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"lucile inspector" Discussed on Capes and Lunatics

"Follow these for the most amish writers that the right, a lot of different comics and a lot of different characters to be able to make any money. To make it to make ends meet so yes, sometimes I think we're like what's the deep meaning behind this? What does it say about his character in? They're like. I just want feet up job. Fair to at is fair. Like that one hundred percent behind you, yes. You know what you also do. We watch a lot of law and order. Sometimes people I cannot believe that someone in Gotham regular Joe or Jayme whatever who? Had Family member murdered by? The joker hasn't shot him on the steps of the courthouse, because there are so many law and order episodes where somebody's kid is murdered and they take the murderer out. On the steps import house. Revenue Yeah, but you ought to be careful to. Take a shot at the joker masks guesses coming after you twenty four seven. But. I mean obviously. Your Best News. But if you do. I now. I know or or you live and you're gonNA, go to you! Got Your face carved into a smile. Yet, and then I just thought this was so interesting of because. I've done some studying of this The IT turns out. It's not like already borne kids who've been shoved in there. It is individual fertilization yonder frozen embryos. Grow, it's frozen embryos which I thought was. So fascinating and really kind of. I mean that is like very cutting edge technology for ninety six. Yeah, so you can see. Why wouldn't immediately I mean even so? I mean yeah, op! I don't think we get the I. Don't think we get to this our review this year so I'll just throw it out there. Get a whole. I mean this is the first clue in the in the eggs and stuff like everyone like fierce Freddie men could supposedly he controls the Asian Guy They Jamaa's but I guess Freddie Men's been dead for years, and his wife hasn't let any she's secretly. been. You know running the Mall Asian, mom, you know. With, we're supposedly the husband's always away on business. But I guess he enters ago yeah. But Anyway I. Wouldn't immediately think like Oh yeah I, are there. Was Not that commonplace. We have because it because you know you know. Mrs Men was screaming the kids the. Kids at my babies, my babies. Yes, we yet. Because Dick Opens the fridge in. There's like small briefcase can thing. Now that fridge that briefcase. That's how. With him. In the drink as this? Yeah 'cause they knocked him out the handcuff him to the fridge. But yet Dick Manages to kick the case out of Fox's hand. Up there. It is down in the water, which is worth taking the fridge ago. Saves himself using of magnesium flare. said, not hard enough to burn through the cops, but the him refrigerator should be cake. And it is, he pops up and then we say confirmation I guess not. We needed it, but but operation that was. Mass after all. Well supposedly out. The black mask is making a move, but it all right. Yeah, I mean yeah. Black mask was charge of Reynard yet. Yeah. But as we'll find out. Oh then we get the blood haven police. were, introduced to chief Red War and Lucile inspector. US. Inspect. Kazan? Clipping! Because Dick, comes in with the case in Frederick seems like he's all excited to see Dick, but He's not a slaps. Slaps. Yep snaps a handcuff. Want him wait a minute. Am I under arrest? You'll wish you were. You'll wish you were. The one night. Probably..

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