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114: Ms. Frizzle Appreciation Episode: Friday, June 26, 2020

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114: Ms. Frizzle Appreciation Episode: Friday, June 26, 2020

"Ooh, millennials welcome back to the morning. Toast. Happy Friday! Friday gotta get down on Friday hope everyone is having a fabulous teacher. I'm thrilled that it's Friday. I'm thrilled that T h. e is here on Tgif. It's only appropriate. He's in position for the show. The other day he was out of frame, and so everyone just gets the blessing that is theo. To Dora. Due to Dora. Oh, due to the Dora and she angel Dora Per Chairman Dora Wonderful Angel Dora I love him Dora light of my life Dobra perfect, fat door, apple of my eye. Dora apple of my eye to. Peanut Butter Jelly Dora. Precious Lovely Dura. We're so glad to have a special guest here today. That is theo. He is going to help us deliver a fabulous show for you because there's so much going on, there's still not recap, but that's not going to stop us from being fabulous for like forty five minutes. It will not stop us hour. Episodes have been so short and it's like no, it's not our fault. It's just because there's like nothing going on in the world, but I find myself being very very very very very wordy. Add time to the show. It's like I'm writing a paper I. Feel the need to be extraordinarily boasts. There's no television. RECAPS you'll. End of each episode of the morning Toes and look the news lately hasn't been like super salacious. You know it's just kind of sad. Yeah, I agree so. We're doing our best destructions, which is out on as much as we can just know that we are aware of the problem and we're working on it. Also speaking of just lengthy episodes, we posted another patron episode yesterday, Partout, General Q. and partout of being honest raw real. Ganic that's what happens behind the Pay Wall Shit. We're getting naked. So if you want to hear from us here, what we're up to our feeling head to peak tram dot com slash morning. Toast is our fourth episode of the month. If you're not aware, Petron is our subscription service for seven dollars and ninety nine cents a month to get five extra episodes from us. They're always a little bit more behind the scenes. Things we don't share on the toast on, but their podcasts blogs they seem to. Be Really liked so highly. Recommend to the patrons. Just let me know your thoughts on that. Chili, Cook off. I'm still waiting for the masses to let me know. We're marinating on this idea. For our final episode of the month. And Jackie is a great idea to blog the Great Chili Cook off between me and then. I will be the judge obviously and I think I'll do it because I want to cook a chilly like everyone loves the blogs so much and I I want to taste. Ben might be cooking up in the kitchen. Ben Like I don't WanNa. Blow my husband's spot up and I'm so grateful that he doesn't watch his show because I'm about to say something that would really hurt his feelings i. know what it's going to be and I think he needs to be said get Ben. Probably cooks the most in our family. His Dad is a chef and he's just always had this kind of. Desire, to be like culinary, and because we don't Cook that much in my house I never really thought much of it, but in quarantine. We've been cooking so much and. I kinda WanNa say like Ben is a terrible cook. Damn leg. Says and I. Don't know if it's just like he cooks things. I would never eat eggs and Salami. Yes, but it never looks very good and when he does make things that I like not to be like such, but it's not good. Okay, so like what are some of the things I feel like you are always making tacos and the meat is just never right. Okay well when we make Tacos, I make and I made it last night and delicious. But, like you, guys are always having like a meat problem we'll. We are going through an issue where it's like with quarantine, we've been loading up kosher meat, and like every time I take grilled chicken out of the freezer and defrost it like it's disgusting like it's like raw. I just I don't understand the whole defrosting. Didn't understand the defrosting thing I was like I'll just put it in the stove like it'll. No and I learned today when I tried to cook a frosted. Thank God. It was a beyond Meat Burger because it didn't matter that. I eat it raw real meat but then I understood the power of crossing and a lot of times. Cooking what I've learned is like you need. Need to learn the lessons, the hard rates and not enough for someone to tell you like meat must be defrosted for three days. You need to experience days. No, yeah, you put in the fridge for three days. Maybe that's why you gotTa defrosting problem. No, I. Take it out in the morning and I leave in the to defrost. Yeah, okay, you're weird. I put my new kitchen. Can't leave raw meat unfrozen in the fridge for three days has a forty eight hour. Two days in the fridge and it works for me. Okay well On. My husband's like not that great of a cook, and that's what quarantine has opened my eyes to, but I think he's just like riding his dad's coat tails, because that's a fabulous chef and Ben's just not, but I appreciate, he is so much passion for the for the craft that it almost helps the food tastes better. Theo has perked up a little bit because like he hears you talking Shit about data, but I also think that Teo. Has that culinary bug a little bit? No and I think he's going to be a master chef. You know what being a dog is so great, because like you literally get the same. Dry Shit twice a day like you're so excited about it yet. We don't know how he actually feels about he. Leaps from the bed can't wait like licking my leg until I put food down like it is the best part of his day and he's actually eating garbage. He's such a leg liquor and I think it's because he loves. The taste of Tan locks like when I tell my legs. My legs today and he. I can't keep him away from well. You're just simply irresistible. Having Royal Canaan with a side of ten Lux. With his real Canaan Jackie Qena Canaan the you're making it like the biblical place can on. No Nine Royal Canin. Fabulous show we do. Anything else you WANNA. Tell the class before we just like. Take a dive off the deep end. No, I feel as though this has been a great week. I'm just to recap it I'm so excited to be back in studio so excited people are watching on Youtube again, and I'm just looking forward to the continued journey I am so happy to be back on in the studio I literally like I didn't realize how much I needed that routine in my live right until it was taken away for me. And I'm just so excited like to keep decorating our space literally, having such a fucking problem I'm shouting out DHL and they're just terrible customer service fabulous mural, coming for the back and they decided they didn't want to deliver it, and then they sent back. Are you kidding? It's just like so much drama, but the postal system so DHL you're on my list. But I'm just really excited for it to come together and I'm so happy. Everyone's watching in just you know. We're pretty bare bones. Look there. We'll get there. Yeah, we always do so. I think without further ADO. It is time for the festive stories that you need to know before week seventy good. Morning Bone. And that's true, but as you remember, we are going to be highlighting once a week. A black on business that we love that we've discovered that someone has suggested to us and I'm really excited about this one because I had a fabulous toaster, reach out who works with a bunch of businesses, and she suggested a ton of them and today's episode is naked. Perfection SPA founded by Gail and located in Brooklyn Naked Perfection spot provide treatments to clients of all skin types striving to build confidence in everyone by enhancing the beauty of their individual appearance. One person at a time. Courtney is a New York state licensed as the Titian and aesthetics instructor, but But she didn't start out in this industry read at a school. She was a young Brooklyn. Brooklyn girl, who grew up with her mom and siblings and moved around quite a bit. She worked in retail many many years on Fifth Avenue and decided that she wasn't making a big impact on people. She liked makeup, but it was too superficial to fall in love with corning wanted to tap into skill set that could change someone's confidence for the long term and positively so corny maximum could do as far as credentials and studies and started naked perfection spa. She didn't have the world behind her and she start with loans and funding because she started. But. She started because she had a set of skills that she said could help people. According became an aesthetics instructor a few years after she opened her own studio in New York, she decided to teach because to now the knowledge she had to give young men and women as far was far beyond what the authors of textbook could write corneas experiences weren't science, but her willpower resiliency was not something you could buy nor train, and her faith is what brought her this. This far no matter how many time people have tried to tear her down and said she could never do this that she started and is still going years farther than it than they'd ever imagine according to build confidence from the inside out with her education, and her hands, her students, and her clients from all demographics and walks of life, one person at a time naked perfection spies located in Brooklyn and we'll be reopening for all services between phases, three and four fabulous. This includes facials. Body treatments peels even eyelash extension to learn more about naked perfection spot and receive ten dollars off the entire site visit, perfection, Spot, dot, com, and use the code toasty ten sets, T O A S T. To. One Zero to shop products or Book Your Post Quarantine Spot Treatment again. That's naked, perfection spot, DOT, com! Check it out. I will be booking my. Spot Treatment I've never been so excited for anything facial. Oh, my God that's how like fabulous. Fabulous that is a simple request, whole thing, Bula bigger and better. Based Okay right like we both like that was the line to stop cigarette. Yeah, we'll sometimes I do really good job at cheating it where it's like I could continue if it was a continuation or I could be stopped. You read the room. I. Read The room. Okay, I, ready for our I worry. It's such exciting news. Um, we are on our ship. We have been for a while because there is a new bed on the ship because Emma Roberts is pregnant, expecting her first child with boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund I mean of all the girls in all the world to end up with like the man of my dreams from some of literally my favorite movies. In case you're not familiar. Garrett had lung pay played. In country strong. He was the lead male role. I'm sorry I. Forget his name. And then he also was in Georgia, rule where he was like that iconic college student who wants to give a blowjob to on the robot in the middle of the lake. It was just so iconic, and I absolutely love Garrett Hedlund and I love these two together I love these together and also I feel strongly about Garrett Hedlund, but I also feel like of all the women in the world I'm sorry of all the men in the world to secure. M. Roberts, it's. It's like literally in my opinion, one of the most eligible Bachelor Petritz in the world. I truly adore her, so I'm so happy for her for them, and it's also happy for me. Because I feel like at one point, there was like a break up between the two of them, and now like this confirms to me that they are together. They are having a future together, and they're not thirsty or anything. There's actually so private. It's been confusing over the last few years to know what their actual status was, and this is just a fabulous life update. Babies being brought into the world by two absolutely stunning people. You just love to see it you do you do and this really is a quarantine web I mean I don't know exactly how far along she is. US Weekly does not have that level of detail that this was a major scoop for US weekly. They were the first people that got US weekly. Being like Super Ski these days. What was the other thing? I forget you, but we were talking about it, yeah! Whatever! I don't know I feel like. There were two things that they had recently. And good for them love to see congratulations house weekly on this groupie. Scooby, really giving tmz an E. News. Run for your money that you are I'm proud proud. I know there are a lot of. Work speedily so I see you and we're proud it really like US weekly like I know we said on the show like we have a lot of respect for people magazine before. Yes, which we do completely, but like us weekly's right up there for me. I agree under all the tabloid trash it goes people magazine at the top, and then right there US weekly, and with scoops like this. They're. They're really making their way unto a real contender for people magazine, Yeah they really are in terms of airport magazines, right something for the scoop congratulations to the happy couple, and I look forward to continuing on this journey actually look forward to seeing 'em Roberts be the most beautiful pregnant women like she's just so stunning and stylish already right and she gets invited to the most fabulous events. She's just. Started her career as Hollywood. And she was just like invited. Fabulous places the. True from the start so like this baby is going to be even more fabulous. This is going to be Julia. Roberts in great niece. Yeah, at that point like there's no real word for like the connection between Julia Roberts in the bet, like in terms of lineage like a really great needs. I don't know that's not a thing I think it is. It's not really thing so. anyways sipping congratulations to the whole family congratulations I'm so happy I just I love them. It's like. Do you know who your great aunt is? Actually Yeah? Yeah I guess yeah, see what I'm saying. Yes, great aunt is a thing, but great. Niece is not thank you. I feel that. Okay, thank you, okay. Next story is also some exciting casting news. It's really just taking the world by storm. Elizabeth banks has been cast as Miss Frizzle in the magic, school bus live action film. That is. The most perfect casting if I've ever seen it one hundred percent to the bus. The I live about. I I've actually magic school bus feature. Film is on its way with Elizabeth bit banks set to star as Quirky and adventurous science teacher. Miss Valerie frizzle according to the Hollywood reporter, the word Quirky was invented to describe. Miss frizzle and then. Emma Stone. Yeah, she's so quirky quirky. That also would have been a good casting actually but Elizabeth. Big Quirky also not to be like ages anything, but miss. fizzle is more of an adult and I, think of Elizabeth Banks I don't even know if it stretches. Singapore is an older woman than Emma stone yet miss. frizzle is actually the ultimate counselor. Yes, I know that counselor snitch will be right there in mind ticket. Honestly, she is the ultimate council like I would be calling the. The AFC the Association of camps, because she was very responsible at taking those kids on a flying the ACA ACA American, Camp Association. Yeah, I know, but like. She always got them home safely and Tsinghua choose doing. He belts or anything? It was kind of like a hazard. I know I feel like the live action adopt. Haitian will kind of wrong. And make sure that everyone is safely. Seat belted and feeling safe, and like the parents know the kids are going to be buying. This is just such an interesting choice to do as live action, because it's technically super irrelevant like in in modern times, but like for US kids. It was a formative experience watching that show and I think a movie or show. Book Magic School Bus. Book is a book into a TV show Oh. Yes I guess she's drawn here. Maybe is a children's book series. It was a TV show. The Film Abbott Adaptation is based on Popular Scholastic Children's Book Series Of the same name and follows accenture teacher Miss Frizzle, in her class on their field trips in a magic school bus. TRIPS into tissue. Each film marks the first big screen adaptation in the franchise's six year. WHO's putting it on? Is it a pixar? It's was with being says production company Brownstone. She does good work, but she does cartoons I. DO prefer to leave it to is a cartoon. No, it's live action. Oh I'm sorry I apologize told him it's understood the story live action to the buses, really gonna fly. Yeah, it's going to be fabulous Elizabeth banks is the person to kind of anchor this this whole project. Yeah, and I feel like she definitely has a lot of respect for the magic school bus franchise to begin with. She probably grew up with it so I think. Think. She'll really do it justice, and then she has a lot of fizzle in her. She does she uses fizzle. Yeah, she uses Frizzell for sorry. I also think like memes about miss frizzle like. Don't make me laugh yet. No, she's an iconic character and I look forward to banks breathing new life into her. Really you all the means of Miss Frizzle like one. She's a real human being are gonNA be fabulous yet and I hope that she picks her as we remember her. You know like a strong a strong female. An independent woman, she might have been the first real strong female that we encountered, but a role model. Yeah, she took that school like that class of kids all on her own. Yeah, she was really kind of iconic. Yes, she! She is quite iconic, and I'm so excited about this. Through today's generation of children will watch his movie, and this is something that we all have their own associations, and we have ours, and it's all something we can come together on. That's and that's the power of Miss, frizzle, the magic school bus. That's the power that assists okay next story. The dixie chicks have changed their name why wrapping the Dixie. You haven't heard this. You know the chicks, the chicks their. Chicks Goodbye Dixie amid calls for the removal of confederate symbols and the style. Joe Prompted by the black lives matter movement, the notoriously liberal country music trio, formerly known as the dixie chicks has finally decided that Dixie had to die now, simply the chicks, the bandmates who have sold some. Thirty three million our worldwide. Have changed their name. Forgive me for being ignorant. What is so? It's an association with the Mason Dixon Line. Dixon dixie in their the dixie chicks and They dropped it. Oh, that's interesting, okay? The chicks kind of like a better name. I like it. I'm surprised that there's not like a girl band already with that name totally but I just like as recent years I've become like a dixie chicks. Dan till the guy mostly because Taylor swift told me to, but I just heard that song I'm not ready to make nice and like if you're ever in my proximity when that song comes on I strongly urge you to walk away like it's. It's a powerful thing, and not everyone can handle it. I'm not ready to make nice I'm actually that's not really the. Allow me the powerful part is. Made my bed and sleep like the with no. With no regrets don't man say in. It's a sad sad story when monolith. That A big thing now in the word knowing that I said send somebody saw over the an to write me a letter, saying that a better shot up and seeing on my life will be. Bomb I just wanted to see if that's ever on like just walkway. Okay, it's for the best you know what Song I've been digging these days. What Gas Ladder Dean. Deal in anything again. In. My Limited experience with a child with the dixie chicks was landslide, which was just like I. Don't think it was their song I. Believe Stevie Nicks wrote it, but they made it. For me at least you know, didn't glee, but that was scene when Santana and Brittany are both confessing run another but. I. Just kind of like a little bit ahead of my time. The dixie chicks and I feel like I'm getting caught up now. Yeah, you are, and now they're chicks. The chicks took. It's going to be hard though it is. He's been around for a while. It's going to be hard to disassociate. A rebrand is is hard. What would no matter what you're doing? You know remember. Remember the morning breath right, so it'll take everyone a little time to adjust, but I think we'll get there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then you can't remember the time when it was the other thing yet, but it's like nobody really called the dixie chicks anything other than the dixie chicks, whereas like with lay people call them lady a for a while sweep. The name transition wasn't. That crazy. Yeah, but. There were also people who are calling them lady, anti Snitch S, and so I think those two willing schools of thought those people are the real fans. They there's they're the only opinion who's Matt. I agree gas ma-. Dean and even though I'm going to be really controversial right now. See something kind of crazy on. You would think that like Taylor Swift. COLLAB- with the dixie chicks like with my newfound appreciation for them would be like the best thing ever, but I, they're not really on it and I actually wish they weren't on it because it's such like a personal song. So yeah, I said it. Yes, I wish they did John like a proper duet where you could hear all of the people. I didn't even hear something that you really want to rock out to not cry in your car. Yeah, not something that you can't like. Listen next to another. What's so funny is with with Tik Tok you know it's like the videos that you engage with most and up dictating what comes up on your page to the Algorithm is very much giving you what they think you want and I guess if engaged with a lot of tiktok. Taylor swift content they've now I'm now on the Taylor swift side of Tiktok, and she just for wild oriented grenade side of Tiktok, which like I wasn't mad about, but I just didn't understand how it got there, but very much understood how I ended up on the title. Take side of Tiktok and say it's a fabulous place to me. That does sound fabulous congratulations. Ready next rates, it's more happy couple news. Sing God like yesterday. Your stories were like really making me want to cry. I'm sorry. I can't like predict. I'm not blaming but billy. Lord is engaged to Austin Ridell. Who so he's her like A. Man that she dated when she was younger, they rekindled after like her split from Taylor Wachner I'm GonNa drive the lure Taylor Lautner Diaz and now she's engaged. This is just like a big news day for scream. Queen alums. Oh, and I guess he's also from Book Smart Oh let me see the picture. Because? He was like a random I. Remember him from Book Smart on Thursday. The Book Smart Actresses Cheeses. Books Oh. Yeah, I was like wow. I feel so sue the book smart actresses now Fiance Austin, right del showed the happy news on Instagram, writing that saying yes, to his proposal was a no brainer for board. He captioned his instagram. She said yes, actually. She said but I. Guess. That's even better than yes On Valentine's Day Gush over her, calling her the best girl in the world, he said I found the best girl in the World Happy Valentine's Day to us. You know like sometimes you hear about couples. Getting together are getting engage. You know like this is the end of the road for them like this is going to be and I just feel that way I feel like they both finally I don't know him, but if feel like she has found. Found I. Don't know her either, but I think I do. She has found the forever and I feel like she needed that like. After a really tough few years, I'm really happy for her I'm really really happy for her. This is just some happy sweet news. Yeah, and it's just like a big day for people who have been on screaming at some point in their lives for some Roberts. Oh my God. Yes, and you know that there's like. Not even rumors because there's been confirmations, but I guess nothing's been filmed since. Kobe scream queens three. Yeah is happening I heard. It's happening you guys. I heard I would love to. Actually you know there was some t there because when Lee Michelle got quote unquote canceled. I hate that word. Like what else do you say? A few weeks ago. There's other things you could say. When there was backlash, there was controversy controversy. I'm with Lee Michelle we. Weren't doing shows, but there was like all this stuff. And Abigail breath was kind of involved saying that she had also really negative experiences. With Michelle, so if they do bring back, scream queens, I'd be curious to see the onscreen dynamics, and like the behind the scenes dynamics so luckily. On those walls, yes, but forgive me if I'm wrong in terms of the story line Liam. Michelle was Hester until she's like a mass murderer I think. So I. Don't know if it necessarily makes sense to bring her back unless they wanted to. I'm sure they can make it work. I don't think that she died in Oh. Human storyline would it makes sense like for her to really be on. She was like in a high maximum security prison dot. Slash for two years yes I think they broke her out maybe to help. Get like the green meany. Forget. It got really complex. Extend sometimes shows like especially towards the end this what we were talking about three hill. They lose all sense of reality like scream. Queens started that way. That's true so. I'm just really excited. I Should Watch speaking of Ryan Murphy's incredible work politician season to streaming now and we're gonNA. Watch this weekend cap on Monday yeah. I mean we also have to watch our twist movie of the week for Monday, which is black clansmen, but I think I can make time for both this weekend I'm not really doing anything else. I actually am like in the middle of a book and then I have to read the book for the redheads so I actually like a full plate this week. I'm looking forward to the tons of content and I. It's been a while since I literally turn my TV on. And I literally scrawled TIKTOK. It's it's honestly a really sad existence. Like. It's just pathetic and like Ben Comes in pretend I'm doing stuff, so he's not gonNA. Judge me when I've literally not done anything except to talk for the last two hours, and it's not like being creative, and like making my own talks contributing to my social footprint, which is my job. No I'm literally just sitting there scrolling. Entertaining hours go by well whatever you need, whatever it takes three to be entertained in this time like just embrace it. I walked past my bag of knitting supplies, and it just took me back to a time in quarantine, where like I was doing puzzles and knitting like like so pure. Yeah, I need to get back to that place. I know that's where I not right now. Because the past few weeks, I've just been watching. TV! Mostly just watching real house is a Potomac, but I haven't been really reading and I stopped using my Peleton and so yesterday. I'm like back on. Back doing reading during the day at on my Peleton. That's where it was two months ago, but I. Don't know I. Think I might have been better than I. Don't know it's. It's hard to associate when I was good, and when I was not during quarantine warranty very cyclical. So you do something that bored of it. They clearly change your team. You get bored about you missed field. Thing that you're doing. Yes, that's what I was. GonNa say Cyclical, quite cyclical, already ready for a fifth and final story is some good news. That was it a little. Mood News! Is it some good news? Because if John's Kaczynski is not GonNa, tell me I'm not really a little Gouden new. Aol Gen. A little good news. Yes, exactly. Tyler Perry donated a van to Atlanta based women's organization. That helps people experiencing homelessness every time we say we report on Tyler Perry. It's like. Why aren't married to a women's organization in Atlanta provides ha that provides hygiene products to people. Experiencing homelessness received a very special gift on Thursday thanks to Tyler Perry, Erica Right the founder of the nonprofit nonprofit project you I shared that the producer and actor donated a brand new cargo van to the organization, which provides people in need the basics for health, hygiene and love that. That is so cute. I mean in in my eyes like Tyler Perry when his time is up on this earth like he is walking straight into heaven. There's no fucking questions. Nobody's GonNa ask to see like he's just fucking walking in and I felt that way ever remember that trader Joe's story, which is totally broke my heart with the actor who used to be on cosby show yes. This is this is not surprising at all. No, not at all, and it's actually it's very philanthropic. It's very creative way to help out an organization and I think it's beautiful and I just wanted to share that I wanted to end the past high stories on some Goud positive philanthropic news. Yes, and you know what that reminds me because I finally. If you didn't episodes last week, which runs zoom so like I? Don't entirely blame you. You I revealed that actually finally finished and Jessica Simpson's book after much coursing from Jackie, I just wasn't in a heads to read a book, but when I finally got into the head space. I finished like two days and it was so good and that story about how shall i? Want some free car convertible and she s the company if she could trade it in for a minivan and she ended up giving it to that. Orphanage that she was constantly visiting in Dallas Texas where she was from like that was such a cute story. Such a cute story. I totally agree I forgot about that tidbit, but like when she asked if she can trade the convertible infirmity, and the people were. Are you serious? She doesn't want a free car from Chrysler and she's I can actually get like a Chrysler. Minivan that Dan and they were like I think they thought she was joking and she's dead serious and she like Djurovic through the gates of the orphanage, and like the kids running around ever since that book I now follow her on Instagram, which I can't believe I didn't do before. Think as someone who has always felt so connected to Jessica Simpson merely because we share the same birthday like the that anybody where like a disgraceful fan, and I'm really ashamed of myself and I apologize I do, but now that and I'm like really trying to get noticed by being so thirsty and her comments Mike Lovett icon. I just feel like following her on instagram wouldn't have the same impact before you read. The book agreed. I have such respect for her like an her. I understand her personality. Understand her captions like I. I'm glad that I waited otherwise they might be judged her based on her instagram for sure before reading her book and understanding like. Everything that she is. Those are five stories, but we would be. Remiss, we would be devastated and we would even be heartbroken if we didn't share the most piece of mindless news today in today's segment. Kelly's mindless new like the fourth of July. This of course comes from people magazine, because only the most mindless pieces of shit comes from people magazine when it comes to Kelly Ripa here's the headline Kelly. RIPA and Marcus WHEELHOUSE HAVE SET UP CHORE WHEEL FOR Their Family. Amid coronavirus. Kelly RIPA markets, whales have come up with a clever way to ensure that their kids stay busy and contribute to the family amid the ongoing covid nineteen pandemic while speaking with a parenting expert on Mondays broadcasts of live with Kelly and Ryan. Ripa forty-nine revealed that she and her husband of set up a Family Chore Wheel For Their Children, as they continue to shelter in place as a family during the global health crisis, even though it's unclear, where in fact they are. Currently currently. We've established a chore Wheel Where Everybody Has a chore for the Week She told parenting expert Dr Eileen Kennedy Moore, explaining that the family has been using the tool so that somebody's vacuuming quote, somebody does the dishes and somebody does a laundry somebody. Cleanse the toilet throughout the week, so you? Only, have to do at per week. We have to do it every day your responsibility for this week I just hate. The toilet is dirty. Everyone knows who to call everyday right and you know what I think. What kind of triggers me about this story is. They're acting like Kelly Ripa. Invented Chore Wheels That's not the case like the camp counselor in bed to the counselor. snitch invented the Torah and actually have a lot of love in my heart for tour wheels because I do find them to be effective effective. I JUST Wait. There's more. The mom of three went on to say the toilet duty has been a very unpopular chore amongst her family though they switch every week so that no one is stuck scrubbing the porcelain thrown. I mean. The fact that I now know that Kelly Ripa's children scrub their toilets during coronavirus. Like is exactly why the segment Kelly's mindless news was created in the first place. Yes, just to highlight like and I have to say it really is mostly from people magazine, Yeah and other people pick it up, but they are always the first, so here's the thing it's like. She shares this mindlessness on her show I. Think we've broken this down before because they do banter at the beginning of the show. Did you what we do? Yeah, and that doesn't bother me. Me At all like that is who she is. She's the banter. Queen I don't understand why and how it turns into news stories I WANNA know if it's like the live with Kelly and Ryan, Pr just pushing out mindless content is Kelly's personal publicist wanting more news about Kelly, or is it? People magazine just being like weirdly obsessed with Kelly ripa I can't imagine that it's the third I'm sorry I just can't yeah I'm feeling like it's the first the ABC PR team just wanting to get more buds for live with Kelly and Ryan perhaps. But it's just onto them. We're onto them and because it's so interesting. There's so much uninteresting news that that never even catches my eye, but it's like the sheer volume of crap. We have to read about. Kelly Ripa it's just cause for concern, and that's why you know. We started the important work that we do here at Kelly's mindless news. Yeah, yeah, we're. We're calling it out left and right. Call IT A. And, that's our show anything else. We want. WanNa talk about I. Do I don't know if you guys know about on Tuesday next week. My comedy special comes out. It's called Disgrace Queen. It is available for preorder right now, so if you want to just get your ducks in order, you can head to itunes and type in disgraced queen into itunes, or you can tap the Lincoln my by on Instagram. With no job, it'll take you right to the items page and I would really appreciate you. Supporting the comedy special is my first specialist. My debut special I'm really proud of it and the so looking forward to everyone seeing June thirtieth of next week. That's Tuesday. Tuesday, that's when it comes out. That is so exciting when he first announced, the data felt so far far far off, and it was yeah, and now it is here around the corner we have to. We have to do like a screen of soiree. Well like when when I first found out about the special. I was like I'm going to rent a movie theater like all my friends, family and now Mike still not able to do that and no one's even in New York so no one's Gonna be able to watch with me, but maybe I'll just met like you over the we'll watch sounds like a party to me. Sounds like a perfect evening. Anything you. You want to promote shell. Come on, Oh, I mean nothing in particular paycheck dot com slash morning. Toasts were pouring our heart and souls into these episodes for you guys. If you're looking for a little extra content, I don't even know what people's schedules are like right now. Because everyone's in such different places in terms of the quarantine, going back to work, and then not so there's content abound over there Oh, and if you're looking for some presets to brighten up your summer, flow had united flow dot com, the new pastelle package everything of the sort My favorite preset is cotton candy yesterday I use the toast preset on the photo that I posted and it. It just changed the game so Jackie. L. Dot, com! That's what we do here. We changed the game. Thank you so much for listening to the morning till Monday morning show where we go live Monday through Friday ten thirty eastern time on, Youtube, so, if you're watching us on Youtube, please feel free to subscribers video a thumbs up. We are also available as a podcast anywhere podcast can be found at spotify stitcher public radio already cashbox all the places wherever you listen to podcasts, find us the morning chosen leaving five star view about how beautiful stunning and smart we are. We hope everyone has fabulous began. Stay Safe, have fun! Don't drink and drive. Yes, bye, bye!

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