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The French Open Catch-Up with Joel & Kim: Round 4 - witek shocks favourite Halep; Thiem outlasts Gaston; Qualifiers Trevisan + Podoroska progress; Nadal sets up Sinner test; Kvitova + Kenin on collision course; Should Zverev have played with symptoms?

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The French Open Catch-Up with Joel & Kim: Round 4 - witek shocks favourite Halep; Thiem outlasts Gaston; Qualifiers Trevisan + Podoroska progress; Nadal sets up Sinner test; Kvitova + Kenin on collision course; Should Zverev have played with symptoms?

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the passing shot tennis PODCAST BY FANS on Joel I'm Kim and today we're looking back on round four at the French Open. Gentlemen thank. You. Kim We are almost there. We're almost at the end of round four at the French Open chronic is literally about win the last round four match in the men's section we've got she got one more round four match to play in the women's Joel which has she been delayed and will be on first thing tomorrow morning I mean this this round really I, think the main stories out there are the weather unfortunately has created ugly head and made it a bit stop-start easy. But when we have had play on call, we have had some of the. Biggest upsets of the competition so far, and of course, one of them. Probably. The biggest upset across the whole tournament safe are semester number one seed Ho favor giving out in a ridiculous see surprising fashion It was developing whilst we recorded our route three catch up. That's Yeah. I mean I feel like that's the that's really the only place we can stop because that was one of the only ones that result unexpected but the scoreline as well was. Doubly expected and. I mean three on tech really just a breakthrough performance from her wasn't a absolutely I mean we did she capture that performance live on our latest boat i. mean the result rather we we kind of live dating during because I was it of. Couldn't really believe what I was saying I mean we knew that field intact was going to be a different opponents this time last year because he had an extra year on the circuit to mature and and get that experience against top players under her belt. But I don't think anyone expected the fashion of of victory. You know she just didn't put a foot wrong. She was playing with such kind of variety and I mean how it didn't play badly she just couldn't really do anything to to kind of withstand what she wanted was coming up with and. I mean if you take keep that full Bah A. She's She's playing tr- Trevisan to Maury and I mean she on tech is obviously the higher ranked player in in that match so Arguably is the favor and then I mean I. don't see why she can't go on and win the whole tournament. We soar happened with Yelena? West Bank of years ago. There's absolutely no reason why Just because she's on seeded and outside the top fifty can't go all the way off to what we've seen similarly though Joe I wouldn't get too carried away and I can tell you see her perhaps not playing well and it going the other way. It's it's all up in the air still. Yeah I mean it's always a question of of of upsets of this magazine is whether you can. You can back it up because. She I think people now are seeing her as the favourite. You know forget rankings forget seeds. She just beats Simona Halep who had. Just inaugurated Anisimov over. and yeah. I, think for for a lot of people she's inherited that position. As the as the top favourite. I mean the thing that was most impressive to me about it was. Literally, this time last year I wouldn't say. I literally I. Mean This last year at the French Open. It was it was. His feeling tech and. Absolutely, bulldozer lovin things like love and one. And we've had a complete role reversal twelve, twelve, sixteen, sonal, whatever I mean. Yeah. It's just it. I mean, it just makes. It just makes you realize how fascinating compelling tennis could be because you can have these matches and you can learn from them, and then you can have a moment fervor down entire time y you can make good on kind of the. Learning that you've done over the last twelve months and you know right that wrong and I think. Really Just. Just paid remarkably well, and she started. So quickly, the economy reminded may actually have know how that versus Serena Williams in that Wimbledon final it was just like light. Help this really, she couldn't even kind of stay intact really and I think the the thing I was nice thing was the fact that because of the format of the, you know the women's draw as best of three sets. When a play, it does have such a fast aw. Likes feeling. Dade it's there's. There's less time to have sort of a recovery phase before you can kind of go back into soap mood and you didn't have that didn't have that luxury and ultimately it was just kind of left by the wayside. Yeah I think sometimes they. I'm sure be kind of ruin the fact that you know she. She was coming into this tournament on a big win streak. Hope favor. But at the end of the day, she just came up against if I was inspired and probably would have beaten any player I, think on that day. Much. Like somebody in help again Serena in that final loss Jay it was kind of just one of those. Kind of spellbinding form. Ince's really that Yukata just have to say to in a way and I mean it's a shame because it says something that. You know how it came a corporate to Anisimov but last year. Maybe. Sweet spent it was extremely attacking how much more defensive player she's kind of. Grafting and getting all back but it wasn't really anything she could take to field in tech and it's maybe an issue when he comes up against players who are playing lights out does she have an answer? especially if they go kind of you know five up in in twenty minutes or something, and it's a massive kind of break we're at the stall. Day perhaps that's something that she needs to think about a I think if any other player the other day how it would've won I mean I just I feel like it's just the luck of the draw that she faced her and it was bad luck really puts a yeah I mean I mean how? WILL BE PEOPLE WHO Have our cheers the favor in some cases will sheehan tech realized. will she now think Oh, I've got pressure meeting. People are expecting things of me is not GonNa Change things with full minutes from now on. That's what I've been trade find out. Yeah. Because of she's I think she's in nineteen years old great. Great. Another great prospect for the the Women's game and you know the maidment, their oversee the comparisons. With a police background to play I like aggravate advance girl who was a fantastic player in back in her day But obviously, we put right around skin that category of some of the best players never to never to have won a grand slam and. You know I. Think kind of looking at. Yes she owned texts performance. De wet where do you kind of see her getting decent? She could be allowed. Number one is she going to be a grand slam champion Ezekiel? Be Most Book? No Grand Slam champion. I. Think these kind of questions were kind of interested to see. How they develop and? Kind of how I think would be kind of kicking us off at the. Kind of missed opportunity because it was, it was a missed opportunity. At the same time Going to be looking at this to be like, Hey, this is gonna be my this is going to be big moment. Yes. She had a big breakthrough match but now she's got the opportunity to make big breakthrough slam and we've seen we've seen that happen in the does happen it can happen at the French Open So yeah, we. We will say but yeah, I mean, especially inner is the top seed left in the in the in the top half of the draw. But I mean she I think she's really got anything much to fear because you know we've got no in the top at least we know Grand Slam champions, it's all sort of. Fillings obviously been here before, but you apart from that I mean she's definitely going to be. Bags of confidence in her to think that she can go on and win the thing. Yeah, I mean, Switzerland. Now, ready if you think about her and the other names in her side of the draw, you would think on paper looking at ranking and previous performances slams he think, Sicily no, this is absolutely how best chance to. Make, a slam final for the first time perhaps when it We spoke to her coach didn't we joe earlier on this year Andy Battles and yeah, that was very much. Like her next goal was she going to break through a maker? Fine Oh Osaman this is surely her best Charles to do that but I mean, should we looking at thinking? Well, you've done that to help. You. Get ready to me. If you know if they were to me Selena Lena has. Puerta Rosca. In the coaches tomorrow so you would expect three into come through that You know she's a very consistent player she doesn't turn up and. Play horrendous she you know you've got to beat visiting basically she's she's not going to. Lie Down, and let you kind of awkward over her say. It's no ascension to. Get anything in twenty twenty as. Women's Irvine at Roland Garros. I mean, you've got to looking at you've got to really be a spiel on tax a semi, but we do have the qualifies a Trivia sign and Puerta Rosca who have briefed on. So incredibly well, this tournament. Nadia Puerto Oscar she was ranked two hundred and fifty five at the office season. She's one of the socially fourteen matches this year you. There hasn't been any tennis for anyone to play. So she's done that trade in a handful of months really. She's going to be in the top hundred of the her sharing hair, which is great and then oversleeping. Trevor San, she beat Kiki Buttons. Yesterday in straight-sets. I topped him victory I. Think it was only the second time. She's actually played a top ten player I think have have first appearance against Stockton by was actually against persons last year. So she's kind of getting better and better and more confidence she goes through each round. Xi Jinping sacrilege being Gulf I mean she's now some versions so she's not gonNA. Be Easy to be either. No I. Think I think what? What it says with two qualifiers in. The quarterfinals of French Open I, think what it shows you. Think is the regardless of who your opponent is. If you can if the season you able to get lots of matches under your belt regardless of who's facing across the net I think that has you know pay dividends. About put Roscoe and the fact that she's played and won forty two matches across all levels in in twenty twenty. I think the fact that if you just got a court and win, it just gives you just gives you confidence a gives you momentum and Similarly with similar with Travis on that just kind of carrying that momentum. Food and it doesn't. It almost takes rankings out the window. They just have disbelief when they go and call based on based on the matches they played in know if you compare that to you know the top players in the top say maybe haven't been able to to get out on as much oil. You know they've you know maybe Phoolan a in the first round of the second round in in kind of the build up Golden the opposite way. So you know I certainly think seeing these qualifies, Hey, shows you the you know the. Importance of winning and only the insignificance of you're at she facing across the court. If you win, it's going to give you that confidence to. To to to believe in and you know here, we ought to qualifies in the French Open Quarterfinals for the for the women I think Joel it's it's also it'd just this year we've got to qualify is in at this stage and It Been Yaroslava Federer, I think in two thousand twelve and she was the loss qualify to do that. So it's been eight years a long time that we have. In this and now he's not yeah I mean it's very surprising and I just adding that, I think on Selena I mean my always my question mark was fitting Grand Slam is I always think that she can beat the players the. She's expected to be and really it was a question of what she was GonNa have that. That breakthrough in terms of beating. At all. Top A top five player. At Grand Slam level. That was like that was my question. So. I'm still thinking is fit Selena in head I. Think she's got the right mindset and the right application that she's GonNa she can. Come through this path of the the jewel I I. Agree I'm expecting US Selena Seon Tech Semifinal. By I'm thinks fit SELENA given her experience? In this in this environment and the stages of grandson slam, I, think all you think that's GonNa pay dividends and. Always interesting kind of seeing these these routes people take to. The latter grandsons because we someone. WHO You know they. Is. Through. On. The other hand we call someone like Selena who we feel like kind of a domain team has kind of been biding her experience. You know from slam to slam this level. Over the last. Few years. Sins and I do think now she's kind of ready to take rapa moment and. Well and make sure at least at the very least she gets to the final. The final from this path yeah, I think she's being. There there wasn't jae for quite a while. Now she's consistent being up in the top ten five. She won the WTO for a couple of years by say, no, she's the talent is just the case of actually putting up critical performance together old on that day. When it matters and Yes. I know spiff insight perhaps into teams with do back and listen to our apart with Andy. I think we did a few months ago now. Because it'd be listened to and it's all of the quarters perhaps. To dominate team they joe, what's she make of his his his match against French World Guard to air store little pun there wasn't it little pattern between David. Lieber. Yes This was fantastic to what on. On Sunday afternoon on the TV lying lying on my safe I'm not gonNA lie was a little bit was a little bit hungrier but. It was it was a fantastic absolutely gripping match for me. It was I mean personally for me was match the match of the tournament so far. I, think it had everything and team of came through. It was looking at one stage going to be really comfortable victory for them. He went two sets up six full six full but guests on Hadi. Forever ideas pulled the third and fourth set back before team came through in the fifth six three off three thousand and thirteen minutes. But really, it was just a kind of a just fantastic case really of player who's in his in his pump at the moment. And he's coming is coming through the through the drawer in team but presented with his first real challenge and you know it wasn't challenge that really came out nowhere because you'd think USA champion dominate team two sets up on clay core. The French Open really should be kind of closing an out but I mean. What talent gasoline as. I, think you not is his press conference. Okay. About his specifically gasoline's dropshots were from another planet and. You know that that was particularly for be cut the television that was the that was really the shot that caught my eye and I was sort of wearing fatigues in the sense that you know if he doesn't figure out a way to nullify this dropshot, then you we could have been left with not only Simona halep helper dominic team out as well. Yeah this was I think yes. Safe all the best batch of the tournament there had been laughing at the TV. Every got stolen they pulled off another one of these drop shows I couldn't believe it. Squealing ED TV as well and It was such a shame that right at the end in a couple days drop shots a day failed and Anita gas on just kind of took his took his them off the ball and t managed to get the job done I. Mean I was not expecting after the first sets the. Go five I thought okay. Team stay sets up what normally happens now is the opponent would just kind of fade away. You get tied up the ghost a bit but I'm say impressive Ugo guests on because you know he didn't give up on he he kept going and he kept going with his saw strange game plan and and it paid off and you know that full set he was. Four one up very quickly offs taking the third and and then suddenly we were interface that it was like war is a half. Now I mean I always thought team which. Would would do it because obviously the experience And everything I didn't think that Gaston would actually win a pulse made. Date. Data. Wow. A I was calling expecting. What happened to kind of happen eventually but it was such. An incredible match really wasn't expecting it to be that place at the end and it was very enjoyable. Watch have to say really enjoyed it and I think what was interesting I think what was kind of getting into my head? Those watching as a final on the SOFA was. When when is all of what's happened in the last year two three weeks or whatever going to catch up with Dominic team? Is it going to catch up to him? You know at some point? From now to the end of the tournament, because it felt like during that particularly in that full set I, think it did catch up to him and always kind of wondering. Is. Dominic team tired is he just exhausted from all the efforts he's had to put in. The USA at the French Open is it who catching up to him at this very moment and gasoline was gonna take it volunteers you'll fit but credit me see came through. And kind of reset and one one that fifth set. But I do think there's now going to be that question going forward of. How much how much did don't make team have left the tag kids. Is a question you won't be asked with. Diego Schwartzman. At. The other side of the day. It is it is called FIDO. Every Schlossberg come through. You know very play hasn't dropped a set yet and he won against Lorenza Sinaga in the fourth round and she wants to be paying perhaps the best tennis of the moment you know he just reached the the rame final beat Raffarin reach that and he's he's here he is in the quarterfinals against team and I mean a lot of people. Joe a saying that she schwartzman's go. You know a real road John's getting team I. Think Jim Courier even said that he thinks Schwartzman is the favourite for that one. I think that's Slightly lever slight favor. I mean I think maybe if it went long and it went to five and team was feeling. Fatigue as a result of everything that's. Happened in New York and That maybe you know you could physically give Schwartzman the edge if it if it wasn't not fall, but I still would definitely's team is is the favourite I mean Today it's going to be a different level for Schwartzman isn't playing team over five sets compared to the likes of Sinaga is tricky one. It's You know you look at team. You know he's you. He's absolute physical specimen on on the tennis court and. I don't think I. Yeah I don't think fitness. Wise. That's an issue. I think is more of a mental fatigue mental mental fatigue exactly of of what's what's been going on and? The fact that is been such a quick turnaround different time zones. I mean is surely going to catch up to you at some point I mean we were kind of saying that about diabetic. Not USA. USA American Hall Cool. Streak. And we would decide it's going to catch up to some point but you you know that I think that now is this going to be the question and if there was one player I think who can exploit that it's Diego Schwartzman because as he said, he is in he is fantastic fool he's probably. You know he's beat. Rafa on your beat Raffarin on. On Clay and he dropped only thirty teams getting to the cool to finals. I mean he I think he was actually a little bit surprised how well he was kind of playing going into this tournament he wasn't expecting you know to do what he has done. Eat A he has looked he has looked very, very classy and he's been. He's presented with a couple of skins has sip so far, and now he's got the opportunity to go off to dominate team and you know I think. I see as ratified you're just hoping that he could even if he doesn't beat team, he certainly has the capacity to kind of almost kind of take his legs away if team wants to kind of guy. In the tournament. If we go the assumption that wrath is going to beat Yanic sin- then yeah. I, was just thinking, Oh, I've team and have Ryo ding-dong then. That will help pay them in December as but I mean we should just talk about the final is going to be reference Yanic Cena I mean Rafeh came through against Sebastian quarter very slaves was a bit of a route against the most notable thing is for that I think off the match rougher gave quarter assigned teasha shirt, which is quite sweet. Oversee code is a massive rats and and on twitter our soul, the core was asking fans to send him pictures of the two of them at the net which I thought was quite sweet. He's such a sleigh. This felt like football primary league side plates a League side, the seaside, and like I need to make the most of this opportunity. CHEF. With. A Baby I could. Make some money. But. I mean I, I, watched the match matches well yeah. My overriding feeling was I. Wanted whether. Korda showed rather to oversight too much respect. He was I think maybe he was a little bit starstruck as well because. Yeah it was. It was pretty one sided and I think you know I think the question for me for. Getting into the business end of the tournament is you know how how? Is He undercooked kind of getting into you know potentially a match with well, we've we've accent but then potentially with we've team because you know the the the I think the matches he's played so far the rankings of the players he's paid safer I think they've all been outside the top hundred Yonex Center? Yes. Is a great claycourt play I I didn't even think he's in the top seventy I think I was reading I mean. Do you get the feeling is the Dowell really. Ready and prepares. You, a US forget that he's. Twelve type champion But in this tournament and given the fact that you know he didn't play any tennis. pitted. On hot coal and you know he he he he went to overrun but it came. So again, Schwartzman in in Rome d think d think as a question mark over whether you know how prepared in the Dallas going into. Going into the air going in. The tournament. I think. So I mean I think I think Trivia he played in the third round I think he might have been seventy four something in the world but. For sure I do think that is beneficial to have been tested somewhat before you get to the latter stages because I think otherwise you can maybe. Face a bit of a slow perhaps from WWLTV Tabin the as and you're not quite prepared or. Ready to deal with that quite in this matter that you would if you'd already has become a couple of tests on re, it's about finding the balance isn't it I? Mean I know you can only play he he got a play. Date one Rafeh. I want him to have struggled against Clare's Day in the hundreds will say because I wouldn't bathe well, if he'd been kind of. Having to fight against those players but I think Senate will for sure be a tough test abnd say perhaps that will give rabbit of fine shooting that he might need I. Think Jose just to the team guests on match. Perhaps this will as she really helped aimed because. He's had a someone playing slightly unconventional against am ready taking him unawares and you know he's he he has already but I think actually that will. Will probably help him going into the latter stages potentially a but yes I. There have been instances where rougher has won the friendship and without dropping a set and when he's just. Say I, think it's it's kind of swings around about sometimes. But I mean let's just talk about sin because you know he came through again sashes verve in four sets eight acidified very very well. and very hasn't exactly been in in the best form of even in the US Open, he wasn't paying playing particularly well yet you managed to always win the thing. But obviously, the big talking point from that match was that Zara played whilst feeling in his words completely sick. You know he was seen on court having medical treatment the doctor set to go into the core they gave him like a nasal spray. He said he had been having a fever the day before he wasn't able to breathe A. Basically symptoms and yet he turned up and played his fourth round match. Look. Good for the Fred Sherry organizes it and In the press conference. With, have often he was it was not particularly happy. When when a journalist suggested that he might be? Positive and we should just say actually he did post on his instagram today that he has taken a test and it is negative a but at the same time that we're going to be questioned certainly around this match in terms of. Should've should've? Pan raised to the French Open organizers. Displaying symptoms. Or? Other. The other question is, should the French Open organizers? This is the big question should the French, open? Organizes. Should have had more rigorous testing in place or procedures in place to make sure that. Even, if play wasn't going handrails, they were able to, they were going to be able to kind of. Find them out because it much. If you're in a full round of a grand stab with potential shelter glory etcetera, are you really going to like? All, you really going to like hold your hand up say sorry I accomplished my boyfriend match because you know I'm potential under weather when you don't even know if it's you know you're going to be capable maybe just go to maybe you've just go to code and. I think that's definitely been a you know a lot of big can of worms opened up with this. With this match shouldn't. Yeah I it's interesting. Particularly I think around I mean. Physically around I, think the fever point you know if he's dispatching a high temperature because you know in my head, you know. We're not begin to. You know I went into work a couple of weeks ago in. The the temperature gun pointed at me giving in. To the office and I. If the French Open all doing that two players. Feels like very easy and practical thing to do and it sounds like the. Essentially doing it? Yeah I think they're not doing a I would have expected them to on it with everyone going onto the site eating fans journalists plays everyone. But because I know in America, they were doing the test I think when plays on the the boss, the transport to the to the site that would checking the temperature I think I know that those kind of forehead thermometers and not even the most accurate they give some indication, but it's not necessarily the best. Know it would at least stop players perhaps trying to go under the radar and get away with it. By going onto the site and hoping that, no, one would notice. So they had a temperature or didn't feel so good. If. They had these kinds of measures in place plays with think well, actually are there's no way. I'm GonNa go away with this. Go to come clean an apron up also I think yeah. Doing the tests every five days I think's very with Geeta half Walden basically like the day after his batch I think they you know he'd been sent remind boy the F.. F. T.. But really, he could have that test the day before his match You know could've thought test that day and got the results back quite quickly. You know they're lucky position where they can easily get a test if they will one and then he would have known wouldn't hey whether it was a positive or negative, and then you know if it was positive obviously, you'd hope you would have done the right thing and pulled out. But at least if it got the test back, it was negative before the match he. He wouldn't fat all this kind of. Hostility and the press conferences and on the questions from media need air and everyone alike and everyone judging he's he's lack of judgment I suppose for for what he actually did by coming onto the CY in potentially risking everyone that he came into contact with I mean going boy xanax in is cool. Will he had I mean you know if it was K. Sarah had been posted and she gave it to center and then sit it gives it to refer I. Mean You could like have a big chain of events a totally effected by this. Should abated also. Kind of a of. Critics out there know of observer of the opinion the. This is a guy who you know. We've already got saw it We all live damage. This was president light a few months ago and you know some of his behavious back then. Say would not kind of Didn't chime with the the current situation and again. Looking at this moment and saying, did you did you let anything from you know two three months ago? and. You know. For INS various corner. They'll say absolutely not because if he had learned something, he may he would have would have hand-raised. I I'm a bit more. I think I'm a bit more on the side of I. Think the French Open pro I feel like the French Open done more in terms of identity. You can rely I can necessarily rely on on plays in these situations where there's prize money at play Brian King points the show being a grand slam champion, a available I. Think you can rely on these guys to just kind of feel like it's a civic duty and do the honorable thing. To put a hand up and say. I think I think I'm displaying sentence I think that needs to be more rigor in terms of having. Procedures in place to make sure that you know regardless of you know the the person that everyone everyone is treated and everyone. You know. Everyone is in the same position and is. Make sure. We have a you know a safe tournament because at the moment it feels like. Tonight it feels like with this Grand Slam. Competitive USA. Bit more sort of. Having a bit more sort of utterings from. Players and. People on site in terms of. How? calculated. Secure. You know this, this Grand Slam is. Yeah, I mean, there were two positive tests some goal singles. But nothing unique from any other kind of no other players apart from these have apparently tested positive. But I mean, in a way, I'm surprised haven't been more because of the lack of measures in in place but at the same time, I take new necessarily yes they could've temperature checks. On site but I think I, no fear of actually had the fever during the match I. think he said it was. The night before the or the night before that So I. Could still have been. He people could still have come and not have a high temperature carrying. So as any say much the tournament can-do, you've got to rely as well an individual gt the same as like in a society now, like if I felt like I had symptoms and I had to go into work or you should not go into were key to the the advice is that you isola- until urine tested and found out the result so? I don't think he couldn't say is one all the it is a bit of both as an it, it's personal responsibility are needing structures in place to enable people to make the decision that is a safest for for wider society. But I mean I know that obviously, I can understand where it was coming from if he was sinking yes, it probably isn't covert. I didn't want to give up on potentially making it a grandson cooed final because I pulled out and it was just like a cold. That is going to go away in a day I can understand that rationale but I think that the live was gay or anew say his position as a top sportsmen. that he needed to have. About it and All of the you know he knew that he was going to get a lot of questions and I'm surprised that she he admitted it. So openly after the press conference I I personally, if I was I would have been like, yeah I didn't play well wasn't failing one hundred percent just feel quite tied. I wouldn't have gone said I. Call Breathe and I had a fever like in a way that to me is quite I do. Not. Think that therefore, there wouldn't be a big line of questioning if he's just going to re really open and honest then. Today. Surprising I mean this is what do you think about Sasha's Shitty should played this match. Dot. Should it be on the? On the French Open let us know better for now. We're GONNA. Take a quick outbreak and we're going to be back off towards to talk about all the action from today. It's time for pumpkin flavors, a new favorites Dunkin, and also some tough decisions like, do I, WanNa signature pumpkin spice is launching a brand new mcclatchy, a new law or Pumpkin iced coffee Oh in the bakery do I wanna Pumpkin donut on their other people behind you in the strife through Oh, I'll just take it all OK. Cozy you grave Dunkin Pumpkin favorites and new fall additions might new creamy without the dairy milk lot days and signature Pumpkin Spice High Slot Day plus more America runs on Dunkin price and participation may vary limited time offer. Okay came. So we've had the second half of all of the round four matches today apart from. People. On people and off Daniel Collins, on Danielle Collins are going to be playing tomorrow because of the weather. But let's let's talk about the matches that have happened and let's start with. Let's start with. Patrick Evita because we have just spoken about is. Issue now, the inherited favorite from Saleh because they're all, they're all think a significant number of fans and the people in the press people in the media who would probably say you know Patrick vetiver is is looking is looking very good and you know even though she's not been the greatest kind of clay court player in the possum using this is I know you have second appearance in quarterfinal? Ever Ah at the French. Open. Nothing first twenty twelve. A law people saying that she is now she is now the favourite I mean she came through quite easily against Jiang hsi-wei six, two, six, four, one, hour, twenty, five minutes. I mean, what do you think I mean I feel like we're on a collision course for potentially. A cannon semi final. But do you think what would you think about Kavita? What did you think she stands kind of getting into the second week of the French Open. Well. She's Lower Ziegler next and have to say that Christmas the favourite for that one given. A format grandma she's a two-time select Sim champion and Reach final last year. So I mean, yes she's not being at this stage of girls for years but Her ability is is still that and have formed today was very impressive. Hairpin wasn't really anything ever going to particularly challenge. For just managed the Powell Haredi so you. Would expect. To come through against Zeke but I think. I think, yeah that that semi that we will kind of looking with. That would be with Kenan is the maybe the Perhaps, that will be the batch for the tournament riddick given the fact that they're the only to slam champions left in it but some. Yeah, I'd like to see Kavita win another slam I think. She was quite, very strong. Thanks Day because you know the horrendous knife attack a couple of years back and I, think it was three years ago the at road and where she came back from that I almost back so. I think it'd be back in at this stage in the last eight of the tournament hair. It's it does mean a lot to her and I think if she can kind of channel that that. I I wouldn't be surprised if she went and won the tournament Joe. Yeah she's always kind of bear isn't a dangerous player which puts it all together. It's interesting because we look at. Grand Slam record she's those two titles at Wimbledon and I think that's where you know see the British public fell in love with her but we don't really associate with being able to do it on a on a clay court and you look at. How qualities in terms of you? Now, she is a very powerful hitter from the baseline and you you. You know obviously that works very well on a on across court. but yeah, I. Think into the French Open on clay cool I was just wondering. How how how is that going to work because she really sort of a loopy. Heavy for. So apply she hit like a little bit more flat but I mean, she still has even these calls. She still has kind of the. She still has the power to hit clean winners I mean she hit twenty three. Against Changsha today. And Yeah I just think I just wonder if you know she's going to be able to just kind of blow away the competition with with that sort of that sort of play wherever she can whether she can keep I know she's going to have hodder opponents if down the line with potentially. Kevin Kennon in the in the semifinals Siegelman as well is going to be you know no slouch. So. Yeah it's. It's. It's still kind of I. Think there is danger that. I think. Looking at butterball feeder before the total dating, we were thinking the. Candid. Could be the loss to seats. The law seeds left it on in the bottom half of the draw but. Hey. That's that's where and you know this French Open has been unpredictable but convertible I think has shown so far that she's been A. She's been pretty solid and lift up. I mean she's lived up to her seating so far yeah. She hasn't come through with any major dramas and I think Joe is most natural SF space or the one that we would associate with she has won a few of the Klay Premiere Events Unai she's one Madrid Tom's thing. So I think especially with indoor play she's she's she quite likes that so I think necessarily this. Is. A, really fall score is going to be perhaps a massive issue I today I mean Zeke. Men today she came through against Paulo. DOSA. In straight-sets, she's off to that first round. Of It and the drama of the double bounds she's been making swift progress through and. Some fog still to lead that game. LITERALLY WITH PEOPLE ARE PAINTING OF DOOMSDAY scenario we've kind of like. Ziegler. Zeke. But there's always going to win the French Open. How she could live for the rest of our life knowing that she double bouts did that I rattled to get rich. How she lived with. Renault in that. Scenario just yet but. Hov Today Zeke decided to during her payments medical timeout. She went over to get a nice top of noodles or something. And then she decided that with a full eating eating a box of carbs and she said she, she was kind of a bit loan call. She wants to have a a sugar rush but she didn't really found see like on an open on she wants something really substantial. So she also. Get some some up and she just sat ain't as a say I love I love how you the script or the take out via physio. Is Not the. really interesting though because it's not something. We see. If I can remember. The. Incident the. Brought to my mind. Maybe for British fans, there's been Marcus Willis. A think a few years ago. I had a can of coke and a snickers bar on shaven. It gave me kind of flashbacks of that but I've never really seen like this was like A. A meal. Look a proper meal and I wanted like how does? Cow Does Not sit well what do you play like a ten dispatch because? Yeah, I was a bit a bit like who is that? Is that such a good idea you think? Still on your stomach Keno that. Maybe she has a really fast I gestured day or she just didn't think about she just wanted the cops. What would you? What would you water if you're if you're in a position and he had a physio and you wanted to put an order what would be your Go-to? Take. A professional athlete I suppose I should be and have like Ajello in today's of. Electrolyte Joe's, but I have to say you sculpted Marcus. Willis saying a snickers bar I probably have. To hang sticky. When I was younger officer I used to delight swimming or whatever I or Arado something. I'd always crave nowadays most milkshakes she get like, I. have as my like recovery drink when really I should've just had milk or whatever. But I was just like the chocolate as well. But yeah, I go for some chicken wings I. Won't face. Some spicy chicken wigs. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was that was that was that was quite surprising. I know. Yeah. But DOSA was I think she was troubled by her back in that match? Yes. saw her Nicole flat-out kind of taking a medical timeout for it but some I mean convertible one. One matching at the US Open in two, thousand, fifteen, six, one, six, one, so. Again I don't. I'm not expecting too much of a surprise that feel like Kavita will come through that. Let's go onto the other team matches. One has taken place one has not taken place the one place today. Most French player Gloss French play in the women's drool. Fiona Farrow versus Kennan. of the United States and in Kenan came through that two, six, six, two, six, one. Yeah, it was I mean I watched the first Saturday night. She saw Pharaoh ferry is GonNa win this but can't in I think. That I mean I think she's got as much as she's a good tennis bath. Mentally I think she's she's superior to of her. Her opponents arrivals, and regardless of what situation she finds herself in. She's way she always seem to be able to kind of. Cruel herself out of a sticky situation. And I think she was able to do that and she just I, mean, she really just turned it in and gave ferry no chance in sets tune three I mean sixty, six hundred and it was it was quite a turnaround from that I set. Yeah, I was going to be much closer than that. Once. Pharaoh had taken that I set and Kenan of was a break off in the second I thought Oh real matching onset. But yeah, just kind of the more weight on the more it went away from Farrow and and Kenan. Yes. She she totally opther. Hey game off to the end of that first set and. Had got the early break and then ferry came back and wrote off in a six games on the troll and you know much to the delight of the of the home crowd. But said, yeah I think Kenan she's she cut it flies under the radar doesn't sheep because I think she has a very strong mental as she but it's a very quiet kind of fortitude. She has on the cool and you know I. Really respect that because she doesn't make a song and dance about anything she just kind of get some with it. Does she quite nice. Say. Yeah, I? mean. He wouldn't. It weighed the coach new. Coach they pictured. Sitting next to Feroz coach I. Think he moved. During the match and that was all sorts of conspiracy theories on like a February. Coach coaching from the sidelines in. Canon. Wanted to sit next to make sure it was happening. Lighting each other or it was like. Yeah. I took. I think he was able to do with that. I think the thing I think a lot of people university would integrates on was likely will literally sitting right next to each other which he gave was not a good look. For the French. Open. And I do think there is no I think there is a no rule emerging picture here in terms of. The French Open organizers and the tournament organizers maybe need to look you know the protocols they have in pastries ample because yeah I feel like we're getting it from different aspects from the players or wherever is from the this TV pictures. That was a that was a bit of a bizarre situation see. If I was ferries coach I would have been just on a passive aggressive. Shot shuffled seats long. After cannons dad liked to. Someone's on a sits on the train. opposite. You a mouse. I like. The, next courage now. But Yeah. I coach literally left as quick as possible. Wants the the the match was decided. Cannon yet goes onto the quarterfinals and will play on Ziebel or Daniel Collins that match was postponed due to bad weather from today. That a nice warm up in the right. Message be saying other these guys out she paid because. They what they want. They wound up in the rain they made them onto. Whilst, it was still raining. and. They did their warm-up I think both Utah call into a bit like. Is going on the heads to the ME's expressions on their faces and not like McEnroe. You cannot be serious sort of basically, and then they call us Ramos who was umpiring. He wasn't happy either an, and basically they just got to bags and went off before like. She's playing. because. It was still raining and I really dating a why they bought them out. It was just absolutely pointless I. Didn't he made that decision but. We've seen bad decision making from the the French. Even before to be fair with with the scheduling especially share so. I mean they'd be waiting around all day as well. Say it was it was bit bizarre but. We gave for straight doing exactly. What will look voter tomorrow morning instead. Yeah I mean that much just just for context I mean there was there was. Potentially an argument to put that match on under the reef. Under the Reef instead of out my verses chronic. Pasta because. The winner potentially of you bill would play three. Three matches back to back to back. So Yeah I. Think it was a difficult decision. I still think it was the right one. That's. Yeah. It's just shame they couldn't get it done today but Yeah. Let's quickly move onto the menstrual kind of running out time. Yes came through Curiel Demetrio today straight-sets six, three, seven, six, six, two, will face rebe love, which is a repeat of the. Hamburg final. which was all while it was last Sunday r-y-b-e-c-k through Malton Future Vich in four sets foot Chevik will be himself. I think he was in three of those sets. And managed managed to somehow lose I think a great credits every bad feeder I think has. Quite low actually philosophy seasons, and I think that this was a prime example of that. So I mean that much I think for me promises to that match promises a lot because the Hamburg final was unreal. Ding Dong, the best three I'm fully expecting surpassed rube left to be another Ding Dong by the best of five. Yes I think be quite nice one and I think Novak will be quite happy to to play the winner of that in the semi final at very tired when perhaps. Yes I mean. Came through. I. When I saw that she was had a set point to you get the fourth set. So to go and five, but I I think managed to get that job done avoided going on and on and on I mean, let's not forget that both ripple of Ansett surpass they both could have got out in the first round. They were both tea sets down You know same query the match against five to in that third set. So they could both of being a home right now and they've managed to to. Actually, told away three since since as g I rounds and I, I'm sure that first round. Lead lag was with the Hamburg final and it does raise the question is a good idea to play the week before. Especially what he knew the final is going to be on the first day. Of the itself. I guess don't for them. Do you think it's paid for the quarter-finals? Look at the results it has done that by fit in the quarter-finals even say I I still think I'm the camp of I just don't think if I was a player. I just don't think it's a good idea to play the the week the week before maybe the you know the situation at the moment they felt like they needed to gross absolutely every single opportunity to get on a tennis court and that's why. They felt like they needed to pay Hamburg but. Yeah. I just think I. I still think it's the best idea in terms of. If you're playing a final not weekend, and then you're going straight into Grand Slam. Newer expecting to go deep. You know I know how fatigued. You might be kind of you know going. From one to the other when you might want a bit more time to settle. Sipho me I. Still I still a bit like I'd I know why Peop- top players play those told me the week before but at the same time base in the quarter-finals by. Doing well, and you know they should should give they should give fans a bit of a tree. that. I was just since HBO's facility no one in Strasbourg week before say she's she's Dot Orion say I mean I think it's a risk risk is neck. You know you risk an injury sort of last minute happening and Fatigue but it can can be helpful. especially I mean I guess she maybe these no new. What's good for them they knew that they need that kind of. Rana form going into going into a big event better. I mean, let's just look at what match was moved onto shut tree this evening. Big and stand out Meyer PCB has while not pretty comfortably I think it was sixty-seven, five sixty. So. It will be a rematch show of the fourth round of the. Pitch. Davis to. Say I mean PCP he's done well, the second. And a row where he's gone deep and eight he's exceeded I think he's eating his potential. He's he's making the most of things and here we probably just hoping for another. Surreal experience in the next look at it again. Lights and Twice but. My. Actually. Think lightning struck twice because Cape. We watched that batch should between sorry the between about jock rich and can catch it off today Novak Djokovic actually did hit a linesman but ob accidentally no, I grow invoked. which was really I was just like what it was of the odds. Of, your sort of movement. But I mean, yeah, I mean a just just a very quick fun on jock rich because again similar to Rafael Nadal. He's come through very easily so far straight-sets wins, and we were talking about ref on the Dow wherever he's going into, you know the back end of the French Open undercooked and you know I, I feel like with Nevada Jackovitch even though he's gone through the same re dropped any sets. A very similar path. I actually think he has been tested in Karen Catch today even though the school I six, four, six, three, six, three I don't actually think that did justice to to catch performance who? Thought put up a really good game and actually was I. Think he actually he was set to be honest but I mean, it just shows you how well Djokovic just playing. specifically, the with that drop shot get to May turn into A. Identify what the batch was. Absolutely. Incredible. But yeah, it's it's still feels like with. The the VICH procession. So of guy on button who knows maybe chronic vista will. Provide him a stunner, a stern test, maybe he'll be his boogeyman. But. Yes, I mean. I. I thoroughly expected him to come through as he did save felt like every time I. Go up ever a moment. Break backwell or he a whatever you know. Break came straight back and he was able to to consolidate anything say such is life. Joe Such is life I'm just before we wrap up on the doubles unfortunately Britain's Josue spray and at partner Rachi Ram route of the doubles lost in the quarterfinals against at. Pavitt. Suarez say that was A. Seven. Five in the third-set suburb ashamed Jamie. Murray is paying tomorrow in in his final against loss. Jay's champions Joe I. lost. Everything for them dating. You'll faves I'm. Joe, I have to say, just before we start recording I was watching Freddie Nelson in the. against. One of my favorites is playing with Tim. Gemini. Unfortunately. They had t matchpoints lost. In the lowest setting. Gossip say nothing. But. Alas such as such as life. And that actually the women's doubles. Talking about Severe Kenan I think she's still in the women's doubles with. Bethany Matic's ions and ecosphere intact was a also playing stand in the women's doubles say I think she? She's into the quarters So yeah, Lots Lot's going on with those. We've got lots of matches tomorrow recalled five singles much on. Philip shot trae because of the delayed. Collins. Your Ball match and then go yell the double school fine. Olsen. Every four, we could Ari well have that wrapping of a doubles and singles champion. Last time that happened but maybe it happened recently and I, just I'm just unaware of it but some that definitely could be on the on the cards. We would just have to wait and see. But yeah, this wraps up for this episode of the passing show around for catch up you've enjoyed listening to this episode If you WanNa. Stay up to date on the rest of Radon Garrison. Make sure to subscribe to us on your podcasting platform of choice wherever that's apropos costs spotify cost box, overcast stitcher wherever you listen to us make sure you hit that subscribe button and if you are listening to us on Apple podcasts and you are enjoying the Shea, make sure to leave us a rating and comment and you can follow us on social media at. Processing Show where on twitter instagram and facebook say we get in touch and if you email the show, you could say DC pulsing show pro at J. Mouth Dot com, and we will be back on Wednesday evening to round up on all of the quarterfinals action. So are hit you can join us then we'll be we'll be tweeting as well tomorrow and for the rest of the tournament as well. If you want to get more of the passing shot, you can follow us on twitter at the yet we will be back on Wednesday for our quarterfinal catch up and we hope to see then see again shortly. Rule the dame plant based way with the new Vegan, mixed vary from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits, milk and vegan protein. It's dairy free print vase smoothie. You can feel great about with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. It's an easy way to get the essential nutrients. Your Body Craves, skip the line in order online for pickup or delivery smoothie king rule the day. Rule the dame, the plant based way with the new vegan mixed ferry from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits, oat milk and vegan protein. It's dairy free print vase smoothie. You can feel great about with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. 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