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"louise van wees" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

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"louise van wees" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

"I i is a kid loved. Class act. Love loved house party wanting to know memory of the third one. It's not good. It was a it was a motion vehicle for tlc. And she yeah. I don't remember the movies at all. They're just fun time. Yeah remember. Christopher read he did stand up Remember how yeah for what i started. Actually he came around a few times faust philly. Yeah kid from kid and play kind of. I thought he had christopher reeve wrong. Read nicole okay. So weirdly enough. He was a writer on fuck in real time with bill. Maher for longtime kid from kidding. Play nice yeah. We think he appeared on the show to probably. Yeah a couple of things that are coming up guys loose stealing the books or even social media. he he gave us plots tamar underscore neighbors. Louise van wees september sixteenth. The depraved returns to the stress factory in new brunswick new jersey. It's going to be myself. Adrian baluchi derek. Gains zach. Emeco mike cannon. Louis castle is bucket. Bananas is going to be so much as the dirtiest comedy show in the entire fucking world then number twenty fifth. I'm going to get soldiers shows in one night. Little skunk preview with a bunch of comedians Joseph ryan put this show together with a bunch of great comics. Come out of your in your soul does. And then i'm going down to austin texas september thirtieth through october second library last podcasts on thursday then santa shows.

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