the show gita. Thanks for having me and with us. Karen han a staff writer at slate. Karen welcome hi. Thank you so much. I'm so excited to get into mortal combat with you guys. Keep it nonviolent. I'm kidding okay. So you you wrote a review of the new mortal kombat movie for slate. The title is the new mortal kombat movie rule. So i feel like i know the answer. Is there but tell us what you thought of the movie. I mean i had so much fun with it. I was talking to a few friends and we are wondering. Do we like this movie so much like because movie going. The pandemic has been kind of such a lackluster year. Or is it just because this movie is genuinely fun I tend to think the answer to that. Question is the ladder It just does a good job of delivering. Exactly what it's supposed to. Which is a bunch of guys fighting like that is all that immortal combat movie has to do and it absolutely accomplishes that dave what about you. Oh boy well i mean. I'm going to disagree slightly. I did enjoy the movie. But it didn't offer the one thing every mortal kombat story supposed to offer and that is the mortal kombat tournament folks. Not having the tournament is sort of like star wars not having a war in space in it. So were you immortal combat fan before this absolutely yes i mean i am a certain age to have been entrenched by the video games the movies the whole mythology the universe of it so yeah i was kind of expecting turn on a movie called mortal kombat there will be a mortal kombat tournament and yet here we are in this non mortal kombat tournament world. And i'm very perplexed. Voicemail from will in north carolina. I saw the new mortal kombat movie. And i really liked it. I say this of course the guy who hasn't really played a lot of it. I i have very little knowledge so some people here are the main character was bad. I thought you know this guy doesn't know anything about mortal combat. I don't know anything about mortal combat the same level. The fights were awesome. Music was nice. A good blend of pleasing the fans and having enough There to to have the general public understand it. Okay i want to hear your take. Do you think this was a good movie or was it. Good for mortal kombat movie. I watched last night. And i have to say not only did i really have a great time with it. It made me really urine for the experience of seeing a movie in a theater with other people. There's so many moving moments in this movie that are clearly built like you can really tell. I think it really takes seeing it outside of a movie theater being alone to see how blockbuster action movies are built differently from other films you can see. The film is paced towards these intense moments of celebration where everyone in. The room is going to have a vocal reaction. There are so many points where me and my partner returned to each other and just like. I wish we could hear everyone cheering during this moment. But not only that. I felt like there's actually an article up on waypoint today by cameron councilman that goes into the plot of the mortal kombat games. And how this movie actually reflects the expansiveness of the law or more accurately than reach doing a retread of the first original ninety five movie that cover the tournament arc. In fact he knows. Cameron says news article which i read this morning and i think is pretty informative that a lot of the recent games. Don't actually have a terminator at all turn. Art is orthogonal fell to the actually important. Lor things that are happening. This feels like this movie feels like it. Not only is a wonderful action movie. That's a lot of fun that i wish. I could see with a lot of people in a big room on a hot sunny day but like it reflects the reality of what mortal kombat has become in the intervening years. since release. well steven tweets. I have been a mortal kombat fan since i spent. What must have been over two hundred dollars. Mastering sonya blade and ninety two. I really enjoyed the new movie love mythology and the way they explained the character's energy power. It was ridiculous. But then i'm reminded that it is mortal combat after all what you expect and we sat down with mortal kombat director and producer. Simon mccoy ahead of this show and asked him about the decision to introduce a new main character for the film. And here's what he had to say. There were a couple of reasons. Actually the festively mortal combat over at last several decades of its existence have new characters all the time it's become one of the things is ideal characters now and so there's place them. we felt. It was okay to do that. It was kind of a mortal combat thing to two and then the other reason is we need a first set of is inside the movie to take the audiences true. It might not be that. I've with all the information in mortal kombat of which there's a law so that that was the reason the mine reasons actually and He as he learned the audience loans and allowed us to to unlock and up and up. Some of the information that we needed to dave. What did you think about the introduction of this new main character cole. Young well. I i agree with simon about the need to have someone who can express the audience befuddled any given point in in a film like this. I think that's kind of a common trope in genre filmmaking. Which is every once in a while character needs to say what exactly is going on right now. Who who is that. Why is that happening. How come just glowing that kind of stuff. So it is a pivotal screenwriting trope in a lot of these movies. Going all the way back to you again. Just a reference star wars like mortal kombat has a lot in common with star. Wars is star wars has multiple point of view characters. That ask those questions. If it's luke if it's hans solo and then you know in the in the sequel trilogy having ray and finn asking questions all the time like that's important for these mythology heavy films. Do i feel like it was a fantastic addition to the mythology of mortal kombat. No but i understand why it was there. It was a tool with which to tell the story. That is really probably one of the most elaborate mythologies in all video games karen. What about you. I agree and then. I think he's sort of necessary for the movie. Because there's so much lower like there's that car that comes up right after the initial sequence that explains the premises of out world and earth realm and what mortal combat. The tournament is But i feel like having to explain too much of that via initial tax to be too much so it's helpful to have coal there to kind of details out about like the arcana about the mortal combat symbols that they all have have to show that they're champions that said. I do think he's very much a movie character. Like i don't think. I could see him necessarily in one of the main games at least not until they develop his powers a little bit more now. Gita mortal kombat has a ton of characters and we got to see some of the most recognizable ones like scorpion and sub zero. How do you feel about the time. The movie spent with the classic characters. Actually one of the things. I wanted to point out was how was to see that they had cast a black woman to play a molina. I know when the game when the the most recent world combat introduced character and the game. They had the rapper. Megan thee stallion. 'cause play her as part of the announcement and the scheme is like a huge game very popular game in the final game community. Which is a largely black community in. This game is a lot of the black people so you know it doesn't. I'm disappointed that i didn't get to see a lot of reptile. The player character that my partner place most often because he likes to do acid stuff. But i also feel like every single appearance of each character. Like how do you meaningful moment for fans of those characters and the way the movie is structured. It gives you a lot of reasons. Why the movie is focused on the characters. It is focused on but every time legacy character shows up. Everybody who's ever touched a mortal kombat game has an like hell. Yes moment what kelly tweets. It was a fun movie and definitely better than most video game adaptations. I'm looking at you. Ninety-three super mario brothers and josh lawson as kino's stole the show you know dave i can. I can imagine someone sitting at home and being like what are they. What are they talking about. How familiar do you need to be with mortal kombat and the lower around the video game to enjoy the movie. Let's that's a great question because as we've been talking about this movie was designed from the ground up to hopefully introduce people to this franchise who aren't otherwise fans but at the same time. It is peppered with references to the game two allusions to things that you've seen in the other the other films or in tv show because there was a tv show very briefly. Or the the video. Game reboot the most recent reboot that means. It's kind of hard to jump in completely like you have to know a little bit about mortal kombat to like this movie. We're talking all things mortal kombat and video game movies. We'll be back with more in a moment. this message comes from. Npr sponsor usc marshall school of business. Discover where today's leadership innovations meet. Tomorrow's critical business challenges. Usc marshall school of business executive education is where business professionals go for lifelong learning and career. Transformation the course purpose driven leadership delivers incites for creating trust respect influence in collaboration while identifying your leadership purpose explore this and other programs at usc executive education dot com support for npr. In the following. Message come from better help. Offering online counseling. Better help. therapist has joe knows. That lockdown has been hard on us as humans. We as people are hardwired to connect with others. Which is why this whole time is so difficult. The connection that happens between people and be very powerful and how healing it can be to have a healthy relationship with someone to get matched with a counselor within forty eight hours and save ten percent. Go to better help. Dot com slash. One a. I'm aw i'm kierra not where the hosts of the npr podcast invisible. Ah you can think of invisibly. Ah kind of like a sonic black light. Switches on you'll hear surprising and intimate stories stories. That help you notice things in your world that maybe you didn't see before listened to the podcast from npr. We're talking about the latest installment in the mortal kombat film franchise. Let's jump back into the conversation. With some of your comments patricio tweets mortal kombat delivered on all levels. I can't wait till mortal kombat to and google plus addict tweets. This movie was fun as hell even went to the theater. Ford i'm in my mid thirties. A lifelong fan of the franchise. We sat down with mortal kombat director and producer. Simon mccoy and asked him about translating video game characters to film. It was a enjoyable experience. Actually studying h of these characters and seeing with i bain so we spend a lot of time. It's been around for so long and there's been so many directions they these characters in pre production. We put up in this huge room. All in we put up all the every version we could possibly find and was given to every character over the years and we put them up on the wall and we realized that there was a common thread for each of the characters going through different directions. And what i was trying to do was use those as a jumping off point to realize these characters and in the most powerful connected why i possibly could and so that when you see scope in for the first time he looks like scorpion back into the history and there's an ability and there's more liars to him emotionally and literally in the costumes and simple now karen. Mortal kombat is a fighting game. It has a lot of law but not a lot of dialogue and characterization house success what do you think the movie was at fleshing out these video game characters with all due respect to simon mcquaid again. I loved the movie. But i don't necessarily know that i would say that. These characters struck me as particularly deep or any more developed than they are in the games. I think it's just to a certain degree a side effect of having so many characters at once. There's only so much Explaining that you can do about where they're coming from and what's up with them but on the same token the things that they do do in order to establish characters like scorpion has united. He throws with the chain like almost immediately. Subzero can freeze things. All the traits that they do keep are so iconic also immediately colorful that. it doesn't necessarily. It's not necessarily a bad thing that you're not like i don't understand all this character's motivations and backstory dave what about you as a mortal fan. How did you feel about how the iconic characters were represented. Oh i think that everyone had a motivation of some kind or some chip on their shoulder. That made them need to succeed in this environment. Which i appreciate it sonia. You know trying to prove herself. Coal not a classic character but very well defined want in problem kaneohe fill a role. That's very important in that kind of middle section. the movie being both antagonised and comic relief. I mean i think scorpion and sub zero. Do we know enough about them to really care about their rivalry. Not quite but you get that prologue where they have the climactic battle. Where we're scorpion is killed and then goes to the afterlife. That's enough for you to have kind of invest on the level. The movie needs you to invest in their journey. Now gita the nineteen ninety five film version of mortal kombat came under fire a forced whitewashing of characters. Like lord raden. Reading is a japanese character. That was portrayed by a white actor. How do you think this version did at representing those characters like eddie movie where the number of white actors is too. So i had a pretty good time watching this. I feel like it's particularly important to note that they hired some very renewed. Japanese actors to cure. Yuki sanita as scorpion. Is frankly perfect. And doing everything that i want to see that character do. This is a this is a franchises developed in was created in chicago but the characters in the game are mostly asian. So it's really nice to see the casting reflect that we've moved beyond the also. These actors are so beautiful. I just have to say this is like a perfectly constructed blockbuster because every single person on screen is always the most beautiful person that could possibly be on screen at the time. The actor that played luke. Aying ludi lin is like just one of the most beautiful people have ever seen in my life. Well frank tweets. It was a joy to see them. Bring these legacy characters back to the big screen you could fill the moments where the whole theater would have cheered while watching it at home on the couch in has different take. He tweets. Not even taking into account coal young. I think the new mortal kombat movie was horrible. Bad story and terrible dialogue. I understand not one hundred percent retelling the story but this missed the mark by a long shot it dave along those lines the two i mortal the first two mortal kombat movies are notoriously terrible. Remind us what what fans had to say about those fields. Okay hold on what. I mortal kombat. Film is terrible. That's combat film is terrible. It's actually the american cinema. Classic is an example of camp. It is also thrilling to watch. It's responsible for one of the best electronic music signs ever nine hundred and five a mortal kombat. That song is a classic. I feel like thank. You call beg. Grins ad stood for me. This is fantastic to talk. They are going. I don't think anybody who has any affection for the series also loves that first movie if we is it love love or is it hate love. No there's no hate. I was again the perfect age. I was like twelve or something when this movie came out. And i loved. Mortal combat is not as violent as this one for a variety of reasons and we might get into about the negative reaction to violence in the in the games but it does capture just like a sense of on an in grand silliness that is it was appealing to kids at that time and i think would still be appealing to kids that they watched it. Today it's more of a superhero. We kind of environment in this more gritty almost fast and furious esque mortal kombat film. That came out this year. Okay kick you. You seem to have really strong feelings about this. How old were you when you saw that film. I was six years old. Okay yeah look this is. My parents made me like allowing to watch movies. I definitely shouldn't have seen a degree in cinema studies and the journey i took on mainstream saying my was the one i think. A lot of people who studied cinema are familiar with where you go in using that with a lot of disdain for the craft that goes into making movies like this and then you come out and you just love any movie that allows you to feel joy and the thing that you will get out of mortal kombat is a lots of heads. Exploding people acting ridiculous. You boost shooting laser beams lake lightning at a guy with six arms like there's no expression of joy greater than that in cinema for me is like someone just watching a whole bunch of actors have an excellent time. Also claude van damme. Isn't that movie like you can't see that movies badge. Their feed fighter vindamme streetfighter not three yes and the mortal combat ninety nine hundred is a pg thirteen. So it's perfectly fine for the whole family that this conversation is bringing me so much joy. Curated your take. I mean i will admit that. I am not familiar with i. Two mortal kombat movies. That came out. But i've seen enough clips to kind of get the gist of what everyone's talking about and i will say like the longer that i the longer that i live. I guess the more movies that i watched the more. I'm inclined to feel kindly towards movies like this and towards the i like nineteen ninety-five mortal kombat movie. Where it's like as long as you committing to the bit that you're doing as long as you're doing something ambitious and at least doing one thing well or even just committing to something. I'm vicious and failing. It's more interesting than any movie. That's just doing mediocre things and just doing okay at them like. I'm sure i'll come under fire for this. But i feel more kindly towards this mortal kombat movie than i do towards the majority of like marvel movies that we've seen recently which are kind of retreading the same formula and not trying anything new whereas with this. It's like it's perfectly silly. it's not trying to be taken too seriously and it's fun in that respect who i had. Yeah i feel like I was thinking about this last night. Actually the comparison to marvel movies in general right now. American audiences are really only seen one kind of action movie. And i really wanted to say you know. In terms of those movies. Cinematography their shot in ways. That make the costumes really visible. Because ultimately they are in some ways advertisements for everything else. The disney and marvel properties have to offer in terms of merchandising. So they don't look great. They look they're really washed out. They look like they're shot in the parking lot. Lot of the time In came in. Not only that. But it's really created this environment where every single representation of magical powers in marvel movies now are like glowing orbs and it's just so refreshing to watch a movie where like someone's magical powers street up the laser beam they she would out of their eyeball instead of just like glowing orbs and people kind of clearly floating on wires in the middle of an airport. Hangar feels refreshing in. Its so lucky that this movie was able to draw the bombastic visuals of the original compact ends this. This is all really fascinating to me. We got this comment from memphis on twitter. Who said i had pretty low expectations initially but the action real quickly. I love an action movie. That doesn't take forever before we get a good action or fight scene and double complex tweets. I haven't seen it yet but watch the first two in theaters video game. Movies should reflect the game. They're inspired by fighting. Games might be better cheesy while games with deep lor like zelda would benefit from a deeper well acted. Fantasy trilogy occurred in your review of the movie. You talk about. How the film work's because it leans into the silly insane fight scenes explain a bit more. How the fight scenes are handled in the film. So i mean there's a very practical aspect to why a lot of the fight scenes work which most of the actors if not all of them are doing the majority of their own stunts. And you can tell through editing. Like i think of a lot of action movies where you can kind of clearly tell their stunt doubles doing the work because you don't see the characters face for about two minutes or you see they have suddenly have a completely different body type or they look faked when they you do see their face. That's completely not true. This movie it all feels very very real which is why the one fight that involves a hugely cgi characters. The one thing that kind of falls flat. We got this tweet from nick. Says am i miss remembering that there were two camps back. Then those who loved mortal kombat and those who were more into street fighter. Dave absolutely. I think that is not so much a division in video game culture. Now or i think you know. We see the benefits and the drawbacks of franchises. Certainly when i was a kid boy you were either streetfighter person or a mortal kombat person. I was in mortal kombat person because it had the blood add violence. it was like it was tawdry. It was something. I shouldn't be playing. It's something that. I had to play in secret or super. Nintendo had the one that didn't have the blood in the violence but the sega one did and i had say my friends had a nintendo so i got to be the cool kid who could come over and play mortal kombat to with the blood in the fatalities and all of the stuff that parents were afraid of the time. So yeah i mean i. I never connected to street fighter. Because i thought the story the lower the mythology was shallow compared to mortal kombat which mortal kombat had a connection to. I think a lot of the things that were appealing about martial arts films in the seventies and eighties and early nineties whereas streetfighter is kind of felt like. I don't know just an amalgamation of things that didn't fit together. Well we talked to director. Simon mccoy about the process of planning out those those fight scenes that yeah turn kind of gory. At times we spent a lot of time working very early on in clubbing out. All the fox not designing them and he started wide plugging them on a on a holistic neverland saying i these are all the fights within the film and we set up a fight graph which was showing how much time it was having the film. How much what it was doing. Who is what style of film. And then we started to work out what style h needed to have wa- ingredients needed tonight. H five story was being new sport. What character development was being credited inside defines and i story boarded the whole film and then that that was up on on the ball and then we we could isolate each of these faults. We knew holistically what h one needed to do. Now save a lot of the gore in the film is it's very cartoony. But when the mortal kombat games. I came out as dave lou to there were fears that they would inspire real life. Violent and a lot of that pushback came from politicians and members of the media. Gita how do you think things have changed since then well. During the during the trump administration there was sort of an attempt to use. Video games scapegoat for shootings and school shootings and violence as it has been used in the past around the time that combat came out with there was essentially just a moral crusade against violent video games trying to use them as a trying to pin though the reason for mass shootings in school shootings on on violent video games rather than are abysmal gun controls and i just feel like people have lived through so many of these. You can't you can't live through. Sandy hook lake purcell for me in some ways. I'm from connecticut. And i you know joe. Lieberman represented the seat. That i lived in for a long time and was seeing lot was running really saying a lot of these things and running this moral crusade and then you know you grow up and you live through sandy hook which is something that has touched people in my life and you cannot actually doesn't make sense anymore to say that the fault for this is violent video games you know when you look at mortal combat. It's sort of obvious is obviously anyone that has a brain cells rub together. What they're doing it's camp. You know children on the school ground. Do not have a pit of spikes to throw their enemies into you. Know the thing the kinds of islands. They're demonstrating in. These movies can't actually exist in the real world. So this is. We've moved on to other things that the conservative animus is trying to pin school shootings on essentially and video. Games are no longer like under that. I saw so the years a lot more leeway for the kinds of industry the kind of stories and the ways in which they can be campy In the in the current day the way you just slid in that tolkien reference was was pretty remarkable. What cure your thought. I mean i completely agree. I think the reason that we're able to watch a movie like this new mortal combat and not find that and not think that it's will spark similar incidents in real life is because it's so far removed from anything that happens in real life if anything the discussion around violence in fiction prompting real iphones. I think has been more focused on movies at this point. Perhaps because we've moved on from video games as a as a flashpoint for this. But it's more movies like john wick or More active shooter situations where people will start to think. Well this is less fictional. this is less camp. Is this going to have an effect on our real life. But mortal kombat definitely doesn't fall into that category. Well what have you tweets this. Sadly video game movies are historically terrible from the nineties. Mario brothers the recent warcraft. There are lots of problems switching mediums for the narrative and. No one seems to have really capitalized on that. While we'll get into that question. What makes a good video game movie after the break. We're discussing the newest mortal combat in this month's won a movie club more from you and our guests in a moment support for npr and the following message. Come from better help offering online counseling. Better help therapist. Hassoo joe knows that lockdown has been hard on us as humans we as people are hardwired to connect with others which is why this whole time so difficult the connection that happens between people and be very powerful and how healing it can be to have a healthy relationship with someone to get matched with a counselor within forty eight hours and save ten percent. Go to better help dot com slash one a high. It's gen white from six to pop culture one as the place for the national conversation on npr and are upgraded. One a vox pop. App is the fastest and easiest way to add your voice. You'll see the latest and get a jump on upcoming stories all at the press of a button. Download the new one. Vox pop app for ios and android today and make yourself heard loud and clear on one a support for npr and the following message. Come from better help. Offering online counseling better help. Therapist hassoo knows that lockdown has been hard on us as humans we as people are hardwired to connect with others which is why this whole time is so difficult now. Let's get back to mortal combat. We asked you to tell us what you think makes a good video game movie. And here's what jesse in florida and matt in chicago had to say. I've been playing video games since i was twelve. Basically and what makes it could be game. Movie is nothing nothing makes good game movie. The stories are usually incoherent. Nonsensical it's there for formative entertainment not to make grand storytelling. The only good be okay. Movie with scott hogan vs the world because it just played on video game trucks okay. It's gotta have really good humor that everybody can get. It's gotta have inside jokes. That gamers of that game could get. It's gotta have a great soundtrack. Like i'm talking super awesome in your face soundtrack. The music of the games should be in the movie. Somehow maybe done by famous bands. The more fantastical the better and if you can get like a super famous performer to be in your movie like john. Leguizamo in mario brothers definitely definitely do that and eric tweets this. There's never been a good movie. Based on a video game for the types of stories they tell. Video games are the superior medium. Wile someone else spoonfeed you their interpretation when you can take part in shaping and interactive narrative. Dave what do you think mexican video game movie. Well first of all. I had to say kudos to that second audio clip. The enthusiasm that that person had is he. He should be a movie executive with his very clear ideas of what video game we should be. But i think john leguizamo aside. I do feel like These movies do need to have as he pointed out some connection to the game the game in the movie are separate entities. They have to be because the storytelling is different in video games versus movies and video games. You are the star of the show. You are the protagonist playing as a character in new dictate. What is going to happen. You know obviously some rails designed by video game developers but for the most part you're in charge and a movie. You are in a passive experience. You are observing what is happening and therefore you can't you can't have the same kind of story at least with mortal combat. It's a fighting game. Translate transit translated to feature film. So there's always an element of spectacle to a fight. You can always just kind of enjoy watching a fight. But you don't necessarily find yourself enjoying a tiny italian a plumber jumping up and down on mushrooms and falling into pipes. That's spectator sport. So i think you have to have some elements of the game that people who love the game recognize. But you have to distill the game down to its most basic levels and say right. What can we use this to craft an actual story. And that's my mario brothers simply didn't work is because there isn't really a story to mario brothers. Gita what do you think. I think in general the obviously every single way that you can tell a story whether it'd be a playbook movie what have you has different pros and cons in terms of what how you can tell that story in a play the intimacy of being close to the actors in the set. It really creates an experience that could is transported in a way that had of other kinds of medium or not book. You don't you are not limited by budget and you can also sort of make scenes last longer or shorter depending on how quickly someone will read it and everyone reads. The book is going to have to read every single word. So you can be as detailed as you want to. I feel like a lot of time. People say that video games. The pro to video games is that they're interactive. But i don't really believe that that is necessarily true. I feel like all our is interactive or is asking for something from the person that is interacting with it. You have to understand art. You have to be invulnerable with it. You have to open up part of yourself to it. Even the cases of lake something really silly like mortal kombat. It's like every time i look at these games. I'm i'm allowing my inner six zero to come out. That really likes the violence. Did you like yeah. And i feel like in order to make a good video game movie. You do have to be recyc- respectful of those facts. He know that video games are just going to tell the story in a different way. Then a movie does. But i feel like listening to those voicemails got i just think. Sometimes i like people who are deeply engrossing culture video games. They watch movies in a way. That's different from do which isn't a bad per se but it is just like not the reason why i go to the cinema and the things that i would like to see. Reflected in video of movies are being able to hit those really strong emotional beats the. I've been playing near near replicant. Which is a very good game with a credible plot that has delivered in some really ingenious ways with respect to its medium. And i've been thinking about how if you could it all adapted and the key would really just be making sure the characters hit all the emotional beats do in the game and you might have to change how you tell the story in order to reflect that but i feel like having too much allegiance to what the fans want out of video game. Movie actually can have some wholesome directors behind. I want to hear from you on this too. I completely agree with data on the front of like there isn't inherent block in translating something that was created in one medium to another video games are exceptional in that respect but i also feel like the medium of video games has kind of evolved into something that is inherently more cinematic like more video game directors are structuring. Their games in ways that are similar to movies like i'm thinking specifically now hideo kojima who was obsessed with movies. His latest game death stranding he packed full of movie stars and movie directors. And you can tell that he wants to tell this in as much of a movie way as possible. The cut scenes are so long game plays kind of scattered in there at the end but the bigger point is that there's so much technology has come so much. Further that video games can tell more expansive stories whereas in the beginning. It's something simple as pong where it's your batting a ball back and forth. That's not really something that you can make movie out of but things like for example we have of an application of the last of us coming along for tv like that is a rich story that you can easily spin create a story for for the screen and i feel like some more recent video game movies have been successful in that respect like mortal kombat obviously is not a very story heavy movie but things like detective. Petri for instance. I thought did a pretty good job of translating a movie or transiting video game from console to screen in a way that was coherent. Didn't really lose the spirit of the games in awe and still made sense and was fun as a movie. We'll fahim immelt this. I play the original mortal combat in an arcade back in nineteen ninety-two when i was nine and life has never been the same ever since the movie was awesome. Through and through. I liked every character. They each played a pivotal role in the overall plot. Unlike the ninety five version it didn't bother me that there was no actual tournament. I enjoyed the character development and build up to it and stephen e mails haven't seen the new film but this conversation has definitely making me want to venture out to theaters or sign up for. Hbo as for the original movie. I was also the perfect age when it came out. Fourteen or fifteen. I finally remember my best friend. And i buying the soundtrack on cd afterwards. I'm sorry this some some kid. They're saying what's a cd as a movie. Yeah it silly. But so is the source material where we asked mortal kombat director and producer. Szymon mccoy about potential. Mortal kombat sequel. And here's what he had to say about that. All of us throughout the whole process of the film never talked openly about the s. Would we never really talked about sickles. We do obviously you do a little tiny bit knowing that there are opportunities there especially with balto combat which had such a country rich treasure trove all characters and ideas. So yeah there's always he stuff sitting around but we've never really talked about it in grad within a couple of things in the film little. Join two pieces. You could call them. But it's not for us to decide whether there's a sequel it's whether the fans and the new inches and super fans whether they like the film enough to want us to call and then if they do then of course i mean david you get the feeling. We're watching this movie that they weren't thinking about a secret potential. I laughed during that clip of him. Saying oh we were talking about a sequel. To of course you were there's again i have to stress this again and i know some people. Don't care what you're wrong. For dot carey. There's no tournament this movie. They're building to the tournament and john. He kate sorry spoiler alert. Johnny cage is teased at in the last seen the movie. We're gotta go find johnny cage. Look this is. This is designed from the beginning to be a franchise. And i think one of the things that we have not talked about when it comes to video game. Adaptations in in feature films is the most important question which is why. Why are we making these movies. Why do we feel like we need to take something like the last of us which is a great story told very well in its original medium and make it less less interesting by making it a flat. Tv adaptation like. What are we doing this for. I think with mortal combat. It makes a certain amount of sense because they're elements of the storytelling that are missing. It's a fighting game but there is this mythology so it kind of fits nicely into a medium where you can expand the characters and have more things happening and for them to have rich inner lives. Hopefully as these franchise continues with something like death stranding or or the last of us. These are things that are already perfect. Why would we wanna make movies out of there with the the the the medium of video games has matured so much that it can stand next to a movie and say we're just as good as you so we got this message from moon. Bird who tweets video game movies are proof. That hollywood had just bet against original material in favor of money in the bank. Art is not dead. But it's a needle in studio cities. Haystack and i wonder if that is part of the answer to dave's question. Why are we making these movies. That's just cynical and really sad way to look at art makes me really upset when people are just league. But he's just doing things for money. We live in a capitalist society. You need to have money to live. I'm sorry it really video game movies. There's especially in the case of something like the last of us which was so self consciously designed to mimic a mode of television the prestige television of the sopranos madman. It's really clear. Sometimes why a people like in the case of the last of as neil druckman himself wanted to translate these stories from video games into movies or into television shows there if you are a person who is designed to video game. That is clearly heavily. Inspired by different kinds of television shows air. Hbo the chance to adapt it into that. Medium is unsure irresistible to you especially because they've gotten such an incredible cost with a delayed giggle ludo lou diego diego luda. I don't know what happened there. And patrick scall- who i think is the only good celebrity. I i feel like there's nothing less like guaranteed than the adaptation of video game into a movie right there historically colloquially known as being incredibly bad you know the potential of having a built in fan base. Is you know pretty enticing. I'm sure but not the as it is not a guarantee of success especially in a world where the biggest that make the most money in the bank are ones that are just like within this marvel studios machine like feel like the desire to animate the to to adapt these things. In some cases of the more recent video game adaptations really do come down to the director and the people in the project having interested in mortal kombat is more of a corporate product but there is absolutely we are reaching a point where either people that group of mortal kombat are now the major drivers of the economy. It is our time for our entertainment to the mainstream and that that is the reflection. We're seeing this. is you know more. Necessarily if there's any sort of attempt to chase the money here it's attendant chase millennials and we should mention that the mortal combat video game originally came out in nineteen ninety-two so people have a certain age with you. Know maybe some disposable income or perhaps going to the movies or renting them online. Dave go ahead. oh i just wanted to pick piggyback off and say i think the question is certainly not about money. I think the question of why should always come down to the art whether or not it feels. As though the story told in the video game can be told differently or with some kind of unique quality. That can only come from a movie or a television show. Like i just think it's not about. It shouldn't be about money it should be about. What can we do that special here. Well mortal kombat was released in theaters on the streaming platform. Hbo max so was godzilla vs kong. That's another fantasy action movie. That's doing well financially. We got this tweet from justin. Who says does this mean. We could finally get a halo movie and karen. I'm i wonder what you think. This says about the types of movies. People wanna watch right now when what we might see in the future I mean i think. I guess to be cynical. I'm sorry gita. Like there is a certain degree to which i feel like people want to see more of the things that they're familiar with more of the things that they like which is like why for example. I am interested in the last of a series. And i'm interested to see what they do. especially a will say partially. Because i'm a scaredy cat and can't get through the games on there like i want to see the movie so i can experience the whole thing in some format but i mean i. It's an inevitable product of society. Like i think people the people who are involved with these game with these movies adapted from games are going to be people who are invested in them. Because you don't want someone to work in a project who doesn't have a love for it but on the same token like the reason that these projects are going to get green lit in the first place is partially due to the fact that they know that people have this pre existing feelings towards them and we'll cds movies. That's karen han. She's a staff writer at sleep. You also heard from gita jackson. She's a staff writer at motherboard. From vice and the co host of waypoint radio and dave schilling he co host the galaxy. Brains podcast from poly. Gone thanks to you. All remember to subscribe to the one eight podcast. It's where you'll find our best guests in stories every day and you can get it wherever you find your podcasts. Today's producer was our feet getty. Our podcast is produced by barb on. This program comes to you from w. amu part of american university in washington distributed by npr. I'm jen white. Thanks for listening and let's talk again. This is one a. this message comes from. Npr sponsor rocket mortgage visit rocket mortgage dot com slash. Wait for a mortgage that fits your life call for cost information and conditions. Equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and mls consumer access dot org number thirty thirty.

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Movie and TV Talk: Mortal Kombat and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Why Watch That Radio

32:42 min | 3 months ago

Movie and TV Talk: Mortal Kombat and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

"On this episode of why watch that. I'm not back like show me the. Give me the kills. That's it had every major characters in honored all of their signature moves. Yes if you wanted somebody to get up in the air and kick somebody in the face. It happened expense. And all this other stuff. We all saw commercial. Everybody in the world saw it and everybody went. We're going to see it and we were disappointed. Alright hello y'all one about that now. The reason why. I have such a problem with this. In addition to everything that you said is that they have ignored a l l of the work that the russo's russo brothers did in defining the worse of of the winter soldier. Why watch that isn't podcast. Between the critic and referee who go head-to-head on a quest to discover the best movie and tv shows. Hollywood has to offer expect the unexpected from critic clone. Nothing gets past the rat. We do all worse so you don't have to welcome to. Why watch that this episode of. Why watch that is supported by entrepeneurship meal plan. It helps leaders and professionals feed their bodies and businesses. Well you know critic. I got a chance to attend a wonderful event by em p los angeles and it was so amazing because brandy cochran was able to gather people all sorts walks of life. We're able to gather together. Have real talk and some real good food. It was a hit. Its food for the soul and the body which is so hard to find so if you wanna learn more about entrepreneur meal plan whether you're entrepreneur or not go to entrepreneur meal plan dot com the y. Watch that talk each each. Oh now listen we have to say goodbye to a show and we wanted to put a tv goodbye to a first look of a hell out. What we believe isn't going to be the last not going to tell. Exactly why but bri gather from that. We're talking about say goodbye to be falcon and the winter soldier talking about that finale and saying hello how to mortal combat the movie. So get over here. S what i do you know if anybody knows anything. I do that to the critic of i. Just take my purse with adam and i bring an you know just with them to means a girdle were and then. That's how we have to do these recordings so we throw potatoes at him and don't get over here. No no no. We don't do any of those things now. Listen we've covered the falcon and the winter soldier from the start halfway and now we've made it to the end along with many of you listeners. I'm sure no one is waiting but there may have been some of you who wanted to bend instead of of watching it. So i will have to say we will spoil this so if you have not seen the finale watch the winter soldier you can skip right. Onto mortal combat we will spoil the falcon and the winter soldier. So we're gonna give you a second to forward and for those of you. Who are staying here we go. The mini series has concluded six yards total on disney plus. We have found some revelation of sam's character. In fact if you go to the end it is no longer a certain. Something anymore is it. So that's the plaques. I know it's it's terr- we already know. We had you know we have tough head time that we don't have to act food because there's a lot to talk about. Let me get this straight. We start our at a series with sam who can't get alone and bucky who has mandatory Therapy to get over. What happened him when he was meant to soldier and brainwashed and so on in order to fulfill his partridge. Let's yes get that. Yes yes they come upon this group of miscreants who get the sarum that created winter soldier. You know can't american. All of them and native turned into super soldiers. They wanna you know i don't know turn the world to some sort of marxist vision and So they gotta stop them. Then who captain america. Because he's dead while we get a new one play by wyatt. Russell john walker And you know he eventually takes the serum tube. Because why not. He's right there as well and that leads to problems you know. He leaves his good buddy dies he gets upset and you know he's fighting same bucky and somehow winning. I don't understand how that happens But then he's dispatched and you know since we're giving away sam becomes a finally becomes captain america could have become that from the beginning though In all of a sudden he can push brink's trucks up in all kinds of stuff and There's bucky just. I don't know what happened to them. What we're doing bucky now in the end you know basically told you what happened. You know that the kids got the serum. They don't win out now. We also have other people coming back. Who have been exiled and you know they have certain agency but are they going to do something you know they they are in the lineage of agent carter and all of that stuff who how exciting is that and what we did have that i did like was julia louis dreyfuss who just showed up of the second to the last so fun zone up i would have watched her show. That's what i thought. So for me. total problems here are joking or not. I can't tell the final. Three episodes did not click it all not even much of the action for me clicked. It was awkward. They were writing problems. They neutered the winter soldier. They dropped those problems from the beginning. That started the series But there is captain america for the movie in the works. And i said we're gonna spoil. So i don't mind spoiling when you get to the end. The title changes from the falcon and the winter soldier to captain america and the winter soldier so in other words that four the that is happening in the works cannot be with chris. Evans it will be with a you know in the comic world. There are many iterations of captain america. There's even a female captain america. So we don't know what's going to happen. Here's here's my response to it. And i know you didn't kinda give yours i'll go i. It's so you could clean up the mess. I've said it a nauseam. it really should have been the falcon. Just call it the falcons. Because they didn't say the falcon and sharon carter. They didn't say the falcon zemo. It didn't say the falcon and any of the other Any of the other people who have showed up. In the captain american franchise the reason why. I have such a problem with this. In addition to everything that you said is that they have ignored a l l of the work that the roussel's roussel brothers did in defining the worse of of the winter soldier. And here's why the worst of the winter soldier as an enemy and the worst of the winter soldier as an ally an event at eventual frigate bender. They ignored all of that and bucky. Who he was fine in the first movie like it. A fine side kick to the story. I just don't care enough about bucky to want to sit through six episodes of him fighting like bucky with an occasional like fighting like a regular guy who couldn't maybe punch a little harder. You can forget you. Forget about the people. You've killed your memories not gone. So you're fighting technique is it and you have one of the other rights. He's in he's in therapy to work through all of therapy but then he's going center of a gift. But could you have someone who hasn't forgotten every single kill and that was his driving force and we won't ruin this but he. There is a moment in the finale. where you know. He really drives it home. Let's say and to the point where fluffs up stuff you know. He's trying to get you. Don't forget the kills you don't forget gills. Well apparently you forget how to fight like the winter soldier does. You're just fluffing around. Let people kick your butt. The winter soldier is a soldier who is resourceful and an assassin. Who has and. i don't think. I said this last time if i did. I'm repeating it. who moved. think about it. Winter soldier was used to move the entire franchise forward. Not just the style. But the story he killed. Tony starts dad. Every single which boop that hotline ford to create a civil war which ended a sign the accords which made divided the. I like you know what i'm saying. That one character shifted the entire storyline. So you know when you go back to bucky who maybe will or won't throw a punch. I'm not here for it. I'm not even going to address. But captain america stuff. I'm not against do that's for you. You can have a menu of that snow though. What's this. I've said what i said. How could you let me hang out there you have to. I took care of it. Well i i would. I would say is if they give you are an -ticipant in captain america. Four and you want to see this. Just know that you won't be getting much development an explanation. I mean all of a sudden. Sam gets a new suit because he decides captain america. I don't know why. I don't know what it does i on gave it to him But well what kinda did you know. That was the that was the He asked for the favor and in the soul the took the minori not her name but gave him the suit will condon's gave him the suit We know that weird looking suit but he does. So if you just want this and you you've seen one division you now have this and you just moving forward through the marvel experience you know i will say the first and third episodes for pretty good well. There were six but okay all right. Let's move on to a first look because we need to move on speaking of supernatural beings and franchises. We have mortal kombat and this is not its first feature mortal kombat if you go back through some of your like yes it is and obviously you weren't born in the nineties Shortly after the video game came out not too long. There was a series of movies. That if you really go back and watch movies were xiao lula jig We just didn't have the tech now back then. So warner brothers decided to release this on. Hbo max as they do with all their releases as well was in theater. So it's out right now. simon mccoy was the director for this. But we have A handful we have a lot of people putting their hands in this We know that. John tobias is famously and edward famously came up with mortal kombat and the storyline that you if you play the video games now. The story lines have developed over the years. I believe there are eleven it rations of the game and within they have actual stories so by the time we get to this particular movie. It's a conglomerate of those stories in addition to something so in addition to obviously john and ed's work greg russo. Along with ohrid. Uzis lucielle or ozal dave callaghan and greg also so greg david the screenplay in or and great did the story and we have a cast that for the most part you will not know except for the two image. There's some people you know. I mean there are some people you will know. But let's start with coal young's played by louis tan. Who to me is for me. He's new to me. But maybe not for a you critic. Because i know you really love that world jessica a name namie along with john dos lawson joe. Tesla's i mean there we go and then i'm going to i know there's chin-han who is in this and is it chin if i chip ingram chin has been in so many movies lately. Like he's just loving him more. And more and i believe you know i'm sorry not chin on that. Es chit harm that guy but also high throw any cure yuki sonata sonata. That i was going to say that what he's been. I'm sorry he's been in so many movies lately that you just come by you. Do you remember wolverine me. Do you remember just a lot of things. I've been enjoying his work for quite some time. along with other people that we can just go on. You know max long We can go on and on about some of these people. Now mortal kombat. Let's just be honest. The critics hated it. But my question to you critic we both saw it. So i'll and at some point but the question is why do you think they hated it. And is that accurate Is it really accurate to hate this movie. Well it it always takes me back ref to win the matrix. I came to us I remember the critics reaction to that. And i remember going there wrong before i even saw the movie. Their action was they hated it. They they hated it. You know it doesn't make any sense and all this stuff. We all saw that commercial. Everybody in the world saw it and everybody went. We're going to see it and we were disappointed. Hello y'all which all want about that now so the point is in my opinion. If you're a critic you'd give your honest opinion but what we try to do is also give listeners. Whoever's listening to us enough for them to make their own minds up and we do try to think about who this was made for. Mortal kombat is made for fans of mortal kombat and fans of just kicking butt. Okay that's what it is because they go largely fans all those video games. It's you like kicking but then you'll like this as well. I mean silent. Yes exactly killing yes there okay stylistic killing okay so that's what this is about. I mean i played mortal combat in the nineties. Now i i did too yes. It's one of my favorite games. I shouldn't admit that in public. But i didn't. I didn't say i'm with you. And i would use sub zero scorpion right now. I would i would use sub zero scorpion annoyed me every time tried. It gives you too many tricks. Yeah he like he was just like. I can't remember all these things like. I can't remember all the the things but i did. I like sonia out you know. Sometimes she was was fun to play a girl So we have those memories now at the beginning of moto combat. Release in twenty twenty one. We have hanzo sashi and its the seventeenth century into pain. He's there with his family. His wife his young kids one is a baby. And you know they're out there enjoying themselves. They are paid a visit matteo of act by econ and behind his going to kill him. Why why why. How did we get there. And he gets very cold okay And what happens with honda. How does he fight back. he's got. He's got nagel like a gardening too. That's right you could imagine. And then we shuttled forward to present time and we're introduced a cold play by louis tan. You know he's a fighter. But he's kinda fledgling and not doing well so on and so forth but he has a wife he has a daughter his daughter is almost like you know is manager. I mean it's kind of like what birds stay for. Rocky you out of the caught exactly so okay. So we see him and what we find out is. There's this marking certain. People have different places of their body. Now hanzal had it. Cole has it and coal is rescued from an attack. And who's attack is the question. And he's rescued by jack's we've loved. I liked playing with. Jack's chiro heated. I like smashing people's head. Yes exactly yeah if you want all the bisco stuff that's and be caught brooks place him. He's tells the family guarany. Everyone say your life. He doesn't get over here. So what does he know that they don't well. There is of course mortal combat. It's a tournament among and between realms if you lose enough the other round that beach you will take over so the out world has nine wins. They need one more to take over. Earth ralph an earth realm is protected by lord. He didn't so lord raden he's a god the don't interfere but they just make sure that everything goes hair. It's fair according to mortal combat rules if not they will step in and make sure everything's okay but you gotta know that dirty stuff is happening to step in and this is what you've got. So what the rams talked about his shame song play by chen. And chang is in charge of the out world and the lead fighter. There is sub zero among other people. You have molina in there and you know all these other okay. So then what happens. Chang sung is going. Let's make sure we win this. We're so close. We don't have to play fair. Kill him all subsequent before the tournament for the tournament and lord rating these guys. They don't pay package. Is that true now. Everybody has to gather at this mystical place of law raisins and you have to find your inner force. Because these people have these markings on them. They don't know what it needs. So you know in order to get your true power something has to be the cavaliers so we see all of this happening. People are picked up along the way. Sonya blade and jack state you know they were in the military together We also have kaneohe. You'll see how he pops up so yeah has him in her clutches. I'll put it that way. And they all go and so the question is is sang. Sung subzero at all. Are they going to be able to get rid of the need for the mortal combat or not. You know that they won't and what are all of these powers going to manifest as you also have other people popping up you know kung lao was showing up and and all of the o'kane all of them in there and then in the end the question is what happens. What happens in a video game. You can play again right. So maybe a fatality. But you could you know so. I say ref is win. It was what we remember from video game. Even like those things i was saying over ear. Soften kato wins. You know that kind of stuff. We'll find victory. Yeah it's fun. it's fun but to me. The movie that i wanted to see was between two characters. Elia yeah zero in scorpion. No i did not give away. How scorpion fits into the story. But it's the two of them. And i think they did a lot of good work in developing that relationship was use. It starts in the beginning at it. Ends with sub zero and scorpion. And you'll see that play out. The two actors of perfect for those rows. Fighting was exciting. I was quizzing. It was just wonderful. The whole the whole they should do. Mortal kombat sub zero scorpion. All i need. And i know they have to do all of these characters. Never forget. I never remember his name. I whatever but that was it to me. The problem for me was in the middle. The really the the the person who turns the plot is cain up and and you'll see what that is an kaneohe to me. This is and this is a legacy of marvel where everything sp funny. It wasn't funny to me. It was annoying. See that's the difference. So i was annoyed throughout the middle of the movie. Even though some of the action was good. So that was my knock on it Because it's like this if you watch masters of the universe this is not great filmmaking. however it's campy and fun to watch it's fun to watch franklin jealous kaldor. that's fun it's from the sea grill door. Who they again is to bring it up. They tried to give him a razzie. Billy barty does not fair not fair. What is the man supposed to do. How are we digress. You have and all of them. I remember them. 'cause it's fund that middle. They were trying to do that. It wasn't fun to me. But i think raff that if you're a fan of what we said this. You don't have to go to the movie theater. You can't if you choose. People are people are once again. Hello hollywood would tell you all about this. What i tell you about. Hbo max staying now. They're saying oh it's working so far but it'll catch up to them. Maybe you should be quiet. Maybe you should because you can go to the movies to see if you like you can watch it if you have. Hbo watching on each field. Max is available for thirty one days. I was fine doing that. Rewire go back and watch those fights once the beginning of you. So thank you for that. And it a sequel. What i watched that. I watch sequel. H backs again. That's how i would do it. Here's what had to say about mortal kombat simple The forty four score from thirty six critics. That's a low score it. It takes a great effort to get forty four out of one hundred to me. I don't know if everybody knew what they were going to see. Noten this is not something that you go to see. The story line get pushed so we do know in this iteration. We can give this away. Cole is a character. It's not in the video games. He's completely new. So what are his powers. What can he do does he make it through the movie. What is his part house. He connected that was something a little new to push the story forties his story. Really you know we were seeing it through his eyes and learning. what combat is. I'm not back. I'm here for the like. Show me the. Give it to kill victor. It had every major older characters in honored all of their signature moves. Yes if you wanted. Somebody lakes to get up in the air. Kick somebody in the face if you want. Somebody's hands to smash buddies head open. It happened if you want. Somebody's hat just saw somebody in half. It happens if you wanna see. Somebody's soul sucked out of their body. Oh it happened. So i mean what are you complaining about. This isn't shakespeare. it's not like this isn't star wars where you've got this story moving it along. It's called mortal combat. Yeah it's what it gave. I would see it again. I didn't back i did. I did race through the middle. But all of the fight saints. They were like every it literally was like a john wick. Kind of saying maybe john wick was way more style stylized but john lick is about getting from fight to fight. How can i get to my end result. I gotta go through these eight major fights and that's what world combat was. It was like you know. We're walking along somebody says. Hey you're jerk. No you're not all cabinet. Beat you up bloomberg of show you what i do. That's why we're here. i'm not. I don't care about that. But i will agree to those two actors along with those character sub. Zero and scorpion. Thank i watched that it A two to three times. I mean anytime you punch someone and this is in the trail. So i'd give it away You punch the one. Blood comes out of their body and that you freeze it and brought back and turn it into a dagger. Yeah i mean. Zero was so good it was good and these actors. I know we need to prevent. Please play homage to the. I mean we know joe from Many of his movies that you've seen him in Is he's in you know he's shown up in fast and furious along with warrior. An all of the movies are yawned. Yes you know. Yeah and the ad. The director said we. He was the only person to play subzero. There was no one no one else. And then of course chen a. I'm sorry not chin hero your key. I mean we've seen he's just love him we. We've been around him for for many many times. So mortal combat is in theaters. Now so the question really becomes. Do you see it in theaters or do you take advantage of your hbo. Max here's what i say and critic you can throw in your one. Are you already said. Look if you want an experience of mortal kombat no no story. I mean you know what you get when you play the video game. You're playing a video game for the story. Lines in this movie will not work for you but if you believe the video game or just want to see somebody head fly off and all that other stuff's stylistically and you want to be around others to hear that reaction do both goat if you need to get out go to eater and then go home and rewatch your favorite scenes or you could just stay at home every. Watch your favorite scene. Thanks for listening for additional resources. Visit watch back dot com good idea and we'd love to hear from you so go ahead and leave comments feedback and you can read us semi. I see next week seeing cook.

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Mortal Kombat

The Black Ones

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Mortal Kombat

"The report y'all welcome to the blacklist podcasts host. Arthur johnson were. It's all about comedy and comedy a variety comedy and more comedy at times. Maybe no comedy but mostly comedy some of it might offend you. But don't take it personal. I'm turning into non again. Those that are making america soft again. I'm covering all spectrums. Not just one sided podcast. Just remember. don't ever take me serious. It's comedy washington of episode of the black ones. They tune in as always appreciate you so much and a out to old subscribers in new subscribers. How ya doing in a hope. He had a wonderful weekend. Hope things will with you and your families come to you. All that means a toast in japanese. Please keep sharing is subscribe to all the platforms. But i do acknowledge we lost. Great rep pioneers at a game recipes. Black rob he made a household name in shock g from digital underground the one who discovered to bach. He made it cool to do it in a burger king bathroom. But you know there's a scene where they dying threes nowadays. It seems like they're dinas. Six packs one right after another but on a real take care your body's people you gotta take your body's it's your temple when you during your forties and up them diseases start latching on high blood pressure. Diabetes heart disease dim. Diseases can't wait a month. Flexible forty years old. They don't care how much money you make. They don't care what you look like. What race you are. They will attack. Yo s let's see what else has happened. Oh derek chauvin that motherfucking kill. George floyd with the need to the nick going to j. l. founded by the book akil d don't know the time he's going to serve yet but he's found guilty on all three charges but hopefully this is the step in the right fucking direction. I hope the precedent has been set. Any motherfucker out there when it starts shooting black folks unjustly. You're going to have to pay running from cops. Weren't south fire resistant. Arrests does not deserve death. Motherfucker could be high off coke talking about the cops mama with some old jokes. Then spit in. His face still does not deserve death. Contain that motherfucker. Put his ass in jail unless shooting is warranted. I'm not seeing every time. A black person gets shot. It's unjust not cnn. We still got a long ways to go. I feel it. I think feel it building them a bones a is coming. Don't you feel it. I'm sure you feel you feel like a little change but anyways let's get on with my hilarious review of more combat but if you plan on seeing a movie and you haven't seen yet you might want to watch that i listened to my podcast but if you don't plan on seeing a movie and don't care listen to my podcast let's go shall we enjoy. So let's just see here. We go again. I told y'all motherfuckers. I am not a critic. I don't take enjoyment to give him my humble opinion on movies because unfortunately finding it hard as an really struggling to keep a movie nowadays two thumbs up or anything that points up which got me feeling guilty. Portion meteorology winstone. I feel so bad is like fuck. Man i gotta give one. I mean i kim two thumbs down the shit ain't fair but i tell you right now getting buck and really tired of these movies that has high high bucking expectations. Getting everybody all excited join previews and a lot of action some trailers so good motherfucker wanna. Jackie late figuratively gordon. Ross court and every time you see a trailer shit no. I'm just talking about the excitement. The feeling and then when you see the movie it's a straight dud. Now it's like you got blue balls figuratively to me. It seems like the bigger budget. The sorry the movie is it's like you're focused so much on graphics instead of acting or the plot could we please get back to the always on how to use to make movies for a high budget. Shit is some great actors initiate and a great story. Why can't you just keep shit simple. For example like the old s comfort movies. You know movies word mouth. No mesh dialogue. I see you fire away. My kong flu yours. You can see thick asks wire behind the actress as a doing kung fu boobs although we knew that shit obviously but it was brilliantly done because the choreography does she. It was a masterpiece. They painted art with their fhu. Nobody gave a fuck about the mars. I was hanging behind them. They live human puppet masters on wires instead of strings. How about some highly regarded some of the best movies of all times with no budget whatsoever. Day involved a ton of wires and dubbed with voice overs and consider classics that till this day people still love to watch. You got the five fingers death. The thirty six chamber of shall in the legend of the drunken master and one of my favorite five deadly benham's in of course not that forget every single. Bruce lee movie. There is nobody whatsoever. But they're memorable top off at one of the greatest rap groups in history wu tang clan was inspired by the movie's shallow and temples fist theories and none of them has no food but they were inspired by the old kung fu movies. My point is that's how legendary those movies are entertainers has created brands from those movies. In knows movies nobody cared if a mother fucker jumped up and kick just carried him across the room and he had a wire attached to his back. Who gives a flying. Fuck the shit look dope you jump up air. You do about thirty spans. You come down and even at the wire got tangled so what you open your mouth. You close your mouth in five minutes later. They're still dialogue with your clothes. We didn't give a fuck about that. And if i'm sounding like a broken record. I'm sorry i'm just trying to say let's get back to make an original movies less. Cgi dude that yes. Some people out there care about graphics. They don't care about the story. Plop anything they don't care about the actors as long as it's covered the cgi. They're happy but if the entire movie is not filmed in greece. Green motherfuckers won't see it anyways. All i know is y'all to a buck and monkey wrench in expectations when matrix four. Come out. I'm scared as fuck right now. I don't give a fuck clyde. I figure if my expectations is at the abyss. I'll feel better whenever. I see the movie because i didn't expect a pot to piss in bucket. Three-tier is in a bucket bucket. And i mentioned. I love saying the word. Fuck it i just like the way it flows off your tongue. It's pretty good exercise for those that have lisp but anyways so the movie at hand mortal kombat just came out. I'm a fan of mortal kombat fan of video games. And i'm a fan in the movies for some. You don't know what to combat. You're not familiar. With the long running franchise. The video game originated in nineteen ninety-two children motherfuckers out. People never seen anything like it. A video game making you throw up in the middle planet ship. That's how gross it was. That game had a shitload characters. I'll give you a few not gonna aldama folks could take up a whole damn podcast. You got subzero. Blue king raden scorpion. Chang sung sign. You bleed keno. Jack's goro johnny cage shao kahn. Not terror kung lao molina katana new. Selbe i can go on and on in the all had their own costumes. Thousand food moves that differentiated them from the rest. Whatever stoller was just note it involved cutting off heads smashing heads pulling out your intestines ripping your spine out or the most basic just cutting you in half fucking mortal kombat was so intense. People literally walked away from that game bleeding. That's how much they were in the game talking about. Get over here. Flawed is victory. When that game. I came out that you could add our thirty rating. One bucket under thirty can play that game. That's how gross that ship was but people loved it. Some worldcom has been around for a while. Then you've got the movies. Nineteen ninety-five came out more combat than ninety seven combat nomination. So if you're a fan of mortal kombat history. Still going strong twenty-eight years later but what i want to know mortal combat is this movie. What happen. But i'm gonna tell you right now out there when you look at his movie mortal kombat just look at what a pair of is that is the only way it will get a fair and unbiased review. In my opinion now. I feel like me note history. You expected to see more. I would say what the fuck was trying to focus on. I don't get it. You know who. The best characters are sub zero and scorpion. Those are the two main characters everybody loves asked me. Fuck mortal combat. That's used to be sub zero in friends because that's the greatest character all everybody wants to be. He's got dopas outfit will came a scorpion but unlike his better spitting out ice freezing everything in his path. frostbite motherfuckers. making the atmosphere sub zero re kip form make any. Es like a limp. Dick all you keep subzero dot the whole fucking movie every seen ottoman unhappy and kudos to joe taslim. He plays subzero gray chop man very believable. I can see him playing subzero throughout all though. I don't wanna fuck you. Are you killed that role in number. Tell you right now. If this movie did not have sub zero feet toes my fingers my hands elbows everything everybody part i have. We'll be down subzero mixed. The movie is scorpion. Played by yuki sonata has been around for a while. I think he was the only recognizable actor that i knew matter of fact next time. Just have movie with sub zero scorpion fighting throughout the whole book. Movie out of unhappy. That's all everybody wants to see is sub zero and scorpion. But yet you only had them like a few times in a movie in each thing. That you had scorpion. In was the best part of the whole movie. The beginning i ten minutes arguably the best part of the movie the fight that sub zero scorpion had. That's what i was like. Oh shit this is about to be a hell of a movie in scorpion diet. Easy as she was kind of funny though subzero killed his whole fucking family. Everybody's like august pierced. He is best thinking sub. Zero's brought to get his ass. Handed torn because of rage and anger built up from killing his family and in sub-zero pizzas s. No kind of retribution whatsoever. To beginning you could've at least have scorpion. Put up a good fight. Which i got thinking probably why you didn't have you know. Yuki what the movie cost too much. He was the big actor in the movie. You figure put him unless scenes. You ain't gotta pay him that much. But i can't say much about character because he didn't do much. He fought in the beginning at the end. It is what it is like. Sonya bleed was the main attraction cheating. How fucking got them dragon. Tattoo and hope he wasn't trying to get to political. You know this woman ear. You wanted a woman to be the main attraction to beat a star to be the best fighter in that case sonya blade versus more combat. Because i was confused you should have had to focus on the main characters sub. Zero and scorpion. The movie should have been based around him. Not sonya and kano argue it every five seconds. Everybody wants to see sub zero and scorpion. But yet you only had a few townsend movie the famous phrase. Get over here scorpion. Should be saying it every fucking time. He shoots somebody with that fucking rope in. Jerusalem should be here every single time. I think that she wants another freeze. Flawless only heard that once those phrases that made the game in made to show people wanna hear that shit didn't want to hear just one time. Nick what flawless victory. And i'm sorry son played played by jessica mcnamee. What the fuck. Why did y'all make it so easy to dragon tattoo. You try to get the damn tattoo. Was that easy. And then make sense. She had no powers whatsoever hanging because it did have power. No it's okay to have female in the movie but you can have it toward appears that she has more powers than you immortal is. She doesn't even have a tattoo. You should have had it to where she already had a tattoo. You should had her get her ass beat down to a pulp when she was fighting keno. Because she'd beat the too easy that would have been more dramatic and me more since coming back from behind to beat his ass in didn't got that dragon tattoo. Come to think of it. Sonya really didn't get her as beat at all and know that little asked by shared with molina. Not that was not a beatdown. Melita letter off the hook easy. I don't think she wants crash on her face throughout the whole movie. Everybody dirty scratched up and shit cut up deed and a heavy dose of stitches. Sonya looking flawless. She shouldn't saying flawless victory throughout the movie. Lucane played by ludi lin. I dunno lucane ludi lin. Maybe they picked him because his name sounds similar to the character. Lou king louis lynn just saying but anyways why in the hell did not take advantage of his skills. All us on. Do's one bicycle kick in his feature caught on fire just like in a game lou. King is like an immortal bruce lee. That doesn't focus brought up but yet john had soft as a puppy. It seemed like is fire was only used for lighting rooms. That's it fucking torch. It seems as if luke king was always a treasure. While trying to learn how clicks leaning team treasure hunters and provided an unlimited amount of flames dot the whole movie and poor old. Jacks played by macarthur brooks. Don't you know what jack's does. He punched the ground. It creates north quake. What did y'all have is ass punch to ground a couple of times where he could have like a nice little seismic earthquake and shook up some ship. In with jack's hit you it should be a fucking bobblehead. That's fucking hit. They had jacks looked like he was just a regular boxer. Jackson had robotic super linked arms. That can knock people into another atmosphere. But it didn't seem like that. He was hitting on the functioning. Normally i don't understand. You didn't take advantage of his traits or his super strength. You had jacks slept. Boxing with robotic arms. Oh yeah he did pick up a border. That's about it in keno play by josh lawson josh. Don't be fitted it's all about the script. Man is what you're reading from the script. You played the cards that was built to you. I get it. i'm sorry but characters just wasn't funny at all. Well you had a funny moment here but not. Their quesnel was more irritating than anything. He was just the knowing and who the fuck accepts a two million dollar pay without even seeing one dime to find helicopter to a sacred shrine for motor combat trainers dead. No one on earth knows about accepting immortal gods and you didn't ask for a bank statement down payment deposited lease dibs on the gas. You just took them thinking sonya was really gonna pay you. But i just don't get it. Why did y'all try so hard to make a stand up. Comedian put pressure on a man. Like that does. She didn't bear it last time. I checked combat. The games and movies doesn't have comedians. You're known for throats not snl skits in kung lao play by maxine. From looks of it. I thought it was gonna be a major piece throughout the movie next thing you know. He had a few captain. America moments that he did. His character did not last long like he was in there for show showed off his hat instead. Them out by just calmly. Walking up to the sorcerer in had a soul sucked out. somebody should've told us as about saucer in raden played by todd. Noble asano good ass job. I must say. I was addicted to your voice. You sounded like kim. What's the whole movie. Every time you talk. I think akin but anyways come oh man raden trysofi guy you tell them you can use them a little more thought. The movie you had them uses literally just to shoot people to other portals. Raydon was equivalent to a bus driver in this movie. All he was doing was motherfuckers piggyback rides throughout the whole movie. Why on him tearing up shit rippin shit up fine team. He was one more ride away from driving. Miss daisy and molina played by sissy stranger. She was associated. Kick the whole thomas. Her alma pick thirty days of night wanted to create has been movies of all time they had just like vampires. I was waiting for her to say there is being on. Yes she killed her son. You could have been dead easy. All had showed up. Fight was when she said you're not worthy. She won twins activated and got the fuck out of here and then regret for not killing sonya. And don't get me started on a training. You supposed to have this little bit training. You're supposed to train him. Sitting competing for. I seen like one training session in it which means that it was unreal because of the fact that the immortals were highly trained with in your fighting mortals who had to be trained in somehow became highly skilled complete fighters in one training session and was partial with that. Yes owner. stan had your inner powers. They had to bring out kind of unreal. Hoti brought him out should have been like rocky like the way he was training. You can see to build up in training sessions nor he was gonna be ready to fight. Brought him back to the hood. He trained in the ghetto with jim. Full of rodents and pull tarim training. Russia brennan up snowy hills using laws weights and inputs them into field. Then we would a new. They're ready to fight not gain your powers as they're fighting a real battle at just did not make sense because it wasn't that skilled any immortals fish be shaded themselves gibney ass kicked by on hand training mortals is. Let's keep it real here. You got subzero. Lucane raden in scorpion. Those are the top four. That should have been what the whole movie just fighting asses off. That's what people wanna see. One thing i gotta give it to. The movie did she. It was gross smashing heads and shit spinal cord coming out. Slim bodies open intestine. Just fallen out. That's still that was cool. And when scorpion came back at the end everybody's endorphins just went up. You can just feel it. Scorpion was in the building. His presence was felt which is why the main characters. You should use them a lot. More subzero that motherfucker character coolest fuck you could put that and again like i. I am legend movie. I'll watch that movie all day. Like boost myth. Be just him now. Listen those are listening right now. Just wanted to keep in mind. I'm only given review on things that i didn't like about the movie. You probably loved it co so if you don't hear too many good things about the movie. I'm not saying there was not no good things in the movie. Just point not bad thinks now as you can see a lot of actors that was in this movie are not known or should i say eight listeners because the majority of actors in his movie they don't even have blue check box alongside their names twitter instagram. They don't have check marks. do not solidified yet nam. Sure a couple of weeks. After the movie was their registration processes a whip. Then you'll get the blue check marks to go inside their names but no offense to the actors at the used. Because i would like to be in this movie and i don't have any marks either. Then what the fuck is hard to get so. I'm not complaining about the actors. Y'all did a pretty good job. In a really appreciate the fact that mortal combat the movie put allow new arizona map. Not too many well established producers and directors give new akers a chance much respect the more combat for doing that. So with that being said overall. I'm going to say the movie was okay wasn't great or memorable but a high pitch okay but anyways. I hope you like my review. I'm starting to hope. Now that a lot of who is out there don't exceed my speculations. Because i got something to talk about till another blockbuster movie becomes a dud. You'll be hearing from me. That's all folks up. You intuited review my drawn out review but anyways thank you for listening all the way to the in and my workout. If ice go hiking by some hiking shoes in hike hiking a good for your cardio you legs your ass. If you live somewhere you don't have to wear to hike. Go to a park but hike and easy go to your nearest trail in height that month. Puckett just walk. It makes you curious mortar. Which as out here in san diego. There's nothing but hiking out here. We're fortunate to have like a thousand trails from but like i say on top of that. Wanna make sure you maintain a nice little diet. You don't want to be working out. Nelson produce fats and other shootings system that defeats the whole purpose. So eat healthy. You start seeing results usually within a couple of months and that's done to correct way not starving yourself which is unhealthy. But anyways keep spreading positivity keeps brand joy love to one another contributing if you can paint a forward volunteering. Doing she liked. That makes you feel really good but krona viruses out there still make sure you wash your asses social distance in where the fucking mask. We just gotta sacrifice a little bit longer. Even if you got the shots we gotta be sure. But anyways i'll be back next week. You all take care. Be safe off their god. Bless you all peace.

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Coronavirus Bonus: How to Hack Your Inflammation Storm : 677

Bulletproof Radio

21:31 min | 1 year ago

Coronavirus Bonus: How to Hack Your Inflammation Storm : 677

"This -able radio is brought to you as a gift for me. There is no sponsor because I just want to get this out there as fast as I can record it because it's about corona virus and it's spreading quickly the odds if you listen to my show and you do some things. I talk about our that. You're going to be okay so you can take a deep breath however the odds of everyone you know including your parents including your elders including people who may be sick or have we commune systems. There are not as good especially if everyone gets sick all at once. I'm doing my part right now to stay home family at home and see if we can delay the spread of this stuff and at the same time spread some powerful information that other was a wooden have gathered for you about how to control L. Six. Which is the primary inflammatory side of kind? We think that's out there for bulletproof. Radio stations high performance. You're listening to bulletproof radio with Dave asprey and there is no cool factor the day because this is a special edition of bulletproof radio. That had put together for you and I did it on the fly. It's short and this is what I would do if I was looking at hacking Interleukin six which we now understand based on the week old. Study out of Wuhan that this is one of the ways that the corona viruses killing people by causing a cytokine storm is the storm of inflammation. And I'm going to go through in this podcast relatively quickly in a list of things that I would do if I had something that was raising my I'll six levels. Yes growing buyers could do that. I wanted to tell you nothing on this list that I know of has been tested against corona virus or cove nineteenth specifically whatsoever. Most of them have been tested in humans or animals. Fact all of them unless I call it out. Otherwise in at least some cases to lower or inhibit I l six so if you WANNA stop storm. This is your list of big guns. You could take these before or even during an infection. If your doctor says it's okay. Would I take these what I get these to my family absence of frequently? And that's why I'm sharing with you. Please do not go out there and say Dave said that one of these herbs or l glutamate is GonNa Cure Corona virus. No it's not your immune system's going to do that. I just don't want your immune system to get to active while it's doing that. If you have suggestions for this please put it in. The common thread. Please share them on instagram. I really wanted him more. But this is the kind of biohacking perspective. That's oftentimes missing people. Stand up and say. There is no evidence that X. Newsflash. No one knows how to cure corona virus. So what are we going to do? We're going to be better than average. That said here's your list. This is GonNa be about how to Hack Corona virus. Nope I don't know how to cure it but we know some things that it does. And here's some thoughts about what you can possibly do about that. One of the things that happens in it is it's causing damage to people's hearts in a lot of people not just lungs and it seems to do this through increasing inflammation beyond. What would be normal? What we call a side kind storm and a new paper that came out a week ago in China called clinical predictors of mortality due to Kovic nineteen based on an analysis of data of one hundred fifty patients from move on China. I came out and provide some really interesting information. It looks like around thirty. Three percent of people are coming out of it with respiratory failure and heart failure damage which is useful and they provide the name of the inflammatory cytokine. That seems to rise. That's causing the problem. Which is Interleukin. Six commonly known as El Six. This is a major clue now known as clinical trial. Any of the things I'm talking about. Actually that's not true. Some of them have in clinical trials. But not for Gerona. But we know these are things that actually affect inflammation via changing. I L six so I'm going to talk with you about. Hey you might get exposed to virus that raises. I L six. And that's one of the mechanisms that it causes damage with. So what would you WanNa do if you might be exposed to that or someone you care about? Would be one thing you could do. You could wait until a drug or some other thing was clinically trial. Double-blind studied maybe six months from now and decided to that. Or You could do what I do is a bio hacker and say well given what we know. What is the most logical way that I can be not average so if you can get a little bit better than average results great you might actually though get worse results results? It's just you gotta play the odds and in my opinion my exclusive non medical opinion that you're paying nothing for and therefore should not trust until you talk to your doctor or anything else. Here's what I would do. I would look at the different things that affect your I'll six levels and you've already heard me talk about some of these in my other virus posts or just in my biohacking posts around inflammation in general. But there's studies out there about how you can inhibit. I'll fix it. Turns out some of them are herbal sage. Oregano Bay leaves are three. The things that work you can do an herbal extract and alcohol. You can also throw some bay leaves tons of Oregano and sage in a soup. So increasing those things is a way to inhibit six. You can also take regular oil. Which probably does that if not a regular exercise and I know about taking sage in Bay leaf extracts or Central Oils. But there may be some because he there. There's a study that says resistant starch. And what's really going on? There is anything that improves your gut. Bacteria is likely to increase Buick. Acid which decreases inflammation which is going to have an effect on. I L. Six. There's a study about resistant. Starch my blend of resistance starches. The one I put together for. Proof is what I take on a regular basis and that one contains ACACIA. Gum Large Begnaud Galactic and it also contains hydrolysed Guar gum because there were studies. That showed that those things break down into feeding the good guys in your gut. And you want healthy gut. You can also do the probiotics. Bacillus infants SACCHAROMYCES boyardee which is a yeast lactobacillus. Casey lactobacillus Sula various. And those can be good for you. Another something that you've heard me talk about on the podcast. A while. Back was treehouse. T. R. E. H. E. A. L. O. S. E. Trillo is a sugar that increases hydration in your tissues. It's good unless you've been in a hospital and you have in which case it makes seed if worse there is good evidence for g also known as Green Tea Extract Vitamin D. Three has a study for lowering. I'll six one of my favourite mitochondrial boosters. One I helped to put on the market called P. Q. Is In my unfair advantage formula. That's been around for. I believe seven years now. P Q is shown in a study to reduce six newsflash. Almost anything that increases myocardial function is going to help you vile six but not everything I you also might WanNa look at zinc and magnesium. These are on the top five lists. I think day everyday anyway. Those also have said he's showing they reduce. I'll six and now. Here's a big gun. This is something that I actually take one. I fly especially during cold and flu season whether or not. It's corona cold and flu season. This is something called. Andrew Graphs and intergraph is is an herb and out of dozens and dozens of plants have been tested. This is something that inhibits six very potent. In fact more than some prescription drugs you can get it in combination with ECHINACEA and that combination was studied in one or two trials and it actually reduced respiratory tract viral and bacterial infections by believe twenty percent and also reduce the severity them. So now you can say. Am I going to take all the stuff? No you're gonNA take some of this stuff. Yes would enter. Graph is probably be good idea. Yeah but the list isn't done yet. There's more you can do fish oil. That's an obvious one. I would probably tell you that. Fish Roe or Krill. Oil are superior to almost every single way. You've heard me talk about those. I firmly things. Liquorice is somebody that supports adrenals which is probably how it works curcumin which I use an formulas that has rare Chinese Herbs Affect Inflammation in the body and John McCain formula that contains curcumin is called curcumin. Max But it's got some other goodies in there. That aren't actually on my big list. Here there's another thing called black cumin seed oil which is all over the place. I just saw it in the Middle East Just in common store shelves and that stuff is shown in is that each produce aisle six and other inflammation. It's also good for people have excess histamine. Something that's good in the anti-ageing mitochondrial enhancement circles. Cognitive enhancement circles is called Fisa Tin at. Which isn't a formula together. Called smart mode of his ten is shown in a study to do this as well Boswell Lia which is also included in formulas is a common anti inflammatory herbal. That is really worth doing. One of my favorite but unknown antibacterial antiviral compounds. That comes from olive. Oil is called Hydroxy Tiraspol. You can take all well to get it or you could take little capsules of by Drowsy Tiraspol. That have hundreds of times more of this precious accident than olive oil. Does I do. Both you could also do Ludi Lin. Which is in many formulas for is I believe including mine and there's also Quercetin and of course you normally take that with vitamin C. They're also studies on resveratrol. So that's kind of a long list I can put all these together for you. in In a post. But here's the deal you can do. Things to control your. I'll six levels before and after you get six so when you're sitting there in an emergency room which may happen if someone you care about is and someone looks you in the eye and says there's nothing we can do. Well I just gave you a list of about twenty things that you can do. That may not be there and you need to have that on your list if you wanted my top three things to do here. I would probably look at resistant starch. I E E I'M GONNA call it just prebiotics in general and I've had huge results in my own use of products. And you do that because it affects you on so many different levels including feeding all the good guys in your gut. No conversation will be complete without vitamin D three. I would also add even though there isn't a study that I found vitamin A and vitamin K. Two should be taken with it and I put those together in a supplement but this is just standard. Every functional medicine. Doctor knows that this is a good thing for many different levels and I do believe that should be on your list of things to pay attention to especially if you're getting sick or after you've gotten sick and I really really like the curcumin formula that I make but you get to pick whichever acumen you want. I will caution you however curcumin that comes with Black Pepper. Extract is not good for you and you should avoid that. The reason is that Black Pepper. Extract is shown in studies to poke holes in your gut which leads bacterial toxins called lipopolysaccharide. Enter you cause inflammation. The whole point is to stop inflammation and since this may be a really important hospital grade. Situation don't mess around poking holes in your gut lining using black pepper extract. Of course I don't use that in my formula at all. So there's your top three there if you could throw some Boswell e and there you're probably GonNa like it and anything else from that list. Good good good all right. What are the things you could do? That might increase your levels of. I L six. Well hate to tell you. I've been saying this in everyone of my posts about run a virus if you're eating fried stuff and you have lots of sugar. It is going to increase inflammation and I L six. Eating foods that are high in glycemic index are not going to be good for you either. Other things Chronic insomnia is going to be a big issue and this is something I dealt with for a long time. I would just be really tired during the day. President liked to sleep partly because I slept like crap because I lived in toxic mold environment. Well you need to fix your sleep so good about early. Wear glasses yes. I started a company called True Dark. I'm GonNa tell you wear glasses if they improve your sleep. Quality doubled my deep sleep when I put on my true darks and miserable my ring and I'm happy to say you may have zero results from that but given what a here. I think that's a really good idea. Likewise melatonin supplementation. If you need it we also know that overtraining or long endurance training is not good for al six because well that's how it is being fat. A smoking drinking alcohol being stressed for all sorts of reasons in environmental reasons family reasons temperature reasons too much stress as a bad thing. Also if you've been exposed or are being exposed to toxic mold your risk of getting any disease goes through the roof including this one and your odds of fighting off. Go down so if you're doing toxic mold you gotta do something about that. The best thing you can do is get out if you can't afford to get out air filters fixing the leaks. Don't disturb the mold. Look at my company called home biotic which has been around for five years that has a twenty nine dollar probiotic you spray around your house. It's not gonNA fix toxic mold. It just eats toxic mold as its fuel source and is shown to prevent it from growing. But seriously if you're trying to fight off a virus and you're in a multi house like get out. Stay with a friend do what you can do. It is not the time to fight mold and a virus on on two fronts super important for you one of the interesting things that came across. And looking what inhibits. I'll six is calorie restriction. I E fasting. This is really controversial during the crown of ours because of course there are no studies about any of this. I'm just looking at what happens with L. Six and I don't think you want to be too fasted going into a stress state so if you're fast enough that it's increasing any stress on the body it might be too much and you might want to just short intermittent fast rather than multi-day fast. And if you're going to be flying your super tired you worked out. Maybe have breakfast day just a little bit more kind to yourself Because yes it's good to be in Ketosis because anti-inflammatory effect however there are studies that show that having some carbohydrates some glucose present is good to fight off the virus infection but having glucose president is bad if you have a bacterial infection and would oftentimes happens with viruses. Is you start with a virus infection? Which means having some glucose and some Keaton's president might be good idea but then as soon as it kicks over to the pneumonia bacteria type of infection. Then cutting the CARBS and being Justin ketosis would be the best strategy. So like I said caloric restriction there is a study and I think there's a lot we don't know about that goodness is. There are several studies supporting low level. Light Therapy You know that I'm a huge fan of that. One of the early voices in the movement around using led's lasers for health not for the opposite of that you'll also like knowing that. Broccoli sprouts or sulfurophane are shown to inhibit. I L six which is a good thing I wrote about those in head strong as something. That could be particularly helpful. Another thing that I do that a lot of people don't know about even I wrote about it in superhuman is somebody called Maulana sites stimulating hormone or mash or Molyneaux Tan. And this is really interesting stuff because it actually does reduce inflammation especially autoimmune type of things it also gives you a Tan without very much son so I take it for its autoimmune purposes and because based on headstrong research I believe that having extra melanin inside your eyes inside your brain can have cognitive and biochemical effects but regardless. I don't mind having a Nice Tan without a lot of work so a little bit of injectable Miss Which is a peptide is probably a good idea at something that certainly I do although like. I said nothing on this list is tested for corona virus. Specifically this is hey ma something. Maybe Corona virus is spiking. I'll six what would I do to manage that inflammation so I don't get the inflammatory cytokines storm? This is just straight up hacking it. Another one of my favourite supplements of all time that could be beneficial. Here would be drum. Roll Testosterone is testosterone can inhibit inflammation as well. Some of these studies are talking about l. six in animals But Hey we're talking about what would you do if you had to hack a problem likely to work versus what is proven hundred percent to work There is a study on mice about lysine. Which is the primary amino acid in Collagen being beneficial I definitely think that's worth doing Brahma Lane Which is a digestive enzyme. That comes from fruit is also something that is probably worth your time although you might consider Sarah days. Even though there isn't a study for that I think it's likely to work better another thing that could be beneficial. That is actually in superhuman. Is called low dose naltrexone which is a general anti inflammatory. That could have I also specific. Inhibitory EFFECTS ARE ALPHA LIPOIC. Acid is another really common one that people take for detoxing metals and for supporting the liver. I definitely think that's we're taking. I'd take that stuff every day. Just in case there is evidence that asked his anthon which is in. My formula is good at inhibiting inflammation and it does that by improving human neutrophils one of my favorite herbs of all time is Rosemary. We grow so much of it. In my garden here and in Rosemary Opines Nicole rose moronic acid and it actually regulates inflammatory cytokine production at least in tests where they're inducing inflammation using cadmium and there are other things that show that Rosemary is good for you on many different levels. You can actually take rosemary extract capsules or eat a lot of rosemary. I actually do both. I think it's really worth your time. Did you that as some? You don't have allergies or things like that if I was going to be hospitalized or I was very very ill and working on fighting things so that I could get stronger. Really you have to talk about L. Glue mean elgood mean can reduce. I'll six directly at least in mice and probably does it in humans and it makes me feel better really fast. There is nothing that will throw you out of ketosis faster than ugly demean. Except for a twinkie. So just recognize that. If you're saying why did McKee tones? Drop if I- gloomy that's why but that's okay. Have some brain octane. You'll stop some keystones present but for healing the gut and reducing Sider kind spread if it was me and I was in a hospital and I was getting us out of town storm. I'd be looking to get my twenty grams of good. I mean knowing that there are no studies whatsoever. Buck run virus in any of the things I talked about. This is what I would do to affect something that might kill me whether or not it's caused by virus and this is the difference in biohacking if you do five things on this list. Are you likely to be better than average or worse than average? Only you can decide that. That's up to you but I think this is really really really worth paying attention to so think about it. It's not that hard to do. This and I waited understand. This isn't a complete list. There are probably many more things. We haven't talked about pulse electromagnet. There might be studies on that. But look you're not helpless and you can make yourself stronger. You can make yourself more resilient and you can do that today. You can put down the cookie but done the bat oils don't have so much. Sugar don't have grains if you're smoking. This is your wake-up call. Smokers have a much higher chance of dying. This is why so many people in China died because smoking is rampant. There so you gotTa Stop. And if we're talking about smoking pot you gotTa stop that too. You can eat it instead. They think probably isn't a good idea. And if you're drinking alcohol just stop for a few months. It's worth it and while you're at work on all these other inflammatories had kind things and then if and when you do get grown virus maybe this'll make you better than average. That's my hope. If you like this check it out on Dave asprey DOT COM. I'll post the whole list for you. Bulletproof radio was created in this hosted by Dave asprey executive producer Darcy. Himes PODCAST Assistant Bev. Hamson PODCAST FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES. Only statements and views expressed on this podcast or not medical advice. Podcast including Dave Aspirin. The producers disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information contained herein. Opinions of guests are their own in this podcast. Not Endorser Accept Responsibility. Statements made by guests because podcast is not make any representations warranties about guests qualifications credibility individuals on this podcast may have a direct or indirect financial interest in products and services referred to herein. If you think you have a medical problem Consulta licensed physician. Podcast is owned by bulletproof media.

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The Top Foods to Supercharge Your Brain Health

Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit

21:47 min | 2 years ago

The Top Foods to Supercharge Your Brain Health

"Everyone droop road here host of the broken ring podcast and we're doing something fun for you. Today we have a special mini episode all about food and our brain function and how do the foods that we eat impact our cognition and the function of the brain. We're gonna dive into that with a little bit of a compilation episode which is a few clips clips from our top podcast on this subject and to kick us off. We're gonna start with the word from my dear friend from the u._k. Dr rupee on your brain is really the powerhouse and the the housing the trillions of neurosciences the different connections nations you have for the warring of of unions that essentially is the mechanism by which we produce emotions and the mechanism by which we are moving the fact. I'm coordinating my hands right. Now is all because of the brain and we really really appreciate the beauty of about brains when something goes wrong when we have some like a stroke or maybe you have brain fog or maybe we have inexplicable fatigue which i see a lot. It's these days and i think our brains are under fire and they've been under fire for a number of years now and that's why we're seeing rising rates have cognitive dysfunction unction rising rates have strokes rising rates of of vascular disease and dementia unusual jentzsch problems and i'm not saying can be explained by food but food is a huge huge component uh when you look at a western lifestyles and you look at the associations between what we're putting into our bodies and what's actually being shown to everyone. It's droop road again. Every time we eat. We have a chance to boost our brain function the decisions we make each and every day like what we eat how much we sleep and how how often we move for all steps that can dramatically shift the health of our brain for the better in this mini episode. I speak with dr rupee osceola max veer dr ranjan chatterjee and dr david pro mutter about the empowered approach to supporting the brain starting with food food. I let's continue to listen in with my interview with my good friend filmmaker and author of genius foods max louviere where we dig deep into to what foods can help your brain drive like dark leafy greens extra virgin olive oil and my favorite good old ex. No you know you have a new york times bestseller congratulations by the way called genius foods and you talk about foods that have such an important impact that are well researched. That's what i love about. Your work that you cite is that you bring in a journalistic approach because your background is in journalism and you talk about all the scientists shows a strong case and in some cases other foods that we think are very healthy that maybe the evidence is not. The evidence is counterintuitive which i'm going to get back to the second so let's just go through a couple all these. Let's talk about three of these foods here that people would be surprised to know that this food is a brain health food yeah so first of all i mean with the book genius foods i really we wanna strip away the bs destroy dogma and really picked the foods that are packed with the kinds of nutrients that we know that your brain needs not only to who survive the modern world but to thrive we want to give the the kinds of nutrients kinds of antioxidants that are really gonna help your brain fend off against the insults dude you too toxin exposure the modern world where confronted with more toxins than ever before in human history and i kind of use toxins as as as <hes> to cast a wide net i mean this could <hes> describe anything from the industrial grain and seed oils that we over consume today the canola oil corn oil soybean oil these oils those are toxic but then all the way down to the the refined processed carbohydrates that now make up sixty percent of our of the calories that we intake so these foods that i highlight right if you can go to the supermarket and just buy them on a loop you're gonna be doing your rain a huge favor so three of them i would say <hes> you know for one definitely dark leafy greens so my favorite spinach kale and ruge what i try to do every single day as i try to eat what i call a large fatty salad and i'm usually focusing focusing on those three greens <hes> rush university research has found that people who do this consume a large bowl of dark leafy greens everyday have brains that look up to eleven years younger on on scans so i mean you want to have more youthful brain. Eat dark leafy greens <hes> i'm usually <hes> dousing those greens in extra virgin olive oil and i'll tell you wii extra virgin olive oil. I consider to be a genius food in its own right <hes> because it's rich in first of all it's a very favourable fatty acid profile so so in terms of the kind of oil that we wanna consumer liberally we can look too many different types of studies to confirm that extra virgin olive oil is really beneficial we can look at the population level and we can see that people who tend to consume more extra virgin olive oil have better health. They've got better cardiovascular health. They've got better. <hes> brain health fe even can and lose weight. We can look taking a step down <hes> to randomized control trials. You know there was the premed trial. The pre med trial was a very large population long-term about six years is what it spanned <hes> trial where they took <hes> groups of people and they put them on either low fat diets or mediterranean diets sides which already higher in fat and they supplemented those two mediterranean groups with either more nuts or more extra virgin olive oil and they found that when consuming up to a liter per week and actually improve the health outcomes of these people the pretty much start study was actually recently reanalysed because there were some flaws ause in the random association and the methodology but even after the reanalysis of the trial they found the results were the same and so very good evidence. A lot of people were surprised because as as you mentioned up to a leader of wheat yes a lot. It's a large quantity yeah. That's large quantity. I mean we now know thankfully that fat doesn't make you fat even though the two unfortunately have the same word word but extra virgin olive oil you know it's the polyphenyls in the oil aside from the fatty acid ratio of monounsaturated fat to <hes> saturated fat. It's it's very favorable from that standpoint but it also contains plant compounds that are profoundly anti inflammatory so inflammation is the cornerstone of all modern disease pretty much and extra virgin olive oil is one of these foods that has a very strong anti inflammatory effect on the body and then we can look to animal studies so we can see from all these these different types of studies that extra virgin olive oils very beneficial and when we throw it on that salad it actually helps to make some of the most important <hes> compounds in the greens more bioavailable so it's a total synergy drew. It's like one of these cases in biology where one plus one equals five so when you're making your fatty salad with the dark greens do you just literally throw like build the salad force right. Yes sometimes people who are new today's and they're just listening to podcasts magic you dumping a bowl of rubella and then pouring olive oil on top and you had other things to walk us through your process. Yeah i mean i can tell oh you about that. I had today so i threw in equal parts kale spinach and a ruge so counts miniature great spinach and kale both amazing sources of dietary fibre for magnesium which is critically important to help your body repair against d._n._a. Damage and create energy for you but ruge is special because it's one one of the top dietary sources of plant nitrates which are really important for healthy blood vessel function so this is really important for sexual function. I mean we all want that blood flow. You talked about that earlier a bit you know that actually erectile dysfunction is a very early sign of cardiovascular disease <hes> and it's just sort of under recognized sign fine but also your brain relies on healthy blood flow as well and one single high nitrate meal actually might boost cognitive function it boosts blood flow to the brain and it works actually by providing the precursors to nitric oxide in your blood vessels which helped to sort of act like a vasodilator this sort of like open up your capillaries and push new blood blood and nutrients to your brain <hes> so i take those dark leafy greens put them in a bowl <hes> today i threw some beets <hes> which are also so again great source of nitrate helping with that blood flow <hes> some raw sunflower seeds very delicious <hes> for texture. I like to have fun fun with it. Thrown some bell peppers bell peppers actually rich in <hes> ludi lin <hes> which has been shown to to in animal models to prevent brain aging <hes> and then all throw in my extra virgin olive oil. Maybe protein like an egg or some chopped up <hes> grilled chicken <hes> extra-virgin olive oil a big fan of <hes> apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar salt pepper. We know that pepper <hes> enhances the bio activity of certain plant compounds like curcumin found in tumor so it doesn't take stretch of the imagination to <hes> you know theorized that that's going to have a similar effect in the polyphenyls found in dark leafy greens so oh. It's a little bio hack that i use. I want to definitely always add that black pepper into my salad with some salt and i'm also a big fan of nutritional nutritional yeast so i'll throw some nutritional yeast in there which gives it sort of like a cheesy texture. Even though it's a dairy free product. It's actually a flavor enhancer so it gives gives my salad like a really savory flavor. I think actually salt and nutritional yeast and these kinds of things that add sort of a savory bite into our foods are sort of like a very under appreciated benefit of adding more salt to your food if you if you're listening and you have children and and you're scratching your head trying to figure out how to get your kids to eat more vegetables use salt liberally salting on a bad guy we sometimes forget that sodium is a nutrient and we need it for good health so making that salad acidic with vinegar salty and savory and there's a lot of layers and that's what adds to the flavor ever for the richness and i'm sure every day it's not the same salad you kind of very this very that there are no rules there on our real sometimes all in the cell that i had today. I used apple cider vinegar. Sometimes i'll use as paul samec vinegar. Sometimes i'll leave out nutritional yeast. The right combination of oils a few key spices is literally a game changer. Yeah i mean that's what mcdonald's and always people know. They use very unhealthy things to hijacker tastebuds now they know that they can take iceberg lettuce which has no flavor and put the most addictive were salad dressing on. There and people will eat it up. Yeah we can create our own version of that. If we know the tools that are available. It's also i think really interesting to to keep in mind line that some of the most healthy plant compounds have a bitter taste and they're bitter because plants generate them as a means of discouraging smaller animals from consuming them right but actually these plans have what's called a hormetic effect on our body <hes> so they're bitter. They're i guess mildly toxic at the cellular cellular right level but we're so robust <hes> as a species that you know they don't actually have a negative effect on us they in essence 'cause our bodies to up regulate the production one of our own antioxidant compounds and so it's one of the reasons why these plans are actually so good for us all plant foods from coffee to ca- akao all contain an abundance of these bitter polyphenol compounds and some of the <hes> plants that are that are most bitter are the most good for us for that reasons so look at <hes> herbs you know a lot of people kind of shy away from putting herbs into salads because of their strong flavor but they're actually some of the most concentrated entreated sources of these polyphenyls so go to town throw parsley cilantro. I mean there's no you know these add a major. Did your health kick and by throwing in the oil and the black pepper. You're really giving your body a powerful health jolt when you add like herbs and other bitter compounds into your salad that's great so we talked about dark green leafy vegetables and of course a little bit of olive oil and black pepper and a few other things inside of their. What's another genius food that you can break down for us. Yeah i would say eggs. I'm definitely a big fan of eggs. We now know drew and you know dr is talked about in his books that for the vast majority of people l. dietary cholesterol has no effect on risk for heart disease and break down of course doctor has written a book called e. pack at thin done some education broken brain but for people that are new or or need a little <hes> revisit on that help us understand that really breakdown so you're saying like the cholesterol that when we go into a doctor's office and they measure our cholesterol you john roth untold like oh go into egg yolk omelette or stay away from this or stay away from grass fed beef for these things you're saying those things don't have a connection so right help us understand the vast majority of of cholesterol that you have in circulation in your body is actually produced by your liver so your liver produces about four egg yolks worth of cholesterol every single day. Your brain produces cholesterol. It's called de novo cholesterol synthesis. Your brain is twenty five percent twenty. Five percent of the cholesterol that is found in your body is located in your brain in cholesterol's a hormone that every one of our cells uses exactly without cholesterol. We'd be dead so let's start there. So the the the whole notion that cholesterols demonic dietary compound on that somehow we should avoid is not true. I mean we evolved consuming cholesterol. There's no doubt about about that and we now know that people people that for the vast majority of people consume dietary cholesterol doesn't have an impact on the circulating cholesterol that you have in your body and i say the vast majority because in biology there are always exceptions so one thing that i talk about in my book genius. Foods is the fact that there's no such thing as a one size fits all diet. I mean we could argue that. There's a one size fits. Most i diet but every everybody's different at the end of the day and so there are people that are hyper absorbers and so i just want to be really clear that <hes> you know these are recommendations that her that for most of the people listening to this podcast you know feel free to eat the yolk. It's not going to have any impact on your circulating cholesterol and in fact egg folks are nature's multivitamin there. The benefits of consuming jobs by far for most people are going to outweigh any potential risk because egg yolks are packed with choline. They're packed with vitamin b twelve. They're packed with keratin lloyd's that help protect your eyes and your brain against aging lateen and zeaxanthin <hes>. There's even an anti inflammatory compound that was recently identified called jokin in the oaks so <hes> f- y'all have a myriad of a really healthy things and you know from an evolutionary standpoint. It totally makes sense because when an embryo is developing the first structure to assemble is the nervous system which includes the brain so egg yolk is literally host marked by nature church contain all of the ingredients required to grow a healthy embryonic brain and nervous system. A poor diet affects our brain in more ways than one what we influences everything from our mood our ability to focus our memory and i've got my good friend dr rung and chatterjee and i discussed the power of eating the right kinds of fats like d._h._a. To boost cognition when we talk about brain health amiga three rich food in particular fatty fish is a critical food for overall health including brain health. You know a lot of our brain is made up of fats right and a lot of that. Fact is what we call the h. A. d. h. is a kind of a meager three and the best source of d._h._a. Is fatty fish and there's some really good studies showing now that actually actually the levels of amiga three in our diets and you can actually measure this and your blood's the levels of serum amiga three and your blood's whites is is correlated with increased brain activity but let's think about that with literally saying the food that we are choosing directly impacts our brain rain right so very much i think all of us are proponents of things that wild salmon and anchovies and sardines and he talking about cost cost cost because that's a big issue for people these days why sardines anchovies supermarket you can get them fairly deeply. Kantar deans dr hammonds favorite salad that he talks about in the series is that he takes avocado some dark leafy greens. You know cuts up a few vegetables. Maybe some bell l. pepper some cucumbers and literally will open up a can of sardines wild caught so cheap you can order it online through websites like thrive market or get it at traderjoes dumb. Come sit in a little bit ball stomach vinegar little bit of olive oil sea salt pepper salad quicker than driving yeah fifteen minutes spending. You know dollars on fast food. It's quicker it's faster it tastes better and it's actually good freeway a chronic degenerative conditions the number one cause death planet the proactive steps we take today can safeguard ourselves against cognitive decline klein and neurological diseases besides our diet. There is another very important piece for brain health exercise. I explore this topic in my interview with board certified neurologist and four-time new york times bestselling author dr david the next thing that is certainly very very powerful in terms of brain health and it means you have to buy you've got. There's something very specific that i want your listeners to go out and buy it's called a new pair of sneakers or athletic shoes. Call them what you want. The people have to get up and move why because study after study that he has demonstrated a very strong correlation between sedentary meaning not moving and alzheimer's risk win. We want to look at those retrospective studies. It's very compelling but now there have actually been interventional studies done one by dr erickson collaborative aberdeen group <hes> at a u._c._l._a. With the university of pittsburgh demonstrating in a one year period of time to groups of individuals were randomized will one long group was randomized into two groups. One group got a stretching program to do every day. The other group got him more aerobic program to do every day new measured three things they measured their blood level of certain chemical that we'll talk about in a moment called b d n._f. Which increases the growth of brain cells they measured the actual size is of their brains memory center and they actually measured their memory function and what did they find across the board those individuals who did some stretching aging but nothing really demanding had smaller memory centers lower levels of this important chemical for the brain called d. and f. and and also on m._r._i. Scanning their memory centers shrunk during that one year period in contrast to those people who simply did aerobic exercise <music> who had better memory function higher levels of beady enough and their hippocampus. The memory processing center in the brain actually increased in size why why might that be what's mystery the n._f. Is increased individuals who engage in physical exercise very straightforward beedi n._f. Stimulates a process called neurogenesis meaning. The growth of new brain cells specifically in the brain's memory center called the hippocampus so it it all fits together. If you cut your carbs eat more fat and get some physical exercise very regularly. I would say six times a week minimum twenty minutes. Get your heart rate up when you're already on a program that is absolutely going to help reduce and quite dramatically your risk for a disease for which there is no treatment called alzheimer's so you know this is the message that is not patentable. No one can own it. No one can put it into a pill and make billions of dollars selling it and yet this is a message that you know. The general public really isn't getting you know when you watch the evening news you see advertisements for an alzheimer's pill or something made from jellyfish who knows what like that's supposed to be your answer where people have the answer already. They just need to put this into play. Hi everyone it's drew again. What you choose to put on your plate is one of the most important the health interventions you can bake food not only affects our likeliness of disease but it also can lengthen our lives change our mood and even affect the expression of our dna by approaching disease with a holistic perspective of which food is very much a vital part. We can tackle the root cause of disease and truly live well. We can change our destiny the making better choices today. Thank you so much for tuning into this minneapolis sort of brokering podcasts and i'd love to hear what you thought about. It hit me up on instagram. I i d- h._r. Drew you are h. I. t. and send me your feedback wishing you a beautiful <music>.

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Black Mirror Striking Vipers Review

Black Mirror Friday

46:59 min | 2 years ago

Black Mirror Striking Vipers Review

"Hey, everybody. It's time for black mirror season, five. Are you excited? Well, tune in to hear what we think about the very first episode of season. Five striking by. Hey, everyone. I'm shannon. And I'm fater. Oh, welcome to black mirror Friday and we're kind of excited because Shannon and I started this podcast because we loved black mirror. We'd love present. Tense black mirror, and we've been going episode by episode not necessarily in order. Because as you probably know, black mirror is an anthology show in each episode is kind of a standalone. So we've been jumping around a lot, but we are excited because it is time for the official start of season. Five, we did have Bander snatch released last December which I bender snatch was kind of a standalone movie, right? Yes. Yes, I agree. I would agree. Yes. So it didn't really necessarily fit into a season. So Netflix dropped on June fifth the three episodes. We don't know if they are the first three or the only three four season five black mirror, and okay, let me just. Give you a few caveats, first of all, normally when we go through each episode we've watched it at least twice. Yeah. I only watched this once have a yeah. Oh, yeah. Just once. So this is going to be different. I think first season, five discussion because we wanna get these episodes out and discuss them in a timely manner. So not yet we're probably not going to watch, although maybe I might watch the other ones twice, because I think I've only watched one episode so far. But I think we're going to watch the other ones right away. And then by the time we podcast them in the next two weeks. I may watch them again. We'll see. Okay. So to Shannon's point. She's only seen the first episode of season. Five I've only seen the first episode of season five, so I can't really talk about it the way it might relate or juxtaposed with the other episodes. But I did want to just cut a say this is a spoiler free statement, right here that I did read somewhere online, where someone said while the level of quality among the three episodes, diverges gr. Greatly one of them at an overstuffed seventy minutes. I think that might be the Miley Cyrus one is occasionally unwatchable all three commendably keep technology on the fringes of their stories. So I don't know if they're saying that's a good thing because it's on the fringe and not at the forefront. Yeah. A lot to say about that. Yeah, I do too. But they also say that black mirror season, five understands the show is at its best not when highlighting new technology. But when exploring how technology affects the human experience and the ways in which the addictive nature of certain tech could ultimately tears apart. And I do think that, that is the heart of black mirror and has been for years, and why we love it so much. But there is a line that you do straddle and I think this one straddles, and I have to disagree, I have to disagree with whoever wrote those statements that you just read, first of all, just say, I don't know, spoilers, I've only seen the first episode. But my son is seen all three and I've read some reviews of the first episode some people have said, the first is the best of the three strike is, is the best of all three, which kind of worries me son said, the Miley. Cyrus. Iras was the best of all three so, you know, but none of them he loved and. Okay. You know, I, I am. I will let me start out by saying that I am not very optimistic at this point. Well let me just say when I watched season four I didn't love any of the episodes when I watched it. Okay. And now there are some that I absolutely love and that I actually can't wait to cover again. So with that task him with blonde. Yes, it does it does it has to sink in so with that said, we're going to dive in to season, five episode one, it is called striking vipers as we've already said, and this will be a spoiler filled discussion. We don't usually say that with our other podcast episodes, because it's kind of implied, but since this is brand new, we're just going to tell you that we've seen it, and we're going to talk about it, we hope you've watched it, too, so that you can maybe even join in the discussion. So shall we start with a synopsis now? Go ahead. Okay. Go ahead. Guys. I think I need to get a job writing synopses because every time I read, one I'm like, what the hell this is what I am says to estranged college friends reunite in later life triggering a series of events that could alter their lives forever. I'll say, yeah. Yeah. I mean, that was like, yeah, yeah. And I didn't for sure. What you call them estranged. I wouldn't. Call them strange today. Worse strange to me implies that you've kind of something happened in a well, I just feel like they touch that will that would be a strange. Really? Okay. Man. I don't know the definition of a strange. I think I think that's what it means. I think you just kind of like, yeah, yeah. Because normally you hear like he was estranged from his wife. And it sounds more like sinister. Right. Right. Yeah. I think they just just kind of drifted apart and hadn't been kept in touch. But all right. Well, we've already talked a little bit. I think we've dropped some hints in our intro. There about how we feel about this episode. But what did you think overall? I mean, I definitely want to go through it because my feelings changed through the, the episode. But by the time I got to the end here was my feeling will. That was weird. Okay. I would say that was my overall. My overall thought that was weird. Okay. Okay. What did you think my overall thought was just very disappointed? I was very disappointed. And I just basically my husband and I said that kind of sucked and I'm pretty disappointed for black mirror. It. I didn't think it sucked. A definitely wasn't my favorite and we'll give our overall recommendation as to whether or not you should watch this at the end, although it's kind of weird because if you're listening to it, you probably already have watch right now that I think about it, but. Yeah. It was it was. I was like, okay that's where we're going with this one eight, listen, it gave you a lot of food for thought did it not. Okay. All right. I, I don't know about a lot of food for thought. I think there are other episode definitely some food, but but, but a little, I guess, I mean, okay, there is one interesting conversation that my husband and I had out of this. So there are a lot. There are a lot that we can have. All right. Let's, let's talk about the character the characters. Yes. So the characters it opens with three characters. Danny Carl in THEO, and Theo's the, the woman, and Danny, so they're all roommates, right? That's the impression I get there. All roommates and Danny and THEO or kind of thing kind of a couple. And they didn't all seem young to me that opening sequence. So, so I was kind of confused like, oh, wait, what? So they're all young. I guess they're college roommates or whatever. And, and then the story picks up like fifteen years, eleven years later, eleven I don't think they were in college, I think that I got the impression that Danny and Carl were roommates and THEO was the, you know, getting pretty. Serious girlfriend at that. So I, I kinda thought they were in their mid twenties at that. You're right. You're right says eleven years later, and then Danny said, I gotta get up and go to work in the morning. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. That makes more sense than right? So it's eleven years later and. Danny and THEO have a baby, and they have this nice suburban life, and she's throwing him a birthday party. And everyone's over for a barbecue and Karl shows up surprisingly and Danny surprised to see him. We're gonna talk about the actual actors. Right. I'm starting to run off already because I know let's not this. So okay, let's talk about the actor so Danny I think is probably the most notable one Anthony Mackie who plays falcon in the avenger series. And I see that you have a note that he was in altered carbon. Yeah, I actually don't know of season two of altered carbon is out yet. It's dated twenty nineteen and I am okay? And I think I don't think it is. I believe he plays the guy now like the new sleeve the new sleeve. Okay. Yes. And he was also, if anyone is interested in a really, really bad movie on Netflix called I o. Oh, yes. Not to be confused with the titan. Both are our names of moons, and both are pretty bad. I am almost ready to give this episode of black mirror, a titan rating. Honestly. That's, that's how upset I was all right. Well, let's go on to Carl Carl was played by a dual Mateen, the second and he is black Manta in aqua, man. So kind of like the main villain and I knew I kept looking at him. And I'm like I've seen him before seen him before I feel like I've seen him in a lot of things, but he didn't really do much other than aquaman. Okay. I'm glad you mentioned what black Manta is an aquaman because I did not see that. So he was the main villain. Yes. Okay. Yes. Then we've got THEO is played by Nicole Bihari. I believe it's pronounced. And she was abbey in sleepy hollow the TV series, which I did not see, but she was in that show for several seasons. So she must have been a main character. Otherwise, I'd never watch that show. Now. There were two other characters that you didn't call out and I started looking. Oh my God. That's why she looks familiar. So we'll get into this. But if you've seen the episode you already know that, that Danny and Carl play this game called striking vipers, which kinda reminds me of, like I dunno street fighters. Yeah, yeah. Right. And, and Karl becomes this video game character called rock set who's played by I'm gonna say it. Wrong palm clementine half gun is that name familiar to, you know, so she plays mantis in the guardians of the galaxy mood no way. Okay. Yes. And as soon as I was like that, where I know that she shouldn't even look for me, I think, because of all the costuming and the wig, and everything she didn't look for me to me, so. Well, you know what she didn't look familiar to me. Either till I saw that name. I'm like, where do I know that name from? Oh my God. That's mantis. And then Danny becomes this. Might I say, super steadily hot fighter named Lance who's played by an actor named Ludi Lin and Ludi Lin, because you saw aquaman. Maybe you know play captain Merck. It doesn't sound familiar ring. A bell to me. All right, look. He's apparently a popular actor in both Hollywood and in China. And he also played the black Power Ranger, not black as in skin color black as in the uniform. So who's the black Power Ranger in the latest any kind of look, he kind of seems like a Power Ranger. He just has the I. Sure, yeah. Yeah. I thought they did a great job of bringing these video game character select done before we get into video games. Let's, let's dive into the story a little bit. Yeah. So I started saying before before we talked about the characters that, you know, they're having this birthday party and surprise Karl shows up, and he gives Danny birthday present. It's a virtual reality. Add on for his, you know, video game system and a game called striking vipers ten. So he's like, you know you gotta play. And then, you know, Danny seems a little hesitant like maybe he's not really into that anymore. And you can kind of, at that point kind of see that there are different places in life. Right. You know, Danny frankly, seem pretty miserable. And I was like, dude. What is your problem? You that's a pretty awesome house. And. Before I forget, I meant to look up where they filmed this episode. Oh, because it did it not seem it seemed like it was Europe or something. Did it seem like that to you? You think so? No, I didn't really get. It was like very kind of dark and industrial and I don't know. I thought it looked weird. I'm gonna find out while you're talking. All right. Cool. Well, so I thought this moved really slowly in the beginning of spent a ton of time, you know, they had the first scene where they were younger than this, skipped ahead, eleven years. And they spent a lot of time like on the birthday parties seen him grilling hamburgers. And I'm like, okay, first of all this looks like present day. I don't see any. And that's how I felt I'm like where where the electric car right? There's no technology that indicated this would be in the future. It looked completely normal, and I was like what is going on? I'm getting bored. So finally, his wife goes to bed, and he puts in the video game. And they. Enter the VR world, and I'm like all right, here we go. Now, I just want to say I'm going to say a little bit more later about Sanjin apparel. But that little node that they put on their temple to enter the VR that looked very much like the same thing they used in Sanjin apparel. Right. You know, it's funny, I did get a very sad, Pero vibe just from just from the very first moment. I don't know. I just did. It just had that vibe, too, by the way that later, they filmed, this whole episode in Sao Paulo, Brazil o Brasil, look there you go. Brazil no interest in going there. So they're in this VR world playing the game. And again, like they spent a lot of time fighting, you know that there, I just felt like the whole beginning was like twenty minutes of what the hell's happening. So the beginning, the beginning was slow. But let's think about it. Okay. They had to have this setup. They had to have the very beginning to show us that Danny and THEO. Had this spicy romantic beginning, and that Danny and Carl liked to play video games. That was all setup and we kind of needed that, then we flash forward and Danny is just fucking miserable. And I don't really know why he's miserable. He's got he clearly at, at first I wasn't even sure if that was the same woman because her hair associated looks different, right? Yeah. So he married. Theo has a nice house has a kid. He's thirty eight and I'm sorry. I'm well past thirty eight and I just want to say thirty eight a no big thing. I mean he's like well my knee. I mean they made them act like he sixty eight yes. Yes, he was clearly, not thriving in his life, so. Yeah. Yeah. And you know they become these characters in the game, and they're fighting, and all of a sudden, Carl slash Roxie, kisses, Danny slash Lance and the game. Yes, and Danny kind of freaks out and rejects him at first and these. Exit game and he gets out. But he goes back to play the next night. And the first thing is they're talking. They played all cool there. Luckily, I was really drunk last night. You know whatever then they literally five seconds later get into the game. Start the game and immediately start making out like hot and heavy. So these are the problems. I have with this. First of all, the whole beginning that was so slow. They could have spent more time telling us about, Danny, and Carl's relationship like we don't have any kind of character development about what they bend through in their lives other than that they used to be friends. You know, that was really bothering me. Like, we don't know if I when I went back and thought about it. There was only one small hint. I had, there was a point one in the same when they were younger where they were sitting on the couch playing the video games and THEO comes out and she's like you guys woke me up. You need to shut up and Carl kind of, like, you know, starts ribbing Danny kind of jumps on. Top of them in humping him a little bit. He's making fun of him. So I was like well was that kind of meant to be a little signal that he was attracted to him? See, I don't think so at all, and I felt like we had enough character development because we saw that, that Carl was dating some hot young twenty something year old and we see the scene where they go out to dinner and he's like, oh, yeah, it looks like Rodman, and she's like, who write. He's like Dennis Rodman. So you know what I feel like they did a good job of showing that Danny has this nice settled life. But he feels maybe unsatisfied, and I don't even think he knows. He's unsatisfied. He's just he's missing something. And then we see Carl who has the excitement that Danny probably thinks he's missing. And he's an it's feeling empty for him. Yeah. Okay. I, I mean, I think the characters individually you get a little bit of an idea. But though you're saying the relationship between the two of them, right? And. But I don't think that really matters. I, I. Well, yeah, because we, we really have to decide is this about sex, or is this about a relationship when they go into the game? Okay. I guess that's the question that will we will explore, you know, is it about them being dissatisfied in real life or is it about their relationship? I. Both, you know, a little bit of both a little bit of both. Yeah. Yeah. Well, okay. So I think at some point they continued to meet, and we see all these different scenarios that they're having sex in the video game. And at one point in the game. One of them says to the other, like you know that what, what, what do we gay, or whatever? And, and I think it was Danny. He says this doesn't feel like a gay thing. Right. And you know, that's then I really started thinking, and this is like one conversation. You can have like, are you the gay if you're attracted to someone you know as a man, but looks like a woman you're having sex in this game. You're having the sensation of sex with a woman. Right. It's not it's not even like dude dressed up as a woman, right? And that for all intents and purposes regularly woman. Right. You know. So then you have from Carl's perspective. He's a woman and he talks a little bit in this about how he feels, you know, I don't remember his exact words, but the essence of it was that he feels more alive in this game as a woman that he ever did, and his whole life, as a man. So we don't really know if he's feeling like he's gay or if he's feeling like he's trans dizzy feel like maybe he wants to be a woman, and he can only do that in this game because of the stigma I feel like there's so there's just so many unanswered questions. So here's let me see if I can get this all out, my might be kind of a long rant. It's not a rant, but. I feel like they are more or less having a virtual affair. And I know we'll talk about this, I think it goes beyond a virtual affair because they have the same physical sensations. So I do feel like it was like they were really having an affair. But what complicates it is that Karl says, I think why Carl was so addicted to it was because he was portraying a woman, and he was able to experience sex from a woman's point of view from a like a female since sation. Right. And that was the big appeal for him. I don't think that it was that it was necessarily Danny. Although he does say later on that he tried having sex with lots of other roofing. Right. What I can't understand is why Danny never said, why don't you let me try being the woman, this time I said, oh, my God. I said that exact same. Thing I was, yes. You know, I was like waiting for that to happen after. He's telling him Carl's telling him how great it is. And how amazing it feels I'm like, well, wouldn't he want to try that? Right. Exactly. Which what was the metaphor that he said, I forget, he was, like, I don't remember either. I didn't write anything down. But. Oh, oh, he I think he said, you know, being the guy is like playing an instrument and just like the whole orchestra drought or settings. Yes. And I was like, really, I guess? I guess I'm glad to be a woman. I don't know. But yeah, I just thought like that, that to me, was the most interesting part was him being able to experience the feeling of sex as a woman and. I don't know. Well, I was getting stuck on this whole thing like, why isn't Danny? Why does it Danny? Wanna try being the woman, and like if Carl is the woman, and he's experiencing sex is that gay sex, and I kept getting hung up on all these weird things. And then I came to the conclusion that it does not matter one bit. Because what this story, I believe in. Here's my pithy. What the story is telling us is that it's promoting sexual fluidity. The point is that it doesn't matter that everybody should be able to experience sexuality any way that makes them feel fine and not label it. I believe ler sorry, right? That's me personally right now. I think I know as far as the message I feel like that is what they're trying to get across in this episode. Now, I did see some headlines as I was kind of researching this episode a little bit is that it said they did not get it, right. When it comes to the LGBTQ aspect, I didn't read the article, but I don't know how you get right? Something that doesn't really even exist. An and I think. I think if they had any issues it was probably because they felt this this affection toward each other, whether it was desire, or companionship, it felt more like desire than companionship to me. But then they said, well, let's, let's explore it is this is this really something between us. Or is it something between these characters that transport us to a different kind of space altogether? Because because Danny wasn't just a man. He was a hot sexy. Muscular Vero man. Yes. And Carl did make the you know, after Danny kind of shut him down, which he did at some point he shut him down. Like I can't do this anymore because he was becoming completely disassociated from his wife, you know, not interested in her anymore because the sex was better in the video games. So Danny shut the whole thing down. And a few year, I don't know. Maybe I think. They jumped ahead like six or seven months and seven months. Yeah. We see Theo's pregnant, and she invites Carl over for dinner just the three s and Danielle freaks out. And, you know, when Theo's in the other room, Carl is explained to Danny how he's like, dude, I tried everything, you know. And I think you said this was your favorite line. Also my favorite line is, like, I fucked, a polar bear polar bear kind of like what is wrong with me that I can't be satisfied? And he said, none of the sex, any character any gender animals. Anything never came close to the feeling that he had with Danny in. But here's you know, here's the thing. Okay. Carl was a single man. Carl was much more open, and Carl could be much more open, Danny, and they, they had not interacted in person intil that moment. Right. Right. And so, of course Danny feels very. Awkward, but Danny also as were reminded by by THEO on there. The night of their wedding anniversary is like we're in a partnership, and you made a commitment to me. So he's got this whole, so people that are going to be championing, this episode for its sexual fluidity, or, or whatever it is need to I think, remember that it's not just about satisfying, your desires in whatever way, shape or form, they come. It's about Danny saying, I want to honor my commitment, even though I have these feelings. I don't understand, and I can't explain. Right. And this brings us to the next big question, I think of the episode is, is it really an affair, if it's virtual, and you say. You know, honestly, my mind changes on this allot I at first, I was like it's not, you know, you're not actually doing anything. It's like porn. It's like having it's like having a fantasy. It's not cheating. It's not an affair. But if it's something that's affecting your psyche enough that you don't wanna be with the person you're in a committed relationship anymore. Then that's a problem. I still don't think it's a problem. But I will poor poor how to do that people. Right. I'm saying I don't think I would categorize it as cheating officially as cheating. I would categorize it as a problem, you know, something that they're that they're missing. Or maybe they shouldn't be doing or, you know, something, maybe they should be sharing with their spouse. But not infidelity. I felt like it was cheating because because if it was just let's say it was some. CGI computer generated something then to me, it would be more like interactive pornography. Which God, there would be a huge market for that. But because there was another person on the other end. Okay. So you think because it was a person and not a video game. Yes. Yes. I think that changes the dynamic it changes the dynamic interesting Andrea well before we dig in to our discussion of the end of striking by Burs. Let's just take a minute and Terry and remind you of guess what we have three other podcasts. We do we do. So let's talk about our flagship podcast stinger and that's important because that's how you'll find us everywhere online. That's where our identity comes from. We're stinger podcast everywhere, and that's because Shannon and I co host stinger, TV, and movie podcast every other week every other Tuesday we dive deep into not only what we're watching, but some hot topic of the week, whether it's the summer blockbuster movies coming out, or it's the, the hot movie of the season or the latest binge -able series on Netflix. So we would love for you to join us over there. And we'd also love you. To join our favorite place, where you can join us on Facebook where we have this awesome discussion group called TV movie discussion with stinger, and we, we have our whole community in there, where you can pop in at anytime and randomly talk about what you're watching spoilers are welcome. Because there, always somebody else, there's always somebody else watching what you're watching. Right. And if you can't remember all of those details, you can find everything in one place on the web at stinger universe dot com. Oh. And by the by if I may be so bold, if you are a huge fan of black mirror, and you're enjoying black mirror Friday. We would love for you to give us a review and or rating on apple podcasts that helps us get found and helps us connect with other black mirror fans just like give onto the ending. Okay. This ending. Well. Yeah, I hated it. Hated it so much. And I have so many, you know, I have an idea of how it should have been this. So I'm gonna go ahead. I'm gonna plow ahead with that. All right. So let's say what happened Carlin Danny decide they're going to meet in real life okay after these second birthday meeting dinner, you know, Carl is telling Danny how much he misses it and everything. And he's like, you know midnight, meet me there. So Danny Danny does meet him once more on the video game. And then he says you need to meet me in real life. You know, it was like an hour later somewhere on some street. And of course it's raining because it has to be in the rate. I, I was so annoyed with that people are just like, I'm just going to stand in the rain. Right. It doesn't matter so they get out, and they're in the middle of the street, and they're standing there and he's like Danny's like you're, you're, we're gonna kiss. We're gonna kiss him. We're going to see if this is an us thing or if it's just the game. So, and this was actually I think, well done, they had the, the whole awkwardness and you know, he's building. To it, and they didn't just kiss passionate and clearly Carl Carl's more open to it. Clearly, right. So they do kiss. And Carl was just like, Nope. I got nothing. But I sensed that Danny, maybe hesitated a little bit that he had a little bit of a feeling there. But then he was like on, on me. Neither I feel like that too, because they did they hug afterwards. They don't they hugged and they kinda showed their faces yet. Meaning like, are we really getting the truth? Right. That's what we got. That's what we got. So I'm with you there. Definitely got that impression. So then, you know, Caro's LA Danny's like, well, you know, that's it. You know there's, there's nothing here we can't do this anymore. I can't risk my, my family. My wife's pregnant with our second kid and Carl's liked it. Students burned into my head. I can't ever give it up and Danny decides he's going to try to like pound the shit out of it. I guess you know. So they get into a fistfight in the rain on the ground and the cops come, and they get arrested the next scene. You see his wife Theo's coming to pick up Carl at the police station there in the car, driving home, and she's like, do you gotta tell me what the hell's happening here and he opens his mouth to talk. Right. And we don't see any of that conversation. We see nothing. We don't get the satisfaction of those emotions. Like I feel you know what a why I didn't I didn't I didn't want to hear that conversation like, like just cringing at the awkwardness of it to be like, while I'm not really having an fit. And that's maybe that's why because the discussion we had is it really an affair. They didn't want to put that in our heads, like, here's what it is. They didn't want Danny to put the label on it because Charlie Brooker wanted us to put our own played a lot. Okay. I guess that makes that makes sense that, yes. Plus, plus. I mean, just, just imagine well, Honey, you know, Mike. Good, buddy. Carl will we've been playing video games in having virtual sex with each other. I mean, like how do you wouldn't have that conversation? I wanted more emotion from the episode, I think that's a bottom line for me. I don't feel like we got to really feel Carl or Danny's emotions because they're men. They are suppressing their emotion. I thought THEO did a great job. The night that they talked about at their wedding anniversary. I thought her emotions were so they were subdued. But I thought they were so real about, like you don't even want to touch me. And okay, we're we weren't on the same page for this episode. So I don't think so. Yeah, no, okay. Well in the very end it's his birthday again and I guess there's another party happening and you see the two little kids running around now. So it's you know, maybe the next year problem. And he said, well, it's yes. So this is the episode. Opens with his thirty eighth birthday. This is now his fortieth birthday. Okay. So, so monumental birthday. Yep. Yeah. So at the end of the night after the party's over you see THEO go up to Danny with a little box and he has a box and they exchange boxes and I was like, oh, it was like this is interesting. And what I thought was that he kind of introduced her to the game. And they both kind of we're going to be in the game together. That was my initial, that's, that's what I thought initially to then I realized that karo was going into the game and meeting Danny was going into the game meeting Carl. So then my next thought I'm having these rapid fire trying to guess what's happening. My next thought was that? All right. Well, Carlin Danny are still having this thing. I guess, you know, the this same time next year arrangement where they get together once a year or something on his birthday and maybe. Theo is playing the game with somebody, another guy, okay? You know, 'cause I really got the box thing really confused me. But then we see her take her wedding ring off. And still it still had engaged it. I actually did not even get it until it was completely over, and I was talking to my husband about it. And he's like, no. Like I thought the whole thing with her going to the bar was all virtual. It didn't really that, like I thought they agree. Oh. Because it was the exact same bar knows in, I missed that I missed that entirely because that's what I thought like the whole time I'm thinking they each separately, agreed to have their own virtual fling once a year, but she was actually going out in real life to pick up a guy, and that completely ruined everything for me. I thought that was trash so well, I guess, really what it needs is. She did see it as cheating, and he said, okay. I guess, but it's something you feel so passionate about all allow it for you. But you have to allow it for me. So one of the articles, I read said that Danny is free to strike his viper with Carl, which was funny. I liked that euphemism, he's going to strike his viper and. And THEO is free to live out her fantasy of fucking stranger. She meets at a bar, which I objected to that line because I don't think there was anything that indicated that was ever her fantasy. It was more like she was at this point in her life, were married. Life felt dull to her. And this guy is hitting on her, and she's like, no, I'm married. You know, she, she said it's about loyalty, but she did say to him on their anniversary dinner that like, you know, part of me wanted to just so I could feel some passion in something right, man. Right. So, but, but I, but I, but I think she was saying that because her husband wasn't doing anything for her point. Okay. So here's a question. Do you feel at the end of the at the end of this episode that they are just kind of living their life for show that they're kind of just keeping up appearances mill? Maybe not really in love. And this is their once a year or. Maybe more. We don't know how often they have this arrangement. Maybe it's both birthdays, how maybe it's mother's day, you know, I mean, we don't know how often they do this, so. And this is just what they do to get by. Or do you think that this is a once a year special thing that they do to maybe just keep themselves? I don't even know what words to use for this, like it just just to have filled a little bit of. Yeah. Excitement or fulfillment and the rest of the year. They still do love each other, and they still do have relationship and sex and get along. I definitely think it's the latter. I think, and I think that you can and this happens with people with affairs all the time, they want the excitement of the affair, but they still love their spouse and their family. They want both. I mean, I think a lot of people feel that way. It's just they don't necessarily act on it. Right. You know because. Yeah, I agree with that, too. And that's kind of where I was thinking the episode was leaning. Yeah. I still think they loved each other. I think they just said, we're going to allow ourselves this, this moment, this to fulfil whatever it is that, that might be missing that comes from the day to day, you know, midlife married life Taiwa. They'll have a huge problem that she went out in real life. I mean there there are so many consequences. I mean, of course I'm sure she's on birth control. But I mean you could get pregnant, you could get diseases. That's not going to happen in a virtual game. It's, it's just different to me, you and I were not right about that. They are different. I agree that they're different. Yeah. It's completely. I don't know that ruin the episode for me. I was very upset with that. But yeah, I read one review. Let's go back to what I was saying about San June apparel, because I felt as you also said, a little bit of Mirroring in this episode to me other black, mayor episode called Sanjay to payroll which we did discuss a couple of weeks ago. I'm black mirror Friday one review. I read said striking vipers is sand, Judah Pero, without the heart, and I feel like that nails it because I think that this whole episode just, you know, I know you fell differently, but I felt it just lacked, a lot of heart and emotion and character development. Well, because I do think that the, the characters in the game, Danny and Carl they were friends, but when it came to the game, it was strictly about sex. Yeah. Tells us and to payroll was different because it was way way more than that. Yes, yes, it was much more much more heart. Like they said, you know, but it also like I said it looks like the same technology, the little the little button that they kind of place on their temples technology. And, and I was I thinking, well maybe this is further into the future. So the tech has progressed to the general public and video games, and not just terminally ill, or old people. But, you know, then that whole thought fell apart because there's I think this. Episode sorely lacking in technology and that goes back to the beginning where you were saying how, you know, black mirror is at its best when it's about the people and the technologies on the fringes. And I don't really agree with that. I need a good balance of both. And I thought this was really lacking in yet. But I think what I took that statement to mean is that the technology for short is central to it. But the show has never about technology. It's about the way people re re re responded, react onto quences protect. Yeah. That's, that's kind of what I took that to me. Right. I think I just really wanted to see was something a little more advanced. You know, I just don't feel like it was futuristic enough. Here's the one thing I took issue with. And I guess if I compare it stantione apparel, maybe it doesn't bother me as much, but virtual reality when it comes to video games, that's not virtual reality because you're sitting still on the couch. You know what I mean? Normally virtue virtual reality you're up. You're moving. You've got the you know, they're all ocular devices. They've got the haptic gloves. They've got all these things that so that you feel this the simulated sensation, but you're physically moving. Yes. Yes. Like in ready player one. Did you see that movie? I did. Yeah. I mean that in on I feel that that is probably going to be the future. You know where people they're walking on treadmills. They're actually right around, you know, and they have all these devices. Well, let's this makes a really good segue into our look in the mirror segment where we talk about how future Ristic or how impending this technology rights is, is the technology. Is it here now and we don't know about it or how close are we to having this technology? In this case, we're talking about virtual reality for video games. But the way they portray it is almost, like, I guess, not even like the holiday, because you're physically move. This is all within your mind. Mind. Yes. So it is more like Sanford apparel. Yes. Yes. Okay. So, you know, I, I don't feel like in that aspect of it, it, it's it some extremely close to where we are. But this isn't that far off because a lot of this technology does exist. We know that virtual reality video games exist. You know, there's the HTC vibe Oculus rift, PlayStation, VR. It's all readily available right now. I've even tried it. I tried a it was the incredible hulk roller coaster from universal Orlando. You put the Oculus rift on my son had brought it home from work for CR shrift. Is that is that the Facebook one? The Facebook one I don't know what you mean. Facebook has their own virtual reality. I think that's oh, I don't know if baseball because involved I'm not sure might be like, you know, it's, it's like a mask that you put on, and you see and feel and I remember like actually getting nauseous, like I felt that I was on the roller coaster. But of course, there's no touch, you know, there's no touch situation there. But that actually also exists. Are you looking at the Facebook thing? I am can you tell yes it. Oculus. VR is owned by Facebook technology. Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah. And I mean, there's a lot of other companies, you know Google is in on this, you know the Google glasses and all these other things that have, you know, sort of come into the marketplace, but not fully and. What I found out was as far as the touch. That's what I was most interested in like, when are we going to be able to feel sensations like that? And there's a French company called go touch VR that created a device called the are touch the straps onto your fingertips and it applies. Varying pressure to the fingertips that correlates to what the user is seeing and touching and lifting in the virtual world. There's also a company called sense glove that enables touch in virtual reality, what, what they said, is it does it with force feedback. So you are actually restricted when you're trying to grasp an object. And with haptic feedback you get a little tactile sensation. When for example, you're touching something hard or slippery. You can kind of tell so the, the technology is is there it exists. And I'm sure if we know anything about technology over the past decade, it's going to move quickly. But it was interesting to me is that the technology is mainly being used not in games or not into fantasy world. But for training for businesses surgical training, assembly line training, aviation training, things like that, where it's extremely, costly or dangerous or even the military like sensitive to actually train in reality. So they're doing it virtually, which I think is great. You know that, that's a that's an awesome use for it. I think eventually to that they'll that they'll and I know this isn't virtual reality. Exactly. But I think they'll probably have people that this is going to sound like avatar or some other movie where you're you are. You aren't physically present somewhere, but you are operating something virtually. Do you know what I'm talking about? Yeah. I yes. Yes. Yeah. Like for space exploration, or for undersea exploration or things like that, to that definitely see that. Absolutely. Yeah. And I think you know, as I mentioned before about the movie, ready player, one that, that type of a world will someday exist, where there will be entire industries. I mean you have bitcoin already that, that, you know, what's it called something currency crypto currencies? Oh, yeah. Right. So I feel like there's going to be a scenario, not too far in the future, where people are going to be able to put on suits, full suits, and get on a treadmill and actually work, or, or engage in commerce and make money yet, my brother, when that movie came out said, oh, I can't wait for that world to come. I'm like, really? That's how my son feels too. Yeah. He's, he's. Is ready for that virtual world? Yep. I still like sunshine and trees, although God, my allergies are killing me. I get rid of those. All right. Well, let's let's do our reflection. So our reflection is you see, it's a play on that whole mirror thing. A reflection is where we rated either. A must see a good to watch or you could skip it and Shannon. I think I know what you're going to say. Yeah, this is the first so far, the first one, we've discussed that I could say you could skip it. And you know what I also think you could skip it. I think the things that warrant some interesting discussion, we've probably had them from other episodes. I think the only thing that this one really got into was that whole question about virtual sex versus real sex. And like you said that, that sexual fluidity, and frankly, I'm just not into that, as a discussion point if I'm being honest. Yeah, I didn't compare to other black mirror episodes. I don't think this one holds up on fortunately and hoping for better for the rest of season. Five. I thought it was a well done episode. I just didn't love it didn't resonate with me. So, yeah, you could skip. A so you guys that is the start of season five, but guess what we still have two more episodes that we're going to hit. What's the next one? Do we know? Gosh, I forgot the name. I don't know the names of them off the top of my head. Well, there's, there's one with tofu grace. And there's one with Miley, Cyrus Miley, Cyrus is the third okay that next week will cover the, the second one we're really good podcasters, and we're gonna tell you know that one. Yeah. That's okay. You guys love us. Already. I can feel the love through the microphone so we know you'll be back and intil. Then enjoy your you're watching, or you're benching you watch it at your own speed, and we will see you next time. Bye, everybody. Bye.

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Rosie Flores on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

Comedians Interviewing Musicians

50:26 min | 1 year ago

Rosie Flores on Comedians Interviewing Musicians

"Welcome Medians interview musicians by music firsthand the live streaming podcast on Youtube. When we talk about. Ask Musician you're listening to season. Five episode sixty one recorded on November six twenty eighteen live from the Velveeta room with host becky. Joe Neal and Zach Brooks musical guest is rosy floor but I did you know you can get exclusive access to content. Merck you own spotlight on the show and more for as little as a dollar a month. Join our community patrons that make it possible for us to showcase sign up at C. I M. Dot LoC that C. I m. Dot Com and remember to give the podcast at five star rating every rating helps. These artists get discovered by new things and now brought to you by music firsthand in their live music booking APP. Here's COMEDIANS interviewing musicians. We are here live from the Velveeta Room. Give it up yourselves for showing out everyone here at the Velveeta. And please. Don't forget your bartender Jesse patterns here but he did leave a terrifying facebook. You can't see this but he did leave a terrifying cut out of his face giant. Just a really big Pinto bean with a beard. Chilling up by the. He's just watching over us. An issue pat. Hope you're doing well But no Jesse's at the bar would be good to her. Did you have a good Halloween Zach? Did I had a phenomenal Halloween I was in la. So I went to a friend of a friend's of a friend's Halloween party and it was in like an actual castle. It was awesome. Yeah Moose great but I found out that everybody there was they all work together so they weren't trying to get that drunk but me and my friends got to drugs so it was interesting. I'm glad we don't work for that company. We'd probably be fired at point. There's birthing castle waste. That's right. That's right I often do. I get to see a castle now. It's La no but we made some magic happen. That's for sure. Yeah you guys ready to see some live music. Thank you WanNa use our guest. Yes everybody give it up for the amazingly talented Rosie Flora. Thank you this work. Is Anybody home all right? Hey It's nice to be here. The VELVEETA room has everybody doing. I'm going to do a little song off this record here. Called single rose and it's called aromatherapy cowgirl Has Strange Dreams all live. Nobody knows number twelve topic at the rattlesnake. Senate gotta read your future on Ener Romao. There will be driving down. The road feels like Heaven Rag. Top four nineteen sixty seven tumbleweeds pastor coffee at the rattlesnake real order. Sunnyside let her read your kind of Burlington Dell too late herbs fjords Jones Fan. Who already know Las Vegas Luggage on? California Do a little honky. Tonk where she uses the phone step by step girl. She's on a She's had a bad day. There's an explanation. Mercury's fault win. Retro Gracia Scorpio's rise. She's rocking the house is full. You better look for that one step to step out step Pearl. We'll see how incredible upper meditation keep it going Florence. Give it up give it up. Thank you so much for being here. I'm really APP. It's so exciting to have you because in the creeping process which is what. I had to do every week is just massively creep on the artists and find out all the things I can ask questions about. I talked to you about this when you first got here. Because I literally fan grilled about it. You're in a band with a friend of mine that I made a movie with pleasant Gaiman and you're in a band called the screaming sirens with her. Can You please tell me? I don't have time to talk about it but I would love to hear about that time of year is in La. When and when you're in the punk scene it was really fun punk rock scene in La and Hollywood the best times of my life. I have to say The greatest times of my life Is Basically I didn't have all the responsibilities I have now all had to do is get high and play music and with cute guys about it. You know so Yeah it was a pretty free life and Screaming sirens individually. Were like each of them. Were hilariously funny and Witty and So we're all the friends that hung out with us Either boyfriends or girlfriends and we just all my God just so much fun. We made ten dollars a day. We didn't make a lot of money. And we we were in this many Winnie Like little winnebago but it was. It was enough room for a five of us. And then a couple of guys and Our merchandise our gear and we just went all the way down. New York can back you know several times and we came here to Austin we played the Ritz. Do you guys remember the Ritz? I mean you guys might not be old enough to remember the Ritz but Was A punk rock club after it was a movie theater and we played there and We we spend the night in the Either on people's floors or inside the many Winnie. I personally love the mini waiting because add a punk rock clown car. Yeah I had my own pillow and blanke little thing due to make out with guys in their chanting. These boy toys. If you follow my friend on on instagram she posts like every this is my boyfriend and it would just be this gorgeous man and a cut up banned t shirts cigarette hanging out his mouth. Pleasants leg drunk like living the best life. It just made me WANNA be there so bad. It was fun. Do you have any like crazy. Memories with pleasant I wanNA tagger. It'd be like we're talking about you on a a couple of times. We used to say. Pleasant isn't yes we. We found that on a Graffiti on a wall. That was great. Whenever we get mad at her wasn't isn't or we would say pluck. You Pheasant but never series. We always like we loved her. She lived disgrace. Land Y I know I tried to clean it once. She has a pleasant as as great shot up to her book showgirls. Confessions She's a great story about like when everyone their got their first vibrator and you could like walk to the House and the whole house. The whole honestly. I've never laughed so hard at a government. Emergency amber alert goes off on the phone. Yeah the whole house. What is alert alert? Oh Damn it yeah. I'm trying to picture like how dangerous a vibrator looked in nineteen seventy nine. Oh yeah like something you needed to twice for some reason and you had a mixed oil with the gas. Can't use diesel lawnmower. You know ord how do ripcord whole thing to fall into a pit onto it? No okay so trying to find things. That weren't vibrators just moved. The people well people move everything moves in the mini Winnie. Yeah how did you go from punk to come back like you were born in San Antonio right like how did you come back to our roots? What do you mean? Come back to the roots in Austin. You mean yeah I mean like I guess. How did you go from like plan like doing the whole punk rock thing? Doing this like rockabilly. Allergists country rock mix. Okay well for one thing. Screaming sirens were kind of rockabilly. We did some kind of a rockabilly. They called US cow punk. That was an you know. Rank and file and The Hick Wade's and sirens and blood on the saddle and Texan. The horseheads it. That was kind of like a little bit of genre. It was going on at the time But I kind of felt like a lot of the punk rockers. In those days Kind of discovered rockabilly after punk rock. Like oh what kind of the roots under the brick band out look at Jane Vincent like Jane Johnson was Punk Rock Johnny cash was so punk rock. You know and I think that that kind of brought a lot of people into to the Hillbilly rockabilly movement. And then it kind of for me. It kind of you know. Then it went into country and I got signed Out of a country label in Nashville and Warner brothers and recorded a record for them and then it just kind of led to sort of country rock and just rock and roll and and then I kind of went back to my roots which is blues. Which is my new record as blues. Now so Kind of like. How the Paladins did I watch them? Do that go full circle although circle and it's just all American roots and I also Sing Jazz. I have a jazz group now. The Blue Moon Jazz Quartet. Yeah and I think that's the thread of all that is just it's American roots music and You know aging myself when I tell you this but You Know Frank Sinatra Dean Martin. Were the biggest thing when I was again. You know they. They're all that music. Ella Fitzgerald was huge star on the black and white. Tv You know. And I was just lying on the like going. I WanNa do that you now. And so. My father started recording me when I was seven. And I have those recordings and so I've been kind of a lifer and I don't know if it's good or bad because my life sucks a lot but But not when I'm on stage. That's my happy. This is my happy place. Everybody playing here. When did you start playing guitar? Like was that when? Your Dad's already recording you or is it does not but my brother Roger Florez was a really great lead guitar player and he showed me how to play lead and showed me how to do courses and bridges and write songs and he was a great mentor and But he he's not around anymore he's living as a woman now under the name. Marland very cool still and But I I was kind of the one that just took the ropes and ran with it. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA BE ALIVE FOR. I'm going to stick it out and show visits no matter what because this is the life I love but all the boys kind of went away as you get older. I think that's why I wallow in all those screaming. Sira right here. Maybe the action who've after this you've been called like one of America's top seventy five female guitar players like that that I mean watching you plays. It's truly amazing. But is there like What did you play any other instruments to you? Is it strictly Guitar Strictly Guitar? I have a piano and drums. That I mess around on I play the Ukulele so I could teach kids so I think teaching kids Ukulele. I it's much easier on their hands. Person Really hard you know. 'cause I've tried really young people on the terminal just so hard from it hurts and I started when I was fifteen and it hurt. But I didn't Care Herzog. Good Bleed yes Till the fingers bleed. I DIDN'T MIND. It and bleed. I don't know she was to Punk rock music. I can do that. Yes do another song. Give it up for Rosie Floresville Room. Thank you I'd love I'd love to You know I'm going to do a kind of a punk rock ish song that I wrote With my friend Rachel Gladstone. I ride a lot with Rachel and We met On the road when she was background singer for what was his name Shoot I'll I'll remember it in a minute but anyway Great Fiddle Player Memories Name Anyway. She's awesome we write a lot together. And here's one we wrote called. I'm little but I'm loud I'm little lab dangerous. I don't really care people's options there. Give me all you kissing them. I'm totally little again. A round just ask anybody here in town. Lift Me A. Don't turn me down. This world. Noisy plays politicians in your face. I have a choice allies. I won't apologize Rockin to unite to my rhythm to the little but I'm just asking up. Don't turn me down. I rise book crowd. She to when I'm here with you. Oh Ram ask here live down. No no PYROS. Both crowd Little Burnham. Oh Patty Libby Oh don't turn me down. No crowd little love stop. You beat your Ludi Lin. Now give us the Acoustic version there. We go also facebook. If you would like to ask questions you can always type. We read all of them and some of them are great and sometimes that we always ask them even if they aren't so bad we ask them yes. Screw it aunt whatever. Your name is asked that question. Let's do it Rosie you have had a name a date like a holiday like a rosy floors day named twice. No not twice re-recognise. Just a rumor. Oh please I did. I did get a day. August thirty first back in two thousand and six by the mayor will win and it was really exciting and joyous for me because I had been living in Nashville for about seven years and just sort of felt like I can't really make a mark in this town. You know. And so when I moved to Austin they put me on the chronicle and then named after me and so I was like this is where I belong. I need to be an awesome. This is where I could feel the love. What did you do on your day? Yeah on August thirty first. Two thousand six which was different from what I did this year. Okay but back. Then 'cause I really celebrated this year but you know in my head it's ought to hear both I wanNA. Yeah you do okay so I went to to City Hall and I sang a couple in front of City Hall and the Mayor Read My proclamation which is hanging on my wall and it says we hear five recognize Rosie Flores and grant her Rosie Flores Day for haven't read it in so long something about you know your contribution to the city by the music that you provide for all people and I was like Oh i WanNa day so bad so awesome. She might get one you know and and so they but they do recognize not only Artists they recognize that seemed like they recognize other people. That do other good things for the city. You know and But then they took me out to dinner and then we went to go see in maclagan play and we went dancing and went to bars. Yeah some issue Ian Mackie So it was a really special night and day and everything and But you know a lot of times you know through the years because that was what how many years ago two thousand six. We did. Math math I could do math mathematician. I was about to be like anyway. This last August thirty first was we made a big deal because I play at sea boys every Friday. Happy hour six thirty so it happened to fall on a Friday August thirty first so we we had a release and I like to play. I'll play My first single off my new record called drive drive drive and so that was like a single release tardy and we had party stuff in the room and we had the Rosie Flores fans because it was really hot that day you have fans fans that say those in it was just a really big party so as it should be. I probably drank too much though we should be I. It's your day. There's the birthday girl. Wasted was the other thing your own ways. Yeah Your Own Day wasted. Wyche and the White Castle White Castle wasted. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah how how? How do we how? Lean Castle waste. I think I'm white gasoline. Just getting away. So tell us about drive drive Well we me and my friend Rachel who I right. She's my I think of. Each Other is led him. Mccartney because it's so easy for us to write of unto songs but wrote this one Because we thought it'd be really cool to write a song for the girls out there. Heo that liked to take the wheel now on that. No one no one no. I'm on board plus eight NUNCA. Not Well I was down. I'm with you. I'm listening daycare songs about. It's okay all right. It's about great sex this again. No one not the not the all like some. You might just think it's about driving a really cool car and those of you are not the ones having good sex. She been some. Some people disliked to drive hot rods. And that's better than sex for you so that can be probably for the guys. I don't know I feel like there's some guys that like to have sex with cars. I'm sure there's a my strange addiction about that hot rod. Yeah Yeah Yet. No there is like there was a my strange addiction episode. That was so popular that someone started making flashlights for cards. That's a industry now. Welcome to America. You brought the scooters. Now they have scooter repairman. You get one guy on television. Who screws his truck and now we have just has the best insurance possible he says. Oh No is insurance is like dude. Get out get no Speaking of what has been like I normally hate asking this question. 'cause I feel like it's like woman to woman but like what does it mean to you. Like a lot of your work is very like female power oriented like how important is that to you. Well the fact that I'm a female is important to me. Check were that comes from. I've never really considered myself like a feminist really like I remember when when that whole thing was happening it was like you know sorta like I'm going to be tough and fight for the rights women and that could be a turnoff to guys wanted to do that. So I kinda like Sorta like I'm just GonNa rock out on my guitar and just be an example for women that you can take charge of an instrument and a band and and so I like to hope that you know I inspire other women to take charge and play lead and and you know write songs and just be out front and don't be timid and just be a background singer and and just play lead. You know I won't come on. Yes that's empowering. Now we're clapping their sexless feminist. That sounds that sounds well that I've gotten older. I think I have become a little more of feminist especially since Donald Trump pissed. It's true hope. Y'All voted today. Stop just riled me and all my girlfriends up and a lot of guys I know. Yeah now yes he now. All the guys are riled up. And that's how you that's how you pick him out. No it's a real thing it's a real thick it's true. I guess I would like you have a bunch of really cute nicknames. Like your bio on your the by. I told you my job is to creep. I'm not kidding I creeped. She's very she's very good at it. I am on my in like typing cat gift. Like that's me on the Internet. Like Nancy. Drew sluice okay. Rockabilly filly which I love and then chick with a pick which I think is offensive. Now I don't think that's thank you ted. The only one who had to me thank you. Could you could be a dental hygiene is that's true. Which is this sexy. I'm terrified of dentists but depends if rose. I suggest that. Clean your teeth. So they don't really hurt now. They're just in their their the sugar free. I can't I couldn't help myself. Okay see myself out on that one. No that's not even fair. You have new single coming out but like what was that like like done recording. What was that process like? Are you finished with that? I'm finished recording. The album covers I almost finished I started it in Nashville with Really wonderful talented. Guy Named Dave Rowe and his wonderfully talented friend. Kenny Vaughan and they had blue span in national and I was always sitting with them and like come and sit in with us. And they're like we WANNA make a blues record with you. You know and I was like okay name the time so dave built a studio. Davor built studio and we got Jimmy Lester on drums and we just went in there and in two days we cut you know eleven songs and then I sat on it for like a year because I needed to sell a painting before I could get some money to go in the studio to do overdose. And Arlyn Studios and Charlie Sexton Helped me out and we were able to finish doing all the overdose here in Austin and so that was like a year ago and We spent this last year. Two thousand eighteen trying to decide what labels going to put out A. Who's who are we going to get to put it out and You know getting the website fixed up and just kinda trying to clean up. Clean up all the leftovers so we could just be ready to have when you're GONNA have a baby. You have to paint the room for your girl. Yeah make all the sharp corner say exactly is impossible to open cabinet. Things like children's still find our way. You have to kick all the boys out. Oh dammit unplug all the dangerous vibrators. Okay wait we have the smell night. We have a note. I really hope this came. I really hope that someone in our team Google this mechanical affiliate guys who like to have sex with cars. I like that that we use the technical term but we didn't you start going back into this. This was a note it was sent. Okay it is a crime in some nations ellipses not sure about the US. Well clearly they will. I mean I guess I don't know interventions thing they probably would be like. I think you gotTa keep it in your garage but well said probably okay. That was almost as bad as sugar. Free I can't dammit Say That to a couple of guys. Keep that in your garage all slow down. Just shut the garage in their face. You need the button just goes real slow and you follow it all the way down. You've toured a lot you've obviously. They traveled all over the country. Do you have any good tour hacks for us? People who've never done that. Well you know I mean I. I don't think there's anything. Wrong with touring across the world and country. It can be very tiring so it's kind of like as long as you have some Tequila to wake you up the next day. You'll probably be alright. 'cause YOU'RE NOT GONNA get enough sleep so you can have a little shouted to kill and that's good for you and and it really. I guarantee I guarantee you. If you eat a really big meal and have a shadow at Tequila you can make it on every day. Just go full make it through. You know you got you got you know. Rise up your band there and everybody you know when you're the leader of the pack. He's gotTa keep everybody happy and keep your chickens rounded up at the same kind of faithful and Tequila over sleep so forget about that right. We're just going to challenge that On your debt. We that's Hashtag sleeping. You're dead that is the end all of this show. We're bringing back a segment. That was asked upon us by some Youtube people. My mom used to when I would call her about what my she's like. Oh who's on your show but should you should ask them this because she always thought she was better at my job than I am so she gave me a list of a couple of questions. They're very like pure and wholesome mom questions and I love them. She thinks she is like David Letterman. And that's literally her like cusp for Great. Tv show. People should reach higher. I that's what yeah so. This is my mother's attempt at Letterman. Yeah all right. These are rapid fire. You think about the. She's not watching. She's disappointed in me anyway. She she knows our money boyd. Okay so what was the favourite record of your parents favorite record your parents. Listen to that you would maybe not tell them you liked but you still liked what was what was my parents favorite record that. I did or just that they record of your parents that you also enjoyed all of them all of the first ones. I got into and memorized all the way from top to bottom. We're all the rodgers and Hammerstein and you know Hammerstein is at Hammerstein or Hammerstein. Ted Sam it you you know all the show tunes over so melodic and and I could act them out in front of the mirror and and So that you know stuff like that Moon Moon River why Mama. I loved all that stuff. I'm GONNA sit down. Write myself a letter. You know just crazy about all my parents songs that they've turned his onto and then I turned my dad onto the Beatles but I got him stoned on pot. I did he know he knew. I said I go. Hey Dad do you want to smoke a joint and this is around nine. When was that summer of Love Sixty eight sixty nine. Was it six sergeant pepper. It was sixty eight because they just had the fiftieth year anniversary right. Anyway I like I said I'm not. I'm not good with math. But so he goes awarded. You get it and I thought I was in trouble. I said you know my brother. My brother's friend. You know Paul Paul gave it to me and he went dry and so he said okay. But don't tell your mother. Yes so the beginning of every funds so and I never did tell her so anyway. I thought that was good of me. Yeah yes so anyway. We I showed him how to hold it as I said he goes. What I don't really feel much and I said see it's not that bad right. It's not dangerous and he goes. It tastes pretty good and I went to see. That's why it's popular with everybody. And so we went inside and I said I just got the brand new sergeant pepper's record you WanNa hear it and he went crazy. Forty-one the sounds really good and I said we'll see this is the most wholesome had ever heard Catholic. Nancy Reagan's see how Nancy's like no no chill. We're going to get a couple more songs when I have one more mom question for you okay. Oh eight I I got one more do one more please. One more bit about the end of that story. Was that okay. So that was the summer and every Christmas. We used to have really great parties for all my high school friends and all musicians. We'd sit around like this and play whatever and we were smoking pot in my I'm too so whispering whispering like it's you know not legal in California or something but anyway so We were smoking a Doobie in my brother's room and We had a knock on the door with my dad. And so all my friends. It was like six of us. And they're spraying the GLADE. You know it's like open the window. Hold on dad and I went and answered the door and I went. Hey Dad what's going on? He said Gimme a blast. I'm going to go do a Beatles Song That's the way I thought that was pretty. Funny I don't even think I want to ask another question now. I just want you to play more music. That was a great Linda. Mom question to be completely segment. She tried she did. That was a good one also. There was the greatest answer. I WanNa meet your. I WanNa like smoke with your dad that he's up so soon we'll do it. And how would you like to give it up again Rosie Flores? She can play a couple more songs for us. Oh do you want me to sing that song? Dr Trap Dry. Our okay do it all right. This is the blues Oh is it down. Sometimes I fiddle I just like Okay one two three Third I won't get behind the wheel and dry food and I Oh with a to the road. Turn the radio wind in my head. Man Dra wait dry up in to Ready to to the strong. I'll be rocking little. Oh and the data roll down. Engines overheated grown. Cullin gotta again. Maybe come home. Doc of nine at the break down over a got up again Status still and ready to Celera's for me and the I'm losing control So who I want to let a girl all the way thank you. Thank you very much so I do one more song right that I got an encore. Let's see anybody every request. I'm not I'm not GonNa do that till tomorrow at the Cactus cafe. I'll tell you why 'cause I I just translate these half of the lyrics to the Beatles Song couple of songs and I do not have the memorize so I will have the words in front of me tomorrow. The Gaga's but if anybody wants to come it's going to be amazing with David. Poking Emma and Guitar Carrie Rodriguez on fiddle and beautiful harmonies and Roscoe back on Bass and Michael Ramos on the piano. It's it's an amazing van so normally I'm at it's at the Cactus cafe but I'm playing Hooky from my Jazz Gig at the gallery which I play every Wednesday. Thirty so but Jasko Dan they're going to be there without me all right. So let's see. What did I think I was going to do for you is what should I do vic bass players out there? Mr Vic Gerard one of my greatest face all right. I'll I'll who did. What did you have okay? Yeah that'd be a good one. That's a good closer just a quick story this guitar. The song was written by the guy that fought my old guitar and he said this guitar is so many scars on it. I bet it's it's been in the back of trunk of a car and it's been on an airplane. I'm like yeah it has. It's been with me for a long time. He said that's a working girls guitar. Yes it is so he called me up the next thing he said you're guitars still loves you his name. This man's name is Ritchie Mints. By the way it's a great Ralph. And he said you're guitar US song and so here. It is folks Can Curls you'd played travel girls guitar girls to play signal blue here you gotta Tab Star Girl Jaw bins skies from the airline God Allah working girls. His job play sometimes take money from a chip carols and the dog dog but showers through girl goes home. Oh single she's cold and all the book. Hey what's that? Stay with the guy? That's free welcome home. They will play We played I'd sing about and the golden rule work in her twice. Ri Velvety Room Keeper Gone From Rosie Perez. We'll thank you so so so much you being air. Where can we see you upcoming? Where can we download you find on the Internet 'til facebook slash the audience where Rosie Flores Dot Com? It's my website and you can t shirts there and more cfpb some CDs up there if you WanNa take me home with you tonight. Hey Oh and can't be fun and let her drive drive debit and okay so cactus cafe tomorrow but normally every Wednesday at the Continental Gallery Blue Moon Jazz Quartet where I sing a lot of standards and then every Friday. Happy Hour That's my next. Oh Yeah cactus and then Friday were savoys every Friday six thirty eight thirty with my full band. That's pretty pretty final for her. I'll see you act. You have any show's coming up I do on November fourteenth. I'm doing my show peep show at a spider house ballroom where we Do Commentary on vintage porn. It's pretty funny. It's very yeah. It's super interesting. It's weird but it's a good time. The audiences swingers only half. Yeah you have a fifty percent chance of sitting next to a swinger. That's okay all right. Did you present chance of having a great time? Who knows what I might be at the tavern tomorrow. It hasn't been decided yet but I'm going to go see my friend Andy. C should go out and see Andy and support him at the tavern and come see some songs but also I'm just going to be at all weekend on the normal grind. So come hang out should be fun. Thank you so much again. Everyone who came out here. Give yourselves a random applause. Thank you Vida Room Rolling here support and comedy and music the double whammy. We're GONNA cut the feed and I'm still going to have access to talking to people here but please tip your bartender Jesse. She is lovely and beautiful and perfect. She is great. I would like to thank the valve again. Our sponsors we have Austin East siders and new senior manufacturing incredible inner Patriot on people. We love you so much. Thank you Give it up again. Rosie Florida facebook night. All right so head over to dot to get your bonus videos photos. Merchan- more remember to give the podcast. Five-star every rating helps these artists get discovered by new things. All the videos past podcasts. At Music Firsthand potluck. Thanks for listening.

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Generosity Is the Reason for the Season (Hour 3)

The Dave Ramsey Show

40:39 min | 1 year ago

Generosity Is the Reason for the Season (Hour 3)

"They live from the headquarters of Ramsey solutions broadcasting dollar car rental studios. It's the Dave Ramsey show with nat dom casual skiing and the paid off. Home Mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice. Well he's Merry Christmas to you American the phone number if you WanNa talk his triple eight eight two five five two two five. That's triple eight eight two five five five two to five. When I was a little kid like most families are family went through a rough patch? Lots of families do that. One eight different for us wasn't any nobody. Did anything wrong. Just tough financial period in our family's history when I was a little kid and I was always a math nerd and always a little business nerd always trying to figure out a way to make money I just somehow was. I'm wired that way I've always been able to make money Always been on making more than my peers my whole life. I mean twelve years old. I'm cutting twenty seven yards Keeping a male you know I mean. That's a nerd right there. You know no doubt about it but I had a goal. I'd get out the service merchandise for the sears catalog and cut out a picture. Something I was saving four so it gives me something to a reason to to drive towards a goal and I remember when we went through that rough patch on Sunday. I want to be a millionaire. Because I thought if you're a millionaire you wouldn't have rough patches not not financially anyway and I remember thinking that ten twelve eight ten twelve years old thirteen fourteen fifteen years old. I graduated from college when I was twenty. Thirty two and A year too late start buying and selling real estate and I became a millionaire by the time I was twenty six ended up losing it. All most of you know that story because I was stupid. Bitten went deeply in debt. And I had to go bankrupt at twenty eight. I'm fifty nine now. So that was thirty one years ago that we went bankrupt and had to start over but I do remember distinctly the goal shifted because when I Not only only when it went bankrupt but then when I started building wealth again I thought well you know been a millionaire once. I knew I could do it. I knew I could do it. You know once you're in the bike in order does and so As I was approaching months second million miles second time around I remember distinctly. We thinking this is kind of boring. This is attainable. I think I want to give away a million dollars only get enough money that I can give away million dollars and then I did that several times over and not bragging. It's just the stuff we teach here. Works is the point of the story. If you live like no one else later you can live and give like no one else. And then the go kinda shifted and I said you know what some day I hope. Someday I would really liked to get financially into a position that I give away a million dollars in one day fun would that be. That's a cool goal and today our team nine hundred and some odd of us For their Christmas present all got a thousand dollars each and we put them on seventeen buses and we drove grove to the local mall. The mall opened up early for us. Because when you bring a million dollars to the mall they will open it for you. Think and they will. They will get a good deals in there too for your team. They'll do all kinds of stuff for you. They were very nice to us. They're very nice and we surprised our team this morning in a team meeting and and told him that that was going on and that we'd hit ahead our company goal of serving three million people this year and That our Christmas present this year's going to be a thousand dollar spending envelope for each one of them at the local mall. And then we had you know we've got a local Baptist Children's home in the area here that works works with at risk kids orphans and kids in the In need of adoption Kids in the foster care system. They work in that and they've got on-staff staff social workers have got house. Parents do everything so we were able to give those guys some money and give them some money to spend on the kids each of those house parents as six or eight kids and we give them some money to do that and we were able to bless a family that had the came down Jazz Dr Gaza today did their debt. Free scream on the stage In front of our whole team came and gave them some money and we put all of these people on the bus and we went to The local mall and it all totaled and and we had other giveaway giveaway at the mall drawings and other stuff and the whole package was well over million dollars and so I got to have that experience more actually went. Wow that just happened. I just gave away a million dollars dollars and one day. Not Blow your freaking mind that God would allow you to do that blows my mind I mean. I'm a kid from any Tennessee. Honestly I don't know how that happens. I do know how it happens but I I. It's God's blessings as a lot of hard work and those two things together stirred together And this whole idea that giving is absolutely one of the most fun things you'll ever do with money outrageous generosity and we're always trying to get you guys to say outrageous generosity is your goal because it it truly is is the most fun you'll ever have with money. It's the best thing to do with the blessings that God gives us to know that you are blessed for one reason that you might be a blessing. You're a conduit undo it. You are not a cistern that stores and you do store you do invest you do save you. Do hold old money to be able to do things like this Because the income off of the investments will allow you to do things like this and Allow we do a lot of giving and always done a lot of giving. There are a family foundation and that's got a lot of Zeros on it but I never in one day gave away dollars before and it it was a it was a surreal experience. You guys it really was a trip now. I know you guys are big time people in you a lot more money in that. And you're like Oh Dave you're you know you're just dumping your own chest. I'm really not it was just it was a I'm sixty years old. y'All on almost almost and so it's been a long time coming for one thing but To get say these kids that are foster kids and orphans and the parents that are taking care of them in there at risk kids coming out of some of these homes that are really messed up and they need a place to rest for a while and til some of the toxicity blows up their home and they can get set up and get back home You know for to to be able to pour money substantial money into those situations for those kids and for those people who serve in those kids and into our team. Who serves you guys all year long and does it with excellence? And does it with zest and exuberance and Just a cool thing that God allowed today And the only reason I share it is not to brag on us or something like that for sure and and not even to Brag on God the reason I share it is to encourage you to say you know. Maybe you ought to write down a goal like that. Maybe that'll be like one of your bucket list things Because you never know I mean if you grind and you hustle and you work and you Grahn hustling you work and you keep your hand held open instead of a tight clenched fist. Maybe someday you'll give away ten million dollars in one day. I don't know I might. I might live near new goal now now that I did this. That'd be pretty cool. I was fond today. I'll tell you that those are fun. Day a really really fun day I just WANNA encourage. It'd be outrageously generous as the reason for the season. This is the Dave Ramsey show. Uh Dental insurance is great if somebody else is paying for it but if you're footing the bill one one. Dental dot com is a much better way from my listeners. One dental dot com is a discount membership that gets you unlimited lower rates At the dentist not just for cleanings but even dentures implants root canals braces. And more. Whether you're getting a plan for yourself your family or your business one. Dental antle DOT COM is the way to go visit one dental dot com today and learn how you can see the dentist on a budget. That's one dental dot com. Tom Coming up in the bottom of the hour Ramsey personality. Ken Coleman will join US number one bestselling author of the book the proximity principle and host of the Ken Coleman show broadcast asked and podcast all over American radio stations on series exam and a very popular podcast. And I'll be talking about careers and helping you think through your career choices. What you're doing where you're going questions about job hunting all that kind of stuff You can jump in now if you WANNA Talked again at the bottom of the hour. The phone number is triple eight. Eight two five five two two five. That's triple eight eight two five five. Two two to five Brandon and Elena are with us in Phoenix. And I see on my screen. You guys are debt free. Congratulations thanks Dave. Thank Q.. Cool how much have you paid off. Four hundred and twenty one thousand one hundred ninety four dollars all right I love it. And how long did this take fifty nine months. Wow and your range of income during that time started at about a hundred and ended well currently at one forty pretty cool. What do y'all do for a living? I'm a computer programmer and I'm a stay at home. Mom Cool okay. So what was the four hundred and twenty two thousand in debt a lot of everything. We had a 401K. Loan car loan credit cards student loans and three mortgages. You paid right off your house. Yes we did hell the weird people I love it wait ago. So how much of the four twenty two was house mortgage inch mortgages. Well the our house that were currently in was one thirty five is what it started at. And then we had to rental properties mm-hmm that range they were one of them was two hundred and the other one was about ninety and when we sold those we basically Siklie made that back okay so you that helped get rid of some of the debt then but not all of it. That's for sure. And and then you from there plowed through this and basically you've been on a five-year journey. Oh Yeah so tell me the story what started this. Well go back a little over. Five years ago we had to rental properties with the mortgages and one of our attendance decided to move out on us so we were stuck with an extra house payment that we couldn't afford to make and so we decided to sell that house and we we were never really on the same page financially. Anyway Elaine always took care of the bills and always spent the money. I don't know if you know anybody else is like that. But that's pretty much how it was here So that was kind of a point of contention so we realized when we that extra house payment we needed something to change because it wasn't going to work the way it was and we had both listen to you on the radio but never really talked about it so when Brandon finally mentioned. Hey we have you heard of this Dave Ramsey guy. I jumped on board right away and so we went out and bought the book the total money makeover over and both of us read it within a couple of days and we got Gazelle intents and started paying everything off and building up our savings. Wow very cool. So how long did it take you to get it out of consumer debt before you started on the mortgage well when we sold the first rental that kind of took care of most of that and then we were stuck with the other rental told that we were way underwater and so that's where we really Spent most of our focus. Okay so you get upside down and then you sold it as where are you to get right side up and then you sold it as well. We were upside down in that thing. Seventy or eighty thousand dollars. Okay all right now. Your current residents is paid off as well. All right. Yes what is it worth about three fifty. Wow how old are you too. I am forty six and I'm thirty nine and you'll uh-huh paid for house right in five years ago. You're upside down in rentals and deeply in debt and broke a bluer. I mean you completely Leila turned this around. I'm so proud of Y'all thank you very well done. Thank you. So who are your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you Well my my folks kind of made fun of us at first until they realized. Hey these guys actually know what they're doing and so they actually got on the plane and their debt free now and so is my sister. Wow yeah so it was kind of a whole family thing. We all worked together. Okay so you turn the doubters into followers. Yup I like it. That's cool and so. What are the cheerleaders? Did you have Well my parents. Of course I mean they've been debt free for a while and so and they've always taught me to stay out of debt and so they were cheering us on as well and you know our friends friends from church somewhat and we have lots of people in our corner very cool. Good good how does it feel to have no payments. Not Even House payment mm-hmm. I I will tell you that. The the the stress and the you know the the feeling of weight on your back for you know 'cause I I'm the breadwinner in the family and the weight of having that debt it was crushing. It was it hurt. I mean like physically. My my health wasn't good and it. It was just not a good situation. I'm telling you what the the joy you feel from not having that weight on your shoulders. It's so hard to describe. Wow It really is special and so I mean I'm watching. The Youtube Channel is an feed in front of me and it looks like they're putting pictures of your family. So you guys really did. Take your shoes often walk into the backyard when you paid off the mortgage family wanted to feel their bare feet in the grass you. That is so awesome. I love it. That's a great picture. That's the one you frame beside the paid off mortgage and put it in the hallway. Exactly yeah very cool even the dogs out there. That's awesome. Yeah Yeah Wow. That's very cool guys very cool so when someone says wow you paid off your house. That's impressive how did you do do that. What do you tell them? Actual keys to getting out of debt are for me the biggest thing that we had to do with the United. I mean it didn't work you so for one of US trying to bail out the drowning ship with the other one. Add more to it so once we were united and working together and had our goals in common. I think get made all the difference. I I would say it. You have to be mad. You have to get really really really upset with your situation and want to change it. I can remember. Elena told me when we had those two mortgages she said. You can't buy lunch today and I said what are you talking about. I have a six figure income. I should be able to buy ninety nine cent Burger and she goes. We don't have ninety nine cents I was I was livid I was like this is insane and so I think you have after be upset enough to and we'll and willing to change your life to make it happen now. You know. There's something that happens when you finally you say I've had it. And that is that requires a level of righteous anger. It's not rage. It's just like I'm done. Yeah that that that thing. This is ridiculous Vicki Lewis. I'm tired I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of that thing happens. It's a real thing. Yeah you're right. You can't manufacture it and yet you it doesn't require that you'd be a crisis to get there you can just you can manufactured in the sense that you look at it then. You just become disgusted with the situation. Yeah very cool very cool you guys. Congratulations were very proud of you. Here I can tell you that. We've got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you every day millionaires. That is the the next chapter in your story for sure. That's where you're headed. So very well done brandon and Elena Phoenix Arizona. Four hundred twenty two thousand dollars paid off in fifty nine months making one hundred to one forty including selling off a couple of rentals and paying off their home mortgage. They're officially awared. There are one hundred percent dad free. Count it down. Let's Syra debt free. Scream three two one the microphone Outta the foul baby. I love. That is how it's done right there now. You know why you do that right. You know why you get out of debt because when you're forty six years old if you just invest a house payment alone what they used to pay in house payment if they just put that mutual funds from forty six to sixty six. It's millions of dollars. Wow that's why you get out of debt. This is the Dave Ramsey show. mm-hmm Christians have an affordable incredible way to meet their overwhelming healthcare costs it's Christian healthcare ministries. The original health health cost sharing ministry a better business. Bureau accredited organization C. H. M. members share to pay each other's medical bills. It's not insurance. It's Christians financially and spiritually supporting each other. It's what she has done for over thirty five years learn more at C. H. Ministries Dot. Org that's the H.. Ministries DOT ORG Christian healthcare ministries is a proud sponsor of Dave Ramsey. Live events and joining me this half hour answering your career questions Ramsey personality number one bestselling author Ken. Coleman is the weather's bestselling author of the book of the proximity principle and host of the Ken Coleman show which is an hour every day on Sirius. Xm On about forty radio radio stations and a very popular podcast as well so you can talk to anytime you want but you certainly got him right here for the next thirty minutes or so the phone phone number triple eight eight two five five two two five so let me ask you something I was thinking about an didn't you're not in talk about this for you. Got On the air so I'm GONNA catch. Oh I I love this. Let me just catch you okay. So I was talking with A leader in another organization about twenty four forty eight hours ago ago and they were asking me You know do you have a lot of turnover in December and I said No. We have these outrageous giffin Russian Christmas parties. They'll wait till January right. Well that's the truth. Yeah you Moron if you leave this organization in December you're you got a real. Well you know real thing going so but but but we do have We always do have and it's I joke about it being around the Christmas party that kind of but we do have turnover in January. It do you feel like and what the guys who was asking me was he said. Do you feel like recruiters are busy. During the month of December interviewing and hiring for January starts because people do a lot of You know they don't wait till January to to make their career not to have their new year. You know to have the reset they read. They know January's coming so in the name of that they go interview and a lot of hiring is done in December was was are anecdotal supposition. Have you seen any numbers on that. I don't have any fresh fresh data on that but That is absolutely true and the read. There's two there's two reasons. One is a psychological reason in that people are more willing to make a switch which with a new year coming because this idea of the old is going out and here comes a New Year and this is my chance to make a difference. And so we've got this unique nick thing here Dave with that factor being play that we still have a three point four percent unemployment rate in the United States. Right now right now we basically glean negative unemployment right which means we have more jobs available in the United States right now that we have people who are unemployed it is a job seekers market. I've been talking about that for a year on the Ken Coleman Show. It hasn't changed new article I just shared from. CNBC DOT com yesterday on my show which says generation Z.. Which is twenty two twenty four year? Olds that are in the in the workforce. Now behind the millennials. They're actually getting paid more than the millennial counterparts because employers are so desperate to fill the holes. We've got a really unique environment so to answer your question. You've got people who say psychologically I'm more willing to make a change at the end of one year and starting in year and start a new chapter in my life that's going on number two. We have our current job reality work. Employers are desperate and they're paying above market value which is making in the market value. Go Up and then. The third factor is there are a lot of companies. I don't know at Ramsey solutions is you can speak to this but a lot of companies do have traditional fiscal counter that it matches up with the Year the Januaries. There started their fiscal year. So what you have is a lot of employers are going. Hey We want to get people on board and starting first of the year so you've got a combination but I don't think that it's you know anything more than just those three factors But I do think interesting thing. We were what he and I were talking about was a lot of people in a lot of businesses in December. Allow the team coach no question. I coached not the HR team the recruiting and hiring team know their game on they are. It's like a hot season for them that it's open season and let's talk about independent recruiters right who are trying to find people for account this is. It's hot Caesar on right now. There's no question because a lot of companies cocktail parties Christmas parties and going home early correct. You know sugar high and everything else. And they're just tap but during their job that's right but they're critters gotta became on right now and leaders need to be game on and if your leaders need became own and if you're looking for a job you better be this. Is this a sweet time. This is the time to to go to Kim. COMA DOT COM and change resume. Make a look like nobody else's resume. This is the time to put your tone the water again folks. I just shared this article If Gen Z.. By the way here's the annual pay raise right. Now it's it's about Three percent is the annual pay raise that companies in in the United States are giving workers on an annual basis Gen Z.. is getting six percent and the reason is look for these younger workers who aren't making as much money but who can do the job and this is capitalism one and so right now if you're a young person if you're middle age and you're going I'm too old. No you're not you've got skills Gills and you've got experience and probably high character now is the time to say our free agent bars more. Yes Sir and they they will pay you more because they need the whole. Fill the absolutely. We're seeing that everywhere. Brad is whether in Kentucky Brad your question for Ken Coleman. Hey guys how are you better than we are. What's up Good so I am Currently in an account Lancero for a healthcare staffing company it and logically the next move for me would be to kind of a manager of account management roles. But that's not necessarily something I'm interested in doing Don The management around the hotel before it was kind of a miserable Lifestyle so I'm curious what's What's a similar or the Ludi Lin slash position. That would be would be similar to what I'm Abou- or something or not on call. Twenty four seven. Yeah sure well you provide me the list okay not and again. I'm not worried about industry. I want you to describe in as few words as possible. The functions chance that you do during the day because we're looking for a parallel role and a potential different industry. Let's just summarize what you enjoy doing in this account manager all what does that look like like during the day. And what are you really enjoy. What gives you the juice? It's A lot of problem solving A little bit of sales involved A little a bit of recruiting high kick started with this company so I'd say those three times just interacting with With clients and the general public is. This is one of the strong seats. Okay so I heard problem solving sales in recruiting. I don't think there's a position unless you're running your own company that involves all three of of those every day so if you had to pick just for fun I'm taking you somewhere. Which one of those functions or would you rank those three? How would you rank them? I'd say more recruiting Probably problem solving okay to be the right kind of selling the right kind of cruising is problem solving. That's right and so my question is what problems do you most get fired up about solving Do you like solving people's problems. Meaning putting people in the right seat on the right bus they get you fired up because that essentially what recruiting is and by the way solving a massive problems dave and I were talking about earlier sure things like that and also solving the problem but you know make the most profit for You know for the hospital itself and the agency our core as well. Okay but see those are those are two you different things so what you said. was you enjoyed if you had to. Rank them you said recruiting was one and then one a not very far behind that as problem solving and it sounds to me. You like the problems you like to solve are more operational problems. Not Customer Service customer facing problems in my right or wrong correct okay events so. Let's just simplify this because a lot of people listening in the same boat you said. How do I figure out a position that maybe a different Field and the answer is simply this right down what you love to do. Every day when it comes to Problem Solving Hague I WANNA be on the back in I WANNA be a part of systems and processes some people issues issues that are part of those processes and systems that affect the customer that also affect the employees. If you dig those kind of problems just write it out with a pencil and paper might have absolutely doing nothing with healthcare. No in fact here's could be in healthcare and a better company better culture could be in technology could be in a true sales company could be manufacturing and you factoring. That's what I like about guys like Brad Dave. I want them to see that. Hey this role this process set. I can do that in a lot of places. And he's extremely valuable. Hang on Brad. Copy kipnes book the proximity principle to help you play through on this brother. Thank you for calling in Ken Coleman Ramsey personality with me this half hour answering during your career questions open phones triple eight eight two five five two two five. This is the Dave Ramsey show our scripture that James to eighteen but someone will say you have faith and I have worked. Show me your faith apart from your works and I will show you my faith by my works. Rich Divall said few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push a smile. A world of optimism and hope a you can do it when things are tough the ability to speak life into someone. Ken Coleman Ramsey Personality Number One bestselling author. Does that every day on the Ken Coleman Show and has a lot of ways to help you with us this hour. We're answering your questions on career. Your questions on jobs open phones at triple eight eight to five five to five. David is in Georgia. David Your question for Ken. Hi Ken I have a question so I I've been working as a contractor for the last thirty one years and I have an opportunity opportunity to move into a corporate position with the same company. But it's GONNA be for less money so I'm trying to decide. How Am I? Keep my foot on the gas Working in my position Asia. Now tell me why you're even asking me this question. I mean you've been with them for thirty one years. We're talking about some real longevity there and now they're offering you the corporate position Russian. which pays you less? There's gotta be something your mind where you're thinking. There might be some good reason to do it. Tell me what that is. Well I think that the really than I think it is. I think I really enjoy the position. the disadvantage for me is I'm kind of a southern boy and it's it's it's GonNa require move to another state. Yeah but that's not I would never take that as a factor unless it ruins your marriage so is that a is that going to be a problem with leaving Tennessee. Well that's as you as a guy who's GonNa give advice. I'm GonNa tell you right now. I think you'll regret that assuming this is really the opportunity you think it is and I can hear something can you. What's not is it doing the same job you're doing now? I would actually be teaching people how to do my job. Basically and you really intrigued by that aren't you. It's so I tried it out for the week to see how how life would be working in a building because obviously the contractor now about and so I actually embrace that life that week that lifestyle. Actually I kind of liked the change and I liked teaching the newcomers on how to how to how to do things so so all of that I enjoyed. It's just a matter of financially win. When do I take my foot off the gas and say okay? Fifty two and I transitioned into you. Know the next phase of life do can you take. Can you actually afford to take a pay cut and in part to that question is does this. Is this a temporary pay cut that it would eventually turn into a ladder. We'd make the same or more or is it kept. Its not cap but I don't think it would ever be more. You can do it financially. Can you make the move at fifty two and do this I I I think we can. What show who's we? WHO's the we in this situation situation and I what is what's your have you talked to your wife about this? Oh of course. And he's very supportive. She's very supportive. She's like if we stay. We stay but if we are we go. She thinks that you know what I do now. Currently is it's very physical. It's a very busy job so I'm trying to forecast down down the future wise. What is going to be kinda epithets move along jeopardy and I really feel like taking the corporate position at less? Pay Now much less. Pay Sixty thousand thousand-year WHOA yikes no. I'm GonNa tell you right now. No and here's why. I believe that you can find something very similar to what this position is. That doesn't give you that kind of pay cut. I think you're looking at something and you're letting your fear of the future dictate this decision as this is the only the opportunity to change gears and it's not the only opportunity I'm GonNa tell you. Hold tight begin to look up now. Here's the great news. You're in the most important stage of living the dream in your really clear on what you WanNa do and why you want to do it. That's Great News David. Now here's is the deal start looking everywhere. Look around. Stay in the south. I don't care where you look. The point is what are the positions available to you. That would allow you to do the kind of work. You've just sample not love by the way that he took a week and tried it out. Very few people actually stick their tone water long enough to get some information and clarify unverified. I've already what are you making now. I mean an average an average year. It'd be like to twenty so the sixties not show from two twenty eighty to one sixty. Yeah all right and what field is kind of like an an engineering field. A what engineering engineering. Yeah Okay and what. What state are they talking about? Moving you to Missouri. Okay all right and so the other and I'm so grateful that both of you were here for this question question because the other thing that that's part of the equation is for like you know retirement purposes. My wife and I have done are what we feel is a really good job. We've got about nine hundred and twenty thousand L. dollars saved up in our retirement accounts right now Yeah so you're millionaires. Yeah good yeah. So it's it's like that's that's where the temptation is to kind. Take my foot off the gas. Hold on though David David let me ask you this. If I heard you correctly you're want to move into a position where you're centrally training others to do what you do. Now yes correct. I just think that doesn't pay more well. First of all you're in the engineering field. Just think Missouri is like the one of the worst the options this particular option in Missouri. I I mean yeah. I'm sorry I didn't mean the state I'm saying. This particular option which is in Missouri is not the only option fact. I don't even think it's anywhere near. You're the best option for you to start going. How can I take my experience and my skill set and transferred into a roller? I'm instructing guiding hiding teaching other engineers. How valuable is that in the world of engineering throughout the entire country? I guess my point is I do a lot more research and find a lot more opportunities. I turned myself over honestly to a recruiter in the engineering field and go. Hey I'm interested in this kind of gig helped me figure out what's out there. They're motivated to find you options David and you're not committing. You know the other thing you could open a school doing that yourself in Georgia very interesting idea and just Do It on the side and build it up. Yep Keep make it to twenty for a couple more years. He's not miserably fifty two. You're going to hold. The point. Is he could become a vendor to hire him and they pay him a per head yeah and he might end up making a whole lot more Running a school. Yeah doing the teaching. Yeah then he would just becoming a corporate. What's your illustrating is there are options here? And he's taking this one thing and he's like do I do what do I do. And it's like this is not the ones no reason to take a sixty thousand dollar pay. I I'm with you. I think we look for other option. Yeah and sit tight where you are You don't want to move to that. Yeah he said he was one of his fears anyway. He he doesn't WANNA move. And there's there's too many things in the negative column. I don't like yeah I'm with you. I'm with you good stuff so can when people are one of the things I noticed the other day we were doing some stuff in staff meeting and one of the letters of someone had written you an email. They'd written on the success that they had gone into your resume guide and they changed. The resume made him stand out on a job. They applied to four different time. Yeah and then when the chase a resume they ended up and they and they use the process that use the proximity principle contact with someone inside. Which is the company that they knew put their name on the top of the resume? Resume templates that you use. Yeah and it got them the job. Yeah and the GAUSS Presi said working or not this right. That's right well. It's very simple what we've done on our resume when by the way folks that can come dot com it now has the actual template word formations free and it's going to spit out your finished resume resume all you gotTa do is Type Your Info in and hit the print button and you're ready to go to. Here's why it works we flip resume most resumes All look about about the same factors probably two billion resume templates online. Well we do. Is We flip it to what's most important and we lead off with who you know and this requires that you find some some connection to somebody in that building two things happen when you use our resume guide and the template by leading with who you know first of all. It's a very different. We we know from many. Hr Studies Dave that the average hiring manager spends six to sixty seconds looking at a resume. So it is nothing more than a brochure. Sure they're not going deep they just want to know Is this person interested enough to call. That's why a resume works. George gave me your name and George works down here and I know Georgia walk by everyday and talk doctor. How many give this person across? Let's give them a look and get you out of stock. Yeah by the way on that Guy Dave. We walk in through step by step by step what to do. The resume guide the interview guide. The interview follow up guide. I get hired guides their free downloadable at Ken Coleman Dot Com and you can join can on Sirius. XM and read is number one bestselling selling book the proximity principle. All the stuff you need. Thanks for dropping by. Can't thanks for having me Dave. That puts this hour Dave Ramsey show in the books. Merry Christmas to you America. Thanks to James Childs. Our producer. Kelly Daniel Associate producer and phone screener. We'll be back with you before you know it. In the meantime remember their ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily in with the Prince of peace. Christ Jesus This is james childs producer of the Dave Ramsey. Show but you know you can. Now listen to the Dave Ramsey show on Pandora and spotify for all the ways to watch and listen. Check out our show page at Daveramsey DOT com slash. Show if you're looking for fun and practical ways to save money in your everyday life you need to check out the Rachel cruze show a podcast from money expert and my daughter. Rachel Cruze Bruce. Hey guys it's Rachel cruze and I'm so excited to tell you about high podcast. A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck. They're in debt. They don't even know where to begin but they have. This need. This wants want to get in control of their money. And if you you have come to the right spot so in each episode and get a ton of inspiration and practical advice if not subscribe to the Rachel Cruze Show podcast. Make sure you do it today. You're more from the Ramsey network including the Rachel cruze show wherever you listen to podcasts rush. Hey It's james producer of the Dave Ramsey show. This episode is over but check the episode notes for links to products and services. You've heard about during this episode. Thanks for listening.

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And to get it at newsday that can i do for so much money but newburgh new up any button me dhammika from what's a mondaypartly cutting me but what to Let ya. I don't do too young which i'm about to present as you do that to some baba. Don't do so what to do during the refurbish. Believe cup bottled oh. I don't agree with me about issue. I loop wearing blue so not the pickup mcadoo at i did britain. Buso hardtop pacelle Some little napkin ordinary. Could you don king key for up bro. Hit me begin london area role as me. Begin roszak there became up here but the angry. What do allow to do wrong idea. Is that one that orrin a job la lori for be kellyanne bloom. Sony is but to us but to hatch so sad to benita cup as as well de strike versatile. so johnnie. benny game. Benny benny any large. Many years ago my ask was include. Run so i didn't some got let the poodle hajira's one we must alone. But did bruce handy. Doing some scarring on one hundred to to really do so okay. Daybreak editor geneen lulu. Get addicted to get started. Get get dilemma to Get by a few getler coachella. So it's an attack this little dear second mythology below the do is naby salah did it. It's a cup What anita harrowing young up just what. He is a cup Moment going. I mean gobert utah. I put the incumbent to get selected. Him up almost doubled. Us what he knew by need. Need if we're going through la la so young men tweeden idea judea cannabis or w the picayune In serbian gains over gaba. Tobacco is a keen Subtle subtlety sat tacoma beatles tacoma gun i saw nothing eventuality. Did he get so fed up more than upon so billion. Let the team bill by not cut. I didn't do and by jello yet. nabis needy. then what do Just these guys. Do they move. They did very wise then Fairy what were we doing but you get you get you. Get the win the puzzle on a little kid a letter. That do jim get in this community bill. From what kito this unity as did assuming temple temple lab even disney checkup But a bit like a morning gene can even new mexico so after. Dvd's do that. By ordering some muslim barbie. But tony simone so did assume which. I'm a monk. I sing and by the what is was la but was la domain mean. Nothing can be naked. Additionally you got. I think andy the cat jebel. Newt guajira do. Dm do why you down while you down so yeon. Did they young candidates to on low. I don't debility ticketed iowa so did a company on get we've got seen media object. Do you can expect anything. You can expect anything a Jedi oblivion will literacy jubilee. Do i think you on is debated mme ghada between bill to do but follow the horn. The who did a kid ada to be so belichick up a letter go you when louis c. jibril salam the. It crowd dismissed the elec leader. Diggity sometimes typically extra extra suffocating. Golly marula beside mikkel at the hallowed hannukah. I mean isla. Equal buco a calm but but la dinger menu boot number. Two an can come on. Get to cut new seal. There is a gopal dara. A suitable i he d- was wobble akron. But jila then to more laying happen more Goupil digging scientists david. I'm do which. I went on a lot though what to do. Beat what to do Pity ising daddy. Gang activity but took loa by. Maybe don't work and domoling and yemen deeply going into your billing billing naby adela when lucy jebron elise salem. So the turano. Dona among giggle giggle but india. New second round about the budget up here. So let's get level yanni bouli. Peggy cottman newman bookstore. My pneumonic debacle jerry. Latonya sierra nevada consumer technology so because he related a mongan is three. Though is the khadija appear coveting kalija. What to little more do demo dearly. Twenty plus years ago but cut deal now but could nickens within and it didn't really so it up on of time young than none. Gandhi lasted the the details of indiana. So is get each level now. Buca by sponging. That could monday was a canoe specifically been deploying bilingual to meet our though so until canal lybia belongs gala and abby again not beating today did not being condemned nanny. Did that did that. People can night. What are young. Which i'm do of course data feelings new remind the people do. Pse done get it up. Genetic eh are winding. We couldn't imagine the greatest mended but number did concoct tunin young banana. But if you want to up ponente bucket. You might lose my losing article so muhammad ebony abdellah ability to idea my city. I mean a young police. Saying what dicky rela abdul totally that today my net thing to to we are both separately. I will let me say dina alea. Y'all rob putting india young Scoop relax it is within this woody. Young young young moslem blue nicotine ordered rick very zito but i at bloomberg and ticket a step. new eight appear among sticker tiki. To get you word people with indian idiot in you watch. I'll throw me with so is pretty nice up me to descendants i don zone as a me. Galaxy densely is decendants niche came from maybe ibrahim israel receipt. Everybody is my so did tiny visitor. Zoom diploma need independent. Sue cooper coleman. The record i and he then thank you sir. Everybody dealer decided on a to dig a disability at the young to using an experiment on video. Cassette apu is guide. Looney and the louis get among aku yankee accent be equity equity to pick it up again. Nappy italy throat. Every look at the position of the pd with oracle leading india So up it will end up by diab. Gluttony been been along with a leap of meaning. What do blend. Gandhi has the dvd la de la who engage engage. Any in la. Next week they wanna be genuine next episode next guitar on jan than tun. Thune gajah i do i do. I just thought it was longer though i had uneasy. Silence tundra abreha To the new styles rules. That very buddy. Interesting i wait. Those are both lines. So don't open your. I'd at ordering on a bottle to belittle higgins by dark and jerry jeudy aurora young me and had hit by. Don't that kosovans model zukin hoboken bengal. What if it automaker awhile to get. What does this again. I'm gonna do that. Yeah and and young young sugandi so it's a miracle by sack liberals opposite intellect soon. Don't you guys were so highly money on social media so bill deal numb to who naby muhammad numb tahoe. War fight ebola daily. Eating alexa could clear the long. Bob bob ludi lin ebou separately ended up in a negative way so much younger than though could you would. You predicted went so optimal totally jagr area people to bob. So we'll do. Abdul metallic meeting was set can talib kolja ghul muhammad. Because he's a perceptual security. The second or lee abdul more that piling saying so we ended here are both only. I will put you on the padang i did. I did the couteau. Dabuma young ban tutti. I'll tell you don't wanna young woman thing. Maybe more money or passaic was at up at a ton of time by young yankee to smoke another brady now moody bone you. When are they. Don't even want say young soon. But you cy young woman that she didn't even yankee do says what to do. I think mighty spelling getting your own family can be three you that they will be big. You don't worry up so they get the union. The you've got sierra nevada and so believe woah panther hoon today up doing mending god so my by monday. A taliban jag. Maybe what would you do would be needed. We can do what they will. Orient which Could you dipping umbrella coming coming. They're put it when we get do allocated Consumer naby daddy dip in your pyjamas dampened. Kelly i'm being at a young potomac carafe Adi young so much because like I i really did depend on the hopi live. And we'll get in on apob staying at la. The pichler a critical embassy has dwindled. Wanted to like allocated. Did you one gurney. But martin madyan just a picky to get an s live. Easy jomaa luna. That's so baked to story that he got us get the emotion so we'll be coming in city for the to each week. Thirteen thirty is religion. They didn't do at more what to do is to for digital mobile agenda about maybe forty plausible forte. Diplomacy the community entity padang gun. I did when agung that will apple at the dominica com. Gin do draw around. We can go to spicier famous spices them. Do you want to go down that he would eat again. Do you want to give without them. Initially they won't put that to combine besides for a sweat dumont subtle khun bunk city on. What did you can banks. Sad politican had your us what we were. We are subaru believes. I'm by morgan up in buffalo. They wouldn't have these siler. Let anybody alah jd. sue. I here but i'm thinking. Oh kiss as clear. Thank you Gunk rage dipping in rush. To get couldn't see the couple's swat aqua cup concord asca. Donna karan patel. You that grew. It'd be not say bargain. Lenham smokers to more uncomfortable with steel. You don't checkup a coup potato percent. Coney i mean giggle. Get the elegant. I mean listen cinco amer not unusual gonna depot w we goldie though bukhara lynn colorado. This umpire windy harbour cake laghi to equity accordion abi and Allah food specific maserati monkey. Teddy kennedy villa by disney. Abula are boo lahar separate. We'll have you didn't. So we'll have abdul i'm that was any antiquity. Zainy pudong buttiglione became. Get a humbles up you. Don't bring it up. La salle glendale said including us start putting idea but it was that need me to catch it. I'm up. we'll start. Don edgy governors. Is the buddha new. Put it to you can Politiken bloody mahila particular return theoretically monkey and zuma again that being seventy one area. Due to first percent sonar beal modern abi. Young men touchy Makina mona gay cadets megyn kelly on by two nd there but he did it up. Talk to you love. Ls appeal loveless be. Anyone can guess. I guess like novi then put together a apple ability playbill. Either that'd be replay mitchum. We're going to young young. They did event itself so did is abused by the marketing of the heathen abi. It could be a lady played suda. I set my set. Dating was at gingrich on top rebel against tap reneging. This were myself a d. n. Declerk undo gave me an an specific. Just now when we're gonna book. I fe- the candidate. Investment firms are looking to hire become a cfo a charter standout for having the skills to thrive in the competitive investment industry visit cfa institute. Dot org slash. Learn to find out more about the level ones. Cfa exam yet ready for your family and friends lie fourth start with lowe's and an lg interview refrigerator and range and after the party leave the clean up to a new lg dishwasher right. Now get up to seven hundred fifty dollars off with the purchase of qualifying major appliances. Lowe's home to holiday appliance values today and every day must ask store to apply discounter enter promo code online at checkout. Can't be combined with additional discounts. Exclusions apply bow through seven fourteen. Us only and gorge so the first the first brazilian blowout lanes also a by less including orderly. A lot of could low by less glick. When i will help me. I'll sat i'll lab but said Bela hollywood up. A lulla nestle good goodwill ebola and beans. Eli summer heart gallery and hook. Onion did at napolitano romania. Commend retail bukharan upi clear yamamoto concerns killer and finishing a common retail. Bukharan up in america. Then duga is three go. Mckean abe's to allow makiko. I do then you got is. Three's new so prompt. One young balloon. Ghankay you upi pinnacle delay. His agenda. Tallied the tally tally. Yankee pimple diva dip set to. i'm a yet rebel. Lima equity somebody So cutting all santorum gabu did it was percents after it But that was excuse me so do you to seventy which is something that by sixty two and when will get it so plump plant accordia abu barka is three i was a of course he could hear so plumpton worker safety now eilly and a tanya elaine much ability we somebody what to do at at a young. I was beija. Gregory assira at elegant again but it by gi move should get his quesadilla so my swam what to do wrong up boon to won't put some beckham laying. Ken are going to laying set to but don't cup. I quik stop sitting. The balloons genucel from peel bottles took We really the pd top checkup a lighter too late total goo delegate to visit someone someone. That's so cute ticketing alums. It was young but then he really whatever happens in your life. Whatever happens in your in your life getting satuday to getting it. I love somebody alah somewhat. You do a lot to. Let's say you'll be necessarily to. She didn't have any orchestra concord on you. Know what you getting. Down into. Three on anti-trade bipolar indoor pollutants. Bela much of the columbia is a bit of you moment and shit. Oh so how. 'bout you neglect you got. I did accompanied lucas. Giolito kicked off scale that loose in. Get an icu skate. So guys accompanying eddie to my said. subtle zaba. Neither whitney such as any any equity. Couldn't they need. Anybody had be alka. I lead philosophies and we aiding apple it channel youtube when they get the b i did i did go back in and get the blue louis quantum processor get you the no because they're going to get any saba nebi young bleed policing leasing. The could arriving in santa whittier. So norman is a funny and bullet. You got deal time so many this one to do orrin young. What's anywhere to get a minimum. Boom boom no maxima and below. Let it did us less chubby. A peculiar rotundi as it as it. Nobody new mobile it would then. Somebody's gem a little. I was Upper lot not in coaching Apple norman also relating to us a little love leading i get to the jakub jan kabul who just to canadian were at guga will atlanta's amini. Did he gets up naby. Give hope to this until the part candia but the kuban bikita is laden to shutler up. Ecodiesel amine. I'm young so they can get to any sukuzi orrin laura when you do you do. Maybe it's gonna be Do machen netanyahu on yellow mark mark. Any more what do i do when very honda or the host was. So why not the one who's mordant. Who's the dodgers also. Norman will do you do the orange. Akita get written king if jerusalem. Get again by not. Get too 'cause russell by again. What's it didn't wouldn't even got mitchell corp gonna be on our tony the funny thing after it incidents do the idea. What in Mostly slum la over analyses lamb. That's been able to the different. Were looking to to logic. Leah onto erupting. Don't relate animated debate. Which i do. Bizarre among and have been about with him could threaten us to really be able to let beshear. Somebody's does double the king to a couple of kindergarten. Virginia kentucky until two to do so to remove that tunnel. There was his lama near overseas slim. So they do. They do little June 'til we don't maybe young do what to do. So how about you what It wasn't wearing underwear. Why guys do i omar That's like homes are young young brutal young young garang hongo wanting all that our homeland kin a so. They do was more to go through number. I'm goody goody to load up at somebody more gun all you're be us. Ooh awesome like something. What i'm gonna buy but you wanted him to eighty four so cup up dummy norman goolagong recently recently again. Golden eagle renae ebonics. typically some. He took him do it. Only to begin at the was as i'll be biden's but doodoo jack up a killer Guys did something keith. Kellyanne wound up. That will gordon was that new could do believe energy. The did you want to any looking people. Know what onto onto somebody jewelry though kuhn tacos put the bug won't what teams are not gonna get slamming coppola. I'm wonderman so happy. My have you done is became. Guess mine for one in women. Nicollet visit unique nicolini among that. Neither were told me. Do me up the limit man. I didn't energetic so that'd be tidied any money deliveries becker who you'll go to identify cut. Would you go to tacoma comedy nyla. So maybe it isn't because he to somebody do suttles by j. Google da costa janos lot about us lung as how. 'bout you buy it under capo. Deputy pacheco into it would you can. Dvd would you go into a canea. I'd order because they're doing good joke. Will bullet was the piccolo detainee Belugas neela New is don't go because when you get them but don't own calico teddy proven people would no problema and engine belong. Laura susani anthony. Blunt has a so what at them are suda sabaneta bench irresolute availability. Ni misses something wrong steady late which devoted i'd apple then you got him on the young saw but need as resting doomed losing gala. Been honest with a luck. But visiting nebula allow could be low by are coup betray. And who jedi. The gate did you. I don't that we will get to you. Guys sued yet also lost eight. That no that batonga new reporting roy. We need indiana's got through. What would be compatible with those three recruiting this this kind of retail martin minya beeping. He did much. I'm keith. Can differ verdant serious illness of live idea. Do much i did you may be gouda. Grows and grows goes into while appointing eastern check together as three so at any point of time. Okay so go to but some little shems. What's the shelter but raider the but cocoa and get a couple of me. I'm gonna i'm gonna do is is a pound area mahala what to do that outdoors. Do work on the notable. Lend you monday. Qu- yet global. Add a gonna apple booker tonight. Equal ninty tech would like about what easily be on the desert. That's no high. We some shems. I do because you could kinko inegalitarian mccain go so subtle sabatini jaboomer cannon calandra jacob mckinnon so abubakar checkup jiangmen. What up up. Boom lincoln's who let me walk so pungo danny was about naming did. He's the lawyer one. Arca stay as many so after seeing nor i'm wounded. Lenovo in detention nightmare. Would they need a. Yeah well becker. Noble i up with what were and gobble up lagos. So i'll get up. Didn't the one letter will the volunteer so the bottle brundige by john mccain Lopa galina any. Y'all saw how 'bout glob would get. So as he genuine tickner global bokhara kunia might not oh according to go albacore a dungu Any the video while you liberty navy though so critical ones you do see no money threaten and agassi co forgotten. Unless you don't mind can get you. Got bullied would still be beaten kalki. Let's go the ominously glowing voting doubtnut. That double really do denny oregon curious anything at at bowen trading putting famous humble humble. Alleged harmlessly fla Sedan on bar none had guinea eating on. How good you need it anew. For much much much i'm wrong. You put in europe direct without the gear. How much under okay. What's and i was. So they belong in turkey and join humble any to To get him as a quantity saddam depending on how good moral kwan's way some of them and yet it's up in the caputo. Oh was that he had such as lula. Touchette chiluba to belong cup. The dinnie humble aku chemo dicker much got hung up on couple of decca who cannot conceive to let lily so aurigny ocoee talks to do not believing her. Gimme gimme gimme. Gimme gimme gimme so. And but what. I really need because to to but union. Is he how to do period of what's gone so you can get any busby. Do what entity later. Impudent as somebody will. Joe mcconnell can of a aquacise but beat oh up near greenock dunning. Well what. I what i believe again and copy to and thing going any bill decorating cup money that we do puna happy to blunt. You macho macho grand'rue believe you to be to be but also laws. Kelly idea what was lua idea to you. Do the ps workup on komo lee. Maybe business ideas and then you come again. Boubacar could joel. Booker said in our work on as long as you can put your see. What do you do the silla key. Believe leaker when do they got us up. What guys you go as you a lot of power leading on us luck. A towel nonstop qatar. Woo somebody when you get home to bring a bought manja. He do not be but not number gouda and the pit can calleja did. The far has competed. In w what things was. With acorns he was governor. Need norman dwellers nobody those and it was a viral thing. Whether the he did this again and maybe much. I'm sorry that once again so we can plan. That was ever wintertime. You see also look at that would suggest. Did you have but everytime cologne japan. I've been i've used during it was a new york. Plus swap nazi. So let the ideas. That's already little leonard idea. Why do you need to be daughter-in-law luger's to begin at laurel and that russell had that did however some more Zola used to have as unique as it used to. Look at what i'm doing. It was obviously his assad sunk leroy shula taboo visible so no. I'm jim nolte do that. Nothing would button magellan. Why don't do give any epidemic stop book. Classic looking stop visit. Couldn't find the tea time coming. I could allow technology. Do you got a loop beginning doors. Listen you let them as it did at the particular to somebody visit to see a sea mine somewhere djing sumo as tabuk boucle onto any zika up poor poor economic wrongly kunia top. Asala got our topic. What aquilaria does not lenny got the local toilet. Yukon gotta cut must didn't above my cd. Yoga couldn't get la but we who run would modiin daku cassini has ever nor am i not gonna jerry number mine. Annoy mine boozing. What own killer mood. You've got the wrong too young. But didn't he might have sometime july and yet engine out. The money is according to japanese komo models and we did it as a modern economic looney sabota- quitting although as i could tell you i'm an. Oh no i'm going to put together a puzzle dealer going to go to college. Can when kicking up quickey boring anyone on. You had to go again that he did she. The young ending onion detained or army. Mom would knock the idea glucose deeper world unto little some progress at the time but Got the bunny. Do you need anything. I do him doing. What do we need a dump again. But don't get it up. Why new. I knew what i kellyanne conway. Gulu checkup him. And i think. I know or might a mute mean. It's difficult all going. Do one of the. I'm winning a mural meaning. New is a man. I'm russell that did go. He became was later mccain. Glauca it enough money getting away although he is like these london. Also cy young but said the governor loop maybe so jagged do get got setting in order to make your own bendy sedan nebula ballooning auto w was when their delegates a safer. Can they get it. Doing young sandwiching was did he. Glacken baba coaching. Who ever i declared you guys have fewer. The future is going to be among among sample like separated relations or onto an collect. When just above. Get it that bridge to come to upping italy kindergarten masala data macedo hitler though he won't belittle belittling again. I've india as for nebi which. I'm going to get designed ian cy young. Id new study that. i do. I have a lot to talk to us about knowing about knowing they can run young lacob. Okay how sad button. Abby gipper on that money was a hobby out of percents digital dirty. But i'll be appalled. I think it would have been a accompanied by one of the the apple. It s karate. So i think i go Practica abby l. coverage cup young deputy. How bygone antonio bundy mubarak in evening. Gouden and someone. Someone will log it to someone because again get on So local was allegorically. Oh galaxy does here. Can you walk any wound up one day and it must see blood you heidi knee Say that you've been sharla dinkins ally you there was a need that how did Against what it was that Lulu where the obligatory indicate density kid from tung. Because they're not about to communicate willoughby Say bergen kit bieber win without wedding as we continues to be guys like born. Caputo who episode any colorado's orleans young goran guiding but it us So lantana popularity. Doug euro auto anything growing really Then deng lupo to the kennedy skid several young wanting guys yet until keep dude and necessa- separate idea and adela polluting yet up to monica humble. And you're at that'd be the when you're gonna let community heat up into the this. Let the young bloomington to keep the nurse. He had her but young. You besides had reported in west. Do you like you guys to put link. But then the next episode hubbard shall guys solomonic or more. You barucha to us be the candidate. Investment firms are looking to hire become a cfo charter holder. Stand out for having the skills to thrive in the competitive investment industry visit. Cfa institute dot org slash. Learn to find out more about the level one. Cfa exam yet. Ready for your family and friends. This july fourth start with lowe's and an lg interview refrigerator and range and after the party leave the clean up to a new lg dishwasher right. Now get up to seven hundred fifty dollars off with the purchase of qualifying major appliances. Lowe's home to holiday appliance values today and every day must store to apply discounter. Enter promo code online. Checkout can't be combined with additional discounts exclusions apply bow through seven fourteen us only.

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Bond 25: Is Christoph Waltzs Blofeld an Ally in the Sequel? - Movie Talk

Collider Movie Talk

28:25 min | 2 years ago

Bond 25: Is Christoph Waltzs Blofeld an Ally in the Sequel? - Movie Talk

"Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one. Hello and welcome to your Friday Edition Collider movie talk on today show discussing the brand new space invaders movie just announced and then on top of that the haunting of Hill House star Oliver Jackson Cohen scored the lead role Indian visible man movie and then that's not even all. We're going three stories stories today. Actually we're GONNA four and I'll get to that later but the other big story we have to cover up top is Abban twenty-five announcement apparently Christoph Waltz is going to return and I get to talk about those topics today with Terri Schwartz. Is this your movie movie talk data talk and funny too because I live so close to here but work so far away so thank you so much for having me on the show. I'm glad it finally worked out and silence as always I am so happy when you come on the show show I was Larry Gary. I mean you could be like Jerry today if you want but with an is there's no way to even turn your name into a nickname wishing that silence. There's something fun to that too. GonNa take it for today all right so as I said up top today we are talking bond twenty five so there have been rumors out there that blow failed would return in Bonn twenty-five but today in the somewhat official initial ish capacity. It's pretty much seeming like it's the real deal like he's going to be back the way this news broke is that the Guardian first reported that blow feld would return but then it was the playlist who added a little more to the story that outlet says the character character is going to function a bit like Hannibal Lecter in bonds twenty-five in that Lia's seduce character pulls a clarice starling in visits blow failed in prison hoping to mine him for information about the film's main villain who of course as being played by Rami Malik just in case you didn't know Bond twenty-five is hitting theaters on April eight twenty twenty in the U._S.. So you guys hear this movie. What do you hear this news about the movie? What do you think about the new details because when I first heard that Christoph Waltz was going to be back I love Christoph Waltz Spector there was not my favorite Blofeld in that movie was not my favorite I was like I don't know if I really need that? Then I hear the Hannibal Lecter details and that completely changed my tune are you into it no and the reason is I think I just having association with Star Trek into darkness like the twist was exactly the same inspector where it's like. I'm really villain. The fans have heard of but that has no effect on the actual plot of the movie in any way whatever and this just reminds me again of always teaming teaming up with him like in Star Trek into darkness. I can understand that yeah it is. It's a little difficult to kind of pave the way after what it was inspector which is probably why I was lukewarm on the idea to begin with. I have like you know we love love. Casino Royale like there are other really bond movies. I have just know deep thought or attachment or anything around Specter or Christoph Waltz performance there then that being said like this really is going to be presumably hey Daniel Craig's last bond movie. I know every time he says it's the last one it feels like he's finally getting to the point that that would happen. It seems like the right time in an interesting way to bring it back but I agree that it's like it's familiar trope at this point for these long running franchises to get a second can stab at at Villanova. Well actually bring up that this is probably his last bond movie. Hopefully it's a there's a story point to this but what is the point as far as the franchise goes with connecting films like this because it's not like they can plant plant the seed for blow fell to always exist in the same form and all the movies so I mean is there any is there any franchise value to this. Yeah I think because you can have Chris Volz potentially stick around you could have him continue on his Blofeld and I kind of wish he had a chance to be a full-fledged blow felt I and may be used him as like connective tissue but like in a more is supporting character type return through the older bonds John's I feel he is a part of the franchise so I could see rebooting it. Bring him back. We gotta with Judi Dench for instance. That's true that's true. I do think again like this whole Hannibal Lecter premise like you said like. That's the part that to me makes it more interesting because I think he could have a relatively small but effective role in the movie like they don't need to overuse him if he's going to be a resource that they go to in a similar way as they're tracking down a bigger Avila and again like maybe it does get closer to version that people will respond a bit more to instead of as you said kind of like going the route of trying to subvert panic expectations <hes> and then ultimately giving them exactly whatever guests in less exciting. I'm also very into the idea of being in the class roll too. I like that idea but one way or the other. How much screen time do you think he's actually going to get in this movie because I read a report like this and I'm like Oh? There's probably going to be one long sequence within the information and then he's gone anyway. You see it any other way I mean it could be that this is blow fields plan for getting out of prison and that he's actually the big bad and has set everything in motion so they would come to him thinking that he can serve an animal electoral that seems reasonable. The name is escaping me the villain in the last two mission impossible movies. I can't believe I can't remember his name right now but someone I'm sure certainly one of those things though where they brought him back and I'm like Oh role in the movie and then he didn't he had a much bigger role. Yeah I mean I like the cynic in me makes me think big PAYCHECK <hes> small shooting schedule but I think you could do as you're saying and he could shoot over small period of time Um but kind of be a character who pops up a couple of different places or maybe as you said like there's a revealed towards the end that this is part of a master plan. I think obviously I I'm personally more excited about the prospect of rummy Malik being the villain in this movie and I hope that isn't like secretly a secondary Kandara villain to Blofeld because again we've seen that there is no any time actually glad you brought that up because I think that that kind of obliterates the idea of Oh it's really blow feld story again because you don't cast Rami Malik especially after his run with Bohemian Mian rhapsody and then do that to him hopefully seems anyway villain. I was trying to think of was Sean Harris's character Elaine in the mission impossible franchise moving on though 'cause we have this is kind of like a one two punch of a story where hitting right now so there's going to be two bits to this space invaders part and then the mortal combat part I up space invaders so according to deadline today new line is gearing up for a space invaders movie. One of others bought the rights to the game several years ago and now new line just hired Greg Russo to write the script after he already wrote the script for the mortal Kombat reboot so we know the game we played the game. Is there any possible way for them to stretch that game into a story worthy of of Oh feature I think she you're I mean. All you need is aliens. Invading from Space Perry they made an emojis movie did bring that into my mind that had I still maintain that that had potential. I still think there there was a there was a smarter richer way to show how we use emojis and how they can influence us and it was just it laid like that movie turned out to be exactly what one would think it would be at the most basic boring dull level and and with this I mean I'll let you bring up the point you brought up before because now I can't get that out of my head like two point like can they stretch it out. It's called space invaders like it could be any small or large flimsy or rich version a space invasion story and it staying true to that title but you know I think when I when I think of space invaders I think of the alien icon like the Super You know simple graphics and everything and and colors because I think it's been henry envisioned so many times so when I first heard this news I thought of one of two things I thought it could go the route of like a really interesting animated version which I know it isn't explicit and we think it probably means live action but they could do a really cool interesting animated automated version of this. I'm picturing something like the lego movie where it's really inventive and playful with with using those graphics for familiar with or I could see them going the route of pixels which made Perry just immediately over and fall out of her yet here mentioned idea that I thought was Super Uber Cool and then they just drove the whole thing into the ground but that that is kind of what I'm picturing and I think that kind of just connects to the first question that I brought up because it's it's one thing to say you're making a space invaders movie and it's like you you could do anything with alien and aliens invading and say it's space invaders but unless you have that like that iconic look of them coming down in lines like that does it have to be a space invaders movie at all exactly or just make an alien invasion. It's kind of the one of those weird things like originality. SORTA eats itself because the idea of making space invaders movie because everybody knows it as a as a title is silly but at the same time you're kind of forced to do something original just by virtue of the fact that there's not that much there I do. I've thought of rampage right now is giving the hope because that is also another game. I mean that had a little more meat to its bones story wise this does but that was another thing we're on like how exactly do you expand that into a full feature keeping invested and they wound up. I'm doing it and really capturing the style of the game in the Third Act too so I guess that kind of bodes well for this a little bit you silence you also mentioned battleship earlier. Which I think is another adaptation of like relatively simple concept you have that you have the thing and the headline? What are you GonNa do with it but I'm curious like I already mentioned to me that like the the the shape of the space invaders is kind of like in the design of the game are the most iconic elements but I'm curious like what are you guys think are the other iconic elements that they would have to get right? I guess it's like the formation yeah of attack. I think it is formation more than Japan. That's like the Stott I mean yeah I mean I really do think of of <hes> Independence Day two and even the the line nine about formation and the way the way they kind of zip around but I feel like that is the only or at least from my memory at least only defining feature of the game unless there's something that I missed I I want the moment where you can get behind the barricade and then you can make like a a thin hold shoot through you farther in space represented in a film well yeah. I'm curious to see if they actually pull it off before we get space invaders. We are going to get more combat combat though because that one is much further along than this one and we've got to moral combat updates for you that are very exciting so the first one speaking of mortal combat the Hollywood reporter recently broke the news that the raid star Joe Taslim has been cast as Subzero. I love that casting and then Simon McCoy is directing the movie James One is producing and then the guy that we were talking about before this writing spacer space invaders script Russo. He tweeted that since it's already been stated by other members of the team. I'M GONNA put this one to bed. Mortal combat will be R. rated and for the first time ever fatalities will finally be on the big screen and no I'm not gonNA say which ones you'll just have to wait for the movie and Z. With a little winky face Motaqawi so Joe Taslim and on top of that confirmation that this is going to be an R. rated movie with fatalities on the big screen. Does that make you guys excited or more excited than you might have been for a mortal Kombat reboot. Yeah I mean it's like could you imagine if they were like that's right. We're doing a P._G.. Thirteen mortal combat. It's it's completely missing the point of that franchise and if you were going to adopt that franchise and then to catch the casselman like him who has such a pedigree pedigree of amazing action martial arts chops like it seems like a no brainer in retrospect. It seems like a no brainer but if they had said P._G.. Thirteen I can't say I'd be all that surprised when we had to P._G.. Thirteen ones before and then on top of that. It's it's just like it's the money issue. It's I hope they are spending responsibly with the rating in mind because usually when you get something that should be rated. R. Rated P._G.. Thirteen it's so you can make more money at the box office and I can't really say I would blame a studio for going that route but our <unk> R. rating suits this material so much better and it does get me more excited to hear this reiterated I just I also it makes it a bit more weird like the fatalities are such a strange part of mortal Kombat and then there's also like where you turn people into babies and whatnot. I'd like to see that weird weird level of violent magic. I guess I'm no. I'm into the weird stuff too. I wouldn't mind seeing them. Go that route. This is quite the ambitious project for that director too. I'm very curious to see what he winds up pulling off and how James Wan can kind of help steered the shipper or just lend his expertise to him a little bit because James One is also known for that he has kind of helped along new directors all over the place so I hope that extends to this as well okay. I think you've seen him really double down. What fans want to like you think of how different his horror work is compared to aquaman which was like so colorful and splashy and Pun intended and and had all these crazy element that didn't seem like they could work together but I would say did work together really well and so I think with that like backbone of he understands what fans will want from a franchise and how to work backwards from that to create a movie that delivers on that? I think both of these. News bits of a line and I'm very curious to see where the rest of the casting guy knows well when you start like this immediately put the entire raid cast that night comes the cat like everyone in the back of my mind I just I just saw stupor which had echo Hawaii Senate and he he's so good. I don't even care if there's no role that like suits him better than whoever else looking at right now like put him in every movie every movie with action. Please and there's like a way to go for the flashy Hollywood name that you know you can train them. Divide that way but it's not really convincing and then there's a way to go for the actress who just have that pedigree already and we'll earn respect from the fans who will deeply care about this the fact act that you're going that route and I think I'm excited heartened that they're doing that. I like the fact that we're hopeful about. These would also be cool. I mean seeing how the conjuring universe has been built up. Mortal Kombat is filled with these bigger than life colorful characters crazy Lord if the movie's is good. I'm happy to see spinoffs about Baraka. Whatnot right? I would not argue with that. Give me one good movie I because we'll probably tackle a story in the live chat where they put the car before the horse and announced melania moves before they made one that was successful. We'll get to that though right now. We have to tell you about some future. Show is coming to collider and of course it's Friday which means tomorrow Saturday then it's Sundays you get weakened mailbag which on Roca check it out everyone John Rocca here the host of Collider mailbag new episode drops every Saturday and Sunday in in your face and in your ears answering the questions from you fans about the world of entertainment film and Television Me and great guests from our sphere do the best to answer your questions from twitter from instagram and of course email as well every Saturday and Sunday. You know what next week is comecon week so we are going to have so much coverage for you on the main channel but also I must remind you if you were in town in San Diego for the event there will be a collider panel on Sunday he could check out all the information on the screen right now. Sunday the twenty first at twelve thirty PM. We're going to be in room at six. D be sure to come visit us. We can say hi we can talk movies. It'll be a great time and then on top of that another really Likud graphic for you right now the Cobra Kai panel come check me out hosting panel. I this is still so weird. I can't keep it together when I talk about this in ballrooms whiny on Thursday at four forty five I get to moderate the Cobra guy panel I I can. I just can't right now but hopefully can the day of otherwise that would be weird now. We are GonNa hit our last story for the day. This is another exciting one so blunt house has officially found its leading man for the invisible band remake according to deadline haunting of Hell L.. How star Oliver Jackson Cohen he scored the title role in the movie which is said to be a new twist on the classic story? It's Li One L. who is into right direct and executive produce this remake and it's already got Elizabeth Mazda attached as well Oliver River Jackson Colin first off. What do you guys think about him taking this role especially when we've kind of built a little bit of an impression on a new invisible man remake thanks to the dark universe that is no longer with Jani Gut? It's kind of weird as funny. Recasting an invisible man is just a strange idea but I'm really happy I liked that he's not a big name but I loved haunting of Hill House so much honestly like this. This casting news just made me think of hunting and feels which made me happy because that show is so fantastic yeah good for him and he was he was really I think the entire Samba and that show is great but it's when I go to the first two names that gets me get me really hyped for that. Show it's Oliver Jackson Cohen on and Victoria Potty who's also going on to do really big things right now so this is a great great get for them especially when we take the dark universe and hey you know I was actually making this joke now that I say it for another movie that we're going to get you in a minute but they also put the the cart before the horse as well but they were going to go. You know the big budget route like they did with the mummy blew up in their faces but now it's over at Blunt House and not only does it make sense for them to spend a little more wisely but I imagine casting someone who still still building their resume right now is a smart move for the production overall especially someone as talented as him. It's also just like fun like if this woman is probably my favorite of the universal monsters just because I sort of have more of a sci fi tinged too my phantom them and it's a classic Scifi story that I'm not sure we have ever seen done as well as the original from the thirties with with Claude rains like the special effects in that movie hold up really really well. That's a fair statement. And I it's interesting you bring up special effects. I think I had the yeah I do. Have the quote here because Jason Blum was saying <hes> it was like the Blunt House version of the invisible. He's talking about the pitch that he got. It's a lower budget movie. It's not dependent on Special Slovak's C._G._I.. Stunts it's super character-driven. It's really compelling. It's thrilling. It's edgy. It feels new. Does that kind of give you any pause given how you feel about the original I guess the only thing that I would be a little worried about is I really really like for instance Paul Verhoeven Holloman but it's so limited in scope. It's like everything is confined to a small area. I don't mind a small story about the invisible man but I don't WanNa see it. I don't want it to feel like it's it's small on purpose. I feel like Blunt House of all studios. They're good with like using a little and making it feel like a lot right. Yeah I mean I think I would imagine Jason's comment was tied to the mummy which you know you look at that a now so ill-fated cast photo of the Universal Dark Universe reboot and you're like oh well what could have been in clearly what they went for with that were big names and they didn't deliver. It's just sorry anyone who liked that. Mummy reboot. I I just thought it was so drab missed the point and and just wasn't a fun thing or a scary thing like it didn't it didn't hit either of kind of those recent or older mummy sentiments that I had too far ahead of itself. Yeah it started to lose all its charm when it started to include the things that were teeing up the future when I was semi enjoying being in the present don't forget the lesson of iron man have a good first movie before you put the cart before the horse there you go so I think <hes> with this one. I am excited about the caliber of talent that they're bringing on for like. I Love Elisabeth Moss. I think she's a fantastic actor. Oliver really impressed me <hes> from hunting of Hill House and I thought brought like this really conflicted performance as Luke Luke in that show in like this this darkness and his weight to the role that I think will be really interested to see I'm assuming that was kind of his calling card for they were like hey yeah good here <hes> but I think the focus on on equality <hes> talent quality each story over like big flashy special effects that may or may not work like we saw in the mummy which I just again. I was not impressed by that movie. I think it's the right way to go and like lay the groundwork good first movie it doesn't need to be big and massive and universe starting and it's also worth bringing up upgrade. This is upgrade follow up again what he did with that. Does that feel like it's got the scale and scope that you would hope to see in a movie like this. That's a movie that by all technical measurements is a small movie and it doesn't feel small feels big special effects. I mean it was so weird. Having upgrade come out the same time venom was out because they're very very similar. Stories and upgrade blows van amount of the water. I mean insane because venoms a fairly big budget moving right but upgrade does so much with I wouldn't even say so little because it never feels like pushing. I Never WanNa take away for movies that have the luxury of having the big budget and they use it well but when you have that pressure to make the most of very little. I always feel like that's where you know the most exciting satisfying all inspiring creativity comes from so I always get excited to hear about things like that so I I had cart before the horse yet again and it's because we're going to move over to the live chat now and as some of you might expect there are some power rangers questions in the mix so let's take this one from Steve Calderon here. He wrote thoughts on Dacre Montgomery. Confirming the power rangers will be rebooted with a new cast cancelling the sequel to the 2017 movie before I just like word vomit all over the desk. I'll let you guys go first. How do you feel about power Rangers 2017 and it not getting a sequel little bummed? I am not the biggest power Rangers Fan. I never really watched it as a kid. I had lots of friends at surprises me actually never got into it. I was much more into sailor moon in polk him on myself. I would bet on that. I was genuinely surprised by how much I liked the two thousand in seventeen movie though and specifically for its character development it has a really really solid cast. It has some pretty terrible visual effects and it has kind of silly ending but it feels like the core core of of something of a sizable quality is there. It's a shame to throw that out especially now that we have like Naomi Scott starring in Aladdin what's his face from stranger things Dacre Montgomery Lynn is. Is Is it just seems like surely you have these actors to contract and they're all becoming very famous was the most surprising thing it's like. I'm just surprised that they weren't contractually obligated to continue on with the franchise franchise but standard again yeah and also I like. I don't really know what <hes> what Hasbro's plans are paramount with their cinematic universe that they're building so the fact that that was a lionsgate movie my complicate things so I guess I can see the behind. I've seen reasons why they would have to let that cast loose. It's also entirely possible their stuff. We just don't know about that. That marvel is saying we want Ludi Lin for Shanxi and we're GONNA pay for whatever has to be paid and I guess the second you don't have one of them. You can't do any any of them at that point but I I would agree that I enjoyed that movie not having a lot of nostalgia built around it other than friends dressing up as it for Halloween when I was a kid but the one thing that really did work was the cast for me like I thought their performances made me care about those characters actors as much as the movie trying to care about crispy creams and so I think that's that's the thing that did work and there are a lot of other elements that didn't necessarily work Perry. It seems like I was. I was very everyone out. There knows I was very very happy with that movie. That was that show mighty morphin was a big part of my childhood and I really just enjoyed the fact that that movie captured the spirit of the show while also modernizing it to a point from a technical perspective and also just story wise two. I really took to what they started. Their are and in particular like you bring up silence. I liked that ensemble a lot. I think it is a shame that we got a taste of that group chemistry and all the potential there especially for Dean Israelite because I feel like this industry has not been fair to him so there's this movie movie that doesn't pop as much as many suspected it might of and then on top of that I feel like project. ALMANAC got unfairly steamrolled that movie is a solid shaky cam movie and it did not get nearly as much love as I wanted it to love project ALMANAC. I don't think I've actually on the cover is my quote and my favorite hold on the cover because that movie is so like I like found footage movies but a lot of them are terrible and that one completely makes sense why they're filming it. I think the time travel weren't yeah really really well. I am happy to see what he does next yeah. I hope he has something lined up. I also hope whatever is brewing for the power rangers franchise. It gets okay. I'll get over it. Just make a good movie out of it. That's all I can ask for. That's it. We you covered so much stuff today very quickly. Let's do who's your favorite power ranger. What Color Oh God oh wait pretty is sailor Jupiter silence what you got? I don't know if I have a favorite. Who is your favorite Sam? I'm more maybe never really watched Ciller. What show were you watching when you were growing star trek the next generation okay now that makes a lot of sense <hes>? I always have to go with the Blue Ranger. There's always something that spoke to me about that. Character Dr kind of like the Nerdy side book plus the physical side. How about this which Rangers would we be this? No this is this is hard. You like your team blew with me your team blue and like you got so much pepin energy. I have to go pink all right. I'll take that okay now that we've settled all that we're done for the day that's the end of a week's worth of movie talk. Don't worry we will be back Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and then I think we're coming at you from San Diego comecon on Thursday so brace yourself for that and so much comecon coverage across the board Terry Silence. Thank you guys so much for joining me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend cody in the booth. Thank you so much for your hard work enduring in the live chat to you as well to everybody out there. I hope hope you have a wonderful weekend. Please do not leave without liking and sharing this video and then tune back in three PM t live for a brand new episode of movie talk Typical Storm Berry. I'm Tim Maguire the A._p.. News minute rain and went from Tropical Storm Berry striking the Louisiana Coast New Orleans resident jo-john Mitchell has weathered a number of hurricanes including Katrina Trina Erie on now. You don't ever get comfortable until you know it's very top. Sustained winds are sixty five miles per hour forecast call for some strengthening to minimal hurricane force by the time the center of the storm. I'm crosses land overnight. The big problem will be heavy rain up to two feet in isolated areas that rain will cause flooding in Louisiana and other parts of the southeast president trump has already declared a federal disaster in Louisiana Volkswagen and Ford.

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Ep 44: Work for the Culture and the Culture of Work with Natasha Bowman

The Culture Soup Podcast

42:56 min | 2 years ago

Ep 44: Work for the Culture and the Culture of Work with Natasha Bowman

"Hey all this is culture soup where tech culture and business collide. It's a podcast at spoons everything anything hot from social media. I'm your host El Michelle Smith and each episode we bring you some of the most notable and not yet notable thought leaders intact business and culture in the year was twenty sixteen. I'd been on Lincoln since two thousand and seven that's a long time but there was someone who dropped into my deums about that time that told me about an organization called lead need three sixty. It was Dr Eric Winston Walter. I didn't know him but at the time he was telling me about his publication ocean and how we might be interested in featuring me this is about the time that I started speaking regularly and and I was on the circuit pretty frequently towards the end of two thousand sixteen and if you let Dr Eric Tell you he probably thinks I I was avoiding him. I was not I just didn't know how to answer him. I didn't see myself in the way that he saw me. Ultimately he wanted to feature in the publication. Would I didn't want to do skin in trouble with my employer. They had certain people people they wanted in strategic publications and this was the tight tonight just knew that they'd rather have an officer zero or something like that in anyway fast forward to two thousand and eighteen Dr Eric is in my d._M.'s Liam's again and he's telling me about summit something they're going to have in Dallas the following year well how was speaking still select currency this time I had more time to read up on lead three sixty. It's an awesome organization they pour into middle managers the jurors in general managers at fortune five hundred's especially managers in general managers of collar and hoping to to fill the pipeline to leadership. You know that's exactly what I like to support so I stayed in contact with Dr Eric and and before long he invited me to be on the Faculty of lead three sixty. Danny started to introduce me to other faculty members as time went on there was a Webinar that they hosted that Richard me with a preview of the session session that I would lead and Atlanta later that year in twenty nineteen this year when did so on Wync Din some some of the other faculty members started to reach out and connect on the Platform Inter Natasha Bowman Aka the workplace ace Dr This lady I'd already seen her in my feeds because of this friendly algorithm and because she has so many followers and so many followers in common with me her face constantly popped up in my news feed before we even connected since then we both spoke at the lead three sixty combine in June of this year and she did a win talk and it was amazing win. Talks are a lot like Ted talks and she told her story afterwards I went up to her and finally met her in the person she was thrilled to meet me as I was to meet her and we've vowed to stay in touch. We've since been in touch. She is workplace doctor. She's an author she's a speaker and she is also a deny advocate ladies and gentlemen Natasha Russia booming founder and President of Performance Renew Aka the workplace doppler. Hey everybody I'm so excited despite Natasha moment on the line with me otherwise known as the workplace lady the heavy let me tell you sometimes the interim chief people officer and some of the work places you go to big corporations when inbetween trying to find the top H._r.. person but she's also also into leadership development and career development for people in the workplace trying to navigate their way from. Let's say you know amid me too job. Everyone thanks for having me. Absolutely you know talk a little bit about this. In the monologue ahead we met as a result of Lee through sixty. We're both faculty members. Yes we are. Yes I L. lovely three sixty and getting the opportunity to meet so many people that you know I've been talking to in having online relationships with connections so I was so excited to valley beat you went person -solutely in you did one of the win talks which ends three sixties spin on Ted talks and we want to hear your story new stagnating. Thank you thank you so much. We'll look in a little deeper story and minute but I would say we have a culture suit suit moment and looking through the threads and as always never disappears as a taking the threat and of course the hotbed for this is linked to yet whether you're recruiter looking for someone or if oh you know someone in the workplace whose either trying to position themselves for leadership positions inside your company maybe again next thing outside out of your company Not Stop Lincoln. Let the new hot place online don't you name is often incoming social media platform but here's the thing I always knew that one of the first users on Dan I think joined in two thousand eight two thousand nine and just really have used it to his autumn ability. What you're seeing people use it for now <hes> so while I was on Les Dan <hes> You know I could netted chanted with my peers my fellow H._r.? Professionals business leaders and then really just aren't sharing content you know putting when they call don't leadership out there and writing impulse and articles and through that I was able to grow my company through lane in late and alone before I even knew that's what I wanted to do. I was just full time employed in just throwing things out there in happened organically and through that platform I've been able to grow this this assessable consulting firm with no marketing no emails no anything just people coming to me because of the past decade I haven't utilizing the platform just to show my subject matter expertise so when you talk about coulter that's the new culture you know professional reviews in Lane Dan Dan like you said rather. You're trying to navigate your way your career ladder but then your current organization other organizations or if you're looking to transition transition out of organizations into entrepreneurship if you're not only today to get on there now and start positioning yourself as as your subject matter expert in your respective industry I can really relate to that this really awesome too. I was one of the first users as well and this is long before they had update engine updates now faces of the people that we're turning act with this more there was any idea around live I broadcasting or forget so amazing that you were able to and this is just the power of the platform on what people build old your business only thin without the whistles and bells yes absolutely without the whistles unveils it was I making connections and I think a lot of people make the mistake of not doing that. I I've seen people try to leverage link Dan <hes> to grow their business but what they fail we all do is to make the connections I so often saying you know I'll even send people a note. You know we've written this great book or You. Have this great idea this great online course I wake up more and morning. We haven't seen you in months. You haven't put anything out there like Oh. Hey guys I published this. You should probably go by and then tease in this book for going here and you should have been making connections getting us so anxious. Wait for it to be you know Oh but you know create that expertise and I think people again are making the mistake of just waking up one morning and trying to be the top vista top day but organically growing their audience they're following and so it's a great platform. It's you have to use it in the US the work connection I wanNA talk about about that. You're not just talking about Oh. Gee Link with me. You're trying about nursing a relationship right. That's right that's right exactly and so I have over fifty thousand followers on linked and right now but you know what the way I say I care about that number number. If I have an ongoing relationship relationship with ten of those desperately all I need to grow my business because my I business has grown through word of mouth you know so again developing the relationship <hes> most of my decision makers or top H._r.. Leaders at organizations stations you know they fall at my expertise Diane I'm able to show results for their organization. Indians were spray. It's so it's all about relationship you know. Building is not for likes is not for follows does that number is nothing if you're not using for whatever your purpose is so you've really got an under you know you had a great guest on <hes> share Air Jones goes on the balcony sixty and she said the perfect thing you know don't host and go you know so oh you know is developing those relationships interacting and again that relationship will turn into professional relationship that you more or less skimmed over your prolific credentials when I do you share with the folks out there listening you do and I wanted to call you the workplace Doctor Okay well <hes>. This is a little bit of background my ongoing joke from L._A.. And I love the look that I get from Lower Alabama born and raised and I went to law school at the University of Arkansas and while I was there our Walmart Stores Inc they are headquartered there and it was any time when Walmart was going through some tumultuous employment practices they had class action action soups and things like that and I was able to transition from the legal side to the H._R.. Side and work on a team that really transformed Walmart's culture her where you really don't hear their name a whole lot when it comes to bed Employment Renton we looked at the pay policies the coulter things like that and they transitioned me to New York your beat a head of H._R.. For stores here and a transition from advancing health care and how got that moniker was that I've been able to go in and out of organizations diagnose some of the issues and barriers to success and organizations workplace culture in remove those barriers and <hes> so you know ultimately being to get results both organization whether it's improving employee engagement reducing turnover the enabled to recruit and maintain and maintain a diverse workplace so one day somebody said I walked into an organization they had all these open E._e._o._C. lawsuits labor campaigns campaigns and things like that and I was able to put together a strategy for them to remedy that in two years later they realized they had gone six months with just quiet loud <hes> you know open lawsuits and they like wow we can get so much more done for not having to deal with all of these employee and labor relations issues and they say the workplace doctor you came and healed us just kind of stuck with it awesome. I love it. I love and now you talked about barriers to success in employee. Engagement or lack thereof can be one you even talked about diversity versus inclusion issues under others <hes> yes so you know it's what I like to go when I go to an organization is to I'm really look at the employee lice cycle from the moment they enter the organization to the moment that they leave and understand where were there areas of vulnerability vulnerability where people may be <hes> you know that are barriers for the to be able to have promotion and assets to opportunity and oftentimes we often focus on recruitment. You know especially counted versus. This recruit is diverse workforce but we tend to ignore ignore some of the challenges in various underrepresented groups experience once they're through the door. So what I like to do is go through. Look at the benefits look at who is being promoted. Is there a group of people leaving faster than other groups <hes> going through and looking at each touch point within that life cycle in diagnosing diagnose and understand where the opportunities to do a transformation there so I mean the list goes on and on what those opportunities opportunities could be unit varies by organization and varies by Industry <hes> but I think a lot of times we focus too much on just the recruitment car and it's not really the experience once you've been recruited to the organization so you spend a lot of time looking at the pipeline do us any trends when it comes wants to women at certain points in our careers where we just kind of fall off you can't yet for ten and who was is just phenomenal a diversity inclusion but still struggling with this one thing Romney. That's about a level three that went as start dropping enough in somewhere around you know the time frame and their lifestyle with children or Gabby. They're hitting some kind of glass sealy really depending on where they were in the company. Are you seeing that absolutely everybody's saying that you know we are just celebrating because we have more women C._e._O.'s he yells in fortune five hundred companies than we ever have the yet that number is still very very low. You know there's really nothing to be celebrating <hes> and and because that's continues to be the trend you know whether you're having to decide. Do I want my career. Do I want my family. It is not necessarily that your bear your family is a barrier to your ability to advance is the assumption that it will be so a lot of times organization leaders. You'll say oh you come in. Oh I'm pregnant or I'm looking to get married. In their head is a Ho wills. He's not going to be as committed and loyal s uwe acting the foul L. myself saying as my career started to go on the trajectory that it was going on my husband and I might make the determination he's schoolteacher that he would stay home and raise the kids take care of the household sold that I would never have to decide between all do I stay home with my suit channel and work or those types things and <hes> and I found myself saying you know as I'm going through my career progression. I've got my husband at home. You'll have to worry about the ever call tab. Why do I have to say that because I know how to balance but we we and then I thought about what favor for am I doing other females that don't have that luxury you know? Am I seeing because I do that this person that doesn't going to be an issue. They gotta go home so we find ourselves sales making that choice you know delaying our ability to start a family or making a choice between certain things and then there is a part of the career path ah you're absolutely right and I think we're still trying to that Nelson. We're we just get stuck where we are just steal not saying as the seen as a face of of leadership quite yet and <hes> we've got you know unconscious bias you know again those gender assumptions there. Is there a long reasons why we're hitting the glass ceiling. We're starting to crack it which is good news but we continue to work through just breaking through it and women of color are <hes> are having a even more difficult time. Although we are the most educated population demographic <hes> we're still steal you know having opportunities reaching leadership positions but that's why you find more women of color than ever or leave in the workplace because of the lack of correctness and in value or leaving the workplace in starting her own. Absolutely you know that's the book that I'm working on right now the foundation around the cat lets research that finally came in called us the double outsider because our structure that's there then is white and his male but then also the women in the workplace study from the Leinen Organization Mackenzie that came out a couple years before and had a couple followups up until about twenty seventeen that pointed to for the first time microaggressions unconscious bias as one of those things as a whole women of color back explicitly calling out black women. No we have a little tougher than everyone no one else even in the pay gap situation yes but you know having posting I think sometimes we feed into it. Nineties is women of Color but as ah women woman asked me and I'm a mom and chief I travel all the time even when I was in the forty niners traveling all over the place and then I started my own business outside organization. Turn it off but this person says to me. I don't know how you do it and my response to her was probably would we do it like you have support yeah and there was just like the tour comes in all forms and has been whether it's a sister whether it's a grandparent or whatever it might be we feed into that. We don't really mean it in no way and don't realize how rich chipping away that's where the understanding that we could be in positions of power despite or situations you exactly exactly and and I had I'm lucky for me. I <hes> had that realization in a very very young age. You know I was able to accomplish a lot of things before turn forty because I refuse to fall victim <hes> those little assumptions about my gender my raise even by demographical being a cell that when I got to New York City you know Oh oh I've got this accent. People won't take me seriously I dried in practice speaking what I thought when I no but when I had that realization that ABC bring significant value to organization I've invested a lot in mind grows my education and and <hes> I have on it takes two to to contribute successfully to an organization when I dropped all those years all those assumptions and was able to be the true and we hear this all the time here in is really the truth by true authentic absolute right to include the curly hair all Contribute value there. That's your overall right and when I had that understanding with myself and had that agreement with myself then I was able to Thri hi both inside and outside so we talked a little bit off line before Mount. The book that I'm writing but it does delve into that aspect aspect of understanding your value. That sounds like that was the gateway for you to even become or even realize that you're southern accent. It was undifferentiated after that was also valuable in your university. Yes is that it was so funny because when I was in New York I found myself myself I was working for a large healthcare system and they were sending me to organizations to have difficult conversations with employees <hes> most other sites and had the conversation some of the employees rather it was a reduction in force or anything else and I was like why me and they say because you've got a velvet punch. You know feel a little bit more confident by the way you deliver but you know how to get your point across so again. That wasn't a characteristic or trait about myself that I thought would be a barrier barrier but ended up so that's what we all have to do. I have to rethink those things. We things are barriers. We those things that we think you know those fears. We have to rethink well. How can I utilize the re-utilized retool this to be a strength absolutely spoke at the Dallas Mavericks Headquarters on Wednesday apartment. There is yeah and we talked about authenticity authentic leadership and you just winning point this very important around the negative self talk and it comes from our cultural backgrounds even when it comes to. Oh Gee what do people think about my southern accent. arraigning mental were who is the most phenomenal executive coach ever tuning bourgeois because the ITTY bitty committee and she says the Area Committee in your head that tells you all of these things that really don't have any place or any really substance substance to them and we wish them nine times out of ten if not all the time you're gonNA figure out that it really just came from from nowhere regular stores so how'd you get casted. You know I just I found myself putting more energy energy into the focusing on what I thought what the a barrier to success you know that was focusing on that like oh my gosh. What are the what are they. GonNa think about. What are they going to be. Not having a I degree even by age you know I can't be the top of Dr and I'm just thirty years old or then. <hes> I remember when I first teaching at Georgetown. University out was literally thirty two years old and I'm like Oh my gosh. They're gonNA be like who is this woman right outstanding F._M.. Look too too young and I walked in saying. They've made a horrible thing. I'm going to get a call from the dean tonight to say sorry. You know you're not the right one. I told myself I was going to be okay with what's my response and I think the defining moment was. I did get a call from the dame but that call. Oh was wow your students were so impressed by not one to let you know that and I found myself being the top rated. <hes> teacher. Abets Bertram a master of teaching myself all that what was are fearful why was I- doubtful and so so going forward when I walked into situations friends I would say whatever fear and doubt was going through my head. Always question that is this is something that is really the truth. You know something I need to address press you know or is it something then the stories making up in my head about myself so I always go through that exercise and sometimes there are things that realistic thinking. I'm saying you know what you do have to work on why you do need to do this. I am constantly tuned myself up but I'm also so you know getting a <hes> making sure that I'm clearing away all unnecessary women of color especially. There are things that we have felt in the workplace that we knew real and twenty seventeen when we got those those surveys that somebody put their data on hyper that people I believe us on and these things are real on the other hand. You can't go in assuming that that's the forget it's GonNa hit you agree the tap definitely agree but I still think you know although it wasn't dressed in white papers and things like that I do think that we have been and left out of a lot of the advocacy <hes> no if you think about even the me too when time's up movement that wasn't our faces than we saw <hes> so we steal so <hes> or waiting for our true time when our challenges real be brought to the forefront of of organizations and there are some real action that will opie taken. I'm still waiting on that. <hes> it because it's quite different yet we were included in the metoo towns but there was another layer of Bassolino won stationed harassed and racially discriminated at the same time that intersection in double winning that was not addressed during that and and we weren't the face though I'm still waiting for that movements account so that we can take a lot of progress that was was made after the me too in towns up lots of legislation especially like here in California other places that addressed those issues. I'm waiting for more legislation you to come down to address. Not just women of color but with people of color are experiencing in the workplace as well they used it on that stage and Atlanta and Dig Your Win Tot and everyone with this in in gross in what you were saying you tell the very compelling story and you know I tell people all the time your power and your values in your story take Kino's to your future story so tell us about Natasha the little girl you overcame from struggles as a talent. I think this helped with my resiliency yet adult. I was born with a heart disease in struggled with that for the first decade of my life and <hes> was told a eleven years old than a had six months was to live and and that was after you know you have a motherly intuition. My mother knew that my heart condition was contributing to my illness but my <hes> pediatric cardiologists didn't believe her you know she forcefully made her way to the doctor's office in determine ahead six months to live and I always wondered what would have happened in. My mother just believed what they said. You know didn't bring me and I I would not be here so I think that experience you know kind of attributes who my way of thinking now because of what what if I don't speak up what if I don't take the leap in do something bold dynamic to make this never been done before you never know what happened so experiencing that as a youth and as a child and that really didn't resonate to later in my wife the impact that had on my life it is really shaped who I am now and you know that wasn't the first town face in my life. <hes> you know so again <unk> face a lot of challenges that many face again in the workplace from Racial Discrimination Gender Discrimination <hes> as well <hes> you know I went to law school with a single mother so that was a challenge you know and even the transition from working full time to them to entrepreneurship for Noor. Shah was a challenge will didn't have a support of malls you know that afforded me as I was writing my first book and out there on a book tour you know also there. There's a lot of power and storytelling even when I'm Elena trying to tell personal stories in be as transparent as I can possibly be to say and when you see me you may think Oh yes he's got together. She's done this. He's done that no a lot of disappointments the background of all of that a- and I try to inspire people telling my story of all of disappointments all of my challenges that they faced along the way to say you can do it to what you're going. Through now may seem unlike the defining moment but is not. You'RE GONNA make it through this and you look back at that. You're not going to regret too you know through it because it's going to make hugh stronger and it has so those the now's those rejection letters you know terminations all of those who just part of your her story but you'll get to write with the ending of that story is don't let anyone else right absolutely and those stories in those outcomes help you to sign that committee committee. Won't it client one say no. It was coaching coaching. I was on a coaching course and is a a Collie that said you know what I was thinking that I couldn't do x Y and Z but then I remembered with the help of God I've even in Jerusalem and you know everybody on the call and you know right. You can beat this. You know why really puts in perspective God faith and then for Doc Natasha wedding projects. You have going on right now. We're working on it. You can talk. You'll be the first <music> out this new projects. I'm working on my second so <hes> I did a town hall actually back in March the power one how ordinary accidents influence extraordinary change and so on following up that ten tall so so excited to be working on that and what. What I'm really really excited about is that I'm planning conference for next year to be kicked off here? In New York City at Lincoln Center in March as called Impact Attack Twenty Twenty <hes> bold conversations ourageous transformation and this conference will focus on the real conversations we need needs to be having as you transitioned to twenty twenty to really transform workplace culture and I'm hoping that we can come through and talk about everything that we've been afraid to say out loud that have been very. You're so opportunity S._S.. Let's talk about that. How do we address it? Let's hear from organizations that are tackle those issues rather if around disability around gender race sexual orientation you know let's talk about how people disadvantaged people of marginalized people in the workplace what they've been experiencing what we can do differently going into this next decade once we kickoff in New York New York to visit a few cities across the United States so very excited about that time put it on to it is your website of we can go to timing obvious I handed reminisces. Tom Com all details location venue and all of that on way from transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship and I do want you to tell this story about working full-time. I'm trying to build a brand at the same time. I call myself an extra preneurs for a while. It was doing that when I was at A._T.. And I make sure that I was looking at compliance and all of that good stuff in my mentors and sponsors even inside the business new and it was all good but back there comes a point where your shine becomes a little bigger than they might have been too and eh written rule the comes in so please tell you yes so this story. That was my first time shared in Atlanta Atlanta but I did. I realized I knew what I want to do. I want to do consulting Phil Tom and entrepreneurship but like many is very hard to make Nedley whether it's from a financial or other fear so I was using every single vacation bay to go out and say clients and potential clients and you know went about out two years without a real vacation day in worked hard and my organization knew what I was doing and I wrote the book and everybody was real excited but in it I by balls else was very much on board of what I was doing and <hes> you know very supportive but like you said my star starting to shine a little bit you write <hes> well for her and I noticed that our working relationship started to you know where she started. Become mic picky of certain things things that were we're perfectly fine before you know weren't all of a sudden so I left for my book tour and had a very successful tour was gone for about two weeks again on my own and when I came back I'll put it like dance. We had to come to an agreement that it just wasn't working out and <hes> for me to be able to balance <hes> both of them and that was fine so I always say I'm glad that happened. You don't think that in a moment but I was glad that it happened because <hes> essentially I don't think I would have made the league without milch and that's what that nudge was again. I was very fearful from you. Know you're walking away from a state speaker jog walk away from your benefits and everything else I don't know if I would have completely ever walked away from that and <hes> when she knows me I did and and it was the best decision was the best thing that could have happened because I had put in homework ahead my clients advice I had my platform wanting place. I had my relationships in place and it has just grown exponentially since then so you know I always want to encourage people number one and I know it can be fearful and think about you know leaving that stability of a workplace <hes> but you know they always say you're not making your own dreams. Come true you're or making someone to be and you know again. You know always be building your model. Whether is this killing yourself. Whether it's you know going to conference learning developing concurrently I've been in at eight Horsey in I have seen so many people spoke through no fault of their own going to say today's relaxed right nothing they've done wrong. They could be star employees. You never know and knows employees have no backup they're going to do they're devastated because they have put one hundred percent of themselves into that organization right and so I'm always like go. Do Your job do a great job. Be a rock star but is that organization. Put One hundred percent in new you know oh so you never put one hundred percent in something that you don't have one hundred percent control what you have one hundred percent control over issues so the suspension that I may not hold others follow suit and hey my old dot my new build that whatever you're looking to to pursue pursue you don't have to make the right off right. Take it step by step. Do what you can so when it's time you're prepared whether it's your decision rather very someone else's where the <unk> lie circumstances you are always prepared just breaks my heart. When I see people undeservingly lose their jobs user stability? They have nothing kills. People know my story. I was one of thousands let go and the good news is I had a choice to stay that Ludi Lin those relationships they always come through in a pinch when you need it but the other part or the pinch is your reputation and your brand outside side of an organization that's really my heart went out to a lot of my colleagues that just did not know what to do when they surplus because they not only work started business. They didn't know how to look for a job and still write a head coaching clients all of them. I tell L. Them supposed to be but my questions are going to ask you. What are you doing to make sure that if someone makes the decision for you you're going to be okay? That's right so you might have thirteen years and it's comfy and you got all the stocks and in the what if what if what if you wanted to make your own decision one day that they do that's right wrong along with it yeah exactly exactly so. I'm always whoever that's great. I don't care if your employees to your retirement but you you don't have one hundred percent control over that so when you can't control you should be controlling just to make sure that your future is stabilized Natasha. Where can you find online? Yes Oh definitely come see me on late. In posting content the most interactive you can just type in my name and following Natasha Golden Dave E._S._p._N.. H._R. Visit My website performance status removed dot Com. I want instagram and twitter at the workplace doctor adopter and then I do love all of you to head on over to Youtube and watch my ted talk so you can hear more about my journey and how much or any shape what what I'm doing now so you can just to the power of London excellent Tasha. I am proud to call friend fellow faculty in an even more. Thank you so much likewise like I said it was so exciting into thin and now they're I really appreciate that. Thanks for coming on the culture a wonderful conversation she with Natasha Bowman the workplace. Thank you so much. Hey listen that Webinar that I did third-minute Mentor masterclass get walked clients. Fast was one of my most and I the way you you can still wants to go to mentor DOT COM and Click there to register to watch for free and by the way I had the sly <music> available for you as well at Thirty Minute Mentor DOT COM look we're coming up on a coaching corner episode first Tuesday of the month of August. Guess what I'm going to do that Webinar so you get to hear the audio and what everybody's talking about it. It's based on Dan Black Enterprise article that I wrote dear sis and of course this was all about what to do do when you're trying to get more clients you WanNa hear this y'all if you are a small business owner and entrepreneur even even if you are in a nonprofit because at the end of the day your clients drive the business you're donors drive the business and what better way way to raise capital have more clients this all we have for you today. Find US online at the culture podcast dot com on instagram and at the culture suit and on facebook at the culture podcast until next by by the culture soup podcast is a production of no silos

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PODCAST: Tony Weaver Jr. Explains How Tupac, Static and Rock Lee showed him he was Weird Enough to make comics


1:01:56 hr | 2 years ago

PODCAST: Tony Weaver Jr. Explains How Tupac, Static and Rock Lee showed him he was Weird Enough to make comics

"You're twenty five years old. You Are C._E._O.. Of A Hybrid Comic Book Entertainment Educational Company You have a board of directors. You have not done kickstarter. You've got your money soon. Grants okay so the next I'm GonNa need you to do. is teach a class everybody. I'm Carol Horn and this is the blur girl podcast on this podcast. I sit down with Tony Weaver Junior. The young founder of weird enough productions. It's an Indie comics publisher and company that he started in college but we're enough isn't just a car company and Tony. He isn't just a comic book Creator. The first time I saw Tony it was when I was doing a youtube search and his Ted talk popped up and I was fascinated. I was like who is this kid. I mean well. He's not really a kid. He's young not that young. I just didn't not the time so fast forward to this year when he asked me if I would review one of his comics and it hit me that it was the same young man so I decided to interview him instead Tony's brilliant he really is and for all of you who keep complaining about millennials. You need to take a seat and listen to this episode because Tony is GonNa make you rethink your life choices telling you but before we talked to Tony. We're going to find out why D._C.. Comics is shuttering its vertigo imprint who is rumored to be cast in the new Shanxi movie and speaking of rumors. Kill monger might be the new neo but first. Let's pay some bills. If you've been following me for any length of time then you know I stay busy and it's really hard for me to get in all the reading that I WANNA do so. That's why I'm a huge huge fan of audiobooks from audible and if you use my special code audible child dot com slash the blurred girl you can get a free subscription now. I listened to them. What I'm claiming the house traveling there especially great for passing the time on those long lines at the airport now currently I'm listening to Kata which for three reasons one I'm a fan of Nettie coral fours writing <hes> she writes incredible science fiction featuring African women to it's been dubbed the Nigerian Harry Potter and three are- because it's heated Zaki who was just on the show recently is narrating it now what I love about audio books like this is that kind of light scripted podcast they are like listening to old time radio programs and I love that but don't take my word for it starts your commitment Free Thirty Day trial at audible child dot com slash the blur girl you can choose from one audiobook and to audible originals? You can hear anywhere else also any credits that you don't use is totally roll over to the next month so start your thirty day free trial today by going to audible trial dot com slash the blur girl now back to the show now the biggest news coming out of the Comic Book Community recently is the fact that Vertigo DC comics imprint that created the classics one Hundred Bullets Preacher Sandman Trans Metropolitan. They're shutting down for good as of twenty twenty now. The imprint prince started in one thousand nine hundred three to publish basically more adult content that wouldn't pass the Comics Code Authority Franz Purposes. That's really why did it. The C._C._A.. was basically a organization that started in the fifties as a way for the comic book industry to sort of self regulate and police the police itself without the government getting involved and I'm saying was because by twenty eleven the entire comics authority was basically defunct because nobody was listening to them anymore. I bring that up because that it is one of the reasons D._C.. Gave four shuttering vertigo now mainstream comics are much more adult. I mean hell DC. Comics themselves basically made Batman full-frontal last year so no D._C.'s not going to you basically reboot vertigo again is basically going to change its offerings to follow more of what indie publishing companies have been doing for years. They're going to break the publishing up by age. Group kids comics middle. It'll grade. Why a adult etcetera now? It's funny because I have a theory behind this. I can't help thinking that this has something to do with what I call. Pam's first day of the Pam I'm referring to is PAM. Gifford Pamela Gifford is assistant who basically was appointed as the new head of Warner Brothers. Let me see I want to get her title Right Warner Brothers Global Brands and experiences last year. This is after the A._T.. And T. takeover of both Warner Brothers N._B._C.. The opponent gave her control over D._C.. Comics and the DC E._U.. Now her first day or at least the first week on the job was the same week that the aforementioned Batman damned number one. That's literally the name the Comic Batman Damned which is part of the new it was part of a new DC black label specifically created for mature readers <hes> dropped now Batman damned number one was by Brian has a role and Lieber Mayo and it was the first last comic in a series that had ever prominently featured Dick and I don't mean grace it yep that is the one that had the controversial panel in which Bruce removes his suit in his room and we see him a shadow auto of his bat junk as called online needless to say of course that we the Internet loss it. I don't know what it did for sales but I can tell you what it did for that comic that run is now a collector's item because Pampa the brakes on the entire higher line and had that issue reprinted with the bat junk obscured but not for she tore the creative team a new one according to reports on comics beat so ever since then the entire line and many comics have been the entire actually black legal line in many comics have been rethought think about it. Pam Job is to look at DC comics and all of the Warner Brothers from digital perspective so not just from the perspective of just four or five guys in an office in L._A.. So it's pretty smart of her to restructure picture if they're thinking of lights saying things like toys and theme parks the way that Disney marvel does if they want to I guess stay competitive so in a way that is my take. I think it's I think this conclusion Asian which is Vertigo being shuddered at the beginning of twenty twenty kind of started when Pam took office and was confronted with like basically angry parents yelling at the company that why should their child have to look at that junk anyway so the Matrix the Matrix is back in the news because the Matrix might be reloading again the which Hausky sisters are both rumored to be working on a new script for Matrix four and yes. I saw the jokes online this matrix two because people are ignoring me everything after magic one but it's rumored that Michael Jordan might be playing the lead so if he is I wonder who's GonNa play. I mean clearly neo type character but I wonder if they're going to make him a descendant of Zion's greatest <hes> tank dozer link remember them link was played by Harold Harold Parreno in Matrix two and three. We'll have to see but I did notice that if you notice Zion most of the people in Zaire Brown people so it would make sense if there was a brown person leading leading the rise of Zion again now the other rumor rumoured casting. I should say that in the news this week is the Shanxi casting and that is another marvel comics that is being adapted for the screen. It's funny because marvel is finally getting themselves together and casting Asian lead foam. I guess it took them seeing the success of things like Black Panther and crazy rich Asians. I guess I don't know it's really strange but they're doing what we've been yelling for for a long time and they're rumored to be talking to legendary martial arts star Donnie Yen <hes> who is apparently being considered for an older role. I don't think he's being considered for Shanxi. Most of you remember him as the blind monk from rogue wet but I've been a fan of yen's for years from it meant to iceman talk to in the line of duty if you don't know what any of these argo to his I._M._D._b.. Page and then sit down this weekend and watch some real fight scenes. He's been considered along with Ludi Lin. Ludi was the black ranger in the rebooted rebooted power rangers movie in two thousand seventeen. He was in command. I cannot remember the name of the character he was unrecognizable. NOCCO man but most recently he starred in the first episode of the new season of black mirrors striking vipers actually talked about that in the last last episode he was Ri- You knock off inside the game. No idea what role he's GonNa play or they're gonNA play but I know that lane has been actively lobbying pretty hard for the Shanxi title role. I'm thinking considering his age. They probably want to play the mandarin or maybe cheese father or maybe they will as marvel as the M._c.. You does blend the two characters together and give them both. I don't know but we'll have to wait and see I also think I think they should probably not call him the mandarin but that's just me. I don't know I just it sounds kind of raises. It's kind of like the Oriental which would be bad. It's very bad don't do that. What do you think of this recent casting news using Michael? We'll be joined should be neo. How about Changji? Who's you play it? Should it be should it be Ludi Lin. You've never vote Lemme on the comments and I will be right back with some techniques to give a hosted website on wordpress rest or is your site really slow. Have you gotten hacked in the past and just didn't know what to do well. If so you need site ground now. I am a site ground affiliate. I'm also a customer in fact I switched the blur girl dot com over to them and never. Never looked back in fact I've put other people onto them for two reasons for liability and customer service. You can try it yourself at site ground dot com slash go slash the blur girl. That's site ground dot com slash. Go slash the blur girl now unlike some other hosting sites that have a really great affiliate program and seemed to be really popular. Many of them don't have customer service cyclone has great customer service. They don't talk like an idiot. If you can't find on something to help you work through it. They have a really easy control panel. Inside ground is really the truth. You can start hosting your site today for as low as three ninety five a month you can run a store a blog anything really and they can even move your your host existing site over four you from another posting service and you don't have to worry about a bunch of code and stuff so if you've been blogging or running a website for a while now it's time to take your site and it security seriously. I've move up to site background sign up today at site ground dot com that's S.. I T. E. G. R. O. U.. N. D. dot com slash the blurred girl okay now one of the biggest things that's been announced announced in tech so far is the fact that facebook is coming up with its own or has developed its own cryptocurrency. It's called Libra and I'm laughing because I'm a huge blood brock blockade battlefront fan and if if you're a fan of that anime you know why libra is funny so it's called Libra and it's more like I don't know it's more like van Mo- unless like bitcoin basically you deposit a certain amount of money into your account and exchange it for libra coins coins or lever dollars basically and then you can buy things online at participating companies. Presumably these are companies that are already putting their dollars into facebook now. There's a libra reserve made up of basically the U._S.. Dollar the Japanese Yen British pound and the euro. I guess this is they're seen as the least volatile of currency right now and basically this is real real lemons terms. It's overseen by a Libra Association Council now. The thinking is no matter what happens in the market. The libra will stay stable. These association members make money off the interest leftover after their operating costs are coverage covered which could basically become exorbitant as more people participate the pain and also it is somehow and I haven't figured this out yet but I do know how the interest is also subtly tied into facebook ads so there's GonNa be a real big push also for more people to put money into facebook ads because I think that's going to be helping to fund the Reserve. It all sounds very dystopia and I know and there is definitely a risk. There's apparently currently no regulation over anybody making APPs for libra which could clearly people getting ripped off if it's not like a facebook branded I guess APP on the upside. The currency's low raised and and berries of entry will make it easier for people in countries in areas where there aren't banks to rely on things like Western Union and stuff like that to keep more of the money that essentially them because there aren't high percentage rates and things that are associated with basically sending money 'cause you're actually also not sending money. They're not they don't have to go someplace and pay for their cash that they're picking up and then literally like walk away with it and potentially get robbed because of carrying thousands of dollars in cash. It's literally going to be libra. <hes> and it's all in their phones. So you lose your phone. You can just get another phone and you'll oubre libra account stays intact so we'll see I don't know what do you think libra let me know on the comments so up next my interview with Tony Weaver junior of weird enough productions he's going to talk about his comics and his company and what he's building. Don't he's really amazing like I've mentioned he's been in the Huffington Post. He's given Ted talks. Check out my interview with Tony. We Virginia Hi Tony. Welcome thank you for joining the. I'm really excited about what you're what you're doing. Hey I'm really excited to be here now for those who don't know you Mr Forbes thirty two thirty give everybody a little bit elevated pitch about who you are and what you do a well. My name is Tony Weaver Junior and I run in organization call weird enough productions. It's a company that I started in college and we're a comic company with this idea that comics in the stories that we engage with have a really positive impact on the world so we create comics focused on highlighting people from marginalized communities and changing the narrative around around what it means to be a hero and we also partner those comics in really cool ways. Let people get involved. That's that's amazing okay now. Where did you grow up and women the comments an Uber into when you were a kid so so I grew up in Atlanta Georgia in a small suburb outside of the city of Atlanta called Limestone Georgia and when I was growing up I didn't have access to Comic Salat which is something I told people people talk a lot about comics and we say hey <hes>? What did you grow up reading but for me before I left the house? My mom like many black parents would go before we leave the house. Don't ask me for nothing because you're not getting right and comics if a new comic came out <hes> every week if a new comic comes out every week I can't read it because if I managed to get lucky enough to get volume one I cannot confirm. My mom is going to give me volume two next week. So I said a comics. I ended up in Manga a bunch. That's interesting so I I ended up. Reading lots of Manga. Naruto was the big thing for me. Naruto you Haka show things of that nature but the first comic that I picked up really like I think for a lot of people with static shock because I saw the show and I said I i WanNa read this. I want to know more and I got really into static. We so real quick explained to me how you got how you able to read Manga but not comics. I guess you get the part about your mother not buying them. But were you getting your Manga. I got him from the library so a lot. Oh Yes yeah and bookstores people forget that yeah yeah no nobody remembers back when you go in borders and sit in the Manga section and just re and the the employees toys they just look at you. It'd be like well. I can't really get into move so in Walden books as well was where I'd go and sit and just read the Manga into my parents. It was time to go okay now. That makes that makes a Lotta Sense. Did you know static was a comic when you sigh or when you just reacting to the animated series I was just reacting to the animated series. I think that I was so enthralled in the story that there was nothing in my mind that made me think Oh. This is also a comic or graphic novel that I can go pick up. It wasn't until later when someone told me that it was a comic Russet. Wait what there's more than I can give. Give me that immediately please but the funny thing is since the comic was done so much more before you know the enemy series when you did the comic team data to you. It didn't seem dated seem different interesting even if you look at issue number one where Virgil Harris completely different right right yeah rock in life the cap and things like that <hes> I when I looked at it my first thought was this is different than what I was accustomed to but there weren't a lot of characters that looked like me so my thought process was will yeah is different separate but it's me so I'm a rock would cause is me. Where else am I find it? Did you think when you were watching static like okay. This is what I WANNA. Do I WANNA go up and I WANNA make comics is that was that was going through your head. That wasn't what was going through my head all I initially I've always liked speaking and kind of engaging in discussions with people so as I when I was younger people would say oh. You should be a lawyer because you're good at arguing so be a lawyer. Were you in clip. Yes okay so outside in debate club. I joined the mock trial team at my school. I was on track to be a part of this like <hes> direct high school to college pipeline for a law degree through the mock trial program. I am at my high school. I'm GonNa participated in something called the August Wilson Monologue competition where I performed a monologue by the playwright August Wilson it was my first experience with theater in any way shape or form <hes> and I made it to the finals so I got to go to New York City on in the eighth grade I got I got flown out to New York. City as a part of the August was my lot competition and I got to see Denzel Washington and Viola Davis Defenses on Broadway I got I got to watch some see that as a teenager in win that happened my trajectory switch completely. I was like I'm going to be an actor. That's it. I'm going to be an actor. That's that's my job now. That's my role even when you were you think of acting you would also be a playwright as well or was it all. I just want to be Denzel when I grow up. I think the writing was a thing that came to me before the acting because I was I've always been writing in some capacity so when I was younger I write poetry and things like that and when I said that I wanted to study acting my parents sent me to the two pucks course center for the arts in Atlanta run by the two packs a core foundation. His family is still directly involved solved with a center in with the foundation so that's a lot of people don't know but yeah when I remember when that foundation was started and I remember thinking that okay good this part of his legacy or their. Our legacy is going to live on which is so important but continue. I'm sorry to cut you on that was a whole part of his dream right when he talked about when he talked about his vision for the world what he said was that I want to build a center where young people cannot be on the street and be able to come and learn about the arts and be able to master their craft and that's really what the center was <hes>. That's also am I hear solids away that it is right now. In direct comments to the impact it <hes> he had on my life and that his family so has my life so <hes> his his sister Situa I call her aunt set a we talk and then also before personally okay yeah but before before his mother passed away I had the opportunity to perform for her in a play that was specifically about about her time as an activist <hes> so the the they're at the center. I showed up to learn how to act <hes> but there they said well. I mean if you WANNA act you want to be an artist. One thing about being an artist is embracing your voice and your ability to steward things into the world and they're got to do a lot of writings was able to write skits and things like that which directly transition into me being a part of the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta where I did a lot of writing as well and how old were you when you when you got into that program I was fourteen. It seems like your trajectory from a young age. You've always been very sure that you wanted to be a creative in some way shape or form one hundred percent that's no you're really lucky because these people that are still looking to figure out what they WANNA do and also on top of that people who are creatives who are still trying to figure out how they could explain to their parents and that's what they wanna do or you know to their friends or you know or their colleagues like Oh. I'm a lawyer but what I really wanted to do was right right so it's it's. It's wonderful that you've been able to embrace that shutouts your parents for encouraging that now from there then it was comic books. When did you decide? I'm going to serve on company because still at forty eight. I thinking you'd have the whole world in front of you. So I took one more transition. Before I ended up in comics. I ended up in film so I I went to Elon University in North Carolina so they accept sixteen people to their bachelors. The Fine Arts acting program a year and audition and I was one of the sixteen again so that so that like in the top twenty theater schools in the country I get one of sixteen spots and I run to my mom and I go. I made it in. I'm a part of it in my mom goes cool so either minor enacting or double major in something else because I need you to have more than a theater degree and it hurt me so much like what do you mean. Why don't you believe in me right like I'm and believe in me right in my mom said that she said Oh i believe in you I believe in you so much that I think you can go get two degrees at one time that how much I believe because because she's looking after your mother's like missing? I'm a need. Did you have a backup. My Mom told me was what you were doing isn't a backup plan. It is something to complement the skills that you're developing as an actor so pick something that is going to complement what you know so that when you go out to are these auditions where you're one out of hundreds of people there will be something else that allows you to step ahead in and be in front of the competition so I double majored in Communications Strategic Communications specifically so studying marketing public relations things. He's like that right so because as an actor if I want to be an actor if I can understand how the communications industry works how media works on where the money is made and things of that nature. I'll be able to put myself in a better position to get roles because I'll know what people are looking for so I got two yuan was studying acting and also studied communications and we're we're thinking during my freshman year when we went around they said what's your dream role. What do you want to do? My idea was <hes> I wanNA play Black Panther because I know he's going to have movie at some point. I don't know what is going to happen but I'm GONNA be ready. I I'll go ahead and start training. I'll be ready so you can only imagine I was a junior and they announcing Nelson Taylor Bozeman now. I was like no way to know I was like I'll be ready son like would you we get that far. I'm a beat it. Will you know in in the comics an alternate universe Chris <hes> he has a son and a daughter so yeah if we go that route got a test and you're GonNa toss your name in the ring there. That's amazing but you your mother was a was absolutely right and I can see how that what has helped you because you're you're making moves now that I know people who are even older than you don't know how to make but the other thing you have is clearly a drive. What is this push to get in comics made <hes> and very specifically divers comics that I'm noticing that cause your your team that you created? It's the uncommon right yes. They're very diverse that it seems like that was really important. Can you tell me about that so I think that comics as a medium <hes> are very expensive and I think as an industry we have only scratched the surface for what can happen when divers stories are able take the forefront. There's so much that is yet to be done with the medium that I think can explicitly be done if we are deliberate about making sure that were diverse and inclusive with the stories that we tell and I think the reason for that is because what I grew grew up. I didn't have it so growing up in Atlanta. One joke that I tell I had to be told like people were a minority in Atlanta people totally well. You know the whole country isn't like this and I'm like what do you mean where charts were at the Grocery Store Sundays as I'm like. I can't think of the last time I saw person it wasn't black. What are you talking about? What do you what do you mean? We're not all over the place right and for people trying to develop a healthy self image sometimes like that kind of immersion and being around people that look like you can be helpful but growing up in Atlanta there was a specific monolithic idea of what it meant to be a black man and she sang that I didn't that I didn't meet and as a result it made me feel like there was something wrong with me right like like if you're a black do growing up in Atlanta <hes> number one you like rap. That's what it is. You get a choice in the matter all right. I mean I do like route right but if I didn't people look at me sideways you're supposed to present is very hyper hyper masculine. You're supposed to be strong. You don't cry you're tough and even though Atlanta as a city has really become a great place for for Queer people of Color to go and gather on the kind of habit when I get exactly exactly when when when I when I was growing up when I was in middle school I was a bully all the time because people were people would call me gay like I'm not right but people were. They didn't know any other way to classify you. They just it's funny that she said this because I'd love to see opposite I grew up in New Jersey in a predominantly white community but I was my mother made sure we were around a lot of black folks but I didn't fit in with them either. It really wasn't wasn't until I was in college that I really found found my footing because I was yeah like watching anime reading Manga and listening to Metallica and it didn't make any sense it. It's fascinating that you're telling me like you grew up in a black community and we're we're still sort of going through some of the things I was going through and I grew up in the white community so that that's fascinating to me. There are so many varying experiences right there are so many varying experiences that young people of color especially young black people people are having in this country emperor comics to be a place where we can go and imagine new worlds and tell new stories. I don't see those stories being told and I'm passionate about it number one because I think there's a potential it makes him really amazing stuff but also because I know what happens first-hand was somebody doesn't have that thing that they can go. Look at it and see themselves so so for me. It was when I was in middle school. I got moved like I said I'm in Atlanta. Atlanta is the places I was were predominantly black until I got to Middle School Rog. I moved to a school about <hes> that took me each day about two hours from my house where now we're now one of the only black students in the school alison magnet program so even my other black peers that were in the school they were in most of them. Were in a different academic team so I saw them in the hall but I didn't take classes with them. I ended up in classes. Were there like maybe out of twenty kids two or three black students students and not only am I bullied by peers by teachers are looking at me sideways like so literally I'm I'm literally the first comic writer to ever be on the Forbes thirty under Thirty Award Winning Comic Writer now in Twenty nineteen right in the seventh grade. I wrote a paper for my teacher. She accused me of plagiarism. She read it again. No that was that was gay daily for me. I had somebody I had everybody in the class had failed except for me and I'd gotten something like a ninety five or ninety six and she accused me of cheating and I said to her point blank with who you said everybody failed whose paper my looking at whoever was done and I'm I'm sorry that you went through that. I wish I could say that that no longer happens but I talk to people every day. <hes> when I was in middle school the place where I kinda hit my like lowest point is that <hes> when when I was in the seventh grade the item to suicide I didn't I didn't feel like who I was as a person with something that has value in feel like my existence was one that was worth anything right in part because I have my classmates and my literal. All teachers looking down on what I'm doing and when I go look at all these fantasy worlds where every where the hero's journey is taking place and everyone is imagining this amazing thing that they can be. I don't see a lot of people that look like me. <hes> and I thought that it was the individual me problem. I thought it was a Tony thing but I when I got to school in College. I ended up in an elementary school. Mentoring a young person that had almost the exact same issue in the fourth grade wasn't seeing people that looks like him and he wasn't seeing characters at display that displayed the type of person that he wanted to be and it was really there that I said okay we. There's a problem here. Wait is this. Is this Nazir Yes sir okay. I was GONNA ask ask you about him okay. I knew I knew that name it something but I wanted you to to gap so this is first of all just WanNa take a moment. Thank you for sharing that because that's a very personal story and you do not have to do that so thank you for sharing that with us and we're very glad that you're still here so as a part of one of my classes we we did community service will go to the elementary to a local elementary school in we are supposed to tutor students. I remember sitting in the room when they were walking. All of the students in in zero was like the only black student in his class of an olive and also the only black student in my class at it calmed a like mentor the kids and as soon as he walked in. I was like cinema over here. Come all and I was supposed to be a tudor right few so let's talk about math and science and helping them remember a social studies dates. He only wanted wanted to talk to me about cartoons that was all he wanted to talk about and the joke joke. Did I tell I was supposed to talk to him about cartoons but he knew that I had opinions on it so when you come you sit down in front of me he goes hey. Did you see the new Bintan. Intend like you knew I had seen it. You knew the answer was yes. When you came over here and you know I have opinions on this kind of stuff <hes> and that was his whole world that was all he was thinking about and one day we had had a conversation and he said I like getting the talk about this with you because I don't know any other people that like this kind of stuff and it meant something to me right you need you need somebody that you can talk to which was happy me to be there on Halloween coming out I asked him if he was going to dress as his favorite superhero and he's like Oh i WanNa be been which context been tens whole outfit is literally like a green jacket some jeans and a watch he goes? I can't be been because because I don't look like him. I'm going to address the C._J.. From grand theft auto oh no no no no no no no no no no. He's GonNa just do that. Basically dead killed and steals cars cars. My whole thing apart of the conference will sounds like number one. You're the fourth grade. Will you know about grand theft auto and that's exactly what I was gonNA. Ask you next like where is your mother would have been my next question C.. J. Isn't even from the most recent grand anthem auto so you had to have gone back back he he went he went through his uncle's dashes that right. You need something else that you can look towards that. You can aspire to but believe it or not at that time I I still hadn't thought okay. I need to go ahead and like make a company. It didn't really hit me that I needed to do something until twenty fourteen when Michael Brown happen like when when when Ferguson happened that was when I knew that I needed to do something because Ferguson happens and I'm on a predominantly white college campus black lives matter is in full swing and my classmates on my campus are cross into the different side of the street to Oh boy me at night. It hit like a fever pitch for me it. It hit a point where I said listen. Okay something needs to be done about. This and I feel so strongly about this. I need to be the one to do it. <hes> a joke that I tell is that when I was in school I'm a really big Michael Jordan fan and he inspires me to point round like I wanna be like you like I wanna work with you. I WanNa be on your level. So when I was in school I would. I would say like Michael Jordan. I'm coming good for you. I'm coming for you. You better be ready. I see you got that role. You better be happy because once I enter this. I'm in school right now. But what's I enter the market you you'd better be careful. Start them looking for you and I was like in coming to this realization that I need to do something. I need to start. This in. My first thought was immediately. Michael is lucky I need to go save the world because man hey there. If you're looking for a way to support this podcast cast my youtube channel the blog my coffee habit comics. Please check out the podcast sponsors of course and also saw by the blur girl shop. That's right I have or you can get t shirts and yes extended sizes are available through mugs phone cases laptop sleeves pillows stickers all kinds of stuff and some of my favorites zip pouches that about one hundred of these things I love me a good patch anyway you can shop directly from the blurred girl shop instagram page or right all the website the blur girl dot com slash shops so check out the gunshot today and I really appreciate the support now back to the show. Let's talk about weird enough productions a little bit now. When I I got wind of what you were doing I was seeing you are comics <hes> you we sound and shown me the uncommon and tell me a little bit about the on Commons a so the Commons is our it's our first comic and it's also Kinda? The the king appoint for our universe <hes> it is about a group of hesitant heroes leap into action when one of them predicts the end of the world <hes> so our main character and also the leader of the team Iris Iris <hes> is this young west African girl <hes> who she has ocular ability so she can see really cool stuff with her is. I'm so she can see like yet. I saw that Little Manga <hes>. I don't know if you've ever watched a blood blockade battlefront. I was like wait. Wait that I've seen those eyes completely inspired by Leonardo Watch right like I remember watching glow blockade battlefront and being like I have never thought about this as an ability before that looks amazing saying I love I absolutely love show and I need. I need my third season. I need them to hurry Al Green every every character in that show I love the way that they decentralize the storyline and everybody gets a shiny and get to see people have fun. <hes> <music> I remember watching that show and I saw that ability in particular and I was like that is really cool. <hes> what would happen if we tweak that a bit <hes> so yeah because she and her ability isn't she doesn't have the eyes of the Aussie obviously obviously see she has the ability to see energies details and outcomes like that's her those are things so she can look at someone and pick up like heat signatures if your Heart's beaten fast something like that she'll catch it <hes> details details so she can see really small texts or letters or different details on them on different objects and outcomes uh so if pap ability yes but are like trajectory. I guess it'd be better more so someone throws something at her. She you can track the trajectory of that item know whether she needs to move out of the way or not and if she doesn't move out of the way she has something called dangerous sense where her body speeds up to account for the danger that she's in to get her out of the way <hes> irises capable of showing rolling like super strength of superspy but only in occasions where she is directly in like imminent danger it only kicks in when that happens like adrenaline has to be at a certain level exactly okay so chapter. One of the uncommon ends where we open our story is that Irish has had a vision which ironically for someone that has specialized iris can't normally see the future have permissions. That's not something that only happens to her for the last few months. She's been having this vision kind of this oncoming calamity at the end of every vision she sees the were resurgence and that is her only context for anything that is going on. She doesn't know what the word resurgence means. She hasn't no of where this evil is coming from and she doesn't even know where it center but she knows she needs to do something to stop it and the uncommon is story of her going and building a team of people in order to in order to make that happen which I think is everyone powerful in the sense that it was really important to me that a black woman was leading the team. If you WANNA talk about people with vision normally have sums going to be dangerous black women. Who are the people that noticed that I often say on this spot gas which is listened to black women one hundred listen to because if there's anything that's you gotta be dangerous? If there's anything that could potentially cause harm normally there is a black woman somewhere going no no do the what I saw as your description and when you were listed as forms thirty eight hundred thirty <hes> with twenty seven twenty eight to twenty eighteen just last year amazing congratulations they were not to talking about your your kind of book but they were also talking about your work to use your company to educate so are are you a compost company or are you are you working in. The schools helped me like break it down for me so we're a comic book company. <hes> what what we're not productions is what our aim is is that we wanna be just as big as a D._C.. Or Marvel with our stories however the thing that Kinda makes us special is that we know that the impact that stories can have so we make sure that our comics don't stop win. The chapter ends so breakdown <unk> kind of how that works so we put the comments on this platform called Weird Enough H. Q. and what we say at H.. Q. Is that we're building the world's first open source comic universe so I made so not only do people show. Show up and read about the comments learn about the comments right and read the stories we directly invite people into the world to add ideas that become canon in a part of the lore we believe in diversity so much that we are willing to decentralize lies are creative structure so that our audience in our community has a direct impact on the stories that are being told how our world grows so. Let's break down in Layman's terms if I want if I love one of your characters and I decide I want to write a chapter chapter about a write fan fiction. I can submit that yes so so every every month we have targeted challenges <hes> for where people directly ask for the world so for example in issue number. One of the uncommon Irish Irish goes to a place called Delta City where there's a big area called the Grand Plaza. It's really similar to Times Square. The first writing talents that we did was the Grand Plaza has twenty stores in it. I don't know what any of them are. What are the twenty stores source and you get young people submitting ideas for like Oh? I think this store should be here. It's a sports company because obviously these people need to be athletic of one person submitted an idea for a store that is actually like Canon and if you look look in chapter on you can see it's call <hes> mythos it does is a sore where they take costs play retire and make it socially acceptable to wear so if you want to dress like a pirate mythos oh have like a nautilus line of clothes. That's like socially accessible pirate where where you have on your eyes and your jackets and things like that and that's something that's actively in the world with a minute fund that store in real life though I know Ba cal fire it's like business. The low key middle's thing real abut people get to people get to submit their ideas to become a part of Canada and we do different challenges every month where sometimes it'll be. What's the location or sometimes <hes> how what what what do you think about this? Geographic area. Delta City has twelve districts and we've seen district one and district to buy what about districts three through twelve. What's in there? What are those entail? <hes> we do head cannon competition so echo is one of our characters and echo has enhanced hearing abilities. Someone's hit candidate submit it was I think he wears earmuffs when he sleeps because if he can hear really well it might be hard for him to sleep in a noisy city so he wears your Matt makes perfect sense or sensory deprivation saying but you know whatever's easy now now this I mean this is amazing because not only are. Are you putting on a comic. That's entertaining. You're allowing the public and specifically young people kids to be to be involved in the process now my next question then is how are you paying for. All this like is it. Is it <hes> a subscription option based model or you five at once three. Do you have things for teachers like how how you how you doing this so we take all of the stories and all of the cool stuff that we do on H.. Q. And we partner them with lesson. Lesson plans and activities for teachers to use in schools. Were not an education company but I think that media has an unprecedented power to teach people things like I wholeheartedly believe that what you learn outside of the classroom is more. Eh what you learn inside of the classroom like for me. I said I wasn't Naruto Fan. During my darkest hour the thing that kept me here was rockabilly like Rockley as what man oh I'm going to start worrying about what I can't do and I'm going to focus on what I can do and get really good at that and focus on loving myself in the thing that I do bring to the world like you know how many people like have picked a more tidbits from Uncle Iro from avocado last air better than they have like an actual dual counselor therapist's when when I did a I did a I was lucky enough to interview the <hes> the Voice of all might for my who academia and the fact that he was he saying that he sees on kids and families like because decker APU is all of us my hero academia episode to do you can be a hero. Even if I don't have a court game sense you too can become a hero cheers every time they go time. It gets me right because it does something it speaks to us so our idea is what if we took the stories that we know have an impact on people and we made it easier for teachers to implement in the classroom so let's take the story of beyond comments where Iris See something thing in the world that she think needs to knit she thinks needs to change and takes us so forward to change it and let's partner that with the lesson plan around agency and self confidence so now as a teacher you can be in the classroom in a set of saying open up your textbook. You say Hey Rita's comet and kids. Read the comic and get to talk about what did you see in your community that you feel like needs to change your stimulating their critical thinking skills exactly we partner the comics to <hes> acttivities around literacy and social emotional learning those things help kids be heroes in their own right so <hes> we we have that platform it's called media lit and we use that to work with schools and that is an acronym for learn inquire transform US learning inquire around that critical thinking in that literacy component but in transform were actively turning kids into hero so we have a partner organization called the piece I foundation on. They're really cool folks based out of Boston <hes> and they love to see young people doing cool stuff so much that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is and supporting young people so around the country there are schools in fourteen states that are using our comics in the classroom every young person that is using our platform platform in the classroom that has an idea for a way that they wanna make their community better the piece I foundation steps up in partnership with us and gives them a two hundred fifty dollar. Mini grants ago grow in pursue their idea so if you're if you're a middle schooler and you're like homelessness is a big issue in my community. I want to create a photo campaign to drive awareness of homelessness. The piece I try nation goes cool. Here's two hundred fifty dollars and based on what you do for your for your first version of your project. You can apply for additional no funding of up to two of up to ten thousand dollars from two thousand and ten thousand dollars as a young person to get an idea to make your community better so we're literally taking. What comics do that hype feeling that you get right where we say that we tell stories that make you hyper Bob being yourself when you get that hype? It doesn't just stop once you finished with the chapter you immediately walk into your community and you're you're a hero for them. So for young people around the country not only are we telling these stories and showing them that they're okay and showing them ways that they can be positive live in the world. We're actively putting our money where our mouth is giving them opportunities to do that is absolutely amazing. Now this organization <hes> piece I write are they funding you earn company or your company is weird enough. <hes> A for profit <hes> so we're we're a hybrid organization okay so we have some for profit parts of work that we do so for example when we work on our platforms and the comic and stuff like that that's for profit were selling that <hes> but I'm also at different schools around the country all the time we directly do workshops where we go hang out in schools and let kids know all the amazing things that they can do and that's kind of funded to our nonprofit <hes> since I started reared enough when I was a junior <hes> we've raise a little bit under a million dollars to change the world with comics that amazing now how did you was that like kickstarter. Essien private funding was at like investors so it started off with grants when I was developing weird enough. We were developing the the comment so we're developing the content. The idea was never hey. Let's make another comic and put out another comet because there are lots of comics right. They're a bunch of people that are putting got new comics every day and I love them. I read them but for us it was about how do we tell a story in leverage. The power that we know stories have to create a measurable positive impact on the world and the communities where our readers are so so we started looking for grants. The first bit grant that we got was an eighty thousand dollar grant from the echoing Green Foundation in New York. I got it two days before I graduated from college. I had a job offer from another media company that I won't name sitting on the table and <hes> my mom was like you've had to take that job. What are you talking about job right and we're still waiting on the call? I was like I. I don't know we interviewed. I WanNa see maybe because echoing green really opened the door for me. So for context teach for America right like National Network of teachers going into going into specific communities was started as an echo in green project van Jones some of the first funding owning the he received a Susan Echoing Green Fellowship Michelle OPA Sell Obama was also an inequity in green fellow so in the movie southside with you when she's talking about that work that she's doing man like that community organization she's starting that organization was was funded by echoing green in her early stages echoing Green's whole thing is we identify the leaders of tomorrow today and when I was in college with maybe like five hundred bucks that we want from a pitch competition in this massive idea that we can use media to make the world better echoing green took a chance on me and that was that was that was kind of how we got our SARS so starting off with grants. We took a bunch of time figuring out. How do you make a comic in a way that sustainable because my my opinion is at the comics industry is in like a weird place right now where the ways that we support our work in the ways that we compensate artists in the people that we have the privilege? Collaborating with I feel like they need to change. I feel like our artists can be treated better. I feel like riders can be treated better. We'll yeah I also I also think that an and I yell about this a lot because we really need to also change the skull we we are so busy trying to look at these two companies marvel and DC and the platform is more than just like you didn't. Have you know you weren't going down to the Comic Book Shop Technically Know What he has to go to the con- bookshop now like it's all online you can buy you can read a bunch of comments about leaving. Your House drives me nuts. How many people like yes I can only get my comic in the Comic Book Shop and I'm like why only or I'm GONNA do? I'm GONNA do a kickstarter for my I pitch video you know make the pitch video when you talk about how did use the kickstarter to help fund all eleven episodes of whatever you're trying to do like division. The visit for Weird enough is that we want to be the COM Company of the twenty first century and I think that the future of comics I think is diverse. I think is global and I think as technology enable because marble in D._C.. Or some of the most financially successful for people to ever do it to ever do it in both of them have financial troubles now. Are you like President C._E._O.. Chief Cook and bottle Washer of weird enough productive or do you have a board of so I'M I. I had everything right. So are we on our nonprofit site. We have a board with that. Board is one that's directly aligned with the vision that's directly aligned with the mission and for the most part they just trust me right so legally at any given point in time I bore for the nonprofits I could go you know maybe we need to find somebody else to do this but they trust me right on the on the four prophesy I'm I'm Founder C._E._o.. And I I have direct say in final no word over over how everything goes. You're how old now I heard twenty five a couple of weeks ago. Okay so happy belated birthday so let's get this shape. You weren't twenty five years old. You Are C._E._O.. Of A hybrid Kabuki Entertainment Educational Company you have a board of directors. You have not done kick start. You've got your money in grants okay so the next thing I'm GonNa need you to do is teach a class because there's people twice stories that I haven't figured out how to do that. You'RE GONNA need to set up win it up and I'll give you this weird enough productions or weird enough university where you teach people to do what you knew nothing anniversary. I won't even charge you for that one. I won't even charge you for that. We get no what you're doing is phenomenal. I don't understand when you sleep like I'm literally GonNa get off his pack as rethink my life choices. I don't understand how you're getting all the time. I really appreciate my team. We have a team of heavy hitters on the joke. The joke that I tell is when we talk about the uncommon as I say if you take the comments and the X men and the Justice League and put them all on the same shelf I am so confident in the Commons that the only reason the X. men and the Justice League are going to get picked up I is because they've been around for decades. If all three of US came out today we blow him out of the water. That's how confident I am and what we do and the reason I'm that confident is because I have an amazing team full of amazing artists and writers and engineers that put their heart and soul blood sweat and tears into making sure that what we do is something that can compete with companies that have thousands of employees even though they're there's only eight of us. I saw you reach out for creators the other day. You weren't looking for great and you think you're higher wrote this book with his child on here. Hiring people okay so you're you you are actively hiring comic book creators Josh Earnest so at the time we were looking for a communications coordinator so someone help us run our to help us when our social <hes> as of today that position has been filled. We got three hundred twenty five applicants in like today. That's amazing. Thank that's ridiculous so much of the point that we picked two people. There are two people that I interviewed I really like but when when we do hire we're our instagram. Were at weird enough. Reductions in our twitter were at weird enough H._Q.. We put out that information all we always put it out to our community for people to see it but this is one of the ways where I feel like. I'm really happy that we're changing the industry because we hire our first artists when people looked at the job description. They thought that they thought that it was a scam because when I hire you I don't hire you freelance. I offer you a salary in benefits to come draw comics where you know exactly how much money you're going to be making for the year. It's not hey go do this six issues and then good luck find another job. I am literally giving you stable employment above average salary to come on saying yeah like pay like most artists for people who are living donor how this works most comic Book Artists Get paid a page rate and it depends on what you think your rate is different whether or not your pencil or inker colorist whatnot you do all of it cover artists <hes> I know several people who are just cover artists because get made paid more as a cover artists and they can do more covers less amount of time and make that change <hes> so the fact that you're actually giving somebody a salary and I don't <hes> insurance benefits that does that <hes> that that is that's why people thought it was a joke because it's literally relatively unheard of and absolutely unheard of that a twenty five year old black man is like out here doing it because when you the way that we've managed to set up our company and our vision and what we wanna due allows us to tell stories that the world needs in a way that is impactful not just in the book but in people's communities in the lives of our readers and the students that we get to work with through get media lit and it makes us as profitable in a way that we can invest in our creative team and support our artists and value them in the way. I think they need to be value in that for me. Makes me feel like we got a really good formula. Going my last question is if I'm a kid or a mom or or a dad listening to this where can kids and or their parents. <hes> you know sign up to draw or write or offer. You know you said you had these monthly call outs for stories. We're we're can they do that. Where can they SA- were at our site? You can find a set h q dot weird enough productions dot com on that's where you go if you WANNA get plugged in Lincoln on all things h q what I do want to point out is that the uncommon in general most of our readers ages twelve to eighteen so <hes> in that range right so normally when we say kids like teenagers kids but they also don't think about themselves as kids right but it took twenty five yards. My Kid is a twenty five year. I'm like yelling. Get off my law and you get off the lot. Jimmy Redesign ages twelve to eighteen so it's not ah the something where if you're older than the age of eight you're not GonNa have fun. It's actually it's actually built for those people right so it's built for people that are that are teenagers at a young people the same people that are out here making all these amazing in fan fiction and fan are on tumbler that are posting all these cool videos on tick tock like come to us like where your people your community and we can go to the same website those of us who want to just by the comment or and is it issue by issue like gaming physical printed comics or these are all digital. We're all we're all digital and we do new issues every other week so marvel in D._C.. You gotTa pull up on once a month for me. Every fourteen days I have a new twenty a two page fully colored chapter for you and and your we're buying one by one or is it like three ninety nine a month or four dollars a month issue the whole library access to all of these contests and challenges the community four bucks a month as opposed to four bucks a comic which you know thank you so much for joining me. I am literally. I am going to get off this bag and rethink my life choices because you are very very inspiring you John you're doing so much. This is this. It's really been amazing. Thank you so much for talking to me. Thank you so much for your and didn't I tell you the Tony was amazing really is so check him out over at weird enough productions dot com and if you want to contribute a concept or story all of that information is there as well. If you want Tony to come to your school hit him up there or on social media. I'll have of his info in the show notes and forget. I'll be this weekend at the Queen's resumed for wink con- that's the women comics collective convention. If you don't know what that is listened to the previous episode that I did was regime Sawyer who is the founder after that I will be at blurred city-khan here in Brooklyn from July twelfth to the fourteenth then a couple of days after that I hop on a plane to go to San Diego Comic Con to hang out with a sci Fi team and crew the very next week <hes> that's July eighteenth. It's the twenty first and I'm GonNa have other announcements of other things. I'm working on before then so please stay tuned follow me everywhere the Blur Girl T. H.. E. B. L. E. R. D. G. U.. R. L. ON TWITTER FACEBOOK instagram. I mostly really hang out on twitter and instagram. Thank you for listening. Please don't forget to comment. I really could use some comments guys. Please and subscribe and check out my podcast sponsor audible at audible trial dot com slash the blur girl again. That's audible trial.

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What Up Son? 06/10/2019

Double Toasted

2:13:30 hr | 2 years ago

What Up Son? 06/10/2019

"Right now. You can get both sprints unlimited plan and the all new Samsung. Galaxy S ten included for just thirty five dollars per month for line for five lines. All you need is approved credit and in eighteen month lease no trade in required. Visit sprint stores sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one who fifty dollars a month to twenty two fifty my credit applied within two bills, thoroughly remain unbalanced doing. Limited base after six thirty twenty eight thirty dollars per month per line for five with autopay data deprioritization additions, maximums. Here's rose restrictions apply. Was good folks in jokes, boy, oh, from the NYC it is Cory C from the Allston teak girl over here in this be what up says. Yes, it is. Good to see the day to see you, too. I'm not talking to you talking. You always see you. Don't be late said, hey, it's good. But you know what do is always good to see every day, the morning, Yuga, this girl, I guess, almost all waking up in the Senate is citizen. Good morning. Good to see a whole again, always great doing court Colman up here. Got my wife will be here. Ms meal, the lovely miss Mia. Course you can't have show without a title. I keep telling you this. You don't get it. That's why y'all fail at this angry with. It would definitely be failing. If we didn't have this will be who gave us title, Mr. the big entrance. Oh. green. Going on. Everybody. I don't even know. Oh, it's nothing but love and fanfare. How you doing? I love doing fantastic, man. How you guys doing this Monday? Good to see. Okay. All right. Yeah. Man, we got a good win here today for you. Oh going to the foolishness, but it's not always foolishness up and he got some things that we're gonna talk about. You got me interested man. Ause and then came in last night came home. My wife happened to be watching the lovely miss meal here. Good to see how you doing. And she was watching that black mirror. Has mirror and she's she was thirty minutes. And she said, you know what I'm on stop rewind the just for you. If you sit down and watch it because I'm nice like because your nicely. Like what is watching shows without telling me? And the next thing I want to watch this, I. Yeah. Morty five episodes. I saw you. So they ask you to wash shows and the you at the end you like this is stupid. They were stupid law. They weren't you. Let's say like it's not my nachos done. I try to get what your style. But you know, I don't know. You just don't we just don't have the same taste in certain things. I've tried to show the you know, she likes sticking umbrellas, people's, as an open them actual academy thought she loves long. I'm really the knee diploma. She's not enough ashes in this got. Got. What did they say, different strokes for different folks? You saying, yeah, man, I tried. You know, I, I tried, but she doesn't like besieged. I'm try one. I'm more I've tried it but three times. You don't like my style. But, you know, I'm flexible the key watching things. And then he says, yeah, you didn't like that show. And it was like, no, I was watching with you that we watched like four episodes. And next thing I find that he's at six. You didn't like it ain't noise just like no, I was watching it. You know, it's like you ruin it for me now, I'm not gonna keep watching anymore. How would you like if I wanted to six episodes back and watch something with the start all over from the beginning that anymore. Anyway. This. I'm gonna ask whole don't why. I'm not going to go back for an old show. Okay. I don't let them dirty streaming services. Get your guys down. Man's found a new show together. I know I thought we had one we watched black near last night. All right. There's only three episodes. So you can't get too crazy on that. I know enjoyed it enjoyed it. I only watched the first episode, but people talking about that the, the show and they've been talking about that particular first episode because all you need that I. You don't eat any more to that. I didn't care for the other ones. I don't you know I didn't care for the second one. It was kinda crazy, and I don't like Miley Cyrus at all. So that was I'm little bias on that one. So you gotta get people's opinions on that one. But that I was everything to me. He's actually really good man. I, I enjoyed it made you think a lot. We're gonna talk about. Oh, yeah. Night, striking vipers is what is indeed. Yeah. It's going to become a spoiler in a way, 'cause hard to really get into a discussion of it without saying something because the trail is in that, don't they don't tell you anything. So if you haven't seen it, you might want to take a break go jacket a bucks on come back a little bit later, when we're done, but we, we we'll, we'll talk about that, and try to go going again too little the Las Affi of it man as because a lot, my, my angle on this, baby. Is that is being criticized for something that I highly disagree with is one the few times, I'm gonna say arly ever say this, but I, I say sometimes, you know, something I, I don't think you got it. You didn't get it. So I'm I'm gonna come in and tell people that article your reading too, it was a couple of articles, I read about three articles where people were saying something in particular, that they want it from this episode, and I tried to get with it, but I said, I you know, something I don't see it that way. People what they think. Think pieces. Yeah. People that think pieces their reviews of. Course you know, is really the, the last word is me, so. Okay. I wanna help people you world. Yeah. Him where you read these reviews and everything. Don't do that. Let me help you out. Let me give you the last word on because I don't really those people at there. They just didn't get it. But of course, we got Monday for one thing it is Monday in. Son was I side, you should be happy about that. Why core I didn't get to see it. I was in the I was in my cubicle, not even the office, I was in my little box in the corner. Thank people leave me alone, but the co worker next to me, couldn't stop taking chunks out my ass bother me. You know that ask boss came around check to see byles working before he left to the talk to. Went home. Why did I have to marry a man in a woman got a husband and wife? They both take an ask. Why do you live black? Why did I have to get it? When I had to have two kids, both of them us a mass. Why did I buy the damn dog and his cat over here? They get asked to don't even need gerbil over here. He comes up today. Dane. He's eating. Takes his little Chuck as right there, though. He got a little bit love for you Corey been left me a little bit left for your eyes because I don't know y'all gonna make me happy today is when I'm fine. What I'm finding sitting down with no Asmat away. Kind of put it away for latest afternoon. Got me down to the bone. So when I'm sitting down my bonus, I know that y'all are going to be the ones to make me smile with stories. You're gonna make me smile with some conversation in. You're gonna make me smile. With an I know you already got a cook in oven all X. What does that hot? So I can smell it from him. And that's that fresh foolishness my friend from around the world always fresh and it is from all around the world. And of course, we have Florida in. Flor- Florida is the world, Florida at this on this particular show. Florida is is a world of foolishness pal universe. And we think it's a state some. Maybe Florida's a ring of hail. And we think. Let me see we got here. Let me go ahead and Holly. These folks, make sure they doing nothing. I don't wanna go too far of girl. Look at this, you don't even you don't even know. We got got it's gotta make sure to get them the right monkey for you right here. Oh, look up here. Up in the tattoo tat, tat. We got the monkeys up in here. Oh, look at that. He. Kick dancing monkeys, right. That's a real monkeys at work right now, actually worked taking selfish for you, baby. Look at that and you don't appreciate it. That one, which one this is an RV. He becomes among. Oh gosh sexy monkeys. Got monkeys muggy with perms. Seventies monkey goes that, that I'm really kademi monkey that you didn't appreciate. He's like, why didn't you like me? I was here for you. Look at that goal. Got crotch-grabbing monkeys. All kinda monkeys for Sheila monkeys. Is speaking of monkeys. I got I got I gotta Taylor. Whoa. Oh, no. Oh, no. What happened? Do you wanna little Margaret little Mario? Oh not the little one. Do you want to? Well, I you know, before you get here, you let me know, I'll tell you before you get into let me tell these people how they can get into with us. Tell you what was that guy. Samantha, I'm gonna give you two. Oh word. Yeah. Man. People out there. You know. And it's very easy to do like that person got chunks of his taken out beagle two. It is legal his legal percent. Are you have to do in his easy so easy? All you have to do is pop open a keyboard and typing for K Cooman at g mail dot com. That's Casey in N C, G dot com. Email questions, comments compliments insoles implant advice, what be part of the show this evening as asking you to any number there. Keeps contact us anything that the kids are using to get hold of each other Preston back up in your home. Monkeying with you on a host world house calls on the histogram the Twitter, Facebook type in double toast, Bob. You want some private time, with mill to Facebook's Tyson, coy dot Coleman. Dot five I'm too busy here, mucking around with these folks, Mr. ice cream can you help me no doubt no monkeys ever face play. Hauswald green for the astern. Extra E at the end of green took me out on Instagram is on the school, what up or even me had BAAs. What a g mail dot com. It's Mia to the faithful. Amcol. Follow her down here world famous double tosa studios now to stink as couches one Brazilian one Puerto Rico. What do I do? I have to do is emails, Ken Coleman, gene dot com. Let us know in Austin. C show. Let us know give some detail that we can accommodate you who. Oh. Yes, sir. Wanna let these folks know that I'm no before I want to let them know before we get into your tale of woe. We don't know something on the website and people active in there. And, you know, at doc, Phoenix came out. I'm sure you first line to see it. Neither no Phoenix. No documents happened. Doc that get. A lot. I'm sorry. A lot of people end. They did. They really they just want to hear how much of a disaster, this movie wounded, and they showed up in droves. And we felt like we have never had such a celebration of shitting. It's a shitty cell size this show itself. But on the site, Kevin keen, one of the guys doing some work for his right now. He came up the idea of doing a fan contest, and it's right down the carousel. And the reason I'm telling you about this is because the submissions have already been turned down. We stop taking them on Saturday. And we got quite a few goods emissions right there. Now what the hell's going on here? It's not looking. Oh, there we go. There we go. And so, with all the submissions being turned in a one I wanted to let people vote on which ones that they liked in the, the, the rules of the contest where to take either myself a missed Martin Thomas, and give us some soda mutant power draw nice picture doing nice Photoshop, I dunno. You could you, you go in and paint something if you want to, and we got a lot of great submissions. Now here all all of the. Here. All of the, the, the pictures that were turned in. Got quite a few of them got names to them and only every names, everything man, and we went ahead and put up this poll for you to vote on which one is your favorite. We went over these on Sunday. So you have to go in there and look at this. Nice ones. Some really good work from people all all of these very nice all of them either. Wow is the made us laugh some kind of way. I really liked this. Jerry. I know. Somebody just gave me a Jerry curl. I don't even know where this come from. M on your. When I fell into a VAT of radioactive Jerry curl activated juice. Yeah. I think he move, my lips. But yes it was. This is on the on a fan page to we have a besides this page right here, we have a fan art section, and people turning stuff over this go, check that out. But go ahead and vote for this rate here, which one is your favorite the winner. Of course. Let me see here. What is the winner is going to get Corey oh, you know, you know what I do hear it baby the win. Baby monkey, I wanna full grown man monkey. You know what do the winner would be? The winner will be sim promptly to DT merged dot com. Over there. You'll be able to take your choice of by that classic black tea with the white logo. Maybe once in a little a little splash. Call on your chest. Get the neon logo splash yourself with water getting that Cup right there. And we got the baby tease. We got the phones with the phone covers in not the phones, you know, people talking about false advertising. Now, we got we got phone covers giving away double toasted phones yet, and we got the gift of choice. Right. They're, they're making them in China, right? Yes. Little hands little fingers, and making them in China. And of course, we got the gift of choice with the gift get right there. And also remember, people that we get by with your subscriptions donations where would that be? That would be on double toasted dot com, which is where we're at right now, in, you know that you are bigger support as well, a lot of platforms twitch stream and after I'm done with this, but. Follow us everywhere. Youtube on twitch subscribe on the website, Nevin subscribe to all that stuff. But this is the main place that we actually get our support. So please keep it going keep these live dreams going. Even when you listen, you're helping you find the audio items on soundcloud. But. We were predate it become check out our live streams. And if you don't do it for yourself, do for somebody out there who's just not getting enough of that. Toasted goodness, not be selfish bitch. The father, sometimes. Shit. Be regular bitch that a selfish one not a selfish one regular one. Yeah. Man. Bit generous bitch. Give. Bitch, at least be generous, generous about exactly. Be generous bitch like that. So please, go check out the fan art in vote on the federal contest that we did for dog Phoenix, and how you doing, sir? Yeah. Right. Man hanging in him man. I got a got a call from the wife today. Tummy, something happened on the bus little Mario. I I e. Okay, so. Yeah. He's all right. But he came off the bus. Tell me this. Wow. Story word I listen. I wanna let me get home ahead from little man's himself as he was going on. And that's, that's your smallest youngest son. Yes, nine years old takes the bus to school yellow bus, so got home. He was like daddy. I said, oh, may what happened today on his bus for any sip? Let me tell you homie. I was up. He's like, yeah. On the bus and his kid. I forgot the kids naming it. Anyway, he used on the bus. And he was with everybody. And he said, who here think math is looks like a monkey. And that was it was well, you know what? He's not telling us that he's the only black kid going to school right now. He said it was Hispanic. Okay. Yeah. So and everybody was like. That's racist. Kid. He was still to get ads rates with what are you talking about and Mattis, you know, he said he was angry at the guy he was very upset, but, you know, he didn't go to or saying anything he just told that he was g was stupid, and he didn't like the way he said that he needs to apologize and guy and kid was like, well, no, I'm not gonna pilots is. And he continues to draw something on on on this on a on a window. He tried to draw this crazy monkey, and he puts moment underneath in not in that guy. My little man, even angrier, I said, okay. So what did you do? What did you do to, to protect yourself? Did I called him beaner? I don't wanna go back over the wall. Not built a wall around daddy. I showed him. Is it about the same age? And I think he's nine years old as well. He says he sees him in school. I said, what did you say? He said. Well, I said, I said, I got him. I said, how'd you get him? He said, I told him this. Would you tell them what you tell me tell me, he said he said he told him, he said your soul stupid, all Lord? He said, y'all so stupid that when the teacher told you to come forth you came in fifth. That's okay. Okay. Good. That works. Good. That's good, and everybody started laughing and e bad, and, you know, and he, he got a win on the bus, you know what I mean. But the one thing I would just happy about him was that he said he got the bus in told his mother axe him, you know, was he upset, did you feel like he wanted to cry, you feel like no, I said, we'll good. He said, because he's a he knows that mommy loves him daddy, and his brother and sister, love him. So for that guy to say that something must not be right in his house. Wow. Okay. That's yeah. You're right. Yeah. Met the stuff that he saying is stuff that he's learned. You know, from either his parents, his older, brother sister, whoever he hasn't house. You know it's him mimicking what he's being heard now. I'm not saying that it's right. But what I am saying is that understand that, you know, a lot of these kids are gonna here on. Going to have the same bring that you're having and you're gonna have to understand that, you know, big on let it out in different ways. They see he sees you laughing, and being happy, you know something's wrong with him. He doesn't want he wants. Everybody is angry him. He is. And you're not that angry kids, so you just continue being you and you continue. Let us know what's going on in his you know in the school. So I'm just happy that he's taking with him this house. When he's learning in this house out with him and letting all this negative get to him. So, because the Bank thing to him that he knows people care for him. So whatever people got to say he knows home is a safe place for him. That's why I won't be good debt because I'll tell my kid with the pencil. The school bus not a correction. Thank growing up the school buses, like the prison yard man, you got scam. And you always gotta take out the biggest asshole on the school bus up. You want some respect when I was coming up. That's what it was like. That'd be the bus driver. No bus driver was the one that got it the worst man. I got actually kicked out of school for. Did I get suspended for a day or something? I don't know. A bus driver, who was not. It was. It was a woman. She was not very nice, but I still didn't excuse. What I was what I just what I was about to do. Talking about playing yourself court isn't, yes, I. It was, I was always trying to be like a part of the, of the, of the more rowdy kids and some of the, you know, some of the, the bad kids from the neighborhood. We were trying to be cool. Yeah. I was trying to hiding your nerd size. We have see you couldn't because I couldn't take out the back the baddest dude on the bus. So it just like, you know, like going to prison. You just kinda join a gang. This guy. I'm just going to join this going join them. So I was I was kinda hanging out with the with the rough kids man for a little bit. And, and we, we did a lot of things man. That was some of those kids that I told the story one time when we the one of the kids through a rocket car almost causes almost kill somebody and. That was one of those kids that was hanging out with by the bust mellow bus, though they always talking shit to the bus drive. It man always Cussing out and that I can blame him because he was not very cool. And, and, and so they, they would they would talk shit back to us. He was was say to the kids, and she kind of brought out of them, but I remember she got tired of a one day when she got to the and this was in junior, high, I was like, thirteen when she got to the school, she just stopped the car, and anger that turned around planning all the people, she didn't like you, you, you, you, you get off the bus and come with me. She's like Denzel trainee pulling. Wanna no, no, I was not one, but I try to be a bad as 'cause when she was trying to get when she took all those mom coming to know when she when she, she took them all off the bus, they walk up to the school not decide to like since everybody was gone. It was I'm part of that group on the last one remaining, I gotta represent I gotta get left. So when she was gone, I looked on lay. Yes, she was missing a tooth in this, what I said, yeah, that's negative bitch better not come and get me about best better not pick me and little did. I know that lesbian. Lover was on the bus. Yes. Pittsburgh, pick me there by that. I didn't even see this woman. She's like, hey, you got one more and I was like fuck. Patty job dime on you, man. She did. As usual, man. Yeah. So I got this one as spanky is, so I got a lick to, which is what they call it when they whipped your paddle. And I think all suspended for day any, my mom, and my mom was cool about it, 'cause my mother, she didn't our slow scared. She was coming to pick me up. But she she got this. You like what you said that bus driver. And I was like, oh my gosh, she thinks I'm great. She loves it. Yes, she laughed and she told it to us like that woman is not cool. As woman is kind of state. He's worried she signed kind of a shitty person, I was like, you know, so yes said something I think my mom was just happy that I was that I was kind of being included with the bad kids for change. So thirty. She didn't know I was a cover undercover scumbags. So. Dan? So even back then you doing stuff for likes. Yeah. A back the man. Thumbs up. Yeah. Man talking shit. Even back in the day. Yes. So, you know. Kid is good man. I never would have had that I never would have had that depth of knowledge that your kid us and it I was very happy. And, you know, just happy that, you know, he's taking what we've been telling for the past nine years, and it's, you know, it's sticking, you know, let me of a case, we tell them one time and then you know, there's a montage happens, and he's twenty one successful you know, it's an everyday thing. Yeah. He'll he's like it's not about me about that guy and his own problems. You know, get a personal fucking like whoa kit. Yeah. He was saying everybody was like, I'm good on that, man. You know, he has deeper problems. Forgot about and wasn't happy with the whole night thing about my son. He's, he's so mature, so deep walking room when day signing see his son in smoking a joint drinking a forty s. That's mine. Daddy. It's like we'll Smith son. Jordan. Judah Jaden, Jaden Davis, dropping wisdom all day. Yeah. The way you actually start the story I thought your son was rolling up joins talking to you. Let me tell you what happened today. Homey. Yeah. Family. Finally got Mexican on the bus. Right. Talking shit. Nah, man. I'm gonna tell you some us. And I'll tell you I mean, this you and Martin you and Martin have have raised some amazing kids. You'll you, you have raised some so wonderful kids. Man, I thank you, man. We we still going. Older. But yeah, yeah, the non Jillian. Not kids. Well, yeah. Glynis adult. Now she's twenty one. I've seen her grow up, and I saw the day she was born. It was funny, too, because when she was born she looked like a little shriveled up Martin. Also say still like shrivel up Martin. Wait a minute. More Nashi, and gene is stronger. Yeah. Man with other daughter that they have Dallas, like mum. Yeah. Yes. She was like the mother, but you guys have raised in great kids. Man. Because I've seen I I'm, I'm not saying, I'm just gonna say obscene some kids lately, and they and they. Though, I questioned some some parenting skills going on one way to put it. I'm just saying fingers crossed man. Is it continues down the right path man? That's all. Taking one day at a time. Good. Trout. Listen to me. I've seen it. He's. Monster. I have. Several all like nine years old in twelve eleven. Yep. Seen these kids man, and I've seen what's been going on with them, and they and today, people want to blame shit on, like AD in, you know, autism and house kind and I'm not saying that these things aren't there. But there's some things like. I swear to God man, some kid says, on the me in front of their parents. That'd be like fuck you. Yeah. I don't don't don't, don't dump all that shit. I ain't momma, ain't you daddy. Talking, this shit y'all have you Martin have done an amazing job, but your kids, man, but I really appreciate that, man. But, but the saga continues man. It continues. Ecorse, don't get cocky, don't get. But you'll good. The foundation. So you'll be fine for now. They showed a cement dries, that's are you talking shit down is like. One. The biggest one is about to go to college. So we have two more left, the good, the good man like these kids, they hit ain't like me in calling the bus driver bitches and throwing rocks at cars and shit, you. Good man. These kids, these kids, your kids not like me man. You know, they have a hard time growing up in the suburbs of Waco, man. The main streets way. Cohen's burbs, having pool parties. Also, it was rough rough man, mom. Oh, something else crazy when town. I want to tell you, I kind of told you about this briefly but there, but there's a continuation that happened to it now, I, I called Corey told him that I went to the bathroom bathroom stores went to the bathroom, and behind me the white, dude, he went to went into the stall. And what you've urinal dude, I gotta do and they play music in the baton and they're playing some o n word n word n word rap song in there. So do my business ahead. My man inside the humming to the song. Then started saying the lyrics which included the N word in them. Now he wasn't screaming them, but I hate him kind of reciting in the stall on my all law. What is this about? So I'm doing my thing in washing my hands. In another black person comes in and why do still singing in the store. I don't know what he's doing in there and do look, the black looked at me, and I was like, 'i shrugged than I left. Right. So fast forward fast forward, I at that. When I was like, should I stay some this? Somebody say something. What would you do? Is that what you song somebody what was the song? Oh, it was one of these new songs hip hop. Oh, say the N word every five seconds. I could I can tell you who was. Oh, I just looked it up to call. Nick in the bathroom. I heard. So the question is not let me set this up there, so Osmond of the bad through at his workplace plan is rap song over the intercom in the bathroom white guys saying it and he thinks by himself, I some. Right. I don't know if you care because that came riding after me, I was dead. So he saw you. This. Let me let me, let me okay. See, I told you this is the predicament you're gonna get in when you do this, if you don't I don't if I would not fire this guy, I wouldn't be mad about it because from what I don't think the guy really knew anybody was there. And now we're gonna start like trying to bus people for just when I think, now granted people should always assume that there's cameras around our view public. There's people around I never soon. I'm by myself when I'm even when I'm by myself. I'm paranoid about everything Corey can let shit outside the house, not anymore. Everywhere outside anymore. That's what I'm saying. You cannot and. The other thing though, this is this is the. This predicament, I told you that we would get into this word and this music, and everything I am around. Austin all the time now and things of hip hop is so mainstream that I'm going to coffee shops. And I'll tell you, I'll see sixty five euro Whiteman there. And, and they're playing a negative attitude. You know. Does she does not sing along? But this is a workplace man. And I'm not I'm not saying that workplace have to be so straight laced that they can't do that. That's the culture you got in fine. But you plan the song over the intercom, man at your workplace, there's a guy in the bathroom singing, you can't start to all of a sudden, get upset when a guys in the bathroom thing, nobody's around. He's singing a song that the workplaces playing you don't want the fucking thing, her don't play. I don't play that at at your job in the bathroom. That's my thing. I think it's kinda shitty when people want to because that's culture win. Now my you know. I'm offended no matter what the circumstance is society tells me, you shouldn't be doing this. So now I want to get you fired. I hope nobody's trying to do that. 'cause that's a shitty thing to do. They're trying to get this guy fire. The N word itself is is a it, it's in today's society. I think it's like a double edged sword is almost like a funniest aware joke. That's been perpetuated as being the only race who keep an stereotypical word alive by trying to say, we'll reclaiming it. I think that's to be that's kind of silly situation where every black person is saying it, and now you're getting offended one of the people repeat it because you said it around these people, I just think that whole thing is kind of silly to me to point. I kind of refrain from seeing that at all. I don't know how long this keeping this world to us kind of thing is going to go because, like, like in the past was like a not everybody was listening rap. You know, not everybody was into this culture, and everything, and it was a little more sick looted. It was between black people and stuff now. Like you said like everywhere like you hear rap playing. Hip hop everywhere, everybody's. Listening this like pop songs. So, of course, they wanna sing along or like they just memorized and just whatever. And then it just feels really weird like you listen, the song you enjoy it. But you cannot say the word it's like a magic word is just like you can dance to it. But you cannot sing alongs too slick so weird. I beg when a stage right now and I like to me, it makes sense. I just think the stage is not going to continue to last cultural, appropriation special black culture happened so much in people, you know, till this day, still happens. You just look at hip hop for that. That's what's keeping it alive. The truth. Yeah. I mean to this that that and Quentin, Tarantino. Yeah. Quincy. Onto saying, like, you know, black culture in general, like, they, you know, people over the years, it's not. I mean, I'm not it's not meet like trying to get anybody upset. I'm not trying to make anybody uncomfortable. Historically black coaches been one of the most mind cultures out there, but people take and leave the people that actually invent things within it, you know behind. Act like they have nothing to do with it, and take it for profit and wanting only way to make a profit is to actually know that sometimes slip away face on, and that is why I am I don't feel bad for anybody who feels uncomfortable around the inward, because that's the one thing that they can't touch. And but at the same time that should is not gonna last you keep putting that out there land. That's the other thing like right now. I'm cool with people being nervous to say it to take it whatever you take every fucking thing else. And that's the one thing even because at where it was at one time was used to, to put people down. You said it so much to us that we fucking took it and we start saying, just saying amongst ourselves. It's not like we ever want that word, it's not like we coined that word you put that word on us. Now, we took it, and we're trying to do something with this out there, so fucking it is way it is now. But at some point. You know, you just kind of have to look at it in black and white that way, because it's not don't fucking last, you keep putting out there in the mainstream, nobody likes and there's another thing, why people don't like to hear me say, what I just said black people really hate to hear me, say, this twenty thirty years down the line somewhere. General young generations. You're gonna put it out there so much in the mainstream is going to be mainstream for them and it's not going to be the same thing. It is. I've had somebody tell me like because I said, that I'm not a real black person. I'm a traitor. Let real black people cook get out the kitchen. You fuck you, man. You don't like what I'm saying? You know, I I'm not it's not me like trying to been anybody. I'm not making this up, but we know how things go certain words that happened a long time ago that people, I mean you can even say, I gotta kids fill now where dog I can say to another dog. Hey this dog is pissed off right now. I remember you couldn't pissed off. Get you a rated R in a move. Really? Yeah. Secret pets to one look at you. Got fluffy pissed. And I was like, oh my God. So you think N was going to be so mainstream as you'd be able to say, I don't know how would be saying what context I just think that somewhere down the line, we've seen his. I mean, there was a time when people say that homosexuality would never be out there because two weeks to crazy. And now is like. Kids today. They say it's no big deal. It's just the thing. You guys made a big deal thirty is down the line. You're gonna get kids. We'll probably saying you guys made such a big deal about this word in his nothing. Now, we don't use it crazy, like you do. 'cause there's nothing to us as what happens with days, things Powell overtime because pushed out this much, I feel like it's going to lose its power, even black, they will use it anymore because it's not going to be something that I you know, just our thing or anything like that, it's just going to be like an under anything. I'm not saying, look, I'm not encouraging people to use the work as a guy. I really hate hip hop today, because that word is just they don't even rhyme anymore. They end every verse with that word I'm like, man. That's not even trying to creative anymore. Easy rhyming does not all hip hop, of course, lets some still liked. But I think some the laziest lyrical skills that the people. Go to boot. Shoop just like. I it's a tricky word, not everybody likes an answer because nobody can agree on an answer, and everybody has their own idea about it. And no you're not going to please anybody with. I got my philosophy on it. Don't mean offend anybody somebody else got there's all I know is that you keep put some shit out there at some point is not going to be this thing. Where could be so coveted by one people are another person can use it to the fence somebody else. It's that's how things work with generations man. We see it all the time. I guarantee you fuck. It's not gonna be a big deal. At some point. It's not. And I won't have a career anymore. Used to be, you know, like people say, at all in the war ceremonies in everything. Now, so now you can say, you can say fuck twice in a PG thirteen movie thirteen only one not up to twice. Now. It's so weird. The politics of fuck. You can't say too close together. You can't use a sexually like fucked me. Daddy. You know, you can't say that, you know, you can't you have to, you kinda have to say it in a way was like fucking touch her. You know, something like sold about the contract. Fuck. Yeah. You have to make it like the big deal moment, because you have to have that one moment where this kind of like. Care to my saying, get fuckin- hands off him in the inner by. Oh my God. He really means it, you know. So. Yeah. You can't say know that because it's not the literal literal, meaning but it's the cultural meaning behind that's actually use non. In case you can't see fucking PG. But you can say fuck PG thirteen. I think now if you space it out wide enough, you get one at the beginning, get one at the end you're good. Coolness shit. Like fuck is nothing to them. World's going to change. And I and I and people know the upset about wants the Chad has to say about this. No, probably they're mad at me for saying this. But, you know, let me see they talking about. Our kids will go to Harvard. Rob everybody. Yeah. Man. Proud of you. Proud of you. Yeah. So, so check it out. So I go back again today. And what are they playing? I sit you, not all my exit is living to. So I think somebody may have said something. Play Beethoven yesterday. Yeah. That. Yeah. Yes. Things are going. They is going to change and they're not going to change the way you you'd think the are, you know, everybody has their everybody is so used to society being what they said today. Yeah nominee, and that's why everybody when they get older, they just kind of like they start getting scared and sit on a law. Looking at people being mad because it's not not the same where you were living in before. You know, that's just Nightman that has that was that was interesting. Not is interesting. That is interesting. I, I can't get mad at somebody that that by themselves. Now, if they were out in the open insane this at work and whatnot. I'd be then I you'd have different situation and then you can't be angry because he's quoting the song exactly. So you can't get mad at that. And you plan the song at work, I don't even know you gonna play in a song at work if it's going to be a big deal so confusing. I mean, there's so many different music site. They why you have to play that, well, because I mean, these, I mean, this, the most popular music that's out there is the new rock and roll rock and roll. You don't even know what to do a rock and roll anymore. I mean, there's some great rock and roll out there. I listen to everything, so I can tell you, there's still some great music being played still great rock music out there. But that's just been just like good hip hop. And you know, it's been kind of pushed to the to the underground. Pushed to the sidelines a little bit. You know, everybody wants the manufactured thing. That's guaranteed hit and hip hop. You know, the kind of hip hop that, that you listen to that might offend some people that's, that's the most proper thing out there. You know, everything just goes in circles that top man you seat in a so Aladdin Mia boy, Willie Smith. But let hip hop in their big Willie big weather style. Download some real quick right here because we about to get into discussion little while. I'm sorry. Why you don't see me having the camera on is at the moment? All good. But let me just get myself together, right him. Nami. That's why don't have on us at the moment. Just get some stuff together right here. But thank for bringing up the topic is I'm very in. You know, we talk about that stuff anyway. So. People always like having, you know, about foolishness over here. Sometimes we have what's at least sound like smart things to say. We got a therapist or something. I mean you'll be hip hop artist. Hey. Called a monkey owned bus. It is. I sit stupid. Yeah, man. Your son is very smart man. All you kids are smart. That's why I was able to look at that. When I went to the couple's house singer, kids man, is very apparent from a very early age, that they're going to be all right. You've done very well with them. All right. Yeah. Take a data time main. Yeah, man worried about you at all should towns. I'm looking like shit. I wish he would adopt me. Probably the work seeing them all my dad had gone. I was like, maybe can replace them for a little bit. Daddy's home. Oh, I want to go in. Since we're appearing to, to talk intelligent right now, I wanna get into something that makes people think a little bit get the brain going. Get the talks in the discussions out there about what is reality. What does technology and what is it doing to us? And you actually told me about this. You, you text me other, and you said and I, quote from you your the toll black mirror crazy. Put the show is in there now. No, no. You didn't. I think you did that black new show is crazy. Came in the night. My wife was watching it, and I'm glad that she said, hey sit down and wash. With me, this is pretty good. She didn't say it show is crazy. I said it actually creates me. Just came in. And she looked at me said, baby blackmailing short is crazy. And I'm talking about season five of black mirror. You know, this is a very popular show. But one is been said to compared to being a modern day twilight zone except maybe this hits a little bit closer to home because unlike the twilight zone, which used metaphors of science fiction fantasy horror. To do that with social commentary. Black mirror. You could say as fictional, but they say that, hey, you know, something in some form or another. Some of these things might actually not be too far away in the future. To become a reality. The word you're gonna. Lonely. Family life. Warring. His years guy. What is it? To me. Lonely. Looking. Twenty thousand fans. Not some bit. You have yourself. It's not adult things poisoning. Colette whatever we can get on this guy. Now this has become one of my favorite shows because I am a fan of the twilight zone and also somebody who makes a living at doing streaming and social media and YouTube, and all that kind of hits very close to home from for me. And as you were when you tell me about it. You didn't you didn't tell me any details episodes. But you did kind of sound. You sat a bear enthusiastic about that first episode. Yeah. No, it was. You know, I like black mirror, the just like for the reason that you kinda put out there when they do a lot of episodes, they push push a lot of into the future, but not that crazy, yet three thousand you know, pushing a kind of pushing maybe four or five years, even sixteen to feature. A lot of them I know someone go kinda further in some stories. But the fact that they kind of keep it too similar to what we are used to right now is what keeps the kind of relevant in in keeps the. Refreshing and cool when you look at it because you can see, like, wow, they're not too far off from what could possibly happen to us. Yeah. You know. And with this episode in particular, it was it was very interesting is at least coming from, you know, people have to play video games in the in story. Just went was going one linear way. And in a flash it flipped on. Yeah. What is happening in that? Episode all done. An episode is called striking vipers now. Yes. Thing with this tickle episode. Ray just showed you one train among show, you just a little bit more. This one is very short. I wanna show it to you, because one I want to show you how much the not revealing which leads me to my next point, which is, we might have someone of a spoiler type discussion. We're not going to give everything away, but it really is hard not to talk about this being without mentioning some of the very early twists that happened in this and. Let's take a look and I'll elaborate a little bit more after this absence. We need to do than our. Tilleke. This aid so much care. Not will know where I'm going up lever. See another thing about him. Sometimes you just sort of go away. To this something going on. Something going home. That's what I said, not one minute. More. Mall. So is looking like technology is leading is happy suburban family into a situation of infidelity know you see the whole thing play like we usually do. Lust is gone from the marriage family life, kind of made things boring. You just waiting to have a kid, maybe another one and, you know, when that stuff starts to happen people start looking for other other other means of excitement possibly through other people, and that is what the leading to believe here, and that's wouldn't blame me. If you if you did because that's what we see right here, you know, we've got Anthony Mackie as Danny, and that's friend, right there. Car played by do of Mateen's. And. What seems like is going to be the typical story of infidelity. If you watch this your ready getting thrown off because. When we get into the episode, we see we see both of them years earlier, and, you know, the typical broS man playing video games on night, waking up. They'll girlfriends and wives and being rowdy and whatnot. The game plan is the title of the of the show, striking vipers. They actually play they had a favorite characters. Carl likes to play Roxette female character. Meanwhile, danny. He's more of a Lance type guy, the dude right there in, both Asian, by the way, and I don't think girl is Asian. She's a, she's a think she's half as she was she's in which call it a garden. Galaxy mantis. She plays mantis mantis. Yeah. Palm Clementina fluker. Yeah. No, no. Not the blue girl, I don't worry about again, too, but the antennas yeah, that you go. I like the way you don't know the wheeling, the ones that weekly things here. Plays you read and like I said, man, you know, years later, we have, Danny. He's, he's so born, he got himself some nerd Lassus whereas button up search. Now, one I. Well that's what glasses there. Weren't all that game born last. I didn't make the show baby. They wanted. They said look you know, he's pure dad now. None exciting about him where the plot kids, right there. Ariel type them in the biggest thing is kinda lost track of Carl. They all hang out as much as they used to. They don't see each other as much of the us, too. But then Carl comes back around, and here's what we're getting spoiler territory. People saw on Saturday morning, you might want to, you know, take a little break and come back in about twenty minutes or so, if you don't wanna hear this, maybe go watch episode and come back, and you can hang out with us. But. When Carl shows up for Danny's birthday, Dan, I say play by Anthony Mak right there. He has. He brought their favorite game strike in vipers. What they used to play back in the day, except this time, it's not the game that they used to play in because technology advances so quickly. It's been eleven years been eleven years because technology advances so quickly it ain't just the you know, you not. You know you're not just sitting back playing typical fighting game. That's of course convatec and star game. Now man, we've gone the virtual reality right now into the game with every punch that you that you that you go that you take to the face, you feel it every kick that you take to the ASO the chest you feel that every. Every kiss. Sedgwick that way. What? That's when it flipped. That's what guys go in and they're playing the game plan is he's characters and at some point, and I saw coming, we're mentioned that every sin sation can be felt like every station I said, these are gonna make out as characters because they are really, really getting into like getting way more physical fighting in his game than the actual fighting skills require. What you'll say? And. It's at this point right here where we start a and I like the way. Got my wife. She's news, you're going to do. She had to say she like she said. Yeah, that's just like you and Martin. If you playing this game. That image in my head. Why is say they'll put it like if you wanna feel what it feels like, you know, the do the empathy? You gotta think that way. I mean you can think about as well. With some hot chick where Martin's hat. But the body's different and you would be correct. I'm more of a is man myself. I was gonna take take us over. Oz. Works out. He's got muscles. They don't keep the buddy. They just keep the soul. Looks like Corey was religion. Yes, we don't have that technology. So I gotta get what I can get what you doing this weekend. Book clean school bus. And that's where we get to. That's what we get to the to where people are criticizing this. Because let let me just I said this before, let me say right now, the reason why I'm talking about this, because this has been this has been getting criticized not about a lot of people don't know. Maybe so I don't I read about two three articles. You know, some reviews are some just kind of talking about the piece itself episode of, in, they were kind of upset with the. With with the episode because they didn't think it went far enough, what talking about what they didn't. They didn't they don't think it went far enough, when they were talking about. When they were talking about male homosexuality. Some people have said that they didn't push it far enough to explore this area, right here. It kind of blast over it. They went for the predictable. They went for what was easy in. I gotta say. I completely disagree and not only do I disagree. But I this is one again, that's one of the few times that this out so era that, when you say, but I dare say that gone limb here, say personally, I believe that some people didn't get it when they say angle if far far enough within the area of homosexuality in. I wanna I want those YouTube, a I want those to you, but I want I want to say, first of all, before anybody gets mad and thanking that I'm, I'm saying, I don't wanna see the homosexuality 'cause I don't wanna see some gay shit. I don't know. Maybe I'm somebody like I'm tired of hearing about gay issues. No. That's not. It believe me. I, I get why people with feel like this is an exploring. Homosexuality. Enough of them. I get why people wanted to go that way. What people upset that didn't because, you know, obviously, of course, is that, you know, the gay struggle is real man is very gay struggle, the denial of gay rights and gay struggle is very topical people want to see that explored, because people, you know, if nothing else just to continue to brain, these important issues to the foreground, I understand, man. And. Not only that, but the episode. It centers on as you been seeing right here it centers on. Two black men and not just black man. I'm talking about superhero black. So this one's the falcon ones. The, the black Manta from from. Doc, aquaman. The reason why bring that up is because. So superhero black. They wanna push across these are very masculine. And it's always. It's always been a problem this to in an that people wanted this to be mentioned, the acceptance of homosexuality with blackmails because it's still a problem in the black community because of religion for one, but more so. For reasonable go into but it, you know, homosexuality is seen by a lot of men within the black community as a threat to their black masculinity. And so I get I get why people want to see it. I get what people would see that you have this issue here. Why don't you go that way? But I am particularly glad did not go there and I will say why in a minute. But let me see what you stand on this is I don't know, if you understand maybe you have a different idea of this than I do you know different approach. Yeah. No, I mean to get whatever it is. They're trying to put in the you need to talk to the writers directors and see where they're with their standpoint is me watching it, when it got to that point, you know, the whole crux of it will wasn't just like, oh my God. They're gay. That wasn't the case. It was a case where, like, wow. Okay. Are they gave you know, was that a big deal? I think it was a big do I just think it was a getting to the bottom of? Okay. You guys are presenting us with a situation where you've, you know, these guys heterosexual. Now is the case. Where are they gonna flip? Are they going to stay this way? So that's now that's where intrigue -ment starts now. Right. Are the on try to live these double lives? Are they going to be their true nature on yet yourselves? Right. That's what I that's what I thought was, was kinda cool about it. But then it got to a fuzzy and a grey area as they start to, you know explore themselves through the game. Yeah, it became a thing whereas, okay? Do they enjoy each other or is it they enjoy each through this game? This love of this game that they have, you know, other expressing it through these characters. And that's where it stays, or do they want to take even further. I think that's what really intrigued comes from what you with this episode. And that's the question that you're asking yourself as you're watching you. And I watch this together. I know we talked about it, and I'll tell you kind I, I really love this kind of stuff about I you know, I identity and. Especially you identify yourself sexually when you start getting into areas of role playing. Last night. You saw I was fascinated about this. We're going to bed even turned around to the Eubanks am I gay now. No anymore. I kept talking about it last night with you. We had a good discussion. How do you stand on this, especially with people saying that they, they wish it was exploring homosexuality more? I don't know what people wanna see, like they wanna see they, they wanted to show focus on Bata homosexuality or like the how these guys feel really or something, because I didn't feel like anything missing because the whole point wasn't about, like only homosexuality or something. I think it was more like was a part of it. But other than that, like, is this real or not is this cheating, or not is the something like porn or something else? And. In the in model live is marriages should go like the traditional way or should people. Look for different ways. Is it okay? To do it on, like there's so many things they're talking about. It's not only a homosexual. It's just one part of it. That's a great point. Because then there was so many other things to explore besides the homosexual aspect. You made a great point saying, what is cheating? Today. What point does porn Goto you know, what, what, what you're so into the point are you actually mentally maybe cheating on somebody, maybe not? I dunno. And they were even discussing like what is commitment? What is married? What is what is there? So. Question. What is technology? What is all, yeah. I think things. Covered that. So well, that, that's what I think that was the whole of the thing that kinda glued everything together with his episode you. Absolutely right me it brought up all those other questions that were right there in everybody's face and the moral choices that you gotta make you know, as you do it, you know, to a point where they even explored that other side of, of it as well. And that was taken off the table at that point, actually, I liked making a bottle almost show, because, like, then it would look like the homosexuality part is more important than the rest of the discussions. They're trying to have like they just they just take it like you know, it says a one port of fitness no big deal, like it better. You know, the thing with this is that. I really thought is we're going to enter age, man, where if things are going like we say, they are virtuality is going to be a thing at some point. Maybe it's not popping off like people thought it would today. But at some point are we going to be going into virtual worlds? Are we going to start becoming virtual people with different identities? I think than you know. With this what they were talking about is that VR sex might be something that we can't even define at this. Listen, that's kind of happening now, even with through social media. And we'll when you're meeting, somebody for the first time you get their phone number you get to Email, and you get, you know, profiling Facebook and Instagram. And at that point, you look through their history to see what they've been doing. You make you decision from those as well. That becomes part of, you know, ero- your ID now. Yeah. And, you know, the show they and listen you want something gave out of it. I liked it. They didn't push it is there if you want I, I love that you have to take clues. I was talking to you about this yesterday. I said, you know. Carl Abdul minting of name. They say if you look at it, he might have gay tendencies of the guy if you'd really if you watched the episode, again the guy he kinda plays too much. He's like I remember that crosses the line when you play. He's always kinda sweating. Dick, you know, if you he's kind of guy that just like he'll start helping you for no reason, like, hey, man. How you doing? You know. I'm good man. I'm gonna fuck. What about for this guy? If you watched the show and take certain hints, he's very physical. He's very playful. And there's no way he, he dresses, really deputies guy keeps his body. He keeps body nice, but never stayed with good looking young chicks. But shallows kinda shallow where exactly you know, but there's never point with where his actions defined him as gay. They leave that up to the bureau to decide whether those clues that he was dropping right there. He just he just a kind of a metre sexual and you know, kind of touchy feely guy, you know. Yeah, yeah. But in confirm or deny any of that stuff. No, they don't. But the one thing that they do once they start doing that thing in VR. He says that it is the best sex that he ever had. And that is the that's the thing man. He's too are having sex as their characters in the game. And one of the things that he says, is that I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is about you that I am the best sex ever. There's a point in here where he says shit, I fucked a polar bear. On the social media as well pitcher with a polo bed. Seeing that everywhere. You know, he says, I can't explain it. I think what is trying to say is they're not I'm not trying to expose them homosexuality. L D here. Homosexual issue, what they're trying to do is talk about. What would be on that definition of being straight of being gay? What the doing is they're talking about what happens when you start having sex in, in an area that you never did before. And you can't even define at that point, because you don't know what it is. Nobody's defined it for you. But they also talked about that, if you remember he asked, like HAMAs feel like being in a woman's body. And he just says, like this is this is different is awesome and all that stuff. So, like I was thinking, like the married one is asking that. So since this is my real, you know, since this is this doesn't mean anything, why, why wouldn't you try woman's body wants to see how it feels like, but he never does. No, he never does. But it's again you bring up those things I think that that unreal, what does not unreal. But you get again, it's ninety. Is it a gate thing or is it because he's married? Made in the other guys, not married. He's kind of like, what I can try anything. You know what's the point being married, if, if you think this is not cheating, if you think this is this doesn't mean anything, then you can you can see your point. But then, again, some people have these, they have these weird boundaries that they're set up for themselves. And they, you know, they and and on who knows how that's defined for them. It's, you know, might not on the same way for us. Yeah. For for him. He could tell that he was. He didn't feel comfortable what he was doing. He felt something was wrong the way that he was going into the room locking the doors making sure checking behind him. So he you know, he was doing something crazy. Even the first time they did it, it was, like, we would drunk, you know, it was just that one time, but they couldn't stop you know, because not only does it question. What virtual reality will do possession of sex and ways that we can't predict but I think it's I think it also brings up the question of what is sexual compatibility? You know, I mean is it be, you know, is it beyond the physical because? You know these two characters in the you know, when we see them, you know they're they're they're playing regular game. They act like you know, they're just two guys having fun. Just like guys do that straight, you know, straight dudes in a straight friends in the real world. But when they're on another when they're in this area when they start playing his game. Demise. Connect in a way that just about, like psychically and the thing like, do they just see someone each other that transcends? What they had, you know win the way when they were in the physical and, you know. Do the lot their minds work differently? When they have an allusion setup parts were a little bit. I have questions with them because like sex is not like it's not only your mind and stuff like this chemistry to you taste the person that you're sweating, your everything. And in that game so you don't have your own body. So do you have any kind of chemistry? So how do you feel it? You just put this little thing on your. On your forehead, so does it work with your Ron's, if they work with your neurons, like how the Chem super how does, you know, like taste that check? Or do you taste that guy who's playing? You don't a lot of questions. And what does he actually when you actually feeling with all that? Are you are you tasting that chick you're having sex with are you tasting the guy who's playing that check? You know you gotta raging hard on as you playing this game. That's the that's the other thing is like know these there are sensations in the game that you feel so who knows how far those stations go. Of course, this is a show, so we don't know what liberties, but the other thing is that they connect on emotional level within this fantasy world that, that wasn't there before, isn't it? You know, and is the emotion really driving them to have this great sex. I mean, who's who knows what, what, what is tapping into in your brand, or is there, some sort of deep down, you know, homosexual love that they are experiencing this game. That's like the thing is like they're not only having sex. They sit down and talk a romantic, and they caress each other and make make out and lay on each other's laps and stuff and have conversations. This is not only six and who are you talking to your talking to this guy that guy saw, you know. And then, again, could it be that, you know, this guys he really is feels trapped in a way and he can't he's looking for something. He still loves his wife and everything. He's looking for something. And he doesn't know what he's looking for. This is this is escape rate, here, the single guy though, but he doesn't have to escape, but he's empty because he has nothing. You know, he can't really connect with anybody like he thought because maybe he's like some guy who just has sex has sex, without really motioning, the again, this is not defined as which is great because you can go in and kind of pick these things out of there without landing onto heavy. I think a lot of people wanted this stuff laid on really clear for them. And I thought that this was a great episode because those things aren't laid out for you, and we'll go ahead. That's what you hit on the head. That's what's so cool about this. But this episode is that it doesn't it lean certain ways it doesn't fall over. You know what I mean it it leans towards okay? Maybe it's a little bit of this. Okay. When swaying back, maybe it's a little bit of this, you know. And there's no definitive answer of who's game who's not gay who's in a relationship who's who's to thinks there are, you know, they keep bending it back and forth. And keep you in this loop to keep having you accidents different questions about about what's going on. And you can never have a definitive answer for this. And I think that's, that's brilliant. Yeah. And, and like I said, I'm just I'm really just curious about this whole thing, how we're going dentis selves when we when we start get into VR man. That's the real question is, I think after a questionnaire asking here where we're heading towards this, this, this, this thing, what, what happens. We're going to get here. How are we going to start to define this always thought like sometime in the future? Is it gonna be a thing where that doesn't matter? What's on the outside world? I'm I may I, I am a twenty one year old viral male, you know who I'm Vero Mel who you know, I'm I, I love women. But then I go into the going to VR and all of a sudden, I'm meet some eighty year old man who's playing as a as a hot chick. And I really want that. That's what I want, and we keep meeting each other. They were they were movies like that. Like people live in the this imaginary, we are live outside, they, they still have normal people, but they just eat, they survive and go back to the game, and they total look different. They have different lives and stuff like that. And, and other question like this is okay they're having sex. It's love and it's nothing bad. So we're another, even if they're gay whatever. What if like you're in VR and you kill people? Or in urine VR and you torture people and you enjoy it. So is this. Does this make you a psychopath, who enjoys torturing people are in your real life? You're very nice and everything. So which one is you and I know that they wanted to like the head. I know that for this they had again. Two black males in lot people love to see that angle homosexual explore with them. I think they use it to contrast what the, you know, from the characters to make them as different from there. Right at the, the characters that they play you have your Ludi Lin as, as Lance wonders real name. Ludi lin. Plenty of who as a seesaw and gardens the galaxy as Matt, what is any mantis mantis, who's, who's Roxette and Lance as the other guy, you know, I think they chose to big masculine do who also were blacks look, as different as they would from these characters right here, which, I think, weren't man. Yeah. Worked. I mean because at that point. Yeah. You just seeing these two totally different characters the part that kinda messes with your mind is that knowing that, okay? The person hyrax is a guy if you did not know that. And they kind of do that, at the annual I only crap. That think about if you didn't know if you watch the whole movie where these two characters the Asian player playable characters in the game if you watch that, and it was those two characters, and you, you went the whole movie with them, and their romance was great, when it changed your perception of how you would feel if you hadn't seen the these two dudes before here, you know, you might think like shit. I get it. They got this great romance. I mean, fuck man, I guess I'll be doing it too. If I found something special, you know, it's really hard to this is what black mirror supposed to do it. I'm glad it wasn't one of the darker episodes, dark episodes that, thank our I like the dark episodes. But I think they are kind of for, you know, for a little bit shocked to find that somebody's episodes that deal with love and intimacy and sex. Those are the ones that really get you thinking man, and I liked the fact that they didn't do a surprise any the way they introduced everything they get get it out the way right away to. Have you start thinking about all these different things we talked about today, intimacy romance marriage and all that stuff? Because if they did it the other way in have you be surprised? You know, I think it would lose the impact. Yeah. And I gotta tell you, man. I, I like to, to even though I saw coming because once they start fighting and they start talking about cessation. Leading fuck. Listen anytime you get virtual reality and a female is over. Sex is happening. Yeah. Yeah. I mean shit. I tell you man, if you plan the girl that finding again, because he's, you know, how these girls on these games because it's this is taken from tech this, this stick from taking right here. Don't play with me and pick some chick with ads like that. I mean, what we do outside again, what we do, but I don't try to hit up on your little bit with you. Like grandma grandma grandma just keep killing you. If player what's up son was she would be saying, like, hey, play after that still, would it be my voice. It'd be a girl's voice voice the way he talks, because, like, in the in the show like she was awesome, like girls ways, just like she's just kind of like a finance tomboy. I'm telling. That is ours today. That's cool. Core is gonna be the Rex. But if we if we if we plan his game and you look like this, I'm going to try to fuck you us. At least give it a try. You could tell me pose right there. You're actually making man, you posing for me. Come on, man. You put it out there. What are you talking about unless you got that fucking that got them penalized on and everything come home, and you dressed for the part? You want to be in the show there. So monogamous to you don't like they just they only play with each other. At these the married guy on the plays with this, this, his friend. And like always they play with the same characters and stuff. You know if I wasn't there, I would be like, yeah, this time. UB be Roxette. I'll be lens. Next up. I'm going to be the polar bear. Let's try on the characters. Well, you know, I mean and try and things in, you know, engage people learn these these, they put a lot of work, getting those combos and special moves down invested time. They don't fight that you don't maybe I'm telling you and plus a. You know, when you look at is, is he? He keeps saying he put a lot of work in that body that wardrobe. You know what I mean? That's please. Please. Just grab one. Yeah. Man. I'll tell you we're gonna wrap it up right now. But I tell you that's that's one area, I would have liked to have seen explore how it is because people when we played his games, I would like to have seen. What is like the effect of us playing different characters in games, especially games like this. We spent a lot of time with these characters. But then, again, I get it that was not the point that was that was not the that was not what they were trying to. Yeah, but, but yeah, man, I again, I can't tell people didn't like it. I can't tell them you know that they didn't get I do feel like they feel like they miss something if they're asking for that angle. And then I'm not criticize anybody if they if they weren't looking for that. Maybe there's something there that they that could have been explored from homosexual angle. I just felt like that would have been what people say it was a rare one thing they say was narrow minded. Jesus. All right. Folks, I don't mind. Yeah. I think they focused on homosexually sexuality. Narrow minded because they are trying to explore a lot of different things. Yeah. Exactly. This is me though, man. You know, I just. Just. I think that I think the episode did is the subject matter, a big serviceman by not putting everything. Episode are trying to make you think anyways, so like this made us think about it. That's all. I think this episode hands down for me is definitely one of the one of the best episodes, I seen on TV, one of them, get just the way you know it shocked and then acts all these questions and you still thinking about it after you're done. It was very well done. Let's sexuality stuff aside and think about other stuff too. Like what, what did you think about the commitment? And what did you think if it's a cheating or not? How did you feel about it? Yeah. That was great that, that was cold because, you know, again, it goes back to Corey says, whatever you define commitment to you. You know, I think when you start hiding things from your spouse, sneaking around doing things, I think that is a level of infidelity right there. You know, if you're not able to share what's going on. You gotta hide stuff, especially when it comes to dealing with other people, and your emotions and you start hiding things that could be looked at, as you know, cheating in a way. You know, the, the, the physical act of cheating out think so, you know, it's, it's through this thing that I really doing anything, you know, physical with each other the actual act of. But if you start to hide that stuff, that's I think that's what he started. You start to cross the line emotionally at that point. You know, so that you go, you're not gonna hook up and she won't be mad about. Like I mean, if he's if he's like said, if he's lying, and hiding stuff is cheating doesn't matter if he's doing something, physical or not, plus the other guys, trying to convince them to single guy like this is like poor now. It's not like porn because porn like if you don't go back porn doesn't call you back. You know, porn is like. Are you having back waiting for you? I miss you shit like that. As like porn, doesn't ask anything from you. It's all just one-sided. This is like use me. We can have one man. Can't play. Anyway. People check episode. I mean you, you probably told you so you probably already seen as we say is kind of a spoiler thing. Don't hesitate to Email is give us any kind of comments when we put this up way, but it is. And let us know how you feel and we would love to hear from you, because this is a very complicated subject here in the very complicated way that they that they presented it, which is what black black mirror should do not be straightforward. And I think this episode was anything. But then, again, like I said, that is just my opinion and as you can see this right here inspires, many different opinions and people, which is another great things on game. While say you don't get it. I think it's kinda cool if you disagree. Yeah. Talk about a discuss it this there to be discussed. It's great conversational piece. Let me see right here. I'm looking at looking at some the chat, right here. One guy was more straight than the other one guy was straighten. The other was gay. I kinda see that I kind of believe that I said he, they're putting that out there. Yeah. I think I think when that guy, the black man, he did have gay tendencies. I saw he was acting like his site, check or something, like, hey, waiting for you. Come back. Stop man. Yeah. Man. I like skulls, I like how she held her head back. So that. Get a kiss and right there. Yeah. They were very central in there. In them, their interaction. Yeah. That's why like this show. Man, I haven't either discussions like that. Yeah, good. I don't I don't think we gave away too much, even though we talked about it. So if you still want to check it out, you should know you should give away too much. Yeah. And I haven't watched other episodes, but uh says don't worry about. That that's just me. Other people like the other two as well me. I saw the second one. I fell asleep on it. I was like, yeah. Yeah, we'll see. We'll see. We got a little bit of a twitch stream into tonight's. I'm hurry up in try to move things. Oh my God. Oh. Us total oven over here on AM. You'll give us some fast food foolish. Okay. Let me pull this out man. I'm sorry. Oh shit. Hot hot. What's a little bit, baby? Hold places. All woke now. Dan, open. The window smoke alarms. Death trip but. Oh, but now the smoke is cleared. Oh, so golden Brown. Oh, visit crispy. It's crispy on the outside moist on the inside. Oh, what am I talking about us? Oh man. That foolishness man, please, oh, the freshest of the foolishness. Never never undercooked serve every time. Well, let's go ahead and get into the food is just real quick, right here. And somebody sent me of course, we got Eric and we got around Mexico out there who send us things, and thanks for the other folks, that's into stuff. Keep the stuff come and keep the foolish training guys. But. Eric sent me something right here today, and I thought about it, even though somebody, I don't like talking about enough people talk about him, his the doing stupid shit. And of course, I'm talking about Logan. Paul Logan, Paul now this go somewhere different. So just don't don't think we want to spin on segment talking about Logan. Paul. Just just wait. Just wait. But that was something today that happening. He sent me Logan, Paul challenges. X WW e stars Enzo Amore in big casts to real life fight just week after KOA rival with slaps apparently, went to Russia, slaps, some do Logan power with his miss slap knocked to do that. I don't buy that shit as much as I don't. I don't buy this shit. I'm gonna tell you something. I don't. I don't watch wrestling, not that I hate wrestling. I actually find a tainting lot people. Turn a nose up to wrestling. I think these guys are funny. These guys endzone big cast guys cracking me up may talk, a lot of shit. Why cool when you've got a big Dusek Becky shit talking. But they talk a lot of shit out there, in fact, Enzo says, you know what like he's talion do. So you know he talked shit. He laid on jersey shore type two. Hey, hey, got the gift together Beckett up and he talks a lot of shit on. Well, let me tell you so you wanna play games. I'll connect that don't base that gift and the gift, the jab, and I'll put that way, right back to work. Yeah. Obvious acting like he waits until he finishes. Then he gets mad. Say. Auctioning off something. You know, but ends on big cats cats like seven feet tall. That's one big things. They don't seem song and everything. But as much as I like these guys right here. I'm not a I'm not buying this bullshit with them and Logan, Paul, this downs phonier. They're bogin. Paul Jake Paul. Talking lay sponge as Scott seven foot tall burger size, sixteen foot off in your s. I mean, could you imagine that trauma? Fuck you feel about them. Apples is the Big Apple, bro. New York City. I think you guys got a fan base to sell out Madison Square Garden and sewing cash. Boga. Paul Jake Paul with the nitro circus. I got the plugs nitro circus wants us on their platform. You guys got the balls. I don't think you do. Well, let drama you ain't never been hit with a chair. Never been put through a table. Never bled in the fucking ring in your life to staging shit. Man, you know ain't gonna ain't going out there. I mean it works get get got millions of dollars millions of fans. I don't see. I still don't see what the real talent is behind. It just doing, you know, just going out and just doing sensational shit to shock people get them in their stage and stuff. I'm not I'm not I'm not getting into that. They get into the ring start making out. Striking vipers on over was a I'm not mad at these guys. I'm mad at who fall into their stupid shit. I'm making money. I'm just saying. Look, you know let's. I don't wanna talk about that. Like I said, I don't I'm not buying. I think it's fake. I think the stage in this some big stunt that they're going to do down the line. I wanna talk about some real shit like Justin Bieber fighting Tom Cruise. Justin bieber. Field himself today just to be out of the blue said, you know what I'm feeling like a bad motherfucker. I wanna fight Tom Cruise. What about why my phone and I got tweet this mother let him I'm looking for him time I'm looking for you, man. And he put his there. Straight. Unless somebody hacked just Justin bieber's account is says, I want to challenge, Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom, if you don't take this fight, you're scared, and you will never live. It down who was willing to put on the fight Dan white. And so the craziest, we put out a lot of people have spent the day. Asking. Why? This come from why. Criminals. I wanna fight Tom Cruise today. All right. All right. Just wanna fight Tom. Cruise all day. The answer has been the same fuck. I don't know. Nobody knows. Nobody knows what the what surge of anger hatred just a Bieber. All of a sudden got for Mr. Tom Cruise over here. I'm still trying to figure this their age don't fit their heights don't fit their weight on fed, like, why are they battling for Scientology or something? Yeah. Is that the prize, I have? I have no idea why this was had. I'm coming at the you brother. Yeah. I want to Scientology man. What? Rise. Justin Bieber won to fight on crew. I dunno. Yeah. I know he didn't. Who's like what Tom Cruise? No. Tom Cruise out dissolved on babe again, to time to Tom Cruise than say shit about this training. I'll say yes, when I'm ready. Tom Cruise who busy running somewhere? You know, I have I have no idea why this is going on. Even Tom Cruise, like what the fuck gets. I don't I don't know, is it because Justin Bieber got tattoos looking like that bitch and prison. Like, you know, look, up to do that people passed around in prison, but then to hand and between fuck you just call the tattoo. Spend some to. Yeah. When he got past to the tattoo, gotta give fuck. You know, he just happened to get a free tattoo the time. You know, I don't know is it because Tom Cruise is, is, is, is fifty years old is your fifty minutes is because he says he's a fifty year old man. He's a safe bet fifty seven. Yeah. Yes. I think he'll still beat the Charlotte him. Oh, yeah. Tom Cruise Tom Cruise is going on sixty. And I think what I think with Justin Bieber might be thinking if this is even real thing, Justin Bieber saying, well, he's, he's old, but he ain't that old where I'm just being up an old man. That's the only thing I'm just making up shit. Now, I will tell you, I don't know. I I'm like everybody else what the fuck is going on with this being a senior citizen. But you know what? I'm gonna tell you this Tom Cruise at fifty seven. Tom Cruise at sixty seven we'll beat the fuck out of Justin Bieber and I'm telling you this right now. Let me let me let me tell you why. Because time doesn't go for Tom Cruise his stays at the same level. I don't know what just people going to be a few years. But as I'm gonna tell you this, man. This is why I listen and y'all know this, 'cause y'all fit to say, hang on just a bit fuck. You man. Tom Cruise has spent the last twenty years beating up people in these mission impossible movies. You know, he's an another these fake, but you still picking up shit man, you still learning things from these films right here. Tom, Tom Cruise beaten up, people, Tom Cruise spent the last twenty years doing stunts hanging on the side of planes, fuck is trying to beat up a plane right now. Yeah. He's a comeback. You're playing with fucking run from me come fucker. Hey Tom Cruise is fighting a plane right now. One is Justin Bieber been doing these last few years baby baby bay. They i'm. I'm. Sorry. Phil. And it's fucking shit making models. That's good. But you still bitch made you ain't gonna beat up time crew. See all those muscles were for like, people said, skinny look or he lost, I'm, I'm gonna say, I just be out on norm. So I don't know what he's really like I don't know, like this tweet out here. Maybe he's gonna know the Eames. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe he was maybe it was high as fuck. I don't know. Thin air. Big Tom Cruise thin it just pick. Tom air man and. I mean I don't know. You know there's rumors that there, maybe it's made his fuck. Each other, and we haven't heard about it, you know, maybe, maybe maybe just beaver didn't get a callback. I don't know. Maybe this is a secret message. I don't know what's going on. And I I'm to make fun of just to Justin Bieber. Got some definition on her. But Tom Cruise will beat you're fucking s. I mean that's just the way it goes. And I'm gonna tell you, man. Fuck trying to fight Tom Cruise to catch him first. Tom Cruise Tom Cruise stays chopping win man. Say you really wanna prove your bed as challenge him to a race. Don't vital. Shit. I'd be like trying to raise the flash. He stays running man. I wish Tom cruiser response saying catch me. So am I running the shadow. Crew, rand son. Who's crazy beats up the win. Why he's running give a fuck about you Justin Bieber. Sorry. S. I know casting, no disrespect. The Justin Bieber. The man has made a success for himself. He's done. Well, but why the fuck you just all of a sudden just picking on Tom? Cruise man. Tom Cruise you bid. Brad Pitt too. Breath past why Tom Cruise? Club. Yeah. In out the air. Tom, Tom Cruise. Tom. You can call it fake all you want to Tom has spent twenty years learning these fighting skills and movies. Don't tell me how to use them for real now. Tom cruise. Intel burn, Ernie, I'm coming for them to. This is this is not just it's not just some dumb as challenge right here, man. This is one grown man challenging a nother grown man to a playground fight. I don't know where. Meet me on the playground cruise. I don't do it. Everybody laugh at you. What are you chicken? Come on, man. I'm sure you know what I'm I have to say. I am truly astonished that Tom Cruise didn't answer back. I'm I don't know why he didn't I I'm not I'm confused as to why he didn't take time off from his busy schedule being a fucking adult. To answer this. People watching Dyer appears summit what Tom Cruise is a bitch have to take him out. What was going on the top gun or color? Money's what was he doing? He's an old man so he doesn't know social media. That's why didn't see. Yeah. I don't understand what Tom Cruise take take up the beep zone this. What Tom Cruise will some look at the internet, and be like, whatever I don't get it may your reputations at stake. Scientology telling you, man. I think he wants to see that the Scientology table -ment. I'll beat the nets such as. Really? As my religion. Yeah. Top cruise looked at this as like you know what, whatever. Now, if you excuse me, I have a motorcycle throw myself. You know, Tom Cruise too busy. Tom Cruise too busy hurting himself to try to fight fucking Justin Bieber who which I am firmly convinced that he would beat his ass. I'm gonna tell you, man. The reason why it's so confusing to me, and everybody else because this is, you know, having millions of dollars means that you're not supposed to do sit like this just get bored. You know. Yeah, I guess I'm famous, I'm successful I have all this money, so I just wanna beat the shit out autom- crews LA because I have nothing to fuck you cruise. His like this was on his list or something. List cruise you're next. This man got millions of dollars just picking on Tom Cruise, you know, if I if I had a million dollars, just a million only thing I'll be fighting. It's not being broke again. I would never do some stupid shit. Why do you have money? And do you really must be bored? You're right. That is boredom what you just like you know who I wanna fight Tom Cruise. Why I don't know board. Maybe he watched the movie of Tom. What I just wanna fight him. Yeah. Maybe watch that movie. What was it called collateral, picking on, Jamie FOX? That's my friend. Coming for you crew. You lead me on. Jamie Jamie got his ex wife. You my friend, James wife, I'm coming for you Cruz actually all the way. Ex wife. I'm confused. Who did were? Minority report guilty. Always knew give. Coming to get you. Crazy. He's crazy. He's insane man. He wanna fight Felix or something doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Comey accrues? I'm gonna get you. To route from me. Man. He's a running the wind. He's running the smoke. You see that was man. Even catching the fight in that, that bieber's either trolling. Are. He did a lot of cocaine at night. Tom Cruise cruise call. Bruce, Bruce slots out. There's no, ma'am fucking. Fuck out. Damn Twitter fingers. Fucking teeth. The lead. It afterwards did he was out there. No. He could have delayed it right. He was he did a lot of cocaine. She don't want to leave that people NAMI challenge still on. Let them know I'm out here. Wait tomorrow. Just be was Tom Cruise yard. I. Here. You're gonna hate you fight me. Fought this man. I don't know. I I'm just did. I'm just trolling, but it was funny. My wife, I tell you. It was Friday just this past Friday. I said, wow. Man, you know, Justin bieber's really matured. We've talked about something like he got married got married we're talking about. He's going to have a kid talked about, like well man, he really has grown up. Later that day. Growing up off show you. Tom cruise. What'd you say wanna by Brad Pitt next? The Smurfs all of them, get them all together. I take them on. Oh Justin boy, still, adding still up to his antics. Well, hey, you know. Two got them all to be doing. I don't know. But that's I think I gave you the right answer. Twenty three. The twenty five really come on. Okay. That little anymore. No, no big enough to get ads from Tom Cruise ends. You know what I would love to see that I would watch that I watched I watched that shit before that Logan, Palmer's fuck logo, who cares millions of people care, I guess, but I don't care. I want them this is what I want. I give you the dream right here. Exactly what I want to. I want that shit to be presented like a wrestling match. Where everybody comes out of that. You know, everybody makes a big entrance. Are they gonna have outfits, like wrestler out? Yeah. Yeah. I want I want, I want the Justin Bieber come at one of his sons. And then when they get the Tom Cruise, I want them of running out his his dresser whereas. Oh, I don't get it. Tropic thunder care. Drills like Jewish. The fucking. Russell fashion run right past the ring. Have to just be like waving. I'm here. Where's he go? Always question why where's he going to run into town Tom what you go? Todd your cars back here. Tom. Goes again. Dick. We're kinda ducked ducts. Wine watching ago. Hey, Tom, I'm looking for you, man. Hiding. I want to put that, that a no. I wanna fight Tom Cruise. See you might as well. Try to call Batman while yet. He's. Maybe the Easter bunny jumping rain with you too. Fuck do. All right. Some things never been to explain. Here's some for you. Foolishness. For you. The criminals and shoplifters out there. Pay attention. You might learn is Florida. Florida. The Florida woman is time Florida man taking a break this week bay his. Yeah. Florida man's Blake, baby. You get it didn't care women's out there, Florida. When Florida man has gone, Florida man, just do crazy shit. But Florida woman, she's a diva Nasr bitch cheeses. Floor, but she got it down, though. But a brought a partner in crime with and it's the it's the old. The old distracting while I still some shit type situation applauded woman aside Kayla, Florida and got. Yeah, man, Florida. Yeah. Yes. Florida friend. Cousins floria. And so it's a look, here's I is that she said this has gonna work out. Look. I'm this, this is simple, shoplifting job. I'm going brain, the fingers and you bring the ass. Pembroke pines. Ooh. Wow. Wait for it. Did you even notice the other woman because while that woman is working in a clothing store friend is stealing the close? You see anything that coming up the whole. Right. Don't help that as big a yellow even the selling that they're like God. Damn. That's. Ronald McDonald beat his product. Got them McDonald's. Arches. The golden arches man. Oh, I know pines areas, you might know her, you might know that right there. I mean I know I just I heard about the area and you're not you're not surprised at all. For the security camera customers, and employee's and the distraction worked. So she said, I want you to work, and I'm gonna take the stuff. Only the biggest asking pull off this. Caper. Try to find someone. Sexier is just went with the size. You know, sex this is on the whole debate. And I think the security guard who was watching that was very turned on because see that other. Yeah. Man, pulling the put a high swimmers. No, no gun necessary. Just a loaded. And nobody thinks like why. This woman's work in the middle of nobody thought about why not. Nobody brought a gun. Just a couple of cannonballs, right? She's like, here's the story in this. We're gonna have just real quick debate about this, this, and this is kind of sad. I bring the fun down time right here do that. I know man it was just target. And having a good time. Party with Florida woman in Florida friend, and I got a Florida parallel universe. It is at my babysit for this in Florida is a parallel universe. And all you gotta do just look at this right here to, to know that, that is true. The asthma another universe coming. Oh, I had to bring it down this topic of discussion right here. So. You know, we've had these problems with teachers being very sensitive to their kids and to the point of giving awards out with very cruel labels on them. Some people say that this takes a whole new low rate here when a kid with autism, can't even talk onto them. So bad got a particular war that upset the parents from the school, other kids forgiven positive awards, such as most improved or funniest. We're going to Stella Kasa John or blindsided win their autistic son was getting given most annoying. The parents view it as public bowling by their child special education teacher, enjoying the first days of summer, eleven-year-old achilles Casta John's last days of school or wants his parents would rather forget, achilles is autistic, nonverbal. He occasionally rocks back and forth and shakes traits. Voice special education, teachers at Gary's Bailey, preparatory academy should be familiar, wet. Do you think one would know and understand the conditions of autism and have more patience to deal with children who suffer from autism, which is why Stella, and Rick Kasa John were shocked and hurt? When achilles was given this award by his teacher at an end of the school year. Luncheon, it says most annoying male ease. Wow. That engraved. Typical day. Out and had to pay to get this marble bottom, and ever. They, they were giving a message. They don't like this kid. I'm not saying, I'm not look. I'm not saying that. That's right. I'm just telling you how they feel they wanted to be known they wouldn't even hiding it. They want the parents to know we do not like you'll fucking kid man to name the school, spelled wrong to call. To call. So I left the award on the table and try to walk away and came back. And she's like, oh, can you guys ward telling you man got to him. They wanted those parents to know. We hate your kid. I'm not saying his right again is right ever know it's awful because as your parent. I mean, this is the kid that there's a kid that can't obviously help his condition in for this school. His condition of autism is rocking back and forth him not being able to speak for them. They want to let pairs that's an inconvenience, if you know, it's more than just, you know, it's at courses more than never want to let you know, like a we're not a we're not a quick for this kid on. You know, we don't like him because he gets on a fucking nerve because we don't know how to handle them, which is not the attitude to take. Of course, of course. I mean, I, I assume that they took him to the school because, you know, maybe the reputation of them dealing with children with special needs. You know, would would help with their son and come out with getting the most wing male male put his name on the damn thing. Generic would it? Yeah. What you're saying is another ISM is a female female one tanker. I mean. I mean I never understand these awards, even the positive ones, why you just keep getting giving people a wars of like the cutest, the is the the beautiful. Like, like, why are you putting people in categories and levels and stuff like that? And even this kid wasn't. autistic. Let's say was just a regular kid, and then it would be sad. Give that a war saying in knowing, and this makes it worse. That's just crazy. You're right they. So they put the one up most annoying mail. Meanwhile, there's probably gonna wheelchair who got most annoying female. We gotta we gotta pull you doors and shit. We got she eases. Wow. Your legs don't work. That's really annoying. I'm not I'm not I'm not saying that, but but they're the ones that are saying. Fuck. If you could just walk man, Jesus. And then the show you that this school doesn't even I'm not lying. They don't give up because the apologize for this acid, Janice, thankful his son, does not understand what the award means wanna call them up. Peers excited to you know go starting. Stella Kasa John, who did not attend the awards launch went to school, the next day demanding an apology. She never got one from the teacher or the principal. However, the school district did apologize. A written statement by doctor, Pete marincos reads in part, the Gary community school corporation, does not condone this type of behavior and will continue to put the safety and well-being of our students, I go to school, go to the school district, the principal say, don't like the EIB. It's again, that's not my words. That's the actions of the school. I think that this is awful. Now, you know, I said appear if, if I'm saying awful, there's bad, you know, I'm I talked shit to all as burgers kids on here. And, you know, I, I don't care I I'll treat everybody equally. I don't I don't like to coddle anybody. But if but if this is just cruel shitty, that is abuse. And they the kids. So he saw that he was happy. It said most annoying, he was happy to get that he didn't know what it because he didn't own shining, little, you'll take an advantage of this kid, man. It's shitty man and his bad. That adults not one fucking adult in that in that building to apologize. Not not at all. Not at all we understood man, I'm sorry, these assholes, you know, by like this kid. Kick him in the answer. We gave new. They don't care. And these parents, God bless a mandate. They did better not probably would have because they go up there and not even getting a policy. They don't think they, they thought they did nothing wrong by giving his child award. Not one. You're going to stand by this. Okay. You go to sit even harder. Yeah. Get rid of that as it may like the parents just to get rid of, you know, I don't know. I think this is crazy, though. Man. They say they're not bringing the kid back, but that is I'm telling you, man, that is, I don't care how whatever's going on with this kid if he's to the point where he's rocking back and forth. And he's nonverbal he doesn't even know you making fun of him. That's a thing to do. You're making fun. That, that's a child. That's a man fucking Dulce. I'll need somebody's take out award and knock all your fucking head with it. Knowing I am right now. Yeah. It all Yanni in the war for the most shitty adults in this bucking town, that is horrible. Man. I just like I said, man, you know, me I make fun of a lot shit. And, you know, I don't I don't care if you don't give you Millie challenge with I'm gonna make fun of you. I just what I do. But this right here. That's just that's that's ridiculous man. Trying. Really? Yes. At that point, was that that's bullying that no, you're right. That is bull bullying adults man. Yeah. They sit around laughing at congratulating each other. Get this asshole lot, here, most of the knowing. Yes, that's you don't forget, your would. Yeah. Tro would that town is Michael Myers, man. Kill people. Michael, my toucher, Freddie. Krueger. Yeah. Keep fucking. You'll make that kid. Michael Maris commit kill all your. Anyway, I feel bad for that family man. That should not have happened like that. That's ridiculous last story, right, here we out, and we, it is it shouldn't be. But I'm pulling. It it, it's it is. But I'm going. But it's not it's not it's nothing that we can't laugh at it. It'll make you happy. I'll even say that the person that trying to make fun of in this are that, that trying to make the bad guy in this video. I might have a little sympathy for. This is wild. Steph, good morning. We are on second avenue right near the corner with fourteenth style. Stood out the middle of the street. Cavs going by fast. Okay. Yeah. Colonel hurdle back there. Colonel. The bitch got the streets chicken. Right behind us. Nothing unusual about seeing buses. Stop here often, what is when you car's wreck. Spain about to have another story right here. Storing to make anchor kilowatt standing in the middle of the street. Reporting dump shifts. We got Colonel Sanders. With the current beggar trying to give us on my chicken, but she went listen. MTA bus. And all of this was caught on camera, you really have to see it to believe it. Here's a melodic talking about doodle tack the bus. But I want you I want you look at my man, Mr. Magoo in the background right? Carrying some sort of blunt object hanging from the front of the m15 select bus. Shortly. She got two kicks. Coming to help help herself. She, she says the guy's headman. She likes to serve in free as debate. Let me get some of that come out. Hey, from the front of the m15. Let me tell you what happened. So we were talking to making fun of the whole thing. But a guy who lost his mind and attack the bus he was trying to go after the bus driver. So the BUSTER policemen came out brought the guy down in a bunch of other people Clinton. The bus driver came in and tried to disarm the guy because he had a blunt object. I'm not a blood about a sharp object, which people think was a knife. So what about the miss curve, stop right here? She was trying to get the knife out of his hand off from the front of the end. Shortly before eight thirty last night. Hey. Around and foul on lookers help to restrain him before police arrive. The man had climbed on the front of the bus standing on what appears to be the windshield wipers, hitting the bus with whatever blunt object was in his hand was blown up. So they said that the head. They said one report, I saw said he had he had he was emotionally disturbed, and I'm like, walk that most disturbed is when you get my order wrong at Jack in the bucks, he's fucking crazy. Again. I wanna know what that busted to a man I don't trust it. Exact as you right? You know that buzz pro that bus driver prior drove away from his as so. Many days is probably be late for work so many more fuck. The bus drivers fucking his wife Jesus. You just win. Wow. God. Crazy should be something like that. No. She's in. Come out. Fuck shoes shit. We spend like diesel. All right. That is the foolish is right there. The one with the cocaine. Try to find it because you sent it to my phone. And I couldn't pull it out in time getting all this other stuff together. 'cause I laughed at that man to the Adrian center did she as? This real quick. You gotta listen to the story. Do got clicking. How, how did you go down man? Oh, we found. Some cocaine. And when they got him like, what are you gotta say for yourself? He said cocaine. Oh, that's not mine me always knows. Knows. Yeah. We've probably got like some really shitty France, he could have found the sleeping could have put powder on you know, like dick on your hair with cocaine. Okay. Case do not here. Cocaine the same mind. How did it get here? That blocked my nose. Oh man. Save it for later. Yeah. Yeah. That is that. Let me see here. Are you looking real quick talking to purple? Lasco homeboy. Yeah. Was he talking about, and he was hanging? Another friend of his, and he is a fan of the site, the guy named Brian Williams. And I think he works in the video game industry as well forgot. I don't know if he wants to say the name of the company now but he works in the industry. The he was talking bird about the, the site, and how he loves you and Martin shows and stuff like that. So I want to, but it was one of hope we give them a shout out. Said I Brian Williams. What play up? Yeah. I don't know if you want to mention his name to he Burke. Call me on Saturday in told me talk to this guy is I got somebody wants to, and I talked to the guy he was wearing a shirt at the time. So yeah, you know you wanna shout at. Yeah. No, I was really. I was I was really happy about that. He was wearing classic by the way logo. He was. He said a picture over. I'm not gonna put his picture 'cause I don't know if you put him out there, but yeah, man. Thank you so much. That means a lot. You right. Then that is that y'all got a little too extreme to do right after this, or we're talking about now. Some people wanna know why would why we doing twist dreams for one twitch can be very helped force if we actually position it the right way. So I'm gonna take advantage. Why the calling us also help support this site. Believe it or not. So I don't think I'm doing some trying to people off. And plus the video games video games has proven to work, better outside of this site of even though we kind of bend it in just a little bit. But subscribe on twitch to subscribe on twitch also. So we try to keep things versus fired around here. There's a story about the, the cocaine on his nose, but his demands right here flor-, Florida man. No wonder Florida man wasn't with Florida one while she was doing okay. Florida men claimed the cocaine on his nose was not here. Oh, I believe him trust them. Hey, listen. Yeah. Oh, thank you, Adrian bland, hope, you're doing, well, we appreciate that. We have an e mails, answer them on the AP crumbs, coming up right after this. We got Mr. juicer Herman back. They're doing sir juice. The juice is loose thing. My wife thought I was giving him like like sweet pet names today, 'cause she like why do you call him juicy? I know your name is juicy fruit. Wow. That's a very big difference. Okay. I I if you bring rate Wrangler. Yeah, here's the name, I, I didn't give it to them. Let me tell you. No, no. I want because everybody likes his name on everybody know that. This man back here is just merely juicy. You while are juicy fruit. Murphy wifey. All of that, all of that. And then some heart heart that's the way. I'm look, I'm, I'm gonna listen to. Listen to how Syria says, a seri-, call juicy fruit. Just to confirm you'd like to call DJ. God damn. You know the setup. Jay, whoever try woman. Hey Siri, call juicy fruit. Juicy fruit Merv WI fi red heart. Yes. Wow. All right. Everybody slice of cake, or all red heart. All right. Everybody. Thank you guys for being here man with pre shaded. Thank you. So much needs looking got sporting their hat, right there. I like it. Yeah. When people get hit them that had come from your police for sorry about that. We are not selling these in the store for some reason, but we are selling these in the studio here. So if you come by all the stuff set up over there, the shelf in the, the case and everything, you'll be able to see these hats. They can only be bought in store. It's actually very nice in. I'm sorry in studio. Studio to me. Yes, yes, you sell you sell the stuff. Very well. She just she scares people in the by shit. He just goes, you wanna hear takes the shirts. Custom on in-studio leap you go in studio only. Get it. Modeled by the niece over there. You can look as good as she does. But if you can't make the studio anytime soon as I said, get on over to DT March dot com got plenty of items while you're over there. It's also help support the site and keep it going. Speaking of witch go to dump. Does dot com. Subscribe donate over there. Keep us going with the live streams by watching the live streams are listening to the audio that's free items sound. And that is that baby. Thank you. Thank you, good to see as so good. Thank you, baby. Juicy fruit Merv wi-fi, red heart. Read read harlot. She puts that hard on their missed Oz. Green, thank you so much. Thank you. Both good times. Dammit times. Yes, it was. We'll see next time we'll probably see ringside when Tom Cruise fighting Justin Bieber. I'll be there. I'll definitely be there for happens. Stay tuned for they crumbs onto its right after this, and we will see you guys later. But remember when not streaming streaming lot, but we're not stream and we are truly thinking about you and do not ever hesitate to pop. Open a keyboard typing K, Cooman, gene dot com. That's Casey z dot com. With any kind of questions com couple of insoles input and bites the show to link with dumb, but we got my show's coming up, so please contact us. The kiss. Hold each other person. On the Instagram, Facebook, all those on Facebook privately, typing korva Coleman. Bob, too busy out there, Holland that these people this the us. No doubt get that cocaine off your nose. Check me out on Facebook, green s and extra e it's and the green check me on Instagram. Awesome score. What up or he met me at is what up g dot com. It's Mia talk to the people. And do it. Follow her right? Now to strike couches all you have to do their easy. You do Email. Dot com. Visit visit. Show. Right. Everybody that is it at times tonight, eight six by, but we gotta go, so good night. Good morning after. Listen to a watching this bit by stay. State. Bring the whole family over the T mobile think it's awesome iphone ten are on us. When you trade in your old device, he'll be snapping streaming and sharing to your heart's content. Visit a store or call one eight hundred t mobile can get an iphone ten are on. Twenty four monthly Bill credits. Well qualified customers plus tax qualified trade-in hoarding service and finance agreement required. Contact us people cancelling our credit. Stop more balanced sixty four gigs zero down thirty one twenty five per month for twenty four months pretty credit for I seven forty nine ninety nine zero percent. APR one offer perk out. Right now. You can get both spritz unlimited plan and the all new Samsung. Galaxy S included for just thirty five dollars per month for line for five lines. All you need is approved credit Annan eighteen month lease no trade in required. Visit sprint store sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one fifty dollars a month after twenty two credit applied within two bills. Cancel thoroughly remain unbalanced doing basic after six thirty twenty eight thirty dollars per month per line for five lines day to organization during additions maximum restrictions apply.

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Mortal Kombat - Jax on Jax off

For Your Reference

56:03 min | 3 months ago

Mortal Kombat - Jax on Jax off

"Who it's another week in reference household. Oem starting off with. I guess me you'll see from the title and if you do follow us on the social which we strongly encourage you know that we doubled down mortal combat law rider team so i am going to guess what. Ot's favorite is one thousand. Nine hundred five annihilation nineteen ninety seven twenty twenty scorpion revenge and the most recent 2021 mortal combat three two one nine. Oh that's called a double plug scorpion. Special friends lovers. Let's get on with the show round. One friends in love is welcome back to the four year. Reference concert jihadists katie. Put on your hat for dramatic face reveal and yell such as you check notes escape into porto zero. You'll find as we enter the outward with the to hold films who who who friends lovers welcome welcome welcome we love and appreciate you so much if you have just united escaped from that doc. Dan broom of yours. Playing mortal combat. And you've discovered the foyer reference podcast coming on jupiter's cook it is the final level in the final boss in your story mode friends and love us This is also a time to say spoiler spoiler spoiler or fatality fatality fatality You have listened to allow jonathan wiggin episodes as well as bad boys as well as rush hour and also ot's chucky episode We watch a lot of the films and we cover it in this review episode we will get to the two thousand twenty one version later on In this review episodes. I don't worry too much if you haven't watched it And i guess we do have a lot more fun things to say about the first three as well. All right let me just generally Go over some details and stats obviously. There's a comprehensive Sort of cost as well as people that have been involved but let me just captured. He so we have mortal combat the film for al learned joystick lovers. These characters from video games created by ed byrne as well as john tobias and you'll also see their involvement or the uninvolved -ment During the particular film so the nineteen ninety. Five version came out in august director. Paul w s anderson Who will see in Laid rations was very involved in resident evil for reasons why the quality declines in annihilation specifically we also have kevon journey as the writer. It had a budget of eighteen million dollars and a whole world wide. Gross of one hundred and twenty two point one nine five million dollars slow. Yeah that's a lot of adm. dan house right there Top billing for the cost. Christopher lambert robin shoe as well as linden ashby mortal kombat annihilation. Came out in november of nineteen ninety-seven directed. john kennedy. Right is brent. V friedman brass cobble and small. We have a budget of thirty million dollars and a coiled hide underwhelming of fifty one point three million dollars and i think we say that You know in franchises with like bad boys or even rush hour because of the success they get a bigger budget and then it makes it even more devastating when the towns are yeah. It wasn't a it wasn't a k- know boomerang. It didn't come back we have scorpions. Revenge that came out last year in april of two thousand and twenty director. Ethan's boating and rider. Jeremy adams top billing cost jennifer cop. Joel mchale not also bit disappointed. It's his voice's more distinctive than the cost of invincible. So i thought you would have been able to recognize him and ike amadi in regards to the most recent film that was released in april of twenty twenty. One mortal combat. We have served time feature film director. Simon mccoy d- I think he directed a short previously To this film. We have right as greg russo. As well as dave callaghan. The budget is estimated at ninety. Five million dollars us some titanic budget and a whole worldwide grosser fall of nineteen point. Four million dollars Toppling costs lewis tan. Jessica mcnamee as well as josh lawson wasn't nice and i guess that's just the peppering Friends lavas but again. If you do follow us on our socials you'll know at least for me in particular You know mortal combat as become my personality for the past few weeks and have it be for that reason We will get to that bullet. Stay in the camp. Be happiness For a little hoyle longer Let's go for first impressions as we talk through the films so we can leave. Twenty twenty one in case people having listened to it yet. Let's start off with the official nine hundred ninety five mortal kombat film so inr gaza phys impressions. I would love to not. You've mentioned that you've watched this many times. You played the game many times as a kid. Had it feel rewatching in the lead up to the two thousand twenty one film. It felt great. Great just watching characters that you loved playing as a kid and he had this company feeling like i. It made me feel enjoy of this. Stodgy feeling that it all all world. We can have a good welcome movie. The just as always to how great the game was for a lot of us growing up and a loved it. I loved every bit of it. Oh absolutely and you know we talk a lot about dimension but these characters a literal characters. Right johnny cage's fucking annoying but he's also self absorbed and that's what he is as a character right. You have come loud. That is very very serious. Kung lao is my favorite. And i'm very disappointed that we didn't see him in a lot. Really just the most recent film and you have guile in streetfighter like yeah we can talk about dimension if we wanted to but when it comes to video games you want them to be completely different yet. That wouldn't motherfucker in ticket right They even had obey like you want video games to be fun. You get the most ridiculous sort of characters whether be mortal kombat street fighter tekken because you wanna have fun you want to sit around with your cousins and your mates and you wanna bash each others heads through the screen but then it turned into a real life bashing of each other right and yeah. I absolutely agree here. Fully thoroughly enjoyed it re watching it. It was just one of those moments where you sort of forget because it was in the back of my mind especially after watching the most recent one ui we saw been playing. More combi lavenham playstation. Little memories back but just watching the not five version man. oh absolutely. This was a first time. What's for me I tried to play mortal combat when my older brothers weren't around i wasn't necessarily officially allowed to play mortal combat But this was the time. I wish to ninety ninety five vision and who who i fucking loved it Like you said there's so much campinas to it. But i love that was campinas because there is a dynamic within mortal kombat specifically way. You obviously have the kerr to it. Vogue volga goal but also at the same time. You have the goofiness in the comic relief as well right. I do believe that. There is a very Delicate balance in regards to mortal combat. I pay the gratuitous gore and vogue innis of it all. but you've also got that not necessarily campinas but you have that reprieve that comic relief And that sorta goofiness. That's channel mostly through johnny cage in this nineteen ninety five film and i was absolutely here for it. It was fine the way the beat will drop in. You have the shouting of the mortal combat. I liked that it continued throughout the whole film. I can see why People talk about the cg because it's fucking atrocious. Like i get that and you know. Titanic was around the same time but also a obviously didn't have the same budget but also it doesn't bother me like it doesn't bother me. The cg's bad the cg's bad like Reference the first harry potter when he's on top of the troll But also for the same time if the cg was good that doesn't impress me either. And i guess that's where we'll come to the twenty twenty one version. So i guess from that point of view. It wasn't a barrier for me not to enjoy the nineteen ninety five film. I absolutely loved it. I think the jails are bad. Luck think heels. Fine. it's great it delivered. What he wanted like lord people next to me. It just brought back memories and seeing people like sub zero scorpion dana moves. We got a lot of get over here scorpion. Which was amazing. It was also very accessible. 'cause play because you know in in the twenty s now you have to have the actual costume from the inspiration right but back then you just get yourself to blue quantum put it would be allowing cloth and you find right All but i. I absolutely love this film. It also spots my love affair with raden Which i think will be quite interesting as we go into characters. I want you to mention for each of the characters that we go through. Which one was your favorite of the four films that we're covering today so let's let's dive into it. Let's talk about law. Raden i now You know when. I was watching lord of the rings. I got bothered with gandalf because he is the omniscient right. He so powerful but he fucking disappeared whenever anything was important. It's like when you play kingdom hots and doubt donald and goofy with disappeasr. I'm with the yeah absolutely so i now appreciate gandalf. Note being around because he will turn into rate in all of these films where he's always around. He's very powerful. Any doesn't fucking do anything but granted unlike unlike gondal rated is restricted for interfering from the tournament. So he says it's like i would love to help you move how skies. I'm just so busy right now. When your kids stop it from choosing rating because of just so it was just too powerful. Applying was cheap for anyone trying to use them. It's not fair. His move list super simple and it just botched the faucet like really really badly but he's super overpowered We don't get to see him because he's guard much or at least he doesn't interfere so it's up now. We saw him. Well yeah what is dramatic walking down the way with his hat reveal in terms of him fighting or doing anything like that. I think it's not until militia gets some combat with shell. The this movie while rate is just one of those characters where you're like you know his there by khandu march to help mend yet accept it because the law says up. I don't accept acknowledge him as my one and only rate and who's your favorite rate and across all of the films are we hit. Christopher lambert in the nineteen ninety-five we had james. Raymond an isolation. We have dave mitchell in scorpions. Revenge and tattenham louisana in the two thousand twenty. One who's your favorite rate and to dave from copious revenge because he acted more luxury than i remember. Yeah yeah okay. I absolutely agree Yeah let's continue onto the characters 'cause and was fucking useless He wasn't useless. that's what made him useless. I think was the point arguably at least for the first nine hundred ninety. five film. lukin was the nolan protagonist. Played by robin shoe. How did you feel about his character. I'll all lovely. He is yeah him as a character but in the nineteen ninety five film. How did you feel about him. Really good job. I think is such an artist is such as lack. A lot of the moves came off like quite jenin. Lucky to get shots of either bid. Sonia guitar fighting and his looks a bit underwhelming waffly. There's a reason why they brought him back in relation. He will i to me. It had a chance to come back. He was just nice. And we'll give you the option. Go to hard luke. How to come back because i think he did a really good job i think he was the early real opportunity for emotional resonance in the nineteen ninety-five film Not not to say that it went beyond the surface but if there was any sort of emotion to be injected in this film. It would've been loo kings character with his brother. The have the iconic. Your soul is mine gift. That goes around. Finally i understand a reference but as we know i referenced. Friends without ever having to watch a writer t- Who would be your favorite king and on a leash elite guy. But he didn't really get much to do in in annihilation. Wheels have jordan rodriguez in scorpions. Revenge as well as ludi lin A which i believe. he's an up and comer and will continue to be on our screens in the two thousand. Twenty one vision. Yeah the scorpion. Revenge louis can just rubbed me in a weird way. I guess that's how he looks in. Scorpions is which kind of year accurate. Like if he's not the head of the stories kind of that whiny kit on the side. Yeah absolutely I yeah. I think i think nine hundred five king is my favorite. If we're doing any drafting right now. Nineteen ninety-five is winning so far bonking all the points. Oh absolutely But yeah he. He's got that nobleness about him. And i think it played very well in the nineteen ninety five version because you had the characters being very distinct so you could. You could imagine how they would play off each other. So he didn't come off as so fractious. Because you had the balancing flavors of johnny cage's willa sonya blade right Let's move onto. Johnny cage played by linden ashby. And then we have chris conrad and annihilation. Joe maceio In scorpions avenge. And i don't believe he's in the twenty twenty one vision. No tease of the end of the twenty two and then So how did you feel about the nineteen ninety five. John cage thing care for him because i felt like the story revolved rightly sore on lee. Hang and wanted it to be that so any other character. They always just a bonus ball. If i had to pick a favorite it would be and skopje's revenge. I think that was the best portrayal of johnny cage today. Yeah absolutely and we love. Joe mchale with his. Hi buck crap. Yeah i find in almost all of these films that we've watched. There's always a transfer of one particular character baying the comic relief and unfortunately when you're going with bailey dimension comic relief means one liners and johnny cage. Was that in one thousand nine hundred five like i could have done without him I didn't even find it. Satisfying funny when. He fell with his For design of luggage off the boat when they first get to the island i just. I didn't careful johnny cage. But then i also knew that was the sort of character that he was as well what i did like about it though was at least he could fight so at least he gets. Some sort of credence is somewhere right. Yeah true speaking about credence is. Let's talk about shang song. Play by who you gonna. We have archive footage and annihilation butler in scope and chin-han in the two thousand twenty one version. How did you feel about shang song in the ninety nine vision i feel accused defeated a bit too easily. Oh absolutely a regardless of lee can being you know one of the best of luck. He brings a lot more to the table. And that's why he's the rajon mansion shao kahn. You know he wouldn't speak some some jingling idiot and that's all i thank you sort of portrayed as in this that we know his powers from the game play at not coming into this movie fresh with know everything about these characters to some extent some are some are going well for my perspective and that's why it's called for your reference mate and and to me as like i expected more from him not to be defeated. I easily but we did get some moments was calling for. Because when i was watching this i was thinking all men. Are we going to get to see. Louis can do some of the stuff that we know he can do. Now we go those moments. I'll wait to easily baugh shagman. He's his just his batas he. He's supposed to be bad ass where told he's bad as point you to one of the final scenes in the nineteen ninety five film way talks about capturing a thousand souls and there were like five the focus on bringing me out be like. Where is everyone else supposed to be. This like impressive grandiose smackdown of it all five people pulling out of nowhere just because they're in different costumes doesn't mean that equals a thousand soldiers fights and i guess it's also because we're being driven from liu king angle. We're fighting for him right. That seems pretty consistent with the law across all of the films the same way we have you know sub zero and scorpion. The lowering being quite consistent across the films It's lou king is the one that has to have the standoff with shanksville. I liked how dramatically shanklin was in this one like every line was overacted but it worked for model cobb movie. Yeah i'm going to see a brooding superman from us. Oxide got you know. Give me fucking gay. But i also at the same time to the team loved him so much that they made him younger supposed to obviously being older character. I don't even know if it was explicitly mentioned but shang song. According to the ot curriculum mythology he has won nine tournaments right So that would goner a lot of strength. Which kind of on does luke kings victory as well not particularly because we see this is locked the major sort of thing that a lot of pretty much all the mortal kombat movies put the exit. Ou shall kind has won nine tournaments and it's up to the war is not like the law and moral combat so bloody rich. Because there's so many fucking want at want us to just move away from that you know. This is the first you can do good on you on your like three movies. And and that's still the the stake come now. We can do better interesting. I'll leave that for my twenty twenty one. But who's your favorite song from the full films. Easy not five shanksville. It was brilliant. I agree. I feel like we know where this is going to finish. Nine hundred ninety five and then just have the're barking in the background for the rest of the episode was pretty coherent to me. Let's talk about sonya blade I will say it off the cuff right now. This nine hundred ninety five. Sonya blade is my absolute favorite one. You know we talk a lot about just female lead. But you know female characters at a prominent In stories very obviously we haven't covered wonder woman. Either of the films on main podcast. But we do have it on our patriot on I don't have a lot of female tax You know we talk about taxes. A lot on the podcast. Just because i say a female character doesn't mean i'm automatically going to like them right and unfortunately in recent years was saying look. I'm strong women. I do everything by myself right which may be true but in that case just give me make from family guy like i would prefer that one dimensional. 'cause it's not preaching to me. Yeah but in any case. I really liked this on your blade. I don't really want any other sonya blade because it did become pouting your chest out Walking around and it's also credited the team and also pull Because apparently it is possible to have a hohmann on a screen and zoom in on our us nor reason although the covers just did that automatically is do that to my ass. But that's on you know we'll get to annihilation but that was part of the problems. I had with annihilation. He add more women in them. But then you sexualize the most like jimmy. Meg again for family. I don't need that Sonya i don't think she has the most compelling gripping sort of story compared to the rest of the characters but specifically in regards to nineteen ninety five. I fucking love to great. She only had like one fight compared to everyone else that had an average of two or three johnny cage definitely for more than sonia did. But that's absolutely fine. But i enjoyed having her as a character without being that annoying female character whether it's because men vert her all because she needed to be sexualizing. Whatever reason right. That's a fight. Bigger than the mortal combat pay. But generally i love to. I don't think i can out anything. That is a because you don't like what female characters that. What school luckier. Definitely the non genetic five washington was the best picture and sounds like sonya picked less than reptile in your house Let's move on to another strong woman. Caetano how quickly did you fall in. Love with louis k well well apparently according to interviews and according to my learned. Imdb research robin sure was saying that there was a romantic storyline in the nineteen ninety-five vision but they decided to cut it for more actions aids. Okay it walk. Felt out of no fill out of the blue and it annoyed me thousand nine hundred seven that they had a love story. I have to be consistent criticism. Because usually like i'm like ooh this very love stories. Don't fucking mead it and then when it's cut up i shouldn't complain well. Someone just falls in love instantly with them so you know i'm gonna buck my horse and say they did. It perfectly gave me whiplash. Well kid tana is more than her potential entanglement with lou king. I wouldn't say so in the nineteen ninety five. She's not my favorite. But you know we get to see aspects of others just beyond ogling overly she has. She's also looking to take down shot cayenne. She wants to win the tournament. And there's a lot of depth to law in that regard. You know more. So than i think i prefer storyline more than sonya's so to me. She was one of timeouts in the movie. Yeah it gets has definitely got the more laid sort of backstories. I definitely agree. It's the no competition between her and sonya in regards to back story But i don't feel like that was realizing the nine thousand nine hundred vision she. She was like a carbon copy of raden. She has walked around whispering things to look king. Leaving you so me and my pussy valley. Oh yeah you didn't see the katie director. Scott no ricky tana would be the ninety five one. This is where i do. Not choose nine ninety-five five I choose scorpions revenge katana. Let's move onto qena in one thousand nine hundred ninety five. There wasn't really much to him. Really not really. But i think he's that sort of character and we'll come to the other fields. Que knows like creed from the office. You don't fucking need him in every same. Yeah you don't make us beautiful of creed just like you. Don't make us enough off. Kaneohe omega him them in garage. Well make me mistaken. 'cause i thought that's what i watched. Today let's move on this little by scorpion and sub zero in one thousand nine hundred five. They really didn't get a lot of prominence. I would say which. I was very confused though because this is the first time i watched the film. And even though i'm not a die. Hard mortal kombat fan. I say more combat. Mk like ot plastic. Fam- mike. I always so mortal combat as those two so it was interesting that the film didn't really focus on them even the fact that johnny cage killed one of them. Yeah we didn't get too much of them. Because i think the focus was more we can bought what we get with sub zero and scorpions rivalry as unprecedented like. It's it's so bloody rich and we get to see that as revenge which was just done so perfectly. We didn't get a lot of them. But i think my feeling would be the setting them up for To be a non. Elation i guess so and i go back to your comment. I definitely agree. Scorpion and sub zero. Like naruto and saskia like the main headlining show. They're the ones you go for. Just like not with on southgate will be shouting. His name scurry subzero skopje. Skopje and and repeat five hundred episodes any other general thoughts in regards to the nineteen ninety five film bagels made for the fans the combat and it lived up at least for me to everything. That m dutiful. Yeah i think it was a nice way of trying to balance it. Even though per the studios they did wanna make it. Pg thirteen hundred teenagers. Who go and watch it. I do love My volga but also at the same time. I did enjoy this particularly. I have a couple of notes that i made while watching this. Johnny cage looks less like an action thaw and more a man with a mortgage that brussels sprouts sandwiches and also the fighting saints. Kind of felt like they were playing. Patty cake like there was no sense of danger. Like you punch me. I punch you. We tumbled together all right. Let's get into annihilation. I speak on behalf of as i always speak on behalf of both of us. I would say this is not the best. Yeah it definitely is. And i think a lot of the budget went and what we got was them. Clinging onto dream of a sequel and just wild execution was not that great but they did bring other aspects of mortal combat. I was really excited for even forgotten about all that and exactly yelling in this episode. The now shield episode sophist level. I think a lot of the things that they did in this introduction of molina we get to see night twelve of of finding me like a young outages cheer you can really being happy and seeing characters it was present day or two. You were chairing has looked like he. Just forget a lot of these things and on scream just makes the keep inside. Jesus jump up in joy and if that doesn't work for you at all you saw was body facts and a shady storyline than know fair enough. Do you think looking prescribes to the theory of holding his sperm to keep his power. What did he get that idea from. We watch the same film did we. Not when he was getting tempted in the desert by the sex lead tana. Would you want to go do cheating on qatada. May well those catanha's lips this is still virtuous if you've gotta kiss in there or not. He's like some arm be singer in the nineties and to adidi we see the introduction of molina and barranco. Let's spend some time they baraka cost. You was something similar to jackson's as well like you know with barack it's like why would he randomly be wearing my shirt like the budget. I think it's like 'cause the cg obviously is a different technology. I give it graces but surely you can sit on the make up chair for a little bit longer. Like i understood like i didn't even watch it thinking that i've been focusing on the anything to me. It was looking at all the aspects that they didn't get to do in the nineteen ninety five version while we get to see a lot of main characters moves and signature moves and stop. I was there for it. This is the first homer so qatada with her sole right. Yeah with the blades. And then we got to see Subzero during his proper subzero staff Yeah i'm here for this just won't of it'll start of it. And the pure enjoyment of seeing how purely execute it was but it was still enjoyable but it was still not very not good speaking of very not good. I did mention a nineteen ninety-five. How johnny cage kind of became the one line of comic relief in this film annihilation. Jack's yeoman jacks what do they do. I feel like you're saying jacksonville. Speaking on behalf of something you know what all the black characters in mortal kombat may. And he's just so purely executed in all versions. That is the consistent theme that we have some low. Watch the ninety nine five like wiz jacks. and then we learn in the knowledge. And we're like jackson but the bulk supposed to be he was just f. one liners. Oh absolutely i just didn't understand. Yeah i get it. You know a lot of the times as kids. I think jackson one of the most chosen character to well in mogambo. I'm just for us guys. Yeah because we frame of reference and and just to see him being like some auxiliary while line machine the just is there to be some sort of ammonium comedic relief because he didn't do any of our while. the shock. me shock me. I have the bechtel test We have two women on And then not talking about a man. I'm creating a jacksonville test. A character unscreened that kant. Not say something. Every time they appear. That was jack's he couldn't just be on this great and not fucking stays on day but added to literally nothing. Yeah def jam comedy mate. What you do it when it was talking about his arms and it was like. I wish i had this back in highschool like that jerking off jerk. Who is you know. It was yeah. He was just not needed but again it just transferred from character to character depending on the film and unfortunately it was jiaxi. I think he was the weakest link in this. He was my least favorite Maybe cost all films. Costco very annoying. Very annoying i give you that. I'm also scorpion. Was very interesting in this film. 'cause i cannot imagine scorpion as a character yelling sucker as he goes into a portal. Those fun we had to pause for a second goes. What like that. did that really happen. That's more of a thing scholley. Maybe so while he got to say scorpion. Light it up a bit. are we here for it. You'll yeah Speaking of not being effort already kind of mentioned that when was around nineteen ninety-five. I didn't care for this particular on your blade And also the other women in this as well but then it wasn't as bad as when we had a cut to sonya in the nineteen ninety five vision and her hair is fully blown out sexting and she's wearing a whole different outfit. Zita out here. Yeah as i took the time to like get addressed and blower out a hair and everything. I think dot com. Yeah so they kind of just like took that an enlarged the pixels into an isolation apparently furry offered Do any of your favorite characters in the nineteen ninety-seven vision. I thought this was the bottom of the barrel but we we need to continue and maybe my mind will change but this. Yeah this is definitely bad boys for life equivalent. Let's move onto scorpions revenge. How did you feel generally because for me personally. This is the best. Out of all of the films it was able to traverse gratuitous volga goal as well as funny goofy huma. Definitely more gory I think that's one of the aspects that was really you know. Oh let's see. Let's see a more version of model combat starated. Yes star rated. And i enjoyed the tone of it. I think the focus on scorpion and sub zero is really really good. Absolutely yeah we got to see a lot of the law that got explored and wow it felt the most mortal combat Agreed agreed and because you know we we have marvel. And even though i'm not a marvel gal pal You know what you're getting into those films and the success of the films is that they lean into the marvel brand right so i really liked the way that they Traverse that in scorpions revenge because again the foundations of mortal kombat scorpion and sub. Zero's rivalry and get to see on t. You know yeah. We got to see guanxi references to sheet all and those a lot of setting up thinking. Wow if they did a sequel to this it will be amazing and obviously you can't really compare this to the other two but the stakes were high out. There was more tension building in this particular film. And i. it's not to say that you can only achieve it with animation. But i think once we enter the realm of animation. There is more possibility of how to be able to convey particular themes and also how far you can go. I really. I really liked to x-ray You know gut punching and the the building and all of all of that sort of islands because it really was on brand right but you'll also have playful moments with sonya. Blade is like. She's finish beating someone up and she's blowing a kiss so you'll still acknowledging the game sort of origins of it but it's also a very compelling story as well on one hundred percent on grade and i think one of the better things that david this has got to care about the characters you know. We've got to care about scorpion. And we got to see an aspect of you. Know what drove him. And what made him who he was. It was john wick level emotional resonance. I would say 'cause you wanted him to succeed and you know even when he's talking to shang zone like he had no choice but to believe him if there was any ounce of being able to bring his family back. of course he will do that. What i don't understand was consciously like what benefit did he have aside from being a mustache toiling villain. Why would he even say that. He impersonated subzero. Zero hotted one. He thought the scorpion. Just would give up in those call to any was telling his kid. Scorpions will end up. Spotty I just made sense. You know she was going to be enlighten me of the law scorpion and sub zero. They immortal scorpion is sub zero. Well like is it. Nurture knowledge like does everyone around the street corner. That scorpion is immortal. Wouldn't have known that. But we know that when scorpion does kill subzero leto. On in the law subzero goes into like the fifth level whatever and he becomes nukes. And there's a lot of things that could explore in the movie. That just made me excited for it. I i don't know what happened is a nerd in the verb. What happened to my man. Did he go. Okay thank you for more than i asked for tea as you do. All right Well i guess that's enough for scorpions. Revenge but i will say it is my favorite film of the ones that we are covering today like we mentioned. Johnny cage is the best johnny cage in this particular film. One of the best courts was way he was calling right now. mulan And another court in this film. That i really enjoyed was when sonia was trying to aegon. Canukus ain't come down here. I'll give you hugging like you'll do a better job in jack's because a lot point jackson avenue. Yes thanks you exposition eighty. I also didn't appreciate that. King was king shaming ball crushing. You know you get your ball. Crushing you can the ultimate edge lord lucane. I also love this film going. Listen to how passionate cries and prince of egypt episode. I dislike scoping attitude towards god. Damn y'all god. Also shot out to kevin michael richardson. Who is a maverick in. The voice acting weld who plays baraka. Scorpions rindge the wanting that automate and the latest little combo is we get to see how fucking useless rate in is no. I knew that from nine to nine. Five may no acquire a lot of shit that the gods and the elder gods don't do for him to just immediately after copying. Samis fucking down shit. If you that yeah because he was fucking aware if he showed up that he waited let alone. See how this goes. Maybe that was the prophecy. He had to scorpion in the family. Die for the prophecy to be fulfilled. Prophecies yeah which we've established my love for pure storage. Ira perspective and you wanna paint this guy as a god looking after a the get another god afterall masaka every god's men wiping out a whole clan whole blood line then you hear the baby piss off the only thing that would have made the two thousand twenty one version Salvageable will be orlando joined because any time there a gold fucking up. I wanna see orlando jones. A non ram. If you're nasty. Okay so give us your general thoughts in the Panorama space time continuum It is red and the world is kind of opening up again to watch films in cinema. It's also good to know that. Good jira versus kong kind of revived the cinema industry and it wasn't tenet. I don't know if mortal combat will do the same thing it might might not have the same lasting impression so just generally tell us how you feel because if our friends and lovers this deep into the episode i feel like they'll love and respect our opinion thirty goes. I went into this cold. I'd i didn't want to hear any reviews. I just wanted to enjoy model combat. For what i neu- was as merely given that that using current technologies are expected the cg to be bloody great and the delivered enough ront bought after watching the movie they asking myself. I'll all of wise. Why did they have to introduce a new character. Who takes out. Some one of the most classic possibly have mortal combat quite easily. Why like it understand unloaded decisions and why was needed because we have such a vast majority of characters and stories that we could have focused on and it hard to be the same one that we've been watching for the past few years oth- author has lost done bottles about studying what we need champions to you know. Win it for arthritis. So they could be taken back to zero for shahrukh khan and you know for all the bad things that we said about annihilation. We got to see xiaokang do something. Yeah it's like they're teasing us with thousands without having to get thousands without us. Having to get dockside we know xiaokang walking batas the big bad right and before she awkward after she. It's just there's so much we don't need a mighty joy on or whatever his call. Joe passer namias home with his wall wonky powers. That takes up goro in two seconds. I'm not for that. I just went for it i think. And then they tease us. And the teasers louis. Kahn conlow sonia. Jacks the all to fight together to beat subzero. Yeah yeah actually. Yeah all we need is my joy. I don't appear from somewhere and do it by himself. I didn't care for and you know what i did. Get emotional watching the start of the two thousand twenty one film but that was you know residual emotion that i had from scorpions revenge because they had set again that jonathan weakened sin revenge emotion so well so when we had the opening scene was very compelling right the opening saying but everything fell the fuck apo- and what i don't understand is why they even needed an introduction of a new character being scorpions son because he's not even he's not even aware of what's going on so it's not like he's carrying on the revenge going on it makes no sense i didn't calf for it and i guess what's also more offensive to mind self is that unlike nineteen ninety. There was a lot of budget around this. There was a technology available so the fact that they weren't able to do anything that would resonate to fan like yourself or just someone that appreciates good story like mine. Self it becomes more aggravating. Because you had all the resources in front of you and you fail to deliver ninety minute. Five dozen deliver in the way that many people would want but it's still a self-contained encompassing sort of film right. This felt so much. Like you know when you're watching like the last three episodes of a tv show or the season and you know nothing's going to happen. Nothing big is going to happen because they're gonna carry it onto the next season. That's how this felt right. And the other day. I think after he was a nineteen ninety five and i was like oh imagine if video games with treated the same as comic books in regards to the film industry. I take the fuck back. Don't do this again. It was bothersome. It was tie them in this. Pamela anderson paninis A lot of movies are being shot in australia right now. Tyco whitey going missing. So i referenced station. They currently doing love and thunder right now. A part of me felt like the australian government said for you to feel in adelaide. We need to have have a more prominent role and he speaks overtime. He passed the jacksonville test. Very like to me. Quesnel wasn't even the main issue. I felt like he was an issue. He wasn't even on issue to possibly. I think a lot of his walk. It s i was like yeah whatever it will sort of expected you know. He was super heavy accent. And all the leaned into a lot of that which i could see to me comes to the authenticity of what what combat is all right. Why is the story of parental ostrom. Lost nine and then they'll have a bloody tournament. it's also home showing send underground. We'd nets ordinance waiting for the tournament. And then they just kept fucking fighting and that's that was part of it was annoying about an isolation there was no actual tournament and there was no tournament in this either because this was like waited for so long proper tournament. Yeah and then nothing. They delivered nothing in that regard. We have this random bottles. Everyone brawls don't really mean much and then the goals of shopping sent you how block. He's not even scared of reading other off to me. He just felt like the nov man. The now can i ask you another question Even though the nerd has left the room the mocking that they talk about in this film. I don't think that was spoken about in any of the other films where they and if so is that pot the game as well though we see that we saw mark in the nine seventy five version kept on disappearing and telling drawer and flying away That's what that was. Yeah okay. Yeah so i thought it was that Dragon phoenix in the live action. Mulan instead of enjoying getting out of the movie feeling satisfied. I just felt like those. I missed opportunity and them teasing us with johnny cage at the end of just piss off. I don't trust you enough to deliver it properly. The next time round and i think when when everything looked so slick and the so much time money and attention put into it. It actually makes the blemishes stand out a lot more. I'm glad that there. There's there's more of a diverse qassem a lot of asian prominent successful well loved Asian talent in the film but everyone felt one dimensional. And i know we're talking about a video game but we've just exemplified through scorpions revenge and even one thousand nine hundred five and dare i say myself. Nine hundred ninety seven annihilation chosen degree. We did have some semblances of characters on the screen beyond soundbites right. And what really bothers me about this film. Like you said there was a lot of fila because the cannon aw scorpion and sub zero and that was what made the trailer so amazing because you see the fight and you see the blood sword. I was looking for spruce swords but unfortunately add to spruce myself. No qualm majorly as with additional. Coal asks what. I'm saying fila. We don't need him. He'll ninja ostrich like you have louis He is by far one of the toughest guide. Welcome back but he did show that he was strong in the two thousand twenty one. I'll give them that. He compared to sonya and jax and k. No he was the stronger out of that group he was like. Yeah we cognitive. It's bureau our own by this guy. Just a out of doane does it now man. Who's just mosterd his own power of his seconds ago and look. I has been doing it for how long he's prepared is all live for this. They had two big coal up. I guess i needed was admitted. I don't even get the point of his character because it's not like they introduce someone that like is kind of a teenagers. So they can grow with the franchise. I don't understand why we couldn't just have a scorpion. Through the whole fill slots coppens died or anything is that but you know what i mean. I can't wasn't in level In regards to the presence in the film glazing over kaneohe cano is very annoying and for the amount of time that he's on the film he does deserve to he. My umbrage is in regards to casinos character. Umbrage is because i didn't feel those particularly setting. The tone of a film is very important. And unfortunately what that meant in this film they put all the vulgar language on qena like it was like he was in queens. Because he kept saying. And it's like there is a way to balance volga. You know sort of elements because you have the fight scenes. That are very gory. Cool thumbs up in your office but like they needed to have the osorio rating that to feeling the boys for example but it just turned out like invincible does the second time i've come for invincible today. But it's like it's cool. You know i love some. I love spicy way to speak especially if it includes fox and swearing right so. That's not even the problem that i have with. It's like everyone is a sensible sort of person with a sense of honor and integrity. And then you just have this bum fuck from nowhere saying fuck. Fuck fuck where's where's the balance in regards to that. It's like you're cooking something. And you just oversaw one particular vegetable. That's what happened. Wow yeah. I do not feel that strongly over him because he was on the screen so much. How did a you know like he's gained while not really care much about him. It's like if you had zen giffen streetfighter being on the screen for eighty percent of the time it wasn't even like it wasn't even mind blowing. It wasn't even a shocking gasp when he betrayed them like what was that even for because it wasn't surprising so what was the point of that. Yeah i get that. I appreciate that. And it just goes to show because sonya defeats him quite easily even before. Sonia gets apollo's so i'm not sure what the ranking is in this new model taking us through and what par levels people have and what their abilities off because they just do stuff that we don't know about i'm going to update are linked to entertain in addition to being intimacy consultants. We will also services for being referenced consultants because men like us. Read the script and watch a film before you release that man. Well the better job with jiaxi albeit not lodge more. Didn't you like how the power of friendship gave him. Those jack dumbs not sure what more you could do it jack spot. At least they didn't make him into the malaysian version. Yeah i'm okay friends. Alive is we do rate everything we covered for the in december. I don't give me a number. But which do you think is better annihilation or mortal combat twenty at least. I chuckled a lot in on our top one. It's a coin. Toss for me like either all neither. Oh yeah. I definitely agree as well. Is there anything else. You wanna say about The twenty twenty vision mortal combat is reach in low There's a lot of stories to tell different points. It can choose from and let's be adventurous and let's be brave decisions. I love that that was such a heartfelt plea. Unfortunately the expanding of video game universes may You know roll forward but definitely on going to be the depth solve and like i acknowledged the success of model. I definitely acknowledge a successful model. Even though those out my soul to movies they they've hit the sweet spot in regards to what audiences expect and what they deliver and how they can stretch that right. We talk about Ragnarok being the perfect marriage between the marvel 'isms and the teicher 'isms right. I if we'll ever get to a point where video game films will be able to achieve that you bottle kambas because it has the capability It does it really does compared to take in austria fighter. It's just above. And beyond for me. In all i really didn't get into taken as a kid i stuck to my roots. And there's a reason why there's so many mortal kombat movies in like one taken. Oh hey come evil gene. How it's true it's true it is true. It still hurts. Are friends lovers. Thank you so much for joining us. If you're feeling disappointed will that's fuck in life and that's how we feel covering We're also certified cuenca's and we've talked about that on the vodkas in australia. We do have lounge experiences that we got some cute little nibbles. We ordered a bottle of wine. And even that didn't save the film is the point right. Let's finish off in a segment. We call for your friends. Are i will reference the video games. Go play wow go play to tell the story. Well you get a lot of background knowledge. And you get to fight in tournaments and kung lao in mortal combat eleven is my favorite. Daddy allow I will reference the bad boys franchise because even though it overstated welcome. It's still enjoyable. If you'd like to see us overstay our focus on twitter and instagram for your f- blood email. Hello for podcast caller. We're still on podcast. If you like to leave arabian and we'll see you guys next week.

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Episode 71: We Call Us Simu Liu's Shang-Chi Audition

They Call Us Bruce

55:59 min | 2 years ago

Episode 71: We Call Us Simu Liu's Shang-Chi Audition

"Donald hello and welcome to another edition of colors bruce unfiltered conversation about what's happening being an asian america. I'm phil you and jeff. Yang and neither of us went to comecon this yeah. Yeah you've been before though right. I used to fairly early regular. I mean you've been right. We're five times so this is the sort of not at comecon additional calls yeah but the only reason i mentioned that is because obviously a lot went down there and a lot went down in the the weeks preceding comic con and <hes> we wanted to talk doc this episode about some of those things. The first is this right. I mean we've been like you know. We've been previewing this and anticipating eating in sitting at the edge of our seats for it. <hes> since we had <hes> our friend michael golomb co on the show and then of course was <hes> the plan to take away t- live action <hes> adaptation of just one of the most incredible incredible piece of animated fiction science fiction in history akira right and now that's not happening. There's not having now <hes> okay so this is a case in which i was real okay so when the news broke that basically this is not going to happen or not having at least for now while i was like why did i let myself get excited about it right because it's been it's been sort of popping up in various iterations and then sits linking away. It's been a slow descent into hell of trying to get this thing made over several creative team several rain for the better part of a decade right. Maybe longer at each iteration. I was always like don't make this don't like like just to bother you know what i mean for those for those that are so so my mind for this was like just let's just not do mccurry make like because of all the whitewashing but because because it just does not need to remain all those in all those arguments were sort of like a set in that but then tyco y._t._d. Comes attached to this and that was like when that first that those rumors for started i was like that sounds <hes> clayton don't yeah yeah and then when it official that michael golomb co wrote the script and all this stuff is like there and they were additions. Notice are the casting calls going out. I've i saw them and i was like that yeah and i was like this shit is happening and i was like okay. Maybe sorta kinda. I can get behind us now. You know i let my guard down basically basically yeah punching there. You go all right so let's let's kind of roll this back a little bit right first of all. I've actually seen some of the script. It's not a lot right but some of the script because <hes> i will just say <hes> my son who untrustworthy bowed we just let's get right. It's a running joke but yes so hudson was called in for a role <hes> small you know small rural but a like a secondary tertiary leader song so i had a chance to look at the script <hes>. I'm not going to reveal anything other than that. I read enough to know that this was at flying at the altitude needs to be right. It was not in any it was not definitely not aping the original right but it was an asian american cast asian-american. Let's make that clear right <hes> <hes> and the <hes> those those humor and there was <hes> real a real sense of awareness in the movie and i just even reading that little snippet right was enough to make really really hungry to see what what decision would would go in what direction would go in and have a lot of faith in in tigana a ton of faith and michael <hes> and the reason reason why they allegedly decided to put a little bit of a a hold if not a stake through the heart in this thing is the thing that really makes me scream right right like literally tetlow like destroying tokyo near tokyo. I mean basically the claim is that <hes> they were not able to find <hes> asian performers or asian record for performers who the the studio or for producers or somebody felt would be able to carry a film of the budget that <hes> was being laid out and it was going to be a big. You know big budget. You're moving clearly right but it makes me her razi to see that. So is the claim so is it really you're getting from this deadline article that somebody wrote right <hes> or like a very very questionable deadline article. I'm not i'm not putting this on w._b._z. Produce yet although obviously they did in fact put hold on this thing but it was conjectured that the conjecture within the the hurdle of getting this thing really made was that it couldn't find the right cast yeah to carry this big budget movie okay and it's worth. I think the deadline writer in question has been known to have kind of raised hackles at sort of diverse casting and and political correctness literally he says political correctness actually says practice for because the alternative would be to cast non-asians who are big enough stars ars presumably they could carry the movie but then you can't do that because of political correct cocoa political correctness right like that's what that's what he's saying really really what he was saying was is going to be a hundred million dr movie and they're not stars that that <hes> w._b. Believe us can carry a two hundred dollar movie asian-american that that was that the writers conjecture right okay yeah but you know that kind of brings us back to something i think we've said many times on this podcast and we've wrestled with that's right which is where is it said that hollywood relies on stars to carry movies instead of creating stars to carry movie right right and the reality is that if you are white aid you can get discovered turn into novice thing overnight and yet asian-americans can work for a lifetime in this in this business. I mean a lot of people can not just asian-americans but you know we know a ton of super talented americans. Who've never got that crack and it's it's just hard stopping especially since this is ultimately. It's an asian work right if they wanted to do it super authentically that set it in japan and cast japanese actors they weren't going to do that anyway. They're going to adapt it and set it in some variance orient at least an anglophone variant right. I think the sense i got was that they were going to set in north america but it was going to be heavily global you know now north america has a significant asian population right which totally makes sense. It's sifi you can do whatever you want honestly but and in this case would you apparently can't do cast wall to wall using america's and look we. We've just seen a number of films films with all these and casts that have just crushed it right crazy. Asians searching was mostly asian american deborah vesicles in there you know and and then you know the farewell which is expanding now thirty five theaters this last weekend always be my. Maybe maybe for netflix none of these ever ever for a second felt like they were wanting talent yeah right so is the what is is the heart of the budget because of the ah can't bank on because krish jason's wall-to-wall agents but it wasn't the budget of this is from the same studio right right right right i mean it was it was actually cheap movie for them. You may even the shot it on everything <hes> yeah i. I think that that's part of it. <hes> there was unfortunately lesson of ghost in the shell and the will the wrong lesson was taken out of that. I think that <hes> i think the budget for that was like one hundred sixty eight hundred eighty million and it took a bath yeah and then the the weekend the monday after they they blamed the whitewashing controversy rounded slow numbers. You know so you know all this basically is just to say that <hes> and it's it's kind of crushing <hes> to me that this occurred. I've kind of feel like the i._p. And ula brand of it is enough to you combine with taika waititi get a a ton of people like at least curious yeah and then if you make a good movie yeah yeah. It'll carry it so i guess the question is. Is there a cure. I be strong enough because because for me the example would be something like we're gonna get to this a little bit more but something like say a marvel movie in which in which let's talk about. Let's talk about ten years ago the soccer about movies now ten years ago your banking a lot. You're banging a lot of all. These movies on people know like nobody knew who chris hemsworth. When chemists thorin chris evans would was around but he wasn't he was a captain america. Chris evans had already been great he was he was he was johnny stories the human torch yeah i mean that kind of thing but say the marvel franchise was strong long enough to carry that i mean you have unknowns cast in movies like star kelly. Marie tran you know of course star wars. Brand is the biggest of them all so you can sort of sneak in an unknown. When i was the unknown of unknown you know i actually would would put in a different bucket <hes> from those right <hes> yes. It's not a franchise that instantly has recognition recognition outside of the fan base and it's not an un sizable fan base and there's you know there's enough prestige associated with it right that even people haven't seen it or the original. You are aware enough of it that they feel like it's necessary. It's part of a necessary fan diet for people science fiction into into comics and certainly the anybody's into anime probably should've watched at some point. You add all those together in this. You know there's there's at least this sort of buzz audience out there okay but i i'm going to compare. It actually really not to marvel movie stars. I'm gonna say what about avatar nonetheless air bender avatar as in like the james cameron boondoggle boondoggle movie yes right right which had i mean i won't ernie weaver was in it right yeah but but first of all like no humans really in it because it was basically c._g. Right and then everybody else is in it. Was you know nobody they're no name stars time in the name of the star of avatar. If you had to write on paper on the on the colisee it sam warranted like he was that the guy who for like a period of one and a half years was in like every kind of major franchise that everybody was in significant franchise for everyone. We like who the fuck is this guy. He was in the terminator reboot. Avatar wanted the news in clashes the titans right yes he was the star of all these movies and you're like word who the guy yeah he was. He was basically about as generic a white dude <hes> both onscreen and in his his presentation and his name cannot say that any of those are the better for him because he's it'd right. He's a blank space yeah but you know it's zoe saldana kind of got her chops in guitar <hes> and at the same time she was not a star when when she was cast in that right that was the beginning of her journey yeah so you have this movie that cost a billion dollars right i mean i don't know how much it costs. A lot of money invented technology to make it it had zero i._p. You know right. Cameron invented all this stuff. It was about cats you know who had plug entails and we're flying around on stuff and whatever it's like nobody knew what the hell was. It was the the biggest grossing movie ever right and the biggest reason why is agent james cameron had all this cred like every new that whatever he did was going to interesting at least i right and and be it's like yes technology and the the sense of something magical was happening in new right so i. I see that and i'm like ghost. Michelle should have been that right and it wasn't you know frame number of reasons not least of the casting right but also a bad movie. The second is battle angel alita right. We'd be battle. Angel ngel round so alita same thing named rector robbery gez right i._p. That was sort of people are aware of but not really no one was wedded to this i._p. Nobody i knew enough about it. I think who most people went to see the movie. We're not <hes> so immersed in it that they would be pissed off if like little details for change and stuff like that and like the biggest star in that was probably christoph while like who else was i mean they found on something jennifer connelly herschel leasing it marshall but in a very very small yeah and the fact is like you know it was again the sort of i._p. That <hes> had street cred but you know it was mostly the traditional right and <hes> and they found a totally holy new person to play on somebody who really had no prior you know surv- big-screen experience to play leader and she was great and she doesn't even look like who she actually looks like in the movie. Her name was rosa salazar. That's right right right right. If if i saw a picture of her in real life i would not recognize. I only so her giant is the movie right and let's not let's not forget james. Karen rouse the executive writing. It was his vision again to actually say hey. Let's make this thing happen. So those are the things i would use for aniston's for era and giving them i think tyco tease visual sensibility and and the fact that he was co writing this right all that to me i think would have guaranteed a certain opening for this movie yeah and they could have cast with asian americans asians right and you know in the major roles look you know <hes> donald angel cost one hundred seventy million dollars to make and it generated a like four hundred four hundred five million dollars in box office that you know i mean that's not bad i so are we. I mean this sucks to hear that this would but i i'm but we're not sure that this is the actual reason why now we don't know for instance. 'cause tyco is is now dragging the next door movie so that's you know that's his next. That's what he's doing next yeah. It was sudden and weird and that's why respect winning yeah. We don't know what's dad even really yeah. I mean you know died. So many times at this point areas like it's like okay. Put it back in the box like maybe they're like a special box for it. I i let it incubate in the longer. I don't know maybe they're waiting for like the next big star to come along. 'cause actually right now is a good time for like. I feel like stars to be made okay. Do you know what i mean. Maybe they're just waiting for the next whoever to really blow up like okay. That's what i don't know well so all that said there is a vehicle in which stars may very well be born <hes> coming across our radar which is going to be a mostly asian and sniffly asian american cast or media uh-huh and this is the big news editor right. Let me let's before we get to this. Why don't we paused for break as we do. Yes a <hes> so when we come back. We'll talk about the second half. We'll talk all things the master of new yes so the ground break hi this is tasr in this zara and we are the good muslim bad muslim podcasts. It is a show about being to huma slim women in america talk about pop culture the pork lobby periods talk about islamophobia patriarchy and smashing white supremacy. It's a range download download good muslim bad muslim podcasts. Wherever you get your podcast or a good muslim bad muslim dot com and we're back okay so right before he raked broke break. We're broken <hes> we were going to talk about the big announcement that came out of san diego comic con yes which was jeff. What was it doctor strange to <hes> <hes> for love and thunder yes all those but the ancient one's going to be back the biggest for me i wanna know i think actually i've heard if he she they <hes> come back. I think the recasting really because ancient one's gone on. I guess we don't know if the ancient blipped back but it doesn't magazine. Someone's like eternal reincarnate. Maybe they'll they'll course correct on that one. Maybe they will in either well anyway but let's talk about the real thing yeah. So what are we talking about. We're talking about of course chiang kai shh h. E. is interesting in that okay. So first of all a big announcement is that sanctuary is happening and have cast their lead who is none other than seema. Lou seem our friend our friend of the podcast he's been on the the podcast he did. He stay or house at one point. Dad is a desert land and he's been a guest star on fresh off the boat. <hes> he has a star on kim's convenience. You know like we've just we go way back in and actually saw him literally last weekend with hudson and in toronto where he had actually organized celebrity basketball game right off our other friends <hes> rolling up from america to to the north to participate and it was a lot of fun and literally <hes> the the last day of the tournament <hes> seem you had to actually beg off of kind of the closing activities. I also had to beg off because i had to put hudson to sleep but he was leaving the morning for mysterious thing and you know i mean we all kind of knew what it was but it was it was the the final meetings around shanxi because he he mentioned this at at at in the hall as panel but he said thailand was that he auditioned on saturday <hes> he screen tested on tuesday eh sort of okay so he he left on on sunday and then <hes> i think that was actually the producers read i mean test and then <hes> he waited for a bit negotiations. I they were down to just a couple of people i mean i know some of them like you know we know that at our other friend louis hand with at some point. We don't know how far through i'm sure ludi lin was in the mix <hes> i know godfrey gal was also wow wow okay and talked with an audition but out of all those guys you know i mean i was like seeming. Has something yeah just for for to finish that up. So it's just a week it was just like less than a week ago actually between or when he was cast and and when they made the announcement yeah i mean i think he heard about it. <hes> he basically heard about it. You know a few days before they flew into san diego to bring him in a page and the funny thing is like you know he knew but he couldn't talk about right so he was just sort of like trolling. I dunno i woke up to they will go with sunday morning and i had received a message from him at like two thirty in the morning and be like hey you want to keep an eye on the announcements that akon to them like do do not play with my emotional like are you. This is what i think it is and he was like said too much well so the funny thing is then later that morning right. He texted me an emoji which was just like. The two is hoagie. I'm like what what are you doing and then and then another another emojis like the shift fingers sort of thing and <hes> shit. I know this is right and so we're context back and forth you know and he couldn't say yet but it was clear what it was and he's like i was like when is it going to be official and he's like i can't talk about it. Let's say keep your radar open for comecon on later today and i was like holy. Shit is happening. He got it and he's then it'd be unveiled to the world and <hes> so i mean both both you and i <hes> you know just sort of like everybody. Just keep your eyes open right and then the announced came yeah i mean siu is like is super talented uh-huh genetic. Yes he's got. He's got the moves. He's got the moves got the physique. Anybody's been on twitter ever or fifteen minutes. We'll know that he he has the physique charmer days well so that's the thing right i i think that <hes> you know all the people who i listed are fantastic but the thing that seem team has is a kind of brashness <hes> you know which <hes> brashness and and charisma <hes> around that brashness which i think <hes> they from what i've heard were sort of looking for like they wanted they wanted to to cast somebody who <hes> was like you know younger and and <hes> could play into a hand solo ask kind of vibe <hes> but it has that in spades right. He's he's the this. This is like kind of the the best example of that. He's actually been trolling marvel for years right so he he's. He told me his original aspiration from from childhood was a power ranger. Yeah this is right up that ally abuse superhero and yeah he said in so many words even for like five years bags like he wanted to be a super where he wanted to be marvel superhero. He's like adding marvel all the time yeah hey can. We talk right <hes> you know and then when the nonsense shanxi specifically it's like so when we're going to get together august he's tweets all this stuff and and made it come true spoke it into the universe yeah answered and the funny things he then fall back up like research calls back tweets and and he's like thank you for taking my call. Well shit yeah yeah yeah yeah so those tweets age well they can. That's the kind of personality i think that <hes> they were looking for four the first asian american marvel superhero and and this is the thing which i'm not even sure has fully hit seem yet because it didn't even hit me until like you know after marinating wellness but he is literally going join to be stepping into a unique opportunity he he is this is this is you know the black panther opportunity right right like crazy different thing shanxi shaanxi has done right is for asian americans. You know black panther kind of represented within the marvel universe. There's an entry point for a film that is set in in asia asian culture starring asian-americans and that is going to be a permanent part of popular the culture <hes> yeah there will be action figures right there will be you know <hes> funke pops. They'll be lunchboxes. Whatever this they're gonna make kids picture book versions of chengchi. They're gonna make the you know. It's going to be like it's going to be under which there will be at the probably we isra underwear in in in the series mind is like let's do that <hes> but the fact is this in that sansa epochal moment <hes> kind of like mulan was back when <hes> when disney chose to make that right the difference here is is that because marvel is is such a you know property <hes> the marvel universe and because this is clearly going to be a pillar within this next wave like seamless not signing up for one movie yeah. I'm sure they've got the title for three four. Whatever well he's he's probably like signing up for. Whatever sort of the marvel universe beads yet got it. I mean you know this is going to our conversation. We just had before but like cmo fans are big fancy move and kim's convenience fans. There are a lot of them but i would say argued that like seem was a relatively unknown quantity to most of not as model but movie fans in general just across the board people were like when they made that announcement people probably like who who is instantly google right who is that it was so weird to see him walk up onto tall each stage see. I know that guy that guy like it's just it's just to see him and then like you know holly. Just kind of like for for better like a sacred space and sacred is a church you know in in in geek in gita bright so <hes> so he got elected pope right. I mean he will it. Was it was announced the new i mean sort of the new pope right the new and whatever and it's just like he was anointed right and to see that is so so so weird also awesome and then also like. It's not really hit everybody how big this so. Let's let's do this. Yeah i connect us back to. We'll talk with the kiro right. This is in fact going to be a pop culture driven movie with a big big budget with an all asian cast and <hes> it's going to be i._p. That is almost completely unknown right. Yes marvel but knowing the fuck knows who's chang chia right and in fact it's it's actually a little bit compromised because it's got its connection schuette cetera et cetera but the reality is <hes>. It's taking a bunch of risks rolling up together and they're casting at least at the very center somebody who is amazing but who's probably who does not have the star carrying power our of brad pitt. Let's say iran river <hes> so all that is true and yet. I don't think there's a single person. I've seen who questions that this is going to be a success right and this is true for all the stuff that marvel's rolling efforts. It's <hes> nextwave the eternal. Nobody knows what the what the term not used. I nobody knew what guardians galaxy was well. That's the bright yeah ant man who atman was right but the fact is they've got to a point now where feels like even the lowest rung is a pretty hi ron right and the upside is almost infinite. I will say this. This one is going to be interesting because we'll actually this is one and blade which was another announcement. They made herschel ali right <hes> they're interesting because arguably neither of these are really sort of superhero movies right others. There's genre fiction yeah. Shanxi isn't isn't straight up martial arts martial arts hero right and <hes> and blade is a vampire hunter right so it kind of makes you wonder like where they're taking in this next wave of the marvel universe i think in the way that ant man was a heist movie yeah right yeah <hes> you know with superhero rhode traveling's right with a suit and everything but he's a heist. They played it like heist. Movie gardens galaxy was kinda like their space their space opera you know and i think the way either going with say doctor strange har- is going in horror yeah right because <hes> there are two <hes> it was a multi verse man yeah yeah so now they have kind of that reading room yeah honestly to do whatever they want but now to explore genre with jonah right but i'm thinking more like the first i wave was one story right it just a bunch of chapters corrections. Go this. I it's i kind of can't see how yeah how they bring all those. I think they also have the freedom to be less unified probably to their to their relief actually because keeping all that shit together was probably challenging but like this is all we were just com- completely conjecture objector right out but like you know yeah they're allowed to play in different their own little their own playgrounds but then there's gonna be some kind of unifying throughout. Let's talk about the one thing that's an obvious potential unifying thing which is <hes> the subtitle of the movie. Yeah is led another ten rings right and and of course we've seen the ten rings before it's been alluded to sit in the very first marvel movie yeah ironman and what is worth <hes> <hes> and then kind of trolled because <hes> the ten rings in in marvel canon the ten rings are the ten rings rings of the mandarin. The mandarin is basically right for versus free racist character but he's got these ten magical or scientific ethic rings. Whatever you wanna call that allow him to manipulate you know kind of like the gauntlet you know different chinese versus the goblin right orientalist orientals go. It's a you you know but <hes> you know back in that. In ironman <hes> the mandarin was was trolled as being ben kingsley <hes> <hes> and it turned out that it wasn't making lee who's an actor and the ten rings terrorist organization. I had no problem with that. Take by the way i mean it's it's better and easier than doing kind of like a long finger longer. Male kind of i don't think they had the sophistication to sort of like to bounce that quite at that time but now now apparently the do because <hes> the word is mandar. The mandarin is stepping into the role of fu manchu in this and <hes> canonical <unk> shanxi is the the son of the mandarin right <hes> but <hes> that's when battled back on marvel had the license for for food sexual yeah who yeah so if if they make him the son of an actual guy who is the mandarin you know <hes> it will be particularly fast because they also announced some other people are going to be in his right we having talked about that <hes> and <hes> and the big for me the big announcement was tony lung twenty why <hes> in unspecified role all right but you know he's not playing like random third guy from the left yeah. He's you know the role is obvious for him would be to play the mandarin. Yeah i feel like tony lung is one of the last untapped the last like great hong kong talents announced that an untapped by hollywood in some fashion right like the i like he's been in on lee movie those shot in asia okay yeah yes caution right <hes> i would say the other well. I mean a bunch of those stars from that era kind of like you know in the same boat like andy lau and jacky cheung and so forth the fourth one eight what's fucking matt damon movie <hes> great wall. There's a bunch of guys who were kind of jammed into that. Yeah you know i want. I wanna die even think about that but <hes> you know but that wasn't really a hollywood movie. It was like a chinese movie and you know frankly. I i would also let point the finger at stephen chow. Oh yeah right <hes> who you know i think would be brilliant as a director or natural both okay setting on that side at aside side. Tony lung is perhaps the the most howard put he he can slide into any roles far as i'm concerned you can do comedy comedy. He can do action. He can do thrillers. He can do romance <hes> he can do no wrong one of my favorite actors in in hong kong to ever yeah <hes> and even older as he is. He still kills it in everything he does so. I'm really looking forward to this. I don't know how how good english is you know. Even now it'll be okay it'll be it'll work <laughter> right but for him to actually play a major role in an m._c. film. Tom is mind blowing. Whoever thought of that casting the army just you nailed it. You nailed it by by that consideration the other big casting announcement for the movie it almost feels like ordinary because like shooting every film have aquafina but she's in its yes she's it but but and i'm like why not yeah yeah and then and this is just the tip of the iceberg right these three names and you know they have to fill up. The rest of that has all right so it's going to be pretty. I think it's pretty cool. All that said we still have to deal with the fact that this is sanctuary yeah right if you look at the oranges of sanctuary. It's pretty like like it's creative. Origins is pretty shallow like it was created in the wake of so the bruce lee kung fu crazy. He is basically a clone of bruce. Lee right <hes> what you have have to do now for this to work at all is to make you have to sort of divert a lot of the things that the trophy was built on ryan and then kind of like well. Here's what i would say. There's a real tension there because on the one hand you have to subvert those troops on the other if they don't if they're not true genre actually make this an actual martial arts. It's filmed right like with all the bones of it. I think that it's going to be huge disappointing masher fucking kung fu yeah right so they have to actually i think have the the beats and the chops of you know the chops of a of a kung fu movie. I wanna see training sequences. I wanna see <hes> you the same sort of like learning from a wise master and then maybe turning on an or or does he a master of revenge. Are you the mastered. It turns turns. He'll it has to be defeated by. The student or the master is killed by somebody and the student has to avenge the master. That's like if it's not that way away and then here if it is a father son thing which i think. They said they were committed to doing right that. It's gonna be a father story then. It's likely that all this is gonna take place in a family right. Shanxi learns his father and then finds out his father as villainous and has to make decisions then star wars. Okay like arguably you know. I mean doesn't learn from i mean you know darth. Vader doesn't come into his life until much later but you know the reality is like that trope of. You're not my father. You know it's like you can. You can see see where that could lead. He's yeah so i'm i'm. I'm optimistic about most of that. I feel like this can't be dumb. I mean just talent like a dozen credit is like really i have seen his. He's i filmed for ten twelve which may a totally different though <hes> this but i have confidence in that i'm not familiar too much of the the writer the writer he's also asian american yeah yeah i. I'm i'm psyched. I'm psyched yeah. It makes makes up a little bit for akira so on that note. You know props up to see who we love. You man and we're looking forward to talking to you. <hes> when you get a little leash okay before we talk about one more thing back in march not too long ago seattle actually made the the appeal to marvel to be shanxi on this podcast right. We mentioned changsha news lying. He was like hey marvel. If you look in still here and and then he did a backflip on the podcast correct in front of a live studio audience marvel has announced the fast acting. I mc you move sancti. That was quick. Being in yes yankee is that you're answering the answer this the final answer it is it is correct. Yes okay bonus who is chang cheese canonical a father who meant you. Yes dopey breast. He's already been doing research on this role. I don't know the he's already campaigning. Do i fit the breakdown of the character. Maybe who's keeping track not mean you go on twitter and i don't know seema this would be a great time for you to take off his shirt. He's doing it right now. He's thinking crazy since so many people did show up. Do i should do something something here. Just give me one sec here. You're not gonna be able to see this on the podcast. This is audition tape for shanxi h._d. Talking to say we did that yeah we did that. Of course you know. You couldn't hear you can see it but he did it but in that same podcast have say he also boasted boasted that the raptors beat the warriors in the finals only shed. I'm does well okay. Let's put out here. Everything we say here is predictive of the future from now on that or anytime see comes on maybe if he says something claim something it'll come through then like that all right so <hes> well when he comes is back. We'll test that seemed did i win the lottery. Yes it did okay so we're going to close things out with our favorite segments all right a quick one here and you know since as we talked about too big big epic movies with all asian cast one that looks like it's not exist for a little while and one that is going to exist soon <hes> <hes>. We thought we'd do the good the band the w._p._f. Of <hes> big budget movies all asian cast okay right which is tough right because you know there aren't a lot of them but we figured we challenge ourselves. Okay yeah yeah so <hes>. Let's start out with a good. We run game. You guys all know at this point right so we're gonna the three rounds. <hes> i the good things that make us positive. Happy excited thrilled about this thing. <hes> the bad the things that piss off for for make us sad and then finally the dotiev could could be any of those none of them. It's just what makes us question ourselves in the universe <hes> so we'll begin with the good and <hes> phil. I'm gonna kick you back back to what is the good of <hes>. Let's say a good ver- expression or good association of films. <hes> big budget films was supposed to name a film is that were taken anyway. You okay okay so <hes> i would take okay. I'm gonna say okay. I'm gonna name crazy. Rotations as sort of the example of what i love that is that most of the people in that casts were at careers in their own rights royalty unknown tone going world. They all had their kind of lanes. I think like noorani chang and jimmy were laying were standups. <hes> ronnie was on the daily show right like you know but it wasn't like movie star fame right yeah but i think all those all those people all were in the movie and it kind of did what you hope would with a lot of their careers is that just them up to the next level to recognition of like it will be another projects to be connected to you know and so so you see like most of most of the name cast and they're like have gone onto other things at like rameez spiderman number. You know that's cool. You know the go to that is is you want each of these big budget things to be a spiderweb that expands each leg that expensive another another project right and then hopefully it will be the next i can be like the thing where they're playing thirdly but mainly this or that like henry golding look. He's going to be a romantic comedy like with with darius. I mean like that's awesome. Tinner's yeah but i mean you want and then hopefully one of those things will also be like with the case of aquafina another sort of big budget often cast right. Well okay okay so that's gonna be my good right because actually nancy yen who again for another podcast friend of ours pointed out that aqua was <hes> <hes> that rare maybe the unique ultimate thing. We figured i was rare not unique. There's like a couple of other people after to peer in back toback films with all asia casts you know in two consecutive years hollywood film specifically. It seems to me like ken. Wattana bay is the only other actor actor asian actor who is in to back back films hollywood films with all asia casts right it was a memoir geisha and then the letters jima consecutive yeah <hes> i if you expand like you know indie films you know you have lots of other stuff <hes> son can you know did a bunch of you know films in a row and etcetera <hes> <hes> but but it it's rare enough so that you can actually look back in history say yeah you know how many all asian cast has hollywood even put out there right the joy luck club when that happened was like alone in the middle of nowhere <hes> and then you know looking later down the path moulin right you know it like you said it was a spiderweb. It's a lot of people crawl out in many directions. All those people had great and contain a great career <hes> but they didn't roll directly into another movie like that right right <hes> so for me. The good is that we're finally getting to a point where we can have these back to back you know <hes> and where we can actually we. We can imagine a world in which this is no no longer something you point out right. I think it's a huge good. We'll see all right the bed. I'm gonna i'm gonna <hes>. I guess field back. Okay the bad about these films. I mean look you know. I'm going to say that <hes> the bad is that's when you do a hollywood anything with all asian cast. It almost always has to be a trope right. It's like if it's t._v. It's their chinatown episode or it's a it's a film like you know what was it. You're the dragon here. We have <hes>. What's his face nikki. You're yeah so you have the white guy yeah kind of makes it not an all cast but he's at the center and then all the asians are are set dressing slash villains nemeses or love interest right. I mean let in the bad part of all all cast is people seem kind of willing to make them happen but only if they're like either super stereotypical <hes> or there's offsetting protagonist character who who is not asian who has wandered into this strange asian miasma of some sort right and you know for a long time that was what we were seeing and that's not an all asian cast endo the closest thing we long right right. That's how a lot of people got work. That's still having a <hes> yakuza movie that basted jared leto did yeah. We called the outsider or the stranger the outside or something like that yeah. It's basically it's it's or last samurai right. I mean it's the same thing <hes> forbidden kingdom forbidden kingdom yest- ask for that they can kill me because that one is like the first time jelly jam yeah we're. We're in this dude random way too. Ah so yeah that's that's my bad. The fact that you can't we always had like the ninety nine percent minus the big one guy the the number one on the call sheet and invariably those films have sucked <hes> agreed along the same lines. I think my my bad is that <hes> along these lines of like they're sort of these these tropes is that when you see a success craters asians is like that opens the door is like okay can do this but it's always like we can do another. Maybe another romantic comedy yeah we can do in the changes really incremental right and so in the traditional hollywood. It's like they okay that works. Why don't we do another one like this you know and so you know as i don't have hazy retain detail there is there is that there was a spate of pilots that were kind of like with pitches around razor jason's right usually with one member of the calf right more power to them but i was like but like that's sort of the formula that hollywood is going to be allowed in the room holly this holiday. I'm just saying like and i'm by no means. Do i have like rahm khan fatigue or anything like that but it's just like okay well. Let's do that and then maybe the next thing will be a little different and then we're done line. We'll have enough permutations that it's a completely different right totally so that brings us to the final w._p._f. Not f- gonna kick back to you again unless you have one handy which case i don't have one handed. You've got to get a w. F. is this actually and it's it's. The one which i think is is a big push question. Martha's actually attached to occur right <hes> and every other adaptation of an asian film <hes> come to america which is the only time you see see films great films all cast coming out of asia coming to america is if they're looking to remake them with all white people or mostly white people or mostly non asian people in any case right and on the one hand. I'm like okay look hollywood. Cannon should interpret and reinterpret stuff <hes> because that is how the business works and very often. You get some really interesting stuff right. <hes> the the the question mark to me though is when you actually take something from asia and the asian is part of what makes it work right what you're gonna get. You know coming out of that. If you whitewash it is not going to be good. There's just no way right. <hes> the the flavor is gone. It's like taking something that you know. I i mean i don't even use as a metaphor here. The fact is if the if the asian the five spice if the the soyuz and all the other flavors of make it up <music> are part of what makes it so delicious. If you bring over in campbell soup it it's going to suck right and i think about some of the things which <hes> people have you know talked about. Bring to america erica <hes> and you have that sort of sense of like deputy f because on the one hand. It's like you dread it right. You don't wanna see something overwritten especially if it's never been made into a live action yet it's like a an animated film or something and <hes> you know. You've had this sort of mental image. The only live action version but it's going to be this crappy the ass like whitewash version no okay so you know like just throw throwing out some some things that people talk we've okay before he said that yeah so. I want to ask you then yeah 'cause in my so for me. I'm like no no i._p. Is <hes> is beyond a remake. I feel like fully agree like i was like. Anything should be allowed to remain should you should you okay but you you you would the right take. I guess anything could there's. There's some things that are just going to hurt a lot more right so i think i think i know where you're going with. What you're about to say i have in my mind. Something is well okay so go for it. Okay so the <hes> the the other anime film yet your that was the one you're thinking. I was going to say right. <hes> the other people have been developing for remake. <hes> is this romantic. Comedy-drama ish thing <hes> which which is a incredible film <hes> called your name. Yes right and you know to me. It's one of those things where to your point. Anything can be remade and i think frankly should be right. I i'm i'm i feel like things are pop. Culture is like shakes should be like shakespeare in the sense that if you interpret it and rethink it you should be able to make it better or at least different in ways that expand the horizons but what you should not do is try to take the same thing and just either drop in white people <hes> or non asian people if it were if you will <hes> without explanation or with bad explanation goes on the shell or try to take some intrinsic elements of <hes> of a work extract them in their asianise us right and then and then repopulated to the to the point of your name right the whole the whole context of how <hes> the the spiritual social world animist world works you know and the sort of shinto traditional japan informs the movie right. There's there's sort of a very deep sense in which there's a japanese that isn't just the language isn't just the setting and i think that if you just took that and transpose it to america. Let's say and recast with you know a couple. Will you know young actors here. You're gonna lose something very important. Yeah i think you could change it by changing the underpinnings by looking for a way to <hes> tell even that element of the story <hes> through another lens that is same north american but i guess you know my worry with that and and you know you see the same thing or similar thing with what happened with the death note right yeah you know it's like the whole notion of how death works in japan with the idea of the the repercussion igami right that was so quintessentially a part of that work and it it didn't work to simply replace them with non asians so okay that that's my t.f. <hes> that that's the big block to kind of bring stuff from asia to the united states you know we wanna see it or we're we're interested in in any case but if it's going to overwrite key cultural elements that are are sustain the works that inform the work so deeply <hes>. That's what raise my hackles not. The casting per say your name was exactly what i had in mind movies so good and so <hes> for me that was they like that and then last i heard actually read a line somewhere. We're like the magical elements that explanation of that happening in north america use like native american like mrs that seems which book you just like. I was like this sounds really bad. You know like i mean you know it's like erasure combined with appropriation. It's probably not a good look but typical volley battling yeah <hes> <hes> okay so for my w._f. I never just a little bit of a question to myself. In that <hes> we're still in the honeymoon stages of suing hollywood big budget hollywood movies with all these cats right so in my mind like okay when i started imagining dream casting certain things i wanna see like is it wrong with. I just wanna i see regular as movies with all asian cast. I just wanna like i wanna see the age all asian version of ocean's eleven. I just want to see the version of this horror the movie oh i'm just going down the genre and i'm like i don't like i. That's all i just want that. They don't even have to be all that like innovated to me. I just wanted to see like i just wanna see each version that we're not. We're not feeling you still so young like just give me at all you know. I don't think that's wrong at all yeah yeah i mean that's kind of what we stand for. I also feel like intrinsic to that is the idea that <hes> we talked a little bit about this. We've had this unprecedented run. In in some ways <hes> there has not yet been an asian centric slash asian slash asian-american thing that's come out in hollywood over the last in you know two years that just flushed it. It was a disaster area but that's what i want. I was like how am i going to feel about that win. Like oh the big budget hollywood with all these people who are like and i might even like just ends up being like the star of like like whatever you know like i mean it's a dual thing you know because we we obviously support this stuff but i think we're also very candid about saying. Hey you know we're not going to go out there and and <hes> blindly pumped up just because asian-american if it's bad right <hes> i think in talking about it you know my my own sense is look. I'd rather not talk about it and talk about a badly or i'd rather identify something that's worth talking about about the thing then then <hes> try to fake enthusiasm for it right right <hes> but i i think that <hes> it's inevitable. We will start seeing as we see more asia stuff stuff which doesn't feel worth talking about right and i think that's a good good thing yeah. It would be a good thing if we got that that comment yeah. He needs to get a pass with we'll. We should this before like you know we. I need to be allowed to fail positive note well. Let's crossing fingers hoping for for all powers that be around around the sort of thing that <hes> that thing is not shanxi navy started filming man. This is considered a blessing upon that unless you all the best of luck to everyone involved that yes we we we've incense. We do all the things necessary and takes worrying to okay well. That's a this was a short episode but i think we went once. We get going on this shit. He will forever anyway so that doesn't for this episode jeff yang where can people find and you online and find the original spin <hes> mostly on twitter but you know everywhere else too. I guess how about yourself you can find me at angry. Asian man in on angry asian man dan dot com please check us out also on twitter at calls bruce facebook instagram and also drops episode rating or view on apple podcasts at the chance that we really appreciate it <hes> yeah that causes us up for the calls bruce. Thank you for listening. Take care care you will see move train hard break a leg roughly somebody else until next time you've been listening to. They call bruce with jeff yang and phil you our theme music. He's by carroll one. Our producer nick song they call us. Bruce is a member of the potluck podcast collective featuring unique voices and stories from the asian american community find out more podcast potluck dot com and thanks for listening and.

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Ep 24: Off The Chain Junebug Challenge

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Posted like leave a comment on the episodes with topics. and also. don't forget shared a show with your friends along with the audio streaming platforms Now unfortunately we have a passing of another new yorker. Who who is an ex bad boy. Rapper and aristotle Rapper who goes by the name of black rob now for those of you who may know who black rob is. He is a rapper. Who was once part ditties bad boy roster who passed away according to his former label mates rob reportedly passed away saturday while hospitalized in atlanta this this after he was apparently battling kidney failure for quite some time so says near city rais personality. Dj self who posted a video of rob from his hospital hospital bed speaking on the death of beyond passing self says lord knows. I tried to get help. I'm sad to say r.i.p to black rob self had been with rob in his final days posting different clips of the former. Mci as his health was clearly deteriorating. One such video rob himself explained that he been battling health issues for five years including several strokes and other ailments. it also sounds like rob might have been homeless to going on to say he needed rest. It's pretty heartbreaking to watch especially since rob the appear to have reps his own toward the end digest self made made clear he wasn't representing rob either but simply get his message out another form of babble. Mc mark curry also confirmed the sad news of rob's passing posting a teary eye video. Saturday saying he just got word bacon everyone who donated a gofundme campaign in rob's name while public asking rob's choosing to get in touch with him presumably to make funeral arrangements both mark an rob were featured on ditties famous track babb way life with each contribution versus in the memo music radio which showed ditty and co moving into a suburban neighborhood in drawing the ire of ben stiller performed with several other bad boy affiliated. Acts like once wealth. Faith evans mace. An even bigger himself of course rob broke through his Excuse me ecause. Rob broke through with his own. Hit into dozing. The critically acclaimed whoa which ended up making on several music charts including the billboard. Hot one hundred and others at ended up getting remixed several times over wall stands as roz biggest. Hit to date but the man went on to churn out several albums even leaving babb way in the mid two thousands. He was reunited with his bad boy. Counterparts in twenty sixteen. When did he put together. The bad boy family reunion tour did he doesn't appear to have commented on rob's passing just yet so he was. He was fifty one years old. So so rest in peace to black rob I wanna talk about is the whole the whole johnson. Johnson thing Now i did hear about how they put it on pause because of those those Those claims about the the blood clots and it. There is an investigation. That's going on I i am a little nervous about taking the vaccine. I will say. I say i am a little nervous due to the side effects and how long it's going to basically be compared to compared to everybody else who were taken it already. Now we're gonna learn about what's the ingredients on. What's a johnson johnson. So so check this out. Every article about have an article from coronavirus dot medium dot com So wasn't johnson and johnson Nineteen vaccine you ask so the basics is the ad twenty six dot c. o. v. Two point five vaccine utilizes and then virus technology to expose he immune systems to sars dash c lovie dash to virus antigens. This is achieved by clone. Copy of dina. The the sars stash c. o. v. dash to spike protein in into a loop of dna called the plasma. Which is. Dan has within a modified and denno virus was introducing the body the modify dental virus binds and enters human cells at this point the body of the virus essentially disintegrates allowing Genetic material within to travel aimed to the nucleus of human cells once their native enzymes that transcribe. dna into 'em are in a take over and start to turn out strips of 'em our innate that code for despite proteins. These are on in a strips coil. Transcripts are dan translated into despite protein. Finally despite proteins. Are dan pack and sent to the cell membrane when they can be accessed by the host. Immune system identifies technology. Identifies technology has been in existence for some time a dental viruses. Deir natural form causes diseases ranging from the common cold to pink eye. Their ability to efficiently invade human cells makes them in ideal vector to subtle genetic material to a south in order to make an end. Don't identify iris. A useful vector for vaccine. A must first be modified such a such that. The vector itself cannot causes alias. This would be obvious downsides to any vaccine johnson johnson used to use the vaccine Identifies virus twenty six which has a key gene called e one deleted from its geno. Excuse me without the e one gene. Ad twenty six is still able to gain access into human cells but is incapable of replaced replicate replicating. Excuse me for the typo as such. Ad twenty six is incapable of creating infection within the body. The human body The dna opponent of johnson and johnson's vaccine provides the human body. The blueprint to generate copies of specific coronavirus advantages that elicit an immune response dna sequences obtained from the initial operate front of the pandemic. I call it a slam dunk for reasons. So i'm not gonna go there in china. Were used to isolate the sequence for despite anti the code for specific. Antigens is publicly available the dna sequence. Ford is sars c. o. v. to spike protein is dan clone into a loop of. Dna called a classmate just upstream of the spike sequence. A promoter region obtained seidel mega. Lo virus is spliced in which which enhances transcription of an alternate the creation of spike antigens. There's no part of the of the johnson and johnson vaccine is capable of causing infection or altering the host dna of humans. Now the ingredients. So the ingredients include cy trade which is used to control ph discount. Pound is really the same as critic. Acid found in many foods hydroxy purple better cyclone deck. String a large cyclic. Chain of Ios that aids in making other compounds No excuse me. more soluble. In water f comma drinking alcohol use in concentrations that are many manages below what would affect the human body sorbet. eighty a polymer of both hydro fill. Iq in hydrophobic compounds use commonly in food as an aim Use in this application to increase the the salute salute ability as stability of iris particles in solution n. a. c. Mac one laboratory grade table salt us to control decrease environment. Okay while the ingredients in the initial list involved several lengthy chemical names. They are all commonly used in food and medicine. Some of the ingredients. Outside of the identifies particles themselves serve as immune reaction enhancers called aggravates that increase the speed and magnitude of the immune response several vaccine. Adjuvants have come under fire in the past decade but most are considered to be safe for use in this application. Just shot the ad twenty six seat old v ask vaccine confers eighty five percent protection against covid nineteen while this may seem to fall. Short of its competitors put out by pfizer and madonna. The johnson johnson vaccine does come with some advantages requiring requiring only one dose of the vaccine significantly decreases the burden on public health requiring a second delay dose as is the case with the vaccines from pfizer amadou earner increases the likelihood that people may not be able to complete the two dose series and more cost and time are required to host vaccine clinics twice instead of once with the level of protection offered by this vaccine along with its protection against severe covid nineteen cases. The johnson adjusted vaccine appears to be a critically important part of the covid nineteen vaccine program with coronate team variants beginning to gain a foothold in the united states. A rapid and efficient vaccine program is at the core of the efforts. Slow and excuse me to slow the ongoing spread of this virus okay at that previously said before. No everybody's a little hesitant low nervous and stuff like that. But i do want this stuff at a customer. Who told me recently that that he basically according to to to sterry which is not really true about a way. I don't really think vaccines can turn people into zombies or anything like that whatsoever. Because that's not because to me that's not really true. Now i remember years ago Inorder d- orders to go to school. They had to give vaccinated so they won't have to worry about spreading anti any hoffer germs to to hurt other people around them now again. It's a personal decision but at the state psalm. Distinct tom if if we go to a non lockdown we're going to be heading for an echo. Nami which is going to be fox is worse than the great depression which is not a good feeling raw and yes where your mask gloves. Whatever even washing your hands whatever you have to do to protect other people because at the end of the day you don't want to be selfish thing about being selfish on sometimes it could be. Sometimes it could be a good thing is sometimes. It could be a bad thing So the next topic down wanted to talk about before game. The john legend paying now. I've been hearing about this new variant called the be one seventeen. It just bear with me here. So what is the be one. Seventeen you ask. The bean wants to routine is a mutated strain of covid nineteen. I discovered in the uk. That is much more effects. Four cases have been reported in the us and while numbers are low now the variant is likely spread fast normal covid. Nineteen patients are already putting hospitals at capacity meaning. Long waits for anyone with a medical emergency. The hyper contagious. Coronate nineteen strand b. One seventeen has made its way to the us with four known cases anchor stones that it could spread the string raises public health questions at a time. When many parts of the world have been shot surges of covid nineteen cases. So as i stated the be wants to seventeen is a mutated strain of the virus that causes covid. Nineteen it worth i discovered in the united kingdom and within two months had grown from five percent of covid nineteen cases in the uk to sixty percent that rapid spread is because be one seventeen mutually binding proteins make much more infectious than standard covid nineteen already highly infectious high infection. Rates seem to be the only difference. Lift mutations like greater lethal doubt leak. Excuse me for. The butcher league lead. The lead the alad with algae lic Whatever or resistance to treatment thankfully absent. How would it be seventeen affect the us. You ask be wants. Some is already in the country with california colorado florida in your reporting cases. Scary isn't it. Be one seventeens. High infection rate makes it difficult to contain and the delayed onset of symptoms. Charismatic covered nineteen makes it safe to assume other beep. One seventeen cases are present in the us overburdened. Hospitals are already struggling to contain a holiday surge of standard covid nineteen cases the us sore cases spike as be wants to retain spread in us. Medical facilities are reaching capacity even without be one seventeen influence if be wants thirteen further crowds hospitals. That could mean log await times not just for covid nineteen patients but for anyone. Having medical emergency is the covid nineteen vaccine effective against be one seventeen b. Whatever chain is invulnerable to the same treatments as covid. Nineteen experts believe that those with covid nineteen anti bodies whether from a vaccine or from contracting stand covid nineteen are likely resistant to be wants to change as well. resisted has not yet been proven by a clint clinical study. Are there more strings out there. be one thirteen. isn't the only new report strength. South africa found in unrelated but similar similar similarly excuse me more infectious strength called b one. Three five one. It's not currently known. If the south african strength is present stateside a third variant has been found in nigeria. But it does not mean no excuse me but it does not seem to be more effective or more severe than standard covid. Nineteen making it a matter of taxonomy rather than public health. Right is my take on this. You hear about new variants all the time right. It's like you hear you hear almost every day and you feel overwhelmed with all this new information whatsoever and yes. It could be very stressful to actually make maintain the mation and new information. That comes out almost every day. So i can understand how a lot of people feeling right now. It's yeah it is and i think it's pretty. It's pretty clear that in no for those who believe that the disease a real will guess what you already have people. That's already dead already. So i feel like you have to really look at the bigger picture. This is not just about at your your immune to disease you not immune to disease and the only way you're going to be able to get out of this mess and being with the be which which i loved ones and stuff like that of course everybody does not wanna be forced to do certain things but at the same time you gotta ask yourself. Which one would you rather do. Would you face everything run scared for the rest of your life or would you face everything and rise down the question. Now i wanna get to the next topic. Which is which is immig. Ause to john legend. Now for those of you may not know in have not seen the walgreens commercial singer john legend collaborates with the end to to encourage wrestling uptake. So this is from walgreens boot. Skews me walgreens boots alliance dot com and listen to this covert nineteen vaccines now available for millions and eligibility suits soon open to everyone. Americans are eager to get back to what matters most. that's why walgreens has announced the. This is our shot campaign with john. Legend to remind americans that vaccine is the nation's opportunity to help bring an end to the covid nineteen pandemic slam. Ick legend says walgreens commitment to ensure vaccine equity to help address hesitancy for individuals with uncertain about whether the vaccine is right for them. The campaign launched april fourth with a tv commercial featuring legend who lends his voice to campaign to connect with individuals communities on what getting vaccinated means to them a he says quote gave vaccinated against covid. Nineteen is our shot at getting back to the moments that matter. Most time with friends live concerts and family. Barbecues lead necess- i am proud to team up with walgreens to encourage everyone to get data covid nineteen vaccination and help reach communities hit hardest by the pandemic although more than one hundred million people in the us have received at least one dose of a covid nineteen vaccine walgreens recognizes. Some may still be hesitant and understands the need to help address individuals personal experience situation. Walgreens pharmacist are trusted healthcare resources in the communities they serve and can build trust in vaccine and john legend lens another credible voice and mass appeal to our campaign to encourage everyone to get covid nineteen vaccine once eligible. Says patrick mclean senior vice president and chief marketing officer walgreens since the first vaccines were authorized in december walgreens has administered more than eight million vaccine sue vulnerable patients across the country and is ready to vaccinate communities do our more than nine thousand store locations. Once the vaccine is available to the general population. Okay is my take on this thing with john. Legend is doing is actually is actually a good idea is when i saw a commercial for walgreens. It really really really inspired me to being able to you know care about myself along with the people that i'm going to be around. Winters is at work. What is what is in tight. Spaces like light trains buses. You just name it Even though i may be a little hesitant in terms of the side effects. But at the same time i do light to see things through when you see things through you. Don't gotta worry about any conspiracy theories or sever because the because worry when you worry about conspiracy theories from other people it's like. They're projecting their fears and views are two other people so they don't get the vaccine whatsoever. Which which. I don't want to be a part of that ban wagging as far as being as far as being you know being anti vaccine because like i said i remember when i had when i first started going school years ago in order for me in order for me to go i would have to get vaccinated and i don't have to worry about you. Know being a fearful of ino hurting other people because our wouldn't be to live with myself say khomeini people are listening right now. No no how how. It is important to actually careful when another specialty losses social losses to today mexican and black rob rob. I would like you to do is to reach out to reach out to t. Love was reach out to reach out to france seat there. Okay method spiritually in our. We've being a main person. Ask that. Because i've been inspired by somebody. Who did the mental health checking last year. When i found out that i was suffering is struggling with anxiety because of the whole because of the whole slammed That's been go on for year. An before gets his next topic. One of the reasons why i started. This podcast is because A few reasons actually one particular has to do with the fed them wanted to gain scale or something and being able to. You know inaugu what i love be able to create content and yes i'm still. I'm still learning the ropes behind. That's why i call the rookie of new york. Because i always have everything figured out. It's a day by day process. You can't rush the process the same way. You can't worry about other people who's already ahead. Everybody has a lane on their own. And of course yes from. It's gonna take a year to reach the one year anniversary of when we The cast and i can't wait in i- maxine looking forward to it so yeah. I weighed I wouldn't. I would encourage people if you have a dream a what you wanna do whether you are whether you wanna be a radio personality podcast. myself weather show has stories to tell. I would like to actually tell you that you don't. You're not alone going through this. I'm going through the whole the whole phase of ino trying to do the show by myself. 'cause i don't wanna keep rescheduling rescheduling and stuff like that so it it means trying to do the show by myself the then. Maybe the maybe. I'll be able to get the hang of it but this is just for today. I'm doing by myself so so Next topic. I wanted to talk about has to do with deal with the bronx Many you may may or may not know what happened in the bronx. So basically avenue article according to hip hop wide dot com. That would like to reach ya So it goes like this one of the greatest lyricist to avid do. It is getting a special honor in his hometown. The birthplace of hip hop has crown a popular intersection at the big punisher as spy on hip hop dx. Late great. Rapper was awarded a distinction. That not too. Many rap performance has been given living or dead on monday march. Twenty second which was recently two months ago New york's near see representatives officially renamed east foreign road and grand concourse big pine plaza. Bronx borough president ruben. Diaz junior hosted the ceremony with the great emcees family on site which included his mother. Sister nicole rodriguez wife. Liza rios his daughter. Starion assigned chris rivers short life. Big pond contribute greatly to the various cultural life of the bronx said communications financial cabrera ties. Mother gail toronto spoke in detail that this moment had been in the works for years. We've been trying to do this for a very long time. Said pines mother gail throttle on humbly. Honor that this is happening. It's incredible block and fit for a while. fatto was not in attendance. He sent his thanks to his hotel for offering is rhyming. Twin congrats on my big brother. Big putt on getting a bronx block named that. The him mom brought you deserve it. I'm proud of you. And the bryce for acknowledging brother punt. God bless you rest in paddocks. He wrote born christopher The legend died on february. Two skews me february seventh two thousand due to a heart attack in respiratory failure. Twenty time is passing. Yes yes congratulations. It's a is a major big deal. When i saw all those pitches it was very inspiring. And you know some people like to do like do things to honor people in. It actually actually is working for the bronx now. Now of course if anybody didn't know it's between grand concourse eight form e fordham road. Yeah is yes. Es concourse and eastern road is where they need big trump plaza. So congratulations on that one. I'm really happy that has been in the works for years. So so big props to the bronx so so so recently. When i heard the story about what's been going on this was this is pertaining to a shooting during during the filming of the rookie is story law enforcement. Sources tell teams e. Two men were detained near the scene but later release include by cops. Gunshots rang out on the set of the tv show rookie where you couldn't tell the difference between real and fake tops. Production sources tell teams e. The show was filming outside. Los angeles studios scares me. Los angeles santa studios near downtown. La in moments ago sewing ram by on foot and fired three shots that hit a building near the set location. They were people round. Where the bullets hit. Thankfully norm was injured law Excuse me law enforcement sources tell teams the at least two people are believed to have far the stotts and they were aimed towards the area where security officers were stationed with told. This is a known gang area but there was no conflict between security or anyone else before shooting. Although we don't know the motive it appeared from casual glance. The area was filled with police. We're told the rookie star. Nathan fillion was onset. Well hopefully hopefully. I hope that the cast of the abc series rookie All right i'm very. I'm very glad. Note nine cast members got hurt. So that's a big relief for me. And and speaking of speaking of big relief so much about the june bug challenge right now i'll down. What the june bug challenge is in a second so everybody's been doing the nba challenge and for those of you may not know what the june bug challenge is. It's basically a popular trend that originated on tiktok. The challenge calls for participants to perform the june bug. A dance that some have compared to the schmunity. Dance which was popularized by bobby. Smarter and rowdy rebel in two thousand fourteen. The june bug dance includes flexing both arms while popping it back and walking with a slight limp Of course it is. The latest crazed take over social media similar to the bus challenge. And it's still a challenge. The june bug originally on tiktok but the trend eventually made its way to all social media platforms. The challenge calls for participants along to spot him. beat box and so easy celebrities like little baby sweet and more again evolve. I can't keep up with these challenges. Man i can't keep up with all. These challenges man is is crazy man anyway while the june bug challenge. Sounds like another fun way to pass the time. It has also caused some controversy in early february. Twenty twenty one. Rapper cast number received disappointing actions at the westchester county jail for participating in challenge hundred video visit. Oh jeez jeez that that. That's that sucks. So how did a june sound Had you do it. And who is jumping on the train. We break it down his what you need to know about the gym but chance and for those of you may not know. It's on complex. Dot com jimbo. Turn as i explained is a popular train that originally on tiktok the challenge calls for participants to perform the june bug a. Dance that some have compared to money. Dance which was popularized by bobby's murder and robbie rebel in twenty fourteen. June bytedance includes flexing both arms while poppy back and walking with a slight limp. The challenge encouraged participants to find creative places to perform the dance moves. A number of videos have been recorded on the roof of a car in the bathroom or in the middle of incoming traffic. Oh wow wow a man if he would do anything. V v Mandates but came knocking to try right early videos of the challenges were filed under the ready to get started on this tag but as it got more popular more participants started to use the name. Jim bug and everyone who participates in june by china's dances or more to call beat box which is performed by floor floor base rapper. Bottom datum winning but wait. Oh rare. what is with everybody. These weird nicknames man anyway and features memphis memphis rapper. Poos oh shit s crazy so beat box to was released in december. Twenty twenty appeared on Final destination if you look closely Of white spot on ghanem attempted to do variation dance there in the one thirteen more in his music video. Now how did it start you. Ask while many Bobby simone money. Dance for inspiring the gym dance. The official challenge dinner start until december twenty twenty. The house was created by a talk fluence. Who goes by the name. June bug a. while the the los angeles grazed creative said his first video on instagram. On december twenty fourth. He continued to post video of himself doing the dance in his home and local areas until it went viral. Now who's doing dash you ask. The virus shows has attracted attention from many celebrities in music and in sports. Little baby meek mill and michael ruby record short cliff of them participating in the challenge during super bowl. Meanwhile sweet for shop for self dancing on historic monuments around the world. This is fucking saying man. Oh man a celebrities who who said video online include lebron james mellado Skai jackson amway ceased on blow man film pump. I'm week may all these challenges. I'm not gonna be keep up with all this but now Now this last topic. I do wanna talk about Is the combat trailer now. I did see the trailer for the movie. That's out right now and you know a lot of people were saying that the that that you know the story was was whack and stuff like that but i gotta say man when i saw the trailer for mortal combat it it it it was like the radio version is a lot better than the knights. Nine nineteen ninety-five version. To be honest jew and i am with the forward into it to take a look at it. They were steve. Harvey goes as far as the source the characters now i will recent nastase so check this i will read. This is what it pertains to so so. Check this out So this notch goes like this Wait a minute wait a minute here. so Nwa fight a coal young. Which is loose tan Accustomed to taking a beating for money is unaware of his heritage or why outwards Samsung chain han. Han has set his best warrior. Subzero joe tasleem otherworldly kreil manser to hunt coal down. Oh boy featuring for his family's safety coz cogos in search of sonya blade jessica mic name at the direction of tax. Macabre works a special forces. Major who bid the same strange dragging marking call was born with soon. He finds himself at the temple of lord rating elda guide in the protector of ram. Who grant sanctuary to who bear the mark here. Trains with experienced warriors. Lucane ludi lin. King lau mcelwain and rope mercenary keno josh lawson as he prepares to stand with Greatest champions against the enemies of outward in a high stakes battle for the universe but wilco. Hard enough to unlock his. Arcane qena the ms power from within his soul in time to save not not only his family but to stop out world and for you gotta wait and see So yeah so. That's mortal kombat movie synopsis as outright now in bidders and it is going to be streaming on on. Hbo max so you guys check it out And and first and arm okay. I'm going to actually do it for this episode. 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I don't wanna leave anybody hanging so let me just let me just repeat the or streaming platforms tom. So you can listen to this show at you. Listen to episodes of the podcast on potter. Rama anchor spotify. Oreo bursts deesor tuning player. Fm pots acer stitcher. Podcast podcast attic breaker. Listen nose and don't forget you can listen to you. Listen to the episodes on google podcasts amazon music and we are also on iheartradio. So don't forget to click that when you click the link saying linked tree slash gene money. Stacks is going stay. Listen on iheartradio. Listen on amazon music. Of course google podcasts. And of course the you to an arrest so the without with that being said i would like to thank every single one of you. Who's been who's been rocking with me. I know we've been kinda short with on in the other call host. Who couldn't make it. But you know. I managed to. Actually you know you know. Hold it down. Hold the fought for them. So hopefully they'll be back in the next episode in future episodes prior. And you know one thing i did learn is of course as human beings of course everybody goes through things and you know not everybody's gonna be better in one shot deal it takes time and it's a process so don't think that nobody really cares. Is this some. Some people are dealing with certain things especially myself. I'm dan with you. Know not just my health. But in no certain things that were said about me being drifter ak bomb which. I'm clearly not bought away. And you know i'm trying my best to you. Know get through each day with no trying to be surrounded positive people because that's important as well and what i learned. Is that sometimes being alone by yourself. It can be good and it could be bad at the same time in the lesson. I learned last year from being ino- from being alone and stuff even though i don't have to be stressed out on anything but it's always good to you know. Have somebody to talk to like a friend now. I'm not saying it has to be passed because some house in all big can't really relate But what i'm saying. Is you know reach out to your loved. Ones that you care about and find out whether they are a whether they are not and if they're not okay all you gotta do. Is you know charts to reach out. May be given the the tools the gardens and help so they don't stay in a rut for a long time and national gone. I had to learn over the years of being on individual bang away. Let me not rambled too much though. But i do want to say this would was something very motivating to me if you have dream of what you want to do as a career whether it's being a radio personality whether it's being apart caster host that creates content in order to stream platforms. What is being what is being a doctor. What is being. Dj with is being vj. Witter's being with his being a lawyer or whatever case scenario may be. Don't let know clam stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. I on money stacks. I'm going to be signed off pace. Love If you like what you're or you got to do. His father podcasts. Comment about the topics. And what you thought about. The episodes of often meet red chain new york podcasts or facebook and instagram z. Could be a part of the discussions each topic every week. Plus if you would like to be a guest co host to chime in on topic ideas interviews whether you are rapper singer. Black on transferred. That has a business producer after actress. Dr. dj vj need advice that you want us to read on the air and other career fields. You can email the show often meat. Red change ny podcasts. At g mail dot com. That's off the meat red chains and why podcast at gmail.com. He could follow the show on facebook instagram. Which is author meat. Red change amnuay. Podcast that's f. f. T. h. e. m. e. a. t. r. a. c. k. c. h. a. I n. z. Y. p. o. Dc eight s. Now in case you miss any of the episodes. Don't worry i got you. You can listen. Download your favorite episode like. Subscribe the reason we're asking for star rating is because we inform you about the stories so are real news as far as the subject being discussed in the procedures. We have in each episode of the podcast inspire motivate syncing. Humor is important key here. Because i believe laughter is the best medicine when it comes to dark hard times. We want the show to be the stating that of putting a smile on faces. What is having bad days. Losses of loved ones work and other difficult challenges. The show will be there for you no matter what you are not alone. In this case we sure to comment on the episode with the topic. Serta podcast answering and platforms of anchor in stitcher. Spotify breaker theser podcast. Paci cer- lists notes player. Fm potter rama. Podcasts attic google podcasts. Audio burst amazon. Music iheartradio and you to speak to you too. 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The Reckless Nerd EP 15: Assassins

The Reckless Nerd

1:04:13 hr | 1 year ago

The Reckless Nerd EP 15: Assassins

"Uh-huh. said. Hey. What's going on? Means definitely having a tough day because we're trying to. Normally we go live with our podcast as you know of you've been listening or if there's your first time Hello Buongiorno Italian that's Celo Italian. Buongiorno. Maybe, it's greetings although. anyways. Thank you, guys. Your first time. Hey, thank you for checking us out. On facebook live and you can actually watch the podcast live as we're doing it from our separate rooms because we're not allowed to go anywhere because core indeed. But this time due to technical difficult due to zoom being real pain in my ass even though we love them because they facilitate our podcast let us do stuff. A but this time they're not, they're not, but something happened something happened with the facebook live and I can't figure it out and Feel bad in disappointed that avid. Betty sand. Drinking by the way Lacroix with like a splash of juice. I'm sorry out of the two of us that have diabetes I actually like to take care of mine. So yeah, I drink shit like this. Here that. Is the sound of amazing drink I I honestly, I hated Lacroix like when I first started again. Now I love it, it's the best soda in the World Even, soda it's just carbonated water but I just wonder. I do too. But something about like the you know getting to enjoy something besides after drinking only water for a long time. It kind of sucks. Only drink water for like months on end. It sucks. So even just a little bit of flavor just does the job for me. So yeah, I mean this is all very interesting. But I feel like we should go into the news. Well, you keep asking me questions personal life Stephanie. Sorry I was trying to be. A good friend, frank. Yeah. Well, this is not the time for friendship. This is the time for nerd news talk friendship. Bring on the nerd first thing being Avatar last air vendors creators leave Netflix's live action series over creative differences. I'm so. I'm so upset and distraught because. This is the thing. Is as you know just from US talking not from watching the show because you don't like good. Thanks. But what you do know is that. All the Avatar fans out. There are disappointed with the one movie. We got the only live action thing. That we've gotten were all like read that we're all upset about it because it was just so horrible and there's so many things that were weird about it that just. You know we were promised one thing and didn't get it and so Netflix. Really made the the fan base feel like Oh. We're here to the rescue where here to save you from that awful movie that we also put on our platform. So you guys can relive that moment and You know they even brought in the original creators, and then like we're gonNA, give them creative freedom to create the show that they need to do but according to Brian. Cole, his name is really hard to say choline cone. Goes Go. But it gets go and then Michael. Dante Di Martino. I realized that he not tell you the full name Good because that way I didn't say a bad Yeah. Both of them left the show and it's sucks because you know I mean they created the source material they they know the INS and outs of it and Brian. went out and actually posted letter to twitter basically stating that Netflix was not honoring the agreement. To give them creative freedom to really Protect their vision of what it was. and. So they're essentially leaving because they realized that that's not going to happen and so the but they did Brian did say he goes out there to state that the show still has potential still could be something that. Abbas fans could love it, but it's definitely knocking be the show that him and Dante wanted. Prevents. So that's the only thing that's really really discouraging about it is like I'm sure Netflix's has good intentions and I mean I I married a few things that Netflix's made has been like really awful. So yeah, I don't think they're going to come up with a bad show, but it might not be what we want I. Think it's going to be visually in terms of what we want is going to be there but story wise they might change a few things that. Might Be Kinda strange that maybe might upset people and the thing is like. This fandom is so protective. Of what comes out of it so I think. It could be pretty bad. If netflix's doesn't really figure it out. So. I hope they help. They don't deviate too far. Yeah, I mean that movie. Kind of did it already and I mean I hope Netflix takes the they will learn from it because. They really take out. So many things that were really important to the story. and. That's the hard thing adapting. The good thing is like it's it's not acting it into a movie where they have to cram everything into two hours three hours. But yeah. It could be interesting to see what they're gonNA. Do you know they're gonNA have seasons? I'm sure it's pulling on. Fifteen episodes at most So we'll see that's it's still kind of a lot to cram into fifteen episodes so. But it does nervous. First. I. Senior, Cup every time young actually clinics dot O.. Bills by the way if you guys know there's a reason for this, it has to do with our podcast a wild bill's they actually get a booth that like every comic on every year and they sell like, old Timey Soda and if you buy the cup nine, get it. Okay Stephanie you know what whatever do, whatever you want what go ahead. Finish. Would you like? Would you like them to talk to us because? I would let's talk to them. Yeah. That's why I'm. Like Oh my God we want you to. Freer Ganic Soda for years on end so you can have that and I never really drink it because it will kill me but. But SAS. Parilla. Next, in our news list of things that we are talking about, it's fresh prince of bel-air reboot in development. This is an interesting one right like I know. So it looks like. The fresh prince himself is going to be producing it. Are you. Wouldn't be seen on this. So I've seen a couple of things from my understanding. It was really I mean they've I think they've been trying to figure it out for years now. But what really got it sparked was there was a youtube. Trailer. That came out I think it's a couple years now and it was like a greedy version of the fresh prince and will Smith actually yeah, got to see it and he even like pushed it on his Youtube Channel which if you've been following will Smith on social media, he's been killing it like just putting out like amazing content on across all the platforms. Instagram Tiktok like he's really doing a good job of putting out. So even had a virtual concert with Jazzy Jeff like. So many good ideas they're putting out and just a lot of motivational things and. You don't win this. This crater got to make greedy version of the fresh prince as you know, he latched onto it and put it out there and. Now hopefully, we're going to see that come to fruition because the trailer looked frigging cool for just being like a concept trailer. Definitely Terry let's fire. Guinea comments about assassins. That's what I'm looking at my phone for. No definitely it looked really interesting I'm I'm curious to see where it ends up going because right now peacock Hbo Max Netflix's are all in the bidding process for the series. So it doesn't have an official Home Yeh. Original, hope. I really hope not guess it just because they do a good job of managing the shows and the thing is like live TV for me. It's hard to watch in that way. You know eventually probably go netflix's after the season's done I'm sure either Netflix's their hands on it kind of like Like riverdale anytime, the season's dining goes directly to have flicks. Yeah we'll peacock is live. and. Each bax is a privately you could watch anything again. But I mean h Max is who has the rights for the original series. So I feel like that would make the most sense I mean it would be such a good move for I mean they have such good deals going on with Warner brothers and a lot of their content move pretty much all the DC content just moved over there. So, it would be yeah, I think it would be great for them plus it. You know HBO has such a good history with creating good original content as well that they will be able to do a good job of managing it. Yeah I think they oppose mom the better ones to take it on the project. Agreed. Let. Now, I'm excited to see it like you know my feelings on rebates rebid scare me. So I'm I, I'm going to watch it when it comes out, but I might. I'm going to be holding my breath while I watched it because. It is a hate in my childhood is ruined, which is why has such a huge issue with? Three bids. Yet I mean it doesn't really have potential to get messed up. And that's what kind of sucks but I mean you have the. Main, we have the fresh prince himself producing it I. Think he definitely has a good work ethic when it comes to doing something now as far as like what they're gonNa do like who's GonNa play will will be really interesting right like choices for that You know who's GonNa play Uncle Phil Like that's Such a huge role. I mean James Avery was hadman whoever has to play that has some huge hugging choose to fill. Yeah he just such a good job of getting every range in there. So yeah, I'm excited to see it. Yeah. No. I think it's going to have like you know. They do such a good job promoting these shows I think. They're GONNA do that with this one doesn't have a lot of stuff I mean he did a fresh Prince Limited edition. Clothing line not too long ago. That was pretty cool. So I can only imagine what's going to start coming out. Once you start doing merge and like a lot of original music that I'm sure that's going to go into like there's a lot of. Ideas that can be a lot of potential there to do some really cool stuff. Eventually. And next, we are going to talk about. The images. From the Robert Patterson's new Batman movie which Luke freaking amazing guys aid deal. Love Batman you guys are GonNa love some of these images i. mean such a good job. If you know anything about the Robert Patterson Batman movie, it's a reboot again are not yet. It's a reboot of the Batman series because we're not gonNA continue at flick which I was really disappointed. But. It's a reboot of the Batman series where we get to finally see I mean I. Guess we saw it with the Christian Bale Batman but it was so different from like the source material it was definitely its own thing I think pave the way for what this movie is going to be and we're GONNA see your one Batman which is gonNa take a lot from the actual comic your one We're GONNA see a young Bruce Wayne kind of coming into his first year as Batman and the costume is manny feek man it looks so cool like I love the caller the. But? I don't like what? You don't like Robert Patterson. You'll like twilight you don't like what? What was wrong with? Why don't you like him go ahead? Yeah. No, it's not that I don't like I think he'll do a great job. I just don't like the way he looks. Like, you don't like the way. He looks as a person you like the way he looks as Batman. Sorry guys like that spirit don't you? Don't you. Sorry. For those lifting have what you don't like. You don't like the way he looks. You don't he looked so bad I wish we can pull it up on the screen. We don't have the right to these images little as we told would. his eyes Look Lazy I think that's what They're beautiful color his at the beautiful shade we share. But they just look like. I'm pulling up the abuse on my personal computer so I can see what you're talking about because I don't know. What you mean What do you mean like his personal is look lopsided Know his personal is weird like Robert Patterson. No mask. Looks like he has a lazy eye. What you're saying yeah is is not Lazy Lazy. has like a heavy lid. He doesn't like a man like a K. member how? Yeah. Like I was a dense from years and years of interbreeding among the wealthy. Okay. Only the best of rains have the the cal through the through eyebrows. Okay. Either way no I'm looking at the cost. Oh. My God what a great freaking. The costume the Batman Looks Amazing. The pictures look cool. I. Just don't look at him in a Mike that man. Awesome. Your any of those like. Until I see I'm GONNA be doubtful. Until. It always him. We'll hear about the costume Hashem we are here but. The images that looks amazing. We only get to see him in the full costume and man like even the cow look. So cool to me like you know people this is the thing is the cow is really important to people and how they wanted to look and I think like this is like a mask that we see. That I I, one hundred percent can it could be manufactured totally like NBA used. It looks really nice. I like how is get covered over with a lid of some sort The Cape looks like very like biker ask. The caller on like I mean that the caller is never been done on a live action movie. So I I totally dig that the way that his chest piece looks like everything. On the armor looks like it was made you know what? I mean like it doesn't look like It was like this like mold injection it looks like he made this suit. which I really I liked the suit it looks really good. Anything I'm just always and always hesitant of anybody who takes. Who Puts on the mask until they show me that they can do Batman doubt it. I I get the, but we're here to talk about the costume. None cautious. Amazing. Yeah I'm kind of wondering. The If you look at the images on his forearms, he had these like rods. On both sides. And Yeah, they're barbs. Oh. Okay. That's Interesting I also like how he has handcuffs like like a utility. Very unique to this costume. and. So does the. The chest plate where he has the Batman Symbol. Now, a lot of people have been talking about that looks like it's made out of a gun which a lot of people think it's going to be made out of the gun that killed his parents. So. That can be really interesting. Even the pants like they looked. So armee, ask 'em like just like something that somebody would wear their first time like. You know trying to do a bad like A. Of the super suit if you will, where is my super suit is right there. It's in the pictures. anyways. Also we get to see cat woman in the pictures what you don't. You don't like that. That reference Right you you you stopped moving when did the reference? Whatever or? If you don't incredible and now I love the okay then thank you. Edibles. while. It's like you wanted friendships you just be over anyways We could see cattleman in a great costume as well. You know get to see a little bit of a not as detailed, but definitely really interesting. it's interesting to her face is open, but it's very like. Cat Woman asked like to lead to the comics. You know she has the big I goggles that she can pull down. Yeah. I like it I like the fact that we could see Selina Kyle which I assume that Sushi's playing I don't know who else would be so. I mean unless they try to throw like an original cat woman in there so that she can spin off I would hate it if they did that. But I, mean either way we did. So now we know Selena Carles involved, which is actually cool. I love it when they throw cat woman there kind of early. So we can see like their relationship developed as they played the cat and mouse game if you will Pun intended and so. It'll be Kinda cool cat. To See, yeah, the cat bat game and with to see like how and why they're working together and what's going on. I mean I don't know I know you don't like Robert Patterson, but I mean even him in the the suit like, yeah that's A. That's a very. It's a very no no I mean has he's a regular suit to in the pictures. Like Tuxedo. So I think I'm looking at. Does a good job that he does that I I I mean. I don't think he's GonNa do bad joe I I was kind of against it. But now they see these pictures like it looks cool that that Alfred. It doesn't look very alfred estimate, but if as long as the Alfred has come cool with it. Embodies the Elford I guess we'll see he doesn't look very British to me, but then again, how do you look British? By being offensive term right? List I don't know I'm just saying Shit next on the list is new playstation reports. Jesus shocking PS five news. News is in the form of new games that are going to be coming out. Yeah which I don't have list of games so do. But I think that is exciting that we have. Even more games coming again land I've said on this podcast several times now that we've talked about the fact that they're releasing a system and just having so many games available is mind blowing because it never happens. Usually you have to wait six eight months for a lot more game library to be developed, and it seems like we're getting a really good one right off the bat. Yeah and. We talked about a lot of these games. Those Games are going to be like spider-man's Marvel Miles Morales words. Reduced Air. Resident Evil Age I am so stoked for or can't move a game and Six. I curse a little bit when I play down. Play it scares me I'm playing dislike I at a much higher boy a no, it's. It's I love it. Actually one of My v one of my favorite memories of my parents involves resident evil the very first movie. Movie I love the movies I. I. Really. Cool. Every type the case you know we're watching the movie and I've only one in my family who like scary movies but my parents are like we're going to do this with you in watch it because as video games and scaring. It's not scary. CRANSTON links game. If he's ans- they get to the scene where he sipping his sisters office and like the Music Stop so you think scary parts over. But then she like slams on the outside of the. The glass in ever my dad kicked back and put a dent in the wall because he hit the couch. So hard against the wall and my mom who he joke has scary movie two rents. said. Defeat my favorite stream of cuss words that ever heard my life that I remember it like. Verbatim years later. We are a lot of cuss words. San Okay, we're this. She said ship motherfucking horror of a bitch. That's awesome. She said all the words right? All of them in. A way that makes sense. Yeah. So resident evil special place in our but that's on the list demon's souls, remix. List we've talked about ratchet and clank ripped apart in all the levels that are coming out that game as well So not only have the games coming out like there's a lot coming out read at the gate, but there's also a games doing stuff that they've never done before yet. No, it's GonNa be really interesting again, just really happy that. A so much is being put into the launch of it considering like Oh. Yeah. I think they know a lot of people are gonNA, jump up for the playstation five so. I'm excited that playstation is my most outdated system. So that's the system I need this yell cool. As can be my maybe I'll probably not gonNA jump right on Xbox but my xbox is still pretty now. So all once I saw the trailer for the new Halo Infancy Game I'm like Oh, my God now I, have to buy an xbox. Kimes as Timmy's law. To launch and like the Bug Bites Nash Bugs Snatched Bugs Snack AM excited to. qr I still. Cute. Cute Games okay. But moving from cute games. More. Combat. Combat. Who doesn't and if you remember, they made two movies one that was pretty bad and the second one that was. Like the four times worse. We are you saying you didn't like the first mortal combat. No. I said that the first one was bad which it is it's not a good movie. I didn't say I didn't like it. I watched that movie pretty often it's just not vigorously. And it's not. You openly talk about how you love bad movies. Eight. Okay and you know that this is a bad movie. Don't pretend like this movie is a good movie. Is Not though. How not, though. Not Though. Good. So No, there is a lot of people really excited. I'm excited for like it'll be cool if we do not get a bad ass for you mix of the Mortal Combat Song I'm be disappointed I need. To come out of retirement or whatever. and. Long like I need. My new workout soundtrack. Dope so it'll be cool. I'm excited to see who they're gonNA cast which you apparently know who they're gonNA ask because I don't know. You not doing your research what? Okay. So as Luke Cain, it's GONNA be Ludi Lin. Who as I'm saying his name right but apparently, he was in the power rangers. So I'm shocked. I don't know who he is. I'M GONNA look. Who is He spells his name L. U. D. I. S.. Name. L. I. N.. Castaneda's Liu. King. Oh, the power rangers movie. He was who did he play? He'll play the black ranger also in uncle man. Yeah. Yeah he plays cat man. Well then. Yeah he's got the he's the I. Rangers and I think he did a good job. So only but luke hang that's a hell of a role you know that's a Ye. Some. Huge shoes to fill. Yeah. That's it's. That's scary. When necks as Jack's we have mcadoo Brooks. He was in super girl who was Jimmy Olsen? Yeah I see. Okay. That's what. Yeah I put the Casper here. He's cool. I like him it'll be interesting to see the. He's just so small though like Jackson's ethic do he's a big man Is Jackson. Boy As guy. I I would like you to never say again what? That's what the kids said the kids say thick voice. It's not only the word eulogy shouldn't say a boy. Yeah. I know I believe be classified as a thick boy as well. I'm the sickest of the boys. Sometimes. They make songs about how thick I am. While hanging out with the boys. Suggests that. Played. Okay. I know a lot of people were campaigning for Oh. My God, I forgot her name for Ronda Rousey to be. So Blake, she did one she is an actual fighter and to the actually voiced Sonya Blade's daughter. It believe in the in the last game Kenny Blade that just came out that's long ago and so a lot of your hoping that she would do it I'm Kinda. Glad she didn't it. He's not a very good actress or actor. She's not cracked a few things I've seen in she should not talk. In movies. Talker she's just a bad actor. At least that's how I feel about it. So, glad they didn't know what her and the God someone else to do it. But we also in the make. In the make. Okay. I didn't watch that movie. I. Know of it. I. Know What it is. Is it. I don't know I, just I was like I, get it but we also have Joe Taslim as Subzero which Oh. So you're an he's new. He's going to be two of them. Kinda. Awesome. Well, the thing is like new side like you don't really see his face at all and I guess you don't really see sub zero's face either. So. I'm looking at Raden can't say his name. Let me say I don't see rate in. A TANNA. Don obu tunnel. Asano. But that'd be cool I do like the fact that we are getting a multi-cultural casts. So like they're really going doing their part as far as not trying to whitewash the characters. So can had is playing saying soon is on. which. He's in the Ghost Michele movie and he's also in Arrow. So I'm excited. I can't see him. Oem He's an era who's the narrow. member. Isn't he wanted to. Let one of the call he wasn't even Batman. or The dark not. Yeah. Okay. He was the banker dude in Dark Knight. Yeah. So He's Like a list cast. Do them like there's a lot of them that have a lot of. Credit credits on excited. I I'm excited for this rebuke because I mean. A, I love the movie. It's not a great movie. So it's not like they're they're taking something that's structurally amazing and redoing it like. Things that you can't touch. What's pretty cool too is that they're doing like a plethora of the characters because the thing is like mortal combat one focus is on some the main characters from the first game and then second one kind of went on and expanded it. But we really we still missed a ton of characters and this one I mean they're really going for with how many people I mean. We have Lou King We got subzero we got rate in we've got. Is a KENO. Got Jacks Shang. Soon Scorpion both in his Honda form and his Scorpion Forum. So it's Kinda Cool Kung Lao Molina Nar, new Tara and then A couple of other ones but like there's a really good amount of characters. From the from the video game that's going to really make. Their debut on the first movie. So we'll see I would really I mean I. Hope we're going to do multiple movies so. It'll be cool I'm excited. Absolutely and on other reboots because this seems to be what we're doing now. All. Enemy Axe. Yeah. Maniacs is coming back and if you are not familiar with the show, you've been living under a rock 'cause that show was amazing or you're just super young and you don't know about it and your parents were not good deal because that show was one of the best shows ever made when I was up. My my kids, my parents, my kids watch the media accents like we can't house a water to water without them. Singing into things on I within the last two years finally got to see the Warner Brothers water. Tower. Up. Close. And it is awesome school I tried to climate and they were like frank please leave. Original producer Steven soderbergh coming back they're getting thirteen episodes that are going to be hearing later this year and they've already been approved for thirteen episodes for a second season. Of the shows I get approved right away for two seasons I mean yeah. You know what? I mean like the show was so successful and pushed so many boundaries I really hope I mean a lot of the actors voice actors are still out there I really hope to bring back all the originals The guy that used to voice Wacko he had a show on noticed for awhile like reading other people's voice lines in like his character seated a few of the characters. So it'll be kinda awesome to see I wonder if they do like an updated version of the like the world song like Lots of bits that they can she all the countries. Yeah. So. Capitals like ice I use capitals in the countries like in classes now still because they're just amazing. But they original voice cast is going back as well as. Pinky and the brain. So I am super excited to another thing. I mean they had the picky of the brain spinoff that they had the What's her name? The Squirrel? Hysteria there was that you don't remember the I remember the. Name. I remember the little girl in the dog. Yeah they just been off for that to. Pieces Jelly. I am I'm excited for this. Sloppy Squirrel she was like. The thing I liked about Slavi. Just like an updated version of like looney. Tunes character. That was a little more. Something about the cartoons in the nineties was very referenced heavy. You know the three pigeons that were basically the that mob movie with Joe Patchy why am I forgetting names right now? Getting names the goodfellas like they were. You know like three to know no, you don't understand reference settle. Okay, you didn't say anything so I can hear you. So These. Oh okay. But. They had a lot of cartoons that were very reference heavy in the ninety S. Definitely, that's something I appreciate a lot as somebody who loves like having knowledge and stuff like I mean I don't think I would have gotten to Aretha Franklin with the creators of this show and like tiny toons and allow the other shows that were created. Yeah, they had a really good. Way With incorporating good music I mean they've made freakazoids this so many good. Definitely. That came out of Ex You, know. Absolutely. That we have that to look forward to you coming out on Hulu. And we have one more piece of news I'm excited about this I. Think Everyone's excited about this John Wick five is confirmed. which have you know already John, Wick, four was already confirmed but they. Have just fully confirmed that they're going to do for an five. Yet so they're gonNA be, filming back, to, back. Kennedy still has to finish filming Matrix four first before going into filming the to John. Wicks. But So five is currently just in development so that they're hoping by the time they get you at that it's going to be ready. It's ask production. It's Kinda crazy 'cause he's doing matrix the new matrix movie then jumping right into. John Wick four and five like. Being like a kind of MIA to being like America's sweetheart like overnight or already that before right and then like I, think what happened was is that He do he he made so much money off. These lasts like all the movies he made early on. That he, he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who likes to sit in the fame you know unless he's working or doing stuff. So, and then also start a motorcycle company. He did a lot of stuff for him Yeah Oh you know business wise and so I think he's stepping back in 'cause maybe he wants to get back in or he wanted to you know start doing movies again and he's done nothing but great roles I think even that movie he did with Oh, my forgetting her name always. Aby Is that the one with a with Randall Park and. I can't remember her name right now. Is blamed on it to but. Why can't Allie? Allie Wong Alley. Wong. She is working by the way if you. So, much go watch her live set. It is some of the funniest comedy errors in live go onto. But yeah even in that movie he was so endearing just playing himself at. All which was great, and then he comes back into all these movies that everybody. Wants him to do. Matrix as like so many opportunities and then just see killing it so hard with this with these. John Wick movies because when I saw John, link one. I was so into it but I didn't think they gonNA make a sequel because I would just like how like there's no story to go to then to happens which to is literally just in an accident likely sacrificed a lot story. And they weren't. I don't think they thought they were going to go into three and then boom happens again and then three I think really solidified the series as we're going to do a bunch more and like I don't know many movies. Eli's in recent times that have had more than two or three sequels and for them to be confirmed for five. I, mean all movies that really get that many sequels generally horror movies and that's you can do them over and over again and it's you know nobody cares. James Bond. That's fair. That's a long running franchise that like. Impossible actually maybe the spy franchise has more spray franchise and I would say spice a little more with just staying with. Like very specific characters because the thing is with horror movies, you have things like children you have like a lot of franchises that did like. Five. K. By franchise I think you only have James. Bond, and then you have mission impossible. And that's really it. Right. Estimate furious went on for. Another one that's kind of an. Anomaly right because I. Don't think anybody thought. That, they would go this long. I don't think sal. Now, the series that just keep going Star Wars Yeah again another that's another like specialty thing. Think. About like long running movies but I'm excited for. John. Wig Do you really movies? Yeah. No, it'd be awesome. The last one Kinda lost me a little bit with some like it got a little convoluted I think but I'm definitely still hold on. I'm GonNa Watch them Oh definitely. I mean this one is kind of like fast and furious where I don't care so. I'm watching what do I need to do I need various. Good luck with that. That's a lot of movies. And a lot of movies towards the last few I didn't want Hobson, Shaw But. Pablo. Recently, if you know do another podcast called complete uses with a friend of mine Pablo Sanchez him out and we he loves fast and furious he talks about all the time and he recently watched Hobson Shaw and convinced me to watch. So now I need to watch it. No comment yet. Cool. Okay. He agree that you need to. to watch it. Okay. All right. Well, that was a nerd news, and now we're going to get into our main subject which we've been working on. Pretty much all week. We're GONNA talk about our top five assassins throughout nerd culture. Yeah I'm excited. I've been putting together this list. All Week and really like figuring out who I think are some of the best assassins what we've ever come across. So it's deafening in her own regard so it'll be interesting. To. Order. No maybe no. But like okay I pulled with this because the guy was going through books that I love and then. Like it actually it. was. It was A. Nah, I knew right away I know you did. I I know exactly who I'm going to pick. So I'M PRETTY Excited, to unleash and I did put. A started out like the first three are in. Order. But towards the Anaheim just started like. More focusing on their ability. So I don't really I I guess I would say the non particular thing because I do like all of these pretty well. So. Do you WanNa tell me Your I. Would you under the back and forth thing 'cause I always like we normally do We can get let's do back and forth. So you do one, I do one. Okay you're you're an honorable mention I. I did not do an honorable mention finding. We won't use it. That because we talked about, it might first one is kind of one that I feel like. I think he's probably way too predictable but I couldn't not do it because I love this franchise and I know we have different feelings about said franchise I don't give a fuck My first choice is easy who is in assassin's creed syndicate she is twin brothers with Jacob till you get to go back and forth between both of theirs. she is they're part of the British. Brotherhood assassins in the Victorian era. It's a fun game I like that How like the Brotherhood has all You can follow the lineage of it all but I just I like her character I think it was fun. I liked the popout fight club scenes. So. She's my I assassin that I am thinking putting out there. Yes sure I mean she's cool. I guess It's the one of the. There's a couple of this Asan Creek Games. I don't like and that one was just one of them. Them played it. Played a little bit saying. I like it I wanNA 'cause plays her you shouldn't. My first one is probably one of my favorite characters of all time and it's Jason Todd from. Batman he's the Red Hood so I don't know Jason Todd was the second Robin. So trained by Batman and then killed off by the joker he actually was dead and There's different parts of the store where it gets kind of You know there's different renditions of it. So the one that I kind of went with was the one we're Talia Al Ghul. Daughter of the demon had Grabs the body of Jason Todd digs it up and throw them in a Lazarus pit. For those of you, I mean most people should know if you don't know the Lazarus pit is a pit where it will kind of rejuvenate you. Bring back from the dead. Now, there are some side effects when you come out of the Lazarus pit, you kinda crazy. You don't really what's going on you're disoriented and he had to kind of overcome that mentally but it does leave you with powers you. He has some not like full-on superhuman strength, but he is more powerful than the average person. Aside from his training. So he has like abilities to like jump on top of the fact that he was trained by Batman dirty robotic. So he has training by Batman then he has like superhuman abilities to be able to jump and see shit and. Speed and durability in all kinds of crazy stuff because the Lazarus pit and then on top of that, he was trained by the League of shadows. You went through the training to become an assassin and was trained by all kinds of people, and he has all kinds of abilities and unique weapons that he has in his arsenal to the point where there's been a couple of times where he's actually eating Batman in hand to hand combat So that says a lot for him. Mind you kind of has an upper hand especially at the time when he was fighting Batman Batman didn't know was so you know he couldn't really anticipate that he would know a lot of his moves and so. He's regarded as one of the best assassins out there in the DC I mean he he'd been trained by the MOM. So for me he's He's a really good one. And he's going to be the main focus of the new Batman Interactive Movie. That's GONNA be coming out soon. Yes. Really Cool. All right. My next one on the list this is hired because this is a movie full assassins and I. I struggled three between two of them so. when I almost picked was Lucy Liu's character from kill Dil, which is already she but I kind of I struggled with it. She has amazing scenes. Love her whole story. But I ended up going with Beatrix Kiddo the bride herself. Of course, played by with. Such a good movie Bob Movies both of them are done. She does a good job her characters just so bad, ass. She wakes up after four years of being. prostituted out pretty much while she slept lake still comes out to be frigging bad as. Yeah To are we going to talk about her training and stuff? I wasn't planning on it on never mind okay. I did more home. I'm just like I'm talking about like may think. Anybody's watching like for the most part. It's GonNa have some understanding of the WHO the they are like I mean she definitely does like she gets her What Hunt to soar on Jill? Dougherty. Hunter. So she gets that she does the five point palm splitting heart technique at the end, which is at big. Lake things if we both things that. The She's just she's part of the death vipers assignation squad laying. On treating you want I mean. Bag Day. Why I you think it's different than Redo things differently. Okay. Cool. I can do X. personnel. Okay. Cool. So I picked you might not be familiar with this one because it's a video game character, but his name is Corvo and he's from the dishonored video games. So did a few of these they're a really cool series based in like a post Victorian like world's of Post. Victorian. But like feature ristic kind of Victorian world and basically what happens Corvo is kind of like the right hand security guard to this empress of who kind of controls her regime, and there's a coup that happens and he basically gets framed for killing the queen. Of this and he has to protect. Their kid or kid I should say I think it's actually their kid but I don't remember either way. So he has to protect her or try to get to her to save her and so through all this, he has to now dawn a mask and keep his identity secret. So people don't know who he is otherwise they'll try to kill him on sight and he has to basically overthrow this coup that had happened. While he's doing this, he actually comes upon there's like. Like almost like a cult kind of like they. Like, a religion and essentially he finds out the religion is actually based in reality where he's given powers by this God So he actually has a couple of powers besides his skills as an assassin, a trained assassin. So he has soared skill he has gun control he has a crossbow that he can use with poison darts or different kinds of darts that can knock people out or make them crazy. He. Also control time we can slow down time he can transport. So like telephone I should say, and then he also has this ability to like control like rats 'cause like there's like kind of like this disease that goes around he's able to control the disease within the rats and he's able to launch the rats into like a tune. So like eat people so like if you're sneaking around, you can send those out and then he also has controls like shadows kind of so he can hide in the shadows and people can't see him. So like kind of like different aspects of like Ninja assassin kind of stuff, but also with powers and he faces all kinds of different billons that are trying to kill him and throw over his regime or continue to rule over the regime those turnover. So but pretty cool story really great video game series they did two of them and I really hope they continue doing them going onto to the playstation five so. Yeah I'm good. That's. A next on my list I, HAVE CILACAP WHICH? If you know me, you know I love her she's on my list of 'cause place. As you can see her energy knife right here said they hope to use. Purple but the reason I put my list is because at one point she gets taken in by the hand she's brainwashed does physical things to start looking East Asian because she now believes she's Lady Mandarin which is a really cool part of the X men storyline Does that cause even better when she regained her memories, Kinda beats the brainwashing she retained all of her abilities that she got there and then regained her Cilacap abilities prior to that. So. It's kind of just hurt in a small portion of her character, but it's it's a fun line in the world. Had relationship with. With our chain retired angel. For a little bit there. Yeah. She's cool. She's cool character. She somebody that I definitely I like the look of the character like. Kind of how they her overall vibe and everything. I definitely grew up appreciating her so good pick it looked. Like just she's stunning and I mean, even when even in the movie the had Olivia Munn. Player who she's freaking gorgeous. Yeah and just like. I remember even when I was looking at Qasr playing. Edna jumping on the sidewalk and my mom's like sailors prettier as like it's a lot more revealing now. But I'm excited like she just she's a cool character that I don't think it's enough credit. Yeah. No. I agree I. Agree with that. All right. My next pick is actually going to be master chief from Halo. Okay I mean such a great pick right like I mean we're all like bad ass you cannot kill him he cannot die. He literally floated through space by himself note like just him and his suit like this guy is insane he's killed countless amounts of aliens he you know they keep coming he keeps coming back and I mean he has so many abilities I mean since he was a child us, pretty much groomed to be the master chief and I mean everything from you know a increased strength agility he can kinda has a good scope of danger he has a good way with gadgets and technology He can put implant in his brain to help them with certain things. he has a healing factor. In vulnerability he has great leadership skills with strategy and You know. I. Mean That's just things you can regularly do without his suit and then his suit really like gives him more power can see farther he has all kinds of abilities when it comes to weapons like guns he can file kinds of things I. mean overall this guy is just a bad ass everything no matter how you come out him he's GonNa have a Halloway to counter it and just I mean. Yeah. I'm excited to get to play him again a very soon. So yeah have you haven't had a chance to play the Halo Games? I don't know how you haven't but if you haven't checked out their amazing Heavenly. Ready Yeah. So. This one is is this is kind of a hard pick because this is from such a great show are now if you've seen. hunters. The anime. No it's a show and character I'm picking is offerman who the entire premise of the show is a Jews. Oh, I think my parents. Directly from like surviving the Holocaust or others like family members that than kind of restart hunt hunting down. Nazis that are living in the United States offerman characters played by Albertino. So I mean automatically like you know that he's just fully committed to the character, he does a good job with it. Without giving too much away I don't WanNa say it like why I struggled because I was going back and forth between picking him Jona but his actress toll-free complex and. Such a good show. Make. Any. To, finish it. One, more episode and I'm done. With the season's sonos season two's can be coming out soon. Cool. But as fun one and the. Nazis. Always kind of cool. Yeah. No could be I. Definitely. Need Watch that show I've I've been told them parents watch it and I've been told really good. Chance to so definitely will get to that soon. my number four is going to be talend from the Court of Appeals It's a Batman storyline which seems like you know what it is if you guys aren't familiar quarterback is a ground like. Group that controls really everything that's going on within. Gotham. And They actually have a series of assassins of that. Were they get like frozen in select bilas Zombie by the the assassin. So that way they can unfreeze him anytime. They need him. Talent is kind of like the main guy and so they kind of give him his own set of abilities and he actually even a kind of Wu's Damian Damian Wayne into kind of trusting him and actually him about mega huge fight over. It's kind of interesting having seen that movie Batman and Robin check it out. It's not the Batman Rob Action they didn't enemy to series one so. But no, he's a kind of crazy 'cause. He couldn't keep up with Batman and So that already is a pretty big abilities but he has he's an escape artist. He has a lot of gadgets he can use. He has a healing factor that kind. I mean, he's basically immortal he has. A really big into like a longevity great marksmanship, Stanton like really examine factor He's great I mean he's the weapons master. You could pretty much pick up any weapon and just kinda use it, and then you also has he's training unarmed combat. So no matter how you come at him he's like definitely a huge threat the fact that he's pretty much immortal admit really kinda helps them out a lot. So if you're talking about assassins, he's What it goes with when it comes to setting the bar like the Batman Universe. On mention just going GonNa talk about it. You can smoker. Mavin chain. Spoke Barnes as winter soldier. This has not mention because I love him number five. Amber Five. This finished issue typically pick is a new piss you off my number. I. I know I love it but I picked from which I know is the place to be argue because you're mad at me because I didn't like it she she didn't even like the show. Okay. We'll have it is every time I tried watching the first episode there was something going on so it was like I couldn't get through the first episode and so finally I was talking to somebody and he told me to try. It again and what should again and I loved it and I washed it all. And You so like Kahkiyin snarky and just. The way that aiden gallagher like plays the character heat. Ah such a good. Job. Lake such a good job. So amazing just like his little comments that he makes the act like he lived his whole life in this relationship with his mannequin comes out comes back is like. Going to puberty twice, which is what they joke about in there just but just he can't he just such a good job as that character that's just the TV version of isn't even the convict version of him, which is so much more sadistic. I love. The show I love this show now whatever I just didn't like. Okay. Here's you five, my number five. Is One of my favorite picks because it's one of my favorite franchises and it is the ranger slayer from power rangers. If you guys don't know because I haven't read it boom comics actually makes a comic book about the Power Rangers and been some really cool original stories that really takes the power rangers franchise to places that we never thought or. Yet December thought it would go there's no or One of these stories is where Tommy never becomes a good ranger. He never breaks Rita's spell and he goes on to take the white ranger powers for himself on top of having the green major powers and he kills a lot of the ranger kills billy he kills. Jason. Yeah he kills billy pretty quickly He Kills Billy he kills Jason and he kills who am I forgetting? Cheney. Trini and Kimberly August that you actually. Yeah. So so he kills those two Anzac screening Kimberly kind of escape and Zach Catrine ten go to form the coin, which is like a a rebellion against Lord dragging, which is what Tommy goes on to call himself after he gets both the White Ranger and the remainder powers, and so they lead this rebellion. Kimberly is kind of part of it and then Tom. He goes ahead and gets a hold of Kim really puts the evil spell that was put onto him onto her and she. Becomes known as the Rangers slayer a person sent out to actually go and kill the remaining power rangers anybody associated with them. So she's pretty ruthless in the beginning when you do see her change over you know she has the spell controlling her. So there she her her whole suit changes into this really bad ass a suit with a Cape and it's all black and pink and it's really cool. She then gains powers of based on darkness as well as the power she had before. So she not only has power ranger. Powers with from her pink coin. But she has the version of the powers as well. So she's little more powerful than some of the regular power rangers because of that So she also gets access to let me see what is it? She has the bow of darkness, which is an Evil Bo. That's what she usually a power Bo. So she gets the boat darkness, which she also has access to the sort of darkness as well. on top of that she does have access to a couple of personal towards which she the graves Lord, which is actually made up of the remains of the originals awards, and then she also gets a early access to the solar rex. PTERODACTYL ENERGIES ORD, which is a remake of her original pterodactyls or but in the form of appear energy. So she's pretty powerful. She does she is able to break the spell eventually but is a pretty frightening character in the beginning when you first see who when she turns and then you see her do some pretty cool stuff overall. So you're powering Japan go check out the comic book. It's a really great book series I mean, they're down the. Their fourth or fifth story I think so they're doing really well with then. I mean Yeah overall. Good read. Yeah. So that's it. That's all of them. I was excited that's a pretty good list. I think we covered a lot of people you know. Never let no, we didn't have a that's why I was interested in finding out is that we were going to have anybody that we both chose but we didn't that's Kinda. That's Kinda interesting. In. Yeah we kind of didn't even really go into each other franchises. Yeah. I knew that when we said assassins, I even dropped like a feud for our instagram video that we did. Pick some other ones. But yeah, I did want to stay pretty diverse with. The franchise's I didn't really WANNA stay like in one universe or one sided I wanted to really spread out and I mean we we didn't even cover like a lot of franchises either like each different. But yeah, there's still a lot more assassin out there and if you guys have assassins that you guys like wants to know about going our facebook or instagram and tell us about them and we can probably tell you what we think on them as well and exchange information and that would be Cool to see what you guys is, Pixar? So yes. Yeah. And that's it. We're done so. There's no blue. We got to plug the social media. INSTAGRAM facebook making stupid Shit Oh. Reckless, nerd good at this. Guys like earlier in the episode we go live every. Thursday at eight thirty. Standard Standard, Time. So if you WANNA watch the podcast live as as being made, you can watch it. You can go on and. When everything works? Yes. Normally not like this week where it didn't work but normally. Put questions and comments live can. Answer them and see and it changes the podcast format but it's Kinda. Cool. We like it. So if you guys want to catch the episodes, live go onto our facebook like our facebook page the reckless nerd and you guys will get informed when we're GONNA go ahead and do the live episodes. Into the Fuck Mary Kills Yeah, if you guys have been following us on social media already, which we hope most of you are we putting some really cool means you. That you guys seem to so far like Thank you, Stephanie, for you know doing those for us. I really appreciate you add and you for doing those. So you know if you guys have any ideas or any, like if you guys see our fuck Mary kills or are this and that were. Any people make some suggestions and we can maybe make it happen. So check that out check out our website, the reckless ner dot com we have all kinds of information and articles and cool stuff for you guys to check out Again, follow us on Instagram at the reckless nerd where you can catch our memes and a US also going live on that. We did our first live earlier this week, and we're going to keep doing that hopefully better than the first one the first one's kind of weird so. Yeah. That's what it was. Yup. Anyways, guys you're listening. Thank you Stephanie for being here. Thank you Frank Furby. Guy And we'll catch an. Now by. swore. Shoe.

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