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Rhythms of Sacred Protest - Koach Baruch Frazier

Judaism Unbound

02:05 min | Last month

Rhythms of Sacred Protest - Koach Baruch Frazier

"Wanna talk about somebody coming to to do what you're doing which is to be in rabbinical school after a career in another field. I'm just curious about that because up until relatively recently being a rabbi was like something that people did more or less out of college and as somebody who's now on the old side. I kind of feel like i actually have learned a lot in the last thirty years and if i were to become a rabbi which i've got rid would never be but if i if i did today audi much better at it than i would have been thirty years ago and so i'm wondering just could you talk a little bit about how you made that decision to become a rabbi. After having done something else for a long time. And how has that influenced the way that you experience being a rabbinical student. One of the things that was on my mind. When i decided that i wanted to go to rabbinical school was as a leader Leader in community already in saint louis missouri. Which is where most recently from people were already assigning the title. Rabbi to me. It felt very strange. A i that was one thing that propelled into rabbinical school. The other thing is that. I spent a lot of time as an audiologist and i was starting to notice that some of the people who were coming to me weren't necessarily coming to me for their physical. Let's say a problems or their physical situations that they were actually coming to me. And i was more so as chaplain than i. Was there. audiologist in as that started to shift. I say you know what. I think i should go to school. So that I've gone to school for a audiology. And i felt of my career was great and i also knew that there was foundational learning. That made that career great along with the experience in so i decided that i needed to go to rabbinical school to get some foundational learning so that those moments in time when i'm spending with people as their rabbi that the foundation is there

Audi Saint Louis Rabbi Missouri
"louis  missouri" Discussed on NewsRadio WIOD

NewsRadio WIOD

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"louis missouri" Discussed on NewsRadio WIOD

"ST Louis, Missouri on a mission to explore the northwest from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned his private secretary Merryweather Louis, William Clark, an army captain to lead an expedition into what is now the northwest of the United States. Almost two and Half years later, the expedition returned to ST Louis, bringing back a wealth of information about the largely unexplored region jumping way ahead this week in 1965, in what may have been the most ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. The FBI laboratory declared that the lyrics of the song Louie Louie by the King's men to be officially unintelligible. Based on an outcry from parents who bought into what may have started as an idle rumor. The FBI launched a formal investigation in 1964 into the supposedly Pornographic lyrics of the song Louie Louie. This'll Week in 1973. Skylab, America's first space station is successfully launched into an orbit around the Earth 11 Days later, U. S astronauts Charles Conrad, Joseph Kerwin and Paul Whites made a rendezvous with Skylab, repairing a jam solar panel and conducting scientific experiments during their 28 Day stay aboard the space station on this week in 2014, broadcast journalists and TV personality Barbara Walters retires from ABC News and is the code Most of the daytime program the view in a landmark career that spanned some 50 years on the air, Walters blazed a trail for women in TV news. And that's what happened. Thanks for listening to this week in history on my heart radio, your news starts now. Good morning. I'm Natalie Rodriguez. Plenty of sunshine on this Friday Eve top stories that we're following for you, including preteens now eligible to get their covert shots more on that and the Middle East violence coming up, But first, you gotta check from the hysteria Insurance traffic center. Good morning. We have a multi vehicle wreck on the Sawgrass South bounded Commercial. Two left lanes are closed. Traffic is backed up now to before Atlantic Boulevard also broken down car stuck in the traveling south bound on the palmetto right before 74th Street and the right lane still shut down north bound on the Don Shula after Snapper Creek Expressway. Your next update in 10 minutes on.

Barbara Walters Natalie Rodriguez Paul Whites 1964 Joseph Kerwin Mississippi River Charles Conrad ST Louis Snapper Creek Expressway Walters Earth FBI 28 Day Atlantic Boulevard Pacific Ocean 10 minutes 2014 Don Shula Middle East Merryweather Louis
"louis  missouri" Discussed on WJR 760

WJR 760

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"louis missouri" Discussed on WJR 760

"Light beer. ST. Louis, Missouri. We're on the road today. We're in Bloomington, Indiana to take on the Indiana Hoosiers in time. Maybe they had some good. Fortunately, they won three of the last four. What's your take on these guys? Well, they do have a good team They have. If you bet friends, you know, the term kid is a senior's really come on to his own this year, and he's playing well and, of course, Trace Jackson is one of the better big men in this league. He can score it. He can do some things fantasies. The other guy. I think I've been around for a while and he star point guard and those three guys have done a lot, and now they're getting some of their role players that play a little bit better, including the Hunter kid on the bench for a couple games for Right. I'm not sure what the reasons were. But he didn't play into games and came back and played really well against Northwestern. So maybe it worked. When you mention there, Big guy Jackson Davis. He's not taking 13 all season s O when you have a guy as good as he is averaging almost 20 points a game, but he doesn't They kind of stretch. You does that? Schematically make it easier to set your defense. Well, yeah, Except, you know, the percentage from the three is usually a lot worse than the percentage from the two. So he wants to take some threes. I'd be happy with that. But you know, he kind of plays to his role. He doesn't force a lot of things. You know, we recruited trace hard love Tracy's great kid family. And yet I think he plays within himself pretty good, and he's got. He's a left handed kid that goes better to his left. But he's a pretty good athlete. Pretty tough. And you know is his father's Dale Davis, who played in the league. So it's got good genes. Is there anything about this ball club? The words you more than other things, the normal sort of my present their streaky three point shooting team and becoming better lately. With Hunter and Durham, especially, You know, that always worries you some, but they've been pretty solid defensively. They've got a few ups and downs to as you say they want some big games. They've had been in some overtime games. They played not as well as he'd like. In a couple of games. You know, Northwestern Adam and meet him in overtime, and they've had their moments, but they definitely are playing their best basketball now. And, uh, you know, actually be some fans in the stands out here, so that will be something unique for guys. Well, we assault. He's re touching a lot of things time. Any final thoughts or keys? Yeah. I think the keys are Morris. You know what we do, or we wait. Practice pretty good again both days. And you know, that hasn't been a problem. I I think we've got to get a lot of consistency out of both Josh and and Erin and, uh, you know, asking a lot of them. We see we get a little more of our center position and And a J and Rocket, You know, gotta be solid at the point because their point guard is very steady doesn't always do a lot, but he's very steady and hopefully we match up with them. I think pretty good. Now it'll be a matter of making some shots, which is been an issue. You know, not turning over making some shots, and that's what we'll be working. Was the last time I appreciate and we're due for a good chat after a game we are for sure. Thanks. Well and back to you, Dog. Thinks Will TCF Bank build strong communities by building strong individuals and businesses. See what's in it for we at TCF bank dot com Member F D I C The Abboud.

Trace Jackson Dale Davis Josh Jackson Davis Erin Tracy TCF Bank Indiana Hoosiers three guys Morris three Northwestern Bloomington, Indiana two Durham both one today this year ST. Louis, Missouri
117 inmates take over section of downtown St. Louis jail

WBZ Midday News

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117 inmates take over section of downtown St. Louis jail

"Inmates at a ST Louis Missouri jail set fires broke out windows and threw things from windows in the latest disturbance over conditions amid the covert 19 pandemic. A spokesman for the city's mayor says dozens of law enforcement officers are working to bring the situation under control. At the ST Louis City Justice Center about 115 inmates are involved. Authorities are describing the group as extremely violent and non compliant. The disturbance began around 3 A.m.

St Louis Missouri St Louis City Justice Center
Traveling nurse shares own pandemic experiences

All Things Considered

00:13 sec | 7 months ago

Traveling nurse shares own pandemic experiences

"So we wanted to hear from someone who's seen all this up close. We've called Jasmine Aseff. She is a traveling ICU nurse currently on assignment in ST Louis. Missouri just went except welcome. Thank you so much for all that you're doing and thank you for being here. Thank you.

Jasmine Aseff ICU St Louis Missouri
Interview With Travis Believes

The Cam Roberts Business Marketing Podcast

05:26 min | 9 months ago

Interview With Travis Believes

"Roberts., everyone Kim Roberts me. Thanks for tuning to the show this episode. I'm very excited to have a very special guest. His name is Travis believes and Travis is an entrepreneur and CEO of a company called winter light media. And that is the Premier social media agency for influences and brands with positive and life-affirming affirming messages inspiring the everyday person to reach their Max potential Travis beliefs. Thank you very much for coming on the show. Thank you so much for having me. Really appreciate it. Let's start off by talking about inter light media. How did you how did you get into a slight media? What's the back story there of of how you become who you are today? Yes. So, um, Ten years ago. I saw used to live in St. Louis, Missouri. That's where I'm from. Yeah, and there was a young man named Prince a lot of people know him. Yeah viral video creator and he was a rapper at the time and yeah, he was a rapper at the time and you know, I was very heavily into music and I met up with them because we live in the same city and along the same things and he had a brand called make smart cool which was all about collaboration, you know, spreading a positive messages, you know, things like that, right, but he wanted to do it through hip-hop. And so if you can if you can if you got a notice there's spoken word and Hip-Hop is very parallel anyway, right? Yeah. So yeah. Yeah. So but anyway, so I met up with him and you know, we became really good friends and the whole entire idea. I never forget he used to tell me cuz I used to try to get him to do shows like yep. Front of people like in clubs and things like that you punch out and he would be like why should I do a show in front of a thousand people when I can make a video and put on the internet suck really impact a hundred thousand people. Yeah that really like Changed My Mind Set On how to tackle the internet world. So anyway, long story short, we spent the next four years, you know trying to go viral which we had some some minor success, you know back with a million views was a lot of views on YouTube. We we had a few videos hit that but it wasn't in 2014 until he took off. And basically it was around 2016 I decided to because a lot of people started to hit this up and say hey, you know, what did you guys do to go viral like you guys are life. And at the time there was really nobody what this I like to call. I like to call the knowledge entertainment space. Yeah, where we are entertaining people through knowledge. The really wasn't a lot of jobs there were, you know, a couple of viral videos here and there, you know people creating spoken word, but it wasn't really kind of like an industry. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, and so, you know, once you know princy was been going viral for a couple of years 2016 now you have a lot of people like wanting to do the same thing. So bunch of people was reaching out to us and Prince. He was just doing his own thing, but then I decided to see I should probably start to open some of these people started helping some of these people and you know, one of the people I hope was Jay Shetty. Yeah, and he blew up then I started helping other people and they started blowing home. You know what? I mean? Let me create a company. But yeah, and and the thing is one of the things that really for me that truly made me want to create this a company wasn't even the fact that I knew I needed to help more people was more. So along the lines that when I was younger, I didn't have anybody giving me these messages. It was nobody I grew up without a dad without nobody was giving me these messages that I could be anything. I want or you know, I have a gift or you know anything to inspire me because it doesn't matter what occupation you have is it requires a court of inspiration? Yeah, whatever you do require some sort of inspiration and I wanted to kind of be the vehicle for that for other people around the world to try to help people be inspired to do whatever it is their gift is calling them to do so, that's how I started in line media. That's exciting. And what a great backstory that is Travis for a good so you talked about viral videos. Social media like what? What are some of the keys to making a video go viral? So the absolute number one key to make an any video go viral is emotion. Draw. What do you want people to feel a lot of times? I would say probably the most complicated thing Wednesday is when it's when you're when you're talking to people that are trying to replicate the process that's never really done this before as they they know information, you know, they know how to regurgitate what they know, It's about higher you going to make some money feel. It doesn't matter how good the information you have is if you can't make somebody relate to your story, then it's not going to go anywhere. You can have the Hope Diamond ring. But you know, if you're not telling somebody in a compelling way like hey, this is what it is. They're not going to they're not going to see the value in it and so once you connect with people and this is the thing every month, it doesn't matter and this is kind of like the key thing. It doesn't matter where you from what part of the world you from what culture you're from. We all literally have the same emotions.

Travis Kim Roberts Youtube CEO Missouri Prince Roberts. St. Louis Jay Shetty
Politician, Cardiss Collins

Encyclopedia Womannica

04:40 min | 9 months ago

Politician, Cardiss Collins

"Today's politician was one of the longest serving women of color in the US Congress. She spent several of her over two decades of service being the only black woman in the chamber. Let's talk about Cardis Collins. CARDIS. Robertson. Was Born on September twenty fourth nineteen thirty one in Saint Louis Missouri. When cardis turned ten, her family moved to Detroit where she attended high school. After graduation, cardis moved to Chicago to live with her grandmother and find a job. She worked in a mattress factory before joining the Illinois Department of Labor as a stenographer. At the same time, she also studied accounting at Northwestern University. In. Nineteen fifty eight Cardis Mary George W Collins. The couple had a son Kevin the following year. After graduating from college in Nineteen, Sixty, seven, Cardis was promoted to secretary then became an accountant and auditor for the Illinois Department of Revenue. All the while she supported her husband's campaigns, for Alderman, committee men and US representative. Cardis also gained her first direct political experience as Committee Woman of the Twenty Fourth Ward Democratic Organization. In nineteen seventy George won seat in the US House representing the predominantly African American west side of Chicago. He was elected following the death of his predecessor. He served two terms and was particularly passionate about improving the lives of black people serving in the military. Shortly, after winning election to serve another term George died in a plane crash. Carts was devastated by the loss of her husband. Through her grief. She announced her candidacy to fill her husband's congressional seat. She was supported by the city mayor and won the nomination with eighty four percent of the vote. She then won the election on June Fifth Nineteen, seventy-three with ninety, two percent of the vote that made Cardis the first black woman to represent Illinois in Congress. Transition into her new congressional role wasn't easy. She was politically inexperienced and wasn't confident enough to voice all of her opinions right away. She relied on her colleagues to show her the ropes and she later said once people learned I had something to say I gained confidence. Hardest is main goal is a representative was to improve life for the on Chicago's West Side. Along with other low income communities and people of color across the country. She always kept the well being of her constituents as her main focus. Spending eight days a month in her district to remain accessible. Because of the attention, she paid her voters she went back her seat comfortable margins for two straight decades. Throughout her tenure, she would serve on several committees including the influential committee on Energy and Commerce. She started serving on the committee on government operations. She participated in two different subcommittees later, working to tighten regulations on the transportation of toxic materials and improve air travel safety. In nineteen seventy nine. Cardis was elected president of the Congressional Black Caucus. She was only the second woman to earn this honor. She openly criticized President Jimmy Carter's record on civil rights, as well as his failure to make Dr Martin Luther King Junior's birthday a national holiday. Cards spent much of her time in Congress defending affirmative action programs and ensuring equal funding and attention to women and people of Color. Curtis staunchly advocated Breast Cancer Awareness. In nineteen ninety, she wrote a law expanding Medicare coverage for elderly and disabled women to receive. Mammograms. She also designated October as national breast cancer awareness month. In nineteen ninety-seven after twelve consecutive terms cardis decided not to run for re election she returned to Chicago and later decided to move to Alexandria Virginia. She passed away on February third twenty thirteen. She was eighty one years old. Cars Collins overcame grief and hesitation to speak up and make a positive difference for people in her district and across the country.

Cardis Mary George W Collins Chicago Congress Illinois Department Of Labor Congressional Black Caucus Committee Woman Representative Robertson United States Twenty Fourth Ward Democratic Illinois Department Of Revenue Northwestern University Us House Saint Louis Missouri Detroit Illinois Kevin Breast Cancer Awareness Cardis Energy And Commerce
St. Louis police officer, the 8th shot since June, dies from his injuries

John Batchelor

00:22 sec | 10 months ago

St. Louis police officer, the 8th shot since June, dies from his injuries

"ST Louis, Missouri. He was one of the two officers shot Saturday night after responding to a shooting call Police officer who was shot in the head during a standoff on Saturday, has died. The victim, 29 year old marries Bohannon served for nearly four years. A second officer was hurt but has been released from the hospital. A 43 year old man was taken into custody. Following that 12 hour standoff

Officer Bohannon St Louis Missouri
Eating Disorders & the Higher Level of Care

Nutrition Matters

03:48 min | 11 months ago

Eating Disorders & the Higher Level of Care

"Hi, amy welcome to nutrition matters podcast and thank you so much for joining me. Hey page. Thank you so much for having me. My pleasure. Well Amy will you take a minute to talk about who you are, what you do where you live kind of introduce yourself to anybody who doesn't already know you Yes absolutely. So Oh, my name is amy is am an eating disorder. Saint Louis Missouri I work at the residential level of care which we're going to into a little bit and I recently moved from Denver where I owned a private practice called satisfied nutrition I specialized in reproductive health and eating disorders, and then once my partner and I moved back to our hometown of St Louis decided to take my career in a different direction and work at higher level of care. Syria. Okay. So I'm GonNa take just a slight little detour here because I typically try to make the podcast kind of toward the lay person but I also know I. Have a lot of Dietitian listeners and so I, just think selfishly a little bit. I'd love to know what was it like to let go of your private practice and to make that decision I know you and I were talking a little bit off air that. A lot of times in our circles especially on social media. We can kind of put private practice up on this pedestal of like the pinnacle of your professional world, which in a lot of ways, it is really amazing and there's reason that. So many people love it. But I'm also really interested to hear how did you make that decision and what's that been like for you and how are you doing with that transition? Yeah Yeah and just thinking about like all the factors that went into it I think from what you were saying especially, I'm just thinking about how personal decision is like going into private practice or like stepping away from private practice. My partner and I moved from Denver to Saint Louis and we did that in order to be closer to family. But in doing that I had to take a step back and think about my private practice and the foundation that I've built in Denver which I'm so grateful for I knew so many wonderful members of the easiest order treatment community that connect with so many great people a great office space I shared it with colleagues that I really loved and it was just a really great situation. and. Then I started thinking about how much work it would be to move that to put roots down again to do all of those things and I started wondering what it would be like to take a step away from. Working on my own as fun as it is to work for yourself, it can't be a little isolating sometimes I'm just thinking about like charting from home or even sharing an office, you know assured a one room office. So by definition that actually meant I always worked alone because we couldn't vote be doing sessions in the same room at the same time. So I started thinking about what I really wanted to do for the long haul knowing that we removing Mac to Saint Louis for good and decided that I didn't I really love my clients in private practice, my specialty. I didn't really love being every department. I'm just thinking about all the things I had to learn for marketing and for insurance billing and all the little details logistics that went into it. And I really wanted to give myself the space to just be a Dietitian and kind of just to be for a little bit. And it turns out, there was really perfect timing. I actually found a job that opened up at residential level of care right when we were moving the process of applying and interviewing went really smoothly and I feel really grateful to have been accepted and to have been working there for about six months now.

Private Practice Saint Louis Denver AMY Partner Saint Louis Missouri St Louis Syria
Police seize gun from St. Louis couple who pointed weapons at protesters

News, Traffic and Weather

00:42 sec | 1 year ago

Police seize gun from St. Louis couple who pointed weapons at protesters

"Louis, Missouri couple who pointed guns at a crowd of protesters outside their home have had their guns confiscated. The couple has not been charged. But the city's chief prosecutor says in a statement that the right to peacefully protest must be protected Alise executing a search warrant at the home, seizing the rifle is evidence and investigating whether the couple committed a crime Mark and Patricia McCloskey seeing June 28 shouting and pointing their weapons at protesters, who their lawyer says broke through a gate. And on to a private road outside their home. I was terrified that we'd be murdered within seconds that our house should be burned down their pets would be killed Mark McCloskey, also telling a local TV station. The couple grab their runs before protesters allegedly threatened them.

Mark Mccloskey Patricia Mccloskey Alise Missouri Prosecutor Louis
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

01:41 min | 1 year ago

"louis missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

"In the Lavar community page on facebook our next sponsor thanks goes to the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Formed in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight a S C F G was created to unite educate and support. Commercial Cut Flower. Growers its mission is to help. Growers Produce high-quality Floral Material and to foster and promote the local availability that product. Learn more at a ass. Cf DOT org. The slow flowers. Podcasts has been downloaded more than six hundred and four thousand times by listeners. Like you thank you for listening commenting and sharing it. Means so much as our movement gains more supporters and more passionate participants who believe in the importance of the American cut flower industry. The momentum is contagious. I know you feel it too. I value your support. Invite you to show your thanks with the donation to support my ongoing advocacy education and outreach activities you can find that donate button in the column to the right at Deborah Printing Dot Com. I'm Deborah fringing host and producer of the slope flowers. Podcast next week. You're invited to join me in putting more American grown flowers on the table one base at a time. And if you like what you hear please consider logging onto I tunes and posting a listener review the content and opinions expressed. Here are either mine alone or those of my guests alone. Independent of any podcast sponsor or other person company or organization. Slow podcast is engineered and edited by Andrew. Brent learn more about his work at sound body movements dot com..

"louis  missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

01:31 min | 1 year ago

"louis missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

"Member virtual <Speech_Music_Female> meet UPS continue <Speech_Music_Female> to provide <Speech_Music_Female> value and support <Speech_Music_Female> as a member <Speech_Music_Female> benefit <Speech_Music_Female> last Friday on <Speech_Music_Female> May Eighth <Speech_Music_Female> Rita Joe Schultz <Speech_Music_Female> of Alaska <Speech_Music_Female> Perfect Peony <Speech_Music_Female> and the <Speech_Music_Female> certified America grown <Speech_Music_Female> counsel <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> as our Zoom <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Guest. Our <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> virtual guest <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> thank you <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> for sharing <Speech_Music_Female> her insights <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and encouragement. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> If you were <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> unable to join us <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> in real time <Speech_Music_Female> you can watch the <Speech_Music_Female> replay video of <Speech_Female> our may eighth <Speech_Female> meet up and I'll share <Speech_Music_Female> the link in today's shouts. <Speech_Music_Female> Please <Speech_Female> join me at <Speech_Music_Female> the next. So flowers <Speech_Female> virtual meet up. This <Speech_Female> Friday may fifteenth <Speech_Music_Female> nine. Am <Speech_Music_Female> Pacific <Speech_Music_Female> noon Eastern. <Speech_Female> I can't wait <Speech_Female> to see you. There are <Speech_Music_Female> special guests include <Speech_Music_Female> Yanni Levin Bach <Speech_Music_Female> of flowers <Speech_Music_Female> without Borders <Speech_Music_Female> and <Speech_Music_Female> Bethany little of <Speech_Female> Charles Little and company <Speech_Female> they both <Speech_Female> work in the wholesale arena <Speech_Female> although with very <Speech_Female> different models. <Speech_Female> I'm excited for <Speech_Female> you. To hear from Yanni <Speech_Female> about what he calls <Speech_Female> being a quote <Speech_Female> flower Hunter <Speech_Female> who works <Speech_Female> from his base in Los Angeles <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to source <Speech_Music_Female> from farms across <Speech_Music_Female> the US <Speech_Music_Female> for a diverse customer <Speech_Female> base. <Speech_Female> I'm thrilled that Bethany. <Speech_Female> We'll have news to <Speech_Female> share from Eugene Oregon. <Speech_Female> Where she and her <Speech_Female> husband. Charles are <Speech_Female> veteran cut-flower <Speech_Music_Female> farmers who <Speech_Music_Female> have seen it all <Speech_Female> everything old <Speech_Female> might be new again for Bethany <Speech_Female> Charles but <Speech_Female> they are elevating <Speech_Female> expanding their flower <Speech_Female> business in exciting <Speech_Music_Female> new ways. <Speech_Female> Which will inspire you. <Speech_Female> So <Speech_Female> look for the link <Speech_Female> to join us on. <Speech_Music_Female> May Fifteenth in. <Speech_Music_Female> Today's show notes <Speech_Music_Female> and you can find <Speech_Female> it also in <Speech_Female> our instagram profile. <Speech_Music_Female> At my <Speech_Female> slow flowers <Speech_Female> and we'll have <Speech_Female> the link on our <Speech_Female> facebook page <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and

Charles Little Yanni Levin Bach Rita Joe Schultz Alaska instagram America US Los Angeles Eugene Bethany. Oregon.
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

11:05 min | 1 year ago

"louis missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

"Up the shop so Right we have to take down the shop and leave the car and it. Just it does cause confusion And we are. Yeah we're battling through that but The shop is when you log on at ten. Am To fires and we dot Com. It will be live and you can just go onto click shop online on Wednesday. It's listed out Wednesday through Sunday. I can I am until we hit about fifty orders which is usually about two o'clock And you know people are like. Why do you not take orders all day long like the time? Three is discouraging. And it's like we just can't work until midnight. Can't the water flowers and we have to clean and you know we have to hot up there route stuff and get things ready for sale and there's so much more that goes on than just ordering are playing out orders for right right. Well that kind of makes me want to ask about the labor issue have you. What is your workforce like and I know you have some co owners. So are you all you know able to save. Are Definitely you know? Safety was the first priority I think we were a little later here in down in Seattle. Obviously I think our last day of retail was march eighteenth march seventeenth so Then we closed down for about a week and I got our February taxes taken out of the account. And all of the all everybody started cashing their checks. All the vendors. And it's like. Oh my gosh okay. Well we have to figure something out so I started just going back to work. I just took a ton of pictures of our merchandise and the garden center and started ordering stuff for Spring and Carli is my partner. And she's lived the Tech Wiz and the computer persons if she put an entire online shop together and like a couple of days and And I've been working pretty much every day since Thank you for having me and I just interview. Oh No yes. Of course. I'm happy to chat But Yeah my Please have been absolutely amazing The thing about the places that we really all care for each other and I think you know at first when I started to Think about what I do to back up. I forgot to like really sit down and have a meaningful conversation with my employees about like how we can do this and I just started doing it on my own and then it got too busy for it so we all had to sit down and zoom meeting and we talked about what we needed to do and how he needs to do it and you know everyone loves the place very much we all love each other very much and So there are there's carly and myself And she's actually rehabbing her house right now as well so she's thinking stubble stress mode no And then Sam who's our gardener She you know she comes into works out in the garden My Partners Actually. Just been helping out The pickups which has been really nice he just comes over and reasons magazine and make sure nothing happens. then 'cause. I lived three doors down from the shop. So that makes it very easy. You mean Supervising the pickup process of customers. Coming to pick up their orders right. Yeah that could be a disaster. Otherwise out dedicated supervisor. Yes Adams dedicated unpaid super and he's just been great. That's great. Wow that is so interesting that you're kind of You know you pivoted into this like Capable like this fix it mode and then you realize you had to step back and have you know kind of get everybody into the same conversation right. And you know my Our Employees Jasmine. She's wonderful she's our shop manager and she was like you know she had concerns that like she didn't want to talk to customers. And so like Adam stepping in to be able to be that like medium between even though they're not allowed to come in it's so like that boundary and we respected that and adjusted accordingly. You know and Just making sure everybody has the proper. You know protection gear and you know we are. I kind of see like I'm quarantining with Adam and all of my employees because we have been like seeing each other a lot and working together a lot And we're not going out and doing anything else. But right Missouri is reopening Missouri reopened on Monday and Nobody else wants to like in the city and county. They're reopening bars and restaurants on May eighteenth and I know plenty of small business owners. That are like this is too early. We don't want to reopen. That's where we're at right now and We are getting more and more frustrated. People that want to come in and don't understand why we're not letting them and we are really trying to if who are guns there were just for right now. As far as like we don't feel safe with a lot of people coming in and touching a ton of US eight. Oh Yeah I mean you have so many more moving parts than typical just a gross overstatement like the typical flower shop. That doesn't necessarily have tools and pottery and you know a whole full-service nursery. It's just it's yeah I can see that you know. Y- that next level is going to be a real challenge like okay. Do you have to have gloves masks to Inter our store like are people going to play along with that? Are they going to resist? And it's just it's like right now. Your rules are pretty clear. And even though you've got frustrated customers at least you're all safe and they should be grateful that you're setting boundaries. Yeah but it sounds like and it's it's just a strange place Missouri right now. I think the city is doing a lot of a lot of people in the city are being very respectful But there's some counties that haven't even ever show anything down. They never shut anything. Yeah Yeah and those people they come into the city to shop. Then they're bringing their exposure to you so I can see where you you have to. You have to make some smart business choices and if you lose a couple unhappy customers and they go to the big Box Center. I guess that's okay right. I mean you're you're alive absolutely I think so. Yeah well what is You said you're going to start up on deliveries again. Tell me how the mothers stay a deliveries worked was were you happy with how that worked I we did about a hundred deliveries I would say in two days. Wow and We had to delivery drivers each day and You know they were mostly in the city or close. County is we. Didn't we didn't leave a out of thirty minutes. Outside of the shop terms are cut off and so we just would drop them off nature. There was like a porch or somewhere where you can drop it off Contact contactless and then get back in the car and give a phone call to the recipient and just let them know that they had flowers outside so because a lot offered little annual planter basket. Oh what were those like? Oh they just had like solution. Some Zinnias of you know Sweet Potato Vine. Maybe a derain eum we did like a citrus of purple and pink And then they were kind of like like A gift to mom who could then plant them herself or that sort of they were in a little charakata so they would just go straight onto the porch. They're not a diy they were already. Do they already done? I love it. They were yeah. Yeah I am so curious about the plant side of Your Business. Where are you getting all your like your flats of of bedding plants or your veggie starts doing a lot of that sewing yourself We do not. We've done some a few things We started soil box this year on some interesting herbs and veggies that we can't usually find growers But we mostly we have a farm that we work with Just like thirty minutes away. Beaver farms and they grow a ton of really beautiful herbs and Veggies And then we have one called Ritter Greenhouses. There's actually two different. Breeders ones perennials and one's annuals so And then we always go down to the Mennonite Auction and the central Missouri Produce Auction every year And we usually dock up on big lots of veggies. Annuals or perennials. From did you do that already or were you able to get on that? When we didn't we weren't able to do it this year. Yeah just you know. Three hour trips and Yeah it's not this year because of the current. Wow that's interesting so the feel like that. You're you're narrative about how busy you are with people wanting to potting soil and veggie starts and I see this playing out all across the country and this kind of shift to. I don't know it's almost like wouldn't it's not hardcore food security but it's like some kind of peace of mind that I can grow something it of course here in the city so a lot of people don't have large parcels but Is this a bigger kind of awareness than you've seen in past years? Oh I think.

Missouri partner Adam Seattle US Mennonite Auction big Box Center supervisor Adams Ritter Greenhouses carly Spring Sam Carli
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

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"louis missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

"You know start being able to provide you know deliveries in the city or close county for people who have chronic phase or are morning someone or something like you know the things that we all need flowers for okay so the deliveries will be more for everyday flowers flower orders and then the curbside pickup is is also for flower. Orders most mostly. It's it's the bags of soil and and that sort of thing Wow Wow that's so. This is all an answer in response to my question about the cutting garden so now the cutting garden has a purpose. It's just maybe not the original purpose or maybe it's just they just you know. We usually supplement with the stuff from the flower market. And hopefully now this coming year. We'll just have more and more powers for every day so off You know not have to go to the market as much and when you started Jessica you really took the I thought you the initiative to develop relationships with flower farmers in in you know the key greater St. Louis and be suburb urban and country areas outside of Saint Louis to source from establish fire farmers. Before you started cutting growing more of your own. Didn't you oh yes. So this past in Mother's Day this last week we did Seven different Farms that we gathered. Well actually six different farms. We gathered from plus our garden and then we also supplemented a little from the foul markets. Wow it's really a a huge mission of ours to support local farmers and also work with them to you know I know that urban grows amazing relentless so we don't really even try with this but we grow a lot of columbine and bleeding hearts and things but you know perennial wise. They pop up and they're beautiful. They don't really take much work I'm and they complement each other right. That's so smart. Like let them be the go. Deepen widen in that category of over nonetheless. Which you know you can still get a premium price for in a an arrangement even if you're not growing at yourself right so the on your website right now. It says online shop is open Wednesday through Sunday at ten. Am and closes after fifty orders. Pick up his always next day between two and five PM. I read. That and I was like that makes sense to yes but I cannot tell you how many retail florists are probably thinking. Oh my God I would be so I die and go to heaven if I had fifty orders I mean is that kind of how did you come up with tickle? Not It's not a florist number. That's the garden okay. So I mean that's like you know we do a lot. We're just doing a lot of herbs. A lot of tomatoes so You know it's maybe there's ten cut maybe ten bouquets day but The orders are definitely for fardon centers stuff. Wow it's definitely been really it's hard to Just get people to understand that. And there's a lot of questions a lot of phone calls but we're doing our best to try and you know. Remain Calm and Jessica. Do you have any kind of ECOMMERCE component on your website or is this all like every call is like a custom? Customers shop online shop opens at ten. Am So we have to go onto squarespace and physically enable the page to be on. That's because okay that's why I'm not seeing otherwise. Yeah otherwise you can't brow and that's the hardest part about our technology that we haven't been able to figure out that we can't like take away the cart but.

Jessica squarespace St. Louis Saint Louis
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

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"louis missouri" Discussed on Slow Flowers with Debra Prinzing

"Hi Jessica I debra. How are you allowed? I'm not as good as I would have been because I was supposed to be in your fair city this week in Saint Louis collaborating with you. That didn't happen but doing so. We're doing this. Virtually what was that event that we were going to do together in in Saint Louis? So it's the annual fundraiser for our Tower Grove Park which is one of the most beautiful parks and one of the closest parks. My House And last they always do like a tribute to flowers in spring. They have beautiful gardens. There and You know last year. The Putnam flowers came and they did They got to clip from the garden. Which I was very jealous. And they got beautiful Peonies and had a you know a display which was really fun and this year. They were GonNa have deborah calm and talk about slow flowers. Yes Oh my gosh. And we're going to have a luncheon that would include all the center we're going to be designed by local slow flowers members and I guess that was part of the fundraiser. As well and right maybe they were gonNA give them away or some or auction them off. I'm not sure I don't remember those details anyway. The event is called flower power this year. It is now rescheduled for September. I'll put those details in the show notes at debris printing dot com. And I will get to Saint Louis and I will get to see when person again Jessica but in in honor of this big scheduled disruption in our lives. I thought we could get on on an episode of the podcast and just talk about what's going on with you and flowers and weeds. Tell us just give us well? I I'll stop and say there's a wonderful interview that I recorded with you in person in two thousand sixteen when we first met it's combined with a episode with an interview with Vicky Lander Flower Hill farm also Missouri Flower farmer. So I'll share a link to that in today's show notes but So you can get caught up to speed if you want to go back in here that back story but give us a snapshot of what what flowers and weeds is right now. And then we'll talk about how you've been coping with the pandemic so we are a lower and garden shop We have a lot of indoor house plants and a lot of linked terrariums and cool glassware. And Make Your own little station And then the outdoor Garden Center We sell veggies herbs annuals perennials native. And then we have our Cut Flower Garden so we just built Eighteen very large raised beds And have a huge project in the garden this year in February and we're geared up to grow a lot of flowers this summer which is very exciting and then we have a perennial lot that we've been planting in is probably ten blocks away or so So cutting garden is growing and growing And then we yeah. We got the wedding flowers going on but as of right now it's we don't have any wedding flowers going on. Well you're really a hybrid because you will first of all I recall you got into the business really through designing a terrariums. So plants have always been at the core of the flowers and weeds product. Offering right yes. I would say first and foremost I was a florist I and then I started working in garden shops and you know designing in plants more and then You know it's like am I just designing this? 'cause I could just grow it would be cheaper and it would be easier. It would be better for the environment and then it just you know I I guess I Spent a lot of years trying to think of what I wanted to do. And then I just kind of ended up doing all of the things that you know. We have a lot of different sides of the business you too well. It's so interesting because you're right in the heart of the city and yet you've been able to access growing land in a couple different parcels. Which is what is it. Because your neighborhood was sort of had been kind of slow to redevelop or what? Despoil Abraham a lot Saint Louis South City It's really beautiful. Lots of beautiful old brick buildings But a lot of them. Have you know it's been torn down and are just lots set along to the city R. A lot are very affordable or You can rent it for five years for five dollars here so Land is not as precious as other places Well I mean I think precious right just not it doesn't go for the real estate in New Yorker Co our something just success It's very accessible and Also we use a city on fire hydrant. Keys so We get free water from the city for our garden Which is also something that I assume California. Is You know. I told people from California that and they're just like completely legit. You're allowed to do this right. Oh are older woman. Set it up. Our older woman is and aldermen. They're very accessible as well. They're amazing people We're fortunate enough on Cherokee to have like two alder People so They're just you know alien in touch with the neighborhood that's nice. What was the term you used about the L. are something slots is that mean like vacant or l? Ra is They are just owned by the city. they are usually just lots But there's sometimes houses And I think the Land Redistribution Act Ellerey That makes you know. Wow so if you live next to Anelle are a lot. You can buy it for a dollar. So how many lots do you actually own with? The business Well our shop is on three parcels. But it's just one One address And then we have the kid cock lot just to while And then you did talk about the wedding business sort of being on hold but up until this year you you had a full service. Floral Design and event studio attached to the retail nursery and garden. Center right yeah so You know with a budding industry. We've just been doing a lot of like quick elopement wedding or something like small words just like she wants a little bouquet or couple nears for something that was already planned But you know. And we're we're booking definitely for next year so we'll see what happens so many questions on that one. Is this cutting garden? That you've put so much love and energy to really get established. How do you feel about all those flowers that are already in the ground? I've sure in your mind when you were planting you were thinking about particular clients. Who had to major in July weddings Well you know I the other side of the business Floral business the like everyday flowers and You know that actually is going strong and people are I think in real mead of That friendly lovely reminder. That's flowers are when you send someone something like there's been a few times where something terrible happens and people right now. They can't get together and so all you can think of to do is send flowers. You know So we have. We have kind of laid off of Just of doing deliveries right now. We are only offering floral pickups and we are offering we just did a big mother's Day thing where we did delivery and pick ups But it's just online next day picked up right now as well as all of the retail. Because what we've been focused on mainly right now is garden center sales We've never sold so much soil in her life while the amount of herbs that we've gone through the Basil's just like it's really encouraging to see that side of the business Flourish during all of this is that means people are in their garden and they're using small businesses more and more because they don't want to go to lows right now. So wow but yeah so. We're going to relaunch.

Saint Louis Jessica I Cut Flower Garden California Tower Grove Park Vicky Lander Flower Hill farm deborah Despoil Abraham Missouri Flower Ra Anelle New Yorker Co
Black pastors in St. Louis: Too soon to return to church

AP News Radio

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Black pastors in St. Louis: Too soon to return to church

"As states consider how to re open in the midst of the pandemic a number of black pastors in Saint Louis Missouri are urging churches especially those in the black community to remain closed the Missouri governor's plan allows all businesses and organizations to resume operations Monday including religious services officials with the St Louis clergy coalition say they're concerned that re opening churches will worsen the pandemic in the already hard hit black community about thirty percent of all cases in Missouri and forty percent of deaths involve black residents even though just twelve percent of the state's population is black I'm Walter Ratliff

Saint Louis Missouri St Louis Clergy Coalition Missouri Walter Ratliff
All About Virtual Therapy

Therapy for Black Girls

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All About Virtual Therapy

"Thanks so much for joining me for session. One fifth of the therapy for black girls podcast as many people are now beginning to work with their therapist. Virtually a might be looking so work with the therapist for the first time it will be meeting with them. Virtually I thought it'd be a great time to rewind and share this interview. I did with Melissa Douglas again as she has been providing virtual services in her Saint Louis Practice for the past couple of years. Melissa is the owner of goal driven counseling a private Tele Mental Health counseling practice where she supports teens and millennials challenging educational career and life transitions through secure videoconferencing. She's a native of Chicago Illinois but has called St Louis Missouri home for almost a decade. She's a proud Triton who received a best of social work degree master of social work degreen and also as a ticket in nonprofit management in leadership from the University of Missouri Saint Louis. She's a licensed clinical social worker and a distance credentialed counselor who has diverse volunteer work experience with us in juvenile detention community based and educational settings. Melissa and I discussed some of the differences between traditional in virtual therapy. How you can decide if it's right for you how to find a virtual therapist and she shared all of her favorite APPs for Mensa weld is if you hear something that resonates with you are listening. Please share with us on social media using the HASHTAG. Tgi In session. Here's our conversation. Thank you so much for joining us today. Listen thank you for having me Dr Joy. I'm very happy you were able to join us today. Because I know there have been a lot of questions about people looking Virgil at therapy or if they live like in a town that's further from a big city and they're not like a lot of therapists they're people are wanting to know do therapist offer virtual action so. I know that you have a completely online practice and this way correct. Yes so you are the perfect person to talk with us about some of these concerns so I can you tell us a little bit. About what virtual therapy is and how? It might be different from traditional therapy. Yes so it's very basic in so we're gonNA talk about has basically tele mental health and virtual therapy because there's a whole other section of just telemedicine that covers a lot of different professionals by talents evolve. Israeli when the clinician and the client are in different physical locations using technology to communicate pretty much and so it's referred to eat therapy virtual therapy online therapy distance counseling. And what I tell. Clients is Dora virtual counseling or virtual therapy sessions. We can do almost everything other than I can't handle a tissue if you start to cry at a time and I can't be a physical support in a crisis but because I use all video and actual platform designed for telehealth. It helps me to have the same relationship report to be developed and the resources to be used. Because I can share my screen. With people's we can work through resources things together in actually see worksheets and stuff like that. I can have more than one person in a session with me. So couples counseling family. Counseling can be just the same as as traditional therapy but when you talk about Tele Mental Health. There are other options other than video. So you have phone counseling as well as a synchronous methods. Such as email and text based counseling. And so all that means is that you there are not live communicating. So you may send a message and you have to wait until the counseling therapists can respond to that. And then you go back and forth that way. And so with those methods there has to be a comfort with communicating fillings in POPs in a in a written format but the largest difference. Is that the responsibility of ensuring privacy of the session is a little bit more shifted to the client because they're in their own space but I always share that tell them will help isn't better or superior methods to traditional counseling. It's really all about appropriateness and our preference so it sounds like it is very similar to coming into the Office for therapy except that you might be in your home. Like in Pajama Bottoms. So what kind of feedback have you gotten from your clients? Melissa about whether be you know like like it better or worse than traditional therapy. Like what kind of feedback have you gotten so again like I said it's all about preference but I received a lot of great from our clients because again because I use the video base we really are able to establish the same relationship and report because we can still see and feel each other's personality we can hear the to- now with the end we can see affect from each other and so it's a little bit more van just communicating written format? And so we're able to really Bill at relationship. They also enjoy the flexibility. It allows in their schedules as well as the convenience of just having to log on. And I'm right there. They don't have to travel or really fit it into their schedule. In addition to travel and things like that but I always share with people who are a little bit unsure about telehealth. Because you know honestly it's it's still a fairly new thing. It's been around for about thirty years and we talk about the telemedicine space but for Tele mental health. I think it's gaining more traction in the last ten years more visibility and so. I always tell people that it's been researched for effectiveness in solid in the early two thousands. There were a lot of different studies but a couple that I like. I like to share is added. Two thousand one. A study was conducted by the Department of Psychiatry at Washington University. Here in Saint Louis. So patients quickly adapt and establish report because the basics of relationship building. Is there with telehealth? And then there was another one another study done in two thousand five by a psychologist from northwestern university who conducted trials that show that clients living with depression tended to stay in counseling longer and saw a larger reduction in symptoms by participating on counseling. And so I like people to know that. There is research back to the effectiveness of elements of health and virtual. Yeah I mean and I'm glad you brought that up right. Because that he is I think another benefit of virtual therapy is you know sometimes one of the more significant symptoms of depression is like not wanting to move and not wanting to leave your house so if you can talk with your therapist via you know your laptop or your tablet then you can still participate in treatment in you know may receive some benefits from the treatment that you wouldn't have if you stayed home. Yeah absolutely as well as the social anxiety is as well and we know that. That's the largest mental health illness in the world and so police will stay in the US and so that's also a great benefit as well. And I think it is important for us to mention that this is not jumping on facetime with your therapist right so it's not like your therapist will just facetime call you and you just answer. These are very are at least therapist should be using hippo compliant software and platforms that will increase the security of the session. Correct absolutely yes. Yeah so there are precautions that your therapist should be taking but like you mentioned you know like if you decide to have your session and you know your partner is like right next to you. Then you're compromising you're all confidentiality but your therapist is taking the repercussions. They need to make sure the session is. Yes absolutely. You got you okay. So what kinds of consideration should somebody consider if they're thinking about virtual therapy like what kinds of things might be WANNA think about? Yes so I always say that. The virtual therapy is the method in which we're doing the actual therapy. You definitely want to consider the expertise of the clinician if their focus is what you need and saw. You WanNa make sure that that the actual option is not the main thing that the person if you're experiencing depression or anxiety that that actual clinician that's offering the virtual therapy specializes in those things. Another huge thing because of the the lack of geographical barriers would tell them it's a health. We WanNa make sure that the commission has licensed in the state that you resign him because legally required men. So that's a misconception that a lot of people have is that because we give us our phones or computers and things like that that we can work with anybody and that's not true. Also I tell people to do a real self assessment and consider if they would be comfortable sansom on from a distance the end because the confident the impact of separate therapeutic space is really important to some people in Psalm as well as thinking about if you have a support person that is is nearing assessable if there is ever an emergency situation and so that's not something that was mentioned yet but emergency planning. It's something that is very important when it comes to tell them health because if a client were to experience at some time some suicidal thoughts or things like that there has to be an emergency management plan in place that that usually includes a emergency support person near the town of triage. That with the therapist in the end client should be feel free to access their tele mental health therapist or counselor has completed any chiming in so some states required in Psalm. Donning in you also share that you know it's not just jumping on facetime call. Any really really speaks to the clinician operating in their areas of competence. Which is a a safeguard for the client and the client should be comfortable and aware of talking about that with the clinician. Yeah and like you said all the states don't require it but you know it does feel like most therapist who are doing significant amount of virtual. Therapy are tele. Mental Health have completed at least some like trainings in maybe even some additional certifications. Yes yeah so. Can you talk a little bit more about the emergency planning because I know that that is something that often comes up and I think something that you know frightened some therapists away from maybe wanting to do elements? Health is like okay. We'll do I do in case of an emergency. So can you talk a little bit about with their processes like with you? And your clients. Yes so assessment of fit is very important so when a client contacts me for consultation. We're having that initial call. I'm usually doing a brief assessment at that time and so I'm assessing if they are at high risk of currently having suicidal thoughts or have had a plan or intent also assessing for any homicide Any active substance use Any delusions around technology and so that means some people experience thoughts and things that someone is spying on their computer things like that. So that wouldn't be comfortable in a therapeutic face if that's some concerns as well as some complex traumas in some those are some things that I quickly assess floor in consultation with also the assessment phase and so with the emergency planning share with clients that if any safety issue were to come up and we'll just speak about the the suicidal thoughts and things like that. If that was ever be concerned that I definitely openly share with them. That is my ethical responsibility to call the police to do a wellness check and things like that but I also wanted to be a little bit more comfortable for them too so we talk about any support people that they have in their life that has click access to them. And so if it is a spouse work is a parent that they would give me permission to disclose and contact them and say that. I am their therapist in Bay are having a very hard time right now and if they could check on them. I remain on the phone or in a session with my client during that time but then I also triage with the support. Person is what okay so it is very similar to what you would do if you were meeting with the person in your office absolutely but unfortunately they have the ability to hang up and disconnect right thank you know they have the Leave your office. Like I've had clients that leave. You know like just abruptly into session if you know things are not going the way they want us something. So they're still option even in real life. That's true yeah so Melissa does insurance. Pay For ritual therapy yes. There are many insurance companies that pay for virtual usually equivalents of the cost traditional but it varies state to state and it also varies between insurance companies as well and so I always tell people the best thing to do is to contact their ensure to ask about the the details of their specific plans. Okay Okay and so if that is something that is going to be like a priority like if using your insurance

Melissa Douglas Tele Mental Health Tele Mental Health Counseling Chicago Illinois University Of Missouri Saint L Saint Louis St Louis Missouri Depression Mental Health United States Pajama Bottoms Facetime Virgil Dr Joy Bill
Local Mopar Hunting

Talking Mopars

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Local Mopar Hunting

"This week's project car of the week is the nineteen. Sixty-nine Plymouth Road Runner. That was posted on the mope one hundred facebook page on. March twenty fifth at three PM. Let's break down the ad but first let me say that this is another example of a seller who did a piss poor job of creating the ad and being detailed and I'm GonNa read it exactly how it's written starting with the title and then getting into the description so let's check it out. Nineteen sixty nine road runner number matching four-speed thirteen thousand nine hundred dollars nineteen. Sixty-nine number matching four-speed Roadrunner Real K. Two car this car is very complete project call of interested thanks. Title Status is clean and this is one of those ads where. I'm like come on man. Can't you throw a little bit more information? Let me know some of the cars history you know. How long have you had it? Why are you getting rid of it? Let me know a little bit more about the car. Dude I don't understand why that's so hard so the seller could have done a much better job describing the car maybe even decoding the fender tag and they also could have done a better job of taking pictures but a quick rundown of the car is that it needs both quarters and the vinyl top is peeling on both sides in the same spot with a quarter meets. The roof rocker panels on both sides need to be replaced. I can't see the trunk floor extensions. But the center of the trunk definitely needs to be replaced and they're still carpet on the inside so I cannot see the floorboards. But the pictures of the underside of the car. It looks pretty solid. It is missing the drive line and it does have looks like coil overs on the back. So that's a little bit weird. It's got an eight and three quarter rear end and it still has the looks like factory leaf springs in addition to the coil over. So that's a little curious. The underside looks pretty solid. So I'm really impressed with what I see underneath there The pictures of the door jams. The door jams don't appear to be rotted like you see on some of these cars that have been sitting for a while. Sometimes you see a lot of rotten. The door jams. But I don't see any of that. So this is pretty solid. The interior you know definitely needs work. New Door panels probably needs a headliner. Obviously new carpet Steering Wheel needs work. The shifter's laying on its side. It looks like in the picture so that needs to be hooked up but it's not too bad under hood you can see that it's missing the dip stick. It looks like and there's no oil Kapor breeders on the valve covers so it looks like the valve covers could potentially have been exposed to the elements which is not good It's got some bucket seats on the interior. I don't remember if I mentioned that It also appears to have a stripe on the back of the Trunk Lid. Much like the nineteen seventy roadrunners. That had that stripe except for it doesn't say road runner so I would definitely take that off. The rear bumper looks like it needs to be replaced right underneath the rear window. Molding it looks like it's rusting. They're a little bit at least that's what it looks like in the pictures. The car's not too bad other than needing quarters rockers. And trunk floor. It doesn't look bad. I'm curious about the rear suspension on it but overall it's pretty solid car you know. It's got the typical Mo problems you know the vinyl top problems and the quarter panel problems it has carpet on the interior. So I can't say whether or not it needs floors. But the underside of the car looks really clean compared to some of the exterior which needs some help but you know overall. It's not too bad of a car. It's a cool color. It's got the stripes on the hood you know it's thirteen thousand nine hundred. The picture of the fender tag it D- codes as a true runners are twenty three. It was born in Saint Louis Missouri and it is originally a four speed. Manual transmission has got the D twenty one code. It's also got the K. To code which is the paint code for Vitamin C. So that's cool. The Interior defender tag code. H Two ax actually says it's a black vinyl bench seat so that's interesting. It does have the veto any one options. So that's the performance hood treatment so I really like how. This car is set up vitamin C with a four speed. That's cool and the performance hood treatment. So this is a cool car but let's talk about the price. The cars thirteen thousand. Nine hundred numbers matching. It is a four speed car. It's your basic budget performance car for nineteen sixty nine which is exactly what it was meant to be. It's the right color St- the right. Look you know this thing. Brand new was pretty cool. This is the type of car where if I was alive during that time period and I saw this on the lot I would definitely be attracted to it. It's got the right color. It's definitely one of my favorite colors for a roadrunner. It's got to be twenty one performance hood treatment which always thought was cool. The car needs some work. Let's be honest. And if I bought this roadrunner first thing I would do is pull the valve covers. Nc What we're working with if the heads look pretty bad underneath there. I'd probably just yanked the engine and just tear it down. Since it is numbers matching. I do think it would be cool to take the engine out. Get A rebuilt but leave looking. Ratty you know what I mean and then drop it back in the car and get this thing running safely as I always say. Make sure it's safe to drive on the road before you get out there and get yourself or somebody else killed. Make sure your brakes work and that the suspension is good. You know you don't WanNa put anybody's life in danger especially your own. Believe it or not. There is such thing as a safe ratty muscle car and you can make this thing safe to drive and take it. This car has the potential to be a really fun rowdy muscle car so for thirteen thousand nine hundred. I'd like to see this thing around eight thousand but it is numbers matching. It is a four speed. It's the right color it's got the twenty one. I know I keep saying. Be Twenty one. I just think it's a really cool option. All right leave me alone so this car has a lot of good things going. Forward also has some questionable things. But if you wanted to cruise around in a cool rowdy mo par. This would be one that I consider pretty cool. Okay so thirteen nine. I'd like to see around eight thousand. I'd probably spend as much as ninety five. I don't know if I could justify figures for this car. You know I don't know if I could pull ten grand and by this thing but it is cool so I don't know maybe maybe I'd go as high as ten but you know that's almost four thousand office asking price. He has the selling point that it's numbers matching so I'd get underneath this thing. Make sure that transmission is matching to if all the numbers do match then maybe this would be a cool car to invest some money into you know I personally the only thing. This thing's missing is the Hammy Scott. The right color four-speed. This car is cool. I do think it deserves to be saved. Thirty-nine is at a high price. In my opinion. Maybe a little. If I had a disposable income would I pay the guy thirteen nine to take the car off his hands and save it? Absolutely but I'm Mo- par broke much like a lot of you so I would definitely try to get into the four figure range you know. I'm sure there's a lot of people say this car is only worth a thousand bucks. I definitely don't agree with that. I think it's definitely you know it's up there not not thousand in my opinion but I probably fork out ten thousand because I think the cars cool all right so that's project car of the week. A matching number sixty nine road runner four-speed car in Vitamin C. Very cool project. Somebody needs to save it. No Mo part left behind

Plymouth Road Runner Facebook Trunk Lid MO Saint Louis Missouri NC Scott
Prosecutor seeking police reform, now says she faces a racist conspiracy

Larry Elder

00:39 sec | 1 year ago

Prosecutor seeking police reform, now says she faces a racist conspiracy

"The Midwest prosecutor says races interests are trying to force her out of her job the city prosecutor for Saint Louis Missouri has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing the city the local police union and others of a coordinated and racist conspiracy against her Kim Gardner the city's elected prosecutor also alleges violations of the Ku Klux Klan act of eighteen seventy one Gardner is black the named defendants are white the lawsuit states the Ku Klux Klan act was adopted to address racially motivated conspiracies to deny the civil rights of racial minorities by obstructing a government officials efforts to ensure equal justice under law for all hi Mike

Prosecutor Saint Louis Missouri Kim Gardner Mike Midwest Ku Klux Klan
St. Louis prosecutor: Racist interests try to force her out

AP News Radio

00:34 sec | 1 year ago

St. Louis prosecutor: Racist interests try to force her out

"The city prosecutor for Saint Louis Missouri has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing the city the local police union and others of a coordinated and racist conspiracy against her Kim Gardner the city's elected prosecutor also alleges violations of the Ku Klux Klan act of eighteen seventy one Gardner is black the named defendants are white the lawsuit states the Ku Klux Klan act was adopted to address racially motivated conspiracies to deny the civil rights of racial minorities by obstructing a government officials efforts to ensure equal justice under law for all I might cross yeah

Prosecutor Saint Louis Missouri Kim Gardner Ku Klux Klan
"louis  missouri" Discussed on WGN Radio

WGN Radio

02:52 min | 1 year ago

"louis missouri" Discussed on WGN Radio

"But like the bush Saint Louis Missouri always one this is Patrick came back to John intro well let's take a quick look around the NHL to see who is hot and who is coal Tampa they found their rhythm they won nine straight nine and one of the last ten this call the Montreal Canadians well they've only won once ordered the opposite end of the spectrum in their last ten games who's hot who's cold sponsored by plumbers nine one one Chicago visit form is nine one one dot com for emergency plumbing service a soft at center ice again one to strum zero one by Linda from back into the dark zone here's Hampus Lindholm left wing to centre right snap to down the glass of the hot zone behind that it goes far corner Gustafson if in fact finder that Conor Murphy will lifted through centering sent down into the docks on on a force on that do all it is not out of the four circle ducks retain possession regardless of the right wing to the corner passing across to the banks of the new board for Murphy versus center right put it over the dark blue line a few feet were killed right there to to put down the line right carpenter there get the **** Kane mystic was tied UP dot com one option of log one Murphy Thursday at the sunrise to running under the work the puck down in the left corner of the dock in the hard to get a line change at least in the near circle dot the lorry a will to put the sun rises and runs into focus who takes a quick sense of one point four doc and you heard David can't bring up the side of the break it the key is that correct since the puck deflect bring your right wing center really scaring in a little while for the total the third one is six hello reporter fights off to check retains the part that doc on the third floor of the park and it's off of course six pack the sunrise don't fifty foot Terry vacuum Axum turning away from a couple of bumps along the left wing boards centered over Mach one right wing poll question put down between the circles the keys the focus of the right wing and they'll spend on the boards behind the goal over this ticket gives in to the left wing corner Zakspeed Pat it lost the park look Sam Steele will back handed through center ice down the hawks on will give your boards slated to pushes it over the blue line and we get a whistle and a hand past cold here against the ducks eleven fifty four left in the second two one offs the warriors bank wants you to.

Gustafson warriors reporter Chicago Montreal Sam Steele David Conor Murphy bush Hampus Lindholm Linda Tampa NHL John Patrick Louis Missouri
"louis  missouri" Discussed on KGO 810

KGO 810

09:47 min | 1 year ago

"louis missouri" Discussed on KGO 810

"Louis Missouri you're listening to cal bears basketball on KGO eight they have a right now they have in their way al sixty eight forty seven and he defeated the whole time guys get loose guys they're having fun and stayed with how things are now but it's been a kind of a wild and fun the first night and take a look around only well I mean for me for free result in this is I think it'd be difficult to find yeah Oregon St at Utah the youth service home eighty one sixty nine one when you think about the conference contenders Colorado and held serve against Oregon at home so the upset the top ten ranked ducks seventy four sixty five as seven to me right to sensational twenty one points as they get the win at home and then this Hyman through freshman at UCLA it's a three pointer to lift the Bruins over Washington in Seattle sixty six sixty four rows coming off a loss at home the former ten and then US he took care of business in the first sixty five fifty six over washing and your your good noted there on the organ and seeing all the still has not one for nine the last team that they'd all be in this league with cal yeah Mike Montgomery had his number it took like six or seven tries for him to be cal there's going to work on offense brown mass mass down the Kelly wheels in the silver has accepted ill advised what is the right idea but he's just been some white on make in the past that that the outside defender plane two guys a chance intercepted Terry back to the silver now go to Davis Davis gonna fire past wills who will drive down turn fire went back out Davis can't default no Bradley with the rebound one up ahead on ray Kelly bobbles it ends up in the corner South tracked it down leave alone south watches the shot and Thor get out his job right your going to buy inside position there three sixteen to go your Stanford cardinal sixty eight bears forty seven the jeans to the free throw line the fifty first free throw the year rough going Mrs for six well I can do back at Madison Square Garden in nineteen we had eight of his twelve points on the season in that game and he's made six of seven shots from the field the next part of the equation for no the card will get bored I can remember I mean he missed all of last year in high schools and ankle injury so he is going to dust off the cobwebs Jones turns the corner goes resolution placement but I've your your food just accidents is no two handed slam here tonight had enough of those Bradley going baseline cut off underneath try to get it back up top twenty quality for a little under off the glass in a the napa get up and then doing a strong I want to you want her to get to fifty he does sixty fifty forty five billiard Stanford cardinal leave the bears Davis bring it up and company in the past around the outside Davis ten hello milk a little bit of a Davis to hit the gas and drive in the left side team in the peace that one from mine there's going back the other way Bradley antes Richard brown brown on the right side down team in trying to find patterns he's rich twenty in the corner thrives in flips it up no the service what's out a controlled by the cardinal under two to go Wilson Silva now Davis still a little up under and gets thou by team info Norris and tore at the school's table over thirty three thirty four for the bears need to be just leaves in instead of being straight up because he had to sell this really know where to go but my lenient with the chess created the body contact is the silver Cup of the free throw line earlier in the ball game with some a couple times just a big successful state big hands up yeah make them shoot over you and if they do then they win that one but you don't pick up the file and you move on but it's hard for young guys especially guys with big your Mister blocking things just make yourself big ticket chances after that yes twenty two hours he she's checked in on the right wing Flores back toward the middle six the court brown saw freshman I freshman on the court the men now Caloris wins no court comes in gets the rebound back up his file get the bucket I tell you I give this guy some time he's got a ready made bodies okay for the college level he's got aggressiveness needs to work on some of the references skills but you you could be a big body hang in power for that can really help the bear the young guys free from the back once you get the first and only starts on there is no style points one Davis we'll take a seat Edward and they'll get a well deserved around the home crowd Stanton leading sixty fifty one second C. dot net NET what you get the first one they dialed in block moving one twelve account now we get the get the plan are us on a board game of points to white at the top service and the layer white baseline back Jones catcher possible three half way down now no you better stay on his he's got a quick trip yeah you can let that thing going to hurry back the other way Joel the one on the right side one thought about now pulls the trigger short Joe brown got her these two are right on all fours Mary Parsons out take a look now he's on his back still there is going to set up he took my brother has something terrible happened the event is in his place well this is and here's why top Houston it's Morris clock movement fifteen on the shot clock the second differential quality one able to swap one away and Harris tries to keep it in plain said it's the back of the backboard but a little thing there you don't want twenty second of all right is eight inches taller than guys the fence so even though he knocked it out of bounds it's a habit to break what exactly a white fireman down rex's fits Morris and fire what's more she really literally on almost all four through one behind over over your head and behind you the shot clock expired great clock awareness right he knew he had to get we knew it wouldn't matter where he was listens issue the these are two outstanding academic institution so these kids are sharp Warrender trying to get five five that will do it the final.

Louis Missouri
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Today in Focus

Today in Focus

14:20 min | 1 year ago

"louis missouri" Discussed on Today in Focus

"Today while so many black children being shot dead Im- one US city and The climate protesters' extinction rebellion are back what will they achieve this time round played some upsetting descriptions about the impact of gun violence exactly here in a dimly lit video uploaded to youtube you can see Exurbia you sanger and his older sister trinity playing with the camera in Selfie mode as eat the cereal look at their mass homework and pose in the outfits they're wearing to school he was supposed to start second grade this august Exurbia you sang as life ended in a random shooting he was with his sisters right behind their home when it happened the young siblings a seven-year-old boy describe how they use their bare hands to stop him from bleeding that boy died becoming the eleventh dialled killed by gunfire in our area since just June this was not a one-off X. Savior is one of thirteen children who have been shot dead in Saint Louis this year alone many like him simply caught in crossfire people show up when a black is already dead and it's a hash constrain you or something is on fire nobody wants to do the work to prevent those things from actually happening but this is it just a story about the horrifying impact of gun violence it is about a community rising up to demand change from the Guardian I'm Donna today and focus why so many black children being shot dead in one US city what do people who know Exurbia you Sanga say about him what kind of Kate was the people who you exit you're Songa said that he was this really bright happy kid who have always smiling guardian US reporter Amanda Hope recently traveled John Lewis to report on the number of black children killed in gun violence every time he walked into a room he was always looking to give people hug even if he had just seen someone thirty minutes ago he'd still run up look at them and expect a hug he was really close to his older sisters and they used to just wander around the neighborhoods and Paul called them the welcoming committee because they went up introduce themselves every new person that would share whatever they learned about them with everyone else in the neighborhood what happened the day he died so the day Xavier died the day before school was about to begin he was with his sisters angel who is twelve and Trinity who is ten and they had just gone to a neighbor's house they were just walking back it was about five him and shots rang out the girls said but they dropped to the floor and then ran inside their home that's when they realized that their brother wasn't with them they turned back he was on the ground and they said they looked at him and he took one last breath and was gone why did you go to Saint Louis we went to Saint Louis because since April thirteen children have been shot to death some of these kids were two three years old a lot of them were playing outside their homes somewhere with family somewhere by themselves somewhere in really public readings with the children it started in April with Canaan Johnson a two year old who was killed in his home in her arms police found the body of Christina Curry in a high school parking Korean sixteen year old was shot near her high school to Shawn Johnson Sixteen year old bliss killed kennedy-powell three year old was shot outside her home while she was eating pizza a South City family lost young kennedy-powell Eddie Hill Tenure with killed ten year old Eddie Hill the fourth outside your home on this front porch with his family on his page Avenue Front Porch there's executor who was killed pfister's Turney keys was shot in her home she was eleven now that grandmother shared some photos with us of shared Nigeria she tells us Mesa cannon a sixteen year old was killed at her neighbors House Durrell Williams was fifteen and found dead of gunshot wounds Jason Everhart eighteen year old Jason Eberhardt was shot and killed variety more both czar he was sixteen when he was shot and killed journey Thompson eight year old journey Thompson was eight and standing near a high school football game held as you would if community event it was a football jamboree gunfire broke out and sheep died NYLA banks with killed her family Nyla just start at the fourth grade and was gearing up for a big birthday celebration Santino Cox eighteen year old was killed in the street nears home with balloons in their hands and grief in their heart to family and friends of fifteen year old said Tonio Cox March to the sea where his body was found like God is heartbreaking to do we know what's going on there are a lot of factors that people you are blaming for these killings the neighborhoods these children live in our poor dangerous they've been overlooked for very long time confidence is common there's a lot of people saying that there are a lot of guns on the street and there's also this level of hopelessness that means people feel like resolving conflict with a gun dots find way to deal with things and the consequences of doing that aren't that high there's just this feeling that all of these kids were in the wrong place at the wrong time the circumstances of where they grew up have put them in a dangerous position what's going on in Saint Louis so saintly risks it's a lot smaller than along big cities that people think of but per happe- There's more people being killed there than in Chicago Detroit Baltimore it's wrapped with poverty it's deeply segregated when we arrived we were driving around you turn off a main road into these neighborhoods and suddenly you see crumbled buildings empty watts drug addicts in the playgrounds and this is all in the afternoon it's very shocking that city can be like this one the wealthiest countries in the world what sort of adds to the shock is that you're in these neighborhoods and then you can drive seven minutes out of them you're in a neighbor hood where the streets are clean the plants are well manicured there's plenty of people walking around there's nice restaurants bookstores can't hear the sounds of gunfire this in-between the north side and West is right in the middle of audible she didn't happen a-block over drugs being so people being shot I went around with these activists Rica Tyler I'm a mother of two kids it's too little black boys so I thought it was my duty to speak up for the kids and the partner Tito is no opportunity opportunity they both grew up in the north side of St Louis which is predominantly which is much poorer than the south side we went to one of these nicer neighborhoods and they were pushing the stroller of their five-month-old child in this neighborhood because this is where it's safe to do that skyscrapers construction nice plants landscape warning the son even shines brighter I mean this is not a joke this is reality people in so no trash you don't worry about smelling pissed or seeing feces all over the ground okay. Homeless people won't vote recurrent Dabo into activism do that Rica said that moment activated her was over five years ago there were a couple of high profile killings of black men by police officers and the one that sort of aw huge amount of tension in the United States and also across the world with Mike Brown there is growing outrage tonight after an unarmed African American teenager was Brown was unarmed eighteen year old who's walking to a convenience sore when he was shot by a police officer who was killed in Ferguson a suburb of Saint I just of Different Ages and races demanding answers in the shooting death of eighteen year old Michael Brown at the hands of a policeman this is bigger than what just happened here in Ferguson this is a real problem react sleet lived nearby where he was killed people she knew him she pictures of his body in the street on her facebook feed police shucked is boy outside my apartment and just felt like she had to go out and speak up for her community. I didn't really know what I needed to do but I knew I had to be out there so the next day actually I was at Ferguson police department demanding answers what happened who's a police officer our charge is GonNa come out we sat in the middle of the road and I remember that was like my I like sit down I was screaming sitting down for Michael Brown and we stayed out there for hours they both on the front line he's those protests which lasted for weeks happened about five years ago this and it really shifted the conversation in the United States I think the reason that the organizers use the phrase black life matters was not because they were suggested nobody else's lives matter rather what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening the African American community that's not happening another to force the media and politicians to reckon with the reality of policing in black communities as well as the underlying issues of poverty and what kind of job opportunities are available health outcomes exist it was a really galvanizing moment for a lot of people in the United Sates including Rica and Tito but it feels as if five years on lives in Saint Louis still not valid in often a huge amounts of problems what approach they taking now to their activism of education it was really shocking to see how the center of all of this has had so few games we see the issues and we attacked and we'd be proactive instead of reactive I don't Wanna see on twitter that another kid is dead and I gotta show up and protests and sing songs hoping that they stop killing us I wanNA ah the variables that create the conditions that make it okay to kill us so that's what we started doing they provide food to poor communities and I think so after all these children were killed she was really concerned about the mental health of the community this is just general nations of trauma that's been happening for years and years to come and no one and feared that there weren't enough resources available and she held this big town hall I created family townhall where I wanted to you know have a safe space for people to just come and tell their stories she invited block psychiatrists social workers for an anyone who was feeling upset about the killings to just come and talk she said that there were teenagers there who had really been impacted by the gun violence in their community but never felt that they could talk about the emotional aspect of it and also a mother of one of the children who died the sixteen year old why is it that so many of these killings are unresolved first of all it does not seem like the city or state government has been that children each I want to announce today that we have secured a twenty five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest best of individuals responsible for the.

United States Mike Brown officer Ferguson facebook Saint I Dabo Rica Michael Brown eighteen year sixteen year five years twenty five thousand dollar two three years seven minutes Sixteen year fifteen year eight year five-month seven-year
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Car Talk

Car Talk

02:37 min | 2 years ago

"louis missouri" Discussed on Car Talk

"There. This is john from saint louis missouri what's happening. Hey i've got a problem with my ninety four subaru. I let's see <hes> yeah. I was driving down into the hot summer day. Just about a month ago and the air conditioner went out. I pulled up in a driveway awful awful how that always happens on a hot day and it was raining in the winter. I know i put it in park and then you know how you step on the you have to step on the break so that you can get into gear again yeah nothing. I couldn't get it into gear so my <hes> so my air conditioner was out. I check the fuses not their whatnot. They're the solutions and out there all the solution. I couldn't find a blown fuse so i thought i turn to the to the geniuses of car talk. So so how do you get it. Would you stuck in the side of the road. Well no actually <hes> after consulting the manual. There's like a little little cover and you'll you'll lifted off you. Take an that's right and you stick a screwdriver screwdriver in there and then you can shift kind of beverly hillbillies but it works so so at this point you've not been able to get it out of gear by the conventional means that is stepping on the break no absolutely not okay and you believe that all of these things are related to each other at happened all at the same time and the horn doesn't work if i didn't mention the horn the a._c. and and and that thing why i would be tempted to believe they will all related to yeah when you say the solution was not in in the fusebox hano that i looked on the cover for the ones that had the related systems yeah pulled them out looked at them and they weren't blown oh wrong but you didn't try to substitute a known good fuse from the few spares that they gave you know no i didn't i would do that. I would do that because i can't always tell by. I look i would have guessed that everything going on at the same time. He's got to be a fuse or a fusible link. There are there are some fuses that are in line with the wire and one of those may be blown in fact in that fusebox under the hood. I believe there are some looks like some wires that jump from one contact to another and it may be one of those that's blown okay so you go around without you could continue to start the thing with the screwdriver but you need a horn don't you i well yeah and my fear is the horn is right next into the air bag there so i'm wondering if that's affected all of the if you think the airbag isn't working oh i have no idea here's how here's how you find out getting the car. You're bringing up to about forty miles an hour and look for good substantial tree and i bet you the start working after but but check.

saint louis missouri beverly hillbillies
"louis  missouri" Discussed on WTVN


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"louis missouri" Discussed on WTVN

"Saint Louis Missouri? That would be, of course. Kevin Jackson of the black sphere. Information twenty four seven six ten WTVN dot com. Radio six ten. Here's something every American ought to have real, honest, US gold money. And now it's possible to get some specially priced from government dot com. Just call one eight hundred nine seven three three zero seven seven a limited number of ten dollar gold. Liberty coins have been released for sale, folks. This money means something struck from US gold. This money's got real heft value. You can weigh in your hand American history. You can hold gold liberties over one hundred ten years old preserved an uncirculated condition. Actual solid gold liberty coins. From the California gold, rush era, coin. So limited and priced so low, you can only get three per household to find out how does occur your coins at this exceptional government price, call one eight hundred nine seven three three zero seven seven call now and we'll give you a free gold God, plus a bonus patriots pack including a one hundred year old US Lincoln set, just for coaling, call now to get your free gold guide, including an actual one hundred year old US Lincoln cent valued at over ten dollars free, one eight hundred nine seven three three zero seven seven that's one eight hundred nine. Seven three three zero seven seven citing Apcoa? Absolutely. My father started Apcoa in nineteen sixty two today, we're not installing my father's siding, Apcoa, citing comes in rich colors. It's virtually seamless and it will increase the value of your home. Check it out. It's absolutely beautiful at Apcoa dot com. Is.

US Apcoa Saint Louis Missouri Kevin Jackson California one hundred year one hundred ten years ten dollars ten dollar
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

Newsradio 700 WLW

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"louis missouri" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"But yeah. Oh, really? Okay. Well, should be pretty exciting. So. We'll see what turns out on that. And I'm sure sake Denison. We'll have some complete details. Meanwhile, let's back here to the weather because the some we talked about, now, we got some rain action out in Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, that's cleared up and some of the other western states, but the real nasty weather, really starts off there in the northern tier. Let's say the northern one third of the good old, Texas just outside of Dallas. And that's where that nasty ban of thunderstorms and heavy rains and lightning and thunder. And you got you got it the whole thing is sitting in that's all through pretty much all Oklahoma right now is blanketing, especially around Oklahoma City. And now it's expanded up into the southern part of Kansas, then it stretches on overthrew, Missouri right now into Saint Louis Illinois pretty much the central one third is blanket right now. And thunderstorms and. Heavy rain, the badlands Chicago's that's kept the gangster gun play down tonight. Alex, that's always good news. Twenty shootings and of eighty. Well, anyhow, they don't want to go out there and get the soaking wet rather. They got their guns might get a little rust on them or whatever. But yet that going on there, and Illinois, and the rain, the nasty weather is through Indiana here in the Buckeye state. Courtier Cincinnati and the tristate area. It's really, really bad. I seventy five north. They said is shut down for the time being we'll keep you details on that. It's wet and wild West Virginia. Tonight. Pennsylvania's getting hit real hard. Tonight, New York state really all over, including New York, New York, heavy rain, the whole east coast. I really I would say for your Father's Day, you're gonna be getting rain, actively all over the place now, however down south is going to be pretty good. Looks like everything's stay clear down in Louisiana Mississippi. Alabama, Georgia, Florida Carolina, so you guys may be okay. Weatherwise Bradley's or anything you to. Report on the severe weather, ma'am. Oh, yeah. Definitely. Got a quite few years. Well, hit the, the, the main ones. Warning Lincoln, Illinois, Springfield, Missouri. Flash flood warning Wilmington, Ohio Wichita Kansas, all under flash flood warning, Indianapolis, Indiana, under severe thunderstorm warning Saint Louis Missouri after their celebration from the Stanley Cup foot thunderstorm, warning, and last one at least tolls to Oklahoma thunderstorm warning, so you, you have anything traffic weatherwise report. Give us a call. Eight six zero eight seventy five locally five one three seven four nine seven thousand first time callers now's the time because we are slow right now. Slow practice. A lot of a lot of people off the roads and stuff. So things have slowed down weather, so give us a call. It didn't matter what you wanna talk about. If you wanna talk about. You know, sports weather news traffic, the politics, and we, we cover everything around here, Clervoy. No, the Powerball numbers let us know. And the other thing, too, is I always tell the truckers, you know, if you'll put the tea and truckin feel free.

Saint Louis Illinois Oklahoma Missouri Indiana Kansas New York Denison Oklahoma City Weatherwise Bradley Chicago Cincinnati Saint Louis Missouri Texas West Virginia Dallas Pennsylvania Alex Illinois
Planned Parenthood back in court over Missouri's last abortion clinic

All Things Considered

04:07 min | 2 years ago

Planned Parenthood back in court over Missouri's last abortion clinic

"Missouri's only clinic that performs abortions is fighting to stay open that fight against the state's health department is playing out in the courts today last week, we asked the head of Missouri's department of health and senior services Randall Williams how the closure of this clinic might affect Missouri women's access to abortion access always important to us. And so, is, you know, Missouri's continuous to eight states and so they're certainly or abortion to Soltys very close by. Illinois and Kansas Alison directs one of those nearby facilities. She runs the hope clinic in granite Illinois, roughly twenty minutes drive from Saint Louis welcome to all things considered. Thanks for having me. How have you and your staff in preparing for the possibility that Missouri may one day be left without a clinic that provides abortions? Well, I think abortion providers all across the country, have theoretically been planning for this day since Trump was elected to office and those conversations have picked up more rapidly infrequently since the beginning of twenty nineteen. And now we have had to rapidly put in some of that crisis management planning into practice over these past two weeks. Can you give us examples of some of the kinds of steps you're talking about some of the steps we have taken as hiring new staff considering patient flow and how to allow patients to expect? The same safe and compassionate care that they always have from us without having to be in the clinic, longer hours, we've been utilizing volunteers to do mundane clerical work for us that we once had the opportunity to do. So we've been increasing our number of patients and staying open longer hours than what we would have normally expected. I imagine your clinics. Capacity is limited in some respect can you scale up to the degree that you think you might have to. Absolutely not right off the bat. We see about three thousand patients year here at hope clinic and. Does that include STI treatment? Okay. The last report, I think, from the gut knocker institute of abortion patients in Missouri was thirty five hundred and twenty seventeen. That is more than double what we currently see wouldn't expect to take on all of those patients where their number of neighboring states set could provide services, much more close to home for patients. But we are in a unique position that we're so close to downtown, Saint Louis and that remaining abortion provider in Missouri. And that we also go to twenty four weeks just station which a lot of our other neighboring states do not. So we have already seen about a thirty percent increase of abortion patients in the past two years, since Missouri, passed its last ban on abortion and twenty seventeen but we have seen an increase in those numbers already in twenty nineteen impaired to the. Same time last year, and we expect that to continue to go up, not only with Missouri patients. But from several other neighboring midwest and states in the south you prepared for something similar to this in two thousand sixteen. When Kentucky was left with only one clinic, providing abortions has this been different from that. Yeah, I think so because all of our worship providers including myself, are Missouri residents. And they also provide gynecological care in the state of Missouri. And so for a lot of reasons we feel like we're a clinic, that is operating in two states abiding by Eleanor law that also feeling the direct impact of what's happening in Missouri both professionally medically and also personally Alison dream is the director of the hope clinic in granite Illinois, just outside Saint Louis Missouri. Thanks so much for speaking with us to have a great day.

Missouri Saint Louis Missouri Alison Dream Illinois Saint Louis Department Of Health Soltys Randall Williams Gut Knocker Institute Donald Trump Kentucky Kansas Eleanor Director Twenty Four Weeks Thirty Percent Twenty Minutes Two Weeks Two Years
Deadly winter storm roaring from Deep South to New England

The Frankie Boyer Show

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Deadly winter storm roaring from Deep South to New England

"Eighty-five million people in the south and the northeast are bracing for a cold winter storm with more WCBS TV's, Ronnie Quinn gives us details for you have rain in Atlanta. You've got snow around the Louisville Kentucky area St Louis, Missouri. Gonna pick up about a half a foot of snow out of this system.

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NFL, Saint Louis Missouri and Tiger Woods discussed on Memphis Morning News

Memphis Morning News

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NFL, Saint Louis Missouri and Tiger Woods discussed on Memphis Morning News

"They're getting ready to tee off later this hour to start the last. Major golf tournament of the year l. read. Country. Club in Saint Louis Missouri will house the one hundredth PGA championship Justin Thomas will seek to become the first back to back champion this tournament since, Tiger Woods. Completed the back to back in two

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"louis  missouri" Discussed on Never Not Funny

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"louis missouri" Discussed on Never Not Funny

"Yes yeah yes yeah i saw that in saint louis missouri and i was the only guy in the movie theater until one other guy came in and decided to sit right behind me and in the beginning of this movie there's also a scene where there is some there's fullfrontal of a young lady and he just goes oh yeah right we was that followed by it would yeah oh yeah but i i then moved my seat because i was like dude suck greasy theater's empty yeah that's so terrible all right so you saw that you saw hotel arguments that's the great day jodie foster you ever worked with jodie foster count no i have not all right would you welcome what working with absolutely you against it no father i wish you a lot oh no i would love to she's an she's incredible she's great in this movie she's read everything yeah is she that true i can't think of anything she's not been grading little foxes it's interesting role for might just be called a little much to call fox's little darlings is the other one is that based on something that based on a comic book or something i don't think so i think it's a new it's actually an original idea it feels like it's probably jonah wick but it isn't at original idea yet in looks like it's based on something okay there you go that's like maybe one of the three movies this year that will be theaters that is not based on something we got us support it just yeah right here it's great you give that four stars as well geared three no no it's it's a lot of fun for pony tails from from mr laptop over there.

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"louis  missouri" Discussed on Sword and Scale

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"louis missouri" Discussed on Sword and Scale

"Shut up borish stop talking as though they were happening dreaming you the judge ruled that cologne is not mentally incompetent and he will stand trial judge deemed christian cologne competent to stand trial in spite of his claims to hear voices and have psychotic episodes on august 28th jonathan lucas made his appearance in court six days later on september third another arrest was made 23yearold joseph michel cabrera was arrested in st louis missouri by us marshals another arrest has been made in a team hacking death 23yearold josephmichel cabrera was found in st louis missouri the us marshals arrested a fifth person a connection with the murder of 70yearold jose eduardo a family continues to mourn the loss of their loved one who according to police reports suffer a brutal premeditated death now police say a fifth suspect joseph cabrera we'll be joining these four behind bars in miami abu because we want to have torres body because no mold those criminals to stay on the street please really high because my brother was like why say on this key the victim's own brother found bottles body he says he can't stop thinking about that terrifying moment on july 1st buzz bye bye came out of stop looking back the quintet appeared before a grand jury on september 16th and were all indicted for first degree murder they faced the death penalty if convicted but the legal system is changing and florida all five of those charged have entered not guilty pleas and their lawyers have gone to great lengths to try to keep the discovery in this particular case secret and not open to the public fast forward to this year january third two thousand seventeen circuit court judge devacht as closes the courtroom to the public in fear of not being able to find a fair and impartial jury due to the pervasive publicity surrounding the case cabrera rejects a plea deal a january six in return for cooperating against the others he could have gotten as few as ten years in prison with a lesser charge of conspiracy to commit murder in court.

jonathan lucas joseph michel cabrera us murder joseph cabrera torres devacht cabrera mentally incompetent st louis missouri miami abu first degree murder florida conspiracy to commit murder ten years six days
"louis  missouri" Discussed on WCTC


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"louis missouri" Discussed on WCTC

"Station hordes the tech guy talking the victor st louis missouri is a close personal friend of lille the port you tell your 11yearold grandson you know this guy i know him a call them up so your your bluetooth works which is good you know means you know that kind of eliminates a lot of possibilities it's there this is a one on one laptop or deaths have that has a builtin speaker right yeah so there there are a number of things that have gone gone wrong what's really gone wrong as that speakers not emitting audio with any luck that's a software issue not a hardware issue but it could of course be a hardware issue there is a speaker cable inside that enclosure that goes to the speaker maybe that fell off no more sound i hope it's not that kazan you've got open it up and you gotta check you could be at blessing in the same way it could be a hardware issue with the sound uh you know used to say a sound board and not sound boards anymore they're just chips on the motherboard the drive to sound the usually use real tech chips but most likely his driver issue is just as software issued so there are a number of ways that you can go about fixing this and the first thing you want to do these is just open up the system properties the device manager so on and windows ten machine easiest way to do that is windows key x that will pop up a menu over the start venue that's kind of the geek menu and you'll see you'll see in their device manager selected the vice manager and make sure that go look at your audio devices that's where the driver the real czech driver lives make sure there's not a red x over it or a a triangle with an exclamation mark or something like that that actually would indicate oh yeah the driver failed a i'm done that and what did you find it here doesn't show any speakers all chosen fha okay sire loaded regardless of age he and and downloaded your copilot installed.

bluetooth kazan device manager windows vice manager victor st louis missouri
"louis  missouri" Discussed on Disruption


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"louis missouri" Discussed on Disruption

"Promotion and so we are actually going to be moving at the end of november so all of december will be recouping from any funds lost in in moving is luckily the company is company helps out with that but it's not you know moving takes up a lot of money and a lot of time in a lot of energy and i'm really bad with moving in terms of how it affects me horrible it's the where he aim i'm right hugh i just i turn in i basically like a cocoon so who december's just gonna maybe all by that or i will ask rather four move the holidays candle nights though choose to celebrate i will ask for that waited blanket that's always oliver facebook that like ways you down it makes you feel really snuggled and cared for spend all of december raft at the law recoup because we're moving to oh joy the best place in all of the united states place at the highest homicide rate in the place of the best police officers lost in st louis missouri boston oh wait wait no st louis don't do that micha it's too late and again i can't get an iron man suit for chris walk her something or value added saying ironman suit that'll work like a night see where that out that with maybe like i don't know what so considered less threatening to a racist police officer has a person of color in like a very bright led suit or is that a person who's wearing like you know the most spelt most camouflaged clothes i feel like if i am in bright ellie dis that's like.

united states boston chris officer st louis missouri