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"louisiana ragin cajuns" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

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"louisiana ragin cajuns" Discussed on WGR 550 Sports Radio

"All dogs in the lady Techsters not T. E. X. T. no no no yeah Texters C. H. which team is the fighting Cajun southwest I would I think that was southwestern Louisiana Ragin Cajun raging rape cases but I think I feel that they changed their name we didn't someone go to just Louisiana like diapers and all that I think that's Louisiana raging Cajuns yeah used to be S. W. wasn't there a southwestern Louisiana program sounds right I thank texter asked what would you rather have had happened Brady leave or the dig straight the dig straight hundred times out of a hundred yeah yeah because I think our our fear level of Tom Brady has dropped considered and he would only knowing only last so long and look no there there there might be or the bills don't beat them in division and still you can you know you can be a wild card team that gets far enough if you don't play the wrong team if there are still a bad match up but now it's not even close I think a big straight if he stayed even if he stayed we would still be talking about the division is there for the taking you might feel about better about it but with them not being there but even if you re signed in knowing that I think we it wouldn't change how I feel about what the bills could do in twenty twenty and that is to win the AFC east it might just be easier now R. eight oh three oh five fifty to join us eight eight eight five fifty two to join us as well so well you can talk about the bills and all the moves this week but we also want to talk to you about Brady leaving New England but also leaving the conference so you're glad he's out of the division and out of the conference over in the NFC do you would you have preferred to have them stick around I still get the occasional tweet about want to be Brady and would like to beat them in Miami or beat them and then the conference whatever the case may be eight oh three oh five fifty but if there's something else by the way so I just reading a tweet you can let us up call treated in part of me wants me to see him fails I could say quote sick he's just been a system quarterback all those years it's funny rebelling join us we will talk at eight thirty with Mick mix in the play by play voice of the Carolina Panthers about Vernon Butler and a little bit AJ Klein and he was with the Marlins most recently but also we Carolina Eric Washington came over from the coaching staff so we'll get the latest on those ads from.

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