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"luca rio" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"luca rio" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Him back on since I have such respect for Tony Ferguson. I wanna see him on the show. And I need your help to convince him to come on. So please tweet him or Instagram him be respectful be kind. But encourage him to do it. Now to answer the question about what the guy was saying, look, man, I am all in on a Tony Ferguson max Holloway fighting hit on it. It's impossible to dislike dude, you cannot do that to dust Emporia. You cannot cannot do that. It is so unfair to do that. I of course, would love to see Tony Ferguson fight. Max. Are you kidding me? The dreams come true. But at some level, you gotta you gotta pay people what they are owed. And dude, Dustin Poirier has been out there thug in it in that one hundred and fifty five pound division. He is either an interim opportunity number one contender opportunity something something clear definable. And it needs to be now if what you're doing is an interim title, I think Ferguson versus Dustin Poirier is the way to go those two those two are the most disturbing contenders. At the moment if hollow wants to come up to one fifty five I'd love to see him. Get a fight before he actually gets a title shot. So dude Nate Diaz Conor McGregor. Heck, even the Anthony Pettus remeasure one fifty five Cowboys running you name it Holloway versus anybody's a fun fight. So yes, he doesn't really have to worry about that. But I think I do think it's a little extra to put them up in an interim title fight against Ferguson when you got so many deserving guys, especially dust Emporia out there agree with you on that, by the way, Volkov sqi means an opportunity at somebody big and other guys they've featherweight, dude. There are. Yeah. He's he's got contenders normal for just a little bit longer to a little bit longer. All right, man. I have time anymore because I have to go do my other job. But you did a great job this all this all weekend. I know you're tired is ball's IM to coffee cafe will keep. Us alive, my friend. It really will good job. But thank you so much. I appreciate all right. Let's go now to the Skype machine. Our next guest is the co headliner for you have see two five the biggest card of the year already. And he's going to be fighting for the light heavyweight title Lionheart makes his return to the show Anthony Smith. Hi, anthony. How are you? I'm good Luca Rio. Anthony, how is it that you're fighter who trains every day? I'm a lowly media loser. And I looked like death, and you look fresh as a daisy look at you ready to go. Yeah. Fresh off a plane back here in Denver in can finish up this last this last hardwood, jam okay. So you went home for the weekend. What what do you mean? I go home every weekend. Do you really? Why do you fly you drive? I do you get there. Yeah. I fly. I fly leave Friday night after sparring. And then I'm back back Monday. And so trying to do the dad and the husband thing or something, right? Yeah. Yeah. I love it out here in Denver. But I I don't think that I'd be able to stay out here for all eight or nine weeks or whatever it is thou without seeing my family. I'm kind of assist you when it comes to that. So I do I travel back and forth every weekend. What is the trade off there on the one hand? Positives are obvious, right? You get to be with your family. You get to see your kids. So that's a no brainer. How much how much of a tax on.

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