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"louis lachlan" Discussed on Deck The Hallmark

"Those are not necessarily always rainbow twinkle. Lights stay become rainbow twinkle lights at christmas. But i love having twinkle lights all year round but i say after last year being in quarantine i so long. I'm all about starting the christmas asap. Time means nothing. it's exactly meaningless. And and our little downtown greenville. We have Nice white lights up on the trees all year round. It's one of the things that made me fall in love with the city. I know Let's talk about the things at hand. i don't really this. Was you know i'm gonna do this. Episode is gonna come out later this week. But i'm gonna pull this next clip posted on youtube today because hits baby. Let's talk about the breaking news at hand and boy is it a doozy last week. Obviously the big news about louis lachlan going to the gac for win. Hope calls the spinoff of when calls the heart which we'll touch on here but then the big news today. Oh my gosh daniel listing. I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what this looks like daniel. Listen coming back for. I believe when hope calls a country. Christmas which we can touch on bad name here in a moment but on the family saturday december eighteenth listens role is being kept under wraps for now seeing as how he's dead so let's talk about this our reactions to all of this because it's it's big news. Laurie straight from the clink and back into hope valley the way god intended valley. I don't know And then daniel listening straight from the grave i. I don't know what to make of this. Jacks as somebody who has seen when calls the heart all of it. Yes oh my gosh. Most of most of the seasons you had to talk about. You know what. I've seen that yet. You know what the program is. This is pretty wild news. How do you envision this playing.

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