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Closure Optional Ep. 49  Dusty Rich, Comedian

Closure Optional

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Closure Optional Ep. 49 Dusty Rich, Comedian

"We've all got that voice in our head. That tells us we can't do stuff, but some people are just better at not listening to and by sitting down with us people asking them questions, and then courting blasting it out on the internet. Perhaps maybe I can help other people like me get out of our own what? Guys. Welcome back to closure. Optional my guest this week is the very funny and talented, dusty rich, he as a stand up comedian, and if you've ever been anywhere near Nabis beach on a Wednesday night, you probably know who I'm talking about without even realizing it dusty is the MC for the Wednesday night based comedy shows at Nabis arc or the arket Nabis or whatever the fuck. They're calling themselves these days and because he's there every single week performing. He can never end the same people show up. He can never do material. So dusty literally spends the entire night just talking shit out of his ass for an hour. And it's so fucking funny. He so good at it. It's it's amazing to watch. So if you are ever around the Gold Coast on a Wednesday night, you got nothing to do. Well, even if you have something to cancel it and go and see dusty rich perform at. Nabis? It's great it's free. And it's fucking amazing to watch. He. Is around this week also because there's a bunch of comedy festivals going on the Brisbane comedy festival was just last week. And he had two different shows up there, and he performed this week at the Gold Coast laughs festival, so hopefully, you guys got to go and see his shows. He's pretty one of a kind. If you want to know more about dusty, you can go to dusty rich dot com, you can see when he's performing and you can obviously as I said go and check him out at Nabis arc any Wednesday of the week of the month of the month. As only one Wednesday in a week. This is a really cool conversation. I was amazed that I could get dusty to sit still for an hour and talk to me. So that was very I feel like that was a feat in itself, and we stay mostly on track. We're talking a lot about creativity. What gets in the way of making shit of making something of yourself working towards a goal and a lot about how dusty history impacted his ability to do what he's doing and how it actually changed and developed him into the person that he is to say that he had a life of adversity is a fucking understatement dusty grow up in South Africa in the apartheid of I never know how to fucking say that right? Appall tall it. If to say it with the South African. And he grew up all the male figures in his life were on what we would clearly stay now is the wrong side of that fight in dusty being a young kid with a brain and heart and emotions had a look at what was going on around him and said, no, this is not the fucking right way to deal with this people and had some pretty severe violent clashes with the men in his life and his family and he own left South Africa sixteen while he left his family at sixteen and ended up going over to England to pursue a career in marketing and drugs, and then came back and became a stand up comedian. So this is a very cool conversation about somebody who's lived a pretty hectic life and. Yeah. So I hope you enjoy our hope you guys got to go out and see dusty perform some comedy. And also this is the last day of the go last festival. So if you're interested in going to see some comedy, there are still shows on tonight. Sunday night up at the home of the arts. See just go to go coz laughs festival on Instagram or Facebook or Gorkhas laughs at Hota h OTA and you'll be able to see the lineup for this Sunday. Thank you so much everybody for listening as always in your messages last week in participating on my silly gags. I love you. Please. It's a mixers from nineteen twenty seven. Everything that I possess a bar few things that I care for have all been given to me by people. Nice to me. I'll take superpower I have the child. How nice all you. That's something. I've always struggled with, but that's through obvious historical experience through my family, etc. And even early and Bob, blah, blah, blah. Into central psychological. What happened with you? Can you tell me about your childhood? It was abrasive. Yeah. Lucca Lucca, like eighty grit sandpaper. What happened was that? They were ready, which I don't think you ever are. But and then they decided how to fix this relationship was to have more of them Jesus school or a situation because I have not fallen pregnant, and I've not personally I have worked. I have. And I'll never gotten a woman pregnant the mop parents seem to have fucking done it in other other. And I haven't history I'd have to shoot a sperm somehow. But I'm the oldest of my siblings and two of them that all possible to have children as in their adults of the five of us two of them have multiple children what the five on the they must be good. Sperm around and Philippian troops in my sister and spoon my brother. So, but I've just been smart about it and never really come close to it. But then I con understand what my parents did is like how the fuck do you fix a marriage by having? Unprotected sakes. The man. That's it's actually common like that's a very normal thing while we're not ready for kids were growing up enough. We're not stable enough in our careers. We're not and we're smart about that. And we put the precautions. Sure that there's any people that would Tom tapping. And so we put those things in place. So that we don't have the kid on announced unplanned, etc. It seems easy to me. So I don't know what the fuck they were doing back in eighties cheese Zoe anyway, so to that had us, and then they divorced when I was five so they managed five years and pumped out to other siblings in that Tom and then should hit the proverbial relationship fan. Over and over which caused them to finally divorce, and then we were hidden away from father because he was a violent man and. Then she quickly mom needed. Another man seems that she's done that her whole off which is Ron because she's one of the strongest people that are no that just hasn't figured it out brought up until now and late fifty. She still doesn't. And like she doesn't know that she's strong. She doesn't know that she's strong. I'm the only one you can do this like Donald understand what you're doing. Is it just dick like, what's the what's the thing that you need so much because you're so forceful and so time independent viciously independent when you with them. But you can't seem to lost a moment when you were that them, which doesn't make sense to me. It was Mon Mon blow over there. And so I so we were moved around a lot between them. It was almost like there were like we had a go. Fucking iota never stayed in one place for more than five years at a time my entire existence. It's never schools up into like, five, different schools, etc. Etc. And then when I was sixteen got into a violent clash of father and factors done. So he came back into your house G we with them at that stage. You went to live with him. Yeah. We will have the option guy you your your child. Now you with this adult for a bit. And until we with him until that we enjoy Hannah's bogut, Tom from Durban and always pretty good surfer for a kid, and my father moved me away from that shit. And it was just it was it was it was one of the first lock, you know. You know? Crumbs. Yeah. Young me. And because I wanted to do that it back game. I mean, of course, I have zero regrets because half the time I wasn't control of the regrets, but even through now I'm superstar with who. I am now. So I'm like all worked up whatever happened was supposed to up to this point and this murder someone tomorrow. And then I'm like fuck. Dad, if you if you spot causes one of your pieces you use for the media of Wyan moded. Why why done Motors, according to fucking kill cockroach couldn't murder anyone although I could Fahd everything anyway. So the moving around and in sixteen hours, I come down with the shit after violent clash of my father, and then was on my own, and then from there, I was just severely independent, and it can be seen as a positive, but it was one hundred negative for me at that stage because I didn't know shit. I didn't know anything or God winter stay with my girlfriend's sister for a time because she was an adult, and they kind of Cape for me. It didn't work out. It lost it a few months. And then it was like, they didn't know what the fuck. They were doing taking some teenage boy that was dating there. Yeah. Who sister sopping? So it was a fuck up. And I look back on anger that was about a plan and then a win away from day. And just lot about my age and got an apartment our into to state in a couple rooms in houses with some fucking creeps. Creeps and city. This was in. Now, this is of Janice Berg and. And. Addresses at night. I would just one hold gay, dude. He was like must have been in his like early mid seventies. And he was dating a young black gay guy. And who is the weirdest place? Smelt would I can only describe now as gay six. You know, like. Petroleum Jillian the. And of course, I was I wasn't born with the prejudice barn. Thank goodness because my dad's got all of them. And so I was never prejudice towards anything like that. But it was just the creepiest sort of thing of this. It was he must have been the young must've been under twenty and dating this seven year old. What the fuck the situation was there. But one. Excuse me one night I woke up, and if someone in my room, and then I was like maybe seeing that shit. And then I woke up in the morning and all my shit was going and someone dropped me. And but like no break in or anything and the old man was happen. And I was like man something fucking went wrong. Yeah. So I left that place off with nothing again. Yeah. Damn robbed everything like. Think it had radio at the time and clothing was stolen and shoes and fucking like. And then I went on and live by myself with the Frayne for a bit and all sorts. I think man like the two years remaining of high school. I must have stayed in lack seven or eight different places to go to school. Yeah. Yeah. When art school just finished high school, and then I didn't wanna scholarship to to advertising school, but the scholarship was. So it wasn't the full price who was a fraction of the project. Couldn't afford the wrist, and obviously had no credit history and any credit did have at eighteen or nineteen when I finished. I didn't have good credit rating because I was on my own a lot about everything and Spain than I don't know how to use should cell phones. Fuck myself so badly I ran into so much debt and like two years. And just living on my own not having enough money for rent because Ida to work off to school and shit. So it was like it was a mission to stay in school and in do jobs and should everywhere. And that's when I started working for the advertising studio, and that's when I do drugs, and yeah, then it just got even worse because drugs were far can expansive back. Then. And then I from their point winter some weird shit that I was calling for eight personalities. And the promise was to work in the UK, working holiday visa, okay? And a guaranteed job. And I was down in the fuck I've nothing out and into this thing top personalities to these tests and shirts and all we marketing top bullshit. And then the the final tests that I did to get the job or to get the applic- through the application process was I had to act like a chicken in antiquity play. And I was about to get my head cut off as part of the meal, and I had to act like a chicken industries, let the fact and this is this is the ultimate test for an eight operas Nellie that. Can you do that on the spot without thinking, I was the best fucking chicken that ever seen without even today? I was like Bach. So then obviously there were like, okay goad discuss, you know, he's and finally we get into the country into enshrined to Scotland. And then we started the marketing training, and it was to sell gas and electricity door to door today's. So they gas-electric systems in the UK or have multiple in South Africa. We only have the one and its nationalist. So it's government. I so I didn't even know what the fuck. Interesting company was. And so we had to go and sell this gas trysofi door to door. And that was my first introduction to the UK is just getting doors slammed on me every single day. Trying to sell and try and I got good at it. But it like didn't sit with me, well because my gas and electricity supplier was often more expensive than the one person had and I would manipulate them using charisma using natural ability to speak our bully them off of their system. And sometimes it was all people. So just didn't it's. It's just didn't it didn't work for me as I was making good money. I was part of the top tier of the people. And then I was just like I'm out. Coke off just at that stage. It was more speed speed in the UK, and if a dream pure dream like is fucking stupid used to go to these warehouse parties in the UK you've been yeah. Because warehouse with multiple flaws and on each floor was a different drug and different music. Heard about the. Yeah. So used to go to these things secret potties and derelict warehouses, they weren't like fucking doing banished isn't shit or safety precautions or anything? We're just like some body stealing literacy from down the road, and I would have multiple flaws different music and each floor in the same sort of area near the stairwell was the person who was selling the drugs, and they will often dressed. According to the music and drank. So you would move up your level of narcotic industrialization. And so with the advocates of the person who was selling funny. What? So like, you e- would be like a hippie sort of all your what are you gonna MD Sedgwick's, Molly, whatever the fuck you guys call it? These days was slacks over hippie fan. And the music was more Transi macho that it, and then you moved up floor, and then the cocaine guy was in like a fucking suit top thing. I don't know if they plan this or or or of the party people top thing, but that was drum and bass so like you get cocaine into Trump ice, which was fucking tans. And then you speed was also like a different kind of industrial sort of music and the guy was like dressed like a blade runner. You just moved up, and like acid acid that were wearing like everything was multicolored on them, hats and everything. So each floor had different lock. Party to it. Yeah. Final flaw at the top never drug. But it was like it was almost like you would some people would use multiple flows into their bodies. And then at the top would just weird fucking video projections. These rooms like the whole room was Lang Sixers remnant. Yeah. It was. So I still to this day. Oh, I think that that flow exist. Yeah. Thought by the time, you got which is the weirdest things that close up of bodies like super close up of bodies and would just and it was room so multiple walls. And it would just be like rotating pictures of and movements up the body and stuff. It was it just amplify the effects of every drug that you on Bollock tenfold. So he was just went to a few of those got involved with the wrong. People got into couple scuffles. Go into a couple of mea near death experiences in our mariota. But was that transition like from South Africa? Obviously like where you come from it. So fucking rough. Yeah. And you like you got no fear pretty much you could. That's the one thing. I don't have the one thing. And as I think. Everything that's happened in my life for bleeding. Mrs point is that I am. I am an adapter amines. Like, I that is and that such a typical like phrase to use for you in watching your comedy to like, I think that's why you are. So fucking down to what you do because you just move move. Whatever the fuck is happened. Yeah. You are like an immediate flow state all the time. And then just read just read read the body language read where the loss of come in and read what they'll off and then just start leading down that way. And that's from the adaptability of all those years of just never being in one place at one time. Isn't that crazy like I had this theory about you that like NS about fighters as well? I think there's a lot of crossover with fighters comics because you have to have something kinda fucked tweaked inside you to be able to put yourself through that much pain and also. The natural urges of not to do it. Yes. Feel you have to fight that much to get in there. Like, there's so much expectation on performance certain way, and obviously doing something that generally humans. Yeah. In terms of it's going to happen. So the thought of you going to fight. Yes. When you get into a fought it just happen. And when you get into like a Banta with people at a barbecue. What if it's not scary because you just flow into it? But knowing that it's going to happen is when the fear. That's when that's when the people, you know, like wh what people's biggest fear is public. Speaking second is death. Fuck. But as you've seen that's my most natural existence almost natural existences up there where I feel the base. That's why I've never everyone. Always also you Nevis never ever had any nervousness. I mean a big gay goal or you performing in front of someone important or whatever the cases in fair enough. But otherwise are just a one to be there. So there's no the're. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. And that's a deft ability and your anxiety comes in different ways. Hundreds in mind, cause it you still have to have that. I think like in order to be the kind of person that's willing to push through that fear to get on stage. There has to be something that you're like that's unsettled inside I have to keep feeling a hundred percent that Anita debt. A need the stage to fodder for that general day to day? They're in the natural world natural unnatural world. But so that are literally required that Lonzo drug. It's just another drug, I suppose, but it's it's funny because it's authenticity authenticity, the honesty, the Arkansas anything that I crave which you would think that that shouldn't be craving in the world. Go into city should be NAT reagents natural shitty. Our natural state of being in. It is not. Societal econ tudent society authenticity is almost. What is it? It's almost bad manners into. This is an interesting thing just been reading this great book of talk fucking nonstop about it. It's an old philosophy on social programming. Essentially that turns into kind of these pathological games that we play with ourselves. And one of the things that he's talking about is that in an in general, there's three ways of structuring our time ones material programming like doing an activity like, okay, let's build a boat. The second one is your social programming which all the shit. We're talking about your manners and all the stuff like the social norms and stuff then underneath that you have this individual program that comes from your life experiences. So even when you get into that situation that social norm situation where like, okay, I just have to do the normal people thing that social the individual programming underneath. It is what's driving that anxiety thing. You've got this filter of anxiety going on at an east. It no matter what happened in our social situation, we have this individual programming that is pulling us. Away from our authentic self hundred for so you've built this up like the way I was kind of describing it's you know, it's like building up layers of a cocoon around you until you've got a bumper car, and then just kind of smashed an indigent, but what's fuck and interesting about it is the goal of his therapy is strip all that shit away and get you back to your self. So what what would you exist thick? So exactly that's what I mean. Like every time that they've done this like philosophical experiment or through mindfulness or whatever the fuck you can never escape yourself known. Your self is always in situations like that great book, the stranger Kamo, and he he basically took this idea. And was like all right. How do I how do I write a character that does nothing? No social program. He is one hundred percent individual in the moment. And they hang up. The hasn't execute you can't survive. This is the thing of the gist, which is the what the evolution of the comedian is like we were the ones who were allowed to call the king a decade. And we never got a hits off this like that's because we were the only ones who allowed to live somewhere outside of the social norm. I'm some of us are getting taken down by the social society these days, but but you need it's like your role in this society to be a comedian, especially the type that you are. I think that is a same thing. That's necessary as having a good mate that calls you on your shit. Yeah. Jimmy in every once in a while, you Laura to society relies on issue. And we're not the thing is. That's why comedians are so good comedians are good at it because they're flawed themselves. Which is like, yeah, he has a mirror, but I'm not exactly fucking the best thing on the Mira showing. You a matter of yourself. But don't worry. It's safe because I'm a fuck up. Yeah. Some high holier than thou showing new yourself, but you can actually measure you can actually physically measure anxiety that you were talking about in terms of building up layers in L fan Beato waves that come out of your brain be the wage. These more jagged foster. And they're not uniformed alpha waves, more of your longer, uniformed, etc. Etc. Right. So you've heard the things about alpha waves leaf. So there's this thing called forty years of Zane that I've been reading about and it's procedure scientifically backed procedure. That is supposed to give you forty years of experience in meditation in seven days what the fuck how? So what they do is read up on multiple sources of the stuff, and it's not a secret. But it's not exactly because it seems airy-fairy. But if you look at the science behind it, it's easy because this literal measure measure success in what they do is. They Papa narrow brain cap on your head cap which measures which is required to measure the waves and. Good away this ten hours a day, ten hours a day seven days, you have to stay at watch films or listen to music that is beneficial to the elf abroad waves, so whatever that means to you, they'll go through specific pieces of musical, they'll go through specific films, or and I mean films like Buchan stuck you have to think, and I'm like moving pictures of pleasant things to your specific alphabrain waves. So if Mon is like, yeah. Like to ocean. So then they'll show me images of the ocean and a lack. Classical music, soft classical music. So they'll play that your back. Your brain was where most you beta waves come from that there is basically a way the reason it's jagged is because it's constantly checking if you're endanger. Yeah. Constantly checking obviously our perception of danger has changed for back in the day because we like our able Tiga by the waves flicking off going crazy. Get the fuck outta. I fuck Attia. Rhonda's all appointed him. That's what makes your adrenaline gland kick kickin. That's what makes that kind of should happen and alpha ways, you're relaxing, chilled, love, etc. Etc. So this music of moving pictures are supposed to make your brain waves and brain becomes enjoys them. And every millisecond you're paid away going going in danger now, oh in digest are indigent now are in danger starts to pull up anxiety. And that's where we exile stress from which I can. Which the grocery store exactly which actually has been proven scientifically called autoimmune diseases so lots of autoimmune diseases are caused from anxiety by stress. So this program that you're plugged into for ten hours a day seven days in total, basically, every Melissa your brain checks to see if you endanger the audio visual goes off, Melissa can okay. Because that's how foster Brian is reading this. And then you beta waves panic and gone on us, which I think back on. And then it switches back on quickly or assets. This is Melissa. I don't know if it's even discernable to I don't know. So it's doing this. And it's basically training your brain to stop checking if you endanger to chill out and be like, do you find stop shaking and the beta wave start to lengthen and the beta waves start to like Chela, and they start to be so Jay, and they stopped checking. And basically you get. In. Require a form of Navonna in seven days these procedures like Tony Robbins, all these they have all done name ever done because it's expensive shit. Yeah. Super expensive because you have to seven days. Yes. You have to take all that time off. So all that time and Turney this any three place in the world that Canada American Germany at but it makes sense to that. Like like Xitong about it in the lead up to a five when you know, like you're talking about that fear before when we know that we have to fight you. I was just going to fight about it today. It's like there's a white noise behind you. It's like the static level of static that just kind of exists inside your chest for the whole just kind of spin to the air. Yes. Yes. There's this like extra energy that your body because I'll be driving the car and my brain shifting and all immediately. I'll realize that I'm in a fight with someone in my brain, you know, like I like twitch and then. All of a sudden, oh, come to and be like fuck. I'm driving guard. I'm not having a fight right now. But my brain thinks I am. So that's fucking amazing because that is exhausting by the end of the day. I am so tired. I've been fighting all day. My head was wanna talk about South Africans. So magic how much extra energy you'd have to do. Good shit. Exactly. Exactly. And also, this this this is theory that and I mean, this is obviously not gonna make any sense to you. Because you exercise like a motherfucker on before me. I don't all of that energy all of that fear energy. And what is it? 'cause what does fear. Fata flat was fought flat community and freeze and freeze think it is Ron so all of those things require energy, some require more than others and the entire Tom. My body is in that anxiety building merger in the day. And I pulled up all of that energy. That goes no way, no way. I don't exercise. I run drawn to spell it. There's no there's no fault of flight. I don't do anything and most people aren't so they pulled up all of that anx anxious energy. And it's just inside there moving around the selves, causing autoimmune disease. Yeah. Nosing mutations causing too much. Energy is simple as going up and terrified around. Go punch. Fuck back. Yeah. Terrify punch. The there is I mean, there is something to that man. The feeling of just getting like when I make a fist and hit something. It's just a matter of like, I can feel the inside of my hands again note. I mean, like, I'm not out here inside my head. 'cause like I had a moment. The other day, I was laughing at you. Because you're saying that you were having Zaid about going to the grocery store shit. Like that like, I I am exactly the same. The kind of like knock can't do it today. I'm just going to sit here. Yeah. But I had I was in the gym and I teach the class. So I was getting everyone a hit the bag before class started. And I had an exercise for few days, and I was just kind of feeling a little bit like one of my with my life. I go through little levels of this. And I'm standing there watching everybody hit the bag, and then I suddenly was overcome. With panic that everyone had genitalia like like, that's the kind of anxiety. I get come at a fucking nowhere. Like, I'm just sitting. There does my brain's doing normal things and looking at people, and then all of a sudden, I couldn't get rid of the idea that between everyone's legs was dick or not. And I I was like starting to get choked up couldn't look at anyone can talk to you. When I was like fucking. How how incredible is that? And it's a very very. Mental thought, oh, it's mental. I thought it was not only mental as in like crazy. I mean, it's very mental. But it had a physical reaction. Zicklin, reacted to my brain create something body in a big way. And that's that's I think that's perfect example of not peeling with an odd aren't aren't one hundred percent. I don't and I get that. I'm half the time. It'll be like, it's funny. I also think but I don't know what this means that my sexuality, but also like shit that you've got to take I know one how it sitting run around. What would he look like that? It was as natural as he was walking around with his dicta. I know I can't think about the female thing because then I start getting blood moving in the wrong direction at like AP grocery. Yeah. But I mean, it's that I get that. I get like a GOP packing a shelf, and what is Willie like wagon. Like initiative because it's a weird. It's a weird. It's almost like your body is going like fuck on to get rid of this anxiety. Here's an insane thought. Yeah. Do you with that? Like, you're too comfortable too relaxed right now substance. Thank you. I'm always worried about it. I mean. I definitely don't do. What I say this. I never do like, but I think that N Rathi kind of touched on a little bit while he was on stage tonight where he was like, I think essentially you have to work your ass off to kind of gain the favor of the crowd. You have to get to a point where you're like I have to work on you said it too like I have to work to make you laugh right now. So that that is you're working out like that takes your brain. You can't you can't just sit there and phone it in. This is a form of energy is a hundred percent. You're basically you're getting synapses to fire. Yeah. Getting getting memories to filter. You're getting information that you've maybe ten years ago that start to falter into a gag or whatever you require of a person's thing. So that is energy bay. So you are and I think in too because there's so much pressure on because people are watching like, I make videos for myself inside, my shed and doing that. And then doing the live podcast. We did a few weeks ago. It was like all of a sudden holy fuck. There's a feedback here. And I can't just rely on like hold like every once a while make video and I can feel myself doing something stupid. Do you know what I mean? Like, I feel myself being Corning feeling and then I'm like, relax, relax. Teich? Yeah. But there's when you've got that immediate feedback loop in everyone's staring at you and the no-one labs when you expect them to laugh, and he start digging that hole and fucking. You gotta crawl out of it. And I think that takes an an immense amount of presence and also the fearlessness suck. I think because I think you can any of us who start to win. We start to go down that hole. The audience can smell the fear, and you letting fear hormones you letting it off and audiences picking it up, and then it's becoming awkward because you just done. Whereas I think somehow always savant of it's because they're on feel hormones K. I don't like I'm not there for you to justify my distance. I'm there I'm here to explore subjects humorously. And I don't know how long it's gonna take. I don't know. My brain's going to kick off. Here's a punchline don't know when that's going to happen. But at the same time, I don't fear. I mean. Yeah. K- fucking forgot to lock three to five minutes. And there was nothing. I suppose it'd be like, okay, I'm fucking shit up. But thank you for bopped. Pieces have bombed. Okay. He says and gags and bits have bombed. But I don't think I can't remember the last time I bombed like full show the corner. Remember, it's hard for me to imagine. I've seen you at I've senior Nabis a bunch. But even to seeing you in that big room like big theater. I just can't imagine how you would just got too much energy, man. So like, I think it's the thing of luck. If a bit bombs among guy Kabbah. Yeah. He does like it's not like I'm gonna I'm not going to dwell on it. I mean, I've had gigs that I haven't been stoked with. But. All in all, that's it's more of a self judging thing than it is a audience judge because I can see if I can see their reactions. They're enjoying on. No. I'm not giving my based on. No, I'm not like, maybe maybe doing stuff that that are should've sometimes going too long. Sometimes subject matter that I just conned get out of even a one to like talking about something grotesque, and I'd be like just walking leave it alone. And then nother one would come out of my mouth, and I'd be like, oh, you kidding me? It's fucking gone. So a lot of those kinds of things will happen. But generally, I think it's I've tried sometimes we used to do this thing where we like, okay. We're going down purpose than Africa. We're like we're gonna go and station down purpose. It often turned out to be the funniest because it was just that energy that Novus energy that was in of like, how's he going to bomb, and then you would try and bomb by being awkward or solid for long patches. And people are just not giggling because they could feel I think people can. And that's what I love about. Stand up is because it's all about connection, and sometimes it happens verbally and non verbally, and that's only Langley joint. Yeah. It's all of his actions soon as it becomes about the comic. You're right, man. They lose touch with it. Like, that's that's fucking great point. I've never put my finger on it. Because I've watched that much stand up and been like. This person felt like they were reading a script that real insecurity want somebody just memorize their acting and says it you're right. There's just no connection. And then there's different genres of comedy as music as in fighting as an yeah, there's different styles different. There's lots of different ways, you could do everything. So you see these guys you might be well written. So that comes out of Pitt more. A bit more practice versed says genre. It's like classical music jazz versus punk rock versus you know. It's all it's all like, John Rhys. So it's not necessarily. I people got all that guy was bad. You like the one man's bad. As there was a guy by the ball that I was laughing with them little bit me was awful because I know what Rathi was doing. Yes. You don't Amina us. I can see behind at one point. I could see behind the curtain of how he was like just rope a dope in and trying to ease. The thing that aloft would happen aqua got up, and they would go away. Again, this guy next me loftiness asshole and taught Rathi was funniest thing. And that's what it's like. Yeah. Okay. The predominantly the audience, but one man's trash is another ministration. The more mature is another man's trash econ-. It's a subject of autumn. But there is I think something very tangible. And I think it's an art. Work as well when you can tell that somebody's making some shit too. It's in everything and everything was something about the self promotion or about trying to gain something or trying to say something that's bigger than the. It's like, no, no, no. You've lost connection. One hundred percent men in my in my experience. The better connected. I can be to the thing that I'm making if I'm looking down at my pen. And I'm feeling every line. I trust that the drawing will happen. Exactly. And I got a I've got sketchbooks like fucking cupboard's full of sketchbooks full of shit every five pages. There's one drawing this kind of. And I think what another factor in the way. I do things is that I never have the final image. I never I never know. What's gonna be? Yeah. That's what these so wa- freak out about what you're doing. And that's the thing with comedy as well as I don't know what the shows. Gonna be. I don't know what it's gonna do. I don't know who's going to see it. I don't know what what they gonna feel. I don't know. I don't have a procedure neck with a lot of written comics that can be a little bit of trouble because they like this is what it's going to end up lock. And then doesn't and that's when you have a bad set. But for me, I don't know. So why fearing if a bit does because and so it doesn't matter. Why fearing if Alon went wrong spot of the Volusia of this piece that lon-wrong Knicks afterwards going to be closer to that? Which means it's rot, and so on and so forth, and that color, and etc. Etc. Deora feel like you're gonna eat like 'cause you're pretty much constantly, especially at Nabis and stuff. Like, yeah. Things have to everyone keeps coming back because everyone's there every week never go into material magin did that God. We'll be like, bro. We heard the seven weeks ago we hear you say the same seven weeks ago. You like do you go great memory? I know. And isn't that funny to even like normal people social environments say joke twice in everyone's on? Yeah. Now, imagine that's why I talk about I wish the rockstar. Yeah. Because he just play the anthem was played the enemy or lose their should over. If I do the same joke. Twas. Everyone's I guess you suck you hack. Fuck is a great job. Because that's the funny thing about comedy is like it's like it's like magic. It isn't juicy the trick. Tricks. Impressive anymore. Yeah. It's point. Same Drake per se cartridges different call you like Holly. I mean, if the trick the trick ins down, and especially the way, I do things because even if it is material always wanted to come across as that. I'm here with you. Yeah. You know what? I mean. I'm not going like our wrote this for a different feeling I'm here with you. This is the thing I'm talking about now. And this is the reason I'm talking about it now here, so it is important to write ideas. And that's what I was going to ask was like do you ever feel gutted after the show's over like fuck, what was that thing? I said that was amazing because there are so many times you'll come up with something. So surprising, avalanches dying. And then boom things maybe law so much with the different the different forms of sperm comes out. Liquid and then it draws up that was so funny that was a stupid dick Joe in its essence. But it was just very funny to me and like our lock. That's I remember that. Yeah. Maybe rod that ninety five percent of material has been written on site. I had I wrote my first three minutes of material. First one was a rape joke. Very first gag God. It's it's funny because it's you'll see. I'm so poor out now thinking of turning to crime, which crime to choose something of starting with ripe who's the audience? The only problem is ever fear of rejection. So I don't know how that's gonna work come here bitch. No sorry. Good night. So it's it's a ripe joke and all right jokes bad. Put those underlying there is actually just loser. That's the thing. So and if you get such big laughs from the tiny little pubs that I was doing. Yeah. If I did that on stage nowadays, or whatever the big audiences people get the fuck out here ripe. And I don't hear anything else. It's actually not a ripe joke. It's a joke about insecurity. Using such a violent thing to juxtapose juxtapose that the insecurity, so the seemingly so yes, so that was my beginning wrote a couple of jokes mostly six I haven't changed one bit. And then everything everything was written onstage. Everything's written because of ad-lib moments because of like just stream of consciousness, and then it started to intertwine into each other. And they became a joke. And then I was like that's fucking funny. Remember it afterwards Roddick down all something that was so good that it just stayed with me. And then I if all the into now have like a wreck knocked out maybe at this point ten years and two and a half hours of material. Material written written matab you done and he's specials like recorded jar core hours of done a comedy central special in South Africa was called the dusty rich lava parkas and that was like a comedy club park. Okay. And so that's that's that's actually it's almost two hours because the one hour we phoned which was released separately. And then there was another hour that was with to feature. Ax was like I'm kind of like, I was hosting the two jacks. And then I did a bit and refund a bit in the middle. And then a bit at the end. So it was it was maybe maybe one and a half hours. So it's two different features two different. It's comedy comedy central presents, LA parkas, dusty, rich and comedy central presents. Live parkas episode. One was when you fell special I pretty common practice to film it over a couple of nights. And then cut the best bits. Not straight Africa the budget for that. But I will do that. So did you go back to South Africa after you left England straight back? That's why stop drugs lift that. Winter is see so that and then you for winter stop doing drugs never done drugs since apart from shrimps there have we can hardly go to drug, and it's not a pharmaceutical Bouza. It's connection to guy. Yes. It's way of getting in touch without true. Selves. Had a little bit of drugs lift on my flat back we're not on my flak. But before taking this Klein, it was right off that two thousand and one sort of terror shits by Kansas became black fucking crazy scary, and whatever. So I was like no way I'm taking this on. So I did it. And then I got on the plane eleven hours, and I was smoker at the time. So I'm coming down dying for because that's what you do you smoke cigarettes. Yes, I got none of that. I'm coming on an airplane and a step out of that plane into southern African summa from British winter. I think Khotan idiot of some guy that he'd hit me and made me sick Baid sick bedridden flecked two weeks. Jesus. I was like never again not touching. Fuck and drive because I don't wanna come down. Yeah. I was saying I am exactly the same. I just don't I don't ever wanna come down. If they could figure out that shit. Then I'm back on. Back act back on. Also weird thing happened to me after that. I started realizing that I'm able to. Mabel to get my mind to the ha I'm able to get my mind to that specifically the cocaine confidence. Yeah. Able to get my Monday because. Self through Dali said a paste. I don't do drugs. I am drugs. And I think I think I'm able to get my most question I'll get aust- in comedy is what are you on? I've Christian big question. I goes what are you on? And I'm not looking does diverge just had a laugh. Everything's great year. Schnapp the butterfly. Do you know there is there is definitely some truth in that? Because there are people that say that they take like like MDA for examples that good one MD may in theory in psychoanalytic theory. Anyways, is that it's opposed to get you passed all of your bullshit programming your stories and your mistrust, you know, all the PTA. With PTSD at this point. Yes, PTSD and also for couples therapy is how it originally started. Oh god. Because it it strips all the shit and the judgmental. Yeah. Horrible shit in your head. And you just look at that person. You I love you offer a fortnight. I don't it's been four days. Toasty system of your love. Yeah. So the theory is the more you kind of get to that state, then you can feel a little bit more trusting and comfortable on your everyday life. You can start to like once you can recognize love because you can get it through MA. Then you may be more tuned to recognize love and enormous loss of maybe your extreme drug experience has to talk is we'll cocaine version of that the visual. Yeah. Under percent muscle. I mean, that's the point of foam, suitable on the pump. The point of pharmaceuticals is to get you to. To get you to a manufactured. Yes. Point of health, consciousness, etc. Etc. So I'm engine that's the same as the forty years of ending. Yeah. That switches offer certain wave in having that much extra energy. Like, that's always when I'm lacking creativity. It's always because there's two reasons I'm either tired or I feel like I'm a piece of shit. You know what I mean? Like, I'm judging myself so bad that I'm like, I can't fuck and draw. What did I think I could do that? Or the second thing count, even the greatest in the world. We'll look upon someone else. Go someone else's always better. Right. And with once you understand that you can just Instagram is just like I'll be like, oh, this is a cool idea. And then I'll go on like have a look at artists. I took my longtime even to post me to man because I was like man this fucking geniuses outta. Yeah. But then this was a fucking day. Fucking doing got on his aut. Fuck you untalented ship. So I'm like better than them. At least I'm somewhere in the middle better than him. Yeah. That's great work. I was like. Yeah. Look at this. I'm talking. Pain. I don't wanna feel this. But I mean, I think that's the thing. We must always think of is like this always something better than you. And then you go. Okay. But yeah, I've been voted as the top of the top you like, okay. But then what about the celestial bodies? What about the gods? What about the things? What about the shit? We done on these death, the beautiful humbling thing about actually surfing you familiar with serving and fighting. I think are probably comedy actually fell in that category is like they're so fucking humbling. Oh, grounding thing that will fuck you there. Grounding can be ground and pounded there in the fighting scene. And if you've been face six-foot-four me, doctor does fucking the waves are just there and thing each year fucking peon. Yeah. And then you think and think something's hilarious. And you've you've you've constructed every syllable, and you've you've placed everything like some sort of, you know, Van Gogh of comedy in you like everything is in order, and you say it on stage people like net you like fuck. Fuck avin. So yeah. Yeah. Exactly. What do I do this someone is anyone got a blade? Mahar? That's it. Yes, they're all incredibly humbling exercises. But I think it's so important, man. I wish more people would do because out there alive because I am the based at you like, you are a piece of shit and were my favorite film. It's my favorite form. Because of that speech. You are not a unique snowflake. You're the scum of the earth. And that's not a negative thing. I know people hear it and go like have you say that my mom put my pictures up on the fridge my whole child like it's not a it's it's a humbling thing to to experience and go. Okay. Fuck I'm not do. Do do this thing. Brian grenade and Brian grenades show where you rot down people write down shit on cod on a piece of paper. And then my producer put him into the laptop in a appear behind me. And I've got to do the comedy on whatever pill on me. And this is the Brisbane comedy festival. Did it over like four or four of them over the last week and every not the same shit the same suggestions three? And I'm not people are the same people are that's why marketing works. That's why think like can you can you group people into the categories based on what their suggestions like like not stereotypical like best based on hecklers. You know, the style of people who see it do comedy. You got a knack foams picking what people are. Yes. You know what I mean? Like if I start making fun of them in certain why. And and it's almost like I don't know if it's going to go correctly. And then I'll also them what they do whatever. And then a hundred percent leading down where what I was saying. Anyway. As I can almost. And then it's like some. Can I'd love to be tested one day to see if it's actually legitimate, but I can almost pick people into groups just bus shit miniature movements miniature I flex or nose nods or stretching or whatever I can almost pick people. And I don't know what it is. I don't know why I think it was just trying to read. My father's moods and read what was happening. Maybe it was early development thing about survival type. Yeah. Yeah. So now, I'm just like way they sit the way they sitting communicating the way they order the way the liberal volume of voice, the cadence the confidence the lack of confidence. I can it's how many times in my career gone a bitch era, and they have been like it's been it's almost been creepy. And I think always said I would have been a fucking great detective because and also we're minimal off about it. Because she's the exact opposite. She Connery shit social cues, you can read she often done a painting. And it'll be on the wall way she comes in from work, and she woke shrimp, and is our fuck of big painting. What the fuck do this for? And I'll clean or I'll. Do something or whatever. And it's obviously different. And she she doesn't notice because she's gain she has different intelligence. She's a remarkable learned intelligent or remarkable and education based intelligence. She's credible that way on she these spreadsheets Columbia's long that I look at top line. And I'm not ACA gone. Thanks. But so I think everyone is developed in a different way. But yeah, I definitely think that's why I'm good at what I do. Because even that audience, which is mostly in the dock at the goal on Sunday, predominantly at the dock, but are watched a lot of the axe. And as came out I could see people that I could see in the front row. How I was sitting what mood they were in. And then I started delivering lands, and I would get feedback from the lands in miniscule versions, if I sent you wait that word if I sent you wait that sellable does it get a little giggle. If our move this way or do if I say on this leg, or if our flick, my wrist when I say it Bintang singly in the wardrobe in the wardrobe. Does get is it getting the law, and then I start going, okay? Laughing on the notes that thing. And I'm not sitting there going like conscious launch salvage. And the not like Trump break it down to what they enjoy that. What was the thing they enjoyed about it and then start to break it down like that? And then I'm busy breaking it down in that subconscious thing, and then it's sending messages to prefrontal cortex going. Okay. Do more of this eleven do more do more. And then I'll just go. Start big sensu eating those things that my the back of brain saying works just keep going down that route. And then it starts to become of obviously coupled with language. Yeah. And that kind of thing so yeah, I think it's just a micro. That's meant saw look at brains and shit like these people who are no Leedle Ganic. What the scientists did this fucking scientists created this beautiful? Fucking sixty four inch diameter orange for us. And you wanna go eat this little fucking puffball from an organic like Ma like we such victims sometimes and gone out. Let signs I mean, I just found the brain human brain the human body to these miraculous. That's why I've just I can't get on board with them war and murder and stuff is because yet maybe the guy was fuck it. Maybe it was a fuck it. But what if he gave birth to the next or what I like the brain? And the body is you don't know supp- thing. So all of that shit me and all of our perceived notions about other people things this that all it is is just shit that we're not dealing with which is fucking crazy to me like the it's become this really like new age common zoom like you believe in yourself you being truth. Yeah. When whatever the fuck that is like nobody actually like it's luckily for all of. Us. I think it's becoming more common knowledge that we are the least common denominator myself, my head is it's not anybody else to blame. None of that. I'm creating what's going on around me? Not because I'm manifesting God. But because I look at the world through my own filtered perceptions, and if I decide I'm piece of shit, I'm gonna feel like a piece of shit side to decide that I'm incapable. If I decide he's a racist. He's a racist. If I if a wave pushes me a move. Yes. Exactly. And until you get to a point where something breaks inside you that you have or or. Yeah. You learn how to break through it that that you become the present column in amongst this the waves around you this that that's what this thing is that's to to my arm. It's a Buddhist chant in. I'm not necessary. I'm not Buddhist by any means. But the point of the chant is. You and the school choke him Trumper. You lady lady touching. I just I didn't realize that that's a real realty editor Brian put it together. Like, should I read something about? Yeah. I just read a new article recently that his son chugging of let's see called something jed something chat rooms walking pieces. Should he's in America rape. And ladies all over all they just had to get him out of the Ostrom because he's a Sherry touchy feeler anyways. So there's this huge Powell George Vella, Buddhism, whatever their school of thought is. But this the idea of this whole thing is it's four words that you say together that remind you to stay in the center. So the winds of change happen all around you all the time. And you're you're only thing that you can do is just remained focused on this thing. That's in front of you all the shit. That's coming. Life changes. Things changed trees. Come and go windows and go, and you have to just be sitting there and be president. So I get accused of that a lot. Say accused because for me sometimes it's a problem to change too much. I'm completely brazened. Yeah. I'm I don't times it's bad because. Don't normally act with force. Do you know? Sometimes it can be in the other direction or don't necessarily learn from mistakes because I'm just like working hungry e. Sometimes you don't. Creative paint fucking. Speed. When. Perfect sense. Why you'd be attracted to somebody that is structured the way your wife? Yeah. Because in a way, you kind of have become too whole we talk about it all the time on blue cheese, the rock. Yeah. Yeah. It's comedian and the accountant. I'm running a book communion. The counted how to love. You in your leg. Yeah. It's it's. Retrospect is it's an easy. It's an easy scope to look through. But it's all we're all defined bar. We're old we're all called from our from our environmental past an hour. The changes that have been mad at us. But we can decide where that sculpture sits. We can. And the way that you've built out of that. I mean, I haven't this is just the beginning. Yeah. Fuck it. This is they have Lucien of life. And I don't know. I mean, fuck I talk about this all the time but three years ago. I've no idea you existed. I didn't exist to you. I was not did not exist had no exist. That's mad at a what the fuck was happening to me. No matter what I was going through. No matter what you were going through did not exist. Right. Fall intensive purposes. Do you know your neighbor? They do not exist. Just do you. Do you? Another one of my insane. Fucking Zaidi's at come out of nowhere is obvious sitting at the traffic lights, and I'll be realizing all these people are driving past me in close enough that I could reach out my car window and touch them never know them. But don't exist. They don't exist. They are exhibiting not as will be zip through Neons. Yeah. Do not exist. And that's that's the fascinating part about the snowflakes Drome his like, you're not special not special. And that's okay. Right. You know, people often say. Or got stuck in traffic dinning, you are traffic? You know? Stuck people just we're just so precious so precious like this thing about climate change and stuff like that. Human caused climate change, which obviously I believe you'll be fucking idiot. Not to believe in. But to degree of think, we're too precious that we think this world gives a fuck about us, right? Gonna do steamroll. Steam, rollers steamroll everything else is going to be back Kakatua's. Scuttling through our skulls orbital bone fucking and other cockroach on on the bridge of our we are cartilage used to be and we lugubrious look at this thing built like it's not gonna be. It's my Instagram's. That's it. That's it and go fuck yourself. And the only thing you can do in this what you said. And that's what the praying that you've my pulmonary on your body is that you can only the only thing you can do been here now because the what do they say the fundamentals of laughter put us. The is birth. Sickness agent death. That's a all on. We all get sick. We all age, and we all are the only things you can count on three months. Chill. Just tell while you're in it, and that, and that's the thing is understanding how to make progress while you're in the immediate present visit confusing balance to make easy way to get to drugs. Only dude. Yeah. There's that hedonist excite of it to which I think I think being present and this has gotten mangled in our modern culture because it's all about hedonism and free expression. And I just gonna be me, and I'm gonna be flake and deserve to be me. Don't know opinions, for instance, opinions on the fucking worst opinions of the worst thing I've ever heard all I have an opinion on this thing shut the no one gives a far heaven opinion. This is my new my new thing. I fuck why do people get in their car and record themselves having an idea that everyone's already had do you know what I mean? Like what the? Yeah. They're just thinking about the search engine top in. So. No, it's more insipid than that. It's like the thing where they go like this guy. I actually I ended up going to make my own video in my car because I was so mad about it was sitting here procrastinating getting an Instagram and somebody started following me. And I was like cool. I'll check them out see what they're up to. And he just had a video of him seatbelt on in his car like waiting in traffic, possibly are waiting for his kids can picking someone up whatever obviously doing something that's not important. And then he sits there on his phone. And he's like, hey, guys just checking in just wanted to like let you know that like it's really important to fill. Sometimes like, it's it's not a bad thing if you fail because like you're getting better. They believe in yourself. You can you can do great deeds. And just like Hitler. Believed in himself. Look what he's done. And there's just you know, what I mean? It was just the most obvious stupidest shit I've ever heard and it's yet. But that guys that guy's non if this is the other thing that I'm possess self-awareness right to fault because I struggle to even be self promoting right because Celta way. I'm self aware of what it sounds like. And what it feels like fuck, man. So that has no self awareness. And those are the people that vote, by the way, those are the people that I know and the trouble is like, and it sounds like I'm sitting here just being a cut. But it's not I don't mean it. I don't mean it in the way like all that guy's a fucking dick head, and I know better, it's just this lack of self awareness. And this this this feeling of self importance that like my thing things are more important than your thing. Things like anti we sit making about cost you been listened. On. This is the beauty is because we can make jokes like that. Because we're self away. Right. That guy couldn't make that joke. 'cause he was serious when he was saying that he was like, I'm dead serious about this couch and be okay with failing areas guys. Look at me. I'd be like guys it's important that you just wanted to drove a message for you that it's important that you must be okay with failing. This is my driving Drucker his name is Harold Harold. How did I do you failed? I'm fine with that. Do you know what I mean? That's like you making. Yourself away. So you making a gag about guys. It's so important a foul. Right. You need and then pretend you crash. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Gods it so important of how to aids taste. I just came from on positive. I mean negative. I don't know how it works. So it's it's making fun of that. Because we self-awareness send thing about making a joke about a podcast. So making a joke about my opinion matters or making a joke about guys this is what you should believe in. Yeah. You believe in I get that. And so can make a joke about it. And that's my constant clashes with my wife and always talk about moth because told you learn wolf, and she's the only fucking personal hang around with and clash all the time. Because I'm I'm not I'm not a philosophi-. Don't listen to what I say bullshit. I'm fucking council member. I'm not your. I'm just I'm saying shit like it's bourbon guide. There was fucking. There's a mazing podcast. I listen to this lady is called mispronounce her name. She's an Irish lady called Bernadette Devlin McClatchy. That's fair enough. That's hey. Hey, Bernadette too much. You know that your name. Let's have that shit. Too much. She is a civil rights activist from Ireland house. From the sixties. And she was there on Bloody Sunday was like talking on the back of the truck while getting shot. Yeah. She's a fucking like she was the youngest member of parliament to be elected twenty one or twenty two years old. Yes, she was just like I for Irish rights civil she fucking legend. And so she was on this podcast, and they opened it up to questions at the end and one of the people in the crowd stood up. And was like, well you please run for president. You should be our president and g looked at the girl. And she goes you've got is. You've got two years. You obviously have a brain UB president. Why you guys always waiting for someone else to do what you can do inside yourself right now. And it was just like fuck. This is what we're missing in our culture now because everybody's me healthy me look at my thing and on the same. You know, what I mean like everything because we we feed into the train go. Are you supposed to do it? Yeah. And it's like I have this thing that needs to be expressed out into the world somehow and there's a medium. For me to do it. And the way I promote that is by fucking social media, which is the thing the thing that there, but she's one hundred percent rot. But she's one hundred percent. Do it just do it thing is like while. We're sitting here waiting for other people to take that thing. And be like, oh, well, you're better than me. You have this life experience. It's like, no you create your life. Go do it at very least this podcast will be the longest running pod cost of all, Tom. Ed, very. That's how it will gain fame and very lease and the content is valley, very at the miniscule baseline, regardless of the content, regardless of the case, regardless of what this turns into this to institute, a massive fucking multi conglomerate and thymine system, regardless of all of that. If you just do what she just said, and you just do it the very least become famous for the longest running caused Johnny ninety seven ninety years old still cranking. Our let's welcome. He hasn't been back in eighty seven years. Please dare Syria. You'll be dead. I'll be so it'd we did to us. That would me for criminal charges, and then bury me again. Yeah. One hundred percent. And I wish fucker wish I could eat Marin words, I wish I could swallow the truth, but it's so hard to fucking get them down. Because if I just did it and made the videos I wanted to make and find out up the screen and just made them at very least people would go. He's working at it. Yes. As it's it is an again in everything I think it always comes back to that balance. Like, you have to have an elemental self doubt to stop yourself from producing the fuck and Carvey shitty day. And then you also have to have enough self confidence to be like Nafa at it. But I think, but I think we talking to you talking to me we really possessed that self awareness that weren't litigated there. But I do make mistakes. Everyone do watch footage on myself. Should I be? Yeah. I wanna I wanna get I wanna come back in time and in or not I want to come back in time. And make sure that I don't exist to come back in time Cusack. Killed you before you made the machine I wanna break the time paradox because you such an awkward pieces, ship Agia voice. I know that this may be recorded nominee to hear this future, dusty, this is your voice and that. Fuck. I hate listening to this piece of shit. But I haven't theory on God. I do it all the time. And then I have a theory on it that it's like if the best thing I ever did was five years ago. I might as well be dead. You know what I mean? Like if I'm not if I don't look back at five years ago, you piece of shit. I'm obviously, not try. That's a great way of looking at Hungary's injury. You like if I wasn't shipped back then that means not good now followed Pango fuck out, so cool. Okay. Tamped down. Just one of those barrel. Yeah. That's a great way. That's actually I'm gonna use it from now on and go. Yeah. If don't look back in my old artwork for only back at my old. What's name? And I think it's a piece of shit, then I'm not progressing, right? Exac, right, usually told me something that feel. I wish I could learn the word for pasta taught. Paid an inner I think you had it when he's older. Talk. Doc them so third world educated hot taught, which is also Toit is tie taught very taught Depp. I was taught what you said totally. Tom's on either drop back. You do you have to go off son of a bitch. I'm I'm gonna fall asleep and die. I heard man will be the loss recording of me ever. And all this what's happening in notifications. And if you this is the law stopped now, it has this is the loss recording of dusty rich just wanted to tell everyone euro piece of shit never liked believe in USA for you have to believe in yourself. And remember that takes rooms every now and then. Does d we this is going to be out on Sunday. So you're combranch muschamp past tense, but I'm going to share the shit out of your show. This whole we and we're going to get people to go Macci because you're one of the best. And if you listen to this, and you did see my show. You're welcome. You're welcome. Okay. And and you can see you all the time Nabis. Yeah. I'll be Nabis next week actually yapping. I'm in town. Fucking say just go dusty rich dot com. Palma special creations up there, some self ease of Mullaly sexy. All right. Okay. Thank you. Hello again, that was dusty rich if you'd like to see more about dusty dusty rich dot com, dusty rich on Instagram, dusty ridge on Facebook, you know, the drill. Hope you have a wonderful week. Thank you for listening to the podcast, if you like the podcast, and you want to contribute to it. You can do that at patriotair dot com. I have to shout over the fucking rubbish collector because I'm gonna garage and it's a roller door. It's not important. Hope you guys have a great week talk to you against him.

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Episode 1 - Infidelity

"Bring you to the darker side of investigations. This is the investigation guru. Podcast with shannon and dana. All right hello and welcome to the investigation grew. Podcast this is the official podcast of red door investigations. I'm shawn and with news. Always is dana. How's it going good. Are you all right today. We're going to talk today. We're gonna talk about infidelity infidelity kind of a big topic in private investigations. It's a pretty big source of our business it is. There's a lot of people. There are a of people who don't do what they're supposed to do. Who don't behave how they're supposed to behave a lot of people. Have one of wonder's doubts goes beyond that though right. Doesn't it kind of break down to your moral compass. Your moral compass. Yeah i think so. Like america has a lot to do with your choices especially in a relationship. So you're saying if you cheat and your your moral absolutely would think so to your face. Looks like it was questioning that. Excuse me. do we need to talk. No oh all right so we kind of have a little outline. We're going to go by here. So hopefully this doesn't drag on for ever and ever but We're gonna talk about several different things here Dealing with infidelity relationships. So let's let's go ahead and dive in sorry rejoining. I don't find this boring by any means right so talking about relationships in general and the how relationships can kind of develop over time and how they change and why people can kind of you know start to wander and almost not really lose interest in their current partner but you know at least an interest. Yeah maybe especially in today's society where You know people are constantly looking for change and our attention. Spans are are so limited limited. And you know it's probably one of those things. It's almost kind of getting worse with time. We're not we're not really. I wouldn't say we're improving as a society. Second that all right so kind of entering psychology mood here on basically. We're gonna talk about the different kinds of love and how You know again. Relationships evolve in they change. You know people grow together and sometimes people tend to grow apart in it's not It's not something that you know. Every relationship is different and you know what works for for one couple is always going to work for for everyone but Yeah so You'll find out what works for you and you know if you're if your relationship is solid and you know you think you're happy then keep doing what you're doing because again you know what what works for one person or one relationship may not always work for everyone. So right custom you have to get to customize things right little bit kind of tailored to each relationship meaning you know the relationships you had when you were a teenager quite different than the relationships you have today as an adult speaking for myself. So yeah i mean. Every every every individual's different therefore relationship is a different exactly so it's just a matter of custom customizing things and kind of listening to your partner and respecting them. We'll put in the time and effort into a relationship it takes it takes work takes Dedication it's a it's a true commitment especially when you're married it's Your you know for me personally when you take an oath it's important to honor to honor your husband your your wife important to respect their needs their wants and i think you can really come together really well if you communicate with respect and kindness and compassion honestly. I think it takes a lot of compassion. We're on different levels intellectually emotionally ninety percent of the time people were having emotional responses and that can lead to again to the of infidelity. You're having issues in your marriage. You typically have an emotional reaction with that. it doesn't fall back on shannon. I different yeah. Tend to be more almost kind of an intellectual you'll thinker and she's definitely more of the feeler so again. We complement each other. Really really well. You know where one kind of one of those where you know. I fall short. She picks up the slack and vice versa. And that's really kind of what makes a good a good religion to complementing each other and not compliment is in. You know you look nice today. All that that's also important but complimenting where you feel in each other's gaps. No one has the the complete picture and you have to. You have to work well together. You have to really mesh in an order in order to mesh than you really kind of have to really fill in each other's blanks and make sure that you know what you have is you know. Make sure partner better and you know you lift each other up instead of dragging each other down in one of those things. Is you know finding out that you're that you're compatible. And there there. There are several different ways of of being compatible. Emotional compatibility there's sexual compatibility there's you have to be able to to meet each other's in washington needs and physical needs and social needs and all kinds of things and so you know making sure that you fit together and his part of the part of the process of of courting each other and that's you know getting to know each other and and making sure that you know who you are and what you can offer to. The relationship is what you know something that the other person either lacks that they need and vice versa. Right and there's two types of love so you have compassionate and then you have passionate tell me a little bit about that duck. Passionate love is basically the electric that animalistic drive that urge to be in each other's presence. It's it's really kind of what is the you know the honeymoon phase of of a relationship when when first when they're first starting physical attraction physical the physical attraction a big part of it You have to you have to have that passion. You have to have that desire. You have to have that that drive in. It's kind of the foundation of of really any strong stable relationship in marriage if you don't have if you don't have the passion if you don't have that that attraction that drive the desire to be with each other than really i mean what's what's the point right agreed. I mean i think it's so different for women than men definitely women are for me. I'll speak on myself. Actually here. I personally attracted to somebody by their emotional. What they give emotionally. First and foremost i mean to me. That's the most valuable thing in a person is you know. Do they care about humanity. Do they have compassion. Do they have morals have values family values. That's that's big one. Big big one likely. Yeah and you've got to be on the same page though even though you think differently you can. You can absolutely get on the same page. I mean tell me more about the map perspective who we haven't finished the different kinds of loved over guard. Keep go ahead. The psychology mood here. We got yeah. You could do that. So passionate. phase is basically. You know what the again that magnetic the the thing that brings a lot of people together But again you know that. That honeymoon phase it. It doesn't really last forever. It it's gonna it's gonna kinda wear off and you know the new car smell or whatever you know is going to leave and you gotta you gotta make that car. You gotta make that transition to to what's going to carry it through through the long term and usually what carries relationships through you know people who stay married neil. Thirty forty fifty years is they're able to to make that transition to the second type of love which is compassionate love. we're talking about successful marriages. We're not talking about the marriages that are are together because kids and a are happy and we're talking about successful. Mary people who are who would describe themselves as as being happy. Right what makes marriages work and Basically a compassionate love is is the the trust in the intimacy and and the the support and the again the those types of compatibility issues that are kind of go beyond the physical. And you know this is. This is something that you know again. The the passionate that that passion that lost all of that compatibility and everything that that's really good for bringing people together and you know the drive to even initiate any kind of relationship with this person at that's a very very important in somebody say kind of fundamental heart of of of a relationship. It's it's very very important. You've got to have that that passion that drive that that That need free each other could again. If you're not able to to make that transition from you know the honeymoon phase that new cars smell whatever. If you're not able to transition that to the the loving supporting trusting that intimacy putting other people's needs ahead of your own then all you know all likely you're you're probably just not going to make it a statistically speaking you know divorces now what about fifty sixty percents and the most marriages i believe that's correct end in divorce so yeah it's It's not gonna be a odds are not in in favor of people staying together especially you know again. Today's society for a lot of stresses. I mean yeah. Everything's changing especially current. Exactly you know statistically speaking you know most marriages will will end in divorce and you know this is not just for marriage. This is something that can can apply to relationships as well and it absolutely can apply to you know not. Everyone chooses to get married. So it's it's not. It's not solely something that the marriage is for everyone. Either i mean right you know and you know. Some marriages are common law. And that's okay you know at the end of the day. That's a piece of paper exactly so making that making that transition from kind of the honeymoon phase to the the long term you know trust and intimacy and all those things that the part of the relationship that takes the work you know the passionate phases that that is easy. It doesn't require any kind of you know effort or or vulnerability but if you wanna stick it out and you wanna make it through the long haul. Then you've gotta you've got kind of make that make that switch and you've got to kind of fill in the gaps that when when this new car smell this passionate phase wears off then you really a kind of have something there to fill in the gaps to to back up more. Everything requires heart. I think yeah no matter what we do. Acquire as your your inner most feelings and emotions and and takes application of that. You can't you can't kind of depend on the physical attraction to keep it going for the long haul that's just inconceivable. You gotta you gotta start. That were early. You know a lot of people were kind of get lulled into just kind of riding that wave of you know the fun and they don't they don't put in the work that's needed to keep that going so again once that once that passionate face wears off and it always does Then you know. The frequency of sex goes down and the frequency of you know that that intimacy and all of that that tends to you know the longer him a couple of married or stays together. usually specially if you don't put in the work but they tend to kind of drift apart and that's a lot of things really kinda go south and you can't expect it. You know marriage to actually be successful if you don't have that foundation that foundation is what creates the walls. Basically it it all the problems that come in between you know in your life whether it be personal or within the relationship you need. You need a good foundation so that you can create a wall of structure to kind of protect the relationship. Joe if so to speak you need you. I know this probably sounds cliche. But it's true you know you have to have a good foundation because otherwise when problems arise in the marriage you will not be able to face those problems together individually be able to work through. We're not to communicate it. Just all everything comes down to basically the compassionate love. I mean yeah yeah passionate loves great and all it is no doubt but you know when it comes down to it where success derives from. It derives from the compassionate love aspect. Exactly it just. Does i mean but without it. You're you're going to sink most likely. I mean some relationships with some summer surface all about the surface that that that's a good way to put careless. Dig in can narrow kate with that you know we didn't you know i mean to each his own. The whatever floats your boat whenever it gets you make sure your combat compatibility comes into play exactly because eventually will to catch you. May what's on the surface. Everything comes out of injury one way or another So yeah just make sure you're compatible because if what if your service person that's what i call him if you are somebody who cares about materials and images and things like this society tends to fall back on for security purposes and self esteem to build their self-esteem i mean there's other people out there like that and that's who you need to be with if you're a surface person but if you're not in you're struggling and your marriage or relationship because of your levels of intimacy different or your motion levels different and it's probably because one of your surface and what have you are deeper are deeper person. And this doesn't mean that just because you have problems you know who you're with is not right for every marriage is going to go through ups and downs and sometimes you got to dig deeper and that person comes you gotta pull it out of them. It's there you know you really do bent to this impasse relationships where you think this person is is gosh. Just broken in you know broken beyond repair but Again if you put your put the working to it and effort you can really learn a lot from each other and learn to really really have a great great bond. I think that's important exactly. So what happens when when this passionate phase where the foot you know. How do how do we. How do we really kind of make that transition from from one to another. How do you know if you if you have it or you. Don is there. I think i know pretty early on pretty early on in. Yeah look l. I guess in the dating fe was married for almost thirteen years. So i can't really say don't have a lot of experience and i'll let you know i'm forty-three three three kids and one granddaughter. One dog they're all females. Believe it or not. But so i. But i still do not understand the mel. I do understand very well to the mel subject again. I was married for almost thirteen years. But how do you know. I mean what do you mean by that though. That's not a specific. How do you. How do you make make it work. I mean from from the the female perspective. And how do you what what what is it. You're you're looking for. What what kind of what makes it work for you personally or just yeah. I had to be bonded by the heart. I honestly i'm not as surfaced person. I don't know explain that. But i fully fully believe in matters of the heart being dealt with and i'm very Analytical and so. I don't know for me personally. You really have to have a good heart. Have a good moral compass. And i don't know you and i know for men. It's different for women it's more again. It's more of an emotional. Women's more emotional. That's that's the standard is statement. But you know i know. A lot of women who actually are more surface and their marriages aren't thriving men who were really deep to they are Yeah of course. There are absolutely yeah you can make it work for sure. I mean again with respect in communication healthy communication. Not the you know. It's okay to disagree. It's not okay to be shouting. Your partner cussing them out or you know slamming doors. Those that's not healthy. That's not healthy communication it that tends to lead to other things things that you should never even consider you know. We're talking about violence here. It can happen. Trust me so i i don't know i don't know you tell me from the male perspective. Maybe i can mill. Gimme me a minute to men. we're kind of. We're kind of easy to what go ahead. Yeah men are are are different from women. We look for different things and again you know. What what What we each bring to the table is is Is very very different. We're looking for is is something that Again you know with this all goes back to the complimenting or being complementary to each other you know what the men have different needs than than women and it's a something that The more i guess the more you understand the needs of of your partner and again that this this kind of comes back to the to the communication and you know it's it's very important to be open with with your partner in understand and realize what what he or she needs in. Do your damndest to to meet those needs and meet them consistently again. You know things will things will fall apart you know. We could lead to resentment in in all kinds of things and you know once once that road kind of comes down it. It's a lot easier to keep going down that road than it is to backtrack and reevaluate and again put in the word that is needed to fix what should have art. What should never have. Have you know corroded or been broken in the first place Be what what's what's talk about. What how infidelity like win things really kind of go wrong and in how you know the when when i start to wonder and when you start to You know really kind of be invested in your relationship and infidelity doesn't really have to be all about sex doesn't have to involve sex at all you can. Have you know emotional infidelity. You're putting someone else again. A ahead of your partner all of these things. All of these things would qualify. It's not it's not just about sex. It's not that though either. Yeah there's there's the the wondering. I met you know when you your partner husband wife. Whatever when you notice them you know looking at other women or fluorine with them. I mean that's that's a disrespect and it's a betrayal to a person's heart meller female. You know you notice these things for me. When i was married honestly look another may end contractions other men. I didn't i didn't feel and with know the show and of course i don't feel those things we talked about this recently. We did but Yeah i don't. I don't have that in me. I don't know i don't know i would call it loyalty. I mean i guess it is a form of loyalty his commitment. its commitment. yeah it is commitment making that decision to you. But i don't have that in me. You know what i mean. I don't have that commitment. No no i don't have it in me to to wonder what makes you as a mel because usually that's a mental thing not that it's not women either because it is but it typically is statistically it is a male thing is more of the women i understand. Women are beautiful creatures. I mean they are but what makes a man do that because like i don't even have that in my. I'm not programmed that way. I guess you could say so to speak. Well that's a whole other rabbit speaking from a man. It's it's something you know with with all of the evolutionary pressures and things that you know we as as a man you know. It's it's kind of a numbers game and You know basically the the more women that allow us to you know make them have sex or whatever you wanna call eight. Yeah that's the scientist. Sorry but then the the greater the chances that we're going to pass on our genes to the next generation and have a child. Whatever in again you know that these types of of evolutionary and biological pressures. It's actually something that you know is is is in. Our jeans is in our dna and we have that that biological pressure to increase our chances of of having having children and for for women. It's evolutionary force. Yeah So it's not you know it's not out of our control. You know we. You know it's it's possible to you. Know not act on that of course when the the whole point of one the wandering eye. Where does that come from. Let's look good question. I'm not sure exactly. You know i stumped you why Why men feel the need to you know to do that. it it does. There are evolutionary evolutionary pressures. You know because again with with guys. It's it's kind of this this numbers game and you know if the you know we have this need to procreate throw create and you know the male involvement in you know raising kids and things like that is usually much lower than it is for women you know guys. Can you know basically have sex once and and pass on their genes and you know if you're from an evolutionary psychological standpoint again that that's really kinda wear took where this comes from when we're can have sex once in passing. Yeah but try to ask you guys. You guys have a much involved. You're you're you have nine months of you know. Well yes you're talking about. How many times. Well yeah man can can impregnate somebody. Probably every minute mostly not the case women ovulating exactly but i'm saying just harry out so the numbers it's a numbers game. Basically man can go out and pretty much penetrate a woman and pregnant at her women can only have one child per year. Men can have as many children as they can they. Can you know get women pregnant too. Great responsibility isn't it. Yeah i think so again. You know this is. This is the rapid guys. If i had if i had to you know say that then. That's probably probably what it is. Just just the evolutionary pressure the the numbers game of what it you know the the goal of of men especially this biological Humans it's also the animistic breeding. We have that whether we admit to it or realize that even for that matter it really does go back to the mona's the animistic breeding. At for a man it's different obviously. But being getting the pursuers and and all of that and you know the gatherers we can go into this day. Lucca sitting around all psychology. He could spend lots of time on spending. So what happens when you know when when things do go wrong if if something you know you if you're suspecting that your husband or wife has straight path and not you is is not what what you know. What do you do how do you. How do you figure that out. How do you what what. Why is that so devastating in it is devastating for both men and women but probably for for different reasons right woman. It's yeah you usually wear the nurture operation ship. So it's not just a break. You know betray ore break-up vowel it's mean you put your heart and soul into your family and and i think that that kind of betrayal i think can really damage a woman. I mean it can if you allow it but for a man. What do you think dr women would would are. Women more. Would it be more devastating. If if i loved someone or if i slept with someone. That's a good question. Now definitely the love your seconds just sexton the day but love is different in the motion bond that break sexual on their. You're you're breaking the are you talking about through sex or through just like communication either one. I mean i don't know. I mean yeah i mean if especially if sex is involved. You're kind of breaking both those dow. Which would which would hurt more. If i if i slept with someone else or if i love bond if you love them announce for sharing exactly and again that. That's that's another one of the kind of the differences between between men and women. Why would it be different for you. Oh yeah i would be much more devastated if you if you slept with someone. Why is that. it's not necessarily go. Maybe well it's not really ego is is it is money. You go again this evolutionary pressure and you know something called. there's actually a a thing called paternity uncertainty where you know any any child that the female in the relationship bears. The man can never really be one hundred percent certain that it is. it is his two alternately. We have to just kinda take your word for it. Yeah so as not even a hundred percent deep paternity tests even can't say with one hundred percents certainty that That the man is the father they can rule them out with. One hundred percents certainty. But even you know something like a paternity ultimately we missed the highest percentage of that nine point nine seven or no. It's like. I think it's closer ninety. Seven hundred ninety eight now. Is it do for all intensive purposes young. Read somewhere so yeah. It sounds more. Yeah that sounds there. There is a possibility so men you know again. We're gonna we're gonna kind of invest our resources in a woman in their child and Being able to ensure or at least maximize. The chances that that this child is is ours. that really. That's why men are so so hung up on on sex and on you know making sure that well. Yeah your hormones are quite the hours that is true was thinking that's probably more not that that's not true per se but i think that majority of it is a man's hormones are just so different than from a woman's And if you think about it you know women are. Women are are much more emotional creatures and men tend to be more physical. And you know the stereotype. The stereotype is going to hold it. Just scientifically speaking so women would be more betrayed by emotional infidelity and men would probably be more betrayed by what it though. I mean. So the emotional. Though 'cause it takes a lot more to love somebody takes for women to. I think it takes intimacy some kind of physical intimacy. So do you think this is my question who i'm going with this. Do you think men can fall in love easily with their mistress or do you think that's something more again. A physical thing. Not so much emotional. Well you have to. You have to think about how men and women view lovin what love means to a man and what love means to a woman right female love what love means to a woman is usually more again that emotional connection that emotional bond. How close you are to each other. And you know to a certain extent that that's kind of what it is with men as well but again men place much more stock in the physical ryan how you know hell physically available a woman as it's it's very hard for make sense when my marriage went kaput discuss that here but yeah i'd gained a lot of weight from medications so that makes sense. Yeah and that's you know again men kind of get a bad rap. You know we try to do it. Yeah like i if a man loses interest in in his wife or whatever because she gained weight or whatever That's that's usually pretty horrifying in a good man wouldn't do that. Who who loves his wife and everything. That's why you gotta have the foundation. Yeah you've got that problems are is exactly it's it's all gonna come back to come back to those two different kinds of love but yeah again uniform man. That's that's much much more important than it is for not not that it's not important for women but for a man that's it's it's much more I guess the up a priority than it is for women. Men are much more interested in what a woman is than women are women Women are probably looking for more who their men is. That will kind of person and things like that. that's true. Yeah yeah definitely. I mean i i've been in. I would say the total serious relationships One beating my marriage my the second one being of nearly five year relationship before sean. And of course. Another sean together for over four years so i tended. Actually mine are usually long-term again. My marriage was almost thirteen years. And the one the man. Before sean he he passed away so I'm at sean now. Going for your strong. So but Going with that lemon either happens. Yeah i don't always saying that matter go ahead. You're translate something walk so okay so we have. You know you're trucking along in your relationship and you know everything is going good and all of a sudden your your spouse or significant other starts to change and certain things in the relationship aren't really how they used to be You're not really sure what what happened or you know you. You go through all these periods of self doubt where you start to wonder you know. Did i do something wrong. There's something wrong with with with them or is this something that's temporary and will a lot of times. You know one of your first instincts is you know. Is there someone else. And that's you know. I wanna say this before you start accusing somebody of infidelity. Please please please. For the love of god. Have some some have some evidence. Don't don't don't don't accuse somebody of something that is just an allegation because your motions can get the best of you and your mind can actually start creating things and kind of putting making something out of nothing. It's not to say there's not a problem maybe there somewhere. That doesn't necessarily mean it's it's a cheating matter it just doesn't so just for the love of god please you know. Find out first before you do everything you can again. This is what we do. P. is so. We investigate infidelities. Is one of our specialties. But yeah for the love of god please. you know. Find out before he accused because that can damage itself can be very damaging to person. because that's that's attacking their integrity And that could really hurt. Somebody could her relationship. I can hurt the person vigil. That doesn't mean that your your gut instinct is. La's right now lewd. I mean it's not always right either. Always right no i. I can vouch for that. I could say. I don't. I my gut instinct sometimes i. I'm not saying. I have good intuition. 'cause i just do i really do but there are times when i again your mind. Kind of carries things away and you start creating things in your head scenarios and mean it don't mean physical evidence. We're there's so many things so many signs of cheating they should be looking out for if you're concerned about that and we'll go into that of course but Yeah you're right. I mean yeah i mean pe- people know especially the longer you are. You're together you start to kind of fall into that that rut and the you know the day to day things and you know problems we're going to creep up to and you know your ability to kind of those problems in the your ability to connect do conflict well or that's where coping comes then you then you know the the more resilient you are to outside influences but again you know not not everybody. Yeah i mean. Honestly i think that even the strongest marriages can falter infidelity. When you you'd think that person could never do that to you. Wow sometimes it can really really really just take you by surprise and it's funny because you don't always see the signs you don't because you love and trust that person so much and then there's the other extreme as well where you're trying you're convinced that you'll maybe you've been cheated on in the past or whenever you have trust issues on here and just coming out of the gate in this. This is again you know. Probably more on the on the the man side although there are own there are some women women out there who are convinced. They don't mean to be that. Just don't not leave the baggage at the door. You know so to speak. Women tend to usually be a little more self reliant and usually more more mature especially you know. Men tend to kind of overestimate threaten. Overreact and asked just because again that's as kind of our our nature but there are there are some signs that you know you. Can you can kind of look for and right. We actually have a blog post on on our website. Red door investigations dot com. We have several. You know where we kind of go into these types of infidelity in you know what infidelity means in what it is and what you can look out for So we're going to kind of go go over a few of these a few of these a signs that you know if you were if your partner your significant other your your spouse or whatever if you see a lot of these types of signs again the there might be something to look out for but we want to caution you that even if you do see some of these signs in your partner that does not mean that your partner is being unfaithful and your partner on the flip side of that your partner can be unfaithful in not show any of these signs but this is just kind of a kind of a little little marker roadmap type thing And again look for look for multiple instances of these encino. If there's if you suspect something your gut instincts telling you that something is not right then again that that's something that doesn't necessarily it doesn't mean that we every person has inner struggles that we don't always want to share you know. Just i understand that you know there may be something else going on. You know the right problems at work or whatever you know just because your your spouse's distant or you know that doesn't mean you know. Don't don't make waves where there aren't any credit yeah As important all right so number one changes in your spouse's behavior. This is probably the number. One signaled that to most people that something is wrong. your spouse might start working late quote unquote they. Might you know if if your man has a huge sexual appetite for the last four years and since the first day you met him or whatever and all of a sudden you know glazed intra. He's losing interest or it's just not something if you know if you're a woman is is usually more accommodating and and now things are happening is as as often as you might like Again you know for men. The signs are going to be more sexual and for women. The signs are probably going to be a lot more emotional. That's true. But you know. What i i'm a firm believer in the whole notice. Pay attention to your environment thing. You know exactly. You gotta pay attention environment. You know this person's jumping off to go on a business trip all of a sudden and didn't mention it before you may want to. Yeah that's questionable major. Say that again. You have to kind of take everything in context as well you know. People people have parts of their lives. That may not involve. There's you know your spouse doesn't go to work with you or anything like that and you know it's it's highly possible that you know his boss or her boss did spring a last minute trip on. Just because you're your significant other needs to go outta town you know. All of a sudden doesn't doesn't mean that That something's going on. I might interrupt here for so before you. You know you start making allegations or whatnot against your partner for infidelity Or being unfaithful in your marriage relationship. I think it's really important to look at look at what's going on lectureship i Because it seriously you can create ways. No there's none there so it's important to kind of to pay attention to your environment. Not just these these things were telling you about these signs because it's not the. There's certain stresses in life that can really contribute to a person with to a person withdrawing from their partner stress being the number one thing i mean so many things in life can stress. You out. you know there's a lot of things that can happen to an individual within a marriage that can contribute to the problems in the marriage. You know again communication but i wanted to put that out there real quick before we start on this. Because if you're thinking there's something going on there. There is a possibility. Obviously i can't sit here and promise you that's not the case no one could but you know just kind of pay attention to the whole picture. Exactly you know what i mean. Don't try to because it's so important not to attack your partner or you know not to handle it in that way with these kinda situations. I think it's a it's an emotional response. You don't necessarily have a logical response. And i'm a firm believer in logical responses people. Just don't don't have emotional responses sean. More emotional spokesperson. Don't don't jump the gun. Don't right don't make waves where they're right. I just wanted yeah. I wanna say that before. He'd go into this list. Because i think people need to hear that. Yes so changes in their normal behavior. Their normal schedule Their ability to be where they say they are cetera et cetera et cetera. If you start noticing any kind of real drastic behavioral change then. That's something to to kind of be be aware of. You know start you know maybe start investing a little bit more. If you're you've let things slide a little bit then that might might be something that you know as a sign that your partner is either not happy or you know but again it could be something that they are just going through something else. yeah Another common sign is protecting your cell phone keeping things you know hidden they they you know they're not really. They're going out of the room when they're being almost secretive or Not necessarily trying to hide it but kind of got out of the way to to shield. I guess you'd say if a call and you know every single time. Their phone rings. Newell tech shares or texts texts third. They leave the room or the you know. They don't want you to to see in you know respecting privacy and things like that that that can also be a thing but if they go out of their way win perhaps the they didn't before then again that that might be something sending to take a look at this. I think it's a cumulation of these these signs though. Don't you know i don't know. Yeah one or two is not going to be. It's not going to be a big thing but you know if if if it's if there are a lot of things did red flags especially especially if they change you know suddenly right. Yeah that's true. More being more concerned about how they look how they dress. Maybe they've started working out more Maybe they've started buying. You know a lot of new clothes things like that. The bills getting their nails done are now. I don't know maybe dressing differently even and especially if if it's if it's something you know that they may not have been really overly concerned about it for in the past and you know all of a sudden they're they're overly concerned with with how they look and their appearance in that again again that that's for both men and women. Yeah and then again. These aren't all you can't necessarily say someone's having an affair or being unfaithful because they're working out. There's all kinds of stress factors it's therapeutic sometimes for people to work out and if they're are under you know a large amount of stress it's possible that your spouse or your significant other is under a lot of stress Again i i'm a firm believer actually and exercise. I'm i'm just. I used to run five miles a day. And i did that for. I don't know a year and a half maybe daily and That was during a significant lead. Hard time very hard time. Which i won't go into here but So that was me that was me and my marriage what i was doing the personal and so pleased again. This is why. I want to reiterate this do not. Yeah just because a person's working out or somebody's the appearance. Of course if you're doing. They're getting their hair done. And you know having. I don't know they're changing their clothes. Wardrobe even i think that's a big hotel. Sign the working out thing. I can personally badge. It's not always sometimes the personal matter. If they're if they're behaving like they're trying to impress someone now. Yeah yea changing. The overall way i gotcha. Yeah right all right. Number four is true. There are more arguments guys. Argue more and more frequently The the you know he or she may have a much shorter fuse a lot of things that maybe they weren't really that concerned about now they're starting to nit pick and they're trying to you know find ways to to either distance themselves from the relationship or kind of reinforced to themselves to the relationship is not as good as they thought it was and this can kind of be away to you know again emotionally distance themselves from their relationship in almost kind of validate to themselves what they're doing Because if if you know if you can convince yourself that what you have is not very good then. It's that much easier to kind of turn your back on it in and through a down down the drain. So again you know. Nitpicking and starting a lot of arguments over things making mountains out of molehills. And you know not really just just an overall greater disatisfaction with the with the way things are in their relationship and that again can can be assigned that something's not right right number five spending more time away from home again. This this kind of again is is a way to distance themselves from where they are They're the the relationship at home Is is not really where they want to be. I guess so Spending more time away from home working longer hours were before they. Didn't you know going out with friends guys or girls It's again another way to kind of emotionally in not only physically but also emotionally distance themselves from from what they have at home. This chair your spouse or loved one receives phone calls. During all hours of the day into night they may also seek a safe haven away from the house or more importantly away from you to answer these calls. Increased need and desire for privacy can mean that they are doing things. Don't want you to know about so this kind of falls in with things we just previously discussed. Probably need to after if they're talking to people more and you know again. The big marker is is change change in behavior of the if they've always gotten calls from people and they're their social person than than that may be nothing to to really worry about but if you know for the first twelve years of your marriage or whatever they haven't done that or you know they're they're social engagement is not really been high then all of a sudden things start to kind of take often. It's grand central station. You know if they if they leave the room when they get a phone call or you know if if they're texting all hours of the night or whatever than than that is something that you know again could could also be a signal or worried may not you know it again kind of kind of look at the aggregate of all of these things and none of this. This is not. This is not a science. You know there there are things you know. We don't have on this list and So again he. The the big thing is is a change from their normal routine their normal behavior how things have been from past a look at that and again you. You'll you'll know you'll know if something is not right if something is is what you're shaking your. I've just go little. What are you going kid. You can't you can't always things can't always be determined by a i'm just a. I'm not a big believer list. I believe in me. Not these lists are helpful because they are. I mean statistically this is what's out there and as far as helpful information. But i mean. I don't know i just feel like there's so much more to it. There could be so much more to. There's so many things that a person can be going through that that could look like an affair and it's not so that's i mean just i. I would hate for anyone to hear us and think that. Oh my gosh me on my spouse has know ten fifteen of these things you know exactly. Yeah that's what. I just. I don't i don't feel good about this because of that. The only way to really know for sure is is to get proof it is yeah it early as you know until until you know if you suspect something then that may be kind of a red flag and you know you might want to start taking a little bit more notice but until you have proof in hand a again. It's it's best not to you know not to make waves where where there aren't any right okay. So this one may seem pretty obvious but a man taking viagra for the first time or a woman started birth control. yeah Again any kind of sexual enhancement enhancement. Obviously is something that that would be a red flag playing. That would be evidence. Be pretty big rabbit right if you're because that can. It's not just for erectile dysfunction. It's four performance handsome handsome. So that means it along aids your sexual drive. Meaning that person your spouse or significant other maybe taken that drug so they can last longer basically to have more of a passionate session. I guess you could say so. If you aren't your spouse isn't taking viagra and he's all of a sudden taking bagger that's see that to me that's evidence pretty pretty pretty good course. If you're lucky enough to you know to find that. I doubt that that would be done in the open. And you're not gonna keep it in knowing or married yet again brian. I mean even those privacy laws exactly. They're still act. Waste axis that nothing encouraging you to go look at your husband or wife's chart online but i feel like if you're married and you're on a good relationship you have access to those things shouldn't be any secrets like that richer. Bed secrets are really bad. Telling a little white lies about where you're going If you if they tell you they're going to you know to the store to to buy sandwich meat or whatever and and they they make a quick run to the gym or or something like that if that though. Oh no you know honey. I'm gonna go get some bread. Come back two hours later. Where are you at. I was getting brad was in line. I'm sure it happens but again you know telling not being forthcoming heard stories. Yeah or you know or truthful about where they are that that's obviously another another pretty big won. Right definitely yeah. Something's taking longer than it should. They're preoccupied with something. I'm not sure what that would be. But i mean i don't know could be. They could have got a business call. They could be on email be see. That's what i'm saying. This is such a you know this is not a black and white matter isn't definitively. It's now it's so much i'm again. I'm analytical so forget me for being analytical smelling perfume or cologne on your significant other that is not yours. That's that's that's again. That's he'll be a pretty big if they have not even happen anymore. Law that's like the fifties. I think maybe air maybe People still were perfume and cologne. Not although if you if you smell another woman on your on your man's shirt or though oh yeah 'cause rarely come on i mean even the carson carved vanilla scent. What if you you know what i mean. There's just so many things like an inker. I can tell the difference between you know vanilla perfume that you don't wear you know that's true if it's a different type of i guess so i don't know well maybe i'm just thinking ahead of it you know. Why would someone walk in the door knowing they were. I think people probably were careful than that. I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and thing you know so. That's not something you'd probably find very. That's my point. Benefit of the doubt is is good right being overly private or protective of of other kinds of communication. You know i think a big one. You know technology air. Maybe there's a password on their computer now before you know there wasn't and there they were pretty open Free with with what they do and again look look for the change. Yeah let me say this if you are if you are sharing your password with your significant other. Why is that. That's a good will be no reason to hide that. Honestly it's business related and your held to privacy. I mean we have that in our profession. You know we have some privacy laws tip to buy so to speak. But i mean when it comes to your traffic at your phone or your ipad your laptop. These things should be open to your spouse. Bill have access to that time. Should be any question about that unless you have security clearance or something size are like that right then. Yeah that that shouldn't that shouldn't be something. That's off limits. Just even to keep up appearances. Even there should be no secret. Low secrets no doubt whatsoever. That just causes problems exactly Number eleven finding spare change of clothes in the car. Yeah this I don't know exactly how many people keep a spirit change clothes in the car. That mr working at a jam list. They're working out or whatever but keeping keeping some kind of chipper south as you probably are again the actionable. Behave any kind of odd behavior or something. That's out of place or seems out of place and you're gonna be able to tell that something is not right. Yeah and you know your spidey senses. Or whatever gonna kinda evidential. And i mean yeah. Tend to close out or smarter. I'm good Credit card receipts from purchases. You don't recognize this is where it's hard though because a lot of lot of couples actually how they're doing separate bank accounts. Yeah that's that's actually kind of more common markkanen these days so but again which is okay. I believe in that to start degree. I think that i personally think you know. You're you should have separate accounts individually and then have your own personal account that goes for all the bills and what you're separating but that just my believe but in any kind of purchases that you know are especially if they try to try to hide them or they can't explain it or their explanation seems completely ridiculous or off the wall. That's you know that's that's again something else that might that might be a big red flag right Sudden and drastic change up or down in sexual behavior again. This is You know if you're a man once it five days a week in for the first five years of your marriage and all of a sudden there's almost no interest whatsoever That's that's again something that in any kind of drastic change especially in in in sexual behavior that plays pay attention to again in. If you have a death in the family things that can contribute to a person maybe done with an emotional thing you know. Pay attention all that. Don't you know this doesn't mean you're spouses have an affair. Necessarily take everything into everything account. Please exactly yes Frequent son anger outbursts. Told you that have absolutely nothing to do with you again. This is kind of goes back to wanting to distance themselves from the relationship and pet can fight you. Yeah pick and fights out of out of nothing. You'll thrown thrown a hand. Grenade in to something in trying to create a create lama a dilemma or problem. Where they're really doesn't need to be. Why would anyone do that again. It's a way to kind of psychologically distanced themselves or maybe it's a typical fight so they can leave the house and or or that too. Yeah being able to you. Know that makes sense. Just really kind of Make their relationship in their own mind less attractive to it so they almost as kind of a justification or validation that what they have at home as is not really working working anymore. Which makes doing what they're doing that much easier Fourteen frequence anger. nevermind fifteen. There is a reluctance of intimacy or in poor excuses for their behavior to be reluctant again Any kind of the. This doesn't really so much. I involved sex. But if the if they've been you know if they've leaned on you for emotional support or they you know they've always been taken their problems to you and as as they should and all of a sudden that that kind of stops that intimacy that connection between you. All of a sudden is is broken or damaged. Yeah if you're having if you have a really good relationship where you can communicate with each other and then all of a sudden they're pulling away. There's a reason. I can't say it's infidelity i. I couldn't you know i wouldn't do that to you. If you pulled away a ask you what's going on you know. But i wouldn't necessarily think there is something outside of that but Again you know something that that is way outside the norm And you know again. Look at look at all these things in in the aggregate in in in the big picture. And you know if if one or two of these things are present than you know it might just be kind of a blip on the radar and you know all all relationships are gonna go through periods of time. where they're they're closer and then periods of time where you know. They're they're they're not as close and that's that's kind of where the where the work comes in and you have to. You have to kind of build and nurture that bag. That doesn't mean that you know something's going on but again you you need to kind of take a lot of these things into account So that yours. Sorry about that So yeah the the these are just some some pretty common signs that you know again. You know you're you're going to you're going to know you're going to be able to tell when when things are not or not right and You know trust your gut trust. Your instincts may use us. Kind of these things is a little bit of a guide. I but Again you know subconsciously you keep people know when when things are not right So let's let's say that. Let's say that Your your spouse. Your significant other is cheating. Let's say you know you've you've you've hired a private investigator or whatever and you got the evidence and and everything is you know you're you're you're devastated in your heart and your humiliated or whatever the your significant other has apologized there's dino the your your significant other has apologized and they swear up and down you know it'll never happen again and blah blah blah and Let's say you want to overcome that. You wanna you wanna give them a second chance one back up. I mean let's see. I go over the communication of an approach the subject because you just kind of jumped in to okay. Yeah so what's important is if you if you are having an affair. It's best to be open and honest about it. I believe wholeheartedly and honesty and and that would lessen the burden so much on your on your significant other. i think if you're honest upfront about it and You know kind of get to that point. Communication where okay. I screwed up k. I messed up. Whatever reason you know but be honest about it. Be up front. Don't try to hide it. There's no point in it you know. What's the evidence is there. There's really you can't deny it. You know less than the less than the heartache. For that person have enough. love that person to ted mitt. It and so you can work forward towards a solution whether that's together part. That's where the healing starts. It's important. I think for you to have that kind of closure you know don't don't deny deny deny Of course if you are present absolutely stand your ground but if you're not man up or woman up you know tout tell them the truth so you can move forward in the best manner you can be best manner and don't with this particular situation and unfortunately most you know most people won't to own admit it until you you presented with proof right Twice and we have a job. Yeah but Yeah if if you know it does. It does happen. Then then you know there are. There are ways to kind of The come back around. Full circle. And and rebuild. What's been broken and sometimes you know even if if both partners are committed to to make it work in both partners are are wanting to resolve this. And you know there's true you know Accountability and and they have a true desire to overcome this then. It may be possible to come back in. Be stronger than than you were before That sounds kind of kind of hard to believe in kind of maybe a little bit I think that that would take a lot of time which is to maybe if a family. It's worth it. But honestly i think it matters if you have children with that person because you're not just divorce in each other you're you're essentially divided family and there's a lot that comes into the hat so it's it's just so devastating in the end so It's it's just it's just not worth it. cheating is just infidelity adultery. Whatever you wanna call it. It's just it's just not not worth it It it can cause irreparable damage to not only your spouse but know specially if you have children In any kind of strife than in life is hard enough marriage is tough marriages is a is a it takes constant work and effort and you know why why bring more trouble into it than than is already there but you know people just don't don't seem to to learn don't seem to learn their lesson or they're sarah cheaters. Too surreal theaters. Yeah sometimes it's a it's a one time deal and then they're sterile cheaters who i don't know the can't settle down. They think they know what they want. And they don't so balancing from one out. Yeah passionate face to the next exactly right but it is. It is possible to overcome infidelity. Again it's gonna take a a whole lot of work on both on both parties and A real commitment to making that change in neo never ever ever doing it again. In paren- it though to rebuild any repairing. 'cause i mean there's a lot of damage done without you know it's not just a betrayal in your marriage. It's it's a personal insult. Honestly the personal insult. That person fills degraded But it's not the against israel. You're you're you're tearing up their self esteem you're tearing down. You're you're hurting them. And that's never ok right as a person. It's not just about your marriage you know. This is a person a human being who has feelings so they consideration before you decide to you know look elsewhere for affection or Communication any anything. I mean it's never okay to have a when you're married it's never ok relationship period. It's never okay to have a another person. Come between you and your spouse or you're sitting to pick other it just not. There's no excuse just not so live and learn and make those changes so you can be stronger than the days that your relationship can be stronger in the day and but there's always hope there's so many things that can can bring you together so many ways so many things game if he both things i mean if both partners make a concerted effort in both partners have a real true desire to overcome this and make this work. Then it is possible absolute again you things. Things need to change You need to address not only the the betrayal and the infidelity itself but also what led up to it. Something in the relationship was wasn't is the most important i do. I think that's the most important in both both behind it. All both partners have have some work to do. Both partners have I don't really wanna say accountability But again you know something you. There was a need right. That was not met in again. Kind of what we talked about. At the beginning you know with that whole compassionate phase in meeting each other's needs and putting their needs ahead of your own somporn because again if you're if your partners or your needs are not met then that can you know over time that can really that can really lead to something that is is not where you wanna be. But it definitely is possible for relationships to overcome infidelity With the with the hard concerted effort and the a drive and determination that you really want this to work and you really love this person you know you you have this strong drive in a need to make it work. Then yeah i you know we're all for for for going for it You specially you know if you've put a lot of time and energy and if you have children and you know all kinds of other things can go into play and and again you know. Every relationship is different and what You know when you have to kind of reevaluate and decide for yourself if this is something that that You want do because a lot of a lot of relationships aren't gonna make it whether there's infidelity or not just statistically speaking against as we just do it's just you know the world is complex. He s it is so That is that is pretty much all we have to say on that again Don't make mountains out of molehills. Don't don't start accusing me if you if you don't know for one hundred percent certainty and you know again until you get some kind of evidence some kind of proof there. There's really no way to know for certain because really honestly your significant other is not going to admit it. If you're the one cheating you probably would not admit it either. I don't know that come from well. I mean if you ask. Are you cheating on me than most people will say. No discuss at a personal protection. Maybe they want to get their conscience clear. I would think conscience. I don't know how would you just just Thinking that if you're hiding that in and you're not you know you're you're i guess if you're going to great lengths to keep it hidden or i don't know man that's communicate. Tell each other how you're feeling beforehand if you think you're you you are on the verge of of needed. Step out on your marriage for some kind of motion or sexual comfort. Go go to your partner and tell me how you're feeling tell that you're there's something going on with you. Of course there's so many things again can obstacles in this world that can affect your relationship but none of the times. It's personal. I don't know i. I would want to think someone would be honest. Maybe i just have more faith than people maybe. Yeah yeah and you know. Every relationship is different in every everybody is different. And you can't really. There are no hard true laws or facts or anything like that you can't you know. Yeah so. I guess that that about does it for this. This is a pretty long episode. Yeah we didn't intend on that. This is a hefty topic though. And there's over how we we know we might revisit this topic again in the future. But yeah maybe there's a lot of other things that I mean that influence custody and all this you know the comes from not just infidelity but comes from you know feld marriage so it could easily be a we yes we could easily come back to this topic anyway so we That does it for us. We hope you have a blessed day and you make good choices. Take care of you choose. What may tokyo is make. Good choices take care reaches tama girl. That every day probably went to school. Make good choices. That's funny you good person has good as you can be. Nice each other please. We don't have enough of that. Honestly i i still believe mankind but you just be good good all right so we will We're going to wrap it up for this episode. We will post hopefully a little more regularly than than we have. We've been yeah. We'll get it all the kinks worked out. This is like a real first podcast. So and it's getting late in the day. I didn't realize it but shaun's not an early riser. Niamh so yeah. I'm ready to get the day so y'all take care to care a we'll see you on the flip side right bye bye.

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One More Time

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

04:41 min | 1 year ago

One More Time

"Welcome to hidden histories. I'm your host kid crumb today. Well a look at deja-vu a while back I did a podcast of the scientific definition of deja Vu but after all the scientific Mumbo jumbo related to the cause of gauge of the fat came out that those explanations shins were based on scientific theory. Put Out by those at wanted to dismiss the feeling of having done something or met someone before. Today we'll take a Lucca deja Vu through a different lance and is indeed no less scientific than the theories put out by the so called World of science if Daesh Asia abuse to be considered real than we must also look at several other topics. I there is life after death than there's reincarnation and also past life regression. Have you ever experienced a sudden feeling of familiarity while in a completely new place or the feeling. You've had the exact same conversation conversation with someone before. Have you ever felt like you have experienced a time or place or an event before but knew it was not possible. In recent times several individuals were interviewed and spoke of places they visited. They even have specific details about those places. Details could only eh known if they had been there four. According to popular belief there are no explanations of experiencing deja Vu. We do however know from in people's comments interviews stories deja Vu can happen anytime without notice. It is not plan cannot randomly hit. Individuals are actually can randomly hit individuals. The ideas has no way of predicting it. There are some conflicting reports state. That DEJA VU happens on a regular basis or happens with chained timing. But that isn't any sort of research that I could find on this topic deja Asia who is random. It is difficult to study deja Vu. The odd feeling you get when you sent. You've already experienced something that you know you are doing for the first time time in the laboratory this is because the phenomenon is rare and difficult to reproduce if not impossible however there are similarities between Green Deja Vu and the more common experience of seeing a person who seems vaguely familiar to you. But whose name how you know them and where you previously. Asli met that mistake. You sounds like deja would mean finally. Here's a defining moment normal days of experiences the ability to discern that it isn't real on encounter engage of the brain runs a sort of sense chat searching for objective evidence of the prior experience and then disregarding regarding it as the illusion that it is people with Deja Vu have been known to lose disability completely professor Chris Moulin. One of are the foremost experts on days. Experience describes a patient he encountered while working at a memory clinic at a hospital in bath England and this was in the two thousand thousand Mulan received a letter from a local. GP referring an eighty year old former engineer known as AKA P as a result the gradual brain salt death caused by Dementia Ak pee was now suffering from chronic perpetual deja Vu A.. KP claimed that he had had given up watching television or reading the newspaper because he knew what was about to happen said that he was someone who felt as though everything everything in his life had happened before says Dr Moulin. AKP was resistant to the idea of visiting the clinic because he felt as though he'd already been there despite the fact that he never had on being introduced a Mulan for the first time the man even claimed to be able to give specific details of occasions were they had met before. What is deja-vu. No one seems to know Donna scientific world or the world paranormal yet. Statistically eighty percent of Americans say they have experienced the feeling of deja Vu. While the paranormal nature deja blue's clues here at night. Owls sound studio and brought to you by Al Greek Press Dow Creek Cabin Dot Com. Check it out at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Physical Library. I'm kid crow. Thanks for listening. I'm kit chrome. Thanks for listening without a deja Vu maybe not.

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The Sessions at Midori House: Bill Ryder-Jones

Monocle 24: Culture with Robert Bound

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The Sessions at Midori House: Bill Ryder-Jones

"Eight. Let's do it man. Bill rotted Jones on this cold. There's something on your mind. Welcome to the sessions at majori house guest this week is Bill Ryder Jones, as we shall learn Bill isn't altogether. Sure. What being a solo artist even means? But it is as such that he seems to have established himself. The former lead guitarist with the coral is now nearly a decade into a restless yet distinguished career under his own name. The latest fruit of which is a fine new album called yawn. This. You'll. This. Stones. Twisting to straight line. Change. Circumstance. So too much. Butch. To be. Everyone wants. Well, this one thing your. Put. Twist. Straight. Change. So. This is so. Almost. Slightly. Does. Stars. I did want to start by asking by one line from one of the songs that she played this something on your mind, which was that the line, and, you know, which ones coming about there being a fortune to be had from telling people, you're sad when you wrote that did you have a moment of thinking, I have just entirely demystified pop music right there. No. Because it's not true in my case. You know, it be true. If Morrissey said it. He's rich. I'm skin. That's just the way. It is. I just thought it was funny. You know, something you were reflecting on. I guess in response to the response to the previous record which had been an extremely personal one. Yeah. Conscious decisions right less than. It's a slight less cohesion. I didn't wanna like full. What was that men? Emma mind on other people quite so much to be us. What happened with? It was more important to me that I write I was writing to formalities than the last record. So that's where it starts with me with maladies always knew it didn't want wanna write immediate catchy melodies. That's not what I like. And that's where it fallen into. I didn't want to write those melodies fairly effort before. And as a result working so hard on that. I realized that the lyrics should probably follow suit something you actually needed to talk yourself out of the because there will be a lot of people who've attempted to write songs, we will hear that gnash their teeth because melody I think we'll have always thought is the tricky bit to right to come up with a melody that people. He wants remember forever. He's no small trick. That's not something many people can do. It's like, I think I think to be good at Edison. You gotta have half, determination and half that silent, you know. And sometimes they just fall out there as it's been set by sell many, great writers. And sometimes she got half a melody and have to push the notes around Lucca Sadako. Got it. Right. You know, this song it's called. And then there's you. Number. It's easy to chain. No. If I only. So again. Everything. Something. I do too. Everything strain. Once owned. Is all. A one. Man true. Strew see? True, smartness true. True. True. Oh. It's true smile. True. Loan with. True true. True. Say okay. True true. True smile true. See? True. True. Say. True. True. How much of any given record? You make certainly your solar records have all been extremely different is is a reflection on what you happen to be listening to at the time. Yeah, that's all. It is. I mean, I don't. Aside from the first one which was. What it was the others in my mind that different like this the only differences. Not much piano on the third record, heavy guitars. But still I think about something like off about wind blows, my heart still like brushes and quiet electric guitars. And there's something on your mind is is just start should she's an electric guitars got some kind of re ABS and things going on the kind of hadn't done before. It's not not huge changes in my mind. The lot more happy bits on this record book, but you have slightly right? I mean, I don't like have any ego about being honest with you know, how important bands like dose turn right else payers, and and bet had and lower to me when I was making this record any you know, I said the same about about those my heart and how obsessed with the Gorky. So I was. You completely comfortable now with the idea of yourself as a solo artist. Is there anything you miss about being in a band now? Well, I'm not completely comfortable being Acela. And there's nothing on this about found either. I mean, I've still got I've got I've got me mates play with me when I go away until and they'll I'm best friends. I don't miss having to share attention. On only child. This song is called either. You've been listening to the sessions at Madari house. This week's performance was by Bill Ryder Jones. He's new album yawn is out. Now Bill is playing European dates for the rest of this year and into two thousand nineteen you can find tickets online details at he's website. The show was produced by Holly Fischer and recorded and mixed by Alex Felix. We'll be back at the same time next week with live music by Joseph. But until then I'm Andrew Miller. Thanks for listening. You still play. No. Every day. Yes. Juiced. Me. I have this train. I. Why? No, I don't feel Channing. Right. Bye.

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35: Make the Web Look Great with Matt Perry. On declarative animation, open source management, and importance of the open web

The React Podcast

46:49 min | 2 years ago

35: Make the Web Look Great with Matt Perry. On declarative animation, open source management, and importance of the open web

"This is react podcast. I'm chantey ask. Today. Get sit with map hearing talk about his animation library pop motion a library that provides a declarative animation. API four the web. We talk about what it means to have declared a vape, and how that boundary will shift as we move along into the future with better and better technologies and towards the end he really opens up my mind to API's that I'd never even imagined. We also talked about the difficulty of building a library that is both low level enough to be used anywhere. But simple enough to be useful out of the box without a lot of setup. This is no simple task. And if you're finding yourself as an open source maintainers in this area, I think you'll learn a lot from that. This was a fun conversation for me and talking with NAT reminded me of how critically important is that we protect our open web. This episode of react hide cast is brought to you by react training. They provide in-person hands on training for development teams taught by community leaders and experts for more information or to find a workshop by you. Visit react training dot com. It's awesome. Heavy wasn't Faye. Thanks very much. We're sitting at react conference eighteen you just to live in an awesome talk on your your library, publish in and pose. And what was the Tillery talk? Again, the past two Carsley animated. Awesome yell every host. Just getting now. Yeah. It's my St. much. But yeah, the insulation is important helped me remind myself while his even token about begin with did you back into that? Like you submitted it without saying it out loud. And you're like, oh crap. This is this is actually really hard to say yen washy will happen to submit it in the midst of time and completely forgotten about it. And the organizers go and touch saying, so you can reply to your Email, then what he's talking about. So hats, check spam solo has gone compete forgotten hat detail about nice opposite. So I didn't really know what was meant to be talking about. I just had this fairly high level is the past. Well, it's a good question may from the past. So I just had to make makeup talk. Vice still not. So like past you wants you to succeed, but isn't really giving you the tools that you need to to get there. That's a common thread. Scott my life. That is awesome. I I really like that idea that you just kinda sent it like without really knowing exactly how backfill at some of the talks that I've done the same way. It's like, oh, I really wanna know about this thing. Aspirational rayo. I want to know about this thing. So I guess I'll submit a talk to this conference about it. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I felt like I had stuff to those really until maybe a week ago. Properly put together and subjects that had taken up mice to the last six months for me in terms of making those so I just felt like I actually figure out like figure out. Some insight outs. It get enough confidence yourself that you'd figure it out yet. Exactly. Yeah. I think is this largely half of life is just having a confidence say, oh, your workout. Right. What's the worst? That can happen. I fair like if. Feel like if I die than lychee nothing. That's fine. Could be bright. But as long as this is a stay in the game. Nothing's going wrong. And luckily as you saw didn't actually own die. Yeah. Phyllis having a hard time. So could have happened thing could have happened. Exactly. I lucky sky that was genuinely distracting as you can imagine. We'll point in your talk to that happen. So we'll we're watching back. We can know is about ten minutes in ten minutes. Yeah. Luckily, it went away after Goff stage. What is your preparation for talk? Like this involve this is my first told. Oh, well, yeah. Thanks very much. I've done a few at me AP's, and their preparation is a lot more light lucky guests such a wing a bit more. And as a result way more nervous, but this time so Donna job currently. Southie? More on I quit specifically to work on consoles for bit found out. I was doing this. Luckily, it was I ne- months ago because I have stultz all maintenance on that project and just like completely focused on on the talks. I is that she way more preparation. Wow. To this than perhaps, we'd give it again in the future. Yeah. I always see tax. Well, that's I mean that's important for your first one because he got a lot of extra things. He kinda got gotta figure out time is a big crowd compared to a meet up. So yeah, I felt like his on because it's Las change and a lot of people videos. I just felt like if I'm going to do it. How many times going to do it? So I'll just this one like an NBA proud of all done, and it was almost happy with algae would be if I deliver K, but yeah, I was called after the. As good as the talk was Java. I didn't pick the toll 'cause I didn't Justice. That's an interesting idea. So the talk had a ceiling. Yeah. And if you look at it to the seal exactly, okay nice. Why enjoyed it? I thought it was I thought it was great. So what were you doing before? Eubeus two fulltime opens verse was working. Charlie Charlie, which is like Jeremy Cox in startup jiving, social media souls thing and before the sponsor out in working for about two years. Now, guess so I've just been bouncing around different companies doing different things, they usually websites yet still really design the first job actually was as fulltime designer Bill came, and then I'll just drifted into development semi blackston guess, but and then at one point the you ask am I gonna get student design in this row, and they say and then to us you've got designing crap just stuff together. And that's basically the story of my career. I feel that skill does not hold up. Well, when you don't maintain it the design skill yet because this unconsented button isn't a bug about like glossy gradients, and you if you can't see your face hooking. To the camera just position. Yeah. Con. Did flat design and stuff. Like that. Just about going looking how it but say authentic stuck over. I believe the design background because you have a very beautiful sight motion and all the related versions of it. Yeah. So tell me a little bit about pop motion. Pose kind of how the come together where they came from all the all the stuff about that. I want to book originally about delightful animations and interactions, and a these stem, I say wouldn't necessarily practical for use in real websites. But I just wanted to try out some stuff the coat that was ROY. In was quite repetitive and felt like Okuda obstruct some of it into different functions. And then time that just became like a little library. So console say because it's called small shock that was rainy while lights begin with. It was like a small log race of just publish this. And then quite quickly became because the cool concept of it was I wanted to constantly track velocity of reanimation or easier input and feed that into subsequent animations if you would dragging something you three way you could fade that philosophy into spring physics into K or whatever is. The physics, and that would it might Pinon create this sort of fade back where the USA feels very connected the oaken. So that was the original a much still is does the reason exists I've anything else since unique thing I believe, but it doesn't fall like a certain amount wiring is very an opinionated lucky doesn't care if you use Domo canvas anything like that. So does your cause some level of Warren things up? And I think historically why something like green sell Cranham as being quite friendly to us Paul motions, probably being considered a little more light level or tough tone stand. How the various pots communicate with each other. And that's that's how I ended up on price. Basically, I tried to bring into react. I didn't have a problem with the way it was generally. But when you bring into acting really highlights. All the different ways in which you why these things up sure because we actually declarative I did start thinking, right? The must be about whites do this and supposes an obstruction really of imperative log recent general handles passing the velocity between all the different animations it self like it becomes responsible for starting in stuffing animates itself. Anderson eight such obstruction that on the web, it's it's built population. But on route native, it's built with sediment Soka. Yes, he's like an abstract shacks it debt on the whole they wouldn't know which one of these in. I noticed also documentation. It's react native in view. Yeah. That's race. And so I had to learn. Learn to figure out how to I just need a way of bringing interview because it site similize is designed for declarative view library views in. So I felt like it would work with view, the UA and eh. Yeah. Did it was fun on like it? But then I'll have to use his type whether the will be developed as long care like tonight, but it was pretty easy to to figure out and stuff interesting. So if I understand correctly you'll pop motion that's the low level library that manages the imperative Apias. Yeah. And then you have pose which you've used to kind of. Abstract that for the web. But then also uses animated on racks native yet and view also uses motion under the hood. There are many facets pies in terms of how integrated at its very core. There is a live record post call and it handles the resolving of poses, and it's got like a dot set method that. Manage jinhua. And the thing is it's actually difficult to your explain to people want to come treats, the kite base, it's actually because it doesn't care about the Rendra, and it doesn't care about the library. And it doesn't care about what view library is controlling it. So there's all sorts of different obstructions. There's one that's controlled in the nation that I outside that brain. And then you've got hook those numbers into the Rendra which in the web based ones is the dumb current neighbor. It could easily be three GS converse, or whatever is some point. But that's an opinion of taking. Whereas my she doesn't give it doesn't care. So then you've also got the obstruction of react native reacts via. I know they used to control the various level husband. This isn't it? Until patrick. No, it's interesting. So the reason I ask is because it is it's really hard to communicate the goals of a project when you're implementing the low level airy as well as the consumers of that low level. Yeah. I don't mean to put you into a corner where it feels like kind of like uncomfortably. Nicole since this thing, I guess I wanted to talk with you about just wanted to kind of understand what the relationships were be able to communicate about those because I knew that it does get complicated when you have to own both pieces of it. Yeah. The little of library. And then also the glued to the frameworks. And especially when they're you know as diverse as diverse as they are. Yeah. The way I think about it is time to the engines. And then pose whichever Flavia using is. So the Brian has jive shifting gays and figuring how. But prices so site in the sense. It's like a I wouldn't call the language. Do I assesses, but it say maybe a spec? Hof bikes that. Of this only spec spectrum development, where a document somewhere that defines time-line animations that encouraged in any version of others, but the idea is to figure out how to describe him as the declarative objects, and then figure out a K, how am I actually gonna do that? And I think doing it that way round is what keeps it so simple everytime fade off into the platform specific integration that she usually when I've introduced more complexity behaviors in I wanted to nationally do you have any recommendations from those experiences for people who are looking to create a library whether animation or otherwise that targets those three platforms that pose Dorgan's, what has helped so I write pice view in about dial two, and I used I deputies VA was about two days before that crazy. And I did that too. To make the implementation. So the reason that simple to get that working was because I had this abstracted pies, which is semi imperative that you could then hooking city, the livestock amasses via an underlying that that self was any possible because pulp motion handled the freedom and flexibility to find in that division of responsibility in the long run can set a really like level, the incur, and they brush down the brush to speed up the smooth it out. Right. E-e-exactly it up depending on the need to make it faster. Yeah. Well, I need to like whether or not you want to tend to rough it up sometimes then you don't have to this going to make it hard. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. If I knew it was intended. It's prices smoothen out. So impulsion nations Ray the on opinion night. It's got all these on emissions and all they do. They pump out numbers in superior functions. Could so as a consume for lot people, I think that's why people have had complained where this complexity ups 'cause you've got make some of this function that will say, okay. Well, I want to use it with this adamant, and then you can set element. Whereas some rain sulky just say you can even use the sector yet because publish militant about not getting involved in any of that. It's not as simple. Sure sign for most people's needs a simple API, which is kind of what I ended up doing fights. Vice takes the firm stance. You're gonna be this with the doll. If you're on the web that went always been the case so be the integrations, but when they exist they'll be seamless than if you use the set Flavio using your using that flight is a trade dot J s flavor using that because it's design goal is to be simple halt motion on the other hand. It's designed goal is to be flexible, so in in the same militant sense, it will never accept to selector here today, the animators now what my hypothesis someone lights putt motion wanna tease, it all it would be simpler, if it were to little bit more like animal green. Som. You provide selector. They right. Luckily will repre round it. I didn't wanna do it myself. Because this message in issue. Yes. I know how to. Communicate answer uses it has been problem with pose. But reform, I should at least the one thing that I can say has been simplest the message Aengus. How do I eat this the dumb while his Howley's adult? Yeah. But you can use it with anything because it's this unite just pumped sees numbers. See whatever function you give it that is the core of the problem. Right. Like, you build this very low level library, right which is designed to be unaffiliated about things. So that people from different platforms can use it. But if you make it to low level than people don't know how to use it. And so they don't don't start. So then you have to build these bridges, I guess to make it easy for people. But you have to bring in you have to bake in the opinions. So like posed for react is opinion about reacting only using the dump. So you have kind of this. Cambrian explosion, whatever the term is for that. Like, you have to make something that maps these three things into one library, right NBA vineyard about those in order to be easy enough for people to just drop in and using their stack and you had to kind of make those to show people own. This is this is how you would make a library on top of motion. Yet is actually, and it's almost saying pose couldn't exist. My in the way. Yes. But that company an explosion absolutely exists. If you look in the Monory semi different flavors of pose in different levels of it as well way hooks into they sound mation library with this friend, or but at the same time, the API is always very simple. But on the other hand pop mission is anyone action ivory, but the API. It's quite simple. The animations very simple to hook into these different. Things can become. Cumbersome. Yes. And that's. You have to choose them solid Chason pugs or if you choose both. Now, you have a really hard time communicating that to people yet where they fit into all this. Well, people do ask. Okay. So what am I gonna use pop national pose, and I always say just use pose? Because then you'll know when you need pulp mission, you'll know when you get to that the stumbling block that like this and daily did never be a point where the hit that we want to want to put in as much functionality in the simplest way ball never into Jason feature until I can express it in a simple to Kartik Mana. So you mentioned design bringing you into development, but this animation is very specific portion of design. Got you excited about animation. I think it's a nice I think it's a nice combination of design and code in you to write this. It was always whenever east green sock with flash. And this is like ten years ago. I used to think it was much. Chick by didn't realize all it was really doing is empty frame. It was setting values. Because I knew I didn't really get why or how it works and just sort of imagined that he couldn't work like that. And ring comes down. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. And yes seem seem semi magic. And I think it's just provided NAS platform for me to write. All star pop population long after I stopped doing design myself say there was never a lap. Sipho? May it's been this constant thing in the background. That can use is just a vehicle for me to try and improve my coat and skills. Not just in terms of writing the thing on the inside thinking about the designed from the outside because it's so easy to. Raleigh some thin and not think about how anyone else is going to have to use it. So actually, what you find impose I've written it with may in mind on the inside. And then on the outside of tried so hard to make this accessible for everyone else that she on the inside don't always have that same. So because on jam really the cool contribute. Definitely had come in like since it's got more popular. But on the whole. At least in my own head any written with may known else gonna say. Enough. I decided that. So do you have do you have resources that were invaluable to you? As you started learning about animation where their libraries that influenced pumpkin. Not really because on either type of automation. I wanted to say, for instance, the time didn't exist for a while. And it still quite if you compare it to green sucks online all nations time line because it's that strikes DARREN'S to the idea that every function every 'em animation pumps out these values. Will that means there's a disconnect between the labels will the tracks? You have on the input and them coming out on the output. So that you need to dig something we've tracks citing, you know, your apply to dumb adamancy your animate in a way for it is whereas doesn't have that problem. So PI's much nicer, sure. But the same time this enables me to use that code one day. I haven't yet. But I'll be able to figure out a way of. Easing that function exists the animation with a simpler API uneasily in in a variety of situations. I guess yeah. Yeah. What was your question? I don't remember. I like that. The. The original question was just about inspiration and resources for an nation. I say so this function only existed originally. Because people were east green Hussein when it's on function. I still gave into that. Even though this wasn't for disor things that grain sucks at which is. Coordinating lots of intricate animations go on for many seconds, publishers always about these for Las t based animations that try to make a responsive UI is very it's always been about the the interface. Yeah. Eddings relationship. So the user which is different. I think it's just a different focus. So that was the one time where I felt like I get or I took from especially uses saying all I want this. And I was like man if I don't do this have these motion bad she because of the design goals of shin. No one's gonna ease. The time line the way it's too much pain about night. That is when I need it. You ain't gotta keep your users happy, you're for your first set of users or no, what are you doing it for Yemenis? It's strange because that was the in that period, if you look at the downloads population anyway, start gaining traction and Tom Nash tier? So when are rich Andy fate share now? No one. Known start easing it. He has that everyone. Just carried it. Right. You say the been a bit different than but people carried on easy green Salk here. Because ultimately what I'm trying to pop machines just different saying time nine isn't going to sway anyone. He doesn't wanna do. They sing. So it was all of bust anyway, they anywhere figure it out. This new the one that comes out numbers to these Pule functions. Then you start using tools like even though is it's almost in some ways less noisy as it's not utterance. But it's almost like the less opinions of taken. People like prefer or sentence such abuses prefer site the million you'll design goes, I think he tends to pick up people love the the people see value in it doesn't with them. Bizarre. But it's it's did they love Eason. It not designed one of us in it. Yeah. Tonight. Yeah. On the other hand is actually is meant to be more. Does everyone vs in it? And that's not like me not in Lucca because it's designed goes be simple. Yeah. So if everyone doesn't love using it then fucks up. Yeah. They've different goals. Yeah. Different users in use cases and whatnot. But it is nice. That you provide a mechanism for people to go. You have something that people can be met by when they have deeper needs yet, the postseason satisfy for them. Yeah. And the cool thing about it is that now that pose exists. I don't feel any pressure to make pop Mushin more accessible always have like a try and keep it clean. You. I don't need see at any dumb integration. Say that just from having plays exists tightly relieved the pressure there in fights. It's made me realize can lean in a bit more. Maybe this. Is the more advance stuff that we could do impulsive action that then I'll can late to think about so I can concentrate on the even more fun stuff in that. And concentrate on the simple API, maybe bring those features to pose at late today site, this realm in my head of things that are considered of run Steve's cases that actually for instance, animation. Blending is actually we've had some code knocking around the kite bodies for wall where you can blend tweens awhile with the thirds Bessie sorry. This spin this piece of knocking around the code base for wall vowed never found the noise API, but what it does is blends two different swings. Not the same time. You've got the same way that you pass philosophy between spring gun nations. They would be able to blend two different Swain's in Lucca a nice in a nicer way maintains the characteristics of bugs. Before transferring completely to the second swayed would I'm trying to think about a practical use case for that. Would that be like if you interrupted animation exactly complete the only that situation? Okay. Cool. Yeah. So if you had some in open, and then quickly state, it might be that it can carry on traveling in the direction. It was going rather than abruptly stopped in the anime versing. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So the idea would be to make the user vegan twins, but I've never come up with a nice API to represent this said now because pies exists because put my shins away as I can just publish that some point in population, not worrying that it is the nicest API, but know that this is flexible either that people myself with someone else could use that ENA simple APR site at some point publish that. And then further down the right? I'll I'll think okay house while I bring that suppose we'll. I'll probably just do it transparently. So maybe at one point these tweens stop lensman seizure. The without any easement never have to get involved with that they wouldn't even have to not be denied them to the United. But maybe isn't no look at later on. How do you manage those unstable features one thing that I've always liked about react is they have this prefix unstable underscore for things that are under active experimentation. Do you have a mechanism for that as well? No, he just tend to publish things. And then break them redo the. This is also valid strategy. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. I mean because I have to say this was something that was published in population at one point. And I'll just didn't like that. It was their messy and up the ducks. Yeah. It's no, geez. In it because it's complicated site. I just got rid of it. And so now it just lives in a little folder somewhere. Just unloved way into the taken out of his Chateau Recode not dead yet. So we saw a lot of cool things today at react confident of kind of we've known about movies since the beginning of the year or stuff that was brand new today on delete cooks or suspense or anything like that might play into future. Pose API's. I mean, maybe not in the I'll have to about this. And I think the price component thing doesn't really lend itself to using hooks being a hook. It's definitely keep in mind because I think as an API, it's actually awesome. Well, I think is. To happen is always hooks in within it site. The combined themselves would probably use hook way. Because it we use states of believe we reuse methods shoal. So we'll we'll probably this definitely luck unsafe underscoring that okay, psychotic than fix that. Because of the painful now complaining in strict meddlesome Fisher, which is tightly valid. It's just a will probably just skip and move onto this open again guy. 'cause I think it's already ready like when I still ran I went on Ciller and then figure figured out. I didn't figure out. That's that's the thing that annoys me. I didn't figure out how to wait for the ducks. Tell me because I was thinking this is magic and then figured out your slice. Simple on this is actually genius. It's great. Yeah. So I'm super excited to use. As by the time. This guy's out. We'd be old knees. They'll probably got a new new I feel. Yeah. On safer CPR excited about hooks and suspense in general. That's again, that's not something that I think will work in pose. But lazy lightness Simpson idea fails, see important and one of the things that doesn't do. Well at the moment as far as I'm aware of just never tackled. It we've had problems with we've got some examples of transitions we've rat race or you. No. And that's fine. If go component ladies, but I think is going to be some at the moment is some friction when the when the hasn't lighted the income in rate. Yup. So I'd like to because you could imagine using a suspense child's and animated into a placeholder. Yes. If it doesn't exist because maybe that can open an if that's not rented, maybe the Lacey lighted. Companion will say has an animation that can say that sole thing Simpson I'm going to have to look at. I think you'll make that entire. Process Simon smoother. I think what if it works or not is symphony. I'll be putting effort into making sure it works recall the scene. So you mentioned in your talk that you have a guiding philosophy about why animation is important to you. Specifically for the web on twin talkin about that for science. Yeah. I mean for me, the represent something that we think it's unique in snow pin media that for me is crucial to the development of humanity. I really believe, but I think of been. It sounds overstated. But yet. Fail about consolidate and say, it's something really believe this doesn't exist anywhere else. This this idea that any site democratic and open in the sense that it's worse as well. In the sense. Anyone can go on there saying, and they like make an the one, and it's not guarded by a corporation or not still so to preserve that and nurture and make it relevant in the twenty twenties thirties, which is going to be a couple of decades originally thought of great technological change. But now think like things Netflix does off. I mean cross reality Tomase is we have no idea where that's conveyed. Yeah. And so I think to ensure at least I sings ripen and free. I think he's ready crucial. Not your. Stuff like the European privacy laws. Buck may because they experience of easing websites is poorer forint. Yes. I mean, people have the ideals that the privacy laws are more important adjust into competitive disadvantage. The unfamiliar. And not scarce many. And it's the same Chinese censorship. I think that is fucking immoral like seriously. I think they should be ashamed of himself as a people that the government anyone he's he's that pathetic that they are scared's to say scared of their position they have to censor Winnie. The pooh. The cut down like how come on man, like take lick Jemaine? All can you watch Trump? I mean, I can imagine if one. I mean, he gets shit and in my opinion. But Theresa May like she can't dance on stage about getting rid of the British media and bridge, people vicious against these people live in a society where we come. It should be because punching up and if you're someone who's on top, and you can't accept a punching up then fucking get off like shit. I mean that that status basically, I to offer not terrified. I just think the whole Audio's if the incident icon of the thing aspired to be a lie slowly being eroded by that and misuse resend recently, it's affecting society, always for the better. Yeah. That terrifies me because as a little bit of an optimist in dailies. I wanna say guy down a dog crate and fail. Like, we have actually started walking down. Yeah. It's been under attack. I mean, especially here we had the net neutrality stuff kind of get reversed. And it's scary times right now. I think that's a good one. You saw net neutrality is so important. It's an ultimatum. That's point. Yeah. So I didn't want to feature for the web based at all the even if it continues to get shit don't want it to be relevant. That's the one thing safer that way, we've lost. Anyway, no matter what the character is of the internet. The way will lose if it becomes outmoded or fashioned. Because people don't care. This thing is feeling care about privacy or that day. Really? They just want. It's nice and works, well, which is fair. But I think that it say it's a weak spot because we can't rely on these things is like faces. We can't say that. All right Knesset fater because people always say, yes. Even just one facet if they're slut performance is another big one the big ones. But animated to me is very visual way that the web Molly just start to look out day at the same way, you watching TV show that was from the from the nineties the thousands. Looks crap already like we're not we're that TV show. All three of of digital media. Yeah. Totally just saying. Yep. But at the same time I deny something fail worry that. It's another thing. Like, a tree face of us have rice like you stunned to see some real nasty sides that I think people say, well, it was always just hidden. Yeah. It's like identity fits bat that it's out because it's Hutton people's failings. And it's not that that Sabet will in Endel. But it does lead to a wide acceptance chance the token about stricken translate density Erica. Yeah. The fucking sat and they wouldn't have felt comfortable doing that revile this. General acceptance GIO me, the the continued normalization of this kind of opinion. Yes. And the incident has definitely facilitated that. Yeah. And not all the second sentence. Now. Interchangeably ready for the web. It's not emails fault. Ramallah-based? Have no Reynolds blameless. Yes. Exactly. Everyone's invoked say, yes. Older. You know, I think it's important that it lives because let's say. Charleston. If a. Are we gonna depend on a company to full hours force or government? His recent now, that unite the Chinese censorship machine is is very is not about preserving people's rights. See office it. Yeah. Yeah. Ricco various of censorship ourselves for copyright holders. In the UK thing tonight, light of the cover all deny far seize property fads I've role, but the same time that the the ability for governments in full sat. I struggle struggle. Yeah. It feels like I think we've talked about this on the show before. But everyone wants to close the door behind them, and that doesn't feel right? And when we empower people to do that, right? They rise up to power. And now they shut down the parts of the internet that have characters them as when the poo, right? This isn't this isn't appropriate. Yeah. And. We all have a tendency to want to close the door as soon as as soon as we've kind of passed that threshold, but like the beauty of democracy in in all these things like everyone has an equal vote and like everyone's on equal footing. And that's the beauty of the web is that you can put a website up and be on an equal playing field as anyone else and we've seen. Amazing startup stories that go from nothing into these amazing corporations in them being taken down by that same story again. And it's it's a it's a powerful thing drives an invasion. Yeah. But then likewise as you say the shutting the net flicks one perhaps is involved in the net neutrality this time as they were when it prevented that I've always install. Yeah. So you get that pulling the bridge or the sorry. And I think again, that's is just reinforced solid of humanity. Tonight. It's always been there is that. It's sticky. Yeah. Yeah. But bring them back. This is this is what excites you about animation for the web in particular is that you feel like this is allowing you to give people the tools to make a better experience and kind of preserve. The web is a platform. Yeah. Exactly. I don't want to at the moment. This this syntax fail. Like is is simple. But I wanna keep going and just keep building legs of obstruction on this said at some point you can just describe your interface in times of maybe personnel. Let's say is it starts becoming low interacting with user nice in nice times fail like layers just another step towards at very too. If you think about the world in twenty years and the fidelity, which will be create in these virtual worlds Yang can get characterized going in Creighton have read. It was sorry, you're not gonna get environment. Escaping handcraft in every texture. You're gonna need some level of in farance. Yeah. Like this going to be some other knife. It's an algorithm. Why is but you sail woods. And that is a very generous a all the. You say you what like texture, and it will give you one likeness complete eat, and may persist feel that that needs to come through. All you always as well. We need to just be able to say declare enter Claritin declared because if you've got if you've got an API like that then the stuff on day talking about we've posed as a syntax is an object that doesn't start to look imperative. Sorry that doesn't start at that declarative anymore. Yeah. When you can just go and say you play Flynn's face. This will come in playfully. Then actually when you type in out the individual properties that make a play for in-space that gets shifted on the spectrum for the towards imperative nece because you'll get you'll get stuck into the weights. So I wonder I think this is just going to be on a nation. I think is going to be maybe more obstructions in other areas is well because contacting the house debate. They'll be segment software year. That the needs to be very simple and that'll be democratizing. 'cause you'll be out to say, you know, you will be able to say I mean tonight, you mom, she might be a great web to. She's she's not taken. Awful say say, you know, you see might be -ality in the feature you wanna create a virtual space you describe it in times one and the compete. It will not how to interpret that environment is a as atmosphere if in seventy different ways. Yeah. And this is just one smallpo- just not to Mason will be once more PA this broader trend Bud Light to be on that trend just to make it because just because a lot of nations signal your Email. Hey, let's make me a calm outdoor environment. Yeah. Exactly. I don't tell you anything. That's exactly what you say in fees. I think that some years. Yeah. Some point if we're not all then it becomes because that's called it a car to sorry. That's caught an imperative interface next to you've got just this failing econ express into words this design this late in one, and you have no way of expressing that. But the computer knives like it can read and just go. Well, actually this call really news column out still space and just produces you. But that's Takhar in-space fascinating. I've never made that jump. To thinking about the computer being able to interpret the my creativity. The things that I want a better than I. Yeah. And that's that's an awesome thing. Think about yet because. Yeah, you're right. You communicate in a lot of these things for your blunt the blunt instruments if you'll technical ability. Yeah, I wonder if this layer that we can meld in that has this innate technical Bill is self. Yeah. Like, I'm thinking of song. Right yen. It shows up. Oh, definitely hallucinated some incredible Sung's. And I know that good at the time. But I genuinely going to spend twenty years linen to make. Yes. Some at some point. Maybe that layer or that something that can just take that from you. Nice. What your hair, and it will produce it others to experience as well. Yeah. Tonight man in maybe even a daft it. So that people can experience it the way that you experience it and not through their own or adapted for their land paths that prison. Yeah. Yeah. Completely. Well, thank you so much for for that. I have lots of think about now it's way more than I assume that we were gonna get when we started talking about enemy. Deep. Yeah. I've really enjoyed this pump cast Ona's. Yes. Welcome to the club. That's all for this episode of react podcast for Lincoln show notes. Visit react Todd cast dot com slash thirty five will be in your ears again next week up sewed with in Vaughn, we talked profiling and the new react tools.

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Don't be Afraid to Take the First Step: Finally Documenting My Journey

Behind Your Motive

14:49 min | 2 weeks ago

Don't be Afraid to Take the First Step: Finally Documenting My Journey

"And i understood that. I didn't think about it. You know i just did. It just went and did it. And i figured out along the way because it all works out in the end this are taking too long and this is going to be the first episode of season two of the behind. Podcast the podcast name. What even change donor. But i locked the direction. It's going in now motives. Welcome back to the behind your motive. Podcast this is officially season to where we are empowering young adults to look within find their deep-rooted purpose and potential in such a unique different way. i really do appreciate you guys for coming along for the journey for this long and i want to share some really solid news with you that i've been actually planning for quite a while But if i'm completely honest with you guys not taking action at all I i'm not usually lock these. You know i usually if if my heart is in something i usually just take action and then figure it out along the way. That's exactly what i did with this. Podcast early lost. Yo you know. I had the idea for creating a podcast after completing a course And in that course it was they shit. They told me to record myself. Speaking about a topic that i'm really passionate about. And that was the education system and believe or not. That episode is still on the behind. Girardi podcasts absurd. one actually has the most views Listens out of all my episodes But they told me to record this and go and do something with it. So i recorded a replay back. And i'm like wow. This actually sounds pretty cool. It sounds like a podcast one. Turn it into a podcast sir. I did the Did the research on how to start. One a created the cover art quickly figured out a name got ankle which is worse supported and i was up lord and it still on that today and has developed development developed into what it is today. But i didn't do that when i had this idea of. Just documenting my journey. So that's what this is. It is currently eleven. Thirty eight pm so niki. It a bit quiet. Unusually bit more energetic on these episodes but everyone is sleeping But this is what this is an all. Wanna take this opportunity to really introduce what i do what i aspire to become and how i will help you guys achieve your goals and your wallet assem visions as well For all of you the new names yash achna. I am from melbourne victoria. Me if you can't really notice for my accent And i spoil to become a coach that helps young adults really discover their purpose and gain clarity in life. Because what. I believe. I believe there are too many young adults going through life not understanding what they wanna do feeling lost because the education system ultimately is tiled to one specific thing. It's to go find a job and work in our go to university. Girvan job the traditional route that. I'm sure you guys of heard of and may currently be in. But i wanna be out to discover potential that usually gets unbe looked in the education system usually gets unlooked even with individuals themselves they never have the opportunity than ever take the chance. They never nor how to look within and discover what their strengths are. What their purposes and gain a lyman in life. You know that is powerful and the last three years. I'm sure some of your aware spent the last three years. And again i wish i documented it trying to figure this out myself trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my life. You know it was three years ago. The started mateja motive corner and it's grown into what it is today and i'm very thankful for it and again. I wish i documented that entire thing. Imagine just looking back at it now. When i was still a teenager and look how far become how far of come. I honestly want to share everything with you. I wanna share my winds on a shame losses own a share would actually doing all want to share everything with you and if i'm completely honest not enough people and social media doing this right now nor enough people on social media a being open and vulnerable as. I'm sure you'll you've heard me say again in the past and i want to take a step in the right direction or take a step where my heart is telling me and lucca mentioned earlier. I have been putting off for quite a while. Because i was afraid. You know i didn't know how to start I wanted it to be perfect at the very beginning. And create this awesome cinematic videos to upload and everything but i realized and i look back on my journey that how i started a podcast howard the things in the in the in start in the past and i understood that i just didn't think about it. You know i did it. I just went and did it and a figured out along the way because it all works out in the end this are taking too long and this is going to be the first episode of season. Two of the behind maria podcast. The podcast named even change auto owner. But i locked. The direction is going in now. You are But to as one of the previous questions that. I said. I would answer what i'm actually currently doing. Is i am taking an ideal that are having my mind and turn it into a business and honestly this is still very new to me me documenting this entire journey still very new to me. But i'm taking a chance on because that's what my heart tells me to do. That's roy really. Impassioned about and that idea is alternately revolutionizing the way young adults think about pursuing their life about living they life by first looking within that is the ultimate goal. Out of all. This is be able to impact as many young adults as i possibly can and be almost that older brother to them that i never had that father figure that i never had going up to these people because every time i have the opportunity to help young adults whether be with mindset and everything that i do all whether be with rebounding basketball for them and passing it back out when they shoot. It really gets me going. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. About how impactful that is for that young adult and how impactful it was for me going up. Whenever i had that father figure whenever had that man in my life that could look up to the daca. Learn from cherished it i. I did anything. I could to get that feeling and it was it. Change my life because it. It showed me how important some unlock that. He's and looking back now. In hindsight i want to become that person to other people. So the idea is that and i want to be an a. We'll be documenting. The journey of how a turn that idea into a reality all the hardships that come along the way of actually starting a business and my mindset struggles and what i actually go through on a daily basis this will be a normal occurrence now and it's very uncomfortable. Let me make that clear. It's very uncomfortable right now. It's it's easy for but it's taken me about five six seven weeks to build up the courage to actually turn on the thorn to on his behind me put the mic on and actually record this Sir just to end. I really thank you guys for all the support for the loss. However long we've been doing this. I think we're rv sixty episodes now. It's incredible interview. Some amazing people get to interact with so many of you on instagram And a really hard you're able to come along with his journey Because it's not only going to help me. It's going to help you in our every time. I share something that i'm doing. I want you to be able to look into your life and see how you can apply. That's your life. You are because. I believe looking through someone's journey instead of being told what to do is two different sides of the spectrum. I don't know about you but auto lock being told what to do all too much. I'd rather learn from people's experiences. Land people that have already walked the path or currently walking the path. I am and kind of use that as motivation as inspiration to to look back a mile off and be like okay. This is what this person did. This is why. I love reading autobiographies embargo visa. Successful people luck. Mark cuban about how he began where he began from nothing and created what he created and is now the art of the mavs gary v and how he began and how he started he really openly shares. He story and i'm sure you own owner. And one of the person that i wish documented. He's entire ten year. Journey of studies. Company was vision from one valley. The arnav of mind belly. I personally look up to that company. So much of what he has created. It's incredible it is. It is incredible from there. He began to where he is today. He still understands hundred percent of company. Think about that for a second. He still aren't one hundred percent of the company. He has not gone out and gotten investors to invest obviously has had investors. But he still has everything in her but the way he began. That is truly inspirational. He started a company with seven hundred dollars in his pocket and a laptop and it was an affiliate website. First of all he he never knew it would become moines valley. What it is today. He just wanted to make some extra dollars to levi's jobin stopped assuming it even more. That was easy bish. That was his goal at the start just to make. I think it was two thousand dollars a month so he could cover his expenses so he doesn't have to rely on his job and then he just grew and grew and grew them to what it is today and i i admire him so much because of hell he had a singular focus in life and that's the principal. That's one of the principles that i wanna teach you through my journey and through the through the guests that i have on this podcast is having a singular focus in life is truly truly powerful in our as. I'm sure you're aware maybe of shed a wanna be sharing this a lot more. That full last three years have been trying to figure it out figure out what my purpose was gained clarity in life and i jumped around from job to job from business idea to business the of next shiny object to the next opportunity trying to figure it out myself united because i never had that guidance to try and figure it out but he understood what he wanted and he did everything he could and whatever he did. It was in line with his website with whatever he was creating. What with whatever vision was not share this with you. Because i just wish i imagine if he had documented every step of the journey imagine. How incredible that would be imagine. Like i would net flicks. That would like binge watch that. That would be awesome you. You would not need to go to business school. You would not go to university. You can literally just study that and my mission go with. This is look back in three years. And watch this thirty minute episode and see how far i've come and a really really harp. You can join me on that journey because it would truly be amazing. And i respect on love every single one of you that have watched this there that reach out and share their thoughts All wanna be growing relationships with every single one of you people. I do not even expect anything in return. I just want to build relationships. Get too nervous. One of you learn about what you wanna do in life because that's how much it means to me sir. On that note. I really do respect your time. Thank you so much and please be sure to give these watch. I'll be doing my best to document every single part of this journey. And i hope you can join me in the next episode. I don't know what it entails. That's hurtful another day. I if not more may the next day but a really hard buchanan. Stay along with his journey. Thank you so much. Take care belie.

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282. 2019...It's a Wrap!

The Working Experience

37:53 min | 1 year ago

282. 2019...It's a Wrap!

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls and thank you for tuning into another episode of the working experience. This episode is brought to you by our friends at anchor. No this this is not an ad to buy an anchor for your yacht though you may need one after you start your podcast and start bawling. So what is anchor. Anchor is a one stop shop shop for recording hosting distributing your podcast. Best of all. It's one hundred percent free in ridiculously easy to use and now anchor can in match you in great sponsors to get paid. podcast we use anchor host the work experience and we'd love it easy interface simple stupid distribution Asian on all major platforms the ability to work with sponsors. And it's free except the sponsor part they take a cut for connecting you with a sponsor much like an agency agency but totally worth it. So if you've always wanted to start a podcast and make some cash doing it go to anchor dot f. m. slash start that's anchor dot. FM Slash start. I can't wait to hear your podcast and be invited on your yacht. Greetings dear dear listeners And welcome to another episode of the working experience. A very warm open arm audio embrace and a squeeze this episode is is brought to you by my company. One Circle Media One circle. Media is a hybrid digital agency in media content creator we create and design APPS APPS websites videos social media content and physical products we are artists directors designers producers coders editors thinkers anchors makers and creators who embrace story and creativity from design web and APP Development Animation Docs features the TV shows digital and social media content to physical products for our clients we create content that builds networks in audiences across multiple platforms platforms. CHECK OUT OUR WORK AT ONE CIRCLE DIGITAL DOT COM and one circle brand dot com if you work for a network studio brand startup or corporation and are looking for a partner to create media that will build engage entertain. Reach out to me at John at one circle media DOT COM. I'd love to hear from you. This episode is also brought to you by an APP that I created called still believe still believe transforms a picture in your home into video. Proof of your child's favorite magical characters with the APP. Parents can catch the magic of the tooth fairy leading money under children's pillow or Santa delivering presents on Christmas Cassivi in their home. You download the APP. Take a picture in the week. Crete the magic. We'll utilize feature film visual effects artists to transform your picture picture into video. Just tell your kids that you have a special APP that can detect and capture the tooth fairy then present them with the video proof in the morning the look on their faces is priceless. You're still believe video is created in minutes and you can then save it to your phone and share it on social media. The APP is available for the iphone phone and Android in. It's free to download. Our aim is to bring joy in wondered to the hearts of children around the world. Check it out at still. Believe Dot. Co Uh thanks. Everyone and I hope you enjoyed this episode of the working experience. Though working experience ninety three North Earth is almost at a standstill yet. So rough one out there the scorning snow and sleet there is no service on any clear of the closing doors lease Fox blogs via minutes. Traffic should make sure Johnny that report. Sat presentation shore wants to see a team meeting. Ted Work makes the dream work moving it under and after the meeting. We'll have a breakout session. Where am I hot microwave if take pleasure very warm? Welcome to another episode of the Working Experience Podcast Mattie K.. And John on the last day of of Twenty nineteen. Yeah shed a tear. This is not just another podcast. This is closing out a year A stellar year. We add about Taylor. Two hundred twenty something podcast now. No to Lord. where I'd like to seventy two seventy? Oh my God why wait wait. Oh Yeah I think I'd say off into the stratus we're closing in on three hundred man while we're going to have to have a working experience various party on the three hundred thousand sewed let's see We are UNOM skews me. This is to eighty two. Oh my God wow time flies. It doesn't it when you're having fun doesn't it yeah how fun and make bank is what it's making Friggin Bank. I'm this that's not why we do it. Everyone though I mean we're we're we're definitely heading on the upward trajectory in terms of listeners downloads however in the money department how many downloads we have to we. What are we You know we got there in terms of ship should we should we Make it public. Yeah why not. I hear other where we're doing. Where over six figures in in total downloads in lessons? Oh total yeah all right. That's over two hundred eighty episodes. Yeah Yeah I'll you know. Do we have an average. Do we know how much are average would week getting like per week or per month. It varies on the the Quite how good the episode is but we average in the like below thousand listen per episode in a good episode. We'll get anywhere between two and five thousand. Yeah well and let me be frank. The quality quality of our episodes does vary. I will say indeed. It keeps everybody on their toes So I I I guess you know cruising into the new year and We we we also have opened mediums site with a short little all pieces anywhere between five and eight hundred words so really shouldn take up a too much of a chunkier day to give him a read and let me tell you something the bang for your buck out of that. Five to eight hundred words the amount of wisdom we've managed to pack into those five to eight hundred. Words is is a lot the trip dripping with wisdom. I don't think we have any articles that are five words. Though where did you come. We've come range five hundred. I think said five five five I could probably get down to five the working experience Haiku right back at right at the Eunice. That's one word right there. That's one were on one. Yeah yes it's one word But you know one of them is the The trap of expectations. Because you know we do this. I find this podcast enriching to do Sometimes it's a royal pain in the ass you know usually it's it's enriching But like you know. We went into this with the expectation that by January. First Two thousand twenty we're going to have so many downloads. I mean Oh this would this would have been done. Yeah we would have been out but you know the thing is like people do go into to things like that with these kind of unrealistic expectations. It's like where did you come up with that number or I'm GonNa have my first million by such and such an age or you know what we use that word all the time like an education expectations expectations and my thought on that. Is You can expect anything. You want anything you want. You can expect effect to make your first million by the time you're thirty or forty But there are many other factors that will come into play to defy your expectations so like New Year's resolutions. Tonight is the biggest night right tomorrow. Maybe not tomorrow but January stories. Second Everybody'll be at the gym right. Oh you Betcha you betcha everybody's going to be pumping iron yup run on the treadmills the ellipticals and then come January fourth. And that's and that's probably being generous ghost town well. People have these expectations expectations. Like they say they're going to lose twenty pounds. You know by the end of February and it's like okay. That may happen or may not you. You may enjoy your knee or something could happen or whatever you know. I mean it's then when they offer to people people are and you know it's forming a habit you know it's like it's much easier to stay the course you know view. been right in the couch for twenty years. It's a lot harder to jump off and jump on a treadmill for thirty minutes. You got to build that habit. Yeah and I think probably In statistics show this people like they go in with these absolutely unrealistic expectations. Like they're going to go to the gym four times a week for an hour. And you know that doesn't sound like much but when you've worked all day and you're tired and the weather's crappy crappy and whatever People start to fall off and it's like the and it's also sorry to cut you off but it's also it's a mindset. You know you. I mean as much as we joke about it. Here on the work experience you do have to have a positive Zedillo mindset to you. Know if if you're going to decide to go to the gym or you decide to start a business. Whatever it is you don't first of all you don't want to start that with with negative emotions? Don't WanNa like basically admit defeat before you even start and you don't want to launch launched that thought on a sea of expectations like you're saying like okay. I'm going to start a business and by June first I'm going to be rolling in millions right. I mean because if that doesn't happen then what I mean Oh then you just give up on life right. I mean that's the thing like if you don't lose twenty pounds by you know March. I said he lost ten pounds. Or if you don't like see yourself alf losing weight I mean you know. We live in a very instant gratification culture like I wanNA see results now. It's I it weight loss loss just to take weight loss. It doesn't work like I think. Wait comes off like a quarter of a pound a time. It's very knows a slow process. You can lose a lot of weight in the beginning depending on how overweight you are but again like people starve themselves. And they're gonNA fast sixteen hours a day and it's like okay. You Really GonNa the do that. Are you really going to keep that up. Well I think that that is the thing. That's the number one resolution solution right like you see people losing weight or getting in shape. You feel like the commercials everyone's talking about it And there are there are ways ways for you to drastically lose weight like you could do it like you could. I heard I think it was on the Joe. Rogan experience was Kevin Smith. Smith was talking about the potato diet episode. Yeah yeah he could Yeah you can eat as many potatoes as you want but but you can only eat potatoes. Right and you'll you'll shred wait. You'll just drop weight but go that. That's sounds easy enough Q.. Magin that there's nothing on it like you can't put anything on it. You just have to have a potato you can have bake you can mash can have it whatever way you want but just a potato. We'll number one. He had he was very overweight and he had a heart attack and he had to lose a lot of weight quickly and that that was a way to do it. That is not a sustainable diet. I mean you can't no it's useful fall yet. Yeah the the Diet is just quickly lose weight. Yeah I'm doing. My point is that there are ways to do it. That was extremely difficult right and that I mean hey if somebody is fifty pounds overweight. And they're like God damn it like I think you can kind of pick anything and part of the point was That you don't even want to eat it after a while like you don't want anymore potato race right just eating like assist subsistence level. Full of food right just to yeah right and you know you could pick tomatoes. I mean within reason. I don't think you could pick like pizza or something like that but He was at a critical point so if somebody's fifty pounds overweight and they're like Jesus I I WANNA lose twenty pounds just to like so. I can at least run or you know 'cause the the problem is when people start putting on more weight it becomes harder to exercise like you can't your needs can't take it absorbs probably the number one thing. Well I think the statistics on diets gruesome at like people will gain back the once they go on a diet eighty percent Santa people will gain back the same amount of weight that they lost more. And then we will. Then there's like another ten or fifteen percent that will will gain more because what happens. Is You know people like like you. said they'll go in hard you know they'll instead of just going and easy so they'll starve themselves and their their body assumes that Oh you know there's a plague or were starving Rabin ourselves and then when the diets over it you automatically eat back all those calories that you lost it. I mean it's evolution you know. It's it's in our genetics. That's why I say hard in the paint baby go and ardennes paint. Either you're going to go to the gym two hours. I every single day or forget the whole thing. Just forget it. We'll we'll many many K.. Soon as midnight rolls around January first twenty twenty he stops eating only water with a little bit of Lemon and Jim six hours day. Yup that that lasts for about two three days with the outset. And if he's if he's lucky he's in the Er right with a drip ninthly pulled shoulders and ice packs all over your body. And I'm just done I just you know well. My New Year's resolution is weight related but mine is to gain twenty pounds which I think is pretty Uh Listen I you know I go hard in the pain. I'm I'm Sutton expectations resolve. It's not easy to gain twenty pounds. You gotta eat your concentrate you you gotta order that extra pizza the right. Yeah that extra big Mac. Sometimes you're uncomfortably full and you gotta get back in a and you gotta push through that you gotta push through that pain. Aw Eat until the point that you're gonNA vomit and then you just gotTa Labor and you got to know that that comes with experience. Let's see gotTa Ebben flow it you got and also because when you think about it if you eat and then vomit you've lost all those gains. Yes see that's why The thanksgiving buffet was a real wind for me because I went with my family up to the Mount Washington in hotel. And they have this wonderful all you can eat buffet and driving home. I thought I was going to vomit like I thought I did not get an either. I'm not just saying for for this podcast. I thought I was going to throw up like I couldn't talk because I was concentrating on breathing. I was like Oh my God like. Why did I do this to myself? But I didn't and what I realized is that was such a resounding victory because I took it right to the edge because if I threw up it was a waste. The whole thing was away stripe stripe so absolutely. That's me taking it to the edge knowing your rights in bound man what is that movement human optimizations that what it is never heard of that. This is exactly push took hills in. Well the thing is they'll have to to back to back Commercials for Valentine that no Panitan that bike. Yes and then So I have I have friends who have Peleton. Yes see I. I don't it looks like something I would resoundly mock but I could see the value of it but my point is you'll see a Peleton an and you'll see an ad for a gem then you'll see an ad for golden corral which has is like a five ninety nine all you can eat buffet and then he spent an extra two or three dollars for a box that you cram more food into that you can I and I would say probably. I'm going to say sixty percent of the time that food doesn't even make it home. It's consumed in the car. Of course long car ride home. Yeah or or even fifteen minute car on that you dig into the box but we live in a very like how many food shows are on television. Television like we live. Food is sport. It's it's it's a disgrace in this country and in honestly as one of those signs of the fall of Babylon you know like food porn like an you know not to get Maudlin about it but there are many many cultures. They just eat to keep going. They don't all all of our. All of our problems are for with excess has to do with excess. Like you eat too much you drink too much smoke too much and psych. Yes all all of these vices but with food it's it's tricky. Because you need to eat like there are you know their food disorders this What are the ones where when you throw when someone throws up what is that called Bulemia Alenia Belania? What's the other one in a wreck sick So they have to WHO's ever affiliate afflicted with this has to relearn how to you know their relationship with food and eating well. That's also a lot of societal pressures to Lucca. Certain way to be than in all that whereas like other countries where people are barely getting enough to eat. I mean this honestly. He must just discussed them. It must absolutely discuss them. That's like you have so much food. You make yourself throw up and you just endless. And and then gyms to get rid of the fat from all that food. Let's just seem ridiculous. Like what what have we. What are we working towards here? You you know so yeah. Food is probably a big Probably the big ass food. Wait getting in shape. That's probably the biggest so uh-huh new year's resolution or something based around that but you know some are one guy They were on the news local news last night talking to people about New Year's resolution. And you know a lot of people said getting into better shape and one guy said you know. I'm just going to try to be nicer to people like little more patient nation. He's like that doesn't cost me anything. And he's like you know a good new year's resolution. Yeah and he said it's hard because he's like sometimes not that way and I have to get him to a better habit of that. That one person said do volunteer work. I was like yeah there. You go like a use some of that gym time to. Maybe you know go to one night a week week. The homeless shelter. Something like that. So you know something that will cost you anything you can sustain them and they better other people like. I think the idea idea was to have a new year's resolution that that benefited other people in some greater or smaller way. I mean one guy read about. He is pretty successful. Land investor property investor and. He had come from kind of a poor background. I think this was somewhere in Pennsylvania so he drove back to his is hometown with a a rig packed or had it driven with like twelve thousand dollars worth of Christmas gifts that he went around to these how project yet I bikes. He bought like a hundred bikes and all kinds of stuff and it was just like wow. That's you know that's really that's really something. Nice that someone dead that's very productive active and You know Well listen you know on the working experience here. We hope that twenty twenty get after it. It's it's it's even a bigger hustle than twenty nineteen Well Yeah of course we were reading this article that you sent me see. That talked about not working nights and weekends it was kind of at Boohoo. kind of a kind of a m almost against the grain of while you're working says my working experiences. Maybe work to three days a week. I mean come on. There was a great term that I read called slack partner. It was somebody was claiming. He only worked like ten or twenty hours a week and he did. I forget after it really little more into it but I liked that one. It's like Slack Trooper Noor. It's kind of an awkward phrase doesn't work that well but the It's like the Tim. Tim Ferriss four hour workweek. Yeah yeah mentality. Yeah he writes right. He does writing for medium. I guess he's been successful Awesome Malzahn. Oh yeah now. He's he's pretty successful But he I mean he works more than four hours but his point was you. Can you can create a a side hustle and spend a couple hours on that week and eventually that could be main source of income eventually could be yes us So this article here and I'll pull it up it. Was You know the idea is that you're supposed to be working nights and weekends either at your career or at your side Hustle And basically working all the time which blends into the idea of work. ISM that you're always supposed to be working Muslin hustling constantly now. Now the the Tagline for this article is. Let's see young ambitious. Don't devote nights and weekends to your employer do this instead so so I am neither young nor dishes And truly never were have never devoted nicer weekends at anything in other than self indulgence But you know it's funny. How like Elon? Musk famously said no one ever change changed the world on forty hours a week. First of all. There's no way that he knows that Well that's not true. And that's there's I mean famously. I think it was was Ben. Franklin that had his schedule you can you can google it but basically he would get up at a reasonable hour like nine or ten o'clock. He would have breakfast. He would read Either think or meditate meditate and then he would work for two hours and then he would take like a two three hour lunch a stroll in the park and then he'd work another two or three hours and then have dinner and then read at night and you get a lot done. I'm sure you're not cry. You got a lot done Ben Frank Goodwill Oh Benny when you're not constantly checking your phone and looking at your email and like that seems to be. What constitutes work and business easiness like you're always looking at social media? You're like how much worl I'm I'm an. I'm an attention whore a LICOR. Well if I don't get a certain amount of lakes aches you curl up on the couch and a ball. You're you're you're function you can't even function you're done yeah I know it's the narcissism And then this other Guy Ryan sell cliffs you ever heard of him now. CRYPTO currency entrepreneur. But that sounds like a frigging benefit to society For if you don't work nights and weekends in your twenties you're not GonNa have a successful career like I love these people who you just think that. Because they've made a lot of money they now can tell everyone else how to live their life and the the assumption is is that by taking that set advice. You're going to be happy and rich just like them. When in fact they could be miserable? Their life could be miserable they could be wealthy. Well the thing is or they could be wealthy and happy. Well that's what I wrote down like. How `bout is successful life? Like if you spend your twenties twenties working nights and weekends like how about going hiking or taking a trip to China or getting loaded with with your friends on Saturday night and blow off some steam like what. What about all you know I mean yeah but that's not that's not you know it's not print where the matt that's boring? You know what it is is like when it comes down to it. Is You define gene. What is successful for you for your life? Like what does happiness mean for you. And that's too big of a question for most as people to even comprehend. Nobody wants to hear that you know I read about you. Know the company away they do that. that Yup Yup I was just reading about this someplace else and their CEO Who apparently he is one of the worst people ever he will like scream at people in front of everyone calls somebody brain dead and this is making luggage? This is not curing cancer. You know what I mean. which kind of goes with I talked to Erin Griffin some time ago? She's one of our. I guess actually and she made the the point about work as Like what exactly are you doing. Creating the new door dash to go get food or something like that anyway anyway He would send these. He sends like round the clock emails. One of which told them to They were not going to get paid time off They were asked to cancel. Holiday travel plans and urged to take photographs graphs of themselves in bed with their laptops in order to keep pants pants. Keep pace with customer demand and shipping. snafus a yeah. This guy apparently is a nightmare. Like he just as an absolute nightmare Now they rent an sorry. Go ahead while I was just gonNA finish up with the the one of the founders of base Camp Jason Freed. I don't know if you know if you know that we we I interviewed and his partner right under eye hand was it Hanson. Guys Dave. He was on the podcast yet. Do Hanson Yep. Yeah and he says if your company requires you to work nights and weekends your company is broken. There is a managerial problem. Not your problem and I would say like yeah like if you. I've heard people complain about like their European counterparts. They can't get anybody at the office after five and whatnot and I think Ktar European counterparts must be looking at us like what is your problem like. Why can't you get your work done in a reasonable amount of time? So it's yeah well it's the always connected life. I mean I. I read an article about a guy who works at the. US Forestry and the key you know he insanely happy in. All he does is hill unit goes to work. He's got a clear a section or is GonNa you know look at the trees whatever he does and every day he's he goes in. He's got a task he does it. He works like five or six hours a day and then he he goes. He goes home to his small little cabin. And this guy's happy is a pig in shit. Yeah and you know some enemies making like started. He's making like you know. I don't know what the salary is. It didn't stay in the article but he's probably making thirty league grand ear the I'm sure he's not raking it in. But you know this goes back to what I was GONNA say about resolutions exercise like whatever your work as you have to enjoy a like if an expectations. It's like you know doing podcasts. Making a short film writing a novel like you cannot write a novel with with the expectation that it's going to get published. I mean that that is a lot of hard work. It's a lot of publishing shorter stuff on people's websites for no money. Things like that and there is no reasonable expectation that you're GONNA get published so you better enjoy what you're doing because you know as I've talked about my short film. Got Shut Out at twenty some odd festivals. But we're GONNA make another one this summer because I like it. I genuinely enjoy doing you and I I can't you can't go into anything like this podcast like we said we're we're we're GONNA have one hundred thousand downloads for every episode and you know we're going to be like Joe Rogue and well. I mean you know that may happen. It may not but I enjoy the intellectual repartee and all. That's go on a little bit on the deep ad. I know I'm not even sure repartee word I think we're we're barely comprehensible. Is that a word. I don't know I don't think so I I'd say I'd look it up but I'm not GonNa do that so comprehensible that's so we are leading but yeah I mean you'd better enjoy what you do. You know any LAN. Musk I mean I guess. He gets enjoyment in his own. Robotic pod person is an type of wave. I don't dislike but I think everybody is looking for you. Know the answer to solve everything and you. Can't you know everyone's looking for like Oh you know. Tell me what to do you like yes. You're right and you have the truth of it and the truth of live in the meaning of life is like you hold that answer you decide what is success. What is happiness? You don't put that if you put that answer in someone else's hands you will be like myself curled up on the couch on a daily basis ACIS but it's just amazing. How many people are on instagram? Twitter facebook these articles telling other people how to be success in happy. And it's like like that woman from Yahoo with the one hundred forty hour work week and you know you're not going going to be successful if you don't work weekends and nights I mean you know I read this book called the game or big games about the NFL NFL and a lot about the owners. Mark Leibovich route it really good buck lot of it kind of centers around the Patriots but These other owners as well and he said you know they they think that because they're successful in whatever they did and they own a football team that they know every time they really think they know everything about anything rocket science you know Reattaching the retina and I or they they just like so full of advice for everyone about everything and people do look to them. Because it's like wow you're a multi millionaire billionaire but you know it's like again. Listen Yeah it's I. I was investment banking. I worked nights weekends. Hundred Hour. WORKWEEKS was making a ton of money. It sucked I was not happy. I remember like getting being physically ill because I didn't want to go to work. Yeah Yeah in by any if you looked at me and looked at what you know the indeed the job and the status you I would be labeled a success like he's made in. I was miserable. But you know there's a lot of people who would just carry on with that he would. Oh yeah walk. GRANDMA GRANDMA bottle whisky just march along. Yeah well because it's sort of like you know of of invested this much and I've come this far with that like my seriously gonna quit but look at you now. You're talking into your computer with many. Hey I will pass where I where I was well past exactly another mountaintop. Yeah well everybody anybody Have Fun New Year's it don't don't go too nuts but this is one of those nights where people go a little nuts. Just try not to end up in some sort of a official custody that sometimes puts it word which or a debt sharp. Try to end the night with your pants on hopefully with your shoes still so I mean it is funny. You see people they are they go out on New Year's Eve arrack end of it. Like shoes gone Tam missing garments. He'd know exactly few I'd love to see the statistics just on lost coats. Like how many people's coats So what do you guys are headed to. I N Y C Tonight yeah big big big New Year's eve and we're not going to Times Square But we're we are heading into New York. Nice not yet time square has never appealed to me with like ten as zero appeal nutcases. And they're like Oh my God. I can't even imagine even if nothing went wrong. Just me an being in a crowd not size freaks me out I. I don't like it at all yet. Because you're you're heard it in and then there's you can't leave God. I Zero Peel. Yeah all right. Everybody Happy New Year in advance. And we've been on a little holiday. I hiatus. We're going to be back hard in the paint pump out the episode's guiding you through life gently but firmly right. I liked that gentle but firmly gentle but firm. That's got as as we as we were dating before that. Don't listen to anyone. You gotTA listen to yourself but no but listen to the exception is right right. Obviously obviously the exception is this podcast or everybody. Thanks for listening in Happy New Year. All right thanks everyone happy new year. Thank you everyone for listening to this episode showed the work inexperience. We'd like to thank our sponsors one circle media and still believe APP. The only at that delivers video proof of the tooth fairy and Santa by simply taking a picture. Download the APP at still believe dot. Co today in a major kids and if you work for a Studio Radio Network Startup or corporation and are looking for a partner to create media that will build engage in entertain your audience reach out to me at John on at one circle media DOT COM. I would love to hear from you. And that's it the end the sweet and until our next audio encounter.

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Lucca: Americas Top Dog

Dog Tales

45:23 min | 1 year ago

Lucca: Americas Top Dog

"A young veteran shifted in his uncomfortable wheelchair ever since he lost his leg in combat he struggled to adapt to his new life at times. His frustration and grief threatened to overwhelm him. That was why his therapist had recommended that he attended the therapy dog event. Supposedly the common canines would offer comfort and help him recover from his mental wounds. The veteran wasn't wasn't so sure he wanted someone who understood what he was. Going through. Not a pampered pet but he straightened in excitement when he saw the nine year old Belgian Malawai German shepherd mix approach her golden for rippled in the sunlight and her big pointy is. Were perked up alert alert for any new site so sounds however. The veteran was focused on something else. She was missing her front and left leg her trainer Gunnery Sergeant. Chris Willing Ham introduced the dog as Luca she was a former marine and who had lost her leg on duty but even this tough. Canine had fun nicknames. Luca and Mama Luka. The young man reached forward letting Lucas Sniff and lick his palm. His heart swelled. Here was a dog who knew what heaping through and now she continued to happily serve. How wagging tail and lolling tongue evidence of her cheerful demeanor as S.? He stroked Lucas for the veterans suddenly felt a lot less alone in the world. You're welcome to dog tales apart cast original every week. We retell the stories of historic heroic canines. We'll profile dogs. Who Save people from Earth? Quakes went to outer space and even spurred the invention of Velcro L. Crow if you're looking for funds stories and a warm heart you'll barking up the right tree. I'm your host Alistair. You can find episodes of Doug Tales and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream details for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type don't tales in the search bar at podcast with grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram Graham at podcast and twitter at Parkas network. And if you enjoyed today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever. You're listening doing this week. With telling the story of Luca Abell Jim Mallon wa. German shepherd mix who was deployed twice to Iraq and wants to Afghanistan Afghanistan as a bomb sniffer. She had a phenomenal career leading more than four hundred successful patrols before she lost a leg in an explosion but Luca is known not only for her wartime service but for her post retirement career as a service. Animal all dog lovers know about the special bond that develops between canine nine and its master. Scientists don't fully understand why dogs are so loyal and loving to their human caretakers. But they know that these social bonds a key to a young dogs development Luca a bomb sniffer for the US Marines. Shed a special love with two different trainers. Each master changed her and intern. Luca transformed both of them forever. She met her first partner. Marine Chris Willingham in the spring of two thousand six the two year old Belgium maller Wa German shepherd mix was fresh out of basic obedience training and ready to learn all about bomb-sniffing duties. Chris was immediately struck by Lucas clear shop gates. She looked tim up and down which he interpreted as curiosity and intelligence. Although she obediently sat still he could see how how she thrums with energy. Chris was immediately taken with the dog. He dubbed Mama Luka and Luke Cabrera from that first first fateful meeting. Chris began what he called the best job in the world every day. He practiced with Luca from the outside. Best best sessions might have looked like playtime but in reality. Chris was laying the groundwork for a bond between trainer and Canine bomb-sniffing dogs see their duties like a game of hide-and-seek if they find a special hidden item they get a toy. A train might behind an object. That smells like bomb making chemicals and stash it near something tempting like discarded food if the dog is able to focus on their mission and avoid. Avoid the distraction. They're rewarded with a place session. But in the real world there are usually multiple I e D's hidden in a small area area. A bomb sniffing dog needs to find that target get their rewards and then get right back to work to emulate this experience trainers get. The dogs used to only playing for a minute or two then resuming their hunt. At first Lucas problem was that she liked her prizes. Too much. Once had toys came out she couldn't be bothered to return it or hunt for any more chemicals sensitive objects so. Chris had to adapt his tactics. Chris knew that Luke loved rubber. Treat Phil Chew Toys called Calms. So he began bringing Tutu each training session instead of just one. Once Luca found her first practice bomb he would throw a calling for Luca Chase. She'd fetch it. Chew for a minute and then Chris with throat the second another race would ensue off to which he throws the original again. Not only was the extended did fetch session fun. It was exactly what Luca needed to keep her motivation up when her rewards were bigger she was more willing to Focus Gazon her tasks. Once Chris finally took the Kong's back she excelled. Chris believed she was the best in her class. The anecdote highlighted the importance of forging. A strong connection between trainer and dog. Luke responded positively to longer play sessions but another canine might have needed a different incentive. It was Chris Responsibility to understand Lucas Personality and adapt his style oil to hers once. Chris figured out what Luca needed that bond was unbreakable and this was important as a good connection is key to a bomb. Sniffing dogs success. Nothing can replace. What a well trained? Canine can bring to a team. Although nearly nineteen eighteen billion dollars have been spent trying to develop better explosive detection technology. Nothing has been able to top a dog's natural abilities. He's part of. This is because of a canines amazing. No's Columbia University's doke Nisshin researcher. Alexandra Horowitz it's explained smells have different layers which probably give dogs a much bigger range of types of information in other words if someone were to put but three strongly scented objects together a human might only noticed the blend but dogs can pick out the individual smells and even determine how much time has passed since they were each left. This means that dogs can smell the chemical components. That make up improvised is explosive devices or homemade bombs they can pick up the scent even if the bombmaker tries to mask them with other smells and they can find find the weapons four times faster than human bomb detectors and with over fifty percent more accuracy however the job was still risky especially because Luka was trained to work off leash in other words she was able to range around following following her nose wherever it took her without restraints. Chris had no way to physically prevent her from running off through a minefield instead. She had to stay disciplined willing to follow any verbal command. Right left stay. Luckily Lou Cabrera was highly intelligent and a quick student. Chris had nothing but confidence in the dog even as they shipped off to Baghdad. Chris Luca were deployed in two thousand seven. The deadliest year for marines Iraq Lucas first deployment was sure to be a trial by fire. They landed on April twenty third two thousand seven precisely one year after they'd first been assigned to one another compared to an ordinary bomb-sniffing dog who can hit the field off six to eight weeks. Lucas extended training period was an eternity but in reality Hell Year of preparation was appropriate for the high level skills. She developed to work off Leash Zhou as Maria Gudava jr explained in her book. Top Dog the story of marine hero. Luca if standard working dogs have bachelor's degrees specialized such dogs have PhD's and Lucas soon demonstrated that she brought more to the table than her bomb-sniffing abilities almost as soon as she in. Chris arrived at their new home. Base members of the platoon approached the team to Pat Lucas head. And scratch her is. She was happy to greet her visitors with a smile and a wagging tail her good attitude was infectious but Chris didn't realize allies how valuable her positive demeanor was until his first night Camp Falcon. He was awakened before dawn by the sound of alarms and explosions. Enemies were lobbing mortar shells toward the base. Chris scrambled awake slid slid harness onto Luka and sprinted to the nearest shelter as he shut the door behind him. He faced a sea of scared soldiers. But as soon as they saw the dog they all relaxed she offered just the comfort they needed during the attack while they waited for the all clear each soldier one by one pet her and shared stories of their own beloved pets back home. The encounter in the shelter was just one of many times. That Lucas Demeanor helped morale. She also provided stability while on patrol. Chris Luca abair were initially assigned to accompany an army platoon as they fought for control of the Tigris river which flowed south of Baghdad it Luca more than rose to the occasion as she and Chris searched along the banks she identified at least two improvised explosive explosive devices. Or I-I DIS Chris Signal to the troops behind him. They cleared the area before activating the bombs. Making the land. Unsafe one small. It was the first of many victories fluker during her first deployment. She identified dozens of weapon cash hash as an IEP DIS. She was so successful. She was deployed a second time in October. Two Thousand Eight this time accompanying Chris too deep Aena in southern Iraq. During the two tours there were no fatalities or human injuries. Under Lucas. Watch her work was thorir. She demonstrated incredible focus in the field and she was always at Christie's side when they patrolled rolled when they practiced and when they slept Chris came to feel like Luca was an extension of himself he even earned the nickname name dot guy from some members of his platoon. Who didn't know his real name? He didn't mind. He was proud to be associated with Luca Bear. It was during this second tour that Chris got to know one word Rigas who went by the nickname rant. They'd actually met briefly while stationed in California but it. It was in Iraq that Chris I saw rod in action. He was also adult trainer with a Belgian memoir named Ralph. Chris was impressed impressed by the professionalism and Catholic attention to detail road lights Chris too but even more he loved Luca. He hoped he'd see the cheerful canine again. After his deployment ended Chris and luke return from Iraq in April a two thousand nine after which they helped train new dogs and handlers and California he was grateful to be stateside again but it came with a challenge. He never faced abroad. Hey Luka had to stay on the base every night while he went home to his family luckily she didn't have to be alone for along. Chris visited her every day. In addition once rod returned to California in the spring of two thousand eleven he also made a habit of stopping by Moluccas Kennel and keeping her company he never failed to smile. It had good nature and bright intelligent gays just as rod and Lucas. Started to bond Chris's term of service was coming to an end. He weighed the pros and cons of leaving. The Marines means. He loved Luca desperately. He often woke up at night anxious that he couldn't hear her breathing beside him. He knew she wasn't old enough to retire. If she was going into the field again he wanted to be with her on the other hand. His family needed him back home. His daughter had been born while he was abroad and Chris wanted to get to know how better so even though he knew it would hurt hurt to lose Luca. He chose not to reenlist one warm night in March launch. Two thousand eleven. Chris Chat Luca out of her Kennels and took her for a walk up a Grassy Hill. He wanted to say his goodbyes. In the quiet beauty of nature Luca had no way of understanding what was going on. She just sat atop the hill had knows periodically seriously twitching. As the slight breeze. Brought her new sense. Chris listened to her breathing. Occasional scrabble's of pause against the dirt art sporadic thumps of her tail against the ground. He wanted to remember every detail given the danger sheet face. He didn't know if he'd ever see Luca again. After this Lucas sustains a life threatening threatening battlefield injury now back to the story from two thousand seven the two thousand eleven Belgium memoir German shepherd mix Luca served as a bomb sniffing dog in Iraq. During those four years she worked nearly nearly four hundred successful patrols with no recorded fatalities or injuries. Her bond with her trainer Chris Willingham was powerful. Foale which was why his heart broke when he chose not to re enlist rather than plunge straight into civilian life. Chris accepted less dangerous position as a detachment commander at the American Embassy. In Finland. The new job had several perks. WCHS including the option to live with his family in Helsinki. But it didn't call for a bomb sniffing dog. Luckily Chris had the opportunity T- TO PICK WHO Lucas new partners should be and he had just the right person in mind. One broad Rodriguez he goes rod already knew he wouldn't be working with his former partner Rolf again and was awaiting a new dog. So he had an inkling of what to expect when Chris called him and said that he wanted rod to work with Luca on the next deployment. Rod was humbled by. Chris's trusted Austin Him. He'd always known that Luka was more than an ordinary bomb-sniffer she was Chris's dog his feelings for all but confirmed confirmed with Chris's next words. He said one thing. I'm hoping to adopt Luca when she retires. I'd like her to be part of our family. I just wanted you to know that from the outset rod replied. I'll take good care of her but she'll be your couch potato staff sergeant with that. Chris gave Rod Moluccas favourite toys as he waited tit for the final days of his service to run out. He gave Rod Watt Tips. He could their first couple practices. Were rough whenever Luca. Successfully Salie identified a chemically. scented toy road would praise her her tail would wag but she paused to wait for more information. She didn't feel like like the job was done until Chris confirmed that she done well. Once Chris joined a practice to watch Rawdon Luca in action and assess. Assess how they were bonding. He hid just out of sight behind some bushes so as not to distract the dog but as soon as rod gave the Command Luke to seek she bounded into a sprint and stopped right outside the Bush where Chris was hidden. She'd found something something better than any toy Rawdon. Chris agreed that Luca would benefit from a bit of distance. So long as she believed that Chris would come back for her at any moment. She keep rod at arm's length so Chris reduced the number of visits. He paid Luca he stopped hoped. Dropping by the Kennels to patter and play and in his absence Rod and Luca established their own report. She came to trust him even love him even. So it was worrisome when rod land he and Luca will be deployed to Afghanistan's Helmand Ullman province. One of the deadliest military destinations. Six of Afghanistan's ten most violent regions within Helmand. Lucas Service in Iraq had been difficult but Afghanistan would be her harshest test although he'd been keeping his distance. The Chris knew he had to give Luca a final farewell before she left during what seemed like could be their last day together. He patted her back and pulled her in close for a hug. His Face Frist against Lucas. Sensitive is Chris vowed. This isn't goodbye. Luca it's just a temporary thing roads a great guy and he'll take good care of you with his partner in tow rod flew to Helmand province and adapted to his new normal. He shed bunk bed with another trainer while Luca and her new roommate made a Belgium. Malamute named Darko slept on the floor. During the day. Luca maintained her typically cheerful demeanor. The other soldiers couldn't help but notice her omnipresent smile and wagging tail once wrote call to Man Patting Lucas head. The soldier explained she's really calming road was encouraged to see that. Lucas temperament hadn't changed since his separation from Chris. He didn't want any feelings wings of abandonment to interfere with how work while bomb-sniffing dogs aunt pets. It's still important to establish trust loyalty and affection action between the Canine and it's trainer as marine turn journalist. Sarah oems explained in an article for business insider bomb-sniffing dogs a a motivator by the promise of treats play but the highest performing military animals also long to earn their trainers praise. And this Zayas US springs from a healthy and affectionate relationship. There's also the fact that bomb-sniffing is difficult tense. Work just like like people. Dog Sneak. Mental breaks to unwind and avoid potentially deadly mistakes if a canine likes. It's trainer and enjoys playing. They'll be more able to let loose and shake off the ongoing stress even in Afghanistan. Rod found that Luka was highly focused eager you get to please and curious about the world around her. She practically lives help with excitement when he patted her head or said good girl for the first few months Luca maintained her perfect record. Wrought was especially impressed at her obvious experience and comfort around minefields. He barely had to give her instructions at all. When they arrived? In a dangerous area she just began sniffing thanks to her professionalism. Eliza and skill Luca cat racking up the fines and I e e d buried near a farm bombs in the center of haystacks each represented presented a life saved an injury never sustained on March twenty third two thousand twelve when they were ordered to investigate a barren arenfield. In southern Afghanistan's know how Suraj district it felt like any other patrol according to Intel. I will likely buried read amongst the dirt just another normal day eight year old Luca. Luca kept her nose to the ground and her tail in the air. Sniffing the whole way through the field she crist crossed and soon gave the urgent tail wag. That only meant one thing. She found something Rod and the army. Patrolman gathered round to see what Luca had identified a cache of firearms and ammunition surely left by insurgents. Urgence road called for the rest of the troops to collect the weapons while they worked Luca whimpered and poured the air eager to keep sniffing so rod. Let her go once. Again Mama Luka paste over the dry land is cocked forward nose to the ground. She had no way of knowing how much dangerous she and her team wherein but she did know that the stakes were high her nose that valuable asset that allowed her to detect bomb making materials also clued her in to what rod was feeling Italian and Portuguese researchers found that human sweat changes its chemical composition when the person us in this feeling either happy or scared and when forty Labrador retrievers were fitted with heart monitors and exposed to the fear sweat their own impulses increased. Not only did the dog's sense. The People's fear they end pathetically became frightened themselves so now. Luca almost certainly picked up on rods nerves. She stepped carefully then identified another sent sent this time. It was a bomb once again. He called his team who disarmed and removed the I. E. D. as the I. E. D. was removed. Luca continued to work. She could smell more. The patrol resumed excited by her continued. Success Luca bounded fullwood her feet touched earth and a shower of dirt. Dirt spewed up around her Rod. Her two distinct sounds cut through the air. The first was the roar of an explosion. The second was a pain frightened. Howell Luca had stepped on a buried? I E D and it had blown beneath her rod knew. This wasn't even the worst of the danger. Taliban snipers sometimes hid near minefields. Picking off soldiers medics while they tried to rescue their injured. Comrades heedless of the danger he sprinted over to the blast site to find Luca Howling and whimpering in pain road could see that left front leg was bleeding profusely and her poor was missing. He shouted first aid support and Applied Attorney Kit. But he didn't want to wait. Not while Lucas endanger he gathered the injured bleeding dog into his arms and ran toward a tree. A few dozen feet from the site night of the explosion. It offered a bit of shade but would leave him exposed but he didn't care. Luca was in trouble when the medic joined him. Rod slipped another turner cat around Lucas injured. Limb it helped stem the bleeding. But she needed he did professional treatment. Emergency helicopters arrived within ten minutes transporting both Luca and rod to the nearest the medical facilities at Camp Levick there. The doctors who greeted Rod were prepared with both human and animal. First Aid Kits mm-hmm unfortunately the physicians soon determined that Lucas injuries were too severe for them to treat. Luckily luckily there was a better equipped facility in Kandahar airfield. Roughly a hundred miles away and given Lucas heroic service so far the military would ensure her safety and comfort for the transfer. Finally Luca rolled into surgery. Where battlefield veterinarians Rene aeriens determined that? Her leg couldn't be saved. They scheduled a follow up procedure for the amputation. The road was relieved to learn that his sweet loyal intelligent dog would survive but once his initial gratitude wore off off he faced other new worries with the Trauma Changed Lucas personality which she ever trust him again and what about Kris still waiting to introduce Luca to civilian life surely he would be heartbroken to learn of how she'd been hurt. Would he blamed. Rod Awed the accident when he I emailed the gunnery sergeant rotate out his apology but to rods relief. Chris wasn't angry. He was grateful he later explained. I could sense that rod kind of felt like he had. Let me down with Luca getting injured and that was not the case at all his quick actions the training that he had received kicked in and with disregard for his own life saved wbt. Luca's life Chris's forgiveness was just what rod needed. He could let go his lingering guilt and focus on being with Luca during her sure to be lengthy and difficult recovery process for so long Luca had been known for her cheerful disposition and positively. But the dog would need support and optimism more than ever as she learned to live with only three legs up next. Luca adapts to a new way of life but continues to serve how country country now back to the story from April two thousand seven to two thousand twelve Belgium. Alan Watt German shepherd mix. Luca served three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq running more than four hundred successful patrols. Her nearly perfect record was only marred by her accident. On March Twenty third two thousand twelve which resulted in the loss of her front left leg. Her TRAINA China. One Rod Rodriguez sat in on conversations while vets debated the best way to amputate limb. They could keep a stub in place. which would allow Luca to wear a prosthetic or remove it all the way up to her torso veterinary prosthetics? Were still new. And relatively untested arrested at the time and preserving a stump carried risks. Her muscles would atrophy and introduce other complications. Luckily she was strong and had been in excellent health prior to the explosion with assurances that she should easily learn how to walk on three legs. It's Rhode gave his permission for Lucas entire leg to be amputated then to ensure she never felt alone. He sat in on the surgery later. Were Luca slept off the painkillers and sedatives rod stayed in her cage. She didn't leave his lap until the next morning when he and one of the hospital. Workers Corrup- they outfitted her in a special a harness designed to help her regain her balance until she adjusted to the missing limb injury hadn't dampened her bright. Demeanour Lucas strolled around the grounds outside the surgery tail wagging she was undeterred by her injury and still thrill to see brought outed has signed the next day. Only forty eight hours after the amputation. She was comfortable walking without the Hanis at all. Rod didn't know how long it would take lucre to recover completely but he certainly didn't expect that little more than a week after her surgery she'd it'd be back to sprinting at full speed. Gladly running down thrown toys and cheerfully depositing them at rods feet. Lucas recovery recovery process was bitter sweet for Rod. Of course he loved her and wanted to see her learn to run and play again but he also knew the once. Luca was back on her feet. She'd be discharged and he would have to say goodbye. The Fateful Day arrived on July fifth breath. Two Thousand Twelve road was delighted to learn that. He was approved to accompany Luca on her flight to Helsinki. where she'd be reunited with Chris? He was even granted a few weeks of leave to help. Luca transition back into Chris's care. It would give him a little time to to let go. The morning of their international flight. Road and Luca Played One last game. Fetch even though he'd been at her side through her entire recovery practice. He was still astonished that she was just as quick and agile. She'd always being. It was like she. She didn't even notice one of her legs was missing the flight to Finland felt endless and Rod wasn't the only one who is anxious as Chris. Willingham drove to the airport with his wife and two daughters. He wondered if Luca Uca had forgotten about him even worse. He worried that her personality. My tip changed thanks to her trauma. What if the happy playful dot? Oh He'd once love was gone forever. His concerns continued to swell through his mind as the plane pulled up to its gate when the passengers filed out the doors and spilled into the terminal. Chris immediately spotted rod and Luca. The dog doc was unmistakable. Even in the crowd. Chris Knelt forward extending his hands. Even though Luker was three legged rod could barely keep up with the dog she strained her leash pawing at the air and and barking in her excitement to finally be reunited with Chris. Finally she reached her first love and disappeared into his arms. uh-huh a massive clothing Luca jumped and licked her master. He laughed petting her and scratching her their head. Joyous meeting was everything he'd hoped it might be as man and dog hugged and celebrated Rod Hung Back. This wasn't his celebration. It was his heartbreak Chris. Rod whisked Luca from the airport and took her to to her new home. They went on walks and tours together as the days went on road spent less and less time with the dog better for her to get used to not having him around later before he left. Helsinki road gave Luca a warm hug. Uh He whispered. I just want to thank you for being there to watch over me Luca donor. I'll ever see you again. But if there's any chance chance I can. I will never forget you but you're going to have a great life in this family. This is the future you deserve. Be Good looker. As for Chris he was eager to make her civilian life as joyful as he possibly could as he told. CNN in a later interview. Today I do my best to keep her spoiled in her well. Deserved retirement and Chris and Luca had their happy ending but previous trainer had vowed to find a way to see her again and he meant to keep that promise which was why. Rod Attended Dallas's Sky Ball on October Twenty Six two thousand twelve the fund raiser Razer garlic celebrated military heroes and veterans and that year for the first time ever one of the honorees was an animal specifically Luca while roadway to pick up his luggage at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. He felt the poke of a wet nose rose on his leg. He immediately knelt to hug the dog. He'd missed so much Luca. Positively squirmed with happiness. She couldn't contain tain the ball. Which Chris and Rodney both attended cemented? A lifelong friendship between the veterans. They had one thing in common. That love for Luca and while they'd always respected each other now. They became true companions in the years that followed rod frequently reunited with Luke and Chris at public events. They all shed afloat during the Rose Parade on January first two thousand thirteen the following year. The trio marched together in a veteran's Day parade and were among the first to tour the newly constructed four four World Trade Center for the first time in her life. Luca didn't have to choose between the two trainers she loved. They both came to her but she wasn't content to just play with her two loves a nap her days away. She wanted to get back to work retired. Working dogs usually adapt best when they find ways to keep busy. This is because service canines tend to be highly intelligent and up for a challenge. These traits make them good in the field and they don't go away once. The dog is discharged from its job. In fact giving a former working dog regular regular stimulation and challenges is one of the best ways to help them transition to their life as a pet in Lucas case. That meant that she. It didn't fully retire at toll but instead changed career parts beginning in March two thousand thirteen nine year old. Luca began working with veterans to Provide Comfort and hope she and Chris traveled from military base to military base letting former servicemen and women. Pet Her hug her and play with her. She was great at her new job after all she was a veteran too do and had been injured on the field of battle but that didn't dim her hopeful spirit her happy grins and wagging tail. Promise that a better life lay ahead for other wounded vets. In addition to a military base visits Luca also traveled to schools and appeared at public events. She and Chris helped teach people about veterans issues and always offered a sympathetic ear. If anyone just wanted to talk. Chris and Luca settled into a comfortable routine. Their lives weren't so stressful now that they were no longer responsible for digging up. IEP Oh you dis. Their work was important. But it wasn't life threatening but the world hadn't forgotten about Lucas service or her incredible bum finding record and in the spring of two thousand sixteen. Chris received a phone call with incredible news. Luca was being awarded the dicken medal since one thousand nine hundred forty three. The dicken medal has been distributed by the People's Dispensary Serie for sick animals. It's considered Britain's highest possible military recognition animal can receive. Luca was the I. US Marine Corps dog to receive the honour on Tuesday April fifth. Two Thousand Sixteen Chris Willing Willing Ham and one Rodriguez applauded and cheered while the shiny metal was draped over Luca Bez neck the German shepherd Belgium Mala panted her tongue lolling. It was almost like she was smiling for all the photographers. Lucas ceremony was featured on CNN. NBC News and the Huffington Post. Thanks to America's love affair with dogs have fame soon eclipsed that of other Dickin- medal recipients including Gi. Joe A World War Two carrier pigeon or upstart a British police horse that controlled traffic after after a nine thousand nine hundred forty seven aerial bombing. Another recipient was nine eleven search and rescue dog Apollo who you may remember from a previous assode. Although the award rocketed Luca to stardom she soon returned to quieter humble life and and had days were good right up until the end on January twenty first two thousand Eighteen Lucas facebook fan page operated by Chris Willingham posted. It's with a heavy heart that I tell you that. Luca passed away yesterday us today. Luca truly was a special dog raw. Deny a both fortunate to have served as her handlers. We will will forever be grateful for her service and companionship. The posting assured Lucas more than thirty thousand friends and followers that that she spent Halla stays with the two people. She loved the most Chris and Rod and since her passing. Luca has continue you to inspire in the summer and fall of two thousand nineteen her dicken medal and a lifelike statue featured in a temporary war dogs exhibit at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Chris has spent time since her death. Traveling and speaking about issues related to service animals camel's while Luca may have begun her career on the battlefield. Her legacy lies in her good attitude and her ability to bring peace peace and joy to everyone she met with a comforting veterans. All Romping with Rod and Chris Mama Luka has become an enduring symbol of hope and love. Aw thanks for listening to tales for more information about Lucon. Her train China's we found topdog by Maria good average especially helpful to our research. Every dog has his day and Ave is Mondays Sundays. We'll be back then with a new episode. You can find more episodes of dog tales and all other past originals for free on spotify. Not Not only does spotify already have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all your favorite podcast originals like Doug Tales sales for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream does take on spotify. Just open the APP and type dog tales in the search bar. Several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy the show. The best way to help us is to leave a five star review and don't forget to follow us on Facebook Instagram at Park East and twitter at podcast network. Join US next time for another good story. About a good dog doc tells was created by Max Cutler and is a Parka studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed by Anthony Val sick with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Collie Modern Isabella Way and Joel Stein. This episode of Dog Tales was written by Angela Jorgensen with writing assistance by Erin Land. I'm Alison Hi podcast listeners. It's Alistair if you love dog tales. We'd love to hear from you. By taking a quick survey your feedback will help us. Continue Making your favorite shows better than ever please visit podcast survey dot me slash dog to answer a few short questions it. It may seem small but your input really matters. That's podcast survey dot me slash dog. Thank you for your continued support and for listening.

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003.5 BONUS noche buena & the secret to a perfect lechon


17:54 min | 2 months ago

003.5 BONUS noche buena & the secret to a perfect lechon

"Hi carmen. I feel like getting drunk. I know me too actually. We do a minute for myself. A little bit of wine drinking some wine. That has been my fridge so long that it's probably cheap at this point. We're going to celebrate. Nacho winner holiday that oftentimes centers around in entire roast pork. A quintessential part of the cuban identity inexperience is literally muscle dominicans. Puerto ricans also eat. Little madonna They call it bad meal. They call it peddling so it's like the same thing but like a hot cina. Is the key to getting the perfect mitchell. Masao like china is an aluminum box. Encased in wood it's large enough to hold an entire pig and it is the preferred roasting mechanism for cubans who are hosting a party of twenty twenty five people and typically. These gatherings are during the holidays. That's when you're having your whole family over anita feed them. The way that the gotcha works is that you buy a whole pig. Pig cost anywhere between two hundred fifty three hundred dollars for a fifty pound pig and in order to prepare the pig. You have to brian. Which means you inject it. With all the mojo in the world mojo usually consists of garlic some salt netting hag hagara which is bitter orange and bitter orange is a type of citrus fruit. And most of us by a bottle of dog from serrano's add to that some olive oil in some additional herbs like oregano and cumin of often seen us use. Samsung complex is a complete seasoning. Blend that many. Cuban americans are familiar with in all of that combined with some variations make mojo and as you can tell. Mojo is distinctly acidic slightly. Bitter has a strong garlic taste and is our basis comes together to create a really succulent. Well seasoned pig and this is the secret to getting that flavor but also that juicy nece you can't have the perfect roast pig without tons and tons of all you put that bryant pig inside of the hatching inside. The aluminum portion and on top of this pig goes a great that you put coal's on top of the company that makes this suggests two and a half eighteen pound bags of charcoal. You like them in. That perfectly cooks the latrone. When i say perfectly i mean the entire pig is roasted to perfection in only four hours with crispy. Skin get legal. I know and i say this as a vegetarian. Who follows pet pigs on instagram. And i watched them in their little sanctuaries. Poor is like this cuban national treasurer when my mom used to ask my grandfather like. Are you eating your vegetables home. Behavioral like pork is a vegetable. My grandfather sees pork as like one of the essential ingredients in the cuban food pyramid. I've had a family member roast pig underground right. Because they don't have gone cuba that's a miami thing roasting pig underground is actually the way that cubans roast pigs in cuba. That's the traditional way to like roast entire animal you can create as big a pot as possible by basically creating a cavern underground. Yeah you add plantain leaves and some coal on top and then you cover it with some amazon top. But how long does it actually take to roast pig in this way like when i saw that happen like this man had been like v. He landed the pig for like an entire day before we arrived some he was just inviting people in the neighborhood to come over for beers to watch the pig roast and it was going to take some time. This is more someone who decided to go deep into his first to make a pig furniture winner but the cina. I think what it does is. It brings this tradition and makes it more accessible less time intensive and more reliable and it makes it so much neater. Can you imagine not grind to i dig out a whole big enough to fit the pig and then you have to put the pig in there and then you have united So involved in this guy Has a nice neat little contraption you wheel out into the backyard and you put your pig in there and then you just chill. It's like a barbecue. It's a specific barbecue for a whole pig over here wondering whether like any barbecue aficionados or any anyone who is not cuban-american whether they've used something like that had cina to to roast anything before whether it's a specialty of the cuban american community. I wonder because i don't really know. Yeah so this concept is not exclusive to the cubans. The cajun microwave is essentially the same thing. And if you wanna go a little bit further if you really think about it. The entire concept is just a big dutch oven with the heat coming from the top. So that guy who cina was invented by a man named roller togadia. He said that in the early eighties. His father was talking briefly about how he had seen chinese people in his time in cuba using the system mechanism for roasting pig. But he said this passing as Was like broke for real. I don't know about that. But they developed a prototype a year later they had what we now know of as high cina that sounds like the mythology like that could be the mythology of saying. This is how we came up with like a hat. Cina but we've read from a couple of different sources that it's questionable whether it has anything to do with chinese people or commingling chinese cuban cuisine at all. I also want to mention that linguistics. Play a role here so cubans say that something that is clever or something that is well designed or just in general something mysterious. They refer to that as something. Chino like something. It is so racist. So imagine calling lucca hutchings and you're calling it chinese box. Not because it's chinese but more so because it's the sort of magic box a sort of mysterious box in which you place a raw pork entire pig carcass and outcomes the most fantastic thing you've taste. Many of our listeners may not know that there were waves of immigration coming from china to cuba and to the caribbean and so there are chinese immigrants in cuba. and there's even a chinatown in la donna. How old havana there are. Chinese cubans core ethnically chinese. And who are also cuban but we have reason to believe. That's not the reason why we have gina so we've actually been talking about gara- and crediting him for the invention of lucca. Cina but in reality what he did was he developed a prototype and then started a company under this name there are other brands that make this exact roasting box. One of them is lack of Asada and let's be real some cubans have probably even gotten handy and made their own back to lord Even though he made this and started his company in nineteen eighty. Seven with all the bells and whistles and all that go hi chino's it actually really didn't take off income to popularity until two thousand three because that is when some chefs asked him for five hatching us to appear in the south beach food and wine festival and all the fancy chefs were raving about it. Because again this is magic. So imagine this chef heaven okay. You're cooking in entire pay. You don't need babysit it. You've to regulate the calls but come on. That's almost no work. It comes out completely perfect juicy delicious with crispy skin and it comes out in four hours after two thousand and three. That's when hatching started popping up in everybody's backyard specifically for nacho. Wena nacho winner is celebrated on december twenty four th for americans. It would be the night before christmas but it is far more meaningful to cubans and cuban americans at the very least than actual christmas day. Some of us might do a fusion where we celebrate not winner and then celebrate christmas day at notre. I is the party where you bring all of your family together. And your you are gathering around this roast pig. You're dancing and you're eating all this delicious food. Other immigrants also celebrate nacho winner rather than going to sleep early and waiting for santa claus to bring your gifts and you wake up early on christmas day you actually stay up late on not a winner and at least in my family around midnight. That's when we'd open our presence in some similar religious or catholic families you can go to midnight mass so it is really centered around that evening more so than the following day when we talk about not a winner and its importance and how we celebrate it in the united states. I think it's important to acknowledge that. For so many years cubans in cuba could not actually celebrate christmas yet. Christmas was actually outlawed in cuba from nineteen sixty nine to nineteen ninety eight might have something to do with the fact that a marxist communist thought states that there is to be no religion in society because that creates divide an inequality cuba was considered an atheist nation so it was officially banned by the government to celebrate christmas or any other based on religion. They were called less nabi ceiling sierras or the silent christmas because he's christmases in. Which if you did want to celebrate christmas you'd have to do it in silence you would have to hide. I have a cousin that specifically told be that her dad would pull out around christmas triumph. This christmas tree from hiding like the stored it in always had hidden and she said that it was on our bullied Gordon which is cuban for really freaking old and it must have been that they had it before the revolution or somehow they sourced it. I don't know but the point is that they would only take it out in secret and then they would only have it in a specific corner of the living room where nobody could see you when you close the blinds and they would only light it at night when they had all the curtains closed and they always worried about. If some of the neighbors were gonna tell on them. It was a whole deal just to have a christmas tree. You would have to keep the fact that you're celebrating christmas from other folks in nineteen eighty eight pope john paul. The second visited the island so after that period of time cuba was actually no longer considered an atheist nation but a secular nation and wile christmas was no longer banned. It was still considered imperialist to say. Merry christmas in english or to celebrate things like santa claus coming down the chimney or have something like a christmas tree so all of it considered part of the united states capitalism imperialism and hegemony because for a long time. Christmas was outlawed. There was an organization called gums or c. A n f. I'm not sure how you say it. But the point is organization runs a special program to help by children in cuba gifts. Inconspicuously specifically for three kings day in the race and the government. They have accounts of the government coming in with weapons into people's houses to apprehend children's toys. Tell me that it's perfectly okay for grown as men to walk into somebody's house and take children's toy. It's sad income ical at the same time. I believe that even during this time when there was silent. Christmases cubans can still roast pork. When you're warren beatty the seattle just calling out some of our other episodes where you know. I'm sure you couldn't find pork unless you had it living in your tub carmen. Why is it that. Have so many memories of pigs in tubs tub somewhere. I think this may be a good way of hiding the pig like an actual bathtub. I gave a pig for a long time. I have some emotional ties to pigs. I used to have a pet pig as a little kid. So there's that. But also after a while i was just kinda like i don't really like this that much. Should we get our cuban cards taken away. Don't come for me people. Sorry okay. But i do. Eat pig pig under specific circumstances Cina is one of those circumstances where i will have a little bit of pig next to my rice and beans. It's just the most delicious way to make a pig if someone has already roasted entire pig. And they're going to throw that away. Give me a little bit of the skin as i will have the crunchy skin for sure no good. I'm getting hungry anyway. Let's do a little bit more about other things that happen around the holidays. That are very cuban so we have music blake. I'm thinking oh my god karn. This is a song that will play at all times in miami and it is it transcends cubanisima it is definitely a latin american thing and it's the somboon does on. It'll this tells the story of someone being on a burrito which is a mule. And i dunno trying to get to jesus. Yeah because jesus is about to be born. That's christmas even if religion is outlawed in religious holidays are outlawed. somehow. I don't know if this is regulated but somehow cubans in cuba managed to do a leonardo race. Which is january six and the story is that jesus christ was born on the twenty fifth but actually the three kings who are on their way with gifts for the holy child did not actually arrive until january six and so that is the day that the gift giving happens in cuba carmen deal. They were reading on bougainville. Slow i bet you at least was. Is that why it took them that long. Probably on your family's nativity scenes there definitely writing camels their camels. But i bet you one of them was like on radio and then he's like okay guys but when you write it down. Can you say that. I also had a camel and he makes these gifts are typically practical gifts. Because in god. I na so things like socks or crayons may be you get a toy. Maybe but for the most part it's stuff that you need like underwear are suffering. Is something like that. My family did do in the notorious for a few years after we arrived in the us. But i think after awhile. They sort of like okay. I guess we're in the us. We do christmas now with santa and the christmas tree in adopted that Total drunk right now. Okay so because this is a bonus mini episode. We just want to introduce you to some cuban vocabulary so there's in some county which literally means you're just struggling. You're literally eating cable in imagine eating cable. It's probably really hard. So you're struggling. That's what that means. There's thurman A party like you're just. This is a lot of fun like the having a great time. Yeah yeah and then by chunga which is another word for party but it's a specific kind of party like if it's chunga. It's like a partnership ratchet party. Yeah chang guys like you're putting on gasoline and everybody's gonna get down like everybody's gonna lineup in shake their butts like maybe there's a grind train maybe train maybe early and one of my favorite ones and this is a proper guaranis war. We're going to sneak it in because the time is right. I am friel gabriella. It is so cold that it will make a monkey bolt. Yeah yeah we're gonna go with that. And by the way this so cold could literally be sixty degrees because cubans are really soft when it comes to cold fairly much for listening to this. We hope you enjoyed little episode bonus for the holidays. See happy to win win winner. Wanna think our patrons for supporting us daniel josh event. Kelly jesse we love you so much really not a winner. We hope you share this with your family and friends and christmas on take it easy heart from the bottom of ma love you.

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'Deep Down Inside, I Knew I Was Stronger Than My Demons' - Running Back From the Brink of Suicide

Body Science Podcast Series

48:06 min | 1 year ago

'Deep Down Inside, I Knew I Was Stronger Than My Demons' - Running Back From the Brink of Suicide

"Today's chat. I've got a call one of the best humans in the world on Karen. Douglas might hey, go myself because he got the same Hake out these. Let's chat about resilience. Let's. Welcome to the body sides podcast bringing you everything you made wants and should know about health fitness, nutrition and training as always the inflammation attending what causes the nation purposes, only and he's not designed to diagnose treat prevent or many any injury disease or other health related condition. Ben the fat and feed, the muscles with this high protein, low carb load that best tasting daily protein powder, hydroxy burn lean proteins are released in a sustained, Khanna logical. Order therefore maintaining the difference absorption rates fast and slow ensuring constant muscle, you'll so you stay bit happy and healthy this an adjusted. Glenn also includes seventeen vitamins, and minerals, added counting and a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes digits on and Iraqi pre biotic to digestive health. Welcome to the house of happy and healthy. Body Sants day, I have Karen Douglas with me. Karen is our throw out to people as one of the best humans on this earth. He has done more for people than you can. I don't know how to side I need you to jump in because on what tear up in a second. But an individual that has done Saimaa through your sporting ties, and what you've done with kids and for other people that, you know, a lot of us in life struggle with the black dog or whatever you wanna. Call it like being chased whatever it is anxiety. Because we not do enough all this, and you you've had a full complete circle not you'll lifelock. He and you've given me your loss door before, and some moments we've had together, and I don't know where you want to go with that today. But you've had you've had a law that makes people would go Holly, sheet wise. He's doing so much by the papal. I like everything that obtained through, I guess is led me to really wanna help other kids, mice devoid. I've done in his brain through running in rising money, and we'll touch on that saying because you've raised some serious money and you've done some stupid things to rise. You have done some things. What did you run backwards for sivy? I'm was one hundred K but running seventy six back was last year for the channel on telephone and highly seventy six. Pushy veils and earning up to seeks you'd like fifteen guys in Iran, on dumb, McAuliffe muscle and then burnt multi and then just kept hearing on. Yeah. Just kept paranoid on you have one of the kids dissolved, me max year, incurable branch ima. And he's just pushed me along County Down keep going at allowance never going to let him down. Yeah. Exactly sites, it great support, and yeah, you just push your you get, you know, it's funny, you know, like when, when I'm into Lucca along Ron look good challenge can run luck, you'll hit the fifty one hundred ten walk and a little pale runs. Boo guy to look, a dog ply CR just trying to push themselves Cape push and keep pushing against the may. When I hit when our hit that place, why guy too, I wouldn't say doc price, but it takes me back too much. You've already painter dot place. Doc plays hundred percent. And when guided that place you know, I'm, I'm telling myself come on. You've you've gone through big things in this just Cape. Move your ass and keep going. So, yeah, I mean, you know, I'm free tool. Tom on, on sexual mayor bet. People sipping at so they come signs and people ask me all the time. I pay do you do these long, runs and headed you do it if amount of potty or a, you know, a social gathering on looking to go deep into wire do it. I just cut it showing guy you know it's just something I love to do you know the love Ryan just us do without explaining while doing. What did you might don't they get coffee in some boots? And we put the fire on. Back in stone. You know. From the word, I always say that always been Atta Makamba signed from on for as long as I remember my mom suffer from a little mental health issues, and so that pose a load of tension between her father and many times that would yeah. I can remember play spin Doro you know, if it wasn't place. It was an ambulance or, or maybe it was both in. Realized standing back. Yeah, not at all. And I guess also buys out to grow up really quick out guard school and having dealt with, you know, maybe the place doubling up four and I don't go to school. And, you know, just be we'd, I guess things didn't really I didn't really click on things until one morning. We'll get married for school. And I'm a data go into work, and, and we had the door. And my mom had come running into the broom, we wish we're not this someone hears someone. Here's someone's trying to kill me. I was like, I'm a little kid little sisters couple years younger than I am your hot on debate. You need. Big move. Your someone's out to get me are. So for me to hear that as being a little kid, FOX homes, turn, come on what's gonna happen, now I'm freaking out. And so the knocking it stopped in maybe within that Al we talked a lot bags up, and we had literally walked on a major road, walk into my grandmother's house. And then when we go, there, medallions air, and that, that's what I knew someone was. Someone's wrong particularly more thought summer's on with them not long after that mom, dad divorce, which is a strange one because the courts actually awarded the custody of myself from sister to my mom, so we never saw that for, for a long time after that, which is half me know that, that's not my best might now. That's and I guess, things go were for me. Mom, my left turned upside down, mom ended up. Go to new boyfriend at Holly, love smart drugs, and he's a faith, and so that wasn't really a good combination for mom is gone through how old are you now on thirty also when this is happening. Let's see say, say naughty, naughty four. So what would it bane on? I would say your little kid. Yeah. Was little. Yeah. Must have been around that age. Anyway. I was a kid. So when she got, you know, with Lynn started making us do stupid shit. And I like he would go down the shore, wasn't the Barney thing it was, you know him gone. You put in pocket still this will still kills still some. Yeah, you can have them. So it'd be grabbing handful always, it'd be putting them in a pocket and then walking at a shop and then it wasn't that long out there. It went from stealing Lola's to break into my father's house, and, and dawn through the front window on bulk in the front door. So they can go in and take them a file spiritual and all that sort of stuff. So Tom, like, I knew I shouldn't have been done. I shouldn't have been doing it. You know, my dad so I'll get Milosevic onus. So do that. And it was just, you know, oh, skit, there's one incident, I guess, on you always going to be in. For a non meverach odd, mom boyfriend. That drinking guard carry accurate whatever they left my sister and ally at home. They went out and around ten thirty that know what we had the dual and group of people, and looked at the window, and I recommend was one of the goals, one of the causes being rammed before. So I didn't really think anything of it. On the door. And I came in and ransacked the house lend them drug money. They went through the bedrooms. Turn the house upside down and left that was it. And you know, to the outside world when when mama Lynn Cam hyme to everyone else. Oh know she's one of those things to happen. The fucking reality was he grabbed me by this. Right. Drag me down the whole went through miserable, fucking wool. Don't let him in the house, letting them in the ass. I took everything. So with that, and then next I was going to school, you know, trying to fuck it and get on with just gonna school sell. It wasn't even concentrating. I'll get in trouble by teaches for not doing schoolwork or whatever last thing, I wanted to think was was to sue or someone that I didn't want to focus on that. And so I was real tough. Trying to see everyone planet at time and stuff. I just. Okay. So I just tried. Sojourns Bisa Khuda. Tried stay strong. Did you friends coming out of your house and stuff now? No now. So now integration with what was happening at school. Anyway, none. And so, you know, trying to do this, you know, the years, I just tried set strong it's just a spectrum. Yes. Textron year old things like that. I gotta to stay strong, and I it felt like up until that point I'd been through so much that. I was just taking on the chin just or at the high school are just I just put up with such low tone by. Is hard. You know. Hard to make friends. Do the girlfriend thing. You have the different thing auto, his otherwise be the cost clan at school in just to try, you know, you just used end up becoming to get attention or just trying to show home or, and it just missing out on those things. You know, never let out can never go do certain things, you know to, you know, get in trouble if what did it got to a stage where all always getting suspended from school? You know, flooding and to own schoolwork and all that sort of stuff and mum thought that all the problem, you know. So they took me to a took me to a psychologist and os about thirteen time. And remember is so I call Troost and was sitting in, in a firm, and she's awesome. Questions off. Just I didn't say anything, you know, most to fucking I'll stew skit anyway. So she us a mom and boyfriend. Step at sold. And, and we got talking and you know, telling you what was happening at time, and she then them to, to come in, and you know what she told them and I've lost so much by low, you know, fucking skid from lawf-. She told him and also the look on on lens vice on new as soon as we left this place. Owes in a little trouble, what, what was going to happen, but under oath in a lotta trouble. So he said ain't and you think yeah, so we left and this stage, I suppose, I was, I was having real, bad anxiety and authority feeling. Filling. Depresses. We had close to hunt and mom limit had been arguing and all had just had enough and are just are just simply just sit your Yoda shops. Stop you know. Atlanta and dry, start yelling at main, you'll folk. And he's not letting to me and I, I remember like it was having this morning looked over my sister. Now it just a to pie. I've had enough and on the door launched that role. I hyped. Hype to cow was gonna come clammy up. I just didn't want to be in that car less wanted to get out and finding was it felt like time before jumped the Sunday, 'cause jumped out knowing her end I cause blood anything are just just thought of just sitting there on the ride, and then that was it. And then go back in the car and go home and go fucking flogged absolute float. So that wake one of the toughest wakes, my lawf-. Later that way, I decided that was done of had enough. And it went into my room, Troy type off. Off. Stop segment. You're now. Foued obviously. And lucky familiar. We'll stay with dad, and we did we win step dad that was living near Billy. And, you know, usually when when we'd say that are beg him not sag assign. There wasn't a lot. He could do. He had caught on. Yeah. Couldn't couldn't do a thing. And this is Thomas was different. I wanted to go home, risen, and that was because the school cross country coming up, and I just wanted to do it while you're running at that stage a lot. Yeah. Doing, you know little sprint out. Yeah. Always loved running as a garden. The horse school go a little bit fatter and decided to give long distance guy 'cause those outcome fourth or fifth in the sprint sell it wasn't doing any good. But, you know, we, we never had any money never had any money mom mom would always spent on both scorch will lemons boy drugs, or whatever, say sergeant I didn't have a lot of things all the other kids, and it's all on my I'd be wearing these doc mountain boots to school. And you know that locked it, posh and goals, and quite heavy still gaps. And so I had the school cross country coming up and desolate. Uh-huh. Cop one for you. Is your mom's gonna flip? Can't give you money because, you know she spent it, but he did he gave somebody bought me some school shoes running shoes, whatever. And, and sure enough, she had she'd spent it on whatever. So the morning of the cross country running shoes or anything like that. No, it was just Davis settled subset. I'll still quite fragile from from, you know, pasta and went to school red ause, buddy. You know, let's spend the whole morning buddy, crowing going also have an argument with mom and remember sitting there sitting on saw the ival everyone's getting ready up. And there was this one kid that really wanted to bait he was just, just he was just really fos August wanted a baby. And you know, have had a brand new naloxone and, you know you just. Fucking size nine but it's not as Mark MAC, Thomas sat anyway. So he's cast and he's got it. Yeah, you just quit kidding. He was just remember senior law and often that was it Godwin off. If owns rollin everyone's run at the guy and all night. Clicked fuck it. Boom got up to start robbing. And we've actually we just firstly film this, this clip few weeks ago. So it makes ought to bring it up. But got up run at the guy and I'm just Rodney as high as I can just just trying to catch mogul, McIntosh. And I'm just fogging up through the through the through the Croat and could feel my he'll, he'll play bliss, a on the heels just blind. My sourcing feel bliss, zuri, turn bloody foam. And I'll Kip just charting along just trying to buy catch even I never caught him. I ended up coming full of them. There was something about the something about finishing that rice. It was I don't wanna use the word funding, but it was a defining moment for me. And I sold a felt invincible. It was it was a strange feeling. And I just on Phil did never care in the world as I said, I'll fellow Kadoorie Baynes. Reset him. Watch funny couple, listen running boots wasn't gonna still be doing anything and I just felt plenty fantastic and SARS from there. You know, ended up taking, you know, boxing up knowing off the no long after that it was always Rhys because but finish school garden on the boxing gym with coupling with this minds. There's the ways in the back more hundred zero is gonna get in trouble with hunter for Bain light and which sometimes ended up being a bit hot when I go on, but it was always worth it because you truly love you boxing. Oh, love. Yeah, there's something about it. They someone at Bain ring with somebody else. And you know, she, it's just it's all you'd you can't rely on anyone else and never needed to rely on anyone else of avoids just know. Back myself in and just try to my best. So for years will for for a couple of years, you know, you I'm love shit. It was hot. And as you get older, you get and bought a little potties. And, you know, you, you start being more attracted to the girls, and you know. I could never I still could never bring her mind. So I would always be making up excuses walk and go out or you're doing this doing that. We can't do this, because I'm doing this, this law was just got home and that was it eventually. A, a expelled from from Cleveland. Yeah. Fighting and don't some stupid stuff, and I went to this new school, Victoria point. And, you know, go from there, and I come home one day, and why mom shoes flip now. So I've had enough. I'm done because we're originally from England who mom's family were still in England and mom and grandmother oversee, and she's gone back to England moving with moving sewing, like couple of weeks are the packed up all the stuff that's sold everything as I. What audit? That stadium on fifteen the stage Lauren cave, our side here. I'm thinking, I'm gonna be I'm I didn't want to go live with that. That was up north in north guys and huddle might see Gaza got real close with. I wasn't leaving. And I said, I had go front, and so on mud spine to she, she told her parents bet, what was happening in devoted me. Everyone died. Hey, you can move in with us. And so I moved in with them. And, you know, Sega bought a yeah. Mom land was good riddance. You know, it was it was, you know, this weight, sort of feeling also happy that will go on, but yeah, I'll still a bit lost. So my girlfriend's parents, you know, they sites. I will look to them, they go out it may they show me love and support. And that me all away. And that now more in Lewis. It's interesting because you think of my father's have a daughter with a fifteen year old boy for saying, come live with us you sorta saying go to bat. You know, and these people have in the house, and they often look what it's done for you. Choose to people. Yeah. Definitely, he he's setting the rules. Really hedgy your heels ROY. Owes really added wack is I didn't know what I didn't know what will. That was a Labatt. Like I didn't have that sport. I feel like I mean what dad tried to give it as much as he could? And but, you know, just for an everyday, you know, sort of thing, you know, these people will give me, you know, allow attention and trying to get me encourage me to do things and making sure I'm Doma schoolwork, and not filing, and CO at school. You finished nuts. All still all still in school yet. Sells those fifteen side. Yeah. In school Israel kill you. And I had been dealing with a lot at the new school and mayor by the end of year, twelve mites voltages and a little teaches soda. Yeah, yeah. It's been good up paying back to picky point. And yeah shade must story there some teaches your slight what we wouldn't. Yes. I you know. So when people ask me about running out of those like this, this is why in of. Of interest much. This is just a runs just the, the biggest smile on your face right now till I love running. Hey, I just. Yeah. It's big pot of me big part of who I am people love running. I think it saved me to be on us. You live running. Yeah. Like took that defining moment attain that was only Lucca. Fucai. Running big distances. Now, let's tell some of the people who some of the distances you are running some things you doing anywhere from, you know, my biggest run today. It's about three hundred twenty Coleman is, and that was a big strong tonight. Was last year. I got this timber of the water of trial go case, which is one hundred kilometers to single stage rice side, not stopping. I mean you can't stop, but I wouldn't recommend it, but yet it's gonna be it's one hundred homeless Norman's dominance. And you don't know ranks that forest as low ads brutal founded it lawfully. Hey, what happened? Greg. About me, but I'm not a good man book. It's definitely going to be a big big challenge. So what are the challenges happened in a five hundred Coleman or rice? Like obviously you've books for a long time. So you've, you've punish up about you've run episode. I'm assuming the Lao potty about he hopes to it's been different from any because of a head come from boxing and had been doing it since so that and you end up building the fry of just real. I guess, don't I square frame you real up here. And you often so the transition into running was, you know, still running up here was real awkward and a lot of people. Tell me no eater and the clock. Look ultra distance some marathon runner or anything like that up being trying to break the frame for such a long time. But so it has been up NAR dislike in Iran in a long run. Maybe a night, even even twenty four thirty kilometer amok, I start to get that, that, right? And but yeah, you're right. It can hurt you back. And also, let's put you have learned a lot, and I've lost couple years and really try to break the frame, but yeah, no, it's been because you'll first venture into long distance running is a good story, isn't it actually is? So I'm going to take you back to my introduction to two long long distance. I'd say on Facebook that this, this production company was trying to orange juice TV which is by the Queensland children's hospital in Brisbane. And that was something, you'll very close to two is odd. Yeah. Again, it comes back to mental health, the mental health of kids, and so I'd seen this on Facebook. There are looking for fundraising and and I just hustle weren't. And I was like, oh my God. This isn't mazing in-house TV show for the kids, they get to high on TV shy or just wanted to be sort through the hospital. They all these kids that are spending a favorites home and hospital. Yeah. Yeah. Especially important for those two gallons for cancer, and take them on. Yeah. It's taking you know from what they dealing with, and letting them big kids, and there's nothing more body that. Very hard for hospital to do it differently. Yes. Always I sent pip Russell is the, the Bryant who branch out at his house. Hey, I don't know how can help but I really wanna helping and get involved, and she's like, well, you know, if you have any ideas, that's you know, it's made up, and these are just just want to reach out and just tell award an amazing audio. This is, and so I'm, I'm a slave and must be about two o'clock in the morning. I was like, that's it. I'm gonna run out Mojo. Life. Well, I got Mel and I'm like checking it was like I am going to I'm going to run. And she is okay. I'm gonna I'm gonna run from the goal CASA's on Joan guys. She's like, oh, that's. Get back to slight. And so the next morning, I had got up at six thirty and Medeiros up. Then mill had been asleep in to Sierra. Tell mom will be back in. I'm going for a run. And I didn't take my find didn't take any ward and take any food didn't fly planning. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I think around the stage this is involved. I, contacted you and nice to end so went for Rodman, you know, go to Cleveland which is now I fifteen guys ally and stopped in the books and Jim they and I'll say feel so I'm Scott for Ron just save. Get some guys in the legs. It's odd. I kept running keep going keep going before an hour ELS thirty. Okay is into a run always cooked. All. Like burnt, so this was summer. Yeah, always always absolutely cooked. I'd probably never run moved in ten guy before Sanyu. I got just a bit into the city and it was like us sheet anita's still here and have a stretch in Anita. Pull myself together and get back home. But it's time it's like buddy amid dial whatever and stressing that because the fire and mill just bef- raking out, and so aside running high it was like, oh, you know, stuff at the so awesome. When you're talking bar that fine. And so I'm cooling Mel of some strategist fine. And this is going to be gone, you know sweating. Ahead on clock, absolutely gag style, and she's not picking up. That story. He got to. Go to the survey go to the Wyndham and my come fine. He's like, give me a second. Look, I'll be really quick. I went runoff out. I'm ringing up when firefighters. Just go to on. But I was going for twelve years. No word that thirty nails. Those going full and I was also I burned my, my legs had saved up like just knife, ozone Assadi, or dried it always pinching oranges off some trade trona, buddy, EDEM and people's taps that they have. So time and Melanson et look such potty for me. She was just about to cool place, and she'd find my books and couchville and fills that drove around looking for me, and she said, where, if you bathed Sierra say you just go for a little run. I did twelve hours. Yeah. And then yeah, I feel he filled rocked up at home, with bags of a loss and sitting in Boston. The next two guys could walk for such a long time Cy I did. I did run from the Seth. Oh southward to, to Sanga, I didn't get to where I wanted to get in tool, but a might it to near the Stephen croak found there. Yeah. It was it was definitely a bloody tough Ron. You know, I tried my best to try and fort brought in our trying your and you just go always running with some Sammy. We're sandwich meal, some big runs, and that was pretty much eat United. It was. Yeah. And I, I run and catch or anything like that. Just just. Can't do it also obeyed in the boxing ring before shouli Connie that bad, but I'll have I'll put buddy distance thrown out there with some of the hottest things you can do. And what does that have to do if the kids like how did, yes? So I wanted to I guess, those kids are always edited comp assigns. The is on that hospital. They dare competent. And so I wanted to put myself in a position where all was also completely out of ETA Makamba signed further away from a compensation that O'Bannon before and side. It was just, you know, to do challenge. Yes, supporting challenge to challenge Cy all, let's put myself in shrines situations where, you know, really uncomfortable. And that's how I knew. I hope you know, I mean I far off loved us out could KUA a cancer and be United. That's, that's ludicrous icon, changed world or anything like that. But doing small things at rising money and MAC, you'll this program's going for years to come. And that's always beim y you first and foremost are just wanna run and raise money for these kids side. That's I've lost four of us. That's, that's what I've been doing run. A Ye of down one hundred on the treadmill of done, your ran for thirty thirty our stride footy. Our stride around backwoods. Yeah. This year old all of the. Five hundred kilometers form. And I just, you know, these kids that again through some really tough stuff, and it's my stories are anymore to compare it to what these kids against the United these kids doing the hot yards and what I guy and visit, you know, something's kids have become so friendly with them, you know, a spike in bit max just before I do the Bruce Brisbane tank high with max H E, first year, max, did the bridge respond. He was undergone chemotherapy, and he just rant luck of Hachem champion lucky. Just he just ran it, and you get you get an all these people. We've running pasta and whingeing. Bloody who is hills hurts. And I was like this, this kid, he's, and he just smallest. And you just he's pushing. And he Sachi gripe kid, and yeah. You know is people in this world that you that you may and you're one of these people that just have such a massive impact on you. Max some Iran's down, Max's, turn up at three o'clock in the morning just to. The ryen his dad will bring down, and he'd be running broke. So, you know for the backwoods oh from backwards for little bit. And might use something else. You know, and there's a video of may running backwards in and you can hear Mexican Karen session inspiration, and I, I got I'm not talking that I you know, from you almost titan to fill out what the side, you know, and I was like, not even, you know, a struggle with PayPal sign that to me on the best time. How are really high people say? Oh, you're an inspiration and a lot wanted out and had a Tyke it. So I just I feel like that or just, you know, you know, he someone say, oh, you do you. I'm just doing may our that's, that's me. I've been real lucky. I'm grateful for everything, you know, everything up bitter. Why don't I don't regret anything? Oh, and say, we had different childhood not, not chance. Not Chan up probably, I would not you probably wouldn't be sitting here right now I wouldn't be know. Talking to Papouis sharing my story. I wouldn't be outed encourage people to do you get out there and get running and through what Bain through of, of being able to mate, some amazing people, and that means more to me than. Anything, you know, a lotta people, I guess, have never understood why I'm so passionate. And, you know, I'm passionate you know, if it's you. If it's. Haagen Iraq didn't I from bar side by the people that give me that time? And john. I mean, the support support is something or just I thrive off because I didn't have growing up. And I'm really appreciative of is who who do. Give me that Tom in, and you're doing some really cool stuff with Essex now in that area. I've got behind you to spread that message. Yeah. Yes. So part of a samoyed, Sam, buddy, tame, I'll how can speak all enough of these guys are just they're doing. They put a team together to do exactly what pain, doing try and Karch people to get out there and get healthy ING fit and, and to. Help people with mental health, and it's good to he like running brains, and they're an active with their join, but he's so good. He the brains are actually supporting people who know they have gone go to a strike team. Ronald Sammy I'm books easy enough. I could get whoever they won't really. Yep. To get someone. Like you who has more of a message than put my shoes on the best running shoes. You sharing sharing like this story of life that and I guess it's got a lot to the us. Also, the expanded self when they got from a point of view everything we want in a high would embassador influence is. It's where family here. It's about a family and you, you really ah shining example, which ought to do it. If we came with you. And but what I want to talk about ethics. Let what they're doing with. You is, is special side, just gone back to that. I like from die dot you, have you voice, buddy? Swan's I it's a family, and I'll fell that. I I walked in I was. Thinking about the other eggs, remember heavy do you actually come on with this? Is a box downstairs. It was when macaroni machen Ritchie would film in the I was I came to help him because I'd gone until with mce doing the coins land the to- within filming, and we'd come here. It's like, hey buddy? Cosi since then. Yeah. But yes, I it's really great to be along with with body so on and oversee acid. United is big for a company to help rise awareness for mental health. And, you know, a lot of companies, you know, just aren't doing. Yes. So when I first heard about someone sent body curry, you know, that's, that's me. I want to be part of that team in I, I was doing everything that will that would preaching already in, I side. Yeah. It's it's a great time to be with. And I am just I'm just thankful, you know, super grateful. I'm lucky couple. You tell people you're lucky hockey your legend. I'll give you that you're, you've done a lot for a lot of good people might what you do for those kids at jeez TV. We probably scheme that a little quicker than I would have liked to talk about. Because you I've seen pictures of you in clan seats. I heard you on the radio the that I run a really cool internal program they kids, so I'm the big celebrity say, Christine's with Johnny Depp and incredibly night. Chris just wanted. He, he was he, he went there, you know, with his management and whatnot, and he couldn't get around so all the kids. So the next I you know, in Zion Tom Nick through the back door while in their spent whole diet. So, yeah, there are some really genuine incredible PayPal that have some have a big hot side. You know, I'm just, you know, I don't like to think of Marcell was anything just doing maybe but a hundred I'm just been put in a really good position to be able to help people, and, and it's good to say that someone locker presented with, who has a busy schedule can just during that some time to do that side. Yeah. It's cool. What is it about helping I'll it draws people? You know, I of might down. I'm it down the boxing gym. He's a. Real good. My tomorrow, give them lay on. He. I didn't even hadn't even met lay on properly or just say goodbye to him in the gym, and I just. Aw. Just send something I feel if I could sense when someone's gone through shit ABS, like high tech you, okay? You know what he wasn't? He wasn't okay. Using a really bad place. And like he, he says to me now, you, thank you, you, you, you, you, you could pick that always in a bad way. And because you now in reminding class, so I don't know. I just make your mommy stepping on their little bit luck. It's we all say it around us. It's very hard thing. You'll ask you k- and the next step that really matters after that as well. What did you do? What did you do to change? Leone you said, yeah. Yeah. Change leones. She's the Osceola just visit guy. That's all it was. It was a simple question. I. Was last year. I came here now is in pretty bad. Why when academy law sheet a little things going on and exactly what you did y'all a you and I wasn't and what happened. Assad tea or not. I wasn't okay. And from that day onwards. I've, you know, I realized that I needed to check him was elf, and which is so important. So it's just a question. That's all it is. You don't have to go out and, you know, do anything extravagant to, to help someone uses after bay that for him, you know, just asking a simple question and literally change someone's off. I don't know. We had to be shut that die in there was a low tease by, so it's. But when you left are set in Faulk will have done what, what more could I do like it was. It's that to me, it's like it was a hard place for me that day with you. It was it'll tear Marlon nail story. But it's because I never had that up. Never had like when you unloaded that died what you wanna do online. Donate a to lock think he needed to more than anything which you net talk about regularly. Yeah. Yeah. Congratulations on that. It's just a really wish on you. What to do next? You shaking your head saying you did. And it's that it really is simple just. You did more. You did move for me that day than anyone had ever done a long time. But no, you know it a site simple. Because it is it's that simple. You know, power and a good man hug. Bye. We're just hugging it up. It was right. Because I'd never off shaved my story. It was a ways. I felt really embarrassed like yes know why felt embarrassed get never speak to people about it. Why didn't know how to speak to speak about it didn't even know where to start. And sometimes people don't want to hear that day. You know. And that's why you know, when people ask me what are you run? I keep it really short is one known. What's to sit there at a pot? You know, good barbecue ago this happened when I was a kid. Go talk to that go again. So it wasn't until two really good friends mourn. Taking live, they, they started. This is beautiful workshop for young girls, and I stood into two seven nine and they're like, hey, do you want to come and be a part of it? And Shays store and, and author will hate from gonna if I'm really going to help pay on, on our really won't tell people I need to come out and talk about my story. So these normal setting just seven year old girl, special grew just yet. Yep. It's I we had a workshop here on the goal Koss and, and I was first proper diet that I'd actually shed more story and well is a tough crowd to peak, too. Yeah. Age. It was but yeah, a lot of young that they quote mature. Was good. And I and I've Tom with a handful vents we've gone down in Melbourne, Sydney, and Oldbury and allied. Yeah. We've we've done a few events now. And so now there's like an eighteen and over which is which is great. So had a young girls. Get in contact with this. This is a forward thinking. Yes. Guilty guilt. Yet dot com dot and go through glow dot com. You. Yep. You know, they can keep an eye on when the next workshops are. It's all up in there and you go, I really to be mine speaker of this on think it's important for, you know, some young girls have luck a mile role like in the room and little Minna bad. Tiny, small percentage. Yeah. Yeah. Getting smaller yet. Definitely. But yeah. Some of these girls they're absolutely incredibly now on the love love to help them as much as we can talk about what are you talking about your Janney fitting, seven-year-old girls? What are you covering most school? You know, dealing with auto went through and gone to school school was probably the hottest for me teaches had some bad ostriches that would just Hodge. Andy finally, that I had nine what I was doing with it high. Maybe they wouldn't have been so bad. But it's you know it's not their job to be. Psychiatrist's or anything like that. They take. Yep. Yep. So that's someone our respected. I never went to a teacher said. Hey, I'm dealing with. Is it time? Maybe for did it would been slightly different school. But a school's equipped has anything changed. Oh, yes. And some gripe programs for school. I live in does. Yeah. In schools now, which is fantastic. Yeah, a lot of schools are on board with it. It's probably become such a hot topic. Most side of these last few years than than ever odd on the EIB. It. I think it was around when I was growing up that wasn't a Moscow. Now it wasn't really thing, you'd speak fifty might you didn't even talk about a key lesser night programs. Side. There are a lot of schools that doing great things and making it away. And so that she would because, you know, the generation now is, it's a tough generation, these dyes such you made year we chat before without social media bane beat cools of a load of anxiety and depression in will. It really is, as simple if someone little technology can be have so much power on someone. But yet, but yet there are low schools that are doing a lot of things there's just hot because I was might if a school does want to chat with you. How do they contact? You look semi-in Email. Tell us the Ron at Kirin Douglas dot com. Dodi u k e n hey I e u n c l count even spell for years. I'll look my actually. KOA and, but I had a bit of a tie with woods and all Ron. Just caught up then. Texas. Said, do you wanna ask you spell that out again? Because I think that's a path thing if people want to contact you. Yep. So I U N at key. K. E. N douglas. Digi. L A, lis- dot com, dot you semi name. Oh, a love to talk to as many kids as possible unite, as I've got a lot of stories, probably a lot that didn't touch on today. But, you know. Yeah, I mean I thought about, as I said, it's not about changing the world or anything like that. It's just, you know if you can help some just one person. Yeah, that's, that's a success. You know, trying to have to help a thousand people of PayPal probably gonna know, pay attention or, you know, so, but, you know, you just I'm to, to encourage someone saw better, that lawf-, you know, whether it's getting in there and getting a little bit active will get a run. I just, I think people are where they capable of them unless they put into a situation where they emotionally, you know what I mean like that. They've gotten us. Taizhou crop gaffer run round the spars you can't. And then run Heim within that distance. You, you, you gotta find it a good bay self yet. Olot in whether it be goodbye. You're gonna fought some day minute's. You've always got something back. You got you're not good enough for this pull at stop, buddy. Start running. You know what are you doing? You don't gonna finish this and I'll get it all the time. You know, I'll get into big Ryan. When I did the three hundred twenty four his last she I'll to. Well, it was all two hundred twenty Hayes in Toronto or whatever I was in. Come into a checkpoint and how the off feel great having a B during a big toner twenty twenty guys in it wasn't a good, idea off airline when all is a little bit slurry. Know buddy big drinker anyway, big drinker, and you're all white talk you. But I'll do it must be the Cavs and be, but, but yeah, and you got to on to mid, no or whatever it was. And I was coming back before a little rest house. I come down, you know, I'd bloodied stabbed afoot with Paul and rolled my ankle and it was already sold out headed a couple of weeks before that. And I was like, that's it. I'm done. I'm getting back. That's it. I'm just gonna better bad. I'm going to get back up. I'd say I'm pulling out. Yeah, I just need a little. A little five minute. Kiffin. You know, wrought you know, have a bag giveback other semi let's, let's talk a little bit about you. Because I look people if you can share your message with people in China laws. I mean, this is a platform to help stop that almost for you. Run full upset distances. You really about see kids, you might have adding others with your public, speaking Essex, is helping you do that hype hype leeway ours. Well, you're actually at komo's games bat bears will Heggie that key just rude. I guess, during things I just doing things for the hospital for the kids and the hospital that really wanted those sorts of papal get involved with the baton. Those sorts of people. Yeah. Yeah. This one, always at Lord house cohi- is really cool. I thought I'm just gonna walk because I really wanted to psych it in and we, we go put behind schedule. So we'll act you have to hurry. You're don't have to run. God harley. Harley every. And ach can't remember a name, Courtney. It wasn't cold needle who was. Yeah. She's a little bit about on issues Olympic weightlifter. Why actually received the baton from which is which is amazing as just as a strange feeling, you know, like Hymie town, Cleveland, thousands of papal. Why it went really quick rundown. The straightened. Yeah, I've friends and family there. And I really just wanted to hang with. Hold about. And it was really cool actually because my, the place let my son Ron just on the saw the ride. Yeah. Yes. Recoil someone stopped the fight of Phoenix sees as Ryan. Nutcase rana. Yeah. He's, he's seven. Yeah. He's running. More than one nutcase run in your family, too. Don't you? Don't you see this year's buddy? Yeah. Kill it. She's, she's talked to right. Lou running. You know it's really hard. I try and college kids and people. It's so hot drink cards. Your kids? Yes. Yeah. She's a little distance Rana high low like gripe gripe sprint. Oh, she's quick, but she's wrought sports kind of. But she's, she's better at distance, but just trying to get her to say that is such a challenge buffet annex. Just I might sly he it's funny now that it's been he's he wasn't even seven yet. Nice Truman underwrites. And he just took it on Jin. Boom, boom, boom, boom boom, just just rise in height lousy loves the competitiveness. So here, see what happens in the future, but not non on second entre. Mehta. Wow. He I. I'm going to wrap that up now you one of the, the best people I've ever met on the off side, that will turn people off, when I say, but you, are you truly do so much others, and I don't think anyone could get in a lawn long enough to think what you do what you do for the kids what you doing for young. Females is impairing people everywhere. I couldn't get you on E quick enough to be honest, and I'm not a wall. Get you Hadrian telling you story on platform that's recorded, but my account, thank you enough. If you want to check out here with an iron auto, you, it's KFI in under school Douglas, DA. You g ally double-s, and that's in Steve. You'll see a lot of running fodders out there if you wondering what's going to be up this. Stay and might you'll be part of our family forever. Because some new comments coming next you lock saying, I'll run you pass is after this and. Yeah, thanks. What you do for people. Thank you, login, look on a series Knight if you'll anyone United needs help, please contact heads. Spice Laughlin, kids, help line. We'll be on blue. They're all great organizations. And the for you today's podcast was brought to you by partners in feet happy and healthy. I s n utrition warehouse doi- discount, fought him, fat, Bona's, iron only Evelyn fi Mr. supplement will find a retailer online at buddy, Sohn's dot com, that I you full, it's less retailers.

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Is Luck Even a Thing in Business?| Ep. #971

Marketing School

05:12 min | 2 years ago

Is Luck Even a Thing in Business?| Ep. #971

"Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics. From entrepreneurs with the guy and experience to help you find success in any marketing, capacity. You're listening to marketing school with your instructors, Neil, Patel, and Eric SU. Lucca eight another episode of marketing school. I'm Eric zeal. And I'm you'll Patel, and they were talking about if luck is even a thing in business curious to get everyone's comments about this meal. What do you think guy Kawasaki one said he has a book called the art of the starbuck I met him years and years ago, and he said to me if you can invest in one thing who pick luck over anything else as venture capitalist and make sense like, you know, companies sometimes I'll have to get lucky. It's too hard to pick lock. You can't just happens or doesn't. But if you can, you know, go for lucky over anything else in the reason being is luck is luck Dubai that. I do by divide. It. Why read something recently that I think you're gonna agree with Thomas Jefferson said the harder he works elector. He gets now. I'm gonna talk about Jim Collins who wrote the book good to great. And he wrote this one post, and you guys guys can find it. Google Jim Collins re. Return on Lux, especially like your are. Well, you're all right. So your return as let's look Bill Gates, for example. So we can say okay grew up in a kind of upper class family like parents were lawyers. Right. And you know, whatever you guys say I mean, white being white in a country like America it is. It is benefecial to went to really good school grew up in good surroundings where he was set up for success. Right. So people say like, oh, he's so lucky. He's so privileged. No wonder he founded Microsoft, but here's the thing. How many people in the world grew up like that in the United States? There's more than one Bill Gates that grew up in a privileged group of white male right in a privileged family. There's much more than that. But how come you don't see much more of Bill Gates coming out? Right. So that's one aspect of it. Bill Gates, certainly lucky but his return on luck was way higher like the way he worked on things glud him to the success that he's at right now. Same thing Warren Buffett to right there anomalies when it comes to how hard they work. And how they worked in general. Now, what about all the other people that grew up in privileged families? Not all of them turn out. Good, right. They didn't make the most of their luck. So their return on was not that good. So after reading that I was like men that makes a lot of sense return. I certainly believe in luck like playing playing poker. And the other thing is I make the most of what I have. Right. It's not like I grew up in like an upper class family. In fact, I would say I probably grew up in a lower middle class family. But you make the most of the operators that you get and I would argue that Neil same deal for him to. It's not like he grew up in a rich family. You didn't right? I didn't grow up in a rich family. But here's the thing. Like in business. People don't always feel you just get lucky. Sometimes you get a big company hitting you up. And you don't know how they found you sometimes the deal discounts through when you really need it. Now, hard work execution. You know, great founders talented people. Yeah. You should always pick that because you can't pay Gluck is just something that just happens, but keep in mind everyone. Does get lucky here. And there you may not think it you may feel that your luck sucks compared to someone else. But we all do catchy lucky streak here. And there I agree. I mean, my my my software partner for click flow that was a total stroke of luck. There's no way I can even reproduce that. Because what happened was I was scrolling through Facebook. And then this one post popped up, and it happened to get a lot of engagement, and he wrote in this Facebook group that I don't even engage in. And he was just saying look I'm looking for like a the next project worked on this project and this project, and so many people responded already I was like matters to get this guy to respond, but he actually spoke with fourteen fifteen other people, and then we got an call, and we just hit it off immediately. And lo and behold, we've been working together for a year and a half coming up on two years now, and it's been a smashing success because of luck right? The algorithms got us there for guy didn't know for a group. I hardly follow. And a stroke of luck got me past fifteen to twenty other people that he had a conversation with so. Yeah, that's luck. Yeah. And engender. Title. Don't worry about luck. It'll just happen as Eric mentioned earlier work hard. Hopefully things will keep going the way you want returned on luck rawal. All right. That's it for today. Single green dot com slash forty application for our marketing school live event in downtown LA. It's going to happen in June. Guys. Don't forget to rate review and subscribe to this podcast shirt to everyone. You're gonna get luckier. If you share it with more people, you return, let's go to be higher. If you do that. So see you tomorrow. This session of marketing school has come to a close. Sure to subscribe for more daily, marketing strategies and tactics to help you find the success you've always dreamed of and don't forget to rate and review. So we can continue to bring you the best daily content possible. We'll see you in class tomorrow right here on marketing school.

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TFPP Episode 106  PS Im Back

The Fantasy Plonker Podcast

16:47 min | 2 months ago

TFPP Episode 106 PS Im Back

"Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the fantasy. Plunk appalled cost a cooler. Another episodes but bc's carnage slop. Bonus podcast and economist. Quick bonus really because of of miss a couple eps and having to make up for the mini pryke of hide saw. I don't really know what to call this. But this is more. Lucca saw luka like a. ps. Ps on back. And so what. I'm going to do in this show episode is. I'm just gonna quickly address oversee the put cars having a break why that happened. You know while suddenly lost the plot and just needed like a hard race on things and a full. You know a tweet earlier today that the podcast will be returning properly off to be sky week. Fourteen and there will be an episode just before christmas time but a full when episode comes. You know won't mean michigan. Pay to just start straight into pierre. Were not chatting waffle about what's happened before because you know people don't care you know so they separate if anyone's interested which you probably won't be because i'm always fresh pl but if you are going to quickly address the podcasts situation over the last week or two because literally overnight mile possessiveness for the guy just lot completely spill over and obviously literally lost. The plot are literally what was going on with my hades bought. We have to re one back to before she before game week. Eleven way not the drunken modest four. Because that's what got the ball rolling and codes which was a very good star from the plonker. Nfl into a very sharp sharp downfall and time you know might video morning after thinking quite curious to see how this pans out based on it of steady or upgrade nado to reach james and sober me was content with that my starting eleven was so aids and and would have to free transfers to us to double move from forty to saleh so the plan was set. Everything was goods. There were no problems but after a fraud. I not drinking and in in the train back from london to essex and then reading peps comment saying morris is going to play a home to fulham are then saw is a prime opportunity to get more in. We didn't it didn't it was a drunken transfer. It wasn't a stupid transfer. It was just aggressive. Play a wanted to tomorrow's. But i was no point one show as zero in the bank. The only way i could have afforded it was downgrading martinez who didn't have time to mccarthy who of never been a fan of southampton defense rarely and my coffee was someone i really didn't want pre game one bar trunk may remain. Didn't think it was a big deal. I think it was that bad of a modest four and for that game week. When netted one point positive because mccarthy and mores got me six points martinez and hp one point so e finco goods good ivory that move paid off drunk transfers work night. No autographing anything is gone as bides as our main listeners. From last season about marnie out for a hit because it was around the same time they say as it actually all employees. Before because i had a bad start law season and it's definitely the same vibes because the money out for here was so closely couldn't even bear to add up. How many points a loss on that a modest full monty out for the boy who didn't even play. Amman went onto whole two games in a row with this one coming into next week or had so many short-term problems mores and can sell rotation risks. I justin in who are wanted for one more game. We can't brought an amazing. I wanted to sail with tough fixtures and possibly losing his place once on your car comeback and a needed to move already saleh mo a full. Because i want a salad at home to fulham so i had always issues and one free transfer. Now so i'm looking at i'm bar. Online embeds is no mpm pm. At nor i'm thinking why can't fix his team account. Think of a way of fixing this now could have just still done vaud a a six milk striker. I was hoping at the time. I've been upgrading mores to saleh from one is four. I still could have done that but then was in. My mind was be six walker. Were antonio whoever was going to bring in. I knew a one that spot to instantly become ings so bringing in just say antonio in saleh a main trying to find the white what great antonio two wings the week off die. Orders fell so bad. And you know this is helping to invest with peo- a lot say them is only enjoy the strategy of move to make and whenever. I'm poured my phone. The first page comes up when an going safari is the f. peo- automatically locked in never have to look out just more tainted pops up instantly go on twitter always looked into the fantasy plonker orca f. pl so i think or just hit a breaking point where i was like you know war spending so much time thinking about my tame and literally the worst possible with lacrima tame a made the move to it might seem to get to which was always say the minus twelve which will eventually did saleh innings. Jamal lewis a knife in ferguson. Over coming in for can sell justed mores and body because justin can sell mores involved. Rule plaza did not want long-term whereas ings and saleh plaza. Did one time ferguson. Which bench for what. They need a louis. Okay was an a player april. That was all. I could afford and others folks myself. You know what. I'm just a caught do this anymore. Accan- account cape spending all his time playing with mattamy torture myself for jus- no joy and this on top of the fact that i just literally wasn't enjoying the football one game a time every game covered on now fans. Just love incense a you. Know what in aston villa bernie newcastle fulham. Lot watching these two gangs. Sokaiya me no joy. I mean that's just from a neutral standpoint when it's going badly for f- pl when you know you go. Oh of go mccarthy in this game less wash sports bra and southampton and hope for clean sheet for ninety minute slot. It just was an aide. Just hasn't been enjoyable for me these last few weekends. The star was completely owners. Lobbied single second of every single premier league match thinking is says he's going somewhere here. I can watch everything can pick up on which is going to look good in which players but just got to a point now where i just need. The free o'clock matchy succumb pack. The ma you know looking forward to match die looking forward to jeff in the boys coverage alexa saturday looking forward to a proper super sunday. That's a name back. We need fans back know also southampton never die I was thinking that was the first guy washed off a break from what you nothing for. I will need to watch all snow. I didn't watch the burnley game. That was one the. I also kind of just completely not watching a very long time also signed should be a false heist lively gain. Maggie from safin's point of view arrived in ospar. Soon as it kicked off it just felt last. Starches shit literally stopped watching it after the first off. So we've over in mind as well like we've more. I just lack of enjoyment for actually washington football and the fact that f- peo- team which is in an absolute mess full activities modernist twelve at the exact money would have been processed out a sustainable long-term. I'm just gonna do it. Take a significant loss because a can sort of afford to do it with good rank. And then hopefully i just have stress-free season with this game. That was the rationale and attorney. It did feel raw liberate in ad. No interest in token if peo-. I'd no interested in watching any of the football and have really enjoyed this break of going to be perfectly honest like there was a point where i was thinking more. Just give this podcast up. I'll probably still oversee still apply. Fps every season. So now i can't ever not player but just spending five minutes every week just to set your tame. Maybe i would enjoy a lot more as into my mind. But i am good at comeback but obviously on pulled causing more now so of change your mind on that i'm coming into this game weight with a fresh moines set on football when fps hopefully can enjoy a kid. I'm really hoping so far was i. It was going to start what you need games. You know one by one by one thinking. Oh you know one playa. In the early kickoff of free players free o'clock then one player for for them. One player. I that just feels like a recipe for more pine more torture. I'm gonna trauma best. Hopefully you know it probably will be dependent on how my fps gaming go. So authority to troy to not be the deciding factor or mind joy moment because you know shit out of our control ado. The tamer want long-term now. Lucas saved last week to freeze on essentially going to be burning. Transfer this week. I'm going to be downgrading. Four point four bench for four point free bench for so malone turn tame of not had to change. I'm still very happy to cape there is obviously doubles and planks coming up which probably is an ideal for someone now. Adopting a complete long term strategy when it comes to his players covered at more in the proper fps episode. But the finger hurt. The most was obviously how bad the wake of the modernist. Twelve pro bay. The worst wake. I've ever had in f- po history and if four still cades or foster had the mindset of playing if peo- hardcore for that wake with a tip me over the edge so always collide always in tzuoying didn't care how much you know. More twelve in outs vote a unjust in alone. He double digit hose can sell cliche. You know the fantasy king whose casually main oversee mona is the worse transfers and transfers and he was came to point out. That cost me. Morris forty one points and that didn't include the fact that would've kept involved a if didn't move him out for sailor and the order didn't account for the fact that are transferred martinez mccarthy the week before we since go on point and seven point saw that one drunken transfer has cost me between forty and fifty points saw. I'm just grateful. I still feel my season as not been destroyed. Freak sixty kyw fitness fallen a lot metairie now positive mindsets pose thinking you know i mean but yeah i think covered everything i wanted to cover in this little run about moustapha thinking there were a couple of people on twitter who do really appreciate the law saying if you ever need chat. They're there for me blah blah blah. They really appreciate law at the corner of the community bar a day when a site it wasn't anything deep wasn't memento health was an la affected from this wasn't a thought place. It was all good. It was a grave offing. Just that i was put into much thinking time into a game that we literally cannot control. We make these moves. We spend all week thinking obvious. Move makes the most sense and then you do it and literally. Stingy watt the also like voday. Triple return in against bra and often looking like a pot of sheets for the free weeks. You him so is nothing you can do about Is the game. We've signed up to play so yeah hard reset. The plunkett is back may emissions. Pay all working quite heavily over the christmas periods but we will squeeze in one pre christmas podcast episodes and then yeah not worked scheduling after that bar we will go from there of fps games. Ivory's periods sony's get back on the hoshino main. Start talking if peo- and i've already i've already over into the blanks doubles of got ma strategy. Good pointing out there by paper should have completely different strategies depending on attainment chips i mean a show in summary would bay if you have a wild cards. You wildcard sixteen. Free hit blank high in i'm bench boost double nineteen. If you don't have a wildcard transfers for dublin sane free hit blanketing and possibly triple captain nine. That's why i'm thinking so far but outdoor a lot deeper into that. Because mrs pay off. She fucking knows that there's doubles and blanks coming up but shooting token for that. But yeah if you have listened to pursue goes to appreciate it. The plonker is back now to paul coffees back if your mansion to listen to this before gaming fourteen. Good luck for that gang. Meet guys if not. I'll catch you during the week to review gaming fourteen and preview. The upcoming gain weeks so yeah cheese and pace.

saleh southampton antonio martinez mccarthy saleh mo saleh plaza Plunk Accan villa bernie newcastle luka football Lucca justin ospar marnie fulham pierre Jamal lewis
#98 Can we talk about confidence?

Photography Daily

21:11 min | 5 months ago

#98 Can we talk about confidence?

"Photography daily to with every show you listen to this reasonably talk although we're coming up to the one hundred episode anniversary this weekend there's one thing just one nugget you can take away that's made it worth investing twenty to twenty five minutes of your time and for me today, that'll be about confidence which I'll come back to shortly but it's something the my snapshot addition guests, Max Lake him talks about as I try to unpick what working in fashion photography is all about someone nerves why anticipation why those? Things not necessarily bad for us if I'm scared to do it. That means that what I'm about to going to change my life, and that's a good thing Max talks about what I've always thought of as a behind closed doors industry shooting fashion. It's intense I think unaware of your self emotionally then you will really get swept up into it, but it's a business that fascinates Max for all the concept pros this superficiality and that's incredible depth and that's why it's a kind of intoxicating makes for me my. Is My guest today as he returns for his concluding episode about fashion photography but we end up on going a little deeper in terms of the bodies we have as a togas and that linked with confidence is what I want to touch on today and I'm hoping with the show introduction as always to my sort of semi photo essay, and so that is linked to workings a photographer that it's somehow going to resonate with photography's for whom the roller coaster of. Shooting. Life right now seems to have found a bass track. We didn't know existed and I want to end the show off the Max with a little bit of a nugget treat. Now that I've used that word once already and bring back, just a mentor serve on a Hardie is a photography mentor and at a time where confidences low or lower in the business amongst many photographers, you make their living through the craft. A have an interesting story of photographer WHO's through. A changed something about her business as a kind of last throw of the dice which appears to have worked. It's all linked with confidence before we start though and I thought today reveal a little of myself in the introduction and how business and the world feels for me today I want to thank the good people at Image Salon Dot Com for their support outsource your post production spend more time shooting and doing the stuff you love doing and working on your business. Maybe with twenty five percent off your first order in twenty twenty. Thanks also to the incredible members and if you're one of them, thank you without you building this on todd's would be unthinkable. You can join from just five pounds a month now. So to three pence and episode is what that turns out to be hopefully that one nugget per day is worth the twenty three. So let's talk fashion before that. Let's talk confidence because it kind of reels into it. Nicely. Confidence now, there's a word, this broader. Swathe of emotion with it during this pandemic were all experiencing together to some degree or another there's the confidence you feel or sometimes don't fill when you go shoot your chosen genre or a new genre, which perhaps this show my impress upon you is a good thing to do and there's the confidence I think we could all do with to get through this period in our history. For me is a social photographer and let's just lay things out exactly as they are for the moment showy and I'll tell you what's happening here whilst being aware that you may will be one of our American Australasian. Oh as spot on the map, the other day of downloads, Chinese or Russian listeners my heart sank when a British prime minister the other night in his televised address to the nation spoke of a second covid nineteen wave being highly possible or is it probable things do tend to change by the minute they? Meaning this he proposed there is very real potential of another half year of little to no work. Well, the word that I was used to at any rate did start musing one needed to think about waiting tables but for the fact that pm as effectively with the tablecloths away each evening before even our youngest goes to bed. My eyes of glanced across my inbox nervously ever since that speech he made when the full lockdown happened in March I renamed my inbox implosion. That's what it felt like. It was Akin I suppose to Jerry Mc Guam I went to be remember that film in terms of the business coming to a rather abrupt stop that is numbers will fooling of various spreadsheets as if they'd lost some sort of collective digital glue now, I chose for better or worse pun intended to become a wedding shooter fifteen years ago unconsidered I was going to be a portrait shooter since I loved talking with being with interviewing people felt this will be a perfect fit really not. Level of interest, but fate will have you walked down also, you don't otherwise expects in my case, it was quite literal, and so here I am fifteen years later or if you will nine hundred almost dues later, an Avar is's punctuated by shooting life with a full stop and now an exclamation mark just when it felt like it may becoming a coma I'll have weddings in March and April next year, which should they disappear? We'll be well I'm thinkable but actually now possible or is it probable Boris helped me out? So confidence is a word with a lower cased see in my office even positioned at the start of a sentence in my script here. I was thinking about this though after the PM taught figurative collective national arms around each other and also he sounded subtly Churchillian rounding on a sentence in his script. The started with words never in our history is collected destiny in and so on. Are Though hang on. Have we been here before granted without the virus the complication that brings for sure. But we started or I started from the numeric one before did not. Client number one, the one who trusted me when my portfolio wasn't a patch on what it is today, whatever genre the first plate of food the first portrayed sitting the first wedding the first Cat Walker will you get the idea and what I get from today and a little from our bonus guest after Max is that sense that I'm it client number one when it felt all quite exhilarating Lee new yet also, very daunting. Thank exhilarating, the new and also very daunting seemed have showed up again I'm going to start planning for client number one sure with the big rescue loan. But nonetheless, I'm beginning to see this as the start rather than the end. Maybe, I'm just telling myself that, but it's either that or dusting off my best suit for job interviews and I know what prefer perhaps I can start to use a capital C. again when spelling confidence. So Max Lake Him London fashion photographer portray photographer and allowed to that description thinker. As I. Believe last week's outing displayed in this week's will underline. It's worth just for context pointing out that we had discussed confidence and anxiety before Max has himself suffered at the is it the hands of anxieties probably more grit? So. Let's chat to Max I'm starting with a question to ask a lot of portrait photographers. How does he communicate with? Is there a trick to making your subjects particularly famous ones feel comfortable in the studio setting. It's fascinating watching photographers particularly on Youtube Zyppah map to well to some of the photographers I really that I'm really inspired by to watch them work in a studio as wonderful to see how they engage with people, how how engage you chatty or you how do you measure somebody such a good question. Do I do it I try and I try and be positive I think that it's not my job to. Bring someone up from united. Says a bad morning they've been having but as I say, it's might go to me. Oh my God. It's you. So why not just enjoy this is my ama- and that there's nothing there's no one thing that I can point to that I that I do that. I make sure that I do like some people will stop podcast with hello and welcome to ex I am x today I. AM WITH X.? I certainly don't do that any of that with the people that I photograph because I'm never in the same place I'm never photographing the same person and if I have photograph them before well now I've never photographed them for the second time before. So this is still another unique experience, and then you just I honestly, I, don't have anything that I do I just I'm I try to be. Myself I usually am myself because I've come off such a peak of nerves and apprehension and fear to get there that now I'm kind of a very relaxed version of me and I just I just try to work with them and speak to them and see how they are working with portrays and and fashion, and the that you always on the move you do you try keep the lighting setups simple So you're. Constantly, changing things and taking your eyes off the prize says so to speak interesting I no doubt I. have some biases that I'm more likely to create APPS even subconsciously. But my instinct hair is to say that I wanNA take different votes whenever I can I don't want my same for better or for worse so. Yes I like things in a similar style without realizing it. My Gut tells me if I've waited like not before, let's try knighted a different way will perhaps I'll just seen an image in my mind from photographer that I've forgotten the name of I'm doing a shoot with someone I couldn't remember who it was but I've got a vibe and a and a general sense of how that person was let and now I'm trying to emulate that in a new scenario. Let's get back to fashion from. World behind closed doors. So many if there ever was a seemingly private alchemy to photography when it was filled and that's what fashion seems to me, it seems like some kind of crazy world where things change in seconds and you dealing with ego and drama lobbies and fame, and I'm an old looks very exciting. But I I've never worked in that business as a photographer so I'm interested to know what it's really like. Well, it is a Menagerie of characters you have the old wigs guys in. The goes have been in fashion for thousand years, very of native American in that kind of experience, and then you have the incredibly bright young models and then everyone else in between. So again for me with the with the attitude of Oh, my God, it's here there. Then just Sunday Oh, these characters that I'm GonNa meet in this data. It's intense I. Think if you're unaware of your self emotionally, then you will really get swept up into it and I guess that's something I've tried not to do. In order to try and take best photos that I can I would imagine someone who is involved in that world as much. Some of it no doubt will squarely line up with what your assumptions of fashion is like and some of it one and. I guess you just pick the parts that you like and you and you went with those and then if there's any kind of stress. So difficult things difficult people. Difficult. Situations than you just you just try and what with those as best as you can we've mentioned before in this in this chap that I do not. I suffered this unbearable anxiety I'm half done in the past. On there are some mountains of fed I have as images in my mind of having to shoot something. That's a safe fashion at your typical fashion event having to shoot something that I'm very very scared to do. But I always feel as though if I'm scared to do it. That means that what I'm about to do is going to change my life and that's a good thing I'm so. For me if you're GONNA take my kind of plot through this landscape of a wild, you'll not that familiar with I would say that it is good to go towards the things that you almost get to do. and those things and prove to yourself that they aren't as scary as you think they are. And once you've done them, you'll feel a sense of filming that you. No amount of money is GONNA pay for and in doing. So I feel as though those are the two worlds of fashion photography that come together for me. There is the incredible superficiality which I frankly don't appreciate it. Does. But that is coupled with this deep rooted sense of me developing as a as a human being in these situations to the superficiality and there's incredible debts and that's why it's a kind of intoxicating mixture for me. I'm I'm why I would encourage if you haven't done something like if you ask it to do it not necessarily you now but if you get to do it, you should do it. Do you consider yourself fashion photographer forever or a I I know? We started this conversation but by you saying, he didn't want to be pigeonholed. Is there anything else you'd you'd feel is right for you for the future the think right Max my direction is now this could you change direction like that I'll have spoken to a few photographers of late Vincent laugher as is one who was incredibly successful further journalists and then suddenly found himself as a film director and it was rather suddenly well, I mean a film director sounds like an absolute incredible. Locked today. So. Yeah. I think at my route I'm someone who is trying to grow up. As a person quote unquote spiritually or just as an adult. And that happens at the moment to express itself through photography. But I think some would just describe photographers as creatives and not creative expression can come in any full. They just happen to have picked up a camera inside taking photos. So yeah, I can imagine myself being a film director perhaps even film producer have a mole kind of helicopter roll of film, but I went to drama school and I went to a really good one. I was exposed to the most incredible people I've ever met in my life, some of the most inspirational people that I will ever meet. And I felt a sense of camaraderie that I had never felt before and so doing something I mean you you grew up a film director working with the actors because, of course, icon act photography. The working with the actors would be would be amazing as for another kind of photography not stepping out of photography entirely by instead can I see myself doing some other kinds of photography? Well, I use the word fashion photography as a synonym for photographing people so although I would love to travel which I haven't done much. Oh, I would love to travel I think I would still be most interested in photographing people and so to that degree for me would still be kind of fashion photography. Just, finally, I, want to return to some the said to me in that email email exchange. My said my inspiration to tape voters has always been daring and confident people. I wanted who those daring and confident people might be. Some I love these questions, your questions. Absolutely. Fantastic. Thank you. That's of course Frank Abergnail Junior. The inspiration behind I. Think it was the Spielberg. Film catch-me-if-you-can. Of course. Yeah. That that character is what comes to mind when you asked me about daring confidence because although I am incredibly food I have this kind of hides. Again cranial idea that there is nothing to be scheduled. However, I, am very scared. So I have this kind of conversation with myself and having the GUSTA and the boldness and the sort of bravery in dauntless nece Ni adventurous nece to step out into the most difficult situations the most confrontational barricades, the things really stopping you from doing what you want to do. And having the boldness to somehow get around that barrier isn't credit is very intoxicating and it's very engaging and it is the kind of adrenaline saying that a man in his twenties really feels very palpably and I went through a difficult phase as I think a lot of. People do in that twenty s and having a kind of palpable emotion like fair be remedied by boldness and bravery and to artistry as it were. Though, you're not trying to fool anyone was was very engaging. So although I can't name someone specifically, it's more of a feeling which which you can attribute to. I would I would assume many many photographers I think many many photographers probably the kinds of people who go getters and to are shooting incredibly difficult things and need to have boldness in order to get into situations where they can take photos because that's what their clients needs they my thanks to the. Max Laken Rights, I promised a bonus gas just for one moment and I think she plays into the theme of confidence today, and this short clip comes from a part of the show that members only received from time to time, which is about to become a part of the monthly mega suit on the last Saturday of the month starting from October with the Halloween special, which I think is going gonNA include my own story true story of a studio I rented two years ago. which had a guest I wasn't expecting and couldn't see one that almost resulted in a trip to the doctors unbeliev you me I don't accept that kind of stuff usually. The clips from the cutting room floor parts of the interviews that might the first cousin you generally don't get to hear but still hold some value and context when we come to discuss other stuff later on. And today we've been talking about confidence see the perfect time to roll this out and I do think this is the right time to play this for for Tokyo's feeling uncomfortable about pricing right now I'm wondering whether a price increase in twenty twenty is the last thing you should ever be thinking about. Hardy photography trainer and business mental was join over some thoughts with me about the business lands many photographers to. Some because they absolutely needed to some as a comfort blanket for the stormy commercial ones ahead. When she remembered the photographer who was changing part of her business quite radically. This woman she similarly Basel entitled to Anyhow How she said I'm absolutely strike. She said so basically I just thought but I'M GONNA have to put prices up. So he pretty much doubled her prices and she is like cooking's I've ever. Engineer his mind it. Just it was a real lesson mindset united. You just say scandal by upping your prices because you think you'll lose kind. She was like other done out pure desperation. Move you now I've had several bookings already accomplished it. Now. It's kind of makes you feel two years ago she could have been in I will do it. We are prices on the website. Then that sounds like you think we should say look with this March, we're proud of it. You know a bit Lucca Comb Hannah factual really. Yeah. I think it depends whether. So again, at cruise back to the brand, you say people will only buy what they value. So if you are able to express the value of what your offering on that website alongside the price is is so by the time, they see the price that that will ready sold than fine but I think don't put the price on. If you let you discover an united prices stop for it because it's kind of it's not. I I always put how much my session as our but also I don't put the full pricing because I want to get in touch email marketing and massive things may so I want them. Then just visiting my website is now yeast makes ignited like been or About an hair and I contact them whereas Wednesday. So I have a downloadable brayshaw, my website, but they have to put their name and email adjusted to get it. So as soon as they donald in my brush at got their name out like an e, I can start that conversation with the holidays on the mega. So next month with a little more of that compensation. My thanks to Max today and indeed to Anna there to tomorrow we're on a walk because it's Friday the Friday photo walk features your questions that you be mailing into the show and you feedback from what you've heard our guests say it's one of the most popular downloads. The week now is fueled by the electronic mail bag. So if you've been thinking are must Mylanta if. It'll never feature. Now's the time to write. Brought to you with the amazing lower boots, the Friday photo walk is tomorrow's episode and that's it. For today, music on the show was some art list dot I o. and I look forward to photographing with you hearing from you talking walking with you tomorrow photography daily is a loading zone production.

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The Nod

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"Episode of nod is brought to you by Auden, a new line of bras and underwear available only at target automates bras designed for comfort and support. They come in sizes thirty two double eight of forty six g and they're all under twenty two dollars. You can try Auden in-store or online by visiting target dot com. That's target dot com. This episode nine is brought to you by the new CBS all access original series that twilights. Don't miss the new CBS all access original series. That will make you ask yourself with dimension. Am I even in? With Academy Award winner. Jordan Peele a role may famous by the classic series creator. Rod Serling, you never know what will happen next cross over into another dimension April. I only on CBS all access. Visit CBS dot com slash nine to redeem your free trial today that CBS dot com slash not to redeem your free trial of CBS access. From Gimblett media. This is the not I'm Britain loose, and I'm Eric ethics. So today on our show. We've got a story about the intricate relationships. We have with our parents. It's also about basketball something I know that is near and dear to your harbor, Andy. Okay. Let's not too many jokes. Very very beautiful story. It is and telling the story is the editor of the nod Emmanuel berry. So here's a manual. My father has big Brown hands. His fingers are marred with little scars and calluses when he claps the sound of his enthusiastic palms is deafening and rhythmic. I've watched these hands pickup squealing, grandchildren. Clutch, TV remotes act as puppets, cook, clean, drive and dribble. A basketball all of it in fluency with the world around him. But recently, my father's hands have started to change. His ones muscled fingers are bony they still move through the world, but they're fluid grace is replaced by a settled trembling. My father's hands have changed because my father is sick. He might not get better. And that's made me confront the fact that I don't want my dad to die and for us to not really have known each other. And we don't really know each other my dad, and I stopped talking years ago or maybe a more accurate way to say, this is we haven't really talked since I was in high school. But when I was young I was always trying to get close to my dad as possible in photos, my siblings, and I are all clinging to him one kid hanging off of each of his long limbs or fighting for little energy he had left to give after working on Bet's. But the one thing my dad always had energy for was basketball. He loved the game like a six child he was a high school basketball star. And he wanted all of us to the basketball as much as he did. And we tried for his sake. What do you remember about playing meth while a dad when you were kid? Wow. Dad? That made me play basketball or our church, and I want to do it. Because I I I mean, I love doing him. I just didn't feel the love for that. Well, like, he didn't I was her what shooting and I just always. So there was one of those like sorta defeatist minds I felt like I was bad at so to be honest. My most vivid memory is memory of wind you played basketball sheet. Got so intense about it like he was yelling in the stands, and like frustrated, and like you always took this very very seriously. And so did I I loved being on the court. The sound of squeaking shoes creaking floors the way the entire space of the gym would vibrate. The way my body would twist and turn and pivot and dance to the basket. I loved it all but when I loved equally was seeing my dad in the stands in. The car after games we'd annoy the hell out of the rest of my family by dissecting my every move figuring out what I could improve on what I did. Well, it was like we were speaking our own linkage, and I loved that. I got to share that language with my dad together, we laid out big dreams for my future club teams, high school star college the WNBA for while basketball was all I cared about. But then I found other things like Latin marching band writing stuff. I wanted to share with my dad, but basketball was all he talked about. Our post game talks start feeling like conversations and started sounding like lectures, I started to dread the car rides home. And there's one ride for my junior year of high school that I still think about all the time. I remember walking to my dad's car after the game. And as soon as I closed the door it started. Why didn't you do this? How could you do this you need to do this? Basketball was becoming less and less the center of my world, a smaller part of my future. As I listened to the study rhythm of my dad's. Critique I realize these lectures weren't about me or what I wanted. They were about him. And I didn't care what my dad wanted. So I did something I had never done before. Shut the fuck up. I shouted. In our family. You do not cuss at my dad. It is completely off limits and I had to screamed at him. He was taken aback for a moment. And then Stony silence. Waiting for an apology. But it was an apology. I wouldn't give I'd cross the line in rather than attempting to step back to safety or a race it I dug deeper in Bill a trench. I told him I didn't wanna talk about basketball with him anymore. And if that's all he wanted to talk about we didn't need to talk. So we didn't we didn't talk about my niece surgery after tearing a ligament. We didn't talk about how I Nord recruiters and let my game lag. We didn't talk about my decision to not play basketball in college to abandon the dream. We had crafted together, but as a month of silence carried on between me and my dad. I started to panic. If I lived in a world where my dad wasn't talking to me, and I wasn't playing basketball. Then what would I have left of him? With a few months left of high school. I changed my mind I had to play basketball. So I found a team that would take me. I went to LVN college found myself completely miserable. But at least I had basketball until I didn't tore ligaments in my knee about two months into the season. And the doctors told me that basketball, and I were done. Years past. I haven't picked up a ball in forever. Either has my dad the silence between us as long past. But there's something that hasn't been repaired. That trench. I built between us has stretched into golf. And nowadays. We just yelled basketball pleasantries across it. Did you watch that game? How does the team look this year? Lebron the Braun LeBron. basketball gives us solution that we're talking to each other. But we're not my dad doesn't know much about the big moments in my life, like running from tear gas in Ferguson moving to China or landing my dream job. He doesn't know because he never bothered to ask. That's why we don't talk. That's what I've told myself for years, but I've come to realize that it's not just my life. We're not talking about it's his while. My dad wasn't bothering to get to know me. I wasn't bothering to get to know him. My dad, and I had talked nonstop about basketball for years, and I couldn't tell you why he cared so much. What it meant to him? What I can tell you is there is one moment in his basketball career that he clearly cares a lot about. But I don't know anything about it. All my life. I've been told that there's one thing. I can't ask my dad about one topic. That's completely off limits. A high school basketball game that took place in nineteen seventy eight the last high school game he ever played in all my life. I've followed that rule. I've never brought it up. But I had a hunch that if I wanted understand my father to make sense of why basketball so important to him. I'd have to ask a question. I was told never to ask. What happened in that basketball game? This episode of the nod is brought to you by squarespace. We built the nod care dot com using squarespace, and we asked you all the submit your questions in exchange, we'll provide some quality ad vice. So what are we got? So this is from mommy needs money. And her question is how do I get a sugar? Daddy. What are the steps? I need answers. I have one piece of advice that I can offer during different sports seasons. Right. Listen to the radio and find out what club the team is going to be hanging out at this. They win the game. This is this is these are great tips. Like, why do I need to be searching for some social Gamaa or something like that? I can't reveal how I know. But like we were journalists we care Bieler sources, but you know. The truth is out there. If you're looking for. Wisquare space, you can build a website in minutes, no sugar daddy necessary. Plus when you're ready to buy your first sight or domain use offer code than not to get ten percent off that squarespace dot com. Promo code the not. This episode of the nod is brought to you by Uber, and it's brand new rewards program. Uber rewards it's a way for you to earn points on your miles and meals for perks that make a difference. Here's how it works. You earn a point for every eligible dollar spent on rides on Uber eats. Plus, you'll earn even more points. For every Uber x or Hooper black ride as you earn more points. You move up the tears from blue to gold to platinum to diamond Uber rewards also unlocks access to shorter wait times at most airports and priority support on rides. You can even earn price protection between two of your favorite places and flexible cancellations by giving you more time, lex, ability and control. Uber wards empowers you to do more for terms and more information on over rewards. Go to Uber dot com slash rewards. That's Uber dot com slash rewards. To talk to my dad. I had to go to Michigan where my parents still live. I visit once or twice a year. I don't go back to my childhood home. Because my parents lost the house years ago. Hugh, when I opened the door to my parents condo. Of course is the college basketball game on the background. My dad is in his usual position sunken into his recliner remote in hand. It's how he relaxes after long shifts managing restaurants. He's hovering on the edge of sleep drifting off to the sound of basketball. He's still big. But there's a bit more frailty too heavy limbs he's grown a silver beard in his head. Shaved I gently wake him up and as usual, he says, he wasn't asleep. My three year old niece Sawyer is buying a very one-sided game of hide and seek with her grandpa. She peeks her head out of her hiding spot. You. Do. I can't I start commenting on the game. He's watching. Can you show? But this is exactly what I didn't come here to do have basketball small talk in the living room. I came here to ask him about that game to see if I could get to know my dad better to close that distance between us I asked him if I can talk for a second. It's for work. I say. We walk into another room the basketball game fading into the background. I noticed how heavy has movements are how exhausted his breath little efforts. Take a lot of his energy these days. Charity. Anyways. Okay. Me. No, he can't go to sleep. We're talking as soon as I sat down. I got super nervous. My dad is one of the few people who makes me nervous. We start talking about why my father even started playing basketball, and it was booth that he loved it. And that it was an assess ity he grew up or in Mississippi the youngest of eleven my father said being a black kid in the south in the nineteen seventies. There wasn't a lot of opportunity for him and basketball. It seemed like a way out to go was for me to play basketball and joy and try to get a scholarship to go to school because I knew I couldn't afford things basketball. It was a way for something even more than that for you. It was a way for me to get get into college. My dad was good. He was tall natural athlete. He easily made the high school team my version coach. Partway through the season decided to pour me up from the freshman team to diversity team. And. I guess there was a tradition where seniors was always the one that was start and never they never had a freshman. Start one of the seniors got benched and the coach at started plan me in the game and said and one day practice. Going for layup. This senior decided on the cut me, and that was my first experience of getting hurt and he wind up, plus my kneecap, and so I wind up having surgery, and that was the first time I experienced that his first time I get scared that I wasn't going to be able to be successful at plan basketball anymore after surgery the pain didn't go away which meant he couldn't play anymore. Any sort of pathway to something better disappeared, the time was very well. Scouted. At the time thinking that I was going to get to go to a school, a nice, college and everything and all those offers got pulled away from me because of his injury. I had to sort of give that up, and it was hard to give that out just made me realize how fast something can be taken away. And it was hard too hard for me to stay and be there. I was very depressed. I didn't do any of this. I was surprised to hear him talk about depression. Something I've always struggled with. But couldn't imagine. He would understand. My dad was desperate for fresh start. A we from Mississippi away from basketball. Luckily, my grandmother decided to move to Michigan. And my dad went with her in Michigan, a different surgeon took a look at his knees, and he found and removed bone shards. And suddenly the pain was gone. My dad could play basketball again that dream that had been crust in Mississippi was back on. But this time he only had one season on a brand new team in a new state to get scouted to make good on the path. He'd set out. As a senior he joined the team that had won a state championship. With Magic Johnson. The previous year. Couple of hours Johnson your. Minez games are always packed with fans and red and white radio. Announcers would call the games for the local station and newspaper photographers weeded under the basket catch players in motion. And it was this chaotic for games that didn't even matter. We get a scrimmage against this team out of Detroit. They came down a scrimmaged Everett high school. And coach show me that they had to six eight guys really strong, and I was coming across the lane. And I just drop step them real quick in went up and dunk the ball. And after that, I dont like four times in the scrimmage on people. People looked at me like wow can do that. They wanted to try to forgot name from the nickname for me. Hey already had one for urban air by no, Tim scout nickname Irvin. Magic johnson. One of the sports caster found out from this during the game. Dunk the ball. He's a Mississippi slammer. That's where he got the name, Mississippi, slim. We were falling back into our comfort zone basketball pleasantries. But this time about my dad's high school games. None of them the game. I came here to talk about. And so I cut to the chase kind of. I wanted to ask you, so. So when I I remember being young and mom, you know, mom has sacks papers were. And there was one that had this lake newspaper clipping. Yeah. From from the game. And I remember asking what this was about. And I don't I don't exactly remember how old I was. But I remember her saying that. The the way she talked about it. I remember her saying that it was sad. And then I shouldn't mention it. Pitcher was of the final game when we lost in the semi-finals. I blame myself losing that game. What why? My dad explain to me that it wasn't just any game. The team was determined to repeat a state championship. And they were well on their way to doing just that they had only lost one game that season and they kept winning in the state tournament. They were about to play in the semi-finals and the game was the talk of the state media and scouts were looking at the match up the day of the game classes were set aside for big pep rally. It was such a big deal that my dad needed a suit to wear for the game in for press after I didn't even. Mak- Thome pep rally. Because I left school to go and get fitted for a suit. Which was ridiculous. And I think. My mind was not in focus on the game. When I got to the game. Again into to GM get into the locker room. I don't even remember the locker room. That's scared. Coming out running onto the court. I remember them calling his name onto the court who's playing, but I don't remember faces in the crowd. I was very excited overwhelm high energy just to height for the game was over hike. Put a game. Maybe. We was holding on with his plan. Pretty good. It was a two point game pretty much throughout the whole game. And at some point my dad jumped into the air and grabbed a rebound and his team expected him to do what he done also. Be the Mississippi slam dunk the ball. But he didn't. I Grover rebound. Off the backboard above the rim. And I go up above around to where basically. Hall. I had to do disrupt the ball in the basket. Instead threw it across baske-. And I never forget it. It's just it was hard on me because I was a turning point in a game that made me feel that I lost a game. How long do you think you carry it around that one little moment? I still carry it around. Obviously talked. What do you think would make you not carry it around with you? I don't know. Again, go back in time and redo it. Do you? Remember, I'm gonna sorry almost done talking about that game as. Bringing a day. I don't wanna talk about getting more. Like, we're talking years later when mom is like, this is all sad. Like don't talk about it. It was very hard. Didn't talk about a game. I don't talk about the game too much. Because of it was always a very hard thing to go back to because I know in my heart. There's no way we would have showed lost. Did it feel like opportunities where closing for you would that game? Yeah. We play better. And we would have won a game. We would have been in the finals. And there would have been more visualize on us. And a thing was is that I was only out there for one year because it came up here in my senior year. So nobody really knew who I was for me to get the more exposure we needed to continue to win. And when we didn't win I think, it's just. A lot of opportunities for me to be seen when out to window is that part of I wasn't supposed to ask about the game. Well, I think mom fell knows how hard it was for me. And I feel that a have a lot of resentment about the opportunities that I failed them. It could have changed my life from way, we are. Now for me doing what I am. But over the years, I've gotten better, and I feel. What happened is happening in a come to? Come to accept it. He says it's like a question, and I'm not sure I buy this the accepting it. When my dad says from the way, we are. Now, he means him never getting a college degree raising five kids, and making ends meet where we are now is missing part of a lung and a slip disc where we are now is no kidneys and Alice's while still working sixty hour weeks. It's been almost forty years since he missed that shot. But maybe that's how long it takes to mourn, an alternative universe a universe. Where maybe have had to struggle so much. And maybe you accept it that you'll struggle. But you refused to accept that for your kids, and maybe that refusal is by you lecture them in cars. After the break, we go back to that car ride and this time, I try not to swear. This episode of the nod is brought to you by Auden, a new line of bras and underwear available only at target here at the nod. We have strong feelings about bras recently, the nods editor Emmanuel berry producer, Kate Parkinson Morgan and senior producer saw Abderrahman. We're discussing the highs and lows of brush shopping, which reminded of one of her first shopping trips as a new mom when I was nursing I decided to like splurge a nice bra from like a nice bra store for you. Thank you. I don't want to say the name of the store, but it was like a place that was just specifically for bras. And it had just like all the different colors and styles and patterns, and I was like looking for the nursing bras. And they just come in this one color Tope. No. No. Just hope and it was a signal that was like you are not a person anymore. You're just a milk factory. You just need this for like it's up for you. Yeah. So I was just like, oh, okay. Cool. This is up bra store, and they have one version of that's really bad. Yeah. Sometimes you just need to wear something pretty to feel more like a person Auden bras, come in a variety of colors and styles, including seamless razorback brawl. Let's and they even make nursing bras to and all of them are under twenty two dollars. To learn more. Visit target dot com. That's target dot com. Basketball was no longer a path forward for my dad, but he still thought of it as a way forward for his kids. I wanted him to be able to see that. There were other pass that I had taken other pass. And I was just as wonderful charming on these roads as I was on the court. What were your aspirations? For me with basketball. I guess them. I saw something Indian basketball. That I saw come out of me you played with when you got angry you play basketball the same way. I do. With a lot of Gresham power in. Nobody could stop you from going to the basket. Manny. When you went for basketball, and you put the gut the ball your hand. It was in your hand. Nobody else could take it. When you drove to ask and yours determine score a basket. Nobody could stop you. You so power for you is such a powerful player. It was very exciting to see you play a game. The pride that you hear in his voice. The only time it rings so clear as when he's talking about me and basketball. It's the pride that I wanted to hear about my grades or my performance in play in high school. It's the pride that I want to hear about my job. Now, I think part of drove me crazy in high school. I'm part of I got so mad at you. Was that? I felt like all you wanted to talk about was basketball that like all the other things going in my life for like totally irrelevant. And that me being good at basketball, and that sort of pressure was all that you cared about. And that you could literally give zero craps about the rest of the stuff. Like that is what it felt like to me. It's a high school student. Sorry you. Oh, boy occasion was was more important to me than you than basketball. A lot of ways. I knew that. I didn't have a lot of money to be able to put you guys through college. And I wanted to get you guys are eating way. I could because I felt that is very vital for you. Guys will be successful in life, your bright, very bright. And you're very. You'd grades and stuff was perfect. So you didn't you went? I felt that whether you got an athletic scholarship, you would going to be able to go to any college anyway because of your great, but I liked the idea of you plan basketball. I guess I wanted to try to. Legacy go on or try to see if that legacy. No father. I don't know. I. I was a little kid. I guess it. Brought me back to someone memories. When I was on a basketball court. I guess what? I'm trying to express that. I feel like most of the like attention and feedback that I have gotten from. You has been about basketball life. I'm sorry. I don't want you to apologize. It's not. I don't know. We don't talk too much. You're devoid me jail. Okay. Say hi dad, how you doing? I don't you know. Guilty. You should not. I don't want you to feel guilty. That is not what this is about. I don't want him to apologize. I want him to understand the past. So that we can move closer. And we have to move closer because he's sick. And we don't have time to be far apart anymore. So I push on. How did I really ship and how did our relationship with basketball changed? Once I got into high school, my junior and senior year. How did it change? Did you think it changed? You'd never remember like that we could not ride home in the car together anymore after games. Yeah. You didn't like me telling you all the things that you could do that you did wrong or the frustrating. I didn't as mostly was. I didn't think your coach was utilized uterit- way. And it was I think it was frustrating to you for me to stays things to you and talk about it. And as all I could talk about was basketball within not. And I guess I didn't realize that until your mom said to me that the reason why you didn't want to ride home because of all I could talk about was the game. And how and you didn't you didn't want to talk about it. And I keep talking and talked. You remember me yelling at you? Vaguely. Vaguely remember. I do I didn't wanna talk about basketball with you anymore. But like we also then like just did not talk like that much at all for like a while. I guess I didn't realize that. I guess you do your sod remember more. So than I do. I remember me sand that I won't talk to you about basketball anymore. The result of that was that we didn't talk at all. I'm sorry. I want to holidays. I just like I guess at the time. I guess I guess I didn't know how to talk to you about very much any being else because. I didn't know how probably didn't know how to talk to you about anything else at that time. Literally. The only reason I went to was because I've felt like I couldn't give basketball like all of a sudden, I panicked and realized that I wouldn't be playing anymore and that really freaked me out to know that. No. I I really did not in feel to get that from you because we weren't talking. Okay. So you talked to told you don't go to. Back in high school. All I wanted was to hear him tell me it was okay, not to play basketball anymore. It didn't happen then. But it's nice to have it now. And I think what I didn't understand when I was younger that I finally get now is that my dad's. Biggest concern was never about basketball. It was about making me happy. But he had trouble understanding that basketball wasn't making me happy anymore. And I think he understands that. Now, I think we can talk differently now, we can be honest, but I still wanted to test. This a week before I came home for this. Visit I called my dad, and he did what he done for ten years made small talk about basketball. He said, we should go shoot some hoops. And I did what I'd done for ten years replied in kind held back on what I really wanted to say. Are you healthy enough is that safe? It was that. It was funny last week when we were on the phone funny and sweet at the same time when you were like, we maybe we should go shoot when your home when I when when you call. I don't even know if I can pick up a basketball Chris thing for you to say in. No fence, you're not in the best. How also you say always come to me and say, I'm you're getting shorter are getting shorter. What when did I go shoop ask I shot baskets who it was Sawyer birthday. And there was a best about court. And I picked basketball strike started. Dribbling. And I shot the basketball I was three feet away from the basket and couldn't get the ball up to the barium. Couldn't get the ball up to the rim. It took me like three or four tries before I eventually got the ball up and hit the room. So I mean, how did that feel? Embarrassing for one in very discouraging that my strength. My Jodi all those things are no longer there. But the weird thing was. I was very persistent, and I stayed on court, and guess what? I started making baskets. I'm glad that. You're proud of that. I'm proud of you. I was proud of how bears look at me. Like, okay. This is posed to be basketball player. You can't make a basket. But no, I started making mask a I start going in doing layup. I was like kind of like, wait a minute. Maybe I can shoot best again. Maybe to come back. There is something. So my dad about this moment the optimism of potential basketball comeback. But also, the persistence a trait that we share at this point. It's been about two hours since I started talking with my dad, and I feel like we've made a lot of headway. But there's a little part of me that can't help feeling annoyed that while we're being more open, and honest basketball is still there in the room with us. But just as I'm about ready to turn off my gear. My dad puts basketball aside, any asked me something. He's never asked me in my twenty years. I have maybe two more questions. I have to you have to Mark questions questions for me, sir. What what do you like about your job? I like that. I get to talk to a bunch of different people. I like that there's power like there's power in telling stories, I think it's like one of the most powerful things you can do and I'm clearly power hungry human being. So I like that. I like crafting a story. I think it's amazing. Did you find out that you got to be a Lucca journalism wanted to be this? I think when I transferred mess you. I had no idea what I wanted to do. And I knew that I wanted to maybe something with writing because I've always enjoyed that. But I think it's probably mom forcing us to listen to NPR in the car. I'll. I think that was it. She's still big me. Journalists yet. These are simple questions not revolutionary or really that deep. But you know, what they're not about. They're not about basketball. My dad, and I are both trying to do better talking about things like my fear that my apartment is toxic. And killing me. Happen. I already would've been feeling. Him about his health. Not too good today. About international soccer. Stories done on the United States talking about the reason why their team. Getting stronger because they. The groups that trend is much more narrow but basketball is in no way on the game so much where you know, lebrons. Is those way down the court just run over people and your call. You know, those kind of things would not have happened with Jordan Jordan was somebody would have taken them out. Here is what I've learned about my dad. I know my dad broke his arm jumping off a table as a kid. I know he finds it hard that. My grandmother would dementia doesn't recognize him. And I know he wants considered being an artist. And I also know this my father is sick. And we have so much more to talk about. The non is hosted by Eric adding Britney this shows produced by K Parkinson, Morgan senior producer Asada up. Diomine? We are edited by me manual berry. This episode was ended by four. Hey, just this shows mixed by Cedric Wilson. Our theme music is by Khalid be original scoring by Bobby Lord and the center for full music credits. You can check out the show notes, especially to Peter president Stevie lane Khalil. Hold Wallace MAC, and Thomas and elven Mellon. Hi, this is Alex Goldman one of the hosts of reply all, and I have a favorite ask you. We do a segment on the show called super tech support where we try to help people solve the most confounding technical problems in their lives. And I'm looking for new super texts work cases to investigate. So if you have a problem that's bigger than just calling tech support, restarting your, computer or changing your password. I want to hear about it. Send us an Email at S T, S Gimblett media dot com. Thanks. 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LTAI 011 - Empress Q

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LTAI 011 - Empress Q

"New. Last name. To An. Excuse. Was Empress plays MP rescue. Soon Empress Q. Q.. Welcome to I think this is episode. He one of. Let's talk about now. So why don't you just go ahead and introduce yourself first? So, I'm empress Q. Founder of the cannabis movements, the comments plans and I'm just basically the had organizers movement, everyone who supports into which is a t-shirt who comes door event is part of stay. Comments Supplant the movement and That's really depot of it is grassroots movement. I think anyone who believes. That kind of is is just a plant. And should be considered as such you know is bad of the mentality of of of Oh brightened. Quote Unquote it's so you not look just the criminalization looking at full? Of definitely definitely on main reason being that we know that in his competently society they will commercialize it and. It's not something that we can see easily. Just being allowed to be free as much as we want to advocate at a thing that Detroit has been set. Nobody America is. Too Far Gone on Caesar Industry that everyone is wanting to get into so when for legalisation that would open up the opportunities business opportunities. That community would want you know. But emegency right here with that that definitely what I'm advocating for an equitable unjust. Legal system and it needs to be said, and this is my strong advocacy in this particular podcast, because as we draw closer to some sorts of reveal, there's disagreed reveal. The government has for us because we could no deals of what what change with, but we're not discussing a lot right now. Yes, right overloaded discussions, going on more or less behind closed doors. Yes, right, so you know after this big reveal. We know that most likely in their minds. It should be something that big business should get into. And be you know any pioneers so to see, but we know that not to be true that russified right releasing community of people. That has been used any hope all his time. And you know who have indigenous untraditional knowledge that could definitely be then meet into product or some something to enter a market. You know what sort of a role as a split interested. Joe Because thing, is you know in school? A lot of people actually don't know much details about arise if they. Do know them personally because in school year. Hair Yuliana votes Muslims Catholics into three big ones in so what? Is it is something that he use in worship and meditation, or just generally everyday life well arrested by in itself is a liberty and not religion. You know it's so we of life that anyone can adopt. These spiritual aspect behind it does point with Yoga and you know. D- guide to that is his Imperial Majesty and for highly Selassie. Will we see as Christ in our time, you know? Having come to fulfill many things that has biblical written and him being from the United King Solomon, and when she saw of via so there is much greatness, they and Rastafari became established as a way of life. When God is, was told or prophesized by Marcus Garvey that. Looked at east, coming of a black king or black Christ, and then there was a coronation of highly selassie. Do I so? Then, you know that became like a way of life and that we have life is encapsulated in HR in loving creation. It is grown it on biblical knowledge so I am into the ducks as my spirituality. I see russified of China's away of life in terms of using scripture to inform it, we that we should dress and carry always sells soon. You guys still use the Bible as the book of Wisdom yes but any particular version. Well is data interesting question, right? Because, definitely, rest of one the. With. Gyms! Push. Right yeah, for sure I mean, but it's one. We're limited to hand us than that unfortunately is like was coming form of the Bible. You can get but there is the dogs by. that is shared by many of the other dogs two inches, because there is oriental and Coptic so yeah me, and as an interesting question and I would see. Is that many of them do use these King James? Will you Sean But there is the Ducks Luzon uneasy. Open off the dogs. And in India, there are the oldest forms of Dubai Wells. Original forms still presumed by monks in monasteries and if So as one seeks, what we see is that there is still truth you know when you go into other dogs church in the beginning like baptism, all glasses we talk about there is fundamental truths of the Bible and Tim of goodness on on what one should want to do as right, just Busan and those things. I think Not. Really arguable you know it's either. You do good things. Are you doing? And even though we should fall short of the glory in various. Degrees you know I think that It's all about the intentions you know, so it would russify rise will let me just. Reiterate. The idol is vital positive liberty is is fundamental as well, and this is where economists the WHO comes in because it says in Genesis one twenty six, that was the bering who fruit aussie varying plans will be onto the as old as meet right And this is the voice of the Almighty in this. Stir this crease Sean Right So that's how we look at it who? Has Bearing seed and being US food onto. Man entered is not the only who's so one of the things I as well as You know a Habilis a novice who believes, but following is nudity Also wanted to push. Our consciousness is that it is? The Hoop says well. It's about us being aware and advocating for. A whole complete change in our liberty to something that is planned peace. You know I'm Kinda busy lead that because. Know to us. Is I D-? D Queen of Hooves degreen of plans. You know Yeah and you know so there is that and the unspiritual reference of cannabis in? Liberty on on culture. We have live. Is that as forward is just physical, but mental food as well so we call it brain food I'm sure you've heard that reference. Book, so you know. When do we use brain food? I mean you can use it part of your daily life, but then there is also parts of Your d where you will put aside for spiritual practice. where it'd be a all with Income Union of other bridge ancestry and. you know and so data's been recipe uses e who, but as spiritual. But it does not regimented and. ritualized as Western religion is say, it's at a specific Deanne time there on a moment, wishart got on passer on. The smoke. Is Not that well as? Or you have we have that as well I mean on special dis His Majesty's strong. July Twenty Thune at Coronation Dean Obama Second. Twenty six so. Is Roy on one. Does he try Judah, so royal people you know. On Tuesdays we would you know in different mansions? russify naive began, but was shanty world Is. Is You know that's where they got it today? Alter the hold. Will ship. You know and then twelve tribes of Israel, which is another mansion of Russify also has their celebrations of. Of decaying and. Festivities clues to see. A more is European celebration. Not as spiritual worship perceive, but as a celebrate shot so Khomeini runs over us we, have Internet. Well recognized under the umbrella of on Bond Jones, there is twelve tribes of Israel. What was shine T- Now. You're being and the African Unity of Africa. Unity Brotherhood. Hope I'm seeing that, right? And what are the differences between them. Well different rituals a practice or celebrates since festivities definitely for example. Shahi being a the OUGHTA. And being closely aligned or to me, advised by the European docs. Spiritual Practice the old Sabah Sabah. They have. Specific ideas to be so bad to go, and they got the worship and hold fast. Whereas being rules is is more on these celebration, specifically of to King I don't really know if need guy though weekly you know. Whereas twelve tribes of Israel is more of a recipe, right or Sharon and not an older or a place of worship, the hold spiritual practice like by will readings and gatherings, but You know it's it's different not as ritualized I should see as. Shanti So you know what I would say I invite once once. Anyone interested yourself as well to see N. participates as will house to be Is. A way of life is is really something you have to come in an recognized truth. that is, it's ups and is fundamentally historically of Biblical scripture brought forward to our time. You know so there is always when Roman Catholic keep I to reason about this before. Our background I came from Roman Catholic. went to Roman Catholic schools. You know so I've always felt that it has been. A short a bridge version. You know what I mean. I was story. Things that just given to you, you know you're you believe your belief system? What russified right towards I is question? Ask questions find out for yourself twenty two knowledge you. Seek and annual find so while I was seeking I saw the king, and the king said it's EUBOEA and into onto. Don't see on this issue. That is nick in nature meaning given to us by the Apostle Philip. as written extract jumped to eat was to six so once. I once could go on and see dot movement that is when is Yoga was converted to Christianity. Even it was judy since the days of King, Solomon and Sheba or Makila sorry Makita Right Because you know what that light each you know, King, Solomon and Queen, she will. Not too familiar with it. In Sunday school on. Lock trouble on the. You. When is interesting his story to read? More interested in the history and also. Finally embark. Andrianopoulos morning things that I did know and those common knowledge that lots of people you know like you talk about what to do. Definitely know about it. And these are things that I. Show you a very young and the mission was when I was younger, but I just never paid attention to. Only know that I get all this significance of right. Wasn't until that was young. I was young. It was still very much. Sunday school and you go in for the snacks and two friends you know I mean does it was Leonardo going to church every night? It was everybody on but yes begin sequence knowledge has been more more adult in my wand, all his so inwards duty, and that's what reservoir is as well and Yvonne. Coming back again to kind of this you know we knew as. Let me, say where it has been strength of many elders in order shoulders of giants, as I would see that we stand on to reach the point where the government has initiated discussions consultations have, but you don't goop. Guidry to rallies took place national rallies. Got, in Unification Russify, you know under on mansions rest of I. you know and medical. The medical industry coming around one of these things will build on traditional indigenous knowledge. You know this is things that Oh agreed grandparents great grandparents new. You know whether it was off. The Fatima's Zach or you know coming here by force. We have knowledge of this plant as old as that you know in our indigenous context of Trinidad and Tobago and as one of the things we have to consider like. They will continue continue to push those commercialisation and me the and and. You know TNC an? To regulate regulate, but in plans you know, and supplant no different from show any your belief or you? So when again become to commercialize Sean model and a license I think it should be based on Your intention of grew in what you want to go. If you WANNA be a small-scale farmer, there's a license for that and a cost for that license. You know If you WANNA plant and Egos fifteen acres, heck the. Different licenses So you know I'm just putting it on woods. On Poa this is what I would hope. The government has not invited on mansions of Rastafari Ri-. to reason on DAB position people that was presented to any general Dad was requested by the Attorney General. So you know we sent informs that we have no idea where. You know what was taken out from it. What was addressed will be given and find one of these big reveal to be disrespectful you know to be. Because you face this for so long, and they're not even letting you know. Wasn't going to get. You tell them what you want. Even discussing as they basically just going to reveal the this is what He. Tell you what I am very concerned about is that? Commercialisation Perspective Ray. You going to be open up new markets, you going to a new market locally that a lot of people could get into because they're going to have. A very little costs, which is something unique and start businesses in our lifetime right now in this in this decade where everybody is so highly competitive. Anybody with. A couple of these alarm to thunder plans and start from there. And if you restrictive licenses and stuff. If you do it in such a way that the. Licenses are prohibitively expensive. Then you kinda squeeze these small people out of it. You know, so you can have. Communities that already. I mean. You're to have. Almost everybody out as. Mobile. Right. Areas. The. Areas Or areas where unemployment is high unemployment also results in higher crime and stuff like that. All Right on hypotheses hire crime if you look at those areas. I, show you assign a much percentage of people less mobile. On a lot of their local economy will. Necessarily show this, but I'm also guessing. Of the local economy will be of selling off drugs, of we of which we will be included, because I think we'd is probably the most popular truck Internet. People since then Kuku and heroin or anything like that. and. If done properly, and all we that these people could go from Sellin weed illegally in this community to know, says those show so you. Get An. Increase in employment. Employment degree, it's in legal income in these communities. I mean they're already distribution channels. If they have ten years experience seven. Yeah. Them up all. Of course, it's most onto, yes. In its own in is to me as simple as you said it. Tim's of. Other things that we license now you know how I would see. It is that it would be education you would have to. achieve the and we'll have acquire. I should see knowledge about the industry again into you should have sits in things. Please and then you should have a license, so you know it's not that you and your. Next New Ball, and at see him time once you make it equitable, and just then you get rid of the black market, which is a reality as well you. and that is wanted to government I hope as well as also acknowledging you don't want a puppy show yourselves. I need people by seeing decriminalization legalize, but then you don't or you seen legalisation, you make it so cost prohibitive that just zondi small man, and he continues doing what he's been doing all the time because we operation as a black market level right now in order mean. When it isn't economy, and there is money being made in just not securely to maybe General Economy Oh, being taxed by the government. so when you consider the markets are only California. And Colorado or California especially They're having a lot of problems with the illegal model. Because do traditional swan grows do not have access to legal market I believe in something like ten thousand of us for a license so do people will go in business. A lot of them are sponsored by. Companies and stuff and. They grew Andy. Make a brand that they're being back. Download all you know. They have a partner. In business, and as you know, have reason with a strain on their a bolted at hold woods, and she said that a lot of her friends have had to go back to underground black market. or go go back to traditional jobs whereas before as illegal You Know Hash. Amigas or kind of his growers they were. They had a formidable income. You know. But when you make legal to when you have government dispensaries, and if Anthony, government allow lodge growing operations. What happens is what can happen. Is that a interrupting market level market cost soil knew that it becomes almost like a useless commodity. You know So one of these things you know I hope that they're considering again. These things that are on our own people loses a public consultation would have been really nice to reason with you know. A up mentally does. But you know I hope that I'm really pleased to be here and thank. You and I'm glad we were able to do this because I. do think this is of. Do People get to do in what they must to get there without and in a way, hope that this would into it was of impact, create awareness and creates. A kind of uses would and as a kind of dread with but. It needs to happen and his time in, but. Sean you until once. Wrongs and injustice and inequality. You know Internet to be who, in a country that has a budget of how much billions of dollars which is coming up just now. We're going to hear you know On yet one point, eight million people guinot collectively minority one percent. Suffering. And it's just A. Light at you know this is something I always wonder. How much of a democracy is a country? No because I will go months anomaly, it on like a percent votes goes percents of these between twenty five percents that he was in population. Allows election election before you answer are already saving thing. So when you see the people what they want, what he would forward seventy percents, I turn it up. Not Seventy percent didn't vote for them right, and then on top of. Representation through civil. No we have oh issues. When I talk about through criminalization, underutilization is almost like a unanimous result and yes. From everybody you talk about because this. Criminalization of it has shown to have field with the US warned jokes like that just gave rise to these mosit- toes. On, a lot more crime as The calls no half the battle of the police forces to get this protocol, so they have a lot of violence just. Intertwined in the operations. Right so we doesn't. Helping criminalize does not make sense on an Internet opening. People locked up. For. This right. I mean if you look at a lot of people. Have A. Bridgman spending six months in maximum security. Security! And being why maximum is because he had other, we'd cases. Other cases. So just. All we'd You know on. Is this one had be really hard. Because One at a point where we're talking about laws, being challenged and yet the government has done a moratorium on arrests bright, so they're seeing. Yeah, it's going to be legal, but until then let's see how much of you we can catch or. Know. The tickets in before bureau the before. Every six. As you'd. incredulous right like A. It all Trinidad. Isn't that please? what recovery? Side. Right and we'll be believed. Event would real situations. So yeah by bridget is in jail for six months in maximum security and Yeah in a time where we talk about laws being changed, and my big thing is so say September. Fullest decriminalization all right good, so he can possess a little while of we'd right reality of decriminalization in that context. Is that unless you grow in your? We'd if you buy it in. Somebody's a criminal right so if they catch you up, push. Yoga Bliss you. He went to Lucca Right. But you grew was. Criminalization D. C.. You can have five plants. Let's hope right Legalization we know any mottos licenses like xp before I. Love that you still criminalization wake and possess moments grew your. Plan so five at home, but then my question is what happens to people who have been locked up for Ganda all these years you think of a mentions rail backward right because all it is like you know people every day, but it will have a time when you'll have to account for that. Because no one would be legal, you would literally have to see it well. Yes, transgressed you. You know what I mean even to. It was however long ago. You know what I mean and have teak off your record apartment because hulk. It doesn't make it's. A catch twenty two or like nonsensical thing you know program without right. Expunged, these criminals or Do not criminals. So does. Asleep. Expunge these people that have been held. Whatever Taganka Gone. No you're going to have to put them through. The legal process gets nearer quit expunged. Novel legal process even get them to. Know. What my last podcast! I took those lawyer and you see right now the superior on this stuff maybe like they have about thirty percents of the stuff is supposed to have. So, it's how. About minding if you if a couple of months before going to decriminalize it up as much people as Knowing that. For them to get old I'll send you criminalize going to have to wait months. Maybe years just process the truth, but I'm thinking. And that I wear who who that is not. What the into do you know? Look these fellows up because you know even if you decriminalize it. A lawyer and is still not going to out for next two years off the decriminalized. You Know I. Just who does not do because that? Is a robot. Let me. Dealing with bad might be unpleasant. Up because we could have a black prime minister who can save someone's done. Right so is my take and I. Again thank you follow US video voice of do people you know? Everybody I talked to. They have such a reasonable opinions, but it does those reasonable open ends. Represent represented. I'm so look at home much that look at how much people have to face just to get this one issue. Push the girls. And why do we have too much of everybody already wants it. What does he pushed about? So you have to come up with all these arguments that make sense unsure you sources on. You know show your lane of resent nonstop. But why should be legal? But up to no I have not a single reasonable of what should be illegal. So when I I WOULD Want, to I don't know but question. Why a cigarette legal do you do? You have been offensive cigarette. Should know none none. So that's what I struggled with you. Notice upside down will let we live in win. You know your physical is but as well as spiritual. It is on damn nation unless good people stand up and see nude. This doesn't make sense, or this is wrong, right? Just protect us. We mean know that you go mano. See your car. Who was like Watson for sedition? Right. Everything an illegal manner, legal means little. You can do it in a coup overthrew anything all right. Thank you. Both. She met. Empress humans than that we? Yes, she told me that before. Hun Lord Right. Continue so. We have to talk about his off. To maintain your. Innocence. Do not be knitted any seditious we Forget, we'll talk about. Some! Of US people not being properly represented politicians. Everybody. Call them for this. Pro Arguments why it should even be legal and splits yeah, and then we started talking about cigarettes sugar, and that's what I was in that. Yeah, you know we live in a police. Trinidad just be in one place, but you know if if it was Oh, it used to be when I was growing up I'm not everything was poofy. Morals and values will daily. Mawas respecting you're. Taking Care of children respecting authority teachers, you know teachers respected as students to jobs, doctors ones into how people the government wanting to implement new things to progress the country. If we had if we return to that, Trinidad really is a small piece of paradise in all and I truly believe that That's why it's doctored on my left foot. because I love my country. You know I really daring something special about being a tree. When I was growing up, I always felt, and no, it's you know politics. Any corruption and crime has stand out so much. You know and I think no. We live in a In a society where which is Kinda topsy to be ULA. WIN IT OUT! Be Hoping that to deal comes. because you don't feel represented, you feel powerless. You know as an average person out there you know I. I travel everywhere I. Mean Chinese people just like me a new and you know Everybody's trying yet. People that meet detriot doing their best. Books Anytime I. Hear some of these news losing yeah! There probably are on your own people. Yeah, and it had delays lazy ones and we got it that you know just as we recent in I'm mean a watch was discipline tolerance reduction. We have detailer Ron Stone. Dollar it. Up. Right and you take. Disciplinary production we have to work on you know, but if we can get to his things, down and whatever you know, you can have discipline and having fun. You can have disciplined would you can have disciplined in your whole anti yourself, but he has to start Vici. Sell Right and. You. Are really important to be disciplined in Yoursel- do we carry yourself? You would zone. We know And people must cultivate advertise themselves and right now we are at a crisis with add on Orleans data. Mean you look like a very respectable young man you know? Yes. You know but when you're out there, you know the youths these days is. Short Unsure Pans Dragon has was you know an anyhow, and you know as much as they think fashion. It really is a kind of reflection of these video. You know and. Yeah, so. All of that was because of ease in and as a young elder I'm city six. Point to my life to where I'M I. I'm indebted to the others that can't be for me to be a representation of that discipline. That's otherwise that production and to put out. You know Mental at in a upcoming generation like my seven year old son, Jakko, you know and my Godson Colby and the are they use me. You know so it's on us. You know just like yourself. I mean I. think that if you have children, no. Not Yet? you know by the US will see this I know my son see and is now on other ones, and these things that we intensify the upcoming generation like ghetto dead. You know what you have a voice you wanted to something. Do and cultivated in yourself. You know because we ran blast. You know I'm sure you know. As I was telling I was at a Caribbean surgery because. So like one particular we, it is possible I was at a Caribbean sister in and I was asked to do talk and one of the things. I said very blatantly is that I'm sound slow. We don't live in a country where I could be on Stj next minute. Military, it could be just grabbing me on taking me, we eat. On. Those right now. They have those protests for democracy in Hong Kong. You, know Brazil, have you know Danville upheaval right known to? Right next door. Mode Zero will yeah for sure you know. You know exactly I mean it could get Dan Because Wonder wonder where he just gets this But what does that big blessings for being done? We have freedom of speech. NASIMA malicious put opposed up on facebook this morning about. rights under the Constitution of Genetic Eagle, and that outlines, and everyone should read that Even this podcast will be three. You'll have to look three weeks back. From his did was today August these media rights? like mid Texas armaments up all right, we'll look if nobody sees it. Does Mwana Underneath August? Egyptian happy bill of rights and you should just read it because you know. freedom of speech and being able to practice religion freely, so we're blessed in that way. We live in a place where all all religions exist peacefully. There is no spiritual walk. Beyond the constitution, we are blessed that as a people. We are tolerant. Religiously not's not just in terms of constitution, but in terms of of the The people you know us as people regardless of of what our constitution says, we respect each other. I mean I- groper one. My wife is a Hindu. Best friend the secondary school was Muslim whether his father was Muslim. His mother was into right, so he grew up more Muslim and you're right. Retentions Internet even though we have. all these different religions quicks. Show a healthy. Though when you see to hoover, witness will. We know up, but we do. Take the time or do you. No I. Will Not we. We have dopos. Oh, GOSH! And as you know, show Toledo below, but you don't as is common is not amazing like. Which training you not love adults. Electoral vote. I duNno I duNNO I. But. Does he one thing one thing I. do agree with with arguments. I mean yeezy one you wouldn't be. You know. Everybody could be fixed so obviously it how people do doubles, but as they imperfection. Except the article on with BC Peres was, he writes column Dong on his Friday. So he is. I read just call them, but I didn't know that use married. The Michael Cain so I am. Caesar's House Fun and realized I love goes. Fits said. He doubles. Elect polarize himself. That's his problem. Is. Do, you is not for me, but is a staple was like a national food. Boost the. Idol I mean obviously it have Indiana regions, but when he had doubles I think Indians to India. Doubles it. Does worth like man or something anything you probably go see. Because I. Never see any. Then equivalent from India to borrow and. Together. They been none of Owens into. But I never heard of it right and see. What you a lot of Youtube Street food view is that. And, the but like a lot of frightful do in Jerzy fry incompetent of the will. I mean. Awesome relearn. Everything deep fried in oil. because. My wife isn't new. And I have us. We do three so eaten sweets. But I know something to one hundred eighty eight. So all right, so is this. Gentleman does right flow with some sugar, and it's an order to flow sugar and. Seeing! What crispier? Barth Yo allows the milk on Chagos more sugar. Yeah and. As always. is literally just like fresh ago. Like when she told me that I was like. I don't know what gambling. Good. Day, you're like Shucks I knew is not good. What is it tastes good motivation? Is True. I show. I. I showed more people than lead. Obesity cholesterol definitely I mean. Yeah? Could you are yeah, we should draw on comparison right as a funny one. Only. Borrow. Cholesterol, but I just. Yeah, you're right I. mean people I don't know you know like when we bring up. Don't in this day and age. You know I think everyone knew someone who uses who've no. Right, so Wendy talked was the. People because I think. were. Than It was before. And the older people I mean I get a lot of was asking, but cannabis medicine if I have oils, haughty UC really if they can use edibles walls. You know and some of my. People I help reason advice all the people in their mid. Fifties such so. So, yeah, I mean it's much more common now, but at the time, the Tau who's stereotypes still exist, and a lot of data is because liquid criminality, so there's always kind of over arching. Question of it, it must be bad too much of it is you know, but as you rightly said too much now. People aged treat. Oba every. Tree sixty five. Is You know and that will show it nearly as much faster than kind of this? You know if you're looking at wholly fact, the kraken donor on kind of husband. The I. Gross. I was fourteen years. On retreat with a church group. Too. I didn't smoke at that time, right? Some guys is like asking do it. The way will get you. City wins only Ruben Corner. Went on bringing about five feet so. If fourteen year old children. Please been to before. Could get right from our own corner always active. Is Facing Damn Right, so you're looking people up. There shouldn't really be locked up you spend. A bunch of phase and that's. Clearly, If Neo kids get. Equal Buy. In corner gets to write. A still waiting to hear a logical explanation, electrical arguments why? Is just. Her? Thanks. It doesn't one but Lemme as you see that in Speci-, bring up. That example of children clearly there's an education you know, and that's the other part of this will legislation changed. That is very confusing to absolve. They haven't said anything one. We have no idea what the law is going to be a what they're planning. but to there has been oil soft launch. No, you know any kind of England. Talk on here. Well the kid, because remember there will be people who you know whether you said you criminalize legalize freeing up. The law is going to obviously allow more people to try it. and as and as much as we receives nontoxic is not an addictive as a plant and its properties. We don't want to use to use before they brings a developed. GonNa. Ask You. You have to look any negative. Post possible negative effects. So you know. Zoologists alcohol in Trinidad into law Some doctors would see Leo on Twenty to twenty five. You're breathing still developing but to me anti and were already kinda looses in things and we don't want to use that. Still go pastas and do it but we have to educate, and that is where no, we're lacking. You know in this structure of interest shot. And you know in that gop definitely stay calm will come in so as we're talking I'm formulate in my mind another flyer that probably needs to be done. And if I could distribute maybe I felt was on before like by. September flus just on educating people on hold. What was the healthiest ways to use cannabis which is steaming or bing? Because you, don't you? Don't? BOONDI HCT when you Steve You're basically just he's in up and allowing it to release in essential oils were boats edibles? Edibles is also a healthy we to. Extract the oils yeah. Right. But one of the things that I'm reasoning about a lot, but people who ask me questions is concentration and a lot of people. Unfortunately there -fluenced experience with edibles has been bad. because they want educated on how to use it, and because overdue exactly. Exactly, so the portion of the Brownie was too much in. Is Hard to tell people until you can say, eat half, and as right, not normal starting. If you buy from somebody who says Edibles Joseph, have way twenty minutes and see all. You feel you know But. Most people did not have a good experience and again because of concentrations so st magazine. Healthiest way you can eat it. You can drink in. Springfield Oregon on exactly. You event like one of new things I've seen among the rest fiery communities. They cooked on leaves like Bajic. So you take like big lease from new plant and cook it. And eat it also see people. That were of the perfect Joe's. Or after OFF A. If. You needed to get through. To him in. as we reasonable, does that mean I don't know about you have I use to on-the-job. Let's just talk about right because actually. Our asked me that question at constantly should should people be allowed to kind of? And my easterly answered INI initial Just response was well. They do it anyways. Bright and that was tongue in cheek, but the reality of it is that I know people including myself will of US kind of on a lunch break and has been relaxed and steady headed. It would depend on the job right, of course, so people were construction sites smoking all they do it in my experience, the do it. But no your own people doing anything dangerous while they are intoxicated because there's says that's how. You floria right. Are you whether you have some that could that have different physical that mentally? And into your preteen heavy machinery and the ingress scenario. You need to all your these present right so. Dangerous jobs offshore construction driving a vehicle new. Techno that. Yeah now with the. They let us know that test as the active on passive, enzymes whatever they could tell. That you just like so. For some weeks, yeah, right with it. How? Tests August does well as activists on. This season that in Canada. Drain actually Alonzo. Stu It brought up at a public. Not Sean and he broke adult, pretty public, regarding the drug Elisa loads in Canada and it caused Canada's something like eighty million Canadian. On to do one hundred police officers. So did one hundred police officers. I I I guess you know a little bit in each district or whatever may be to go out and train others you know. But then he talked about drug allies have any issue that you said it was just corrected. Right that they will run into millions of one hundred officers, yeah. You, thought. Birth so probably is that how you broke it on? I don't know. Your hundred well, not only that the the facilities needed. It's okay. Yeah, because what he was saying was Eddie Facilities L. Forensic. Tests as a swab test and you need to passes through DNA. Sorry screening or testing, no, and that machineries expensive so then the other part of it so besides you government probably setting up in each district in order to test. then they had you officers, and then they have the actual machinery. The Drug Elisa Jaguar issue. You know on on, but the other thing that he was seeing. Is that what some people will doing was was doing after they got arrested got drug Elisa the also requested a private forensic sampling so that they would have their evidence as well to present at one another people were finding was what D- non-active do there was seeing like TNC levels was twenty percent Momento arrest, but any morning or the next day it was still twenty percent. So they afford, I'd create incentives. Pirates Yo you know. How long have they had this system with the and At that point, you know. So if these neutralizes can dot fine you know I think all those things need to be reason here where I would like frozen society. We should tips progression. I would like for us as people just like you and I are reasoning. We resend earlier boat. You know politics and religion and talking about these are things that you should talk about in order to bent over Stan one another. We. Don't need government is there to police us? You know what I mean I. Don't think open leadership is pleased to tell us what's best for us. What they should be doing is creating our best scenario for us to live in right, so they have any knowledge. have any education should see you know we? We are forecasting at five years. This is what he was. Going to be and this is where we want to position ourselves, and what people in that you know this is where people you will stanton cannabis. Trinidad needs to position itself within that in Saudi more than we look at things won't be more. We have leaders who have this visionary outlook and not just is Trinidad. UNC M., Indian, African. Just following in the. In the week of what of other countries? Yeah right and continuing eventuates in the governance and has been from since independence. which is neocolonial and you know based on one boost in? Right we need all peoples have a voice, and our people need to be educated on knowledgeable enough to not power that voice and hope to use it But as I want people, so when we talk about his kind of busy, con should use smoke and drive. Should you smoke on WOUK SPOKANE WOULD? You should be a low to for some jobs I might actually say mandatory. Because the muscles look like. I hit on penalty one in definitely. Some personal costner UTICA. New. Hope. You exactly yeah, because he considered coffee in which you know among coffee. Pusan as well. I was going to use a stronger word, but let's just say. You know but. Yeah, so we're talking about something that. Is All. You know maybe. We can talk next episode to just broadcast, but you know the history of cannabis any Caribbean any. In any West has been on economic and all racially beast you know. Regarding why it was he the Oh, and when people discover Dad, truth, definition question, what is being deal you know? What exactly are we talking about and hopefully through their own? Research and experience because life easy Greece's Dj you. Do you know everybody in this time in one scientific Explanation but in traditional and digital medicine. Your intuition is your strongest. Teacher. You all and there are things that we knew. Intuitively that is good for us. When when you think when you really break down, intuition is basically sense, is just you? 'cause expert Done by an percolate. Test over and over and over you know to get the the results based on different pussycat different outputs relationship then. Forgetting type of analysis, way change multiple vehicles almost smooths. Right so in one expert renting could figure with multiple links Intuition, if you think of what was it, you couldn't through life on everything you. Do you paying attention to what's and the outcome so without even knowing that subconsciously you constantly experiments in so many think intuitively this good or bad, or you knew how to approach this subject of this plant or whatever? Anything you just some Ho newest? It could be that your subconscious has been running these experiments over. Into shutting came from so it shouldn't be discounted. Is Very important definitely, and as you say that I thought about. Empirical evidence issue with it now and the the issue was in knowing that. People use it to swe majority overstanding, so you know I don't know philosophical class abide rational. Thinking I living all these arguments red herring people put forth things to you know. So the way they see any exaggerations of things lens to the way that you understand it, but that's not the reality in also in News Wendy. Do these Fools Day say? What do you think tonight in all? Right, so it is a Texas. You're on so then. They tune in when they come back. Okay, what eighty percent of you said yes, we don't think prime minister is doing a good job. Right and twenty percent say. He is but. It percents of how much you know fifty if you buckle in that kind of. One. Point is brilliant of what's right so I mean, does he? Is You know like that's how I would I think that when we look at media. I think another one we love is the home and talks where you're talking to Pusan, another issue, right and also. I mean you. I might not always agree with. Departments though as you know, but sometimes you might see something. I've Collado Sense. Have to be willing to see in recognizes sends out he talking and show. Yeah so. On at least a progressive that game. You know whole. We observed things and reason and communicates, and you know like. I just am I I was blessed to go on a trip to New York and I'm still processing it and. migraines. Just Take A. WE WAS A win. People Company kids anywhere that they a full themselves at one another. And in Brooklyn you get a lot of that positive affirmations about yourself and your children on Hopi and these strangers. You know people just be like Oh. He's such a nice boy. A you know he looks cute, or you know I like you. The way you dress and upliftment, and it's you know what I think of Trinidad. Trouble everywhere, so I'm always underground and a lot of conversations has so old heavy there so dead, and always a lot of couse and the you know a derogatory witch. Very to be mono-syllabic, you know about how we express those those detained or the? You know yeah. and. You know we don't know how to communicate and I think that again to me. It always comes back to leadership right leaders home leaders in his society leave with leaders, governance and I don't pinpoint our who is governing. No, because it was yes, not I mean I don't mean to ruin party. Opposition representatives the AMATA. You know what I mean on Wendy's says a trend that this is how you should be and career Bolger. Salle de people see okay. These people that lead us. You know so right. No one on currencies have things You know again, Nazi in Ratto Yellow. Is just reality of our governance, nonsense, good examples, and without upcoming election around the corner because all of this as again. He kind of business you it's all related in minds as people on ru on the street, the average journey we know we've we know political, please you know and I think that this is up and it's a company as well in terms of swing ball. Oldest knew that they were going to a known something. Come includes the that. It looks like it would be something to. Against decriminalize, it's a bit, but not all Louis because we want to. Sadly, but it definitely want to get some votes. A. Thousand. Beating wants to go with it. They're going to give us some, but not all yeah. So, then you know, and then what do we do that in order being what? How do we push back? How do we have a voice Do! You have a voice when? You have you don't have been grown? You don't have a space for communication. Because you don't hit onto parliament. We don't he and constructive. Debate you know it's either you're for their. Push back against. Announce it, so come together on C.. Was He best solution like oh? We both good, says yeah talkers. Right, let's talk. TNT bowsman touch. I love it. Yeah, because as what we need to do at maybe at all, we will resent. We should branches I will into does I didn't want to have a new set full march for this show. I wouldn't have any anybody on and not going to have an desperately. Wanted you see like this? Where get to voice of the people because? A big motivating factor was I always described by somebody you know. Kendall something to lame. And I rarely partial to these smaller. Corner baas ending to some. Jerry Hawkins. In a way of the residents will drop goes. Out this. Talk. Ask as But when you talk to obviously meet New People Talk people realize that all this division I hit hitting both everywhere. On can be social media because he used directly politics when I told people. Any of the like everybody. Feeling here. We all its number two stroke win. We all of each other. We won't That is currently. It's all of us. You know so. There's definitely. A. Missing Platform voice took him that. Yeah, we need to be something about. When do you think about young people in pundits? Love it. I love it. Yeah, I, think, are you interested? I don't want to get into politics I. Already told myself era those. On the outside for some opinion. But I don't want to get into it because I. don't see myself as a model i. I want them to make a Lotta mistakes. Toby played. This Raise at our own thing. Politics naming one mistake. They're gonNA. Receive by. Alumni, she said dad because you know I mean that should be Japan. Is, isn't. I mean we have plenty of cooks liars. Hypocrites yeah, those are things. Fits. Everybody in politics pretends to be Deanne. Tonight as he did. Putin O- Myron perfection. These imperfections, because they're of me right well I think we need more doors to you know and The whole world is changing. You know I mean in this when you look ahead and you say. How do we get positives Tumultuous Times? Do we foresee as a? Prosperous Future. Dream bag and I dreamed nuts. The Youth Damn will become the accents of leaders. You know we don't know what that transition will look like. But at least I mean I. Know Some Progressive People who I think would be greeted government like Jerry Anti from new fire I hope he don't miss that, but. I, think we, we share you know he over stands lead. For that? To have that in order to make change you, you know but I just calling on people. You Know My budget Muhammad from. This guy in the woods. Yeah, does he Fernando Guy Also. Link, it is. Telling me about him. He's. He's very energetic I get I. Get in that he is. He's just very passionate. votre not answer Beagle night his. Team your AP's and he. Would see. Okay, so let's see. Because he's young, he might have the experience he has experience in. But I always called her. That with I. Mean Housing, Minnesota? How Experience had Jack Worn Osmond stuff national security. I chopped in a book about his corruption people. Show ministers around two ministries that have absolutely Noida. Subject matter so. Experience is not appropriate. Surround himself with more experience and I think he's intelligence enough to give them guidance, thank. You has a fixed political ideology which is something. None of OPELOUSAS shots out right? Because whether they. or Because see whether the nepotistic or Yeah I, mean I I. Applaud that you know what I mean. And I hope that he gets the passionate young people to come forward with him, and then the other part of that is to do despite what you know despite it did change until the change happens so we lean more community based organizations in all. Political you're kind, and you know new job how I see things as well as that that becomes a mandate for leadership that you should be. You should have some community organization under your belt that you know. I started as bud of this. And I have a Lotta. Simple things we've. Of. But you know again in the Indie. Of, De, would you know what we would want as Bake into? It has so many simple things like. equity went got audible mental. Main thing is they get paid enough. They don't need no. Nor. Dry was. provisioned no gas card you. Buy a little news, axios! Exactly I. Seventy TON PICKUP DOWN WE'LL. Worry about the. Need. House of a New Orleans. Is. A Walk to bus route. But it would be nice if they did and only way you could be until to them, you know. I see. Did! Not so no Lovo problems because they don't understand because the ice lead themselves. I was woken and put a spin. This was twins a fifteen. Was, I, think this raise, author and one. Something happened I. Don't know there's like lots of traffic imports. And the. Traffic Management's to basically rewrote a bunch of these weeks. Justice Department is the good. Ones on time and it's like yeah. Forget everybody else in traffic traffic. Everybody else, but you spend into long traffic. I mean basically say because everybody else. I need to go back. And as classes. I mean as that is the colonial mindset that possess. And is next. Talk again because how we dismantle. pokes of class. You know what I mean not as as a mental change. You know I mean people have? Equal rights, and justice for everyone so you know I heard a story recently, and I knew it, but it really touched me. That he puts in also spoke about it. On a political platform! Talking about, too, you know and want to. Move Onto, does he? Know The operating system is operating system. Well, is that Africa and it means Because we all right, okay well. Yeah, I think as a as a crowed. Program is like people that made this. All Gay? That's what. Is is no one who sent me this I think programas is me it it's is open source so people could continue audience for from all. Accessible to everybody. Oh, wow, so it's not what? would. Concept Yeah. It was very cool and what? How was Kinda discount to the West? Because of his seat had been fun of distribution of these people was that an anthropologist Kim and put a basket of streets by tree and two only children, a group of children whoever reached the basket for this and you know we do not any wes last. ONE TO LEAVE IS A. Exactly ill or you know I want to get. and she said so who reach fullest will get any baskets Swedes. And when she told them to go to her surprise, they all held hands and around do basket you know. When they reached a shit up these weeds because everybody had reach right, so yeah I mean that concept within Trinidad and Tobago if we had that mindset. You know I because we are yet special at all. Politicians that should be civil suit minded. I am because we are you know so if the perceive that even infants percent of the population that voted for you. You should SUV that they do present you. Have you have a duty? You know what I mean to. To make sure that would wasn't wasted and you know sadly I. Mean I don't know how people sleep at night I see very little progress Sean I. See some development. Yes, we have some things build, but if you can't fix basic things. I grew woods and hospitals. You know what the education system we have to start with six right on again to me comes again to communication because communication within the community being able to access their counselors at their at be. having dialogue so that they know what problems are there that they could fix it You know also at mean these my mind, seeing basic things like roads in your neighborhood. You know on your life I'm short. My counselor live somewhere. Don't you would hope today not knowing that this review fixing? But of his company in Kyushu bring down some win ID's. End of an You know what I mean or dinner telling their higher up so there since you called. Brisha to fix the issue you know. So, you know again. Plus slums eighties very important. You know I'm tombs of them. Use more involved and things, and like the way they are right now. You know we used some of them. I mean I know we have you'll. You'll get spectrum with with everything right so you must get the ones that obviously will. Respect themselves and help. He wants that just south of I duNNo. I would I would call it this Johnson anything. not seeing any relocatees for themselves, it's an iphone that might be why the car themselves. Because they will have that confidence. And just do have that kind of lost, hope. And that is why I think. I think that is more on us than them. You know we should. Definitely should be trained to lift them up as much as as we could, so that's what I try to. Try to lift up. People younger than us that Wendy ghetto level because people are. You know. If. They are being held back now as soon as the. Up So hard and we have to get on his forty years or somebody who? Is. Going to help them up. You're going to see what we. Should have to to. I think the. Yeah and we should celebrate. We should reward good behavior. You know we should reward Barrett. Does, who are working hard so that the to become examples? Of Degeneration, till one chief that so I was going to say. We should mash. Don't buy this, but I don't know if we should put that much energy in focusing on your body instead of puts on good, you know so I agree with what you say and you know. I hope that again like this voice becomes a big voice and inspires others trickles movement because that is kind of example we need. Young people just doing it in not just fallen into whatever he starts as go is, but you don't want to see change, and as we should all want you know again is to one of a place is too little. Bit was one point. Eight billion people does not event. Brooklyn. Be like come on, you know. And if all of us was progressive of all of us, had disciplined toddler on sunk reduction how we could be, we could be enjoying life like Japanese. Some more progressive. You know. was. It well, but it won't I. Mean You have to work and I guess that's how you build a society, but joined to it into rights. But. The actually some studies, no transplant. What is the optimal? Studies that showed if you were. To time. You get less work done than if you will was less visiting. So six is more productive than penalty. Okay, obviously, that would move for all in this. 'cause like construction where things time is yeah. That was look. Yeah, but. I agree I mean I think that I never a lot of industries ain't that I could change a little bit wage. It will by the you know you could do. outsource like not outsource, but oh, door will. Be outwitted when it out of office. You know I think that that model should kind of be dismantled as well even. Do you want to have communal, but it should be on a satin in an. Import, a spin is gonNA morning. Right to sit down onto computer that. The entity. There's the exact leave. Now, And then Dude Yvonne Stats. Integral intended I people. Don't saddle a gun to. Often towards and traffic nearby terriers. Spent was on any. Need to UH Glow Yeah. It's true, so you know all those things is. I I. Love this talk because. It leads to so many ideas anymore that we talk things. You know you had this pool of ideas. That most of this in under a visionary, just common sense right. Other things just just dooming sense, nobody coming out on seeing not making sense of this poignant told each other. Everybody realized that these things begin sense. They drive into every to email in the afternoon. Everybody know that. Everybody talking about, but nobody really coming out on. Public Forum. You know so. It's like we the ideas there. But How do we? Get. Yeah. Bring those, be. To form groups we need to come together collectively. Find Your tribe. Find Him on. You know Yeah, you know. I mean as you say that I would see a definitely our spiritual body foundation because I think that is where I mean. I. How do non God believing? People have morality? You know I I don't really know, but. They're always because if you look. Confucius rights. Golden Room. Do unto you. But as identical. Right, but Confucius existed five hundred years he up well. He said five hundred years before the this case. Might down. That route even though Biblical reference Yeah Is. Completely independent of any reference to any deity, Ohio so that rule so is purely. That isn't easiest to grew because it is just purely in this. Yup and from there I think you could be right. morality lots of heart disease so familial get will do no harm but then. From that could just as. Easily right do least harm as possible. Like the the. Troubling truly question in philosophy does. If you have a troll, you hadn't done on truck. It had into woods a truck that how? Tight it, you're going to run them, or you could switch it and structure on one Busan right. Would you choose to let one Busan? Think! Also as a lot of people have different interpretations fits onto new. If I want percents. Leap it away. That will go like if you do. Most people would choose the one right instead of sacrifice in five. Most people were but gives rise to. Be Morality Sake. Some people might decide to choose and ask is their responsibility and. Say. And then some people might see. This! was. Just everybody will have the on interpretation, but always. To derive morality I think If you look at it this way. So what religion you are! You disbelieve only one less. Than somebody that doesn't even any good A. Lot of these religions seem to have been formed independently. They must have something unifying, which cannot be anything in that one religion. Or is it has to be something. Humanistic. That defines US maybe is just from. Just from away, spirits in life that. We see things up on Thursday. We just want things happen. To empathize. Empathy through empty. You could derive morality. Ordering. Right so I agreed on. If we all lived, that was the rule. Yeah I mean you. Mariella greet idea there because Doug should be attention, so just promotes empathy talk. Show unreligious. Love that yeah, because? And I hear you an. Stretchy as I kind of his activists. I hear you. People have been telling me that as well in regards to the constitutions on children the all. The whole gun. You find that if somebody needs says. They should have access it right and obviously you've seen Charles Web. You'd always Charlotte's goes the epileptic seizure. Yes, you know, an analysis one when example of CBD medicine curing. Yeah because the you to hide, interviewed her family and I became his mentor we. So. It's. Even, little gun muller's I mean there has been short TV series about kind of this and I think there was one where I'm. One of the hustles was like making Gotcha T. Child, you know and you interviewed hunt style funding will ask you know. Why would you do this beautiful as illegal land? So I agree and I mean I'm going to mock to myself. You know as A. I think empathy definitely even in our relations with our families, our children. Even. All of that was part of the experience deal with way you. And I think the you snow in his time in need more empathy than any other time into of what the end dealing with you know but you have a lot of resources and Trinidad is one of the ways where bless says well as we have a lot of governmental. Organizations and classes and educational programs that are three. You know funded violent tax dollars so I was telling you earlier. What white up one white talk me you know there is am I see metal industries something. They do free courses to fulltime on to. and then every eight brothers community development, which I also teach soaps and kind of making often the last two years. At I encourage everybody every year trying to at least one causes one day a week for three hours. So you know, is it off? The WILKO's was during. Different Times, so you have to watch time schedule but It was developed for people who are unemployed and stay at home moms. That was the intention to two years ago when it's daunted community development but is open to everyone. There's some courses at a afternoon four to seven and things like that. So? You know I mean as I said with empathy. Really for the US and to help guide them. You know and help promote positive you. Where by MS becomes naturally. Something you're against, because is not trend in, and it's not. Even not just against, but. Something that starts to become. Even non-existent because you have no reason to you know your. Attention is elsewhere. How everything else? On fence it. Could be you know considered button US yeah? Yeah they just need to know something different right right known as what is C.. N. It's music. You know it's a government. It's in schools. you know I, think you did right no-one again coming back to the empathy point. We need more of that and. You know. Who it was. somebody said it's impossible. To be an enemy with someone wants you to believe this story. Because and that is something I I. Think could be up a couple. Maintain nine percents of the time. That A lot of the criminals behind bars right now. Ask yourself will. Where did you grow I mean. The majority of people. Come from a home. Has this trump stuff? So. Obviously, they had a lot of struggles has three in their lives that we didn't that I didn't have to wondering well. How sheep them because I probably. What they went through. And it seems like all this just being ignored and people looking at them. Pity. They will like. I will see no. I should be held to a higher standard because of how. I grew a home. You want rich, but. We always had a roof over head night. You know I didn't have to worry with. Next meal is coming from I know that was not always. The case with a lot of people. Right here in to. School breakfast thoughts full because they had some children school unforeseeable immediate at the PM. Get. Empty is definitely what we need. To find a we to. If. We have something trade to use everything how to. Uplift, people around you. Get them to. Be In a position with the could no help themselves I agree. I wish that book right next to the, but there's a book deal. Wise Woods. The wise mind highly seles. Assurance, it's a small. and he has a lot is all a lot of scores from his speeches and one of an talks about is the responsibility of the educated few. To lead the uneducated majority you know. And there's also one about leadership and holding yourself that highest either as you event John. So. You know as you said like people who've had the. We've been blessed with a better sense of cards because that's what it is kind of when you think about life, and you know what. How do you get your doubt, but does who have more opportunity to make a we a pass to have a vision that will be. Beneficial to everyone you know. And as I mean I hope that's my i. know that as part of my life's purpose because I'm really. Does a does part of who I am passionate about. That, all have access to these seem opportunities you know. How we go about that I haven't figured that one hundred percent, maybe ninety one fifty, but you know kind of business starts. At least just to be an advocate this and then as you grew in influence using that influence to. That other people come on board and today apart because it's definitely not want Bonjour thing. Life is a collective of different energy. You know people who support you community that up to. Decoyed. Question as a kind of as activists again, people engineer the argument. Turn it out. HOW BIG ISSUES! Why will focus on north way percent on? Things. Not Really. Really so. Sometimes. Like I hear that. Yeah. Anything like that arguments about kind of this that arguments votes But will MONDRO process? They heard the. Couldn't get into the nightclubs. Yeah, Yeah I. Mean When when when that's who you are because. I mean I don't know if Joe God has. These same way stay calm. Myself was arrested one. I think is very much aligned with my 'cause see. Stephanie ad and we'll, buy. And woman. A very aligned with Derek was you know so I don't know if they got a lot of pushback into abs away dot issue, but was me I. think people over stand. That one is a big part of the Tino. No nudges has arrested, but he's one as a kind of. Which? do or Yes. You know must be confused. Exactly, no like. I kind of printing. Our good friends since. I'M GONNA be. Twenty But yeah. When people see me, not like Oh. Gained as does advocacy. You know But is done or anything I advocate for and I think maybe balance balances well. People know activists. Advocate, I mean maybe I'm you know activists is a strong would right so advocates in that presents activists for cannabis? Yes, I'm willing to be locked up. I mean I I. Stand frontlines in terms of where we should be what the what equity at equal rights and justice in kind of build site, especially for my community of russified right but as called advocate I mean we just means being best that you can. Go. Activists than advocates on. What do you call the people? Simple, but only like the only WanNa. Send me on Facebook, and you don't get their coach. Support Online. Support does EDANO. I'm online. Suppose causes. Love in it your. Love sending love. those. Which I'm sure. Help somewhere new, but no, we need to you know we. We need them to face, but says dead so. We need them to what will to and. You know all for us. Foreign us does what it is you know we need. into. Voice at recipe to be stronger. to make sure that we get what is due to us at why do to us for those who will be no on or don't consider it? I mean it is hot as Prophet Benjamin has sung to be the usual suspects you know so when you talk about roadblocks and police stopping people's kind of Biz if use arresthe nine times the attack. You're going to get pulled over. By Cook. Insurance Right. Every literally every though I up even within. This people on off. My bike rental insurance things. Guess. I cannot understand YEP way. Oh, coming from entombs of. The frequency of it, but obviously stuff insurance, no going to be as a guest Baras being bullied into Holi GonNa. Treat you, yeah. Yeah yeah difference in treatment definitely but. I feel as I next stop we still below, and because he bullies. You know what I mean. Nobody police and Guinot Dad's whole system should stop need interchange as I should. You know because as we were talking about leadership. Definitely, law enforcers should be held at the highest. Accountability! Anez what we need to see your beloved carragher. You know he needs to work on that. You know it took. Because when he did the. The he wants to the employees graph tests zone. See Dress I think. All the offices just refused at kill Hitler refused attention. Does office received dress police station? Married but. Since you. Only of pool is one thing I will say is that now? I've I've had many interactions with police. Just letting the well route looks. Ahead of time get articles police. But although my interactions, whipple's funny enough have been. I would say I was treated ostracized well, they will respect fuller knowledge I will. Sometimes, I have my wife with me. They will respect as well. And I honestly believe that the majority of police says are good people the. Maybe. They will maybe to make a difference maybe to make country. Please maybe a mix of all three. But they're human, you know. I showed. They are keep the aware that they have. Somebody invents among them and needs to local for themselves, so they might just not want to snitch. Because the of what kind of question gets, people own them so this this island whereas you know people who might see all these and Trinidad. I. Honestly think is a minority, the minority whose majority of power yes, yeah, so that that's why I try to tell people do though come known to. His chancellor has become across the police officer, going to be one of the good ones. Yes, you, how the ones, but the majority of them could at least give them the benefit those in that center, yeah? Yeah, I mean I had good interactions have bridges who police so I. Know as you see I have Things, To do as you enter your I. Treat them differently than me. Just because you're looks compared to my looks, exactly be ignored either right and things I mean and what I wanted to Paul you ended. What you're seeing is that it all comes back to influential Paulo and inside. The Times is because you have a corrupt had that leads to you know, and I don't mean they had had i. just mean leaders. I mean even as we talk about Isis in office. Be incorrupt when you hear of. New Bounty top or about on the top knows what's going on, and he's getting kicked back, right. So you know on my whole thing is that we need to reach a point where these things are shunned where? The morality empathy over. Paul was Dunedin for read you. If not are only going downhill. You know but I do not think that this is Owen natural we. as trees I think this has become part of due to wet, more westernization and Americanization and being introduced to mass commercialization, and you know the influence of you know America would all foreign brands on one died. One competent ISM has done you know I think optimism needs to be checked. Always at I think that. What governments need to advocate especially our government where we are in crises as well into himself, I'll food production and and. You know things that we import this things be produced inside. You should always put your it. Internal economy influenced so I think that we need to be rewarding. Businesses companies manufacturers were producing things that we don't have boys and isn't. This is This is something. That's the issue who talk with the bill for legalisation because what you don't want to have happen. Is that okay? We legalize an end to Maury. How five big multinational companies that have the resources to set up these massive bums and undercut any small on at once it gets it and say it's an these companies. Allow them to be incorporated of show, so they don't have to pay taxes. On all or are we supposed to get from this market note? Of. Pockets, yeah. because. You were those companies. Whatever politician to get this right of included in bill, great I just want to see that happen. Yeah, well and as. I'm very. Things you'd like a free Andy. Just put gust. Live like holding up my because God. We will be in front of Parliament Next E. Should such a thing be allowed I? Mean it would be a travesty. You know three weeks now. God forbid. Hopefully will be time in, but I'm glad you brought that up and yeah, we just need to be Militant about our once these because it would be detrimental to the trend, big wooden populist not be benefited from this new industry a lot of. Different organizations are groups were invited in more is to send reposition people I don't know which ones exactly yeah. No Amman Jordan's was asked and it was mentioned to me that. Other organizations as well as all as so you know it would. Going forbid that's just that you know I. Think Things are. There is enough there is enough. Is used country dealing with and legalization of cannabis would be a big one. We could Orlando to save relief. Should it be done properly, you know. What. I hope that's. No. Well as a as you guys at how! You guys like more skin in the game so to speak. You know what this is a good office depot again the rest of the community to support the support you guys. Because I think Religion is a misread. The most people do how. A mystery we have laid the. Two people that do have friends or family that. Because again is not really taught that much on. You don't have a lot of. Arrests does that. In the, Guise of Berry. was looking for like not not these you know right, so it's not like like. Our own stop on talk, two thousand overweightness because he they're talking to trying to convince. Question. When you think about our ESTA would. Come to mind. relaxed. Easygoing cone as one. Just relaxed easygoing show like I guess synonyms, Uva. That was I think the three woods be sent him. Basically. Oh. Good for. Not really be an attached two possessions. Non Materialistic. So, too materialistic! Mood. Tolerance because I've never seen. A true. On how appropriate problem with anybody else because? We saw. The WHO? Would be good with rain, so you know I mean again. Come in Biblical. Followers of Christ. We see hi Selassie do I as as as A. image of Christ that we could look at NC despite has lived as we. You know On all of those things that one should be humble and. Groaned in non materialistic, you know so. Something I mean. It's kind of a departure from. Westernized thinking wear, spirituality is part of your life, versus at eastern way of philosophy you wear. Spirituality is life. And, then everything comes out of that. You know so if I had to see. That at Russify. Is Life in terms of spirituality in a we. Were not. Chanted would and we're not. You know part of. All A. Something of find. Common in eastern philosophies. Seem to realize that. Our consciousness. Wasn't bureau consciousness consciousnesses. CONSCIOUSNESSES ebay on not. So much looking for the. Next thing. Yes so much. Of. All consciousnesses on not like unique on separate from one another all connected in some we, she perform not just. On the human level, but like Antonio animalistic level. A plant level. In terms of all consciousness, you know because even if you want to believe in evolution which I believe in. Follow Science and stuff. You still have like some. So all come from someone forms all connected in some way, shape or form, brain and then. The connected and even this connection has started from the first spark of life on will exist until the laws live, and from with is dead. Each one of our experiences of it is. Very temporary. Just exist for more months I. Think a lot of the eastern philosophies seemed to. Build a lot on his fucked and those waiting to focus so much on what you could push no guests at this point in time for yourself. See themselves are separate from everybody else. And I think that is a problem on. Those religions are more empathetic as well a more tolerant because he's. You're different religion, different country or the primaries. Whatever, but we still DC yeah one. I am because we all right. Again see him. Yeah. And Hinduism they call it puncture okay? So like similar gun, maybe not the though very simple concept of unity consciousness. So it's cool. That is different. Religions have The a similar concept that is come the S. Yeah, you know I know Matt Holliday tried to divide us. annot whatever lines maybe socio economic race religion. We have to remember that we all one and as Chinese. Set Trade Unions. Majority went to be going who we love so much, but. You know every creed unreas- finding equal plays, and was to uh-huh is right. always like that right now? Unfortunately do. So you know coming again to do oneness I, think Trinidad has mandate especially that being a woods to return to our original intention. Where every Chris can have an equal lease. And how do we strategize? Equality is what we need to work on immediately, and for the immediate future's SUV twenty, twenty, moving forward and that is what I wanNA hand. As as you kind of leadership Trinidad needs you know. Individual everybody just needs to be but. I shall treat everybody equally. Is You have more than the person next to? You will find a way to uplift. Thanks, so they wouldn. How Does will yeah, I agree. All right well. We'll go in football almost our how? Because Oh yeah! thanks for coming on I. Really Enjoy this. I guess when the bill comes out. Could probably. Three or something on really pick up on C. was put now. You guys wanted, and I bring on someone else. You know another kind of activists you know into shady my to. Get different viewpoints. So again, thank you empress qb aluminum. Thank you. Let's talk about. Rx On. good-bye everybody seal next.

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Ep 101 -  La Cubana

Opie Radio

1:45:53 hr | 2 years ago

Ep 101 - La Cubana

"Welcome back to mad scape dot com. Taming the briar patch mowing the lawn or trimming, yeti, whatever you call it. It's about time. We talked about manscaping guys. You man scape? Right. You know, keep things trimmed and fresh below the waist nine out of ten women of all ages prefer their guide manscaping. But you gotta have the right tools for the jewels. Or you'll look like he used a machete pop over to manscaping dot com and check out their perfect package. Not that perfect package. The manse gay perfect package. Two point. Oh that was a smash hit on shark tank. It features the lawnmower precision trimmer engineered for below the waist, grooming. It skin safe technology means no more accident on Knicks and burns, check out the lawnmower and the amazing grooming and hygiene products that come with your perfect package. What's that saying trim, the shrubs and the tree stands taller get twenty percents off plus free shipping today? Visit manscaping dot com and use promo code Opie again, use promo code opiate, man. Landscaped? Let me spell that out an A P, E dot com, gaped dot com. Welcome back to the opium radio podcast band. Scape? They it's Joey salvia bad for episode one zero one and this one is going to be real interesting because Greg decided to take little Mr. microphone and recorder to Carl's new place. That's about the habits. Grand opening lock Ubon a-. Only problem is Carl so freaking busy working on perfecting, his staple Cuban theme burger that he's all business and like a mad scientist. He's got a lot going on. But have no fear. They'll be a little taste testing would friends even vited like big kenley, Nick Alana's. And we all know how Nick knows his me. And we even get to meet up with a few Mississippi friends who have headed north just to show love for our favorite chef. So get ready for guys working in the background. Lots of podcasts kitchen noises in various conversations happening because if you've never seen the brio planning to a restaurant, here's your chance to released here. Now, let's head to New York City the meatpacking district where Greg. Dan by ready to podcast on OB radio. About. It's going on everybody that find myself in the meat packing district. We're talking fifteen th street just off ninth avenue. I'm Alfran at lack Habbaniyah, which is Carl's brand new restaurant, which is about ready to open and. Can do a little podcast from here today as he tries out some some food for the menu very very excited. I'm going to be meeting up with Carl and Vic kenley Sherard small. I'm walking in the lock Bonner right now this time once again for the OB radio podcast. I found Carl what's coming our way eating sushi. If you're cooking for us. We'll because fed fed sesame says listen, I love burgers like the next guy. Let's go eat some fucking crap. It's not wrong. It's a big kenley. Well, meeting crab. Of course, that's helped begins a Carl's got hat on just says ribs. I gotta walk around this pilot to sit down so. She goes. That was a wonderful lunch their car we's. I don't even know we were going to go there talking to my boss. He said. Hey, listen. We're testing out the hamburger that keeping him burger that I'm doing. So I got a bunch of people. My buddies are here from Mississippi. And he goes, hey, listen, listen kid, I like him burgers much as the next fucking guy. Well, let's go eat some fucking king crab. And so that's what you did. Because I already wanted around Loch Kabanda the only one in their everyone's just let me walk around. And then I got word that you were down at what what was that place? Go Mody muck. Dole iron chef de multiple made it you'll spend a fuck and fortunate sushi and that trauma guy like just just what we reading must've been three hundred bucks already. And plus you got the he's yelling at the fuck and waiter because the guy goes, which like some sake goes who the fuck actually wants to drink that ship. I agree with him. I watched went to Asaki balls at hot water. That's the best way to describe that fucking day with this. How water guys sake is so overrated turnaround for a second Carl look at it look hut. A whole row of city Pike's her blue submarines. And we're pretty close lots river. We might have to rent one lap around the block and throat in the Hudson river is something if I see I've been looking for a loose city by because I'm going to send it. Oh, sake that's hilarious description of that. Unbelievable. I once went to a sake bar with some friends, and they're they're doing a flight of sake. Whatever I'm tried four or five different Sakis. They all just tasted terrible. Those there's some that are good. I mean, there's some cold Sakis that are really good, but I'm gonna drink. That's not my number one choice, by the way. I haven't seen this since your birthday birthday right on my birthday went long. Well, that's what I meant. I saw yesterday birthday. Finally, ended a week later. The problem the problem with ING as everybody knows that they wanted to release with you, so literally tearing my life apart because there's nothing that might see somebody like releasing the hit me in the head with a bottle. Destructible? You're shortening your life over a hashtag. I got a fucking dash like everywhere. I got Ruis ING fuck. I was at a body of the just went in a slice of pizza. Three shots of maker's. Mark the guys doing like a fuck and hang loose sign from crosses the bar. Winking at me also doing cake stands like slice of pizza. Just want a little pizza pizza. And we're back at Lucca, Bonnie. Nice corollary excited. Man. We've been talking about this restaurant on the podcast for a long long time. And and it's almost here. Although the place looks like it's still needs a little work before it's ready for the big little from the edges. You know? Okay. A couple setbacks. Take you need more than one guy. Worke right now. It's budget. Got one guy hammering the back. You know, he's he's the guy that she's doing all the fake plastics to make the walls look old. So yeah is aging. All right. It's it's coming along. Let's go outside my friends are you from Mississippi. But they don't really know they use phones and shit. I'll really godson yell Craig. What are we doing today, by the way, Carl you're you're trying to Cuban hamburger? Yeah. Well now today is day one. So today we start my my new sous chef is coming in today. And we're just going to start hammering out. Hammered-out recipes one by one. Nice sinise. They just try out some stuff. I get. I get a dry race sport. I call it mission control. Yeah. And then I make the same thing over and over and over until I get it. Right. Then I ate the system. So today, we're going to do shrimp with like a Cuban soft polenta, and we're gonna do the burger, and that's it. And then you go each one diligently, you just bang out each one until it's perfect. I thought when you opened up a restaurant you just kinda pull a couple of recipes from cookbook in. You're you're on your way. I didn't know you had to like try out stuff. And that's that's probably not a good move. That's a light strategy there. Your restaurants, not going to be that good. On the light side. God's city. So now, we're these guys from Mississippi who are that the guys from you Bonn's. Oh, we got coming you bonds guys. Come in my guy from halston your real. Yeah. This could be a party, man. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Thanks for bringing the beer. Can I tell everybody will happen with our phone? Call is like. Yeah. I just run it through it. Of course. We'll and I'll explain the beer thing. So Joey listen to this so Opie causing he goes, hey, man, you want to do a little pucks. And I said, yeah. Yeah. No problem, but come by my combined, try recipes big Ken leaves here. Everybody's here. He's like all right. I pick up a six pack of Niccolo of Miller you like, I don't know how am I going to carry all that stuff? I'm. Got it fucking hit him in to be honest with you, I I stopped in a three or four Bodega, and they didn't have Miller high life. That's not you. You could have bought any beer, you know, guy rules. I swear to God though. Well, at a lot of the places I learned that they don't sell beer. What do you mean, not all the Bodega selling beer for some reason? I guess they don't have a liquor license. Yeah. Can we go over Billy Corbin obsessing about the key lime pie at your birthday party? My God as we wait for the Mississippi guys, everything everything was going swimmingly. So Billy gets fucking triggered with the key lime pie. That was for the table for your birthday. So it the pie had nothing to do with Billy. And Billy just reaches over with his fucking goes. This. Why is it horrible? And then he explains us the only place you can get good key lime pie is in Florida. Yeah. Yeah. Got it actually true much. She's pretty much right? A lot of it has to do with volatility of key lime number one. A lot of people here. Use key lime concentrate because key lime don't survive the trip. What do you mean? They don't surprise trip. Throw him in a boxing. You throw truck Trucco. Impractical Opie don't ever been the key lime business, sir. What are you selling me? What is those rocks out? No, that's key live and put them in a box. I've never had a bed. Key line. Have you ever thought that maybe you don't know what a good coupon? This. I'm just saying are key lines the same as lines. I don't wanna talk about. They are right. Somebody cute girls. No kidding me. Right. Two girls. But he thinks she checking me out. She wasn't Chang. No, no. She was looking for an address you. Homerun? After Billy bitched about it. He's gonna fly up key lime pie. So you could try the good stuff, blah, blah, blah. So then that thinks sat there because then everyone was turned off by the key lime pie. Slid it over to myself. I saw that. And I have stood obi's like everyone thinks the pies Abu, I ate the whole thing. That was such a move like that's dip. I couldn't tell that. It was a bad key line. It's ridiculous. After a while talking about why can't key lines survive the trip from Florida? That's just stupid, Tom. But is whenever you're good at something. You know, you become you know, you finish. Is it was radio stuff? You know? What I mean? Like you hear like other people doing radio, you're like, ooh. So it's whatever you're good at is. It's gonna be alright it'd be that. I guess you got to be a perfectionist with your key lime pie. Well, I mean, there's worse things to be. I mean, if Billy's worried about key line, that's good. That's not worried about lot casting. They don't care. I don't care. We didn't even when you see you see microphone, you should have some respect. No one knows it some microphone it looks. Like, you some respect it looks like you walk around with dialysis. Kidney failure Opie. It looks like a weapon. Sometimes man, I like it when and then tug of you walking around with it. You you ask crack shelving and your venue. Oh, you there is. Looking at the small, wow. So that door was open to doors over right? Barely cracked this four. Does like I'm walking in in some construction guys like. Excuse me. What are you going to say? Yeah. Call. I don't know. You're talking about them south right here. It was like coal-lease Chevy, the shift from MIR pig farmers. Thank you. Who is this? What are you talking about? Say Hello, hang Jackson. Holy city hall. Met about a year ago. That's right. Where did you get the glass of wine inside? I literally. Cigarette. So basically drunk. I was in Florida in incoherent. I don't remember that at all. I will say this. My wife was like how are you going to confound? Curls restaurant. I was like, well, I'm going to call him. She's like well because you know when you were in Miami. He said. Miller lights, delicious or Miller lights. Great middle is the best. That's call. Where's your restaurant? So that all our viewers can watch you come see your new spot. He's like meatpacking Miller lights the best. To doing it. We're doing it. We use like he's like, let's do an Instagram and video and cross promote Haas whole city hogs, and and we're lucky we want him your accents. So then he does his whole spiel it was perfect pitch per whole hippie hogs farm raised. We're going to it looks at me. I'm like lock groove out. I've Miller lights the best. I was wasted your chance time, south beach. So what do you think of New York man, you know, it so normally drive up here? And it takes me two hours. I got on a plane this morning, and it was so funny. I should've at the Charleston airport and had a big like twenty pound bots collards with none pounds, a leaf lard and fifteen pounds of sausages duct tape inside this collar, and I had a like a fifty gallon trash bag, you know. And I was like sure. Put that over the box or and they're like, no just leave it on tape or leave it leave it uncovered. And so it was taped up. My slap a sticker on the side of it. And literally it was like the fourth bag out of the thing at the gym. K it rolled out. You know, it's like a big bucks. Collards? All these people are looking at me, really funny. That's on the hell avoid come to New York, my friend. It'd be drive it until you that absolutely twelve and a half hours of car. That's for the young. Yeah. That's the only way the pigs can get here. You know, we self distribute the lot of people don't realize being a small form. If you want someone to carry your product, you gotta have a shit ton of pigs. So we self distribute our product New York, Nashville, New Orleans and Charleston, and hopefully pretty soon we're going to pick up Miami Billy's can open Billy Dern, it's going to some spots down there. And we're hoping to work down there with him. Thanks. That's gonna be awesome. Here's pretty hawks pride too fast. Where it's there you go Carl now, we're downstairs. Yeah. What does this? The club is the club. Is this part of like a bottom while it is when when we get drunk? This is sweet looking club. Now, a lot of girls. Very reading here. Let's call red rabbit Brown. Red rabbit, grow your car, the dead rabbit this. I like it down here. It's nice runs. The whole show. We've got staring at you like he's going to take your fucking throat out. No him. We said, no you. I said, no. Are you kidding me? Well, he text me three times. He's like who'd fuck salesman. You don't really know bibles here. You don't remember that we'd stayed out really late for your birthday me and him were hanging at the the bar. What's that bargain at least cut, man? Oh, man. Yeah. Up there at the end of the nine one great bar that is not taking them. I mean. Well, I was I was dumping my shots in the floor. Oh, that's nice. Well because coral insisted he just wouldn't take. No for answer would kill him into south is no decorum. He's like a New Yorker through and through. It takes all kinds. I drink a couple of them. So speaking of shots early. I just got here. I feel like the woman whom is shifting and with slowing down. But I feel like it shouldn't. We're here at red rabbits, Ma I haven't read rabbit you wearing a red hat. He's got ready to share. Let's do show from red red robe. You wanted to shout tonight. He likes this releasing just came into that we can try alright now you got stuff to try his stuff to try and see we wanna put it on the menu. I write writing a taste test trumpeter Melvin. Hold off on now. Trumper to your Malbak. They used to make turpentine they the wind. It was Donald's brand that's drunk Trump. Like, that's fine. It's competitors. Say Trump, ma'am and anything people get triggered the. Well, you're gonna read that means. Mrs ribs on where people out with Trump down in Mississippi now. Well, I live in South Carolina. But it's pretty much the same Mississippi. Well, this out you said, no the guys from opens a call. Okay. Sorry. Any probably said that we have the best pork east of the Mississippi, which is factual during a he me. I tell you make them watched them actually have the sexing don't actually do that have chocolate milk names of people on Instagram. He's like, here's Phyllis. It's like just grilling Phyllis Diller was a delicious. You name them. You're sick. Why don't you do that? That's what he just called a time out. So that's what sick has just make it at Joe, I'm with you. But with them. Well, we we we take an extreme proud of what we do my wife and don't make a lot of money, but we waste some of the rarest pigs in the world, and those pigs have taken us all over the country, and we met wonderful shift. Let carl. And you know, the thing for us is we're not against eating meat. We're not kissed do anything. I'm not even against the huge factory formed. I don't prefer to raise my pigs that way, but I do understand that the amount of meet people eat in our country and the world you have to be able to grow a lot of it and we'd raise premium port. So it's like it's like and Carl we're talking about in Miami. So I I love I'll drink the shit out of Jim beam. Just like Smithville, pork. It's a it's a fun part is another wrong with it. It's just I grew heavy van winkle you or give me another really famous wis guest Ehlers Weller like, so we grow we grow really special product. But I'm not against it. I mean, shoot I mean, you know, it all it all serviceperson is all has its place. We're gonna why why the naming of the picks? We like to give everything essence, you know, like, they have an existence, you know, and we we want to honor their lives and the best way do that right now. We recently have quit telling people this is little Carlita or this little car lethal. Oh, please. You don't think you've realized just little Carlito is been born. He's at the farm now, we've been we've been grooming him from quite some time. I gotta release with that pig before you get. Well, I don't know if you realize this but little Carlito, hopefully, we'll be bringing back a trophy from Memphis in may. As the Super Bowl of the world barbecue champion, wait. So you're grooming this pig. That's now alive. It's a lot of opportunity competition here in about a you pick him. Well, a name recall for several reasons one because Carl's of winter, and I felt that. This pig was going to Linson it promised went. As is Carl because Carl has become one of my new clients were really excited about bring pigs here to New York City to lock Bonna. And putting them in the hands of great show. So the biggest thing for us is we only sell two shifts that we approve of their food. We can only raise so much can only race so many pigs. So we can be kind of fucking picky. You know? Like if I don't think your foods any good. I'm not going say, you my pork because you are an extension of me, technically or your extension of of our farm because when someone eats holy city hogs, pork, let's say it's when Carlos menu, let's say it's Bronx me let said its own Francis moments. Many whoever is serving our pig. We want them to be the next hand in the food chain. Right. And for us. We're not doing anybody shitty hands dirty hands. I mean, I gotta go back to the naming of the pigs. So obviously, you don't advertise anymore because I would imagine people lose their minds over that. Well, because everyone well, I mean come on everyone loses their minds of the dumbest things a prominent people as people people forget where food comes from. There's there's so vaccinated in. In the supermarket world. Right. They think everything's born with Craiova around. It's not you know, you you eat this every day. This is a real business. There's somebody that has to do this. Right. And there's good and bad. There's there's mass farming which I don't like and there's stuff like that. But anyone that's shows outrage, this is the world that they've created. And this is the world that you have to live, right? This people think it just does a supermarket stork. And it drops off all the meat into the it's not like that. You know, you go down one or two steps. It's a real thing. It's a real thing that's been going on as long as we've been here. This has been happening. That's right. You know and necessary thing and it's beautiful fan. If you do it. Well, it's a beautiful thing. There's just beauty that comes from from killing one of those animals because what you're going to get from it. It's it's it's giving you it's life. You got enjoy it. It's kind of like a saw me moan. One of the social media's recently. It was basically talking about the chicken and the pig. It said the chicken was involved with breakfast. The pig was committed. You know what I mean? So that's where we are. We're committed you know, we know what we do as a finality to what we do. And and the reason we name him back to that is because we want them to have their own existence their own place, and we respect to meet I've I'm a native American descent, very minimal lineage because the white man is almost breads out. But you know, one of the things in get it from my mother's side of the family. But one of the biggest thing is is like respecting your food knowing where it comes from and giving shit, you know, like inlet Carlson Br we're so far removed from her food you drive thru. You get it in a Brown bag it Senator rapper there's no guilt whatsoever. You should have guilt when you eat meat because something gave everything for us to have for you to have that. You know what I mean? And and that's why we give them names to to just how long do they live before take him out? Well, we properly water. I will wait. Let us the work Slough there. Several ways to use. It. There's coal. There's process. But but I mean, killing is also it's hard not exactly most PC word. But I mean, we we kill pigs from twelve pounds to five hundred pounds. How so we do we do pure suckling that literally was owned. The mother's tit of to mother's retired mothers that are five hundred pounds six hundred pounds seven hundred pounds. Are you there when the pigs of slaughter? Yes. And no walk into the process. Many times. Actually, why I want to ask you about that. So we use the military and ask about you like does that I'm with level. Does that that is does that bother you? It it. It is a wait upon me. But it's a weight that I can bear. Because I know that I'm feeding the populace right? I'm feeding my fellow man in doing it. Right. I don't feel bad that. I mean, the pigs at all because that's what they're here for the here for our sustenance believed that we are caretakers of the earth. And in that caretaker position we should be really thinking hard about how we raise those animals, and that's why we raise ours purely outside purely no cage the the land use we won't to better the dirt. So we move our pigs around as we grow them. You know, it should be more people like you doing it that way. I would assume it seems like you have you you respect the the process, you respect the animals as your as you're in business. We do we do in there like they are members of our family. I mean, I know some people call fucked up or think I'm crazy for. Well. That's why I can no see this is this is why I'm liking that. We we went deep on this. Because when you said that you name your pigs. I laughed of course, lab most people would laugh, but now talking to you about it. I completely understand see. Farm superstar. It is our form logo. And she is my first breeding sound we ever had Ramos Mia. Hamm originally, the pigs name was wedding pig in my wife did not want to name the pig that we're going to eat at our wedding. About seven years ago when I started raising digs, right and. Anyway, wedding pig was was doing great and as wedding pig. It bigger and bigger and bigger. I'd bought a boar hog. It's well when the board hugging wedding pig joke fences, and he. Because he's calling me homeless his peers longer than mine gonna see money it's been a while. Groomed though, you know, you like like how was yours grew. I mean really long, but it looks it looks managed. M B hurt beard hairs homeless MIR him you. You. Thank you grow. Curls. Always gonna fucking take his shot at me. Oh, I love that. I love the trade plus Linnet anyway, finish that up. I'm sorry. The wedding pig. So anyway, wedding pig was our first brings. So anyway, are are boar hog. We bought his name is Kevin bacon and plan on breeding. Kevin to other later in any way one day. I came to the farm to feed the pigs, and there was wedding pig in the same pin for the same field with Kevin bacon in literally she had gone under the hot wire because she was hot ready ready for it. Yeah. Yeah. Like Kevin and junk fits she went under the fence to Kevin. She went under the fence one looking for Kevin. And so she went from wedding pig to Mia Hamm, and she is been our best farmed Sal from start to finish. We've had over eighty. I think we're about eighty nine hogs that she's given birth. She's giving us off seven litters. Wow. Yeah. Maybe eight litters. I'll have to ask her what she's more of a writer. Right. And how long does will she left? She's still alive now. And I'm pretty sure that she will retire. As a showpiece. She'll never be eaten really unless my wife. So it's my wife's pig, and I'm willing. I'm totally willing to let all of them go because I mean, I love them all but it symptom under whether four, but but my wife is bonded with this pig and so. If if my wife will if what wife will let her go. Yeah, I'll either it any point. Wow. That was really my wife isn't attachment to the pigs. Of course, there's nobody respects the process, but then as his wife is fall in love with the one that gave him a lot of a little piglets. My wife's a horse trainer. So my wife would Lawrence over if she gives the approval then he'll eat the pig tomorrow. But it's like a pet to her at this point. The pet. I don't know if you need a pet cats as pets pets are delicious. If you had the right kind of pet. I've never had a pet dog. I've eaten let's be honest. My dogs and cats dab, natural natural stuff. Right right on. Nah. I'm good, bro. I'm gonna. I'm good. And then we got more what what's going on with all the sushi chef. So it's all we do is ultimate what is looking for. So salmon little tune churchyard and saw. Lucas by fish eggs. Don't get confused by this part here. The kid. Oh here. I'll tell you the Loupe. Okay. I thought it was a whole huge log, I'm like, I can't fuck any of them Carlin introduce there's maryelle you could be my luck on. So today's the first day Stewart, maybe not but. Well, nice day wrote. I'm very I'm very confused by your first day of work. We'd just been hanging out eating sushi. Well, because we're just trying to get get you out of here. Now, we're out. Got us into this thing. I mean natural birth. Everybody's got to feel each other out. We know what? I mean, you you you whatever negative if you start negative. It's going to end negative fucking chill. It's going to happen now on open. It's either you don't have fun or you're not. But it's still going to have got to have fun. We got to have fun because there's going to be a lot of unfunny fucking times in here. I noticed that we were gonna come people are going to eat. They wanna get fed fast food. I'd say, and that's what we're doing at the end of the day. We did have Vic kenley with us you notice he stayed behind their call. Once he tried that crab Morimoto we've lost Vic Henley. Sitting here talking to frontier stories on time I used to sell sugar gliders, right? Adam he's incredibly just said bite us like all right guys. Take care. He's eating craft likes left through our bigger than his four. You notice. I said I'll go with you Karl at victims like no club. Stan, right. Was stay right here where the sake is you like Saki do I've never met really much alcohol that I didn't really like. Typically, pretty laid back. But well, I'll be honest with you that was not expecting this fucking awesome. Revenge though, the waterway the ferry down in jersey. Yeah, it's perfect. You buy your ticket. You wait ten minutes ago. Sushi roll fucking Jim being in a beer and get on your way. Terrific. All right. We're going to pause. This take a little break. We're podcasting at the. Thank you, the red rabbit, which is below lock Bonna. We got one guy out there. One construction guy trying to get the Russia's. He's an artist in New York City distributor for sitting on guests. That's right about that. I like death. Yeah. You've got one artists. They're working on the the walls. Stor and Eric was running the door. Mean the fucking. I was just walking in and out of this joint. So hope he's worried about security some reasons. I walked from the to the. What are you gonna steal spackle? How long have you can stop wherever I go this. This is nice out here. Say you make it down here. And you get yourself a bop. Yeah. You're running into Brian is probably ninety percent yet. What do you think is going to happen at that can be over my fix hacked? Exactly. We're gonna take a break. Joey. We'll be back. What are we doing next Carl? When we go to the kitchen, stuff and everything. You know, I always thought that Kevin bacon. Kind of looks like a pig with that knows of his and of course, his last name date now. And what do you know? There's actually a real pig named after this episodes also starting to feel a bit like those New York City barbeque episodes from last year. In fact, when we come back the barbecue Princess is in the house, we all remember her. And of course, we all fell in love with her late. Great father Garry of you bonds, but first let's take care of a little business. Greg paid for by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration nitsa is working hard to combat texting while driving. 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Carl Carl is all visits today and also kenley has just arrived to the to the kitchen here. Well, when the when the pre-game is Morimoto. Yeah. You know, you're as we say in this album stepping in high cotton. He's funny. Because Carl goes, I really gotta get to LA Coban and set up because they want to try some stuff out today. And I go Carlaw go you, and you just look down at your credit, your crab, leg, and you just kept eating. Well, no. Because it was amazing. You didn't offer the league. No. If you have your pal you have it in the rewind. You can hear me when you said I introduction. I'm a up. We had a big mouthful gain craft and we at Tempur arose and somebody'll and some is killer. It was my. Yeah. The sushi. There was great. You have to. Yeah. You even jumped in for that. To the two hundred a little bit. So now. Have you guys met? We just met five minutes ago. Hogs man, I know what the high from east from near Albany, Georgia. They don't say Albany. They say I'll beanie technically birthright, but I've been a Charleston South. Yes. Resident for almost thirteen years? Okay. That's some. That's some good living down there. How did he got he left? He went from the from the armpits Jewish. Yes. I could've said something way more growth, but lovely but right making your ad tag. I agree. It's of now. Charleston is my favorite, South Carolina. Spot hands down ever been there? I drove through it once. Oh, man when I was wandering around. I was driving all the way down to Florida. And then I ended up all the way to key west. I just kept driving. I got fired Haag, man. And I just wandered the earth for while. That's why I'm self employed. I can never be fired may other my wife. Oh the. Live close my boss. So tenure I could be fired any moment, but she your boss. She owned totally city, hugs. Okay. We're female owned corporation. We raise some rarest pigs in the world. And we're owned by female Senate makes us it puts his special niche. Okay. Hear me. Roar for numbers. I the best. Why in the fuck? Strong. Then. That was not having a wife that your boss though. Now, it's easy peasy like shit, man. No, it's not a shit. She is no, let's thing. Take up back fifty forty nine. One hundred percent, oh, the real numbers. Vic, I don't wanna know. On me. No, no, no, better negotiator. What the barbecue? Oh, the barbecue Brinson. Prints. Hold on. I got his name. Are you serious barbecue Princess? Are you? I'm sure. What? Trip down to Mississippi. So I said I had a girl the beer. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You. Nice. Yeah. You need to plan that sorry about your dad. We all went through throat, but this I I've seen right? I said we've got a full year of like funerals in then we'll get back to everything. Good stuff. All the barbecue here in New York City. That's right around the corner. And we're gonna do it again. I can't wait. I don't know if I could handle another one of those I show up all innocent and shit, and I got up beating guys. And then you're like, that's because we love you. Underestimate on you, then then the self. If you come around, and we're quiet slightly. I said on the podcast couple times and on social media. But your dad, I don't wanna get you. But a half to say it again, he was the type of guy you've met him, and you felt like you do for and he had he was a special guy. Yeah. He he just he's one of those people that folks gravitated to good. Good. I would have hog them. But he said I look homeless. He looks worse than me. You got a box. Totally. What my daddy was. He had this amazing ability to make people feel like family within five minutes of meeting them. And you know, I think the world is a sadder place without him. I can think of a hundred people that I wish you'd being instead he. Only the good die. Exactly. Right. That's exactly right. It's something to that. Once you want to go they've making their hundred birthday just being a creek all the way to the grave. Well, it's you know, I feel like he left me some clear a clear path to follow and big shoes to feel and you got this. I said it not. If he taught me anything he taught me about hospitality and being kind really, you know, those things everything else is falls into place. Leslie, not saying all the time. We look at each other. When something really good happens that that poppy lettuce into doing or or got us involved in. We'll just look at each other. And we go we won we wine. Absolutely. No. Because he's the man got to leave his dream, right? You know in our our whole goal in life is to leave this world better. Right. When we do live. He did that. And I should mention it for the podcast audience. Of course, your dad start you bonds. So. Yeah. I mean, he started. He started making barbecue sauce and eighty six and compete in eighty nine. And so this year is our thirtieth year of competition. How could how could I have spent thirty years and you need when I'm just a child. Right. Man. But you know, it's it's been he's he's led us three some fun stuff. We were coming through Madison Square park and talking about that block party and how much fine we've had over the years. And I was telling Craig about the first time he came into New York City, we came over the George Washington Bridge. And my uncle was like look over there look over there and daddy was like shut up. You know, you're so scared coming in, and he just he conquered so many years and just got to really enjoy stuff. That's what you gotta you. Gotta live a good story. What did you guys do New York? You're going to be part of the locker Bonna. We're here for where you're here for something else. Yeah. Our? Yeah. We're here for shift. Jeff minter. Pig beach passed away last year at thirty six of a brain aneurysm and Saturday, we're having a benefit now take speech for him. And it's going to it's going to benefit his wife sixteen month year old child, and and so we're up here to raise money. Got a helluva community. We're good. That's why like hanging with you. Rub off on finally realized I should start hanging out with good people. Get your data Mississippi. We gotta do some rednecks you what are we going to do again bitter through world know? And you know, we hang grab can you heard what happened at that was one of my first podcasts. Now, I've been at this over a year now, and my my my portable unit crapped out so half that stuff. I didn't even get. And it still was great. But Nikki Knicks laris. Call him angry angry in Vienna. Anger win brought sunshine. Yes. So we're gonna do some rednecks shit. Oh, you know, these guys. Barbecue Princess black? You bonds. Time they live on Jerry clower boulevard. Knock him out. John. They gave marseils of beer. Eight four sticking in the back of uncle versus hand. Me too. Martin said one time that his mom say it it became act like Jesus at least act like Jerry cloud. Really? Supposed to go to Mississippi and do some rednecks shit. What do you mean? I don't know. He might please. No. He might do some noodling, right? Yeah. We own new. Now, come on. Delic? No, white, man. They're gonna get eaten alive. What are your union delegates fishermen, but not your view? Ready for some rain dang. You're not ready for. The air boat ride in Florida. I start out or do you think he's ready for alligators alligator hunting? You can make fun of and love to go alligator hunting. How did he do it again? I mean, we go out on the lake in his thing. And I know we don't base Alec. No, we we actually have to snag the alligators at night. Go out with with a cubing and see the eyes reflect and you gotta get real close them. No. You're not a lot of beta no harm only this way. Right. Know, I'm standing on the front of the, but you know, I got a. Got a. You like that? Got it. Got it Talla gate or hunting position stand on. Feet ninja. But you gotta you gotta snag rod, which is basically a catfish poll with with a Brady line and a treble hook on the end. So when you see the is close as you can't then you cash the ride, and and what you do you go over the back of the alligator. And then you really in what you bump it what the what the treble said into the allegation. What you snagging alley hanging Allegheny. That's it. Be the fishermen on Long Island. We we would snag bunker. You know, you get the bunker schools coming by and you throw, and then you yank and snap. Diff. Vote with Allegheny. Yeah. Yeah. That's true. Why is that? Right. But once you snag it. I mean, that's that's when its own meal. Sure is that legal and not bathing. I think the Bain would be the better way in Mississippi, Louisiana chicken. Smack from the Florida, Louisiana. They're catching the alligator for for commercial. Fishermen? That's how they make their living. When we do it in Mississippi sport, we're hunting them. Of course, we do clean them and eat them. You know, we go through the whole process with them. But you gotta slow down so snag and how how long does it take to get him on the boat? I know depending on the sides, obviously, but it can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to five hours five hours. Fred next year. Right. You gotta be patient. You get you know, twelve foot alligator and drops to the bottom, and it's just going to sit there. Right. You just gotta, you know, sit there with it. So what's the move when you get him on the boat? Well, we we don't actually put them in the vote. We get we get them to the top. Because after they go the bottom. We'll get a throw line which has got a bigger treble hook in once you hook them. Again, you get to the top when they get to the top. They'll do the death row. They'll roll roll roll. But once they get done with that they wear themselves out once they're worn out. That's when you gotta put the noose around the mouth, and then you put electrical tape around the mouth, of course, you can measure it because you get one alligator under seventeen with a tag get one alligator over seven feet, right? And that's one tag for season for sees. Private lane hunting. I think it lasts for three weeks. Yeah. It's getting to these year the other so private three you got public where you gotta get into a draw system where you actually apply and you go into a draw system, and there's only so many tags drawn out for public land hunting. And it's like a two week. I'm short. Yes. It's shorter. And what do you do with the elevator? Well, I mean once you know, once we kill it. I clean them take the hat off of it. And then harvest me and the Mika meets really. We recount. Two alligators at the Houston livestock and rodeo showed I never done that before and like Cornell. Ms. We we did it ten we smoked. We smoked both of them. One had more of a savory like booting. Right. The other had a little bit of kind of a barbecue flare the sweet heat with. Okay. I can't remember what we glazed it with guys. Hickory aaa. That's right now, you can go to my Facebook business page the BBQ ninja, and we actually do have the whole process of us in Houston. Breaking down the Allegheny and stuff in the tail putting the dryer on it. You know, the smoker the whole process in the end, I've got the the flame thrower at the end where I'm lying. You know, glazed grew laying the sauce on the outside. He's trying to scale his redneck town. What does it taste like, I know that's such a headquarters Chukin? Chukin? It's. Whatever figure. It's a very neutral white meat, right? So yeah, I mean. Right. I mean, that's why we we introduce the stuffing to it. And then the rub and then the smoke and then the blades, so what are you doing the animal loves? Makes good stuff. Yeah. Matter of fact, we probably got spoiled. We got four alligators in the in the frail right now that we got plans on bell. Wallet. Votes. Sleeve victim underway. Major exactly Bryce becomes to miss alligator season. And y'all kill an alligator Opie get to keep any of the alligator skin or something that we're at treasure like a memory box or some sweet stuff like that. We do. We would have to make sure that it can be transported. I'm being called into the kitchen called into the kitchen. Fucking. Smashed a plate overs head Carla sound shockwave issues the equivalent of the chief throw in the fountain through the window and cuckoo's nest. What are we doing? What are we doing? Did. We get called. I think we got called over here. We dick we got summit. He needs muscle. And you apparently well. I like that. That's a heavy piece of equipment. But let's lay the best that he knows what is ranch house. April people with right? It's what is he moving. Dick, it say that is actually a it's a it's a bread mix up. But there's a sausage attachments, and they're gonna make. Fucking is the first day in the kitchen at Cabanas pretty exciting with some old friends. I didn't know I was going to see the bar. She's a young. She's not the Queen. She's a Princess, right? I understand all that. Yes. What other red necks shit? Can we do mayhem at move the alligator? Thanks. Thanks wheel. When you got cheese. Now fuck in the hack. What you get to my? And can't I mean? Everything under the whatever's whatever's we would go mud Ryden, you know, snakes shooting turtle sheets. Yeah. Yeah. You do this shit sections hell of a lot of Tron. You got a good job. But yet to be a good shot. Vermin? So it's easy. Don't feel bad. You got a lot of red Nikki's. Growing up before I moved up here. But we all know about the squirrel L one of my favorite things. The should come out or other for a couple of years. We had the hand trained flying. Squirrels our house, and we sold them during the neighbors instead of instead of people going to K mart and getting a hamster they'd come to our house and get a sugar louder. And so we did this for sugar glider FRANZ world. We catch them. There's a swampy area behind our house. So you train a fly where you just grabbing throw them out of. No, no, no, no. They just do it naturally. They would we would found that. My brothers knew when it was reading season. They catch them other. They had the Hampshire cage like you've already WalMart KMart or some you give birth. She'd give bird you keep them for eight or nine weeks. They weaned we'd looked up in the world. Book encyclopedia. Got that information. And then you take the mother back down to this off and let her go. Now, the little ones all they knows like hamsters gerbils or something they just know they were taking about out every day and playing with them. So we had an chime fines grows, and they would do the soon as we're old enough. You could put one sit. I want him in your hand right here in your hand, you know, two feet apart. And they would just start making the jump instinctively. Pull out the little wing things. Little gliding thing. It was cooler. So I knew your man without fucking. Always bring it up. World's fairs anything. So this is the most southern kitchen in New York City right bait my brother seven years older than me. So. One of them after a couple of years. One of them got loose. And it was driving my mom raising to her. It was like a rat was willing show crawled inside the old turntable record blade. We finally found it after a couple of weeks. And then that was it with a fine. Komo's I get the fuck out. No more emplo road. No math and writing. So snakes now seven years older than me. So by the time, I'm in the eleventh grade, biology class, the biology teacher goes are you might Hindley's weather, and I go in and she goes, so you remember the fines gotta love girls, Kim ten. Dan, I didn't believe in. He was making like, a, c- borderline. And he told me he was doing this. And I didn't believe him. And he said what if I bring them to class and do a presentation and talk about fine squirrels, and I'll bring home we'll do. And she thought he was foolish. I thought there was no I'll raise you to letter grades. I'll move you. Almost like a b plus. She told me that that you dollar he jeans. I would have bet my life. He was lying. He's showed up the next day at a whole thing. Three piece plywood with pictures on he went through a whole dissertation. Of the sugar gladder. When aligned start checking out videos of them kind of. You're going you too. Wrangler Vic oversold this the first time he told the story like they actually were training them to fly. No, no, no. They did overselling. With eating. For me. Roger Roger and me. All. Not in Kansas anymore. Why aren't you the squirrels swirl dumplings that's kind of small go back to Mississippi? And you get a lot of before you go back to Mississippi should go to central park. You could get a lot of squirrels. So there's some good eats of good eats. And such a park said you could set some traps, take some squirrels. What else is in the summer? Oh, there's raccoons. Oh, yeah. Recco. Show you picture of we were at less. Club about two months ago and kill the raccoon and week braised it in beer and had peppers onions and Mississippi. On your as we're tone. So working on euro, I took a picture of my buddy went to Costa Rica, and he took these of Kathy Barra, and I put it online. Central park today. Like ninety numbers nerve, everyone believed it. Central American largest road. Lonely took we went Vic that's not true. That's going on. Yeah. That'd be great. Nick. Thank you wanna come back. You'll be easy. All right. Well, we're going to let's walk through the kitchen. We got some wine there. Yeah. Not much of a drinker you smoke pirate a little bit, right? For you. I can't Scott last. All right. We're in corals kitchen lot coupon. Bonna? Very festive very very cool atmosphere. I'm with Nick Solaire. Nick what what are you? What are you about to show me here? Well, I just came back from Josie because I was a bit of field research. Call looking some meat purveyors touring some facilities and one of the rest. What of the places I visited was put trickled abroad in northern New Jersey. They have a room where the age that beef. Call dry aging that has its over million dollars with beef through. Wow. Yeah. It's it's four thousand. So when you get beef, you break it down into into primal cuts, and it's loins rips with that states that we age, right? So there's a lot of Santa thrids. There's well thing about this four thousand stakes maybe half of them ribs. Each one of those things has won seven seventh rib on it. Right. But I actually like the six rib when you're talking about. That's another story. Let's look at into that. You obsessed about the seventh. I actually like the sixth. Do you really want to get a little bit? The six is the outside rib. If you're getting it as a stake. Okay. I like that one because it gives you a slightly bigger muscle. Okay. But when you cooking the whole thing as a roast the outside over cooks, so you have the seven look you like white or dog meat white. But his preposterous. What do you mean is it like ridiculous to perform one of the other? Yes, I hate dark me. But the idea of preferring one over the other is ridiculous. Of course, the idea of liking. No, I talk beat is ridiculous. Yes. That's how I feel about not oriented the cut of state that you would want to me ordering the eighth or able the ninth rib is ridiculous. It's like offering as much difference. It is because of the same way I'm talking about like a regular person, not someone like you. You're an expert with meets does the regular person know the difference. I six seventh and eighth threat. Here's the thing. It's not that. I'm an expert at I mean, I am an expert on me. Because if I said, I wasn't that would be out with job. But the fact is that everyone that's one thing that I'm not an expert on. And that's what you like. Right. Everyone knows what they like. Right. My job is to educate you if I Kate in and I do my job correctly. I can convince you that you prefer the six of the seven th rip because of the way that the animal is configured. Let's dumb it down here. So what's the best birth? Burger as far as the combination. I happen to think that the best Boga blends when we talk about blends, we're talking about mixing different muscles. Yes. Right. What most people recognize his hamburger? What has traditionally been hamburger is the shoulder. Chuck ground Chuck is what makes. Ground. Chuck is perfect because you don't have to add any fat to it. When you grind it. That's enough interconnected for. There's no fat in that within the muscle that gives you like pretty close to fifteen to twenty percent fat to meat ratio that makes for juicy savory tasty book. Right. You don't want to lead. You don't want to what do you blend to with? You. Don't blend it with anything just grind the whole. But now these other people that say, well, it's got to be an eighty percent with the twenty percent. That's fatta meat ratio. That's what I was striving. But then there's the idea of blending different models that you could take short rib and brisket and Chuck blend those and that will give you a different flavor profile. Right. So as to the other one, it's it's different. I happen to think that if you just grind shot. That's the flavor of American beef. Gotcha. That's like when I think about a Hanbo. But that's what it takes in the same way that like a New York strip. You know that picture that you see on the salt packet right on the on the thing Morton salt state with a little friend of mine. Like that to me is like platonic ideal of like, mid century, American cooking. That's that's what a ground. Chuck hamburger revokes that kind of that kind of thing in me. Right. But then, you know, things get fancy you can add dry product now dry aging just to get back to the room that I was I wanna know more but room is an how how how much is the meat worth over million dollars worth of. They're gonna. Right that club ideals podcasts the into. Good. Got his restaurant doesn't need this podcast anymore. Right. Right. If I could just in the way now, right? So a lot of like professional Carl. He's professional car sticks. Professional calls killjoy, your killjoy. I'm not used to see in this version of call. It was like serious hours thorough serious. Look, his glosses a fog up. He's working. He's actually doing something Jim beam in sight God you not even drinking. He's he's clear on what what's going on pushy. Tailed? This is sickening. Nobody wants to see the Cuban in this. There's no Ruis going on this anti Ruis the end. This is so bad. It's called work. Like it. I don't like it at all this winnow working too. Hot open feedback. Drinking a lovely Pete on the wall from what we try out the wines. You know, Carl invite us here to try out the wind on the first thing the case opens wine, and he also if you wanna gloss, you take it because whatever he's opening exception. Yeah, he knows what he doing. So so this room. How do they know they're gonna go through all that meat? I obviously dumb question. But it's not a dumb question. In fact, it's one of the things that really is the hardest thing about being a butcher your inventory because look you take the beef. It's gonna be aged for at least a month and these guys are doing like thirty five forty days. So that you really the puck cost. How much how much? Stroke. It babble add to deal with this guy. What are you doing? What's your nails? What your nails? What are you doing over there? Karl Gracie Potenza. Oh, we're gonna have many French fries. Hot costing good, man. Tell. Actually, we're having a moment over here. Okay. Funny. That's the whole city hawks. Thank and loved aches and everything out of all the questions. How can you name something? And then kill it out family. That's a good question. Nick. Well, why would you I I know I know I know cattle Hough. Cattle-breeders don't name their animals for that reason that was of great question. Why would you name something that you're gonna kill? Well, it is an animal. It is. It is a sentient being on some level. Right. Understand that. Right. So he explained it perfectly in the end. I get it. Now. I mean, look, and especially a hog farmer a hug Pham more than a beef farmer because be dealing with. There's a very intimate relationship right there. The budding this you raise these piglets sometimes you feel the piglets right away. Right. If you haven't suckling pig. That's what you do. Pinza points about beef. Well, how how old is sucking pig. How long have they few months? That's it. Yeah. It's still still weaning. Right. Maybe don't even months that'd be weeks because it's still it's still feeding off the mothers takes a special person to work in a slaughterhouse. Yes. I look I think there's a lot of things. Well. It's in all of us. We used to have two hundred feet ourselves. Right. So the potential is f all of us. Yeah. But like anything else, it's the same thing. It takes a special person. Walk a garbage truck to right, right? There's a lotta takes a certain person to be a fucking soldier, right, right? Police prison gone. Here's a lot of high stress jobs. Fortunately, these guys doing and not you, and I I read sitting back here. Criticizing. Getting back to to the dilemma of the guy that sells beef, right? He pays for that beef. He then has to of for a month to two months, then he sells it, and then he's gonna wait sixty days to get the money from the restaurant. Right. So you're talking about an investment of six months six or seven months, laid out this capital. And you've and you haven't recoup that if they what happens if beef prices dropped drastically during that time you painted this price, right? Which is why a lot of these guys lock in prices on an annual basis. I know idea about oh, it's sort of lex like what about one of your big clients big steakhouse goes under right? And what what happens you're stuck with a ton of beef. Why because these guys look at steakhouse requires you to solve say five hundred six thousand states week, right? Stay you have to have those available all the time. Why think Trump if they if they need the next one hundred? Have that available? If they go out of business. What are you gonna do? You stuck with all of this. Right. Right. That's why that's one of the reasons why beef is expensive, right? It's W. You're paying a lot of real estate. That's another reason why all of the meat packing district. They can't afford the real estate is so expensive in the pack music, where we happen to be now that all of these guys moved the Josie Brian warehouse face parking that beef for like three months, so they moved out here because it was cheaper to go to jersey in many cases. Now, we got these forty twenty hotels and fancy restaurants that we enjoyed giant star outing. Like, did you see the giant Starbucks where it's on the corner here? It's obnoxious big on the way here. Now, it's on the corner of nine Abbott. It's one of these showcase stores. Really? They got a lot going on in their store. They have like a Pete they make peace. Starbucks pizza. You gotta walk in it laugh your ass. Laugh your ass. They have guys walking around. We'll come from around in other countries because at the biggest Starbucks I've ever thing. Well, Instagram pictures in there. Right. They got the they got a lot of guys walk around with clipboards and handlebar moustache, you know, for real and make believe they're doing stuff that lacks a lot right up. If you can get a lighter on it. He's a little scenes going to see the bodies that down. At the two Spanish guys in this place. The only two working. People. They will. The hall too, right? Carl isn't that fun? When Nick does that. Thank. Hang. What's your observations in the kitchen first day for Carlin, lock Kabar, never support? It's I'm Ryan it's going to be. Autorickshaw? Nick is one of those friends that you can't describe only pictures, you don't realize the level of asset. I was I went through an awful divorce lost three restaurants. Everything are I'm the first christening. My new kitchen turnaround leather gets about your shirt. T-shirt? You really are what have? The grinding potatoes mother. Bring that evil in here. You and I both this. Jamie comes at he takes a giant Stephen shit. I the first day of the big comeback humpback. It's like and he's wearing a fuck and Yvonne Drago t she had to take a bus here. Pluses grows X took everything. On the bus at the handicap. That hurts. I just pulled a Hammy on that one. Vacation Carl Carl simultaneously shredding five pounds of 'tatoes chopping, sausage, helping Mario. And then notice the one thing that we all meant we missed. Absolutely. That is a party foul. Alabama's Vic where the hell of you been. I've been all over America. Yeah. You're like torn a lot now. I came home. I was most recently in Florida last week. I saw the zero to Sarasota or his foxworthy used to say God's waiting room. That's pretty stay out in writing. Delivery fucker delivery that. That's funny lived on that for a while the old down there. They goodness. Yes. Is crazy. My middle act seventy four years old track. Seventy four started doing stand sixty one no kid at did. He do to give pool was he funny. He was great. He did a hell of a job whose main at sixty one why did decide to go into comedy? They have classes down there. So we Tyra. I guess so. Yeah. Screw it. I'm gonna try. Swimming short for giddy, and I spent the whole week with him and didn't ask him. But as I pool, but. Be less McCurdy is another dinosaur guy. Like me that I know from the get go ahead nothing. Nobody had got you're talking about some. Now, we weren't. We're talking about people in Florida old people Florida. In florida. Did you recover from yet from the teacher? I've been very. The minutes. Latisha my buddy, Dino, I go bring me some Jim beam. Broke broke me right in half. Okay. Why five? Fred was no kitchen bring everybody here. Right everybody. Streaking wine hanging out. I know he's learned my ex lights. Fuck rushing out. Why don't you put them up on the wall? Miles. Fucking plaque. He's been rains. I've been raised. He's bad because he hasn't even yet. I don't know how you have not been is. Pretty good fighter. Just. He's just. It's friend. Character. Nick, your prick. No, no. He's a lovely. He's lovely. Good character. Trust. Potatoes. And you weren't his wife's fucking shirt. Defense. I was done at the Braga shopping shopping for him. And then I find out. Woke up this morning. What I wear. I didn't bring house bulls. His rights wasn't this to be here. This not in the garbage because this is right. Because this is going to be sold by him. Every time on volatile. Cock. Cock again, Jesus speaking hold on a second friend would do what is that? It says you're. What a friend would do. So heavy heavy. Curls on my side. This is fun. Vic I haven't seen in a while. Oh, man. There's always an adventure going on with with you. When I see you. I should say Allah today is this today. I'm excited. I'm happy for choral not show. Good. You kidding me? Better than watching him. Look I've seen him. When he came to my house and cooked all day long when William died a party. I don't think you are invited to. Fun of. But now he cooked all day all day all day. Nineteen hours by the end of it. And it was fantastic. It's six thirty the next morning. Still going. That was some kind of eggs for Totta or something. Like, I think I could. Like, I think I could do. Right. Anything man clove of garlic and a limited needs to get to go, boo. With the barbecue Princess and McKinley, and she's giggling like a little schoolgirl something's going on over here. So what you don't know about the barbecue princes is that a background in social work. And so for years to care of people who were at. Right under John says like BIC third album the ninja chums in. All blue grass. I asked just a minute ago if he has this really deep rich inner life to balance all of his outside silly. And he says he does he says he's got. Squirrels. He knows he knows more about music than pretty much anyone. I know also told me that he's smarter than all of you. Argue. That's awesome. That's not saying a lot. Lomar very low bar. He drinks much dumb. It down. Down wonder what is like or why talks slowly? So we can keep thank you. He's got a lot going on a lot going on. He's a very smart guy. Too much information. It's not good. It's got some secrets me. Don't we all? Are we supposed to still trying to price secrets out of hours trying to who can't now because we're? Thank you. He didn't want me. I was talking about running on legal bookmaking operation when I was in college and in tangos, oh, no someone. But then he didn't go into the story. These prayed that I'm not gonna statute of limitations. It was requirement at delta state university that you had to you had to do some numbers. Yeah. You had to do. Charm. I think I had the football sheets. See? I told you this once online the Princess because when she said she went to delta state university. I got in trouble there once and I I sent her only one. Anyway, what I was not allowed to return real. We're not doing those doing anything. It was it was like. It was when it was a big big know like homecoming or something there's some killer band, and there's a big main area like a quad or something, you know. Right. We're so it's so idiot monkey comedian. Boy, I'm not there for like twenty five minutes in front of whoever it would have been at the time, but somebody good country or rock or something we run at both kinds of music. We do. Bob's Kamali allowing now Axelle orange orange orange. Four hours with. Suppo-? I forgot what happened. But I no I'm saying I think what happened is because it wasn't me. But the band is playing some covers ever who it is. And they're playing George Clinton and they've got him going shit. God damn get off your jams damn they got. So there's three thousand of them out there on the quad chanting this. I've already done my time some idiots that live. They've got like a little I'm out. I'm sitting some guys out in front of their apartment from folding chairs, drink some beer and drink some liquor watching all this place, and somehow or another I got lame for starting the chance. Goddamn, comedian from Alabama timing thirty minutes in the middle of whatever's going on they go into when the phone Delic, and I get way and that was my last appearance at delta state university. I know some people. He's come into the delta. The alligator hunt. You gotta get the main lifted anyway. Probably get you back to think. So. No college kids today. Probably. It's not. That's overnight. We can get that lifting. We can get you a gig. And we can get you down to the hunting camp. What else he and I? Negate or hunting? I thought you did it all season. You can only kick catch two of let still. Two more than you've ever dreamed. Hope you can catch and harvest only two now you can catch and release means you. Yeah. Different same different, right? Only harvest to danger yoyo. Do the death row? They death death roller. Now, you gotta release that thing. Unlike say, really good about them. Now, I'm quick faint. Clever. I saw your dancing video some good stuff. Throat or dancing video. Free. All right. Saw coming out on star grateful IRA. We're gonna test test burgers. Nice nice. I'm excited for this. Carl slight he's intensities, but guest he's ready drop that weight city can be quick on his face. He's serious. Working on this burger we've been in this kitchen what about two hours maybe longer. The only thing he's doing today. Lock in the kitchen just to try to get the burger down right Cuban Berg. He put a lot into it. I'm excited to see. He's. Nick, what is naked the first one. Of course. Of course, it gets the first bite of burger Marie t shirt. That much sweeter. I would think it would be caned. Painted. What do you think Vick O mom cars working on this burger all day all afternoon? All right. What do you think Nick delicious? But he, but of course, be delicious. So if the answer is obvious why you asked me, the is it is it is it to where you wanted to be. No. Of course, it's not one point on this one point really fast. Explain what's going on real fast. I know you're busy. It's like serious. All those questions the first Ferrari win the race. Right. This is the prototype. What if everyone really really likes burger next year? Oh, fucks about anybody opinion except mine zero. So what are you thinking right now, I'm not happy with it yet. But we get all the interview. I can. I was here. Vic Wells' ship. Of course, you like it gets controversial to Sern. To Sern thing earned there in the pot. The burger gave me one a little while ago. It's actually. But he's not happy with drinkers coral, man. Did crunch. I love the. Shit. Everyone likes. It really really really good. Really good. A negative thing. Say about it. He's not happy with it. He's not happy with it. Athlete. He's got a perfect his craft. He can't turn out crap. He's got a reputation. Like it. He's intense. He's ready for it corals and training. Need to have to rocky. I don't like this version of coral weird. Weird. Working folks. It's like paying. TV y'all know. Pretender for anew. Pretended stupid. I am. You'd really thought the potatoes onions because the sauce or something in the sauce little Tang. And I thought they were unable and it shook the your palate, I'm gonna smock sophisticated. I'm sneaking out with you. All right ninja hugs bringing. I've gotten into stickers the barbecue ninja, where's the big, man? Go to Instagram to at the BBQ ninja go 'til Facebook business pay in the BBQ ninja and Twitter is the underscore BBQ underscored ninja calm and follow. Because these guys their family of mine, and we keep it real you. Love the podcast, right, man. The pot the best out there. All right. The ebay. I write that we're gonna see at the the the barbecue in about a month. Exactly. What's the over under of tanks and falling down the stairs and dying. No bit Novem. Nobody knows what happened. How come? Rake himself. More time. I self induced date rape. Red you repeated sale we're talking about the hug, man. We had intelligent nights conversation about about pigs, Ed turnaround. He's on a date with Bill. Because. Cosby? Call for your black. You don't come back for a little bit. So I get this. Get this. Not packed for day. One. Really? I'm glad I was part of it. So. In his Maria. Delicacy t shirt. Wait. Are you bro? Don't see the red light on. Of the pizza. Nikko? Fuck yourself. That he was able to keep my I'll see you at the barbecue in a month. Right. And he plugs. What do you want do? Yeah. On the the U Binz dot com family where we're getting ready to hit the road Opie. We're going to be everywhere this summer. I was I love it. When I have people from your podcast that come to me and say you're doing that drove to yeahs you city to eat restaurant. Yes. I mean that that's real true. I say, I appreciate you know, y'all in cleanness. Are you bonds right now? He's got real seriously. Actually, we knew. I will never make them. I'll see you guys soon writing. Man. Was a pleasure brawler. Your remember me Opie? I. I'll never fuck on you because your beard looks grey. Makes you look like a homeless guy. Oh, Zor shits long diet. No, I don't. I don't know. I don't doubt at all. To start tomorrow morning. And we can do a run with the hog man day. If you want to do I'm ready, and what what is this Intel? Moon. Tell you. All right. I'm in their hog. Man, you go. I'm going down, brother. Good C, hog. Man. Pleasure. All right. Oh, we're doing. Okay. We're doing a weird hog. We're. So the handshake turned into a weird hog Kennedy. Good eat. Yeah. Go holy city halls base. Charleston, South Carolina by west Christian Jackson, world, Instagram as. Mrs Emaar S P G G A four three right? There you go. Man. Everyone. Follow you on this to grab augment your brother. Thank you. All right. Vic, let's kill bro. I'm leeward Vic kenley we're leaving the kitchen locker Bonte called sodas, a wonderful wonderful afternoon as he's trying out trying out. I don't know. I guess you would call it a recipe for the Cuban hamburger to that thing was delicious, and crawls I'm not happy with it. No. I love his competitive nature necessar- regular people need you anybody else. We're like you're getting into the degrees of difficulty where he's really like. I'm not wanna split hairs here. Donnie rice, he's really going lebowski nine point nine nine point seven five knowing that, you know, he said some really smart in there right near the end. So he finally we just take splaying we'd been just hanging out of the kitchen drinking having fawn catching up with some old, friends and stuff all the whole time was intense working Carla background absolute chips, ever has a chain. It didn't look up in July like watching iron shepherd jumping just pointed Stover, chopping boiled. Mario trying to get the whole thing. And he finally got the spices right stuff where he's like. All right. I think we can make actual hamburgers. Trying meet with them the whole time try this. He granted those pretenders for thirty five being off whatever for half hour. He wouldn't do anything. Senate cheese. Grater Grayton using mine asp round thing that I we've known catalogue time. I have never seen that named like major focus. But anyway, so he finds like all right. I guess I'll feed these fuckers. So so he got to play the hamburger is the Cuban hamburger finally like at least like the first day, though is like I could start here. I get at least feed these guys. And everyone's like, oh my God. It's everyone's like giving them props. Hi fis. Like, I'm like, I want another one. And then go to Carl. I what he thinks. I'm not happy. And then go put everyone else thinks they're great. He goes. I don't care what anyone else thinks he's not even listening to follow that with the only opinion on this food. That counts his mind. I don't care believe you gotta be then you've got to be. Yeah. You gotta we arrogant self aware you little bit room for listening. But I don't think air compare. I don't think any of these guys even Julia Charles, I think she takes. But he knows what he's looking for it to him, even though that was one of the best I ever had in my life or he's not ready. He's not ready to to put that on the menu here, the antibody, and the seer had that you she the crunch for the with the sauce. He had some kind of Saracho something Cuban experimental Russian Cuban. Yeah, he was trying to get the eat them. He was trying to throw a little heat on the damn thing to just to try that as well. Where are you at it? I'm going to the subway, I'm taking the L train. Where are you going? I I haven't gone taking the two of the three now we're getting to local for everybody. But that's okay. A little New York City fucking hometown knowledge, really most happy about Carl is the fact that they're digging up the whole corner the streets not going to impede his opening. It's trying to find a harder place to get. You are all in crane in the middle of the street. Right. I'm being shitty. But it's here's the giant Starbucks that we made fun of look over your to your right? Oh my God. It's a giants. Start like half. If a bar in there, they make pizza that's wrong. You want to take a look. Hideous isn't a hideous because nothing is really going on in there. He can generate enough income to pay for this rent. I think they have. It's just so people go in there and take their pictures for this corporate something Seattle's paying for that. I get. Get. No way this can submit an income that would pay rent. No. Of course, not it's classy, right? Look look at the hits towards this. First army what star? I don't know. All right here. This is why people hate America right right sack. People Lewis black would have an aneurysm to here right now. I don't understand the are apparently were missing I told you guys are on it arming. Hey, hey, what is the army? If you don't let me so we saw all of our coffees from small lot Marv. So all of our coffees are rare limited and constantly rotating, the one land somewhere in Central America all of our on barrel. Wherever the coffee Bill. Yeah. Yeah. Like farms. I smoke Mars. Care possibly be making your rent though. I'm much much this call to stay open. Yeah. Yeah. You would have to generate millions of dollars in this space. I would think as well corporate. Let's do this in this show off case. Let's yeah. This big. Okay. Definitely are are really really trying not at all. The glands on his right hand. We're getting out here again trouble. See you guys. They're secure. It's like just a black thing. Security. I didn't even take the back because I don't know for. I think she was cool. She was cold, you would've let us actually she knows it's complete nonsense. She plays. It's a giant. It's just a giant space to show off the Starbucks brand it they can't make their money. It's impossible. I don't have a good offer square footage. But it's it's it's triple the square footage. Really Starbucks nothing on the planet. Oh god. It's the size of easily four apple stores. It's easily easily. You know, they have literally forty workers. There's nobody hangs thing and this five people there's no it's yes, it has the same amount of traffic as your go outside in America to your corner star right and see the same amount of foot traffic is what you're saying. Here the MAC daddy, mega all-time Starbucks corner to corner block in New York City. Starbucks just showing how big their guy. He's that's it. He said I really I'm running for president holler. Do Trump Howard show? Yes. This is just now starting now these are gonna pop up all over America. Howard Schultz doesn't have a chance. How many how about you figure out your coffee? Starbucks is one of the worst cups of coffee. These days they were the leader for the longest time. And now all these mom and pops pop back up in New York because people actually want a good Cup of coffee again mile. Rocco? My bagel every morning. I don't know who's making it. I think they are. I'm sure at some bought brand. But it's a damn good fund. New York City Cup of coffee that goes great with everything. Oh, oh, my we almost got run over my winning doubt. Follow a small child. The mom is dragging small. I'll use the family as a human shield and continue to jaywalk here. What happened a hotbed? I had a nice normal conversation with the guy the guy's completely. Well. Smashed. They started pouring liquor down them, you know, well, fair enough. No, wine, wine wine wine wine that resemble in the walking. And they were you know, I don't know maybe had some drinks on the plane. They just flew in from somewhere. Karl dean have a sip Carl's trading. Now, he was working, man. He's going to be there for three or four more hour. I'm out come back. Really, you know, he's going to be there for what that's not bad. That's not bad idea. Maybe they'll come back to will the Morimoto lunch. Pre-game was the really really tasty. Just another just another crazy day New York man when you're only around with Carl turns out their food always food. I'm sometimes usually killer. Good MAC daddy food. So it was nice to meet those Mississippi. They were all really loved a Ubon people that put a there's a there's an Ozark mountain daredevils wreck called men from earth. Right. And you just have to. It's just two of the rough fish looking old the downhill Billy dudes holding two horses. It's like they've just been plowing and working. Really rough looking at I put that picture on Twitter and went hanging with the ninja and tank. Holy city hall, all they loved it. I thought it was if I was better on Instagram. I tried to copy the damn thing over, and I couldn't get it to work. But I go I go here. I'm posting a picture of showed it to them. They're like. Like what the fuck is. Like those. Dardanelles baby. If you wanna get to heaven, you gotta raise a little hell to create song. Jackie blue. Found on. I love that saw didn't they have a we did this bitter ready. They also did chicken trade. That's one of my chicken trying to three I two or three guys. Jus just so they could foul. It's hard like they're playing rubberband. Oh, yeah. Just crazy. Jay and drain tickets. You get. Song on it'll shine when it shines call e Lawson's. Oh, yeah. And it's just about an old country store. Okay. And the whole the whole thing you go E Lawson's on Saturday that heats up from but the Robins. They're selling everything from aids and chicks and chicks. There's just a whole grocery list of the hillbilly country store. So. All right. Are you going awesome? You're going to keep going. Get another block for my subway. Where's your subway right here? Goodbye on the uptown. The second. The old ill-trained. Well victory was good to see. It's been way. Too long. Brother, non. Yeah. I'm back. I'm back. Little bit after Easter. I'm around for about six weeks. Okay. I want to do one of our walking around central park. Now that the weather by. Yeah. Yeah. I thought about you on the beach down here in Florida. I saw people surf casting. Yeah. In Sarasota, it has begun. Oh, you should have heard them talking about the Tarpon running a really, which is it wasn't that time of year. All I was asking the surf cast coups thing about fishing down here. And they're like, oh, it's like the salmon spawning, but it's in the ocean following the Gulfstream. Wow. Yeah. You gotta get out there. And so you would have had fishermen crazy about taking this taking? Oh, okay. The fishing season has begun. I couldn't be happier. I go for the stripe bass that's pretty much. What's going on right now off the beaches? All right, Vic barbecue ninja stickers in my pocket today. There you go. I'll even. All right five Vic. Joey, I guess that does it what a day really happy for Carl black kebab is about to open. These figuring out that menu and figuring out all the dishes. I think the restaurant is in good hands. Good hands. I'll have a real moment for second very happy and proud of Carl. So it's obvious. He's exactly where he needs to be just running the fucking ship, man. He knows shit. Joey, I'm walking by this loud thing. So Joey fed up. Joey, I know I said wrap it up. But I gotta tell you just as I said, wrapping up her that music. I just walked up to it as you you heard and that's coming from a place called the this can't be real the KGB spy museum. On what street am I on? I think on fourteenth street fourteenth street. And sort of seventh avenue. Hey, the KGB spy. The hell is this society of special Justice? It's going to go on the door. But honestly. You have to pay there's a big black Kurt. And then you get past the lady. And then you go into the museum, whatever. All right just thought that was really weird Joey ticket away wrap it up while this was a bit of a New York City barbecue preview for twenty nineteen men calls more of a perfectionist than we knew. Right came to tryout that burger I hope you guys make it down a lot combined for the big opening and support. My soon to be too busy and too rich to be part of this podcast pow ship. Call ROY follow Carl's restaurant on Instagram at lock who. And why C so you can keep up with what's going on and banks again for listening to OB radio.

Carl Carl Mississippi New York City Florida Robin Hood Bonna Kevin bacon Billy Knicks Instagram Greg Miller Miami New York Dan Charleston South Carolina Craig Lucca Joey
A Messi Situation


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A Messi Situation

"This show is presented by Hulu which has lies sports, watch live games, and all your favorite teams live on Hulu. No cable required. Live TV plan required. Restrictions apply. Welcome to the show on agent helium Nick distinguished company of poll mariner and shack his Lopa. I'm actually losing Cam, gentleman, the number international tournaments that are Angie, taking place at the moment. I think I've missed the African Cup of nations is starting. We will have Stewart Robson joining us a little late if that guy ball. Cody is also on board. We'll start with the Copa America Argentina's misadventures continue in Brazil hell to a one one draw a Dow one, one draw that by Paraguay, Richard Sanchez. She gave Paraguay the lead in this one. Lionel Messi, hotly disputed penalty equalizing from the spot Argentina surviving penalty conceded, just past the Almog. Bailed out by goalkeeper Franco Armani, but it finished one a piece and left. Ledo Messier men, still searching for their first win. So it leaves a group be looking like this and Argentine are looking at everyone else in the group at the moment on one point Qatar above and Columbia beat guitar by goal to nil and the other game in the group Paraguay with two jewels so far so Columbia in pole position. But of course, all the Tokyo point gab at my Cody is about Argentina, and Leo messy is they come up short again. It was a pretty Dow display in some ways, they were lucky to get out of this with the point one. Yeah. And I think what strikes me here about abouts colonie is all right. You had a poor performance in game one. But is this? When you go, when you, you throw out the baby with the bathwater. Is this one? You know, he made four changes for this. But in reality, you know much more far reaching going to going to four four to bringing in a loud, that oh and the bowl and whatnot in midfield. Not bad players. But you can tell that there's no chemistry there yet. And I think that sort of panicked from the manager typically infects the players as well. You were talking about this poll before we came on the ad that the lack of any real cohesion plan. Nothing. Take him on as you're willing to sound. And it looks as always the Kurds. He looks notice listen to a whether he's saying on the training ground because when you performance in the first game you wanna go that you want to try and put the plan together some type of a Plum, I was looking at the one thing that we do when we look at the game. We'll, we'll what system on the plane with imposition, oats possession. It was so difficult to work out because there were plays though, in Lucca dead. So you could see with the goal with the foster break. When you're in the position in the middle of the pot. You always look at the place. If if we lose possession here. Are we going to be safe inside? And that's is no, the couldn't live with the place of maroon and then the track for the middle of the pot was non existent. There were so like a digital just jogging bucket. So it didn't really matter. So I thought there was no plan and b that the plays really interested. That's all in this music from me as, as you look at this hour. Tina is you see this team. It's a decent teams in all honesty, right? If you just look at the names, you've got who many believe as best player on the planet, and, and I agree with that. And then that after he'd just not quite sure what 'Argentina doing tactically. What some of those individuals are trying to do around lean on messy. From a tactical point of view. Give them what power why did against cuts on the first game of their game of the tournament. No re- surprises. See them getting almost beyond the ball as it didn't on a time. They had eight players in the box and just stifled any kind of creativity and smothered any space in the frontline. Now, you're looking for the midfield to do something to add something to, to somehow unlock this Paraguay defense. There was nobody there to do that. Okay. Then maybe you think well maybe this is more defensive minded midfield, yet, somehow the provided absolutely no protection to want to say about four but, but giving me with that school. And he said them all between Casco and on your FICO on either side, just pushing way up and leave me to set the box, all alone, again, just one big ball over the top. So asking power white to do absolutely nothing in terms of their own creativity in getting the other side of Argentina. And lo and behold, you find yourself chase. As you did. It's amazing to see again, how these individuals are and hope poll Argentina, tactically. When you consider the names of beatable to them so gab here they with one point from two games. Of course, there are plenty of instances in other world told teams have gone on to thrive off. They get one point for the first two games and scrape through the all they have to do. Let's face. It is beat guitar. And they're into the quarterfinals is going to happen. Yeah. Although they could be. Yeah. I mean I because the two best third paste teams advance, there's only three groups that's going to happen. But I mean, certainly with with Columbia playing Paraguay in the final game you can have a situation where you're Columbia sure to first place. Argentina could finish third. Driving. And yeah you know you've got to treat this now as, as a knockout competition and you have to win every game. But I think we saw from cutter really in, in both games even against Colombia when they lost that, you know this tough bunch that they can hang in there. You know, they, they did very well in Asia, and, and they did so for reasons, so I'm taking anything for any of this for granted. And I just wonder given house colonie panicked after the first game I wonder what levels of panic, he's going to reach an panic insecurity. He's gonna reach going into this one gap staying with you. The alz makers have certainly changed their mind that it'll on the evidence of the first games Jejina, we're second favorites at the opening of the tone, and that seven to one four favorites to win the twenty nine thousand nine Copa America a team on the rise. I was Columbia who are now third favorite's at five to one gab your impressions of Columbia to good victories said they seem to thrive playing in. Zil. Don't they? Yeah. They certainly left it very late against against cutter. There were a couple of incidents earlier in the match, which which could have gone their way HAMAs had a great chance couple of incidents. But, you know, frankly. I think they're they're right up there for a reason. There is a lot of talent in the side. I still have them as third favorite's. I would probably put or why just ahead of them, but they are coming together. Very nicely. I'll I'm the subject of Colombian stomp place. How Rodriguez said the big news today really strong link with Napoli wherever it's alone or opponent move seems to be up in the, what's your understanding, how likely is it to happen? And what you make the move would reunite with. Kalonji. Laudi. Well, they've had the deal with with HAMAs for some time. Now obviously Real Madrid extended his contract really while he was at buyer. And so there's more years there minder standing is that it's a deal of five million for one year loan with an option to buy year from now for for, for thirty million, which I think, from Apple's perspective is, is a good deal with homage. You're not quite sure what you're going to get. But what you do know is you produce some of his best football in Europe, undercut on sheltie. He certainly gives Napoli a special kind of player that can fit into a system, Janata complete many different systems. And I think at that price. It's a good deal. So they seems to be the man who scored twenty two goals and twenty six assists for Columbia on the international say all transferred toll updates available by the hour, live transport. It turns veto page on the website at ESPN NFC dot com. Who is paying type in heath colony Lloyd Murray Pugh and other US? Soccer stars, a lot of money to do a new go celebration code Hulu has lie sports. Why what's simple because who knew has lies sports? You can watch the biggest gains and sporting events on sixty plus Tom channels no cable required. Plus, you can stream the entire hoodoo library. Start your free trial of Hulu today. Live TV plan required. Restrictions apply. Learn more Hulu dot com. That would last the great unveiling Berettyo salary finally presented as you've intas manager today. The contractually obliged appearance of Pavel Nedved into into the shelter this hour, you signed a free eight deal. But now questions on Joe Genia was Chelsea midfielder being linked with Lincoln. We saw Zhao Santos's agency. We'll wait a few days to figure out whether there is any truth in these interest mentioned in the papers right now. He's happy at Chelsea found a great atmosphere. We can't really say he'd like to go elsewhere, but anything can happen in the transfer market. We will wait and see pretty noncommittal from Joji gino's, h he's only one year into a five year deal. Chelsea any chance. This happens Gavin goes to cheer in. By the way, that is wonderful agents exactly what I would want. My agent to say. I think with the transfer bound in place. Chelsea have an issue with with bodies in, in midfield. Right. Because obviously call which is going to go back to row Madrid after his loan Loftus cheek is out for a long, long time. You've got contact. You got Barclay, you've got Georgina. Maybe they can bring Mason mount back or Buckeye yoga or whatever. But the reality is, I think they need they need Georgina in the big. So I don't see a chance of this, and I think you've also their inclination is to hand the keys of the midfield to panic bringing Stewart Robson for the first time today. How you doing robo? I wanna get your take just on the big picture. What's going on at Chelsea? We salary gone, and very potentially Frank. Lamp coming in. You can weigh in on Joe Gino, to just give us your assessment of happenings in west London. Sorry come the end of it. Although he wasn't liked by the fence did a fairly good job. But he was always, he's wish I think to go back into Italy. I didn't think he was particularly happy with the way the fans treated him and Franklin pods difficult one because every other Darby manager over the last few years is being sent be perceived as a failure for not getting promotion difference. With Franklin is a media. Everybody seems to want him to be the next Chelsea manager. And he didn't have quite the money to spend the previous dobby manages had so he can going back to chills. He's going to be loved by the fans. He's going to be given that little bit extra time. He did what with the young players Dhabi, and that's probably what shows you're looking at some of these players might go back to Chelsea so you showed that he could coach young pleasant creek develop them. And that's what he might have to do with this transfer event. Poll franklin. Paul is, is it the right move for channels in his direction stirred that Chelsea ran with a transfer bum, then it's probably going to be that type of a move. Yes. Is it risky? Yes, it is on the executive of the same reasons that the robo says you'd like it in essence is the right thing to do. It's ghosts so much against the grain of how they've done pre if I'm perfectly southern is a massive risk on the on the different circumstances. They would have gone elsewhere. But I think you know, everybody needs a chance who knows he may be able to pull it off. He may be able to work with young kids got a young kids. He was a fantastic midfield player himself. You know, he's good management skills. He's going to have to have that. But this is a big Aston than w to Chelsea staying with you poll at Manchester United fifty million pounds linked with one, the Saka from Crystal Palace like do you like it do the player. I think there's a lot of growth in him. He gets opened doing very, very well. He defends right? Which is. We don't see to see too often. No. Does he likes to defend it closes the ball to me? I think he's one of the better right bucks that too much to go after if he's available. I'll say the get it you like this move shack. It's a needed move. It's a lot of money for a right back. We I mean, we were criticizing matches city similarly. What was it a year or two ago in their acquisition? But this is this is a player on the type of player that Manchester. United need. I needed for, for quite some time. I I'm with poor. I think he only gets bets on the twenty years old. It's does Manchester United in good. Stead robo just as smooth get y'all thumbs. Pull mentioned something a good defender, first and foremost, and very rarely when I've seen people good attackers run him is EPA because he's good Pisces quick on the turn. You get since good positions. So first and foremost, he's a good defender. And I think then Manchester United with develop his football ability going forward, but he must be a good defender. I and I think he is continuing with transferred choke Marcus rent a twenty four year old midfield. He's gotta move. He's not going to be able to call the move is, and he doesn't need to because he ran Madrid to Athletico Madrid. Forty million euro transfer fee, defensive midfield is supposedly the replacement for rotary signed with Real Madrid as a fourteen year old also on the move mats hummels. He's going back. He's only. Not going to pursue your Dolman thirty million. Euro transferring from by Munich, Cousy won the Bundesliga three times going back to the club. He spent nearly a full decade with. Ended in two thousand sixteen. We talk more about that Hummel's transfat on yesterday's addition of extra time, and you can find that on our YouTube channel with. Fringe four million to fifty eight's a long number number spiraling troll, but joined the pot. The thirty second Africa Cup of nations kicks off Friday in Egypt, the host nation of favorites, winning Senegal, and Ghana. Second close behind. Let's bring Stuart Wilson into the conversation because stew is going to be cooling law of games. You told me twenty games over the next four weeks Jewett. So if I asked you, who we have favorites heading you probably wouldn't say Barundi omega Gasco, would you? Who's the best team in? In my view the best players and the best team. And they're in very experienced the being together quite some while Senegal the best African see the World Cup Graham fortunate that they lost their last Columbia, because I had a good start against Poland. They did with the better team against Japan, and they've got some very good players. Monir Neang UD played world for Ren this season. Solids got plenty of pace down the side main midfield Kuwata, they probably will play with midfield three. Quasi can then go back into a send a position as he did for West Ham on occasions before he went to Crystal Palace. So they're an experienced side. They're recited of got a flight and all the games together. They've got plans that can come into the side light Cates about, they might view of the best, an experience coast coach and he's been there for quite some while now. So in terms of the favorites, they're my favorites, robot Liverpool while we're bit Representative already mentioned saudi-omani. If goes Nebi, caters welfare, giddy, and most seller for Egypt, the pharaohs on home soil, Saleh primed for a start. In the tournament. They've won the toilet in the most of any team in African Cup of nations history. Can they do it again? To challenge in terms of their home. They've got most seller. They're going to new coach heavy in rather than Hector Kook Barry was to to defensive at times. He didn't have a good World Cup. They should have won the African Cup of nations last time round they lost the Cameroon, they've got a chance then got some good plans. We know about most Siler and they rely very much on the center, Hoffa Agasi who plays at West Brom Jovian one, good midfield with the Premier League now in L, many, and they're going to be planning on their own ground is going to be seventy five thousand it's a football mad nation Egypt. They've got a chance, but they're only fifty three in the world rankings actually only in the top six best teams in Africa at the moment in terms of their world rank in, but I think home advantage will were certainly make them one of the favorites robot y you mentioned that the chances of winning on maybe the heat will let can increase the chances of this is the first time gonna be played in June and July. It's normally be in January in February tournament on some of the temperatures are going to be scorching it. Aged, john. Yeah, it was a toss up between decided whether it's going to go to South Africa where it could have been minus temperatures this time of year on, whether it was going to go to Egypt, and they say it's going to be anywhere between thirty and forty degrees, but even more importantly, it could be humidity of forty to sixty degrees percent. So that is going to be a real worry for the players and it's not going to be a high heightened sense the competition. I don't think it's going to be a technical competition going to be a tactical competition because the hate would determine that. And that's why Egypt's of got a decent Jones, there'd be used to those conditions for the first time as you can see. It's also it's followed the pattern of the women's World Cup in the euros is expanded to a twenty four team field. What's your feeling? How to get Jack feeling is whom advantage will huge dividends for Egypt given the conditions understand Egypt's can slip in the rankings. But when you look at the results, particularly last eleven months of only loss of Nigeria, in Nigeria and at home. We've put together decent of results things have really tuned for them over the last twelve months as a result. I'm I'm leaving Egypt here. Cameroon the reigning champions. But Clarence Saito pretty inexperienced a helmet. It kills me to to this. But I'm going to with Mr. Robeson not just. Just. Does pay it? When you look at the team will probably start. The spine of that team is very very strong in some very good central midfield player school valley didn't rates in the Champions League. But awfully play well for his country this in this tournament. And of course going going through front. You've got some absolute game changing place. I think it was going to be interested in is gonna learn from previous tournaments. See say the managers rebels said is an famous moll Indies to prove it, this, and this is the pleasant that heat they're expected to do very, very well. I think they will do. Well, there's one or two little. Sort of bumps in the road for them while take Senegal gap. Well, if there's room for some Africa Cup of nations in your life. We have you covered a big old bump up preview over on our website, read all about. It is B, N F, C dot com. Now the Justice sent along group f in France of the women's World Cup the USA at three wins out of free closing out with a very good to know victory over Sweden and Chile finishing up with a win against Thailand. It sexy bog graph time she's here for US international K at won't get you to talk about the Sweden game. We, let's look at hey, JR. As the knockout rounds a now upon us, and particularly for the US. It's a very interesting offer the bracket isn't it took about how a packed half of the Joel? They've ended up they Spain in the round of sixteen but why would England is well in that hard for the bracket? And of course France, the four best teams in the world. England France United States in Germany in three of which are on the left hand side of the bracket now coming into the tournament. The question was does United States wanna finish? I do they want avoid fans France in the quarterfinals and the US said, no, that's not our mentality will actually hurt us moving forward. We're not gonna play the game at bracket allergy because somehow. That always bite you in the butt. Is there feeling and they want to earn this World Cup championship so they decided to win? They played dominant. They played well at a lots of players getting time and scoring key goals. This is a team that's going into knocker fairly confident. Do you see any upsets in the ram sixteen tour is going to be the full favorites only collision course in the final? I don't see any upsets I don't, I think Germany is getting stronger England's getting stronger as well as France. And that's what you want to see from the top teams. And that's the reason why they win it is they get a little bit of that momentum that they need to avoid injuries as some of their key players in either goalkeepers to continue have strong performances. But if they're able to do that I do not foresee any upset as Norway in Australia. They're just going to battle it out. England easily beat Cameroon France will beat Brazil it's a that's decimated. Not very deep a little bit tired, and one of the oldest teams in the tournament, and the United States is going to have to handle Spain who will have more possession of the ball. Don't have that ruthless instinct, so they should be able to capitalize because we're more efficient than they are Paul. How are you feeling about the lion? England. Playing Cameroon next Tustin. Three three games. Three wins for. I totally agree with Kate and the mentality of the US national team. You don't wanna play bracket. All the gist. She says, you, you don't want to be too cute clever. What's in front of you just steamrolling win win the game. And just go onto the next game that so you build confidence. That's what happens in the squad. The squad's got stronger, the managers is the way she will get stronger with the weather. She's managing the squad. So just keep on going as a fantastic Brockett. Any chance is not an England USA semifinal again. Looking at the palms. But from. What Francis playing really really well and Francis strength. Our weakness. They're very, very good and fast on the wings, going forward and are outside backs in today, especially got out a little bit, especially our left hand side. That's a very strong side for France. So that's something that I wonder how Jill Ellis in the US when was now seeing is going to adjust because you have to accept other teams maybe better than you in certain areas. How are they going to handle that Bronx the US? No. No, look what I'm wearing Adrian, who blue ankle killers. I've got to read. You mentioned Germany, wouldn't you look at the other half of the bracket, K, Netherlands Canada, Jimmy. But it just seemed to be the slightly easier route through doesn't it? Right. And that was their argument. So Sweden happily came second in the US group because that means that put him over on this right hand side, and they're going to have to face Candice. This is definitely the easier side, Netherlands, takes the group. They had if they hadn't even tied the game today they would have gone in advanced top of the group really Netherlands Japan, they should out Howard Japan Japan struggles with their young team handling the physical nece China bunker defensively tough Italy should beat them, Germany, will beat Nigeria and Sweden, and Canada, that's just going to be a yellow card best excited, that's gonna be full on down punching and that's Weedon prize for losing against the US. These they end up in this town for the bracket with Canada, you want that bracket. I will happily take Candover Spain to be honest. Right, right. Yeah. Any, any upsets you foresee though? Oh, no. I think in all honesty, and again, going back to the initial healthy Bracco pushed off of the bracket with US's. From the US, I don't fair FRANZ and understand that's who communist, he told them as favorites. But I don't think I don't think some of their good performances of transferred into results. I think the US have a little bit of a chip of the show of that criticisms. That gave me they were very bullish when they, we are not backing off a message of July Kate. Thanks for your company will see next time. Welcome in that into extra-time what we in the midst of it. It's like two hundred merica women's will go up on the twenty African. African insurance. Some Patagonia invitational. No. Getting invitational. We have five student ups and get about. He also with Tim gets kicked off today. If you many nine eight boys would you rather go all in to sign Kulu valley or name? Oh, that's your choice. I guess money no object. But Khuda by the Mazda serious question. I coating to Tim, he's I think he's being serious, though. You take he doesn't indicate you don't say. Somebody on things being equal treatise you that patrols between cooed about in Nemaa, really? No. That's the only choice we being offered by Tim. Tim. Is taken cooler Beleta. Yeah. Yeah, let's, let's move on. Miss could maybe you cannot maybe does one onto that guy drops a contrarian. Does he want the renewable gap retrieve you? Well, look, I mean, very simply put it's cool body costs you. Let's say a hundred million euros season plus say seven or eight million euros. Maybe even ten million euros in wages and the other guy's going to cost you two hundred million and forty five million in wages. I think there's a pretty strong argument to make for the body actually also for one of the reason you don't have all the off the pitch issues, you'd have a really, really strong back for. And if social screws up the new guy's gonna come in all these got to do is go and fix the attack. He's not going to have to go and deal with his Phil Jones. Chris mauling nonsense at the back. But you'll have the solid base to build on. So I don't think they cost the same. Sure you go name on, but they don't one guy cost you a lot lot more. Nima Moonen gave heats Nima. I don't think he likes Chris. Molin. Go we Romo. Signed up recap. I would. Mile anywhere near my club, the problems you have as a coach. You go to try and with these he wants to be the best player. I've seen him play some great guys. I've also seen him at the World Cup where he plaques. He does all the things you don't won't from a professional footballer, and he ruined some of the other things that will not have the plans. Wanna do I wouldn't have him? Anyway. Mike Cooney valley is one of the best send to homes in European football with do a great job. Why? Ju hates. I'll tell you what, my takeaway gab. Would it be did he two thousand could Man United hijack the grease Mun deal? Maybe a place. What would we Cocco and signed cash to help aid pug, though? I mean, Joe you, you, you wanted to let you wanna give it. Let's go Madrid. Lukaku. Plus cash and take reason first of all, if I'm to Madrid. I'm gonna take the cash always. Secondly, sure, if they want grease Mun they can go in all guns blazing, I think it would help obviously, but you know what it would have already been knocking on that door. It is an interesting one. You know, you wonder people in Barcelona, saying just giving until July first first transfer market opens, you know, is going to be announced he seems so so sure of it, and again officially you have to wait until I, I do this. But it's weird that it's kinda gone quiet on the front media tactical. I don't know. Yeah. He'd be a very good signing for United, although they'd still need to shift some players. All these has gone quiet hasn't they I tell you who is not quiet. And that Gary, Gary is angry says, no point. Asking when we ask for questions, I ask all kind of footballing questions you never pick them up, and then you pick stupid ones like small pans with legs whom to go on a drive with goats. We have a panel of professional football as they use that time, sir only pick football questions almost this question, so well was swiftly on to the next one from Keith can check. If an orange is an orange. Why isn't a lime cold green or lemon Colby yellow? What an orange is cold in orange. So why isn't a lime? Agreed. Align is live. Why he's asking Cheka specifically, but could meet reciprocally. See you. Kulla US citrus experts is that what is it a line cold? Call the grease. It's called the line as lime green specific color. Green the green oranges cold. An orange on the Leonard of nevertheless them, the yellow because fruit lost in translation, -sition, Wendy. Green, then as they get ripe for the yellow, and then the kids Bernardin's gets orange, and the final phase of its all in evolution of code. Four. What role gab? I believe the etymological explanation Hollywood. It's. Oh. There was no word for the color orange until oranges were invented. And so they. The, the color is named for the fruit, because more is not a naturally occurring color in nature. And so the only thing that was orange was the fruit until they called it orange. That's where it comes from. Whereas there are things in nature that are yellow the sun for. Here gothics. I could almost believe that. I just love the delights. I love the GATT managed to get at two men logical. What was living? About by the way Romo, said baron is often being cold and that was Slough. Rolpa. You'll get there wasn't the kind of for that before Craig Craig bellies band saying, who does robo think would look best bowl joining you in the. In the bowl. Bravo, who, who owned the season does he could have hand. No handshake. Knows might be a little bit more. Bombing. Maras here, distract from his news. Hey Harrington was gives me fuck about me be-. What's from this is a monthly knows this bugle. This has been hounded. Well, you know because you a few times. Three cheekily Brooker twice. Gary, I hope you're satisfied. Keep those prices coming ex professional players on the panel. I think we we, we. Next issue at the show ESPN, if C you could catch it on. Plus, when they African company nation student seeking to sell more. Seventeen of football.

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Ajahn Santutthi | Escape The World | Armadale Meditation Group

Buddhist Society of Western Australia

1:21:52 hr | 1 year ago

Ajahn Santutthi | Escape The World | Armadale Meditation Group

"Should be by allowing will ride straight forward to content has Asia to the scientists being that would turn wishing safety man being speed. Be Co strong facing great team. Made sure to a small scene living near man fire away. The able man beings be happy. Oh this is any being any state then on through and go. Will we on the protein shakes with a lie child with shoot mine? Cherish your living beings ray kind world spreading word suit skies with with bounded free from hatred and you will standing on walking. See overlying free from drowziness was saying this recollection election. This is said to be binding odd holding two V.'s. The one having vision promos is not on a initial use case. Now why should I say anyways We all come into meditate saying seem very familiar faces. And I'm sure you've heard the teachings over and over but it's just nice to reflect on on just the just the ability to just give yourself some time and to just sit and just have a break from the world say he's a nice gift that you can get to yourself and just reflecting today when I was meditating. I didn't really have anything to do in the afternoon. So that was just free time and is like a vein in the monastery for so long. See the same trees kind of boring. You clean your clean job room. Let Five Times that. There is nothing else to be cleaned. Actually still be dirty. You being in the Meditation Hall is all saying the hills the scenery and I guess to a point where. You're not really interested in anything and you have nothing to do. And sometimes we get ourselves to that situation and look. How many things can you do in a day and you probably start to realize that you probably do the same things you do the same thing on the weekend? You do the same thing at work. And he gets all point where all the things that you can do has been exhausted so what you have left is a little bit of free time. So what do you do with that free time go facebook? Send some emails when we find ourselves as as you know people even monastics when you have those Times in your day where you have nothing to do. Maybe spend some of that time. Just Meditating and it's sort of like in a sense when you have exhausted all the things that you can do during that day Your mind has nothing to do and nothing to think about so when it comes to like seeing that kind of momentum carries over so when you said the mind is quiet. The money's peaceful and that doesn't really take a think That much work in order to Reach THAT STATE OF LIFE. Peace and quietness always say. He didn't say compared to listen to me. And and it's the same in order to be able to like experience a little bit of peace a little bit of stillness One has to just put time into the practice. And it's sort of like whatever you focus on in life that grows and you can just sorta see that in your everyday life. He had some sort of stressful. Some sort of problem. When you focus on that you know that's just becomes bigger and more problematic. He ended up getting paranoid. Oh you know when you focus on the things that you like to do on a nice. Some of you may like to Cook Carpentry. Read UP ON POLITICS. And if you go into the shopping centers and find all the tissues and toilet paper but those things when you have time you have focused you can actually create something. Nice if you're like a carpenter or cook and they'll say you start to focus on this. Let Corona virus. You just end up going to the shelter just talking with toilet paper and was Ditto. Ditto and Lena so whatever you focus on in life whatever you pay attention to that will agree. Yeah like you. Can you know you also know that like when you get a little bit of anger salon arises in your heart and then you just focus on a little bit is not So much but because that person said something. Your mind goes back to the hangar and it gets a little bit bigger and it gets a little bit bigger until the point where you know if it's completely out of control so this focus and paying attention to something helps you develop the mind in the direction where the mind is paying attention to say the more you pay attention to the anger the more stronger he will become the more attention we pay to light fear of getting sick then you just act accordingly but it doesn't matter if you get sick in hospital saint rose to when it comes to putting attention onto the The meditation practice the more. We can just focus out energies. Al Time Just giving ourselves that opportunity To meditate that will give you That will allow peace and stillness To Arise Yeah. Is that a like Yeah it's like how can you get lazy just sort of like you know you want money in this world you have to go and work you gotta putting the Alice in the get something there's like a cause and effect yet to do something to achieve something and in a way you know with peace and stillness you actually have to put some sort of if it into it to get some patient to get some stillness? But he's not. How do we do it? Well it is a secret am oh. I'm pretty sure if you meditated for many years many times you know pieces Dylan is all about otherwise. You wouldn't be coming back here or otherwise. You wouldn't be meditating. Well I think one of the most like important. Things is that you can take into your meditation. Practice is the way you sort of relate to it relaxed. Chew when you're meditating. Have the attitude of whatever happens happens. He's not a big deal. I was just looking at. It is free and the grading process. Do you regret his role in seven. Tanya sooner or later will think is is like he knew As has monks we One of our jobs is to just observe of the things that happened in mind and We we can understand his his grief in and is just like an emotion. Because you've lost somebody and it just really depends on how close you are to. The president determines You know how much suffering you're gonNA have and Innocence as As you know put us we. We come to understand that. Sometimes these feelings so strong Become do anything about it. We can't we can't say telesales. All I want is to go away. Oh you know why me. Hoya take medication or talk to your friends or even take get rid of this grief but because it's so strong is a stay there so I think it is true when they say time will heal all wounds. So sometimes you comedy do anything but just let the the grave Sort of like dissolve all by itself. But I think in the meantime you know you can control what you do in your daily life like you can control who you spend your time with US spending time with friends at just give you that Momento metairie Happiness he can laugh a bit. You enjoy the food that you're eating just anything to basically help you forget about that grief. And then over time I think the strength of that grave will eventually disappear because of my dad and my mom lost her husband. Gremlin close her husband and they all went through the grading prices. Some of US great more than others but eventually they take it over how you can meditate as well. Just just be patient. Be Patient and just just Just like just sit down in and just just watch the mind and see what the mine shows you because his mind has he can show you anything and everything is more more TV channels and the Internet is go more channels than youtube can show you the good stuff you can show you the best stuff and when you say long enough is not how long you say but when you sit and give opportunity For your mind to show you to show you what this meditation can give you. Then it's sort of like The mind what it shows you is that he can give you like a bit of peace. A bit of stillness. clarity One thing that I find with the meditation practices that he gives you like a break from life. You know some people talk about. Oh let's go to go on holiday to Bali or something like that to just get away from life and they go on holiday he a lot of food and the ghetto massages and the in Sweden and all the time when comeback. Yay was amazing. The toll the offense and was it is because they just got away sometimes. You just need to get away from the things happening in life and they feel good full. That and I think the meditation practice offers you that escape with no budget. So you don't need to get on the plane case to mother Vivian. Wholesome way to get away from things you can get away from things. You sitting in a chair meditating. Be Able to get away. I think that's one of the. You know the best gifts that he gave yourself this lawyer. I think this little light. That's one benefit that you get like from the meditation practice and the other benefit you get from the practices Also like How like the the momentum of peace and stillness it just gets stronger and stronger and stronger within your mind. Caned and what that does is it allows you to find a place when you're meditating which is quiet and peaceful in a quicker way whereas when. I when you first start to meditate your life fidgeting kind his way go that way you mind. Speaking about this and thinking about that has settled down. Ten minutes has gone past. And you're sleeping. You thought about your essay and what you're gonNA eat tomorrow and you're like. Oh this doesn't work I'M GONNA quit. But that's what happens when you. I meditate the first couple of months couple of weeks couple of years even but then you get to a point where he sort of get it. I and then when you close your eyes your mind just quickly finds itself backing that peace and stillness and that's when you really going on holiday just being with to give yourself a break from anything and everything and I use our will practice to I you you. I'm not saying like a genius meditate or anything but you notice over the years yes. You're the piece of stillness actually becomes It's not like Jumba is is more available to you is like like is like Looking for rare plant right and it's very hard to find these rare plants a sixteen online. Sometimes I do that. A rare succulent talking sake online. And this one is like a lot of money and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. But they're rarely and that's something this little like when you when you meditating but the pace is still. This is something of a rare thing. That doesn't really come from time to time but But when you go to places where these tents on rainy more you can just go buddies and pick it up six dollars instead of spending thirty dollars room faces. It's rarity like the piece in the mind over time it so that changes and become something which is more common and easily found. So when you're you're meditating swear left to sway right thinking about these thinking about that but it can always get. You can always become grounded Quite easily and quickly because I think in his leg Yes you know. Anger is an emotion that we all know Being passionate about something we know that well laughter happiness sadness unite. There's something that we night and a think piece. His students is also one of those emotions that you can get to know. A lot of us is something which is elusive and rare let succulents that hypoc online for but then after the enough though well these low the peace and still have become commonplace emotions like the anger who happiness that you may feel from time to time all the angle that having this lady lot to access from time to time and that peace and stillness is something there and you don't really need to like Like sit meditation to experience. You can experience it throughout your day. You might be busy doing work and and all that kind of stuff but this moments way walking down the street waiting for something those moments I he can sort of like. Just let everything and just allow the you know the stillness the presence of mind to be there and I think that's what like he can understand that that sort of pointing your mind in the direction of left pieces stillness but all takes shade. Should you come a month practice? That's all it is just Just like a veto practice and and I think with anything you know. You need a bit of Aiko reward when you're practicing so when you're meditating for like five ten minutes just trying to look for the reward in the meditation practice little bit of stillness that little bit of being in the prison moment. That's the award that you get. You packed his that Mexico. Come back and do the meditation more has you know why would you wanna his like? Would you eat food that you don't like twice? So what would you meditate again? The vicomte fine like the little bit of pleasure in that meditation. So I like when you're meditating. He's like Bailey remindful in watchful whatever whatever's happening and then that mindfulness is. I think everybody has a mindfulness which is wise enough to understand what stillness and pieces and we doing. He's just collecting information. And that information. You can sort of reproducing and make it an experience in the meditation practice so instead of searching for the pace stillness you can actually go to it funded easily. This'll disabilities marinating all those remember. Marinating Long Coney Coney Schiff analogies. I want to talk about it next time. All right. Everybody's todd because told to all right you can start a just allow your mind value. Mind to be now. I need to do anything really so you just close your eyes when you meditate and you usually we close arise. We go to sleep so not doing that now. With closing is and watching with our minds. What is going on? Is that alike? Watch fool Knowing quality that we engage in when. We're meditating we're not completely shutting everything off most things off but we keep the mind awake we keep it awake to the point where we just know the things which is going on around us. We know that was sitting in a room that we're sitting on a chair. We know that everything is becoming duck and quiet. He's done to Nye the quietness of these three. We thought to inactive activity. That we're doing now. This is you say to yourself the first time probably fool today that you give yourself a chance to to forget about the world the humidity. You're not learning how to expect everything that's happening is the time where you don't fight the time when you're not doing anything time tages free yourself for you so to the moment so whether your mind is tired whether you think that this is boring or whether you think that this is a wonderful cardio admitted. Haitian whether you sleepy. Oh whether your mind is super active. Yes relax being with it. Just had like just trust in the the prices knowing that he long enough. If you watch carefully then you start to see the stillness and peace which lies within he. How own mines Keiser in the few moments some GonNa ring the bell ringing. The bell indicates that the meditation has come to an end. And then you can. You can open your eyes folks comments questions complaints you away kit. Is Everything foggy? Oh my God what they are. How many people yet OAKHAM joy it local Hamadeh having us be property or sunny small and Iraq lasted. Okay Awesome coast. Yeah Yeah. Have you been meditating for low? Love Heroes finds it difficult to meditate. Everybody said it like three lack the same experience as everybody else. I think she noticed that piece That you can always go back to it. Another another Lucca. I'll just meditating. Just reflecting on how was meditating. Sometimes I'll minds Not Quite in the moment if you know what it is. It's made to the possible to the future and is not quite there so all you need is a little bit of tweaking for the mind to be present and then when that happens you can just see mica like a shift in Yaw Meditation Practice. Could you talk? Something about the disposes in the world. That was similar toilet paper. Oh and watch the news. Listen TO THE RADIO. Talk to friends who is now a for really. Yes this is. This is kind of interesting. You know when you see Like you see. People read the news on the reactions. To what is what is happening. And then the Spiraling OUT OF CONTROL. And then he one person's doing it and another peasants doing it and we satellite is a collective energy that people get involved with and they end up going by toilet papers that so I Sometimes like you know when as months when we see our fellow monastics just get caught up in these things. We just say the news because that's what was happening is because Whatever you're listening to whatever you're reading somehow somehow influencing your mind. Even though he does that I actually eased. When you see how you're you're acting and how other people Active when it comes to things like that so Yeah sometimes we need to see the exit. Be Common Sense when it comes to things like that. Yeah it's sort of reached a Queensland but it hasn't come to pass yet kind of thing and I am so he was saying that maybe three to six months this when the device may make it to to pay people panicking a little bit and Because there's no cure this why it's beautiful worry but You know why about something that you have and just enjoy the the moment for what it is you know I mean. Sometimes we forget that it's like lobster goes on and I descend still comes up. His old house beautiful. You consider like go outside and just enjoy the day for what it is because like you know just looking at my own mind like your job doesn't really depend. It doesn't really bad on On you know your external your external situations your mind place of a huge pot in a way in how you interact with his with the world around you be having a bad day. Then everything is is bad right. You might hear your favorite song but you having a bad day. He's like you hate it but then when you're having a good day you know it could be raining Somebody called you like something. Not Very Nice. He gets a cold food as a monk. But because you have a good day it doesn't really the is not if you look at occasionally it's not the world a boundary that that Determines whether you're going to have a good bad day his two wilt within you at ten minutes whether your pet day is going to be good or not and that's something as human beings we can sort of see Was that he was in. I'm wants how can a he's like? I have a little Roy Scott in right at the monastery and how come how come pasta rice gotten. Sometimes I feel good. Sometimes you bet pink Purple Green Blue. They're the same but is my mind which is Which is different. Sometimes we like okay. The mind is like this so we understand that okay. I'll mind. Sometimes we have like BAD MOODS ECONOMY. Do nothing much about it. You Not GonNa enjoy like nothing enjoy today. That's it so you just deal with it. As put US Doug Shot. He doesn't complain. All complaining makes it worth and you just suck it in but when you have a good day when you when you all. Pasta is roses. She comes the gut is also the you can enjoy it and understand that. Hey you know some days are going to be like this say in a sense just make the most of it just pulls and understand that you know the happiness is and the let the unhappiness in life is life impermanent no Jose. They come and go so when the times are tough. Just you just tough enough. But when the time's going well you just enjoy the day for what it did. I think that's very true. Yeah also selfless should all the negatives positives and he's tried through and your day ash how you feel your rate words. They'd say oh tense because just muscles told you some Sunny Lazy. The man how come how come. He's negative moment. You always feel since he was young. Very big issue became on that Shit. Yes but It's kind of a difficult difficult. I think it's just a difficult to accept because on because we get like like with Buddhism in like like mental health plan sciences in education. Out there that that you can sort of change your mind you can become a negative pesident become a positive person but the reality of the Meta ease that that You know people people to a certain extent. How Much Education Like meditation or medication. They take this still going to be somewhat the same and with these Like Like improvements of of becoming a more positive person and becoming more content You know these things These things is that just take time and also I think it also When the individual starts to like understand that this something going on then they'll do something to change it like I think each like a the interesting thing about the Bahir stories about why like people become monastics like why I became a monk. You have the people coming eight teaching you go to the nuns monastery and they'll tell you the nuns tell you this story but I think what happens is They have some sort of inside while understand into their minds and something like crack. Something's not right yet. And I suddenly mentally rights. I said I'm willing to make a change. And for some reason. They found like connection live with Buddhism and meditation. Obviously because obviously through. The teachings of Jim Brown was suddenly know that. Somebody's up so we WANNA make a change. So that's why we as as as Monastics we dedicate how lives to this to this practice and I think like for anybody anybody out there listening. That's what you need to. You need to know that. There's something wrong some no room. Something not happening site. You actually put an effort into making a change and that's something like if you sunken sort of realize that he will make the change. You hear like some. I made like you're not here. Amazing stories as a month. But you witness amazing stories as a monk as big differences you see people Just coming in in before they before they step foot into monastery though you know the the terrible thing and But they knew that something was going on and just making that change in and just learning how to meditate then how to meditate and and Sort of Just change minds slowly. Danas that the meditation and monastic life offered that kind of Lilacs style say that what I to sort of give up what they were doing before him. Some people do here with toes. Someone's previous melts have done. What terrible things they just had that insight and you see like they just transformed from from nothing into something and then from something to nothing against you know what. I mean very very thin. Isn't it from something into nothing? Nothing into something from something into nothing carson logs of love you get love because at the end of day season Buddhist news that that we aiming for nothing in Olas tell people right like Sometimes you know we like we try to create a like a healthiest sense of self. Yes and how do you do that by loving the well engineering? Yeah what's your advice on life? Having talking say hey you off. Since now. Fifty percent less often you talking about just like the meditation practice. Oh I think it just came to my mind is there's one thing that that monastic learn is like. We did his walking meditation. So basically we just like just walking up and down and just being mindful of Let the movements in the body and So I like you know when you find yourself getting lost in Latin negatively or whatever getting angry or I think like you just stop what you're doing and do something else might just a little walk. You know I mean and just to a mindfully or just yeah just sometimes weren't doing a sitting activity we We sort of get caught in that emotion and continued doing whatever. We're doing that motion. Slow starts getting stronger so we need a you know I mean we just break. Just drop everything doing take a deep breath let me just go for a walk or maybe stretch and that allows your mind to just focus on something else and hopefully that would just give you like a little. Bit of posing whatever's happening and then you go back to what you're doing and anger maybe still be there but but at least you had a sort of pause for a little while and give yourself a break from it. I think that's important. Because as as like I consider relate to you because as meditated sometimes we meditate and we just get into a Rut thing kind of what should I use Theresa's paint what should use that paint Maybe she gets a modest. So maybe that plane Nails or screws my just for those who have any. I don't mind is guys getting and then you just have to stop. Meditating get up. Do something and then comeback team meditation. And that's sort of the same. We get caught up in these emotions or whatever or ruts in everyday life and stop that activity. Just take a break. I think that would help so screws paint a lot to say in what books one of my Computer Folks Research. Menard I into shit Made a monk for being for fifteen years and some pretty old. Now I'm a Perth boy so family migrated from Vietnam say excape because of all the troubles and and And his Mama grandfather he's a businessman he He got the two boats built and it was. He was charging people. Go Buzz to get on the boat. It's like a fool on story. Hey and and so they had to escape and anytime to escape was on the new moon so is pitch black and because my My family they will quite famous at the time and quite wealthy so The communist which is going around and just shutting down all the businesses and taking things. I have a semi so my Some uncle had the idea of escaping Vietnam forbid a future so they had to plan everything is not like okay take the bus in a depends on thing so that he was lucky escape. Plan a fake marriage That had to light. The family had to pretend that they were going to different city for marriage so that will close in the Senate invitations and all that kind of staging something and then anytime they could escape was in the middle of the night. Said 'cause Vietcong around so like what certain people into prison if they were looking at doing something suspicious and so the first one they go into bite and the mode in stock. Oh so they had to plan another marriage and then they have to wait another two weeks for the moon to sort of fiscal over again eventually. they got on the bright side of they went in went into grips just in case one. Group sort of perished on the way but by by the group says survived so my mom was pregnant with me on the bike side. Terry but it had the most comfortable seat on the bike then to Indonesia and this one was born and He from Indonesia to to path so I grew up in Perth Went to Catholic school. actually went to church a few times and I was like she. I should Catholic. Point Academy ahead liked his belief in something when I was younger and then just went through so I didn't. I didn't do well at school. So that's why I became shit. Yeah Most Cook your shopping for a while actually didn't finish finish it because because monastic life sort of arose for me and and just just being the type of person who I didn't really think about my future come into monastic life. They WANNA finish up their degree so that if they disrobed they can have something to fall back on. But I didn't have those kinds of ideas in mind so I got interested in Brazil because stuff happens. Crap HAPPENS ASIAN EVERYBODY. We go through crap in life stuff happened and then. I just luckily found found Buddhism through I was even willing to go to Vietnam to become a monk because my mother at the time teacher was from Vietnam. And all wanted to do was to lend mid to learn how to meditate. And that's the kind of kind of like a place where I come from when it comes to my intention home. Why became a monkey is just to work with my mind because look at a young age? I sort of had a slow start a realize that a Lotta problems came from our own mind. He feeding being young and all that kind of stuff and and not really go you away having a tough time so I wanted to do something to help myself. They WANNA see psychologists who didn't have enough money now say for. Some reason met a connection with a meditation. Yeah I just led me to monastic life here host hospital just before. Yeah 'cause 'cause I think as a as a meditative you'll in essential searching full full meditation perfection. Yeah like you know. I don't know I hear about a much. But they talk about the Meditations innocence is the goal When you're meditating a Lotta times when we hear we told you not to aim for anything but there is a path of process like beginning middle and end when it comes to the meditation practice so so innocence. Yeah you you might get bored but he always had. Lek something to work towards so that I think that quickly overcomes the boredom because if you see like any point in doing something then he starts to become boring in the end up giving it up but with the meditation practice. If you do it a lot like every day few hours a day then yeah you might you end up getting you get bored with it? But that doesn't stop you from continuing to meditate because you can see there. There is an actual goal to get to this the gold. I think this might apart of like may continuing on with the practices because I have a goal to work towards. If I didn't have that goal was the point the point okay anymore questions complaints else you don't want to get it detecting trying to cheat on The funny thing is sort of like while. You're meditating in order to in order for yourself to achieve something. He cannot have any attachments. But there's actually something to achieve in the meditation practice and that it just happens naturally stages that you go through but anyway for you to move onto the next stage is to have a craving attachments. While you're meditating but outside of the meditation something you like a woman meditating for because I want to achieve bit apiece. Maybe the process of the mind. That's what gives you the motivation and the The intention to go back to the practice. Yeah that's what it is and and you always the same mistakes. I guess musicians led that he's always making the same mistakes. What was it that he's missing or something like that and the sign was meditators. Always making the same mistakes the fight. The positives comes ludicrous. But then one day we sort of wake up a little bit and then we just move a little bit further along the path. Lewis seems the same doesn't it? Thank you agent Smith.

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S3 EP 107 - Going All In with Addiction Coach Dr Cali Estes

Go All In

56:54 min | 1 year ago

S3 EP 107 - Going All In with Addiction Coach Dr Cali Estes

"Welcome to the golden podcast. I'm your host across today on the show. We Have Dr. Kelly says Kelly. How I all right rob? Let's do this soon. Hit it. Ah Welcome to the show. We've got something really special few today as you hear. Dr Kelly has an amazing go all in story. And what she's about to share with you and what you're about to learn today. It's not only practical. It's fun it's pretty deep. And you're GONNA leave this episode assode feeling a little bit boosted. You're GONNA see grateful and you're even going to feel a little bit in lightens now. How many podcasts Intros let you know you currently feeling an episode like that? Make sure you stick around for this. Whole interview received those wonderful emotions? If this is your first time here at the goal in and show welcome. It's great to have you here and if you'll back for more welcome back. We love our repeat offenders. You the goal in podcast before we get into the show that I just take a little picky. You thought wouldn't hit that. Subscribe Button on the at the listening in on. And if you're watching this on youtube to scroll down a little bit force and hit that subscribe button and don't forget to ring the belt that y you'll always have a little bit of motivation in some goal in love right de in your pocket. Lastly if you lock in your heat that I please share this episode with with your friends and your family because Kelly has a really important message to share and if we can help just one person bright through their various to get on stock then we would have done out on the podcast here tonight. Roddy let's get into this show. Dr Kelly has over twenty five years of experience working with clients that want to impose their loss and unpack their backpack to combat issues and behaviors. That keep you stuck in loss and ultimately limit you dreams both in your career and your personal loss. Don't the Kelly holds holds a PhD in psychology and Life Coaching. She has international certifications as a drug and alcohol counselor and holds well over twenty four other certifications including quitting as a personal trainer a yoga teacher pilates teacher and much much more as you'll hear. Kelly combines holistic modalities with talk therapy that gets gets to the root cause of the issues that you might be experiencing and she simply helps you unpoisoned loss. She's best selling off a highly sought after celebrity coach. Keynote speaker and Kelly is the host of the unpoisoned loss podcast but my favorite pot is that she speaks from the heart and with a message age. That's able to connect with so many people and in the process. She's changing so many lives for the better Doctor Kelley. Welcome to the Golden Show. It's great to have you here thanks. I'm excited to be here. I am ready to go all in with you. Or what are you talking to the guy who is so. It's going to get serious really fast. It's going to happen you ready. I'm reading reading before we kick it off and get into the show. Let's get to know you a little bit beyond your credentials. Why don't you share with us? Where are you from and where are you right now? I'm in in Miami Florida in the US. I am originally from the Philadelphia area. I lost my accent. Unlike you guys were beautiful accent to fill it up. The accent is not exactly ackley beautiful. It's a little hard a little rude so I kinda got rid of that and I live in Sunny Miami. Austin what's your background. How did you get into all of this sobriety? Coaching will this addiction. Coaching all the stuff that you do you get into it. I actually got into it by accident I wanted to be an FBI agent. And I wanted to to be. If you've ever seen silence of the lambs I wanted to be clarisse. You know I wanted to work with the crazy eyes and I ended up doing my internship in prison and they put could me with a mentor in the drug and alcohol sector and I said this is going to be boring and he said it's not going to be boring trust me it's GonNa be fascinating and throughout the process. I also also learned. I was a food at it because back then eating disorders either binge and purge or you restrict it and I didn't fit either so they set me to the fact knock during the doctor. Put me on Diet pills and way I'm here. I am addicted diet pills and I fit the definition of an addict and I had to go through the process. Assist detoxing learning all about that and then I said wait a minute I feel like these are my people kind of get them so I started studying addiction and I switched my major ager from going you know. FBI into addiction and then Bam. I went and got my PhD in Clinical Psychology specifically for addiction and found out that I really enjoyed the population. And I was really good at it because I understood it. Did you understand from Lucca. Deeply personal level understand the people and understand what they were going always resent the nose netting. Ron Yeah both so for me. It was like this is real when people will say. Oh it's not real and like yes it is I get it and also from a clinical standpoint. I could read the stuff and I was reading it in my college education. I'm like this makes sense and then I could apply it in real life and then I thought what works for me if it got me off diet pills and it got me off the food problem and I learned how to solve. It is like I could do this for other people and then I started to be in the industry from there during and also you. You Left College University and did you go and practice straight away on all of people finish a degree and qualification and never use it all die. Hi Dr Michael Off Long career out of it Seinfeld. I started right away and I was the working poor. I actually started working with homeless prostitutes. Like the worst of the worst of the I you know and we didn't have much money. They didn't pay his very well and we will put in sixty hours a week and I kept doing that doing that and I said you know what I'm GonNa take a break i. I took a break from the industry. And that's what I got my personal training and my yoga and wellness massage thought. I'm going to go this direction and I realized that industry is not any less crazy easy than the addiction industry. And I said you know what I'm GonNa go back into the addiction. The fitness component and the wellness component and go private sector. And then it was much better better because I could pay the rent. Yeah it's a beautiful Marriage of those skill sets the the formal qualification university qualification. And then the practicality of the health and fitness lock the the deeply spiritual connected world of yoga and pilates and stuff like that must be beautiful marriage for what it is it it is and very few people do that they look at it like well. It's you know it's the body so it's over here and it's the mind and it's over here and spiritual it's over here and I was like wait a minute. We combined combined these three. Wow we could fix the problem. So that's what we started doing. Did you have stars in your eyes about fixing everybody's problems because you can't fix everyone. Oh Oh no I actually. I think the beginning I was like you know what I started helping other people and then I thought if I could train people to help other people I can help more people so then I actually started the school to do that because it was exhausted. You're one person you know. You can't help everybody but if you can train people to help other people and that kind of goes down the line. That's pretty cool. Yeah that's the one thing that I've discovered in this podcasting thing that are full time. I can only talk to one person on an interview like this and you know you put it out as a podcast. And I've got a really a decent audience it goes out to a Lotta people so by amplified NAS can reach more people. How can you do more of this? And Youtube was a natural progression for me to reach an audience eh. But it's very the hot and it takes a long time to sort of build on that but I just think well just keep doing what I'm doing. Just keep chipping away at. It just keeps going eventually reach a lot of people and you build an audience. It's gotTa Fun run. It is look me over in Miami erased us over here very good Kelly. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your background. People people come on over to the podcast to one more about others. That have gone all lean. Socio could could you please share with US your biggest goal in story or stories and the lessons that you've as long for your commitment to success so for me. It's been be being able to share what I've learned and being able to give back to others is super important so so I always do like a karmic give back every month. We have a training and we always have one person who can't afford the training. We invite them in free. They take the training to get certified as a recovery coaching. Oh Churn interventionist and we do every month so if you have a listener that says hey I want to help I want to give back. I don't have the money to do it contact us. We will do that. That's huge for me. I'm always. He's into the pay it forward movement during us. And is that something that Y- that took a bit of commitment view in Business Loch Rose Rosie Roxy was it it was easy because I've always been like that. I've always been do. Give away what you have you will always get more. It's when you hold on to it and say this is mine. I'm not gonNA share that. It's taken away wait review. I've always said if I can't help you let me at least put you in touch with someone who can let me offer something that I can give you to make you happy or something you can do do. And then my only requirement is that you pay for it so when you meet somebody who can't afford it. You do the exact same thing. Whatever that is whether it's starbucks copy or helping someone across the the strata can be any type of hate forward movement? Could you put in good vibes out there in the universe and raising the level of consciousness of humanity. That's a good thing I'm trying to do in my little bitty part just a little bit. That's all the matters right. If we'll do a little bitty bit different so me about the transition from being a clinician and doing it as an employee I'm working for somebody else you said you had a break from from doing that from practice. Then you went into the fitness spice. Then he came back and joined them all together. Now you're starting a business you going going into business. That's a big goal in commitment there and the so many things to learn and so many mistakes that you can make was that is that easy for you. It was a difficult transition. You gotTa Lack Act so one day I was working for someone else and making a little bit of money working long hours and the owner had thrown a notebook at my head and I said I've got two words for you and he goes. What are you gonNA say? Fuck you and I said no I asked do. Can't quit and I said watch me and I've packed my stuff often. I left and he said the only reason you can pay your rent is because of me I turned around and I said I can make more money in a week working private practice than I can work in two months. It's working for you. And he goes good luck. I said watch me and I came home and I told my husband. I quit and he panicked. He's like Oh. We have three hundred dollars in the bank account. We can't pay the rent. What are we GONNA do? I said what I'M GONNA put it out to the universe I will get a client took a stack of business cards down to La Fitness and just sat them there and twenty four four hours. I had a guy called me. And he said I want to hire you and he paid me twenty five hundred dollars which was almost a full months pay for one one client and I walked in and said I did did it. And he's looked at me and I'm like I'm just GonNa keep going and that was it off to the racist so you use a lot of businesses start the other way round the have these really incredible edible ideas and I spend a long time getting DACHSHUND era. Come I come from the digital spice right where I work with startups. A lot and they will often knock on the door and say hi robot the the most incredible world saving business idea and the best APP ever seen. Everybody's ideas are incredible and I have to say over the years of working with stops and I'm just working with people like that. That are deeply passionate about what they do have seen a lot of leuze should in the process because I over think the process and I over think what it is that they're doing and like read these incredible products than think the market will arrive. But I don't realize that you'RE GONNA go get democracy and then Mary up your products through it and there's a really strategic. Why do you do that particularly in digital to make it work and ensure your success file and file often and keep going into your phone? What actually works with your particular products? So you didn't you didn't do you that at all. You just went out there and just went well. Anita claw a goal initially and get one absolutely and for me. It's always been like that like when my husband wanted to go Tori's a musician. He said I want to go on tour. I said Okay and I took a piece of paper and I wrote the amount of money he would make per day and the amount of times long longevity going on tour and I took that and I put it all over the house and I said what we're going to do is focus on this or we're going to make a habit and that's exactly what we did and literally within within two weeks we got an email from a band that wanted to hire him flying to La hit while they wanted him to try out against other people and he went and he got the job and it was for the exact amount of money on that piece of paper but the exact amount of time and he looks at me and he goes. How did you do that? I said it's all creation. You put out there what you want the universe I and as long as it's beneficial to you and other people you're going to get what you need and that's sort of how I built my entire brand and people say oh my God you added this or added that I just did it and to see if it would work and if it doesn't work you move to the next sector and try something else and just a love. I love it because the lesson in there is just. Don't over. Think things all the talk. I'm just I just go for it and go all in on it and before you know it will happen but there's a couple of key points in there is is writing it down for me really interesting. I came to the end of season. Two of the global podcast. This is an episode the season threat. I'm GONNA release a whole bunch of him shortly as kind of a sort of thinking how is going to do differently. Lee was a formula going to change in looking at how I was fishing the format and the why does during the podcast. I looked back at the original goal. Setting Documents that are written down in handwritten down all of these people that are wanted to interview when I started and it wasn't some of them were specific. People like individuals and at the top of my list was grant caught on take on that that was earn class ticked on that alone. That was my whole rig will take on that and then down below that it. I was like it's like athletes. Professionals Doctors entrepreneurs digital go is an autistic down for a hundred something episodes there and I looked at that and on a sat at my desk thought. Amazing you just write it down and you focus your attention on it and don't think about all the reasons why not only think about the reasons why you can't and why should it shows up in your life. That's the law of attraction that whether you believe it or whether you think that we all airy-fairy on this podcast not it doesn't really matter. You know if you focus your attention on stuff low enough shows up and you'll off and you put the energy and effort behind it so for you. If you just road I want to interview Grant Cardona and then you sat back in you know pop the Ice Cream and sat there and waited and said well. He hasn't come in yet. It's not gonNA work. You went out and got the business you said. I'm going to figure out how to get him on the show contact him and if he says No. I'll keep contacting him until eventually someday. He says he's either really annoying. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go on that show or he sees value goes. I'm going to go on that show surprising surprisingly Of all the interviews that I've wanted to do with the people that I've wanted to explain like literally two miles an ams rob. I run a POLKA school. Gully wondering to be interested in coming on the shot. Joe Sounds Awesome. Let's do it said it up but by book that's it that's it that was super easy. Don't ask you get right. That's really back when it comes down to it because there's some people asking me recently. How did you get that Poston Edgy? That Busni I'm like I just I just ask them and I said yes. That's pretty much it as a good lesson in business for what you're talking about as well. I love that I love that a lot. How long was it that you were you? Were going before you realize that you should have been in private practice much longer than working in US crappy jobs since day one. I wish that's that's my one regret is that I would have come out of college college and went on gone into private practice and said of these guiding you know in my industry. It's very difficult. People want to mentor you. Because they're afraid you'll steal their sector business so they say well. We're not GONNA help you. We're going to get you to fail. And the bigger I got the more haters. I got no more people that publicly said I hope you fail. I hope you lose lose. I hope you can't do this. I hope you kind of stuff. And that's how my burst book title came about. I married a junkie because one of my haters wrote out there. How good of a Clinical psychologist she could she. Her husband's a junkie and I went. Oh what a great book titled. Let's take that. Let's run with that and we did and he wasn't too happy but hey I got a great idea out of it. Well we're going to get into that shortly because I read that book. Yes that I I read it in in one sitting just fell under to take a break on squalor all the way through the PDF. And and I got it so I felt like I I feel like I know you a little bit back in the day from those which is really Clinton on us and you know the I I think the books auto little bit of feedback from From from the reader on this side of the zoom call the book taught. Does it justice you know. I married a junkie. I I sort of think that's actually went. Look at it as courts love story it is. It is and the reason we wanted that title is I also. I wanted to bring awareness to certain words and we use the word like addict or junkie in a bad sense and I wanted to say you know. It really isn't that bad of a term is. Everybody is a junkie. Give some sort. There's too much internet or too much shopping or too much Amazon prime. You're doing something. You probably should be doing that much up. Yeah very very true very true. I I have to say rod towards the end the big PUTT tough paratrooper on this side was like bringing it was really kinda touch me and it's a it's a beautiful story so the books code hold on married a junkie and if it's like a little they get your phone and have a look at the show notes there the links are gonNA be foisting. They'RE GONNA have to go digging around from the wrought there in the show notes notes. If you're watching this on youtube scroll down and that right there in the show notes as well so make sure you get a copy of that book and check it out and don't be put off by the title there because it's a really cute cute little love story and there are locked at a lot. Very Good Kelly tell me a little bit about The academy that you've got set up and and the work that you do in and around addiction addiction. 'cause that's very very important and When you when you reached out to me in Austin come on the show I thought absolutely straight away? This is a topic pick that needs to be covered. I've talked about this a little bit on the show. I've kicked off this podcast. One of the things that I wanted to do was to talk more about PTSD And one of the tricky key things was getting people to actually talk about it Luckily lucky enough. I've had a couple of people come on and talk about that from a clinical perspective also from a treatment perspective in of shed a couple of moss stories from suffering perspective. If you lock and it's probably not what you think could look back and listen to some of those cost fuel listening into this one and you know what you're talking about with addiction and doing too much of something that's very important topic and prevalent more than ever society tonight. Tell us a little bit about what it is that you do so I do two different things I work with people and I coach them to get and stay. You would say so work so it could be any the addiction drugs. Alcohol sex porn shopping Internet social media. Whatever vice is starting to ruin your life? You're spending too much time on something and and not on other productive things. That's an addiction. So I do that and I've been doing that so long. People started to ask me how I'm doing. How did I get there? Could they help without having to go get a four year or ten year degree and I said yes so I created the addictions academy and we are the largest global school right now. We're in twenty five countries sore addiction studies. So if you want to be a recovery coach or Sober Code Join Interventionist or counselor. People come to me and we did the whole thing virtual so we have teachers teachers all over the world and were credited everywhere and you come on you take the classes and then you can help people as well. We even help with marketing and networking and all kinds of stuff. So Oh that's been ongoing for eight years for both companies so you. Do you still do coaching yourself. Just to work with people individually I do. I do a lot of high profile. CEO's does my specialty is the narcissistic self absorbed asshole. So if you think of like the Donald Trump kind of and the geyser at power the NFL all the NBA executives. I work with those guys. They have a lot of money a lot of freedom and very little control. Shall we say and I come in the drop the hammer down and say we're not GONNA do that. Here's what we're going to do and I'm I was in a bad guy but I'm kind of the bad guy that comes in and makes them change their behavior. You get to play good cop bad cop. FBI agent. After all. I do and I get to play. I get to ask questions and because I read body language I can put my hands on my hips. You you just told a lie. Didn't you. And they look at. How did you know that because I just read everything you just did all tells gave you? Yeah very nice is there. Is there a common theme. You know you you jokingly say the narcissistic all like that. But he's there a common theme amongst those people is it because I get to the position that they're in quickly and night aren't grow how into where it is. They suddenly find themselves in a in a role where there's a lot of money and that aren't having any boundaries is no kind of left and right of that. I have to live within our responsibilities. Sudi I haven't had just GONNA runs off the rouse from is something a common theme in that it is exactly so there's two different types. We have the person who inherited a lot of money with little rules. I Trust Fund. They turn twenty one or twenty five and Bam all of a sudden they have all this money and I don't know what to do with it and their parents assume. Oh you know you'll figure it out and they start just just spending and spending and then they're buying drugs and buying cars and it's a mess or made a lot of money and they're self made and they came from very little so all of a sudden they have. This is big bank account. And they're going. Oh my goodness I could buy this car and by this and next thing you know escalates. And they're doing cocaine with a stripper and their white catches them and they swear to God. It won't happen again in table. Call me and I'm supposed to fix the behavior. So one of those things happens and then I have to come in and say this is not the direction we want to go so it's not beneficial to what's going on and maybe it's maybe it's a beat up from television or Hollywood or the the type of things is that we see in the media. You don't really helping somebody in a group says how I never understood. How can you sit around in a circle of people and talk about the most intimate problems that you suffering from in a twelve step program? I mean there's a there's a place for that is the time in a place that I don't know I've never been there but it always whenever I see that always think that. Gosh I'm I'm I'm hard pressed sharing my deepest darkest secrets with anybody and the only time that ever really talked about my deepest dockers. PTSD secret was on a podcast with somebody else it suffered from Ptsd but never spoken to anybody about that before. And I certainly would never sit around a a group of a dozen other people in. Ah adopting g room drinking coffee thinking that I would do that. Is that a misconception. Or does that really go on in this world. Okay so I created a signature program I am called sober on demand and that is where it's one on one deep deep diving into the cause of the addiction as opposed to going to a treatment setting or twelve. Step meeting being where you are sitting around. Tell your deepest darkest secrets to strangers and hoping they can help you somehow sort through this when they have their own issues so I always know to me. It doesn't whereas a ninety five percents failure rate because first of all how could I know what you're going through and then if I'm not a trained professional would advice can I really give you and what. What am I really giving you to the bottom of these problems now? Of course it's the one thing about the twelve steps that I like is the peer concept. Were you can go anywhere in the world and have a cup of coffee with somebody and just hang out. That's great but they're damaged people helping damage people as opposed to saying professional. This this is what's going on. And as a professional we can sit back and say okay let me dissect all this stuff for you. Let me prioritize things we need to talk about and then find out how how we're GonNa fix it and give you a good solid suggestions on how to fix the problems. Mike Sense might sense as always writing some notes for this podcast in just doing a little bit of homework and and research about what I could talk about with you. He one of the things that kept popping out for me and just go to my little notebook here in front enemy was the word adversity and I feel like each and every human being on the planet and anybody listening to this podcast watching this video right now understands what adversity feels. Like I understand intuitively what that would mean we all face adversity in laws and I think that addiction is a special kind of adversity. They are really couldn't. It was quite hard for me to to see the difference between adversity and addiction. And I wanted to hear from you. Look there's no delineation there because an addiction to something whatever that is is huge adversity in your life and that that is something. That's so encompassing overwhelming. That feels like you can never get past it. So I'm interested to hear from you like the first thing obviously is to identify that. You've you've got that problem in those challenges and then reach out to somebody for help but what can people do. If they're on the very cusp of Oh my God. I've got a problem. I haven't reached out to anybody quite right. So what I tell. People is reach out and ask if you can just ask for help and let somebody just assess your situation to see what we can do to help you. That's the start and don't assume that your problem is too big to handle or that. There's something wrong with you. Everybody has a vice. Everybody has something that they do too much up and and it may be good. It may be bad so I tell everybody. Let's take a look at the whole thing. Let's see what we can do to help you and let's figure out. How bad is the problem really? Is it something anything that's causing detriment or is it something that can be fixed quickly. Is it as simple. Saw You know what's going on there. Just ask ask for help. And have someone just assessment with you and then go from there and and that takes a lot because your ego gets in the way of especially for what I don't know about icon. Speak for everybody body will I can do is really speak for myself but my anecdote is that you know I suffered locked. PTSD NOT REALLY PTSD more anxiety from something that happened to me. uh-huh parachute malfunction. Rod Ends. Something happens with chemistry and you Brian. When something happens it's like an accident type thing and others are obviously? I'm sitting here but I had. I had this block of just be by myself. Monitoring Business Makarov sitting somewhere and had this massive rising anxiety and these emotions and excuse me had to come out and a tear up and be like Ma and freak out about it be tough power. Didn't tell nobody of course kept it all to myself. I self and self help myself to to the solution and really should never have done that. But my ego was just so far in the Wi- that always never gonNA put a hand up and ask anybody for help so it's actually pretty embarrassed to be honest with you. Well of course and that's huge men are supposed to be tough right. They're supposed to fix problems there. Solutions Agents and you're you're a paratrooper. Right you are military. You are the ultimate fixer. You can't possibly have anything wrong with you. You'd be surprised how many first transponders and military that I work with you know people that are police officers in. EMT's doctors that are addicted to something or have what we call a PROBLEM COLUMN WE PTSD Problem Warren issue so it's nothing wrong with you. It's just the mindset that men are supposed to be stronger than their problem. Women are considered week. It's okay for women to ask for help but men don't ask for help if you can't reach the bread on the top shelf at Walmart men. Don't ask for help. They go climb up there and take a stick and knock the breakdown so it's very different and everybody every single one of us has something we need help with. And we've always been a tribe mentality so you always think you know. It takes the village to raise a child so if everybody in the village per se helped each person there wouldn't be these problems so if someone said to you okay. There's a trick the PTSD every time you have flashback. You have to neutralize the feeling there's actual way to make the feeling neutral so it wasn't scary and terrifying and they teach you that. Ah Yes what. You're driving down the road anxiety. It's you know exactly how to neutralize anxiety and it doesn't happen again but you have to ask for help earth so you can get those tools. It's funny like you just hearing you say that you know I'm positioning myself back all those years ago thinking if I just had an off and somebody said just what you said on site well. What's the trigger to stop that you go out do this? This and this guy probably never would have suffered the lesson and the reason I'm sharing that is because you know luck to to share my experience. That's what this podcast is about. And hopefully the people that are listening to this getting something out of it and if you're feeling lock I was like the big top paratrooper that you can't talk about something because because I know there's other men that listening to this podcast you can go out there and and get some help and doug embarrassed and done the ego get in the way of what it is because the K- point pointing all of that is you're not allowed right exactly and as long as you can ask for help. Everybody wants to help you think about that. Everybody wants to be helpful. They don't want to be hurtful goal. So if you need something and you ask for help you will get help. And if the person doesn't have the answer though so you know what. Try this or try this or talk to this person somebody out there has the answer that you see singers. Shouldn't be scared to say. Hey you have an answer for this or can you make a recommendation beautifully. Beautifully said I wanted to ask you did you do you. You have any voices yourself. Of course my. My addiction was food so my thing was I would eat meat. Meat meat until like involuntarily vomited. Because that's what I was doing was stuffing my feelings down and then from there I was hooked on diet pills so then it was. I can eat whatever I wanted and take a couple of pills and Bam. You know look good good so I had to get rid of those things and I had gone to meetings. I had gone to an overeaters. Anonymous meeting and a narcotics anonymous meeting didn't work for me because they were opposite in in Ohio. There's no food when you go to. Na there's coffee their sugar there's food there cigarettes everything I like. I can't this doesn't make sense so I actually actually ended up in a yoga class with a friend of mine who was in recovery for alcohol and the Yoga teacher. said I'M GONNA teach you how to get sober on a mat on like okay whatever. Roll my eyes. Hi Stan touch. My toes don't care and Bam. He started teaching me how to control my breathing and how to use the Matt as a way to get rid of my emotions and every time I wanted to eat e I would do us on citation and that became ten sons allegations and then it became good at the gym. You want to eat go to the gym. I and next thing you know I'd go to the gym. And I started trading healthy exercise for the food and I started to realize every time. You're stressed out. Go to the gym. It's a healthy alternative now. You're not going three five success times a day but if you want a day or twice a day that's okay and that sorta how I got around it in you. Tell that story beautifully in your book. Okay I married a junkie and on. It's quite funny in some of the parts where this cake everywhere on the dog on the walls and all that sort of stuff. Why a locked? But you know it's it's funny but it's not funny at the same time and it's and it's beautifully said as always rating that yesterday. I always going through that part of the book at what and just hearing you explain it again. It reminded me if some of the the reading that I've been doing recently. In and around Europe a city and for the people listening would have heard that before neuropathy and what does that main in your brain's not plastic. Hell you talkin about by the connections in your Brian Around the habits that you have so if you habitually do something thank those connections that you have Usually pretty much the same so when you see a pitcher of Brian Scan and somebody's thinking about a certain thing at lots up the sign potty Brian all of Tong and at its essence. I never really knew this until I was kind of listening to these audiobooks and learning more about it. You are plasticity says that you're I would find different pots of your Brian to learn new. Can you rule pathways to create new habits to do new things. And then as I was. Because I've been reading and studying that in Las Waco size and Richard Book. And then you're talking about you go to these meetings and the not really working for you. Because they have polar opposites but then you go on to a yoga mat and a lot. Roll Your Eyes. But you're actually creating you you euro pathways in your Brian. So there's a physiological thing. That's happening there as well as on lock in your in. Your mind is happening in your Brian of go spot in your mind and your conscious mind but in your subconscious mind having that physiological change happening there. And that's why right with a breakthrough right right and it takes twenty one days for that to stick doc so I tell everybody that's great. You went to Yoga one time. Go twenty one days in a row and then you're going to see change and everyone goes. Oh my God I have to do it for twenty one days. Yes your brain takes takes twenty one days to latch on and go. This is a new activity. I like this and then it replaces your old activity with that new activity because now it's a habit and your brain says I like this. The plus exercise boosts serotonin dopamine. So if you think about it if you're depressed or you're sad or you're anxious your serotonin. Dopamine is drop it you want to bring that up and there's a few ways naturally to do that in the exercise one of I'll tell all my clients do twenty five squats before you reach for whatever addiction. Can you have and they look at me. And they say squats and I guess because the booster serotonin dopamine. I'm an actor you do that. You may not what that drink or that drug or whatever it is. You're doing out there there. Tell me what you think of this. In all of that neural plasticity stuff that I've been reading ought lockjaw radio on sort of thinking. Yeah that's really interesting. That's that's really good. But and how and in in their buy side that you. Brian has three. There's three ways that you can do it really easily and S- about mindfulness really is what it is is if you're about to do something that you're trying to break the habit all all you're trying to get better at something. The first thing is awareness. I am about to do that. And you stop yourself and then you ask yourself so. They use awareness intention and action so unaware that I'm about to do something does that. Does that line up with the intention that set for myself previously. Or what is the intention attention of what it is about to do. And then you take action on it and the awareness intention and action is a way that you can create those new neural pathways. Do you take shortly similar to that. I do. I actually have them do a no sugar exercise because a lot of people say Wadham get this whole addiction thing you know. Why can't you have one drink or whatever and I have been algo sugar free? And if I'm teaching it's twenty four hours if it's a client per week and day one the great this is awesome. It's new so this is the new neuro era plasticity right. I'm GONNA do something. New Brain likes that okay. Greedy Day One. They stay to. They're like okay. I'm great until they have their morning coffee now. They realize they can in have sugar now. It's awareness one of two things happens. They wake up when they're automatically just dumping the sugar in and they're not aware or they stop and they go crap. I can't have sugar sugar. This sucks and then the retire day goes into a spiral because they can't have the one thing they used to have it and either way they're brain is creating a new memory. Their brain is going saying okay. You didn't have any awareness because you're on autopilot or wait a minute. Here's the awareness and now you're stuck in the negative 'cause you realize I can't have that so then I have the discussion with them that you have to take the time to make change. You have to be aware of everything you do in everything you put in your body. If you're going to mindlessly drink and you say well I want one glass last wine and next thing you know you've had ten. You've lost awareness. You started drinking. Went down the rabbit hole so everything has to be done with intention when you start doing that. Your rain starts to kick onto the heightened awareness and it says I'M GONNA learn this new thing and I'm going to really enjoy this new thing because it's creating new memories a new pathway. It's it's really interesting because it doesn't matter how how young you are. The same same thing is true and the way you describe it with. Oh my God the whole day is going to end. Because I didn't get to have my morning morning coffee before I sat down this podcast. I might a cup of coffee and I did exactly what you just talking about exactly that. Orients put a spoonful of sugar in it and I went hang. I say I said I said I was going to stop doing that now. Stop it I had. I had the awareness and the intention and then the action was no. I drank my coffee without jubilant. I just find probably don't WanNa drink as many cups of coffee because it's not a sweet as what it is and I'm not addicted to the cafe. I think I'm addicted to the sugar in the coffee. That's what the four coffey it is. It's interesting because that's true. Most people aren't addicted to the caffeine addicts. Sugar and I always say. Would you like some coffee with your sugar because usually it's like five or six. Excuse me Kansas Sugar. And then they put the creamer in their unlike you live in have coffee at this. Point is just sugar cream. Were that tastes. Like Bailey's Irish cream. I mean where's the actual copy now. You've completely employees. Ruined it for me. I'm not drinking coffee at all. That's how it is. That's how it is. I want to move on from that. And thank you for sharing all of that. By the way it's it's really useful information and that helps a lot. Especially someone like me that I really think that I have. You haven't asked me. I'm surprised you have an awesome as addiction coach. Do I eh voices. I hate asking that question because it puts you on the spot and if you do you don't you don't WanNa answer me so if you'd like to ask will be more than happy to ask ask us. Do you have any vices structure. Okay thanks for the massively distracted distraction like procrastination. Because there's something that has could be done or distraction like ooh. There's the pink squirrel and all of a sudden. You're checking squirrels for two days peak squirrels. So I've got a really really good business and businesses going really well and it's very automated and things attracting along lastly and it's all doing what it's supposed to do and because things are really good in the business like that. I'm very very tempted to go. Oh look at that cool stuff in my email I I I should do. This cost. Check this out. And she's like this in my just concentrate on what you concentrating driving on and keep doing what you're doing because that costs over there is not going to move any closer to this goal over there over here and I find myself pretty distracted by all sorts of things and I think part part of it. Is this podcasting community. That I'm eating on pot off and on Muhab four. I had so many incredible people like yourself that I want to go and learn more about that and I WANNA learn more about that and I want to learn more about that. You can't do it old and not that is lost I definitely do have. What's interesting? Is your connector. You're able Volta like fitness center and learn just a little bit about everything as opposed to having to go down the whole tracking. Go ahead to be a master at that which is nice. A lot of people would trade places with Butte. Because we don't have the time to learn anything new we're so busy with our clients and our business. And what have you definitely definitely. Is it a bad thing being distracted lot. I wouldn't call that distracted that I would call that learning different things and being excited about likes. It's your business. Then I would say definitely distracted. I don't think it affects my business but it definitely pulls my focus away from the things that I shouldn't be doing so that that's where it is is a problem but you're quite right. I M excited by law from excited by loaning. That's what it is very nice so I wanted to ask you about your books because you've written a couple of them. The first one we talked about I married a junkie and that's a deeply deeply deeply personal snow story and from eighty. You thank you for sharing. Not because I don't know anybody that's suffered through the same thing as what your partner has and I think that he did not I think that's an accurate description. Certainly from what effective and you on the other side sticking by him like that is an incredible love story and it's such it's a beautiful. You have some beautiful sentiments throughout that in our really a really enjoyed that. I don't know what it was on the bookshelf behind me there. There's a half dozen books that I'm in the middle of reading all of them at once and there will wall stories wrought as a veterinary level Google store and that's what I'm writing about so reading something about relationships in addiction and how you guys engage with each hugely different for me and really really postal as well and enjoyed that. How long did it take you to put something together a lot? We talked about it for a year and we started doodling and writing things and then we took a full year and actually wrote that. So was he worth faster than I did. Because Brian was just like you know spitting it out for me was a little Tucker Silva Cathartic because I had to go back and relive all that stuff that I didn't like so it was a little bit a little bit longer. Excellent and what. What would you say to somebody that was thinking about doing something like that? I think link to book I want to put it out there. Want make something happen and if it teetering on the edges we how would you get them to go in and go and do something like that. I say just do it because when when I was done it was it. Got All that stuff out of my head. I'm like you know what it's on paper. And then the title came about because of the hater that we had that said you know how could she a B is good at her job if she married a junkie and once we did that the haters Kinda got quiet because all this stuff in that book that kept saying what her husband has a criminal record and he did this and needed needed that they actually put my information to his criminal record and tried to make it look like it was me and wants to put it all out there. I was like you know what you guys have nothing. Now it's out there and it's making the money so what can I say. It was pretty neat to be able to just do it for an author ass. Well said well said and I've viewed a lot of authors on this show and I all say a similar thing stop thinking about it and just just get on with it endured pieces to stop stops most people and I did it a very unique way. We actually started writing like typing it and it wasn't working so I've found somebody. That would transcribe audio. Actually dictated chapter by chapter by chapter. And then they transcribe it and then I could sit down and the sections around just made it so simple for me to get it out there. Yeah I've had a lot of clients in my business. Do exactly the same thing I go on half a dozen podcasts and we formulate a strategy forum and we all we do is we work usually through if I choose one of the top questions people ask you in your business and we we work at a white blend that into the to the digital stage aged that they're on with a podcast GonNa transcribe you put off. It doesn't episodes together a lot. Get a ghostwriter to Tatyana and they've got a book really quickly efficiently No no stress as well and he kind of fun in the process because being on interviews like this is always fun. I am definitely easy for yourself. Otherwise you and do it. Tell us about the other one. The recovery coach work woke us. All that in Amazonas. Well so that on you on your website that look block a really important document you got going on there as well that what is the first ever of its kind in. Its Four. The coaches to give their clients. So it's forty by exercises for somebody to go from. I'm just getting sober to. How do I figure out my purpose in life my passion? How do I get rid of the people in my life? That are non-productive ebb and go that direction. So that's kind of kind of what we use in the school I don't think you've seen this one. This launches this week and you see this one principles to tap into the wealth and sort of you know. I didn't say that one I didn't come across that a ha so this comes out this week. It's the seven key principles to tap into the wealth inside you and it's all about what's the next step in light creating purpose and passion finding ending a roadmap jumping just doing it and getting rid of your limiting belief system because when I work with people in Addiction. I'm not treating their addiction. I'm treating the record ause which is usually I don't know who I am. I don't know which direction I'm going and I'm holding onto these limiting beliefs from childhood that I was told I can't do something therefore it's easier for me to do drugs in nome out and actually have to go out there and get that stuff done and I started doing stuff with my clients and coaching. And then I decided I'm going to put it doesn't book because this is so helpful for people to get past. Whatever you're stuck on so this one comes out this week does it help reinforce you methodologies as you write them down it must because you force to kind of luck all over the shock with this particular point five different ways of delivering? Then you've got to get really super distinct when you put it into the Boucaud. Unique thing is this is exactly the process go through with my clients every client that comes to me with addiction. The first thing I asked them as argue happy and the answer. There's always no then I say why aren't you happy. And it's one of many things it's either I hate my life. I hate that I married with kids and I hate my job or I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. You know. My Dad told me to be an accountant and I'm going to count it and I'm thirty five and I don't want to be an accountant. I want to be an artist great. Let's become an artist and they look at me like how is that going to get me off the drugs that I say you get up in the morning and you go. I WANNA be artist. You're not gonNA use drugs because you're excited right if you wake up until I gotta go to work today. It's only two o'clock and I still have three more hours. You're going to continue to use drugs. 'cause you hate your life so when I come in and I get to the bottom of it and I say let's fix the bottom of it. The root cause a wire behaving this way. and We'd do that. It's amazing the transformation that happens a lot of love it will. We're going to have to get those links into the show not for you as well. So what the code again for the People Listening Dan new book is the seven key principles to tap into the wealth inside. You and that'll be out on Amazon and I married. A junkie is already out there so they can pop on and get that while someone. If you're listening to this just take a little picky phone and right there in the show notes. You're going to be the links to Kelly's lays out lengthy and Amazon there as well and if you watch it on Youtube skull down they'll be right there by the time this is out and live. Those things will be outlawed as well. So we're all good Eliana Eliana as we come to the end of the podcast and with nudging up against an ally I wanted to put you into the pod. CAST goal in hot seat. You Ready. I'm ready a couple of random looking forward to this. This is nothing too serious. It's just completely random and I love to ask these questions especially from people that are not ozzy's that from different parts of the World Joanie the first one I've got his. What's the what's your favorite holiday destination? That's top want my favorite place to go is Laguna Beach California orange. Just because it's like my manifesting spot and I like to watch the sunset on the water and I'm in Miami's we have sunrise. That'll be my favorite one of all the places racism Watching the sunset over the water. Same here in Sydney because we're east coast. We see the sun rise. We don't see the sunset and in summertime when the weather calms down a little bit I get Outta my paddle board out the front here on the buy in our paddle paddle leap two clicks out J. Columba's that and I can see it on my paddle board and watch the sunset as well is because there's nobody out there the only reason you'd be out there was if you're on a boat and sometimes just heaps of boats out there but a conceit out there my pot Obama self and just watch the sunset and paddle back in at toilets not that far. It sounds like a long way but it's not far enough out of wood and it's just not watching the sunset over the would allow that up right very cool. Nassir it also annexed one. What's I what's a skill that you haven't yet? Monsters paddle boarding would be one of them serving. I think the become an emmy for heaven's sake. There's no excuse with yoga training the water here. The only time I wanna go is a January because it's not blazing hot and then the water's too cold. So it's like and then I have a fear sharks drowning so we put all that in there. I'm like you know what I'll watch. y'All paddleboard from the remnant. But that would be on on my. I need to master this. I need to at least do it for that. The fear of dying. Yeah that's a good thing of out here on the on the by hearing Cornell aware live this many shocks doc says jocks all the time. If you how many shots were in the water you'd never go in the water at the beach. It was like crazy and some weird things happen when you're out on the water by yourself especially like in the biggest swells sometimes swells a so big. You can't see where the land is when you're in the in the dip of the wife and there's been a couple love times over the years sort of looked down in the water and on kind of digital self. There's no one to say. How did you see that of look down in the water and gone? It's a penguin fairy. Penguins swim around fishing from the national. But I'm by myself and I tell people penguins out. What are you talking about idiots the penguins in Sydney and every now? And then you see some jocks and you see wiles and dolphins will. Let's arm which is really cool. Dolphins come right not locked a major life me drive in the water and swim with the dolphins out two kilometers off the shore by myself. It's pretty pretty special experience. You can hear him in the water when in me. They're all the reasons to get out on your paddle board. See I was good. So you said shark had I was good. I'm like okay. Penguins dolphins whales. That sounds great. Shark uh-huh way a circle by what Just out the front here's Montalto boards fourteen feet long. The Great was bigger than my paddleboard and I knew it. It was a great waters as always paddling I could see an and you realize you think the first thing that you see is. He's the Dorsal fins tiles. Sit Out of the water as well as they swim across the surface and the title of the shock was out of. The Wood is higher than the Dorsal fin costs. And I looked and I thought far out that he's a big shock and and came luck right next to me and it was sort of on at Sei. That's how I knew it was a a what point because you could see the white belly as it was coming and at socal me lock around around my right hand side and then came up again in. Its so called me again. And then just swam off and won't be paddleboard. That normally feels as big as a budget stick like the word of God. God okay. That's IT I am no no no paddle boarding no surfing. It is now shell than that. Is your fault. Crucial the CHOCTAW Even what point is just coming through a little looks either going to bite anything. It's not it's not a problem unless he was starving and then he would have taken a chunk out of your paddle board. He he definitely didn't look like he was stopping. That's just like a big big out on a walk seeing as it was scary at first like Oh my God because it's coming straight for me walk literally straight for me and then as it swam possibly in kind of lot looked at it in the water for I was like wow that is increase. Lock when you see I. I don't know if you've ever seen if you've ever padded a tiger or lion at a zoo where you can do that occupied the things that you go in north kitty getting the reds. Well the thing is is a shock swimming around me. I'll sort of looking at it. God Wow that's like. What an incredible creature and swim swam around again for another look and I was like I wasn't really scared of and I didn't WanNa fall in the water? Scores been awarded with it but it could have bumped me off aboard like just with a little sick of tiles. Oh something but all good or good young or lostock questions for the goaling rolling. PODCAST is hot. Say what's the very best piece of business advice that you've ever received ask S. piece of business advice do and I asked for permission later. That would be the best piece of advice business business advice because if you sit around and think. Is this going to work. This might work. Let me figure it out. Let me planet out somebody else's already doing it. The by the time you're idea it comes out it's already on the market and being marketed and sold your now have a competitor to do it and see what happens if it doesn't work shift gears and do something else but put it out out there and put one hundred percent behind it and usually whatever you put out there will run it will work. Yeah that's beautifully beautifully said. Always say in business this something similar if you if you're reminding stationary and procrastinating. The enemy I'm maneuvering on you. And if you don't get going and get on with it they will maneuver we're on you and outflank you an and you'll lose out and you'll lose your market share. So that's off beautifully. Beautifully said or Kelly. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and your your wisdom and your many years of experience if people want to connect with you and want to find out more about you. What's the best way for them to do that? They can find me at my first okay. My last name Kelly ESTES DOT com which is probably the easiest website or the addictions coach Dot Com or the addictions academy dot Com on both the plural S.'s. Or they can call us at one. Eight hundred seven. Oh Six oh three one eight and I am all over social media first name last name Kelly. ESTES pretty easy to buy well once again. If you're looking for those links just take a little show squalid down here in Youtube and you'll see all of them right. They're going to have to go hiking around. Thank you Dr Kelly for coming on the show really really appreciate that. Hope you enjoyed the goal inexperience I did. Thank you for having me awesome. Or if you've got a message message awesome feedback surround show. You can reach out to me while the goal in socials at any time we can send me an email visit goal in dot com to find out more. Well that just about wraps it up for this show tonight so whatever it is that you're working on whatever you doing yet busy get to it and Joe all in. I'll see you next time. Ah Thank me can in Consumer Dona Stop. Stop Stop You come closer. Just give you one Kennedy. I yeah in you know how you do looking and stopped stopped come closer than the diskin breezes you I'm giving uh-huh God impeach Dude Body can't control not bad the bad it uh-huh.

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Giant Bombcast 582: It's 4:20 Somewhere!

"Pl. Everybody's John bomb cast in here stepping into host this week. Thanks for that. Yeah. Brad shoemaker out on the sinement. See Brad handling his biz. I'm here. Jason Stryker doing. Hey, good. Good. Good. Good fantastic. Ben pack. Hello. Hi. Hey. What's up? I was say. I was gonna say. What's up with me? Holy smokes. Yeah. No, what's up? You down there. Just check in tones over here. Yeah. Okay. All right weed bars. Can we harmonize is that? Votto to draw. No, no, no. No, right. No. And that was the mic check. Right. Jan raise them. All right now. Cast time boom here. It is flip the leverage time for potties flip the lever. There's a big lever over there on the wall in a glass case in Jan has to it's. Frame break emergency in in case of podcast, Geoff in Jan have keys that need to go in the same time. Then he didn't turn his key. And then he got shot. Yeah. Sorry, jan. Yeah. That's why the shot is framed this. Yeah. So they don't see exactly we have to take we have to take the humans out of the loop. They're just they're calls too much failure. If we just put robots in their studies chairs exactly that's Google happening today. I'm pretty sure that their message was leaving them to robot. Yes. Leave luck to robots. I think that's their oh knows that real. No. 'cause lifelock leave luck to heaven. I think is what isn't intendo slits that. Was that Nintendo means intendo means leave luck to heaven or that's their slogan. Fuck it does leave Lucca. I gotta look it up. Now. I personally, max luck. What's your personal slogan? Yes. Nintendo. The common. Okay. Apparently. That's fucking wrong. Comet assumption. According to this. Even Sacre artificial ago where for someone finally dug into it. How do those assumptions, however could be wrongs who know? Okay. Well, I don't know. My slogan is the five second rule. Applies more than food. That's true. Okay. I'm gonna okay hang on named three other things you've dried hands that you today. One other thing than not food that is in you like, okay. Addison is like food. Well, let me. His medicine. Let's does instance. Yeah. You're you're getting nutrients from medicine you're getting something from a medicine from eating this lint from the table. There's I actually don't know if that's true fiber. I can see the fiber in it. Oh, I put that in there. Okay. All right. Yeah. You want like a fiber enriched by seconds. That's good for you. So nothing else. Five second rule. A lot of things that just can't get into for legal reasons. Can't come in. Okay. All right. Yeah. In denver. We can talk about this. But here. No. I just saw a magic much article. But yeah. Decriminalising? Oh, yes room. I heard about that. Which seems like a very Denver thing to do. I suppose I want to be in public with people that are on shrooms now. No you have to wear a badge. No, if you just tell because like they're fucking like laughing, and they're out of well, I don't know. That's my experience of being around people mushrooms, especially. Yeah. Well, things to do in Denver when mushrooms for a movie, I'm waking. They should do it in boulder because that's where Morgan Mindy took place. And I'm convinced that Mark was not an alien just high could be both Nanu Nanu work and get some of that in. Oh, yeah. I know where I can get you got the drive into Denver for that shit. You could get a delivered. Just download the app. Yeah. Ten percent off with species. Finally, like all this city full of fucking dumb marijuana billboard. Yes. That's yogurt. We delivered to your house. I finally saw a slogan that I was like fuck and finally someone fucking shit together. Long enough to get it said it's four twenty somewhere. Yeah. Yes. Fucking nailed. It finally. As opposed to just like we just wanted to say hi this behind go. Fuck yourself. Some of them are trying to be really like classy like literal farm-to-table. But I appreciate a good like a bad. Good joke about five. What's going to buy weed off the internet legally? I would want it to come with some kind of slogan. That said this dude grew this in his closet. Just like. Something like that. You know? I don't it doesn't need to be. Yeah. Farmed? Trees man trees, you want that special touch, right? Exactly special touch that comes from like, I've got to hide this from my landlord, right? It says no smoking on the lease. But doesn't say anything about baby. Exactly. Finally, Labor's writes. Yes this. Boy, do let's do a full hour on. Right. Those magazines anymore. I haven't seen. Yes. Someone subscribed. Us to some vape magazine. The sorry magazine every month. It was some fucking like grimacing white dude on the cover that was just like taking away my right to fake that governments coming for your jewel when pride for my coal dent, the congress for. Fucking mon- box, and it will coil setup. Every other page was an ad with like a snake on it said like enter the dry. Or like enter the dragon like don't tread on. Vapes. And so I mean, it's a it's a great fucking magazine. It's like a parody of itself. Like, you just read it and like fucking guys. Holy shit. The other thing I've been looking at lately. In the magazine aisles at local grocery stores. And maybe I don't know if this is just an around here thing or up north thing just a number of magazines devoted to prepping. No, not not being like prepping. Prepping. Late shoo-in. Hey, it's a print magazine. So yeah, I mean, you go in pay cash you put the to be able to pull this up on your ipad later athletes act. So Lloyd, you'll silver and smear all that on three it until you turn blue. And then read this article about how to get off the grid. But you know, it's too late because they put the microchips and the money, man. What's the chips were the money? You know, the strips. Yeah. The track. Track. And one of them anyway, one of these prepar magazines, and so it's like, the what are the covers of these prepar magazine again grimacing white dude's angry about some. Yeah. Take away something big Daryl posture. Yeah. And one of them was like, probably it's a guy who I think is bass player in a band or something. And it's also just like he likes to fuck it guitar player like hot licks and fucking ruger's only lives guns and guitar and he's wearing a big shitty. Top had just as. The person you want to put the faith of restoring America after some sort of large scale disaster. Absolutely. These are the people who are going to usher in far cry on was about this, dude. Yeah. America to any like, home and garden types. It's like meal prep with just can't definitely okay? Hey, like, I'm fairly certain having flipped through one or two of these magazines your meals a lot of like, hey, what to do about food? Yeah. Black beans kidney bean powder in there. But like, yeah. Is that aspect of? Okay. We bought like all these cases of food from the religious network, sell not, Jerry. Bad Pat, Robertson's, selling foods Falwell or Robertson. Kind of mix up all the Jerry. Yeah, they're selling just buckets food, and you get these food buckets of it's you know, like, it's fizzy it's fifty like steak tar tars. So I imagine. Yeah. You could probably have some articles in there about like, hey after you get through about thirty of these. You're not gonna wanna eat any more of them. So here's a couple of ideas. It's the spice up your meal. Prep. You can do boiled steak tar tar fried steak tartare oven. Big tar tell you know. You're you're supposed to actually be eating out of your stash because they don't last all that long. Right. Get them and eat them and get more. So it's not even like, hey, here's twenty years of, you know, it's more like a you should really get all this eat it. And then buy more from us because if you only had to buy at once we would not sell that many food buckets. I'm sorry. They don't sell them. If you donate this amount of money is a love offering. We will send you the bucket of God here with love offering Cinco parlors work in Japan. Basically. Yeah. It's like you just get all the balls and then go next door. I don't know. We're just grocery for balls over here. If you got balls, we've got groceries. Anyway, use promo code bomb cast for ten percents. If you wanna get food bucket, send you love you're gonna love the way this steak, Diane stay tar, tar tastes. It is let me tell you made with the finest ingredients and then reduced into a fine dust, you reconstitute the with water at make sure you get your water purifying divining, rod. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You need some crystal filtering. Oh. Roy filtering. Dan, ackroyd, crystal skull and shake it around, and then pour it out and then blues brothers three thousand boom, pow you've got all the floor gone. Yeah. All the fluoride is gone. And then you have to put the floor back in. But it's the good floor. Good floride. We're going to sell. They can't track that floor. Ed anyway video games. There's we're in this weird slow patch right now before he three where they're like oddly slow like, yeah. The calm before the storm. But we'll see the storm is the storm this year three seems like it could be a little a little light. We'll we'll know more about that. And on all know where that any day now actually judges with coming up becoming a pretty soon here and. Yeah. So I was like basically kicked out of my house for a week, my wife, and I we're not going well, staying home. No, we we we left together aboard the cats all worked on in the house took longer than disappeared and about some of this in the newsletter that if you sign up for the newsletter, you got that newsletter that you know, all about this reading about my quest for couch. Got one. But we got a couch. We haven't we. You can drive at all the way here. Great drive it here. And we're going drive it all the way. They're great. Yeah. The efficiency I love it. Yeah. But it's ours. Yeah. So it was just a weird weird week for me. I like back in the house. I have not had time to play a ton of stuff kind of been dipping back into mortal Kombat here and there to and I've been waiting in that. Yeah. Let's let's let's dipping more more waiting on like two different consoles. Wow. From sick. I best around with the PC version a little bit here and there, and then have they gotten that thing up to I think the PC versions uptodate did XBox ever get it's like currency gift. I believe it is. I wonder if I missed it or something right away. I logged notification did empty checked XBox yesterday. And it. But that it was live. So I spent it, and I think the switch version might still be behind who cares about that. Well, the people who bought the switch version or fucking. I've bought it out of shape. Yeah. Morbidly curious just keep checking that out just because of how the crypt looked and like. When you guys are doing playing a multiplayer match the quick look first time ever seeing that crash yet. I just wanna keep pushing it. Yes. Exactly. Yeah. I just want to tell people that it was baseball bat does. Well, maybe I'll get the office. Brutality. Yeah. I I've been still kinda messing around with that. I think the tower stuff is still not great. It's not much fun. I've just been kind of I've been letting my partners do the the fighting for me just kind of said watch it to get it. Like, I'm not playing at all. I said, oh my. The thirty thirty or whatever like thirty combos thirty reversal. Definitely watched them do some combos. And I'm like, that's probably actually have optimal combo than I'm doing. And I'll get like good ideas. And I'll take it into the lab. And but I haven't been playing too much online because like in so far to play us. I like to pool man. Scarlet Jackson lot. Great school. James, really good. I'm planning. Fucking scariest. I'll she's she's she's my bane for a lot of reasons. I've been getting into cabal lately. Okay. He's been he's been interesting. He's cool. Anyone who can hit somebody so fast that they spin around. Yeah. It's just him in the flash. That's it Brockie just dumped fun because you can just like do the chop shop over and over and people know how to react to that. It's it's amazing play them into Garris new characters. And I really like him. I've been playing like I actually ended up watching one of the oh God, I'm totally blaming it on the name. Now, the east coast big weekly team's Wiki runs. Yeah. I watched that too couple of weeks ago, and that one I don't know it was it was on FOX overly. Okay, one. But there was a player in top eight. You went down to switched to Garris. The ended up playing for the rest of the top eight, and it was really cool seeing like how different the different variations actually can be played. Because when I was first looking at him like, oh, it's only a difference of like this person has to like very has to moves that are different than various bees to moves. But it can really set a play style. You know, if you really like if those moves are the moves you care most about the you're gonna make you play the character differently. And sure enough I've watched different players use the different variants, and they look like they play completely differently because like garrisons variant be is more command grab focused and as more rushed down focused. And so it really does open it up, which I think is really cool. And I think it is really healthy for the game to have. Essentially, in a way almost doubles the cast size right actors. Open it up for more variance cowers. I totally think there should be more variance down the line. It's cool like. For the first time in my life. I'm watching mortal Kombat having actually put in time to try and learn it, so it's a lot more rewarding seeing watching people play like they look like they're good that do eleven hit combo. That's probably hard. Yeah. Now. It's just like oh shit. I don't know. How he pulled that off like that's crazy. Yeah. Well, okay. Yeah. So we're looking at record spoiler cats. Yeah. Later this week get the people together who've played a bunch of that and talk through the story the evening, we need help to sort out the lore. Now, it's all self explanatory. But what? We'll talk about it later are talking about end where where if you if you have any like really specific questions, you want to dress to suit us any this this. Brad says it every week, and I somehow managed to forget, it's yell, and yeah, we'll we'll be recording that later this week anything else. No, sir. That is really about it. I think of what else I've played I've been meaning to get into the dragon's dogma with like resurgence on the switch. Right. So I've got that queued up a little bit of steam world quests that came really really charming and really really easy to get into like RPG. It's it's not really card combat. But it kind of is you know, your decks only like eight cards, eight three party members three party members. Either way. It's it's yeah. It's fun. Like getting those combos and stuff. And yeah. Yeah. Little bit of strategy, a lot of cuteness and charm. I like it strategy cuteness you being a strategy cute. It's Ben, but you've been playing anything. It's like you said kind of a weird slow period. I view news in this last week to kind of take inventory of the games that I've missed this year. And what I want to catch up on. Like, I downloaded a bunch of games to my switch. I got Baba's. You downloaded war groove since they've added that big patch that kind of stuff like that a couple of games XBox now since oh, really, and the changes, I got to say that they've done just makes it so much will be the ball like being able to instantly kind of see what units are what their stuff is a lot easier. I'm really happy with what they've done with that so far. But yeah, it's kind of I have this weird urge to dip back into essence creed odyssey. But I feel like that's going to eat up just like eighty hours of my life or something. I know. That's that's kinda like, maybe even more the deal sees out. Yeah. Deal. Sees is more men more all. And just like more of the more of the same old stuff. More auto Doda auto chess, more, apex, legends, apex. Still fun. I got back into trying to get squads going with people. You have to work a little harder now than when released kind of came out the player base has dropped a really not like tremendously, but you know, compared to when it first came out in the first win the battle pass launched. There's fewer people playing, but it's it's so much more fun to play that game in squads. Like, that's not. Oh. You're anything coordinate and attack right now. We we've kind of been just adopting strategy of land outside the most contest what we think. The most contestant zone is grab gone. And then just wait like thirty seconds and then run into it. And it's so fun. Yeah. Totally just like getting their cleanup crew. Yeah. Man that game is great. I've actually gone back and. I was just curious to see if those skills kind of shooting practice, I've built up an apex would apply to a game. I used to play a lot with my friends counterstrike here that counter strike source. So I think it's like the first one because why okay, you call it. Yes. But. Well, sort it doesn't I'm still really really bad at that. Yeah. Well, it's you know, you got to consider that the people have been playing counter strike stop. Did you actually go back to see a source and not go? Oh, I see. Because I thought go was the most modern one. Yeah. And that explains why I thought man this looks like shit game to my memory came out in like twenty twelve or something. Sure, I'm not gonna sit here and say the counterstrike go looks like fucking better. It looked worse that I remember. Okay. Thank you claiming that and also white it took longer to find. Yes. That would do it. That would definitely do it. No goes where they put all their like their battle pass a quivalent stuff that they do. They're weird. Yeah. You have to order your guns via drones, and then you can throw your tablet like that. Watching that video. Both made me think this is amazing. Also, I'm gonna stop playing this. This is just probably not gonna ever get deep enough into it to do that. But like the idea of like, hey, I'm going to order something on my tablet, and then throw the tablet the drone flies to where the tablet is. So you're setting a trap because people go to where the drone landing to shoot someone, and they just tablet, and then you on the ridge. Like fucking Tom Barringer. I'm gonna put you on my real mother fucker and then dust. Yeah. It's good shit. But also, they're definitely one of the more creative. I think they probably maybe the most like, hey, we add most creative. We added that Royal to our game. Yeah. They could have just done a bunch of people on a big chatter like nap, I wonder if they could have. Cnet? Maybe technically not they try to do different thing. I'll give him that for sure. Yes. Yeah. I've been playing some some mortal Kombat and kinda just digging around here, and they're looking for for something tales of the neon. All gosh, the end sky in the neon car. See Tampa underwater kind of detective adventure to d thing. Nia either have not put a ton of time into it. It was like, oh, this looks really charming. And then started playing it. There's like a really early moment where you play a cat and have to get some you've to kill some robot rats to get some batteries. And it was this kind of annoying puzzle. That was like fucking eight cats. Yeah, I got cast in real life puzzle of their own. So yeah, I kind of like the first big thing your first or second big thing you do in that game. And it was off would buy it right out of the gate. But yeah, I'm kind of fishing around just looking for. So now, the the cool thing is like. Now that the house has been done the room where I got all my office now has a big open floor in it again as opposed to like all the like, I had a bunch of shit stacked up and pulling out old games and everything else. So I think this week I'm the hook my rift backup. Take a look at some VR stuff for the first time in a pretty long time. Yeah. What's the last VR game? You like played police police I kinda stuck with police a little bit after release. And, but yeah, it would be became easier to do like, PlayStation VR stuff, then rift stuff because we'll for variety of reasons the way, the tracking cameras work and USB three bus overload nonsense and just had nothing, but trouble here it will here and at home. I honestly, what's your the rift stuff? Temperamental for sure. Yeah. For sure. And so, yeah, I'm gonna I'm gonna hook some of that stuff back up. And and like, honestly, I have not done a ton of the our stuff sense. Steam became hyper porno. Nice stuff. VR stuff specialty. It's that's the thing. It's like, it's it's like. Naked girls running in the unity engine and head tie slider. Puzzles like that's like ninety percent of steam now, like the there's always at least four of those in the most popular category because I thought, wow, initially when they kind of opened the floodgates it was like, oh that's weird that this is on here. But nobody's really paying attention to it. Now. It's just like you go that front page of steam, you see some real gems. Yeah. Yeah. The action is right there staring the face. It's not like gal gun like the old days of like guess gal gun so innocent and sweet with it's weird. Like high school panty raid thing now. Yeah. Now, we're just in it. There's no out one. It had a big disclaimer, which is one of my favorite disclaimers. I've ever seen on video game said there is no nudity. No tie in this game, which they had to put that disclaimer on there because it was called. I don't want it even remember the name correctly because I don't want people to buy it. But it was called like panty something. And yeah, literal, just the underwear you control the underwear switch shoot. Yeah. On switch is a painting party painting. Now, I thought it was just pay any. I swear it's just no you're thinking of. Okay. Just pay. The just dance spin off was really pulled from stores. Yeah. But yeah, there's some game where you play as a pair of pants. Everybody's been more of like, the kind of exactly like wacky fun of just like, oh, you sick, motherfuckers. Yeah. But hey, goof around with your door mate? Yeah. I don't I don't wanna get all fucking like, you know, look down my nose at fucking porn games. Like, whatever. Played ties I live warmers. Don't wear ties I've played the sex for the three DO so much video game so much. But that's like it's like a. All right. Let's just get. It's like that. It's like hotel room porn hotel room point used to be. I don't know if it's still like this. But there was like grades of how porn the porn is do they show the penetration? Yes, or no. And it's like they show everything else. But that right and edited it's edited lead. Yeah. They're the camera angles are just so yes, it is. It is just a like vivid interactive like watch these of this porno. I swear I think I've played this stuff. Yeah. So much kind of experience like they have this the for rent at video, watcher, whatever it was. Oh my God. I remember that that like neuro dancer Sifi like strip tease never being a big deal points. Like, oh, man. The three got poor there. Right. Dr exactly Asian. Jess. And now virtual reality and the internet and the internet, and I guess it's true. I made the mistake of switching on like adults contents on indie gala. Okay. Yeah. I went there is because they're not shy about the stuff that they show not mistakenly. But I'm like I clicked on another game that was like eighteen plus or something and I'm like well. Yeah. Of course, I wanna see that. But then once they get back to the front pages. Like three five percent off all porn games. And there's pretty much. Pretty much nation right on the red on the front page. It was a little unsettling and I'm like oh Christ. My son is right here. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Ready? You never any concern. Steam will let you turn that stuff off or blocked the tag. But yeah, when you click onto those pages, it's got two things one, although screen shots, just full nudity. Bam right there how and then a line below. It says your this is here because you turned on you said. You said was okay. If you wanna turn it off. Here's how you do it. They always put that and give you the road back, which I was found funny. Why would I ever want turn that off because maybe you have three year old? Okay. Yeah. May maybe maybe. My cats. Don't they don't totally into that. And we see that. They're always watching. Yeah. No. Jan you into anything. Yeah. Yeah. Now, I heard now if you like got to go to rent a hotel room not for like nefarious activities like watch some stuff. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Speaking about fighting games story. Modes power. Rangers battle for the grid ya'll they patched in story mode. Yeah. And we played always acting voice. We got three free characters we got drag it. That's the that's a bad guy. Say that one for last. We got seen as Billy. So we got some blue Power Ranger line elation. That was my big problem was the game. That was your biggest problem with okay? You don't know. You know, I always forget her name. She's like subzero. She got a staff. Okay. But then, you know, we got fucking dragon armor Trini. That's right now that meets your bed. I know that means nothing in this room. But yo. It's tight. I game is still bad. Right. Okay. And now like, okay, cool. People say stuff when they start a fight. Some of it is from the show. Jason David Frank eighty f- f off. Yeah. Tommy ver- himself green Rangers slash white Rangers slash floor. Drachen cool. That they that they felt the need. I wouldn't have thought they'd have continued support for like, you know, budget title game. Yeah. The added a story mode into it. I just downloaded this on XBox. And have not tried it yet. I I'm not a science. All. The plays like versus game, you know, like, but not all crazy super combo focused. It's a lot more relaxed. Like, you're not like chain KYW's back versus. Take you for but not at two intensive Haradh. Now, we're we're going to obey the speed limit ice. Yeah. This is like the roller coasters at a theme park. That's like won't have too many loop de loops going really fast or the circle. Okay. Yeah. It's one of those stories. Okay. It's just twelve chapters and. Seems like. Go through those pretty quick. Yeah. And we were planning on UPS. Yeah. And I think the awkward part was I didn't know is playing as the bad guy. All of a sudden. Then. Just morally couldn't hand that. I couldn't handle that. I didn't want to be gold. Are it opens with a really nice well done while animated cinematic? It's just like a motion graphic almost in between the chapters. It's just a bunch of textile eggs stuff. It's just twelve chapters. I haven't gone all the way through yet. But almost there. So it goes for the battle for the grit storyline with the characters that they have. That's neat. That's neat. Also, I blame Ben for this. Yeah. I was going to bring it up. If you weren't. Oh god. So rumbles stars. Is that what we'll start unbel- stars rumble? Does that sounds like a mobile game? Yeah. Looks like when to these guys all looking at I con look over there that they both got a rise smile on their face. Is that like an update of DreamWorks face? It's just mobile app. Sure. Game of war. Yeah. Shameless. Everything looks one for one like class royale, if you've ever played any of super cells games, you know, they have that style of very cartoony. Like, many mobile games have it. But Supercell feel like as one of the most identifiable always this is the super cell. Look. I was I thought this game was a Super Bowl game for days. Yeah. Until I went to double check it. Yeah. And for that matter like a lot of Supercell stuff for as much as they're trying to pander to you and get you to buy stuff. It's polished. Yeah. You know, it's very well done the rumble stars. I just feel dirty. Why why didn't feel I actually feel more clean than when I was playing. What are you? Hang on doing it rumbles who is shoot us. Well, well tap. What am I for you this kind of like? It's kind of like a tower defense mute soccer game where you've got a feel man you've got like a field of of your you build a team of like ten dudes each with a Monaco's, basically, like hard stone or wells, and you flip them onto the field and they behave differently. There'll be like offensive oriented guys like a tiger. Who's just kinda like he'll carry the ball towards the goal and shoot. How many how which character detat on to make them bend it like Beckham frog? Yeah. The frogs pretty good. I mean like you can use magnet guy to like bend your opponent to your will. Yeah. That's true. Okay. All right. I like, it's fun. It's easy to play. It's it's the thing that it does that Super Bowl games. Don't do which is kinda nice is it. Only matches you against people with actual similar skill level based on their characters as opposed to just like the super cell thing. Eventually you are going to get matched against people who are have way better characters. Sure that you just haven't reached that point in the game. Yeah. I don't know. I played a lot of it. And the people like this is kind of echoed in the reviews. This seems a lot less. They're just the thing that they don't the thing that they do versus a super cell is way more aggressive with trying to get you to buy things where it's like every time you level up. It's like exclusive chest for hitting level six. It's ninety nine cents. And you get all of this stuff. And you see that stuff constantly. Okay. But it's I I've spent two dollars so far about the to like ninety nine cents. You've just bought the game. Here's a little booster. Okay. That thing. And I'm probably not gonna spend any more who knows? Probably who knows that out that they could've done and gone away from Supercell is no emotes, but there's fucking motes in this game. I was having fun. How to do them? It's like bottom right corner some shit. But then I was having fun playing soccer with my little lazy panda. My little cute dog, hyper wolf and then Wolfson the game. And that I messed up well, and then my fucking opponent starts shooting off laughing lines. And I wanted throw my phone across the fucking room them. No, I think maybe no one else's figured out emotes yet. I certainly have it. But then this fucking game has got me to rebound load fucking class royale because I wanna. Oh. What are the real stuff? This is like when you go for like Coca Cola or whatever when you go for Shasta. But you're like fuck I need the real shit. Go for methadone. Yeah. Yeah. And I hate myself, even more, and I just feel dirty, and then I dropped five bucks class. Roy. I'm gonna take your phone away. Do that. I need to get stuff off the phone. God good apps off your phone. All right to to still pretty fun at least class ROY Jason's just leaving the room. Now. He's he's like. Nope. All right. Well, there goes my hero. You know? I also those games a big part of them is like clans, you know, you can have like fifty person group. Yeah. No. That's yeah. That's fucking daily rewards, etc. Etc. And you're egging each other on like, I spent some money on this. It was good or the best ones like begging for because you don't know. Okay. Please, please. And you get like rewards if you donate. So it's very nice. Join a bomb group, and I was like oh was cool sort of giant bomb one. And I'll mention it on the podcast. Anyone wants to join can join. It literally filled up within twenty four hours full of randoms just screaming expletives and swears in the general group shack. I don't think there are fans. I tried to start another clan real giant bomb by didn't have enough coins. That's right and a sows coins on this clam. Well, now, I know why. 'cause you spend two bucks. So you got the goal. Yeah. I only I'm sitting here with a measly one fifty. So I run a tap titans to clan. Oh, okay plans. Yeah. And they just rolled out there. Like big raid update. So it used to be like, okay? There was a a big monster. And every day everyone needed to tap on the big monster. And you could have on the big monster. I think it's like once an hour unless you spend some diamonds, and then you can tap on it over and over again. And basically every time the big monster dies. You're you're the damage that you're in each individual player does goes up a little bit. Sure, it was like a claim level bonus, basically. And there's a leaderboard for like who's in the top climb. They took that whole system through the fuck out and replaced it with another system of like. Okay. Now, there's you. Build a deck of three cards out of a possible twelve cards and each one of those has abilities that can stack on and so now it's like it's the same tap, the big monster thing. But now the monster has difference plus spots where you can tap it. So like some cards do more damage to the head and some cards. We'll do toxic damage to the legs. And so becomes a little more about strategic attack. I that I'm gonna do this damage then you come in after or and so you can attack three times every twelve hours. Okay. And so you have but you have to build three decks of three cards each to do it. And it's this like this way more complicated system. That's like I was gonna ask is this. What you come to tap titans for this level of like intricacy strategy timing the coordination. So we haven't had to coordinate yet because it's all super low level stuff. So it's just like I wake up, and oh, they they killed the thing before I ever got to take a swing at it. All right, cool. And then it takes the twenty four hours for the thing to come back. And so I don't know like they've been hyping up this update for a very long time like running twitch streams like the rate updates coming. And like all along it's been like, I don't know that it's not that type of coordination. And I'm not sure is like beneficial to this idol game. But I guess I see where they're going with it. It doesn't seem bad per se. But I'm still not sure if it's like an actual good thing you have to actively activate those three cards or will they just passively they they're more or less passive. So basically you tap on the monster. And while you're tapping on the basically, you have thirty seconds to tap on the monster. Okay. And then as you're doing the tapping the cards will fire off icy. And so, you know, you need to be tapping on the head if you have a card that says, oh, you're going to do more damage to the head. Okay. And so it focuses your tapping a little bit. Whereas before it was just like I need to use as many fingers as possible at screen now, it's still that. But I need to kind of fucking gang sign my fingers in such a way that it's tapping on the. Legs and the head at the same. It's it's a mess. Everyone's gonna get carpal tunnel. It's probably a bad thing overall. But the I don't know. But now there's like a whole new currency of raid dust, or whatever the us to John. So yeah, I feel like some desert come in handy for prepar scenario. Yeah. If you had just a little bit rate dust that you could put that on that stake. Tar I think that would really spruce it up a little bit speaking. This Preussen spruce our way into the break. What what I mean? There's there's one more thing we need to save that for after the break. Then let's take the break. We come back for one more thing. All right. This. Hey, we don't talk about giant premium very often on the podcast. What we've got a sale happening right now on yearly memberships, and doggone it, you need to know if you're not familiar with Jon Bon premium, we're not just podcast hosts, we do a lot of other stuff over there giant bomb dot com. We create other gaming related content, mostly videos podcasts, but with like moving pictures. It's crazy. Some of those videos are free for everyone. 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There you go. Ru the scaffolding, we're good. What are you? Gotta talk shit about Admiral blaster. Oh god. You said you had one more thing before we get the news. Yeah. Let's get it. What is the one more thing? So last flash I'm walking on other than apparently. Apparently this game. You were talking about is fifty one percent owned by Supercell. Yeah. According to. It makes some more skis. Yeah. I don't know why sand on it anymore. Then do you know where I stand in line at the AMC metro last night with Jan? Detective Pika chew baby. No, okay. Detective peach you. Peca to baby. The unites you come on. Dan, Ben, you think I thought. Okay. So I was acquainting this too. When you are waiting for a bus, and then a cute dog comes up to you. So it's like three things one. It's cute. It's too. It's very fun to run into a very friendly dog and three very short. And then the dog eventually goes away. And that is why think of detective Pika chew. It was cute is very fun. And then you know, it was very short like fem federal like it just fades missed the dog didn't need to be there as long as it needed to be. And neither was the whole movie. They could have easily just egged it on like, here's like an additional twenty thirty minutes of weird or exposition of like, we're gonna lay out this whole universe the Pokemon cinematic universe. Yes. The PCC you. We kind of expected them PC's. Let's sequel the PC you right? Jeremy Piven he's gonna play fucking as adult him. God. Oh boy. Anyway. But it was an enjoyable time. It was it was fun. It's a kids ask kids movie totally like deaf. And it's it's it was a really good proof of concept of Joe, we can make poke them on work around in the look and look realistic and not trae cool the look of. Yeah. Yeah. There's some there's some really cool stuff in there. There's a lot of really confusing stuff. I won't get into. But I think it's I think it was. I think it was fun. Yeah. I mean, like the opening shot of the movies like a bunch of Picciotto Pige yachts, just like flying through like a farm area. And like that looked pretty dope. Yeah. Even. Seeing how how much physical space a Pokemon would actually take up and. Yeah, that's kind of part that like outside of the anime. But who knows how tall any of those people are? I bet. The stats are probably. So yeah, I guess, you know, obviously, we don't wanna just like rip through the plot. And all this other stuff here for people who are excited are freaked out spoilers already. Does it lend itself to there being more movies? And would do you think it led to and my follow up is more the tech apiece? You movies or more poke him on movies, definitely more Pokemon movies? Yeah. Specifically active Pika choose if deliberately sending up like oh this. We're not done. Or is it more just kind of leaves it open K? We'll see it open ended enough more dislike. Hey, see all those Pokemon. Now. We did. Right. Just imagine in like two years when we do the real because I mean, they've said that they want to do a red blue movie. Yeah. And I think that's like the fucking clue movie theaters. So read or. Yeah. It's like the exact same scenes, but in this scene, it's like a fucking mud kipps. And this is something. Yellow? Yeah. Totally get to see Puka to surfing it worth. It. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I guess they spent all this time. There's enough like little little nods to maybe doing red and blue you see two three characters wearing like that not the Ashkenazim Hatton. But like, hey, they're wearing a red hat are they read right? And this is like a world like this is just a city in this big world full yoakum on very easily. And then like, yeah, I think one of my minor complaints is that you would see these same couple Pok Mon over and over again. But then when I was thinking how this city is set up and that this city like Pokemon people live together in harmony, so dark seedy underbelly, always all club. It kind of makes sense that these specific Pokemon would be living in the city, if they're used for utilities sake. Yeah. There's a shot of squirrels putting out fires and like champs directing traffic because have burden. Yeah. And then. Norling hanging out. I really love that your main problem with the Pokomo movie is not enough polka mom, I gotta catch him. All. That's a that's a fun. Yeah. That's we should have. We should have thought ahead and just like sent you over the patent paper and just like count. How many different ones were in it about one hundred and fifteen forty to fifty or fifty. Yeah. Yeah. There's like, well, there's four different bird ones. What would bed was saying? It was like it's neat to see a proof of concept and seeing it work, and it being stupid charming this. Talking about this. It was kinda like the experience we both had with Pokemon. Let's go where like playing that. And seeing like walking around this world and three D that we are familiar with that was just straight way more like straightness style just shot. Right. Yeah. This is more of like, man. Remember when you were kid, and you thought I was on a real. Yeah. And now, you can see what it would look like it it totally drills down in that part. Yeah. They drill into the movie like every every person has him on partner. And then I was just thinking like fuck I wish I had a partner if you only have one focus on your partner. I don't know what I have the same profession in the Pokemon universe. What it's still be doing video over there. Yeah. Oh god. Maybe like a champ. So he can help switch the cameras and the lights in the studio. All dude. Maybe I just get one of the flies. Chef maybe much lex because he could like give me a little critiques on while but much XYZ anything. What am I thinking? Are you thinking Diggle, it's cool, but they rip up the carpet. Yeah. Please everything. Yeah. If those people your home dig list, probably could have gotten Doug trio in there. Okay. Which is why it took so long a low industry got hair everywhere. Yeah. Parts steel type. All right. That's fine. We could you know, that movie opens this week this. Okay. All right. Well beyond look out for that. We recorded it a little predictions and post completely spoiler free wrap-up thing that we're gonna throw up in the giant bomb presents feed. Fantastic. We talked about some popcorn tech. All holy shit. I'm not going to spoil it here. But John's girlfriend teams the game of movie theater popcorn forever. And I hate it. You have to go. Listen to find out. Okay. Eight it. I don't I support one hundred percent. She's eating herself tight is it nutritional yeast. No, okay. I wish all right? Easy on nutritional Fred ably nutrition. All right. Just move on reverse. Okay. Well, that's it for that part of the show. It's move on to the next. It's news. And now the music is played we can talk about video game movies from one to the other sounds like detective peak. Okay. Meanwhile, fucking everything burned down last week after that sonic, the hedgehog trailer. And and we watched it on this very show last week. It was our lead story. So here we are again lead story there challenging the look. Cries that bums me out does kind of bummed me out. Yeah. I really think that about artists integrity. They're gonna make him look more acceptable. What does that even mean? They're gonna take aways teeth. Okay. His legs. Is save lives. All right. I I can't argue with that. It's gonna look like better. But it's going to lose like there's some that you wanted to be a nightmare. Yeah. Interesting. If he looks kind of unsettling like I feel like 'cause Aikman and Jim Carrey's. Look, obviously gets really extreme in weird like sonic needs to look weird. He leads to not look from here. He's not from here. But what does that mean? What if it is just like, hey, we're going to change his face and aspects of his body shape to look more accurate to the original depiction of sonic that. Okay. Like like, I don't think. That's here's my other thing. I think it's gonna take way more than changing the way sonic looks to like. Kidding? Seems like a fucking nightmare. Here's a quote from the director Jeff Fowler. The message is loud and clear, you aren't happy with the design, and you want changes it's going to happen. Everyone paramount Sega are fully committed to making this character the best he can be. It's going to have like that like the look of sonic was like kind of nightmarish. But like that was not the issue like watching a trailer was more just like, okay? Part of that was put me on edge. And then everything else is kind of pushed me over. Yeah. It was like okay creative team. That would have put this trailer together as already so far off base for making a good movie. You're just like filling most of the takes were like, oh are we just into just making deliberately bad movies? Now is that what is that what they're doing? Is that how you get people to see something even like by the end of it. I was like is this going to end up just being like some kind of snakes on a plane situation where they have to eventually market. It is just like this is fucking bullshit. Come see rash. We made. All the ads for God. You were like critics are lying about God audiences know that it's actually good. So see it. I think that everyone who was earnestly complaining about the way sonic. Looks weren't the kind of people who are going to go see that movie anyway, or like who was gonna go see the movie die hard sock fans. We're going to see it. No matter. What looks like. Yeah. It's Herranz parents who have kids. Yeah. Like, the majority of the audience, and none of them give us shit phonic looks. So at that point like why not make it a little more nightmarish for like the fucking weird Stoner's like dude, we're gonna go see fucking, sonic, the hedgehog fuck and teeth. Yeah. Denver big markets. And for then the fourth group is people fucking morbidly curious about that shit, man. That's what you're gonna gonna want. Like, I want the real version of sonic. I want the version they were originally marketing, I want that movie. And I felt like a breakdown of kind of like how the can't really change the way he looks at that much because if you think about how CG works shots of like anytime, somebody's handing something sonic or standing next to sonic or whatever are interacted with the changes height because like. In a certain you probably could, but it would be dramatically more. And they haven't announced a delay. No. Which means that these poor animators are going to be working day two for thing. Less weird right like, and what's the dollar amount? Like that that brings in if they fixed like, I don't know that I saw anyone saying I'm not going to move sonic looks bad. It was like you already knew like, you could say, hey, man, they're making sonic, the hedgehog movie, and like just the fucking gut reaction. I think people the majority of people already have made up their mind right there. If that's something. They would see you're not there's people that are gonna be on the fringes. But I don't think the look of sonic. The hedgehog is going to actually change that much for that. So yeah, I this is going to be still as much of a shit show. As originally was like, yeah. No amount of teeth removal is going to fix any of that. So what if they put twice as many teeth? Then it is fixing it. All the merge thing about anything like that. Yeah. That's actually all that shit. I wonder. That's all. Yeah. Pre-run we have. There's like t shirts of the losing team that gets donated somewhere weird weird. But. Kind of fucking production costs. That probably was like an argument that someone had and lost at some point for like, there's probably someone right now. I told you. This is how many times they say one person on staff. My dog shit. You don't know what the kids I was a post associate producer cloudy chance to be posed to wherever you are. You were you to tell me how song the hedgehog looks? Yeah. Man. It's it's unfortunate like. Is the people who are like, oh, this is all sign up. They already had the backups on it. And this is all marketing. To do for them to do that. Okay. Let's fucking magin that this fucking like nonsense could actually be true that anyone ever. Okay. Right. Yeah. That that would be like that's the fucking. That's where they want to put the money. That's the risk. They're going to take with the brand and all that stuff. Like, no. But, but if you were to believe that then you would have to assume that they from the get go new the thing they were making was fucking trash and they had two snakes on a plane that shit, which is not how you want your movie to end up. That's your last ditch like, oh, well, we are out of time slash money. This things coming out one way or the other. We have to find a segment of an audience for it. So let's market it like this shit. What the fuck that? We do. And I think a lot of the well, whatever, I'm sure snakes on a plane had some CG in it. I don't know. I remember I remember drinking when I went to we actually saw that as like an office thing like midnight like win super late. It was not fun. That movie was not good or bad enough. Any of these motherfucking snakes? We're gonna play said that show school. Yeah. I mean, they already had the trailer open with him saying, you gotta go fast. So we're already fucking there. Right. So that's the only world in which I think you could start to draw those sorts of conclusions that like other doing this on purpose. The trailer opening with him saying gotta go fast too on the nose like paradise. Yeah. Yeah. The weirdest saw we can have this. Yeah. Like someone sat down and said like, hey, this is gonna be shitty either way. So let's just lean into the shit and see if we can get something out of it, which is not out Sega runs, sonic, the hedgehog. Maybe sometimes fucking terrible. Sometimes whatever I I don't know if that was their aim what if it had backfired, and then people actually liked the look of sonic that was presented. Yeah. And like they have that like oh shit. They like him. What do we do? And then they don't have a fallback. I don't know. I don't know the whole. Yes. So I think it's it's asking a lot of like how Hollywood works to assume that they would try to be doing some kind of back door fucking actually savvy thing. On on guide. Oh, sure. Sure. Yeah. No. That's what we do. Now. Let's fucking. Yeah. Okay. Burning money. Yeah. We're gonna do but. Yeah, hot. So we decided to make it bad on purpose because we figured that would maximize the fucking vine potential thing. Right. Vine to you. Yeah. I think they were they were really on the ball. They would you know in however, many weeks, months, whatever once they're done with the redesign. They like say, okay, we have it. We're dropping the new trailer. It's new sonic, get ready, and like just black screen, and then you hear that like. Sound and running onto the screen is like the Santic as sonic cartoon like fully realized in three D, And then everyone freaks out and finger something and runs through in. The real sonnet comes out of the real comes out. E forty. And he says. Big the cat as forty. Yeah. Yeah. Sure, I'm down. I'm back on board. Yeah. Yeah. A real mess. I think we kind of those poor animators. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe the models already done for the other sonic. And it's just you know, we're going to import the import good model dot ping. I'm sure that's all that takes and Stu. Pay. A series of things. Fucking. I don't know, man. It seemed like about Eddie out of the gate. Hey, we're gonna make a sonic the hedgehog movie. I'm don't maybe don't say that. All these videogame adaptations such right? Yeah. I don't know. They're going to get made. They're going to feel like destroyed and to see all of them. Yeah. Sure. Because you're in that field. Yeah. Yeah. I suppose and also it used to be able to see movies like early for free on the raiders. So it was like, oh, I'm gonna go see the tomb raider movie a couple of days before it's first poke him on movie that hit the US like three days before it was out just like an employee screening because I felt this obligation. No perfect stuff because I paid like six fifty or something for ticket, and I get to see movies like I feel good about paying like three and a half dollars for. Yeah. For seeing sonic along do that. And my kid will be happy for, you know, hour and a half or whatever what if he's terrified. What if he like what if? Why didn't the sonic is is he sonic neutral as he sonic positive tells mega, man. Okay. He knows mega man. Yeah. Mega man's blue wants to watch the trailer. There's a lot of call them the blue bomb wash it four times in a row. Okay. So he's into it. All right teeth or not. Yeah. He's he's invested. Now. I could see Jimmy doctor wyle, I think that would work more. So than robotic. Yeah. Make the mustache white. Like an alien. I wanna I want always alien. He was never make him from a different dimension Elliot's doctor while I don't wanna know anything about spaceships and sonic that place on adventure. Yeah. Probably not. Also, you shouldn't play on a venture. Right. Doctor light for Sam Elliott. Yeah. I'm not saying Jim is like the choice for doctor wyle. I'm saying you could do it. Yeah. Yeah. Do anything. He's like Edward Norton that way. Okay. Man. Moving on this stuff made the rounds. People probably seen it XBox updated community standards. They updated their website with a bunch of like examples of what is good and bad when it comes to trash talking. And have you seen this you've seen this? Okay. All right. It's it's, but it's actually this huge document. That has a lot of stuff on it. Guideline trashed. And so yes, they have their acceptable trash talk and going years off some examples here. I just I just pony. You your word hog they go. Yeah. -ceptable if you say that if you were to say, hey sexual threat. I just opponent you and your ward hog that would be bad. Okay. Let me try. Let me try another one. I just. Just be the new in three. I I respectfully request that you and your loved ones. Kiss my ass because I owned you so hard that your wish you were never born. I feel like that was kind of on the start very ease them to counteract. At the ask kissing miles sexual. Likely sexual both parties are into it the same. Hey, I just wanted to have some ground rules of make sure you're on board with this. Yeah. Actually is that covered in there. Like kind of not. The boundary setting is is not a part of the document. So that they've just written in these are also bad, and I just feel like people should be using these left and right now because just the terminology is even just like, I just pretty awesome. That was some serious potato aim get wrapped that would be acceptable. Simple day to him is going too far might be something. Like, hey profanity. That was some serious potato aim. Get wrecked. Trash don't don't bring trash into it. And don't don't swear. That's not profanity for use the term Kate y s. 'cause yourself. They don't want any. Okay. Here's acceptable. Trash-talk? Cheap win. Come at me when you can actually drive without running cars off the road. And what I feel it's scenario. What what happened in that? What game? Are they playing assume Forza? Okay. But how one but they drove the car off the road. They're they're running other car. Which would be a very thing that would be bad manners. Barrettes? Okay. Now, here's the version of it. That might be going too, far, cheap win totally expected from eight racial slur. Just put in brackets just like, no, they don't actually put a I'm I'm not censoring it. I'm not sending Microsoft didn't write something list of racial slurs. We don't like to use. That's. Sometimes it requires. How about all that sucked? Get good. And then come back when you're k D's over one. Shit totally acceptable. Totally acceptable. That's fine. Yeah. Going to say that go too far looks like you suck get out of my country. Maybe they'll let you back in when you're k D's over one God that's too far. That's that's been love that this is an document off. Right. That we know that. Yeah. I know. And then so, you know, a lot of this stuff is like, hey, don't like don't cheat like this long document of all the community standards like that stuff. That's updated about the that. Everyone's really focused on like, hey, look this hilarious shit. But a lot of this other stuff is like harmful behavior has no place on XBox like cheating, tampering and the use of exploits. And they've got examples for like, give me some ideas. Don't use bod's that are not explicitly supported by game. Developer don't use a glitch that lets you use your character outside of a multiplayer map, don't modified or tampered hardware to XBox live. Don't intentionally team kill other players. Don't us exports to duplicate in game items. And at some point like, I'm like, okay. Yeah. I get it. Also fuck you if the games broken, I k. Okay. Don't ship your broken game, fix it. As soon as you can I'm gonna do some items. Duping items in multiplayer games. Like, not not a concern the one that actually got me was under the piracy and unauthorized use section where they opened with saying pirating software is not a victimless crime. Thanks for the reminder, you wouldn't down on three print it. And so it's weird. I guess it's it's you know, whatever they want to cover everything. But like, I don't think this is really an issue on the Xbox One piracy is not really don't think there are huge exploits that allow that. So those are saying like for example, don't play pirated game. Okay. Got I don't don't try to access accounts. You don't. No pirate game. Sorry. Don't use someone's intellectual property in a way, that's not permitted. There goes my all. That I made well other areas get into like don't use a terrorist group as your fucking custom emblem in video game for sure that sort of stuff don't share content covered under a nondisclosure agreement that you signed that happens a lot. These days. It does happen more and more with all the way closed betas and also their stuff. Like, that's that's not an uncommon scenario. These days signed as normal consumers like digital signature type stuff, but there's one on this list here that I thought was too far. In terms of like, hey, outlaying this rule on its face the way, it's written. It's under this is under the piracy and unauthorized you section. This is one of the bullet points, for example, do not play a game before its release date. What what hey, that's it. Don't stop people from selling it like that's not on me, the consumer if I could walk into a fucking store and buy fucking game. That's not my fucking problem idea that you would put in your rules don't play before its release date taken away. My right. I bought that game. Put me on the cover of whatever gaming magazine don't tread on me fucking released. -actly fucking put me in the books. Yeah. I thought that one was was. Fucking ridiculous. That's not there's another one. That's like don't buy games from an unauthorized seller. It was another one. Okay. Keep in mind, like sometimes games, get stolen. They fall off trucks and make their way into what was it. Trying to remember infamous for the PS four. There were like a ton of copies coming out of Dubai or something like like some shipment. Got Jack, Jack and suddenly EBay was just like flooded with copies of this game. Like a few days before we had review copies. I could've bought one off EBay. And so I get it in that sense of just like, hey, these technically like stolen property, and like there's some legal thing that you could snake down into it. But if you're inadvertently going bullshit, man, it said it could sell me infamous. So I bought it. And then you know, you can't you can't ban a person for that. And I feel like in cases like this. Users have always come out ahead. Always always. Fought back against the idea of just like, oh, you can get banned if you play game early and developers have always say, no, we won't ban. Like, we might block you from playing online until the actual launch day. Yeah. Yeah. And developers will sometimes ask us for like, hey what what's your name? What you know? Even they'll say like what's your IP address because the white list stuff for like early access? And so like if you bought if you if you happen to get a disc early which plenty people do. You wouldn't go play online. But these handful of of destiny one there were people like we couldn't get in. We had copies of the game. But we couldn't get in until it went like retail live. But I saw people on my friends list who worked at bungie definitely like friends and family of like definitely playing the game. They'll white-list people and all that sort of stuff. They're like other ways for them to protect that stuff. Other than don't play for released. A like what? What? I'm saying get good. And then come back when katie's over one to that one specified, what kind of repercussions are like banning or up to death threats or. They haven't really this document is more about like, hey, don't do this. I don't know Mr. like punitive, but it is like, you know, a lot of is about like, hey, attitude standards, and all this sort of stuff, but then they're sexist just like turn that spam into substance. No don't regularly offer prizes in exchange. For follows Louis. I only follow for follow. Don't stand pita game invites to players who haven't shown interest in joining like, it's a lot of common sense stuff. Like don't be fucking shitty. Like, we've built these social tools. Don't fucking don't start a broadcast in order to troll someone like. Yeah. That's good. Yes. Yes. Don't send police officers to some of these. I don't know if they actually don't frame a custom game gamer pick to make it look like something inappropriate. So all your weird like, it's just my arm bed. It's not a but. Still gets the rules Ben, but it's not a but still the rules ban. My arm is protected. By what the government? Okay, you're. You can't hug your kids with Ben packs arms. Read the bumper sticker pal. Don't use a gamertag. That includes an inappropriate play on words. No being witty around here. Yeah. Don't use double entendre or phrases inappropriate dual meetings in your profile. Yeah. Don't trade game lessons for XBox gift cards or other compensation. Don't charge another player to help them complete a level in a game. Don't pretend to be an game developer. You still say you're on works intendo? Well, it says you can't say. Don't pretend to be the employees of a game developer. But it doesn't say, and it says don't give other players the impression that you're a Microsoft employee. All right. But if you're doesn't say anything about like, hey, my uncle is a Nintendo employees. I dunno. Anyway, it's a long document. It's a lot longer than the community standards. The go kill you. Don't don't go kill yourself slash whatever. It was hey gets get sexual threat. Can't believe you thought you were on my level. Cheap win totally expected from a racial slur is like the. All right. So I'm sure all the most toxic vile. Members of XBox will go read those rules, well, at least they're written down. So that like you can win as you're banning those people where does say the rules that I can't have swabs to give the call of duty point literally right here, right here, you asshole shit that I understand why why would want something like this totally the fun for the one about don't play games ahead of release. When there are still plenty of mom and pop shops, the break street date, and like that's not that that is not the consumers fucking cross to bear. Yeah. I think that sucks. True the world video game hall of fame. The world the world video game hall of fame states the world. Okay. This is run by the strong museum. Okay. Yeah. Sure. Do they've got a video game arch video game. He's election. Yeah. They run the toy hall of fame. Also thing we'll toy. I don't know what the actual name of it. But they have announced the inductees for the twenty nine hundred class into the world. Video game hall of fame include Dame's made it in emerging from a field of twelve finalists. Bus. He didn't make it this year. I'm just going to tell you up front. I did not on the list all between Bob's e. And the the strong family this. Yeah. No. Yeah. The people from the strong are well aware of the I know I'm pretty. There was a revolutionary use of two. Yeah. And and very Roddick. Yes. Fine line to walk, and they so let's start with the some of the finalists who didn't make it in. Because these these games kind of come from a lot of different eras. And in some cases, I'd some of these read like they're talking about franchises opposed to individual games, and it's kind of ambiguous in some cases. But here are some of the finalists that did not make it in candy crush saga. Almost I feel like that's games too new to be a hall of fame fresh year. It's like arguably the largest video game ever. It's up there. Yeah. I'm not saying it won't eventually get its due and probably belongs in some kind of like recognized in some way, not like shitting on it. But the idea. Nineteen. Centipede? Which I would put in a hall of fame. Sorry. The it was going to to fast, they can cut. It goes dance dance revolution new half-life missed NBA two K weird is like the original. It'd be too case. So yeah, I don't know if they mean like the Dreamcast game. Or are they talking about it as a series and franchise or? Yeah. It's sid Meier civilization would be like are. They literally talking about save one here. Probably talking about the France or they kind of recognizing the franchise. So they also did some write ups here in one of the winners. They do very much focus on the specific first game while kind of acknowledging, hey, it's a continuing franchise and the other one and this is where it also gets thrown into some disarray super smash brothers melee. Jeez. Oh, you're so close. They know they know mail as the one I was at a bar. Friday night. And I was there with a couple of my friends who play and larger group of people. And there was live music going on and the after they finished the basis was coming down and like going up to table in a couple of bucks in there. Or then MO which I thought was really cool. He had his thing, and you can tell just scan and a couple bucks we have any sound staff or just literally played a show. And if you wanna give us a couple of bucks like that'd be that'd be cool that can what kind of an open where they books to play there. It wasn't like a native band. It's like this guy's jazz trio who gets his friends if they wanna play that come by. And just play the play like, it's okay. It's not like a bar. It's not like a venue had like this little corner of the bar that they play at okay in a bigger situation where there's a cover charge or something like that. Then. Absolutely. There's no cover for merchandise. Yeah. That's, but I don't even think it was like a band. I think is just like some dudes who like come do not a band that? You're not getting any we play for hours, and we give them a. I played on stages for shows where people had to pay to get into got paid in beer, if that sometimes I don't wanna cuss the Spurs on those guys, but I'm. Taken beer too. But anyways. The cop- the topic of smash came up for some reason. And my friends asked the guy. Oh, do you play those I play the only one that matters intendo sixty four. Hard fan modem like thousand. Go ahead. Just have a jar. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Totally. Yeah. Just have a jar hurt. Sign bend. Both things. I feel like making the rounds is real. I think is also we were there for like hours. And they knew we were there for the whole time. And it's like, hey, you guys must have really enjoyed the music. Do you want to kick us a couple of bucks? I feel like the only way to do that is to like go full pressure situation and be like the band that walks up to tables and just like it would you like to song to the lady and then fucking like eight we'll play soccer. Yes. Yeah. That sort of stuff where you're like making it fucking like we are in obstruction to your dinner. To go away. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense to me are mariuchi bands. Like the ads you have to wait to skip. Yeah. It's only skip -able you can skip it. But for a fee penny. Damn that's always pay the Marriott do ads now you can skip them for just stand up and shout. Mcdonald's everything no matter what if they were regularly saying, hey, if you like we are a tip jar. We also have been mope here. That'd be fine. Totally on the stage. Absolutely. Like, hey, here's what we're doing stand. Why? It's just weird like a band member pander not pandering like going around and sure that that's I think that's fine in certain situations. But like inside a private establishment at some point like the owner of the place said it's okay for them to play there. That's weird. I think that's super weird. I just feel like there was someone who has been in a band and played in bars and all that sort of stuff like at most we like they were sound CDs. If you want them, and we got t shirts. I'm not saying taste tasteful. No my band was not tasteful. The opposite. But I don't think it's unheard of to task for tips like that like in that fashion that maybe not, but it's just you ever wear socks and sandals on stage. No more tasteful than this band. Right. Great though. Once we did come out in orange jumpsuits like we were in escaping jail. Hell op. Fucking lily white idiots fucking different time. I almost made it. I almost made it didn't make it in crab. Here's the four games that made it in colossal cave adventure, which is like early tech adventure Super Mario kart. Yeah. Yeah. Belongs to hall of fame. I don't this inaugural year. Dono this for a while. Right. They've been at it got time. Yeah. Microsoft solitaire. Absolutely. One of the most play video games. Of the of the non modern era. Yeah. Well, i've. Yeah. Those cards they go back on the different skins robe. I mean, the robot was the only one castle castle rose what there was an island one right on trees, and they go and the fourth one mortal Kombat, which one or. Yeah. The right up is is really kind of focused on like, hey, did you ties actors and the establishment of our be sure any kind of it's how how it was part of this kind of landmark moment in video games. Big deal. Yeah. Gremlins to always be more lies for introducing PG thirteen. Yeah. I never saw gremlins to the only part of grandma's too. I saw when I was at a drive in seeing back to the future three and turned around and saw whole Cogan up on the screen because I think he's in he's in gremlin to for a little bit, Leonard Maltin. That's all I know about grandma's too. And that's all I know about the Strong's game hall of fame. Congratulations to the winners. Yeah. It got me thinking, and I guess we kind of have done this in various forms. But it got me thinking like man fuck that start my own hall of fame. Buchan like Putinite third base. It's not my whole fan combat basketball. That's right. Yeah. All the hits archrivals combat basketball basketball games with new the looney tunes. Super Nintendo game. Yeah. Space Jam for Saturn. All that shit, y'all EA access. Access is coming to the PlayStation four in July. Great another service for me to forget to cancel. This case is the same service. You can pay for it twice. So I don't think they're combining memberships like, hey, your benefits carry over here. They would do that. Yeah. I remember trying to get anthem or something like that. And yeah, it's completely separate from the PCP to the XBox. Right. Yeah. All right. That's five bucks a month thirty year. And if you remember when when EA access I rolled out on the XBox Sony. Basically was like, nah, we ain't allowing that. And they're quote that they gave out of the time was like we don't think it is a good value proposition for the PlayStation audience. They were kind of like throwing stated is like, no, no. I think at the time even I was like, yeah. This seems like a bad deal. Now, this many years into the into the generation the number of games, you get for quite a bit nice getting early access stuff. And but the backwards compatibility bit on the Xbox One means that you had to get a lot of sixty games there that I can't imagine you would get on the PS four version of the service. Yeah. Because it's not like PS three game just run on a PS four. Totally fred. Just keep sticking the discount. Something happens every firmer updates put it in. Maybe maybe maybe this is the one security features. I remember talking to people years ago and about crazy ideas and the right? Well, what if you just bought a game once and ran everywhere. What knows that's docking to happen. And the seems like the steps they could take in that direction. Even though the services aren't necessarily combined. I wonder if they ever get there. But I guess, you know, that's now that the streaming stuff is coming along. Who knows where it goes from here? But yeah, that'll be an option as of July. I. Feel like I sign up for that thing on XBox? Maybe like once a year begins try something out. It's usually like they didn't send us this thing. It must be terrible. We should probably sign up for this. So I can start playing need for speed right now. I gotta play it while terrible. Now, we know now, we know. Yeah. Epic games. They of the epic game store slash unreal. Tournament of epic pinball of Jill of the jungle fame fortnight save the world afford. I save the world fame. They have acquired the developers of rocket Lee. On the sonic side. They're saying like, hey, this is actually going to give some money. Yeah. And also like the ability to kind of get into more of the sports aspect of it and kind of exposed further and pretty well. Yeah, they've already been been doing it. So it sounds like they're just looking to do more of that. And on the epic side. They had to they kind of got a little. Shifty or they said some stuff and then said that's not an announcement about whether or not the game is gonna remain on Steven's team up there. They said nothing's been confirmed. The quote that was in their initial press. Release was the PC version of rocket league will come to the epic game store in late twenty nineteen. In the meantime, it will continue to be available for purchase on steam thereafter. It will continue to be supported on steam for all existing purchasers, which is kind of the standard of like, oh, we're going to keep updating it for people that bought it. But it might not available for sale and all the deal. See, right. Yeah. Yeah. People read took that and thought like oh, well at some point down they're not gonna they'll take it down for sale. And then then the quote later on was like, we haven't we have nothing to announce at this time regarding that. Okay. But this this sentence. Sure sounds sounds like they're gonna take it down doesn't help epochs recent image problem, you know, like now, I instill on the side of like the epic store is. It's hard to say, I think it needs work is like they depending on where you are what you're into what you're doing. Like, there are parts of the epic store that just don't work for you at all right now because they don't accept certain currencies, and that sort of stuff I didn't even small quality of life stuff like that, our libraries there's there's tons of little things. But I still think like thought my heart. What's the big deal? It's another client to download and execute like, but this is the first when it was literally looking like it wasn't going to be available on steam anymore. This was the first real twinge of just like, man. This seems like the exclusive stuff you kinda give or take like different service. But when you after mine. After my rocket v rocket league guy, but I know tons of people I think for me, it's not about that for me. It's about hey, rocket league is a game that they have largely promoted as a cross play. Yeah. And a lot of that work to make it available on multiple platforms and all the sort of stuff. And I think if they overhaul it to work with the epic account system, and all that sort of stuff like okay that makes sense. But clearly they're going to want to keep it to the cross play game. And I would assume that then it would continue to be cross play between steam and the epoch store, but I guess like do they cut off updates? They talk about support. And sure that means patches and all that sort of stuff, but you end up in a situation where it's like, oh, if you have the steam version, we're not going to sell the DLC there anymore. It's only coming out over here and do then provide some kind of migration path for like, hey, you put a bunch of money into steam we want to honor that over here. Like, I assume that they have some Jason you've played rocket league more recently than I have. It's not a cross platform like the DNC purchases. Okay. Not quite likely forms. Did they create any kind of overarching account system that exists above XBox live and steam and all that stuff is really rocket league account. No. So I don't think that's the way that it works. Yeah. Because you've got you've you buy battle separately. And that's for different platforms completely. And like, the Nintendo exclusive hats, don't come into the other version. All like, you can't see someone wearing them. Right. Yeah. Just default stuff. Yeah. I wonder I highly doubt that's going to be a path. Yeah. Well, I guess then it's like those people off. Yeah. That's that's the thing is do they completely cut those people off or do. They create a situation where they can. Hey, we're beneficial to them as people trying to grow more active users on their store right to migrate people who bought about shit on steam over to epic the same EA did with origin. If there was a lost wash origin. Or maybe not that launch. But around the same time like if you had an EA game on steam that had a CD key attached to it, you could drop that CD key into origin. And it would grant you access to that game on origin. So effectively kinda migrating you over you'd have the game in both places. Right. This would be something that they would want to do. If only to get people like, hey, come play rocket league over here. This is where all the he's gonna live from here on out, but we're gonna freely migrate your account level. And also the stuff over here as a one time deal or whatever it ends up being. Yeah. I don't know like that's gonna touch it on the console side as well or. Don't know knows. That's how I would do it is figure out a migration path to move that stuff over if or actually how I would do it just keeps on that. She don't seem to get into sell them both places, and and whatever let people decide. Yeah. That's that's I think the way to do it something. I think that's the thing about that. Is I think I'm barge largely with you. Just like, hey, it's another client, and it's free and all that other stuff, but there are hitches around the purchasing process in terms of support supporting different local currencies and stuff where like, you know. Some of these exclusives are not for are now not for sale in a region. Simply because epic hasn't done the work to support that region yet over right, and that sucks. Yes. And I know this on their trello board or whatever, but they should probably. Yeah. Right. Exactly. They care about. Hey this game. I was about to buy now. I can't. And that that is shitty. It's also the sort of thing where it seems like they will get their this. Because clearly they want to be a worldwide store and all this other stuff. It's bizarre that they haven't. I think the increasing thing about the epic store is it's bizarre. How much of that stuff? Didn't just get done before hand. And maybe it's stuff that they didn't realize they needed until they were in it. But like that seems like a weird lack of foresight part? Like a jetpack on and they've just been going with it. They're spending speier's free right now buying up exclusives. And companies in this case, and I'd probably not a lot of forethought that's gone into some of this stuff. Yeah. It's it's a weird one. But it seems like that's the source situation. That's like temporary in they'll get there. Because in the process of wanting to run a big store, of course, you eventually expanded all those regions. You know? Right now, though. Valve is open pre orders for the valve index. This is their own VR headsets that they posted a teaser page of a while back. Now, they've got some specs and all this other stuff out there. If you want a full vibe index pack everything you'll need to hook a vibe index up to a PC. What are we talking thousand dollars hundred what one hundred hundred ten to one hundred. No, no, no. How many thousand dollars ten hundreds ten hundreds? Yeah. That's a lot. Two more than the other ones. The five pro I want to say, it was more was eleven point. Anyway, it is a lot of damn money as we're talking about like, you know, the rift asked still being like what four hundred in the Oculus west they're handled or they're not handled. Their audible thing being like four hundred bucks. We're starting to see VR diverge in a lot of ways in terms of like, hey, here's the affordable regular stuff for people. And then hey you bought big into like running a location based entertainment center, where you rent VR headsets, the people get the enterprise grade crazy shit spend a grant on this stuff that costs down. If you already owned some of the stuff all really if you just want the index. So it works with the existing base stations. That they sold with five pro those maybe maybe just those upgraded ones. I don't know if it works with the bridge and all like, I run of bay stations or not. And I I just don't know. So I if you just want the headset if you've got controllers and all the shit that's five hundred. Okay. And if you just want the new these are like the knuckle controllers that they've been seen prototypes. Kicking around seven sensors in there. Yeah. Those are two eighty for a set and then base stations or the other fees. So you still need base stations and still need to create that rectangle in your in your area. And all that sort of stuff. It's a lot of damn money. Yeah. And for that, you'll get a headset that. It seems like it's a pretty good headset. Five should Jeff? I've I've I've I've not tried the controllers I've heard mixed things from like, hey, all those points. Particularly are really amazing. But I've seen some people say that they can't they can't get down with it. Just doesn't feel right. It's also backwards compatible with games that support the existing like old vibe controllers and stuff like everything else. But as a experimental mode that will run into a hundred and forty four Hertz instead of one hundred twenty Hertz fall. And. Yeah. Valve back in the harbor game. Interesting on the win so well for the steam link and Stephen shore trollers, yeah, listen boxes. I'm really interested in checking out some of the higher end headsets. I really would like to see. I'd really like to see like what what the new low end looks like because that kind of good track as as I was saying like hooking up, my rift again and putting those sensors up it was definitely a process of like, maybe I should get a rift s I understand the picture quality the lens, the screens are not maybe as quite as crisp, right or whatever that there's some kind of trade offs. But the idea of inside out dragging that seems super cool. Yeah. Good. Yeah. And the quest being portable and all that sort of stuff like come on you like is it a real step up from the days of like you? I put a phone in front of my eyes Raines is all that weird shit. But but I have not seen a quest. So I don't know. Videogame movies? They're back. Everyone's talking about them. I've heard f Gary gray is developing saints row movie. He did straight Compton among other things. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Yeah. L LC's waterfalls. Yes. Video Gary gray. Yeah. Dude has done some shit. Yeah. So I guess he is option and these developing saints row film curious if this is gonna be two three or four Intel and because right, right? Very diff- different. Yeah. Yeah. And you don't jump straight to four. I think at rule that out, but it's got to be goofy. I think he'd probably go around through somewhere around three point five. Yeah. But like what is that is that just like don't be a menace? Drinking your juice. I fi- can't forget the name of the rank ya. Is it like a parody of like gang movies at that point because that's already been done? So well and don't be a menace. The fast and furious movies. They eventually took a turn from shirt racing stupid over the top. But like, but like self serious, right? Like, they're not like looking at the camera. Go like this weird. Right. Right. They're they're very much into it. And and that's what makes them. So great. Yes. Did you see you see the Instagram that Finn diesel put up? Oh, no. Is there more beef? It's no, no. It's like him incredibly serious. Like, just like, you know, sometimes, you know, Pablo up above looking out for me doing all this stuff bring someone into my life, and he just talks for like a minute and then pans over and John CENA's stay like, man. That's right foot. The rock. No. Fucker? I wanna guy that's about hustle. Voyles and was sacked. Can't go on the fucking sina embodies that. Damn she going to be in fast. That's that can only mean that if only that right marine himself. Yes. And then. And then Theresa's gonna get Teesta. Okay. That I can fuck with. Yeah. Love it. The new Hobson shot trailers really good didn't watch. It really Roman reigns. Does that thing is pretty cool. Just says I'm motherfucking black superman. Does sound good? The throw movies apparently being this deadline to Hollywood. Greg russo. Who's also pantley writing the mortal combat. That Warner is working doing that too. Yeah. You knew that eventually get there. You know that one super campy. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know what I would want out of a new mortal Kombat movie because I don't have like a real reverence for the other two. Imagine having right both Johnny Gat hand, Johnny cage. What kind of a mad man could tackle those two characters ones. Just got more guns. Got magic Lynn's got guns. They go. Yeah. Saints movie seems like a really weird because saints row it kind of just became such a outsized over the top parody of ways. It started this kind of a parody of GTE. And this went so on that album parodies, even degenerates more g knock off at the beginning. One was straight up. Yeah. Style game too was also that. But like also you're in a poop truck, right? Yeah. GTE was always like lightly comedic and satirical, try to do its stuff to you. So it's not. Also in this story f Gary gray also recently did a deal to develop and direct a mask movie. Oh, hello. Tractor fucking. Yeah. The Christian crusaders racks dagger and fucking miles, ma'am. And all that shit. I forgot they were looking to do all that stuff. Yeah. Jim kiosk? Jim. Carey was the green bass. Yeah. He put the sheet smoke out of it. No details on the tone of the saints review or anything like that. So that's what I really wanna know. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like. Detro- go if they've nailed it. Right. Yeah. I my gut says they're not. Yeah. Like a because I feel like ro. I wouldn't want something that was the tone of saints row. Three or four right now any more either. Because I think they did it that was appointed time especially like a video game. Like some of the stuff in there is just like so unique because you play it that it's so funny scene where you're in the wrestling ring, and you get tossed the chainsaw trop up all the dudes to it's real goofy. The cameos are dumb. But like, I think the cameos are exciting because it's a video game. What's his name gargoyles? He played himself Bertrand Reynolds, they will not. Yeah. Yeah. No. The president keep David. Yes. I think they can really get a Keith David in this. And and we could probably get to keep David. Yeah. We should take that back. We could not get a key. We get it. Yeah. We almost definitely get. I know a guy gets a David David Craig David, maybe I will try to get Craig David. But he's just he can't hear me headphones to fuck and big. One more new story. God. Still evolving news every time dude's name comes up. It's like fucking. Oh, just four fourth of yet. It's round. It's one of the like of all the video game news stories that have happened in recent memory. There is not one that has felt this much like a very long car accident happening in slow some point this starts to just read is like I cry for help or something. I don't feel sad talking about Radi. Pitchford head of gearbox was recently on stage unveiling game play for borderlands three. They held event down in LA. This is same. Randy Pitchford for you know, like recently had a lawsuit levied against him legend bio longtime friend slash former lawyer at the company that alleged all kinds of shit from like twelve million dollars that went over to from a company pool to private and moved over to as well as like way more nefarious like pedophilia, allegations and stuff. ESPN drive and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. There was all the yes, the squirt viz. Yes. Use the parlance of the times it also your favorite steam tag. Yeah. Yeah. That's all go change. I'm taking my steam name to that. So yeah. So the announcement of Orleans three has been a thing that people have been looking forward to for some time. And and like the game looks like a follow up borderlands two and people seem excited about that very talented and hardworking people working out in September. It's it's you know, we're getting close here. But man food every time they say anything about the game. It is then like weighed down by more stuff. And so this recent run of stuff what happened this thing? So this all started anti MacNamara. Well, a game informer kind of got into it with with Pitchford because Pitchford I got on stage and said the game was not going to have micro transactions. But but but and he said onstage there's not gonna be any micro transactions. There's not gonna be any of that nonsense. Now, Paul can terp that a lot different ways. You can Paul sage creative director said to game informer, we're selling cosmetic items. That's but we're not going to nickel and dime. Players. DLC will come down the line. But the game won't have anything excessive. And so then then game and former ran a story saying like, hey, despite despite Pitchford getting on stage and saying it's not gonna have this stuff. It fully has this stuff which is important because it's very easy to get there. And be like, okay what gamers hate. We're has. No, grow actions. Right. And then applause moment right now. Wild. And you're like, oh, wait a minute. No. Accurate. And so then he got on Twitter and was like how the fuck could. You do this to me writing this story say like thirty on this. Yes, how could you? Fuck man. This was the line, which is that is up there with first of all borderlands. This is a team mail. You said, and it's like, hey, I have an issue with the story. I was hoping like, you know, maybe we can work on the like, I have a statement that, hey. Hey. And you know, and clarify that happens all the time. And so from his point of view, it was like he was meaning like, no loop boxes and bullshit like that. But of course, we're going to sell cosmetics, but you have to keep in mind. The. Micro transaction has no like literally one of the. One of the first micro transaction that people got mad about was armed. 'cause medics this. It's just micro transactions. Took Luke boxes like cultural weight on its shoulders and be like the word to describe box because Luke boxes at the word to describe loop box the thing to say -ly, but like, but when people now complain about micro transactions odds are they're going to be complaining about a lot of things. But one of them is Luke boxes, which is the biggest and I'd say most offensive of the hot button, and it has been for some time. Like like that sort of government is getting involved in it. Yeah. And so just this weird back and forth lasts days like like locked himself in his office and just taking tweeted the original people responded to just Rando who are responding to him just like full meltdown may mode. Activated. And it was like some some game before readers are calling me a liar. I don't think. I would not classify it as a lie so much like this is like like incorrect statement like you have been understood what microbiomes actions really are. That's how you want to build this. And if you take that I just read one sentence of what he said on stage. But like the full context of it still does not like absolve this. Oh, I see what you mean. Now. So you can kind of infer and go like a while he kind of was talking about the box stuff ahead of this. So maybe, but like no microbes action has a pretty specific. Meaning it means a small amount of money paid for thing in a game. He knows that they were going to be selling cosmetic. I would hope. So. Yeah, this is not semantics. Literally came misspoke best. So you'd think that that would be it. Multiple weeks left of meltdown may. Man. So let's see there's been. Kind of died down for a little bit picked back up recently. Yeah. So David Eddings who is was the voice of claptrap in all borderlands material up to this point. Was that your box employees for a fair amount of time and has since left the company people people I noticed that. There was a different voice for claptrap in three play that people showed off and asked Randy. If it was a new voice responded. No, we've got a new or it was our people probably also asking David Eddings on Twitter. Sure, all the stuff. So David also kinda he popped up last time. He popped up was when that lawsuit filed he kind of like gave a wink in a nod to the the money end of it said. Oh, yeah. And that was that. I don't know if he would know he just is a former employee, and so then the back and forth over like, why'd wasn't David Eddings reprising his role as claptrap in borderlands three became part of it. And he kind of said like, oh, well, you know, when I was impli just did it for no additional money and this time since I don't work there anymore. I was like, yeah. I mean, I would want to get some money for this. And then offer was like not right, which then the timing the back and forth. Okay. Here's what he responded to someone who has no for the first time, I insisted on getting paid for my performance. And all of a sudden they couldn't afford me. Now, I'm not telling them how to run their business. But maybe next time they put the twelve million dollar payment from two k in the gearbox make out instead just saying he's claptrap clamps class back. And yeah. And then. So again, none of these wrecks necessarily respond to each other. It's just it's like people going. Hey, did you see what this guy said? And then rainy picture saying Mr. Eddings was paid very handsomely during his employment after his employment. He was made a relatively generous offer to reprise the role. Unfortunately, he turned that opportunity down. And then since in the time since then. It went from relatively generous offer to him saying it was offered was two times the scale. And all that sort of stuff, you know, just just like, increasingly nasty stuff back and forth. David adding sang, it's not fair to blame the employee of the action of one person be kind. They're the ones forced to cringe in Barrett. Every time the boss shoots himself in the foot. Which I. I've talked to other former gearbox employee's that have. Had a similar. Similar vibes. When it comes to discussing the head of gearbox. Then David Eddings nineteen hours ago now on Twitter. Posted a big long. So a lot of this kind of tied into some labor stuff. Also because it was like, hey, wait a minute. You did the voice of this iconic character, you are not paid as voice actor this was job taken away from a union voice, actor all this other stuff. Meanwhile, they also announced some of the voice cast for borderlands three at includes people who are just gearbox employee's again. And so people like, wait a minute here. This seems uncall-. So I think I'm just going to read this. A couple toys this thread that sort of last night. Correct. Yeah. Yeah. This was. Yeah. Nineteen hours ago. Maybe it's just read this whole thing. This is a series of tweets from David Eddings, former gearbox employee former voice of claptrap, I was fine moving on after gearbox. But when my former boss starts mouthing off about various aspects of employment, including how highly compensated. I was and how generous he is. He quotes around that stuff. I feel obligated to correct. The record. I had a lot of mixed feelings when asked to reprise my role of claptrap late last year and eventually realized I was willing to put differences aside and do something cool for borderlands fans with my friends at gearbox ultimately offered to do it for free in exchange for pass royalties owed plus an apology for something. I've never spoken about publicly until now Randy physically assaulted in the lobby of the Marriott marquee, egged 2017, Jesus personally, I think Randi's been on till the last few years. He's not the victim who portrays himself to be blocked him a couple years ago for stocking. Now social media enough is enough. It's nice not feeling the need to spot any sleight of hand these days or wonder if the card was chosen are forced I'm happy to should point out. Randy Pitchford is known magician this I'm happy to be free from the half truths and full onto sections and known and thankful to no longer people referred to as muggles like a con man refers to a Mark. If your boss called you up. Your boss that allegedly siphoned twelve million dollars company into person? I guess to care for their part is that they're they're not gonna issue any kind of statement on any of the money stuff because there's now an ongoing lawsuit. Wade I forget lawyer former lawyer that filed that suit. This stuff is all so so so so overshadowing the idea like I I had to be out last week. I was away from computers. I was waiting for a lot of stuff. I'm a phone with me. And I remember seeing like that borderlands three event went on. I wonder if they're going to put Pitchford back out on stage again or with this lawsuit stuff to K's going to step in and have other people. Do it. I know Greg Miller and Andrew Rene we're hosting the pre and post shows like, oh, maybe they are getting different people host this stuff to get away. From this weird cloud that people focus on the game. Yeah. This product these people I've been working for years and years to bring us and no. And so I opened up Twitter and like was smack dab in the middle of like, how could you fuck me like this? And I'm like what how is this happening? It's really wild. To see that stuff is still. Two Kay's company. I don't understand. Usually, very type, and I don't understand how they haven't. Like, I think some of it is they can't because of the way the borderlands IP ownership is just. There's some aspect of this that they don't have the control over at that. Maybe they should or I don't know this Pacific of it. I'm just right before that don't want to take is more because it seems like off till right? And he seems like he's trying to be playing the victim and any other slight from any other company is going to just send him off into other tirade. It's some. I wonder it's been bizarre. And I feel like this is you know, anything that's been anything. You're boxes have been involved with post borderlands to think I'm trying to Duke nukem forever after ROY to. Yes. Pretty sure. Yeah. Basically. Yeah. Like, you know from from Duke on they just seemed like they were getting weirder. And weirder. And of course, all the aliens, colonial marines stuff happened in that time frame as well. The battle born stuff. Yeah. And now here we are, you know, back to borderlands, and you think like, oh, well, okay. Borderlands three like that's something everyone's excited for like. Here we go. But it's just now it's just a bigger weirder stage for this drama, and I'm. I'm kind of shocked that it's still. Happening ready seems extremely in skinned I figured after the USB stick full of porn loss at the medieval times that would be the end of him kind of in the spotlight. Yeah. And at that point, it's all bets are off. Like if that didn't stop them nothing will. Yeah. Yeah. What looks like ticketing forever. Actually is pretty borderlands. Okay. Him forever was twenty eleven. Let me just double check dignity forever. Took so long. Well, sure naturally. Okay. Boy was twenty twelve so, but borderlands two seemed like free of any drama like Duke did to a certain degree. It was just the game wasn't good. And and they were a lot of controversy and criticism that it was it was not a quality product. Yeah. But it shipped, and I guess I so that happened and then borderlands to I remember the campaign for that being fairly buttoned up. They brought someone out and we sat down recorded a like a quick look kind of thing playing the game. And like, oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. You're shields. Okay. You're doing this doing that cool, and then just gearbox gearbox gearbox just been weirder weirder. And this is Randy in particular. Well, yeah. I mean, I don't know. I don't work there. You know? So I can't I don't want to like, I don't wanna say for sure. But he's definitely been the face of it this whole time and seems like it. Yeah. For every for every like. Hey, borderlands is this, you know, big beloved franchise, and hey, look at these all the stuff there. There certainly is a lookout. There's a sub read it for battle born porn who and and like everything else that you're just like what is happening tight house getting away with this. Well, like the that part wasn't illegal other stuff. You know? Hey, somebody lawsuits, right? Yeah. He has to answer to a board doesn't he is the owner of gearbox. Oh, I think it's m okay. I don't know. I I don't know the structure of your box. I can't. But he is the runs that place. Okay. Well, that makes things. Yeah. I think that the part that would be the oversight would be to K as the publisher. Okay. Zoom ably. They would not want this game. They're spending all this money to get made to be represented in this weird cloudy way. And and I don't know a lot about borderlands three. Right. But I know a lot about all this stuff. Totally. I assume like if you just do general Google search of borderlands three this stuff is like yes, the stories that are coming up. It's not like, hey, here's the names of the characters and Ville borderlands thrown in the classes, and it's like, it's this drama. You know, it's just it's bizarre. It's bizarre. It's just wild. That's got to be frustrating for everybody to that works. People spent years working on this thing. Yeah. We covered it let you know we covered last week. The riot walkout happened about one hundred and fifty people. Yeah. Walked out of riot yesterday today to protest the arbitration rules riot said that it was that they were looking to change the policy about forcing -ployees into private arbitration. But not on the current cases because the cases are already in motion, which she's like that's not enough. So we are walking out. And sounds like that. Yeah. About somewhere over one hundred fifty people made their way out of riot to discuss the issues and try to put a spotlight on that stuff. And we'll see if anything comes of it do they actually ride or no it was nonviolent. Okay. And riot for their part said, hey, no one's going to be reprimanded for participating or retaliate against participating or not participating as the case may be. Let's certainly a worry. Yeah. Of course, they say that we'll see. And we'll see if anything comes up, but. Good on them. Yeah. Yeah. Well, bad bad that it had to come to this, honestly. But next time I mean, good on the stand. Yeah. Absolutely. And. Hopefully, something comes to that. That sounds like some pretty nasty stuff. Knock over trash can. Something you might find team. Oh in there. True. No, thank you. Let's do for news when we take a break, and we'll come back with some be males. I know you've been out there. Dreaming. It's time to start reality eating with squarespace. That's right because squarespace makes it easier than ever to launch your passion project. What do you look into start new business shirt? Why not showcase your work published? 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Those are the people that are getting powered by squarespace to turn their great ideas into something real head over to squarespace dot com slash bomb cast to get a free trial right now. And when you're ready to launch us the offer code bomb cast and you'll save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespace dot com slash podcast offer code bomb cast. Let's talk about these E mail emails or are they? Jan. Yeah. Like cool sound effects and stuff that we never got. Where'd you find this one? Yeah. That's good. This week broads out and in this one comes from Jack bombers, what are some video game tips. Everyone should know. Here are some aim the bazooka at their feet break before you hit the turn always run with. Mario. What are your best video game tips? Save early. Save office early. Save off always look behind waterfalls practice. You look forward into fireball. Yeah. Jan if you have multiple save slots makes your main one isn't the very first one. That's a good one. Yeah. We're we're talking pre show about the long gone days. All yes. Blockbuster going in and renting and having choose which safe while you're going to delete. Oh, yeah. Because like sometimes I mean, I personally remember renting a game and having to return it but not being done and just like hoping I could a game car. Yeah. And be not have that. Save file deleted. Any more generic video game tips? I don't know, man. It's I'm not on the tip team anymore through. Yeah. The link cable out when you're trading Pok, Mon do dupes you both get the Pokemon. Yeah. Dude. That's come on. That isn't the regulation. Hey, sorry. Sexual threats don't pull that link cable out. I'll get out of the country now. When you have all one fifty. If we pull it out we could both get one fifty. The pull up technique of heard about exactly what they're always talking. Always works. That's eight tricks that that'll drive him wild number one pull the link cable out. Not too long ago. We were talking about Kirby. As we often do video podcasts. Yeah. Kirby is coming up nonstop. This comes in from hers. Kestrel stroll from Michigan. Hello everyone last week. You joked about incinerating Kirby, I guess which got me joke. Exactly. What Kirby was made out of what I found with horrifying. In fact, I found an article about Kirby's feet things to terrible mean about Kirby's from last year to talk you asked Shinya Kuma Kozaki chief operator of how lab about what Kirby's feet looks like. His response was quote, I couldn't help laughing bit. But I'm afraid the mysterious composition of Kirby's body is top secret. What the hell are even supposed to do with this information? What does it mean that Kirby's composition is top secret? Good. He's made a marshmallow. I think that a secret. That's why we were talking about. Him last week. Oh and sticking them. Cocker's? Think do you think Kirby would be the most delicious with union character? Eat it depends who needs I. Yeah. Like some away. Okay. What about Mr. hotdog from burger time? He's got legs. I don't either hot dog legs, Mr. egg. Bad boy before you got even Mr. pick. Leslie, I don't want Mr. pickle this. Yeah. What do you think of it? Why can't we the public? No. I think it's like a it's like a cotton candy flavored marshmallow now. Okay. That would explain the pink and the shape. Yeah. But I feel like I've seen Kirby like in fleet. You can't you can't flee the marshmallow. What am I thinking ever do that game? Where you stick to peeps? In a microwave and he put a toothpick in the front of each one. And he was just. Yeah. Okay. So you set to peeps equal this facing each other away in a metro you stick a toothpick in the front of each of them like set the macaroni to I don't know a minute or two and they both start hand. And it's peop- dueling. One of them will end up popping the other one for really that's sounds clean up the microbes. So you really do it once. Yeah. Yeah. When you're in middle school counselor tells you about it. But if you keeps Settimana CD for extra. Armor. Whoever standing on the CDs going to take extra damage. All right. Let's get another Email here. This one comes in from Steve in the United Kingdom. All UK. Steve Steve says Ello governors that's made up in Bob Carr's, five seventy nine. Jan mentioned spending his first paycheck on a copy of Space Jam and some thin mints. Can you? Remember, what the first non essential thing that not essential thing that you spent your heart earn wages on was as a teenager. I did some part time work in a news group and remembered that by VHS copy of die hard to know regrets. First job was that he'd be? Yeah. So I bought like a game or magic cards. Okay. Probably magic cards. I'm out about some rap tapes. So I gotta do. Yeah. I t's freedom of speech. That's pretty good. That's a pretty good. I purchase around there. I mean, that's I was buying stuff before that. But I'm trying to think like from when adults. Up and getting I've got income. Yeah. Rap tapes my grandma wrap tape. Unlike like an Easter like. Coloring thing they had different age groups, and I think she'd she'd entered both me and my brother, but she did the coloring and they're both fantastic. So we won like gift cards at KMart or something like that. And I think I got a motley crew of them. Oh nice. Yeah. Yeah. I was definitely poisons. It was. Okay. All right. This is the thing back. Yes. Yeah. Big hair. Yup. Ladies were pretty I got. The Polk Amman soundtrack, which was pretty pretty baller like and. You guys ever make guys ever build with those marble mazes where you like drop marble, and they go down tower up all my God. That was the I was up best with those. Whatever. And I was just awesome. I'm not sure we're talking about like to their LEGO where you can connect them. But they're like you build up towers, and you kind of build a descending little things like do jump in blue. This stuff is still make those. Well, if you save some money, maybe I can make something. All right. Okay. I keep thinking about buying cap Sela with is that it was like these capsules twenty different. There was some there were like little pontoons for floating, basically, like a a little capsule that had connectors on each side of this fear. Okay. So and you would. Some of them dowels. Well, there were sometimes there would be little crankshafts inside of them because you'd have one that was like a one that was a motor and then you'd hook battery capsule up to the motor. And then you would spend this things took it up for that and get up to a fan, and then put pontoons on the bottom of it and put in the bathtub and the fan would blow it around and all that sort of stuff. Sounds familiar and you're while you're marble maze thing reminded me of that. But I they renamed it and reissued it or something they lost the name capsule. I think I am always thinking about buying a bunch of those. And I don't know why have a bath refund. Time in the Beth. I don't have a bathtub right now own right now, we rent we read it one of the bathroom. We redid the bathroom that had the bathtub in it and took the bathtub out, and I think we're going to redo the other bathroom one of these days and put it in. Should you need one? Some point. Yeah. Everyone needs about always. Next Email comes in from. They don't they don't say. Okay. Hello bombs over Baghdad. What has more grieving terminology wrestling or fighting games? I feel like both have crept into the guys in a painful way. I don't like it. It's a matter Footsie's talking about Footsie's bark species zoning. I mean, that's the thing is like it's very specific. Like, you don't hear these words pop up a lot of the context of talking about finding wrestling. But I think it's probably because I don't watch wrestling. But hearing anyone talk about works marks really setting really grading to me. I could see that. I think wrestling lingo. Has made its way out there in a wider way than I would've ever expected it to. Yeah. It was sort of thing. You know, like it felt like a secret language that fans of wrestling. We're actually not supposed to use even as they were starting to use it, and like as you're talking to people who are our workers are professional wrestlers like you would not walk up to them and that spot you didn't hear this the face turned like just seemed like you wouldn't do that. And now everything's changed on that stuff. Like there was some RIC flair interview where he was like, I don't want people talking that. Talking that to me, they're not they're not part of it. So they don't talk like, you know, you shouldn't talk like that. And that's really changed which I guess that's inevitable. Yeah. I don't know. But I think also there are a lot of situations where wrestling terminology applies because wrestling is just such a fucking like it is the story. It is storytelling is like, hey. And then this good guy turned out to be bad. They've just got words for that. Yeah. Johnny Gargano wrote a review for vendors endgame for Sports Illustrated. Yeah. And equated it the whole movie to wrestling. Wow. So I mean there you go, okay. With terminology as well. Yeah. Okay. I saw a couple of terms like oh that spot. What a turn. Yeah. It makes sense. I guess that gaunt gimmick. I will say of all the fighting games I've ever been in and around the Malay terminology is both the worst in the best. Just because it's a game. That's had ten years to come up with that where sex kicks comes from sex kicks got sex kicked Akkas, which are data tech cancelled up smash shuffle. Short hop fast, Vince, fastball L cancels, look, some of these little literal terminology shorthand really know people people will to is af frames which are as soon at interrupt -able as it's impossible. If you wanted to start watching it now think they're speaking another language like, I'm commentary. It's go watch that video we did last year for game of the year. I tried to drop as many as I could in there that was where you told me that sex kicks exists. So I think I just said sex kicks like nine times the Mario's have sex kicks. An electric mail for Ben the mostly is the name of this subject line of this Email little dash. No, I'd be the one choosing this extra odds and there. Hey, everyone thought that you all especially bed might enjoy this earlier in the year, my friend had a bucks weekend as one of the grooms bachelor party thing as one of the groomsman, I took it upon myself going. You're having a super keg party. Oh, yeah. Okay. All right. I get it. Okay. Australia. So I guess this is down there. But I took it upon myself to the fresh drinking game that would spice up engagement for the whole weekend. Spice up little bit. I told the story of handed check to my friends and made up the following rules for a hand check game as follows. Now, a hand check is something we've talked about it and cons and the after dark head tie viewing rooms where they will periodically yell handed. Check, it's not even after dark. Times dark early at the anime convention short. Usually when the doors open. There's the game one person can yell hand. Check any moment. Everyone has to stop what they're doing the mmediately put whatever is in their hands down on whatever surfaces available and put their hands in the air. The last person their hands in the air is the loser or as I put quote, Kat, Jack. And it ten quotes and has to finish their drink as fast as they can to make it fair. Only the person quote, Jack, and it can yell hand. Check next is a funding game to throw the chaos of party weekend. And I also told them the story. I told them the story came from quote, my friend, Ben. So I didn't then I learned it from podcast. Yeah. Totally acceptable. Yeah. Definitely sounds like that sounds like a good time. If you ever come up with any other giant, bomb, inspired drinking games? We'd love to hear about them as long as you are above Drake. Three euro drinking responsible above the legal limit. Our lawyer just walked into the room. One of these. See here we go. I like this one's got me thinking this is from Joe from Claremont. Hi, guys. I was just watching the quick look for St. moral quest talking. Like, I was just watching the quick look for steam world quest in notice that when the characters talk there's audio, but it's quote nonsense speech sounds as I call it. I've always thought about this as the economy solution divorce acting video game simply because that's the first game where I remember noticing it being used, but I'm sure that they were games before commie that did this and wanted to know if you guys knew where it started Sumi is talking about the kind of like. American stuff that's been in the steam world games, all the teachers and peanuts. Sure. Yeah. That's that's started. That's the first video of. We Bantu that was a big one animal crossing isn't quite the same thing. Because it is kind of like, it's they just say the letters. And sometimes you guys sometimes it actually makes sense, which is crazy. Sometimes I think I can hear him talking. Spiders, talking directly to me. What's your favorite fake linguine? Sims is really good good. There are a lot of songs sung in similar on Spotify. There's a lot of K K slider covers of. Yeah. There's a lot of. Salata garbage on Spotify. Yep. Okay, sliders. Come KOMO version of old town road is pretty hot. Yeah. It's pretty hot. You ask him for it on Saturday. He'll send you a tape of it pretty exciting. This one comes in from Brian with when you're talking about prepping earlier a little preppy question right here. Great dry bomb each year goes through my earthquake slash emergency. Preparedness kit to make sure that nothing has expired. It's important to have more than just the bare essentials though, I have to exit cards for some light entertainment. But I want to add more what small in lightweight games. Should I pack board games and card games are good since they don't eat batteries. But a portable way to play tetris would probably be the best way to keep me distracted. What would you suggest Jayme guy? Django Django be good. And that assuming there's someone else with you. Although Jenga's just sad. We're we're with a small group here. I'm trying to think like what's the go-to board game that I think has a long tail land literally the most random board game. Exactly, you never know. What's going to happen? It's different every time. You play. I don't know. I like, no. Yeah. A lot if you're packing decks car that put a deck in their Sherman. You can kind of just play regular that can take a car. It's just you know, you're just playing crazy eights at that point. Right. I'm quite partial backgammon. I love me some backgammon. I only learned how to play backgammon because of the backgammon game for XBox live. Arcade. Yeah. How to play backgammon to get? I forgot how I forgot. Yeah. I don't I don't know what he got little circles seven twenty one. I forget sure. Yeah. You gotta get twenty one. If you go over twenty one you bust. Get a ten or eleven on double down. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That game. If you got with you sequence is fun. It's like a card game where it's like connect five kinda that's a lot of people. Well, you just need. So like you team up you get a hand of cards, and then all the all the cards are laid out in a field and one by one you go around placing a card trying to connect five. In the board. If mealy make sense it can end friendships very quick though. I don't know if you want to send around, but not believe deal is also going to be in taekwondo with someone you definitely want to make enemies of them. Exactly. Yeah. Get yourself more food. I'm sure that they make or have made some really bad tetris like keychain games like LCD screen things tiger electron IX can see that plays hetero that way. I don't know that I recommend it like a TI three Cherney. No. Tetris all at there, and you can do some calculations do some number and see how long it's gonna take for you to get out. Check out how cool half-life of all this radiation. Forget that just get one of those water thingies where it's like yet. Keep pressing the buttons to push up Gus of air to get the rings the following the. Oh, yeah. Ever. Yes. Yeah. Or the little like hand held thing like pull the pin back and try and get the little ball like pinball. I saw one of those like water ring things, but it was done in a PS p form yet. A little hand held fake game device that was one of those like man, that's what you're getting for Christmas something. Nice swag thrown in there. Now snugly male Jason. No, we're on the next Email. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm thinking about push games with water inside of you. Keep thinking about those can't stop. You better stop something else to think about now. Hey bomb, folks. This comes in from colon in Austin, Texas since apex legends was released. I have had exactly two thousand boatloads of fun playing solo and with friends until this weekend. I had never played tight in fall two but big up for five dollars on PS four solely for the campaign based on the praise of it damn overwhelmingly enjoying it and kicking myself for not playing at lunch, especially since I bet the multi-player would have been two or more thousand boat loads of fun as well. My question is this. What games have you severely regretted, not playing sooner? Or are you sad that you couldn't experience at the height of their multi-player popularity? I thought of a few right off the bat for me. But they're less of like, well, we'll direct analog. I guess to his was getting battlefront two Star Wars battlefront two way after it came out. I just bought that had this past weekend. So fun. I would've loved to play that like when it was new, you know, and just like play online with other people in the old one. Okay. Put that on steam. Yeah. They put one on seeing for the first time. I think two or any there. Okay. You also mean all about affront to current current. And then like I thought of under night. How I got in like six years after it was already out and everyone who is online already killers. It makes it harder to to get really into it. I should play that more. Yeah. Yeah. That's that's probably good one. For me is something that I did not get into right away that I that. I really regret. Normally if we're trying to play the hottest things the most current shit all the time. So it's it's it's hard to even go back to something that you miss even though you really wanna play it. Just don't have the time to. Two was another one for me. I never really had a computer that was good enough to run it played on console a little bit. But like it wasn't really scratching for me. But when I eventually got a computer that was good enough to handle it. They had fucked that game up in so many ways that everyone who was playing. It was either a monster or didn't wanna play. You have to they wanted to play whatever we are Mods. And we're in there. Always wanted to get into the world of warcraft. But I feel like I'd missed the boat every single time they had really new giant patching, right? Yeah. Let's just play vanilla now heard. Yeah. Cert- from so. Yeah. Yeah. Short and sweet Email here from Kyle says, the only Super Mario sixty four remake is for the DS. Why is that? Do you think intendo is shamed? Of it. Yes. I think that they. Because it's definitely probably still considered to be one of the greatest video games. I would put it in a hall of fame. Yes. They top hundred list insure it would be somewhere on that list. Yeah. It's important all that other stuff. But you know, they've made games sense. Then in the same, you know in galaxy and stuff like that that look a little bit better. So remake would take less work. It's the same reason why I my guess is the same reason that they final fantasy seven remake took forever to get announced. And then still hasn't happened is because like that kind of early three d you have to do more work to it to make it look good, and modern, and and you can't just up resident throw it back out without people going what the fuck so to actually do. Mario sixty four right now on the switch. You know, they'd be using like Mario odyssey level of assets. And they'd be doing a lot of work to all the areas to bring them up to par to do like a full remake. So that point do you take resources to do that? Or? Or do you just put all those resources into your next Mario game? And so I think that's that's probably part of it. Nats pocket for they've got a done ready. Yeah. Waiting for sales to dip drop that boom. Everything's better. Boom with him. Yeah. No. I would love I think we talked about. I don't remember what stream it was. But we talked about kind of Mario all stars to proposition whereas kind of bundle. The some of the three D games together. Like that. I think I think I could totally see them throwing sixty four on there. Yeah. The Dow gouty to that's it. That's only three that have kind of came out in that period. Maybe some of the three D lands or whatever. Yeah. Or new super you or whatever the. Yeah. I mean. I mean, you know, like in the original all stars. Like it had to in there, isn't like those other games. Yeah. All right. This one comes in from anonymous. Oh shit. I was there all us. We're getting hacked. I was at a fair at my kids school over the weekend and one of the fair workers men in one of the rides. Brad that got me thinking that that's where Simon. That got me thinking what fair worker role would its giant bomb staff end up working if they were working at a fair, I'm assuming like a county fair. You got a lot of options here. I see myself. At the ball bucket. Throw the bucket game like barking at people to come play the ball bucket game. Like, you, sir. He's got a good arm. Kind of guy Barker running the game scamming them once in right? So basically, you're saying you want to be in the professional wrestling. Never say something, you know, the ladder. The rope ladder thing. Yeah. You always fall one way or the other. I want to be that guy. All that. One of the guy who are there working on the gravitron or the Matterhorn kinda ride just goes in a circle, and they just play music, and you just sit there and plays music. And he just sits there, and he's just like wearing a sleeveless t shirt playing music and looking like fucking way over it. Or I want to be the girl. That's there with him. That clearly ran away four towns ago. It is like dancing on the wall of the gravitron somehow, and you're like that seems illegal and dangerous. But also, how are you doing that? Can I be you? Either one of those. I want to run a roller coaster where you just pull the lever. But I you had to like give handshakes people. It's like we go over there. All right. Yeah. On the go. We could we could taxing the roller coaster. Yeah. And Brad here. But I think he would make a carry out later is their kid's fair some fair fair. I was gonna say Turkey leg vendor. Change my answer. I'd buy a Turkey leg from Brad. Totally right. I'll sell cotton candy wanna do that? Keep flipping around around not gonna win. You just like on and with a wheel just like let him know. I would want or change my answer to be the person who air brushes. Oh, yes. Yeah. Just fine guy for area on this roller. Yeah. Yeah. Just like someone brought in there fucking overalls. And I'm writing bell biv devoe on them and important shit. Like that I wanna be the guy who paints the wolf paintings. They and with the little square wolf paint the guy that makes all the mirrors with fucking guns and roses goes on them. I'll tell you the one the one job I would lose wanna work in that is the guy at the goldfish game. Just like because your whole job is just dumping goal. Yeah. Take care of those goals. All this mel's fish in fish, food, everywhere gross feed them. You don't think they feed them? How think so too? We I want one of those goldfish one time when you win them. They tell you things in the last three or four months. Yeah. Like nine years or something I won all my goldfish through like a ping pong ball throwing thing and they were like fifteen year fish. Yeah. Just well the last or the most recent one we won I was like maybe freshmen in highschool or something one goldfish and we had him for about a year. And we thought he looks lonely. Let's get him a friend. So we went to the pet store looks at all the fish. And we found one of those ones the ones that the is kind of their big around kind of carpet, and they have big eyes on the big ball bobbly is the sticking out the size heads. It's this guy for him you want. He'll be best friends thought in their go to bed. Wake up in the morning. I go to check on them and the second fish. We had bought was just floating dead on the top. And it had its is ripped out. Like shoot it's is out of its head. All right. You can have this whole place yourself, expect something completely different. Joe those carnival vici- are fucked up a hard life. Yeah. Born into like, an orphanage, essentially, maybe this would have been to serve it to. But you know, I kind of God just sitting in those bulls all day praying somebody like please put your pingpong ball in here. Please give me the hell out of here. Oh, man. All right. Nathan with a relatively simple question high bomb. What has your long what has been your long experience playing one game in one sitting? Soon as some sort of a land party scenario for most people, a friend, and I sat down and beat all resident evil five together. Split-screen? Okay. That's gotta be like twelve hours. Yeah. Oh, yeah. We were twice the whole twice get same or different things saying well, the second time we got wings. Addition to the NASA smart. Yeah. Doesn't change it up. I probably played the SIMS one or world of warcraft for upwards of twelve to eighteen hours in a. Yeah. I probably I probably did that once forgot about while. I was gonna say like original final ASI for just extended. Periods of time like weekends worth. But yeah, you mentioned while and thinking, maybe maybe it was. I bet I bet most people's answer. This question would be well mine is not surprisingly super smash brothers. May. I think it's the first time I ever stayed up all night and like saw the sun. Would you say smasher Doda for that? I've played the most in like one sitting Senator. Yeah. Probably smash. My like the thing about Doda is once you get Pat like even on the worst days, you know, once you're past like five six games in a day. You like physically feel the difference? Also is you're by yourself when you're playing you're talking on dischord with your friends or whatever. Okay. But like with mash, you're sitting next to other people, and you could like it's like hanging out with friends as opposed to doing chores with friends, which is how it feels sometimes. Gosh. Got low on emails here. Here's one comes in from Bradley Hieaux listening to last week. You guys mentioned that N kale. Evan. You've heard the most open mics in online matches then recent memory when I was playing a halo awhile back with my friend. We ran into an angry thick southern accent motormouth who ever stopped yelling at everyone eventually exiting with the conic one liner quote. Screw this. I'm gonna go. Eat some pizza rolls me. And my friend Bill quote to this day. What is the funniest craziest thing you've heard while playing online over the Mike? Thanks, bradley. I always go back to my time with Eno and the night I saw like Canadians like with just a mountain of cocaine, and they were going to a lady there's other do they're talking to. Seemed like that if I had stayed around long enough that maybe some action was going to go down on Cam, which was very exciting. But I'm sure the game ended. Oh. I don't know if it counts, but I was in discord call let's say a month ago, where a friend had left his home and not left the voice chat. And we were like people pop pop it in and out of the voice chat. Like, this is a big group of Doda players. So it's like, you know, people come in and go, but we're noticing that he was still there. He was out all day on night. And eventually we were in and he was in there, and he came home and was with company and proceeded to just be like lay it on really thick just like trying. You know, my roommate's gone. Like that's the line. That's the kind would like he would vary. Clearly say everything else was kind of like, you know, it was very distantly in like another room, but the open Mike had been at that point anything. And eventually we heard him go. Last thing. Giving them shit about it. Fantastic. Well, how's that gonna think that might be a good place? All right, great. That's emails. If you've got emails you wanna send us about the time. You said. In an open microphone. Oh my God. Bomb caps at giant bomb dot com is where to send that stuff and. Yeah. Thanks, everybody for listening or watching member Rajai bomb premium. Memberships are on sale. You never on dot com slash upgrade. For more details on that. And if you're watching us live right now, stay tuned after show, we'll happen. Yeah. And we'll we'll take some calls or do something. I don't know. We'll hang out. We'll did. We're a party with you in the chat and do some stuff on the after show. If you're not listening to that live up in the feeds as giant bomb cast aftermath on itunes and whatnot. So seek that out. We'll see next week with another episode by. 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