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Monthly Recap - Kobe Bryant, DA's under fire, Arrest for Rough Sex

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Monthly Recap - Kobe Bryant, DA's under fire, Arrest for Rough Sex

"Hey hey everyone and welcome to another episode Captain Hunters podcast The podcast that is dedicated towards helping to bridge the divide between the police and the communities that they serve. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you so much for downloading these episodes for sharing liking and subscribing. Please make sure that you continue to do that. No matter what platform that you're listening to these episodes on beat I tuned. Google play spotify spreaker stitcher tune in iheartradio etc et Cetera et CETERA. Please make sure that you're hitting that like button. Don't be afraid to drop a comet. Hit me up. Let me know what to think about the show which you don't like about the show Burma to share with a friend CO worker. Sure with the parent which brother with your sister someone in law enforcement someone outside of law enforcement. Let them know that Captain Captain Hunter is trying to bridge that divide between the police and the communities that they serve. Got a great episode for today. We'll talk about the monthly. Wrap up and talk about some of the items that have been going on around the country that it will affect law enforcement now of course in clearly I cannot and will not attempt to talk about every single episode concerning law enforcement around the country but I think that there are some major stories and some major themes teams and we can take we can really learn about going forward right so no matter where you live at right. We can take these lessons that other people are doing in other parts of the country and tried to implement them within our own law enforcement with our own branch of government within our own As we'll learn about today district attorney's offices etc etc etc.. So just sit back. Relax take a listen and please make sure that you hit that. Like subscribing chair button and here we go so I would be remiss not to talk about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Now this is obviously not something that is law enforcement related but also also talk about community issues right and this Death to Kobe. Bryant has really touched a lot of people a lot of different ways in one of the the biggest ways that it has affected people particularly those when the L. A. Area is. Is that some people have been greatly saddened. Obviously right to them. Copy was a hero. Cobi wasn't mentor. Kobe was someone who helped build their own self esteem and and so many other things that people have said very kind words that people have said whether you like him or not. We watched Kobe. Brian grow up over the years right drafted into the NBA at the age of seventeen or eighteen and retired Garon about the age of thirty seven. Thirty eight something like that. So for twenty years we watched this man Grow into a an to an adult. His perspectives change. And all that kind of stuff but you know what has also been very frustrating. Ed At least according to my own opinion who has been very frustrating is the amount of negative attention that he has gotten yes. Kobe Bryant gotten some trouble back in two thousand three With a rape case sexual assault case allegations in in Colorado. He then later settled that case for a public apology. And probably some monetary damages back in two thousand five so in the wake week of his tragic death many people have been bringing that up. You know that he was nothing more than a rapist and Yada Yada Yada so the question that I that I would ask is win. When is someone's past really in their past the things that I've done a forty seven today or Xm forty six forty seven to March twenty twenty? The things are done when I was seventeen eighteen. When am I going to be forgiven for those days? How long am I still that same person? How long are you still that? Saint Person If you're thirty thirty five at thirty are you. That saint person that you were when you were twenty. Are you making those same mistakes Ray. We know that the human brain continues to develop up and doesn't stop developing until about the age twenty five twenty six or so. Kobe Bryant was on a journey just as the rest of us were and this is really tied into what a lot. The people want about criminal justice reform particularly prison reform. Right someone who gets arrested at the age of eighteen or twenty-one sentenced to thirty forty fifty years in jail or even twenty years jail prison ten years later there are twenty one when they get arrested another thirty one. They have the hot the benefit of hindsight in in their radio. They're not the same person that they were when they were twenty one. Now that thirty five and forty one right. You're not the same person you have matured mentally. The question has been asked. Are you that same person in as much of a threat to the public that you were when you were first incarcerated first arrested so this is the problem. This is the difficulty that many people are having and this is the conversation that many people are having when we talk about these types of for incident and so I would put Kobe Bryant into this category. Of course he made mistakes. I'm not going to excuse sexual assault. I'm not going to excuse the in fact people want things to change. In the interim years we've had the METOO movement in Time's up movement I and my own daughter I have a wife I have a mother You okay cousins who are females and I want them to be able to go to work and move about the society freely without the threat of sexual assault or the threat of sexual harassment. I don't think that that's unreasonable. To ask of our society but continuing to hold something against someone for years. After turning two thousand three was seventeen years ago you know sixteen seventeen years ago. That was when this all occurred. So just think about that and not only that but you know we know that the there have been a lot of social media memes. Unfortunately I have not read or seen any of these memes. Maybe it's just the friends that I have on social media who have not who have not posted but I hear that there's a lot of people saying some very nasty very harsh things about Kobe Bryant and I do I I did come across a story about an La East La Teacher Band teacher at that. Who went on for four minute tirade which was recorded by one of his students and class Talking about what made Kobe Bryant. A great basketball player also made him a terrible basketball player. I mean Y.. Go on about that right as a band teacher. I don't know how this man was as a teacher. Could someone say about you that. What made you a great man? Teacher also made you a bad band teacher. What what's the point in the purpose of this? The kids in class are more likely morning. This is there in in high school more than likely. This is one of the heroes that they have grown up with right if you think about a high school student when they probably started watching basketball my generation we watched 'EM MJ. Right Michael Jordan kids. Today you know high school students will still remember Kobe. Bryant in his heyday in as they continue to watch Lebron James. What what what is gained by bashing these people? I talked about before giving people. They're flowers while they can smell them. I think that that's very very important. It makes no sense and maintenance does no good but to bash people in this time of need and I wish that we could all get this and I'm not saying we have to praise him and love him fawn all all over him people were Koby fans you weren't people were la the La Laker fans or you weren't But to Tabasco's man in his death I I think as I think very tack lesson and to do it in a classroom setting where the students are there for to learn about band. And they're they are to You know these kids morning in to step on his man's gray before he's actually even in the grave I think is very is very tactless. There was a Washington Post reporter suspended after she tweeted concerning the once again. Two thousand three rape case against Kobe Bryant. So just is not letting this man rest right. People are hurt by this in his into bring up the pass of bringing the pain and bringing the mistake. Somebody made as terrible well as it was We can even have a debate as to whether it was actually mistake or not but to bring it up you know to tweet about it really just says something more. I think. Think about you as an individual that I think that it says about Kobe Bryant so he apologized for it he went on to to try to do some really positive things helping being other young players and starting schools are or at least some type of preparatory schools and going on to write children's book like I said we're not the same person that any word that time so we've all made mistakes. We've all fallen short of some benchmark that we tried to reach and if we followed you and to the teacher to the Washington Post reporter to anyone anywhere throughout our whole life. Would we be proud of every single decision that we may. Would your parents be proud of every single decision that you made when you on college campuses just because we know about one person's dirt doesn't make our own under in our own backyard any less dirty any less filthy any less egregious so just think about that. So That's enough about that and I and I really hope that I gave you guys but something to really think about so. Let's get into some law enforcement news and what's going on around the country One of the biggest things that has gone on is is a is a step in the right direction. It's well actually call a half of step in the right direction. And that is that attorney. General William Bar Watches a presidential commission on law enforcement right. This is going to be from the Washington Post. He launched a sixteen panel group of individuals mostly from law. Unfortunately they're going to be given nine months to study law enforcement and they're going to study our array of topics that concern law enforcement Some of the topics that that they're going to discuss are the challenges to law enforcement associated with mental illness homelessness substance abuse and other social factors that influence crime and criminal justice justice resources the recruitment hiring training and retention of law enforcement officers including in rural tribal communities refusals by state and local prosecutors. Excuse to enforce laws and prosecute categories of crime. We're going to talk about this a little bit. We're GONNA stick a pin right there for a second gonNA come back to that. The need to promote public confidence and respect for law enforcement in law enforcement officers and the effects of technological innovations on law enforcement in the criminal justice system including the talent is not -tunities percentage by such innovations now. I certainly don't have a problem with most of that. Read the challenges of Mental Health Substance Abuse Homelessness and other social factors. I think that needs to be studied the recruitment hiring training retention and law enforcement officers including rural tribal communities. Obviously I think that's important. We need more officers particularly those color to to be reflective of their communities and environments and there is a national trend Around law enforcement where we can't get people to want to enter into law law enforcement. I think that that needs to be studied in need to be dealt with but We're GONNA come back to these next two points with a breakdown. These next two points in the second year refuses is by state and local prosecutors to enforce laws prosecute categories of crime and the need to promote public confidence in respectful law enforcement and law enforcement officers. I I think that law enforcement concerning that last point that I just read about the public confidence is really. The fault of law enforcement. Law Enforcement has to reach out. We have have to be the ones be the bigger people to reach out to people and be community oriented active in communities visiting churches visiting parks visiting social programs and shooting hoops with kids playing chess with kids going bowling with kids by kids pizzas ending our Halloween candy handing out Turkeys on Thanksgiving doing what we have to do. In order to be more visible within our communities. And until we do that until officers do that they will be seen as an occupying forces and mistrusted force within his world this from the Washington. Post this commission talking about commissioner. William Bar is starting is critical. This commission is critical. Bar said because of the challenges posed by technology as well as a wave of social problems such as homelessness drug addiction mental illness that the men solutions beyond the expertise of police. Why agree with that statement but as gonNA read the secondary? He's employed hardly any people other than police on this commission. If you thinking that substance abuse and mental health and all these social problems require the expertise beyond those of police officers and why the commission the only police officers officers further bar added there have there has been especially as of late a disturbing pattern of cynicism and disrespect shown toward law enforcement. All Americans should should agree that nobody wins when trust breaks down between the police and the communities they serve we need to address this divide totally totally agree. We need to address it. The attorney journal also noted declines in police hiring morale and said it was particularly alarming. The last year more officers died by suicide then any year previously recorded in fact more more officers died by suicide than in the line of duty last year. Something I talked previous episodes. Unfortunately those up so the audio was so bad when I I was in my beginning stages but may not be able to sit through and I know I can't anymore anyway but anyway. I think that it's important that we abbar is addressing. This and I think needs to be addressed this problem. That law enforcement is having right when they're suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and all type of other type of men mental problems It's seen as the frustration in officers are unfortunately coming of cells. The commission established from an executive order. President trump signed signed last year is required to submit a report and recommendations as attorney general by this coming October after that. The attorney general is going to Submit a report. The president within sixty days of him receiving a report from this commission Terry Cunningham more from the Washington Post Terry Cunningham Deputy Executive Director of the ACP ACP that the international associated police in a former police chief said that twenty-first-century task force only focused on policing while the new commission will examine all aspects so criminal justice system and how they interact. He said the fifteen working groups will hearing's panel presentations. Infield visits more from the article. I I don't think our justice system is broken said. Jonathan F Thomson Executive Director of National Sheriff's Association. Clearly Jonathan F Thompson is out of the loop a just a criminal. Justice system is broken. There's problems with it. Well you know what I'll take that maximum broken it's it's it's designed and doing exactly what it was intended to do and that is suppressed poor in mixture of the wealthier. Taking care of we'll get we'll talk a little bit more about this in the second year. But that's but that's exactly what the criminal justice is is designed to do. That's what it's doing and so it's not broken. So he's he's Jonathan Thompson is excellent. Absolutely right but there are certainly elements of it. That needs resuscitation. That's resuscitation right. We need to revive some things in review. This demonstrates that the trump administration's really trying to get its arms Rodney. The issues at a local level a number of observers expressed surprise of the commission is made up entirely of law enforcement members. Ryo talked about this a little a bit before Cedric Alexander. You'll remember him. I had him on the podcast before you have not listened to that episode. Please make sure you go back into listen to the episode with Cedric. Drink Alexander the former president of the National Association of Black Law enforcement executives and a member of the twenty first century taskforce said. He hoped going forward that they would consider incorporating those from the civil rights and human rights community into the platform because they would be able to add valuable insight insight into their mission. Alexander noted that trump's commission does not include any cheese from the nation's largest cities woods. He said often mm face unique policing challenges. It's in the major cities where communities are most challenged with issues of crime and relationship building with the police with social issues. He said it added a few major chiefs would expand Hansi effectiveness of the commission From the commission the largest department that has a representation of their from their chief polices Wichita Kansas. which is the fifty first largest city in nation? They do have police officers from Nashville in Dallas on this commission commission. Kristen Clark President of the Lawyers Committee for civil rights under law said it's unclear whether this group has commissioned who who bring to bear expertise and critical that civil rights issues such as racial disparities when it comes to use of excessive force excessive or deadly force stops and searches in racial profiling. This commission also rises shortly filing polarizing statement from Attorney General Bar suggesting the law enforcement need not protect communities that criticize police Clark said. The commission's agenda is clearly law enforcement driven in glaringly silent an issue that are front and center a community caller. This this kind of one-sided agenda is not likely to produce action items that will address systematic. Racial disparities impacting police. Today Clark noted Than Obama's eleven person taskforce had more diverse group of members with only three from law enforcement to an Obama. Did a twenty first century taskforce. They they had Eleven persons on it in three of them were from law enforcement. Other persons were from other professions. Six of those people where people of Color are trump's commission three of its sixteen members of people who cover. That's enough of that but it's a step in the right direction. I do agree with criticisms that that have been garnered and that is that. There's not enough people of Color. There's none of big city chiefs on the commission. There's only people from law enforcement on the commission so you need to have some mental health workers if you WanNa Address Mental Health and homelessness you gotTa have experts from those communities where willing to chip in and chime in and give their their their expertise. He's so is my hope that these people from those commission front from the Commission will reach out to other experts outside their field of expertise. He's reach out to those who are specializing homelessness and mental health and other social issues Communities of color and reach out to them and say how do we bridge this divide. How yeah we breakdown? This problem address the issues of all these racial disparities and all that kind of stuff. It is a step in the right direction so this is very shocking story and his ties highs in a lot to what has been talked about when attorney general bar talks about the lack of respect in we've talked about the lack of respect and we've talked about about local district attorney's refusing to enforce the laws. Here's exactly what we're GONNA talk about here right. Here's exactly the point of this. This is comes from. ABC News enough enough is enough Saint Louis Circuit Attorney Defense Lawsuit Accusing Racist Conspiracy. So just a little bit of background about this particular story Kim Garner. Who is is the saint? Louis Circuit Attorney filed a federal lawsuit against the city. Anna gets up its policing union stating that all of the She's been getting harassed in that. The Union in the police department is conspiring against her and they don't want her to do her job and they're they're upset about the reforms that she's trying to bring in as a result of that there has been an independent investigator who's been called to monitor her office. And digging through her files silence and this just general forms of Harare of harassment. Now Kim Gardner has been fighting back and she has actually filed this lawsuit claiming Going back to an eighteenth seventy-one law a ruling about the Ku Klux Klan. Act or law. Very very interesting so on this a little bit from ABC News Black elected prosecutors from across the country. Have come to the defense of Saint Louis Circuit Attorney. Kim Gardner saying her federal lawsuit suit against the city and its police using alleging a coordinated racist conspiracy to drive her from office reflects a national trend prosecuted from California. The -Fornia to Baltimore said that similar to garner they've endured smear campaigns by police unions inexperienced a status quo mindset pervasive in local court in government when attempts were made to push through criminal justice reforms. Right so these these elected officials right many's circuit district attorneys have been elected right the will of the people because they running on platforms of police and criminal justice reforms because they are going against the status quo. The police lease union has been fighting it back against them and this is not just something. That's going on in Saint Louis Missouri but this is a national trend in which many of these district attorney's as many of them black African American many of them female and this is the result that's going on Garner told. ABC News in an interview on Tuesday. That lawsuit isn't about her. It's about constituents who want to see criminal justice reform in Saint Louis that could level the playing field for minorities proportionately affected by The current system Garner a registered nurse form of funeral director has managed to implement a diversion program for nonviolent defendants caught up in the justice system due to drug addiction. Her office has also stopped prosecuting people for low level marijuana possession but other reforms propose had been styling including wanting independent dependent investigation. A police involved shooting so this prosecutor wants an independent investigation when police shoot someone in the fighting cutting back on the police. Union has been stopped that they don't want independent investigators looking into when they shoot someone. Think about that. This is not about Kim Gardner. She added this is about certain individuals within these organizations that have gone beyond unprecedented amounts of coordination. To Stop the will of the people I had no choice but to act for the will of the people because they want me to fight for. What is right on Monday Gardner? The first black woman elected as chief prosecutor Saint Louis filed. Wow the federal rights lawsuit against the city in police union alleging she's endured racist and illegal efforts from opponents to block. Reforms meant to benefit minorities ladies. The suit accuses the city amd Police Union of violating the Ku Klux Klan Act of eighteen seventy one designed to combat white supremacy premacy organization. The suit also appears to mark the first time in elected local prosecutor has brought a federal case against police. You for racially motivated. Civil Rights rights violation. The suit claims to take aim at entrenched interests that Garner said had tried to prevent her reforms through a broad range of collusive conduct including the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate her office. The group of six black female prosecutors who and went to Saint Louis on Tuesday to rally support for Garner said that they can relate her struggles to buck the tide in implementing criminal. Justice reform quite candidly. Kim like others. Who stand before you? Today has challenged the status quo in the keepers of the status quo. Don't like that. which is why she's being personally and professionally attacked Baltimore City? State's attorney Maryland. Mosey set a news conference. Every prosecutor here has similar experiences to Kim. Moesby said she endured death threats and protests when our office prosecuted six Baltimore Police Officers after the twenty fifteen death of Freddie Gray. Rachel rollins the Suffolk County District Attorney in Massachusetts whose jurisdiction includes Boston said Garden's reputation is big brother spurts because she dares to try I build a system that is just for everyone not just those with wealth power and privilege remember. I talked about that a little bit before right. People don't want change because it's protecting a certain group the people in because it is exploitative of the minority and poorer class of people Ameris Iowa state's attorney for Orange and no scholar counties in Florida said she and other elected prosecutor supporting Garner in her legal fight represent diversity in the in the profession and we represent diversity. It's the of thought that is neutral criminal justice system despite unprecedented attacks we press on. I said Garda's lawsuit cites data data from the State Attorney General showing African Americans in Missouri are subject to to nearly twice as many traffic stops in arrest as white several races. Social media posts allegedly made Missouri. Police officers are also listened to complain in one. A former police division officer allegedly posted a photograph of of on facebook of an African American police officers standing with two African American demonstrators calling the officer. Captain Hug a thug in a disgrace to the a uniform. Not exactly sure what's racist inherently about that. But that's what they wrote in another lieutenant is is accused of posting. I'm not sure what the Hell is going on in our country. These days are Joe by in authentic Mexican restaurant in town and there are white guys putting on a new roof cutting the grass and doing landscaping manscaping. So I guess white people can't do can't put on roofs cut grass and do landscaping. I guess that's something that's only for Mexican people right. We regulate into certain industries. And that's all you can do for ticketless in another facebook post in Missouri USA wrote according to the lawsuit officer offered to sell L. T. shirt emblazoned with the word. Black lives splatter because blue lives matter. These police officers doing this allegedly the lawsuit also alleges that Saint Louis Police Officers Association has gone out of its way to support. White officers. Accused of perpetrating acts of violence in excessive force against African American citizens including the twenty fourteen shooting of Michael Brown. Additionally the Saint Louis a police officer association paid the bail. Jason Stockley await officer shot and killed African American Motorists Anthony Lamar Smith in twenty eleven according to the lawsuit now now if the that same S. L. P. O.. Egg Saint Saint. Louis Police Officers Association does not pay for the bail of a black officer who's accused of Of shooting someone then they Iran clearly. They are on Garner who sought to launch several police reforms a cooling improving investigations of policemen conduct in Saint Louis received threatening letters to our office that were filled was racial invective in some of the letters Garner was called racial. Slurs and various sexist expletives so that's a little bit what's going on you can read on that. ABC News So. I thought it was very interesting that she chose this eighteen. Seventy one and act. The Ku Klux Klan acknowledge not very familiar with that amount of a lawyer and attorney but just reading a little bit about you know Different various website. Apparently this was a law that was enacted to help to enforce the reconstruction efforts mostly in South Carolina but across the board after the civil war reconstruction goes on black. People are being voted into office. Black people are allowed to vote to becoming normalized naturalized citizens in able to express all of their rights right so they had to pass these laws thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution and. What are the laws that helped to enforce? This was this Ku Klux Klan Act which helped to break up the Ku Klux Klan? In any the group that would seek as a group of people with interest in supporting and maintaining white supremacy. So that is essentially what Miss Gardner is a sewing them under. Is that this group right. The Saint Louis Police Association and the city. Her allegations are is that they are seeking in banded together under the white supremacy in order to thwart the efforts of This one black citizen who has the right to WHO's essentially going to impact lies and many other black citizens right every person who under color of statue ordinance regulation custom or usage of any state of territory district of Columbia subjects subjects or causes to be subjected any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to be to the deprivation of any rights privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws. Saab you're liable to the party injured in an action a law suit in equity or any other proper proceeding for redress right so a lot of that is a lot of legal ease. I don't really understand a lot of it. But this is what Miss Connor seeking to do. So I hope the justice prevails and if if it is true that the Right this is only one side door will getting one side of the story and show that the facts will be born out in court but if this is true than You know I hope that. Justice comes for Miss Gardner in for all these other states attorneys district attorney's across the nation who are feeling the brunt of this right. They're from California to Baltimore Down to Florida from two Massachusetts many of these states attorneys feel as if their their efforts towards criminal justice reform of being ordered By those who have a vested interest in keeping the status quo a sad part an sad reality about law enforcement is is that what is it is an institution is a system and unfortunately that system needs to feed upon people. What I what I mean by that prison systems as the union had been supportive of the continued criminalization of marijuana and other drugs? Now you have to think about why these unions would stand behind some kind of policy. He liked that while the more people would because obviously more people need to be arrested so that these people can be housing and car serrated as so therefore the prison officials can continue to have their jobs. Same thing with law enforcement right if you if you stop criminalizing and decriminalize marijuana and other drugs stop prosecuting people for simple possession. Then the arrests go now and therefore what are the police going to do right so this is a this is unfortunately a vicious cycle that that Ms Garner is this is seeking to stop this over criminals. Ation of people minority communities poor people and so a lot of police as officers are fighting back against that because okay if not arresting people for drugs than what are we doing all day right. Why how can we justify numbers? How can we justify our salary? So you want in someone. I hope. That justice prevailed and hope that the truth comes out for her. And how did it sets a precedent for all those prosecutors and other counties talked talked about traffic stops. Some of the things that Miss Gardner was looking into in Saint Louis nother story the cubs from Chicago is the ACLU is asking why minorities are still pull roll over much more than whites right so something that the ACLU is looking into from. The Chicago. Tribune The American Civil Liberties Liberties Union is asking why minorities still pull over much more often than whites. Despite court order reform by City Hall driver's color continued to be stopped at higher percentages. Tis Vander estimated local driving population and they are asked to consent to search more frequently with less. Contraband found Dan. Dan White drivers they were roughly. There were roughly four hundred. Ninety thousand traffic stops Chicago streets last year. More than two hundred thousand Isan than the previous year. According to the data from Illinois Department transportation it was the third consecutive year sharp increases about eighty six percent four hundred twenty one thousand involved minority motorists of those three hundred thousand. Were black that sixty one percent of the total number of people stopped in Chicago Twenty eighteen and even though African Americans are about thirty one percent of the city's two point seven million population near sixty eight thousand and stops involved the white motorists. There is a story. Worry here. Let me give the other side of the of the equations we can understand this Many times in we had to look at this. Are African Americans committing more traffic violations nations. That question has to be asked are recommending more traffic violations. I know that when we had a study in Connecticut concerning the same think I think in my own home city we were found to be stopping. African Americans more unfortunately a lot of times. Here's what's happened Take this for what it's worth and it's the honest to goodness truth. I think that you know by not going to give you some. Bs is that officers are often targeting targeting areas in neighborhoods. Where crime is is happening? It's just a fact it's just the fact that we want that right if there's shootings and gang activity in certain neighborhoods we need to target those neighborhoods in if we can stop op people if we can perform these type of motor vehicle stops and Get people to understand that there is a police presence then that that only worsened in in the favor right and it helps to bring on shootings and everything like that. It's only one of the tactics that can that is used to address a crime in certain neighborhoods and. That's one of the tactics tactic so we had to be very careful about when we asking law enforcement not to stop certain people because they are black and many times. And I'm going to ask you to do this as as you listen to this. Drive down the street and tried to tell What the race is of the person in front of you right Many times you can't you cannot tell many times you cannot tell the race. The person WHO's driving in front of you then people have tend to Windows nowadays and you cannot see into the windows In so many times you don't know but a person who's in front of you. Who runs a stop sign? Who Refuses to who speeds up at the Yellow Line tries to beat that light? That red light Many times you don't know what that rid the races. So that person in so the first thing I'm going to ask is what is the race. What is who is committing more of these types of infractions? Right first thing black I people have to do is stop committing more infraction. I don't know the numbers and Statistics Chicago. But I do know that when we were. We were approached a concerning turning these types of measures that we were able to justify the fact. That what we're doing when we gave the information as to where the crimes were happening where shootings were happening. Where are street-level robberies? Were happening and then we showed that our our enforcement actions and activities were geared towards those particular neighborhoods in those particular areas and so therefore for once again. We were stopping people who are committing infractions. motor-vehicle stops in those areas. And that's what we were doing so that may be exactly. Actually what Chicago was doing. If that is what's going on then I give them my whole heart in full support in what they're doing in that needs to be understood by people right so just because you gotta be very careful when you look at numbers and statistics because there may be reasons behind this. I'm not saying not to look into I'm not saying that the ACLU and other watch groups now look into these matters but there may be a justification for it right there may be a justification for what's going on so you can read more about that and the a Chicago Tribune namely articles as traffic stops by Chicago. POLICE SPIKE ACU ask. Why minorities are still pulled all over much more than whites sticking with Chicago just for a minute here? This was a story I think from December but I'll mention it again here again is that they the new interim police chief that they have has decreased the or eliminated the merit system for promotions things. And I think that that's very key when we talk about police corruption when we talk about why police officers playing drugs on people while they are selling drugs and trying to boost up their numbers burson trying to increase their arrests. What the question is why a lot of times they doing that? Well the merit system is essentially. Someone's going up for promotion if Chicago has some type of A testing process I e a written test in on maybe some type of oral board presentation Then maybe another component of the testing process is merit test right. So how many arrests do you get. How many drugs are you getting off the street? How many guns are you able to find? How many arrests how? How many tickets? How many citations and so therefore officers are judged by that? Maybe you want a promotion. Maybe obser- once a promotion. Maybe they're they want a special assignment to work with the DA or joint some type of narcotics or gun task force and so they have they want to show that they have that ability to find drugs to get drugs off the street To make these arrests and things like that by taking away this merit system you take away the incentive for officers to Plant ain't drugs on people because they're not trying to boost numbers you take away the officers and center for arresting people because you take away the incentive to do that right so maybe they've implemented something. More strict is now more of a academics right. So now it's how well you perform on these tests right written and oral Zo. So so I think that's a very important very very important and very good on their part. So that's just finish up here. California polices another store. That's going around and country where many people I think. Even Chicago had a problem with this one time as well. California police are false. Labeling people as gang members it's part of a bigger crisis if they label people as gang members right and most of them obviously minority people labeling them as gang members get harsher sentencing guidelines mostly mostly the consequences of this this are harsher sentencing guidelines. But once you get labeled as a gang member right it's hard to get your name off of this list right. You're labeled as a young kid and if you're caught in the wrong place at the wrong take time to unranked. Probably doing the wrong thing. Then a you got this label on you as a gang member right urine database. And now they're going to treat you a different way right and so it's easy to get on. This is gang member less right. Maybe if you're seen hanging with these people or weren't certain color walking on the street You know the the getting onto this list can be very easy getting your name offer. This list is incredibly incredibly difficult. So so that's something we can keep an eye on but but this comes from the intelligence or in Y MAG DOT COM California. Police are falsely lamey people's gang members. It's part of a bigger crisis this right so again you have to watch out for people who have their own vested interest at this do other incentives for officers to find more gang members. Numbers right if you if you got to go out there and get us more gang members and do your job and get more drugs off the street if you can't find them legally right or now. You can't find people actually doing what they're doing doing so now you just. I saw you know a well. Known Gang member He's eating lunch with his nephew. And I'm GonNa Label that nephew as a gang member. Well that's unfair to the nephew. afew right is he actually been seen committing gang crimes. I'm putting up quotations there right Zeke's been seeing committing gang crimes and all that kind of stuff so you have to be very very very cautious about who is being placed on this. We understand that. There's been some GonNa be some reforms concerning going on in Mississippi. Mississippi's had some riots. At least ten people at last report that I heard had been killed one of them has died by suicide. The new incoming governor down there Mississippi has promised reforms. Apparently he's taken a tour of the prisons down there and called the conditions that the people down they're living in terrible So there he's promised to crack down on a corrupt. CEO's right corrections officers cut down on the cell phones. How these inmates are getting cell phones? As most obviously through the corrections Wrexham's officers bringing them in they made the crutches officers may have gang ties themselves have been given kickbacks and things like that this is a story that's going to be going on and growing on So fortunately people like Jay Z and others filing lawsuits on their behalf. And just trying to bring some some some sense to this insanity because it's crazy that this is going on right in. I think one of the reasons that I'm GONNA say cynically is one of the reasons that they don't want the cellphones in there because Some of the videos videos and pictures were getting out and they obviously they don't want the pictures and videos getting out but let's take a more positive respect and say that one of the reasons that the governor's governor is giving for one of the crackdown on the cell phones. Of course I threw that they're about about the pictures getting out of the public but one of the reasons is that there's there's the governor's claiming that this is how they're the prison inmates are coordinating attacks and things like that. So which is why which is value which is Completely possible. But you know I don't. I don't doubt that also you got to make sure that the officers in the good. CEO's corrected officers and inmates in whatever are safe so that's fine so the last story I want to talk about today is the story. The comes from rare in the name of the story is a man calls cops and grow phone for being too rough during sex on believable. If you go to that story right you can read it You you can look at a mugshot out of this Lady just in hears it from the article. Just look at this Mugshot I love it. Does this really look like a person who could do damage. No it doesn't but apparently apparently this evil evil woman did so much show. She was arrested twenty four year old. Kristen Paris was booked in Davidson County. Jail after her boyfriend Taylor. Hayes called police when he when she got too rough with him during sex believable. Can you imagine how the call your mom from jail singer arrested. We're having a wild night of passionate sex. According to authorities Metro Nashville police were dispatched to Hayes apartment on January first for domestic assault call. Hey told police that. His girlfriend began to bite scratching during sex and there was way beyond the scope of their normal intimacy. Hey show police to bite marks one in his arm and one along is back with several scratch marks to his back. DOC UNREAL UNREAL. I'm not even GonNa read the rest of that story just ridiculous. You got to call the police over. That and a police arrested her. Jeez I get domestic violence. In many cases in circumstances many states have taken leave the authority away from the complainant and from the police right. We we no longer have discretion to make arrests. You have to make an arrest. And so here's here's what we here's what we're left with. This guy calls the cops on his girlfriend because he scratched up his back and was biting him during sex In so the police found owned by laws handcuffed can make any kind of discretionary Decisions to have the party separate from the night or anything like that to go their own ways as has to make an arrest. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying and I actually agree. With much of the case case laws Much of the decisions by the courts that in court and the legislature who have said that the police should not be able to have discretion in actual domestic violence cases. Right one one person is mad at the other one in you making an you're doing threatening behavior and physical violence but here's a case of sacks so cooler heads have to prevail in all's Consta- but so I just audrey leave you with a little bit of Levity the Anat thank you very much for tuning into capital hunters podcast. If you have any stories make sure that she's send them to me so I can read them through the month. Still got a lot of great episode coming up a lot of great interviews bets it much love and much peace.

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Ep. 157 - The most revolutionary civil rights action so far in 2020

The Breakdown with Shaun King

17:56 min | 1 year ago

Ep. 157 - The most revolutionary civil rights action so far in 2020

"This weekend Saint Louis one of the most radical aggressive Revolutionary Uses of the law in modern American. History took place. No I know that means I have just pumped it up in a major way but I saw something that both surprised and encouraged me and confirmed something that I believe but needed to see. I can't wait to tell you about it. This is Sean Kane and you're listening to the the breakdown the breakdown breakdown. Before we begin I just have to say this. I am so glad to be back from the break This podcast I know is not just the way that so many of you get news. It's it's my favorite the way to share the news. I prefer it over twitter. FACEBOOK instagram email text message tick tock eh anything because it can convey emotion and long form storytelling telling in a way that a tweet never could and and listen. I say that as somebody who uses all of those platforms to the to the Max At pushed them to their limits. But the ability to get on here and share with you. Vital News with urgency is really really why we started this podcast in the first place so glad to be back. Glad to be speaking to you. Something happened in Saint Louis this week and and I think it's so far the most important civil rights story of twenty twenty. I know this is a new year but I think it's going to be the hard for very many things to top this in Saint Louis. They have to District Attorney's attorneys That's what we call them. District Attorney someplace. Call Them. State's attorney some people call them county prosecutors but in Saint Louis they have you've a district attorney for Saint Louis the city and they have a district attorney for Saint Louis County and we see that in in many counties across the country some places only have one for the county or just one for the city and accounts for the city and the county but in Saint Louis they have a prosecutor for the city. Saint Louis City proper city limits if you will and they have a prosecutor for the county and the circuit attorney for Saint Louis what they call. It is a brilliant bold woman. A brilliant excellent bold black woman named Kim Gardner I admire her so very much. Her name should really be a household name. And what we're finding in all over the country is that when white male prosecutors step out boldly they get way more love and press then when black women step out to be bold district attorney's as we just see it as it is the fact of the matter and I have to even check myself in over in any way that I could have promoted that I'm personal friends with Chaso Bodine. Who was the district attorney of San Francisco and so of course? I've promoted his candidacy see and and now in his new position as DA. But I have to check myself and I want all of us to check ourselves to say hey are are we ever unknowingly. Unwittingly we hope that it's unknowing. An unwitting have are are. We ever promoting privilege in ways. That's problematic and and I think I think in some ways we have to confront it because Kim Gardner should be as well known as any district attorney attorney in this country and what she just did blows my mind. It confirms confirms a dream. I have for something that I am dying to do. It was it is a confirmation formation for something. I have been thinking about every day for the past year that I've just held to my chest and the question is this. You know we have not controlled this legal system. You know we call it a legal system. It's not it's not a justice system that's for sure You know we could call the injustice system but progressive people people who believe in freedom and liberation people who who believe in equity and fairness compassionate people have not been leading this system period and not only only that but the system is led by a primarily white male conservatives and so it's rare when we get progressives in these positions even liberals in these positions. But we're not even necessarily just speaking conservative and liberal were speaking about compassion and heart and Kim Gardner has all of those things and she is one of a very small number of progressive black women prosecutors and she just filed suit on Monday in Saint. Louis she is the first black chief prosecutor ever in Saint Louis and she is filing suit against against the Saint. Louis Police Department Sheriff's Office There Police Union which which is headed up by a man. That is an open bigot and open racist named Jeff. Rawda a horrible human being who has literally got off of all social media because he was being banned and and suspended. You may not know this but Saint Louis is one of just a few cities around the country that has a police union and a black police union and I am good friends. Dear friends with many of the leaders of the Black Police Union in Saint Louis. And let me tell you its name. It's the Ethical Society of police the ethical society. Listen to say the Black Police Union. They call themselves ethical because they know the White Police Union is not and this the the the ethical society the air in Saint Louis the black police union it has existed now for generations that generations ago. Black officers in Saint Louis knew that the official police union was not for them. And it's still not to this very day and Kim Gardner just filed suit and the basis of her lawsuit is the Ku Klux Klan. Plan Act of eighteen seventy one. It's still law. The KKK act of eighteen seventy one was designed signed to empower the federal government to push back against racist vigilante groups That had been terrorizing people. All throughout the south terrorizing primarily black people and black families and black organizations in black black people in power all over the south not just with words but with actions lynching in murdering black men women and the children all over the south and so in eighteen seventy one the KKK act was passed designed signed to give the federal government power to intervene in those matters. And Kim Gardner has now filed a suit with the KKK act of eighteen seventy one which has been modified over the years saying that the Saint Louis Police Officers Association and many of the affiliated groups that it is connected with is in essence a ratio hate group designed to primarily target police harass and harm arm black people and other communities of color. Did you hear what I say. She filed a suit. This is the top prosecutor in Saint Louis filed a suit saying that she is not able to effectively overhaul overhaul the system. This is what her lawsuit says which is what she was elected in two thousand sixteen to do. She is not able to effectively overhaul the system because white groups and white organizations that have whiteness at their core at the center. Sir of their identity have now coalesced with each other colluded with one another to fight back against any type I to change she fights for and she's not just talking about this in theory. She's talking about reforming policies on police Lisa murder on use of force on enforcing policies around the huge disparity in traffic stops of you've black drivers versus white drivers which in Saint Louis Black drivers are pulled over exponentially more than white drivers. Even though white drivers have been found to have more illegal contraband substances than Black Drivers in Saint Louis and so as she fights to figure. You're out how she's going to reform the system. The Saint Louis Police Officers Association and a whole network of in essence. What are white white hate? Groups are working together to block and stop not just any reforms that she puts forward but any reforms that black collected officials all over St Louis. That black police officers try to fight for and in one fell swoop as the top prosecutor prosecutor in that city and county. She has filed suit against those groups using the law to her advantage. John was so powerful. is we're just now seeing things like this really for the first time in modern American history because we are just just now seeing in modern American history. What it looks like to have a woman like Kim Gardner running that system? Listen I'll be back in just a second. Have a quick word. Heard from one of our brand new sponsors. Were so glad to have them here on board with the breakdown and I'll be right back. Hey breakdown down listeners. It's a brand new year. 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All investments involve risk other fees may apply you can visit our be in hd dot co slash fees to get more information. This free stock program is subject to certain limitations the AP Y on uninvested cash cash is paid by program banks and is variable in. I need to say this robinhood. Financial is not a bank but they are a great investing company and I love their APP Brittany. Bring it down before we close the day. I wanted to talk for a few minutes about something that I've been working on day and night and mine tire team at Northstar has been working on it day and night. I'M NOT GONNA be able to share that. During that I mentioned earlier. There is something something very special that I am going to move forward that I will be announcing here on the podcast. Of course this is not bad but you might not have known understood that the breakdown is a podcast from the company that we started the Northstar and we are supported by members all over the country tens of thousands of generous supporting members. We love and appreciate each of you. Well we have been working now for three and a half months almost four four months I think on a brand new website and brand new APPs for the Northstar. They're coming there just a few weeks away. I cannot wait for you to see our new website Our new APPS and I do have a very cool announcement when the website and APPs launch. I am going to be launching watching a daily column that you can read for me. I am going back to my roots For years at the New York Daily News even all the way back when that was at the daily coast before that I wrote sometimes three stories a day for the New York Daily News. But I'm going to be writing A single you're bold. Powerful informative story every single day for you to read for you to be informed by for you to share with your friends and family to keep you in the loop. You're going to be able to get that once. The new website launches can't wait to tell you more about it When the new website new APPS launch you're going to be hearing a a lot more about that here on the North Star because I hear on the breakdown rather because we have so many new things? We're launching launching when the website and APPs launch my wife Ray and I are launching our brand new podcast together called married to the movement. We got wonderful wonderful feedback from all of you who who listened to our first preview episode. We've already recorded. Six episodes at first season is going to have eight episodes. We might have a bonus episode Soeder to in there as well but That's going to be for members only members of the Northstar only and so just can't wait to tell you more about it. I love the the The team that we work with at the North Star. I'm with them every single day in the office. They are just wonderful human beings and people and we're working so hard hard to bring you some some new goodness and I can't wait to be back sharing daily column just breaking down the news. WHO's in a different way? All right. I've gotTA run. I'm actually Heading into some meetings right now but I love and appreciate all of you of course thank you so much to the Sandra entre. Who is now our podcast director and low Sandra It just makes so many things work in the North Star and even in my daily. He lives she's been my executive assistant for the past year as well but she is now serving as podcast director. So that our senior producer Willis can just hunker hunker down and focus on producing the podcast. All of the music. All of the audio that you ever hear on the podcast is made. And Edit it and produce overseen by Willis so thank both of you think our entire team worked so hard to make this podcast possible take everybody break it down the bringing bringing

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Uprising: Police Accountability

We Live Here

1:08:10 hr | 2 months ago

Uprising: Police Accountability

"Hey everyone it's on the call to defend. The police has gained steam as activist advocates. Bring attention to police budgets that they believe could be better allocated to education healthcare and social services at the heart of this call is the question of whether or not police increase public safety. Many disheartened by the non indictments for police officers. Who killed brianna taylor. Michael brown junior anthony lamar smith eric. Garner and more joining the movement to abolish the current system of policing and imagine new structures for responding to mental health crises domestic violence and social problems created by poverty and racism. But even though the demand to defend. The police has intensified this year. The effort to stop police. Brutality is decades long. This year marks the twenty fifth year of the national day of protest against police brutality which is held in cities across the nation on october twenty second. I stopped by the saint. Louis police officers association headquarters for our local protest. We're adding one story office building with a glowing. Blue sign that says in all caps. Saint louis police officers association saint lewis's finest to the left of the sign is the us flag and to the right. A light blue saint. Louis police officers association flag. The protesters are on both sides of a busy street near a shopping center and a target and as people continue to arrive they mingle and chat while holding signs which received honks of support. There are signs that say. Stop shooting my friends and black. Trans lives matter along with names like tony. Mcdade and nina pop other signs spell it. The names biographies birthdates and stories of people who've been killed by police eventually democratic state representative of missouri's seventy eighth district racine aldridge lead the group in several chance key throws a local activist and member of the coalition against police crimes and repression explained that this year saint louis ins have a unique opportunity to increase police. Accountability office will. You're twenty national day of protest against police brutality. We are out here just as we have been since the beginning. We have to me because we don't just go out here and we scream. No no no. We have omitted to do it. So what are the name that have car other organizations. These days in saint louis are working on and around. The country is working on police. Union contracts and seeing how we did find contracts and of the loophole. They use the heat their officers from being punished and having any discipline. You just play any other employees. Any other job would have your building at the think. Lewis police officers association. This is the headquarters of the little schemes. That jeff hatches to make sure that white supremacy in the policies of louis police department. But we're going to change that so every three years. This police union contract comes up for review and renegotiation and it has been the policy for decades that takes place behind closed doors in something that is done with jeff roberts of the white supremacist leader of the police. Union end police officer of saint louis representing lighting crews in her interest neither of them represent our interest so we are demanding that we have a place at the table here demanding that there be some level of transparency and accountability. Because this contract matters what they do in this contract they actually determine what is going to be the disciplinary practices for our officers. So we can take to the streets and we can. Demand doesn't fire the officers. We can demand deputies suspend then we can demand that they changed the investigatory policies but the problem is that all of that is written into the contract of the way it is. We need to actually change the contract in order to be able to change the policies of the police department. And so what we are doing is we are. You're in the city of saint louis and also in the county. Where sergeants contract is currently being negotiated. We are demanding that the city slow down the process stop and wait for there to be more public input on what's going on. We demand that there be a public hearing the board of ultimate where residents in union contract because this contract is policy vis contract is determining. What are the rules of engagement for the city of saint louis in their police so we are demanding that the born of alderman's public safety committee have a public hearing. We can tell them what we think what we want to. In addition we are demanding that he thought the ethical society of police which represents the interests yes. We're gonna dacian which represents the interests of lacking majority officers. We are demanding that they have equal footing to racist white supremacist. Jeff warner hit police officer because they do not the case like the perimeter seventeen at the table and minority officers and black officers are not allowed to get what they want so we are demanding that he saw will be allowed to negotiate on behalf of their membership and indeed the residents of saint louis demands from the coalition were underscored by stories shared by the next two speakers on home. Well reverend grayson. My name is carlos. Paul i am brother of call jillian. Don't man was shot. Twenty five times in downtown. Saint louis every twenty four thousand thirteen folk when me saying that two thousand thirteen. You know. i've been out here on years. Some of you all may be so many times but also somebody people me and my family has street from the city of saint louis ferguson. Berkeley fell to washington. Dc to cleveland all around the united states in sort of justice. But the only problem about that is brother was killed thousand and thirteen. That was never been never thorough. Investigation does in the death of my brothers as he was murdered by two offices hopes of timothy voice officers. Jason chiang bay stood over him. What's he feel. Shot him pay team more times down. There were so close to him. They took a see fully hole in the ground. The size of quarters. We wait a minute quarters in the whole on the ground where they stood over. My brother only reviewed it. But the internal. I g dawson at the time to be investigated it never was investigating a few. I ain't nothing but the police never now. That stated that they didn't want to a thorough investigation because witness the witness statements were contradicted. But if anybody anybody wants a copy of the police report. The witness statements physical evidence the ballistics report the only people who stories contradict or account of what happened in order to some and my family are still my brother's case be reopened or never best toffees deal because my motion be all over the place. One day i'm wondering. I'm not because now to seven years of memories. I'll never have in a lifetime of memories i've never here. It's just all winter which we had. So it's kinda hard but we'll continue to fight. And i want to say one more thing a lot of people like to say we are only saying this was as the all the white officers were bad and the white. We must say no. Let me tell you something. One of the offices they kill my brother with black. This isn't got nothing to do. This is a vital role a humane humane thing. Don't take twenty five secure. Nothing on this earth what it is especially when you're not being cited when they may has a shot at all underlying positions in his body and it is a lot of places horford aparna gun as the police say the face life. There's no way man can be shot in those places if he's pointing anything team to hold it down. Don't keep on fighting until we get justice for all people say as may carry ball. Joe everyone wants momma acted ju- seven seventeen. Search more by karloff. That is very hard. You'd be out here real hard as been over three years. I told her service also barred year. I had my son's funeral four months. After i had killed by the police. Those four-month attack to have a funeral and he had to be cremated officers. Get to go home every night. Kids are babies. Good nice to celebrate. Their birthdays. have holidays. And get to celebrate christmas and thanksgiving halloween. What do we. What does my two boys gave. My daughter don't get nothing. Don't get to hold their big brother ours. Other big brother take them to the show. Take them to school to be something done to take something from have to tell them. Serger keep telling us no they. They get yummy so why they stop care when they almost killed my father on top of mind it class on my son watch her father watch. My son did mortared into the ground. Nagy three shots. Twenty four and my son's body house are toward directly to my phone. Because i knew i knew was reading the book. Taken care of his grandfather. Lucky says he's teeny mobile when my mother and my father because my mama passed. It doesn't matter what color you are. I y there was all white officers as black grandchildren sought. I'll never get that canes ogle alcohol only the memories that we tell them cable m- alive. We have to stay together. Graphically be a stop to. This is going up three and a half years almost nothing by dullness owns carries or lawyer still finding it. These painful stories were followed by encouragement from a recently elected leader whose place in congress would be realized in the coming days. I love her so much. I want to bring the bird. African american People are very concerned about a reason. We that s she made but not really tried to get to the bottom of what she's talking about and talk about how we still can fund is large militarize budgets and put them back in the black beauty. Put it back into the community. That is going to help people to both though going to leave the next i want wanna bring of congresswoman elect cory booker. The you all out here you know we gotta keep it up the fight today on this day. That's more like solidarity the champion new five for real because best bill. That being have been happened. This deal with david thing still the day. We're already across the nation. Gotta keep the brain the main thing. Thank all old folks waiting. Allow their business to help. Keep it on the fact that the whole system judges all across the country that help keep calling probably say the congress person elect over. Let time you're on the streets. I don't give a free. Should be doing one thing kill enough that he could be in whole only won't pay from the police and people get other. We'll be saying might they deal with the whole point is why do we have to be food for people that are home. Why did he have to pay playing out or pep talk. Don't know have you ever been home. I've been so hungry before about my ideas of things. I thought i'd never ever what i want to talk. Because i was hungry. My only thought process was the fever keys to each. If overheard thousand i think. Above how any moment during this due to is looking the other time in my life however the made a decision that could have been mickey and make some decisions could've is a hand so who are who are very host live and out here because not now they're not. There shouldn't be the priority. This assume if people live police officers police say i can protect full. Not look like too perfect may not be put money in your pocket. The may not have the property. Do supposed to protect people and if you go in and let me say this to the camera if you'll take doing been fun another occupation not look if you can't go to right because if you work at the clock and if you do the money right they'll tell you move out if you go to if you vote to a clothing store and you can't you if you come to work at the clinic where i was getting my patients the wrong amount of arm and move on. It's so any can't do any time. Your name comes out every time every single business owner that had been signing every single person. That feels like they want us to go away or calling them out right now. Owned business day. Protest against police brutality against criminalization birthday. We say we don't need to if you can't stand with the we don't need to if you won't be with us because i am the movement steady. Something happened to you tomorrow. Even though you did stand with Giving you an opportunity to come on this side and be on the right side of the people remember. Your work is not in vain there is no part of that is in vain about every single thing that we've done regardless of which part of the protests. We don't care what the name is. The name of appropriate. We'll long been protested. Well old warsaw we not have been mad at a none of matters about is a heart and your heart. Is this park. So i just want to uplift each and every one of you that are out here right now uplift and remind them work you so necessary in this world and if you don't do a whole whale watching tired if you don't do it who will when you're tired of hacktivism and is bothering. You heard you and you tired of or when you're tired if your friends formative activism if you don't show up so we need you wonder one we need to we your way if you come in your life stream the whole thing the last week fourth. If that's the that's working bringing the waterson channing. That's the big thing. Decided that the same thing. But if you don't wouldn't be so the livestream would be here. Show up into separate windy here so member no matter what even when the numbers and you'll love this moment and if you weren't doing before and this is not a sprint. So we need you and then when you add that to your family. You're hands community breath at that. I'll be right back day again. Real changes why is it. So hard to hold police accountable. And how are organizers and activists holding the tension between efforts to reform and desire to abolish the current system of leasing to answer these questions we had conversations with john chasnoff and jamal rogers co chairs of saint louis coalition against police crimes and repression from saint. Louis public radio and pr acts. This is we live you. Hey everyone it's jalen. Thank you for listening to. We live here. Your support is more crucial now than ever so. Please consider making a contribution to saint louis public radio at we live here. Dot show and wilkie putting an equity lens on stories from saint louis and beyond support comes from the saint louis community foundation working for an equitable saint louis with its support of saint louis graduates and invest st l. a. community initiative. Learn more about saint. Louis community foundation at st l. gives dot org support comes from the missouri foundation for health with the mission of improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities facing challenging needs. Learn more about missouri foundation for health at m. f. f. h. dot org. We interviewed john. Chazov co chair of the coalition against police crimes and repression or cap car to learn from his experience working with families who've been impacted by police violence and pushing for police accountability for over two decades as white man. John didn't initially understand. How policing targets people who are black and brown. I had a huge learning curve to understand how policing was operating in our community and specifically in art sabar communities that are largely people of color. He and his family lived in university city a neighborhood near washington university in st. louis. He described his kids as counterculture within care and tattoos and said they loved hanging out at the delmar loop a destination for shopping dining and music. There was the wall but that point and kids hung out on wall. It was kind of pleased to be And they started coming home and telling stories about Police officers who would pull kids in talk to kids there and make them empty their pockets or otherwise illegally searched spend and they befriended a homeless man who and tell them how he was occasionally arrested by the police and sometimes beat up and then dropped off in another part of the region So my kids were coming home with these stories and frankly we had a hard time. Believing them We had been grown up in in white privilege communities where we thought police officer friendly And it took us a while to finally hear our children telling us these stories and When we first decided to you know we need to do something about it. We need to call the police department. Talk to them about it. They said no. No no If you start talking about it it will only increase visibility and make us more targets and that was a concept. That again was new to us later. His wife susie heard about a young man who had been killed by police in south saint louis cap car hosted a rally for this man which suzy attended and she came home and said you know her kids have been telling us about this. It's a problem And we need to get involved and try to try to help out. So we joined the coalition that was in one thousand nine hundred nine And have been members ever since And now. I'm a co-chair with jamal rogers as part of cap car. John learned about the pain and frustration experienced by families impacted by police. Brutality will usually. The families are in a state of trauma. Shortly after the incidents happen They feel like they've been treated unfairly. They want to get some kind of justice but they don't really know you how to go about that. What are their options letter. There know the ways that they might go about approaching this question and high guest. The overwhelming feeling is one of disempowerment at loss. He helped families untangle the web of laws and bureaucracy that stood in the way of justice for their loved ones. We started off in our earlier days working with families of people who had been one way or another victimized by police brutality misconduct and helping those families deal with You know how do you get a lawyer. How do you deal with the media. What information can you get from various agencies in city government and we still do that work with families but what we found was that we were just being overwhelmed our capacity with being overwhelmed by the number of cases that we have and we decided that we really needed to work systemically on getting to the root causes of some of these problems and prevent them from happening rather than just deal with the aftermath. Cap car began pushing for a civilian oversight board for saint louis city police that would be democratically elected by the city's residents there a huge wall a huge gulf between the police department and the community that they were serving and heart. That wall can be broken down to transparency. We have long believed difficult. Decision that Police department can't operate in. A vacuum yet becomes an occupying army when it operates in that kind of vacuum that like just like other parts of the government it needs to be open to scrutiny. People need to understand what's going on a beautiful to see what's going on and give input in two thousand and one terry kennedy and aldermen representing neighborhoods in central and north saint. Louis proposed a bill that would establish a civilian oversight board for st louis city police. The bill failed to gain traction and was vetoed by then. Mayor francis slay when it first passed in two thousand and seven. Then michael brown junior was shot and killed in two thousand and fourteen. People rose up in ferguson. And the civilian oversight board was passed into law the next year but the law wasn't perfect so the board only received the power to subpoena police records two years ago and as they pushed for a civilian oversight board cap car also sought to obtain local control of the saint louis metropolitan police department so in almost every city And now in st louis a we have a local control of our police which means that the police are in one way or another controlled and overseen by the executive branch of government in most cities are many cities they may will appoint the police chief and in saint louis now. We have a system where the mayor appoints the director of public safety. And then that person director public safety appoints the police chiefs but still under mayoral control and the legislative body can then weigh in on policing and pass ordinances that effectively. But that's new to saint louis as of thirteen when we got local control before that saint louis police were controlled by the state which meant that. There was a board of police. Commissioners appointed primarily by the governor and the mayor served as a fifth member on that or to police commissioners ex-officio but or members appointed by the governor and so the board of aldermen. Then we're specifically denied any authority over police and were by state statute not allowed to interfere with policing in any way so the question then is how do you have a police force. That's responsive to local needs and local folks without over politicizing it You know by making it. Part of the city's political process and local control tries to achieve that balance Without losing sight of the need for responsible police force that is you know listening and ultimately accountable to the people that there to serve but hyper local control or fragmented policing can present problems to saint louis. county has eighty-eight apologies and had even more in the past not to mention unincorporated areas as well. We have ended up in a region with all these tiny police forces. Several problems with that one of them is says that the municipalities are really too small to financially support. The police department. They don't have the tax base they can't necessarily hire the best quality authors or they have too few officers and then for a person traveling around the region as you drive up natural bridge go through one department after another You're under the jurisdiction of various departments of might have different. Rules differ ways of enforcing traffic laws. Or something else that. You're never quite sure you know what. What are the rules of the game. You know in this particular area police officers. Who have a pattern of misconduct can use this patchwork system of policing to avoid accountability. People call it the muny hop and we've seen it over and over again. Part of the problem is that police personnel records are closed and they're even close to a new municipality. Who would be doing the hiring unless they get permission from the officer to see her pass record. And so in the past a lotta times. A departments had hired folks without knowing that they have a history of misconduct in there s because they couldn't see those personnel records More and more of the municipalities are insisting as part of the job application the applicant give permission to see those records. And so that's been a partial solution but we need to have Statewide record keeping or even national record keeping so that that's available to departments to see so that they can look at a database and get this information more readily and not kind of be hiring people blindly That's part of the solution. We also need better reporting to the post commission which is our standards and training unit or agency on the state level so that they can Weed out those bad officers. Who have records of misconduct. John adds that smaller. Police departments have a harder time maintaining professional standards and investigating police misconduct and in small towns it can also be difficult to maintain a truly independent civilian oversight board. That's why the year after the killing of michael brown junior also brought with it. The start of the north county police cooperative which aims to share policing services among several mostly black small towns. The cooperative addresses one of the calls to action by the ferguson commission to consolidate law enforcement agencies while making sure that departments remain responsive to the communities they serve. We have to make sure that if we do consolidate that we do keep Some local flavor to our police departments. And make sure that the more powerful regions of the county are the region. Don't over power the less financially strong and politically powerful parts of the county and now as you heard at the top of the show cab car is hoping to influence the saint louis police officers association's collective bargaining agreement which is up for renegotiation this year between the saint louis metropolitan police department and the city of saint. Louis folks around the country are really looking at these for the first time. And they're realizing that. A collective bargaining agreements are important in themselves. But they're also part of a larger matrix of authority and disciplined for how and how police accountability functions. And so we're really looking at these. These agreements hub for the first time in any great detail They in in the region here at least they Contracts are usually negotiated for three year period and there is a separate contract for police officers and then a separate contracts were sergeants and that's true for both the city and the county stand. This is kgo. She hated contract. You can't have everybody in the room but we do think that there are vehicles to kind of gather public opinion and Then the officials who are doing the negotiation on our behalf Could know more about what we as citizens we're seeing. Those contract cap has taken a close look at the collective bargaining agreement to come up with recommendations for specific changes that would increase racial equity and accountability. We've been holding to the ethical society. Police which is go black. Saint louis please organization who look very carefully at Racial bias and disparate treatment inside the department in one of the things we learned from that is that the seniority system is a real contributor to disparate outcomes for police officers in the city seniority has a pretty big role to play in who gets transferred. Who gets promoted and black officers are much less likely to stay with the police. Force prolonged period of time so seniority tends to benefit white officers. And it's one of the reasons we've seen almost exclusively white specialized units and disparate numbers of white officers who make it into the higher levels of command and so one of our recommendations was to do away with seniority and just look at job. Performance and both occasions is reasons to make promotions and transfers. They're also demanding that the three hundred plus members of the ethical society of police be treated as an equal bargaining partner with equal benefits and access to information along with saint louis police officers association which is recognized bargaining unit black officer so felt this disparate treatment and need to represent stand up for themselves but they have no say as an organization on the negotiations around this collective bargaining agreement other recommendations have to do with holding police accountable for misconduct right now. The internal affairs division inside. The police department will investigate those allegations of misconduct and Every other employees in the city of saint louis falls under the civil service commission and that investigation. We would be done by the director personnel. So when we got local control police came under the civil service commission rules and regulations but they had like a carved out separate way of going about holding officers accountable and is keith. Explained at the top of the show cab. Car and the ethical society of police are demanding a public hearing for the collective bargaining agreement so that there's more transparency around the process and community members can weigh in when staff from the saint. Louis american first reported on cab cars recommendations jay schroeder president of the saint. Louis police officers association stated. He would comment after the bargaining was completed and a spokesperson for saint. Louis mayor lyda crew sin. Who has authority over the saint. Louis metropolitan police department didn't return a request for comment but police associations are just one part of a system in a culture that makes it. Hard to hold police accountable. The laws are set up with a lot of discretionary power in them so police officers have discretion on they arrest and then prosecutors have discretion on who they decide to prosecute and then judges and juries have discretion on who they find guilty and let sentences they give. But that's a place where we have had and still have to you know very powerfully to this day institutional racism in our society and a lot of that is mindset discretion is is necessary in this system. It can't be so you know Everything can't be so narrowly defined that we just function robotically. And don't take into account the circumstances in context for actions there needs to be discretion but anytime there's discretion that allows for Implicit bias in institutional bias. And so as much as i talk about the need to change policies the need to tighten up our language in the laws in the end it comes down to major cultural shifts that we have to go through as a society. We have to figure out ways to overcome our institutional icees in her own implicit bias sees in order for that discretion to function equitably and they had involve probably generations worth of rethinking and work and change and self introspection society as individuals. And i think really. That's what it's gonna take the end for things to really change completely reimagining. Public safety is cop cars campaign to address the cultural shifts. That john believes are necessary when we talked to the community. We had folks say you know. I really don't feel safe without adequate housing. I don't feel safe without help. Healthcare i don't feel safe without a decent job and the education that will help me get that job but those are not where we're putting our resources and so that's our re public safety concept is that We have to stop thinking about public safety. Just as a policing issue and start to look more holistically. What are the things that really keep us safe. And then transfer. Our budgets are funds funding. You know in those directions. His idea of real public safety is when communities are equitable where resources are shared. Our opportunity is equal where outcomes are equal where people are provided with the basic human. Needs that. They require in order to leave a mita safe and productive life as john continues to press toward this vision of equitable communities. He's motivated by the people who helped him understand the realities of policing in this country. Folks who are most affected show continual poise and grace in resiliency And determination in the face of these oppressive systems that we built Most of the people who inspired me the most the people who put themselves out there when they have a lot to lose who continue fighting long after they have every reason to feel tired in prostrate it and give up the families who have been deeply hurt by the loss of loved ones But continue to look for graceful effective ways of getting justice for themselves up once. You know it's easy for folks with privileged to sail. this is. this is hard fight. I'm tired to walk away. I was never really affected. That much begin with so i can just look away but also i do think that even those of us who are not directly affected. We can't help put some of our humanity when we're part of an oppressive system and I think in the end. It's that fight for our common humanity that keeps me going over. A growing number of people share. John's hope of reclaiming their humanity by rejecting the injustices perpetrated by the current system of policing but the notion of defunding. The police is a sticking point for those who still believe that police have a role in public safety and crisis response so up next. We'll speak to jamal. Rogers the other co chair of the coalition against police crimes and repression who is also the executive director of the saint louis based organization for black struggle or ob s. and she'll share how activists and advocates like herself or holding the tension between efforts to reform and desire to abolish the current system of policing. Jay z is the blackish about nothing. You'll hear two best friends. Share their brand of humor and social commentary on anything and everything every week on fridays. Listen to jay next for free on spotify jamal rogers. The executive director of the saint louis based organization for black struggle or ob s has been involved in organizing around police. Brutality and police misconduct for over half a century organization for black struggle was active in individual aces Early on in a we rebounded in one thousand nine hundred eighty and then what would be the lick. It is that these situations were systemic. So yes you could get a police officer fire. Yes you could get a settlement for individual family that have been victimized but the system itself was perpetuating and taking new victims all the time and so we really begin to look at systemically how we impact that system which means the police department. The courts in in prison system is related cousins so Really in nineteen eighty in the early nineties were just cannibalizing. Black communities nudging saint louis but all across the country is related to crack cocaine in some of the policies in legislature. That came out of this whole crime. Prevention ill so yes so that is always educating people about the rights. So we've done know. Your rights workshops some of them separately some of them in conjunction with the at a c. l. u. american friends service but really wanted people in organizing people to be involved in the systems that are oppressing them ended are paid for with our tax dollars. There isn't one particular incident or story that motivates jurmala to organize around police brutality instead. She's interested in disrupting the systems of policing that she witnessed in her community. Growing up. one of the issues where you are in communities of color working class communities. John grew up ian and i would say even the predominance of police van when i was growing up it was much less than it is now but over time you start to see the accusation force and they you say wait a minute you know some this is not quite right and then there's always over policing not just the presence but the over policing that's where you get into like street harassment As being the has little to do with crime prevention is more harassment in controlling containment. And so you know you begin to look at those and analyze that. Then then you have the the upsurges around particular police murder. The van begins to make the connections between all of those other issue olympics. It a national issue in which it is and then you begin to say. Here's what we need to do on a national level but certainly on politics are local. Insular can we do here in saint louis county in region. Ten have people like their sake not just in the communities but also from the The very people that are supposed to serve and protect but there is one incident that prompted saint louis to rise up and organiz against police brutality. Back in the eighties maryland. Banks was a young mother that just happened to be sitting on our porch and there was a police officer. Joseph ferrario who was literally shooting at a sixteen year old through the community in a random shot here maryland banks. She bled out of her porch. Choose the mother. Two children wasn't even involved. Just just doing her thing. This happened in a mostly black neighborhood in north saint louis city. The thing that outraged a lot of people was that they realized any one of us could be a maryland banks in the fact that the officer shooting at sixty. Oh was even compounded. The situation more but being the thing that really came out and that we really had to shine a light on is that he alleged that the sixteen year old was shooting at him and when he produced a gun that he got from her. It did not have clip so one of the things were able to do with that because for years we've been saying that police officers had parabas. They have drugs that they plan on the all of this stuff people. Oh gee we say here's a a prime example of what we're talking about. Sixty zero did not have done but yet he had to defend his position justify his position that he ended up shooting. Maryland banks organizers and community members met week after week to determine how to channel their outrage. It was three things we wanted. We wanted justice Maryland banks in her children or surviving children. We needed to have criminal charges against joseph ferrario and then we wanted local control of the police. Jamaa says that at the time getting a police officer to be indicted for killing community member with unheard of in the region and getting local control of the beliefs seemed impossible but the group named themselves the coalition against police crimes and russian and pressed on. They got the white officer. Joseph ferrario indicted in saint louis city and he was removed from the force then the trial moved to kansas city where an all white jury acquitted ferrario and found him. Innocent look back him indicted. They had never been done before it opened up the door to other possibilities Untouchable if you get organized and you put enough pressure you can get it and then There was a civil suit that was one of our progressive attorneys in. We got at that point. One of the largest settlements is the police they had been saying. And so we wanted to make sure maryland's children were taken care of so that have it for maybe about five or six years redoing it and then we went into hiatus and then in the nineties we started to see all of these police shootings and the organization was resurrected and myself john chasnoff ends like hebrew became the three coaches cap car began facilitating conversations. About what it looks like to reimagine public safety and reinvest dollars from the current arrest and incarcerate model. It's almost sixty percent of the city. Budget is four arrests and incarceration like the courts policing probation parole all of that. If you could have a fraction of that what would you. What would you want to do. And we were just blown by the things that people came out with. I mean they weren't ridiculous things like when my family to take a vacation in the bahamas they were. We need mental health centres. We need more recreation centers for children. We need more jobs and job training. So there's specific and those are the suggestions across north and south city and so they just human needs real. Meeting human needs is at the center of what it looks. Like for organizers like jamala to hold the tension between efforts to reform and desire to abolish the current system of policing with calm city do one of would have people missing. Eastern housing is that is that one of them are are in house. People we deal with most of that mental health issues were mental health resources under the capitalist system that we are it creates a great deal of pain suffering a mental health issues. And so will you. Lookit even how police respond to citizens with mental health issues in sometimes even been told please It's the mental health issue at my evans psychotic breakdown. Somehow they still a met with death. And so something i is. Is you know really really really wrong with that. Incher is so perhaps. That's not the role of elise. Perhaps there's another number to call. Will you need those kind of services because for police embiid train that everything looks like a nail at. You got a hammer. You're being you're gonna. You're gonna beat that neil and there's no need for that. She adds. That harm can result even when police are called for situations that simply require. A mediator. Is one of the things we tell. Our community is don't the Polices last resort. And that if there's ways that you can work it out do so you need to have like you know big down the street kinda hope sort through been do that because when they called in unity it doesn't boat live for the people who live there. This reality can be hard to accept for. People who aren't black or brown in our community looks different than it does in yours. I don't need you to question. I don't need you to affirm that i just need you to understand that and don't try to justify why officer responded the way that they took the situation so it you know it is what it is in a big thing to his way of people angry. Like we've been telling you all this like years generations now in yet still somehow own. You don't believe they making this up. And i remember Some of the first few video tapes of police birders in in broad daylight in front of our faces like holier. We got no proof like we head for for for years. 'cause the first one we had was rodney came so so so yes. This is not new behavior that we are witnessing. This is behavior that we the loud to Be entrenched is a particular way policing in black and brown communities but this racialized policing has a history especially in north saint louis county municipalities such as ferguson and other small towns that are now predominantly. Black ways will often used to make sure that black people didn't come through there or if they came they came for a very specific reason. They to get out most of that people understood about sundown so for black people. You get total destined downtown or at sundown. This belt don't become their after dark. So you knew that after while darkness of and still get the same treatment by the police because their job was to make sure that you you you didn't come and she did. They were going to make it very uncomfortable. Jamal explains that waves. A white flight in the sixties and seventies brought even greater efforts by the police and the remaining white residents to control black residents of north saint louis county as a result. Black residents would go through great lengths to avoid police harassment and brutality. They two different. Various securities roads are routes to get to certain places instead of a straight route. Because they didn't want to go through in particular municipality. They had more of a reputation for arresting in in assaulting people. So so our our lives are based on where you could go when you could go there which you could expect when you were there and so So i don't think that that was something that white people either knew about understood or thought was particularly negative. Impact for those people lived in those -ality that was the message that they gave to the police officers. We don't want them here. You better make sure that they don't here to enforce racial boundaries. Police would brutalise black people for something as simple as a traffic stop for white. Basically by municipality were jason to a predominantly black they were. It was always tension. Always tension always you know by between the police in the black citizens in so Struggles often called to deal with some of those situation. This deep history of overt racialized repression by the police has created a huge breach between police and black communities this decades and this is not happened since parkinson this decades of the way that our back communities have been treated And so. I think it's gonna be very hard for that. Trust to be built or rebuilt if they ever was having said that i know that there are citizens. We should have weeks to their necessary Even though win so these people call the police for what they need. Police don't come a start to see will. Maybe we don't need when i need them. There was support for jurmala. The way forward involves consideration and implementation of reforms recommended by community members. People have to see that there is significant and meaningful changes And that's route will use of force is the rally. Just interaction is around. How many complaints. You are processing in holding accountable. That's why cap car is pushing for a public hearing of the saint. Louis police officers association collective bargaining agreement leading up to this hearing. They've been holding general meetings to break down the language in the agreement so that people can ask questions and she's hoping that this will empower people to demand transparency around police budgets. Whenever you were doing our money using our money we have every right to intervene to suggest to To protest if necessary and so So i would say that s that's gonna be. The the deal of the day is get ready because it is not. Your department is our department. Utilities say is no need for a department so until being we have our noses in your business. So you'll be this this this so young. When citizens have oversight over police budgets. they can also raise concerns about how it spent from overtime to military grade equipment. Most of these police departments look like little military unis in. I remember ferguson. They were going to give them some Some some holidays in some some tanks and they discovered they already had to they had there were even on the books and so the obama administration made them get back to. So they had four would visit fergus. The need for big. Take home beads really. Those humvees came to ferguson from the ten thirty three program which was authorized by congress in the nineties to transfer excess military equipment to federal state and local law enforcement agencies. When we've militarization please really started in the mid nineties with crack cocaine it then make even though There was violence associated with that. It wasn't huge approvals so the militarization of the police is is is resting on this premise. That there's going to be uprisings. Urban uprisings that need to be You know put down and suppressed. Jamaa observes that most urban uprisings in the last decade are the result of gleese killings and like many people who've taken to the streets. She believes that community dialogues that lead to systemic change are a better path forward than suppression by militarized. Police think that we should be eliminating all all equipment and cater to thirty three. We're not trying to have a military police. We try to have a civilian force that deals with people in all of their Humanity in even though people may be cutting up or are doing something illegal they useful to be trained to to to intervene in a way that preserves the light and safety all balls she warns that if no changes are made to the policies and agreements that make it. Hard to hold police accountable. We can expect to see more uprisings in the future so we have a vested interest in making sure that the police department is responsible outweigh. That looks in to define how how that looks up. Because us that policing is being being done on in so so we're look to create more opportunities for those kinds of discussions dialogues before they get to the level of protest in the ranked. Action it uprising. But if you don't want this to us when this calm going on been with the groups. Expect us us but jamal suggests that we can expect a safer society. If police association collective bargaining agreements are changed to increase transparency and accountability and if cities reallocate leasing budgets toward human needs like housing mental health and education. What you'll see is is safer streets for real safe restraints both want because you know the community byles is both police in citizens and so when when things get really tough. People don't have jobs. He'll have outlets for mental health rates recreation bid you see the violence escalate because most of the violence is between people. know jeter and so I think you you will see the real changes on on that level. But i think you also will see even the way that police respond changes but when you only get down to it. You'll see that there won't be is what Serious crime because people will have a need. They were out listening. Something happened a community mediator that can help resolve as opposed to you. Take your gun out take mad. Or whoever's left standing is the winner so there. There's a certain civility humanity that people want to return to even though they know that we live in one of the most violent countries in the world and that's But there's still some hosts it if we always send her a sales around humanity. We can't go wrong as they advocate for. Police reforms the organization for black struggle and cap car are still moving toward defunding and abolishing the police to that end. Jomaa says they're learning how other cities are expanding the number of entities that can respond to crisis calls through de escalation rather than use of force. Is you get on a molecular level. You'll start to see that is not just about calling. The police is some other things that are it. Speak to public safety public safety. People take a elected interest in their part of that. Need who the hyun not targeted the police or targeted by government in terms of just resources. If does look across saint louis city is. Is you know community that are not get this scarcity of resources and other people house that working responsible for that so for me of its eighteen years he year. I and your institute think that. When i looked at the struggles of like equal here now and historically that's chile is relation so bracket being proud to determine practice. They need to make in this country and what it means to be a fooling leads citizens Not just in words but in beads and seeing those people struggle whatever. Aren't this over the be wrapping spines of housing education. This leaders are doing something that nobody needs to do this. They were in a situation that was now. That's my my watch. And they they step up and people may not even know their names but though that's the kind of situation is originally meaning sweet is across this country in contributing to this whole movement for black lives matter long before the term itself slogan a black lives matter. People have been saying like last onto matter country in the world. This show is produced by yang. And my co-producer. Lauren brown from saint louis public radio. Npr x this is. We live here Support for this. Podcast comes from the corporation for public broadcasting.

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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 319  Tony Messenger

The Tim McKernan Show

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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 319 Tony Messenger

"Yes yes welcome into the. Tim occurred show on the inside. Sto podcast network. We're in the home. Loan expert Dot Com studios and our guests this week presented by Marquette of Evergreen. Wealth Strategies is post-dispatch columnist. Tony Messenger I always enjoy a messenger comes in because I kind of feel like I'm doing when those Michael Wilbon Tony Kornheiser and has their interviews where they have a guest on five minutes with them and they're hitting it with a bunch of different topics and we're having a conversation about it of course in this case more like an hour and ten minutes and we covered it all. We covered it all gangster. Pete what was your was your reaction as you sat here in the homeowner expert dot com studios. I enjoyed it covered a lot of local national topics. Intelligent excellent well thought out answers. I just had a great time listening. God bless America while we talked about the Kim Gardner lawsuit talked about the The gubernatorial issues with Mike Parson. But also how. What's going on in the thing that I think? Of course. The headline nationally goes that sayings the presidential election. How that could impact what happens in the race for governor in Missouri? and not necessarily in the way you might automatically think with Mike Parson and and Auditor Coal Galloway as it's currently lined up and then in addition of course the the presidential election his perspective on who he thinks will emerge urge as the Democratic nominee. And I'm telling you I mean it is absent from my standpoint absolutely. I don't know where I would put money if I had to put money money on it and I was telling Tony I said if you actually were looking at the odds right now they would weird you out because they kind of. They're kind of. I think they would surprise. People is so since I'm bringing it up. I'll tell you what it is. DONALD TRUMP IS MINUS ONE thirty five. That means if you bet one hundred thirty five dollars you win a hundred if he were to win. Joe Biden is next plus four fifty so if you bet one hundred and Biden wins you win. Four hundred fifty dollars and it follows suit with the same here. Sanders Plus Five Hundred Bloomberg Plus Twelve Hundred Warren in plus eighteen hundred Buddha judge plus two thousand Yang Plus Two thousand Hillary Clinton is actually ahead of Amy Klobuchar Hillary Clinton plus five one thousand Amy Klobuchar plus sixty six hundred. And then if you are looking to go Meta in trying to play out The impeachment trial Mike Pence plus ten thousand Nikki. Haley plus fifteen thousand and then it just goes into things that just go bizarro world so much so we get to kind. Yeah West if you're interested in added plus one hundred two thousand which is comparable the Tom Star. Who was actually on the debate stage? I don't believe I saw Kanye this past week in in Iowa so without all that said of course we talk talk about that. I also was curious his perspective on some of these kind of become a focal point. Both in some of our interviews recently and then also questions from the audience and that is the media's role in the division and or the polarization. I think there's a difference between the two In American politics and I liked I liked how tony kind of broke down so you hear that. That is something that we talked about in addition to a couple of quick hitters with regard to the privatization of the airport Better together and And then he's a rockies fan and he is At this moment tortured by what is going on. Because he's also a cardinal pammy the rockies fan I with goods going on with the Non Arnaldo rumors I That we all are hearing here over the last week or so with regard to possible trade to the cardinals so all of that is covered. It's a conversation in that. I think you will enjoy. I also think probably some sub game whether you're liberal Yow I disagree with matter you can serve. I disagree with that. It's a conversation but I know some people go. Oh I don't I want to hear a liberal so therefore I will not listen So that's your choice. Of course God bless but I think you will enjoy the conversation even if you disagree So with that said thank you our sponsors for making it possible to home loan expert dot com is the sponsor of our studios home values super high interest rates Super Low. This is not something that's always always going to be that way capitalize on the opportunity. Now we're looking to refinance. Go to the home loan expert Dot Com Ryan Kelly's page and you go there and within seconds seconds for real. 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I mean you might want to do it but it's like you got to do it but have somebody so when things pop up your organized. Psychologically you'll feel so much better in please I'm imploring. You'd not make the same mistakes I did. Have somebody have somebody's paying attention to it. Not just like here's my buddy. Who Kinda flop around in college? Now he decided to get into investments. And you're going. Wow I didn't know. He knew anything about money he didn't but that's where he wound up. Here's somebody who does his name's Mark Three one. Four eight eight nine zero five zero three or go online at Evergreen S. T. L. DOT COM are can't evergreen we'll strategies he presents our guest this week and every week on the Tim mckernan show. Our guest is Tony Messenger of the Saint. Louis Post Dispatch Tony. Welcome welcome back to the studio sir. Good to be here Mr mckernan. How the heck are you? I'm great. It's great to see you. I always enjoy these conversation last time. I'm pretty sure the last time I saw. Oh you were on golf course have would probably be correct. Now it's been a while it is It's always good to have you and I feel like I come out much more informed than I go into it. And this is the story story. And you've you've been on top of this in the post-dispatch and online at stltoday.com and that is going. What is going on with Kim Gardner so before you opine layout what the circumstances are that have led to this becoming a national story? So let's start with with what happened this week. Kim Gardner through through Three different Private law firms has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against a whole potpourri folks. The Saint Louis Police Officers Association. The the Police Union for first Saint Louis The city of Saint Louis Jerry Carmody and two of his children. He's the private attorney who was appointed by a judge in Saint Louis to be a special prosecutor to look into alleged edged prosecutorial misconduct in Kim Gardeners Office related to the former prosecution of ex-governor Eric writings and that. There's an investigation that is ongoing and the basis of this federal lawsuit are two different sections of federal law. That suggest there is a wide aide spread racist conspiracy against her and that it stopping her from performing her job and that her civil rights. It's have been violated by the Special Prosecutor by the city by the Police Union also of a Jeff Rhoda the spokesman In Business Manager for the Police Union and one other gentleman ex cop named Charles Lane who filed a lawsuit against Kim Gardner related due to her use of a private attorneys to defend herself in this special prosecution. So that's the lawsuit. It's obviously a huge deal locally. It continues the ongoing battle between the circuit attorney and the police officers or to be more specific. And I'll get into detail later primarily between the circuit attorney and white police officers And it's also a national story. Because is Kim Gardner is one of a new breed of what they refer to themselves generally speaking of as progressive prosecutors who look at the job of being a district attorney or a prosecutor or a circuit attorney every jurisdiction all across the country. Calls it something different but basically basically a prosecuting attorney who looks at the job differently and news trying to to implement criminal justice reform. This is is a national story. And that's why the New York Times and Washington Post or covering it. That's why seven black female prosecutors from around. The country came to Saint Louis. The day after the lawsuit was filed to hold a news conference and panel discussion to back. Kim Gardner this is not just a A A retread in Saint Louis of the racial battles that we've been fighting for over a hundred years but that have been magnified since August ninth. Two thousand fourteen. It is as a national story about prosecutors verses the old way of being a prosecutor sort of a Bob McCulloch versus Wesley Bell Bell. That's that's part of what's going on here. So this is part of a national discussion of criminal justice reform as well and so with regard to this people. You see this from the outside looking in the goal. What's going on Kim? Kim Gardner Certainly a polarizing figure before this and now lining up with this lawsuit Certainly becomes even more polarizing in your opinion is what she is doing. Is that something that you think is right and honorable. Or is this about her. Being tired of what she considers to be Getting messed with in her office. Well I I have no doubt one of the things that the lawsuit does is. It lays out in detail. The problems with the racial divide in Saint Louis specifically with in its Metropolitan Police Department. That's true there's I don't believe there's any way to deny that we're we're currently going through a federal prosecution `execution of several white police officers in the city who beat their own fellow black cop luther hall During the candling peddling situation after the Jason starkly a acquittal verdict and and all of the protests that happened there there was the The lawsuit outlines the what the Plain View Project nonprofit out of Philadelphia pointed out in Saint Louis and several other jurisdictions that there are dozens of police officers who have regularly regularly put racist material on social media who have continued to have their jobs. A couple of the people in Saint. Louis who were outed by the plain view project have lost their jobs since then but many of them are still employed by the police department. So there's no doubt that that racial component exists and is at least least part of of what is pushing back against Kim Gardner the first female African American prosecutor in the history of Saint Louis yesterday. I think it was yesterday. Might have been the day before The Black Police Officers Association the Ethical Society of Police held a news news conference and said look. We don't always get along with Kim. And they don't they're cops and the cops want people to be prosecuted and Kim Gardner Partners Prosecution rate is lower than previous prosecutors. She's trying to send some people into diversion. She's not prosecuting some people because she's got a list of police officers that she says she doesn't trust there's variety of reasons she's had real problems in her office holding onto staff and one of the elements of the local part of the story that that gets complicated. She has done in many people's minds a poor job managing her office. That's one of the reasons why some of the black cops aren't necessarily thoroughly a big fan of her either but in their news conference they said look. It is ridiculous for the mayor and the city of Saint Louis and the police officers association to just use such dismissive language of this lawsuit because the underlying arguments made in the lawsuit about the problem with race. In the Saint Louis Metropolitan in police department are real so this is an organization that represents dozens and dozens of black police officers. And you know what black cops cops too. That's part of their point saying we have. We have a problem with the city being so dismissive of this lawsuit. Because these issues are real and they've been bringing attention to those those issues for a long time too so that's one one reason why. This is so complicated. Kim Gardner is flawed character. She has not done a great job in her early days as a prosecutor when you look at anecdotal cases some murder cases where they lost losing a lot of staff which a lot of the progressive prosecutors around the country are doing on purpose because the way they do business is different than old prosecutors and they say they look. You WanNa do it the way we want to do it or not and some prosecutors leave on their own and some people are fired and etcetera. But the the level of staff loss and Kim Gardner's office has been huge and so that's one of the reasons why there have been some criticisms within the courthouse community to say look. She's got to figure out about how to manage the job. She's got to figure out how to put the bad guys away and she's at least in some areas struggling there. So that's one of the reasons. Why complicated but when the black cops have have have a news conference and say look? This is real. You've got to pay attention to this. Then I think that raises the stakes and when you have national prosecutors saying this this is real. This is a problem nationally. Not just locally I think that also raises the stakes. The real question is can the race the she can probably prove the racism. I don't I don't have much doubt about that. But can she prove it to the point where a federal judge says says yes. This is a conspiracy. And it's violating her rights. That's a higher bar according to the attorneys that I've talked to That's where this lawsuit is that plays itself out will be really interesting. I'm sure the city and the police department we'll try to get it dismissed fairly quickly if the federal judge Says No. We're going to go to the depositions and we're going to hear these things then I think that puts some pressure on the powers-that-be in the city to say okay. How do we? How do we get a truce? We don't need To be playing this thing out in federal court over the next two three or four years. It philosophically I'm curious. What your opinion on this is? I think those who descent and and don't get into. I can't stand Kim Gardner. I love what Kim Gardeners but those who dissent so just on a principal I will read or hear. I understand what she's trying to do. OR IF THEY WANNA put Wesley Belt in the same category To An extent anyway in the county I understand what they're trying to do The progressive prosecutors scooters nationally made reference to however. Wouldn't it be better served for them to run office for changing the law and they are not in the office of prosecuting cases. Trying signed to change how to prosecute or who to prosecute and it would give it more credence. What is your opinion and I I think the opposite is true? They're trying to change the system from within one one of one of the most well known progressive prosecutors nationally as a gentleman named Larry Crasner. He's the prosecuting attorney in Philadelphia. He's from Saint Louis was born and raised here and his argument and of and I've read a lot that he's written there and he has the same problems there. He's a white prosecutor and the Police Association. They're going going after him and every time there's a murder it's his fault and every time crime goes up or down or whatever. It's his fault he says you've got to change it from within and the argument that they're making thing is that we've gotta get past. This idea that prosecutors are cops. Prosecutors aren't cops there. An independently elected part of the criminal justice system system. And so part of what they're there to do is to do justice. And sometimes that means keeping an extra being that check and balance in our government government system on police officers who were also part of the system so when when when police bring a charge is it a good charge is it you. How did they do all the things they were supposed to do? If if if one of the COPS is on the list of COPS. Who's WHO's been accused of racism? Can they trust taking that charge before before a jury etc.. So you've got a prosecutor who's a check and a balance the other thing that these progressive prosecutors are doing and we're seeing this play out very much in Saint Louis also is many of them are starting conviction integrity units that are going back over old cases where primarily black defendants have been. Put Away someone. Death row on questionable evidence on cases of previous prosecutorial misconduct. That were never investigated. And they're and they're trying to set those people free and they're having success. Assess all over the country getting people released from prison. who were wrongfully convicted? Kim Gardiner's trying to do that with Lamar Johnson here in Saint Louis. It's the first case of of of her conviction integrity unit and the legal system is saying nope you can't do that. And so the pushback is real. The pushback is is is not just Kim Gardner. If you look at what's happening nationally it is very similar to what's happening in Philadelphia and New York in in Miami in San Francisco. It is part of a national debate over criminal justice reform. And I happen to be supportive of that concept apt. I happen to believe that this idea that we've learned as a nation and when you look at the the series that I wrote Last year you're on debtor's prisons are now. We're talking two years ago on debtor's prisons both conservatives and liberals came forward and said you know what we have a problem were putting too many people people in jail for the wrong reasons. We can't afford it. It's costing US jobs in our local communities whether it's rural Missouri or in the city. We've gotta find way to reduce our prison population. That's part of what this new progressive prosecutor movement is about. And so it's a legitimate idea that ironically okay has a tremendous amount of support on the conservative side of the political spectrum But here in this particular battle. It's it's white cops versus the Black Prosecutor and in Saint Louis were used to that fight and so people get into their camps and it becomes a Rohrschack test I got a text this morning from a black pastor that I know there are a group of fifty black pastors. Who are writing a letter to support Kim Gardner to say look? This is a real problem. And she's representative of this problem in Saint Louis that we've been litigating for years and never really dealt with and so to some degree. I I think that's what this lawsuit might end up. Becoming is a symbol of the racial divide. That Saint Louis has had for a long time. And maybe Kim Gardner isn't the Perfect Messenger here but that's too bad. She's the one who got elected she's the Messenger at the moment and I think this battle is going to just Be dismissed it anytime soon. Another person Making headlines here in recent State Politics is the governor. Mike Parsons with the Discussion on Medicaid. What was your interpretation of that state of the state? Well I wrote my column Today today's Friday as we're as I don't know when your podcast goes up but but My columns in today's paper is about the big elephant in the room that the governor didn't discuss in his State of the state in the last two years more than a hundred thousand children have been dropped from the Medicaid Rolls Roles in Missouri. It's one of these dubious ranks in which we are number one. We rank first in the nation in the number of children that have been dropped off off of the Medicaid program and many of those children and I've written about some of them were dropped off wrongly. They still qualify for Medicaid. They deserve deserved Medicaid. They need Medicaid if they don't get it. Their lives are in danger. It puts our economy endanger because they end up in emergency rooms and costing taxpayers more money etc and the governor isn't talking about that The Governor surprised that he didn't talk about no. I'm not surprised because it looks bad. Because because he's refused to deal with his argument has basically been hey look Our economy is getting better but the economy when when when Georgetown University has now studied. All the states where kids are losing Of being dropped off Medicaid and comparing it to economic growth. The math doesn't work Missouri's economy is no better than any of these other states and in fact worse than a lot of border states in terms of its recovering from the previous recession in everything the the the the economic growth doesn't make sense for for one hundred thousand kids to be dropped off part of its bureaucratic SNAFU. It appears to a lot of people in the healthcare industry that it's intentional that the state is basically trying to save money by dropping kids off Medicaid and so I understand and why the governor didn't talk about it but this is going to be a major thing that we're GonNa be talking about in twenty twenty because A A wide coalition of nonprofits and folks in the healthcare industry are trying to get Medicaid expansion on the ballot In Missouri in November twenty. Twenty so that we can do. What the Republicans in the legislature have been blocking us from doing and expand our Medicaid one st to the West in Kansas? The governor there Laura Kelly who's a Democrat also had her state of the state the same day. And what was she talking thing about a deal that she cut with Republicans in the Republican controlled legislature in Kansas to expand medicaid. Because every state that's done at thirty eight of them now and growing has improved their economy because under the affordable care act when you expand Medicaid to cover more people the Federal Government government pays ninety percent of it those dollars end up coming into your state. So what's happening right now. Is Missouri taxpayers are paying for Medicaid expansion in in Iowa in Arkansas in Illinois soon to be Kansas. Almost every one of our border states are tax payers are helping cover people in other states. It's rather than having that federal money flow to Missouri so the fact that the governor continues to ignore this. It's going to be the major issue in the governor's race between the governor. WHO's a Republican and Nicole Galloway the current auditor who's a democrat? WHO's going to end up being the Democratic candidates? So I'm curious we talked about. Why Hi he didn't bring it up because it doesn't look good? Why is action not being taken to just not politically popular? Is that what it gets down with. So what's happened over. The last. Several several years is the Republicans have basically built this story that the affordable Care Act Obamacare as as they call it is evil is bad etc.. That's been their argument. They refuse to expand. It's all about being anti Obama. What's really happened? Though is in the states that have expanded. Their economies have improved and more people have have joined the healthcare roles and voters voters in those states have realized wow the affordable care act is really good for us. It's a positive and it keeps going up higher and higher in the polls and so it actually hurts. Republicans the last two special elections for governors in the country. One in Kentucky one in Louisiana were fought over Medicaid expansion attention and in both cases the Democrat who was pro medicaid expansion one in traditionally Republican states. That's what's happening right now. And that's why the governor Doesn't want to talk about it and it's why Nicole Galloway is going to build her campaign around it because Medicaid expansion protecting people from pre existing conditions. Getting kids covered by healthcare are popular ideas whether you live in Gainesville Missouri Ozark County or Saint Louis or Kansas City or Columbia. Because it's just simple humanity people get it. They see the poverty they see kids not getting health care and they realize this is not what government's supposed is to be about and Obama's not president anymore so you you just you know we. We need to get these kids covered. Call it what you want to call it. We need to get these kids covered. And that's I think what is really going to drive the gubernatorial election and governor person doesn't want that to drive the gubernatorial election. He wants talk about building new bridges And you know doing whatever else He's trying to do is governor. I'm curious what your anticipation is with the gubernatorial election. So much attention of course naturally on the presidential election that this flies under the radar also he certainly is not nearly as polarizing figures His predecessor brightens right. And it doesn't have the same lightning rod attention. What is your expectation with? What the campaigns do and how this would play out? Well I mean the first thing is I think Nicole Galloway has a massive challenge in front of her and the reason she has a massive challenges because governor person is not The polarizing figure. Eric brightens is And because this is a state that massively voted in favor of Donald Trump and polling. That that that I've seen talking to political experts tells me that this is a state that even in a massive anti-trump Correction election in which a lot of people think twenty twenty's going to be nationally. Missouri might still be one of those outliers that votes for Donald Trump. Even if the rest of the nation doesn't and so I think that Nicole Galloway has a massive challenge in front of her. If I were you know predicting today I'd say governor. Parson is probably going to win reelection. The caveat is what happens in the national election in terms of national money being spent in Missouri. If this is always lease the situation in Missouri Missouri is a state that tends to to to go big on the coat. Tails of whoever the presidential candidate is so if the Democrats kratz decide to spend big in Missouri. Or if whoever the candidate is and it's not Michael Bloomberg but Michael Bloomberg decides while I'm still gonNA spend Mi- billions all over the place to make sure the Donald Trump isn't the next president then that will have the effect of raising the potential Democrats down ticket and the first one of those is is is the governor's race and so a lot depends on that is the governor is the presidential race GonNa be fought brought in a few different states as it was For years ago. And and you know Michigan and Wisconsin and Florida and Pennsylvania. Now Ohio if if that's the case and that's where trump tries to build his His Wall to protect those states and takes Missouri for granted and the Democrats decide to spend a bunch of money here. Well then then that changes things. So that the governor's races in Missouri are often And then everything below it auditors and attorney general and everything else they very much tend to sort of follow whatever's happening happening at the top of the ticket And so I I think that is going to play big in terms of what happens. I also think that if the Medicaid expansion makes the ballot and that's the question they're gathering signatures There are Republicans in both the Attorney General's office and the Secretary of State's office who may use used their power to make it harder for that ballot initiative to make the bout if they get the signatures if they fight through the courts and whatever has to happen and they get that on the ballot. And so you have medicaid expansion along with a gubernatorial candidate pushing for Medicaid expansion against gubernatorial candidate. Today's WHO's fighting it. I think that is going to be a big deal and so if that makes the ballot I think that probably drives a lot of Democrats and moderates to the polls I curious. What is your opinion of Parson? Just in general you know. I've covered him since he was In the state eight house when he was a a state representative and he is an affable guy. He is a nice guy. There are not a lot of people who dislike him. In terms of love of people in in politics you noticed In the state of the state he had a four mayors from the from the big cities in in Missouri Kansas. The city Saint Louis Columbia and Springfield there. Who say they've been working with him to try to Deal with rising gun violence in their cities and and they tend to think they have a deal with governor person to try to get some things through the legislature. I tend to think he's playing them a little bit because I think he's talking out of both sides of his mouth as it relates to whether or not will actually push hard to do anything on guns But so he's he's a nice guy but he also has some some tendencies in terms of some of the people that he surrounds himself with who have some real reputations for corruption option trying to make money off of the government process around him and its potential potential Lee possible that some of those people I think it caused some damage to the to the governor over the next year during that race. Steve tilley being The lobbyist WHO's one of them who according to the Kansas City star is being investigated by the FBI for A deal in independence Missouri. who was connected to A pot initiative that the Missouri Ethics Commission Just hit with a stipulation that said that they likely violated the law during the last election And so he's a very controversial figure figure who's very close to the governor And I think there will probably be some questions about that is well in that race and so is it enough off to propel a relative newcomer in in Col- Galloway who's going to have to fight for name. Recognition of with Governor. The person I don't know But it's a completely different dynamic than than the last few gubernatorial races we've had in part because he's not a true incumbent event You know he he. He ended up becoming the governor after Governor greatness resigned he hasn't yet Run And you WANNA A statewide election outside of when he was Lieutenant Governor. And so it's it's It's complicated have you heard from Eric. Writings is anybody talked with. Eric Rights. It I have not. I talked to some people who know him who are sort of in his Orbit so to speak. There are a lot of rumors out there And I think planted rumors by by people in the Republican Party who don't particularly like Governor Person Sort of suggesting that the era guidance is GonNa make a comeback The on what role running for governor again at some point. There's there's a lot of folks throwing that out there. I don't happen to think it's true in this particular election cycle. I have always thought he will make a comeback again. I think he has the sort of ego and lack of self awareness that that that makes it next to impossible for him not to run for office again. But I don't think I see him hosted a television show I. I don't think it's going to be this election election cycle but There are definitely people making noise about that. There was a one of the republican-leaning being national blogs real clear politics. Somebody wrote an OP. Ed just this week suggesting that Eric Right and should run for governor this year. I don't think that's going to happen. But I think a lot of the folks who funded Mr Brightens and who worked for him and Who generally have a distaste in their mouth for how he was pushed from office A lot of folks blame. Mike Parsons for that. And so within the Republican Party there are at least some folks who I think they at least want to make the governor nervous that you know what You might have a primary. Wow Wow you made reference the twenty twenty presidential election. I am fascinated to hear what you think as far as who we'll wind up with the Democratic nomination. Because I'm telling you if you said Die Tim you've got about one hundred bucks and pick who it's going to be. I really don't know where I would put my money. Honey I feel like I can put it in a variety of because you're you're much better at Bat. Either you familiar whenever whenever I read on it I don't I don't I don't either and you know he d like if you had to say all right eight hundred dollars and a half to go and go you do you have. I mean I really. I have no idea if I do it I go yeah but then there's this I don't know if I had to spend one hundred dollars right now I would say that Elizabeth Warren is likely claim to be the Democratic nominee. I don't necessarily know that that that's going to happen So I watched this. This week's democratic debate was the first one I watched from beginning to end. Because I haven't been interested when there's been one hundred candidates up there to to actually pay attention so this week. They were down five or six and I watched and and and I agreed as I've read most of the pundits agreed that Elizabeth Warren had The best debate performance I thought Pete. Buddha judge had a very good debate performance and actually indicated that that in national debates against Donald Donald Trump I think he would be pretty effective. he's unflappable. He's smart he solid He gives me a little bit of a guidance. Two Point Oh feeling because they have no the same resume no they both were McKinsey consultants. They're both Rhodes scholars. They both served in the military and there are at least some people questioning why they served in the military but hey he was impressive in that debate and people. I know who know him. Say No. He's not eric writings. He's he's real. He's the real deal The interesting thing is so those as I'm watching that debate and I generally don't vote in primaries primary so I'm probably not going to have a vote here but but as I'm watching that debate I was attracted to the two candidates who actually philosophically are a fair amount apart Elizabeth Warren is sort of the the the more to the left progressive candidate. Pete Buddha Judge Moore of of of the moderate candidate eight. Those were the two to me that were most impressive where I just sort of imagined seeing them on a national stage appealing to voters in a different way. I thought those those are the two that that that were more likely. Joe Biden was not impressive at all to me and been the case throughout tired. He and part of this is just my own history. I've I've been watching him in presidential debates for like you know seven election cycles now and so But he continues to lead in the polling He's he's leading the polling. He's leading the polling leading the polling. But here's the deal when you actually get into the state by state voting. That's when things really start to change so Iowa's coming up and then New Hampshire and and South Carolina and I think things will significantly start. Change Biden has enough money to to to make it through a couple of of difficult rounds if he doesn't do as well As he looks. And so you know every state you you tend tend to have one or two people drop off and you end up with with two or three. I think sanders is GONNA be around for a long time He just there's there's there's something about his performance that I get a little bit of that grumpy old man thing but he's consistent and has a very strong following. And so you know I. I wouldn't bet against sanders. I wouldn't bet against Biden. I wouldn't bet against Buddha judge I wouldn't bet against warrant warrant issue There's four of them up there. And meanwhile you got Bloomberg. You're you're watching the debate and then you're watching Bloomberg on twitter and and and TV you know paying for all the ADS now. I don't think there's any chance Bloomberg's going to be the nominee. But what is he decided to do with his money and who does his money ultimate. I mean I. It's clear what he's trying to do he just wants to make. Donald Trump is in the next president But what is his money actually do in terms of does he end up helping one candidate or another. I don't know but I it's. It's it's hard for me to to to predict right now Who's actually actually GONNA rise above? I I could see any of those four ending. You Know Biden Warren Sanders or Buddha. Judge being the The nominee help. You're enjoying our conversation with Tony. Messenger here on the Tim. mckernan show this podcast is not possible without our sponsors and James Carlton is not only a sponsor the podcast he is my insurance agent number. Three one four nine six one forty eight hundred or you can go online at Carlton. Insurance dot net the key the key in dealing with trouble. 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I'll throw more fun with gambling slash percentages at you I'm of the opinion and also if you look at Bova starts book that Donald Trump will be reelected. Doesn't mean that that's necessarily something that I will be voting for but just looking at the numbers I think he's minus one thirty which means if he one hundred thirty dollars hours you one hundred. So he's a favorite Do you share that opinion that he is likely to be reelected. I don't but but it's more because I think think it would be horrible for the control game separate but this this is why this is why I can't bet because you got your heart going perfect example so my someplace fantasy football he. He's a freshman and and and a bunch of and you tell me. Israeli broncos exactly. I can't rely all because my whole all team would be Denver broncos. I can't VAT with my brain because my heart gets in the way And so you know there's a lot that's going to be happening in the next few weeks with the the the impeachment trial in the Senate with new information that is coming out. That's damaging every single day just just this week the GAO which Republicans traditionally looked to as as a as a nonpartisan organization came out and said he broke broke the law period. End of story I think most Republican senators will ignore that because they've already made their bed but I'm not gonNA say he can't win 'cause I really thought that was the case You know in two thousand sixteen and obviously he did and and And so yeah. It scares me that he could win again. I think if you had a Kimmy here we are. We're having this conversation and neither one of us have any idea who is going to emerge and we're talking about four people. I can't recall now. Maybe you can When you're at this point couple of weeks away from Iowa where you I really feel like there are four? Can't in the polling also reflects that that there are four candidates who are live and again that's not including Bloomberg who's not involved in the early In the early states at this point this late now maybe you can point to when I feel like it was kind of obvious with with Romney and then it was Romney and McCain and eight maybe in two thousand four th Democrats. I don't know if carry it pulled away. That early flows Kerry and Edwards were. Were doing for this late. The reason I bring that up Tony Is. I don't know if you're going to have people voting enthusiastically for whoever emerges of those four unless it's Bloomberg or somebody else as opposed to just going. Well there's is no am voting for Donald Trump so I'm voting against Donald Trump in other words you don't have somebody who inspired people to vote for better for worse in two thousand sixteen for Donald Trump and you. You're not gonNA have somebody somebody who inspire people to vote for better for worse depending on one's perspective in two thousand eight for Barack Obama and so I don't know if the Democrats have that and that's why I also at this this moment would bet on Donald trump recognizing there's a wide Delta on what can happen between now and November certainly with the developments in Washington. But I see it that way. Well let's look back acade- couple elections fire. Let's just look at the last one. Okay before Iowa. How many Republicans were they're going into Iowa a lot more than four? Yeah okay remember. They were doing debates eight. Twelve sixteen people up there and and and trump was referring to Little Mario Game All Marco Marco and giving and giving them all giving them all little nicknames and Everything Jeb Bush on tilt nobody in the Republican Party well very few people in the Republican Party were saying saying trump was gonna win absolutely Ohio but he was he was resonating. He was resonating hardy. You they were. They were having cautionary tales but with rifle he was but but it also go back to President Obama's first election Democrats were saying it was Hillary Clinton's allow for Iowa done deal was still. Oh Hillary and then you know who is guy. He hasn't he you know he hasn't so he he won Iowa. And Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire. Yeah and and and and then Obama just rows and rows and rows and became the inspirational figure that he became within Democrats. So you're saying it's still possible for some of them are absolutely. I think I think once you look at the Ludi judge I think with the I could see it with Warren I. I can't see I I have to say this about sanders. I know a lot of people who are who are fans of of his and and they are inspired by him I haven't gotten there yet but but I think people buy into. That don't agree with. I think they believe believe that. He means what he says. And it's like when Jason Candor talked about how he fared against Roy Blunt in two thousand sixteen. Even if. You don't necessarily agree with the person if you feel like the person person is telling you what they really think even if you are on the opposing side is obviously he. What state the drunkard comfortably he'd fared better than Hillary Clinton did because he believes his message resonated because people believe believe exactly people believed him? And that's why when I go back to the debate whether I agreed or disagreed with with with their individual positions. I believed Warren. I believed Buddha. Jeff and I thought they looked strong and consistent and powerful within the context of of who they were going to appeal to so I still can imagine much as what happened with Obama much. What happened with of sadly blake with with trump within the Republican party in the last election? That over the next couple of months to three months Somebody rises is up within the Democratic Party that does become that inspirational figure or that figure that people unite behind. You Know Party. Politics is really interesting. Getting On on twitter I follow a wide array of people on all different political spectrums and within the Republican Party at this time during the last election. Oh they were just beating the crap out of each other about how much they hated this candidate or that candidate and they were never trumpers and they were this and that until the United Right now. The Democrats on on my twitter feed every candidate is either the second coming or the worst candidate and a history. They're going to ruin the Democratic Party. They'll never be trumpet KC etc and I guarantee you my twitter feed starts to change a month or two from now when they realized this is our candidate. Let's get behind them or whatever or they've convinced me or whatever there's a whole swath of voters out there that are people like my wife who doesn't pay attention to politics set all doesn't watch. The talking heads doesn't spend time on twitter. She's taking care of kids. She's going to work but she's a happier person she probably and and and and and and all she does is like when I'm watching the debate. Show walk through the room and say who was that person did not like them. And it's like that's how a lot of voters decide who do they. Who Do they connect with? Who Do they feel and so in three months when all of a sudden we're we're seeing one Democrat on stage and we're seeing or maybe two and we're seeing of the television ads? That are this person's life story. Introducing themselves to people like my wife the dynamic start to change and so it's impossible to predict right now. I'm sure there's people you know putting their money down on all of these betting lines and everything but I think you know if you and I get together in three months and then six months answer is going to be different. It was it was interesting. You know we have this Tma Fan page the radio show fan page. There's like seven thousand one hundred members and you know Real human beings. At least I think about sixty eight hundred of the more and and they interact and And I think it's it's a decent reflection of of the Saint Louis Area I would say would probably skew about fifty five forty five conservative. But so you're getting NC you know. Sometimes I think it will get like for example this is this is one here where as I said. It's fifty five forty five. I think about conservative and I pull up yesterday and and there's about six hundred votes now Would you like to hear from witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial and again fifty five forty five conservative and I would say Tony Right now. It's about ninety two percent. Yes yeah so. People are able to go based on principle right over which is which is refreshing right so with regard to that particular topic Do you think we will. Oh absolutely I think this is. This is what's funny is is your watch the in and I'm not a national political reporter. I'm not talking to Nancy. Pelosi's people and Donald Trump's people on a regular basis but but I've covered enough politics to watch this I. I was fascinated when When Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi finally announced she's going to send the articles over and of course Republicans immediately said Oh she caved she caved? She lost she lost and I was like no no because when you look at. What's actually happening on the Republican side? She's got a deal. There are are enough Republicans now saying hey we want witnesses. That's all she wanted. She knows that Republicans are probably not going to indict him. They've already made their bed. They've already decided to heck with the oath that they took yesterday in front of the chief justice most of them have already said. This is a farce. I'm I'm supporting the president etc but there are enough Republicans publican's at least four. Probably more who I believe have already made a deal with with Speaker Pelosi or through channels or whatever that like every every other impeachment trial in the history of impeachment trials. They're going to hear from witnesses and they're gonNA want documents now will. The president tried to stop John. Bolton maybe from testifying will be the first time that's ever happened but again I believe we're going to have witnesses. I believe there's going to be documents. I believe leave that the the that the investigation that the house is continuing to do on some of this new information like that came out from a left Parnis in the past. Couple of weeks. is going to continue to play. I would not be shocked that we end up having more house hearings on other articles of impeachment at this point. I don't know the the the process by by which the house can do that after they've already sent over two articles of impeachment but this drama is going to at least play out to some degree with a level of I think Chief Justice Roberts cares enough about his legacy That he's not going to allow it to be a farce and I think there's enough Republicans and I think it's been clear from Majority Jordan leader of Senator McConnell's statements that he knows he doesn't have the votes to dismiss that there's going to be a trial. There's going to be witnesses it's going to be bad for the president and then Republicans are still probably going to To protect him and allow the voters to decide in two thousand twenty. What really happens? I don't really recall much. I was still in school Nineteen ninety nine with the the President Clinton impeachment I got to the Senate I know. I watched the documentary this week on. It actually did to try and learn more about that which I wasn't paying attention into it at twenty two years old And at the University of Missouri at the time and it was a big deal on the witnesses initially and I guess I gather it was Vernon Jordan Monica Monica Lewinsky and then eventually a third person as well and they were able to testify but they were video recording testimonies for their depositions That's how that wound up playing out and eventually nobody cross party lines right and they didn't get the the number didn't I think it was fifty six and they need our convicted him there. So do you recall. Do you recall that you see parallels I mean they always show Lindsey Graham up there speaking how he was speaking then in speaking how speaking now it's a one completely one hundred percent that contradict are absolutely. I don't know I don't know how it's like. Look I get it. There are people who go into politics who I guess. I just don't care about truth anymore but so so I don't get how how how how people can just completely contradict themselves. Yes there were witnesses mises. Yes the Democrats controlled the Senate and were able to To make sure that that that they protected their president Completely different circumstances in terms of of of what They were indicted for I I. I was offended by what President Clinton did and and do you believe that he should have been impeached over it. Frankly I think he should have resigned. I'm more offended by the number of laws of that. This president has broken and absolutely believe he should have been impeached and should have resigned and should be convicted. He won't do either of those things more unlikely. This is a president who just just yesterday. All of a sudden we found out that in fact there were several soldiers in the attack in Iraq by Iran On the military base the Iraqi military base that had American soldiers. There were casualties. Not People who died. But but several soldiers who who were injured in some cases. Seriously that have now been flown To Germany for treatment the president and His people people told us there were no injuries. No Americans were hurt. He lied to us about American soldiers. I have a son. Who's a marine captain? Right now I'm deeply deeply offended offended by the president lying about the condition of American soldiers of. That's wrong that can't happen. That's really offensive. Now that's probably probably not an impeachable offense but it just adds to You know the the feeling that this is somebody who should occupy the White House but we have created this new political dynamic where the Republicans in control have given up all high ground round of of moral authority for the positions that that they used to stand for Because it's all about identity politics and this says trump's party and they are trump's people and so they're going to do everything they can to protect him so I don't believe the president will be convicted but I believe the the impeachment trial in the Senate will be very damaging to him because people will see the witnesses and the information and when they see their senator senator vote not to convict It'll have long standing impact within those individual elections in different states. I'm curious on your your perspective on this. I'm of the opinion that the media when I say this. I WanNa make this clear sound like a Mike pointing fingers particular. Riders Radio Host Television Personality. That's not has his played a role in the division. And by that I mean it's profitable to divide. I think think now I think that I had Former Senator Jack Danforth in about a month ago. I guess Tony and we were talking about that. And he said the corey issue is in his opinion. Is that if I get my information from one place and I believe that's true and you get your information for another place and you believe that's true. You can't even have a debate over the opinion on what is right and wrong you. You wind up arguing about whether it's true or false right and so you don't even get to the to the meat of having a philosophical debate two questions for you first off. Do you agree with that and secondarily when and how if you agree. Did you do think that this started. So yes I tend to agree with you. But let's define the media when when we define the media in that national context. What we're actually talking about are the talking heads on cable? Because that's what people are referring to. Because I had this conversation with again everybody gets painted with the one brought. Everybody gets painted with one brush so I had had this conversation with with one of my sons the other day. I said if you actually read the front page of The New York Times which is considered by people solo throughout the spectrum as the leading left newspaper. It's not when you're talking about the reporting but when when you look at the front page of the New York Times and read it and you read the same topics covered on the front page journal and read the articles. They're really really similar. uh-huh okay because the reporters are some of the best reporters in the country and they're doing a great job now. You read the editorial pages of those two newspapers. I and they're gonNA come to opposite conclusions. But if you actually read the reporting in America's newspapers of record it's very similar and it is very damning to the president but that's not how we actually define the media when we're talking about media we're talking about the talking heads on CNN MSNBC and Fox and they're are telling a different story and yes they're profiting from the division and it's bothersome. It's the problem. It's it's part of the problem with the country and so I agree agree with that and I agree that we tend to go into our our our respective corners and and and pick and choose what we read. This is where relationships really matter. I have grown children who Have probably rebelled from from. You know being my son my children who who who I think voted for trump who tend to be a little bit more conservative Bothers the heck out of me but you know what we communicate and so there's an opportunity entity sometimes for me to both learn from them and also let them know when they mentioned something. Oh by the way that information you got was from a bad source let me give you a different source. I I had an interaction. There's a guy that I email with all the time. I met him for coffey a year or two ago. He's a conservative from West North Northwest County area. He's not one of those dog avatars on the comments. No he's he's he's he's a real person who who's a conservative but who was who was Attracted to my reporting on criminal justice reform. He believes in that concept Because he's had a child go through the criminal justice system that that he believes was was treated poorly and unconstitutionally etc.. So so we we developed a relationship he agrees with me on maybe one of ten columns that I write but we communicate about stuff and so he sent me the other day a link to an article that that that was completely false it was from a blog that had picked up something from a right wing blog from from three years ago and presented something as truth and I found a source to debunk that for him that just explained. Look this is where that came from. It's not true and send it to him. We have enough of a relationship. Even though we're two people who disagree a lot that he was like thanks as for that. You're right that that that that that's not true now. I didn't then say stop reading. This crap stopped going to wherever. You're getting this stuff but I our relationship allowed me to help. Educate somebody on some place where they were getting really bad information using it to color their worldview. How many of us today have those relationships oops outside of our bubble you know? It's funny because people give me a I I know you see it in the comments There's folks in the comments that refer to me as Wildwood Tony and when I write about stuff in the city both conservatives and liberals well why should we pay attention to you. You live in Wildwood you. What's great about me? Living in Wildwood I go to church with conservatives who voted for trump and were friends and I worked downtown and deal with liberals liberals who would never vote for trump ever and were friends and so I am. I think relatively unique in today's society in that I walk in those different circles. Part of it's because of what I do for a living But I really value walking in those circles so that every once in a while I have that one interaction like I did with my email or friend where I can give them some information and you know what I get information from him too because I understand end where he's coming from and it's not always that he just is is is reading stuff on a on a bad right wing news blog. That's just you know trying to play with his brain. I mean it's it's it's that I I understand that. He has a different worldview. I understand why his world view is different I I don't always agree with it but at least I I understand it a little bit and that's one of the things that I don't think we do enough of society is just meet people outside our bubble so that we can have the sort of relationship we find that connection. Whether it's you know we both had cancer. We both have kids play basketball. We we we. We worship the same God. Whatever it happens to be we find those connections and then when it comes time to have a question a conversation over a cup of coffee who you voting for on and y you can actually have that conversation and respect it and maybe bring some information to the table that can help make this country better interesting very angry with that because people wind up just arguing on social media nameless faceless arguments I WANNA do some quick local Back and forth fourth with you here The privatization of the airport dead is dead. Dead or is it dead but maybe it can come back to life dead kind of like the MLS. The last was dead. But maybe it's GONNA come back to life and then it did. I think the airport privatization is dead. I'm dead I'm glad it's dead. I think it was a horribly corrupt process. Why tailgating outside of what you just said the right there? The corruption was a horror. Yeah look look I wrote this column two years ago. When when when when the process started and they sought bids for people to advise them just the people to advise them two things one almost most every one of those bidders all big major international companies told the city the same thing? Don't do this the way you're intending to do it. Which is have one rich guy pay for it and then give them a bonus it happens because then all the incentive is for you to get ed advice that you privatize not? You'll get best objective advice and the city ignored them and of course picked grow Missouri. So that's number one that that it was a bad decision win. They gave grow Missouri that contract to be their adviser they were already under contract with grow Missouri to devise the bidding procedure to decide who was going to advise them. And I wrote about that at the time the city said Oh no that contract was over while I had read the contract on the contract said it had to be cancelled in writing and so I asked for the cancelled in writing contract. And they're like. Oh Yeah we didn't ever actually cancel that contract but but but we were acting as though it was cancelled so the entire process. If any any government ever did that. It's like now you can't do that you can't you can't have a private organization right the process and control the process on WHO's going in to advise and then give that same person the contract while you're still under contract with that person. It's a horrible conflict of interest. And they knew this and they kept going forward so from that that moment at the very beginning it was corrupt and they were never going to get good advice and they never actually did the first thing they should have done which have opened public debate on whether or not moving toward the concept of privatization makes any sense at all. So I think we're done with that but I don't think we're done and with its part of that greater regional con discussion of of regionalism in Saint Louis. That from the very first time Um you and I met and we were talking about better together. Those those discussions have an end. Those discussions have been going on in Saint Louis for decades. And so we're going to continue you to have that discussion whether it's the county and and and and Saint Charles County and Warren County and Franklin County in and the county he's over across the river in Illinois all of us you know starting to do some things More regionally to whether it's take advantage of the airport whether for its reduce the number of municipalities. The pressure for all of those discussions to continue is going to happen. The question is how do we do that. Will we learn from the last. Two years of Steve Stinks corruption of the better together. Other of a process that was completely topped down and in private and behind closed doors controlled by primarily one funder the airport privatization controlled by the same funder. Also tied to Steve Stinger also held behind closed doors. Will we learn from that and stop being being afraid of debate and discussion. That is difficult and sometimes ugly and hard but but yields better responses and and can build to some sort of consensus. Because we'RE NOT GONNA stop talking about regionalism. It's just not GonNa happen so whether that involves the airport in some capacity in the future that conversational come up again. reducing the number of municipalities is gonNA come up again combining police forces or fire departments. That stuff's going to keep coming up. The question is will we find a way as a community to have those conversations in in a meaningful and democratic way that empowers voters and I was the natural segue from the privatization airport. You already got into. It was better together. Dead Dead Ed. The discussion on the city county merger. You don't hear it at this moment as much and I think that's part of the hangover of the better together downfall. Do you see anybody leading that charge or some version of it in the next year to a recount of an downtime for it I think we are probably. We're probably in a situation where you you know the and this is one of the things that happens in in Saint Louis. Lot where we're starting to build for the next mayoral election. Were starting to build for the next county executive election I think those conversations will will take priority and anytime you're talking about elections Those conversations stations get fraught with peril of. Oh you're only supporting it because you support this candidate or that candidate or whatever so it'll be interesting to see in both the the mayoral election and account executive election. How this concept plays out this concept of regionalism Because it's it's been bene- third rail in elections In the last decade or so in Saint Louis and so will the candidates will sam page and Jake Zimmerman and anybody the else who might happen to run for county executive talk about regionalism. And how will they talk about. It will Mayor crews in Care Spencer whose announced for mayor to Shara Jones who most people believe will probably run for mayor again and anybody else who might happen to get in that race will they discuss city county merger and what their what their position is the free holders that are supposed to be meeting but our SL was will. Will that be an avenue for actual discussion. will east-west Gateway Council of governments which is now talking about maybe doing sort of the regional. Study on better use of the airport Will that organization which already exists as a as a regional sort of functioning body Will that be the organization that may be takes the the forefront in terms of some of those discussions we need to continue to have those discussions. You know the the the the failure of better together was really unfortunate in it because I was completely favor of it until they proposed what they proposed and were dishonest about it and Tried to shut out anybody who wanted to be part of the conversation and tried to say that we're not going to empower local voters and tried to make Steve Stinger the king and I mean so many different things that they they did that they did wrong. Were really unfortunate. Because the concept that they're talking about in terms of greater regionalism to to to raise he's all boats in a tide of economic growth is is the right concept. I believe for the opinion they went about it and they went about completely the wrong way and final question. Perhaps the most important question of everything we've discussed here in the last hour or so You're you're Colorado rockies fan but you're also a cardinal fan and I would imagine you're conflicted with the rumblings regarding your third baseman the daily Nolan `aeronautics rumblings kill me. It's because I'm having a crisis of conscious. Let's start with this Nolan. Aeronautical is the best player in the major leagues. Right now he is a look at chain he is. He is the best third baseman in history. Sorry Nari Brooks Robinson. He is a great hitter. A great team leader. He's incredible. He's so good that I would consider flipping my loyalty of my top two teams rockies being one cardinals being too to if if the rockies were to rip out my heart and trade him to the cardinals it would not be that hard for me to all of a sudden. Say I'm a cardinal's Fan I and Iraqis second and keep in mind. I have I have two bottles of of old fashioned bottles of coke in my basement with a rockies logo on at that came from their first year bought a six pack. You know inaugural in opening season nineteen ninety-three that that I am waiting to drink when the rockies win the world series with one of my sons and I thought it was going to happen in two thousand seven but the red sox said probably cheated right And and and and so right out and say you know I. I don't want to give up that dream But but the rockies are are slightly different than My my my my love for the Denver broncos which is in my DNA which began at birth Because they didn't start until nineteen ninety three and I was already an adult and my two youngest kids have spent their entire life and Missouri and already watched two cardinals. World series. Victories and and my son has gone to the the elementary middle school and High School of David freeze and and so I mean. There's there's that there's that connection so if Nolan auto gets traded and and right now I hope he doesn't but if he gets traded. I hope it's to to the cardinals and if it is I I consider You know elevating. I'll be the fan to be named later. as part of the trade As you're coming over the cardinals because he's that he's that good and and He's just he's you know we in Saint Louis we we. We referred to Ozzie Smith is the wizard. And and Arnaldo is that at third base. And he's the the stuff he does defensively. Handsomely at third base is much more impressive than The home runs in the doubles. He hits which are also incredible. Yeah it's it's something what else but your but your loyalty your your your good here with. What's going on with the Broncos and the University of Missouri Online? Gosh drew La. You know I have this Great University of Missouri Denver Enver Connection going on right now. We got drew lock as as quarterback of of the broncos Who will be the favorite to win the Super Bowl next year? because drew lock is going to be that good and and an MP Jay who's now starting to finally get eighteen nineteen twenty minutes a game. I don't know how many he scored last night but but has been Lately leading scorer for the nuggets of every now and then when when they actually play him regularly I think they finally realized he's he's potentially a superstar you know so to 'em you guys with my teams In Denver. It's it's. It's really been fun to have. That connection and drew lock is going to be. I have not extract Australia that I did I. I didn't think forever get healthy. And I wanted him to say because an individual and I just didn't think like would have that kind of impact and it's not like Denver was lighting up at the scoreboard before he came in. They go down to Houston and they put up like thirty in the first and they still and they're still they still didn't light up. They've got bored Nader and now they now they got a new offensive coordinator coming in which which on one hand worries me because now drew lock has to have like his fifth offensive coordinator in five years. And so that's a problem. But when you saw the armed strength and the cockiness oil and the ability to move wha what's really interesting about drew lock is you know. Mu Fans we. We knew we could move. He can run and and he can do the. RPO that that a lot of the NFL quarterbacks do these days if he wants to But he's not a running quarterback. We're back in the way that we look at running quarterbacks these days he's a quarterback with mobility that moves around the pocket really nicely the the most interesting thing thing to me when he came into the lineup for the broncos other than than just his incredible arm and how all of a sudden it's going to elevate the receivers is all of a sudden our offensive line which was one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Last year looked normal because he could just step around guys and and and and take a little step here a little step their move a little bit more than the other guys he had an instinct for it And all of a sudden the offensive line you looked you know normal. They still weren't great but it's like drew lock wasn't getting beat up game after game out there so I'm I'm really excited about that and I'm really excited for an PJ right now. Because I don't think he's ever going to be the athlete that m you thought he was going to be any was As a as a high school player and He's just had too many injuries but he still plenty athletic any so efficient. He's he's like he's like three four five every night every time he plays fifteen twenty minutes and makes a couple of threes. He's like three four five seven for eight. I mean he's just really efficient. He's either hitting the three three or he's Dunkin an offensive rebound home He he looks really good. I've I'm I'm excited to continue. I really am happy for both those guys I I honestly I did not expect it and I I would love to see our Nado here and then you'd be the fan to be named later. That'll be a wonderful announcement on twitter. I look I you know I just. I just hope that. There's a little bit of a cash consideration that comes with that at least minimum. Tony always great to have you in. Thank you so much for having me good. Let's do this again sometime. Absolutely man thank you so Michael so there is Tony Messenger. The Saint Louis Post dispatch with us. Here on the Tim. mckernan show. Hope you enjoyed the conversation. I always welcome feedback. Perhaps the interview lead to some questions. You would like to ask or complaints. Some compliments anything's welcome Tim. mckernan at inside S. T. l.. Dot Com T. mckernan it inside S. T. L. Dot com is where you can send those anytime. Everything is welcome Thank you to Ryan Kelly. The home loan expert Dot Com mark. Hanna Evergreen S. T. L. DOT COM James Carlton Carlton Insurance Dot Nat Johnny Llandough Chevrolet Highway two seventy Washington has affected online at LLANDOUGH DOT COM Chevy find new roads and Seth campaign designer heating and cooling online at designer service DOT DOT com. The number one train dealer in the Midwest Tony Messenger talking over over a wide variety of topics that I know you know people lined up onsides but does the I think the part of the discussion I enjoyed the most perhaps was when he was talking. About How there's a gentleman who emails tells him and disagrees with nine ten columns? He writes but as opposed to yelling at each other and having some kind of unhealthy social media relationship or email exchange with personal attacks It's give and take and they share the common bond of of children and And what Tony is written resonating thing with this gentleman and In telling the story of how this gentleman sent him a link and Tony was able to point out that the link was false and And because they had that kind of reporter as opposed to go no. It's not near Liberal. The Guy was like oh I appreciate your point that out. Thank you that gives me you know gives me some pause on it I think I think that's healthy. As opposed to go. No it's not your invested in. I like that like that. I think it's healthy And I also is is just I think it I think would lead to so much of the anger and the attacks and social media that absolutely go both ways is not necessarily viewing the person on the other end of the argument as a person. It's just a message. A who represent somebody you don't like in politics most likely perhaps in policy but most likely politics and I liked that Story in addition to all the other discussions I just enjoy having a conversation with Tony. Messenger David Hon Gangster Pete I could sit there and I can talk to them forever. Ever listen to those. I love both those guys now. I really enjoy those conversations. So thank you to gangster Pete Nike for setting it up. Thank you to you for listening. Thank you Tony for coming in and thank you to our sponsors for making it all possible. This has been another edition of the Tim. mckernan show on the inside S._T._O.. PODCAST network from the home loan expert Dot Com studios.

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Republicans, with eye on November, aim to make voting more difficult

MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)

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Republicans, with eye on November, aim to make voting more difficult

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IV Dot com the. Show we. EASTERN ON MSNBC. Thanks for joining us this hour. At the Church today in Houston. You could see it. We love you. George painted on pieces of cardboard. propped up along the bushes outside the site of George Floyd's funeral. Today Mr Floyd's family. His friends people play football within school. They all gathered one last time today at his funeral in Houston before he was laid to rest this afternoon next to his mother. In the city where he grew up. Mr Flights Casket remained. Today during the service in a way that has had people calling back to the funeral for Emmett, till of course was the fourteen year old, who was brutally lynched and murdered in nineteen, fifty five at his funeral more than fifty years ago. Emmett, till's mother famously demanded that the casket be left open. Deliberately so everybody can see what his killers had done to her son. It was a private service today for George. Floyd mourners who could not attend instead lined the streets outside waiting for his funeral procession to drive by holding signs that said rest in peace. George Floyd had five kids. He had siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins yet a niece. Arrival of his family today for his funeral was a painful reminder of who he left behind. They were all dressed in white, so it's easy to see where they all were in the crowd. Today George Family spoke about his life, not just about those last nearly nine minutes when he died they talked about how they called him Perry. which was his middle name how they caught him? There Superman their protective umbrella. And they talked about getting justice for his. Pillow my name is Brooke Williams, George, flawlessness, and that can breed. Longest I'm breathing. Justice will be served for pay. Officer shope no remorse. Watch local, so leave his body. He Bay impeded many times just for you to get up, but you just push harder. Must assist be corrupt. Broken laws were already paying for the African American system to fail. These laws be changed, nobody. Hey, cross, please. Someone said make America great again, but wouldn't has ever been great. Lebron My brother was friend. He's a mentor. He's a father. He's a basketball player. He's a football player. But most of the human being on the family came to me and asks me. Speak I will speak. I will keep speaking I will fight. I will fight I will fight. Because I've been fighting form that will keep on fighting for. Those men that stood on my brother. The neck changed the world. They took somebody from us. That was great when I say. A never heard them complain one time. He was umbrella to all of those. He was sixty S. Any rang came overweight. He made sure that he could come force from the home. To check tanks high. He was everybody shelter. Everybody's Chilton. Shorts Floyd six foot six human umbrella. He said he was everybody's shelter. Mr Floyd funeral today in Houston there were speeches from members of Congress and from the Mayor of Houston. Announced that he would be leaving the funeral to go sign police reform legislation. The city of Houston former Vice President Joe. Biden gave a speech by video. After meeting with the Floyd family yesterday talked about the burden of grief. And then there was the reverend Al Sharpton who delivered a rousing raw emotional eulogy for Mr Floyd. In the crowd today where the mothers and sisters and family members of other African, Americans who have been killed by police Reverend Sharpton asked them all to stand up. Trayvon Martin will you stan. The mother! The mother of Eric Gone Know where you stand. Sister a button John where you stand. Stand today to be recognized. At this funeral, because of what they have been through before, and what? The Floyd family is going through now. The size and the scope and the volume level of the national response to what happened to George Floyd is another testament to that. You had any idea. All of us would react. You took your knee of Nick. If you had any idea. Everybody. From those in the third ward, those in Hollywood. Which show up in Houston and Minneapolis and in Fayetteville North Carolina took your knee off his mic. At any out did at preaches white and Brat was gone line up in a pandemic. When we told to stay inside and we come out. In the streets at risk. Health, you took me off his nick. Because you thought his neck didn't mean nothing. But God made his. Net his head to his body, and you have the right to put your knee on that mic. After this emotional funeral today George Floyd was brought to his final resting place to be buried next to his mother. He was brought there in a horse-drawn carriage supporters again lining the road underside. And yet? Still fifteen days after he was killed in every corner of the country, there are still protests in the streets. This was New York and Washington DC and Los Angeles in Minneapolis today. Protests ongoing this evening. We've got belief live pictures from both Denver and Phoenix right now where things are still going on. Spending incredible emotional day. And simultaneous to that. One of the other things we watched all day. Today was another way to measure the health of our country and our democracy today. And that was the utterly predictable, absolutely terrible situation when it came to people of all races, but particularly black people today trying to vote in the great state of Georgia. You may have seen some of the headlines about this and the national press today. I want to show you some coverage from Georgia based report and Blaine Alexander for NBC nightly news tonight. This is primary day, in Georgia lines in Atlanta stretching for blocks. Some standing in the rain forced to wait hours to cast a ballot. You're about three hours. Not to come back you. Why are you stolen ten on staying here? It's important. It's important for me. It's important for my my son, so we're going on for our mark Georgia unveiling new voting machine statewide right in the midst of a pandemic several machines were broken. He seemed like maybe half from south down was a disappointment. This is something that should have been checked yesterday. The biggest problems in Metro Atlanta specifically areas with higher black populations. Blaine Alexander reporting for NBC nightly news tonight I should mention that Blaine Alexander herself voted at her home precinct in Georgia today, and she says that she herself waited more than two hours in line. She says there were for her whole precinct. There were four voting machines that were working and only one poll worker to check people in. She waited more than two hours. But what's happened in Georgia? Today has been front page national news all day alongside everything else that has happened today at politico dot com, this this was the headline quote, a hot flaming mess Georgia primary beset by chaos and long lines on the front page of The Washington Post in Georgia. Primary Day snarled by Longlines, problems voting machines a potential preview of November. The same vibe on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in a warning for November voters endure long lines in Georgia's primary. The New York. Times has been framed painting the situation in Georgia all day today quote. I refuse not to be heard Georgia in uproar over voting meltdown. Quote Georgia's statewide primary elections on Tuesday were overwhelmed by a full scale meltdown of new voting systems put in place after widespread claims of voter suppression during the State's two thousand eighteen governors election scores of new state ordered state ordered voting machines reported to be missing or malfunctioning. An hours long lines materialized at polling places across Georgia. Some people gave up and left before casting a ballot and concerns spread. The problems would disenfranchise untold voters. Particularly African Americans predominantly black areas experienced some of the worst problems. Out here's where the the. Headline on this piece today quote, in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood Whether Evan Dr. Martin Luther King Junior grew up my name. Mitchell arrived at her polling place. Five minutes before polls were were to open at seven am. She thought it was early enough to vote? Fast void trouble and get on with her day three hours later. She was still waiting in line having moved about. About Sixty feet from where she had started at first voters were told the machines were not functioning then they were told that poll workers didn't have the passwords necessary to operate them. The line stretched. Three long city blocks comprised hundreds of voters, a multicultural crowd in one of the city's most cosmopolitan boroughs. Many masked lawn chairs. Everyone's sweating as the temperature pushed toward ninety degrees. Ms Mitchell h fifty, a stationary designers African American was living. She said quote. It's disgusting. It's despicable. Around the corner retiree Terry. Russell had also been waiting for three hours. She leaned on a beach chair that a do gooder had offered her Ms Russell who wore masks. Has Bronchitis and asthma and that she rarely left the house even when there was no pandemic, she said she'd requested an absentee ballot, but never received one quote. I refuse not to be hurt. And so I am standing in line. What happened today in Georgia. What's still happening into the night? Tonight in Georgia is something that everybody saw coming from multiple vantage points even just in the immediate past. In that twenty eighteen governor's race in Georgia. You may recall Democrat. Stacey Abrams narrowly lost Republican named Brian Kemp Brian Kemp's previous job had been secretary of state and Georgia, which meant he was in charge of administering that election, in which he himself was running for governor, he did not recuse himself from administering that election, even though he was the candidate at the top of the ticket part of the way he prepared the ground in Georgia for himself in that election was that he kicked more than half a million people off the voter rolls in Georgia in the year ahead of that general election, which was absolutely unprecedented in modern times in that state. On Election Day in two thousand, eighteen, with half a million plus people having been kicked off the roles, it was a total breakdown and total dysfunction at the polls led to such a debacle of Election Day that it made nationwide headlines even on a day when lots else was going on, it was such a debacle that that. Democrat Stacey Abrams would not concede that she had lost that race fairly and many Democrats still don't believe she did. That was two thousand eighteen. That was the last major election in Georgia. Then in advance of this election today in Georgia, you could also see today's disaster coming. When the new Republican Secretary of State, the Guy who replaced Brian Kemp Brian Kemp governor the new Republican Secretary of. State just decided to make even the local hometown Georgia considered to be very high stakes bet. Kind of an experiment little wager here here goes nothing great leap for the state. An electronic voting machine company hired Brian Kemp's former campaign manager to be its lobbyist. And then the Brian Kemp Administration in Georgia, hired that company to replace all of the voting machines in every city town in county Georgia all in record time literally record time. The State had this board of evaluators that was looking at the various companies to or trying to get that voting machine contract. This board of evaluators looked at the different bids from the different companies and what they are offering. They did not pick the company that Georgia ultimately went with. They picked a different company altogether, but. The State Administration and said decided they would go with the company that Brian Kemp. Campaign manager was the lobbyist for the company had never had a job this big ever. In fact, there has never been a bigger job US election history. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution pointed out last November, what Georgia was trying to roll out here was the largest and fastest rollout of elections equipment in US history. This company had never had anything of this size. The company had never installed so much equipment at once and on such a time schedule. Georgia was trying to the impossible. I mean something that everybody knew at the time was impossible. Thirty thousand brand new voting machines of a type that hadn't been used in the State for seven million voters more than twenty six hundred precincts all at once all in a matter of months in a state where voting was already and apparently deliberate disaster. and. That's what they set out to do. And now today that disastrous bet has paid off not a surprise. This was the absolutely foreseeable headline in the Atlanta Journal Constitution tonight. Quote, news reporting machines lead to lines and problems on George election. Day you think? Quote problems with Georgia's new voting computers plagued the state's primary election today, leading to lines and voters leaving without casting their ballots poll, worker said they had difficulties turning on the voter check in computers and encoding voter access cards and installing touchscreens voters waited in lines for hours at various precincts across cobb and Dekalb and Fulton and Gwinnett counties. A precinct manager at Cross keys high were voting had essentially shutdown Tuesday morning said he couldn't use the voter check in computers. The touch pads aren't receiving or accepting the authorizations and we're out of provisional ballots. There's nothing we can do. People queued in the in that high school parking lot there for hours, but essentially that voting. Location shut. Down To Cal County. Commissioner Morita Davis Johnson told the unleaded journal-constitution quote. Even the poll workers don't know what to do. These are new machines, and you expect people. RUN THEM IN LESS THAN A couple of months. If this is a preview of November than we are in trouble. This is a preview of November. We are in trouble well. You know it depends on your perspective I suppose. Because again. It's not like Georgia didn't know this was coming. Not what happened in their last disastrous botched election, not after what they did to the voter rolls on purpose for that election, not what they did with this voting machine debacle at the very last minute right before this presidential election year, which one good government advocate today in Georgia called quote like Walmart, trying to decide? They wanted to change out their point of sale system on Black Friday. I mean. You know. Maybe this is trouble today. In Georgia you know maybe these are our problems and snafus today in Georgia. Or maybe this is something on which the Georgia state government has been diligently working. Because everybody saw it coming, and then it did. Here's another angle. On the on the same problem in different place. One week ago today, the Great State of Iowa held its primary elections this year. And look at this. This is what the Secretary of state sent out when the results came in a week ago tonight. Good job, everybody a well done to. Google fireworks. MEAM that he sent out with his congratulatory tweet. But as Goober is that is it actually was well done in Iowa? A week ago tonight for the primary that they just held the state of Iowa broke all turn out records for June primary, the last record for June primarily in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, four Iowa voters blew through that record easily. They set a huge new turnout record a week ago tonight. And against the odds, right, this is in the midst of Iowa having a considerable corona virus outbreak right? Iowa's had over twenty two thousand cases. They've had a bunch of terrible outbreaks, particularly in meat processing plants, Iowa has had honestly a weird and secretive and super random response from their state government and their governor, which has not helped, either with the disease itself there or with. With people trusting the government to get things right and keep them safe. I mean this election last Tuesday night happened in the middle of all that worry and also happened in the middle of the protests over the death of George Floyd which have been very significant protests in Iowa, and unfortunately there's been some pretty serious unrest and violence around some of those protests and people hurt. But still in the midst of those things all at once. They held a primary election a week ago. Tonight in Iowa set a record for turnout, which is Great. Good job everyone. That's the secretary of state said. The way that Iowa set that turnout record. Is Very simple. They sent everyone an application for an absentee ballot. They sent the everybody who's an active voter in Iowa and application for an absentee ballot. You got one in the mail. So. All you have to do is fill out that application. Send it back and you would get sent an absentee ballots to vote by mail. That's it. That's what they did. That's what gave them record turnout that they were also proud of. At least they were all super proud of it as of Tuesday of last week when they had this, no hitches smooth primary with record turnout. They got results right away. Everything was fine. No complaints at all worked everything else going wrong. In the state of Iowa not that primary at worked, and they were all super proud of it. As of Tuesday, By the end of last week by Friday Republicans in the state legislature had already drafted a bill and started moving a bill that will stop the state from ever doing an election like that again. Because doing it that way made it easy and safe for people to vote. And so lots of people voted and so Republicans in the Iowa state legislature apparently believed that that must be stopped. And don't take it for me. Take it from the Association of local elections. Officials in Iowa who are raging against this in their words. Their quote baffled by it. Here's the statement from the president of their association quote. County auditors local commissioners of elections are baffled by this the twenty twenty primary, it was very successful based on a variety of metrics, counties experienced record or near record turnout election. Day went very smoothly. Results were rapidly available. Why would the state want to cripple the process that lead to such success? What's not specifically the whole state that wants to do that? It's Republicans and the Iowa state legislature that WanNa to do that. Why would they want to cripple this system? That worked so well. Why would the state WANNA cripple the process that lead to such success? Raise your hand if you think you know. This is the editorial today in the Moines Register just ripping Iowa Republicans for what they are trying to do here for what they're trying to screw up. Headline Message from GOP lawmakers to Iowans. We don't want you voting. Republican state lawmakers are on a mission. Make It as difficult as possible for Iowans to vote participation by more people in our democracy is success, but that's not how legislative Republicans see it. Perhaps they fear being voted out of office. If more people cast ballots for engineers of voter suppression, though that is exactly what needs to happen. To Register today in Iowa. But. Seeing what's happening in Georgia today? What happened in two thousand eighteen in Georgia. What's happening in Georgia today? That's what's happening in Iowa over this past week. Pullback the Lens a little bit further here. Nationwide Republicans last month launched a new nationwide twenty million dollar effort to fight efforts in all states. To make it easy and safe for people to vote this year. Special efforts underway to make it easy and safe for people to vote despite the fact that we are in an epidemic. Of A contagious disease that people may be risking their lives against if they have to turn out in congregate to vote in the way we normally do. Republicans nationwide are planning on spending twenty million dollars in an effort to stop. States from making it easy and safe to vote. At the White House everybody from the president himself to the Attorney General of the United States to a White House senior advisor Kellyanne Conway to the new White House spokesperson. They have all personally denounced the idea of people voting by mail in this year's elections. I say this is. This isn't a proven safe and easy way. Vote. No, it's dangerous voting by mail. It's un-american. It shouldn't be allowed. The president has been making that case from the White House. Even though he himself votes by mail, the Attorney General has been making that case from the Justice Department, even though he himself votes by mail Kellyanne Conway has been making that case from the White House even though she herself votes by mail the new white. House spokesperson has been making that case from the White House even though she herself votes by mail, and even though. She may have done at least some of her voting from address where she doesn't actually live, which is a problem considerably worse than just her rank hypocrisy. There this isn't about there being any actual problems or any actual worries about voting by mail, the only problem with voting by mails. It makes it easy and safe for people to vote. All of these objections from the White House and from the Justice Department. Raising all these concerns about how terrible it would be to vote by mail raised by all of these individuals who themselves vote by mail. What this is about is about stopping you from voting in the next election. or at least forcing you to take your own life endear hands to do it. Georgia voting today is a debacle. That is not an accident. It's not an accident. If everybody can see it coming from miles away, and predict can predict it and did predict it in writing months in advance. This is something that didn't get better. After their last botched election that in fact might have been made considerably worse after the last botched election in a way that raises very dark concerns about the prospect for Georgia's swing state status in the November general election. It is a wakeup call for what is coming in November and what Republicans are going to try to do? As is the Republican effort to break assist them in Iowa. That's actually working great as the top down effort in the Republican Party to try to Scotch voting by mail because it works, and it's safe, and therefore we can't have that. They can have it for themselves, but the rest of us can't have it because then, too. Many of US might vote. That said there is a plan to try to fight back against all this stuff and. One man widely seen as a quarterback of that effort is going to join us live here next. Stay with us. These past few months I've become a pro at coloring my hair at home, and that's all thanks to the actual pros at Madison Reed Madison Reed is game changing color. You can do yourself in under an hour. It's simple to get started. Just go online. Take their color quiz to find perfect shade, and they'll deliver it right to your door with Madison Reed. You'll get all. All the good stuff, gorgeous multi dimensional color and nursing ingredients like oil and Carrington without a lot of the bad stuff that usually comes with it. 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As we have spent the day and the night today watching the slow motion disaster of Georgia's failed election today with voters waiting for hours in the heat in the middle of pandemic to cast their vote on on brand, new untested machines that may or may not work. That may or may not turn on the poll. Workers May or may not have any idea how to use that may or may not be backed up by provisional ballots that may or may not be in stock at any individual polling place. It's worth remembering that it didn't have to be this way. In Normal Times. These are not or an extraordinary times I mean. We've dealt with extraordinary circumstances for elections during crises before. After. Hurricane Sandy October twenty twelve after hurricane. Michael in October, twenty eighteen, there were special accommodations made of course there were there had to be so everybody. Even people affected by those big widespread crises could cast a vote and have it counted even if they couldn't cast their vote in person. and. Yes, we have another extraordinary circumstance. We've got a widespread sort of out of control. Of A highly contagious fatal disease in this country that makes the act of going to the polls to vote in person, a personal hazard, a life threatening hazard for many Americans. The Democratic Party is leading voting rights. litigator had this to say about these new extraordinary circumstances back in March. He said quote. Unlike prior events, the virus poses a health risk to voters in every state city town and village in the country. Not only will voters not WANNA wait in line and file into schoolrooms and proximity to others but election workers have more. Also may not eagerly signed up to staff polling places where they will come in contact with hundreds of strangers in a single day. The most discussed solution has been for states to expand the use of absentee and vote by mail ballots, but with the exception of a handful of states such as Colorado Oregon Washington state. Most states still relied primarily on in person voting for absentee voting to be effective for November. States must start planning now quote the time to act is now. Op Ed was in the Washington Post in March. The time to act is now. We'll TIKTOK joining us now is the author of that op Ed as I mentioned he is the Democratic Party's leading litigator on voting rights issues, Mr Mark Elias joins us. Now Live Mr Liese. Thank you very much for being here I. Really appreciate you taking the time. Thanks for having me I wish was under better circumstances. Yeah me, too. I know that you've been able to see the last few minutes when I was talking about what happened in Georgia today. What's happened in Iowa? Over the past few days, the action that Iowa Republicans taking their some of the things. We've been hearing from the White House. You're real expert on this stuff I wanted to ask if I got any of that wrong. Or if there's any part of it, they feel like needs more or less emphasis. But look I think you've got it exactly right. The fact is in Iowa. They wanted to have a successful primary by sending absentee ballot applications every voter. And they did and the reaction of the Republican Party was to say well. Let's not let that happen. In November. In Georgia the Republican Secretary of state said we want to continue to have. Failed Elections worked for US last time. Maybe work for us again and you saw that, but don't forget that this is not the first time we've seen Republicans with this playbook even during this primary season I'm we saw seven and a half hour long lines before cove in Texas. After there was massive poll closings and we saw of course Wisconsin The Republicans block an effort to move the election so that it wouldn't be in literally the height of the pandemic. May refuse that and that was that was to win a state traditional lecture. Just imagine what they'll do in November. What is the solution here? I mean I. Know that. What you do with your time is that you bring lawsuits? You bring legal actions to try to walk each of these moles as it comes up, and each of these States do you is? Is that the only strategy? Do you have faith in that strategy this year? Is there anything else that could be done? Yeah look. There are tons of things that could be done to make this situation better. The problem is that you have donald trump in the white, house telling Republicans at every level, not to do those things. So It's very difficult to get a smooth election administration when you have Republicans in position of power hitting, told by United States. Don't let there be smooth election destruction, so we ultimately wind up going to court not as a first resort, but because the courts are there to protect voters, if all else fails, and what we saw today in Georgia was all else failing what we saw in Wisconsin. Was it failing and unfortunately you know we see in state after State a concerted effort on the part of a Republican election officials in Republican legislatures to really not want us to have successful elections, in which every eligible voter and vote, and have their valor counted encountered acura. Is there one ST, or is there a small group of states that really keep you up at night in terms of November? Obviously, every election is important, and you never know what's going to be determinative. Thinking about the presidential election in particular. Is there any place that you feel like needs more national attention in terms of the threat there and your expectation for things are going to go. Look I think we obviously all know about the problems Wisconsin, so that some you know that shouldn't drop out of the public consciousness. There was a lot of attention on it during the primary and that circumstance has not has not gotten better. In fact, conservative groups in that state are still scheming to figure out how to make voting harder there You Look at Florida. You look at North Carolina. Where you have a Republican legislature still passing a voting off voting laws you look at Arizona where you're very conservative attorney, General Governor and legislature. Self I'm worried. I'm paid to worry about everywhere so That's what I'm doing. That's that's unfortunately you know where it will be between November. Marc Elias represents the Democratic Party on voting rights issues. Thanks for helping US understand this tonight. Come back to us in in coming days as we as we learn more about how states are going to be trying to do this. Really appreciate your time here. I didn't do it anytime. All right much more ahead here tonight. Stay with us. As I speak right now. The city attorney is drafting an executive order. An order that I will sign when I get back to city hall. And what that order will say is that in this city we will ban Choko stranglehold. In this city! We over reply de Escalation. And this city. You have to give a warning before you shoot. At the funeral service today for George Floyd Houston's Mayor Sylvester. Turner made that announcement that he'd be leaving the funeral to go sign an executive order that would ban the use of choke holds by the Houston Police Department and require that officers give a verbal warning before they shoot. And that was a dramatic moment today at that funeral today in Houston, but it is something that is happening around the country in addition to these changes that the Police Department announced today in Houston Mr. Flood was laid to rest yesterday in Minneapolis. The city where George Floyd died after being pinned to the ground by police yesterday George. A judge ordered the Minneapolis police. Department to stop using all show colds, neck restraints. The order also requires officers to intervene if they witness. Witness a fellow officer using unauthorized force, the same mortar also restricts the use of crowd control weapons like tear gas and rubber bullets by the Minneapolis PD. This is a slate of reform measures that were approved last week in an agreement between the police department and the state. They were waiting on a judge to sign off on it. The judge has now signed off on it, and so those policies are now in effect. Those changes now have been made in Minneapolis. This of course comes on the heels of the city council. They're announcing that they will work to dismantle the Minneapolis police. Department and and create something entirely different in its wake. In New York State lawmakers. This week passed a wave of police reforms, including a bill named in honor of Eric Garner who was killed in two thousand fourteen, after he was put in a chokehold by an NYPD officer. The new legislation allows prosecutors to bring a felony charge against an officer who injures or kills someone while using a chokehold. New York lawmakers today also voted to repeal a decades old, very controversial law that has kept law enforcement officers disciplinary records a secret from the public and the press. In, California more than a dozen of that. State's police departments, including the LAPD have now have now announced a ban on on the so called karate restraint a type of chokehold. Denver has now banned. Choke holds, and also now requires police officers to report it whenever they point a gun at someone. Further reform measures of being enacted in Dallas, Texas and Reno Nevada in Washington. D. C. earlier today the DC. City Council unanimously passed emergency legislation that among other things would ban the hiring of officers who have a history of serious misconduct. So we're seeing this rapidly. It's been. Just over two weeks and stored, floyd was killed, and since the nation erupted in outrage. In city after city and state after state, we are seeing. Reform some restrictions on the police put into place a fairly rapid clip. What should we expect from these kinds of reforms? What will work what will stick? What could make the biggest difference? What's possible now? Because of this National Fuhrer, this National Movement that might not have been possible before. Joining us now is read it Hudson. He's cofounder of the National Coalition of law enforcement officers for justice, reform and accountability. He's also a former police officer in the great city of Saint. Louis Mister Hudson it's nice to have year tonight. Thanks for making time. To be with you rich. That list that I just gave the changes and restrictions on police conduct that have been announced in cities and states just fairly quickly, and there's two weeks since Mr Floyd was killed since these protests start started. Are you hopeful about those changes in those restrictions having an impact. What strikes you about that list? Only if accountability goes with it, there have been measures to ban show for example in New York show. Holds it already been banned when Aaron Garner was murdered on the Corner Facility cigarettes? It's too bad. That wasn't in place. Any of the reforms that we're talking about which apple pass reform that moment now where we did really significant transformational change in building a new police culture, new police response, but any training or reform that is going to be effective has to come first. First with real accountability, the best training at any officer can get is accountability. Derek Show van. Spending a significant part of the rest of his life in prison will be excellent training, but those officers who remain on the Minneapolis Police Department in all over the nation that has to be a part of a change that we see the whys of. They're going to fall short I, think they all bill intended. I think to answer your question about what's possible with the ground swell. Of Movement that we've seen not only in this country, and around the world, relative to a serious fight against institutional racism in the evil, stated as rocked in resistant that we have, and it's foundation in white supremacy will at a critical point in our nation's history where I think there is a critical mass enough people to push for the kinds of changes that are vision by most people who are working to change this system. So. I guess. What I hear you saying on the Knicks I've got this right is that when there have been reforms tried in the past, and there have been restrictions. Put on police officers behavior in the past when? When when police departments have tried to even move sort of more holistically in a more progressive direction, the reason those efforts haven't worked to change things is because police officers never feel like those changes are binding. And, so they don't have to do it. And so the the first structural structural thing that would make a difference is if police officers felt compelled were compelled to do these things or face the consequences if they didn't. That's the most important change. That is exactly the case what tell you to is? What has created the environment which zero accountability exists and has expectations. Nothing's going to happen is the power and leverage their police unions across the country have enjoyed, but generations to all the people who have demonstrated in all the city across this country. We know when we're headed. Those people who had worked in the criminal justice reform arena myself. Having worked for the ACLU on the national ATP everywhere, we went to regis. Case a police misconduct. Also, the support of the Police Union that had also created the policies at exemptions that shielded. From the consequences of our bad action, so what people need to understand for example grid Saint Louis. He had one of the most progressive and courageous circuit attorney in the country are name Kim, Gardner? She was elected as almost an embodiment of the changed push for after Ferguson Michael Brown was murdered ten minutes from my house. She introduced legislation in Saint Louis had a bill introduced relative to independent investigation of police misconduct was the police should never investigate themselves? was embraced by legislators in the city. The board evolving many people liked it. Saint Louis Police, Officers Association, which is one of the worst police unions in the country run ostensibly. Both phone named Jeff Roth. Politically leverage their influence and it wasn't even brought to the floor for a vote. This what all of the people that you see on the screen should expect. As, we move forward and get ready to do this thing. These police unit you have to be aggressive and take dress and push for them to acknowledge the human rights. And civil liberties of the communities that there's one search. Reddit Hudson former Saint Louis police officer founder of the National Coalition of law enforcement officers for Justice, reform and accountability Mr Hudson. Thank you for your time this evening. Your perspective is absolutely invaluable. Thank you. All, right? We've got more news ahead tonight. Stay with us. Tonight a dramatic rise in corona virus stations in some states among the first to reopen in Arizona. The state, urging hospitals to emergency plans activated after seeing covid nineteen cases more than double health officials now saying eight out of ten hospital beds are being used warning. They could hit full hospital capacity in a matter of weeks. What would happen by reopening to relieve hot seats us? Central Dust Regard. The virus is going to do what it does it here. We are that Dr Tucson Medical Center in Arizona. Arizona is in the big cities in the state. Our full hospitals in general are now getting close to full as well, and it's not only Arizona that's experiencing this spike in hospitalizations right now. Texas started reopening at the beginning of last month. Texas just marked its second consecutive day of record hospitalizations hospitalizations already hitting an excuse me also just hitting a new high in Arkansas. And two straight days of record hospitalizations in North Carolina. Montgomery Alabama which we've been keeping a close eye on the there has been sending the alarm about rising cases for the last three weeks after the state began lifting restrictions in Alabama as of today, the four major hospitals that serve Montgomery are treating more corona virus patients than ever before the head of the Alabama Hospital Association, says today quote, we're just full. This situation is not sustainable. The Washington Post reporting that since the start of this month since June first fourteen states and Puerto Rico have recorded their highest seven day average of new corona virus cases since the pandemic began. That new cases, trend is obviously not good for the projected death toll in this country. Back, on the White House used to appear to work on the coronavirus epidemic. When these stuff corona virus briefings you might remember. There was one particular projection model. They like to showcase it. All of their briefings. It was from the University of Washington. The Institute for Health Metrics and evaluation at the University of Washington. Funny thing happened with that model about a month ago and that models projections started getting more dire about the number of Americans who are going to die from this thing. The White House stopped talking about that model. But as researchers at the University of Washington have still kept working on it and today, their projections for the number of American Corona virus develops. jumped another five thousand from where they were out last week. They're now projecting that by the first week. In August, one hundred and forty five thousand Americans will be dead from this thing. Britain forty five thousand. From today. That would be thirty thousand more Americans dead in less than a month. we are on track to pass. Two million confirmed coronavirus cases in this country. As soon as tomorrow, but again the federal government just doesn't appear to be working on it anymore. And states are working on it to the extent that they can and that they care. And the words of that Arizona doctor, who says his State reopened too early. The virus is going to do what it does. And here we are. We have been watching all day today. The debacle of missing and malfunctioning voting machines in the state of Georgia huge long lines to vote in Georgia, particularly in African. American districts we are also now tonight getting reports from Nevada, which is also holding primary today we're getting reports of three hour plus long. Excuse me three hour. Long lines to vote in and around Las Vegas. We're GONNA have is on that story throughout the night tonight. But. That is going to do it for us for this. Our live coverage continues here now at MSNBC the. Show weeknights at nine. EASTERN ON MSNBC. Hey. It's Seth Meyers some late night with Seth Meyers in. Yes, I'm interrupting your podcast to talk about my podcast, which may sound rude, but you have to understand. I've been shooting my show alone. Attic filled with wasps since all began, I've lost. Track of social norms are podcast is the best parts of our show like are closer looks with your deep dives in politics and the news of the day interviews with guests, the ranger movie stars politicians to authors to some of the funniest people ever plus bonus material. Go too late nights. Seth podcast, dot, com and subscribe now.

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Attorney in Miami a Kosta infamously cut Epstein Eight non-prosecution plea deal in two thousand seven for charges related to the Sexual Exploitation Tation of underage girls after being asked if the Epstein case would cause a problem in its confirmation hearings accuster reportedly responded that he only ever had one meeting about the case and had been told to back off and that Epstein was above his pay great eight quote I was told Epstein belong to intelligence and to leave it alone and quote Acosta told interviewers the Department of Labor had no comment when asked about it according to the daily beast they'll liberty has sponsored in part by brave botanical else high-quality crate him in C._B._D.. At reasonable prices with excellent customer service Ray Botanical is activist owned and mission driven and believe so strongly in the power of crate him. They're giving it away for free. Just go to free ounce of Freedom Freedom Dot COM for a free ounce of great delivered to your door. 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Dot News Your News now continues Sanyo's Phoenix Arizona man who was shot in his genitals by Phoenix points during a two thousand seventeen anti-trump rally has decided to sue following a recent national investigation into the Social Media Council Police Officers Scottsdale Resident Josh Kovin discovered discovered that not only where his genitals targeted by belief pepper balls but he was the hapless brunt police jokes as well President Donald Trump Visit Phoenix on August twenty second twenty seventeen a subsequent rally decrying his presence in the city took place on the streets downtown Phoenix instead of peacefully protecting the protesters constitutional rights to assemble and protest Phoenix points fired tear-gas and projectiles such as the pepper ball which struck Cohen the young man was drunk in his private parts after he decided to kick a canister of tear-gas back in the direction of the police thousands of alien enthusiasts appear to be planning to storm the infamous area fifty one in Nevada in a desperate attempt to gain entrance into the conspiracy theorists Mecca the remind unleashed reports in a facebook of that name storm area fifty one they can't stop all of us was started to announce the plant which is scheduled to take place at three o'clock in the morning of September Twentieth Twenty nineteen at the time of this publication. Three hundred sixteen thousand facebook accusers had R._S._V._p.. To the event at another three hundred forty thousand confirm they are interested in attending at the time of publication over fifteen thousand boasts had been made in the group with memes plans on how to hatch the raid and even merchandise created for the event populating the patch clearly the pages meant to be a joke but with so many saying they want to attend the creator of the page made sure to clear himself responsibility. If there are some willing to storm the highly secure military base the United States air airforce facility commonly known as area if one is a highly classified remote detachment of Edward's air force base within the Nevada test and trading range support for the liberty comes from the conscious resistance network featuring videos news reports articles from a spiritual anarchist perspective experience the conscious resistance at the conscious resistance dot com. 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Here's your host brothers and sisters and everyone between welcome to today's show on today's episode. I'm interviewing photographer. trae Ratcliffe trae ratcliffe produces the best SD burning man photos in the world hands down his images are what initially got me interested in burning man many many years ago there absolutely beautiful if you've spent any time on the Internet looking at burning man photos you've I've seen his stuff. It's just absolutely gorgeous. I'm I'll have links to his work in the show notes. I'll talk more about that. In a second I had a cool experience in burning man twenty seventeen I went out there and I only had two goals one of which was to fall back in love with photography and I didn't know what that would look like but I was kinda burned out and so I brought my camera with and I knew something would happen out there that it would be amazing and so one day it was actually Monday. <hes> we were hunkering down during a dust storm that these huge dust storms will just come through and just shut everything down and blackrock city for awhile and we were in the middle of a really bad add one so we turn on the radio because there's a radio station in black rock city blackrock or burning that information radio B._M._i.. are and they broadcast weather updates and music and interviews and all kinds of silly burning man stuff on there and anyway so we're all hunkering down listen to the radio and as voice comes on saying hey burners trae Ratcliffe. I hope you brought your cameras because we're doing a photo session at six thirty at center camp today and I looked at my watch and it was like five forty five so I mean just blew my mind add no idea he did these things so there was forty five minutes later hanging out with and being taught by one of my photography heroes and I it was just awesome. It was one of the coolest things he's a really personable guy. It was really great to watch him setup shots out there and to ask him questions and anyway fast forward here we are two years later and I got catch up with trae while he was in New Zealand where he lives. We did a <hes> podcast via the magic of the Internet's and you get to hear that in just a second so anyway before we get into that. Let's give some love to our sponsors of today's show. 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Dot net high time wine dot net so those of you live in Utah. Go to the state liquor store. Pick up a bottle and you'll be all ready to make some delicious cocktails for your friends this weekend. Using five wives vodka. They'll be super impressed alright links to both of those things the five wives link and the audible link or on the show notes over at Seoul anarchist dot com as the show website go to Seoul Anarchists Dot Com if in doubt with anything I'm ever talking about just go to Seoul anarchists DOT COM. I put a a lot of effort into making sure everything you need. Is there and it's easy to find so that's where you'll find those links for before sponsors alright on today's conversation with Trae Ratcliffe we talked photography burning man and psychedelics was we'll chat without any further. Do I give you photographer Trae rackliff workshop good <hes>. Nobody asks for their money back. That's good I what were you nice <hes> breakthroughs of people and the typical student light get your workshop like what level of photographer for you teaching was always beginners <hes> and it also knows everyone's always surprise when they show up and everyone else's <unk> like everyone else what's going on except with them so beginner a little bit of intermediates is to be guy heavy usually over thirty five years old a lot of people who are just getting back into its foreign art or things so right is a good self selecting crowd really nice the <hes> you know the that walkabout we <hes> that you did out at burning man a couple you know when when I ran into you initially was was really cool. Do you do those every year. Every year will be your number number nine in Aurora you coming out yeah. I've got my ticket and everything so I'm excited like three months away. Guest assume was always such an effort to get out there to like <hes>. How is it worth all the trouble of travel and sedan and then when you get out there like jazz deliver it? I'm very hack. y'All oh yeah. This is why we do. This is what what was your high point of the burn last year <hes> well. I always have my m._d._A.. Nicer always great fun stuff. I had a really quite a spiritual acid trip out when my friends and it just walked round and we're still a relaxing and we went back to the Wien. We listened to crazy music. Laugh like schoolkids. <unk> went to sleep sleep but I was still going strong. I switched <unk>. Some Hans Zimmer music ally totally Licko like wild like having crying offing this out beautifully universalize Valetta was at home man this intense and it was great. I didn't expect to have spiritual cry but I did. That's brilliant do so. I'm curious about psychedelics Jason. How that shows up in your art at all? Do you ever to does your experience. The psychedelics inform your photography. I've only done psychedelics in the last five years. Yeah and it's definitely informed afforded my art is made me about things a lot differently to appreciate colors textures even more and just recently just this year now tried to dry d m t not not yet yeah. I've done four five times I need. I even did their crystallize employee of the Sonoran desert towed in the form of five Envio Deity while I was else he did the towed towed. What was that like well? I had four really smart intellectual friends advise it. I try it and these guys billionaires so they're not once just fuck around in their brain or whatever right but I moved into that it was not going to be a pleasant experience as going to be like a healing experience and it was you know nonetheless fifteen minutes but when you're Zaid heels like years tiny Sonya yeah it was painful. It was a painful but healing violence so by wow man but from all hours appears as I was Ida Shaman recommended Shaman and I was doing it with and you know it looked like I was laying on the bed crying was yeah yeah. Would you again the delight. We don't need to do that one again. Yeah I think whatever shielded me it it. It gets his job right. I don't know people do that when multiple times the regular G._M._T.. Is Great did as many times as one right fifteen minutes in your back to back to normal and you still have much all memories of going insane the Matrix of the universe and all these machines are building everything or as what about I wa- Ska of an experience I might do the full I wa- Ska it's the same thing as e._M._t.. Or you know but I lost a does last six or seven hours <unk>. I think it's more gentle ramp up in general amp down. It's been more time. It's only ideas yeah yeah so I definitely on my list. Yeah Yeah likewise. I have a Shaman Mentor in my life that keeps inviting me to ceremony and it's it's one of those things where it's it's never quite right time when the invitation comes in but one of these days that things will come together so yeah. It's the right time when it's the right time yeah yeah it's interesting to hear you talk about appreciating colors textures stirs more <hes> because that for those that are listening to haven't done any psychedelics that's trademark of the experience in like looking at your photographs that makes all kinds of sense now he ever war there. You're rich or a photographer you do start to see the world a little bit differently. You know you notice shadows live contrast. Yeah you just GonNa see things at the muggles. Don't see Kanada <unk> joking but then I guess he's heard during the psychedelics <hes> it is not just colors that are more sensitive to in textures Brosseau any kind of ways you know audio the fear they inform yard also <hes> is just made much worse sensitive and much more appreciative of the universe and <hes> you now. I don't take myself seriously at all actually eagle. This guy and I think like getting radio is the greatest created get anyone could get themselves and all of my experiences with these these kind of drugs which I do very rarely none of his addicted like just burning basically anyway so <hes> is just really made me understand that the ego is a ridiculous thing doesn't exist. <hes> really made me appreciate universe more other people more yeah a much more Cruzi is a tree was that would you say tricky Cruzi Cruzi. Okay Yeah uh I mean. Let's don't bother me all if you if you notice people who were always bothered by stuff or they're always planning non accepting what's around that often is just because they have Vigo <unk> story that they're telling themselves Edwin Things Commissioner sensorium. It gets stuck on his ego construct. They complain about it others down. I'm binding quite nice to go. All Day gnarly bothered by anything in we now. Have you always been that way. I'm always been Kinda like that. I've gotten more and more light that as I well I didn't get my perks. Cameras lives thirty five forty seven now and when I started taking photos I remember like walk in Iceland by myself and I was being very present in very mindful. This was a time but I just knew that was worried about the future or vexed about the past or I was just like walking do nature with me in my camera benzes pretty awesome what was going on new ad felts relaxed Grades Still Edano about is saying in call consciousness thing but is experiencing it and a few years later started to beating are clay and Michael Singer and I was like Oh consciousness in no evening president mine whole a and they were able to wrap and inflexible construct around what I was already going so they spend me spend me down this path which has been really a lot of unerring Tuesday night one of many people to go on this path as possible because it's it's good I think its debut figure friends and family and ultimately I think is the whole world yeah th relationship of ego to art. I'm curious. What you see you know as as a teacher? How'd you see ego getting in the way of people's artistic experience well? It's really the source of a lot of fear fear unknown future right and so that colds people back fear multiple back in many ways not just artistically I think it's really an ordinance in ours to be fearless and natural humans to create and in share what kids do right. It's creating shared her hair and you notice they do it without any go right there. My little girls run around the house. Show me these they made us. It'll be go. There's excited to show me guess really the pure way the human a lot of times ego hope people back Jack is they have weird expectations for themselves. They're worried about being rejected or their creations. Yes no I was approved people to ignore all feedback. I always well. I usually get that bad back my photos because I'm very controversial way but I've nor at the back I nor guilty that is not I noticed it still read. It is interesting yeah. I'M GONNA BE EGO relate to get away that and ultimately not good for your creations indeed. Did I love what you said about being like a child creating kids do as the era totally right about that. I've got two daughters and I remember being one a one point yeah. It's a it's a beer yourself so seriously don't they why universities are very funny silly ridiculous place and we can all be kids. I think this is one reason that I tend to hang out with creators and artists because they're crazy like kids a never know what they're gonNA say full of surprises. You ought to be surprised. I like to laugh in often you know I think I think one of the greatest indications of intelligence is humor in so increases seem to have this a lot and <hes> I just like to be surprised the same way in my little girls surprised and he's my heart nights delight got humanity leftover to create. You're good positive place you get to you. Get to create more and you get to get more back. That's so perfect you mentioned that you <hes> you create your photographs in a controversial way. I was surprised to hear you said that. What what do you mean by that well? I don't do it. You become virtuous. I use early. I started using his technique called H._d.. Are Ultra Short who I in an emigrate and for those of our non photographer listeners of which there are many could you just give us a brief explanation of H._d._r.. Before we were into the story yeah <hes> actually the origin how discouraged the ours. It's a good description of Wyatt's cool. <hes> I was in Kuala Lumpur gadgets coming new camera and is this incredible sunset and to promote out with my digital camera and photo was total shit looked terrible. How can the sunset be so gorgeous and as photo be so banal? I think we've all experienced that yes I started thinking about what's the difference between a camera sensor and the retina is one much were sensitive. Yes it turns out for sensitive Retina can see what's eleven stops of lives and a camera coins. The threes stops so I sorta looking into some algorithms my background computer science and math are kind of percents and these algorithms that NASA had been using to analyze Mars hobos roller index photos to see what was in the atmosphere minerals ground a what happens if I run this on sunset auto and I did super cool as Wa Amman so sharing all this on the blog <hes> so I did fit like I didn't go to photography school or read a book on how to do it or anything like that and it's hard to remember twelve years ago you now back in the old days but is now. Everyone shares everything on Youtube Right. You WanNA learn anything to jump on you to do it for back again. Dan Like photographers were raised. <unk> right trades with a bunch of uncles kept secrets yeah but I don't know that in so I started my blog I started telling you ever with how I do. This and I post process. which is another thing photography are supposed to do? You're not a real otographer if you're using digital tools to manipulate image in a real oto is they can inside the camera right as a proper photography's so not John would they do it improperly right. I showed everyone had to do it. Shared giant photos every day a creative comments with no watermark back then people disappeared tiny little photos like four hundred across writing watermark watermark not to be controversial it seemed like the right thing to do and that's Kinda would help a blog to get popular immediate aachener and I guess Ena someone all interesting. I love that I love that so another part of your story that's so interesting. Speaking of the Retina is that you're blind and one I yeah I only see how to my left. I was a kid and a lot of delight surgeries. Raise on my right and I get actually nine. I know it wired up my brain differently and actually want right. You don't want to have a normal brain so serving point you did have to vision in both is or was well yeah I. I my branding the worst the input from design okay I don't wear glasses or when I try to focus on things it crosses over so just send any data Eisley okay worthwhile data died. I love it because you know I see the Tutti and that's what a photo is to the right always easy for me to take a three world interpreting and duty. I composition has come naturals placement of objects that they make sense to mention right yeah. That's so interesting so what what <hes> I'm curious if you have advice then for photographers in terms of this <hes> this business wearing a reducing the three world down to two D do You. I mean has given you a perspective that restless. I mean obviously it's giving you a perspective but I'm just curious about your teaching tools. They're like how do you teach about that yeah. There's a lot of tricks you can do but a photo to make them more healing because photos are quite transporter right death when you look at look at a photo your brain actually imagine being inspired about world yeah now. We're weird place now with phones that now this is how people consume photography. This is not really good way. Consumes aggravated is so small right but it was like big right like Peter Screen or a printout wall fees. It's actually experienced the world and your head needs to be able to move as you head is moving around looking looking at it. It's much more transformative many ways though the when people look at a toothy auto your brain trying to figure out the debt he that so the more clues infinite in there as to the distance of things are the better like for example you buy. Now's like streetlight that repeats itself as it goes down the road people conceptually know that streamlined exact same size until by the rate which is smaller they in kind of unfold Z. depth into that right saving people is all humans are approximately dame size right so he'd put humans excellent close on Middle Far Away. Your brain can unravel visine decadent into quicker they could be your out was going into photo and more appealing. It is yeah that's that's really cool. That's great tip for you for beginners out there and those of us who are not beginners just get stuck making flat images images. That's so cool. I'm curious about your photography heroes. Who Do you look up to? I don't really have many Heroes Guy Edward Curtis a hundred years ago. He went to go live with all these native Americans and incredible photos. I don't know how he did it. Yes I'm impressed by him. Also I think I had just generally impressed by so many the people now if you jump on like five hundred P._X.. Or even instagram I feel like everybody's a great photographer now. You know it's no longer pershing thing so because there are so many great artists dot. They're now newsy interesting photos day. are everybody everybody thinking two ways either get depressed all God everyone's right or take that Mo jo and trying to use it to create more of your own yeah is there are a photograph that you've had your mind's eye. The avin created yet like you're you're masterwork. Yes I have a commission. I don't really have commission stops by avid collector. It was box <hes> about four or five of my big works and this is just a little namedrop yet. I mean it's like it's interesting. <unk> Ham is an actor named Ed Norton and so as birthdays coming up and I've been commissioned to do custom piece and I don't know I have an idea yeah I ate my idea. What I WANNA do quite worried about it because I was not over deliver wanted like it? I like him yeah aw and I'm thinking about doing something pretty on guard using a drone and getting like eighty one different photos of a scene and then and then kind of quilting them together in this relating Wacky Verana. This concept sounds good in my mind. This be really difficult execution. Yeah I get it to say <hes> uncomfortable trying the days sure on yeah. Some of it scare the project and undecided about it which I think is a good place right how cool how did how did discover you. <hes> mine collector elector introduced me to he helped fund <hes> one of any movies. It's not yet so we went to a screening of it at dinner. That's so cool uh-huh that's brilliant so you know aside from having other photographers at inspire you what other media or or things out there inform your work and give you inspiration except acid. I am a lot of movies yeah providing that factors the luggage on now so I get inspired by all the creativity out there. May I read a lot of books slaughter fantasy fiction yeah just kind of constantly consuming stuff. I guess mostly movies <hes> in good good T._v.. Shows Bat and army. What's the most beautifully shot thing that's out there in your mind right now just from Photography Cinematography Perspective Oh inspired by near things you know there's I don't think the shows that great by because visually beautiful new star Trek guttering yes all ever watched mad? It's incredible sets costumes and everything are really good. <HES> <hes> think game of thrones okay is a little muted for me a little law right down. That's got a certain mood there. Guess advocate that one. I haven't watched any of the dragon show our I just never got to it man and <hes> I really liked <hes> the new bladerunner twenty forty nine oh cool. There's a lot of really visually interesting. Stop there now. Yeah Golden Age of television sure is very people. Do you ever get hardest block. Do you ever get locked up no now but I'm just incident to like win. The news is there. I don't force myself to produce nothing everyday. Some people do at bad people differently differently. I just wait and then I don't spurs and I might like just these super productive or a few days and then not all interesting yeah. There's have you ever read the war of art by Stephen Press filled heard of yeah okay so pressfield's whole thing is the mused shows up when you do your thing every day with you feel like it or not and you're saying and I wait for the Muse to show up and it's made may not be every day like what what what are you can't tell all well a lot of times I do. I'm in a situation right. I do need to go create. Its limited time somewhere meditations. Yeah I really feel like it but I think socialite his badges showing out early and have a had a good attitude digits or anything. Let's do show up early interleague attitude and sometimes I myself. I'm actually able to create something in her news often calera but I think is these ideas earn important because I had speaker talk about it was laid wrote. Eat pray love. Oh Yeah Elizabeth <unk> over. I read one of her books recently <hes> Yeah Yeah I have to find it might library. What's what's her name? She said that after she wrote that book bestseller she goes on her friends. It'd be will come up to do now. You can't better than that. Oh Yeah Randy says she got depress. Energy started looking in the history of creativity and amuses and I probably some of these these facts wrong but originally in like the Greek days grinch blades in these sorts of bang. They all that town whenever you did any good in light it really was a year. You're just kind of challenging are channelling needs yeah good because they didn't put pressure on themselves but now live in the society where people get so much credit for being genius or whatever it puts a tremendous pressure on them. Keep performing. Yes how people's accomplishments are really attached to their ego enter entire identity but that's not how creativity always was right that she wrote a book called big magic creative living beyond fear that was very where she talks about this very thing about the relationship of the Muse and all that she puts it out there like this idea idea that amuse is like another entity even like she. She has some stories in their pretty wacky or she talks about as if it's a spiritual entity like a person and what are your thoughts on that like I love you accommodate that I believe it in. I believe in much more after I have now tried d._m._Z. or times because one the time he my friend is one time fifteen minutes and then we come out of it and we all talk about what Hap and we all have very similar experiences and I brought a lot of other experiences. Joe Rogan says the same thing but when you go in your there's entities there may be one entity or a couple and they're so excited for you to the in there and they wanNA show you a rat Wakai begin really eight refused to come in there so welcoming in there so full of love <unk> enter very silly air like clowns or gestures <hes> sometimes if you'd like as Ted God's but always happy and smiling and really excited and you're coming in and they're like showing you like is now. It's beyond your comprehension but your stinking all these shapes than it's almost like clockwork at being a digital trains in cog turning around and these beautiful beaches are showing you all his like it'd be built folks. Check it out in a one to understand you could ask them questions and I wow wow so and we always have very similar experiences and it's just mind-blowing so this idea that there are forces seen unseen that help we do like inspire. You totally believe it. Wow okay now. I'm my curiosity about E._M._t.. Is Definitely gone up a couple of notches. So why did you L._S._D.. And Mushrooms sometimes I it's funny you mentioned the little character thing because I almo I have this. I've never heard anybody talk about like this before. <hes> almost like this little cartoon character that almost POPs up in the bottom corner of the visual field and like waves and like kind of funny little green like hi welcome kind of kind of thing is it fascinating is three levels of the one one is called a waiting room. <unk> Tennessee's in colors is a little bit like Nassar to is the tourist zone where you're in air and these awesome creatures are showing you around so excited N._F._l.. Three can ask like I want to see more ending years your way on just flange doors universes all around you major like this desist sued of sensory input in so oh loving and so crazy wow it's just <hes> but you know in most people that are done this. They no longer fear death. I didn't really fear that anyway right. He's already in your bottom auditor and when you die <unk> into your brain so it's like having his near death experience yeah and it's just the weirdest thing we can't when me and my friends do can't figure out <unk> our head or Panton with the whole universe is we're having very similar experiences interest yeah have you if you ever done the sensory deprivation tank yeah I have tanks they say <music>. I'm done it before and the person that that was running it explained that you know just what you said that we have G._M._T.. And our bodies and that when we would our bodies into total relaxation like that then starts to get released and when I did I mean I've only done at once. I don't know why don't go back. <hes> I hadn't done psychedelics before but now in hindsight looking back I can see that I was entering into a psychedelic state when I was in what what if your experiences in the float tank Ben Light had that is a little bit like <hes> dreaming. I think it's daylight dreams are influenced as you're always leaking out a little bit of de. You're so crazy crazy stuff apple your especially some of the real intense ones airing really intense. That's get a little bit more N.. T. I do meditated quite a bit out a little bit trouble in low taste and all know why I'm able to relax axles anywhere but I have been quite bracing slow tate's but I I should. I'm trying until that's awesome. I can't wait to hear about that one so I'm curious. Do you have any advice for new photographers or getting into the field right now that WanNa make your career in it. You know you'd mentioned earlier that we're we live in this age where they're just so many good photographers refers and is it a viable business plan at this point. I don't think acted by anyone's I'm I I. I can tell him a bit of an outlier hire done in a way that I wouldn't advise because waste may steady money with tiger. Fee are like weddings bickers has skids so you're in badly a lot like normal business. The clients pay your time. Sometimes the deal little soul crushing people 'cause that's not why they got into photography sure to do this other thing whether cameras make money and sometimes that's not not good you know I'm not convinced that you have to is weird. Golden Nugget the true that they're like fines like just do what you love mad and you'll find a way to make money on the that's always treated you for example. I have anyone pay me. Watch Asian porn get out the business model of the better by three things please. Do you live as a hobby. Do One thing it makes money in the do at their age stay in shape a times but they don't really have to do a lot of stuff. Now Amir your way what eighteen hours a day hours right now. I like that a lot well just to wrap things up. I didn't know that we're gonNA talk about psychedelics. Most of the time here has been delightful and beats of the new camera bodies or whatever yeah what so <hes> any. What are your plans for burning men this this summer? Where are you going to camp any core? You're going to participate in year. We have a related in Camp Walter Yeah. We can't next door to you last year by the way right. Yeah we're cosmic. Where do you guys were usually right there? On the corner party corner went on onto. We switched sides <hes> so I get their early in hell build the camp. I'm kind of useless really carry water on autos and I've got to also roommates. <hes> Jim the best ease you're not as Rene one guys for Brazil and the guys for New Zealand and a couple years ago Internet. We bought an R._V. Together. It wasn't easy for me to tell my wife by the second home in another man Dan after having done a bunch of l._S._D.. Honey Yeah Yeah. I met this guy a lot of N._B._A.. By asking Dory our looks like yeah so anyway <unk> were great remains a lot of fi like look. You've gotta go with low drama or no drama equal always out a bit because it can be such a rainy place. It's like have like minimal negative energy around you. Write these go and and you know experience everything in a positive ways recovery roommates a slant. It'll be my ninth year in a row and you never know yet you know I I try not to go expectations. The always end up with a few expectations for there's a saying you're familiar with it. You know get knee. Manu Expects Doc. You did the one you need. Yes yes so I heard the client was being take dismantled the case yeah we're a little in transition. I heard grandcamp Walter <hes>. I can't imagine probably not going out there. That'd be what I just get to the electric daisy carnival. It's easy okay and I know this is how can walter they make money right in the season by taking their show to do events and they also has he doesn't have parties in Phoenix. That's where all based I record. I been on yet but they've got a giant warehouse in Golly a Leonardo Di busy tank. They got all kinds of weird stuff. I go down there quite a bit. I had no idea they were down there. Yeah look them up. Just a Camp Walter and these artists okay good the light we only have one rule are capped in that's to be unites so we had the nicest people are any any wine is an asshole or whatever and air is not really act vouch ouch for that like we we I met some of your cam and they were wonderful. People yeah it's run by these doctors Kirk Mary early fifties yeah a might be the nicest people Internet. Oh wow that's so cool. What are your thoughts on the <hes> so getting burning man stiffler more of the cultural redirection stuff you know the all the steps that <hes> be mortgage taken with complete camps and trying to like bring old Bernie bag? I don't like what what what do you see going on here. Good question that guns trouble mono. Oh I know that really well. I go up in the air almost every day and take photos. I got to know fueled by the states. It's mostly I mean this is analyzing this out. There like ninety five percent <music> Super Beautiful Easterner in models that are all over six foot tall and so they look like but I'll tell you what they are. The nicest girls era my life breath lobbied sweet kind on and they really got burning in bear just to come Elliott Club right. I think that's is spend the media put on it Mike. We don't want these a visa. Uh clubbers come in and they were like that and also they did pay to go in. There and I don't think that's the worst thing in the world either no because some people just aren't able to. I don't know they're busy or they. Don't is their first time going to get an R._V.. Because there's a lot of stuff it's not easy place to go to necessarily paying and going well one thing. I don't like on affecting other but I don't like when there's a separation. There's like a like a work crew or occasion crew and the people I think it's like a camp ulcer. We all pitch it. You know like I'm a bartender one night and are are. Are you sure our safety or whatever I think it's good for everyone to contribute. I think yeah yeah that's when I hear about the velvet robe areas. That's definitely family of a violation of of the ten principles but yeah what what you guys are doing a great there <hes> it. I've wondered about some of this really just being class warfare erupting you know some of the complaints about the plug and play camp sometimes. It sounds like it's born out of envy or just a lower energy vibe. You know there's this hippyish concept that I don't agree with either way but <unk> bowl are a bit of yelling victims or something right the ninety nine percent versus percent yeah a feel like there's conspiracies against them or like <hes> because there's rich people in the world semantics their life really bad is I get a little bit elevated burning man like doubt other man like in our be. I totally agree with that. I don't think that's accurate but I think that's not many other just some people but they're quite vocal yeah. We'll be interesting to see how how things look this year. Yeah it's <hes> you know I still have all our earn the outfits all of you Never Tena See there. I try to look at the time is ought to be surprise right but he's seven times still hers here there. Have you seen any good spoilers yet. No I got to be friends with all these <music> on all of them but a lot of artisan saulters help people raise money Nass Schultz. He did the dog in the desert and embrace this year's. Doing something called the head days. It looks totally incredible in the other one. I know there's another artist they Michael busy he did that to chrome figures are better and that Eh called in hurry lifetime. I will find you and you know the awesome photo of it with the temple brain behind it by the way killer so I know he's looking something but I don't know what that is. It'll be great. I I have so much respect to these artists that build these this is in and the skills Koerbel yeah love it you think what so did you run into any pushback on photographs and consent last year ticket anytime recently I saw a bit of that of your experience was yeah. I know out of eight years. I probably taken one thousand votes land. Read native encounters one thousand center. Can't you know empty were sitting out talk injured they do and then there's this group of three people guy two girls awesome auto and the guy really asked the permission Alpha male coastal to come on. I was still shared votto. Afterwards educate people candidly right. That was a weird thing in the two other time people came in Africa raise it. They said they were schoolteachers. Unwanted overtures Brahma get it. Generally people are Super Go. Everyone's these really cool with everyone just so comfortable but they're uncensored self expression and hands yeah so I never had a problem with. That's awesome awesome. I think you probably sound really hippie here but you know you have this this way about you. This <hes> es about value. I think you attract at end to and manifest that as part of your experience yeah I think I do. I don't know what that is in Navy traveling around the world so much I do take those people all around the world senior. Everything Eagles we'll see are at a guy smiled a lot affable aren't they that that makes it easy to trae. I appreciate your time. I think we've covered a lot of club interesting things and excited her thing run into out of the burn again this year so perfect. Thank you very much so there you have it trae. Eh Ratcliffe TRAE. Thank you so much time and I look forward to seeing you. Playa shortly as this is being recorded right now we are going to be heading out in about six weeks to go have are burning man experience so anyway and when you hear this we probably already come on and you've probably heard me talk about it against then so anyway I digress. I'm really excited about burning men. Can you tell all right. TRAE also has a new book out. It's called under the influence how to fake your way into getting rich on instagram influence or fraud sell fees anxiety ego and mass delusional behavior long title. It's a great book you can check that out again on show notes for today's episode. You'll find a graphic of that book. Click on that Amazon will send that right to you so you can check out the rest of trays work on his website at stuck in customs dot com that's stuck doc in customs dot com and also he's very active on instagram. Which is where I recommend you follow them? That's trae Ratcliffe on Instagram T. R. E. Y.. R. A. T. C. L.. I F F and links to all of those things will be at the show notes for today's episode at Seoul Anarchist Dot Com alright speaking of books. I'm writing a book as well as tentatively titled Get Naked Philosophies and Confessions Shinzo boudoir photographer. This is a memoir of my time as a boudoir photographer. This month marks twenty years since I started shooting on a professional basis my first professional well. My first paid shoot was twenty years years ago nine hundred ninety nine at Salt Lake Temple in July and it's been amazing journey since then the camera has proved to be an amazing passport into life that I wouldn't wouldn't have had otherwise. It's taught me a lot of things as well and so anyway. I'm sharing some of those stories with you that I've had along the way and I'm publishing the rough tr the rough drafts of those chapters for so anarchist society members these are members only and if you would like to read those please join today you can do that at Seoul anarchist dot Com your support is vital to keeping the show alive and these these special perks are available for so anarchist members things like access to these book chapters and at the twenty dollar level which is the level. 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I think that's I think we're getting to the end here. Brothers and sisters and everyone in between anyway hope you enjoyed our conversation today. TRAE RATCLIFFE is one of my favorite creative people in the world and I just add share that chat with you so there we go that being said. I hope it's inspired you to do something creative in your life. I think that we all are creative people on some level. I think everything is fundamentally creative. I don't care what you do. Even if you think you aren't in a creative way of life even if pure and you're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network broadcasting live twenty percent and our news this is the liberty your daily source for liberty news is an activist updates produced in partnership with as news and listeners like you online liberty beat dot news it has dot news. I make Merle your latest. Edition of the Liberty. 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Attorney in Miami a Kosta infamously cut Epstein non-prosecution plea deal in two thousand seven for charges charges related to the Sexual Exploitation of underage girls after being asked if the Epstein case would cause a problem in its confirmation hearings accuster reportedly responded that he only ever had one meeting about the case and had been told to back off and that Epstein Eighteen was above his pay great quote I was told Epstein belong to intelligence and to leave it alone and quote Acosta told interviewers the Department of Labor had no comment when asked about it according to the daily Beast no liberty has sponsored in part bye bye brave botanical high-quality create them in C._B._D.. At reasonable prices with excellent customer service brave botanical is activist owned and mission driven and believe so strongly in the power of crate him. They're giving it away for free. Just go to free ounce of creative DOT COM for a free ultimatum delivered to your door. Just pay shipping. That's freelancers CREIDIM DOT COM. This is the latest edition of the Liberty beat find us online at liberty beat Dot News Dot News. Does your news now continues a Phoenix Arizona man who was shot in his genitals by PHOENIX points during 2017 anti-trump rally has decided to sue following a recent national investigation into the Social Media Council Police Officers Scottsdale resident didn't Josh Tobin discovered that not only were his genitals targeted by belief pepper balls but he was the hapless brunt police jokes as well President Donald Trump visit the Knicks on August twenty second 2017 a subsequent rally decrying his presence in the city took place on the streets of downtown Phoenix instead of peacefully protecting the protesters constitutional rights to assemble in protest inexperienced fired tear-gas and projectiles such as the pepper ball which struck coburn the young man was drunk in his private parts after he decided to kick canister of tear-gas back in the direction of the police thousands of alien enthusiasts appear to be planning to storm the infamous area fifty one in Nevada in a desperate attempt to gain entrance into the conspiracy theorists tourist Mecca the mind unleash reports in a facebook of that named storm area fifty one. They can't stop all of us was started to announce the plan which is scheduled to take place at three o'clock in the morning of September Twentieth Twenty nineteen at the time of this publication. Three hundred in sixteen thousand facebook users had R._S._V._p.. To the event at another three hundred forty thousand confirm they are interested in attending at the time of publication over fifteen thousand boasts had been made in the group with memes plans on how to hats the raid and even merchandise created for the event populating the paint clearly the pages meant to be joke but with so many saying they want to attend the creator of the page made sure to clear himself responsibility. If there are some willing to storm the highly secure military base the United States Air Force facility commonly known as area fifty one is a highly classified remote detachment of Edward's air force base within the Nevada test and trading range support for the liberty comes from the conscious resistance network featuring videos news reports articles from a spiritual anarchist perspective experience the conscious resistance at the conscious resistance dot com. How would you like to have your business featured on the liberty beat? You can just send an email to liberty at personnel S. DOT news for details. This is the liberty produced in partnership with S._N._l.. As News in listeners like you the liberty is online at liberty beat DOT news and S._N._l.. S. Dot News. I'm McMurdo reporting for the Liberty beat reminding you spread liberty with a smile researchers were able to successfully teach a father how to communicate his emotions with rudimentary three hand gestures. The stunning development happened after Stanford researchers spent nine months trying to train forty two year old Pittsburgh Father Ron Myers to express simple sentiments like pride and love in a way few thought possible to conduct the study researchers used large simplistic diagrams depicting hand gestures a dad might use to show emotion in a way Ron could easily comprehend we would often leave band of brothers or thirty for thirty runs on to help them stay comfortable. When Ron was able to successfully identify emotion he was given rewards to reinforce good behavior including buffalo wings or a moment to read a page of Tom? Clancy novel despite Ron's breakthrough researchers say he still has a way to go before achieving full emotional maturity as after several months of work with Ron he still retreats to the corner of the lab to look up drywall techniques on the Internet whenever his real family drops by to see Him News Network Eh this is free talk live special Saturday edition especial grownup addition in studio. It's myself Chris and me Mark Work and we call these shows grownup additions because well I'm older than dirt and Marcus some nearly as old as dirt nearly as the Marcus somewhat younger <hes> I am also brain adult which is a new experience for me more than normally due to the onset of lyme disease so if I happen to call you buy my grandfather's name just understand that I meant you that workout. That's fine all alright. What is your grandfather's name free well? My grandfather's name is Omar his middle name was nothing and just just Omar just Omar Omar Riemann and then my father's name was Omar also but his mental gene therefore logically my middle name would be Eugene and my first name is Chris and makes no sense but there is some family <hes> history that the preferred family name was Pankratz handcrafts that I should have been named Pankratz according to what are you short in that too. I don't know okay I shorten it. John Bob Bill something anything but paying crat but speaking of strange happenings and this one just kind of befuddled me this comes through from the New York Daily News. It's about Saint Louis Police Okay and you're the the Ferguson right yeah yeah not far from fluorescent where my girlfriend is actually from. The issue is well today's issue. There's always plenty of them with these guys but today's headline is Saint. Louis Police Union RYAN ASKS OFFICERS TO POST PUNISHER LOGO IN SOLIDARITY WITH COPS under investigation so okay so what are they under investigation for. I believe the story stories GonNa get into it more deliberate but there was a large investigation of police departments and their social media posts by members of the force. I believe I have heard about this on the news. Some some post that would be considered word distasteful when considered that they are posted by public servants. Yes would just jump into a right now. The skull icon based on the Comic Book Vigilante the Punisher has been quote widely embraced ace by the law enforcement community as a symbol of the war against those who hate law enforcement on quote said Ed Clark the President of the Saint Louis Police Officers Association so the Union President says that the symbol of the Union guy the Police Union guy says that this is a symbol to counteract the hate for police unions. Yes okay <hes> sending hate the other direction all right in a message posted on the group's facebook page as the Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department conducts an internal review of cops who published a range of concerning images and statements on Social Media Police Union and I've seen some of these and they are concerning absolutely police union asked its members Wednesday to post a punisher symbol in solidarity with officers under investigation so this immediately I I worked at the Comic Bookstore from the timeout twelve years old eighteen. I'm looking at you as an expert witness. Well Punisher has moved on from comic books into a couple of movies and T._v.. Show yeah and I can't speak to those. I haven't seen the punisher movies or the T._v.. Show I would presume that they stick with this character who is <hes> Vietnam War vet who wears White Gogo boots and is sick and tired while he has a white skull on his chest. This is the skull that they're referring to and they you know in comic books. You have to come up with a theme you know with your with your characters because back in the day when they drew these things they had to. They weren't very clear. They're all on pulp paper so you know you knew it was punisher because you saw the blackout fit with the white boots and the skull from a distance you could tell who it was necessarily that way you didn't have to you know they're coming books. These days are much much better paper and much better drawn true but so I mean you know this is why Dick Tracy always wore the yellow hat with the yellow thing because that way you could tell Dick Tracy in a two inch by two inch frame. Where he's you know running down the street? He can't put make it clear that it's him in any other way except he's wearing yellow. It's an interesting insight yeah and the concerning part about <hes> punishers to seize this Vietnam War vet who's mentally deranged because of the war his family has been snuffed out. He is going to stop crime anyway he can and <hes> you know that includes beating or killing the bad guys and he beats and kills bad guys on a pretty regular basis vigilante justice right and this is concerning because not only has marvel Volvo very clear in its portrayal of the punisher when speaking to police officers that the punisher doesn't believe that police officers should be using his symbol right but I don't believe it either. I don't think that there's any there's really no room. I'm in this unless the unless you could make the claim that the punisher symbol has moved on from the punisher to something else which is solidarity amongst police officers and maybe they should come up with their own symbol then when they no one would think the city's top cop however took a different view well. I WanNa fish you here. I'm sorry my view is this police unions adopting police officers adopting this punisher logo says that we are sick and tired of. Enforcing the law and will now enforce whatever we call the law we will get justice in whatever way we WANNA get justice and up to an including shooting and killing people because that's what the punisher is when you adopt his symbol you say I'm GonNa Murder for what I believe is right and screw the law. These are people that took oaths to the United States constitution to their state constitutions oaths to uphold the law and do a variety of things. It's so they're either people either believe in their oath where they believe in whatever the hell the punisher believes then but you cannot believe in both I would certainly hope that they would value that oath over a comic book character but who knows I can understand working their job and being extraordinarily frustrated with the line of individuals that you deal with on a day-to-day basis only imagine that that's the case one of the reasons seasons that they get to retire early and a whole variety of benefits that public employees enjoy is is because presumably they're going to take that on a professional capacity and if they can't then they shouldn't be in that line of work right and I understand the police union doesn't want to hear that but that's the reality of it if you can't do the job in the job is to uphold the law then you need to be elsewhere. I say this as a firefighter by the true yeah. I think this pull this. This article did a good job of bringing sort of that to the forefront which I think the police union did accidentally you know. They just wanted to show A. I think a tough symbol church showed we're all together and we're not gonNA put up with anybody who doesn't like police well. There's no shortage of punisher symbols and police in association with police out there. This isn't this isn't brains. New Police Unions doing this because this is relatively actively commonplace they're doing. What is you know? Some of their police officers want and I imagine most of them are comic fans that they just like the symbol in the symbol kicks but it's a it's a it's a cool symbol. It's the skull with these long teeth that can be sort of put it in a variety of <hes> abstract ways and it's awesome. There's no doubt about it. It just doesn't belong with law enforcement or overlaying on an American flag even worse worse yeah American flag with a Thin Blue Line Anna Punisher simple all on top that what you're seeing in the article oh no I can see it every day. If I wish the city's top cop by the way spoiler alert he agrees with you mark. Oh this is the chief police yesterday. However took different view in Thursday memo obtained by the Saint Louis Post dispatch Saint Louis Police Chief John Hayden told officers at the logo quote does not coincide unquote with the department's quote mission to protect life and property and achieve Peaceful Society Unquote Hayden did not explain <hes> did not say officers could not post the punish your logo in his memo but he asked them to be careful about the messages they they sent to the community via social media? I think that you could adopt the superman symbol the captain America symbol of variety of symbols out there that did not <hes> you know send the message the punisher simple but what do you think what what are your thoughts awesome the symbol the numbers eight five five four or five zero three seven three three. That's eight fifty five four fifty free as and free talk live is spreading the message of Liberty Crypto currency and peace around the globe worth two dollars per month to you as you may already know in addition to our internet feed dot F._M.. Broadcast on free to air satellite across north in Central America as well as sub Saharan Africa and we've been available on satellite for Free Twenty four seven since twenty ten the Laura on F._M.. Free to air satellite light signal is reaching some of the most oppressive regimes in the world and there's no doubt our ideas are making an impact. You can learn more about the channels impact by watching the three minute video at fund dot L. 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Dave you're on freetalklive. What's on your mind? There has been <hes> a development in rich New Hampshire sure which yet another town which has gotten rid of its fired a farm sorry now yet another town which has gotten rid of its police department. Let's the town Richmond Richmond Okay Richmond so they have done away with their police department okay correct <hes> and the reason they did it. According to the government was to try and save money they have contracted with local sheriff's Office to provide coverage <hes> the bad news. Is that the I think they may actually have more police coverage now since they did before yeah rich small town for those of you who may not be familiar with how New Hampshire works towns can have a police department they can budget for one. That's pretty much true all over the U._S.. I just speaking specifically about New Hampshire and they can hire officers and stuff like that in New Hampshire of they choose not to they can just not have a police department in which case they'll be covered by the county mountains and by the state police right right so down in Florida that would've been called the Florida highway patrol. <hes> you know up here. It's called the State Department of safety or something like that and this is relatively true probably all all over and I think that when I look at sort of the budget lines for towns and spending the number one thing is always the schools yes so there you have me being forced to tax payer hair to pay for the worst school for a given grade in a given geographic area so number one. I've gotta pay for the worst school every time and the number to the police department now the police department often can run in the black because they can give tickets and those sorts of things but not that's not true in New Hampshire but it's true in many places so you know that's something to look at. But what are they doing. They're giving tickets to everybody and oftentimes I don't know about did you ladies and gentlemen but I feel like many of the speed limit signs are just wrong for where they are. They're just moneymakers oftentimes. That's the case. If you wanted to just give tickets by the way you can get an automatic ticket giver that just spits out a ticket it for everybody who goes by one mile an hour over the limit if the limit is actually the limit to safety than it should be right. Oh is it ten miles an hour over is the safe amount will then. Why isn't that on the speed limit? I don't know the answer to these these things but if you if you have some kind of domestic dispute or you know there's a there's a real crime or something with the victim then oftentimes the the other police agency could cover it and you know the county's can county mountains the status can come out and cover it and everything's fine so oftentimes the town police at least here become revenue generators from the standpoint of a you know just handing out tickets yeah they can and they do in New Hampshire they can towns can come up with their own set of ordinances and they can ticket <hes> people for those and <hes> delong in the short of it is it's just you know it's one more way that they can extract a little bit of money that they don't do directly through attacks. They'll just you know give you a ticket for many towns across the US. Have this as a line item. Oh Yeah Oh yeah the politicians count on the cops generating money go ahead. If there is more good news the Winston would say there was a post ethical moaning which ensued from the local authoritarian action and the police chief Jewish soon to be without Pajau identical tactical again in Biracial so that's that's a pretty good Winston Churchill mutation yeah I would think that the police chief would be very concerned about his employment and well I. I certainly not applauding the situation. I'm not happy when a person loses their job but the problem with working for the public is when the public determines that something is more efficient than what commitment do they have to the employees race and I don't know I don't really know should be getting what you deserve in in your paycheck on a weekly basis not some kind of ethereal. We'll all be employed for the rest of my life kind of too. Many I'm crazy. I'm pretty sure the in the American police state he's not going to have any trouble finding a job but there's another aspect of this <hes> that there is a place in a time where there really is the lack of police Indiana and that's called pine fast every every year in Lancaster that there is and we're thankful for that thanks for the call Dave <hes> eight fifty five four fifty free. We've been talking about the puncture. We've been talking about police. Hopefully you have some thoughts on either or something else entirely eight fifty five four fifty three. This is free talk live. Would you like to hang out with pen Gillette keynoting freedom fest this year I for one in thrilled freedom. Fest is the largest liberty oriented gathering in the world. 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Supporting your state go off now dot org this is the most recent episode of Free Talk Live presented by Saco Cei- they are get interactive at freetalklive. Dot Com is free talk live eight fifty five four fifty free. That's freeze and freedom. That's our toll free number eight five five four five zero three seven three three. That's how you can get on the air and talk about whatever you like. That's the great thing about this radio program. I say that to you as a guy who used to listen to this radio strew Chad and then I came up into New Hampshire and suddenly I meet everybody who was on the radio program and then he's a new are on the radio yeah. I don't know how that happened but all the sudden. I'm on the radio <hes> but it's it's not a novel concept. It used to be done all the times places would have have a radio show would have open phone lines. Just whatever you WanNa talk about well. That's Kinda gone you listen to a lot of big talk shows. 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This is the guy that <hes> he found himself with a Dunkin donuts fan cut out before as well and I don't want to see the punisher simple coming after me. If I should happen to take a car book cut out from docket dog like Free Talk Live did not endorse cardboard cutout theft however it is funny you will see the punisher sign. I like in a few movies where the military uses up and I did this to me. This stall is a sign of death and I don't want my police department associated with the sign of debt. I understand dance. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it's needed sometimes. It's not but regardless I don't think comet somebody with yes starting yeah exactly license registration and if you do the right thing I'll kill you just the right I dunno it is it is the wrong message I think and especially when you're looking at places like go under no Saint Louis Saint Louis too far from Ferguson I I mean this is a is an area that should be doing a better job of portraying and not just portraying. They should be an <hes> doing a better job of delivering a friendlier. If you will a friendlier police experience to their people that police I mean it doesn't have to be bused in heads. He can be community policing it can be doing good for the community and finding in ways to do it not finding ways just to raise income now and I would like to put this out. I think being a police officer of very noble job I do understand how you WanNa go home to your family. Okay and you don't ever know what you're coming up to. I have a lot of respect for those guys that do that now. Let's say the majority of them probably do it very well is still just don't want to start off on that right yeah. I just think it's it's at the very least a distasteful symbol to be using for police and now when you say that it's being used for the military punisher was a military guy and <hes> but I mean many police officers often come from the military you know let's say it's police police unions recruiting from police I excuse me departments of recruiting from military roles in order to bring them in so I think that might be one of the reasons that it is associated associated and I I understand that but you know like if I leave one job and go to another I can't bring the skills from let's say throwing pizza dough up the to make it around and going over to. Let's say sweeping parking lot and just you know the trash up in the air. They don't put together this and this comes from. I've talked to a lot of people in law enforcement from hiring point of view because I was a selectmen in a town and that's like a city councilman and had some of these kind of not sort of off the books kind of of conversations about how they're hiring is going and <hes> despite what what everybody seems to think is not by default is everyone who was ever in the military by default going to be a excellent police officer <hes> they actually say the people that that I've talked to is the majority forty are not cut out for him who are out for it military policeman yeah that'd be my question is what about M._p.'s. I think that these guys are probably you know direction that people would look. I mean they've already. They've basically gotten the training at least some initial training in and received very low pay to do it so you know why not give them the pay increase and then cinnamon right but it strapping on a. m. four and you know Boston down doors doesn't have much to do with everyday police work it it shouldn't there's hope not because I mean you know military. Police are policing to some extent people who are at war and were hopefully not doing that here in the United States. I think there's probably some ZIP codes that feels like they are. Though I bet yeah Ben any last words just great show of you guys and <hes> keep up the great work. Hey thanks a lot Jim. We're GONNA stay on the phones things where we've got. Tom Gone from New Hampshire. Tom You're on free talk live. What's on your mind? It's about the ice raid that are planned for tomorrow and the American Civil Liberties Union is reminding a lot of these people about their constitutional no rights and how you know and if they don't have warrant signed by a judge is a big difference between the warrant signed by George and the administrative order signed by a different kind of bureaucrat <hes>. They don't have to open the door. They don't have to let them inter anything. They cannot force it legally force away into the House without a warrant time by real quick and can you recap for me which raids we're talking about. There's so many actually we're GonNa Immigration and Customs Enforcement <hes> stage of tomorrow to take people with fourteen order God. I'm GonNa put you on hold. We're going to bring you back and I want to hear more about this because hey I haven't really stayed up on cooperation lately so <hes> you and mark and educate me edge mccade gave me eight fifty five four fifty free. That's our toll free number. This is free talk live. Don't you hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach. When the police pull you over most people have no idea how to handle it properly and they promptly really get fed into the municipal fee generating meat grinder or maybe you recall that feeling you get when you go to the mailbox and see one or more letters from the I._R._S.? You get a sense of impending doom. Don't you so let me ask you if you could learn how to use the law to beat the I._R._S.. Traffic tickets almost any courtroom scenario collectors credit card debt and even mortgage debt because of fraud perpetrated against you. Would that be worth knowing thing about don't laugh investigate checkout the life changing benefits of the Lighthouse Law Club at their website Lighthouse Law dot club. That's Lighthouse Law dot club and while you're at it visit the Lighthouse is law club Youtube Channel. 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There's a there's a free talk live on the air on well. I don't know how many radio stations because there's no way to tell you it depends on the hour the day and all those things but up to two hundred five radio stations or something is our number today. It's nice and I wanNA thank amplifiers right now. As <hes> as we do here on free talk live. If you support free talk live you should go to amp dot the free talk live dot Com as Tony. 'em Has Tony is a platinum amplifier which means that he has gone above and beyond all we ask us for five dollars a month and we'd give you all the things that the other radio programs out there give have you for amplifying freetalklive but we already give those to you for free. So why would you support freetalklive. Well you believe in the idea of people being able to call in and talk about whatever they want you think that's important or you believe in the ideas of liberty and freedom and realize the free talk live is the only place in America the only show in America. That's really addressing these issues every pro freedom every issue every time so it's amp dot freetalklive dot com. Thank you Tony E._M.. Amp Dot freetalklive dot com. Thanks Tony. We're going to go back to the phones where we've been talking to Tom in New Hampshire. He wants to discuss the upcoming ice icecapades. I'm going to call him. That's funny. I'm still here about how the American Civil Liberties Union and other people are reminding targeted persons about certain constitutional provision intended to a help protect them to some degree and one thing noticeably missing which I think they should add to that is if the goons are going to force their way into your house. Don't forget there's other constitutional provision that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms was not written for the benefit of duck hunters it was written by men who had to fight back against law enforcement and for the benefit the future generations defend against law enforcement. Tom Thanks for the call. Now it's well. I'd rather be honest. The winning end of civil suit than losing end of criminal suit. I'll say EVATT true and I've I noticed sometimes you will take issue with that. <hes> I drew he's correct. The amendment was written by people who shot their government center of mass us now. They weren't law enforcement. They were effectively law enforcement at the time there wasn't there were police officers and I don't know of any sheriffs that were tarred and feathered revolutionary war. Perhaps I don't know I mean I somebody will probably some email me a story at market FREETALKLIVE DOT com about sheriff in Philadelphia that was in fact hardened feathered and I will not be surprised by that but I don't know how many were shot and he's still have a picture of Philadelphia Sheriff Tartan feathered even if it's from yesterday I would like to see it will i. There's not a real photograph of anything that happened during the revolutionary war. I can tell you that much somebody wrote. Somebody drew something though I'm sure if I'm sure of that so this story with where the Saint Louis Police Department intends to bless you the police union is asking for solidarity among <hes> it's officers by having them post the punish your skull on on Social Media The police union is asking for this the police chief on the other hand saying that punishers should not be a symbol of solidarity amongst people that support the police doesn't send the right message to the community right and I you know which message do you want to send. I mean I understand why the police union is all about supporting the police but the police should be all about supporting the individuals in their community and and when they're not that says something about the structure of policing and accountability in policing in America and how do you effectively police if you are taking the US versus them position. I think it's pretty commonplace. Though I remember the Denver Police Union put together a t shirt. That's when the I think it was the two thousand twelve democratic committee came to town to nominate the nomination process came to town. It was the police it says we get up early in the morning to beat the crowds and it had a menacing looking guy you know billy club in his hand so as you know using the pun or whatever but what I think is that if you have police departments coming up with these ideas it doesn't say the police are bad. People what it says is incentives sway screwed up exactly in the way that we put together police departments police should be falling all all over themselves to serve the public. What is their job? It's to serve in protect right and presumably it's to serve and protect the public or at least that's what we were. We would be led to believe right. I think in fact what it is is to serve and protect the politicians and I can and see why the police ended up being an adversarial relationship with them I do too. We're going to go to the phones where we've got Brian Brian Scott in from P._A.. Wants talk about law enforcement Brian. You're on free talk. Live the thanks for taking my call how you doing bad. I just wanted to clarify. It is the former N._C.. We got extensive training and <hes> law enforcement all affect a lot. We just didn't butts down doors and we weren't strapping happened there. Were I mean when we were on post. We were back stateside. We did domestic disputes the radar yeah we we did everything that a regular local law enforcement with did you get paid what regular law enforcement will get paid paid. Whatever going for my rank and <hes> <hes> your service work so less I would say yes me too yeah yeah? That's that's let's pretty much which my assess assessment was sure we were talking specifically about being over in the war theater but yeah I would agree with you that <hes> M._p.'s are given all the training the police officers are and probably paid a little less and that's why police departments probably looking for them because they have to training and well you know there they'll be happy to get any upgrading pay and with military police. Are there <hes> differences in M._O.. S.'s like could you be an investigator. Is that a specialty not or yes that's right yeah. You'd be investigator Criminal Investigation Division and then he has a ninety five scarlet with for <hes> correction <hes> ninety five IOS nine Charlie's and then. I can't remember what the night off. Maybe for the the I._D.. Or Criminal Investigation we have different different divisions through there right but but by default would you say that anyone who is served in Iran on or excuse me Iran getting ahead of myself now don't help there's not too many that have served there. Yeah somebody WHO's by default served in any role in war-torn country is automatically qualified to be an average police officer. Would you say they does still. I think they don't need to go through their local academy and get their local training <hes> but they would have like up on probably somebody that hasn't had that at all in which way I I'm kind of curious about that because I've thought about this I mean what what would make Anamar. What would make a social say? You were a <hes> tank Gunnar. It sounds like you're asking. Are you talking about in on that that no I. I'm very very much understand where M._p.'s come from. I'm guess I'm I'm wondering from a law enforcement excellent point of view what makes someone who just has any experience in in the military better than the average guy off the street I would rather they be looking for military military policeman. I would rather find people people that find have some background. They're gonNA degree in criminal justice. You know something I I don't think anybody that <hes> you know even at the somebody that had grants <hes> refueling or something like that no their military doesn't make them. I mean they have weapons experience but I think they don't need to go through their regular training. I would agree with that too and I would. I would hope that they would you say that your training the military would have given you any leg up in hell. No Okay so nothing I was. I worked on radios. No use radios police departments they do yeah I could be <hes> farther. <hes> there there we go. That's my training <hes>. Can we bring you back. Actually I gotta go right now but I would say that I wouldn't have pads. I would have a little bit of a leg up in my experience I've had I think I would have Tadamichi a little better but thanks for your call. I appreciate fifty five so the protection of life liberty and properties is what the free stay about but it's it's an effort to move twenty thousand people who understand it's about demonstrating the entire country we can have a free market. I truly fee market and making it just great place to live. It's the world's largest fallen tourists libertarian community and it's only getting bigger. That's amazing to be able to move to other people's passionately believe in being free independent what the Free State project is managing to do though is to put their money where their mouth physically getting up across the country and saying let's go someplace and let's demonstrate the power of these ideas. There's a lot of kind of philosophy that surrounds liberty. There's a lot of thinking about it and talking about it but here in New Hampshire people are doing one hundred one reasons liberty lives in New Hampshire a documentary by Free State Project Early Movers Watch it free at one one reasons film DOT COM one. Oh one reasons film DOT COM so you've signed the Shire Society Declaration and are planning your move to New Hampshire to be around more liberty oriented people next sign up for the Shire Society Forum at Forum Dot Shire Society Dot Com. They're a bunch of people there who are already in the Shire and they want to meet you. If you're already in the Shire physically you should also come by the forums remember. Not everyone uses facebook. New People are signing up for the Shire Society Forum every month so drop in and say Hello at Forum Dot Shire Society Dot Com the Laura Dot F._m.. Social media channels have been revamped. 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Attorney in Miami a Kosta infamously cut Epstein Eight non-prosecution plea deal in two thousand seven of it for charges related to the Sexual Exploitation of underage girls after being asked if the Epstein case would cause a problem in his confirmation hearings accuster reportedly responded that he only ever had one meeting about the case and had been told to back off off and that Epstein was above his pay great quote I was told Epstein belong to intelligence and to leave it alone and quote a Kosta told interviewers the Department of Labor had no comment when asked about it according to the daily Beast the liberty he has sponsored in part by brave panicles high-quality crate him in C._B._D.. At reasonable prices with excellent customer service Ray Botanical is activist owned and mission driven and believe so strongly in the power of crate him. They're giving it away for free. JUST GO TO FREE DOT COM for a free ounce of crater delivered to your door. Just pay shipping. 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Dot News Your News now continues Phoenix Arizona man who was shot in his genitals by the next points during a two thousand seventeen anti-trump rally has decided to sue following a recent national investigation to the Social Media Council Police Officers Scottsdale Resident Josh Tobin discovered that not only were his genitals targeted by beliefs pepper balls but he was the hapless Bryant a police jokes as well President Donald Trump visit the Knicks on August twenty second 2017 a subsequent rally decrying his presence in the city took place on the streets downtown Phoenix instead of peacefully protecting the protesters constitutional rights to assemble and protest Phoenix points fired tear-gas and projectiles such as the pepper ball which struck Cohen the young man was drunk in his private parts after he decided to kick a canister of tear-gas back in the direction of the police thousands of alien enthusiasts appear to be planning to storm the infamous area fifty one in Nevada in a desperate attempt to gain entrance into conspiracy theorists Mecca the mind unleashed reports in a facebook of that named Storm Area Fifty one. They can't stop all of us was started to announce the plant which is scheduled to take place at three o'clock in the morning of September Twentieth Twenty Nine thousand nine at the time of this publication obligation. Three hundred sixteen thousand facebook users had R._S._V._p.. To the event and another three hundred forty thousand confirm they are interested in attending at the time of publication over fifteen thousand boasts had been made in the group with memes plans on how hats the raid and even merchandise created for the event populating the paint clearly the page has meant to be a joke but so many saying they want to attend the creator of the page made sure to clear himself responsibility. 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It is our second hour of the evening. We do three hours everyday the year and we love to talk to you by we I mean myself Chris and me mark and we're GonNa talk about what you like. We've been talking about this punisher story where the Police Union as recommending that their officers this is the which which one is Oklahoma City portray the punisher logo to show solidarity that they're all together against anybody who quote hates law enforcement and I think they might be kind of missing missing what this is all about yeah we've had callers call in and say they hate law enforcement. I think a lot of people what they're trying to say that they want more responsive customer service and since that could that's bit of a euphemism. I think it's well they're looking for you know I mean that they I think in some neighborhoods they're saying we're tired of off police shooting or children and that's certainly not all neighborhoods but I think there has been an increase in the number of police shootings savings in increase. I think that we can say that. The United States has more police shootings than pretty much any industrialized nation out there and that and that there's people in certain communities are like hey why US yeah. I don't know that I I don't know that all the numbers <hes> backup every claim that's out there by any stretch but at the same time what I I tend to believe is is that when you have low amounts of accountability and you know working for the government Kinda means you never have to say you're sorry right right so you know you have lower levels of accountability. You're going to have lower levels of customer. Service and customer service in this case can mean a variety of things up to an including feeling like there's justice in a police police involved shooting absolutely blue and I don't know I can't tell you in any individual case. I think that there's good arguments in certain cases but sometimes you know officers. I'm pretty sure sometimes officers pull to sin the one guy up in Minnesota his name's now escaping me. The guy worked at the the lunch line and had a concealed carry permit holder and the officer pulled on him and shot him after asking him to get his license out and that's a tough one yeah and I I guess what I'm what I feel is because these are more scene there. Are there are cell phones. You know everybody carries one because we're seeing more of these probably gives the feeling that that it's just more of those occurring the concern is is really that any of them occur. I don't expect law enforcement to be perfect in writing tickets but I expect them to be damned close to right before they take someone's life. I'm going to say that I have an expectation of law enforcement to be really really accurate when it comes to take in somebody's pulse away Palumbo Castille was John that the skirt with we're going to go to the phones where we've got Steve Calling in from Virginia Steve. You're on freetalklive. What's on your mind? Yes the police all who's got a very dangerous people they do. You're thirteen times more likely get robbed by black then you all white hold on population kills fifty percent of the people now I know you don't like to hear that well. No no some of these things things are just absolute truth. Some things Arnaud the something up. Our subjective didn't represented the population. He'll have to people in the United States all right Ed Black Ages eighteen to forty two well how do you how do you think we should sell this right. What's the solution re-presented? Papa repeated on hold on now. Can you give me a solution to the problem in the world. What's that as well known to be fair? We're here in New Hampshire and we have a lot of lumberjacks number. Being lumberjack is a much more dangerous job than being a police officer. No you're crazy yeah well eight years story. You're gonNa tell me all right before you told me the story before you tell me the story sorry I WanNa make sure that this is clear they have looked it up and seen what the most dangerous jobs in America are and they're like fishermen and lumberjack and roofers and taxi drivers truck drivers and things like that police have made it into the top ten list some years and there are other years that they haven't please go. I tell you the truth my friend yet well. y'All ever be any of them ever job in the cop same here go ahead. What's your story? Are Your story now. Here's what I can give you first hand experience. I was in a car accident okay. I was flying now to get away. A person was texting or something not paying attention my car. They stopped down the street a little waves further okay. I got out of my car and I said well. I'm getting ready Colder Cup. He say was your fault now. This is a black lady he set up. He's raised just like you get more right. There was on it was in the whittling. Well okay fills me as a firefighter. I'm GonNa tell you that lots of the people of lots of different colors participate in distracted driving. Can you tell me what we should do about this claim of yours that the black people commit most of the crime or something that you were saying go check after out. I'm what he's not. Have we just go check Africa two million people when those countries over the year ago I'm trying to determine whether you're talking about sending people back to Africa the right term sending sending black Americans to to Africa. Do you have a final edition zero country out there. They're very nice is their country author. This the United States of America belongs to people of all all different colors Arrowhead on my dad long. You know have act. I don't mind it a bit so what's the solution here going as long as everybody in a way that you approve Ooh ten times more crime you Sydney commitment been then you're wrong so let me answ so really it would be simpler of there. Were no constitution. They just followed how to act as defined by you then. We don't have to worry about them. How to act God gives you at okay and will you not kill he did? I didn't say it at least Moses. Did I lived in the what and he said all right. Hey Steve thanks for the call eight fifty five four fiennes free yeah well it was he. I give him credit because he hung in there and every time you look like we were trying to get rid of him. He Oh came back and more people are anymore delighted by crime than White. People are all right right. I I can name a number of programs that are probably contributed so here's how I feel when presented with <hes> what was the gentleman's name Steve Steve what he says so oftentimes I will hear feminists on the Internet complain about men and their behavior towards women so that men are far more commit far more of the violence against women and women do against men and these comparisons that are set up in this way to elucidate how bad men are and I'm a man turns out. I self identify as a male and I'm pretty sure my chromosomal makeup is x and Y so so when somebody says that to me I think to myself what the Hell Am. I supposed to do about men and women crime. If the problem in the lady was talking on N._p._R.. Last week or whatever that I was listening to <hes> what she was complaining about was <hes> crime going on specifically inside of relationships sounds like you need to pick your partner a little better lady absolutely if he smacking your around what does that have to do with me and don't blame me for my gender and don't blame me for my color and don't blame me see for the unintended results of government programs like bussing and things like that eight fifty five four fifty free. What do you think that guy just off his rocker? Does he have a point. I want to hear from you eight fifty five four fifty free. This is if you're looking for work. The person you are applying to is probably so swamped with applicants that he or she is. It's tough to reach so call earlier in the day before eight A._M.. 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That's freeze and freedom free is and there's no such thing as a free lunch eight five five four five zero three seven three three we want to hear from you and by Hi we do me and myself Chris and me mark and I do want to hear from you but also want to tell you about freedom fest. We're going to the largest liberty oriented gathering in the world next week and the theme is the Wild West. I was at a time of liberty and opportunity or lawlessness and violence well. There's all kinds of big names. It'll be there to tell us more so Penn Jillette John mackey Candice Owens Stephen Moore Grover Norquist John's Docile Justin Amash Glenn Beck Herman Cain Senator Mike Lee Kevin Sorbo Thomas Massey. I mean these. There's a lot of names it's July seventeenth through the twentieth like I said next next week at the Paris in downtown Vegas that's actually the strip is sewn minutes Paletti called Paradise but I don't know that everybody knows that so call it downtown Vegas or on the Strip on the Strip in Vegas the paradise and you can get your tickets right now at freedom fest dot com slash F. T. l.. If you go to freedom fest dot com slash F. T. l. you can see the five best speeches from last year just to make sure that it's the kind of crowd you want to hang out with and you can use coupon code F. T. L. Fifty to save fifty bucks off your ticket. Nice Freedom Fest Dot Com Slash F. T. L. for freedom fest July Seventeenth through the twentieth at the Paris in Vegas and this is a big deal. This is not a <music> a Komo guys in tents. This is the largest yeah biggest names in the Liberty Movement and I think it's it's going to be something to look forward to. I looked at here's some of the will they usually recorded a little bit later. Maybe for PROMOS was for next year and so I'm like a year behind on my freedom fest but I'm slowly catching up. We've been talking about this story about the Saint Louis Police Union who's asking police to portray <hes> to to use the punisher logo on their social media to show their solidarity and with their suspended police officers who are suspended for Yeah not particularly service oriented oriented posts on social media and this gets into that <hes> a little bit this story continues the Plain view project database published at the beginning of June unearth scads of racist and anti Muslim social media media posts from police officers in the city the city <hes> Being Oklahoma City and they've found lots of examples of like they said Anti Muslim and racist <HES> Social Media Post Follow Oh. I did a natural thing to do for people to group people like the last caller called in wanted to grew people based on race. If the problem with grouping people grouping people is that you're going to be in a group and do you WanNa be in that group so I just looked up the the information on it says here males accounted for this is from the uniform crime reporting program <hes> from the F._B._i.. Males accounted for eighty point one percent so eighty percent of persons arrested for violent crimes if you separate crime by race than be prepared for somebody to separate crime by gender right for sex. I'm not sure I don't even know anymore but I know where they'd throw me and that's into the male sale category and this is a pretty violent gender in comparison to the other one. So is that where you want to be yeah I that's why I say let's not separate these <hes> separate folks into groups because their groups groups don't commit crimes individuals commit crimes no but if you're gonNA break things down to try to demonstrate well. That's the thing some sometimes people break things down to demonstrate how right they are about her group <hes> but in some ways that's just just how you try to drill down into something. That's what it sounds like. That's what the plain view project is doing. It looked at tons of social media posts and it got a lot of people look at them and say which one of these buckets would you categorize it with. I wouldn't say that I guess what's happening. Here is prosecutors are saying in in certain municipalities are saying that they're not could accept police work done by certain police officers right yes so I wouldn't say that prosecutors should say we will accept no police work done by police officers however if it can be demonstrated that particular police officer is clearly doesn't have the psychology of somebody who's going to be service oriented to their community then then well that's fine to go ahead and individualized going after individual. That's an individual who has done an act and whatever the reaction to that act is should be appropriate right and it's important remember the they just on in her they had put the database together and then either you know police departments or chief prosecutors they decided what to do with it and in some cases like this one we're discussing they. Are you know they have taken the information formation from this plain view project and they're still investigating so who knows what was interesting was that number of twenty two cops added to the list of officers that that will not be able to you present their cases to the chief prosecutor well. That's after forty six or fifty six. Were already added to that list so it's it seems to be a big number. I remember during the O._J.. Simpson trial there was a lot of this too and then Rodney King they were. We're bringing bringing to light some racist stuff that some cops said Mark Furman and obviously the <hes> the statements the stick out stick out right yeah but and I don't think that any officers should be besmirched anyway but what I wonder is is that there's lots of black police officers. Are you working in a department with a black police officer and then getting on the radio and saying it looks like gorillas in the missed out here. I mean you've got a pair of them. If that's what you're doing and I mean frankly it's disgusting. The department made a political decision to open investigation after the complaint that the symbol was offensive. This is the punisher symbol the referring to hear fire Yup vigilantism on that punisher is a Vigilante Clark. The the officer let me see is as a matter of fact the D._C.. That's a detective Comics D._C.. Competitor to Marvel Comics Punisher is a guy called the vigilante so basically these organizations these <hes> these companies they always come up with often come up with some competing character character on one side of the other and in this case the vigilante was created after the Punisher Ed because he was punisher was doing well so let's rate the vigilante. The vengeful punisher character operates outside the Law Hayden noted in his department memo that the publishers Creator Gerry Conway said the character represents the failure of the criminal justice system quote whether you think punisher is justified or not whether you admire his code of ethics. He's an outlaw. Outlaw unquote guests he is a criminal Conway Criminal Conway tells Sifi wire in an interview published January police should not be embracing a criminal as their symbol. I would agree yeah I would too and <hes> <hes> also <hes> like comic books and movies. These things are fun because you know who good guy is you know who the bad guy is and you know who committed the crimes and all these sorts of things in real life if you're just going out there shooting who you thought the bad guy was 'cause you're going to be wrong. Relatively quickly the United States death penalty. The penalties of the several states have been applied in many cases against innocent people check up the innocence project for more information age fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five four five zero three seven three three here on freetalklive. Would you like to hang out with pen Gillette keynoting freedom fest this year I for one in thrilled freedom. Fest is the largest liberty oriented gathering in the world world. They take a big ten approach with Libertarians Conservatives liberals anarchists and just open minded people mingling together to hear real debates share real solutions and converse freely this year's theme is the Wild West Time of liberty and opportunity or a time of anarchy and violence. Maybe both go to freedom fest dot com slash F. T. L. and get your tickets now. Freedom Fest Dot Com Slash F. T. L. Not convinced yet. Hey I understand it's a high end event even with Coupon Code F. T. L. E. sure you're likely to receive even investment advice. 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Wouldn't you hear Kratz have a funny Blake telling people's no shame in Derek Jay's victimless crime spree watch it for free and ordered the director's Cut D._V._D.. At victimless crime spree dot com back to the latest episode of Free Talk Live presented by Saco Cei- K._F._i.. Downloaded for free at FREETALKLIVE DOT COM fifty five four fifty free we freeze and freedom. That's our toll free number eight five five four five zero three seven three three. That's how you call us up. This is an open phones show you can set the topic or we'll talk about stuff that we find interesting interesting. We hope you will find it. Interesting to the we end. Studio is myself Chris N._B.. Mark and <hes> missing tonight is certainly part of my brain. Oh yeah well we should mention Ian being away and I suppose part of your brain too but <hes> yeah our normal Saturday night co host Ian Freeman is away at the New Hampshire Liberty alliances. I think it's called the freedom dinner or something like that but they like once once a year they have had this event and they have speakers and it's a little bit fundraiser and a thank you to people who are part of the Liberty Alliance and the Liberty Alliances and organization which I think is very important because they do unlike any other state in the union they go through every <hes> <hes> through the bills here introduced in New Hampshire and they rate them from a liberty standpoint so they determined not whether you know the Republicans of the Democrats think it's a good idea of passive of people who care about the ideas of personal freedom <hes> whether they think this it should be passed or scuttled and in most cases the answer is scuttled sure but if you happen to be out there and any of forty-nine other states and you've been thinking about you know there should be something that I could do. This is one of those things they wouldn't be too horrible horribly complex to organize. It's always tough to get people to do it but tracking legislation and seeing where it's ad and see who's vote on what that's that's important Gordon stuff. I'd I'd say it's something target. I wouldn't call it easy simple but it's not easy because you need enough people to review all the bills at the liars thieves and your particular capital or putting together and then they've got radim. You've got to have people trained on how to rating them it. It's it's a complex but I'd like to tell you how you can find businesses in your general vicinity like that business yeah that like the ideas of liberty so if you're a libertarian -tarian you believe in the nonaggression principle that means that <hes> that you don't believe that aggression should be used that people should you should not initiate violence against other people whether it's you know personally or through the government then liberty cdot menu is for you. It's a tool for our community and as core. It's a directory for events businesses and digital content listings can be rated and reviewed and there's a lot of social networking that you can do on it to connect with others so go to liberty dot menu and check it out. See the businesses businesses that are in your area or list Your Business Liberty Dot menu. It's free by the way <hes> you know they can pretty gonNA count free to list of business. Liberty Dot menu and I spent a couple bucks with them. I spend a couple of bucks every month just to get a little bit bigger. Add Ed get my my store. In front of a few more is and I'm I'm happy with. It can't hurt good results but mark. Can you hear that I don't hear anything. It's a very high pitched sound is designed for you not to be able. I believe here okay and they're playing it by guests around Philadelphia. Can you hear it no. It's a sonic device that plays high pitched noises to repel teens. What parent thought thought of this? How the idea is basically this at certain frequencies? Developing ears can still here some noises that grownups can't so you know anywhere. You don't want kids around. Just get your city to put up a few of these devices and solve the problem. It's amazing sonic devices seen at top right at Barrett playground in Philadelphia thirty parks a playground in a playground these parks in the city have the devices which admit a constant constant high pitched noise so that only teenagers and young adults can hear so when you say young adults. Do you mean children well. I think it depends on how their ears have developed because evidently that's how this thing discriminates. It's I'm confused so are we saying teenagers can hear this people between the ages of thirteen in nineteen can hear noises that people below the ages of thirteen and above the ages of nineteen cannot here is the claim with some numbers yeah yeah and but I would say that it because it's talking about developing here that sounds to me like people under the age of X. Say nineteen or seventeen or whatever can hear the noise and then people above can't pant and if you're putting device at a playground that drives off people under the age of say sixteen then isn't what's the purpose of the playground. That's a good point in Philadelphia. Eh thirty parks and recreation centers are outfitted with a small speaker called quote Ed. You'll love this mark the mosquito cute right players a constant high pitched ringing noise all night long and only turn it on certain time in order to keep people out of the park but only that people are the only the teenagers and young adults can hear anyone over the age of twenty five is supposed to be we supposed to be immune because basically their ear cells have started to die off so we have what we're trying to do is keep the older criminals in the park. Is that the idea evidently yes. We only want a specific range of criminal criminal activity to work yeah. That's pretty amazing. I'm not sure that I think that this is a terrible idea. I I can understand that Philadelphia Park officials of Begin <hes> have been installing the devices. The problem was AH two thousand fourteen years said sorry I think the problem is is the government's own parks theirselves an idea if this was a private park in her lots of them across the United States. This is some radical notion by any stretch of the imagination. If this was a private park administered by I say you know the Organization for the betterment of <hes> Philadelphia's southern South Western side or whatever the hell it it would be right <hes> then they put up a device that I don't know makes it so people under the age of twenty ninety five. Don't want to be in the park from what it's turned on. It say nine PM to win. It's turned off say nine A._M.. Or whatever the situation is I don't know then I wouldn't have a problem with that at all all the device that I have a problem with. It's the ownership of the park that I have a problem. If that makes sense it does make sense wherever I go the phones where we've got Mason Callanan from Lynchburg Mason. You're on free talk live. What's on your mind? Hey the question about the political situation nowadays what makes the Democrats think they've got any real good competition or anything against Donald Trump right now what makes them. They're going to win two thousand twenty. You'd have to ask one of them. Yeah I think that I mean I tend to just basically agree with you that that the more or less they need to come up with new ideas for their campaigns and the newest ideas that they they can come up with our sort of like the universal basic income and paying off college dead and you know sort of the same things that Bernie had written large yeah I mean I don't know I wouldn't call it socialism but Bernie Sanders there's does so his I don't have a problem using that terminology. I mean I mean if one of them were just not raised their hand. When everybody raises are can he would have a better chance of winning the primary and maybe perhaps the presidential candidate if one Democrat was more moderate was more in the middle ground? That's all the cake for him to be a all the primary minimally don't you think that Joe Biden is more that middle ground candidate. Jill Biden got the whole way Joe Biden. Here's the thing with Joe Biden and everybody knows good along until that he his reputation has marred him. He's to call same things many times and that could used against him up on got caught Ukraine. I mean there's a lot of weird things going on with Joe Biden. I really am root for Joe Biden because I feel bad for the rest of him but Joe Biden is the one that could probably lose by like you know thirty seventy donald trump at least thirty percent so a major victory for trump here guys unless they come up with some better than Joe Biden disagreement you so Schultz he was the CEO of of was at starbucks. Yes starbucks. He's been making noises of running as a Democrat the guy who just don't recently. I don't know if he has jumped in. I don't put on hold. We'll come back to you eight fifty five four fifty free. What about you? What do you think what's IT GONNA take to defeat trump or should trump be defeated in the first place? Will it ever matter to any of us. That's the open question eight fifty five four fifty free. This is free talk live. This is a special alert for business owners. Consultants Coaches folks planning retirement entrepreneurs and anyone who is saving in an investing to build a financial future. 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This is the most recent episode of Free Talk Live presented by Saco Cei- A are get interactive at Freetalklive Dot Com. This is free. Talk live eight fifty five four fifty free. That's eight five five or five zero three seven three three. That's our toll free number. That's how you here on a Saturday Saturday night a beautiful Saturday night in New Hampshire Anyway <hes> here's how you can get on the radio and let us know what you think are what your opinions are on. Almost anything gotTA remember. We are on over two hundred radio stations that means you gotta keep it Clean F._C._C. goons. They just loved to shutdown radio stations and we don't want that to happen not any of our station any of our affiliate so keep it clean keep it on point and <hes> let us know what you have to say right. The gentlemen just called in about something I find interesting which is sort of which one of these liars thieves is going to get the Democratic nomination and then which one of those liars thieves is going to get the <HES> <hes> presidential nod in November of twenty twenty and then take the office in or resume the office in January twenty one twenty twenty one nice. Let's let's bring him back. We'll see wouldn't mason has to say Mason you still with us that Nathan Nathan. I'm sorry the call screener evidently it's Mason now soldier so you're GonNa like it. The survey I worked for a living so I'm looking at <hes> election betting odds DOT com here and they've got Kamala Harris at this point thirty percent likelihood and falling winning the the president of the the the the Democratic nomination and then Warren at nineteen percent and then Biden's way down at fifteen percent but rising so he has previously been at the top. It's hard to say how these things we're GONNA come out but and it's very early at this point. I'd say most Americans couldn't name five of the Democratic potentials hopefuls here so my my thoughts and this your question was basically what could any Democrat due to overcome trump. What could he do go ahead? It's true look like they're I bet you they lost a lot of money when it came out on the two thousand sixteen election who's that lost money the that people just named I bet you the odds were increasingly against trump and people who said that trump would win the election in illegal betting a lot of money. I could go back on the time machine. I didn't check that ahead the time this is what I like to look at the betting odds because I really don't believe the polls. I can't believe the Poles but you can't even believe the betting odds on this one yeah. I just WANNA no surprise it saying here that let's see the U._S.. Presidency for twenty twenty trump's at forty six point five percent to win which is brother higher well way all higher than Harris at fifteen percent so he's definitely the highest candidate out there but obviously things are going to change. I don't know it to me seems unlikely that anybody is going to unseat a president especially one. That's in a very positive economy. The one thing that could happen and is that the third party say the Libertarian Party could put out a candidate. That's very palatable like Ross Perot was in the nineties. One thing that could happen is six hundred twenty thousand Americans could go and try to attack doc area fifty one well. I I only saw four hundred thousand lined up on the facebook page. Where maybe they're coming from someplace else? I think this is fascinating. Would whatever guys sitting behind in some some some kind of machine gun area fifty one really mow down Americans just want to see some broken down airplanes look like they're liberals attacking so they don't believe in guns or owning guns so what are they going to talk with uh-huh now. They're not GONNA attack. They're gonNA run at the base I read. I read the plan. The plan is is to have <hes> the third. I I guess it's the first wave come in with pebbles. They will throw peddlers at will throw pebbles out then they just just want to annoy them. They don't want actually get shooting so they're instructed. Only throw pebbles well. I think better just climbing over the fence. If there's enough of them you're not being curious. What I am serious? Reviews thought is my serious thought is the Donald Trump does not have the kind of filter to be able to say to to lie to us about what's going on in area fifty one. I think if there are alien bodies in Area fifty-one that Donald Trump if he knows about them would tell Bill Clinton claimed that there was nothing and I don't believe him but I believe him on that issue. I think we need to watch stranger things three vote that one all right element Nathan and your <hes> pseudonym Mason <hes> thanks for Nathan and Mason yes. Thanks <hes> yeah. It's kind of interesting. That's an interesting spin on it. I suspect that there is something to it and and they are wise enough not to tell trump anything <hes> especially if he has a smartphone handy and twitter <hes> so if there's anything at area fifty one they're going to move it out without you need to have some some some scouts they are sitting on the roads. Leave out of area fifty one to make sure that they're not taking the alien bodies out and how are you going to know. Honestly I think it was popular. Mechanics reported on this three four five years ago popular mechanics. It's the best publication of America yeah they don't get right but their take on it was other science your number two area fifty one was moved several years ago that all the main efforts what's going on underway had been moved to another military base now. I've I think it was something in in a desert and it was in California but <hes> they just basically moved it and everything there what what area fifty one is really known for and I've got a couple of counts of this as this was that was literally Ground Zero for a lot of the nuclear testing in the United States and if you go to google earth and you pull up Barry Fifty one you can see go all around it and you will see craters and those were for from airburst nuclear weapons so and underground of nuclear detonations wouldn't leave a distinct cavity so here's one one of the things like I guess <hes> to me. We were just talking about how he shouldn't <hes> separate people groups. I tend to set separate people in a group just like every other human being one of the groups of I separate them into is Libertarians and statists right so a status is person the believes the government's good solving problems say more than one or two different problems period is the way I would define it. You know I can see somebody saying a libertarian like maybe they know. The government reverend should handle cops courts gut roads and the military right like I can still call you. That's what they call him anarchist in the parlance of of those in the no but what you find with these many of these he's <hes> you I believe U._F._o.'s and that kind of thing is a lot of statists a lot of people to believe the government should solve a lot of problems. How can you on one hand believed that the government is hiding important alien technology that could be used to make Americans Americans in the world and the lives of the world better oh like Velcro mark all right <hes> Velcro just fuzzy fabric with some harder fabric attached to it so you say it right? So how can you believe the government is hiding this information and then at the same time believe that it's a good organization to solve problems. I cannot understand this either. It is a you know a competent and secret keeping organization organization or it's an incompetent organization that wishes to keep you know that wishes to the shouldn't be it should matter what secrets they're keeping whatever's it area fifty one or whatever they have on aliens I tend to think is probably just miss identified stuff. I think we're still hung up on this whole is there are there aliens in the first place. I think oh I think there are well. That's certainly life on other planets well. I think this year was the first year the we've last couple years and trump has done a lot of it as released the footage from the Air Force craft <hes> tailing aircraft that cannot possibly be human and quite this well. There's a ton of it and if you look at it you will see things that absolutely cannot be of this earth therefore argo <hes> but how much how much of that stuff is the government gotten ahold of they have well they they could be cooking it up. I guess that's a that's a possible. The government can't stop attacks in their own buildings win. They have that intelligence they can't stop drugs from. They're getting into their own prisons but apparently they can't do anything against this technology found alien technology and I would presume that alien technology allergy would-be found by people not by well by non-governmental people not by governmental people. If you found alien technology would you turn it over to the government people l. no or would you attempt to sell it to the highest Mitterrand Ebay. I would probably the highest bidder on the New York Stock Exchange would be my first attempt. I mean if all we do is only need is a few of those guns from Halo two and we're in good shape yamen <hes> eight fifty five four fifty free. We're talking DOC and aliens. I've been waiting for this owes so very long but I wanna hear from you and what you have to say eight fifty five four fifty free. This is free talk live. The Free State Project Has Reached its goal of Twenty Thousand Liberty Lovers who've pledged to move to New Hampshire and get active to achieve liberty in our lifetime. 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Attorney in Miami a cost infamously cut Epstein non-prosecution plea deal in two thousand seven for charges related to the Sexual Exploitation Vision of underage girls after being asked if the Epstein case would cause a problem in its confirmation hearings accuster reportedly responded that he only ever had one meeting about the case and had been told to back off and that Epstein was above his pay great quote I was told Epstein belong to intelligence and to leave it alone and quote a cost of told interviewers the Department of Labor had no comment when asked about it according to the daily beast they'll liberty has sponsored in part by brave botanical high-quality crate him in C._B._D.. At reasonable prices with excellent customer service Ray Botanical is activist owned and mission driven and believes so strongly in the power of crate him. They're giving it away for free. Just go to free ounce of freedom DOT COM for a free ultimatum delivered to your door. Just pay shipping. 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Now continues use a Phoenix Arizona man who was shot in his genitals by the annex points during a two thousand seventeen anti-trump rally has decided to sue following a recent national investigation into the Social Media Council Police Officers Scottsdale resident John Calvin discovered covered that not only where his genitals targeted by believe pepper balls but he was the hapless brunt police jokes as well President Donald Trump Visit Phoenix on August twenty second 2017 a subsequent rally decrying his presence in the city took place on the streets downtown Phoenix Wchs instead of peacefully protecting the protesters constitutional rights to assemble in protest Phoenix police fired tear-gas and projectiles such as the pepper ball which struck Cohen the young man was drunk in his private parts after he decided to kick a canister of tear gas back in the direction of the police thousands of alien enthusiasts appear to be planning to storm the infamous area fifty one in Nevada in a desperate attempt to gain entrance into the conspiracy theorists mce the mind and unleashed reports in a facebook of that name area fifty one they can't stop all of us was started to announce the plan which is scheduled to take place at three o'clock in the morning of September Twentieth Twenty nineteen at the time of this publication three hundred sixteen thousand facebook users I had R._S._V._p.. To the event at another three hundred forty thousand confirmed the are interested in attending at the time publication over fifteen thousand both had been made in the group with memes plans on how to hats the raid and even merchandise created for the event populating the paint clearly the pages meant to be a joke but with so many saying they want to attend the creator of the page made sure to clear himself of responsibility. If there are some willing to storm the highly secure military base the United States Air Force ars possibility commonly known as area fifty one is a highly classified remote detachment of Edward's air force base within the Nevada test and trading range support for the liberty comes from the conscious resistance network featuring videos news reports arts at articles from a spiritual anarchist perspective experience the conscious resistance at the conscious resistance dot com. How would you like to have your business featured on the liberty beat? You can just an email to liberty at dot news for details house. This is the liberty produced in partnership with S._N._l.. As News in listeners like you the liberty is online at liberty beat DOT news and S._N._l.. Dot News I'm McMurdo reporting for the liberty reminding you spread read liberty with a smile Hodson announcing to your friends family and casual acquaintances that you're trying to conceive dramatically increase the chances of your partner putting a brand new bunning here oven when I was trying for Lincoln I made it a daily goal to bring up which position hunter and I were experimenting with an every conversation I had I told literally anyone I could teachers to babysitters telemarketers that I stand on my head after hunter finishes inside me and sharing that information really helped conceive class people like carrying about it. There's nothing to be ashamed of or high what your husband's unprotected penis feels like as he thrusts how you'll whisper possible baby names in his ears ejaculates these are perfectly perfectly natural things to bring up at an office party or to announce the beginning of a flight the network it it is free talk live and we're live yet again yet again another hour for another hour. This is our number three but we do this every night of the year a year. Now there are some times when you guys go away and in something like freedom fest is happening and you guys will do some reporting from on the scene. We'll do a show for that day but that show show what won't necessarily be broadcast live and allow collins but dollars to donuts your list in between the hours of Seven P._M.. And ten o'clock eastern we're here. We're we're GONNA get a chance to call in. If you would like to weed and if you were listening just a few minutes ago when the last caller called in he was talking about this idea this <hes> this would you call a flash Josh mob <hes> this very large flash mob that is apparently being planned on the Internet to show up at area fifty one in New Mexico to storm the location and see them A._M.. Aliens I believe is what they said they wanted to do. So I'm sitting here going. Nobody's going to show up and I'm looking at my time line on facebook and all of a sudden I see lucrative Hausky is live streaming. Oh yeah they're gonNA show some. Some people will show up. I don't know if it'll be a half a million which is about what have said that they're going to at this point but I I called Ian yesterday my normal I instead we need to go. I think I hey we should do remote from out there trying to figure all that I'm with you. I WanNa talk to the people that showed up on that storm at anything all storm I just WANNA be wherever the the legal line in back here. Wherever far far enough that the bullets are dropping a hit in the sand well it is interesting and I find it fascinating that you know we're we're yet once again talking about U._F._O.'s and I swear to God this skipped the entire country and I don't? I don't think it made news really anywhere. Anybody was paying attention. I was paying attention because I find this stuff fascinating but you know going back to May Twenty Six the New York Times I did a recap of a story that happened in two thousand fifteen where it says <hes> wow what was that navy pilots report unexplained objects and this is been happening over the last has three or four years with regularity the U._S.. Government has been releasing footage of things that they can't explain for. They say they can't explain right so an unidentified flying object is what they say. It is an unidentified flying object. Now are some of these alien visitors. I suppose maybe I don't know I wouldn't propose to know I will certainly say categorically it is it is virtually impossible. That life doesn't exist on other planets I agree. It seems unlikely that some of that life isn't capable of somehow you know accessing technology that will allow them to travel through time and space in ways. We don't understand getting them here because if they're traveling normal sort go to spaceflight slow train kind of you know split spaceflight than they're not coming here because there's nothing exciting here there. There's not doing it but if they can use wormholes to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other whatever then okay then. Maybe they're here if they are then have we do. We have parts from spaceships of there's now that's the question that's getting tough and do we have bodies man that seems unlikely well and neither either of these are exclusive of the other none yeah. That's the whole thing what I do. Find interesting is that you know now. After years and years of conditioning we've seen <hes> Independence Day. We've seen all these different movies and in Twenty Twenty fifteen you know the Navy releases footage of something folks I just past the video over to to bark and we'll try to get it up on our social media but that's just one example of something that you you will certainly look at it and you will certainly say no. There is no way a aircraft using technology that we are familiar with could ever do that and that is the same opinion of the Navy pilots. Let's say in the same opinion of the U._S.. Navy this technology that we can't explain how would how it could possibly do what it's doing. Yeah just tweeted it out. It's at twitter DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT COM and through most of our social media. I'll I'll put it up on our facebook to just to make sure that <hes> unified you folks that are still using <hes> fed book feel like you're still seeing the stuff. I guess the mystery to me is why do we still speak in terms of young well. You know maybe the government's got something or maybe they know something about U._F._O.'s and they're not telling us well. It seems to me that they have over the last few years. They've released all kinds of stuff and they've said they can't explain it what that means when I see an aircraft flying in a way that cannot fly and be normal aircraft that tells me it's another intelligence and if it's not of this earth then it's extraterrestrial intelligence or it's a drone from controlled <hes> with technology by extraterrestrials to me. It just just seems like this is a done deal Davey pilots. Would you know the Navy wouldn't be releasing footage of navy pilot seeing things they don't understand if the navy understood it right yeah and all right. It's up on the facebook book page to their you so I guess that's my question I mean is can find those at twitter dot freetalklive dot com and facebook dot freetalklive dot com thank you <hes> I guess just does does anybody feel that this question still out out there. When I was is growing up I always imagined you know the grand moment when the United States would finally reveal what we what we knew about aliens and it seems to me like they just quietly did it and because there wasn't much reaction action from the public they just you know every year every two years they release a bunch more videos of well? We can't figure out what this is so but we're all so blase about it. What do you think mark? I is that just me. I here's what I think. Basically what I've said. which is that if there are aliens visiting the planet we don't have any evidence of the other than visual perhaps and visual would have to be a mistake AAC on their part like they would have to have technology to not be visible if they can travel here at at all they even cared? Why would I care if I were invisible? It would seem like I wouldn't go and disturb some undisturbed. You're you're still age group that in the Stone Asia that's a good argument and I would presume if they're not here for you no sort of positive reasons by scientific study and that sort of thing then I would say that they're here for that. If they're here for then you know the evidence is they're not here for negative reasons if they're here for sort of warlike reasons we're already screwed. Go the phones phones. Are We got David in New Mexico. Dave Free Talk Live. Tell me about U._F._O.'s won the craft <hes> fifty miles one side of me and another one that the landed and was witnessed by the cops fifty miles the other side of me so is when you were referring to an Roswell is actually a misnomer. It's actually the town the closest is you look on a map. It's Corona yes yes parametric. Rona is is a long ways from Roswell but krona is basically just outside of the white tens Michelle missile range to the east and <hes> the coral is just outside white fans end to the West so these to these two crashes sightings of a decade apart <hes> we're basically centered on whitesands and there's been allegations forever that there's secret stuff I mean decides the obvious secret theft but the secret stuff mysterious stuff at the Air Force Base <hes> anyway I do believe there's something to the to the theory that during the cold warriors four years and you know <hes> that there was more activity reported near nuclear power plants new to closer to bombing ranges and things like that which may be related to our sort of you know spies yeah yeah well no I if you were studying the culture and suddenly they they gained the power to destroy themselves <hes> with that not be of an interest to another well. There's some scientific theory out there that the vast majority of cultures culture that reached the power to destroy themselves do do right go ahead music. You do <hes> hold on all. That's nice. Try <hes> we'll get back to you. Eight fifty five live four fifty free. I want to talk about your foes but you don't have to give us a call. Free Talk Live. This is Michael Dean from the Freedom Teams. I've run websites since nineteen ninety-six and if used over a dozen web hosts in that time address hosting dot COM is the only one hasn't broken. My heart aggregate hosting up time in service is stellar and their D._O._S.. Mitigation is the best I've seen that's important because if you tell the truth in this world you'll ruffle feathers and some people will try dirty tricks to silence your voice no matter what the haters hit us with avarice hosting keeps our websites online. 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This is especially good because those indictments contain the only charge ever made that Ross engaged in murder-for-hire. This was a serious allegation at roles Oprah denies it was never prosecuted or rolled on by a jury but was trumpeted by the the federal government and the media as if it were proven fact the Maryland Court held these indictments for almost five years poisoning Ross's case and leaving him under a cloud of unproven allegations as explained enrolls appeal to the Supreme Court the fact that the judge these allegations to give her a draconian sentence of double life without parole violated his sixth amendment right to a jury trial judges are required to issue sentences based on convictions decided by jury not unproven allegations never even charged at trial although this is a positive development that dropped indictment will not set Ross free now a presidential pardon is Ross is only hope of freedom signed a petition at free Ross Dot Org Free Ross Dot Org so you've heard all three hours of the latest episode of Free Talk Live and you're still hungry for liberty oriented audio content. 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We've been talking about police being encouraged to adopt the punisher logo in solidarity to some officers that been getting in trouble for doing things <music> sort of untoward the behavior of a police officer and we have talked about the presidential elections and we've also talked about had a caller call in about this idea that the the the kids are going the storm area fifty one coming up in September and that got us onto U._F._o.'s in that kind of thing and it's fascinating stuff. I I watched that video Chris that <hes> you shared through our social media's GonNa facebook booked freetalklive dot com you can get a twitter dot freetalklive dot com and you can see this posting of this <hes> the these navy videos shared by the New York Times that the videos are amazing. I'll talk about him here in just one second but I I want to talk about Freedoms Phoenix. It's a liberty oriented news aggregation site and if you want the newest freshest stories and perspective on current events from those who value Liberty Freedoms Phoenix DOT COM has it their daily dispatches the best way to stay up-to-date on science science technology historical findings Liberty News government overspending in the rise the police state freedoms with an S. PHOENIX DOT COM FREEDOMS PHOENIX DOT COM and this video. Here's what I'll say I'll. I don't know whether this you're saying that this device whatever these things are this object the divide flying object this U._F._o.. And that's what it is state identify and he's still remains on unidentified U._F._O.. Flies unlike anything that man knows. I don't know how things fly so what I would say is if I were making a documentary about U._F._O.'s I would use this footage sure but that's all I can say. I don't know anything else. I'm not claiming it's it's aliens or anything like I don't know marker and denial. That's fine. I just kidding. It's not an area that I'm an expert in and I try to remain remain skeptical of everything as long as I can. I understand and I have to be categorically convinced so what I'm convinced of is this is an unidentified flying object and it seems to me for good reason that is unidentified because I couldn't identify and but I don't I don't know the the video like I don't understand what the the other things. I'm looking at and one. It looks like clouds another case. It looks like something over the water. If it's something of the water something could travel that quickly. I don't know I mean you might be seeing a couple different clips <hes> kind of mashed up a couple of different clip <hes>. I think it's interesting clip. I find more convincing than the second when when I would see you know blurry picture of something raise rising over a building right and it was to me it was that could be anything I mean I can see how somebody would say that. Look sorta like a U._F._O.. uh-huh but but it's impossible to get any perspective I don't have <hes> something of a known size to compare it to things like that. I guess what I look at this is this is a visual evidence of a whole new characteristic and the fact that our government hasn't just immediately shut shut it down said you know that's that's swamp. Gas <hes> reflect of Venus or something like that. You know. It hasn't been that it's like like we can't. We can't explain it either. I think that to me is the best evidence that there really is something I think if evidence that there is nothing in area fifty one because if the government is LE- letting <music> out videos of what you know videos of nothing nothing left to see you've seen it all right so why would they <hes>. Why would they then try to keep other things a secret? I think there's varying degrees of secrecy. I know that from my time in the military I'm sure there the government keeps lots of secrets about lots of things in many cases what we've seen as the secrecy has grown over time so I don't I just I don't know I think that the government feels feels really cool things area fifty-one. Why hasn't somebody's smuggled one of them out well yeah? That's a good question. I think this demonstrates to me that it is time to let people know that they were right fight all along about the big picture there are there is other life. There is life besides us. It is not a planet where we're we're not at the center of the of of the universe that there is other life out. I don't know them in straight so I- anybody who takes anytime to think about it who doesn't come at it with some already planted agenda like God created earth and everything else doesn't exist or whatever it's just a big reflection giant mirror whatever the hell they think back tortoise. I don't know what they could come at it with to not believe it but I mean statistically it is impa nearly impossible for life not to exist on other planets now is that at life intelligent well. It is if we call intelligence. Whatever the Hell we've got on this planet then fine the bar isn't that high? We've got likely there at it so have are they capable of interstellar travel well. That's a a we aren't and we don't even know how to do it. At this point scientists in on earth trying to figure out how we would ever get outside of the solar system because it's got some kind of I dunno force field or something but if you can posit that it hyper belt that there are billions of planets out there billions of different forms of life than those have to have evolved during every period of Millennia right <hes> not just happened not just happening to be in the one we're currently and so some of these may evolved technologically a thousand million years ago sure and they could be light years ahead where we are. The most likely situation is the vast majority of them are not as far as long as we are. We're going to go back to the phones where we've got David. We've talked all the way through David David David still there I apologize David but we had so much fun and and he's like the one guy we know from New Mexico the aliens here. He's definitely got Roz sidetrack. You guys got the alien be cool because don't don't turn around mark. Don't look behind you. Look on your monitor the high three alien right now. I don't know I'm hoping they give me a backrub. There are three of them there. You're like either their typical alien faces on your reflected on your black backdrop there all right. I see what you're saying. There is a cam dot freetalklive DOT DOT COM. They're strange shapes made by the lighting in the room the kind of look yeah they're shaped gray a reptilian and a wookey. So what have you seen David <hes> nothing nothing but <hes> on that that that the white fans that's the trinity site is in White Sands and like I said a million times before that was my cousin Ernest Orlando Lawrence that was that made that nuclear material. That's probably what they were after the alien alien to probably after my cousin why would they want. Why would they care about nuclear material? I have no idea but but they were David. Thanks for the call well. It's it's a coincidence that <hes> that all that stuff. Is there where everybody says the are it is indeed a mystery yet another mystery that we will not solve tonight and you don't have to talk about it. You'll just make me a happy guy. If you do consider the number says eight five five four five zero three seven three three it's eight fifty five fifty freeze and Freetalklive is spreading the message of Liberty Crypto currency and peace around the globe worth two dollars per month to you as you may already know in addition to our internet feed Ella Dot F._M.. Broadcast on free to air satellite across north in Central America as well as sub Saharan Africa and we've been available on satellite for Free Twenty four seven since twenty ten the Laura on F._M.. Free to air satellite signal is reaching reaching some of the most oppressive regimes in the world and there's no doubt our ideas are making an impact. You can learn more about the channels impact by watching the three minute video at fund dot L. R. N. Dot F._M.. 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You are listening into probably the only talk show in America being hosted right now by somebody with the debilitating form of lyme disease. I'm just a mess. You ought to see it in my head well. You said that <hes> was making you to make you tired a lot. I got the tired I and then all the symptoms began a more neurological bent so it was <hes> not being able to put a sentence together the quickly. Do you think if there's any chance aliens could be. I think there we go. It's all coming together now alien ticks but it was also <hes> things like a loss of balance blurred board vision and just all kinds of crazy silly things but right now not been talking about anything serious silly. We're talking about serious things and that's U._F._O.'s and believe it or it doesn't feel serious bruce. No I'm going to take over. This radio doesn't need to be serious. Free Talk. Live is not a serious show exactly and we spend on awful lot of time talking about some very serious <hes> topics assure and if that's what people call in about but a guy hi called in about area fifty one and the the proposed Internet idea of storming the place and finding out what dim aliens look like or whatever and I think it could be serious for the people try that well. We're going to go to the phones and see what people want to talk about now. Glenn is calling from Myrtle Beach Glen. You're on free talk live. What's on your mind? Hey guys <hes> what I wanted to tell you was. I've never heard anybody mentioned this before. There's a special unit in the military called the nightstalkers stalkers and they specialize in something called craft retrieval why ran a black uniforms with blacked out helicopters. You can google this real breath retrieval. I'm sorry well. I'm just telling you Google nightstalkers. That's what they do. The second thing I wanted to tell you guys is the reason the aliens might be interested in what we're doing with nuclear is because when you set off a nuclear bomb you set off in E._M.. P._B._S. is freising any electronics that are in the area and just because the Aliens Liam's are more advanced than us. They may not have ever use nuclear as a as a bomb as a weapon even if they have inefficient use it as a weapon so they might not have any idea had a shield against the last and we might be knocking their era electric's out. That's possibility I I would see it as any kind of electromagnetic wave and that's what radio is it can go hang up. I think so the aliens well it says we hung up but I guess if you were to do that. I think this planet would have suddenly appeared very noisy and distant rate aid Artello <hes> telescopes <hes> radio telescopes around the round the all I can say about the nightstalkers as they do not appear to wear black uniforms Sina. Why didn't they go all will Smith? I mean Yeah Pretty Much had the outfit outfit right there. You would look cool do I have. I haven't had a chance to to read anything about them. I don't know if they what they do but <hes> special operations forced the United States army the provides helicopter aviation support for general purposes purpose forces and special operations forces so it sounds like they they fly people into spots or you go. We're going to go to harvey in Texarkana Harvey. You're on freetalklive. What's on your mind? If you guys <hes> any remembrance remember. It's a the congress interviewing James Comey when they were asking him about Hillary Clinton. Yes various times okay. Did you watch very closely. There's two people who threatened combing. Believe me go back and check the tight. I just want to buy say that I did not pay very close attention to that. I usually caught these snippets. It was on the news but tell me well if you ever been around of Mason and I was at one time you will say they have certain signed <hes> there's two people there's two the people that are threatened coming one. What's the black guy he also told? Donald Trump is he would not allow him into his State and he's the head of one of the little cliques they've got going up there. He's also a the free into Farrakhan's interesting. I am not heard a connection between freemasonry and Farrakhan and James Kobe not not re- masonry but this guy gets black guy it threatens company and I you know described his name. I forget it but he's on the special counsel right now this doing some of the investigate you it was a group of five that went to be Farrakhan in there's white guy that was on the same panel and he threatened Komi as well now. So what are you concluding. I'm from this that this is a threat to comb COCOM. You you say anything that we don't like what they said that in a congressional hearing that should be the punchline. Thanks thanks. I know I'm the one who's sitting here talking about U._F._O.'s but it's hard to to follow every possible conspiracy their theory. That's come up about this special special counsel and James Comey and I'm sure there are some of them that are probably on the money and I don't know which one why would you threaten to kill the guy I mean if you kill guy. It's just because you want to limit what he says. If you want to kill the guy he wouldn't threaten them indeed. We're going to go to John in Dover John. You're on free talk live. What's on your mind yeah? Hey guys you probably don't recall. 'cause you obviously get a lot of phone calls from a lot of different folks around the country but I'm the gentleman that introduced you guys to the Cotton Candy Great Utah Candy Grapes. I had some of those yes just this week I do that. I put you on to them and now you're hooked corroborate their delicious. I love him. I I'm telling you I got to new items to let everybody know okay. One yeah yeah man one of them is they're calling dude white and actually I've been thinking this. I idea for years. Douse Dude wipes four guys. Yes I think I can imagine there's basically baby wipes with rebranding. I mean how easy was that man rebranded. I mean toilet papers old-fashioned. You're wiping your wiping still reefs on there. I know what you could do that. You could take it on shark tank like the last Guy I saw on shark tank who brought dude wipes so I'm not going to claim. It's a bad idea but I will claim l.. God okay all I'm saying is if you own your own house. Don't use these because it's going to be bad for your client will cloud you right so but but you're absolutely correct well. I I have a solution for you. There's a company called Toto and they are not paying. There's a company called Todo and they have they sell device called a wash late and this is a lid that goes on your toilet. It's toilet and instead of just being an ordinary toilet which keeps your but from sitting on cold porcelain or covers the toilet depending on how you're using that particular time it also has built into it. Some you know part washing features yes and they have different you can pay different amounts for different ones of these but if they they're all basically the same they shoot water up at your nether regions after you have done the dirty and they clean it off so that you can then use a little teepee to take care of if there's anything left and usually there's not this has changed my life. You're the first one here in the studio who has said that it's it's so much better than real life. I don't know how you animals out there live without. I'm actually now that I've had one man I- toilet paper is the thing in the past folks forget about the paper and let's start getting ourselves cleaned up properly on the backside. I'm all for thanks for the call the eight fifty five four fifty. There's still time for you to get in. You want to talk about whatever you like whether it's the Komi situation whether it's dude wipes or whether it's U._F._O.'s or anything else we're here her to listen eight fifty five four fifty free. This is free talk live since time began tyrants had taken as that personal liberties now. There's a movie that came back. The government has no no more right to tell us what to put our bodies than they have to take our guns or tell us what books we can read six drug. Police were even by bears while rating marijuana farm on your journey hippies today many he cups to enforce Putt laws do so only because it provides them with cushioned jobs good benefits and a chance to push people around. I was an undercover narcotics officer. The drug war is nothing but a farce. The Second Amendment says you gotTa keep you engine GAC contact Johnson we the road freedom film by Michael W Dean and Nima Vidadi D._v._d.. 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you can find out more at dischord dot freetalklive dot com and you can watch us in so many places it's almost easiest is just go to cam dot freetalklive dot com that's a good one on yes <hes> but you know there's also twitch we've got a channel there which any of them yup just put those words in front of free talk live dot com because that's what we do here for you and make it easier for you to go to <hes> any place that we have going on with sub domains was something that's going to work for you and that's what we like to do we are going to go to bear with me we are going to go to decentralize liberty decentralized there hey hey hey yeah it's the colonized by this point encore decentralized works just as well actually but i <hes> at it's more payment i'm actually kinda about <hes> area fifty one and are you going to be farming it with the other millennial five thousand sixty i five thousand people citizens are non citizens and not really but you know people pie mostly americans <hes> storming american base it may why aren't we the government it's our property right where does this five thousand number because i've seen higher numbers than that well be but they have these facebook groups ito how many people taking the six hundred fifty thousand and dividing by ten because you think that might be how many people show up we yes good look the better so here's the latest plan i've seen is the largest of i don't know if i should sheraton this way but the largest number are going to be a have the flanks uncovering initially by naruto runners you know they're running in full speed hands behind the back what kind of runners jaded the guns narrow anime and and the rest of the frontlines will be covered by in cells in the juries and punches and while while they launched ahead on assault that's like operation human sealed in in the back the rare should be unguarded because i mean really how can they have that many guards to cover that many well they will run it's not like they don't have a date and an actual time told them when we're coming you know all of the u._s. military aren't they stop how can they stop that many people well sixty five thousand let's see there's about a half a million people at just in the army alone so no no i disagree with the mark i and this is a good example of what if we just did x. are they going to stop all of us i think in a lot of these situations they can't dan they've got a million plus people they just won't exactly that's a better way of putting it <hes> they have the that number of of soldiers but those soldiers are spread across what seven hundred different countries that we have a military bases in <hes> is god knows where they're at and are they organized to all fall on on the las vegas desert they could get they could get plenty plenty of people to protect area fifty-one if they wanted to protect area fifty one they took it seriously and i do not i do not think that <hes> sixty five thousand and i understand you're dividing by ten here penguin <hes> but i do not think sixty five thousand people we'll show up to storm area fifty one and i suspect that the united states government is just too skeptical as i am i think they're laughing but does would be laughing because there's nothing with finding there but what if not one thing they have alien technology it doesn't that belong to the people the tax payers of this country i think that if if well i guess the answer to that is yes yeah i think so in second of all you know i mean if sixty five thousand some people sixty five hundred people decided to do anything i mean you know when something that needs to be done or people think that important <unk> are they really going to stop but they going to mow people down in order to stop it well you well the first off i think the the number one problem is that the people who are organizing this are organizing it as an attack even if it is a poorly planned attack all sort of a joke attack well okay i mean they're not be if somebody jokes about attacking my house and i shoot him i can then point to the joke attack memes and say hey well so what i think they should do is they should just go naked and say hey we come in peace but we're coming in naked with a pair of of a with the bolt cutters and we're coming in and that way soldiers have to shoot naked people with bolt cutters yeah i mean but sixty five in shouldn't have narrative round can't can't do that but look i i just want to attack anything just want the nealer from halo gun which one so i know that there's some really awesome weapons in halo and i played the i think it was halo two on the xbox probably fifteen or plus years ago which which weapon are we talking about here the nealer was the one that shot like a bright purple neal's that that homed on lurker needless to understand that said nealer somebody somebody from discords says the heck with area fifty one let's all just not pay our taxes for a day then what are you going to do about anything that's a good point question thanks for the call point yeah <hes> i appreciate it <hes> but i think in a lot of these discussions it's like well you know the all the power of the united states will fall well where you get into individual agencies and you know the numbers are not always daunting and you can always make a case that they could if they wanted to but also we the people if we wanted to do a whole lot of things you could do it and i think that's i i love i agree i do i can and i and i support it in so much as they're putting together something right right and i think that it would be interesting to know what's going on in area fifty-one but again i tend to believe if there were some really good stuff to release that trump already released it you thank you would yeah i think he would have yeah yeah i it just for the headlines like he cares about you know making a splash i think if he would have known about it it would have gotten out that's why i <hes> i posit that that may be a reason they don't tell trump some of those things and if not if he hasn't yet released it then he should all he should have demand a trip to area fifty one right like right off i want to be there tomorrow so you don't have a chance to moved the bodies they can't stop him from going and then you know take his pictures do whatever he's going to do and then release it all in october of twenty twenty yeah if that doesn't get him some votes i don't know what will you may be giving trump some ideas here <hes> i don't know i what i what if he wants a wants to even more votes pardon snowden pardon ross albrecht thank you when it comes back to numbers and the might of the federal government i always think back to larkin roses video the tiny dot did you ever see that no it's really short it's really simple but i find it now you can find it on youtube dot com the tiny dot the tiny dot larkin rose but he posits that this big huge behemoth that everybody is terrified of of you know <hes> he demonstrates the size of the i._r._s. and actual size the the size of congress compared to the numbers of the rest of the country and you start to realize that these agencies you know those big huge scary all of a sudden they're not quite so scary well i would agree that the i._r._s. is pretty much hated by americans like i'm guessing that ninety nine percent of americans would say yeah of all the government agencies i hate the i._r._s. the most especially if you feed them that answer true then <hes> you know congress has had ratings as low as six percent <hes> they actually i think four percent lower than cockroaches that were at six percent anyway <hes> i mean congress has has come in lower than cockroaches so yeah you are picking the two groups that people hate the most end without either one of those groups the whole apparatus falls apart that i don't think we need the united states federal government for much of anything i'll i'll go ahead and concede a standing army but i think that standing army could probably probably be it's exactly what they didn't want by the way but that's all right right well hamilton made certainly did wanna standing army in jefferson certainly did not so the federalists wanted to standing in the anti-federalist didn't the argument they arguments they made for standing army makes some sense but the standing army that we have far exceeds anything with the founders even the ones that were pro-military ever imagined ever imagined and that's all the time we have for you but thank you for joining us thank you for entertaining my desire to talk about your foes and all the interesting topics you brought up this evening they'll be more tomorrow evening because we do this every night this is free talk live don't you hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach when the police pull you over most people have no idea how to handle it properly and they promptly get fed into the municipal fee generating meat grinder or maybe you recall that feeling you get when you go to the mailbox box and see one or more letters from the i._r._s. you get a sense of impending doom don't you so let me ask you if you could learn how to use the law to beat the i._r._s. traffic tickets almost any courtroom scenario collectors electors credit card debt and even mortgage debt because of fraud perpetrated against you with that be worth knowing about don't laugh investigate check out the life changing benefits of the lighthouse law club at their website lighthouse law dot club that's lighthouse law dot club and while you're at it visit the lighthouse law club youtube channel you might be in for a pleasant surprise so you've signed the shire society declaration and are planning your moved to new hampshire to be around more liberty oriented people next sign up for the shire society forum at forum dot shire society dot com they're a bunch of people there who are already in the shire and they want went to meet you if you're already in 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team while being vetted for his current position of labor secretary as the former u._s. attorney in miami a cost infamously cut epstein non-prosecution plea deal in two thousand seven for charges related to the sexual exploitation version of underage girls after being asked if the epstein case would cause a problem in his confirmation hearings accuster reportedly responded that he only ever had one meeting about the case and had been told to back off and that epstein was above his pay great quote i was told epstein belong to intelligence and to leave it alone and quote a costal interviewers the department of labor had no comment when asked about it according to the daily beast they'll liberty has sponsored in part by brave botanical 's high-quality crate him in c._b._d. at reasonable prices with excellent customer service ray botanical is activist owned and mission driven and believe so strongly in the power of crate him they're giving it away for free just go to free ounce of dot dot com for a free on sub-crater delivered to your door just pay shipping that's freelancers creidim dot com this is the latest edition of the liberty find us online at liberty beat dot news and s._n._l. s. dot news your news now continues us a phoenix arizona man who was shot in his genitals by the next points during a two thousand seventeen anti-trump rally has decided to sue following a recent national investigation into the social media council police officers scottsdale resident josh cohen discovered would that not only were his genitals targeted by belief pepper balls but he was the hapless bryant a police jokes as well president donald trump visited the knicks on august twenty second 2017 a subsequent rally decrying his presence in the city took place on the streets downtown phoenix instead of peacefully protecting the protesters constitutional rights to assemble in protest phoenix police fired tear-gas and projectiles such as the pepper ball which struck cohen the young man was drunkenness private parts after he decided to kick a canister of tear gas back back in the direction of the police thousands of alien enthusiasts appear to be planning to storm the infamous area fifty one in nevada in a desperate attempt to gain entrance into the conspiracy theorists mecca the mind at least reports in a facebook of that named storm area fifty one they can't stop all of us was started to announce the plan which is scheduled to take place at three o'clock in the morning of september twentieth twenty nineteen at the time of this publication three hundred sixteen thousand facebook users i had r._s._v._p. to the event at another three hundred forty thousand confirmed the are interested in attending at the time of publication over fifteen thousand both had been made in the group with memes plans on how to hatch the raid and even merchandise created for the event populating the paints clearly the pages meant to be a joke but with so many saying they want to attend the creator of the page made sure to clear himself responsibility if there are some willing to storm the highly secure military base the united states air force facility commonly known as area fifty one is a highly classified remote detachment of edwards air force base within the nevada test and trading range support for the liberty comes from the conscious resistance network featuring videos news reports the articles from a spiritual anarchist perspective experience the conscious resistance at the conscious resistance dot com how would you like to have your business featured on the liberty beat you can just send an email to liberty beat at s._n._l. s. dot news for details house this is the liberty produced in partnership with s._n._l. as news in listeners like you the liberty is online at liberty beat dot news and s._n._l. dot news i'm mcmurdo reporting for the liberty beat reminding you spread read liberty with a smile scene which must have been terrible which this dude survived in his healing from physically and emotionally that never would have happened you know so it's just like we move into this more removed conversation about figure who is dead before we were born right and i walk over into this conversation from an actual victim of of that drug war that that took place in many ways now there's obviously lots of surrounding circumstances instances and variables but i think it's a fair connection and he made that connection for me right you know he i mean he described himself he didn't use the word victim but you know this this tragedy was a consequence of the american drug war yes yeah yeah and it shows you that <hes> enslavers legacy to to use that as an example and slingers legacy is still front and center yeah and then maybe history does matter nice things things have consequences yeah i mean history definitely i think all of these things matter and i think like building that understanding is really important but just as a contrast to that that conspiracy conversation we were having for a while they're remembering to take some kind of meaningful action in your own life even if it is just i've seen like you turn more recently into like these are the things that i'm doing that helped myself yes you set it on it it was it was in an interaction yesterday with nick that i was watching right but that's something that you're kind of building into your online persona and your brand is well yeah yeah i'm actually planning on rolling out a second second podcast not that i'm not that i'm retiring the industry podcast i guess by any means but yeah it's actually i'm going to try and get it live by the end of the summer if i can and it's going to be more focus on that because i've brought those sorts of things up on my show in various ways often on since the the beginning <hes> but i i feel like that kind of stuff deserves its own its own r._s._s. feed and all that goes with it yeah yeah because the dangerous through history podcast i want to own a keep it more tied in with history in a way it's sort of like how dan carlin when i don't think he's done his current events podcast much lately but no how he did he did a current events podcast and his history show that we're the history show could just be the history show yeah and and so yeah i mean i'm more interested in that and it's sort of you know parallel l. l. to the the trajectory that your show has has gone on over the long term of like you start off with like here's here's a all all the exquisite details of the problems and then move onto the solution i mean and i'm gonna i'm gonna still be doing both simultaneously you know yeah <hes> but yeah i definitely have been more and more overtime coming around to that point of view that it's more effective that the most important thing is like i don't worry anymore about like fixing these big corrupt institutions asians i don't waste a whole lot of mental energy i i like to research them teach people about them because number one i have fun doing it i think it's interesting i want to sit there and read deep dark book about harry answering or whatever even if i wasn't doing a presentation that something i'd be interested enrichment yeah yeah yeah and people will learn and hopefully they'll think more critically descend general about about current events in history and all that but but that i'm i'm not under any delusion that like my podcast is contributing to saving the world and you know creating a more humane and free tomorrow not really not you're not in any real measurable sorta way other than maybe freeing individuals in terms of their thinking and that's a good thing and i'm happy to do that and when i hear about people that you know kind of inspired them or whatever to think more critically about things that's great but i'm not sitting around on the golf we could do sabaj the c._i._a. or abolish this or abolish that and so yeah now more on your your circle of your direct circle of control role <hes> bottom up sort of thing individual up not not expecting these institutions to fix things and so yeah i mean i've long since thrown in the towel on being real worked up about like politics and all that crap i think it's much more important focus on yourself and your immediate surroundings and family and all that stuff and improving yourself and in the meantime it is still a service for other people with what you do dangerous history story right because i'm always reminded in one of the things that motivated me in the beginning and motivates me continuously harry brown said at some point long ago if you have something to say make sure you say it make sure to as many people as you can yes because you don't know i know how somebody else might be able to leverage some revelation or some piece of information in what in what you said that you provided in a way that you never thought of doing it <hes> so <hes> that's something that that always motivates me it's one of the things about events like this that excite me when somebody says oh i used to i listen to your show or i'll settle for i used to listen to your show you know and i did this or thanks for helping me with this because then i did this i think with i think those stories are great and i'm sure you're definitely have them to yeah so why don't we leave it they're going to get my car and drive for the rest of this day yeah well good luck with that i'll be i'll be driving and then flying and then driving having again yes airports like an hour and a half my house that i that i fly into so yeah i wanted to thank you to i mean i it's always good to be able to interact face to face but i wanted to thank you for participating in our first virtual summit yes and you know part of that project as you're talking about starting a new podcast that's more focused on one area i'm sitting here looking at going would a genius i wish i knew that back when i could have done it i mean i should have four or five podcasts in in school sucks you know we have this jackson pollock map of topics i've spent a lot of the last year like just for s._e._o. purposes trying to map them and understand how this fits is a coherent picture but i said okay if a person invests i don't know fourteen hundred hours to hear everything that we've produced <hes> what are the what are the biggest takeaways they would what are the the skills or the value that they would have obtained from doing that so the project with virtual summit is to identify those things and then condense it into a twelve hour fifty an hour project and i i also sought input from the audience on how to do that and one of the things the audience wanted most was better research skills so you were one of the first people thought for that <hes> we had an awesome conversation about your method i'm excited that that <hes> you know the people who attend that are going to be able to hear that so thank you for your participation in that as well you're very welcome in and just folks can probably by the time the university is live i would guess my podcast episode of my presentation probably will have already been published some you know if you want an example of of what the results are of of my approach to research you can listen to my harry answering or presentation <hes> it'll be an episode of my podcast and and basically the stuff that i talked to about in unversity module that i did is exactly what i did for answering her but i had to do it in a hurry literally working on it on the plane ride i was working on it after i got here i was working on at mytalk was at twelve noon i was i was working on still jotting things on notecards as of eleven thirty in the night said that's it done get to know more you're stopped meditated wen went and delivered it so that's that's that's my results even from doing it in sort of a truncated way in a bit more of a hurry than i normally would <hes> and by the way for anybody looking ahead toward that second podcast getting started it is going to be the gorilla scholar warrior podcasts and that's that's also what i turned my research methods that i talked about with brett how to do research like a guerilla scholar warrior how to be resourceful even when you have limited resources including time and money awesome awesome thanks for sitting down with me today this was great totally different than what i expected i knew we were gonna talk about harry and slinger for fifteen minutes and the arrest was was up in the air but i like came together yeah we did we did almost like a mini rogan sort of thing i felt that way during it yup i was like that but better yeah i feel like really quick we ought to we ought to talk about animal videos on youtube <hes> we ought talk yeah what are the i can just added that later let's talk about archery real quick to we'll see jay thanks for doing it i'm glad we get to do this joint production absolutely my pleasure i hope you've enjoyed listening to the dangerous history podcast and i hope that you found some value in it if you have and you'd like to contribute to my work there are many different ways that you can help out one that costs you nothing but maybe a little bit of time and effort is to help spread the word about the show to anyone you think might be interested in it there are also a bunch of ways that you can financially assist me to continue doing the work that i do and to continue making it better as best i can as time goes on the most helpful way and the one that gives you potentially a lot of value back in return is to sign up for a recurring contribution via either patriot or subscribe star and the links to my patriot page and my subscribe star page will be in the show notes of this episode doc i now have multiple levels of support via either patriotic or subscribe star for two dollars per month you are at the apprentice scholar warrior level and you will get access to all of the vintage h._p. episodes meaning meaning the first fifty 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are what keeps this thing going winging keeps me doing the work that i do so i hope that you will consider helping out this has been another episode of the dangers history podcast as always doing my best to help you learn the past understand the present and mm prepare for the future hi this is nathaniel lloyd host of historical blindness us this podcast is brought to you by a._d._t. visit a._d._t. dot com slash podcast to learn more about real protection with a._d._t. hi this is nathaniel lloyd host of historical oh blindness this podcast is brought to you by a._d._t. visit a._d._t. dot com slash podcast to learn more about real protection with a._d._t. so the protection of life is liberty and properties is what the friday price about but it's it's an effort to move twenty thousand people who understand it's about demonstrating to the entire country yeah we can have a free market a truly fee market making it just a great place i live it's the world's largest while interests libertarian community and it's only getting bigger that's something amazing to be able to move through plans for other people's passionately believe in being free and independent what the free state project is managing to do though is to you put their money where their mouth physically getting up across the country and saying let's go someplace let's demonstrate the power of these ideas there's a lot of kind of philosophy that surrounds liberty there's a lot of thinking about it and talking about it but here in new hampshire people are doing one hundred one reasons liberty lives in new hampshire a documentary by free state project early movers watch it free at one one reasons film dot com one oh one reasons film dot com there are lots of ways to listen to free talk live our podcast has been around since podcasts began and now the f. t. l. feed is loaded with content besides our full show archives did you know that we make it easy for you to customize your podcast subscriptions we have different 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dot f._m. get mortgage shows dot l. r. iran dot f._m. as marketing technologists and futurists we attempt to see and pinpoint the trends that are going to impact the masses with the current social media landscape being a constant state of of controversy it seems that the market is primed for disruption we think that the newest attempt by block one may be the social media site that finally brings social media to blockchain in a significant way in fact were so down with this that we're starting a new show based on what blocked one is calling e._s. voice the e._s. voice news podcasts will be focused purely on this new platform and today we're going to introduce you to the show so you'll be informed informed enough to go and hit that subscribe it's the cutting edge of social media in we're here to show you the way on a special e._s. voice news episode of the bad crypto podcast travis right disruption is coming it's coming wing coming for you how can you be sure what's coming for zuckerberg soccer bergh's gonna hit is in dorsey well you know look we talk about this in the episode so i don't want to go into too far but this this is what you're about to here is a crypto show but it's a separate podcast that were launching right now and we thought that we wanted to do a dedicated show for e._s. voice because we are going all in on it well we've had a lot of conversations with a lot of folks and you know we just couple episodes ago we were talking about mortiz that our friend <hes> kurt brag integrated you guys it hurt him he was on a previous episode he's really big on developing developing stuff in the us we've had a lot of conversations with him in and then joel's always benefit fan of whenever you know the announcement for yaas voice came up we both were like okay this this could be really really big potentially and again we're not financial advisor we're not even prognosticators i think we both have feeling inside or maybe it's just a hopefulness i just kind of have a hopefulness that somebody disrupts facebook in disrupts youtube and disrupts twitter right and even read it has some issues we and we've seen from videos at pinterest has issues there's a lot of bias going on in media and i think that with the right social media solution that could be solved i hope that you are right mr travis right in by the way we're not prognosticators but you are no sir dumb ass i am extra dumb ass that is so we talk more about the wise in the show and i think you'll see why we felt it merited its own podcast rather than doing it ongoing as part sort of bad crypto so give us a now to see us voice news episode number one the cripple world is fast evolving and the rest of the world will soon soon be trying to keep up with the announcement facebook's libra coin a newfound legitimacy for crypto and blockchain has risen amongst businesses and investors alike and yet there are very real fears about facebook becoming a world bank it's bad enough they have such monopoly on social media so we've been waiting for a new platform to rise up and become the disruption that the centralized social media world needs it may finally be happening courtesy of block one in the us intended to be a rework of many of the shortcomings for today's social media landscape voice promises social engagement in interaction that rewards users for their content what a novel idea i'm joel calm and i'm travis right and we're using our voice that we are and we welcome you to a new show dedicated to what we believe might be the disruption we've all been waiting for this is episode number one of of yaas voice news and welcome down the rabbit hole for episode number one of a new journey that we are taking and we invite chewed join us for the us voice news podcast the website e._s. voice dot news to get not only this podcast but also guess what the latest e._s. voice news we're getting newsy with it and <hes> this is one of those things that joe and i've had conversations around social media the evolution of social media and how to fix it right because it's become so divisive and a lot of channels you have so how many bots like you don't know if you're talking to somebody who's real or not i mean if you look at some you know even some political things on twitter and then you go look at instagram or go look at other channels like some people get massive amounts of hate over here no hate over here a little bit lots lots of love over here it's just while you can see there's lots of bots watson lots of lots and lots and i think that <hes> from what we've read voice is going to help eliminate a lot of that by making sure that everybody's a validated you absolutely and that's what the show is all about it's just about two years ago as july eighteenth two thousand seventeen that travis and i went down the crypto rabbit hole really dug in there and launched the bad crypto podcast and so almost two years later we also now now believe that we see the future because you know we've been looking at the various social platforms that have come out and of course steam it formed by dan larimer also coincidentally of voice <hes> was one of the first this one's out there and kind of a read it style social media platform and people can get rewarded for content and those that got in early did get rewarded but i always felt like steam it fell just a little bit short it it wasn't enough for me to go all in i i don't think that it's solved the problem right fake accounts and if you have a lots of fake voices and you have the ability to create massive amounts of fake doc voices then what happens is you can sort of shift narratives and i think a lot of the divisiveness is going on in america's the results of lots of bots you know reinforcing planted narratives and they say i'm over and over again and it's on the mainstream media and you have people parenting on social media and next thing you know people are believing that stuff and you can say oh the russians did this or the russia that but it's botts let's just eliminate any sort of geographic traffic issue let's just say you know when you can program bots to massive spam any sort of platform that's bad that's not good social it's not having authentic voices we need a platform where everyone has an authentic vintage voice and the voices are heard in the voices are not censored mr joel com that's a big problem we're seeing yeah that is a huge problem and you keep saying bought some starting to think you might be a bought i am drive about three thousand i have just got my a new update and i am ready to speak my voice you know we've talked about some other apps in the social space we feature them on the bed crypto podcast we've talked about the bravo up bravo coin dot com that is a social media blockchain based as alternative to trip advisor and yelp right we love bravo it's it's a cool app <hes> we've talked a little bit about the karma app and that is kind of a alternative to instagram were you can post photos and earn karma tokens that are then exchangeable for real world money's but all of these i believe predecessors to the one that one killer app that has the potential essential to really do what these others haven't been able to and that's why we're starting this show because we think the power of yaas and the power of block one in the huge bankroll that they have have could make voice the platform that we've all been waiting for that we don't know a lot about voice shit we know that there have been some press releases out there in some news put out and of course you could find links is to the show notes <hes> and of course you could find all the links in the show notes at voice dot news in this episode number one in you'll find on coined desk the announcement that took place on june first i blocked out one is launching social media platform on the us blockchain and they say according to the c._e._o. brendan bloomer who we hope to have on the show in the not-too-distant future that voice will stand in and out by not turning its users into products quote our content our data our attention these are all incredibly valuable things but right now it's the platform not the user that reaps the rewards by design they run by auctioning ending our information to advertisers pocketing the prophet and flooding our feeds with hidden agendas dictated by the highest bidder voice changes that i like that auctioning advertisers pocketing profit flooding feeds he's got all the alliteration and they're very nice very nice great job brendan bloomer also alliteration <hes> you know i think that you know you started i'll be really excited about your back in the day back whenever it started they were doing the year long i._c._o. which was very unique and you jumped in i jumped in there was a time when people we had some friends i think it was maybe it was our buddy from decentral net who was like yasser fifty cents you should probably by a lot of it and i'm like we're like okay maybe we will the next thing we looked at it it was like way high like oh probably should about more <hes> but <hes> it's been interesting to watch this thing evolve and you know then they did their their their switch from the <hes> coin that was on the twenty and then then you had to switch that out i actually have lost my my my password wasn't working i finally figured that out and then we had a great conversation with our buddy kirk brag it and many of you within the community no of kurt he's built a lot of really interesting things he's building this project called email which is a decentralized email platform is also built this <hes> this new coin called borys right which is a bribery token would you you get people to do things for bribes so he's well connected into the community in the more that he talked about capable the more he was selling us right yeah absolutely it's you know i started playing with it and you know hooked up my scatter and started putting a little bit of e._s. in new decks and buying some various tokens and projects excellent thought wow de apps are super cool and certainly some of them are being built on a theory and someone tron but i feel like he us is the most advanced and most promising of you know of these platforms forms now neither your our financial advisers and we'll give full disclaimer right now that on this show this is just our opinion this is here for entertainment for information and you should never buy or sell anything based on what we are any any of our guest talk about you should go to your own due diligence because it's your money and you you should know what you do it you speak you preach brother <hes> it's it's you preach on and you know that's it we're not we're not even affiliated with voice we are just when we have no we have no connections at he owes we have no connections voice we are just saying hey yeah yet we are social media professionals marketing professionals that joel i have been in this this marketing we over forty forty five years of marketing experience between him and i you know we've written sixteen books collectively on marketing <hes> joe comes he's written <hes> you know fifteen times as many as i have <hes> those books yes you do the math on that and <hes> but here's the deal you know mr joel com he's he was there when the beginning of the affiliate stop start in the internet marketing and the digital marketing and that stuff he's early on it i built the first website and the first twenty thousand websites on the internet and we've seen how things are progressing both of us have and we see how out and we've seen a lot of watches mr joel come we've seen a lot of launches of startups that's popped up mir cat periscope google plus we've seen snapchat sort of rising has an and we tend to get in on these platforms early yeah yeah we do i mean that's because we like to play with the toys and we see stuff that we think is you know whether we think it's cooler now we evaluated and go yes this has potential <hes> i don't think so oh and this is why that i've never gone all in on steam it and nothing against the steam a community great people and you know great project i just never sought as the one that you know if i'm an invest my time and an effort and creating content that is really going to pay off i see it is <hes> they were the my space of the crypto social world right there i wants to the table but they're not going to be the last in especially when oh you've got somebody like a block one in e._s. they raised four billion dollars in their year long i._c._o. these guys have bucketloads of cash in fact we discovered just this week that the purchased the voice dot com domain name from micra strategy that also has a bunch of other names they own names like glory dot com mike dot com speaker dot com you know some really valuable valuable one word names they paid get this thirty million dollars in cash in a transaction facilitated by go daddy to use this domain dot com if they're willing lean to pay that much for the domain name i can only imagine how many hundreds of millions they're going to be putting in at least what appears to me in order to build this site an app successful steph have squatted on some amazing domain names strategy dot com wisdom dot com courage dot com those are pretty great names voice dot com right not even the voice t._v. show <hes> you know would pony up to micro strategy to snag voice i don't know if they try but i'm saying thirty million dollars that's the most is that the most that's ever been paid for domain missile because i know i've seen sex dot com was like ten million i remember that way back those like in the late sex dot com sulfur ten million business dot com i believe so for like seven million this is all the top of my head i don't remember the numbers exactly i've never seen a domain just a domain name go anywhere near this price yeah it's pretty outrageous and i guess the the e._s. conference they made this announcement it was at the be one june event at washington d._c. block one had a presentation there in the c._e._o. spoke in dan larimer who's the c._t._o. you know he's the techy dirty he coached guy spoke and then brennan bloomer is the one who announced this so the social platform voice will use the voice token and dan says that it has the fairest token distribution action in the world you can't create it by buying it or by mining it can only be created by real people communicating or creating great content and in order to make sure that the creation of tokens as legitimate there's a multi step authentication process so they make sure every single account is unique and belongs to a real person all right i found it was joe calm the most expensive domain names of all time starting at number for ten actually starting at number eleven casino dot com five point five million number ten israel dot com five point eight million or their beer dot com seven million you know many beers that could actually buy you so so so you know beer was like israel has the most expensive domain name and beer dot coms like hold my beer hold my beer yeah and then diamond came along and was like oh girl's best friend seven point five million number eight tied <hes> with the business dot com for seven point five million in december nineteen ninety nine f. b. dot com i was barred from farmers bureau facebook bought that for eight point five million porn dot com nine point five million in two two thousand seven fund f. u. n. d. <hes> nine point nine nine million in two thousand eight hotels dot com eleven million sex dot com fourteen million in two thousand six and insure dot com was the previous number one domain name for sixteen million in two thousand nine insure dot com now the number one mr joe com with a bullet voice dot com for thirty million they more almost doubled the previous <music> hi it's a cutter reminds me of <hes> new york real estate right how they keep selling some of these apartments for more and more and i saw somewhere that like two hundred million was the new high manhattan-based georgia a jeff bezos just bought like some huge ridiculous one bought the top two or three floors including the main master sweet and now he has the to bottom floors underneath that he's renovating all of it and create like two hundred and fifty thousand square foot home or something ridiculous us at the top of some building in new york <hes> well we don't know a lot about voice yet we know that if you go to voice dot com the site is live now you can watch the keynote we're brendan shared about voice and you could request do it do that do that watch that keno the whole keynotes thirty minutes but if you click on that button right there and says watch the keno it takes you like twenty two minutes into the video where they start talking about voice and they talk about voice for about five to ten minutes or so so that will give you a nasal overview of why you might wanna start paying attention to voice yeah and you can also sign up for the beta which we have requested you know we've not heard back from them yet we're looking forward to it but we do know a couple other things this article from crypto slate dot com written by some goldfarb on in june twelfth says that the block one c._e._o. expects fifty to one hundred million dollar payday for top influencers on voice now i don't know where he's coming up with the money that you know that coming up those numbers but they're definitely hyping up the idea that hey there's going to be some people that can really make bank on voice yeah well he said this in some tweets or this was on twitter i guess i might have been text message that said i think give it this way if someone with a hundred million followers switched over to voice and fifty million of them follow we expect that they could make fifty to one hundred million dollars just for switching and that's more than the net worth of many of those influencers and he goes on to say trust me we're thinking thinking deeply on the same level you are and are saving our marketing for when we're ready to bring them on no they're not ready to bring everybody on yet <hes> you know they are ready they think that some of these big top influencers can bring in fifty million followers i mean could you imagine imagine if i just say trump said hey i'm moving over to voice because everybody needs you know their own voice to be able to be heard and then fifty million people from twitter came over or if like pupae right comes over from from youtube with his hundred million subscribers and or or kylie jenner i saw i saw <hes> taylor swift she had a new song my kids listen to it and i as our instagram hundred eighty eight million followers like you if she brought her you know followers over to voice and she's getting paid for the content that her that her fans are endless or creating to like i not only what you're creating there's some override stuff going on on this thing and we don't even know all what's going on but the opportunity to make money from your content and have these influencers in these micro influencers coming over to this platform in droves it could be the biggest shift in up social media in the new blockchain world potentially i think especially if these guys do some smart marketing <hes> you guys is over at block one if he needs a marketing input from some guys who have been there we've already got some thoughts about this but the way that this works is you need an e._s. account in order to use voice but everybody who signs up for voice will get a free account now i'm hoping that the whole ee us type interface stuff is really made <hes> transparent right that that it is just it's fluid because e._s. can be a little complicated it to us you know if i wanna use some yasser apps i have to have my e._s. account my e._s. wall i have to download an app lakes scatter that's going to connect me to some of these apps for example ever a pedia you know is thinking about that i was just going to talk about that with you it's a decentralized wikipedia which needs disruption yeah that has these smoothest on boarding process of any social media blockchain project yet the way they have that thing set up there is so smooth it's like you sign up and then it creates all the stuff that you need in the background and it allows you to be set up without having to do all the k._y._c. a._m. l. all that stuff prior to that it's like whenever you earn enough crypto hotel and then you need to withdraw it will now you need to go through all your k._y._c. so they don't bog down right in the beginning and that i think is the on boarding process because you know what was it what was the one thing we had to get on we had to get on scatter first and then we had connect scattered of this and then then they tried to do all this k._m._l. know your customer you know anti-money-laundering stuff and then i was like wow this is took like ten minutes to try to onboard on this thing people who aren't crypto savia just gonna plop off and say if it's too hard you know exactly needs to be simple in a needs to feel like social sites that they are familiar with in terms of the you i just needs to be easy to onboard into us a less article i wanna reference here is written by anita car bobak hope i got your name right anita on e._s. writer dot i oh and she gives a lot of metrics about the <hes> social media usership in all that but what's particularly interesting to me is how oh the voice token is going to be used the goal is to reward unique users for content creation content discovery into empower your own voice the more people like what you post are saying comments the more rewards you'll earn what was the last time that instagram page you to comment travis <hes> let me think never how about facebook <hes> no they facebook allows me to spend my money on adds to get more get more more attention it's true well now you can spend your token rewards to get more visibility for your most so you can certainly by <hes> you know you can prime the pump to get more visibility for your posts using the tokens they call it voicing your posts so you can use your awards to make them more visible bring more attention so that way of someone else voices their content brings your comment down around you get your tokens back plus ten percent of additional tokens as a reward so there's some mechanisms or putting in place here with the token nomex that will make for interesting content creation and and advertising <hes> i think i think what's really great about this mr joe com is that you know dan larimer he has had some people give him a hard time oh well you were on bit shares then you laughed and steam and you didn't complete steam either one of those i don't know which one he did i think it was bet shares <hes> and and now he's on e. ause it's like are you gonna finish this or you're gonna get and i think he said that he's i read her that he's got like a ten year commitment ios and with what he's done previously i really liked act are really liked bit shares in the ability to have a username and i could send it i can send crypto to a username that's handy and then you know steam does the same thing you can actually send steam to a username and you're connecting it to a different account and whatnot so i think that is so huge now dan if you look at this article here on e._s. writer i think this is the most comprehensive article that i've seen on it actually shows a screen cap of what the app looks like he's got dan lamour has eight hundred twenty three three followers it looks like <hes> sixty seven dan step steps up there is his post he's authored post that he's voiced comments that he's voiced and then things that he's liked so that's that's sort of the three areas it looks like where people can create create new content you can comment on other people's content or you can like their content so those are three areas we well cryptos tra- between you and myself in bed crypto travis we have over a million followers on twitter and i will not hesitate to to this platform is everything we're hoping it is according to what we've seen i will not hesitate to say hey time to move guys twitter is is so you know two thousand eight it's over free speech is becoming a thing of the past asked ended it's time to be rewarded for your content rather than be the product and i'm going to encourage people to move at that point you know i remember i remember when snapchat was taken off in evan the c._e._o. very young and and <hes> facebook said we wanted to give you three four billion dollars for snapchat and he said now probably get only good decision on they basically said hey what are you going to create our own now if you look at facebook and facebook messenger and instagram they had those same stories and stuff snapchat has but <hes> i think voice has a really unique opportunity to do crypto and social media right where we're identifying exactly who's going on <hes> and you you allow people to earn money like we're getting into a new age of civilization folks where a a lot of traditional jobs are gonna start going away right we're seeing automated driving vehicles already is not going to be too long taxi drivers and uber drivers are gone and even truck drivers right and then think about all these other industries that hey i can completely disrupt and what you do so have you have your voice and that's why i do think that <hes> the company that gets it right and join i've had conversations in both of our intuitions is like you know if the leadership on this team i know there boy genius is right and i know that they've done they've already ready been successful <hes> you know with with raising four bill creating four billion our company these guys are super smart but i don't know that they know social media like maybe you know other people i know that you and i we've seen these we've seen very unpromising ones we were there at the very beginning of a lot of different ones and we've seen how they've had these trajectories and then they and then the more they fail we've seen the failing points we been there we we were part of the drive that brought so many people onto google plus right i mean that initial racial group of people coming in on google plus that initial group on blab like we saw what blab will do it right you're had was i was the most followed i was the most follow personable ab i brought a ton of influencers over to that platform which was great platform reform the <hes> the team there you know they screwed it up as far as we were concerned and they pull the plug on us one day but you know it's all about influence and it's all about getting influencers you know real influencers are those who influence influencers there's and and it's a it's about getting those people on board and again if this project is everything that i hope it's going to be i'm going to be telling other influencers to say hey here's the future guys member on the future as i showed you guys this this and this before it was a thing and now you think about this too is that you know we moved over to blockchain from social media and marketing world right and <hes> that whole space because you know i wrote a book called digital sense which is is all about social business strategy it's all about customer experience and marketing technologies and what got me going was about blockchain when i started reading digesting and really fully understanding the emerging technologies and understanding where blockchain fits end of the universe and we knew that then you go oh see if blockchain and social media start having which we've been thinking about for over three years now mrs joe cobb or at least talking about it and that's great man saying if somebody could fix social media that's huge blockchain i think think do it we were working on a project called deep sea which was sort of like a red at twitter kind of social media platform where there was a the ability for people to earn based on their likes and the content that they authored and also you could take your your currency currency and then <hes> you could you basically steak and they could turn into ice so we had this water theme going but anyway <hes> you know that didn't happen the c._e._o. kind of all i want to do a youtube instead we never got set up and then we could see all these i you know these isos happening and everything else and we said we're not going to raise an i._c._s. until we actually have some things so we wanted to do everything right and seeing voice i think is why is it so exciting to us is that we've we've been social media experts and influencers right and we've talked joel joel com wrote the book on twitter right he wrote the for twitter book and we see social we have we mr joe calm you go to social me either to the social media world every single year and you're connected to all those you actually were just today talking about lieber on social media marketing world's podcast right the examiner i was just for the record warren whitlock had the first book on twitter mine was mind was the second twitter power but we sold a lot more than warren into this day he reminds me of hey that of that <hes> but yeah we you know the the people in the social media marketing world i've been telling <hes> you know my friends in that world that hey it's humming a you know because they're they're scrambling trying to figure out what to do with facebook next facebook facebook keeps moving the cheese right it's like all over here in and bill the page and all guess what you can't reach people on that page anymore without paying us back over here and make a group oh guess what you can't connect video to this group anymore anymore in l._a. we're gonna have our own crypto and we're going to become a central bank all of our own and work in a band people that we don't like what they say oh you lost your page and you wanna context somebody it support you can't sucks to be used and so so you know meanwhile they're all scrambling right everybody in the social media marketing world they're scrambling to figure out how do we use these platforms and they should be using those platforms now because that's where their audience is but their audiences going to move just like vine right twitter oh bought vine in and in vine was huge there was influencers on there that had millions of followers and then one day twitter said you know what we don't like vying anymore we're going to pull the plug on it and those people that built a platform right they built it on somebody else's land they didn't own their content they were the product had nowhere to go they had to start over somewhere else and with decentralized social media you are not the product you own your content you get paid for your content and that's why we're excited about this and we're going to be covering yaas voice news as often as news comes out we can't say that this is going to be a weekly podcast or twice a week or every other week it's when there's something to say or when we've got somebody to interview that we believe is gonna bring value value and you'll be able to find that all yaas voice dot news and we would s it you subscribe to this podcast wherever it is you're hearing subscribe review spread the word phone a friend get a lifeline and we'll let your memes dreams right you can make hey i want to say this though you made a comment earlier about facebook right it so we were in the eye of the storm when google and facebook and those guys decided they wanted to ban crypto currency ads right they said if you're in a crypto currency you can't add you can't do advertising or if you have service or whatever around crypto you can advertise in a youtube actually said well you're talking about crypto currency and we're going to ban your profile and even though we've never vermeille recommendations on coins dubai never pumped up do you think we're we're we're adamantly against that we're all about hey do your own due diligence critical thinking figuring things out for yourself don't you know by bs narratives think things through on your own right it's kind of what we teach and we'd like to think about that and facebook they banned cryptocurrency ads and then they ban them and immediately started building their own crypto currency called lieber which have been which has been very much talked about over these last this last week since it just came out up and it seems very bullshitting to me to be able to block and ban social media as forks crypto currencies while building your own cryptocurrency mind you right and then like about a month ago they decided yeah we'll turn crypto ads back on and then they're announcing they've created their own stable coin and crypto and you know all these twenty two members of the of the libra foundation or whatever like their staking ten million dollars in all the money that's going to be in those bank accounts are are gonna earn interest for those big companies guess what none of that crypto is going to be coming down in flowing down to you you're going to buy your still the product i you know i think libra in one way is very good because hey cool more and more people are going to hear about crypto but guess what you're still a product product all those big companies are making more and more money off of you you're not making anything for your content so how about pick up your friends and your family and say oh let's move over to voice when the time is right if you know voices as good as we think it will be you know now let's see and maybe we'll have a migration thing going on and if it's not we'll stop doing the show host sorry about that we were not so we're we're past and our our past this vision of twenty twenty yeah exactly hey thanks listen everybody we appreciate it again go to e._s. voice dot news make sure you subscribe to this podcast wherever you listen to it and until next time what are we tell them travis what do they do we can't can't tell the state man uh-huh stay bad we could tell them to use their use their voice let your voices be heard is you don't silence your voice don't let big tech silence you your voice go in and say negotiation isn't just something union leaders and sports agents do your entire day is a series of negotiations if you have young children you know that in fact your kids can teach you a lot about negotiating with grownups according to the world's greatest negotiator herb cohen author of you can negotiate anything herb says that kids understand the process of decision making within an organization when one parent says no they'll ask the other and cohen says children persist and persevere and like smart negotiators of all ages kids know that no is an opening bargaining position with money and attention so scarce now effective 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