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"lou cal hearn" Discussed on Maltin On Movies

"In the cost of it. As they rose and tribute. It was beautiful. They rose in tribute of they cheered and everything. And I thanked them. I said. Real mind if I remember my Brooklyn. Oh, I don't. Oh, thank you. All my work in the theater. And then I added what you heard the way I pronounced there. I said that is a result of my working on my speech. Because what I entered LA galleons theater in nineteen thirty two. This is the great actress, Eva legal, Ian, right? The the actors. Laghaouat Stater was called. Civic repertory theatre, oh, was down on fourteenth street and sixth avenue. And she admitted me as an apprentice. At one day, she said to be raw. If you wish to be a member of my company, a. You have to speak better English. Well, I was from Brooklyn. You said, what for. I wish I thought of that. I gotta do such thing. That this is a smart girl? Yes, she is. You should carrier arou- onto. I. Here's the thing. Nineteen thirty two. I entered the civic repertory theatre. And I had Brooklyn speech. Actually, it was pretty bad, Brooklyn because the predecessor, the precocious of by Brooklyn speech was Jersey City, Pete. Hi, where I was born and enjoys you city. You spoke like jersey. So I would from jersey, said it to Brooklyn, and you know, I caught the ball games and you know the dodgers go all the way back with me and, and at as a kid broke from. You would go to Ebbets field. And you say you bomb, you know, good. F- bomb. I JJ cry, mad one. Hell you find another business. You're yelling at the players. That May June authentic fan, right? If you just sat there and say, he's had verbal, can hit, he can run, they can throw all good. I mean. My hero, even though I was a Brooklyn dodger. Babe, Ruth, his too. Yeah. Well, he transcends everything that you of utter a truth. He transcends everything. I could tell stories about the baby. We're not gonna go to. The thing is. One galleon. Issued this warped. About staying as an apprentice. I took it to heart and studied speech. With her people. She had a couple of actors who had beautiful speech because she was a classical repertory theatre. Shakespeare IP's, and et cetera. And. She was right. You couldn't play. A whole repertory of. Work. Less you could learn to speak. Show I shut about Lurton at I managed to get what has been called a mid Atlantic accent. If I got away Lynn, which I've done on the -cation they know I'm not in bliss. But they know I'm not jersey said he. You succeeded in your quest digested. Thank you. And I say the consequence. To play much classical theatre. In fact, my very last performance in the theater. You're never show I pronounced yet. It's beautiful. Was with Lou Cal Hearn and New York hook and Julius no gig, Leah. And I played the fool. I wish I wish I could step in a time machine and watch that performance with the two of you. Lou was other lay magnificent. He was. To perfectly. Yeah, first of all stature, he was about six five. And he had the voice to go with it. I had the attitude to go with it. In which connection I must tell you at your lovely. And average dot Lu. That's. What am I great theater remembrances. When we were doing king Leo we in, we're social. And you know the Stanislavsky rebulk. There are only there are no small polyps only small actors. Well, we're, we're in. We're SEL. Had there is an actress in the company. I don't think I should name, but there's an actress in the company who is doing reactions to lose beaches that are all over the fair. Mrs..

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