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"lucerne lucerne lucerne" Discussed on KSFO-AM

"Up with ash. If they, when they. Visit here, they must just be mortified I'll give you, a great case in point We're, in it was a public Lucerne Lucerne Lucerne which is just a beautiful. City and were in the, public parking lot and it's. It's a many it's underground parking many levels Those floors in that parking, garage were pristine Pristina parking garage and so we're walking through the parking, garage at the whole foods off fourth and his fourth and Harrison okay. Here yesterday and my wife. Says look at. This floor I. Go what do you mean she goes compare, this to Switzerland. And the public parking lot in Switzerland this is a private parking lot it serves a serves whole foods. And. Then it serves residential property it's, a private parking lot Basically and it's filthy it's. Let alone the public parking You don't even need to go there literally if you had kids, in this, public parking lot and Switzerland and they just you know they. Were just crawling around. On the ground outside, your car you wouldn't. Be worried it's like the. Cards not. A big deal the place was that clean. That's incredible it's this expectation that they have high standards and then I told you the guy with there was, the? One. Homeless guy we saw in all, of Switzerland right yeah being chased by the. Street sweeper the street, sweeper driver get. Off my street that's just unbelievable Being chased by, a? Street. Sweeper it'd be hard to outrun, step up on the curb friend out running. Zamboni right anyway It must not been. Moving very fast good morning read lots to talk about here you kind of the right place because that's what we do the news, and views you will not hear anywhere else coming up on five fifteen with Katie green And. A check.

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