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"louise savolainen" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Good morning at four twenty on Harris Allen domestic a six run lead to the bottom of the ninth last night in DC but they're both and found a way to blow it all sea wall retired one of the five batters he faced Louise Savolainen based one gave up a hit that making Callie called on Edwin D. as who was unable to bail out as both an mates the escape of the pincette two run double to Ryan Zimmerman followed by a walkoff three run Homer to Kurt Suzuki the nationals with an eleven to ten victory of after would see wall put the blame on his own shoulders only internet page but you know obviously hurts tonight it's disappointing to let down the team come in there and it's in a really good opportunity and just kind of close it out and and at least you know look for this week tomorrow but now made difficult honest with us this when I look at that a little bit the lines of it is forty four Homer for the Mets Jeff big deal went deep with three RBIs Joe panic a two run blast Brandon Nimmo with a solo shot but the Mets now fill the Cup five five for the second National League wild card willow will start the series without with the Mets today at one at the stadium the Yankees belted five homers Gary Sanchez to home with three RBI as the Yankees all of the Rangers ten to one and one and going out she only off the I. L. hit a two run shot Brett Gardner it's to run during our DD glorious forward with two men on James Paxton one of seven straight start seven innings of scoreless one hit ball just one walk at twelve strikeouts fact improving to twelve and six rubber game tonight here on the fan of five fifty five checking the scores National League the Phillies down the red sixty two the cardinals edged out the the giants one to nothing Jack why are the eight innings of one hit ball for the win Diamondbacks two one over the Padres the Dodgers a race the Rockies five to three the Marlins by the pirates in ten five to four it delayed the cubs take off the mariners six to one the brewers double up the Astros forty two brave seven blue jays to. American League a double header in Saint Pete. the Orioles took the first game forty two over the rays Tampa Bay responded with a two nothing win in game two white Sox as the in the in six five the ages of knocked off the angel seven to five the twins bounce the red Sox six five and with the royal six and the Tigers five. a stoner at the US open Roger Federer knocked out in the quarterfinals in five sets by unseeded Grigor Dimitrov stand for Vegas run comes to an end losing in four sets to Daniella Medvedev. Serena Williams into the women's semis easily six one six love over tea on the lawn. leave us Adelina reaches her first US open semi defeating Johanna Konta in straight sets and the W. N. B. A. the liberty lost to the mystics ninety three seventy seven with reports every twenty minutes I'm Harris Alan WFAN twenty twenty four. listen to the giants and cowboys.

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