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"Mr. New York, Mark Simone. The Mark Simone show seventeen w o r. Well, let's take some calls. Let's go to Joe Norwalk, Connecticut. Hey, joe. Mark listen I wanted to wish and Mary new year. Sorry. The deadline is up. Now you too far. You want wanna see that the the heads exploding? He's Democrats Schumer Pelosi. Yes. Goes out and says all right for every one mile up to while you give me I'll give you one thousand trainers that's eighteen hundred miles of wall or fencing for the one point eight billion originally proposed when they were gonna give him the twenty five ashes good idea. That's part of what he's gonna do tonight. He's going to talk about the wall and the need for it. But he's also going to say, we'll do the wall. And we'll do this is a plan for for illegals, some kind of amnesty. I don't think they'd mind green cards or something like that. It's not going to give them citizenship. But they'll they'll work out something DACA dreamers. Green ca something like that in exchange for the wall. It's good Irene in Long Island. Hey irene. Hi, I think President Trump should say screened available this evening show clips of Nancy and choke years ago when they were four four and a security, and then she Pelosi did not think. Immoral. Well, yeah, that'll probably all come up tonight. He'll mention that. They were all for it under Obama. They'll mentioned that they all voted to fund the border wall in Jordan, and the US paid for it yelling bring up all that kind of stuff. Hey, speaking of Democrats dumbest idea I've ever heard these crazy liberals are now talking about renaming Fifth Avenue. Between fifty seven fifty six that's the block of Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower. They want to rename it. Barack Obama way Barack Obama way move on dot org that far left wacky website is pushing this. They've got tons hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition obviously just to annoy Donald Trump. It sounds stupid. They'll never do it. But who's the mayor? Oh, he would never approve that. You know? I don't know, you know, all over Manhattan. They've got these street signs. It's still the name of the regular street. But you'll see if you look you'll say Joe Louis way or Louis Armstrong way, they name after all these New Yorkers will the problem is I believe in order to get your name on one of those signs. You got to be dead. Well. Let me think. Well, yeah. Definitely. There's like we're lu- Rubens building is it's called Lou Rudin way and second in park. Okay. So that'll that'll stop it. You gotta be dead. No, they can make a change. I'm sure if you wanna do he could make exceptions, don't you usually have to have a tied to that particular area in order to get your name there. That's another thing. It's a guy. That's not from New York. Never in New York. He comes to New York. How many tens even bet on fifty seventh street never and whenever he's in New York. It's always downtown. He likes that up land restaurant Park Avenue in St. he's yeah, I don't think it will have. But you never know with these wacky Democrats in the crazy mayor you never know what could happen. Speaking of restaurants, eleven Madison. That's always rated as one of the top top restaurants in New York City eleven Madison. In Madison Square that per se in MA's, always get like the top three restaurants near dinner for two now at eleven Madison park dinner for two over eleven hundred dollars. Exactly why I don't think. So. Eleven hundred. For two for two. They're saying the increased labor costs minimum wage has gone up a dollar fifty. I still have the other gets it eleven hundred bucks and per se says they'll have to raise their prices in a similar way leading. Well, that's the other thing if you go to eleven Madison park, I mean, the food is brilliant. It's the most brilliant food, you read it's like nineteen courses if somebody a second after you leave the restaurant is what did you have you wouldn't be able to tell them. You don't know what the hell you aid? It's brilliant. It's phenomenal. You wouldn't know what you ate if you walked across medicines park to shake shack, you'd probably have a much better meal. You'd never forget the taste of that burger. Anyway, when we come back Bill O'Reilly will be with us next. Also, you have a chance to win a thousand dollars right off the top of the news at noon. Let's get to all the latest news on seven ten W O R. Here's Joe Bartlett. Okay. Mark mayor de Blasio going to guarantee healthcare for all New Yorkers, including illegal immigrants. He's unveiled a one hundred million dollar plan known as NYC care. There that will provide coverage to six hundred thousand New Yorkers who currently do not have coverage. The mayor says it will be available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay or their immigration status. The Russian lawyer at the center of the Trump Tower meeting during the campaign apparently has deep ties to the Kremlin. New York Times says it Natalie vessel knits scion has been charged with obstruction of Justice in a separate money laundering case the charges. Not connected to the two thousand sixteen meeting with the Trump campaign and others, but it does reveal close relationship to the Russian government. And we'll President Trump declared a national emergency at the border when he speaks to the country tonight. He believes that that would allow him to get funding for his wall. But Democrats have promised to fight such a move. Our next update at noon. Breaking news at one start your day with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning six to ten tomorrow. I'm Joe Bartlett on seven.

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