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Hour 1 - Darren on the amazing joy of Tatis, Lamet's no hit bid & Dennis Lin talks about when we might see a Tatis extension

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Hour 1 - Darren on the amazing joy of Tatis, Lamet's no hit bid & Dennis Lin talks about when we might see a Tatis extension

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It is the tenth day of August for two, thousand, twenty I am Dear Smith, and this is extra thirteen sixty am or perhaps we can interest you on the FM side a couple of different options around the county. One of three point. Three FM in HD. This is the good news one point five, FM channel number two HD radio listening experience unlike anything else the iheartradio APP. It is a great APP. It is a free app you can download it today you can listen to the show immediately. Device through headphones what have you you can auto download this show many other shows as well. You can listen whenever it is that you wanna listen you got something going on between twelve and three o'clock. A little bit of NBA this afternoon and WanNa listen to whatever it is that we have to say later on in the evening smoking a cigar out there on the back deck with a glass of wine you can do that interview by interviewing hour by hour just auto download. This show Sports S. T. DOT COM that's our website you might have seen. An increase in content out of their sports as DOT com over the last couple of weeks smart speakers, Siri and Alexa. If you ask them three our show today, we take you up until the loose cannons. This is the ninety third consecutive radio program ninety, three consecutive shows here outside of the IHEART studios. This is we do believe that we would not swear to this the seventy seventh show from the wind cave. We will be back in the nine to one zero nine we plan on it a little later on in the week but ninety three programs in counting Mardi pumped arms like it's the greatest thing in the world that we're going to go back to. D- central based on some of the video that we've seen but it actually is the case since we'll have a little bit of work operating here later on in the week again, three hour show to the loose cannons. Good afternoon a martyr. Caswell. Showing up at your house in the ninety, one, zero nine, wearing a hazmat suit to make sure that I'm not walking through any missed of covid on some of the images that I saw over the weekend, which I swear was less than a football field away from where it is that we've been broadcasting. When we go to crown point or beach doesn't really matter nine to one zero nine, well Darren that's seen that you're referencing that that I saw. Is, definitely. Crown Point. The where I live. So I think we're good. I mean I feel like that was enough where you live that you could catch. From broadcasting in your living room some of those things that I saw happening, why didn't you go out there and do something about that this past weekend do go out there and yell at those really you're of a certain age now where you could go go hey, get off. Hey, are you kidding get off my back my sand bag get out of here get out of this what are you doing? Uh, someone know when you see scenes like that I, think that the smart thing would be would be to avoid that area as much as humanly. Possible just. Move On. Some not so sure I feel like somebody should have been doing something about that. What in the world was going to do like Jason with a broom? Yes. Yes. Chased them out of there with a broom kids. Out here, we got a radio show that we gotta worry about the might never come back to this neighborhood. Images life. Brutal, and again, you could sort of see the huddle where we were broadcasting like a direct line of sight right there. Some of those. I don't even know how to describe it. If you saw it, you saw if not, we've probably gone too far got a pack show today it is a Monday. We'll tell you I understand that here in San Diego. That rightfully and the attention should be. On a player with ridiculously high expectations who was somehow exceeding expectations I mean you just you don't. See that in sports and when it does happen, you really should stop and you should appreciate it and I don't mean like you should just stop everything that's going on and appreciate what we're seeing from Fernando Totti's junior. But too. Often we talk about things, opportunities, games, performances that don't live up to the hype, and this is not only living up to the height. This is absolutely exceeding even your wildest expectations for Fernando Totti's junior watching him and I really as much as I sometimes think we put way too much in the. ESPN or national media outlets that they're oh, they're paying attention to US I. think that Jeff Passan who released a rather lengthy piece on Fernando Totti's junior today which accompanied a six minute video I'm going to guess by this point most people have seen the video of the show I. Don't Know How many people sat down for fifteen minutes and read the piece. I did a little bit of both this morning and didn't didn't didn't bear down on the story, but I did read the story and some interesting things from Jeff Passan? I sometimes we do. We just ooh ESPN's paying attention to us. Oh yes we're on know some of that stuff I think is a little bit overrated and we spend too much time talking about what it doesn't happen. It's Sunday night baseball or what have you I think most people like the broadcast that we get from Fox sports, San Diego it's a really really good one nothing against mad version and Alex Rodriguez. But still I think that in this situation, the one word, the Jeff Passan used in his piece today to the original point was he wrote about the joy of Fernando Totti's junior and you might have heard me use that word over the years because it's a word that. I don't think it's used enough and sports is is the word joy and I often think it doesn't get used enough in life and not to be all Meta on you here on a Monday morning. But it is a word that is into my sports vernacular and when I think about the word joy in sports, I think about a handful of athletes and I will tell you. Yes you might suspect that this conversation is gravitating towards a soccer take but I will say, Steph curry is is joy. Steve Kerr talks a lot about playing the game of basketball with joy. If you've listened and I know Jim Russell would would attest to this good afternoon Jim is Jim that Steve Kerr off and talks about playing with joy steph and clay, and even though you have draymond who is own entity on that squad who will talk about later who somehow got fined fifty thousand dollars wouldn't warriors aren't even playing which is hilarious but. They play the game with and that's something that has been preached to them by Steve Kerr and when Luke Walton was there and that curry has talked about it and it's a term. Back to where I've gravitated soccer like messy. You think about Patrick Mahomes and that same something in the NFL, because the NFL is really like an angst driven league where you show up in your angry every day and you're huffing and puffing, and you're blowing snot out of your nose, we're gonNA kill and maim, and we'll go and you think about that like joy and to see it and to see it out there with Patrick. Mahomes to me. He hit him is joy when he's out there when he's playing and these this is what I think about when I think about that term. Again and Jeff Passan wrote about this and did a video essay on Fernando Tattoos Junior, which if you don't know what I'm talking about a make point later. To go and watch or read or both what Jeff Passan had to write about and speak about with regards to Fernando Totti's junior I loved some of the details like I'd never heard the story that Jeff Passan tells about a young Netease Junior. Trying to do a flip off a roof and shattering his leg and breaking his leg would never knew that and you know about how that you know that's the only thing that could really slow down. Fernando Tateishi junior right at the big league level or at the professional baseball level we've certainly seen that none of the shattered leg. But that injury seems to be the only thing that can keep that kid from for moving the way he moves gracefully as he moves whether he's out the played on the basis or or even out there in the field. But I do I love that word because it's the perfect word Fernando Tattoos junior right like when you watch him as a fan. If you're a padre fan like how it's one hundred percent. Joy. When you're watching him play and even if you're an impartial or unbiased member of the media which I get it, they're fewer and fewer of these days. But if you are, you can't help but watch and say I want to pay attention. I feel the joy of Fernando Totti's. Wanted is that he's playing and it's really a very. hypnotized. It's just a very, very charming thing and again, I, I love that word that Jeff Passan really focused on that with the way that Fernando tat junior players we're going to speak with Dennis Linda the athletic coming up here in about twenty minutes. And we're going to talk about what's going on with the padres and the dodgers because now this is a different test and there's some moves that have been made with regards to pitching that we're GONNA spend time talking about, and I know without fail if I had a dollar for every time I saw somebody on twitter say you gotta give for not junior all of the money? Well, if I had a dollar for every time, I saw that on twitter even somebody who's not on twitter. Perhaps as much as others well, I could pay Fernando Totti's junior probably to stay here. I don't I don't know where the organization is with regards to an extension for him. Again I. Sorta want to I want to be just living in the moment like being president and appreciating what it is. We watch with him for his for his five at bats per night and what it is that he's capable of doing and allow myself to think about what the next handful of years are going to look like without having to gravitate towards that conversation about his own future. But I understand why it happens I do and I don't know that anybody today. If they're honest is optimistic or pessimistic about Fernanda teach junior and an extension at some point in the not too distant future. I GUESS WE'LL ASK IT OF DENNIS LYNN. But I can't say this back to the original point about ESPN I said sometimes, I feel like we spend too much time worrying about that stuff. Does it really matter? But. It might matter in this regard if if for whatever reason, Fernando Junior and his representatives have decided that you know hey. We're not in any rush decided an extension, right like. That might be the case that certainly was factored into the conversation last year about the decision to start the season with him why start the clock we don't know. So, if that is part of the conversation I, think that in a weird way, the ESPN piece might help the padres out and that you can get that kind of attention here in San Diego if at all, that's a concern or consideration for Fernanda teach junior and his representatives I also think that you can pretty much the next couple of years if there is no extension. You can spend the next couple of years. You can always be recruiting Fernando? TANTAI's junior right like I had a friend of mine who worked in the NBA for years she actually works over with Esti loyal. Now he was telling me a story about Mark Cuban. And about how when teams go visit the Dallas Mavericks? When teams are visiting Everything's about recruiting those guys for when it is that they hit free agency whether the locker room the quality of the locker room there. Apparently, the visiting locker room for Dallas is better than it is for the home guys the hotel they stay in the red carpet treatment that they get, and that's all because Cubans always trying to figure out a way to potentially woo somebody and you could spend the next couple of years doing that here with Fernando. Tattoos Junior. Saying you gotta give them the to the franchise, but you could certainly. Listened to what it is that he has to say and and. You as an organization can do everything within your power to make sure that it is very, very clear to him how important he is to this franchise even if for whatever reason he and his representatives aren't comfortable yet putting his name on a piece of paper and signing a mega deal. Again, I understand that this is sort of long winded here and it's sort of random but you can definitely. Make sure in no uncertain terms that you are always recruiting him in everything that you are doing while you're trying to win, and that's the most important part of what the padres should be doing now trying to win everything. Is Sort of with Fernando Tattoos Junior in mind right? Like you're doing whatever it is music culture. He does reference in the piece. He feels like he's a long way from home. So whatever you can do culturally to appeal to Fernando tat tease junior like that's what you can control right now and I certainly think that, hey, he looks like he's having a ton of fun again back to that word the word joy it just POPs out when you're watching the guy. Apply. So now listen it's it's been a blast and I can't I can't state I can't put this any simpler he's exceeded ridiculously high ridiculously lofty expectations, which is such a credit to him. It really is such a credit to him for how he's come out of the gates and how he's been firing here in twenty twenty and what we got a glimpse of last year in two thousand, thousand, nineteen. So we'll see they took two out of three over the weekend. That's the good news. They find themselves sitting in third place still and staring up at the dodgers and staring up at the Colorado rockies. It feels like they've played a little bit better than where they are in the standings. It feels that way but had a chance to to chat with somebody WHO's an independent observer. Pointed out a couple of things to me about starting pitching and pointed out a couple of things to me about different holes and defense and things that he's seen just watching this team play. So they've got room to improve. There's no doubt about it but a big four game series tonight Luis Perdomo a bit of a surprise is going to get the ball here on Monday honest. Did you realize be honest? Darren. Did you realize that? Louis Perdomo was I will be honest with you Marty I knew this morning that Luis Perdomo. Team I was a surprise to me a couple of weeks ago when you and I saw Louise Perdomo and said, wait a minute Luis Perdomo is still on the team. It's amazing. That's what it was surprise. If you would ask this question about two weeks ago, the answer would have been like, no, maybe he got sent over in a trade the Tampa. Yes he gets the ball here tonight and the bullpen. Opener don't know exactly what the plan is. Everybody gets pushed back. Don't know where this is going from here. Would have bet on Patino starting a game before Perdomo. Tomorrow assuming you had Garrett Richardson, regular rest. But that's I who knows maybe the padres are looking around as was suggested to me. For another arm out there really maybe they will pick somebody up maybe a a really really slow start even in a compressed season maybe there's opportunity for them to find somebody who's not currently on the roster. That's you to help them in the starting rotation. That point has been raised to me so. Even was given a name which I'm going to keep in my holster for now I'll share with Marty. It's not an impressive name statistically so far but a player who might be available who was very impressive statistically at least as far back as a year ago. Somebody who maybe James tingler would have some familiarity with One Hint. But maybe they're looking around I. Mean we know one thing about this general manager? Not GonNa just sit on his hands now he does like taking his prized players and throwing them in the deep end of the pool. We know that we saw that we've seen that and he'll continue to do that. What that means with regard some Mackenzie Gore or Patino being thrown into the rotation. Anybody's guess we just know that he's got a habit of doing such things. So it wouldn't surprise anybody if he just held this hand of starting pitchers. But might he be searching and it's an interesting question I felt yesterday watching Nelson I. Didn't I watch I watch a ton on. Saturday. Frankly Saturday night was a tremendous disappointment. Only because St loyal had its match postponed against Las Vegas, lights, I'll spend time on that a little later but with my free time, I got out of the House I went to a local restaurant here in the neighborhood. And showed some support. So I didn't get a ton of time. Saturday paddock seemed like he pitched okay to Nelson that yesterday I thought. It was just he was fantastic I watched a Lotta this and he allows a. Throwing a no hitter into the seventh I. Think I think we're on the same page. Yeah I mean he was. I, stand by the fifth I'm on no hitter alert in Finning Darren are they could get through six when you can. See the finish line one time through the batting order wherever it is that you are I think that's where I cert- saying you're flirting with the no hitter. and. Fifth though after the. Fire to push notification again, again, Jim Russell is I. Disagree with the ESPN notification or is this like the MLB at the extra thirteen? Sixty to notice is very, very good point no. SPN. Actually took a screen shot at this show you guys but I didn't send it. Well I disagree with that. That's. Not Saying it doesn't exist I'm telling you disagree like go back to what you said about SPN like who they set the agenda for sports I understand to a certain extent but it doesn't mean that we all have to just follow in lockstep with everything espn. We're all in agreement that he was flirting with the no hitter was he was absolutely dominant mowing them down get up and that was another nice piece of analysis that he is just overpowering. Pitching. That way he just overpowers hitters and I'm used to watching I watched a lot of sporting events without fans. I watched a lot dating back to the I league in the world that came back Bundesliga. So mostly used to it but there are certain times where something happens and you're reminded and like you four you forgotten that fans aren't there like we're going to have to go through this with football in some capacity whenever it is if it is that football gets up and running here in a couple of weeks which again. Man This college football stuff is such a bummer. Such a bummer. But when the house the homerun on the seventh. It was so quiet normally when somebody when there's tension in the building right and there's that kind of energy and you know that somebody now officially is flirting with a no hitter he's got overpowering stop I've been in that building before I've been in a building where somebody's throwing a no-hitter before you know about the time where people start realizing and you start looking and they look at the scoreboard and you look at the pitch count and then there's that energy and there's a little bit. Of Hand wringing in every out then feels like it's a little bit more magnified because you're starting to count your down. You got fifteen to go, and then you've got twelve to go and then you get to that point where you're like at nine to go and it gives up the homerun and it's you know it's a bit of a blessing. That's a bit of a curse that they had such a big lead because what such a big lead the thing you tell you starting pitcher as. The ball of the plate like let's make sure we don't end up with traffic on the basis we don't need to three run homers all that sort of stuff. So a bit of a blessing it's up nine and then like well, you don't WanNa like put anybody in a position where then got runners on base and you're pitching out of the stress. And it gives it up and normally at that spot, right we've all seen it whether it's here whether it's Padre pitcher. Collective. Grown. But then what happens next standing ovation yeah. Every single time and the catcher usually goes out and gives the pitcher a chance to elect himself because he's bombed out he was probably thinking. Well, I was just focused on the batter. And the catcher goes out maybe the pitching coach there was that moment as like Oh. Yeah. Another it's a sore reminder. Another cruel reminder that there are no fans in the stands and people thought I posted that on twitter tweet a ton over the weekends. But I post and people thought it was about him walking off the field which is part of it but part of it also was that moment in baseball where a guys going deep into a game seventh-inning eighth inning gives up the first head and the crowd is like. And then they all stand on the way to go way to go great I love that about sports. Just. As the acknowledgement of we started believing, we started believing in something that we've never seen here before. And we still allow ourselves Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football as it might be we still allow ourselves to believe that this could be the day. And I felt bad I felt that for him I wanted I wanted them. To do you can't do anything so fans in the stands, but still I missed it. I missed the fans in the stands at that point as soon as the ball clears the fence and you could hear the disappointment from don mud. Such a Bummer I. Wish the fans were there to like give them the proverbial hug of. Man We were there with you pal we were there with you or your disappointment is our disappointment but we're still proud is how of that kind of performance from to Nelson lament paint of picture in such vivid detail you just strike me as someone who has seen so many pitchers lose their no hitter strom. Whether in person or whether it was during a time where you live downtown and you would run to the ballpark where you got the push notification on your APP. Darren somewhere in the sixth or seventh dating. You struck me as that guy that known as you listen if you're a patriots fan, you know exactly what that feels like because you've been. thinking. Gosh. One day it's going to happen. Chris. Patties you but lament man with how dominant he was pitchy I thought you know what this is. This is GONNA end up being the greatest. History because of the number of home runs a former hated rival and Madison Bumgarner who's just off yesterday, and then what you saw from the Met People Park, right? Fitting. Exactly. How it was going to go down again and I'm used to it I understand this no fans there. But there's every once in a while where some moment will remind you. Of them not being there and that was it from yesterday wasn't the F bomb that you could hear when hitter was was given up. I didn't hear that I heard the f-bomb from Justin Thomas during the PGA. That was great. Are you F- in Kimmy Dude? Golfers man you give those guys hot mic watch out those guys cuss it up there with the very, very best of them. But yeah, it was all in all good weekend and right back. Into into the fire tonight against the Los Angeles. Dodgers. You'll discuss it next Dennis Lynn, but for not junior Darren, just named nationally player of the week I and many margot in two thousand seventeen. Well Hey I in fielder you'll be lofty company Chase Headley two thousand eleven from her two thousand. Years I. Think you should just leave it alone. I think you should just say Fernando Tattoos Junior. Okay. The Star of the week. That's it. Yeah. We don't either rookie of the month stop. The first rookie month's Kristie ship MV wasn't that Christina Waiver. Of Since It happened Oh boy. Yeah. Sometimes just leave it alone. Sometimes you say, Hey, hey, hey, dairies the rookie of the week Darren. Let me start over. Darren Totti's. taught junior. Joy. Lots of joy watching Fernando taty student. We're back with them one, zero, three three. Extra thirteen sixty wants to pay your bills two more chances every day this week to win the thousand bucks just listened for the nationwide keyword to tax than you could win instantly get all the contest times now at Sports S. T. DOT COM next chance to win coming up tomorrow at Seven am one quick baseball note that will say hello to Dennis Linda the athletic Marcus Stroman has opted out for the remainder of the twenty twenty season said quote there's just too many uncertainties too many unknowns right now to go out there said his mind was changed with outbreaks. In Miami and St Louis with the team's upcoming trip to Miami we decided as family. It probably wasn't the best to continue forward this year. So there is no deadline unlike other sports I guess you can continue to opt out haven't heard a whisper about that in San Diego not one not even a whisper about somebody who they were keeping their eyes on it's not the suggest by the way. Of Their player pool that nobody's considered it I'm just telling you at least. Sitting on my couch, I haven't heard anything. Let's say a Lotta Dennis Linda. The athletic outstanding stuff is always Dennis. We appreciate your time. Thank you very much. Okay Hello Dennis Lynn. Can you hear me? Yes. Sorry about that. That was on our end. How are you? I'm doing fine. How are you? I'm great. Thank you very much. Exciting weekend at PETCO, and now a four game series against the La Dodgers Dennis I said this a little bit earlier and I don't deal with it anywhere near as much as you do if I had a dollar every time somebody tweeted out extend Fernando Tattoos. Junior and that I saw that on twitter I would be at have enough money that I could probably extend him. You could probably get to Fernando taxis juniors what what do you say when people are asking about whether it's a mailbag or whether it's social media or what have you? What are you? What is your response when people ask you what's going on with Fernando Tattoos, junior in the padras Don't expect anything. Essentially. Especially now that there's been a pandemic, that's still ongoing and Padres that don't really have great idea what everything's GonNa look like going forward but there's certainly going to be an effort before he reaches free agency. WE'RE GONNA have to see how the new CD the next CVA affects things but. I would expect based on who? UNICEF come down and whose agents and the fact that he shares an agent with pain Machado. His overall. Whereas it's not just baseball he's very aware of things just around the game. He knows a lot of people are counting at him player lives and the Players Union to. If. This keeps going to kind of break the bank It's not going to be easy but the padres. have. No Choice. But to you know, make an attempt I, just don't expect anything serious to happen anytime seem. Do you have any knowledge of any attempt or preliminary very, very preliminary conversations because it's not like you know this would have been unprecedented to have a player like this signed. Already we've seen a handful of examples of other players who have have already signed at this juncture here or There about Dennis. Any sense that there was any preliminary attempt or or beginning of the conversation on this from. Heard very preliminary stuff Kinda. you know I'm not directly from each side you're. You're talking about some of that but obviously, it hasn't gone anywhere Fabled for right now. Again for the factors that we just mentioned But yeah, you're right there there have been that has been the trend recently. again, that was pre pandemic You saw lawyer that has taken six years around fifty million in lifelock. said it again. With Louis Robert Ricky But you know is different not only in her talent overall talent to do on the field position he plays but. Family background and again I think the people who are advising him are. You know they. They've done this very well for a long time with a lot of big name clients and. If, you just look the way Fernando. Takis plays strikes, you Kinda guy who's willing to bet on himself. At. The same time you know he's talked about wanting to stay in San Diego is data's thought about wanted to stay in San, Diego, and his his mom likes it and San Diego. Well. There should be a middle ground at some point that they can only talk about. But as far as talks themselves, there has been a whole lot of that. Dennis Leonard the athletic is joining us an extra thirteen sixty. We watched yesterday. You also wrote about Denilson lament as well. I in this is I know he's the two right and paddock is opening day. But I mean this might be one in one day. We might be splitting hairs here Dennis when it comes to the ace of the staff seriously like I don't know that we have to pick I put something out there on twitter must win game. Would you give the ball to and it's just you know conversation starters here there's no right or wrong answers I don't think. But man if I'm the padres I, I gotTa feel great about what I'm seeing from Denilson. This is part of the rotation ace like stuff. Now that we've seen a handful of times bouncing back, it feels like all the way back since Tommy John Surgery a couple of spring trainings ago. What performance yesterday they must have so much confidence every time he takes the mound. With him that's to. Say A lot sharing the clubhouse. He says, but I just you know in the media is very straightforward and. He goes there and takes care of business now. We have to remember this guy who you know he's still walks. Gosh. From time to time. So yesterday was a big step forward your walks against A. Just looks like it's Kinda struggling right now but you know all the same very performance that you can't take much away from and. Fairly now now, just look stronger than every kind of remind some people strength wise in the Organization of Clayton Richard which tells you just how much stability got amount now. And how does it work to get to the point where he is, but he looks like he's as good as ever as if Tommy John Surgery never happened so on their. Feel pretty good. Not only about you know Chris Paddock and part of the future for right now you don't know what Lucille and Mackenzie you're going to be quite yet so. In the meantime twenty. Eight. Hundred. So that's that's pretty become combination. You Know Dennis. It is funny. You brought it up and I. I'm going to apologize in advance because I don't know that I really have a question to ask about this. It's just more observation but yeah, you mentioned that lament comes back from Tommy John. Surgery and it just sort of occurred to me while watching it that one two and three in this rotation or all players pitchers who have come back from relatively recent. Tommy. John Surgery I I'm guessing that's just a coincidence. I don't know that that's something I don't know that that's nothing I just think it's interesting Major League baseball that your top three starters and certainly three guys who you know the manager seems to trust right in Garrett Richards yesterday and then paddock going on Saturday or John Guys I. Guess That's just the State of baseball in twenty twenty that a lot of guys have the surgery. There's even been some suggestion that the sooner you have at the better off your career is going to be. The you can describe the of baseball even five secures ago. This is the way it is now. A lot of guys did it and it's not only concerned how you can spend it either way. They're losing development if they're getting a young and you know who knows you know it's not a guarantee they come back all the way. The same time, the success rates have risen Now, if you get two times like Anderson, Espinosa has got your success rate coming back and pitching in the majors and he hasn't even reached obviously that drops precipitously but Guys. You've had it once Kinda saves her arm almost for innings in a way and. He's fresh lines there. You know up on their very diligent about their rehab three these guys happen they're all workout warrior. So potteries don't worry about those guys and obviously they they were holding them back last season, and now this he's trying to make a playoff push. You Got Sixty Games. Yeah. They're gonNA loosen and right now. We're seeing about five innings stints for the most part but you know that's part of going back into the season but if Also. Like. Yeah. You're gonNA keep going sixty two thirds more and I. The other two will probably be on that level too but Yeah Tommy John. Surgery. Not. So not scaring more. Right I can I don't know that this is a road map here for pitchers it's just it was just as I said enough, and that's nicely said from Dennis Linda, the athletic joining us on extra thirteen, sixty four games set against the dodgers how important do you personally think this series is how importantly deal the padres are going to view this series They don't have else pitching So that's matchup would have to see after he talking hitter and CBS six against them and then. Faltered in that loss last week But yeah, it's important I mean every. I mean everyone said this but every series important the season, and this is a team that's ahead of them in the standings and they you know fairly. Wants to seriously though I think you know some of that. Studi. Personal Heroics Financial Peace Junior. Last week Petco Park So yeah. Four Games against the dodgers on their home turf. It's very important out think and starting tonight they got Louise which I know. Doesn't excite a lot of people but you know the Tino and Gore still probably aren't quite ready for something like this. So there's probably going to be some kind of bullpen Dago today against May that. Might seem like a loss on paper but I think the pottery show the last series they were not the best in either where the dodgers they have. Oh, that's This is gonNA. Be Really interesting test to see just how far they've come but again, it's only. Have that granted a pretty diffraction of season. Tennis do you get the sense? That whatever this spot in the rotation looks like moving forward. You Know Paddock Garrett Richards lament obviously not in that order Davies know we know that those are four-fifths of the rotation. Is Wait and see, do you think the potteries perhaps looking outside of the organization or strictly sticking within the Organization for what they're? GonNa do when this spot comes up here for the remainder of the regular season. Yeah I think there's it could be a few options obviously to trade trade routes could be really interesting if you know teams decided to make heavy use of that this season. mostly, not not so much because the Patriots who betrayed for in the players, the major league players that you're training for by you know you're GonNa make a big trade for. Intact player and you're going to give up prospects the team that's going to be trading with the or trying to be training for you. They can't really scout the prospects right now. So that's a that's an interesting wrinkle this year you know what teams are going to be willing to give up for You know potentially income really weird Posey seemingly get there in this weird season overall. But I would think padres are more inclined overall on got starting pitching front to stick with what they have internally, and that again includes mckanie all. At some point they're going to be starting for them maybe maybe lower is a little. More of an auction of the star, this year but Tinos already here, and he's also an option for that. So I was thinking at some point. One of those guys is GonNa be doing something that in some early innings for. For the team they have some other options with Adrian more honed. Diet, but they're just going to have to see how this plays out especially with those two young guys and go and they come up yet expect you can be up fairly soon. Just because sooner they get these guys. You know what maters the more they'll be able to help them. Down, the stretch and in the playoffs. Dennis love the piece onto Nelson. Thank you for the conversation as always appreciate the time. Factor. You gotTA, Dennis Leonard The athletic and must read if you. saw what he wrote nearly lone survivor Denilson lament showing why he is stuck with the padres and he writes about again. Now he's not kid either I. We all need to remember that he's twenty eight years old. You know he's just been around and dentist points out that. This is like one or two guys on the roster that predates Jay Cutler right like this was a Josh Bernstein if I'm not mistaken guy would be Austin hedges. Yeah. They're the only two that have survived the purge the purge. All right. Well, I feel better. Situation. Than I do the other really interesting that the seems to think. that. It's likely they stay internal rather than going outside for starting pitching because the difficulty in scouting prospects I mean you can if you want to do it, you've got to give up you had to give up somebody from your major league staff. To do so. Yeah. And an interesting chat with with. Outsource I guess. I'll I'll. Drop some of those plant some of those seeds and see if anything grows when we come back and actually one, zero, three, three. Thank you Dennis length. Coming, up our number two, Mark Medina USA Today from inside of the NBA Bobble will join us something exciting's happening in the NBA. Something really exciting's happening in the NBA and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that the scenario plays out I. Bet you Jim Russell. Gasset Mardi might be a little bit distracted because she's preparing NFL segment for the day mornings nuggets coming up a little later today. No. You already bell on the SEGUE. No I, I would I mean. That's fine. Mardi. Able what you're not During I didn't I didn't. I didn't feel at all I mean you don't know what I'm preparing like updating TV listings after all shark week. This is the official start of Shark Week deaths. Yes. Exciting discovery shirt is it is it is I know. K. So media working on you know Shark Week maybe, tomorrow. Sounds Gripe for the upcoming Zoom Jim what scenario in my hoping for next Saturday at eleven thirty am. On is it involve the Clippers taking on? No no no. No. I had failed you. So we're guaranteed a play in game for the NBA. Rooting for here is Memphis and Portland. John Rant Dame. Lillard. Come. On next Saturday eleven thirty am. Yes. That's not compelling TV for you. Very. COMPELLING MARTY'S UNIMPRESSED JIM NO I'm compelled. I WANNA. See the Blazers get in. Okay. I'm compelled while I was more compelled with the blazers trash talking with all the clippers players the other day that that was great. I loved it. It's fantastic. It really really is good stuff and then immediately carries over so. Instagram is just spectacular NBA's back. So we'll talk with Mark Medina coming up right I mean. That's a great way to get into the postseason mode is to have Portland, which is not been a good team which is under five hundred but to exciting players, two guys who just exude confidence one who's been around the League obviously a lot longer and dame lillard. Who as he put it over the weekend he sends teams home. Taken on this young buck John Moran. who very much might be the rookie of the year. That's A. Be something worth watching next. Saturday sleep in get through whatever it is. You're doing in the morning and then tune that sucker in at eleven thirty and see what happens. You know. Let's add. Infants Simmons will join US later. I, needed some some more time. He was opposed to join us at one. I. Asked Fizi to join us to or Mardi asked only because the college football is depressing. It doesn't it makes me unhappy. Makes me very sad. Now, the good news it looks like I might have my Saturdays free. For the first time in forever. Well, maybe like you may be have it free from college football, which is your favorite sport which you love where you plan you weaken around the college fall schedule it doesn't mean necessarily. There is someone ready to pounce Darren and take advantage of that void of course. Absolutely, beg well, then they should. They should be. Sitting there perch like a bunch of vultures waiting for college football to go under to me that's where you find the media rooting against college football. It's not from the college football reporters. It's from the NFL reporters. Tat. Eight NS route and gets it to happen I. Think I don't buy that whole college football reporter thing that people demand to be right I don't or that it's politically driven although when you have a president who just cannot who refuses to be goaded into a conversation then that's how it does become political. That was that was that was disappointing. But that being said. We have a couple of giveaways today. One is a thirty dollar gift card to some Brera Max. So that's coming up in the second hour of the show stay tuned for that. It'll be sometime in the next half hour thirty, five, forty minutes or so what we also have. You. Have a chance to see yourself on TV. Sitting some of the best seats at Petco Park maybe better seats than yourself I've ever sat in. Tune in, you could watch the game padres. Game Fox sports. San. Diego. Stream. On the Fox sports go out coming up that we have a chance to qualify to be one of the lucky listeners who could get one of those cardboard cutouts your chance at a swag bag have your name automatically entered get in the running for a cutout coming up a little later on an extra thirteen sixty. Now you and Jim came up with a way that we're going to do this. How are we doing this? We're doing it with a listen for a sounder. So Jim has jim picked what has been his favorite. Sound. Bite of the entire twenty, twenty season of course, it came from a zoom press conference and I think I think Jim hasn't ready to go. For the big cake. So when you hear that how many listeners are we qualifying today? Jim We're qualifying one listener each show in each qualifier, Wednesday padres swag and the chance to get a cut out at PETCO. Park One cutout one cut out. We're we're two people are winning but yeah, that's that's we're doing okay I. got it. But one for two cutouts. No one cut out. One person that's one cow to cut out another person gets cut. Okay. Now. What was that audio? Is that authors at you? Okay because when that stuff happens over here, chances are we're about to get knocked off the air now he's don't actually that's not the case. All right. So listen for the Fernando Totti's junior we're playing for the big cake you're gonNA. Hear that. When you hear that Eight, four, four, five, seven, thirteen, sixty. First caller. Yes and you could win at least Padre Swab Swag. I'm screwing this up your chance at a pottery swag and have your name automatically entered into the running for cardboard cutout sometime this afternoon. Yeah. You could Jim. Do you know when you're GONNA play up? I don't know yet. So it's going. To, be random. Okay Eight, four, four, five, seven, thirteen, sixty now, I? Think it's for one person but I think you could squeeze a second person in that photo you have to make sure you can fit in there. So it could be you would like your child or your daring if it were, you could be to pick between your wife Leah or your cat cleal but you could probably fit a second person in that photo. Who would you pick for your cardboard cut up I don't think they would let you have somebody sitting on your lap and even now, I think you can squeeze to people they're just like writing. Funny. Yeah I think he could. Constructed picture. There's very specific. Multiple people are multiple people in your photocopied Florida, the person from the waist who'll be featured. Oh, I see. Yeah. All right. So you could probably get strapped. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I'm sure somebody who's very very creative at Photoshop could shrink down a person and like make a little baby Jim Russell and then be holding a little baby Jim. Russell George. George. Short. So we could do that seven, zero, four, seven, zero first word of the tex-mex. DRA will read those taxes coming up our number two next because I don't want to be stuck wearing my out dated glasses I want to wake up and just be able to see because enough is enough at the center. We've heard it all all the reasons why it's time for over the. Past thirty years. The center has helped tens of thousands of people realize the Freedom Lake provides now is the time for Lasix with twenty percent off or limited time with one of northern Virginia's leading surgeons plus get an additional eight hundred dollars off when you schedule within thirty days, register for your savings and schedule your free consultation. Now at the ice enter dot com, some restrictions apply.

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