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#EERS S9 Ep112: Saying It Out Loud

The Erick Erickson Show

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#EERS S9 Ep112: Saying It Out Loud

"Good Morning. Welcome, it's Eric. Erickson here. The phone number eight, seven, seven, nine, seven, Eric Eight seven, seven, nine, seven, three, seven, four to five hour America, I hope you're doing well this morning. Did you know it's Friday? Some of you may not realize it's Friday it is you may be able to breathe easy some this weekend. Well I I don't want to rock the boat on you this morning. I've got some. I, it's actually really interesting information before I. Get there though I need to set it up for you and before I. set it up for you. very funny. Thing just happened on the floor of the State House representatives. My friend West Cantrell sit this to me. This is randy. Nick State Representative Randy, Knicks. It appears the casino legislation may be dead, but this is Randy Knicks on the floor of the House of Representatives. Thank you Mr Speaker. Mr Baker rising opposition this morning to the gambling legislation that got presented during morning orders yesterday. You know gambling is special. Doesn't doesn't follow the same rules as everything else is Cadillac a horror movie. Monsters coming, but you never know when. And also it's never dead a Monday night. That thing got dug up brush the dirt off of it gave it new clothes. In Strip Senate resolution, and in sixteen hours got presented in full in morning orders if that not special. And it gets bigger and better every year. You know what they have to put some shiny objects we can grab onto. This one's got a lot box. Lock box. It's really cold. An emergency powers fun, but we'd never met. District got lot buzz, and if I understand it, those benevolent gambling bosses are gonNA come down here. Just stuff that with money, so we need anything we can just grab it. pull it out. And this one also has got another shiny. This got an opportunity fun. Box except it's all education, so you can get in there if you need some. Also simple all we gotta do just put this thing on the ballot. In those big old gambling boys. And girls are gonNA. Come down, and they're gonNA. Take care of all. We gotTA. Do is trust them. Just trust them to take care of us. You know serious question though. What are we willing to sell Georgia for? You know if if this is so great, their number of states that have legalize casino gambling. Which one do we want to be like? We want to be like the one. That's the number one state in the country for business. Oh wait a minute. That's Georgia. Seven years in a row. How about the ones AAA, bond ratings. They managed to keep all the way through the great recession. I looked it up but I. don't think they're going to be many on that list. That's Georgia. How about the one this guy, the model public scholarship fund in the country that others come and try to model after. Oh. Wait a minute. That's the hope scholarship that's Georgia. which some fatty! Please tell me again why we need to sail our state to the gambling bosses. Yielded whale. That was state representative Randy Nix happened on the floor of the State House It appears it appears the you know, so. The legislature winds down tonight at midnight. There's always hanky-panky. That happens along the way we'll see if they can try to sneak it. Through there will be eagle is watching. They know I. Get off the air completely by six PM they will. They'll rush after that, but it appears they may not have the votes to get this thing to the Ford now. What what I'M! I'm being told. Is there holding it in the rules committee in the house and if they think they can get the votes, they'll rush it out this evening. and try to get it in over to the Senate. I I am told the fate in the Senate may potentially not really give them what they want. I will keep you posted I will keep you updated as always you can text the word army two, three, three, seven, seven seven and sign up for the of his list. I will email out to the activists list as things are going on. and. Keep you posted. Keep you updated. Tell you what's going on also a before. I go any further. It is June twenty-sixth I want to remind you if you want to. The PGA program, the Payroll Protection Program, you need to go to first liberty, dot com and apply I liberty, G. Dot, com, I liberty, building and loan there in Newnan Georgia their local. They've been doing this. As ninety three helping businesses get access to capital you want you want your business. Come in even bigger business. You need like ten million dollars well. You can go to them for that as well, but if you wanted to pc, you could be a sole proprietor. You can be a contractor. You can be a small business and you can apply on their website gets payroll and order. They'll help you into the program. They can't guarantee it. They tell me it is backlogged. It is. It is slow moving. People are getting approved, and then they're waiting for months to actually get the money. The sooner you get into better and they're not taking applications after June thirtieth small business administration. Is it so thanks to a first liberty building alone for sponsor? The program and you go get them to help you if if you can if you want I liberty G. dot com. Let's talk about polls because I have been. Given access to polling. I want to let me let me explain polling for you. If you're new to this program, allow me to explain my view on polling. A polling is a snapshot whenever you see a poll. That for example says Joe. Biden is nine points ahead. which you need to tell yourself is that if the election were held today Joe Biden would win between well whatever the margin varies, but potentially between five points and nine points, and the question is. Is it enough with Electoral College. If you're within three or four points in the poll as we saw with Hillary Clinton, Yes, the electoral college is in play when you get above four to five points in a polling divide for the president, the electoral college really isn't going to be much different from the polling, probably not enough to affect the outcome. This is historically true with George W Bush and with with Donald Trump against hillary. Clinton you gotta remember in two thousand. Sixteen the polling averages had Hillary Clinton at three point. She actually won the popular vote with two points, and that was enough in the Electoral College to shift. There were seventy thousand voters spread through Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin. That gave Donald Trump victory. When you're talking at a ten point margin like Joe Biden is in the polling average. The president does have a pop problems, but that's today. It's not November. We're June twenty six. You don't worry about November. A Corporation, so I run my daily newsletter. on sub stack my daily email. And, I have been. I've I've been growing the membership list like seven bucks a month to subscribe to it gives you insider information podcast interviews things like that and one of the WHO subscribes to it is the CEO of a Major National Corporation that's headquartered here in Georgia and was very interested about the the business landscape in Georgia for some investment. They're doing and decided to do a poll within the company I I know the pollster. The pollsters highly reputable, and it was a phone based poll and they decided to look at trying to get as best they could. Could, they weren't really care. They didn't really care about younger people. They wanted to know older people. Older people will shape the landscape, so they asked they found the voters and you can do this. You can get the voter file and figure it out yourself. They asked the the voters They looked at people who had voted in the last four elections, so trump in two thousand sixteen. Obama Obama and Bush. So you're talking about people who were in there. They're in their forties and older. Really. They're not really interested in the twenty and thirty year olds. So it skews slightly, but that should skew slightly better for president trump because the the demographic is a little older younger voter skew very decisively towards the Democrats these days, and it's bad news for president trump in Georgia today, if the election were held in Georgia today, these eight hundred voters overwhelmingly would go for Joe Biden there there'd be two points. Japan would be by two points. It's not all bad news though Doug Collins leads, Kelly. Leifer but they're in first and second place in David Purdue barely leads Jon Ossoff by point. But. That's actually really good news for David Purdue right now summer and you got gotTA. Keep in mind. Summer polling historically bad for Republicans. Some are pulling always bad. For Republicans a Republican households tend to be gone to be vacationing democratic councils not so much, but that they went with people who voted in the last four elections. They tend to be older and they had a pretty good snapshot of people who aligned in With the president's turn out in Georgia. This is a little bit problematic for the Republicans that the President Right now would be losing This also means that the six of the seven congressional district. Georgia would go to the Democrats. Lucy Macbeth the Democrat already has the six Karen handles trying to take it back of the poll has carried handle losing. It also has rich McCormick losing with rich corey there. He has a greater opportunity there, because so many people you just unknown. He's got an opportunity in the district, but it when you look at the trend lines for the polling. The polling shows that voters in the suburbs are deeply deeply angry with the president, and in fact in this poll that I saw from This Georgia based company. The voters do not really blame Brian Kill for the problems with the virus, and the virus urged, but they do blame the president and they blame the Republicans, generally, if look if again, this is a snapshot today. If the election were held today, not we're we're not. We're not of the election. That's November. I trust the pulse of the pollster knows very credible. I I'm not at liberty. Give you a bunch of details here. I can I can give you the snapshot of the poll, but there are some troubling signs in the polling for the president. And troubling signs for the Republicans here in Georgia The Republicans look to be wiped out in the suburbs here in this is happening in Georgia. It's happening elsewhere as well but you don't have to believe me and you don't even have to believe this from Bret Baier last night on Fox News. Brand New Fox polls in some key battleground states showing Joe Biden maintaining a lead on president trump the Democrat has a. A nine point edge in Florida, in our latest poll out right now, trump took the state by one point in two thousand sixteen over Hillary Clinton Biden leads by two in Georgia. A stadium which trumpy Clinton by five. The margin is also to for Biden in North Carolina, which trump won by nearly four points, two twenty sixteen, and Biden leads by one in Texas where the president won by nine almost four years ago. Yeah. You can say the Fox News poll is wrong, but. Listen to Tucker. Carlson, who, later on the line last night knowing the president was watching, not many people are saying out loud on the right, but the fact is that president trump could well lose this election. In fact, unless fundamental facts change soon, it could be tough for him to be reelected. The president does lose. That would mean that just a few months from now Joe Biden would become the president. The United States. Government would fall under the control of the radicals who controlled Joe Biden, and they will remake the country. Now we're fully aware that virtually nobody watching this show tonight wants to hear that, but it's true and key people around the president. Know that it's true. They've seen the numbers. They're concerned. At some point in the future, historians will marvel at the fact that the president lost ground during a pandemic, and then during mass riots both crises should have highlighted his strengths. They were naturals for him alone among national leaders, DONALD TRUMP warned Americans for decades about China and the perils of globalization everything about the Wuhan. Corona virus proved Donald Trump right. Yeah! And yet he's losing ground Let me give you a sense of why the presence was. You'RE GONNA I don't WanNa. Play the audio of this I i. WanNa read it to you. Sean Hannity had Donald Trump on last night for for a discussion. Here's the question Sean Hannity asked if you here in one hundred thirty one days from now at some point of the night or early morning, we can now project. Donald trump has been reelected the forty fifth president of the United States. Let's talk. What's at stake in the election as you compare and contrast, and what are your top priority items for a second term? This is the actual transcript of what the president actually said. Well one of the things that will be really great, you know the word experiences still good. I always say Talon is more important than experience. It's always I've always said that, but the word experiences a very important word is a very important meeting I. Never did this before. I never slipped over in Washington. I was in Washington I think seventeen times all of a sudden, the president of the United States. You know the story I'm writing down Pennsylvania Avenue with first lady and I said this is great, but I didn't know very many people in Washington. It wasn't my thing I. Wish from Manhattan from New York. Know everybody I have great people the administration the you make mistakes like. Idiot like Bolton. All he wanted to do is drop bombs on everybody. You don't have to drop bombs and everybody. You don't have to kill the people. What's the president's reelection message. And this is the problem now now again. Don't panic this June we're one hundred thirty days away from the election. He's got time, but he needs a message. A A president who says that is a president who doesn't collection messages. In his reelection message needs to be. What are you going to do for the people? It's not stop Joe Biden Joe Biden's not Hillary. Clinton this is the problem for for those you stable. Hillary Clinton was headed of Donald Trump to yes hillary. Clinton was headed Donald. Trump in the summer of two thousand sixteen. She was ahead Donald. Trump was not yet the nominee for the Republican Party. At this time he was clearly going to be the nominee. He had clinched the nomination he. He didn't have a post. convention ballots and she was ahead by twelve points and one poll seven points of the polling average Joe Biden is head by fifteen points and some polls. He's ahead by ten points in the polling average. The president needs to turn things around. The president needs to focus on a reelection message. The president needs to have a message. There is still time for him to do it, but the time runs out. The sands are club falling under the HOURGLASS. He's got to do something. If you! Don't WanNA. Believe Tucker. Carlson, if you don't WanNa believe me if you don't WanNa, believe the polling. Look all I can do lead you to the truth. I can't make you accept the truth. And the truth is right now. If the election were held today, the president would lose and lose Georgia. But thankfully the elections, not now. It's one hundred thirty days from now. He's got tying to change things around, but. Goodness he needs campaign shakeup to do it. News and in-depth analysis from Eric Erickson live five days a week and always online at the resurgent Dot Com. It is Eric here accent here the full number well, you know so I give you the full number. Well I mean I can give you the full number. You just can't call in My my call screener is taking time off his He well. I I don't have a backup call screener at the moment and I. Don't really need to sell like we telephone calls here anyway. Every time I talk about people, not calling the show, and and is anybody listening people come up through the grocery stores now. We just WANNA listen. So. You can listen to me today. my call screener is his wife. They had a little baby yesterday, so he's not here. Which is fine so I'm just gonNA. Call. It closed the call screen program. I'm not expecting anyone to call in for interviews today, either so now we can move on to other stuff now. I do I want to actually say one thing and I wanNA spend a little more time here just so i. if nothing else, you're more informed than the rest of your neighbors on this I realized there's always a lot of bellyaching the Polish always wrong i. Gone through an election cycle. Where voters have believe the polling was right even after the election has borne out, the polling was right and twenty sixteen actually did do damage to the psyche of people who cling to the idea. That the polling wrong because they saw that Hillary Clinton was projected to win and she lost. But she actually lost because the electoral college, not because of the popular vote and there are ways to figure out the divide. For example if a race was is within four points. It really is a complete. Toss up the odds are with person, the lead in the polling, but it's a complete tossup and always relying pulling average. Never please never ever ever relied on individual poll. The only reason I'm talking about this poll in Georgia is because I do trust the people who gave it to be They are a major corporation who spend a lot of my. My spend a lot of money on this poll for sure given how it was conducted, and those tend to be very good quality poles doesn't mean it's right, but it doesn't mean it's a snapshot and something that you do need to be mindful of as we move forward, and there's very interesting data in. They're one of the biggest pieces of data in there. Is that people panicked? People are really really freaked out about the virus and the reopening their freaked out about the surges in Texas and Florida South Carolina Arizona California California Z. to seventy percent increase. In Georgia we've had seventeen. Hundred new cases reported A. Fifteen, hundred new cases reported three days in a row, but now there's somewhat misleading because some of those tests were from days ago, and they'll be resorted back into those days, but still we're over one thousand cases for multiple consecutive days the highest we've had clearly spiking in Georgia. Not just in Metro areas, but in in rural areas parts of the state it is younger people now. Getting to the hospital infrastructure is not taxed. If it shifts to older people, those hospital infrastructure we'll be taxed. States are stopping the reopening. California is heating pause. Pause and may go back into shelter. In place, things are not going well right now and the president. If he exercise, some leadership could probably turn this thing around, in fact, one of the most remarkable parts of this data and pull in in the Georgia polls is that voters still think president trump would do a better job with an economic rebound handling the economy than Joe Biden. The problem is people think we're not going to get to the economic rebound because the president's doing a bad job with virus now, what could the present with the virus? That the state level. It's notable that the voters in this poll are not blaming Brian Kip for the the surge in Georgia. They're blaming Donald trump. And if I had to guess it's not in the polling, but if I had to guess it's that they don't think the president is taking the the virus seriously that he needs to exercise leadership now that is in the pool. They don't think the president's being a leader. Would it comes to the virus? What can the president do when it comes to that? Well one thing he can do is stop downplaying the the administration's been downplayed a lot, and consequently a lot of the president's core supporters are downplayed in a lot. Look at the fight over masks. How it's become a liberty issue as opposed to a safety issue. look at the president, a reducing funding for community testing of the virus that is actually getting him pushback from Republicans, there are things the president could do the things that the GOP could do. There are things that could be done to resolve the situation and the president has time but you can't stick your head in the sand and say Oh, my goodness, no, no, no There is time in the big takeaway from this polling and I. I want to spend a little bit of time on this when we come back, voters are really angry right now. Suburban voters in particular really really angry, and there's a path forward in that anger for the president, and actually because you know what voters think. The president is making the protests and riots worse, but they're really angry. At the Democrats for going against the police, suburban voters like the police, and they blame the Democrats for undermining the police. Well after today the legislature goes home. You can let your kids in wallet out of the closet once the legislature goes home, but all sorts of hanky-panky today we will do our best to keep our eye on it and help you be vigilant against them. man it. Look Look, let me tell you so if you're just tuning in it is Eric. Erickson here and I have seen some polling done by a major National Corporation headquartered in Georgia the CEO of the corporation actually. subscribes to this daily newsletter sympathetic to the President Supports Republicans, and if nothing else wanted me to show it, so I could kind of raise a red flag that it's not just the public polling that is seeing this trend line it's it's the good private polling. Corporations rely on as well and what of the issues is frankly. If things don't turn around, the Republicans may lose the Georgia legislature I. Don't actually think that's likely. But they're going to reduce their numbers. It's they're going to have a very slim majority. If the GOP in Georgia does not turn things around, and if the president doesn't turn things around, and the reason is because the voter anger and I want to spend a little bit on on voter anger, because a lot of you are angry and your anger. Republican anger is divided interestingly enough while generally aligned with the president. There are a lot of Republicans who wish the president would do more to shut down the protest. and I hear that across the board. There's really angry people I mean this. This gets back to the Tucker Carlson clip. I played from earlier that Tucker Carlson is is furious with the president. And wishes, the president would engage more against the protests and stop people from tearing down the. Tearing down. Statues in the like and they're frustrated. The president's not at the same time. you're the overwhelmingly. Voters are really frustrated on the virus. Women are more fearful about the virus. Interestingly, enough women tend to be more supportive of the police right now than men. Witches is interesting and I've seen this another polls as well but they're. They're still there sympathetic to the idea that the black lives matter, and they're also really sympathetic to most police officers do a good job and are getting a bad name in overwhelmingly across the board, a plurality of Republicans a majority of Independence Majority of Democrats think that the president of the United States is making the situation worse, and that gets to the whole thing. What did I tell you guys? Weeks actually wrote about this. The president needs to tell people. He's GonNa. Keep them get them back to work and keep them safe. He's going to keep him safe and get them back to work. And what you get in this polling is that voters don't feel safe right now. And they actually think that the president is contributing to their feeling of insecurity. Economic Insecurity Health and security, crime and security. People think that the president is making the situation worse. Now. One thing you got to be mindful of so when I was a political. Campaign manager and then campaign consultant. What I would always tell people is knowing. You're in the minority when you think you're right. It is a basic common sense rule of campaigns that oftentimes candidates will think they are right. and. They need to know that even though the right on a position that they're in the minority and that they can advocate for the position, but they have to do it differently than if they were in the majority. And there are a lot of Republicans right now. Who are in the minority? They think the president is right. They think things are on the right course, and they think the president is a shoo in for re election, and they need to be mindful of the fact that just because dim, and their circle of friends think this that's not necessarily broadly reflective a increasingly. It's hard. Hard to know broadly where people stand, because we become so insular isolated if we in all of our friends thing when thing we assume that the rest of the world thinks as well, that's why twitter so bad. social media in general tends to be bad because social media really isn't reflective of society. You know twitter and you see everything. Everybody's screaming about something and. And you think it's you think it's right. Take for example the statement black lives matter versus all lives matter. If you look at twitter, if you look at social media in general, if you look at even the media coverage, you would think that people are really upset. If you say all lives matter, but actually there's a lot of polling out there. That shows majority of black. Black and white Americans are okay with the statement. All lives matter it is the media elite who don't like it. It is the progressive activists who don't like it, and they are loud voices on social media. They yell and belly ache about it, and as a result, people have a weird shift in their thinking on the issue. You gotta be careful. You gotta remember. You've got to understand you when you're in the minority and you think you're the majority. You're in a very dangerous position. You've gotta understand even when you think you're right that sometimes you're in the minority, so for example. I am absolutely convinced that I am right. That we need more free market regulation. We need more free market deregulation this country. We need to get rid of all government healthcare programs. We should get rid of Medicare. We should get rid of Medicaid. We should allow the free market. Take care of these problems. I think I'm right this I think he would lower healthcare costs. I think it would approve access I think it would approve. It would absolutely improve costs. It would approve healthcare outcomes in this country for all people. You have more equitable results. Yes, she would even among the poor if you got rid of Medicare Medicaid. And let the private sector step up and give them incentives to help. But I'm in the minority I know him in the minority and I. Know that when I engage on this issue that I have to be careful how I engage this issue, because a majority of Americans suddenly disagree with me, they vehemently disagree with me? So the way you talk about, it is different you get on social media, and you see something that is trending and seems to be the majority on social media. A this is right I mean, take for example. The the failed campaigns of Comma Harrison Elizabeth Warren Comma. Harrison Elizabeth Warren We're addicted to what the twitter Zeitgeist was. If Progressives on twitter believe they needed a direction, they would. In the moment those progressive shifted they would shift, and it was a rudderless campaign led by a social media mob. The president to a degree is being led by that with his campaign. He sees the loud opinion nighttime host on, Fox News egging him on in particular directions, and he goes in those directions, he sees conservative activists on twitter, bellyaching and going particular, and he goes that direction. The problem is that these are the hardcore people who aren't going to band in the president at all and independent voters, the president needs to who don't necessarily agree with those people and the president has been led by those people in their direction, and they're already within. The president has got to expand his base now. He doesn't even need to expand the space per se. He needs to attract other people to vote for him in the general election and he's not doing that right now. You GotTa know when you're in the minority, even when you think you're right. And they're having a real hard time doing that right now. In the result is, voters are really angry. They think the president is making matters worse. Voters are really nervous about the riots. They don't feel safe in their communities. actually you know I shouldn't say that. That's a misstatement of the data. voters feel safe in their communities and think that they're community is doesn't have a problem. It's all the other communities they may go to where they think there's a problem. Overwhelmingly, though voters worried about the virus and the daily headlines about the virus. Are Bothering them now. Most people I suspect think that is the protesters who are spreading the virus. In fact, the data shows overwhelmingly the people getting the virus right now, our young people and so a lot of people have concluded Oh. If it's young people in the protesters, young people, it must be those protesters who got the virus spreading it in their communities, and the actual data doesn't bear that out the actual data there are. There's evidence that some spread has happened with the protestors, but you were. The biggest spread has happened Memorial Day partners. Summer holiday parties going to the beach, and and they're not getting it on the beach. By by the way, it is an overreaction to say that people are going to the beach and getting the virus. They're not getting it at the beach. They're leaving the beach and go into the bars in heaven, a bunch of drinks with their friends in closed quarters, and they're getting it. They're. One of the stories I saw in South Carolina was about College Kids Smoking Marijuana? They were sharing a Bonggo a water pipe as they would call it a bong and one of them fairly infected, pre-symptomatic, not eastern dometic PRECIP, dramatic and spread the virus among all the people who are who are smoking weed with him. And those people carried it home, and then began spreading it at many of the May symptomatic. Some of them not. And then now there's this bad misinformation out there that as symptomatic people can't spread it. Actually a symptomatic people can't spread the virus. They just don't spread it at rates like pre-symptomatic people know what's the difference well? A pre-symptomatic person is a person who has the virus. We'll get symptoms, but does not yet have the symptoms. That person is the most contagious. Contagious person among the clusters of people, even a person who has full blown Cova nineteen symptoms does not appear to be contagious as the person who has the virus will get the symptoms, but hasn't gotten the symptoms yet and asymmetric person is someone who will never get the symptoms of the virus, but is contagious just not as contagious as a pre-symptomatic person. And people are really concerned about all this. It's going up. There's been so much misinformation and misunderstanding and a rush to cover studies that turned out to be bogus. People just don't know what to believe. It's almost as if the entire country is being spun up over a lack of information and an over processing of bad information. and. Something's gotTa give and right now voters are blaming the president and they're blaming Republicans who seem to be too tied at the hip with him. I gotTA. Give this to Doug Collins here in Georgia polling I've seen Collins is actually doing very well. If if there was a runoff in the race for the US Senate in that Special Election Collins and Leffler would get into the runoff in Collins would win. Voters in Georgia overwhelmingly are giving grace to Republicans in general, but that's not necessarily the case in other states in some of the battleground states the voters are actually blaming Republicans who are tied to President Trump, so if you're Republican, who has staked out your own independent path? You're not being joined at the hip with President Trump, but if you haven't staked out your own individual path, you are being. Being tied to President Trump and that is a bad thing for you and they've got to change course. They've got one hundred thirty days to do it, but they need to understand at the beginning that voters are angry. Voters are angry. Voters in Georgia are angry voters in the suburbs or angry voters in the battleground states are angry and they've got to figure out a way to defuse the anger. It starts by exercising some leadership on the virus now. I've got to tell you. I hear from a lot of people well. What can the president do? Well? What? What should the president differently? If I were advising the president of the United States on what do. I would tell him to disappear. Seriously! He's the president of the United States just just go away. Let the administration, speak for you. The doctor. Bouchier doctor Fauci Dr Burks the vice president. Let let them be the faces of this. Don't muddy the water. DOLTS mixed message. Don't send a signal. The problem for the President Right now is the president feels compelled to be front and center at all times. The president feels compelled to take all the tension. The president feels compelled to set the message. And when he was a candidate, it made sense, but now he's the president, and he is surrounded himself with very good people. And while the buck stops with the president right now, the voters blamed the president. The easiest way for the president to stop being blamed is for the president to stop being tied to the virus failures, and these way for the president, stopping tied to the virus failures east to get out of his own way. Stop questioning whether master good stop having big rallies. Stop undermining your messages from Dr Burks Dr, vouching the vice president. There's a path forward for the president here to win. Again I I think it is very telling that voters consistently pulls including the one I've seen show that the president actually gets credit for handling the economy, and that voters would prefer for president trump to handle economic rebound then the vice president, but voters very angry because they don't think they're actually going to get to an economic rebound because of the president's handling of the virus now the president to some degree if you want to be really. Really Fair about it. The president some degrees hamstring by the states because the police power resides with the state and the healthcare power resides with the state's not with the president, but the states would like for Washington to Bruce a unified comprehensive plan to reopen the states, and to provide some better guidelines, and right now with the administration has done, has provided very general guidelines in his left at very nebulous for the states to follow in a lot of the states are blaming the president for this. The media amplifies it because they don't like the president. So, if the president just Kinda got out of the way right now got off twitter. Faded into the background. All of you who are mad at me right now. We're talking about this. All of you who are going to vote for the president and think he's GonNa win. You would still go vote for the president. But you're not in the majority right now. You're in the minority. You GotTa know when you're in the minority. This isn't two sixteen and we can talk about why. This is a twenty sixteen when we come back. What you do need to know is that the president's already got your vote. He's already got it your defensive for him. You loving. You're going to vote for him. But you. Yourself know people who aren't sold on the president. They're thinking of voting for him, but they're starting to wave running. and He needs to lock those people in. And to walk those people in you're already locked into lock. Those people in the president's got to change a few things about how he's running for reelection. It is completely possible for the president to do this. He's got one hundred thirty days to do this. There is a path forward for him to do this. The Path for for him to do this is to get out of the way. Let the professionals handle the virus. Allow to be calm developed about the virus, and then focus on the economic reopening, but don't focus on economic reopening to the expense of the virus and also. Make. Sure people understand you've got the backs of the police. People want to feel safe right now. If feel safe, they're gonNA. Credit the president for that right now. They feel the entire. World is in chaos, and they're blaming the president for that. There's a path forward for president trump here. He just needs to take it and stick to it. One of on the show Paul, Eric now at eight, seven, seven, nine, thousand, seven Eric, that's eight, seven, seven, nine, seven, three, seven, four to five. Hello there. It is your accent here. Remember the state a house, of representatives although it appears increasingly, they're going to hold up the casino legislation. That would gut the hope scholarship The he's. They may trotted out. You gotta be real. Careful here with them. so be sure to text the word action to five five four in make sure your state representative knows to kill the legislation. You know I I got I got credit. You guys on this. I've heard from a lot of you're calling the State House and the State House 'cause. No, we're not killing. This will not kill those scholarship, and you are turning it on them using their own words against them that they said they needed this to fund hope, and now they're not giving the money to help. Good for you guys good for you for turn it on. Hold their feet to the fire on this. Hold their feet to the fire. Now one thing here. I WANNA mention real quick. There's a story up man. in Florida all ten members of the SWAT team at the Hallandale. Beach Police Department of resigned on Friday in response to their police chief, kneeling alongside protesters in a memo, addressed to police chief saw nuke went on as the Swat team members cited number of grievances they had against their leader. The officers complained team was minimally equipped undertrained in restrained by the politicization of our tactics. The risk of carrying out our duties in this capacity is no longer acceptable us in our families, the anguish and stress of knowing that what we may be lawfully called upon to do in today's political climate combined with the team's current situation and several recent local events leaves us in a position that is untenable. They have quit. The Swat. They have not resigned the police department, but they've. They've basically disbanded the SWAT team. And they are A. Pretty diverse group of people looking at the the photo they're and they're gone now. They're done they're taking a stand and a and more. This is happening around the country. You're seeing more and more that this is happening. the police are starting to react to this and I'm telling Neha. Support for law enforcement is a winning issue in the suburbs with women. Women in the suburbs are concerned about mostly white women, but mostly white women dominate the suburbs, and they are concerned about the safety of their family and their kids. and. They want support for the police. So easy, you gotta you gotTa. You gotTA stand for the police there. You do have to stand for the police. By the way. I want to recommend something to you. You should follow me on Instagram if you don't E. W Erickson W.. E. R. I C. K. S. O. N.. You should follow me on instagram. Why 'cause I plan on Barbecue. In this weekend I got my Mrs Griffin's barbecue sauce. If you'll know Miss Griffin's barbecue sauce sponsors the program, they are the oldest continuously manufactured barbecue sauce commercially available in this country, and they are manufactured right here. I should say manufacturer cooked up right here in Georgia in middle Georgia Knowle's here in making Missa. Griffin's barbecue sauce, you can go to their website. Mrs, Griffin Mrs Griffin's DOT COM. And if you buy two bottles of barbecue sauce, you get the third free. You can order it online. It is the oldest barbecue sauce in the united. States you you look on their own website. They've been making this commercially available since nineteen thirty five. And they're here. George you want to support good Georgia product. Get Mrs Griffin's. It is an old school southern barbecue restaurants. And it's good on great on chickens. Great on wings, and you'll see me with this weekend. The for following along on Instagram 'cause I intend to be cooking this weekend, man. I am ready for the weekend I'm ready to be grilling. I got one weekend left before I had to the beach and leave y'all I don't know who I'm not leaving you with Chris Chris Birds. I guess I'm leaving. You maybe Allen Sanders is for me. Maybe it's the best of I. Don I don't really care I got one more week of work, and then I'm taking a week's vacation I. Haven't had one since Christmas. I am ready for a real vacation. Now when we come back, let's shift gears. I got other stuff. I want to say, but I don't want to bore you with it. We. Do need to bring you up to speed on what's going on in the Georgia legislature because the show predominantly is in Georgia, I apologize to those of you who are listening outside of Georgia virtually every station save one I. It really focuses on Georgia and I wanna to talk about what's happening in the Georgia legislature they've got. Today is their last day. They end at midnight. That's when the The when the clock strikes midnight, the legislature comes to an end, and they're going to try to rush through stuff as best they can. They are going to try to rush through the casino legislation. As best they can year GONNA need to take action. You're going to need to fire them up. You're going to need to reach out to him. You're gonNA need to tell him to stop the nonsense. But. They've done some good stuff you know. One of the one of the side effects of the virus is the legislature has decided that they will allow home delivery of beer wine liquor. And I am totally supportive of. It E-. Local liquor stores will be allowed to deliver liquor to your home. Believe it or not beer and wine as well when you use INSTA- card or grocery, shopping services, and you want order order beer for the grocery store. They'll be able to live out. They! They weren't allowed to do that. That's one of the things they will do. There is a lot that's happening in the legislature today including budget cuts, but there's good news about the budget cuts. There will be no furloughs for state employees in the state of Georgia including education. That's actually a very good news of the governor agreed to release the money from the emergency. Emergency Fund and by releasing money from the Emergency Fund he was able to shore up some of the budget without having to raise taxes or make even more draconian gun than they're making I. Want to bring you up to speed on all of that. When we come back right here on the air here and there was a confrontation that got very heated. facebook post and comment from commenter. Greens well commits Eric Erikson. How are you? Are you ready for the weekend? Because it's Friday I i. don't know those who shelter in place all the days run together these days I. Just wanted to make sure you understand today is Friday you don't have to go to work tomorrow. Well, some of you might have to work tomorrow, but. It is Friday. So breathe easy. We are what. A week and a day from the fourth of July go get your fireworks, so you know the biggest. Bob Wants now they WANNA get rid of the Star spangled banner. That's right. The they want an end to the star spangled banner. They want some new song. Some idiot actually suggested imagine the Vapid John Lennon Commie song which is ridiculous but that's that's just that's. That's what they're saying. meanwhile I got play the sound bite for you. I WanNa talk about the Georgia legislature but I gotta play this because it's just too good not to play. This is the senator from Louisiana. John, Kennedy was on Fox News last night. Always good for sound bite. We had people on Capitol Hill. I'm sad to say. Thank cops are guilty until proven innocent and I'm going to say what I said the other day. If you eight cops, just because you're cops next time you get in trouble. Call Cranky. I'd I'd I don't think well me. Put it another way. I think we got more honest. Cops and we got honest politicians. And I think it's all just sad. You know when when a when a Muslim are Giada blows up a school. Skilled children were told. Don't judge all Muslims by the accident. Few and boy do I agree with that. So how come? The same rule doesn't apply to eight hundred thousand cops in this country. If it wasn't for double standards around here, we wouldn't have any standards. Each right. This is something that works to the Republicans advantage. There are a lot. There's a lot of support for police officers in you know one of the reasons. There's a lot of support for police officers in the country. It is because there are so many police officers living in so many neighborhoods around the country that your next door. Neighbor may be a police officer. You know a police officer you church with police officer. You're engaged in the community with police officer in. Them. And so this, this broad brush that is being paid negatively of police officers is is not going to help the Democrats anywhere. In fact here in Georgia WSB WSB T. V. has the story in Atlanta a dramatic slowdown in policing in the city of Atlanta has continued for a second week or Richard Belcher a retired senior police official warns that Atlanta's poorest neighborhoods will suffer. Police are not as active Channel Two investigative reporter. Richard Belcher Cam. Cam and citywide numbers for the week before the Rashard Brooke Shooting and the week after the week when two officers were charged with Brooks, death and scores of officers called in sick, those numbers show the Atlanta Police Department made a total of fifty traffic stops last week. A one time deputy chief cold at a perfect storm that includes police frustration with City Hall Brooks's death, and the violent aftermath captured the attention of the whole country. But the drop and police activity started six days before the lethal confrontation. The trigger for the slowdown may have been when six officers taste and arrested two young people at a downtown protest. The officers were fired by the city and charged by the district attorney. A police union official says officers are worried. It's hesitation to be the next officer that's put in jail. said Vince champion with the International Brotherhood of police officers for the two weeks in question Atlanta police officers made nearly one thousand one hundred arrests citywide last year this year three hundred. Hundred ten arrests were made during this period down seventy two percent arrests for narcotics were down. Ninety five percent police did not make a single narcotics arrest last week. Traffic stops her down eighty eight weeks for the two week period year to year. Police may just fifty stops all of last week. It's just the perfect storm for impacting police services at Lou Arkan Jelly, who spent twenty nine years with the Atlanta, department four as a deputy police chief. Basics have been discarded. He said because of the special interest in special needs of these riots. Are Arcangeli are Angeli alerted belcher to the extraordinary shapes this week. To City Hall Committee Meeting. Councilwoman or councilmen ask the police chief. Why can't we get that body out of the street? I was just notified that there is there is a young man that has been shot and killed at three seventy seven Westchester Boulevard if you could get a unit out there, he's been on the ground. There's no police to come to. He's already dead. Poorer neighborhoods are the hardest hit according to Arken Jelly. You're seriously impacted, and you don't have your good beat. Cops in contact with your law abiding citizens, and that's what we've lost. In the last three weeks compared to last year, shooting arrests tripled last week, and the number of shooting victims almost quadrupled. Serious domestic crimes have risen by fifty seven percent. The mayor's office in Atlanta has declined to react to the story. This is not a good issue for the Democrats. If the police stay home because they're being blamed. If there is a crimewave. This is GonNa hurt the Democrats. This gets to senator. Tim Scott's point the Democrat run cities. Could have implemented police reform if they wanted to. And they chose not to. Instead now they're treating the police's bad guys in Detroit Atlanta Minneapolis. Los Angeles Philadelphia. All these cities could have banjo. Kohl's themselves. They increase the police reporting. Themselves could have more data information themselves. They have deescalation training themselves. They can have duty intervened. Minneapolis as well. All these communities have been run by Democrats for decades. Decades. What is our I? For the poorest people in this nation and I don't blame them. I blame an elite political class with billions of dollars to do whatever they want to do and look at the results for the poorest most vulnerable people. In our nation. I'm willing to compete for their vote. Are you. And, the president, would you consider going into Baltimore Detroit Chicago La places like that and taking your message right to the people of Color and we have done that, and we are doing that and somebody's going to have to because the Democrats. It doesn't work every one of the cities you mentioned every city that we're talking about this has problems is run by radical left Democrats. They're controlling via. Radical Left Democrats. You're going to start hearing that a lot. From Republicans cities descend into chaos if the police show up. And it doesn't help the Democrats to attack the police for not showing up, because the police feel attacked and suburban women love police because police keep them safe in the suburbs S- going to be an issue is happening right now? In the Metro Atlanta area where police are not showing thankfully, those of you who are in the Metro Atlanta area. Your law enforcement is in cities tend to still work well together. You're not having these problems. It is that the major urban areas in the country that are having problems and it scares the the suburbs when they see the urban ears, because they know, crime can spill over into the suburbs, and that's not an issue that works for the Democrats. The question is whether or not the president can can stay out of the way in in continue to let this focus now. I need to bring you up to speed on. What's happening in Georgia because we? We are starting to have a bit of a situation. The. Seven Day moving average in Georgia the fourteen day moving average is starting to spook people in what's happening in Georgia. Let me give you numbers starting on June fifteenth a thousand four hundred sixty one cases, June sixteenth thousand four hundred fifteen cases. June seventeenth a thousand three hundred eighty six cases June eighteenth, thousand three hundred thirteen cases. June nineteen, thousand, one, thousand, one hundred two cases. We're starting to see a big uptick in the cases and the days a- let's just take June fifteenth. Remember if you've listened this Burger for awhile. You know on April Twentieth I was pointing out that that number kept going down the number for April. Twentieth had surged like something like nine hundred eighty cases, and it went down down down down and. And wound up being like round eight hundred cases, or so was nine hundred fifty cases ultimately he wanted to be, but it fell some, and then you got to what was it may may eleventh may eleventh. You had about one thousand cases and ultimately win. They redistributed them in and got everything focus. It was eight, hundred sixty one. The problem is take June. Fifteenth. June fifteenth was thousand three hundred cases when I started this program on Monday. And it went up to a thousand three hundred eleven on Tuesday and went up to a thousand, three, hundred, sixty on Wednesday and went up. Two thousand, three, hundred ninety yesterday today were at a thousand, four, hundred, sixty one. That number's going up. That's not good for Georgia. Texas is shutting down bars. The Texas has started why these Texas has. Some real problems that some other states don't have. The states it is young people who are going out and hanging out now the upside is that they're not overwhelming hospitals because young people tend to get the virus and do okay. It's when they start spreading to their parents and grandparents that you have problems. We haven't gotten to that point thankfully, thus far, but we got some problems coming. And as a result of this we're going to need to. Really be careful. Moving forward it could be economically disruptive again here in the state, and voters are blaming the governor for this. They're not relieving. They're not really blame there. If blame anybody, they're blaming the president or not blaming state officials. The just kind of recognizing this is happening everywhere. It's not just here in Georgia's happening everywhere. this the first wave never really went away, but we did flatten the curve, but now the curve is starting to spike upwards, but it's not an hospital resources. If we start overwhelming hospital capacity again there's GonNa be some some pretty devastating political fallout I think for the GOP, but right now they're not The the numbers are stabilized in parts of the state is starting to recede. Still in parts of the state is starting to go down, but in urban areas, even some rural areas in the state. You're seeing upticks in immigrant communities. Your seat up takes a young young people. You're seeing upticks among travelers. There's a way to go in in fighting the virus and we're GONNA have to figure out a path forward through it, which the Governor I think in Georgia has done better than most I. Don't think Brian Gets enough credit. For charting a path forward when you see what's happening in these rebounds, and by the way I do think is interesting. The national media is focused on Texas and Florida. California has a seventy percent spike in the virus over the last two days. They're not focusing on. It is not democratic states where the media's casting attention. It's always to Republican states which I think is actually a very telling sign that the media continues to try to weaponize the virus for partisan gain, and that of course causes a lot of people to respond and say well. It's just political. I'm going to ignore it in the problem is you can't really because it? It is a real thing, but yeah. The media is doing a very bad job of making sure people realize this isn't a Republican Democrat issue. It's a national issue and California which would into a major lockdown wreck their shut their economy down completely is now seen huge rebound, and that's GonNa Bite California, but you never know what the way the presses fixated on Republican governors. Eric Erickson weights through the fake news to give you the real news, if honest news and conservative views. Well what I heard this story I yesterday it appeared there had been a physical physical blows, but it didn't really turn out that way to Greg Blue Stein at the Atlanta Journal Constitution. To Georgia lawmakers were involved in a tense confrontation at the state capital Thursday over a social media post, featuring a medium of a noose. In the final hours of the legislative session. Georgia patrol officers in the building were summoned to the fourth floor to diffuse the confrontation between Erica Thomas and David Clark's Bo state representatives. It was triggered by a facebook post by Clark that said he was in shock over remarks on social media by another democratic lawmaker, someone responded to Clark's post with a meam depicting the garage pool rope formed as a noose that was found in bubble Wallace's garage. This weekend Thomas said she in another colleague demanded Clark delete the comment after they saw it and that she was upset when he told her he'd look into it. Rather than committing to a racing the remark, it didn't get physical. There was nothing like that I was upset. He refused to do it. Take it down. It's just not OK him off. I couldn't believe it. It's too much for us to be dealing with here. Clark later deleted the mean which was posted by one of his facebook followers, the swatting Republican statement. His initial line remarks were reaction to a terrible post by another lawmaker park cannon. That he felt compared the police to the KKK. I express my disapproval of the posts online and representative Thomas approached me while visibly angry. She came at me in a very aggressive manner making me think she wanted to hit me. Another House member got underway and the situation de escalated. Clark's post condemned cannon Democrat from Atlanta for using the Hashtag clan at the capitol. Below a picture of the Georgia state. Patrol that was stationed outside the house, Chamber. Canon's post was critical of a measure that increased criminal penalties for anyone convicted of committing a crime against a police officer. Other first responder wrote it shortly after returning from the funeral Rishaad Brooks, who shot to death by police officer cannon declined to comment several witnesses, said the confrontation between the two lawmakers was tints, but not threatening. They wanted him to understand a noose on your facebook. Page is never okay the news that was door pool. I, okay, let's break the situation down. You have a common tour who decided to enter into the comments on David corks page. And put up the picture of the door pool from the NASCAR garage that people said look like a news and you know. Let's just admit it looked like it was a door pull. It was shaped. Several people told me it was actually surgeons not but it was shaped as a door pull. It was shaped. Look like a new. Let's just give it to him. It looked like a news. It's been there for years. It was just shape that way. She could get your fingers in an open close. The garage was it meant to be a news. But we're intense times but what gives what gives a state representative, the right to go to another state, representative and demand. They take something off their facebook page. Did David Clarke go to part Canon and demand that park into delete API parking and ultimately did but but David did not get an interface demand. She delete her post. About the police that the capital, referring to the police as the clan at the capitol. Now, there's another issue here. Facebook, commenters are the worst. The number of people you know I I've I actually moved. A lot of my I've got a public facebook page. FACEBOOK DOT com slash sheathed. Eric is is my public. FACEBOOK page and I've got my personal one as well. which I am more select a lot of you guys I? Don't mean to fidget a lot of you. Send me friend requests, and I don't know you and I don't know the people that you know and and there's some people that I. Don't know him, but I'm friends with mutual friends on facebook and I'm happy to connect with them. But that's my personal facebook page. It and it's completely different in my mind. I I'm I'm a little more hesitant. These days to just accept facebook invites and and the main reason is because I genuinely am aggravated with the state of Dean by people on Social Media. There it. There are a lot of stupid people out there. Let's just acknowledge. There are a lot of stupid people. And this entire thing stems from facebook commenter who decided to stir the pot with a with a stupid comment by putting up that picture. And it incense member of the state legislature now that member of the state legislature should not feel compelled to or feel like they can demand. that a picture be taken down. Is An Eric Thomas Let's just say is is what are those explosive members? Of the state legislature who who flies into a fury at at the slightest provocation. and. It's a little bit ridiculous. that. She would think that she could come in demand that someone else. Take down without have even seen it. Would just come up to him in demand now part of this here. Let's be honest here. Eric Thomas doesn't really have credibility. and the reason could Thomas doesn't have credibility is Eric Thomas? Is the state representative who claim that The man made all sorts of comments to her at the grocery store, telling her to go back to where she came from, and it turns out from the review of the evidence of the videos that she exaggerated the situation. So when you have state representative, who has exaggerated a situation like that, come up to you in make demands to you. And demand that you delete something from your own facebook page. You probably haven't seen because you've been busy. Little bit nuts. Her credibility is ruined in. You know maybe maybe if she had come up to him civilly. And said I don't know if you know this, but someone put this up and. It just it I think it's bad for him and it's more. Stir the pot just what Park Hanan did. David probably would have been reasonable here. I haven't taken I haven't talked to David. But for a state representative who has a history of exaggerating things? To come up and and and say someone put a noose on your page, a nuisance, never good. Well of course he's GonNa say I'll look into it and see he's not to. He's not going to bend to the crazy lady who got all who were basically was was was shopping in the public's in in the ten items or less checkout lane, and and had a pile of stuff when the guy confronted her, she exaggerated what the guy had actually said and screamed racism about it. Of course, he's not going to do that and he shouldn't do that. He he played it well, and she's got some credibility issues. She needs to work on if she wants him to take her seriously, but no, no, she wants the problem to be about him instead. I'm sorry, my buddy Jo cutting him I I see. Oh my gosh. This is a screen shot of comments. What is? Hey Hang on hang on I got to. This we we just I, you're just gonNA have to wait. Yes okay. It is Columbia South Carolina W.. I S. T.. V. Is the website. Is, the new station and Someone put this up. This is a comment to a issue about the virus surgeon South Carolina. If you are so worried about this virus. Why don't you just stay home or where your mask? I wore one mandatory recently and now have an infection in my nose on my face. Where's the solution? To which someone else responds? My husband had to wear a mask on a business trip and now he has club. Gosh! This is my response. Do you mean be? Steed actually they sti. Jesus no, he got it from the mask. I'm done. We go home now. Oh my gosh. Okay I realized. Let me just say this is my buddy. Jo, it's screen shots and I I. Don't know whether it's too good to check. It's just too good to check. I don't Dunno, whoever did it if it's not if it's not real well played. But you know and I know it could totally. Oh Gosh, okay all right we. We we need. We need to focus on some local. Georgia news now Deutsche. Let's do the legislative update We got stuff. Cook it in the state legislature here in Georgia. the governor's GONNA sign the hate crimes legislation today by the way and we. We got some news here. The hate. Crimes legislation was adopted. There is a spending plan. twenty six billion dollar spending plan ten percent cuts. The legislature cut its pay. They're not going to furlough employees. They managed to to keep some education cuts from happening. The governor essentially took money out of Rainy Day Fund to make it happen and said that. he thinks economic forecast it. We're going to turn the corner quicker. The gambling lobbyist Haley Barbour. You all know Haley's probably one of the greatest Republican RNC Chairman of all time was the governor of Mississippi he's now a lobbyist for the gambling industry. He's very good lobbyist by the way Wiley Guy. We frequently disagree on things including this a to a degree but the. It's just it's interesting to me. He is be given access to Speaker Ralston's office in a way that a lot of people are just floats in and out according to multiple people who saw just going in and out, which is highly unusual, trying to steer and maneuver on the Casino legislation. They're desperate to get it out today. Now I'm told it's probably dead in the Senate. It may not get out of the rules committee in the house. We will see. They gotta have a two-thirds majority for passage. They think they have that in the House of Representatives. They think they have it. If it comes to a vote, a you all will, I will keep you posted if if they bring this thing for vote. In fact, let me see. What is the status right now? So the the legislation? If you're interested, is State Senate resolution eight forty one now I'm told the senators who are involved in this legislation John Kennedy Bill Cows Chuck Upset Ler Frank Jin William Lincoln and Jesse Stone. They are Livid that the Senate resolution would be disrespected. By being stripped out of a the so, what the Senate resolution was this Casino Resolution? It was a resolution that would allow people to sue the state if the state violates the law of the Constitution in Georgia under the constitution of the United States. That state has to agree to be sued. And in Georgia. The state has not agreed to be sued by its citizens. If the state violates their constitutional rights, and this would be constitutional Mitt. Saying you do have the right to sue. You're the state for violating your constitutional rights and. The, House of Representatives decided to strike out that language in the Casino language it has not yet come up for a vote in the in the house. It has been before the regulated Industries Committee. It is now in the rules committee, and they're trying to rush it to the floor. I don't need to go in Ad Nauseam as to how it will hurt the hope scholarship, but it will starve the hope scholarship funding the. The way it is structured, and that is is stopping some members of the house of finally realized that I'm not actually lying on this I. Actually am right on this, and they're kind of digging in their heels on voting for it, but the supporters think they've got the support. You probably need to tell your state representative to kill it I. Will Tell You any state representative that supports this resolution. We will be glad to name them. For, killing the hope scholarship, and you should tell them not to do it. You can text the word action to five, five, four, four four, and until them not to do it, but that's not the only issue pending There is an overall the election that is driving the Democrat super crazy. You Know Brad Rapids Burger. The secretary state sit out. Absentee ballots across the state are of the form. He sent to every Georgian the forum to allow you to apply for an absentee ballot, will it? Calmed local boards of election. And many of the local boards of election never got the absentee ballots processed. The result is that a lot of people never got valid. They had to show up on election day. It costs all sorts of more people had vote by provisional ballots, so Republicans in the legislature have drafted a proposal that would prohibit the secretary of state for doing that again. It would also not require that. Additional precincts be added and counties counties could add them, but they're not required to and holy moly great, googly Movli they have. It has driven Democrats in saying they're screaming suppression again. They're screaming voter suppression. The Republicans are trying to stop everybody from being suppressed. Or stop everybody from vote either suppressed. Everybody isn't actually true the Republicans just don't want to overwhelm local board's election. Allowable local boards of election complained that they already had a system in place for people to request absentee ballots, and it wasn't the the state legislature to go along with it. That's an. Arguable? I don't really care one way or the other. The one big thing that you need to know is that the Senate decided to cut every tax break in the state by ten percent. You know like for example, the Hollywood tax breaks and stuff. The Senate decided to cut everything by ten percent and the Dave Rushton has said dead on arrival in. In the house, he would hurt the economy. Ralston's actually probably right on this. There are some tax cuts that need some tax breaks that need to go away, but Ralston's actually probably right in tough economic time. You don't want to disrupt economic incentives to businesses the other issue that is very interesting. Here is house bill. What is it House Bill 167? House, Bill one sixty seven would limit legal liability for companies. Unless. They engage in gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct or intentional infliction of harm relating to covid nineteen. Business groups this protection and it is wise to give them that as the state has allowed businesses to reopen. We don't want a situation where someone goes into a store. Isn't there mass not not washing their hands to gets the virus is well. It's not my fault. The business is at fault. I'm going to sue them. We don't want that. Democrats and trial lawyers are trying to kill it in the. They made some changes in the Senate. And they sit back to the house. And now the trial lawyers are working to kill it. The governor has taken some steps to limit legal liability for hospitals and medical personnel, but with the expiration of his emergency order those things expire. And, the the thinking of moving Republicans in the Senate is we need to protect these businesses because there are a lot of businesses that are hesitant reopened because they're afraid that someone could come in, be very responsible. Get or give the virus and the business get sued. And that's problematic. So, they WANNA protect us, but the trial or you don't. Travelers are actually in a dominant position. You don't think with Republicans that the Georgia Association of Trial Lawyers gala would would be a super powerful, but actually is a lot of the Republicans in the House. You need remember our people who were Democrats and became Republicans they're very sympathetic to trial lawyers, the speaker of the House of course as a trial lawyer, and so they have a lot of pool and business liability is one of those issues that the tribal irritate because they want to be able to sue the businesses, and so the try to amp up. Or try to block this stuff, but if you really want to get the George economy going again, you're going to need to give some businesses. Liability protection related to the virus that the House representatives doesn't want to do that suggests they are not really interested in economic activity in the state right now, which may or may not be a good thing. It's up for debate, but we can't really deny it that if you're going to tell a business that you are responsible of some reckless soul, comes into your business and spreads the virus You can get sued. Now the the travelers well, the the business can can drag the person who's reckless into the lawsuit. That's not going to happen. They don't have deep pockets. So, it's debatable whether or not this is actually GonNa get through the House representatives. Today we'll find out now. What would you do need to know is that today is the last day Sinai. They call it. And at midnight, the legislature adjourns. Anything that is not passed by midnight. Shuts down. The casino legislation which have. On because. Here's what I suspect is probably happening right now. They're probably doing a whip count see. They have two thirds in both houses. And they're gonNA WANNA. Make this the very last piece of legislation that goes through. And people are going to be exhausted. And they're not gonNA. Pay Attention. And they're going to try to rush it out. So you got to be vigilant on this one. And you've got to strike fear in the hearts of your state representative. That they better not. Push this legislation! We, will be glad to name and shame. Those members of the State House. Who decide that they want to pass this wreck legislation that would kill the hope scholarship. I WANNA play for you. I played this in the first hour. Now that more of you are here. I want to do this one more time. this is. State Representative Randy Knicks. went to the floor of the House representatives to talk about the legislation, and why he's opposed to the legislation, and why the house should kill it and the Hanky Panky of it getting their. Thank you Mr Speaker. Mr Speaker I rise opposition this morning to the gambling legislation that gap presented during morning orders yesterday. You know gambling special. Doesn't doesn't follow the same rules as everything else. It's kind of like a horror movie. You know the monsters coming, but you never know when. And also it's never dead Oh Monday night that thing got dug up brush the dirt off of it gave it new clothes in a strip. Senate resolution in sixteen hours got presented in fool in morning orders. Is that not special? And it gets bigger and better every year. You know what they have to put some shiny objects that we can grab onto. This one's got a lot box. A locked box. It's really cold. An emergency powers fund, but we'd never member discount lot bugs, and if I understand it, those benevolent gambling bosses are gonNA. Come down here from stuff that with money, so if anything, we can just grab it. pull it out. and. This one also has got another shiny got an opportunity fun. And that's kind of like a lot box except it's all education, so you can get in there if you need some of. It's also simple. All we gotta do just put this thing on the ballot. In those big old gambling boys are gonNA come, and girls are gonNA. Come down, and then they're gonNA. Take care of all. We gotta do is trust them. Just trust them to take care of us. Know serious question though. What are we willing to sell Georgia for? You know if if this is so great, their number of states that have legalized casino gambling which one we want to be like. Do we want to be like the One? That's the number one state in the country for business? Oh wait a minute. That's Georgia Seven years in a row. How about the ones that got AAA bond ratings? They managed to keep all the way through the great recession. I hadn't looked it up but I. don't think they're going to be many on that list. That's Georgia. How about the one that's got the Model Public Scholarship Fund in the that others come and try to model after. Oh wait a minute. That's that's the hope scholarship. That's Georgia. which some fatty! Please tell me again while we need to sell our state to the gambling bosses. I yield whale. Excellent Point from Randy Nix. That is Randy Nick. State reparative. Whitworth area of the state is Randy Knicks represent. I can never remember Randy Nix He is the chairman of the House Ethics Committee Troup County troop and Carol. Excellent good him and he he's. He's down in lagrange. Represents up into the Carroll County or L.. He's my my in-laws. State representative. Good for him and he's right. He's absolutely right you. You've got the you got the the gambling bosses. And the gambling bosses Haley Barbour coming into the state. Tried to tell them that. If if they give this gamble, they'll save the hope scholarship. If they bring in gambling revenue, they will save the hope scholarship except the way they've got a structured. Is None of the money can go to hope so they will deprive the hope of money because people will stop buying lottery tickets and they'll go to casino instead and that money go to hope. They thought they could pull the wool out for. They thought they could sneak it by you. But we call them and they tried to call us a liar. Not just me but you, too. We have exposed them and they are very upset about it and we don't care. Well, connected and well respected. It's Eric Erickson five every weekday. Hello there you know I wanna go back if if you didn't tune in last hour, there's some polling in Georgia that is problematic for the GOP, particularly for the president, the suburbs are just turning against Republicans here in Georgia and elsewhere one of the problems if the Republicans can't turn this around as redistricting I. Don't actually think the Republicans dern lose. Lose the legislature, but they're definitely going to lose some suburban seat seats that they shouldn't lose. They're going to lose. The Democrats GonNa make some gains but if trends hold now, keep in mind. Summer polling tends to be worse for Republicans and the reason summer pulling tends to be worse for Republicans I brought by common consensus. Is that Republicans are on vacation? I, it's harder to get all the all the Republicans on the phone. They've got to find a path forward though that they really do and they gotta turn a corner. Because white suburban women right now are down on the GOP, and if the Republicans lose legislatures, they're going to lose their ability redistricting if they lose their ability to re district they give the Democrats a decade long advantage. It's a problem. and it is it is you're starting to see this viral surge. And it's also in of itself going to be a problem so for example in Florida right now. They're eight thousand nine hundred forty two covid nineteen cases overnight. That's a record. Texas decided to close bars again. The Dow Jones is falling again. As. It looks like the viruses rebounding right now. In fact let's see. Where's the market right now? The market is down. The Dow is down five hundred ninety eight points. It is ten fifty five am on June twenty sixth The Dow's down five hundred ninety eight points Nasdaq down two hundred eleven, S and P Down Sixty Two New York stock exchange down to three or four things are not good. Apple is down. Nike is Del and T. is down. everything is down right now. So I would say that the trends. Are Not good. bought. But. I would say. That, there is still time for turnaround. There really actually is time for turnaround. and a lot of people freaked out more than they should be. their time of course. Time heals all wounds. Including what's going on out there right now? With the virus the GOP needs plan moving forward now when we come back, let let let me give you a preview of the next hour. Because remember What's her name? the the woman who wrote the sixteen nineteen project. In College. She wrote a letter to the editor. And Man. This is exceedingly racist really hates white people and also made some very bizarre claims. It has surfaced, and of course let's say you don't want to hold people accountable for what they wrote in college. That's what the left has been attacking people for what they tweeted when they were in middle school, and now suddenly they don't WanNa. Hold this woman responsible for what she wrote in college. I mean both sides. The left was willing to hold Brett. CAVENAUGH responsible for claims about highschool and Frat parties in college, but they don't want heard. Hold her accountable. The double standard is amazing. And these people are doing it. They want to revise American history I. I want to give a history lesson. In fact, I'm going to be repetitive if anything when we come back. I'm going to preview for you the my July third show because I want to start talking about this. How much we have forgotten the forgetting. Oh, good, gracious I sound like that woman in south. Carolina thought her husband got committee from from a mass come on Have we forgetting. Have we forgotten? The New York Times? Actually ran. A story ran an OP ED columnist. Who claimed that Abraham Lincoln and the Union did not free the slaves, no, the slaves they freed themselves. This what he wants you to believe. The amount of historic revisionism from the New York, times elsewhere right now is really appalling, and we need to double down on what the Revolution was. Actually about. What are they actually want? How did it lead to the civil war? Because if you listen to. The author of the sixteen, Nineteen project is perfectly fine with riots in the streets done in the name of her sixteen nineteen project She has a chip on her shoulder. And is trying with the blessing of the New York Times to rewrite American history in a way, that simply is not true, and they want to repackage it and sell it to schools, and they're all coming with this. There's a a war of schools you know that increasingly Democrats want a ban, homeschooling and shutdown private schools, or at least force them to be for profit to try to force people back into public schools where they can re indoctrinate your kids and we need to explore all of this when we come back. We'll be back. Hello and welcome, it is Eric Erickson here. 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Whatever the woman who did the sixteen nineteen project, which is just? It is a near fraudulent quasi fraudulent project of the New York Times where they essentially decided to. Rewrite American history and not just put it in its worst possible light, but to twist reality in such a way so that they could put it in its worst possible light. What I mean by that. Is that they misstated facts. So, for example, Nicole Hannah. Jones Nicole Hannah Jones. She misstated facts she for example ignored the fact that when the puritans came over to new, England they had started their systems of government in new. England entirely separate from Virginia and did so in ways that were in ways that were not revolved around slavery, slavery was not introduced until frankly they had changed their systems in New England and how they were functioning. This is a remember in New England. They came over. Over and everything was calm communal, and it wasn't working, and so they had to change it up, and the pilgrims actually introduced free enterprise into North America. Because the communal, the socialist system that they were using was failing. People were starving in so instead what they had to do. They had to give everybody in individual private tract of land that they could grow on and then their excess. They could sell to each other introducing commerce. And it was a free price system that that wound up saving the lives of people as opposed to the the starvation of their communal quasi communist system, and and she wants to all that she wants to claim for example that the the slavery came over the show. They call it the sixteen nineteen project, because that's when the first enslaved person from Africa sold by Africans to white colonists. Who brought them to? North America settled in North America and and the she wanted to revise the American revolution to claim that the American Revolution was about propping up slavery, because in Great Britain were moving away from slavery, and so the American colonists needed to revolt from Britain to preserve slavery, which flat out is revisionist history that is not true and yet she went up Pulitzer Prize for that lie and major historians across the country have come out and said none of this is true. But THE NEW YORK? Times double down on it well. It turns out that. Hannah Jones has written about a wrote a letter. And in her letter. She made some very outrageous claims. About. White people. And she clearly I mean I realize in this day and age where we're not supposed to call. Anyone other than white people racist, but this is. This is a racist screed. From this woman. And I'm actually kind of incensed that we have to treat her seriously at all. And I want to read for you what she wrote this again. She wrote this while she was in college. To Notre Dame's are notre. Dame's The Observer. The College newspaper there. She wrote it in Nineteen ninety-five. She wrote dear editor. I was shocked and disgusted when I read Fred Kelly's article in the November nine issue of the Observer, what responsible editor would print an article that applause and dignifies the white races rate plunder in genocide of a whole race of people. I find it hard to believe that any number of the white. Any member of the white race can have the audacity in hypocrisy to call any other culture savage. The white race is the biggest murderer rapist pillar and thief of the Modern World Europeans have colonized and destroyed the indigenous populations of every continent on the planet. They have committed genocide cultures that have never offended them in their grand and insatiable desire to control and dominate every non white culture. Christopher Columbus and those like him were no different than Hitler. The. Crimes they committed were unnecessarily cruel and can only be described as acts of the devil. Africans had been in the pay attention to this one to. Pigeon pay digit crazy town, come and crazy in Warrenton Oregon. Africans had been in the Americas long before Columbus or any, Europeans. The difference is that the Africans have the decency and respect for human life to learn from the native Americans and trade technology with them, the Pyramids of the Aztecs and the great stone heads of the olmecs are lasting monuments to the friendship of these two people. But as David Walker rooted his appeal of in Eighteen, twenty nine, the white men acted quote more like devils that accountable men whites have always been an unjust jealous UNMERCIFUL. Avaricious and bloodthirsty set of beans, always seeking after power and authority in quote. It was not enough for whites to come to the Americas and learn. They looked upon the native people as inferior and a people to be annihilated. Their lasting monument was the destruction and enslavement of two races of people unused Christianity as their excuse. The white race denied the native people their humanity. Not only did they rape and murder, the indigenous peoples of America, but they killed off many more by introducing diseases, which came from filth and uncleanliness to the native people. The white race used deceit and trickery, warfare and rape to steal the land for the people that lived here for thousands and thousands of years over and over again Weitz made peace treaties with the native Americans, telling them that if they move just this one last time, and gave up their land to the greedy sellers, just one last time and They would never have to move again. It was common knowledge that the White Man's word could not be trusted. Even today. The descendants of the savage people pump drugs and guns into the black community pack, black people into the squalor of segregated urban ghettos and continue to be bloodsuckers and our communities. Yes, it was Columbus that set the platforms for these racist American. Institutions Adele. Calling someone a savage is like the pot, calling the kettle black, but after everything that those barbaric devils did I, do not hate them or their descendants. I understand that because of some lacking, they needed to consistently proved their superiority. Kelly felt threatened by nurses exposure of the true Columbus. So. He felt it necessary to degrade their whole culture to maintain security Fred Kelly I pity you for feeling that just because you were awaiting Christian, you can celebrate the destruction of another human being enclosing the famous American who has beat down by. Members of the Christian Society said. Why can't we all just get along? Why because white? America's dream is colored America's nightmare to Kelly I say it does not feel good. To have your culture put under a microscope, does it? She was a sophomore when she wrote this in college. Claiming that the European settlers were white devils, and that America that Africans made it to North America, before the Europeans and they befriended and traded with the indigenous people and help them build the pyramids do me. This this is the woman who wrote the sixteen nineteen project. At The New York Times. This woman who believes white people are devils. And she wanted to reshape history to try to prove it, you know. The. The symbol work on the American revolution is by a professor named Bernard Belan. And he wrote the book. The ideological origins of the American Revolution in every single. One of you should read it. Because the nineteen fifties, and the nineteen sixties, the prevailing wisdom about the American revolution is that it was an upper middle class mercantilist revolution where the business owners decided they needed to protect their income from the British, and so they revolted to protect their business interests in their positions, and of course, that's what through college campuses in the same way that that This woman's a theories are now sweeping through these revisionist theories that actually. Actually? The American Revolution was about propping up slavery. none of is true. Belan actually had the audacity of going in and reading what the actual people in the revolutionary war thought, and I'm not talking reading Thomas to George Washington and Thomas, Jefferson because the criticism has always been the Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Paine George Washington Ben Franklin Alexander. Hamilton the like that they were part of this mercantilist revolution and they were engaged in propaganda. And that because they won, they were trying to revise history high why they did it to keep their power. And actually it turns out if you actually read the middle class, the writings of the middle class, the people of the Revolutionary War. You know there was no internet. There wasn't email. They wrote letters to each other. Husbands to wives wives, two daughters, daughters, two brothers, brothers two fathers. And they really did believe that they were living in an injustice idea most of them actually even Virginia then like slavery. Even Thomas Jefferson was writing. We're going to have to get rid of this institution. They just couldn't yet because they need to get rid of the British. I kept kicking. The can down the road. And what they believed is that they were the heirs of the glorious revolution. See the Glorious Revolution Happened to the lifetime of their grandfather's grandfather said were British and had fought before becoming colonists moving over they had dealt with the glorious revolution in the Glorious Revolution the English bill of rights came out of it. You know one of the things that came out with the revolution. You might have heard of it. the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That's almost identical wording to what was in the English bill, of Rights, The role of juries was in there. The The need for warrants was in there. The the the need for due process was in there. The Americans believed that they were the heirs to the glorious revolution, and then the the the British parliament said you know what you're colonists. You're not British. You're not entitled to these rights. In the American college were like wait a second. Yes, we are our grandfathers great grandfathers. They fought in the glorious revolution that they were willing to fight. Course Revolution. Of course. They chased out James The second, brought him William and Marion in no one had to die. But it was in the lifetime of the grandparents, and they believe they were Englishman. The Americans at the time believed they were Englishman. That's why that's why they kept appealing to the king. Because you see what actually happened is that they were in American and not going to great? Britain they presume the king was still in charge. They didn't realize there had been this great shift to parliament. Parliament was really in charge, and all their appeals were based on the king, and and it was only after a while they realized the king, and the parliament were against them, and didn't really recognize them as Englishman entitled to the English Bill of rights, and they decided the way to preserve the English bill of rights was to revolt and and establish a bill of rights for themselves. And if you read the letters. Of the colonist, and not the upper income people. But the poor the middle class that they thought they were Englishman and they couldn't understand why. The British were giving them the rights they were owed. And so we had a revolution. And the revolutionary was all about claiming those rights for themselves. That's why the declaration of independence talks about throwing off the old. Win The old won't give you. What is yours already see? The French Revolution was a very progressive revolution. The French Revolution was about ending the old and getting something new. The American Revolution was actually very conservative revolution. It was about a ending a way of life to preserve what they thought they were already entitled to. It was about going back to get something. They thought they were entitled to not jumping forward to something new. Big Deal. And it's totally misrepresented by a lot of historians these days who wish to. Up End and disrupt who wished to? Repudiate the American experiment. You gotTA stand firm. All you have to do is read the letters. Of the middle class in the revolution. Many of them realize slavery was wrong, but they were GONNA have to put off dealing with it until the dealt with the British. And this woman Nicole Hannah Jones. has tried through fable to rewrite. American history and the intellectual elite in this country are allowing her to do it in the reason they're allowing her to do. It is because they know the mob coming. And they just WanNa be the last man standing and hope that the mob is satiated before the mob turns it sights on them. It's not gonNA work for them. The question is will the rest of standup. On his news and Conservative view never separated from the true. It's the Eric Erickson show. You can go to the resurgent Dot Com every day, and remember keep texting action two, five, four, four four. The word is action, texted two, five, five, four, four four. Make sure your state representative of votes against the Casino resolution to save the hope scholarship. I have been asked by the way in and I'll talk about this on the way back. All the way back when we get back from commercial break I. Because I was asked. What is the compromise planet? If there was a compromise plan for a casino? If you could structure it in such a way to bring in a casino. What would you do? And I I do WanNa talk about that. I I do think it is worth discussing. Now I gotTA. Tell you before we get any of that. Though this is so ridiculous, this is happening around the country. The Houston Association of Realtors is going to start using primary to describe bedrooms and bathrooms on US listening services out of the word master. The move comes after several members raised the issue and called for a review, claiming that master bathroom and master bedroom were racist. The quartermaster Somalia which grants wine stewards the sought after Masters Omeday for title followed following the passage of exams that it's no longer going to use the term before the sommeliers last name. Oh my goodness, gracious ridiculed, and you know they're out to get a the Augusta. They're out to get the masters now. The route to get the masters They say that that's racist and that the Augusta national is a racist institution, and they need to get rid of the master, either they ain't get your look at it. They stood up to women who wanted to be integrated that they held their fire on that for very long time, and they're going to hold the line on this as well. They're not GONNA follow it. I would be shocked actually if they did. I would be genuinely shocked if they did, but it is just silliness. Now I I do have to stay. One of the issues. Is, focusing. On the virus. Because people are having a hard time focusing on this stuff. So long as they're worried about the virus. And they're not just worried about the virus. You didn't understand this. They're not just worried about the virus. Because of media hype. They're worried about because increasingly. People know people who've gotten the virus. And younger people aren't having a lot of effects. But older people are. An older people vote. And older people are. The, ones who are going to get the symptoms. And older people getting the symptoms. They're they're going to be the people who were mad. That Washington didn't do enough. And you know the part of the problem here for the president honestly is that state's really are in charge, if honest about it, states really are the ones who are in charge, and yet it is Washington. Everyone goes to Washington for solutions. And in going to Washington for solutions. You're not going to get the solutions from Washington DC. You're. Not GonNa get. Them from Washington. And so the president is being held responsible for something where the president doesn't actually have a ton of control. And that in of itself is an issue. Then in and of itself is a problem. But it's one that they have to deal with because it. It's there I. Mean they can't get out of this. The they've got a problem. The president's going to get blamed for other people stuff. It's not fair to him, but that's life They gotta find a way to to deal with this issue and I think they can. They should, but they're going to have to figure it out when we come back. Though what do we do about a casino in Georgia, if it's coming, what should it look like? I've got thoughts on this. Hello there. It is Eric. Erickson here are the last half hour for this week. And then I get to go will go to the gym and then come back for two more hours this evening. Go do my Emmanuel side. You know I've been I I go to a place in making that is it's. Cross fit style exercise aid has kicked my butt this week. I am exhausted and I kept trying to come up with an excuse to not go today and I can't come up with one so I guess I'm going to go get my exercise today. At the gym I did box jumps yesterday. My! My legs are still sore. My heels are sore. It just kind of sucks, but it's good for me. I actually like it. I really actually do I, I like cross fit more than your standard gym exercise I go to I. It's called Tau Training A. training over Down Riverside. Drive in making if you know where that is where the new mall is in making river crossing, it's behind. There really just just a great great gym-owner and. Losing waiting getting in shape in it's helpful. I just gotTa do better on the eating. I just like beer and pizza too much of the problem now. What about the Casino? Because a lot of people are are emailing they? They WanNa Casino in this. If if you if you had your druthers if you would allow a casino if you were king for days as you can have a casino in Georgia. What would you do? I have an idea. I think if you are if you're desperate for a casino in Georgia. I let let me offer you the way that I would design a casino in Georgia I would make sure it is a destination. Now what I mean by that is I. think that if you if you WanNa have a casino in Georgia. You need to make it at least a hundred fifty miles. From Atlanta. The reason I think you need to make it a hundred fifty miles from Atlanta. Is because I think you need to make it a destination place, so that would preclude North Georgia. That would preclude Metro Atlanta. You would make it more towards Savannah or South Georgia thing. So, I mean Brickley Let. Let's say you put it in Valdosta for example. You or Savannah if you put it in Valdosta, you would be luring people up from Florida you would get the the the I. Four traffic from Orlando and up. They've got a horse track where they've got the dog racing and horse racing in Florida. They don't have casinos. Racine, they call them racists or were. You can gamble. so you, you would preclude so you wouldn't impact necessarily If you had an entertainment venue, you would not impact the Georgia theatre in Athens. You wouldn't impact the Fox theatre in Atlanta. And I think if you did it that way LE. Let's say you put it in Statesboro between states burnt savannah. If you did it that way. You would be able to have a casino in the state. That would be destination based. People would actually drive there. I mean people from Atlanta drive up to what Jerky North Carolina. They drive to Turkey North Carolina. Cherokee North Carolina from Atlanta is is well. Let's see let me pull up the map. This is one professional me I'm GONNA. Do it anyway. cheerokee North Carolina. It is from Macon where I am. It is a three hour. Fifty minute drive is two hundred thirty two miles now. WHAT ABOUT FROM FROM ATLANTA? from Atlanta Cherokee? It is roughly. One. Hundred sixty two miles. So do a casino. That is a one hundred fifty miles outside Atlanta. and. You're still closer than Cherokee North Carolina. Do a casino outside of their and suddenly the music venue aspect. Does it really matter? because. The population is Atlanta's to an artist who may go to the casino would still want to go to Atlanta. The restaurants in the north Georgia area. The I mean that that you you join in in Clayton that I love have decided I love so much the restaurants in Rome the restaurants Atlanta. They they wouldn't be impacted. It would be a destination by the way you put it in you. Put It near Savannah. If you to put it near. Savannah you also would be attracting air traffic into Savannah. which would boost it the other thing you've got to do in pay attention to this one. This is important. Pay attention to it. You need to actually have the money go to hope. The tax revenue needs to go to the hope scholarship. You can divide it fifty fifty between the General Fund in the Hope Scholarship, but you need the money to go to hope not to this new opportunity for you. Don't need this Opportunity Fund. If you fund hope, you don't need an opportunity fund and that's kind of the Lai. That gives away the lie of the legislation that this won't impact. Hope the fact that you're. You're feeling the need to start a brand new scholarship. You want to start a brand new scholarship. No you don't need to start a brand new scholarship. Don't START A brand-new scholarship. Just Fun the Hope Scholarship, you fund the Hope Scholarship with this casino. You're okay, but put it. Put it along the coast or put it down on the floor to line. Get it well outside of the the The Metro Atlanta area in the north Georgia area, the North George area, the Atlanta area You need to protect them because those areas tend to have more entertainment venues more restaurants in the rest of the state, and those are the ones that would be economically impacted by the. The casino you WanNa. Make the key to a destination. If you put it in Atlanta, what's going to happen? It's going to become a destination in Atlanta and you're going to deprive other parts of Atlanta of the Casino, so the aquariums going to get hurt. The Botanical Gardens are GonNa get hurt the the Tabernacles GonNa get hurt. The Fox theater is going to get hurt you. PUT IT UP North toward. You'RE GONNA hurt. You're going to hurt a lot of the the industry up North Georgia. But if people are willing from the the north Georgia from the Atlanta area to drive to Cherokee north, Carolina to go to the casino there, there would be willing to drive in Georgia to a casino. In fact I would venture to say if you put a close to Savannah. You have one casino in the state. You put it near Savannah. People from Atlanta would make it a destination. People from Florida would make it a destination. People from South Carolina would make it a destination, but you got guarantee. It's going to be in that area of the state, and not the Atlanta area of the state. It's not going to be the middle Georgia area the state. You gotta put it someplace like that. Now I still don't think it's a good thing. I think a A Casino tends to bring a lot of social ills. There's a reason. Las Vegas is in a desert. There's a reason Atlantic city didn't work out. A casino is not a sure thing. In fact, long-term casinos tend to bring problems. And you don't want to do that. you you. You can't do that. and. Yet people want to, so you gotta be careful how you do it. That's how I would do it. I would make sure it's either in Valdosta or somewhere somewhere down there put it in the swamp down there in your way cross. PUT IT in Brunswick. Put It in Savannah. Don't put it anywhere near the Metro Atlanta area. Make It make sure it can only be one location. Only one location. It's got to be a minimum of one hundred fifty miles outside of Atlanta. And the the revenue has to go to the hope scholarship. You have an entertainment venue have restaurants. You can make it a destination. But. That's what you gotta do. If you don't want my opposition I I'm I'm not fundamentally opposed I I still think it would be bad I don't think we needed to the state, but if you're asking me to say okay, you've gotTA. Have one you must have one. And if you're GonNa, do that and you must have it. How are you going to do it? That's how I would do it. You would attract also if you put it in south Georgia. This is the other thing. If you, put it in south Georgia. You would attract more people to go into south Georgia fueling sales tax revenue in south Georgia in such a way that you could actually do some economic incentives in those rural parts of the state that need that development. But you gotta be real. Careful how you? If you look at Cherokee north, Carolina, for example, a lot of the mom and pop shops and Jerky. North. Carolina have have they've completely wound down? Because they Everybody goes to the Casino now. And then in and of itself is a problem all right? That's enough y'all gonna get bored of this. I I don't WanNa stick there I went actually read one more thing to you. the that Georgia news here. Ten mayors have asked the Georgia legislature to repeal the stand your ground law now the stand your ground offense is a defense for people who win for several. You know in some states. If someone attacking you, you're obligated not to defend yourself, but to run away in some states, Georgia is one. It has a stand your ground law where if someone is is attacking. You can shoot and kill them. And Tin Mayors have asked the state to get rid of it. The letter was signed by the mayors of Atlanta Savannah Augusta Athens Clarke Decatur norcross. Way Cross, Fairburn and stockbridge. They write? Stand your ground laws up in centuries of traditional self-defense. And threaten public safety by encouraging our vigilantism, allowing a person to kill another person in a public area, even when they can clearly and safely walk away from the danger. NO, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no I. Don't see a reason to up upend. Stand your ground loss. Where people are allowed to protect themselves y'all. If, you're just you're hang on a second. Let me go back to the store. I talked about the story earlier. If you if you haven't heard the story, where is it? GonNa Fight Yeah here we go. This is from WSB TV in Atlanta. In the Metro Atlanta area. There's been a dramatic slowdown in policing in Atlanta. Let me just give you the data for the two weeks. Since the by the way this happened. This happened before officer. Ross charge of the radar brooks murder. This this happened in his death, not murder the trigger for the slowdown was the six officers who taste and arrested two college students, and then the officers were fired by the city and the. The disturbed press charges after that happened. There was a slowdown for the two weeks in question. Atlanta police made nearly one thousand one hundred arrests citywide last year this year, only three, hundred ten down seventy two percent arrests for narcotics or down ninety five percent year-over-year police didn't make a single narcotics arrest last week. Traffic stops on eighty eight percent of the two week period police made only fifty stops. The police are not policing in Atlanta. As a result of this crime is on the rise in Atlanta serious domestic crime has risen fifty seven percent since last year compared to last year, shooting incidents have tripled last week. The number of shooting victims has quadrupled. Open drug use now in the city of Atlanta. Police aren't enforcing the laws and who could blame him. They arrested. They don't want to go to jail. They know the mayor doesn't have their back now. And now you've got these tin. Mayors including the mayor of Atlanta wanted to get rid of standard. You gotTA. You gotTA protect yourself. This is why every single one of you need to gun. Every single one of you know needs to learn how to use. This is a great time for me to plug true position. You can't buy a gun at true precision, but you can buy upgrades to a gun at true precision. You can get better. Slide grips, better sites, but Better better barrels. You should go to true. DASH PRECISION DOT com they're. They're an advertiser on this program true DASH PRECISION DOT com. If you use eric at checkout, you get ten percent off your K-. You should check them out. Because you need protection. You gotta you've you've got to protect yourself? You've got to learn self defense now because the police aren't there to help you and the police aren't there to help you. Because mayors, politically aggressive mayors and and social justice advocates are rounded up the police making the police the bad guy when they're just trying to protect you. What has happened to those police? Officers in Atlanta is an abomination. We should all be defending those guys. It is. Ridiculous that were in the mess. We're in now and the police aren't showing up to work, but who can blame them. You can't blame the police in Atlanta for not showing up to work you. You just can't do it. because. They're getting a bad reputation. They're the ones being attacked. They're the ones who the mayors are are cast aspersions on the DA's WanNa Wanna grandstand on arresting them the DA's WanNa. Throw them in jail. This is not going to end well. For anybody. When you come in, there are bad police officers out there there are we need to acknowledge it? But overwhelmingly, the police aren't bad. The police are good. They're there to help you. They put their lives on the line. They need to be defended. And Democratic. Politicians in charge of cities are no longer defending the police. They're attacking the police. The mayor of New York completely undermines the police on a daily basis. He sends police to round-up Jewish people who WanNa go to a park. But, otherwise you won't let the police do anything. He condemns the police. The police are the scapegoat. The police of the fog is. You? Got Stand up for the police. If you don't see enough for the police, the police aren't going to be there to protect you, and that's what's happening right now in Atlanta and elsewhere. By the way I think there's probably up INS. Mayor Bottoms beat on the list of people for Joe Biden Joe Biden. Still can't figure out who to pick vice president. They're being very deliberate very cautious on this. They want to make sure there are no skeletons in the closet for the vice presidential pick because they know there is a perception. Let's be honest. There is a perception out. Out there that have joe, Biden gets the nominate will is going to be the nation. That Joe Biden isn't going to be around for four years. There is a eight and overwhelming perception. People don't like talk about it, but Joe Biden is not going to be around for years. Here's Marco Rubio talking about Joe Biden's memory. I think ultimately have all this proves to be true then there's. There's only two things to conclude from it either a suffering from severe memory loss or be. He's not being honest. He's lying. So I mean we'll find out soon enough. When when these when a judicial committee doesn't investigation, the is right in front of the American people, but either he's got memory loss, or he's not telling the truth. Neither one of those is good, and that's about. About. The flooding situation Joe Biden, said he involved, and now we know from notes. He was involved in now. He says he doesn't remember being involved to is Leonard as memory loss, more more Republicans are talking about this in the voters. No, it comes up in the balls. The voters are worried about Joe by. They may not like Donald Trump at the word about Joe Biden's health. They're worried about a state of mind. and. He knows if he gets a radical vice president. People are gonNA. Look on that person say it's GONNA wind up being the president on what that person's vice president or as president. That's why the President I. It's I want you to understand the polls. I started the show with all the bad it including Georgia if the election were held today Joe Biden Woodwind Georgia. Joe Biden would come close in Texas Republicans nationwide would be wiped out, but it's June it's June. It's June. It's June. The president has time to turn this rather. I got a focus. They gotta make some changes, but they got time to do it. And Joe Biden's memory situation and his health situation helps president trump in November well connected and well respected. It's Eric Erickson live every weekday. Welcome back! It is Eric Eric sitting here. good news W rg a up in Rome reports that the unemployment rate has dropped up in the Rome. Mary, which is good in fact, overall in the state. It has started dropping the Mark Butler said that roams unemployment rate actually went down in May. Due to the effects all of the areas of the state are continuing to see slow growth, but jobs are starting to come back the unemployment rate decreased by four point one percentage points in May reaching nine point one percent a year ago, it was three point five percent though. Rome ended may with forty one thousand two hundred jobs, the number increased by sixteen hundred from April to May, but was down six hundred compared to last year, but every part of the state is seeing this. It's not just the role Marya jobs are starting to come back. That is good. The question is can jobs come back in and live compatibly? With the virus I'm not sure that they can, but they're going to try They're GONNA do their best to to get that up in going We'll see now. I want to go to this ridiculousness. I mentioned it earlier. It's it's just infuriates me. This is from Lindsay Parker the editor. In chief of Yahoo. Music in an increasingly anti racist era, were problematic ICONOGRAPHY ranging from aunt Jemima knuckle bend even the Dukes of hazzard generally car in country band lady Antebellum Dame has been recessed. Revised retired America's national anthem, the Star spangled banner seems to be striking a wrong note. Last week, protesters in San Francisco toppled a statue of Francis Scott key unknown slaveholders who once said that African Americans were quote, a and inferior people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community. Last, week Liana Morales an Afro Latino. Latina CTS wow. Tells you everything you need to? About the writer of the peace of the student at New York's Urban Assembly. School proven refused to sing. The Star spangled banner at her graduation ceremony, explaining to the Wall Street Journal with everything that's happening if I stand there and seeing I'm being complicit to a system that has oppressed people of Color. Instead, she performed lift every voice in seeing him widely considered the black national anthem, so it's time for this country to dispense with the Star spangled banner in an adopt a new anthem with less trouble history. Oh good, gracious, no! You know one of the songs that's being proposed is imagined. A vapid song for Vapid people who don't know anything you know. The Star spangled banner. was written with Francis Scott. He is an eyewitness to the war of eighteen twelve. Third Stange Stanza that says no refuge could save the hireling enslave for the terror flight, or the gloom of the grave, and the Star spangled banner and triumph doth wave of the land of the free home of the brave. Is it references. A slave at has been completely taken out of context from what it actually meant, but the revisionist history who believed that America was bad from the beginning, and that Africans came over and help build Pyramids Central America they're willing to believe whatever you want to tell them. As long as they get to believe bad things about the United States and revised the history of this country to make it negative sometime. We're GONNA have to deal with this revisionism.

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