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"lovejoy station" Discussed on History That Doesn't Suck

"Confederate General John, hood? React. Similarly. Yeah. James and John were old friends classmates at West Point along with another general in this Fight Union General John Scofield. Even, though they've chosen different sides in this war. John Hood Remembers James McPherson fondly. The Kentucky and writes. No soldier fell in the enemy's ranks whose loss caused me equal regret. Close quote. The. FIGHTING EAST OF ATLANTA RAGES ON COME TEMPORARILY PROMOTES General John Black, Jack Logan Field Command of the army of the Tennessee. The swarthy general who we met an episode fifty nine gets right into the fray. Under heavy enemy fire blackjack leads to brigades any counter attack, he yells out McPherson and revenge boys. And his attack successfully retake several pieces of artillery that had been lost earlier in the battle. To come to leave his headquarters at Howard House and gets into the middle of the actions. Well, General John Scofield watches almost in awe as comp quote leads the batteries in person to some high open ground in front of our line. Now, house placed them in position and directed their fire which from that advanced position infiltrated the parapets from which our troops had been driven in which the enemy then occupied. Close quote. With comes clear Directions Union artillery fire soon clears rebel troops out of those entrenchments. The fighting soon to be called the battle of Atlanta rages until dark false. Both sides take heavy losses, but the union lines hold. Confederates about eight, thousand, five, hundred, dead, and wounded while tecumseh has thirty, six, hundred casualties. William Hardy and his bruised infantry head back to the safety of Atlanta. For two weeks come tries to cut the major rail lines that bring food supplies ammunition into Atlanta. But fierce ever John isn't about to let that happen. He sends out forces to protect the lines at any cost and up until August ninth the confederate general succeeds then to come. So Sherman brings out the big guns. That Tuesday come put siege guns from Chattanooga in position to shell Atlanta into submission the bomb scare many locals into fleeing the city but others choose to stay. In fact so many Atlantans hold out against the Yankee bombardment give hope to beleaguered southerners throughout the say. The Atlanta in our newspaper ironically printing from Macon and not its home city writes quote Sherman will suffer the greatest defeat that any Yankee. General has suffered during the war. The Yankee forces will disappear before Atlanta before the end of August close quote. Camp keeps up the shelling to whittle down Atlanta's defenses. He tells us, staff let us destroy Atlanta and make it a desolation. With every bomb, his popularity dwindles in his infamy rises in southern minds. But the Union generals not here to make friends and he knows it hill later writing his memoirs. Quote War is war and not popularity seeking. Close quote. I think that's comes way of saying he plans to see this siege through no matter how long it takes. and His boss in Washington DC are on his side as the long days of shelling continued through August US Secretary of war Edwin Stanton rights to come to. Quote. Do not imagine we are impatient of your progress, take your time and do your work in your own way. This department is only anxious to afford you every assistance within its power. Close quote. Sakaba keep squeezing. Atlanta and by August thirtieth, the union troops have destroyed every rail line into the city except one. The make in Western. This line comes into the city from the south and its nearest depot is at Jonesboro twenty miles away. Before he attacks the make a western line to come to make some movie that confuses the hell out of. John Hood. The Red headed union general polls back moving his men and supplies north all the way to the Chattahoochee River. John Honestly thinks the federals retreating having run out of AMMO and food. Not Quite John I mean they are low on food, but to come came from Atlanta and he intends to get. ATLANTA. COMP orders almost his entire force to move south and break the rail line. Generals George Thomas John Scofield will attack near. ATLANTA. While the army of the Tennessee has farther south to capture and destroy the depot Jonesboro. Only. When all three union armies position south of Atlanta does John. Hood realize what's happening The panic confederate General Sends William. Hardy on an almost hopeless mission to stop the. Unions tax. At three thirty PM on August thirty. First, the rebels catch up with union troops, the men in Grey and butternut throw everything they have into the fight. One Florida officer describes the battle of Jonesboro as quote pure hell. Close. Quote. Union troops badly outnumbered confederates but they won't give up Atlanta's last lifeline easily. Won Federal Soldier says enemy troops quote King Within Twenty steps and I had just as good shots as ever I did at a rabbit. Close quote. After hours of battle, the confederates entrench having suffered well over two thousand casualties. But it's no use federal troops control the rails a few miles north of Jonesboro without any rail lines. John who has no way to get food or reinforcements he must abandon Atlanta and he knows it. On the night of September First William Hardy Keeps Union troops occupied at Jonesboro while hood marches the rest of his army out of Atlanta South to lovejoy station. John Force to abandon to munition trains and other valuable stores. The confederate general is pissed and says, this mistake is quote owing to the wanton neglect the chief quartermaster close quote. John sets fire to the supplies without any hope of being able to replace them, and if you see in the classic film Gone With the Wind, you probably remember that this is about the time that re Butler get Scarlett O'Hara Melanie Hamilton out of Atlanta. While the movie gets a few things wrong as the confederate army's leave Atlanta there's not nearly as much dramatic music or Clark Gable Saving Damsels in distress but there are that many explosions and fires. One confederate Colonel Reports The Red Glare in the northern sky and the Solan rumble of distant explosions told that hood was burning stores in abandoning Atlanta to Sherma. The Union. Army occupies Atlanta on September second. four-month campaign came at a cost of thirty, seven, Thousand Union and at least thirty thousand confederate casualties. TO COME TO MISSISSIPPI CHANCE TO SACK John Hood's army before they dig in lovejoy station. But he does control Atlanta last. The Union general in his usual to the point style telegraphs. Washington DC. Atlanta's ours and fairly won. This news, this union victory is more than just a point on the scoreboard for the Union. It has potential political implications. Just might be the shot in the arm. President Abraham Lincoln's dying election campaign desperately. History that doesn't suck created and hosted by. Greg Jackson. Researching and writing by Greg Jackson Yell Salazar Production by airship sound designed by Derek, terence theme music composed by Greg, Jacks arrangement, and additional composition by Lindsey Graham of air show for Bibliography of all time Mary Secondary sources consulted writing this episode visit HDD s podcast Dot Com. HDD disappointed by fans at HP on DOT, com forward slash history that doesn't suck. Yellen dire beyond grateful to. Providing funding. Help US keep going. And a special thanks to our patrons whose monthly gift puts producer stats. We'll call Jason Karston John Frugal Dougal Michael and Rachel. Bob. 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