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"lucy keady" Discussed on Curious City

"Hey this is Steven Jackson. One of the curious city producers. I'M GONNA START WITH A bold statement here so bear with me. Corona virus has changed our lives. We're all living through the same historical moment sharing the same anxiety uncertainty and `isolation and lots of US. Just want to know. How is everyone getting by? We've set out to answer that question in a new series. We're calling life interrupted and each week will bring you snapshots of daily life during cove in nineteen. We're going to put it here in the curious city podcast. So you'll hear between the weekly episodes of curious city in this first installment we meet Lucy Keady. He's found a new use for an old hobby in the room. Where I'm doing. This is an ancient singer sewing machine. This machine belonged to my grandmother. This is actually the machine that I learned how to sell on and the fun thing about this old sewing machine. Is it still works? I don't use it but it could pinch actually work. I started sewing when I was about. Ten years of age. Started with Dow Close Barbie. Close that sort of thing. I've made all sorts of things over the years ordinary things and then fun whimsical things. I made a lot of Halloween costumes. My daughter Claire. When you're for Halloween wanted to be reponsible but repulsed will in the tower so with that up it was all one piece reserve address Slash Tower Husson. Actually pretty comfortable as it turned out when all of this panda stuff started to happen. I think all of us felt a high sense of helplessness. So when a friend of mine from my knitting group told me about a woman that she knew who was organizing people making mask. I thought this is a real way that I could contribute to the greater good. It's a way of freeing up the massive. They're using in hospitals for medical professionals and providing cloth mask to people that might be afraid or endanger of being infected. I have used fabric. That goes back and choose baby clothes that I made my children. I have made a mess out of a blue daisy pattern that I used for a bridal shower for my daughter. It's just kind of fun to revisit some of these fabrics that I have not used or seen from years. I feel that it is. It's just good for when I look at the staunching especially in these difficult days. I think what does sewing machine what it kind of live through. It was there during World War One. It was there during the flu of nineteen eighteen. It was there during the depression. So this soya machine has gone through a lot of history and without learning how to sew on that old machine. I won't be able to use my current machine to make these mask so it all sort of goes around that was lucy. Keating for our series interrupted this story was produced by Isabel Carter and JOE DE. So we want to hear from you too. How has your life been interrupted? And how are you getting through it? If you have a story to tell get in touch find us on facebook and twitter or send us an email at life interrupted at wbz Dot Org..

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