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"The weekend everybody Welcome to WTO P this April 2nd four 45 sports time indeed Frankie's turn once again this morning You would not have thought that the wizards had been eliminated from the playoffs by the way they played against Dallas impressive victory one 35 one O three over the visiting mavericks kentavious Caldwell Pope a season high 35 points Chris Davis porzingis 24 points against his old team 17 threes made by the wizards Luka Dončić had 36 in the laws for the Mavericks as wizards win by 32 Women's final four was South Carolina bidding Louisville and Yukon taking care of Stanford so South Carolina against Yukon for the championship on Sunday Night George Washington men hiring Chris caputo to coach the colonials who Pluto has been on Jim Lara staffer the last 20 years not at George Mason last 11 with Miami Men's final four on Saturday night Villanova Kansas the first game followed by duke North Carolina Team USA and Group B in the World Cup with England Iran and the playoff winner of Wales Scotland and Ukraine group play starts in November Again wizards win easily over Dallas Frank hanrahan WTO peace sports As always Saturday morning April 2nd four 46 in the morning welcome into WTO fee Along the top stories we're following for you Saturday morning on WTO V dot Virginia state police and the Virginia department of emergency management were ill prepared for the magnitude of that huge January snowstorm that stranded hundreds of drivers on 95 some for several hours The findings of a report out late this week it would cost hundreds of millions to actually transform locally the loudon sheriff's office into a police department of a port on that will be presented formally to county leaders next week on Tuesday U.S. is preparing to end its pandemic border rules could mean a surge in migration starting in spring and late May Democratic leaders are warning president Joe Biden this could hurt the party in the upcoming midterm Stay with WTO fee for more on these developing stories in the minutes ahead where the time now Saturday morning is four 47 Amanda is under arrest this morning charged in the shooting death of a woman she was hit by a stray bullet while sitting in an SUV locally in D.C. Police say they have arrested 22 year old Dion Lewis in charge him with first degree murder while armed and connected with the shooting death of 54 year old Pamela Thomas She was sitting in her SUV next to her 8 year old son when she was struck by a stray bullet on February 9th in northeast D.C. Police originally said that there were two groups shooting at each other captain Kevin kentis of the D.C. police homicide unit says now We believe at this time only one individual fire shots and he was firing shots at the other individual from the rival neighbor Gallery bonked a WTO if he news It's Saturday April 2nd welcome to WTO P four 48 on your Saturday morning Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks through the overnight early morning hours guarantee a WTO PE and Crawford with this in the WTO traffic center Still moving through our work zone on 66 eastbound after netley street heading for the capitol bellway a single right lane getting by and until we know that they are gone we can not rule out additional stoppages and traffic they can last up to 20 minutes to half an hour's time so as you come from Gainesville and come from cedarville this morning heading toward the capitol beltway consider a plan B like route 50 or route 29 to get you to and inside the capitol beltway That really is about the last thing left outstanding on 66 The westbound works on has picked up and gone home as you travel from fair oaks or check that from false church heading toward pharaohs On the capitol bellway the interloop works on still there before I 66 it's a single left lane to get by It's also costing you those ramps that would take you east and west on I 66 Three 95 south bed lingering crash on the ramp from edsel road tour in the right shoulder not blocking a traveling 7 through loudoun county both directions between Potomac view road and campus drive the crash probably an investigation here too no update in some time but it does appear that those lanes remain blocked in each direction follow police threats to get around On 7 through loudoun county this morning on the Maryland beltway had a report of some debris in the roadway near Georgia avenue while the inner loop was said to be a small outboard motor may not be anymore and may not even be there anymore but steeler for what might be in the center of the roadway near exit 31 On 95 and on the Baltimore Washington Parkway we were doing fine inside the beltway through Chevy Chase heading toward Bethesda Northbound on Wisconsin Albany three 55 at Dorset avenue we have crash activity had won overturned at last report all traffic late I'll traveling for blocked northbound and everyone is being turned around at the scene In the district looking for crash activity I two 95 southbound near Malcolm X and clear what if anything was ever found ditto that on suitland Parkway near Stanton road they were looking for a crash Ian Crawford WTO traffic Storm team four tracking a chilly night across our region meaning a cold start to your Saturday overnight low temperatures in the low to.

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