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"lou wolf lou" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

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"lou wolf lou" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Topic off at the pass and we are talking about the loyola ramblers which does raise the question what is rambler now the current mascot is a wolf more specifically lou wolf lou as in l u loyola university i've got pretty sharp lewis pretty sharp however lou was not always the mascot nope the previous mascot was well you know what it wasn't it wasn't a wolf it was well why don't we go to laurel university chicago's library website for a little history lesson the school adopted the nickname of ramblers back in the nineteen twenties because the football team traveled a lot to play its games to the point that it was said that they were rambling around the country so they became the ramblers sweet a dig it it's nineteen twenties it's pretty fresh pretty cool then in the early eighties the mascots name wasn't lou wolf it was blow rambler and the mascot costume and here's where things get a little sketchy the costume included a giant human head with a shabby hat and a scraggly beard a suit jacket with a number of patches and the mascot carried a briefcase that's right right know why that is because the name bo do you know what that's four you probably figured it out what is bo short for hobo fan freaking tastic clones i love it the school's mascot was a hobo but wait there's more because according to the library website in one thousand nine hundred eighty two quote the athletics press packet for the season portrayed a bomb rambling across the l u logo that's right a bomb their mascot was a bomb it's amazing it's fantastic it's fantastic now what's not fantastic is this notion that some of you losers are trying to dig that up as a historical fact and then trying to weaponize it you're trying to use it as justification for the return of a certain type of humor on this show which is just not happening that is why i am going to get out in front of this and address this issue head on i'm getting it out in the open in broad daylight i'm shining the bright light of day on this i am celebrating the.

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