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'Joker' Is Getting Serious Award Show Buzz

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07:14 min | 3 years ago

'Joker' Is Getting Serious Award Show Buzz

"This being the Oscar show we are of course talking about movies that may or may not contend for Oscar's just before we get began recording we were we're discussing the Venice Film Festival's winner of the Golden Lion and that movie of course Amanda is called Joker now jokers for those of you who've been sleeping under under a rock todd Phillips's. I guess you just described it aptly as a remake of taxi driver but with the joker we think that's what that movie is going to be. Neither you nor I have seen correct and until we see it. I think is going to be difficult for us to weigh in specifically on whether it's a problematic movie whether it's a wonderful movie. I don't know I also also just candidly I'm looking forward to it. Though I think we've started on the show a handful of times were not looking forward to the discourse around the movie that we don't have to look for it. It's already here. It's here. It's here I. I'm not really a part of it and I said that I would not be a part of it. I continue to not be in part because as you said we haven't seen it yes. We're only citing it here. Because the idea of joke entering the Oscar race I think is significant. I noted this over the weekend but just four of the previous forty Golden Lion winners have gone on to become best picture nominees two of those four of them in the past two years. Those movies are the shape of Water Roma both of which were if not major favorites significant contenders so it's possible that as as things evolve maybe Venice's evolving into perhaps a bellwether for the academy I it's very hard to say because in addition to joker being acknowledged they also acknowledged alledged Roman Polanski's new film officer and a spy which won the silver lion and it's notable that the academy expelled Roman Polanski last year from the academy so I do think that a festival like Venice which you and I discussed a couple of weeks ago as we previewed the season has the chance to significant significantly influence where we're going the season and I feel a complicated question in the sense that you and I are having this conversation now and a bunch of people lost their minds on twitter this weekend about joker winning the Golden Lion. I you know I think that happened on Saturday afternoon. A PS and you watched all the tweets role in it. Everyone being like Oh. Oh Shit Oscar racist change like Fam- It is early September calm down you know that is the nature of the Oscars at this. Wayne is like a bunch of people just like hidden at retrieve Biden and being like game changer so I guess it's a game changer I also so there was instant hand ringing ringing of being like a Venezia's responding to the discourse and they are saying no you will not shame us we will not that'd be politically correct which is like. They're not at all. It's Venice. It's just like a bunch of people taking boats around and being like we're having a nice international time like I promise Lucrecia Martel who is the president of the jury this year like did not read your tweets and doesn't care so to the extent that all of this okay so you're just you really feeling it right now and it's great. I just like Lucrecia. Martel was just chilling in a boat somewhere. That's what you're saying. She was in a Gondola. I hope she had what a great time watching hangover three director. She deserves it. I hope she got some time like on a plaza somewhere with an imperative because that's what you gotTa do when you go adventist okay it's not read stupid people's tweets about like what joker reflects about the twenty first century masculinity or whatever she doesn't care they. I don't care so in that sense no but in the sense that we are in a prison of our own making and all of the Oscar discourses now but because of people reacting and just kind of shutting each other across the void I just did a monologue about it and the Oscar Shell. You're participating of course participating and we say we're not going to and then we do. I think you definitely put your finger on something very smart. which is that the reactionary nature of certain movies or at least the way they're perceived to be reactionary canary invariably influences the races you know the green book conversation happened in part because there is at least the expectation that older members of the academy did not not want to be told what they could or could not like now joker is not exactly the same as green book even though we haven't seen joker? I feel pretty safe assumption that they don't have the same posture. Let's say but I do think that there is a chance that a movie like this could sneak. Its way in because of what you're saying because there is the sort of like. Don't tell tell me what kind of a movie I'm allowed to like not like. I'm not totally sure. Todd Phillips is not necessarily historically known as a awards filmmaker and Joaquin Phoenix INEX- is a bit of a circuitous personality in the world. You know he's not the kind of person who I think is going to go to one hundred after parties and kiss babies to get his nomination despite the fact that he's understood to be the master of his craft etc etc.. We'll have to just wait and see you know we're. We're not far away from seeing this movie. The only thing I would say flip side of that is that it would be so Oscars for them to finally recognized the Superhero Genre with this movie that is a remake of an odd to all the seventy s movies that these these academy jokers grew up on. I don't think that that would be a fair recognition of what soup the superhero genre is in the industry and I don't think that would be a fair recognition this movie which I haven't even seen but you can see you can see them get. The one thing I'll say is though there's one thing working for them working the thing working against it. The one thing we're going forward is the sort of like elevated seventies thing that you're mentioning which gives it a perhaps a measure of credibility in some people's minds. The flipside is this character has already been celebrated by the Academy Heath Ledger already one thing this character so we know that the academy is maybe more open to the idea of a chaos agent in its mix. You know what I'm saying yes but the academy recognizes like the King of England and a character like every three years so that doesn't doesn't really matter okay the one thing that we can say about joker is that it's clear that he is this week's winner of is he running because joker is running. It is clear the joker is here to stay for the Oscars conversation so we'll get into him more. I suspect that we'll do a little bit of a deep dive on the show in October. I WanNa ask you about the article the because it's very clearly titled Joker and calling I mean I understand that the joker is the character but I think they're also trying to do something by not having him be the joker. It's it's a word play has also he's a joker because we're all joker rate so the collective joke asking you. I want to set some intention for Oscar season. Are we going to call him. The joker are we just going to call him joker. Can we just see the movie and find out what if he's not the canonical joker. Tell okay. It's Ah you're editor. Brain is working on this Monday morning. We'll just have to wait and see because it's completely plausible that this is not operating in the traditional Batman Mythology. Oh Gee and so thus it's just a reference to how all leaders and men with power jokers of the world listen. I'm just trying to respect the film and the filmmakers occurs and engage with the text people. Don't think that I'm going to do that was movie but I am well. We appreciate your your candor. Openness and

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