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Ep 18: Lotta: Cultural Flexibility with Mandarin Chinese and Finnish

Changing Scripts: Conversations about Mandarin Chinese with native speakers and learners

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Ep 18: Lotta: Cultural Flexibility with Mandarin Chinese and Finnish

"Doing so well and encouraging people on your bond me hunts need to about how and that's not very common in Finnish. We don't receive or give confidence. I think general before we do is it holds a really deep sense of welcome to the changes cups podcast where we describe our language learning stories with the focus right now on Mandarin Chinese. My name is Stephanie, and I was an English language instructor for about fifteen years. Mostly in Asia. Also, I was learning how to read Mandarin Chinese for about a year before taking the current language. Learning breaks that I'm on. Now, this podcast is part of the chaining scripts pod Tutu experience, which is part podcast part YouTube channel, the YouTube channel is where I share my own slow, but steady language thirty experience learning to read Mandarin Chinese, I share my challenges questions frustrations. And in this podcast, we chat both with people who grew up using Mandarin Chinese as well as people like myself who learned it as an adult in this particular podcast EPA. Episode. We talked to lotta who is a finished college student who lived in Shanghai China between high school and university. I would say gap year, but it was more than a year during part of that time, she took an intensive Chinese-language courts. And that's part of what she shares with us. She has continued her Chinese language learning since leaving Shanghai. But she's done it in a slightly different way using TV shows and some other things lotta in this interview shares with us her intensive Mandarin Chinese classroom experience how she use the language outside of the classroom. I'm so much more about her language learning process. She also compares Mandarin Chinese to finish Swedish and some other languages that. She has at her disposal. A quick note that low does mother peo- was a guest on the ex Pat rewind podcast last year, where she shared her first impressions of Shanghai after moving here from Finland high Pia, if you have any comments or questions about this episode's, please feel free to connect with me on any social media platform. My handles the same everywhere it Steph Puccio, it's s. T E P H F U C C, I o you can also see any and all of my projects at Steph Fujio, same spelling dot we bleed W E L Y dot com. That has all three of my podcasts. Let's meet load and find out what her language learning story was. Thank you so much slowed over joining us on changing scripts podcast today. Thank you, so nice to see you hit states do do. So let's get started. Let it could you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and your language history. Yeah. So I am twenty one years old. I house studied some English some Swedish denier stating China for one and a half years and with my family as studied Chinese in university. And after this I came back to Finland and now I'm studying of the else like engineering and stuff. The main focus of the podcast is on learning. A news in Mandarin. Chinese I do like to start with whatever languages came before they learned Mandarin Chinese. So let's dig back into your childhood. But what what is your first language? So I first language is Finnish. A do. You have any memories of learning it either before you started going to school or in school setting? Well, the first time I. Went to kindergarten. It was actually in Swedish I learned finish at home before. I remember my parents reading lots of initials weedy spokes for me so used to have the those around homeless, and we used to learn learn speaking reading through look of let stories than mostly what I remember my parents rating for men and stuff like that. Don't believe me. Learning to speak English for the first time. Yeah. Yeah. It's funny. Now that you say that most people I talked to don't remember when like starting to speak or learning to speak with a lot of people remember learning to read and learning to write. Yeah. That's true. I wonder why that is maybe it's a lot harder. I don't know. What would those the stories that they're reading too? Well, I think it was slow so bogged like just on children's books and stories return for children. I remember like stories about finish Clark elect finish old sarees adapted to like watering folks than. Stuff like that. Some really nice like children's book send Derm pitcher since the Fleck this. Yeah. Yeah. Did you have a favorite book that you ask them to re again, and again and again McGinn? Yeah. I used to love finished book. It's less about air girl that went to island to live with her grandfather. And they made like some Honey breads, and I always wanted to hear the story. I wanted to eat the unabridged night really like that. That's really cool. What was remember the name of that book? I some saying like are like my in the archipelago wrestling like that. But I don't remember that show. That's really get said sounds like you had the travel pretty early in life than. Yeah. Got do. You have any memories of learning length language languages than I know that in the kindergarten way. Also like it was about it was in Swedish. So it was in the environment. The teachers would just expanded to us and fakest big Finnish. Or Swedish afterwards. I transferred to English speaking a kindergarten because we had expertise in the. So as I went to English speaking kindergarten. It was a lot about like, I don't really remember than busy teaching the language it just just Rhonda's on. We had like a preview to play games and watch some cartoons and have fun with it. Right. So it it wasn't a really apparent that. They were teaching language was just in the way reading tour. Did you sit in the daylight? I think very nice furnace. So it sounds like by first grade. You ready been exposed to 'em. We're using Finnish. Swedish and English. Is that correct? Yeah. To some degree you like not so much. But yeah, that was the beginning of a head some understanding of those how big is the difference between Finnish and Swedish. They have like influenced each other are mostly Swedish has influenced finished a butts like. Like, the structure, and the grammar is very different. It's very much about Swedish. I think is more like flowing finish a lot about life changing the birds, according to the situation than is just like coke located structures and Swede lots. I think like it's flows really nicely on his leg grade. They are not from similar country. Crohn's? Don't have I'll language families. Yeah. Soviet? But so is Swedish Norwegian and the those which is not very close to center other finish as close to like Estonia Lennart. Okay. Read the first Phelan has been partisan. So as being has a like, a switch speaking Swedish people like this finished, Sweden culture. Unusually in finished like primary and secondary schools is finishing Swedish both used interchangeably. Or is it mostly finish in my school? It's mostly finish your knee have also Swedish schools, but we learned Swedish you can choose to learn from the fourth grade and then studied through like the high school bus. My CT is very a lot of people. So that's like a heart of sets in other people arts offended not. So like useful. Swedish speaking on people's. But mostly in Finnish than have separate Swedish Kasese in your childhood. Did you lean more towards liking speaking or more towards raiding or we're we're to like to use language? I think I really liked the reading part I always used to like reading like in Finnish shoot. So I really loved reading Surrey's on. I I enjoyed the books that we read at school. And I think that was also always the more. More a night. Enjoyed more away didn't practice in speaking. Sorry, like the reading part under stories. Stuck like me to do? You. Did you go to? Yeah. Right. But Glover's unite. Many memories of going to libraries or bookstores as the kid I do remember the first one's really because we went like the finished led resistance building. Nice friendly as for millions really cool. So we used to go there. Let's when I was molded with my parents and grandparents may just like player on use the computers played some on games on stuff. So I think he was always the place be left to go to unjust. We'd have library cards on than we use could borough expire cells than I really liked Sawyer. I always enjoyed like to libraries I started going to libraries in the seventies. So there is mostly let's see books, some magazines, but not a lot of other media, like cassette tapes, even CDs videos that a lot of. Those hadn't really come into libraries yet. But you're a little bit younger than may, wink, wink. Things where you checking out. We had also the books were like we used to Berlin's, of course. But then we there was this gang place in the library. Like, you could they had this. It's a gaming Finland. It's called the moving is Siri. Finished story. So it's something that we could play on the computers than we didn't have its home at the time. So. It was fun. I think it's mostly the games on the computer than the. Via some they were CD's as the, but I didn't really like for them much, and at home was it mostly finished that was being used. Yeah. Yeah. We finished like in everyday language. Sometimes my mother would read stories in other languages, and then translate. But it was just like in the evening says stuff, so we mostly just finish move onto Mandarin Chinese. So I think we're fast for in quite a bit, right? So so far we have Finnish Swedish in English. Did you learn any other languages before starting tiller? Mandarin chinese. Yes, I did learn some German in middle school and high school. But it must vary alike. Just I have like it was very inner surface level. I think I have forgotten the most of that. But I used to go to the German listens or two years was it. A requirement for the school. No you had to pick some subject to like choose something. But it didn't have to be Germany didn't have be image. Just curiosity. Do. Remember what the choices were? It was French. I would have I have. Was ryan. We're not enough people. So I had German us the second choice invented something like under. Like making clothes. I didn't know what sow okay. Crabby knitting or a language they were considered this. Like optional choices in high school rate. Are you could like you could just any of those are than you could have would would work also right like buildings or there? You could have the the like making Ford this cooking Louis C, we had to take those. We had like a home economics class where we learn to debate mostly really unhealthy desserts. And then we hide. Yeah. Like a shop class where we played with all of the dangerous equipment. And then we had to make a. Like, a model home. Yeah. That was little I don't know. It could have been fun bit DEA was weird moment. Think what has what we had to take a language, and we only had three choices we had German Spanish, and and French. This is in high school, I was really angry awful teenager as so I took German because I thought it sounded the anger. Kigen French's to pretty I don't wanna sound pretty I wanna I wanna be like stern, and you know, it has harder sound to it. And I was attracted to that. So I took German, but I wasn't very good morning languages. I still technically or not. But I really really didn't know what to do. And so I didn't I can recognize some things now. But I never really got to the point where I could use it. Well, let's talk that Mandarin Chinese when did you decide to start learning Chinese? We went to China to high school. I I hadn't I didn't study any Chinese before end. I was graduation exemption. I didn't study anything like this is too much. Got to China and is not I was for five weeks. I didn't know if I was going to stay or go back to Finland. Like study for university instruments accents. So I learned some things through like at home and Susan acts and unlearn like basic phrases. Then after went for short time to Finland way wanted to come back to China, and I wanted to say there, but I needed the visa and I'm over eighteen so I couldn't get the semi visa from my parents. So you could get these. If you go to university program rate, a we enroll to the the university near by our home. And there was the intense program you had to take that's one so to give the visa on. It was like four or less than everyday like. Five days a week. Ice. It lasted for. The whole like semester, a nice date or one and a half years. Oh my gosh. Wait is that like five how many hours a day five hours a day was like four lessons, but it was around eight thirty to twelve GM. So it wasn't like ours. Still eight thirty two noon user. For a year and a half. Yeah. Let's back up. I to that five week program that you were in them. We'll talk about the year and a half of the. Oh my gosh. Okay. So was that what was that five? Week course like do member. What Ono sorry start with the apps first than the five weeks than the wooden half year. So before you came to China do member any of the apps that you were using to get those phrases. Like, it was actually by week time that I was saying in China. Okay. Okay. Verse learning I don't really remember the specific apps over someone with like upon bear. German something. Any it was just end in there, really like some phrase listening something like I remember trying to drill into my head like win like, I don't speak Chinese. I tried to heal over and over again, but I could use. If we go go somewhere don't know anything. It was really really basic. I learned from my parents like right and left to the day like, Texas. Some like, thank you. And goodbye end stuff like that. I really really like I didn't really pay attention is restricting. I wanted to learn. But it was really cheated and just just really really basic Mitchell. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So that's the apps so during the the five week you were in gonna five week. Intensive course, right? That's what I was just as staying in China for like when we came back like what moved ours. Only I was just having a day care. We have pay. Yeah. Okay. During the summertime had have all I had almost graduated from high school, but I had to go back for one like sweet exempts. That's why I I came came to China or five weeks, and I feel back to even for like among do the exam bacteria that intensive course. So the phrases you were learning. It sounds like you're just learning them to to to use them as you were going around shine Khania. Okay. We're it really reading the characters very much yet. Were you during note? I didn't learn any directors. I didn't have any. Come in. All right. So you were there for five weeks compared even just during those five weeks when you were learning those phrases, how did that compared to the other languages you had learned in the past? I think it was kind of very different because of. Like the you had to start from such a beginning level. There was no no beforehand knowledge of Chinese language or the tolls or anything really solid from the really basics. And then but the myth I was using. It was quite similar to the ones that I've been using just like hearing Verdon joint trying to learn many times, it is let's have like finding averred somewhere end than using that's untrained to kind of Iran, trusted to my parents at that time, they they knew some Chinese. So I really. Of like Kay at school. I can have fun. Okay. I guess I'd better come clean to the listeners. Dear listeners. Look mom, peer with on the another podcast. I do called exit to read lovely lovely blog posts from her first year in China. So I know your mom studied the language to before you kind of the same time. She was studying before me, she started eighteen land as she like studied, a let's and she was like immersed into studying before she was just we went to China. She was fighting buying leg stuff in Chinese than fitting. Wow. Wow. Wow. All right. So then you left and came back in you did a year and a half. Into course. All right. What what was that class lake? For example, how many people how many classes the day any of those any of that information? Yeah. It was really nice. It was we had around twenty eight students. I think like twenty two students we were through like from around the world from very different backgrounds. Some of the people were like working in China. The had a job with that. Intensive course as had learned some others were kind of funding to university course in in China. Until it was like, the age range was. From sixteen to think fifty years old. It was like Israeli really like really diverse group of people. And then when yeah, we started from very basics. We I when their Saudi learning the pronunciations and stuff, and and like tones, and we had for the first course we had two teachers verse in the morning, we had two lessons with like speaking teacher. Yep. Is mostly about learning to speak thus? Also, we had some like reading in this class than we had two lessons of writing teacher in the after a break. Just today. I. Speaking on reading, and then retooling of writing end than we had some homework to Dessel what was in the right in classes in the beginning level. Yeah, we started like, I didn't know the would actually even learn characterised. So that was related to pricing. I was kind of hoping that we in the beginning. I was kind of. Like, we didn't ask. Thought it would be very very hard. But it was fun actually. So we just had this. We we had these like practice sheets that are teaching very very like I got this like elementary school feeding Zoe would name character like many times in would really really easy ones like co and the people read and stuff Floyd was waiting wrote. That's like twenty times a day at home at that. After like a few weeks or months of these classes were you leaning towards liking more of the speaking aspect of it or the writing aspect of it. Yeah. I really think I was at the beginning. More keen about the speaking. I think it. I thought it was kind of easy the level. We were starting in. Butts. The challenge of writing characters was really cool. Like, I didn't expect it to be so fun so useful with memorizing. The words unlike that it was like it was really hard. I remember we had some students from coaches also seen our hunt hunts like Japan, South labor or did rising Irish paving like a first grade students during that yet. Really? It was a challenge in the struggle. Like it was. Really fun to learn that new Rayo writing. And then being able to actually understand some easy is essentially some texts and kind of learning the. Way. Like, you can actually understand. It went. It went looked like hundred hundred speaking the writing. So we would learn how to say something, and then also writes really gets their complementing learning both of it's really really good. Oh, I think I nearly cried the first time I could read a full sentence in Chinese. It was such a basic, Stu, and it took me minute. I could read it. And then I almost was like about to tear up. And then I realized wait what is it mean? Like, I had kind of backtracking like look at the meaning. And I got what it meant so basic, but it just seems it's such a different script, you know. So so so challenging I'm still like way super-low level. But that just feels like such a happy moment. What if you could transform your next game night into an unforgettable language learning experience? Hi, my name is Matthew Boyle, founder of language card games, and friend of Stephanie Fujio and changing scripts. I'm here today with a special offer during the month of may you can apply the coupon code changing scripts when you check out at language card games dot com to save on any of our games since twenty sixteen we have been providing innovative products to language gamers, and now we call you to join us at the table learning languages is a big deal, and we want to give you a hand. That's why we've created games for everyone. Suitable for beginning, an expert language, learners young and old. What's more? We provide free shipping to any location worldwide. So. So if you're looking for something to take your study sessions classes or game nights to the next level. This is it. Thank you so much for tuning into today's episode of changing scripts enjoy the rest of the show and later stopped by to see us at language card games dot com. How gamers learn languages. So he earned a half. So did you end up taking any of the K tests? When you were studying actually didn't think you'd issued how it would be really nice are like a good thing to have like I really was anxious about exempt. So I I kind of I was I was like consciously avoiding that. Which wasn't the best choice. Just like take the challenge ends like of converse zone. Boy did have lots of XM as. Caress like, they don't also. So I I don't have the level. Seeing or I did agree to those has choice. We did have over -tunities through school to do them. And yeah, many people that I think that would be really great. They're still still plenty of time. I'm should do. I've taken one two three and one and two. Were the test was a lot easier than the practice materials, and then three hit, and it was completely different creature just got exponentially harder. And I'm just be starting studying for four. I might take four next December not this December like twenty twenty. Aby. It's just a leap between the levels is just so insanely different. They probably told you this. But the ages K is like the the reading listening reading listening and writing and the ages K K is the speaking test that's actually two different tests. Yeah. Yeah. Which is really different than a lot of other language chest. But I love the characters playing with them. So I was like, oh, I continue without the stress of trying to trying to speak that for me is really really by far the hardest part of all this. When you first started studying in the intensive program. Did you think you're going to stay in it that long were you doing semester by semester deciding? Yeah. Deciding semester by semester. I didn't. I liked plans. I didn't know that. I would stay in China for so long. Know if I would stay there as all like extra weeks, but I wanted to take the more. I think the points was like after I Mr. I was related life yet. Of course, I'm going to do the second one I want to learn more these begun to. I will to want to have some performed on Dacian Dentsu tiny. I wanted to. And that I think the cert Carson, I it was like three courses, of course off. So a second course, I think I felt very much like these is the point where I kinda like I could leave, but I really want to get a better foundation, and maybe a d percents. Flu language like. No. If I still do, of course, I would learn so much more kind of gets. Yeah. Maybe a day current level of the of speaking as the. At that time. I felt like yeah. Been yet. Three three courses was recognized in. I felt like I didn't. I did have like good goal in. Its didn't have any of profession are stuff saw to come s. That was it was really as choice every hop of. Spans amazing. Let's talk about some of your study methods. I know they had they gave you homework in the class. But did you like what what kind of materials did you have like textbook serve flash cards or you still is using apps like anything that you were can you? Tell us anything that you anything everything that you're using to city language during these classes, we had books on the classes led behind the textbook on the. And we would read the chapters, and we had homework. We we most had homework about reading something. We had some sentences words that we had three in the reach at group, which was unin. But also. Like you get the feedback from straightaway. We would send a we check message of being Chinese the teacher would kind of give you feedback straight. And then we had the homework sheets on we have the whole work stuff. Like feeding instances and stuff. I think. Most relied on this. The things we had in the class because it was really like I think that class could hold up a lots of your studying. It was much is structured it had lots of it had like a very wide range of things. It was a it was really like we could rely on the teachers and the lessons. And then the of that home, I don't work, and then Wade have written his book something like about. It was I think h isky one of characters which. Which? I don't really know the main will these relate had like explaining the character's origins, and then the. Been characters yet. Yeah. Was it on the radicals like the two hitters something? Like the radicals. The smallest component of the characters by the something like a to had their corrective groups buy some clothes. Yeah. I lost a few months to that stuff. To the bookstore on Joe Lou and buying looks on like, the origins of the most one hundred common characters, I would just read about the history, and they'd have those timelines of it used to look like this. And then the character change to this to this to this. This is what it looks like now. And I was like, oh, so cool. That's not as there is really really. I mean, it's it's a complicated and challenging language, especially to read. But it's got such a long history that especially in that beginning time when I didn't know a lot. I didn't know how much I didn't know in the language. It was fun to read about it before God until they're running out of use it. Yeah. Fun. It is a slippery slippery slope. But at least two months of my life. We're gone reading. Like did you like the dictionary app? Yeah. We use that a lot that has a little bit of the history. I think in some of the. I think I think was on. I've got. I think it does. Look a word quick pick a word. Who found it? Okay. Let's see does it tell us journalists Nur's if you have the plateau feel free to follow along. No, it doesn't have it in the sun. Wait. Okay. Wait, no stroke characters yet. I guess a little bit because it breaks it down on the characters page. Quite as much of the history. Oh, that's what they need. We need to tell them that they need to like another column with the history. And then they're showing the character. Not super super fun. What part of the language that you ended up liking surprised us that you liked it so much. I love the like the he story parts of something. Like, you have the I don't remember entirely, but we had the four character view learned. What is it? The four character idioms gosh, really holy cow. We learned like to up. Not much. You would like go further certainly in the fourth course, something about linked to really surprised with with the contra behind everything. And I also really enjoyed like the way that all the chapters. We had the books. It was also I feel like I don't know. Let's about Chinese culture like outside. It was that was always the advent of like also teaching something about Chinese culture or twenty story or Chinese like wooden day culture stuff. So I really enjoy the way that you could learn to speak the language and also learned to act at the same time. In ways that could maybe be according to the culture kind of life in learning about the culture at the same time that I feel like the way that I speak in Chinese because it's so much founded on that university program. The book says it's very different than the stuff that I would normally say in Finnish. Maybe like I would finish which is like. Really, she Larry. We we don't have lots of like cool words stuff. We have I feel. It's very straightforward in a way. Yeah. Chinese idea speak in a very different way of the things that I would say of never stay may be finished. Yeah. Like, I would never maybe something that I have to say in Chinese in finished. So I really enjoyed learn learning language from England in only translating from finish what I would be interested. But also winning kind of the phrases and expressions that you can use to be liberal combing entitlement for second. There. It looked like you were thinking of examples as you were during that, can you think of an example, if something you would say in Chinese that you would never say finish. Yeah. I don't know if this is being the many Thais people even stay I don't know if that's something that people actually use. Let me see the lessons. We learned to maybe people as stuff like, oh, you're so you're so doing so well and seeing cooler stuff like. It's good and encouraging people. Really, nice example. I think that's cool that I wouldn't have it's likely without tiny taste learning the language. So we would do like on bomb to number Holland like first thing that someone has done something, really. Well, as sweetie Hulan have retard. That's not very common finish, we don't speak on people's achievements. We don't receive Gibbons confidence. I think general do is holds a really deep sense of like you say something like to someone is there like I love. You Oreo Nuys are pretty or something Israeli it has a strong storm. Meaning like, you really think that? So that's something something very different. I think is because to me is just slow country end was less many people stuff like that. So so it's more. Whereabout leg. The language also has some I don't I don't know if this clear when I early incredibly clear, I'm just laughing going gosh to admit to the Americanism. That is the elephant in the room right now. Notoriously over compliment. I've heard it formal to me too. Yeah. Thinking how just like picking out something that somebody's wearing the alike, or if they were they look relief like it's just sort of like saying Hello to us. Yeah. And especially in the classroom was the teacher for a long time consuming complementing students at on their hard work and stuff. Is very very very natural to me. But I know I know, and I've been told that a lot of cultures. Don't do that so freely all the time. All the time. But that's so nice to really liked that. I think that's also something that could be in Finland. Could learn more about these cultures that do vocalise something similar does. Well, it was nice. Yeah. I do understand like some people say that Americans. Do it too much in. So it seems like it's not met. Oh, yeah. I mean, it seems fake in person. I don't really say anything. I would I would stop myself from saying the negative, but I wouldn't necessarily say something positive to someone just to say, something I. But I understand it can come across that way. I think that that's just something that I really enjoyed through learning language. You can adopt different ways of behaving like in. You'd say something like seeing Kula like really grates. We I wouldn't be comfortable ABC insane to finish person. Right. Being able to like kind of adopts different ways of behaving. Yeah. Which was what I really might expand other languages with different scripts different scripts twenty twenty but that's not this year. That's next year. This here I want to gather as many books, I can't who are interested in language learning stories, even if we are centered only just around Mandarin Chinese, how can we do that word of mouth seems to be the scientifically proven best way to share broadcast? I kid you not look it up. So could you please? Please. Please. Please said this podcast to just one person that you think might enjoy it or. Or if you can't think of one person, could you just please screen shot it and share it in any social media that you're in Chinese podcast can be found anywhere and everywhere, the podcast can exist. So all people need is just the title changing scripts. So it quick screen shot and a love it or like it or I think you'd enjoy this with simply beat the most wonderful thing, you could do this podcast. Thank you so much for spreading the word about the changing scripts podcast and a gig out and talking about our language learning story early on this time around because we lived in China before but early on this time in the first few months, I picked up on the few words, I could hear I noticed that people were repeating them a lot even just waited way there. I noticed the repetition was there, and I started to do that a ton. Whereas if I was in the US or anywhere else that were speaking English. And I said, yes, yes. Yes. It would seem like it'd be pushy. But here it just seems like. Repeat it hadn't. I was just like don't don't say it once it three times in see what happened. I did that here people be like, oh, they just continue the conversation. I'm like it worked. Every once they'd be like waiting. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah for sure day early. Yeah. To HANA in there. If I said good good good to someone. They'd be like at home. They what's wrong with you. Why is it? So good was happening. Why don't you stay great? What's wrong with your vocabulary? Reds level of using expression. I talk about coming into an out of languages. I don't know where I got that from, but you into China, you had finished English already at your disposal when you're learning Mandarin Chinese, and you're like looking for a word to say, something what language came out first. Yeah. I think in the beginning when the cost was English. Somebody would have if you wanted to speak. That's. Do after I do find a lot of similarities in Swedish Chinese that. Probably nothing. Nothing. Probably. Actually. Are some words that are almost saying? Something like Khan. It's. It's it's it has different meanings in Swedish of they sound very similar. Yeah. I think that's enough swimmers like afterwards lay. This the beginning. I've been breaking in Swedish if like using Swedish as a customer, so so. Awkward woman there when he has fake Swedish. Not something Chinese comes out because he's has the stronger which in recent years of that. So funny when you had to fill Chinese came. Brain is amazing amazing creature where you will flash card person at all when you refers learning Chinese vocabulary like the words Honsik characters things yet. I had this like you can in China, those nice flush card things that you can ride yourself. So I do some words in the beginning. When there were fewer runs in the accepted by than down unto them that way. Yeah. That's in the very beginning. When we had Warbirds coming at indiscipline. Insert course, I didn't do that anymore. But in the first course, yet, did you make a conscious decision to stop making them more. It's just kinda didn't why did you stop? I think in the first course, it was it was money to you could feel learn most of the words were probably could learn verse in the second third course also with hard work in the front, of course, it was possible to learn the birds and giving drilling under the stuff. I felt that the changing the first person the second course was also about in the first course, we had loaned the basics. We would learn everything very carefully. The second way would Marceau that's go so deep in specific things lower chapter on more words, and Elta fusing words that you were not may be comfortable using it. Are you didn't know that? Well, but they in the. I think the flow of language in general like how much we were hearing a rating and how many birds we had getting recent. So I think that's the time. I didn't anywhere do like it would have taken more time from yourself to basic individually like learn every bird just concentrated in learning. The state letting like larger learning. Maybe more sleepless little. It would like be doing time. Are you still learning Chinese now? Well, I have not been learning. I have been listening to a couple of poed casts during the holidays, we would Chinese TV. Serious ching. What show you just one? Do know this metro regarded now coming up. I I haven't watched any yet. But I've had some recommended to me I've been using to know Vicki Rotan that sounds Japanese this blue on here. I don't know him through this one here. It has. It's free, which is my favorite part, and it has different TV shows and things from like Korea, China, Taiwan jet Japan. I've been meaning to start watching something. But every time I start I realized a little light can understand denied think back to it. How are you watching? It is it online or put costs are aligned on. Poker step than the material Gardini Knicks. I'll okay, okay. What is it about? It's nice. It's about set. Parable or goes into university in like when just life there. Yeah. My sister had I think is popular on my disturb sprints like even have invading China social introduced a set. And then Wade spent the whole day which ING with everyone in the wanted to sleep. They were will so cool. And okay. Are you watching it with or without subtitles what language the subtitles? If you would subtitles I wouldn't understand their whole. I would understand some cintas kind of able to follow some of. But didn't understand. So I have been using English. Sometimes they wasn't even like, oh shoot. Okay. Might be. But I just didn't use them. So I just. I wouldn't I didn't start studying yet. I would like to go. I can do add a university. I can like Regina 's as. We have to do which course year to I can do Chinese. I'm going to I would like to begin. Like the next semester. Sudden August, let's go back to the one and a half year intensive program. Did you ever get any on any of social media in think what is it wave o or q cure so old events this point like way, abo- or were you doing anything on Chinese social media in Chinese not much? I listen like some what we had the we took the groups at school. Yeah. Yeah. Part of the learning stuff too. Speaking Chinese there that was the first time I brought in Chinese the phone is it was most of age ide- follow some people in each. Writing chinese. I didn't you act writes in letting Chinese Iowa's built kind of conscious of of of speaking like through text into tiny. So I I didn't do a lot of that's butts. We did. Yeah. We won't NV chats used cume using this mostly I didn't use much of Chinese social media. I think I was mostly introduced to in the very like, I know that some people have been studying in Chinese. For a long time. They had like a really nice range of. Absence. But I didn't get them so much or just at the end. Yeah. Yeah. Well, there's a fair number of them. And it's and they're very groups from what I've heard I installed way bow and I signed up print account and that about as far as I. I would like to at some point. There's still much Komis to do. And what was it? You haven't even gotten on Uku? I have gotten on cue music. Yeah. So yeah. But that's and I know there's a few. There's a lot of video sites like really short video sites that are really popular. Now, though Doku think is one of them is that tick tock, they're I think they're connected. I think oh gosh. I don't know. I keep hearing the names of them. But I just. I don't know. I already have so much. I almost two hundred podcast in my podcast player. So I'm like, I'm a little bit. This is just the ones. I'm listening to not the ones, I'm creating. So it's about impersonate. Did you use the language that you learned a lot when you are out and about Shanghai and no judgement from me here? I barely get a sentence out. So I didn't have many Chinese beacon friends. So I didn't have like most of my initial way speaking I would love to speaks Chinese in the undead went to use inline stores, and when we used to taxi a lot of the tax was was so nice. And they went to the kind of went to to speak Chinese, and they started conversation zone is they were really let patient on. There was time. Really encouraging. Everyone was like so nice about if you were nuts if you were a speeding. Chinese but which speak something. So that's that's the most of the time that's crews issues in Chinese also like during like, we had some very nice people at the compound relieving some of the people that were working there. We would have some conversations speaking Chinese to that was mostly it. Yeah. Some some light like doing daily stuff on speaking Chinese. I would I love. That's unreal. That and also some of my friends at score. Also, let speaking English so much the we used Chinese to communicate. So that was. Sadness in motivation to practice language. I didn't make many Chinese friends in China. Now in feeling that has been really today team used to meet some Chinese people studying here, maybe have bird like have a conversation with them being. So that's where I've been I think that loss of the the times that I've used to knees like inquisitions has been more attractive China in China. It was more involved and off the very basic compensations. It's impossible to separate language and culture and place though. How would you compare Shanghai to where you're living now iron like Chung heights? I meeting in Helsinki so smaller, they're only like it's of. Base is special of nature and south earn any people in the buildings are smaller. And it's it's it's really small small play place compared to any of course, to Shanghai Lindy's small. So I really like the insurance hypoth- you could have like so many opportunities to do stuff, you could just go exit your house, go somewhere end find something fun to do. And that's something that you don't so much happen. Pointy tell people when you tell them, you know, lived in China for like year and a half orig-. Did they ask you about China? Do they ask you questions about it? I think many people don't ask me questions. I think I don't know. I listen experience like some some people do ask about the language. Many people ask about how much do speak could can you speak Chinese? Can you hear conversation in Chinese or suggest like some words, some luggage? When people ask if you can like speak, some Chinese if you can demonstrate something that something that people sometimes ask, but it's not too many questions. I think many people just ask about how do you speak? Did you get to do you get a list of questions, you know? You know? There's a really strong. I haven't been back for two years. This time we've been in China most of the time that we've been back this time, but we give in Nanjing China for the history. Buffs Nanking eight years ago. I think and when back after that we went back for graduate school end. People. Stop like say. Just can't. Where'd you come from? I just came back from China. And they just kinda like like, they didn't know what to do because it wasn't a state in the. With the next question is when you mentioned a country that I know little of. Eight years ago, and there's a lot more tension between the two countries now. Even though the the more. I'm here the more. I see the similarities between the two places, but I don't think of lot of Americans think of China like that right now. So I don't know. It's tricky. It's tricky I'm kinda hoping through the language in this podcast. It's shameless. Plug for look beyond the politics at one language will in the places in the opportunities because there's so much as you mentioned there's so much opportunity on so many levels here right now. And I think a lot of people don't see that. 'cause there's so much stuff that they get out there in the media. Okay. She'll plug over. Okay. So at the end of the interviews, I tend to ask people what questions are missing we had Lucy from six ten she asked. What languages do you dream in? Oh, your disposal. Yeah. So dream unusually. I think usually in Finnish. I do remember one nightmare that I had came back to Phelan. I think this must have be like a for my insurance exempt university of something. So while I had a dream that I done though rights store in Chinese bird while call or something like advertisement. I don't even know if that's the right word, but I had to remember vets him to dream, and I just get him. That's when I remembered seeing some like on this in there or something like that. Unless jamie. Each. How and wait to the dream where you couldn't remember that word was that in finisher in Chinese Chinese was in tight like it has Chinese in good Remo slow, but. When you were in China and enduring the program what whittling do were you still dreaming in finish? Then. Sure, I think it had some things in English and maybe something in Chinese too. But mostly finish. I don't remember release Pacific. Yeah. Wow. Used to be like ten is also alleging McRae's Iverson. I dream I dream languages. I don't know. I don't know what they are. I know that now I. I. In real life. But I am an interest the offals speaker in every single Jiangsu. I seriously I have woken up from dreams in my life and been like what language that try to keep repeating some of the words I heard and like woke over to a computer and try to find it, and I just haven't nixed success finding that wake up and go seemed like an eastern European language. I wonder what that was. Studying Spanish, I would I would have a full on where it was almost like a soap opera, the gorgeous, man. And of course, me and all this stuff was happening around, and we were talking to each other in Spanish, and I could hear part of my brain was like, what are we saying to each other? Because I didn't know what was happening. Yeah. I don't. Yeah. I think I have had something like this before to understanding actually use it in the eight. So I'm really not anybody else. And I really wonder which is this like how can that happen to my dreams and yet in real life? I can't I haven't been able to really get into language yet. Couple more questions for you. Jeremy Chang, author and playwright and possible Bollywood, although he probably hates joke by now. He asked about the ownership that people have like what language today feel they have ownership over what language is there's a lot of languages at your disposal, which language you feel is your language. That's cool visited Christian. I think. Of course, like I feel finish is very it's own a it's the the thing that I feel most myself if I speak Finnish. I don't have to just covering Shirley Surridge swing things speaking by speaking wise, I have I think I like about the foreign heard I've most used to speak in Chinese because it was so much about using language English or constable may be reading and stuff because. Most of that Chinese. I feel like I can speak comfortably on the level that I know is not much conciliators it because this cool was so much about using kind of guessing getting to do the stuff that you you like just going to the situations where you could speak slow. To be able to own the language, but I feel comfortable speaking. It's funny. I just realized I haven't asked you wear you were studying were you studying gel tongue university? The no, I was actually, I know many people coil. I was in don't want university. Okay. Okay. Okay. It has to I think it has two locations in chocolate. Right. I was one don't do moving tell me. Oh, okay. Okay. Because I still think any Beckham ahead. I wanna do a one month intensive at some point maybe two months because I want like a little more of a push at some point. And that's really cool. Wow. Great Irish recall into tiny across men who wrote the book misunderstood about t- CK's asked. How did you learn emotional anguish like had a communicate your feelings in any except your first language? It was most disfigured. Will. Yeah. I think it was about. Expressing like in English Swedish to we. We were using the language of school. Like, it was the main which. Zoe would have seeks stuff that we were doing our cell like we had to express things than they would say something that no this nut the way that you can save sway. The way I think that that's really hard. I think I still do struggle bets. And because this on that you can like communicates. Known verbally maybe through through expressions as the might defer in different cultural socio in the Mitchell still do struggle expressing sign languages. I also full into this finish pursue thing. Because we I think as the culture our nets is not a very expression expressing language. Soltys in if I'm speaking English or Chinese. That I have fallen into this like I had be nice. I haven't communicated to end any minds the so this really good question. I think that's something. I have a still do sometimes. Kind of expressing stuff also outwards just the just finger suspended. Nice. Just can. Especially when you're learning languages in a classroom. There isn't a lotta time usually spent on talking about your emotions in that language. How do you learn that so future to mention that you want to to take a course at your current university in Chinese do you want to add any other languages on any other point? You've got quite a bit or any. Yeah. I would really like to study some French. I've been studying in this wig page hit something men rice or. So I've been doing IB learning like some fringe, Odin Alexa, speak to. Yeah. I would love to do maybe like sometime in other country. Also, learn another which. Nearly two and also may be some exchanging China to confirm my vocabulary in like engineering, come very my Eckerd like related to my studies. So I could use it that would really along the really nice. It would be so easy for you to find a language exchange partner, you'd have to interview them to make sure that the rival in. But you. They'd be falling over to your language exchange partner. Please accept to. Oregon. Okay. One more from von who has been being a Chinese for five years in Los Angeles with all the technology being developed with languages do. If there was the chips that we could put in with a new language just Flint, and you could speak it fluently. Would you want to do that? Or would you want to go through the process of learning the language or I would really like to go through the process? I think that's so nice colored. Like, I love the. The. Things that you have to kinda I think it's really good to go to the process. Find out all the coolest things while ago, kind of find stuff find somebody before and been you just new girls are opening at the same time. So I that's cool. I would I would like to of course, like indigestion base. Oh, nice to just be able to communicate and have the ability to like express yourself in the foreign language when they're leading. I wouldn't give up the process. It's. Do you know nobody yet has said they just want the chip not one person. Closys that we've gotten to say, yes, I want the chip because I've said, well, I guess the information in the culture in the ability to pick from that the maybe, but I want to choose the words that I'm using not just coming out. And I want that cultural bit detached to it. Yeah. There's something about the process. On. The as the bar to evidence. Well, it's now your turn wit question. Do you want to add to this list? Then. I would like to ask with of struggles have overcome with learning a new language like maybe what has been the kind of things that he had to push yourself to do when you're learning for example. Like is it were nervous speak, the language rain to rights, and how can you answer your question? I think that. Yeah. I have just will the heart writing was really difficult. I like the the whole. Learning a different way to rights and fitting like you've already know how to rights on your ready knowhow to retests heads from the very beginning. It was very hard was really really reporting time. Also, I think the speaking are just like being being hunted. Courage to started crustacean as bake even though you have your cheer about a few hot. I think this was something at the school of Chinese. We just like okay come into the front. A south thing have dialogue or have compensation of. Thank you. Thank you so much. Absolutely, positively wonderful. Thank really nice. I'm so happy to have this conversation.

China Finland Shanghai Stephanie Fujio Asia Mitchell Zoe Phelan Japan Wade YouTube Steph Puccio EPA lotta McGinn Fleck Clark Rhonda

Learn English with Cullen's podcast by EATT magazine

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"Pablo glanced are put himself in the Bathroom Mirror. His thick black curly here looked unusually wild. Today he thought as he didn't look back at Charon in the Mira Sharon dried the last of the tears from her eyes leaving Black Dab son who cheeks from the cheaper makeup. She decided to wear today. Sharon had been crying a few times now on her most recent to help. Pablo around the House since he had broken his. Pablo THOUGHT TO HIMSELF LOOKING AT HER. Pablo News. The cost sharing was doing was odd and Phil I to look carefully at her life story. He knew this was painful. Sharon had cheated a Lotta bowed her personal life with Pablo. Pablo was so pleased. Sharon chosen to help him shortly after the accident. He had made Sharon at the hospital where she volunteered. He also knew Sharon had not had such an easy life. And she was addicted to her phone and Siga Ritz. Among other things he had begun to think Sharon was fighting hard to give these things up and she had told him many funny stories of her life while she was going through this her latest. Self help course. Sharon looked back in pub- blow in the bathroom Mira. She knew he was going crazy. Stuck in the house and needed more want activities to keep his mind active until he could go back outside. What helpful hospital tricks could Sharon show him now? She wanted she thought to herself. I know I've got it.

Mira Sharon Pablo News Sharon Bathroom Mirror Siga Ritz Mira Phil I Lotta
S11:E1 - Why ethics and contributor behavior matters in open source  (Coraline Ehmke)


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S11:E1 - Why ethics and contributor behavior matters in open source (Coraline Ehmke)

"Welcome to the good movies off cast. We ought to be one lear. Coding Journey without the new. On your words I'm your host Iran. Today we're talking about ethics in open source with Choline. MP software developer and creator of the contributor covenant as well as the hippocratic license. And they're not recognizing that open source of something that has changed and grown and evolved over time and that the people who are writing software. You're in the open. Today are not the people who are doing it back then talks about her. Coding Journey Open source licenses. And how and why it's important to create create an ethical framework for those licenses after this career Karma Helps Co newbies with Free Career coaching to help them learn to code and find a high paying job in tech in less than a year download download the crew Karma App to start your twenty one day challenge and be one of the over sixty thousand people. They've helped get started visit. CAREER COMMON DOT COM com slash community. Roku is a platform that enables developers to build one and operate applications entirely in the cloud it streamlines development moment allowing you to focus on your code. Not you're back at it. Also lets us the most popular source languages to build Web. Applications learn how to Code Online with educators text based courses within riser embedded coating environments with their newly launched educative subscriptions users can now get unlimited access says to every course offered with the single fee. Get ten percent off. site-wide by going to educative ISO slash code newbie digital ocean offers the simplest most developer friendly cloud platform it's optimized to make managing and scaling APPs easy with intuitive. API multiple storage options options integrated firewalls load balancers and more get started on the ocean for free with the free hundred dollars credit at do dot co Slash Code Newbie much for being here. I am so happy to be here Sean. Thank you so I want to start by hearing a little bit about how you got into coding. where it'd be good for you so I have been in suffer belt professionally for twenty five years but actually actually got my start when I was about seven or eight years old? My Dad was an engineer and the company he worked for a mainframe computer. So for those this. Who Don't know that's a massive computer often the size of a room and it didn't have a display? All of the interaction was like you entered South authentic keyboard and you saw the output on green tractor feed paper when my dad was slacking off at work you play a game on a mainframe called adventure and it was this dungeon exploration game where you go into different rooms. He'd find different items near Puzzles. You had to solve and so on and he would bring home. The print outs from this game and I would read them and I was just fascinated by this world. That was living inside of a computer and and one day in summertime. When my Ki Moon from work he saw that I taking over the entire living room with note cards and yarn so on each note card I had written a room or an item or a puzzle and all of the things that you could do in that room or without item? Refer that puzzle were on another note card that was connected via tape in yarn so I had tried to create my own game. Based on the kind that I read that he was playing on the mainframe and essentially saw this. He batted me he was like I guess. It's time that we get a computer. And this was the late seventies so this is a long time ago and there weren't a lot of people who had the privilege of having a computer in their home but he brought home that hero Sadie from radio. Shocked chocked stuttered up and taught me how to use it and back then. Computers didn't have hard drives. There of course wasn't the Internet. They didn't even have describes we as cassette tapes apes. And if you wanted a pro computer you had to type it in. So they're magazines like bite in others that would have source code listings in the back back so I would be so excited when a new issue of byte would arrive at home I would type in whatever program is in the back of it and then I started like paying attention to what I happy end and wondering well. What if I do this instead? I would try. squeaky can't make him my own to better understand how it worked. That led to me creating my own games writing my own programs and that's something I just continued doing my entire life. Okay so you started at seven or eight and it sounds like you. You kept doing this as as part of your part of your life part of your world. Did you end up studying this in college in high school at took three years of what was called computer literacy which was like basic programming class class. Our first assignment was right. A coin toss simulation. I did it graphically with animation. My teacher saw that mistake. Okay okay this is not gonNa work for you and he created a curriculum entirely for me based on the level that I was. Oh Wow that was amazing. Help teach to class and I founded a computer club and I was like yes. I'm going to be a software developer when I grow up fast forward to a couple of years I'm seventeen years old and I just got into school and I'm pursuing computer science degree and my very first computer science class. The assignment was to write software for an ATM. And and we ready to see and I was like. I don't understand how it's supposed to be an entire semester to do this assignment. First of all and secondly Kinley. This is so boring I was just born out of my skull and I was like if this is what. It's like to be a software developer. I have to rethink things. I don't think this for a living. Oh interesting okay so when you dropped out where you still even when you decided that the degree wasn't for you where you still programming just for fun absolutely I've always been really passionate about it and it's a great creative outlet for me so I kept backing away fast. A few more years working for an engineering company. In Austin Austin Texas doing media relations of all things I was a smoker. A Lotta people smoke back then and during smoke breaks there was this whole cross section of people from all around the company who would all be gathered in the break area and I would always in talking to the programmers in in the it people. Because we had a lot of shared interests. And I would talk about stuff that I was doing. They were talking about the stuff that they were doing. And then one day one of them approaches just me. This is odd nineteen ninety-six. He approaches me and he's has the company's GonNa build its first website. There's going to be a web team devoted. Should I call it so great. It'd be great to have the company actually have a presence on the Internet Cau- and he said what do you think that's going to do for your career and so that was my very first programming job. Wow and was it all you thought it would be or how did that end up going through. It was great we had a winner team is a small team but we we work really closely with other people through the company from graphic design perspective from a content perspective from a marketing perspective. Use a very active social social exciting project at everyone was super behind and the stakes were very high. I felt it was like a lot of pressure but not so much pressure. I should wasn't enjoyable. And we launched that website and we did some amazing stuff and I I learned in in grew tremendously and I. It was a very positive experience re having having my first project so all these years when you're coding how are you learning especially during the time where there really wasn't the Internet and there wasn't because right now I feel like there is such a huge community of developers specifically for new developers and they're really supported and really nurtured in their coding journey and back. Then I imagined wasn't in quite like that. How are you leveling up? How are you developing your skills? Yeah that was a real challenge Pakistan because most people who worked in industry did have CS decrees degrees and today we celebrate people. Who are Kim crowds or reverse self taught of taking their own house there on Trinity Pass Career and technology but back? Then that was uncharted territory. I read a lot of books and I talked to people about what they were doing. And I would like watch the mistake work. I was a sponge soaking up everything I could and I would like read something in cyberpunk novel and they'll it makes me think. Oh I wonder what artificial intelligence is all about and I would go and get a book on I. I just used every resource disposal to learn and grow as a developer. So you started professionally anyway. You started working on this website for your company. What kind of work do you do now? I am architect at a company called checks were personalized having company with twenty five years experience. I can tell you for people who are at the beating careers as you grow more senior. It's not just that you're expected to write right more code faster. There's a code aspect to my job. My Job's about leverage and impact impact on our technical culture impact on on the architecture of our systems impact on the people who are working company's engineers impact on hiring it's really about using my experience and tapping bit experience both technical and interpersonal to make the company more successful systematic coach. That mentoring entering some of that is teaching swath. That is collaboration with other people. It's incredibly satisfying. I absolutely love my job so stitch fix is an interesting company because on the surface. It doesn't sound very technical. You know this idea of kind of personal stylist for people through the mail. It doesn't really sound like it has a huge tech engineering focus. What are some of the technical challenges that you deal with a company like that well? Statistics approach the personal. Styling is pretty interesting because stitch fix is a very data driven company so we have an entire engineering division that uses machine. She learning in predictive analytics to try and help the human silence who are ultimately responsible for saving someone's clothing but to make recommendations recommendations to them into look at the patterns that people are falling into when they are evaluating if they WANNA keep an item clothing or not we actually go safaris to analyze characteristics of articles of clothing that are successful that a Lotta people lake and we actually design our own clothing algorithms or in part with algorithms beyond that warehouse operations are very critical to our business and that means automation and automation means lots of computers. Computers talking to other computers in that requires code. Then there's the public facing website. There's everything in between the from finance actually billing in people what the Stylus do has causes a ripple effect through all the systems customer communications. There's financed getting people to pay for theirs. The warehouse operations rations they're shipping. There's a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes that someone who gets a box of clothing may not be aware of Over nine million APPs have been created and run on her Oprah's cloud service service it scales and grows with you from free apps to enterprise apps supporting things at enterprise scale it also manages over two million data stores and makes over one hundred seventy five add on services available. Also you're not walking into the service so why not start building your apps today with Roku Cook. Greer Karma is a free service started by bootcamp grabs four. Kamprad's coaches are current. Coding bootcamp students. Who Mentor people to help? Prepare repair and get accepted to boot camps. In just three weeks we spoke to Kiesha Lake. Who used career? Karma is now engineer at districts. I was really looking king for a way to jump start my career but not just getting me ready for the career itself but to get me ready for camp. I figured if I can do the twenty one day challenge then I can do the blue cap. What was the challenge? What was it like the instructions? Were to speak to one person on your level and one person above your level every day a and then post. Some sort of batted screen shod or a picture. Did you know anything about coding. Before this and you absolutely nothing about coding. So the between one day challenge really set me up perfectly. I made friends I started networking with people. Who would eventually make recommendations for me to get the job that I landed but but they also offered a lot of resources and support you know? Initially I was coating on my phone. I didn't have a laptop career. Karma put me together with another one if they're members who donated the first laptop and then I needed to upgrade. Mac looks like at another laptop from the curriculum the community. So what kind of work do you do the tricks. So I work on automation projects that help the burden of our warehouse workers so I kind of do a lot of telling machines to do which is exciting mostly work if you had is kind of sexy and I'm really excited about it. I really leaned more towards back in development as opposed the front end during boot camp so to find a job that would let me focus on that. It's kind of a dream come true visit. Career Karma Dot com slash code newbies to get started so you created something last to your called the hippocratic license before we get into that. Let's start with some basic definitions in the context of coding and software and open source. What is is a license about twenty years ago? There's something called the free software movement. There is a guy who in the eighties was. Were Hannah Company who who got really frustrated that he couldn't make a network printer duty wanted to do and he knew that if he had access to the source code he could fix it but the source could And it's made him very angry and he got it in his head that all software should come source cut. That's how the free software movement started an and open source came from the Free Software Movement and twenty years ago a group of individuals came together to write what call the open source definition the O. S. D. and The organization that wrote that is called the open source initiative or they were trying to make free software suffered distributed with source code palatable corporations they wanted corporations to use software that was produced out in the open where everyone could see the source cook so they decided that the best mechanism for making free and open software palatable to corporation was via a license because licenses or something that corporations understand so they find exactly what criteria a licence would have to incorporate in order to be considered the open source and based script with source code and you're not placing any restrictions on the usage of the software that air licensing. So anyone one any way I can do anything they want with it including using it for profit and not mother sustained us for a long time. But what we're seeing today and what led to the creation of the hippocratic license and other ethical open source licenses is that openness is not enough an openness is not the most most important aspect of software anymore. Okay so when we talk about the use of licenses who needs one like if I start my own little open source project. I'm the polling data and displaying it on a map or something do I know I sense. Is it only for big companies like what the application nowadays. That's a really interesting question. It's a little bit more complicated than people might expect it. I in order to call something officially open source it does have to have a license. The open source definition is all about licensing so there are some people who believe that the licenses the most important thing and that licensed determines what is and and is not open source. I think over the past decade. There's there's a working definition of open source. It's very different. When people say opens her stay they you mean software that's created collaboratively out in the open so if all you're interested in is collaborating on software and getting contributions listen to other people and building a community a licensed says neither anything to do with that license comes into play when someone else want's seize your code and mainly your your permission to use your code because you own it sure intellectual property so if you're doing a tetris clone in PHP because you wanna learn hp a licenses a nice to have but realistically no one's going to want to use your software that's not why you're writing it but if you're writing something you we do intend for other people to use? They need your permission. And that's what the license comes down to. So if for some reason my touches Glenn is actually really innovative innovative and people say oh my goodness I needed have some this tetris clone for my project. If I don't have a license does that make me vulnerable global or I'm trying to figure out what the repercussions are to not having one what benefits I get by having one yeah. The license is about the usage. Not What about your rights. So a licenses dare to reassure a company that wants to use your software that you're not going to sue them for using her saw. You're you're making them permission legally to use your software so licensed isn't even about you. It's about the other person it's about. WHO's we're GONNA take your work in combined with other people's work in turn into something new? So what is the process for creating a license. How do you do that? You hire a bunch of lawyers. I honestly there's Intellectual Property Law that's involved and again the people who started the open source movement and are very big on licenses. They think that licenses define open source so people are creating new licenses all the time to meet our needs sort of make sure that that they have the rights that they want to have and control over he uses it. And how and all of these licenses that people create are submitted to the open source initiative to SL and the has lawyers and people were well-versed Intellectual Property Law they termination of is this license and open source license since is a compatible with other open source licenses in to give it their blessing and it's a long and involved process in it involves a lot of discussion and it. It does involve a lawyer so it's simple matter to creature my sincerest along with that with the way open source is governed and today which is an important point. How many different licenses are there? There are literally thousands of them although the most well all known the one that people use the most there's a canoe public license or the GPL and there's Mit lies at least licenses are very heavy on legalese but the mit license anyone who can read it and understand it. And I think that's why it's one of the more popular licenses. Okay so now. Let's get to your license. Licensed the hippocratic license. What is that all about? There are a lot of people like me who think that we should have a say over houses software that we create is being used. We believe that open. Software is not the most important aspect of in writing software in public writing collaboratively that's the openness and the freedom to do with it whatever people want to do with that is not the most important thing increasing and we. There's a backlash against technology. Companies engaging with ice for example and there are human rights abuses all around the world that the software that opens for developers. I like you and me are creating that is used to perpetrate atrocities against people it's really coming to the forefront with a new tech for ice movement with things it's like that people want some kind of way of saying no I will not give permission to use this any way want to if I think that what you're doing thing is wrong or what you're doing is evil so the hippocratic licenses is one of many licenses that are attempting to put restrictions on how the software offer can be used within an ethical framework. Tell me a little bit about how you went about creating. I feel like when we say ethical and who gets to use. He's my software. There's a huge gray area right like ethical right like what is okay with me. That may not be okay with you. So how do you go about writing something. That's ethical and legal. I started with the MSCI license because as I said it's the easiest understand and it has the least legally Senate and I edit a clause into the mit license which allow because he mit licenses. Open source a so. I added onto it that the software cannot be used by any any individual or organization who knowingly commits human rights violations as defined by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Nights. So of course. There is no single moral authority that we as humanity turned to. We're not all the same religion we don't all have the same idea of what's right and wrong. There's lots of grey areas. You pointed out the closest thing that we can agree on. Is that human beings how some basic rights and the Declaration of Human Rights lays out what those basic rights are and what could be less controversial than document put together by almost every country in the world that says here are the essentials of human freedom. Here the Mayor Minimum Rights that we as human beings have so. That's what I tied the definition of ethics morality to I love that. Because you're basically you're leveraging work that has already been done like they're already tons of people literally early from every country who have decided what the human rights should be already put a lot of thought and a lot of work into that so that seems like a very agreeable agreeable thing to do. I feel like everybody should be on board with that. You think so. Yeah so there are a lot of people who have been critical of this license. Tell me a little bit about that. Criticism awesome what are people not into the main criticism. That I got right out of the gate was people saying that's not open source because according into the open source definition you cannot restrict in any way higher software is being used and saying you can't use my software to commit human rights violations nations. Many people believe that stands in stark contrast to the notion that software should be free for any use at all and dos aside the open source initiative sands by that definition in fact in the Faq that they have on their website. There's a question on. Faq is like well. Kim I suffer ABC's for harmful purposes. And they say yes. Freedom means giving freedom to everyone in that includes people who are evil and I don't think that suffer freedom is more important than basic human rights. So I really don't understand that argument and appealed authority. They're saying well the OS is not gonNA prove his license. So it's not really open source if you go. Instructions not really open source anymore and I think that really highlights relates the difference between the very technical definition of open source which is all about licensing and experience of open source that millions of developers alpers around the world have which is more about collaboration and more about developing suffering the open and more about combining software or that different people have written to create novel uses a novel applications. That's been open source means to me. I think that's what open source means to. Most people and Watson. Sing argument is weak. Is frankly very weak. So do you need the Os is to make a license. Can you just make grown license and get people to use. That can absolutely make your own license. There's nothing stopping in and you can call it open source. They don't trademark on the term open source so since they have authority because people have given much thirty and if people think that the OS is not in step with their needs in in their ethics morality there's nothing stopping you from completely ignoring the Osha and announced hippocratic licensed. COSI actually tweeted. We either at me and asked me to remove open source from the website to license is placed on and I refused because I don't think they they have the authority to tell me what open source beans because open source means something different to me means something different to millions of people beyond licensing saying. Yeah I agree I love this distinction between open source the the legal term and open source as an experience. Because I definitely and I'm you know relatively new to programming intact for seven eight years now and to me when I think of open source I definitely do not think licenses. I think of the stuff you mentioned people coming coming together. Collaborating from all different parts of the world people sharing code producing code together. And that's the experience that I've heard of that. I'm familiar with and the idea of licenses is I can't even say to the bottom of the list because it's not even on the list you know like two very very different things so I really appreciate that sanction so even if this licensed were approved and yeah even if it wasn't approved if it was widely used by tons of people how enforceable is it Actually if I put myself out there and someone does something awful with it. What can I actually do about that? That's a really interesting question. And that's actually the second second criticism that a lot of people had about the hippocratic license. That criticism is that well. It's not enforceable. And interestingly there are court of cases going on today that are establishing weather any open source license is enforceable so it's not a given dot at the MIT licenses enforceable. It's not a given new public licenses. Enforceable these are questions that are being studied in court today. So there's no guarantee he even with the stratified open source licenses that those are enforceable. So that's a really weak argument. The leverage that a licensed apathetic licensor the other ethical license gives you is that companies are afraid of being sued so when they user software. They're entering him due to legal agreement women with you and if they think that they could be sued by the copyright holder. Which is you as the author of the Code Dare Not GonNA use your software? They have legal teams that review licenses. And they're going to say no became touched because there's a chance we could be sued and that's exactly the result that I want. The results result that I want is not for me as a developer. To Take Google. The court does not going to happen and I'm not going to get the outcome that I want the outcome I can get is google to say while we work with ice and software tells me that if I work with ice in violation Shen I guess I can't use that software and that accomplishes Michael as developer coming up next choline talks about the impact. She hopes to have with the hippocratic license. As well as is creating the contributor after this with digital ocean's cloud infrastructure they'll be able to build faster and scale easier from predictable pricing too flexible and figuration ze two World Class Customer Support. You'll get access to all the infrastructure services you need to grow. Oceans community provides over two thousand thousand tutorials to help you stay up to date with the latest open source. Software languages and frameworks get started on the ocean for free with free hundred dollars credit at do dot co Slash Code Newbie that's do dot co Slash Code Newbie. If there's one thing that comes up over and over again in our podcast cast it's that everyone has a different way of learning. We had our producer Levi sharp. Try Out educated to level his python skills and he really took to the services. Text lays courses within browser embedded coding environments and Levi. What did you take? I took learn python from scratch so I've been been learning python a little bit so I was a little bit familiar. But I found that these courses. They're laid out really intuitive way. There's like the sections. Just that lead seamlessly one into the other. The Python one goes from data types and variables to conditional statements functions loops and then each section has quiz to make sure that you're not just blasting through and like the information's going the other yet really called me out on my bs. Because I was like yeah yeah I get it I get and then took the quiz and they're like you don't get it and I was like you. You got me and you got me and then throughout all of these different sort of sections you can code within the service itself. Yeah so you don't get like an external final coding thing. I should know what that's called. You know what that's called an I d did you producer for cutting podcast technical to actually have a podcast. That's true good ten percent off site-wide by going to educate dot co slash co Newbie so if this license ends up being widely adopted and people love and people use it. What kinds of impact are you hoping this has chewing things? I'm trying to do first first of all. I want organizations like Theo sl and like the free software foundation. I want them to wake up to the world that we live in today wouldn't he definition was written it was written for a very corporate perspectives. The big bad that we were trying to figure out how to work with was the big corporation it was Microsoft. And that's not the world we live in today and nothing has changed over the past twenty years. There's been exactly one addition to the open source definition afternoon and it was attacking county. I think the open source establishment the people who have put themselves in charge. Frankly of open in source are not reflecting the values of open source developers today that open source of something that has changed and grown and evolved over time and that the people who are writing software in the open today are not the people who are doing it back then and I wanna see them modernize. I want to see Be Responsive to the needs of the community that in theory they serve the second thing I want to do is give developers power back. We we put a lot of our heart and soul in open source software. We hear the open we risk vulnerability the entire world our friends or colleagues people we look up to even our potential employers are looking at US code. That's a tremendous amount of pressure and were pressured or write code of the open because a lot of companies want to see your get up history. You know they want to see what what reports you have. What you contributed to and is in developer? Want not only to participate and and take part in that community and contribute to that community. But I don't want to do that. The risk of giving up my values. I want as much as as possible. I want my values reflected in the community that contributes to my software. Which is why I have a code of conduct and I want my values reflected in a way I I suffer? It's being used. I don't care if someone uses it to turn a profit. I don't think that's unethical. But if they're using it to separate children from their families you know you have to draw a line somewhere and with the way open source licensing. Today I don't have that power I don't have that right to aw make. Ethical decisions make moral decisions about how might work is being used in that that strikes me is very wrong so I'm trying to think about the layout here. The people who are involved in this conversation there are the developers the people were creating the software and the companies. Who are using them? It's I'm wondering in terms of who is in support sort of and who is against this type of license is it basically split between those groups is it the people vs the companies. Have you seen some companies embrace this new license. I actually have heard absolutely nothing. From companies about hypocrites Leyland's the only people have heard from our developers who do have that strong moral sense in one have some control over how their software's used and the purest the open source purace believe that suffer freedom is the most important thing and trumps. Everything else so you also work on this other thing that you're pretty well known for call the contributor covenant. Can you tell us more about what this is sure. Sheriff I think everything I've talked about so far about open source is about interaction with other people with contributors with users with people who are reading the source I could learn. I think that developing suffering the open is a community effort in that the most successful projects have curated a community a unity of people around them. It's not just about the code. It's about the people and the people are just as important as the code within the community there are shared values as there are things that you tolerate and things you don't tolerate and their unspoken rule to behavior so we have could have conduct that are very popular Hutler. Today is not an unusual motion you to an event. There's a kind of conduct back in twenty fourteen. It was very controversial. The old to have a code of conduct that attack at a tech conference. There's a huge controversy. It was a huge fight to get tech conferences to adopt could conduct and while I was seeing unfold in I was taking part in in the heat very heated discussions. I saw the analog to that not only they were in person events and communities needing to have a statement of shared values in a statement of like what behaviors encourage and what favors discouraged. It should not be tolerated. What would it be tolerated? But what about the police. Were writing the code mattress where we're talking about sharing it and that's when I had the idea For creating a code of conduct for open source projects and that's how the contributor covenant was born and you recently updated there's a two point Oh contributor covenant. What are some of the changes in does it? You made. Yeah it's actually in progress is at draft right now and I'm leaving open for public comment for a while and I asked him other people who are working in the language to make it as strong on this possible. When I first wrote contributor coveted I was very much thinking about open source projects and I was thinking very much about the activities that go on with maintaining and developing open source project sort of lone little language talked about poor requests issues and things like that and what I've seen over the years as contributor covenant has been adopted by tens of thousands of communities is that it's not just about the projects is not just about what happens on Get hired. It's about twitter about meeting less. It's about events about meet UPS. It's about communities in every way. That community manifests so i. I changed the language to reflect a more community. centric view of open source as opposed to a very tactical or project centered view. And that's an important thing I think because at the big contributor confident applicable to a wider variety a community expressions but the biggest change which actually comes in the form of what I call community impact and consequence guide so people are opposed to cook conduct in. There are a lot of them And they're very vocal in their nasty people they say. Oh it's there's a code of conduct I say one wrong saying and suddenly I'm banned from the project and whether that's something they're really fate of or just as strong. An argument that they're making is kind of beside the point. A lot of people who are good faith actors. Who Do Adopt Doc? Because you don't know how to enforce it like what you do. What is bad enough to ban someone from our project? What is something that I want to? I'll ask a person to apologize. Someone else for what is something that I need to warn someone like. Hey this isn't acceptable. Please please change your town or please. I just don't do that again. So Contributor Covenant Super Now has some basic enforcement guidelines has has someone does to me has just kind of impact on the community. Here's the consequences of that action. Here's what community leaders are going to do to try to undo a repair. The damage that this actions actions had on the community in ranges from very minor. Things like you know someone got angry and use some sharp words and was maybe over the critical of someone or maybe they regret that had an impact on someone and community leaders should step in. They should try to fix the damage. They should to try to work with the person who was hurt as well as the person who did the hurting to heal the damage to heal the community and the community healthy and strong so at the end of every episode. We ask our guest to fill in the blanks of some very important questions. Christians are you ready to fill in the blanks. Yes I am number one. Worst Advice I've ever received is this comes from my father. My father servings well he and I did not agree at all in terms of politics and we have thirty different lives and very different values but he does worry about me. One thing we didn't really cover is like the backlash to things like the contributed covenant in Neighbor Critic Licensing Article source can be very nasty. I received death. Threats their entire forums devoted to dead naming a and Miss Gender. Me There are very cruel people who wanNA harm. Because I'm trying to do gut so he worries about me and he's he's told him before. Why can't you just keep your head down and just your job and not worry about anything else I? I think it's terrible advice. The worst advice because I am privileged I have leverage. I have a voice and if I'm not doing everything in my power power to use those privileges to help other people to make this industry better to make it more welcoming to make it more diverse to make it more inclusive than I'm I'm failing as a human being so I cannot just keep my head down and I cannot just focus on my work. I'm part of a larger world and I care about that world and I'm going to do everything in my power to that makes out world as good a place as I possibly can where we all very very much appreciate the work that you're doing. Thank you so much. Thank you song. Best Advice I ever received is when I decided to transition might gender transition a dear friend of mine who I've known since I was five years old sent me a present. It was a bracelet that was great with the words. Be True to yourself. Those works had a lot of meaning at that point in time because it was about figuring out who I was and figuring out what she wanted to make to be the person that I wanted to be and I was very good advice then but even now where I I feel good about who I am and I'm living my my Austin tick is. It's still important to be reminded that in everything I do and everything I say. In every wages kids are act. I should be true to myself because that truth matters. That sincerity matters absolutely number three. My first coding project was about well. I told you about my game on the note cards with my first project that I was really proud of though was there was this thing called. Mush is in the ninety S. And you could think of them as MMORPG's massively multiplayer online role playing games except your or no graphics. It was all tax-based. I found myself in charge of a couple of different meshes. People use them mainly for playing games. I was fasting with artificial intelligence intelligence. So I built a hot. That would wander through the game and Iraqi people and try to pass itself off as human and it was super simple inner super rudimentary. It was clever code. That did a lot more than you would expect from a couple hundred lines of code. But I was proud of that in that. That was the first project I think that brought me. A level of delight wasn't simply intellectual curiosity more it's actually experiencing an emotional emotional response to this code that had written number four one thing. I wish I knew. When I first started Dakota's interpersonal skills are just justice? Important as technical skills I think a lot of people were getting started. The industry and I see this particularly people were switching careers at some point in their lives. They think they have to know everything to be very technical. They have to know these latest techniques. Latest tools frameworks when in reality. Those things are are important in technical skills. Of course are important but if you can't work with other people if you don't know how to communicate if you don't care about other people if all you focus on is the technology you're not going to be as successful as you could be. Interpersonal skills are vital and it matters how we treat each other. Her in that matters in the railroad just matters in the coding world. Well thank you for joining us. Thank you so much. It's always a pleasure to talk to you. To run in. This episode was edited and Mixed Levi. Sharp you can reach out to us on twitter at Ca Luby's or send me an email. Hello Code Newbie DOT ORG join us for we twitter chats. We've got our Wednesday chats nine. PM Eastern time in our weekly coating check in every Sunday at two PM eastern time. Warner's on the podcast check out. WWW dot co dot org slash podcast. Thanks for listening the next week.

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Plan emerging for vaccine distribution in Washington

KUOW Newsroom

01:06 min | 3 months ago

Plan emerging for vaccine distribution in Washington

"We begin with the Corona virus here in Washington State, the health department has now confirmed more than ninety nine, thousand, eight, hundred cases since March this as state officials have released their first draft of how they distribute a potential covid nineteen vaccine but his Co. ws Anna Boyko y rock reports a Lotta stole unknown and might change the state faces a few different scenarios depending on which vaccine if any gets final approval in one scenario, for example, Washington will need thousands and thousands of pounds of dry ice in another freezers. Will do fine. That's because different versions of covid. Nineteen vaccines in development have to be stored at different temperatures, details like who will get the vaccine when and how are still very much up in the air right now, the Department of Health is getting input from groups that are most affected by cove it. So they can guide how to distribute the vaccine but state health officials say you can bet that once a vaccine comes out, it will be unlimited supply for six months to a year Anna Boyko Iraq Klw News.

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Heres What You Should Do If You Lost Traffic From the June 2019 Update | Ep. #1076

Marketing School

05:44 min | 1 year ago

Heres What You Should Do If You Lost Traffic From the June 2019 Update | Ep. #1076

"Get ready for your daily dose of Marketing Strategies Tactics from entrepreneurs with guile and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to marketing school with your our instructors Neil Patel and Eric Su welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about what Oh you should do. If you lost traffic from the June twenty nineteen update so first and foremost maybe we should talk about what the June twenty nine thousand nine update was. I don't know if it was called anything. Do you know it was called. Anything Neil I don't know 'cause I read all the tweets and stuff. Ark that they ended up putting out specific name Yup well it was a core update and finished rolling out on June eighth of Twenty nineteen and a lot of people are showing that they lost a lot of one thing specifically is they lost a lot of key word rankings that they have so let me be specific here and then <hes> Neil can kind of jump into it so you know I use h rafts to track a bunch of sites that are monitoring either my own sites. Maybe even <hes> friends sites or competitor websites what we saw as a trend was that a lot Lotta people started to lose the number of organic keywords are ranking for so. Let's say Neal site was ranking for one hundred thousand keywords and then all of a sudden it might have dropped to maybe eighty thousand keywords or so a lot of people started to lose keywords also gained keywords but the interesting that I found found thing that I found a neil you can hop on this is that even though we lost keywords the marketing related keywords that we're ranking for God a lot stronger like a lot of pages we had already started to make for more game more traffic so more or less we. Even out on it I don't know what you saw so the big thing that we noticed was the pages that we updated our content more frequently they maintain than still did well the pages that were older that weren't update as often those are the ones that <hes> we saw the biggest hit and traffic from and then since then we need to do this but since then you know we everyone on our team who updates content to go after the pages the got hit the hardest that haven't been updated in a while can be just have thousands thousands of posts Yep and I'm looking at this search engine has a good right of about this if you just search early data around the Google June twenty nineteen. I think just that phrase June June twenty nineteen core update shows. It's basically. Really kind of like even on the sites that I'm I'm kind of monitoring. It's like it's like a wash right. There's some that went up. There's some that went down so it's like there's no clear at least for mice. I can't see a clear trend because a lot of the sites monitoring our marketing related sites and I I'm trying to spot a trend for you guys to take action on but maybe the question we need to answer here. Is What do you do if you actually lost traffic from Google June twenty nine th nineteen update so what are your thoughts initially on this Neil. The first thing I would do is go look at the pages that lost the most amount of traffic and then go look at WHO's ranking in the top ten look at their content quality link quality see if they've been continually building links and ideally tried to build more links make ensure those pages are interlinked nicely within other pages in your updating the content and making a super thorough thrown doesn't necessarily need long thorough means. You're covering all aspects of the topic yeah on on my side and we talked about. At this conference at marking school live it's about looking at the pieces that you have already that may have been strengthened a little bit and figuring out how do you strengthen them even more right because if those pages are gaining traffic and getting a little boost already what's to say that if you don't upgrade it a little bit or build a couple links to that page that I won't get much stronger so what's tried and true does work and you focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses and I do like Neal's point about looking at who moved into the top five slots and you know who actually what are they. That's different from you right. You can easily use uber suggests or can use any of these tools out there over chess is free. Take a look at it and say oh you know what well you know. Maybe the top three there they have. Maybe double the amount of content that we have on that Patriot we used. <music> have on that page and then maybe they have three times more referring domains meeting three times more links to the pages so those are things to take into consideration anything else. Here's the thing rate so when these algorithms have updates happen. Sometimes you'll get more traffic. You'll get less traffic. Remember when someone loses always someone who gained but you it doesn't necessarily need penalize and what we've seen everything that we've tested you could try a lot of stuff but typically updating content on a regular basis helps you maintain rankings and as I said take wikipedia continually dominate all right so guys that is it for today but before we go please don't forget to rate review and subscribe to this podcast because it helps us grow and one more thing our application for our monthly boot camps are now live on these will happen in Los Angeles. Neil and I will be there to help you grow your business faster. You can learn more just by going to Marketing School Dot C._O.. Slash live. That's L I v E marketing school. The I o slash live and we hope.

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Lotta Secretions

How Neal Feel

1:56:41 hr | 1 year ago

Lotta Secretions

"Well hey well well well bianca if it isn't Bianca Gotcha covered the Pinkerton detective agency. I am back the Neil. We didn't know the Orient and went to mainland China. A first the kid never been to the mainland in Hong Kong Aunt it's a it's a live a lot of many thoughts. Bianca Doc. It was it it was probably the most foreign foreign country I've ever been to. If that makes sense yet you feel unreal for you feel real far away like it. Tokyo feels like foreign land right but but at least they've heard of English in Tokyo in China. You get in a cab. They don't a fuck in lick of English and I don't speak a lick of Mandarin or candies or whatever any there and there's twenty local ones dialers there's ethnic minority neighborhoods thankfully. Yeah like different ones. So that was a bit daunting But the thing that I found the most daunting was the communist. That's crazy sounds eh daunting in that they have the you can't get you need a vpn together you need a VPN to get on the internet or not get on the ended up getting on the Internet access be tracked and not. I couldn't get google you can't google that'll bbn but here's the thing I get a VPN on my phone couldn't get into my. I had it on my computer. But he kept not linking so I couldn't really check email. It just felt it felt creepy. It felt like very controlling. And then the other thing that that I found just got my head spin and was Demon cameras around. Not and they're not like local store is the like if you wanted to see the the video you'd have to in America if you WANNA get a subpoena right now there when you ch- when you go through customs there like let's see your facebook all right good scan that okay. Let's get your fingerprints going great Now you're our country. We're going to get everything. Yeah Yeah we can't God bless them. They're doing what I what I would do if I if I was in charge of one point. Six billion people. I you know I wasn't always I think what the fuck are supposed to do. Like I know what you do. You'd ban women from drinking around men. Of course you would make marriage illegal. Legal marriage is outlawed children. I've a no child falls. Yeah they're all going in the river males female I they the Intersex all you're going in the Yangtze. So that was it just felt so the camera thing I started thinking if you if they had some shit on you and you're having an affair or something the party can just go anywhere. Where are you going? That's not your wife's house like they could extort they could blackmail They they can do whatever they want and the other thing is. There's no due process there. Yeah that's the bigger. I mean there's a lot of issues but one of the the big issues is if you they just they just. I heard a serving American black dude. WHO's just locked up for a fight that he didn't start and he didn't even throw a punch and he's been locked up for like a decade? No it's scary. It's like you have to understand where you're going with house. They also don't tell you like I would ask people question they go. We don't know you don't tell us they don't know when we're GONNA like like wh- they they will so the. VPN thing they were saying. It's not a firewall. It's like a fire fence like they'll let certain they know about the VPN's people. But I think most people aren't technically savvy enough to use it and when the Communist Party has a big day or a big meetings dummy. VPN's are shut off by showing you throw yes they can control basically everything When I was there my brother lived lived in Beijing for five years so when I visited him a few years ago he was telling me that there was a guy that just he would sell luggage? And he put Xi Jinping's face with his own smile. Not that on these luggage and shirts and they were GonNa Funny Look did it look fake. It was like it was like his smile on. Andy got ten years just now he's only going to do twelve twelve or there's people compare Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh and that's really definitely banned like you can't Google that. Yup I feel like especially being from America the the different civil rights issues. It's like it's that's what it. Who's taking for granted? Are we really lucky or are they really controlling. I'm sure it's a bit of this. The kid came so okay so I I did a show in Hong Kong. I'm I'll just I'll get to the mental shit so I did a show in uh-huh Theo von didn't show in Shanghai. I was like I wanna go saying what's the guy's email he gives me the is email I e mail the guy he's like yes we do show in Shanghai. We'll do it also my brothers and neurosurgeon and he does. TMS Here in in Xinjin which is like an hour outside Hong Kong so Sh- engines engines mainland Hong. Kong's its own thing so I'll get to the mental health fitness because it's too fun crazy but so I do a show in Hong Kong on Thursday this past Thursday and now that I'm watching the news and my that was fucking Kinda crazy yet. I went and did a show in Hong Kong. It wasn't teddy. Feel being there. It didn't feel that it is like the thing about civil unrest is you can if you're not near it. It's it's fine you're like but then my friend James sent me the video of him. Walking home with James He came to show and he sent me a photo of him. He's Emmy video of him walking home and it's like he said it was five blocks from the show. Aw like oh it. Didn't I was just like a commercial area with like McDonald's and dairy queen when the Malveaux is on fire take time. It's yeah I don't know what to do about. That's what it's like. The thing that made me the James talked about. He's like you know it's affecting people's way of life. It's it's I really think about. I did the joke that worked in Hong Kong. Shanghai which is Hong Kong is like basically China wants a commitment and in Hong. Why do we have to put labels Abel's on things like let's just keep the Cat Hong Kong me basically and and China is these crazy out here and it work like But James was saying it's it's people's way of life is being taken away from like it's it's will be entirely different when Hong you get the Internet Hongkongers due process. Hong Kong is a big. That's that's a big item. Realize the difference so when you went to Shanghai you still felt The huge disparity where I felt the disparity garrity was in like you can't get on the Internet. You can't get different money. You can't no due process is a big one. That's it's really scary. That's a really really big on and then my friend. Brian who brought me over was was saying people people become judges just like has their the. They just work their way up. They haven't gone to law school. They're not educated. They're just like they cool with with the party Communist Party so it's like hey you're a judge now. And then they their verdicts are but so the so so they don't they. They don't tell you anything. No I when I went there. I describe the government of China as senior girl. Yeah what what is extend your. You pissed me off now. Only God I hate you. We're not friends anymore. That's how that's the due process that whatever is sixteen year old girls you processes yes locking people up and thrown away the key. They don't at least sixteen year. Old Girls Mature right whereas it doesn't I think in China maturing economically for sure they're not even communist it's not even communism economic know. It's fucking say most populous pillow area everywhere. There's the in every every and there had one in in Shanghai. That like shopping in China is so fucking overwhelming. It's going to Vegas. There's was like Vegas Lights signs everything is in your face it's like Vegas And so that was odd. And then so the Hong Kong thing couple feelers came to Hong Kong. This punk shows very nice. See Them Kill and And then in Shanghai so I was like can I do they said. Don't talk about the three t's Tiananmen Square Tibet Taiwan. Don't don't mention them. Yeah but I was like can I talk about I go. Here's something you guys don't hear very much round here off Salama like and then I realize I did it. I was like I'm going to do that. Joke in there like and then I did have Chinese Muslims. Nah they're getting. They're getting rounded up and basically martyred Jesus Christ Leaguers. They're called well. There's there's a lot of different ethnic minor. I don't understand China. They hate their ethnic minorities. So much like the sooner I want them. They want hegemony they want. They want and homogeneous and hegemony They they so and then afterward I was like as time went on and it was like could I've gotten like fucking locked up for you. Know what I mean. Mainly they and no one can answer. No one knows and and you know who else doesn't know the party doesn't know it's random and without warning and without context and reasoning. It's like a it's truly parental rental and not cool. Modern parents were you So that was like scary and weird. Yeah and that that part was scaring weird. The cameras thing was scaring weird. I had a cab ride side with a guy because again I don't speak any Chinese and Candies reminder an end and the guy was like kind of a Chubby like thirty year. Old Like Uber driver. But I didn't have I can't you also can't use outside bankcards and they've it's like they just changed it. They like now they changed it. You're right because I tried to buy something on Tau and they're like you need a Chinese okay Let me by me by let me by. That's not let me by now me by now Okay so I get in a a take a cab but like whatever and And so the guy he's like one hundred which is like a nine bucks and then I get to my hotel. And he's like two hundred and I was like I got. Oh and goes you pay double and I wanted to like I wanted to say again. Reported it he's like you pay double like it was like he'd seen it in a movie so I was like girl Subaru. I was like I don't give a shit. I was like. It was funny that he was doing it so I give them to and he's like I no problem Tom no problem it was so goddamn funny. You're like but he wanted to be like one character in the movie. He wanted to be another category. I didn't understand the those two are different characters. Like you pay double Ara cool cocoa one thing I noticed about China's it's so not colorful and it bums me out everything is a green greenish grey. Brown Beige is ZAC Shanghai. 'CAUSE I was only in Beijing. Shanghai was is there any I mean I was saying like the Nice Mall so as I was staying like by that big ass but then needle and all that shit how. How is Hong Kong? Is it a little more vibrant honks. Dogs Hong Kong's hung cramped. It's like I was on Kowloon which is not the central business. I but Hong Kong is five miles of city packed in like two miles so long. You know that's not that's like the there are it's on a hill especially like the central side. It's on a hill and there's seventy story building on it side of a hill and you're like Agata got guys. I don't know if this is right And they're really close together so there's like steps there's like a row row of steps up between huge buildings and it's kind of weird like that. Yeah I like Hong Kong Ish Rush. Why would you go back to either Alive at tenure China. Yeah can't wait But but I don't know where else to go go to. It's called he who who not Heynen Heynen or no Hunan I I can't remember but it they call it the Hawaii of China. Oh yeah that my Brian has like stays down there. I think. Yeah it's really nice. It's just a I don't know they seem you what you realize is. There's just a list of human rights and you get it's like every countries like pick four right. It's like too late. Yeah like you're not getting all of them even in America it's like well you get. Yeah but yeah all. We're not getting all of them. Were not like this free land of the free a lot of rules a lot again laws and I'm not mad at the laws. Oh so there was a kid at the show in and Shanghai who had offered me like some goodies on twitter and I just wrote back Angel Emoji. I assume getty indeed so he. He's at my show and He I was like what did you mean ends like. You know like Pharmaceutical all stuff and I was like and he's like yeah I just I have the made. I'm like you have the made. He's like yeah. If you're you can send them the recipe the lab will make it just like a compounding pharmacy yes but it's a compounding factory Oh my God or a compounding lab fucking and there's and and I was like you know the person he's like now they'll just end he's like that's the upside of China is the and I don't know if it's a population thing more That you can just go make this. And there's no regulation there's just no regulation which is why they're they're they're Pollution's dump into the fucking river. I mean it's a mess. We'll I feel like also culturally in China copying isn't seen as bad it seniors. Wow Look how oh good. I copied that thing that the counterfeit situation is through. Because it's not really wrong with it but when I went there the the amount of counterfeit shit in China my brother I went to go buy water on my own. He runs to me no wait. He's like hold on. There's a lot of counterfeit if it water like what they just go to the river just like counterfeit eggs. There was a counterfeit bank. That was a branch of have a real bang and they just set up one day and then we're gone. The next day I went to get joking I went went to get money exchange right. Yeah Oh this is another trip out on the flight flew China go because this is is technically Chinese sovereign territory. We are collecting audio and video from the playing. Maybe what do you mean audio and video of the of the passengers. Oh it's running your being yet in La on the tarmac here. Uh that was like this is fucking crazy like this is just the tar on the tarmac. Oh yes I don't know if that's I mean should it. It is rare sobbed because then America. You're like once you're an American flight. I think it's like once users through customs and all that I think it's I don't know I don't know how they did it but they said that we didn't say like we're not going to start until they didn't mention any specific is this is were in the in. The cabin were collecting audio and video. It's like I don't on like this when I don't want people see in what I do. WanNa hear cookies good When I went to Iran they only made us a veil and put on a scarf as soon as we land it? Oh until then you're while one out you can drink in the air on the plane. I was in and then as soon as you as soon as you land. It's no more funding. I'm thinking of a joke that I haven't started. I'm doing it. But that in Islam Allah treats the worshippers like their on parole like no. You can't drink you can't be around. You gotTa pray five check in with me I can say and women need to home. Amanda 'cause UT's fucking wild how cover it up by. How fucking? But I. I also think it's like the realist about what people are like which is like yes you should we should all. Oh pray five times like if you want people to do the moral thing is they have to pray five times a day. Otherwise they're going to just like what what am I right. So so that was so deep and so the upside. Is You like my buddies. I went to all right so so let me let me. I'll circle back to the mental so I talked about on three weeks the TMS which is and will send you the video and you late in the that tapping thing with MRI night. Basically and and they did it here right so when this guy. Brian told me about his brother. His brother has is part of a new sort of movement that they've now located that just one part of the brain. It's four parts of the Brain K.. So Oh Monday I'm there and they do an E. G. which looks like more like a like a do rag basically with like wires out of breath and or like a Russian cosmonaut hat and they see which areas my brain or communicate with other areas and so the back of my brain the the the left side was good from. CMS The right size a little wonky and the backs a little wonky so so they did TMS Ching in Shenzhen. Say Five Times a day in a hospital for how long They were like fifteen minutes. No sorry how many days four days so I basically did forty because they did to errors it would do one and then the other way right. I did forty sessions in four days and then I didn't Eg on Friday. And I like it showed improvement movement. Yeah so what does it mean when the back of your brain isn't communicating as much. It's he said it's the Serotonin area. He knows whatever they also also like a whole grid with like that area's needs to be like it's red urge blew. It should be read if more active. It's nothing it's like so they I don't know I'm like not nothing like I'm not authorised. I don't know but then we here. We only use about ten percent of our metro. That's not now So that was the fucking crazy I it was. I got it up to eighty back here and then here they were doing seventy four out of one hundred so here for some reason on the side of my head hurt more than back because close to my face and nerves I would think is there any side effects kitty go along could it like rewire. You'll rain we now. I just know there hasn't been any last time I got it. I had a little bit of Member like vote ten percent memory loss. Like top like I would just wouldn't can remember the name of a toothbrush. I'd be like once. This call was the fucking but it was like put it wasn't it was all negligible items. It was like one is a bottle but it wasn't like where AM I. Where am I is my wife there? So you're not married to watch God Yes so so that was. I'm in a hospital with all Chinese people and their. It's all a lot of old Chinese people. One girl was. They're getting on her bladder there. You twenty-five these machines at the hospital which is good. That's where China's good this works. Fuck it lead yet on. Gotcha them does. Is this just for depression or is this is for the woman was using it for like other parts. uh-huh yeah so I don't but when the brain it's not to help motor skills or something they're working on one person came out of a coma. Uh Yeah One person walked was wasn't who was immobile not like from Belichick but From like severe nerve nerve damage. Why is going? They're working on a believe Alzheimer's depression and I WANNA say dementia. But but I don't I don't. I'm not positive how it's I know they treated you. But how much would it be if you just wanted to do it. You think it's like six granny's it makes. It's the dumbest like can't believe what is going on. There's an doc doc net flicks right now. It's about Gene editing and it's like a million dollars to get certain gene therapies commandment. Just Chinaman I mean yeah. Because you'll just get the recipe right. Knock on your door. You make this so that was fucking pretty wild wild Chinese but the but the shows were really fun and I I think there were some feelers in Shanghai can't remember and and yet but the but just just thinking about the life I don't I like I don't do well. I don't know the rules like I get a little like even like no I'm doing this fucking can Ozlem Aleichem joke. Even if not like I was like I can't I'm a fucking. I can't not do the thing I don't think I I would protests in Hong Kong but I'll say anything that's almost like I'll say fuck it anything but the in terms will the Hong protesters are kind of fucked up. Because they're not they don't have. I talked to a few people that are doing it. That the drug kid was going the Hong Kong and He was saying like there's no organization. Yeah they have no. They've no hierarchy. They have no demands left after. It's all very specific like no we want this by this date and it's like well you know we could just fuck in rap Yup right right but they're so. I don't know what's going to happen. Yeah every time. I've gone to Thailand China Iran. You you start realizing how amazing freedom of speeches. Yeah it's almost like aging pat say so so by the way they had to before they could get apartment for me to do the show. They had to go through a transcript. Free Mike's to see what sort of assume that I would do three mice again. That's like the assumption because they don't understand comedy right so you have to throw your our out the Carlin. They don't understand that the rules but but yet you can't make fun of the government on television looking anywhere but even these types of governments there so everything is so controlled. I think my cousin wanted to perform a a song in Iran at on campus. And anytime you want to do anything for arts music movies anything if to send a transcript of the script song lyrics everything and most of them. Don't a lot of them don't get it Muslim get denied because they're usually if they're not against the government there I don't want to will. Yeah eight people. Yeah it's just an odd but the but the upside is this reliability. I mean the upside. Is You sort of know what to no one's GONNA be homeless. Do you know what I mean like. No one's GONNA be. There's it's all the social safety net like no one's going to go bankrupt because the medicine no one's GonNa. It's that stuff that there is. The train was ninety cents the subway to the airport. Yeah Ninety cents so again. It's like pick for. which ones do you want There's a big part right. I mean that's thinks America would be better off with with not with a social safety net like that but yeah for sure. Sure don't film everybody and let us say we want like Y'all want I want some of and then people get loyal to the way things have been. It's it's not better just because will we never had met. It's the American way that's ran. What does that mean it? It doesn't mean anything means freedom now it doesn't it means you can say whatever you want and the government can't have you arrested which tower for it's not. That's no small thing. No it's it's weird. Though when I was in China I realized if you're a government and you WANNA control one point five one point six billion people they have. It's really impressive. How uniform their culture is good for China? What's the funny thing is like lot of dude standing around in a uniform? Innovate uniform. Where like what what he did like? This is a green one. This is standing kind of looking around and I don't think they have any. They don't keep like you'll never know how they come to these decisions. No they just released some documents cables. Yeah and that's about the warriors and and And and it's like they don't know it's like cables in that one too. Yeah there's running cables today. Somebody gives so so. Yeah it's that's a weird thing did not be You don't have to adhere to what the people want an all but now and then here you go stupid so so you know. They got tricked into voting for a fucking moron and they're tricked into like believing that's a fake. You left on a good week. Such a week acted acted. Yeah but that's also why I don't understand when people go to North Korea because there are There are It goes to North Korea. There's vacation packages of that from America where you can go to North Korea. And I'm like why. Are you going to North Korea. I I mean who that Ottawa doctor. The WHO did all the tim must've went and he said it was fucking crazy like they had to turn the generator on to pretend that the restaurant was open. But like it's just like it's fake. It's like no one and then someone else just sat like just fake weird feeators of and you don't ever want someone with you all the time. I have a few times I think the Newark Symphony or some orchestra went and they wouldn't let them out twice if you had to. Can we get our people back. I mean it's I don't understand the point as we think Americans have it so good that they it's entertaining to go. Oh into poverty places porn. Yeah it's it's anti human rights point where you're like. Oh wait I am. Am I gonNA get in trouble. ooh Oh I better not say what I'm about to say. Yeah but I didn't I didn't I'm not in any hurry. Go back interesting. I also don't like going places where you have to get visas. Well all night yet. One ten-year visas gray would Vietnam. It's I went to Vietnam two years ago and the visa weight. And you gotta pay and it just feels it feels more. I get. Why Vietnamese aren't die and for Americans? Comeback Com guys lit loosen up the visa. You're really holding a grudge on this yet. But I don't I don't think I'm GonNa go back anytime okay. Inches it was just. This is not my speed. I really love China but especially talking to all my friends who visited China. I think it's because my brother was there and we did all all these really cool shit because he'd been living there for five years so he did all this really interesting stuff. I don't think I would have seen if I was just on my own for me. I loved it and he had tons of friends. Whatever so I guess it was just like laid up in a hospital? Not late wasn't laid up. I would just like read. And then they go okay. I had the forty five minute break in between each session and then I would just go back and maybe O of four the hospital with me in it. And it's all this Chinese El Show de it's fucking hilarious like pictures of me and they WANNA show now. Did you learn any Chinese Shosha. That's thank you she. She did total. Shame that's what I was told and I think Boulez no bull. Yeah we of course I liked that one and that was all I that I learned. Pay happy to have you so. Yeah but really it was very interesting. It was fucking very interesting and it makes. It's the point of travel which is like okay. There's some more context there's like okay. There's there's an absence of the values I'm used to or customs. I shouldn't even say values. It's like that's okay. There was also going to the airport airport. It was nice like other tours like we have to transfer here and I was like what now it's here. Everyone's helping you like. That's nice. I like Shit like I bet. Yeah like that next fucking theme. Well Shit yeah good `whoosh mm-hmm so let's go. Let's talk about this clown Prince Andrew. Rowe quick he's a black son. Does it right yeah. There is like the scandal when I lived in Europe. And it's just funny. I love those guys. Those big panico Prince of Monica now different Guy Prince Philip Prince Andrew Rooms. That's Prince Philip. Prince Andrew was epsteins front and he didn't interview and in any shot the best not good. He couldn't figure out how to say I'm not a pedophile and I shouldn't have been friend of the pedophile it. It was as bad as our Kelly. Gale gale gale. Might as well as your you're killing me for my life over yes so so What happened yeah so I was just thinking if if if you're pedophile and I'm staying at Your House you gotTa tell me you gotTa tell me maybe I'll spoiler alert? Maybe I'll put it together. But maybe you also tell me I feel like it's it's the sex offender lists like if I go to your house. You gotTa tell me like. Hey although he went to his house for four days to break out with them. It's fucking look crazy interview. He's like I didn't want to break up with him over the phone and so I went to New York to do it over four days. Who who let sorry man? I'm going to take four days. What he did was it seemed like he was like week anymore but before I do where was that little girl the real little girl where she no no no no the other one dark skinned one? Nobody nobody wants so whatever nothin- in nothing up top nothing below Yet so that's what I think happened there and don't be a pedophile Gal. And but also the fact that they are holding Prince Andrew as if these people are special in any way is so crazy. Yeah you definitely crazy. It's like the granddaughters of the revolution. Here like those like weird. It's like an East East Coast. But it would be like honoring the progeny of Abraham Lincoln. Still but worse. 'cause I think older than that like George Washington's great great great great great granddaughter. I love we. Don't give a shit like really. Where do you work so that so he go and give me another spin cavern? I told you this guy. Hi As to what. He's the roommate. Hong Kong burning that you don't that is it's not worth it. There's no woken up. There's no woke woke enough for cabinet guns girl there just isn't they you. He will feel like a the sell out what he was wearing. A KUNTI cantate shirt before that he took up. It's like I do. Yeah everything can be analogous to slavery everything in the world. Every job can be like this is like slavery right They wanted to the the sticking point was they wanted them to sign a contract contract saying I mean again. My reading contract was if I get injured during this tryout you guys are not liable it said It basically said he can't sue them for future collusion in the future for collusion and colluding against him. It had like that clause which his his lawyers were like. No we're not signing this and I guess it was different than something we'd sign in the past so he just made his own. which that I'm fine with I'm not banking the? NFL is giving him a real. Just a simple contract for protecting themselves against Colin Kaepernick. I believe it's not like that. Big of a stretch at being like. Oh yeah by the way signed this thing but it's like when you bring your friend that gets kind of fuck fucked up and you know what he's been good to bring him to the holiday party but you're just he's it's bringing when you're bringing your Thanksgiving and you're like all right. Just don't bring up genocide at Thanksgiving. I know it's genocide that's not what my family family spectrum. My family is not there now will they. That's not what it's about so just shut up. I also I'm confused. Why why he wants to be an NFL? Ian Because it is the most slavery unfair. I mean take your pick right. What else I I mean? In some ways he probably is calling their bluff like yeah there are other leagues. He could plan. That's he could play in Canada. He could play in Europe. They have a league. I'm sure they I didn't see one in Asia. But if you brought over the schematics I'm sure they can have one up and running quickly really so also. Football players have very short yeah careers. I'm sure no one from his draft class is still active live. I mean in terms of quarterbacks but it's short list. It's a short list especially quarterbacks quarterbacks are also it's hard it's a hard job so hard so hard so did most people have quarterbacks. Do you want to be a backup court. Like he's almost too. He's he's a little too known and famous and has it too much experience to is like Michael Vick. When he got out of jail he was never quite? I mean he came back. He was Zontine but he just looked weird. It's like when of big stars playing support on a Sitcom you're like. It's you've reached that part yet. What are you on? What was Michael Vick? Really good before the. Yeah when they let them fight dogs it was the best he could form. Yeah it was his the secret fucking pounding. He was that was it. Was it like tiger mugging hookers. There was it was spell. He gave him super strength. But yes. So there's no there's it's not at this point it's just exhausting because it's not resolvable and it's remember there's always a point in someone's career when it it becomes about Lake Merwin Michael Jackson's trying to get it's like when prince changes name and Michael Jackson wanted to get out of Sony and it becomes about about litigation. Tom Petty had a thing. If it's early enough that becomes the whole story and it's like a yeah. I can't see. See Him playing on a team and it being about the game. It's yeah at this point. It's never going to be about the game again. It's you know foundation. And they you said part of it was like Jay z trying to get save his own face. So we set up the the tryout but I don't think any of the teams want him so I don't fucking know it's it's a it's a pain. He's being a pain and but I don't uh he's supposed to do. It's like with Hong Kong. It's like China's doing what they're supposed to do. You're doing you're supposed to right like everyone's fighting for the most they can get the interesting thing is and I have my stuff my niners Cabernet Jersey which I bought when he was the quarterback after but Like I mean he had his time. That's kind of like where I think his career will lie once you go pass it and it's growing arms and legs. It's so political so polarizing. I can't see a bunch of people showing up to a team to a game. Were calling Kaepernick is the quarterback. I think it's just it's GonNa be really polarizing. It's it's it's a liability for the team and in order to be a liability. You have to be so good that it's there was a guy on a Houston the baseball team who got a domestic abuse thing and they and he was kind of out of the League but he was the best I yeah FAC bring him in. and He's good and he helped but that you have to be transcendent now. Any team goes is going to be a political statement. Which I'm I don't have a problem with it? I can't see from if your bottom line is making money and everyone buying into teams who are but the NFL is about prestige and and eminence very much white power. It's about honesty and it's about one step below Nascar Patriarchy and it's it's very heavily symbolic ballot. Also I mean you could go to the chargers. No one even knows that they play in. La Right all right do you. I do not know that. The chargers they find. How can they possibly know you? Have you ever seen a charters flag. I think I saw poster but it might have been thinking in for the rams because it's the same basically the same colors and a very similar logo. This is the weakest city for sports fans and we have two of everything to hockey to baseball kind of two basketball to football. And I don't see a flag anywhere we should. You'd have four basketball no football. Yeah we could probably just do one hockey yeah. This is more of a basketball city. Yeah Baseball people. Like the dodgers game. Right love them fucking just loves the DOOR TOYS DA. Uh anything else that we should. I mean trump was a maniac again maniac weird. What's going on? Let's see what Susan meals. Hey do me forever. Since I've talked about China I don't need a lecture in the emails about Communism I've I I understand I get the feeling still I don't need no let's just I just don't need like you've got I ah so let's keep it fun guys fun you've got mail. How does he feel what has been key thinking about diets indoor supplements elements when it comes to depression? I know Neil Dabbles veganism and Bianca must have a secret I do one or do you have any thoughts on five. ADP in particular. I I had good experiences with vivacious. Actually Kinda worked for me. What is it it's A? It's a pre K. it's a serotonin precursor okay so whatever that means but most supplements are bullshit. I personally found five inch. TV for whatever reason to be helpful in what way making you I'd more energy and was more I was. My brain was more associated fun but then I tried it again maybe Nasha so so then I went to China. Got My brain's damn what's your secret Bianca. Diet no I wake up on the rights of the bed every morning. I don't let almost if something's weighing on me. I sit with myself and I force force eight to digest through my brain and I come with a palpable conclusion in a problem solution. And I we've have. I'm you know what I've been doing lately 'cause it's very hard to know what you want as a person. Yeah there's so much input in so much static and like you should I so I close my ears and I just go. What do do y want and you when you hear it like that with no noise coming in you really quickly get to what you want? Like what do I actually want right. Shut your ears closure is and say what do I actually want and the answer will come up. It's kind of amazing no. It's almost right there the whole time and basically what you're saying if you just cancel out the noise pollution you'll figure it out. It's but it's so. There's so much distraction from woods like why would you. Should I diet supplements I duNNo. You've seen me when we took the flight if I wake up really early I'm on one. I'm just but you know I have to really the I don't know where my energy or disposition comes from well most Serotonin gets released like at dawn. Oh is that no fucking wonder. I'll wake up at the crack it on and I feel Manic happy cruising. I tried to be really good around you because it can be overwhelming. It's just do you want to go to the mile a minute while everyone's just like thank you for keeping that for me I did. I knew I wouldn't have automatic I- as long as I don't have to do anything. Just don't make me do stuff. Yes so that's the five HCP but cms is the shit that would be my recommendation station for anybody suffering that and it's covered by more insurances than people can get it here. Yeah what can't you get here that you got in China It was it wasn't the machine it was the brain scanning and it was the locations of the other blasts. They're really only only doing one place. Here was this. That's the most Understood area or the I. I guess I don't really know I I don't know yeah. Some they know. They know why Dana they now. Oh I also wanted to. I I had a bombing and VIP. It's not quite abominate via go ahead to talk. Okay great so I just want any hotel. I stay at to know that if you have a lounge I'm going to the lounge and I'm taking sparkling water okay. They kind of looking looking at me sideways. 'cause I was at a nice place in Shanghai and it was and it was like the lounge was basically like a rest. The lounge like the club lounge level. It was like a full on restaurant. My fucking God is so and so so I would just go and get to waters get a couple of big Perr couple nights Perez and they were looking at me like I was a shit but I guess I am so so. He's a restaurant that was free. That club level was. He's fucking why I got some soup. They made the soup for me and I got Course cookies and Some more I ate a bunch. Yeah I ate the. I went off at breakfast Chinese records. He had just regular. It was crazy I did. I sent no. I sent you the dinner. Buffet dinner number for a fucking ice cream cart. God Damn the breakfast. Buffet was bananas. It was it was it name. It named dumplings. Oh do they like three stacks. kind sauces eggs pancakes Bacon pork fucking. They'd noodle bar they had a short Choudhury. They'd cereal they'd get loaded doughnuts. I'm like they were making doughnuts for the I'm I'm not I'm missing a bunch of I mean it was just made soup rice noodles. What am I what I did? It's more president. Meghan out there was also because it's China. There was a guy in the restaurant in the Nice where wherever I stayed. I don't WanNa get into it then. Nice Nice Hotel. Who kept on the light dude? It's a fucking restaurant near you blended in with your throat. which is yeah but I would never do that noise knowing you have to be looking at me to see the noise? And that's the I I charge you throw lending in the show you want face show I charge you so so So yeah that was wild so I bombed in that I was ever say anything now but you just kind of feel like. Are you just taking water. What Room are you in forty one? Sixteen okay we're GonNa Care Right now By why do the audio skin you've got mail. What's up Neil in being king My question is for being Kim banks. Can you please dropped shop. Does King Carotene for us. Your skin is glowing and a need to know how God I'm so I I I what your skin care routine public. I actually didn't think people ask that I thought it was a thing instagram instagram influences influences may tend to. And we've been asking me a a sop ace up. I love Asia by us as up everything you know. What's a great skincare regime? Have a hot mom. There's that's the best skin have Bahati mom and hope you don't get your dad's skin that's all you do. That's all anyone can do. So anyone can do creating Pinkus. MOM IS KINDA hot. Yeah I saw her on this commercial they just filmed I and Chris Mom's Kinda all these MOMS are Kinda if not models themselves so yeah that's the biggest it's like. How do I jump eight feet? Is it sneakers. Nope you just got the weirdest muscle group imagine will end tig. Hgh but well you can do some things to make your outer skin texture smooth. I don't doubt that you exfoliating for three days and all that stuff but the brand they're all dealing with the same basic. Nobody has any. There are no secret secret formulas is all like it's almost like Not Palm Oil. But there's like the basic oil and then then there's a bunch of like sebnem eight and just a bunch of fucking chemicals that are all the same. Well if you want your skin to glow us make a temerity face mask and it literally is like it's read it read into yellow yeah. You don't WanNa do that right. No it's so nice it it looks so far for how long well I mix it with this queen. Helene Mint Julep facemask and into Merrick. And then if you do it like once a week your skin finishes like blowing your work. Also Lebron who were loafers valley forty points the is meaningless. Because I'm like just going how should i. I am no no no fun in the car K.. The year just going to like the just walking around the mall and I'm like should I get some mm seriously I don't need anymore. They're not doing anything different. It's nothing the Chinese sneakers or Nike's a I just had everything that Adidas it. It's more expensive there. Oh is that's why when Chinese people come here they by by thousands every outlet mall. The signs are in English and Chinese. Everything is interesting because the real thing there is so much more expensive. Yeah it's not it's all silly. Yeah it's all silly silly. Every time I've got when I went to China and Thailand. GimMe the bootlegs I can go home. It gets consumerism. So it's so silly I couldn't do as many furniture I'm doing like the opposite. I'm doing the the the the X.. Pratt like Oh yeah you know. I went to China increase. Lower the drinking age because they're so sophisticated over there Is We've rented Chinese. Why do so many Chinese people come to America and spent so much money when they have so many bootleg? And he's like because we want the re we don't want the bootleg we the real thing whereas I can buy the real thing and love me a good bootleg and you get to keep ninety eight percent of your money in like forty dollars per bag up that it's the real thing and also anyone who's judging you for that. Is that piece of garbage people. Ask me about my nice wise over is like it's fake. It's a wire bracelet. It's F. Y.. Sells fake wise. No it's a beautiful purse O- Hamas almost was forty bucks eight looks exactly like the real thing. and which is the three thousand dollars purse. And every but I'm so bad everyone asks me like it's fake. Can't guys you guys don't care about getting bags for your wife for and there is not an a and he said it was like a sticking point where she's like. I want this three thousand dollar bag getting fake one. Yeah I mean but I would see that as grounds for divorce fake bank. No if someone's getting getting a bag because I had a girlfriend it was like I believe that a that man should get us women jewelry and I was I was like I should have broken up with her that I don't not believe that I don't need it but you should know. I deny myself. Civil blessing dump blocker blessing goodbye. Hey y'all we just took a break to tell you something and we wanted to tell you that anchor is the easiest way to make progress anchor is the the platform that hosts our podcast. So even if you listen to us on any other stitcher apple podcasts or Google podcast. It's all it's all as it were anchored on anchor anchor gives you everything everything you need in one place and it's free and you can use it from your phone or computer It gives you tools that allows you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds great. See like you know. We didn't switch tanker till we started sound. Good because we didn't fuck anchor sound. We didn't We didn't waste people's time. And then they distribute the pocket for you so it can be heard on spotify podcast. Google pack has many more and you. Here's the cool thing you can make money from your podcast. They will put in ads on your podcast and they give you money directly on the homepage. There is a wallet where it shows you how much money you've earned from in your from your from people listener pocket so it's pretty sweet like and I don't say that lightly it's genuinely fair so download all of the anchor APP or go to anchor dot. FM to get started. It's a truly good platform website. And if you're interested in podcast ask if you want to tell people how you feel. Because look I'm Dylan Neil Phil. I'm telling them we're telling them Pinky pinky and a A.. And anchors the spot for you bro. Anchor is a spot for you bro. Yobo Hager inkers very good. God bless on inker and Gir- scaring me with the video you've got got mail the of the atom dry looking guys it's Clinton from Seattle Pinky Neil So here's my deal I have not had sex in ten years. I went my twenties without it. Ever The PAP meaning for me so I guess my question is why would he knew feel. I know how pinky thinking about that. any anything you want to say is cool anything you WANNA ask me fine Big Fan love you both By have you I know I know a dozen girls. That'll fuck you today. Yeah I'm looking at one of them. I'm like climbing up the steamy open. Hey He's not gonNA steam. You don't need to you don't he. Looks like he looks like five different. Good looking dude. He's very attractive. I mean it goes at fuck. Someone in ten ears is probably not wellness in the steam. Take him onto your take him on your way. I think the bigger issue is he is kid. I'd like a housing is wrong. How weird is he? He must be a fucking Weirdo. That's the the Quin with all due respect Clinton we you know how we feel deal but failed. We remember it half Asian Half White. Oh yeah you think so Quinn. Yeah that's not no so that's not an Asian name I don't know he's looks at why he looks at Chris Cornell from soundgarden he looks a little Oh Kano he looks like Adam driver He's very good-looking San Subway. He's got good lustrous as he figured out see he designed his facial hair. Well he knows McGrath reasoning like he's got symmetrical is that he can take care of himself you. You know how some I feel like. He's not in the right group. That'd be my guess you know. In some in groups he wouldn't have value meaning. It's like uh based on his way he'd be good looking in Seattle. It's just like Anna now. Now what is that guy. There's also not a plethora of good looking people in Seattle so I feel like he would even sensitive. Yeah I don't he must win. You got money weird outside of the frame I think you that looks like a microphone Sanso. He's a musician. And you look like that. And is that a bee nest a business in the corner. Give vintage lamp. I don't I don't know I don't. He's good looking. I don't know I if I had that face and body I wouldn't be here. I'll I'll tell you that I be upstairs of I duNno come to La to my house and you can use it for fucking again. I would love. It would be my honor for real The I don't know I I feel like he's he's very weird guy or uh or he is. I bet he doesn't isn't clear about wanting it or I don't know he could be. Does he go on dates and he doesn't get second dates. Does He. Not even get girls attention something. We got a guy who could have nothing to say to women. He could just bomb. I think you're right in that. I feel like he probably doesn't notice when women are hitting on him. Yeah like he's he's not getting like he's into what he's into. He doesn't speak that much human like he's probably like a musical but in order to not do your facial hair like this. He's cute. I don't know man I something's demand I have five girlfriends with you which means ten and it's also means her please. Police stood by You've got mail go. I have two questions. I is quick. Neil you always mentioned when you fly you get ice cream or cookies or some kind of desert Sirte. Is there a Vegan ice cream desserts option for ritual no violate my principal fuck. I violated my principles. Downgrade myself yourself to vegetarian I also at the buffet may have had some pork. I don't know are Vegan. I realize lies afterward. I was like wait a minute that Tova. No it's working. It was like it-it-it's it tasted fine but it wasn't it didn't taste porky. So that's part for US commoner Earth when we watch a movie the actors are simply the character we see in the film and we don't know any better. I'm wondering when you know. The actor personally. Does the willing suspension of disbelief. Come harder for you. You know the real them. So are you analyzing the character and any acting instead of being engulfed in the whole story itself is any different when you do or don't know the actor playing a part of it It's a good question. Yeah famous Amos people who do I know wills. May I don't know anyone who will though is i. Don't really see many of his movies. Come on Aladdin come on. I didn't see it Mike. I don't is moving so I don't know I you know. What about the one on a Netflix? where it was like a mutant? nope I my favorite will Smith. Movie is six degrees of separation. I got a long as time. Yeah yeah and I liked. Hancock was good. It was good idea. Yeah I yes so I don't and nobody's really acting anyway away. They're all just doing themselves. I mean they chilly. Yes no one's I've never. I don't know any friends who like who was that up there. It's always I know they're moves. I know they're they're like Euro. Do you watch rocks. I watched the one that I've worked on on the top five hot. They yeah which is but I never. I don't know I never get into it because you know I never. I'm never am I. It's hard at this point in like the cultural everyone. There's no mystery so you don't you can't really project on anybody. Yeah it's all like I know him There's a funny story about that scene. He actually hit his head or whatever So who's really acting things. The only people that are really acting as like Daniel Day Lewis and he quit so he's gone and I guess Meryl Streep Really Acts But not acting Jennifer hands on acting Laura dern his acting. He's yeah but I don't which she's like like so you know it's weird for me once. I started acting when I watch. TV It's very hard TV movies. Whatever really hard to not see also how that scene was made horse? You're like where I was so like jacked from for happened when we did have ache from that point on when I watch movies for for like a year I would look for the light source. Campbell's is or be like the fucking they're blasting him with forty K.. Or whatever whatever you just it's not that's why like documentaries right kids. 'cause I don't know who I don't know I mean I don't have to think about how they made it and it shows what's going to happen I can figure out movies because it's like if the guy seemed dead. He's not dead he's coming back. Save the day if it's like there's enough trope Guy Okay Whenever I watch? TV or movies and someone has one line. I always laugh like man. They a probably audition. Two Thousand People They were the best and this guy got him. Probably Not GonNa act in anything else. nope but he's GonNa he's thinking he's GonNa he's like this is getting. Yeah this just. They're talking about making me a regular. That's what every extra I pinned pinned for the. Yeah so that is so no act and I also mostly. I'll watch movies based and think about rumors I've heard about them. That's so funny or stories. I've heard firsthand so that's enjoyable. But nobody's nobody's really acting. It's just is that a good line reader not like that was a fucking terrible lit read. Nobody's I can't even think of anyone on who's truly performing in a way that I don't understand like like even stars born I was like. Oh he's doing he's doing Kris Kristofferson he was doing he was he stole performance from somebody did that. So it's you know or Dave in that I'm just like it's all it's really the kyw the character actors that are the ones that are are. If you're if you understand what's going on I'm more in off will really Israel and it makes it easier but you don't you don't have. You've you've never seen him on a talk show with Kiko really separate yeah. I don't really know what what Philip Seymour often was like which really helped write with with going like always seems like dirt bag I it was normal way West village door but he just seemed like jerk off to you know so the question then goodbye year go. You've got mail like a big breath. Something sales came up. Hello Bianca my name is Christina. And I've been enjoying how neil feels since episode one. I have just launched a product. I don't I have been working on for two years and I would love to send you a box will. My product is called cubes. rhymes with boobs. Cubes is is a disposable biodegradable absorbent pad that you adhere to your skin under your boobs to absorb boob sweat okay you can check it. You can check out our website as at choose cubes but is really. Please let me me no again address to send you a giant boobs in order to need them. How did they know L. I.? boobs what is a fairly. It's IT'S A I've been hearing about it as long as boobs. I absolutely love and need this product. It's the only place. What is my boobs under? Does it feel gross gross. No it doesn't it just like anything anytime. Your skin is slipping on itself. It's a a little uncomfortable but it's when it's hot out and I'm not wearing abroad sucks but I have actually have anti per sprint cream that you can just anywhere and I just put under my boobs. How's how's that feel dry? But is it like Chucky or gross. It's it's I get all my products for when I go to your finally. Please be I was just in China and the thing about sooners. It's so you're going to get some coops. Did Send me a fag. I'm so excited okay. Cool Do you do you you have you ever dealt with. Have you ever dated a girl that complained to boobs. What they've all complained? Think big not. I mean. That's one of my things you got. Oh you know what else I wanted to say. Chinese women are better looking than Japanese. Women Chase Zuma Zuma to really cute like some had dunks which I wasn't expecting dunks open. Donald Guy wasn't expecting that at all. I was very surprised is Chinese. Women are built a little thicker Yeah there's a slender I don't know that either. I don't know what the thing with China. It's a numbers game. There's one point six billion of them so so like Asian women which you know I do. He thinks thinks it's one of my categories relaxed. Everybody but I was like Oh this. Is these women good looking. We do you Titi City Guy. I mean it's one of my things or channel within a but I think so I think so I didn't know you guys exist it. Yeah yeah why there were called white goodbye. Hello that is you've got hyg Is there are a number of particular famous Comedians in America the U. K.. And here in Ireland that I think are desperately unfunny but seem like really good kind people who would be nice to hang around with that. Got Me thinking about Neil performing in different venues throughout America all over and Bianca through work at the store that Shirley there are dozens of people who you both know are friendly with with that you'd think are just Shitty Comedians Or that are good community. But they're just not for you So my question question to you both is. How do you deal with that has ever been asked to do dishes or to collaborate with someone who he refused just because he thought there was nothing that you could do together that he'd like aac has someone been such a nice person that he's had to avoid because he can lie to them and say he thought that bids were good has bianca also avoided comedians? The story of the same reason or politely turned comedian down for a date at WBZ. Go ahead banks No one's no one's like asking nicely to go on a date with you at the store. Comedian wise right. Talk in the next twenty minutes. This is more like a hover helicopter. Tonight's a good night. Their wife is out of town There's a few comedians medians. Who are so fucking Nice that I don't their comedy isn't resonate with me? It's not my can accommodate. I don't find that funny I definitely definitely never going to name their names but yeah I mean not. Everyone's GONNA BE I. I will say though. I don't mind if you're funny the and you don't say hi to me. I don't give a fuck futures. Do you think that's how I think whatever you think. I don't think there are like community. Pretty sure don't like darn it was like man. I think if someone doesn't like you I'm pretty sure most people people respect you better thing to have any Bundy that again as I complain on report. That's been slow coming. That's been a slow love. Slog like okay ten percent a year fair enough Next year what about for you. Yeah if somebody's not funny. I can't really to be friends with them what I can't I friend though I can't start asking in. Oh and it'd be like the gap between you where you're getting opportunities that they won't get or they they will not you know it just becomes uncomfortable. Yes that's true. That would be really uncomfortable. And so. And then you feel guilty you'd have to be real secure compartmentalize her. Yeah type of and you have to think you're funny I don't have to you. Don't have to be successful right. I just think you're fucking funny and I assume you will be successful. But I don't. That's not why I'm frenzy. I'm pretty fucking funny. Yeah so but yeah. There's there's guys that I think are not very funny but I guess I'm friends with people that are not that I don't think are hilarious. They think are talented in some regard. Have you ever had a comedian. Try hard to spark a friendship with. I don't really kind of personnel. I I mean I know what if someone didn't read the room rate. Yeah Yeah I mean somebody I should you attack. Somebody wanted me right with them right for them. which was like that was just bananas? Could you leslie text me day. And she's like I gotTa Watch your special special because all these clips you posted are funny. Because I've been busy I go leslie. Union live tweeting judging. Amy You haven't been busy like stop a bit with the item man. I don't know your fucking petty and you were watching judging amy your time and again or one of those bugging Gouveia. ABC shows Also why people tell you I love people I really got to watch me. Once you've watched watch it. Yeah and then I don't need to know the pre like my way. No you're not but I was like. Has it been on for two years. It's been out for three years. I think it'll be three years I'm going to celebrate the three year anniversary So so yeah you gotta be You gotta be funny. Goodbye If you want to be friends you've got Hey Neil Bianca loves show. Here's my situation. I'm thirty six and my recently official girlfriend Christina's twenty-three we're both cool with it. It doesn't really ease six. Yeah except for the occasional old guy joke no problem. My concern is with her parents. She is currently staying with them to save money for Grad School. Will the parents know exists. They know she has stayed over at my place several times. But they don't know exactly how old I am. Christina told them I'm around her sister's age the sisters thirty thirty I'm curious how many of obey how I shouldn't. It'll be inevitable meeting of the parents. What do I do if I grow them if they grow me about the age difference? I don't know man I mean I dated a girl who was twenty five when I was forty two something. But you don't have your Mother Teresa's not flying here grilling her or her parents aren't gonNA come. I'm here in real you right so but I don't I think if I think people I don't know I think people think none of them are going to work mark so like I don't know are you. Nice fucking be nice to her until it's over I I don't know I don't know what I would. The assumption is the guys loser. If he's dating it's you can't to. You can't y win like this now. After a certain point is yeah treat him to a nice dinner maybe you can do like what is nothing. You can do to impress them if they don't live they. We disapprove of the age thing other than like maybe saving their wives like if you can do some kind of Heimlich situation. Something okay yes so set up a situation loser Lami situation poison them. Keep the EPI PEN NIETO I. I don't know I think he just has to get a real good read if she tells them they're not going to be comfortable. I mean it's interesting. Why not just lie also lie? It's your parents. Yes not lie to your parents. I'm thirty Yep nice to meet you and then it'll be like I. Did you hear about Tom. Did you hear about Christine's boyfriend and now he's actually and be like okay. Yeah then they'll like you Bayton switch with the truth the by then goodbye. fucking bait and switch simple simple simple neil banks damn recently ran an article reporting them. Monique is planning to sue netflix. Racial gender discrimination for low balling her first special. Few years years ago took issue with how high the Comedians Dave Rock seinfeld Schumer surveys for being paid compared to her. I personally these other. COMEDIANS got paid more for various reasons and asking for a similar amount is a little much full disclosure. I'm not very familiar with her entire body of work but it seems like it's not as expensive offensive or as popular as the COMEDIANS. I like she doesn't have an expensive but extensive extensive dummy. It's like I was shooting on him. Meanwhile well I got to clean my glasses. Because I can't find my little cloth whereas my cloths honeywell plots. Yeah you know now as I said on Charlemagne show I in some ways. I'm glad monique put Netflix. On blasts I think it's ultimately good for the women who had negotiate after. I think it's I think made Netflix. Probably make their offers hired a black man. Yeah and I don't WanNA got paid. But her next special was on FX Steppingstone now yes. So now I also think by the same token I think money has no case. I don't think Ah Monique. She kept bringing. She kept saying. I'm the most decorated comedian law. Yeah yes I'm the most decorated comedian like its meaning. Because she's an academy. Yeah but who cares. Also it doesn't make you it doesn't it doesn't get you a box office doesn't make people come see you do standa but also everybody else winning a Nobel Prize. Well this is going to bring me up but the funny bone it's not gonNA help also Mooney compared to sell to people who really stayed had a huge their balance of random entertainment and comedy. Stand up comedy. And they're better at Santa. There can by everyone on earth we did like sitcoms sitcoms and shows and this yes we're origins and comedy and did she probably tour a little bit but she didn't movies and now say give me a communist. It didn't do well. She was in precious. Didn't play prejudice. she was amazing literally. Made me cry watching watching it. Excellent actor but not not. She's not. She doesn't draw the way. Dave Chris. This Ellen Jerry touring all these years i. That's the thing that's weird to me. You haven't been touring all these years. You aren't this famous comedian. She's he's making a comeback. There's narrative there's it's like no you. They don't want that way. The the only reason they pay Dave and all those guys that money street sweep they were just like we're getting you off. Hbo They also didn't just straight up. Offer him that he negotiated Bianca. The she's so mad. Yeah by the. The People in question had multiple outlets that got the price up. They didn't open twenty. Exactly why would they want. Hello Dave and punch us in the face. You have one free shot they. They had multiple outlets. They were counteroffers. And that's why the price got up demand. I don't I don't know who told her she had a case I don't either because they're not gonna be able to say that they didn't pay a Alan good money. She's a woman the humor good money. She's the woman soup black there. She's not there white women But they could make a case like you know if are they all have to do is say. Our audience prefers white female white comedians. We have more white people why there's so many ways to beat her and they don't so it's it's not. They're not on the same show. It's not a favored nations deal. Where everybody's getting the same way less than all those people? I guess I could sue. But I don't know what the case would be. Also the fact that she called for that was the one time. I'm sorry Blackie were. We walked continuing to watch. Thank you. Thank you But I think she's funny. She's great actor and she called Charlemagne Leonard. That's if nothing else we got nothing else to deal Goodbye Dip Got Man. My partner says my partner saying boyfriend sounds ridiculous once you get past twenty five years old right and I are big fans of the show and look for every episode. We especially appreciate your candidates around race and it's been a big discussion with the point for us in our relationship I'm a native specifically specifically eastern Cherokee. And it's anger up on the reservation and he is white from south Atlanta. We bonded over our love for ridiculous hip hop like two chains. We're we're curious. You mentioned native peoples briefly and I understand that it's hard for people to discuss native people because most of them don't even know someone who is native and but I love to hear more your thoughts about about native American representation in popular culture specifically native American mascots. I think we can all agree that the Washington professional football team is ridiculous. But what do we do about all the less agreed as mascots like the warriors nobody brings up the warriors is getting rid of all. Natives are even Catholic fighting. Viking people related mascots the solution part of me wonders if we get rid of Native American mascots people ever talk about native American peoples. I also want to mention that. My views have evolved a lot over the years when I was younger growing up on the reservation. I thought we'd bigger Sarah typical issues to deal with like diabetes drug abuse suicide. But I've come to realize that the systematic racism and oppression sparked my native mascots. Play into that continued struggle cycle. How Neil Phil Ville having thing I tend to side with her younger self. In that regard. It's very very tricky as a whiteman to prescribe any method of for fighting racism. Racism and going. This is what you should worry about. 'cause I'm no it's not my place Even I think that and I'm the biggest fucking note on the world bill so I tend to think that it's that that the redskin warrior brave Redman going on on right is i. Don't see how much of a link to the drinking in the but maybe I made. She's basically saying that. This systemic this systematic racism and oppression sparked by native mascots play into that continued struggles cycle of what sorry diabetes drug abuse that also alcoholism on on On reservations is insane Fisher. But what do you mean. She's nasty implying that the mascots playing to the continued struggle cycle which I just disagree with. No I think like a redskins just mean the color skin. Not that he's right but even if you I don't think I think If black people have high rates of drug use I think people have a high high rate of whether it's diet or or substance substances. It's doesn't have a lot to do with mascots now. I think they're totally I think they're separate and I think she's better off worrying about the the the actual stuff. Yeah but they just represent insensitive caricatures of White People's understanding of that group Brits that's it that's all they mean i. It's I think I promise you. White people meant it. Well but the Redskins I I can understand. Stand that the most that just just looks fucked up to me red skins that's described native Americas the warriors we can go. I mean where does it end. I think there's two different conversations. I think the Redskins should change your name because it's not white people's Apple's idea of those white people from nineteen forty fifty. Whenever you know we've evolved? I think I don't think that was the biggest of the. I hear conflicting information nation. We're bothers people are doesn't bother people. Whatever right seem I? Just don't I not like I don't care I the funny. I was thinking the other day that White People's met well will by calling them naming them after right. Yeah like those guys. We beat them. But those fucking redskins are tough. It's like yeah we beat them. It'd be like The Washington. Those mother fuckers over from Eighth Street like those. They'll fight the shit out of you. It's like the fighting Irish. It's named like those. Say What you want those they will fight. But also I got into a weird Internet wormhole about names that That we think are just native names. That don't meet in Tahoe. Others like squaw valley is is a resort and I I didn't squawk is a derogatory name for a native American can female's Vagina thought. squall was a young female Indian. That's what I'm saying. There is a press conference with these natives they were saying that's derogatory that's describe a female. The giants squall. We call squad everything squad bread. I'm like I just wear is the official we'll so they're calling it female. They're calling pussy breast MRI valley and maybe they should take a look in the mirror. If it's a woman's GonNa stop naming things after no. They're saying they aren't though I'm just saying what. How do we know? What how we can debate whether Redskin is meant to be derogatory or it is in or I'm just I don't think authority on put it on the list of fucking awful things it don't put it on the list? I see arts fucking GonNa Melt so so I'm sorry and I did a native. I dated a seminal woman and And for a while I was the I I fell in love with really and the funniest thing was that they when that you know what they call meetings readings in in the traps. Yeah they call them power cool. He's like we have a powwow was like you actually call them pouches like yeah are they called teepees. Yeah they're called squad they're called Pussy Pussy. Let me see Goodbye hit hit me with with an audio you've got mail Neil and Bianca My name is JR longtime feeler. Neil you might remember me man. You did a music challenge on Instagram Graham. Couple years back for your song candles candles. You smell good. I did a little acoustic guitar. Countries version you reposted it right away. That was super famous and popular amongst a couple of my friends for like a few days. So Neil you're the man Question Oh just got done watching Seth Meyers Net flicks stand up special. I thought it was awesome. Saw The news director certain thinking to myself. How does one direct a standup special? Neil would love to hear you know what goes into a man. How much time do you spend in it are you there? Are you telling cameraman what to do. Do you take footage at the and put together literally nothing about it but it seems super interesting but love to hear how neil feels and what Pinky Thinki- thanks God he's needs directing a wait. Tell me what this song about candles candles. You'd have to. It's impossible to explain. Can you sing a little. No it's impossible Senate too well and he can put it in. I was listening to a lot of Gospel Music and and then I sang of Song. And then James Poyser put Gospel organ under it and then people did. It covers funny. Directing Standard specials is not the heart it is one person standing on stage and Facing toward the camera so you have seven. It's basically like surveillance you have seven cameras to to cover the person with and all I did with sats special was I helped them. Mike shape the act in terms of overall structure and and What to cut but jokes and leg and gave him a couple of tags in there and the camera wise I tried to make it not look like TV show? So I basically framed it so that there's a lot oughta headroom on the so. There's a lot of room between so the most standard specials are like everyone's perfectly centered perfectly the center the frame. Your face is the upper center the frame with him. I'd make it like the lower left just more artful less like show. Okay what are your most favorite and least favorite angles on comedy specials Head to toe was good. Yeah it's too wide stink. Young people do dry. But you want what I want is the I want the Shin up and the close up do physical like Sebastian or Cat Williams. Do you need the. But even that you could do with a shinto up chev Asan's feet Sebastian user defeats you just don't want too much stage like oh look at the stage like look at the look silly dead just like look at that would would would it be what about your least favorite angle. Some people go crazy. I'm like it's not that serious. No I mean there's the only one you need the one the from behind them just for editing if they cut to behind the person there's an at yeah they're on their back. There's an and the cutting the audience. It's a silly I didn't we didn't do that. I like cutting to the audience. Know why I just like to see I think comedians finding distracting. I think comedians find it. It's a different take. Likes it because he always said it was like an infomercial for seeing them live. See Chris Rock live but I don't. I've never had them and I think it's a thing of the past because it just makes you think of the old joke was if you did a black throat you cut the black couple so that you can get like they liked it so right. I think I grew up on Def Def comedy Jam Comic View and Audiences Julia the cell. There was not and sets. had a thing ed skipped politics button. And that was his idea It's a great idea but people are asking me like Dad. was you know it was him who makes you dragged it on your own. You basically just set the cameras up and then go do all right next show and Bijon was helping the back and actually actually Akiva from the lonely island was Just natured nobody fucking ruined by You've got okay. Let me do to these at once. One Guy wrote loved three. Mike's Digging the park has seventy start discussing your view of relationships. You've you've got an opinion sure but your inability to make long-term romantic connection. Work is not a matter of personal philosophy but if something deeper within you good luck and then another another lady lady gave read me the riot act. Neil I've been a fan for a while but the fact that he spent fifteen minutes of your last episode explaining on Air that women should essentially be honored honored him sexy. Because you come with perks made you sound like Harvey Weinstein now. It didn't While you experience no while you're experienced cool no self. Respecting female wants to sit around a table with a bunch of celebrities. Politicians divide allies for decades and be looked at like the bitch that through our morals out the window to meet them not one. No one wants to be that girl and no one wants to talk to that girl. How do I write this with such conviction because no self respecting female went with you and then you took the air to bitch about it like a pendulum child? First of all eighty. I didn't ask ask any self-respecting female to go with me did well. Yeah but you're not self respect so it wasn't like a rejected offer. I was talking about the relationship in general. If you're wonder why women are so averse to your offer having the expectation of sex in exchange for a boozy night out out essentially puts a price tag on it. Frankly doesn't sound like any guy friend I've ever had your entire point of view on this subject was nails. Were two women everywhere again. She can speak for women. But I can't speak for men or women so okay cool I am sure after you ran. Your inbox was filled with tons of emails from girls. Names like stacy and Jamie Now lady. They sure weren't but thank you ODA quality woman who warned turn also add some severe night just because you get to watch it whispering David Kelsey. It really emphasized that disconnect you are with women in general. You did a lot of whispering. He would that wasn't because I mean if there was a woman there would have opened up Maybe I misunderstood your stance from when you send an incredibly slimy okay. Bianca won't even look at me. I'm like Between you and is between you and her the as a this AB conversation your way my point was the seventy thirty point. which is I'm giving giving you seventy percent of a relationship? I'm not saying. Hey come to DC and fuck me. What I'm saying is there are women that I have that? I'm dating right that at a certain point when I go. I don't think this is GonNa last forever. They cannot go any further they cannot go any further which I think is silly because they're depriving themselves of good life experiences. I don't think I'm not like you come you. I I bought you address. You put that on. I'm Harvey Weinstein. I fuck you and you get parts. It's a silly thing where you're you're depriving yourself of a live experience because of the pressures the peer pressure you feel as a woman to be spoken for an IT. If if if you're only role is how the guy relates to Corny. If it's like if you don't think that you're interesting on your own and just say like yeah we're dating that's all you got to say. I'm not going to be like. This is some broad I met on the Internet. That's not what I was talking about. Just some lady I was talking about women not who wouldn't WanNa go because I was pretty sure sure we weren't gonNA last forever. I have a question though. Do what the only thing I don't understand percent about your argument because this has been brought up a bunch of times. I agree with everything except the only thing that I I don't understand. Your Gripe with is why you're off your offering something if they're not into it regardless of how the reasons why they're not into it there'd be on if you're being honest with them and they're being honest right back to you saying you know what for what reasons. ABC that's just not something. I'm interested in. Why are you? Why does that not cool? Great I'll find their depriving themselves of a good experience. But isn't that you kind of dismissing. What they're telling you in CIGNA? You're you realize I understand what they're saying first of all they never have. ABC This makes me feel this way. This way if I took wants to admit it no one wants to admit that they are insecure. And they don't want to admit that you saying this isn't going to be a long term thing makes me insecure. Something wrong with me. I going fine. I like you enough to make long-term I'm older. I WANNA boyfriend. I you know that kind of burst my bubble and that makes me say no one wants you sound kind of like losing all this. Yes so I think the disclosure of why they don't want this thirty. I don't know probably does something. He's Ego. Yeah that's what Allie was saying where they get their upset because they think I'm long term commitment and I know no myself and go late. I don't this isn't long term for me but which doesn't mean it's the it's like when they always say there's like a spectrum of love heterosexuality right and homosexual there should also be a spectrum of married on one hand and just fucking you on the other hand right and that's the thing that I'm arguing against. Which is why is it that if I don't WanNA marry you that it automatically all drains do I just WanNa fuck which is what this one might say? You're very good friend. Kate is saying because what I'm saying. She's making more of a quid pro quo of like yeah. That's what it is. We already have a relationship. We've had a relationship. I think they'd wander stand on not based on Offerings people don't understand that these are people you get along with your already in a relationship at some point you it turns instead of saying sign in our never talk again because we enjoyed shows companies. Let's sing for. Does it have to end once. We know it's not going to allow 'cause and and the other cates forgetting forgetting is most relationships. Don't last so I'm actually just calling it and going. I see where this is headed and I don't I think it's going to be forever but I but I don't WanNa marry you but I do like you but there is you know. Never say to someone I like you a decent Leeson them up right but maybe there needs to be a period of time where they can just digest it. Yeah because most of the time they'll probably come back and be like you know what you're right things irritating me. I guarantee most of them aren't if they're cooling-off girls that you started dating mostly warrant having a fantastic time and I didn't see any issue. They were just ignoring Lantau. So sorry but basically if you give them a just a period to cooldown. I'm sure some have come back me like yeah you know if you hit them up. Would you wanNA come with me. It's just a it's real ego blast d'ya and it's easy. It is easy to mistake for slime time. Yeah but I'm not doing it. Used to be disrespectful like I want sex when we get back from that party. I WanNa fuck you underneath the chandelier in my rue. It's that's not what it is. It's I were already seventy and and I'm saying I don't think we're going to get to marriage but Do Do you want to do this thing blank and and a lot of times. It's like no if I can't have everything on evening and I just don't understand why. Yeah there's not a a it's not fluid between I just WanNa marry you and I and I I WANNA marry another person says it's because they don't think they can't. I believe that that I can get away with it like I'll do that with fucking blake. I'll go to Cancun with blake. But I'm not going with you fucking Dork face. No well. That's people who are haven't fucked yet. That sounds like an endorsement endorsement. To how good your game as that's not just saying if someone's already in a relationship with you yeah So she but you know and hand this thing about Inability to make a long term Relationship Connection Work Gulag with long-term connection. Romantic connections is either one or you're in the same boat as me. Either your happily married or you're full of Shit and you couldn't make it last either. No one can make it last full also with fuck wants a bunch of long-term relationships and a lot of wasted time. Now what isn't your. This is a seventy thirty it. Did you not enjoy the time. It's the thing that I've written with Dave. I've written with Jost I've written with Mike. Sure I've written with a bunch just people. Mike sure we don't write together anyway. Stubborn and again in two thousand one or two Dave. We stopped running together in two thousand. Awesome five we did like I. Don't I'm not. Yeah that's what they that's what they were fucking great when I mean gene is. I don't want three eight year relationships under my belt. I feel like that's wasted time in terms of relationship because because for me I just I would rather once I know it's like okay. Whatever we can still be friends we can hang out but I don't need these long term relationships in my twenties the gobble up time where it's relationship sometimes or compromises? You probably were held back from doing something like I want to live. And then when I'm into trying for a long term relationship I will but I don't agree that like you need to have a bunch of long-term relationships. I don't think that I don't think that it's an indicator indicator of anything. That's this guy's again using this like the psychological and until you've had a long term successful successful romantic I've had I've had I've fallen in love with people and then it ended bunch different ways every time. But so like there's something in me. What is it Sir Sir? Will you right back and tell me what it is. And what how. I'm worse than other people. Because that's what he's saying. There's something broken in you. You're you're not you haven't had bad luck you haven't had. It's the thing that they tell people who haven't been in long term romantic relationships. There's something wrong with you. It's I'd try this joke where it's like. The odds of it happening are so slim and everybody acts like it's your fault. It'd be like if you took a half court. Shot at at the Lakers game. You missed and instead of going to the audience went like you need to look at your relationship relation with your mother like dude. It's a fucking long. The whole thing's a long shot. Yeah so again. But it's I bet he felt satisfied right in the Serb but hopefully tell me what's the matter and he'll he'll guess and be wrong because it's never as easy as one thing thing Bianca believe at a time goodbye. o shattered his Cynthia Feeler Saami Prime Pizza asked me for photo. Where's prime pizza? There's one on Fairfax is one downtown Arts district there's one in Burbank. It's really pizza but very nice and you're going to get some boobs sweat. Pants can't an interesting letter. I was the best man for a for a wedding a a couple of years ago. Great friends with the groom and bride so the night before the wedding they both had their Bachelor Bachelorette party was blackout ended up with the bride overnight. What we've talked again in the morning and she asked me promise never sell anybody? I know I'm so offer that so I guess I'm asking at this point. Should I tell my my conscience is killing me about it. He clearly doesn't know and she always jokes to me about it. What do you think he's Neil feels about dumb about Dick delays the PS Bianca's confusing level of hot right constantly? Thank God I wish she breaks and does porn for then immediately think. She's so sweet and trying to help she never does porn the internal struggles my little baby First of all what fuck also also bad idea to have both bachelor bachelorette right before weird like you. What also why you're going to be incredibly incredibly hung over? Yeah that's my thing. Why do you want to be like? I put my head in a bowl of ice when I'm hung over guys water. You just makes me feel better. Yeah that's how bad I look after you fucked That's yeah I don't i. I don't think you tell Tom. I don't think you're out of your fucking mind. I think what will probably happen. is she'll cheat on him and he'll catcher. She'll do it again also. Oh tell her to like be very serious. Stop with those fucking jokes. That's cute if the other big thing. This is like the honor honor among thieves. Thing you gotta make sure she ain't ever telling him because if you don't tell them she can't tell them right. Because if if if I or you might get fucked up will think about it if he at least over right if she was like when I fuck again when the far our wedding and the morning of that's why I don't fuck the morning up it's another reason The I think you can never tell and you gotta you gotTa have a deal like if you are taken behind enemy lines. Just name rank a serial number. You can't tell him shit dude that's fucked up. That's fucked up thing to do. Yes especially if you're actually him he was a groomsman. It seems like it. Yeah it was a best man. I don't believe this somehow. Something about this field fishy to me. It's all a little too convenient. Yeah I don't know or whoever you are Somebody else pointed out that I touch my glasses when doing standup I did it. On three Mike and It was an unconscious thing and it was from the I. It was just a nerve thing. It was a thing I started doing. What do you do? You did this a bunch of that. I don't do it more. You are you're finicky. You're always fuss. Yes yes. I'm touching my face. Face Napkin wiping. Richie is the problem and I got a lot of secretions. I got a lot of secretion. I got a whole lot of secretions. He's still heartbreaking. Do Porn is. He's still looking All right this is a this is a this is a many splendid thing today. Welcome back Neil L. Bianca hey feelers were were we love you. Were doing something pretty special. All over the world. You're part of it. You guys is all right bye. Goodbye uh-huh yeah.

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Mat Steinwede: How to design a career (and life!) in real estate thats free from anxiety

Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent Magazine

27:37 min | 11 months ago

Mat Steinwede: How to design a career (and life!) in real estate thats free from anxiety

"So I think this business is gonNA stop judging people on how much they ride. I think how happy they are is the case because I recognise a lot of unhappiness that they got expensive cars. Big loans was expensive clothes the anxious because they're always chasing the next bit of business like Dick. I think the level of peace of mind in this business is almost non-existent. The official podcast of elite agent for real estate industry sales professionals property managers and leaders. We bring you the based mining business in real estate to help you list more. So more and elevate your results to download your written action guide from this podcast containing extra tips glints and shootouts. Visit a lead agent. Elevate DOT com. Now here's your host Samantha. Maclay welcome to another episode opie. Elevate podcast where we dove into some of the most interesting minds in business and in real estate for the very best tips and strategies fee to implement. Elevate Your Business. I'm Samantha McLean editor of elite agent and hosted this week shy today. My guest is one of Australia's most high-profile who has built one of the largest real estate companies in my hometown the central coast. And that's McGraw's number one agent for the last three years running so welcome to the show Matt Stomachs Roofer so we haven't actually officially met before today. But I've been watching your Monday starters fees and I gotTa tell you that used to make me feel a little bit higher stake for the Central Coast. Yay like a sort of spent a Lotta Time Bay Interior too so my family used to iron and if you now on the esplanade as you come up. There's a restaurant they beside an old hotel and cold and help at UCLA. Coach Drubbings. It's on this now to French restaurant. Yeah so that old hotels now a sixty billion well each week old guy. Yeah Oh country comfort. Yeah I K- some sort of same time say your journey into real estate is different from a lot of other people's Sifi any val listeners. Hey haven't seen Monday. Status or dot net. He met Saad mighties probably two in the whole world but give us the background. People really sick of hearing my story. I lost twenty something years but yeah before I was in real estate I was under criminal and then I ended up like at least to being here down in Sydney and ended up in laws in that whole potty sane importing drugs in and out of the country that stuff and then. I ended up sort of harmless. One thing led to another story. Before I left Sydney the people I worked for apnea another brothel. They sent up terrible to go. Look for goals. Basically so we're not big nightclub. Met the boxes up and a couple of other people but one night ago career. Not a minute ago. Coconino and another Guy Code Dana so I came back to Sydney and then I was literally had a couple contracts taking out my lifestyle. I Ring Dan Island said. Can you come pick me up? And I literally left Sydney with what I was wearing and I was living in likely to abandon building and he put me out the back of these parents house and I'll be there for nine months and I was in a bad way had massive drug habit. I was not very good and then Iranian ex girlfriend tour. What should I do? And she says wouldn't get into real estate so I did. I just rang. Everyone in the yellow pages eventually got a job working real-estate still knocking and after about a year just walking around the streets with not a car or anything. I ended up on. The street is most wanted. Had to get him myself back in. Fortunately the judge she said to me today. Matt you should be going to jail for quite a few years satellite fourteen months out for my arrest but she said I just say some good in you and I'm GonNa give you a second chance. I still had to do community service and all of that but I walked out of the court and a ring. Dana and I said to him to make a commitment to. You're going to become a stray number. One hundred that's never lifting. I read that somewhere and you have been like number one agents in the ground for the last three years like massively competitive environment there. What is the non-negotiables that got you there? You can talk about prospecting and you can talk about all these things but the level of commitment you make is the thing that will take you there and thinking real estate is people go on about a million dollars or I want to double my business. I might be writing three hundred and fifty thousand dollars listening to this. But they have a desire to write more but they're habits. Don't change too much. It's really hard to w business. It's really hot and people think they're gonNA be happier if they do more but think the joy is in the growth like learning how to improve what you do every day. How do you get better selling sure if you take a longer term view you're going to end up so many pretty cool anyway? So I think the commitment is the number one thing that people lacking his business Try something to try and NATO. It falls by the wayside since speaking of commitment. You've been doing the Monday status. I think twenty four and you know I used to love that I used to love the whole. That was just crazy because there's always such joy net on a Monday morning and came to an end loss G. and even though I was Super Super Super Popula you Sydney las video that you're GonNa go with your gut instinct and something different. So what told you it was time to change? Forty minutes is like it's Probably taken you. Just don't have time for everything. I still listen sell every day. So with travelex in little pod and we sold probably two hundred and fifty house EIB between us. That's busy hot. Arner company as well so that takes time six kids. I'm a single dad and growing and growing growing so Monday start is on the Bates as much as I love them. I just don't have enough time given up surfing now as well. Yeah even upsetting. Because I spend more time in gymnast so sometimes you just go to make those choices what fits in your world. What doesn't get you need to go? Yeah so that's what I had to go. Yes interesting so if I could just summarize that you can't just keep adding stuff day without give and take a so many people in being one of them over the years. I think sometimes people feel the busy you are. It's almost like they feel successful. Because busy I get the opposite. I think the mole steady. You feel the most successful you become. Cushy can think you can get better energy. You're not anxious. Yeah there's a lot of power in that sadness and when life isn't scented things don't go well. Things don't flow public. Yeah I haven't expression action drives out. Thought if you're always doing totally somebody friends of mine. Lucky eating how young busy. I'm so busy and I get it like this like they live in that space and there's an architect friend of mine who is amazing architect. When he has a new project he actually stops working and he says he needs he needs it to brave i. I really took a lot from that. When you have a bit of space around something and it can bre- you tend to have the right ideas and you have the right. Impulses and success is all about impulses. It's not about creating a business plan. I didn't have a business plan. All that have have anything apart from refusing to do every day. I know where I need to be. But when you like feel aligned. It's almost like the path comes together for you. Make the next person you make next person you find the right lane and if you know this comes your way but if you're not in Zion everyday authentic you rick. She fought potential. Yeah he say that is happening now. You don't put your burn out. People will feel it dealing with people in your in. Somebody's harm. You WanNa lose their house and you literally just only keeping up chance of you listening that properties like how can absolutely tell me about thirty one minutes. How did that stop what it's because it's like a movement now it is? I just was changing when I hit forty of always at reasonably good. Genetics like a cabinet had to try to look day. I believe I've never really had to try too hard. A always trained in being athletic convinced bodies changing and I was like well. I can't do something about this. Because the dies was full back then I was like well. Something's GonNa Change so started with thirty minutes a day and just intense cardio and I'm not a runner. Never been a runner and so I was on a treadmill for years and I was like thirty minutes. What about fifty one minutes just an extra one? That's where it came from. And then now it's like can almost attached to anything even with prospecting as an agent. The thing that's really interests me about prospecting is that's what will help you become raised me successful every time but as soon as people get busy they stop it. Yeah I don't know why so with my health. My health is probably my number one value my health in kids maybe kids and then what so that that would be my top values and You have to make decisions every day around irs values otherwise they don't meantime so said he wanted minutes. He's about that. Yes it's health but it's also about social media Broccoli's in the corner over here. We make time for it so every day we probably have three or four which I'm sort of just on the Gospels and thereafter. Yeah interesting and there's a book isn't it reads for you. So we're GONNA leave some links in the shelter for the booking everything at the moment. He just said that their blocks in your time. What does your day look like at the moment standing like I didn't get to work till about nine but in the morning I've been to the gym may be launched. I came to school all that and then just quickly. Prospecting been diminishment. Dukes real for appointments but the all hive opponents as dessert other people are gonNA sell we'll going to buy. I have a team of seven so myself and trump couple by writings couple of Admin. And so they do a lot of the engine room stuff now. Where as many as I did at all and then at the end of the gym again to us then I'll make the kids do sometimes and then if it's not title Cape It hasn't made some and then I'll pretty much weight through the not just doing different things like talking to people. Whatever some all I sorta working but I work around the other things that they're gonNa feel me. The other interesting thing about that is if you're not field you can't you've energy to people you just. I think that's why people get depressed or anxious or you know inside the unfulfilled. Because they're not taking care of themselves first and now it sounds selfish but when you do those one chunk in the day it does something to you. It light fills the tank. We have been to emotional bank and if you feel their emotional bank up enough you can make mistakes. I still love you but without sills we. Don't give ourselves anything sometimes. This job is so giving like everyone wants you and not in a how many calls a day. But there's a lot there's nothing worse than resenting a cool coming in that I don't know how many burn out periods of sort of Baynes driver the as but I just wasn't working out. I've got to the point where I wasn't enjoying it anymore. Though I've always done well but on the outside people would have thought killing it but on the inside of his dying. That's the thing that I like it. I I think we all present a face to social media and like that that people think that he's what's going on I mean. I went through a similar thing last year. You know I had to take some of my health in a big hurry. But it's paid dividends inside many other ways. I think this is probably something that a lot of agents think is going back to the being busy thing but I think that if I acted off the pedal like if they stopped making calls or I stop doing all the appointments or type Beta time off to spend time with their family. Oh fill the soul of whatever it happens to that the businesses GonNa go away. So what advice would you give to someone who who is on that treadmill those periods like stopping doing almost twenty five years? I've seen everything luck taking me. Twenty years to build the team around me like amazing and I'm not saying that because my team they disgraced people love them but like this periods. I'd say for the first three years yet. There is a lockdown period. Where you're going to stretch. You gotta get a bit attraction. People got not yet and then after that the first thing that I would do is start to search for the right person to be with me. Because then you're gonNA give it a ton leverage someone that can be take some calls. Whatever after about five years I think he can start to design your life a little bit better in this industry. It's like rough like the more you ride the more people think you fantastic but it's not about that. It's about Prophet. So if you've got eight hundred thousand a year and you run really lean business and you'll making four hundred grand e Prophet 'cause you expenses alot you just got you and one other person going to be the time leverage or you live in a great loss. That's success not right. Four million dollars a year and you got old as people with you and it's continue making mistakes and unhappier. Forget about all that you didn't know what people's what what is like on the inside so I think this is this is GonNa stop judging people on how much they ride. I think how happy they are is the key. 'cause I reckon there's a lot of unhappy real estate agents? They got expensive. Cars belongs expensive. Clothes the anxious because they're always chasing the next bit of business like I think the level of peace of mind in this business is almost non. Existent what do we need today? Just out having a different conversation live within your means listening you Maine's so talking about relationships not listings. Today just started with us a few months ago and she's anxious as all hill. She'll haven't listed one. I said that's good. It doesn't matter the evolution when you're like an assistant so just gone form thirty relationships a day just like instead of door knocking looking for a listing. This industry is taught wrong. I believe sales managers like again fund listening Blah Blah Blah. If you're not fine when you're gone I think I'll listed anything for a year in the business but we should be teaching them to form relationships longtime because if you do that in an area that you work in your the relationship manager give it one year two years three years of nurturing that you'll start to develop market share and flow that no one can keep up with. If you do it correctly and on I think myself actually know how to work in area will in working area really well is where consistency comes from. So if you want to sell ten times a month father them's GonNa come from your co area. The manages to teach agencies so the agent fills fulfilled if they've come back inspected thirty people today. Don't met them but some details. That's a great result because that's where the garden sauce. It's like planning a tomato plant and screaming at it because it hasn't grown and developed tomatoes within two and a half weeks but it might take three and half months. Nature has a course a really believe this. If we started focusing more on relationships we have more successful agents. Yeah it's true. You can see a lot of examples in. Nitra main rivers diner on strike. Not they always goes by the time. I don't see the state's foldout we didn't no one does anything about it. It is a natural flow. I think if we put people first and then we taught agents had to actually work in area really really. Well I think we have longevity. Real estate has the highest non-retention right in the world of any profession. Yeah why because? They're not talk probably. Yeah he's also problem with the way that we pay agents say in terms of you know or thought about money. I mean intensive commission like I was just talking to agent who's a salaried agent and she speaks exactly the same way as you in that. It's all about the relationship but when you earning commission mainly or you're on that debit credit system which is still exists out there. It must be hard to focus on creating relationships when you nominating any money like. Do you think that we could be better at their in laws? The problem. It's the pressure you're gonNA find lades. I'M NOT SAYING. Don't go and find lays you're gonNA find them but it's a short term view and it creates anxiety pressure. You know the people. I didn't think people perform under pressure on other exactly right. It's just not feeling but if we had a system the mets Dong might system is if people follow up saying agents like literally go through the roof. Because I've just slightly full at that time as close as my system but I could say that there's a bit of a format here off had market share for most of my career in the little and it's just consistent so it's like. Is it a problem with the way we tell you? What the problem is these these agencies which Louis agents over at seventy percent and all this other stuff? You can't run a business on that craziness. I don't know how many low cost high commission paid agencies. I've seen come and go and I still go. It just intrigues me. I think you do a good job. The money's GONNA come before I've never focused on the money. Ever always focused on how many listings or sales could make a month. But be real. You know you have to make a couple of thousand month to survive this business. Yeah there's a lot of opportunity out there I think it's the proactiveness that will get you there. How many agents are saying coming to this business? And they're being super active and all of a sudden in east on doing better than some agency being twenty S. Well look at someone like just Heslin. Who's killing it at the moment like you know? He named himself down and really knuckled down and might Kohl's and see what he needs to learn from us a soul him speak the other day and it's interesting to watch but maintaining it. I've seen many agents have through the roof. And then they it turns into almost like a rickety cob. Because it's so busy. Yeah he's GonNa learn the maintaining it now decades. Yeah interesting so I've got some questions from outrageous fee and a lot of them are actually. I'm glad you brought Broccoli today. In Brooklyn a lot of them are around him. I guess there's a lot of interest in your social media presence and how you approach content marketing through the years. You've done some amazing stuff I question. How many stays really other in Broccoli? Huntsville is going to be a journalist. He's like he's got as all right. You can count you come awake for us for just getting that one on a car. How often do you guys discuss content? Like how often do you guys may work to your David Entertainment just everywhere together? So what time does Broccoli kickoff of morning cushion every single day? He's like the standard question. Is he takes me. What time would you let me in the office? It's like he just works on Buckley Tom so when he walks up. I'm happy with that. Absolutely what editing programs to use His W premier that's it adobe premiere pro nothing else sky strike for the top shelf Does Broccoli have set. Kpi's Broccoli type plays turn up today right. That's that's a win with your video is I'm actually a bit of a fan of some of the stuff that you do not everyone's cup of tape and like the different things that go on in the videos defined that that brings engagement on its own. What would your advice be to really engage following if you're an look? Instagram isn't massive. But it's growing and it's a Boy's vision around like it I personally just don't like real estate told so it's really boring. I couldn't find a property video. Do any of aiming for long time and I think you have to do what interests you but without polarizing people so because my background and my story and the journey like I find success interesting but what makes people successful you know. I think there are things. A lot of people don't say like energy and lose traction and had to improve your life that interest that's Wa with John the direction we do because I think I've become reasonably good at real estate because of the energy understanding not just because I have a good listening presentation. Yeah some of the things that you talk about the things that you know. You'll follow his are interested in once they get to nine and you very real on social media liking of as a set of fame watching your videos for years and it is like the Gary v Authenticity thing. If you're having a bad day you put it out. There knows watching another video of Youtube having a bit of a bit of an argument or disagreement. Yeah Yeah what. Some agents referred to be authentic and put it all that like that. What would your boss be on that? Such a good question. I reckon. This is a phenomenal question. Because building brand on social media it you gotta be careful so like one. I've already got profile so when I stand before they stopped going putting up bad days and things on social media already got profile of Mauri establish. I'd I'd go on right my genetic do any of that stuff because I don't want to but in May two hundred one to it's like if I put a bad guy out there I've already got street. Cred doing what I do and I think I find it interesting. That an agent. Who's been doing as long as I have still has bad days whereas this young that works for me Jordan boomer. He's having difficulty finding his way with these brands. Social media because he's got this in his heart what to do so he'll share stuff with then people that hey you don't have any real runs yet so while we listen to you so I think you gotta do what interests you but you've also got to do it in a way that attracts people like almost. India's people to the message the shoring not dislike on. It's going to put this stuff on that on the instagram because like because it can polarize people. We've taken a long time to even find out why on instagram on the content that people like in some of it hasn't stick some of it people don't like earlier on especially but you know you go to find you vibe there. I think if you're listening to this and you want to do social media you must do real estate stuff. You must do what you do. It just so happens when I started this stuff. I've been doing forever so it's like I've nothing left to prove with real estate. It's like the number one. The graphing doesn't enthuse manual. What enthuses me is self-improvement. That's interesting and that was can be question because McGraw is site competitive At the woods not last year. And so you guys get up on stage and you're in amongst amazing company paid a chauncey video calander and people like that who I'm guessing chomping at getting your number one title real three full plus million dollars a year like it's an older yet. But this his bane he so consistent he's like ninety percent market share Narain cells expensive harms like He. He's an amazing agent. Had He handled the competition? Does it not matter to any of you on a rather? Yeah I used to but I think there's a formula for number one. Anyway I think the formula you GonNa Win Anyway. There is one hundred percent. The formula for real estate is a formula is a patent. His process is a method. And once you work that out you'll just keep growing. Yeah what is your number one team? And you've had to be resilient throughout your career threat you'll lauch. What's your number one tip for building resilience divorced couple times? No kids building resilience like I think. Resilience comes when you want something enough when you really want something. You'll just keep going. I think resilience comes from when you design is bigger than the challenge in our. There's been massive challenges. The myself along the way in the early stages had vigil police coming up your office in Johnston working and all sorts of things in. It's like ob is just so focused on making myself becomes something and even today like Broccoli works with me every day and I'm just relentlessly in pursuit of better and I think when you are the risk that goes by the wayside. Yeah question for Broccoli was the best thing about Waking Matt. What he said always to be better. Because I'm a teenager. Aachen literally two sounds working USA. Oddly enough but one had other jobs that would be enough. That would say hey just nice and I just nice so familiar looking back in floppies Tom. Oh boy look back and say that's the best thing happened to me so pressing. Well how did you cheat Funday Chela he? I'm just sent me a video one day and he walked in sat down in ten seconds. Let's go people often ask us? How do they find abruptly? We only message many people. This is where it comes back to. I think the universe delivering if you want someone like him We've had a off and other ones those Jack. In other people they just that would just roughly. I think if you wanted enough like just stay in that vibe. Someone will come in your way they. You've got to be able to do a little bit. Asking see him. Becomes another question from a radar is is what APPS. Ge's like what's mice mice on your Fi- instagram than us. Anything of it using computers anything then answering emails versus a pretty boring just slightly different tactic. You are busy. Saina and you'll say carry. A little listing still had he balanced ladyship with listing selling or on the business owner have anything to do with it. So Jamie does. He has a couple hundred people that work with us and he runs the company yet. Don't management around him yet. Say Dan Yankee involved angles longtime ago. He made that decision to run the business and he doesn't get him on. We check in every day. But he doesn't tell me anything he doesn't he doesn't want to like. I just have titled Trusted Him and I think in a business partnership with like if there's not that level trusted I just want work. Is it any advice? You give your younger self. Yeah I think I was always anxiously was gonna work out if I could give myself advice. It it's going to be. I K met. I have loved Tokens Z. Loved meeting and we're going to leave a half of links in the shiny fur thirty one minutes and all that sort of stuff but if there was one thing that you would like people to remember as a result of listening to this podcast what would it be. I think after all these years I've learned that the most powerful thing you can have is peace of mind so to spend spend too much. Don't do things to impress other people to things that feel right for you. Peace of mind you go pal and then that power will drive your success. I think it's the number one thing and spend that extra one minute in the gym. Jim Coutts mets dot. We hope you enjoyed the episode of elevating from elite agent to download your written action. Guy From this podcast containing extra tips links and shortcuts visit elite agent. Elevate DOT com.

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I Gotta Lotta Dick!

Brandi Glanville Unfiltered

53:47 min | 11 months ago

I Gotta Lotta Dick!

"Taylor is is brandy. I'm your favourite house. What am I an act? I'm not sure I'm not sure if you know what actually got me into the public eye in the first place but if you don't it was a horrible divorce from very hot. Sunlight unknown television actor after a ton of drama and his many affairs were revealed. It was finally over for us when he moved in with the country singer that he would later Mary on the exact date their affair was made public on the cover of us. Weekly coincidence I think not. It's been rough to say the least and anyway audiobook drinking and tweeting an insane story a husband that just could not stop sheeting and finally somehow this crazy hurricane and heartbreak divorce a lot of white. Wine Landon me on the hit. Tv show the real housewives of Beverly Hills? So you can go and get my book right now. At Brandi GLANVILLE DOT COM. It was such a passion project. It was very difficult to go back in time and relive the pain but I did it so go and get it. I'm excited to share it. All with you please Again just got a brand new. Glenville DOT COM. Click the link and buy it is an editorialized version of what? I originally wrote because back when I wrote this book I was very very very angry and I don't necessarily feel the same way today that I did back then but regardless there's a lot of crying and swearing and a ton of cursing so buckle your seatbelt kitty cats. It's GonNa be a ride shot Berry you. Her fans are intact. Bethany Bethany Frankel. Her fans are crazy and I like her too. But it's like you know they're just that ride or die fans like if they hear anything bad they dislike. There's also so many of them and it's like they're in the millions. It's like it's exhausting. Straw media this Red Glanville unfiltered. Hey everybody welcome to brand. Glanville unfiltered sitting here listening. I feel like we're we're totally rhymes with Danny Pellegrino. Oh and we're here to talk about his podcast. Everything iconic with Jani Pellegrino and all things Bravo all things Danny and we have to get to the bottom up some stuff. Yeah there's so much to talk about know. I'm a huge fan. I just interviewed you for my podcast. And there's of course so many things I wanNA know. I tried to get some denise dramatic but I know you can't really I did my best. I put my journalist. You got more than most people have gotten in awhile so you guys definitely tune into podcast. That'll be out next week. Who knows the describing? You'll find so for a lot of people that don't know you. You literally went to School College. You have like a masters in journalism and all this shit. I did go to college graduate. I actually graduate from Penn State University From Northeast Ohio. And then I moved to Chicago and then I moved here and then you did second city. I needed the groundlings where I feel like. That's where every really good comic that makes ever studies. I I remember in school. I was like I gotta move to Chicago because I actually. This is weird years and years before when I was in high school or Middle School or something I'd met Molly Shannon and I like worship mom shining right. She's so funny. She's so funny and I had met her as a kid and I was like. I want to do what you do. And she's a goethe second city and go to the groundings in that. I was such a young impressionable as soon as I'm out of school. I'm going I'm going to move to Chicago and that's what I did. I I finished school early I moved to Chicago and then I was trying to be a comedian. I was doing stand up and sketch and nothing was really like working at all and I it's such a hard. I was at a show a comedy show on Friday and I felt sorry for some of the the comex is it was it was hard. They funny and I was like all get off stage. I wanted to them. I know the Improv shows too are really role. Because it's like you're doing the craziest Shit. It's like Improv. More of like are yes. That's fine and e- it's kind of easier because you have a story you already have a story you just have to. Improv and other people are on stage right but so I had. I had a couple of career setbacks in some personal stuff like a family member pass away. There was all this stuff that happened. I fell into this really bad depression and I. I talk about it all the time. People are probably sick of it but I had gotten in a dark place for like a month and I was like I'm never getting on stage again. I'm never performed and I just was writing and I was making memes than I thought. That's what I'll do now so I started making a lot of housewives memes. I'm driving means you like a million but then I decided to start a podcast. I started like a Bravo. Podcasts and then I did some ghost writing. Gigs of your writers. I googled your name. Allow all these books came. And I'm like wait but none of them. Say Your name on it. I wish I could have goes through and one of your books. I know but you had a CO author author but your books was just so fantastic. Thank you so much. So can you tell us which ones you? Britain are secret. The ones that I've coauthored. Yeah I co authored a book with Bob Harper. Who is on the biggest loser? He had a heart attack or something and hit architect like when. I was spreading about high rough. It was a rough. He's okay he's he's great. He's actually hosting the reboot of the biggest loser on Do we know like I saw him after like he was like the healthiest person? I've ever looked healthy. It was just a he I I kind of forget the details but I know he had stuff that ran in. The family was like a genetic type situation. I don't remember the exact language of it does that. I stopped working out after. He had listen if he's going to have our Jack then. I just wanted to spend money on the couch and just give it up. Like he's so healthy. He was so healthy. Though I can honestly say like I know that people were like he must have been really help. Steroids not win but shoot up heroin our. You're actually I don. So that was my first. I Co authored book and that was a situation where I had come on board later and then I co authored with two of the vendor pump rules customers I did at their cocktail book. Co authored. It with Arianna Tom. I was a lot about cocktail kind of Antioch but that was really fun. That would just came out at the end of last year. Fancy cocktail I love. Yeah I saw some Google that Mike. What the fuck is this? It's a fun cocktail book. There's stories enterpreneurs Annette. And there's all these great recipes and they created all these wonderful cocktail recipes. Maybe you should co author next. I would love because I feel like you are good at getting things for me. Getting things out of our thinking half that stuff. I was like wait a minute but it is fun because sometimes you get in your like you. You're going down the rabbit hole and you're like you read it. After this is not interesting I spent like a week on this. So it's nice to have a different perspective and you do need someone to just pull out interesting stories. And what are the things that I think was a benefit working with Ari an-and Thomas also? I'm also a huge fan of their show and so it's like I'm coming at it from a fan perspective too. It's like this is going to be a book for and I know what they wanNA listen or what they want to hear about. And even when I'm interviewing something someone like you. It's like I feel like I know what fans want us to say about the news. County Naughty Naughty so do you actually lake? Tomonori do like them. And I don't think I wanNA work with someone. I've worked with people in the past that I haven't cared for but I'm not interested in working people especially because I know them on TV. Like I didn't know them personally. But there's certain people I like on TV. And I think would be fun to work with and then there's other people I would never even go near working with you like right so I really liked them and they were both wonderful to work with. I think Arianna. She's really smart and Tom incredibly creative. I like like them even before I I worked at though. Yeah there's no like you couldn't pay me enough to work with someone I don't like it's well actually just did work with Kenya Online. Gone more anymore. We did a Netflix. Show called family reunion and we played housewives random. No it's a Sitcom writer. It's a family circumvents really funny and it was great. It was great and you guys got along at No. No we played enemies weird right no so recently. I have to say I saw your on Watch. What happens all excited to be there? I was like nervous and excited and I was really really fun. You look nervous after 'cause when they say here's Deli Danny Pelegrina. I'm like I'm doing his podcast in a minute and you just looked very nervous that I was like. Oh good this will give me something to talk about outside all the other. We're GONNA talk about. Yeah I mean I was nervous and excited also. I was running on like very little sleep. So I- combated that with caffeine and so it was like in one of those weird. It was a weird moment. But it's funny because Adam pally was on the show and people had like message me of these things that he's said on the show and I wasn't even paying attention. I was so just looking around. I'm like where's Tamra Barney's to class. This is like saying it was just like where am I? And then the bartender. They kind of they play. Games and subsidy move you out of the way when they bring the green screen thing out and so I I wasn't paying attention to who would be But I was so excited no I mean honestly it was like I was excited for you and we have to talk about you got me. Andy met him before. No I never met him. I had done Bravo. Comm hosted some panels there and then also Interviewed on the red carpet happens. I've and Andy was like the one person that I had just missed him. Because I was running late from like a panel to the red carpet. I didn't get to interview them. We we had a moment where I said. Hello but that was it but I met him. I watch what happens? Live and he was so nice to me okay and he was great talking me backstage because I got to ask him all these questions about you guys. This is you have to think about because Bravo has baby so I think that he really does enjoy talking about it. I think that he you know and he listens because he you know he wants to know what the fans thing. Because that's what drives the shows as a someone who's on these shows. Do you pay much attention to like that chatter of like the fans and blogs and suffered you kind of let a I used to. I definitely did in the past I let it get to me and I was. It was not good. I was like everyone treats me like I cared so much. What people I don't know thank and now I don't know I don't give a fuck the other cast members. Do you find that. Sometimes customers will pivot their story. Lines were the way. They're acting onscreen. 'cause they're noticing how the fans reacted them. Does that make sense? Well you don't know how they're reacting because the it's not air jet you know so it's it's hard to do that you can't actually because you know you shoot it and then it air six months later so I don't think so. I do think that a lot of girls care about what the hater say which I used to think that. That's who are hopefully. Were getting away from that a little bit. I don't know if you find this. Do you find social media is? There's a it's ninety percent. Hey you know it's a lot of no then. I always say the things that people say to you. Guys the cast members of the show. It's shocking to me. I post memes on my instagram. And I see what people will. S- they think I'm the person name right right. And they'll say these women to it's often women you click on the profile and the thing than most nasty thing about looks or kids or something unlike who can. You can't say that you shouldn't say that to any single issue on their character and I think they I think oftentimes fans think there's like a wall between them and these people but I know that reality TV stars. They see the stuff on social media. Maybe they have some people might but I think for the most part people don't always have someone like filtering stuff. Maybe Julia Roberts. Has someone filtering her instagram comments or something but reality TV stars. They see what you post their posted and they see it. Well even highly posted a picture about ever a picture of herself with her knees with our Jill with her. What's her face? I am sorry. And she got trolled. People were like she had no make up on the cougars Sunday morning. Like she looked gorgeous crucially classes and a heron about no makeup. She got so much hate and she. I remember she talked about it. Because it was just meanness America's sweetheart. She not doing anything wrong. She's an actress. We don't know Hurrell life. She's showing that he's having breakfast with her niece and like it's a beautiful moment. Why on Earth? Are you hating on her for her looks because she didn't get ready and put eighteen filters on it? I would I would say I. I applaud her for that. Because now we don't know who the fuck looks like what because everyone's got to filter we all face to ensure it's like I don't know who looks like they look. Yeah you can't tell what anyone let's now. There's even those plastic surgery face filters now on Ansari. I don't know if they're still there but yeah so it looks like somebody might have had tons of plastic surgery. But they're just using the filter. Yeah I applaud you Julia Roberts for not using the filters and for an I hate. I'M NOT GONNA say April. I don't applaud all of you. That fill the need to attack people on our look. What's your favorite Julie Roberts movie? Oh pretty woman hooker ahead like I'm like just you know what I mean. That totally be me everything you know. She was a hooker ago. Richard Gere so hot too. I mean he looked so good him out. I watched Amazon Prime Fuck you. I'm on prime movie on with Richard Gere and he still hot. He's still hot. Did have like a weird spray down. I'm not coming for him because I love him. I would come for him if we were dating. But yeah he's not sexy older man. He's one of those. Sean connery types of they're going to be sexy for your whole fucking life until they're dead. Have you seen Sean Connery? Because I feel like it's been a minute. He is even still with us. I'm not sure actually. This may be thinking. I miss that accent. Maybe it's not. So what is your favorite point as though he's hot forever. He's out forever. Yeah he's James Bond for the rest of his favorite Bravo show is real houses in York. Is that what you'RE GONNA ask? Yes Yeah New York House size. My number one. I think it's just the funniest. I think it's the most well rounded cast of weird characters. Like they're all a little nutty and they're great are you. Are you GonNa Miss Bethany? I'll miss her but I'm I like the seasons without her. I was happy when they brought in Heather and Caroline. Aviva that those seasons regret. I know that's very popular. Some people hated those years. But I think it'll give these other women time to kind of have some storylines more and like Luan Dahrendorf Sonia and Ramona there. Some of the best housewives. Now that we that are on air right now so it's like Just having four of the four all stars in one city is I know I mean I love Sonya more than life itself. I think she's she's not trying to hurt anyone. She is just having her meds drinking her wine. She's just looks you could tell she's a kind soul insulate heart she just wants to have a good fucking tight and she doesn't care for dress around ways. I feel itchy reminds me of myself. Do you remember that scene? Did you watch New York outside the idea you ever see that scene where Bethany obliterate Sonia? Because Sony was doing like a tipsy girl drink. I do remember that. And he's rough. It was so hard to watch. Because what we love about Sonia's that she's like this little puppy dog right and I mean that in a complimentary way but Bethany. It's not it wasn't a fair fight. And it was like Bethany was obliterating this woman who and she even said Sonya's crying and she's like I was just trying to make a buck like I don't. I'm not coming for skinny girl. I'm just trying to make and I don't know that was I. Remember that scene. It was hard and it was hard to watch. It was like you know what let everyone get. There's everyone can have something like every single house. I'd have you ever Mona Charen peanut Griego. Everyone's gotta drink come on. Does that happen in your experience with customers? Like did they get mad if one person's doing this there's definitely jealousy that goes on about. Oh what posted you get. What are you doing? Did they come to you and ask you? I think that there's room for everyone to have something and I just I like I celebrate it. It's we're these women and were at a certain age in our life and were given the opportunity. Let's take away that Sonja Morgan say her last. Name's Morgan I got so those people that are like you can't have the like the crest earned crash. She gave her vagina up. She has a daughter she earned the Morgan Crest. Sonya's one of the few housewives to that we don't see the daughter but she's still so compelling like we don't see a lot of stuff but she still compelling because she is one of the people that had it almost at all and I feel like people are rooting for her. Were watching her with their struggles or watching her. Come out on top and it's constant it's it's always a fight. I mean sometimes just having a great year sometimes just have messier but at the end of the I think what I love about her is. She's kind and we're all rooting for her. And she's so fucking beautiful stunning. I can't and I love when she has the poof. Inner Hair like I always give me the Sonia poof. I want it and she. Somebody asked her one time a long time ago. If she thought I was not colleagues on my. That's my girl. I feel like the two of you together with if I if I could take somebody from New York to go on vacation with Ed. Be Her we would have the oblast and we were not hurt anyone's feelings we might end up in the hospital but it happened one of the other things that I love so much about New York is. I'm a fan of an older housewife. I'm not saying they're old but I like that. They're all over fifty and they're still having sex and they're still talking about guys like I enjoy It's like we're certain age were among. We'RE NOT DEAD. Our vaginas still work and nowhere else on TV. Even scripted were happening. It's except to our our our bachelor person. No but okay brandy but this girl's thirty. Am they're acting like she's a fucking octogenarian which is which is horrible and amazing at the same time so now we get to open the conversation to ever to fuck off like I saw Mario Lopez. Today go but she can't even have a baby or something similar and I'm like we can't have a bigger Jackson just had a baby fifty. We think the same way I was just thinking thinking and it's just like big yes. Bashar knows what they're doing bachelorette knows what they're doing. They wanted this to be the conversation. They needed it to be like something dramatic. It was either because we can't be or you know this woman and I finally and yeah she's on her forties but she's she's nearly there and she knows what she wants a yeah people out older age in general you know a little bit more what you want to twenty-fourth who the fuck knows what they want to who they are. They're turning into like like puppets for the show like that little girl. Hannah the one of them. I'm like you don't even. You probably haven't started your period yet. I mean you're a kid and you think you're ready to spend the rest of your life with a man that lives with his parents. How old were you when you got married? When I met my ex husband I was twenty three. I was twenty eight and a half when I got married and we spent five and a half solid years together. We didn't have any breaks. We are fully together. We traveled all over. It was amazing But I learned a lot in those five and a half years I was engaged for a year and a half or or a while like I got the ring the ring. We don't need to get married. I'm good you know I wasn't in any hurry. I'm not that person but Eddie had this idea of wanting to have a kid time. He was thirty and we're the same age so I was like. Oh my gosh gotta give up the judge Was I didn't think I was ready for it but back then we're talking twenty. Four years ago it was. You were supposed to be getting married and having kids by thirty like that was like are the every. All America Thought White picket fence. You're supposed to find your husband. Get married have kids and then now we all know that the divorce rate is insane and people are getting divorced that when they get married that early and now what about you when you look you look back and do you think you're just a totally different person. At that time I definitely was I. I always stayed. I am very sassy number. Spoken always have been Saturday but thankfully but we have all I mean. I'm not the same person today that I was a week ago. We we learn we evolved. I doing the audiobook back like I was a bitch. I was a matter of the audiobook for your books for our drinking and tweeting and I did like the editorialized versions. Ooh Girl you were inc. Greet I'm not not place any Mars. I'm kind of letting people know. Yeah we all like it happens wooded third book. I know I think we should together. I with all talk talk about it. I think it'd be really fun and I. We were on my podcast. We were talking about these famous sort of axes or people you've kinda up with and I'm so fascinated by that 'cause I like talking about. I'm obsessed with pop culture in general so just hearing you talk to. David Schwimmer and like some people and I just find it also fascinating. I mean they're so I mean I got a lot of Dick. I don't know why how but it did happen and it was. It was at the time of my life. It was on the title of this episode. I got a lot of a lot sooner. Do I do like even for my age? Even though whatever don't say that I know that's only ask the other nine. That's why I said. They say they said you know my friends were like. Why don't you date younger girls? And he's like by like older women. I just looked in like wrong. Wrong wrong turn. This girl comes over and she's like I love you like you. I join us and I moved them into our eight. Oh really ruin the night for him. It ruined it for him. Wait because he because no woman wants to be called an older woman on a second date and I was like you are out. But you're going to go ahead and pay for the night so. I'm going to invite strangers to join US Sundays. So we'll use still go out with like actor types or do I wouldn't I? I always said no more athletes actors or musicians. Anything like that. But if they're retired it's not not actors but if they're retired athletes feel like they're they they just hit it all around the world and are good so now they're ready to just so let me just back up. So what do you find the difference between like an athlete? An actor and a musician like dating wise. Okay so I think that as far as athletes go there very regimented which I like. They're a little quieter. They don't really put their opinion on you. They really love to have sex And they move around a lot. There's not a ton of conversation I've dated about three or four With actors a lot of insecurity nurses them. Yeah so it's like constantly stroke in the ego cock. It's like Oh my God. This is exhausting musicians. I think that I like such there. So amazing it what they do. But they're all the people that I've been around are a little tortured and honestly the I get insecure. Which is it's not normal. But they because they're touring all of these women are throwing themselves out them and it's like that one thing because with athletes. You don't see it in front of your face with actors is same exper- with Piper But you know what I paid without. Yeah it's really it's right in front of you with musicians and you're like oh she's beautiful and she wants my boyfriend and it makes you feel like you might not be enough for like really needy so I wrote a point where like I'm really enjoying my life and I I like being single but I also like the idea of having a partner but a partner that gives me my space that makes sense that makes sense now. What are your question Lord about a musician. Is there a musician? We would know that you've dated or yeah you would but like I just don't want to give him the moment. Let's not your deck aright ladies. Let's talk about birth control. If you're on birth control looking to get back on birth control or want to try it for the first time then you know how difficult and annoying it can be an honestly. It's very confusing. Simple health is changing all of that with online. 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So if he's going on walk you will know it. I can find him on my phone. There's an APP you can get and you can you. Don't worry is at all times all times. Especially when he's hiding from you and he's like I'm not coming in bitch but anyway that's a long straight so if you care about your little puppy or dog or grown dog as much as I do and you WanNa make sure. They're always okay and they're getting their sets and then do yourself a favor and visit try fi dot com and get fifty dollars off with. Code Barandy. That's Fair A. N. D. I N. Now a lot of you have dogs named Brandy my best friend in high school so do it for Brandy Code Brandy. You know what I mean. That's try fi dot com and get fifty dollars off with Code Brandy moving on. So how do you make money during I obviously writing? You make my ideal live wondering because yes are hard. Yeah you know I do make money on the podcast. Thankfully now it's sponsors and all of that Kinda stuff. And I'm live touring so I'm doing shows across the country like alive podcasts. Go to everything. Iconic DOT COM. If you WANNA come see me but it's I'm doing that now and I'm still riding and I'm working on a few projects like writing wise. I have a script. That's in development of feature film that. I wrote that sort of. I'm hoping who knows if it'll go as long as being creative in putting it down on paper and one thing I want to get to. I did notice that Kathy Griffin Father Griffin follows. You and you know the Andy and her health is crazy war. Yeah now this side are you on. I don't I don't that's an interesting question I don't really know I don't know you know like we'll let me ask you. Do you decide on that a year on any such a personal friend. I've never I don't know that I've ever. I've never met Caffeine prison either. So you know. I don't know I'm fascinated. Cathy was actually like my intro into Bravo. Because I know she had a show. I watched her as a viewer. It was like I loved my life on the dealer that you so funny and I love that show and then she's do the comedy specials which I thought I like worship them miss like I miss those things and I'm not really super up to date with like I know she like had posted something on Youtube but I don't know exactly what she said about how I don I mean. I'm not today so I don't know exactly like what what was the feud and it wasn't watch what happens live so. I'm like wondering where I always get excited. There's like I don't know the celebrities have follow me. It's like I sometimes get excited and nervous when I see. They like like something around. Like I Matt Bomer Chrissy Teigen like there's a few Matt Bomer. I know who in Magic Mike? He's gay he's out in real. Life is beautiful man God through Tom. Target once and it was like it was on Valentine's Day policy literally thinking I pictured our whole lives together in my head. I was like we're going to run away together and it's GonNa be. You're leaving my boyfriend. Thank you so But so I always get excited nervous or like if Chrissy Teigen like something. I get nervous. She's she does but I'm always on follow. But she's like the Queen of social media right like I'm always yeah like am. I going to disappoint her. I get nervous. But she's huge Bravo Junkie not aware of it but she's like the biggest like Bravo Jonky like the Queen of social media. Like you said that's amazing Nancy Meyers. Who's a director that I like worship she has? I went to lunch on her talk. She talks worshiper. Yeah she her. Movies are like my favorite. So I don't know also in the housewives a Lotta outside and stuff but I always get nervous. I think he may be on twitter. I don't know I don't I think that when we first met. I wasn't really on instagram. Now Person I feel like it's moving that way for me because twitter is so hateful and ice cream as much nicer. Yeah there are. There are a little nicer. Because you're sharing your life in pictures like they can't be mean it is what it is but twitter's more for people to like give their opinion on any fucking thing they want and so it's like people just go on there to go off be an asshole about any unloading and you know it's not even about the fucking shows or anything. They just had a bad day. Have Artists exactly up stuff? And it's so they stay in the summer house or whatever the whatever so yeah we talked about the Carlton on your podcast. But I did recently treated me about Carl from Summer House. It's so funny. Anything you tweak. It's picked up. It's like stupid. I really all I met was like come on. None of us are straight like. Let's be honest people get mad at you like what was the vice know until you told me today because I do. I tweet and I don't look back. I tweeted about alignment and I don't remember that one. Okay remember that one. But I don't I didn't follow up on it so I mean one of the things that I love Bravo shows is when the outside world seeps in and so I always like on any of these shows when it's like they're talking about the tweets or New York is infamous for talking about like what it was printed in page six now right either so obsessed with like we'll Utah gave this interview and page. I remember Chris. I drove out Bethany was so mad that she gave an interview with page six. And it's like so crazy to be care but we here. It's like team de well. Tmz said this like what's going on with crystal. She's great she's like an influence or she's making a gazillion dollars. She looks better than she's ever looked in her life. Her kids are amazing. They're so well rounded. She is like leaving her best fucking life. I liked her. I love her. And here's the thing she's not. She's a nice person. She's not super combative so it was really hard for her to be on the show. It was very taxing for her and then her marriage and all about. She's like you know what I'm so much happier doing it. And so it just wasn't for her and she's like I said Levin Abreast lifshits you engine. She's an influencer. And we talked about the bachelor and I feel like all the contestants. Now go on that to become influencers like there. I don't think any of early looking for love these days but they can go on for one season and Bravo's like go on show for one season build up your social media following and the brands pay like crazy amount raising money I like. I just don't have the time for it because I was like. Oh if I only I wasn't so lazy I could maybe do that. But I'm not gonNA sit and take eighty four pictures of myself one day just not happening. And I'm lucky if I get one pictured on an like I generally known. But it's it is. She was a model of quarterback we modeled together. She was like print girl so it's easy for her and she's fucking stunning. Yes I mean it's so stupid I'm really closer in age and I'm like she doesn't do anything like she's beautiful. It's knowing hi Chris meaning bow like. Yeah we all get more talks. She's just like naturally. She has oily skin so she doesn't have any wrinkles and I have oil. Can I get upset? It's like fuck you Chris. She's like she just very and she's oblivious to it all. She's like that the typical like sweet like dumb blonde but not dumb. 'cause she's SMART. She's making the most of this but as far as influences go. I have a feeling not kristen. Christoph Psycho. She has a life that these people eventually. We're going to move out of this as you don't you and I think we're already starting to see that brands are learning that it maybe isn't as beneficial for them to pay twenty grand for someone to post one picture on the feed. It doesn't like the Return Investment. Isn't maybe quite there and so. I do think it's going on the downhill. I was just reading a story actually about this where three years ago even the rates that people were getting on social media were much higher than what they are now. They're still pretty high. But it's moving in the upward direction downward because also you can get the analytics or whatever you can see exactly the engagement and if you know people are clicking on things it's different now because they're like okay. No one click on that post. And so we're not gonna go work with that person again. Offer her less next time. So you know they. They now have assigned to see an instagram. Apparently is doing which is just not yesterday and they keep changing the algorithm on instagram. So it's like that fluctuates and then I think they also found that people were buying followers. That was happening so often where people were spending five hundred bucks to buy whatever I know. I'm like are you know I was like what is this? Just because you need a light yourself or is it for like if it's for money and you were you want to go with that. That's okay but I it's so I've never in my life bought or twitter on not made. I've never thought I'd never done it now. Though they lose all those followers because then they instagram has wiped in twitter has wiped out those those fake followers and so I think all those people who spent all that money. It's like they're gone now and then people see the brands can tell if you don't have engagement you can see an instant. Somebody will have like one hundred thousand followers. But they'll get one comment and it's like a medium like oh they bought all those follow like I. I they do the Algorithm Algorithm things right. What is tell me about that? Well the algorithm so like in your feed. Like if you were to post a picture of yourself Some who it goes out to her. Who Sees it that follows? You changes all the time so a long time ago. Instagram started everyone who followed. You would see that every single person would say I would show up as you posted in chronological order now. Nothing appears in chronological order. It appears sort of as it changes every day. I don't know the exact algorithm what it is now but it changes so frequently and I think they do that to kind of keep things freshen and they want also people like logging back in right so they don't want you to be like oh I looked at everything not log in for the rest of the day right we. We all need to not be on all day long. I know I'm on social media so lie a lot of ADS like my job now. A little bit and it's it's just takes so it takes it takes. It makes us antisocial. Yeah tell me about your tour dates like how did you figure that out? And where are you going to be next? And how do we find it? I started last year. I Did New York and La just kind of like as a test to see how the live shows would go and then Now I'm doing shows across the country so I am going to be in Dallas and Atlanta next week. Oh and then PHILLY IN DC in Chicago coming up and then in the follow have more shows in live. Shows are really fun sometimes. I have gusts come out and then other times. It's just we're talking about the Bravo shows. I'll be talking about banner paroles and all that stuff and we. There's a lot of fun stuff intellectually I need to see. I WANNA three. I kind of upset the I. It's so much fun to be surrounded by Bravo lovers like. I don't know if you've ever been to like a bitch. Such live show they show or Bravo con. I was not invited. It's well this year. This year you'll be But it's so much fun to be surrounded by people who love all this shit because it's the fighting like you all have like these different opinions and you can sit in like Gavin Gos- is just you're you're just having the best time in everyone's drunk and it's just really fun. It's like the most. It's like a fucking rock concert but for something that you all like. That's spray although it's in like just talk to people about shit at the live shows are just talk about what's going on on the shows if there's breaking news like we can say that sounds so stupid. Yeah we'll probably talk about you. Internees practices but you know what I'm saying whatever's going on. We'll we'll discuss and it's fun. Crowds are just amazing. And I never expected that I talked about my depression and it's like when that was happening. I didn't think I would get on a stage ever again. And then because that's todd last year it was like an opportunity presented with their like. Do you want to do a live show? And I'm like well I'd love to but I'm terrified of it and so that that's been a challenge of like getting back on stage because I just never thought I would again and then when I did the two shows last year it was incredible. And I don't know if you've got your coffee talk. Stella got her Groove Bat. I never expected like a podcast attorney in sort of like live show. But it's been so amazing. It's great conducting to people that you wouldn't be able to connect with no I. I think it's amazing. I think it's a great opportunity. I it is it. I get nervous like even going to meet especially nervous right now. Because of Corona virus and people like to shake hands and touch us in pictures and I don't want to touch anywhere. Trials meet and greets after the show. And I'm scared. I don't know if it's saying there was a state of emergency against today on the news. Six new cases in La County and it was like food on the arms. Like footballs terrified. And I'm traveling on Friday and I bought the masks. I have everything I am so afraid of this. Meet and greet this. Weekend is a mutant. It's a New York. Owes visit one of those housewives like yeah? It was a night with the housewives. Abscess with those. I wish somebody would let me host one of them. Because I think it'd be so much you don't even have an MC which is weird. I feel like they should have been to one. I would love because I would just ask what everyone wants to know. Yeah exactly I bet that'd be a great idea But I'm just I don't know if it's time to be hugging and shaking hands and and people just get so excited to see you that they can't help but like grab your hands or hugs or whatever and yeah. I'm GonNa ask you on kids. I'm not like you know I'm I'm very scared of this randy the CDC read. Before I came here it was that they recommend six feet apart from people. See this issue the producers on like how many people do you think is going to be? Can we get like because I love engaging with them? I love talking to them. I love drinking people actually. They asked me to throw wine. Well I if he really wants to like oh I mean it's kind of nuts but I enjoy it. I love it and I feel like Gosh. I wouldn't be here without these people but right now I'm just super nervous and please don't touch me. No I'M GONNA For Dallas next week. I'm going to have like sanitizer right by me. If it's sold out Oliver Walmart what's target it? Went to nine Cents Star Gone. I have my family makes sanitize cops. I was like send me a gallons there. Some you know you make your own. If you put aloe Vera Gel and alcohol like drinking alcohol that rubbing alcohol it's Hanson hunters ninety nine hundred percent alcohol. Yeah so I did buy clorox wipes and some Lysol which I don't think they're gonNA bring on the plane because it's giants can you check it? We check well. Then it's under the plane. I need a Lysol the fuck out of my see. Eli So no matter. Even when there's no corona virus I have you ever seen Naomi Campbell. Videos like fucking crazy on a plane like scrub everything. That's all and then I get to do the remote all of like now. I'm crazy with that no matter what and now at this stuff I'm like. Have you ever thought about dinner menus? How many hands everything discussed branding I? I wanted to see this menu. I've disgusted with myself because that's all it should people just open and I'm not even so much worried about germs. Am The quarantine situation. Because that's what I was reading. It's like you could be a city and then you're stuck there. Because if they find out they have to quarantine city then you're stuck wherever the fuck you are in a hotel room and they're telling everyone to have two weeks worth of stuff but it's like what if you're in a hotel room. I have to eat this stuff. It's kind of nuts. And then they WANNA move people to Alaska which I heard about yesterday. Maybe because it's cold there. The virus is you know. It's hard to maybe. It needs to be warm. I don't fucking know scary. It is scary. I'm scared let's just be clear. I'm very scared I'd be. I would like to cancel this weekend but I'm not being mine this weekend. Would I was reading that? We have to be more concerned with like in a couple of weeks they said handwashing and now six feet apart. Is this better movie contagion. It's like six feet apart. They both had like some horrible disease and they fell in love and they had to stay apart and then they just know it's literally like five or six feet apart all right. Well called six feet from stardom. I think that's like a documentary about now. Bravo ever came to your even on a digital space and he said. Hey We want you to do it. Yeah I would love to I love. I Love Bravo and I love all this stuff. I think I would say there needs to be a show that was I know Jerry. O'connell did a show that was like the Ah Panel show. But I think it'd be fun to get some podcasters who we all like. Love this stuff for love watching these shows. I think it'd be fun to get different people together to do something you know. It's still hard to yeah. You know it's hard to do anything. I know it's difficult and the second. You said that they've just now made the show without you ideas. You can't protect them. I've had I would love to though. I think that you regret at the ascetic. You're very attractive. And you're smart. You've a boyfriend I do. Yes yes we've been together like ten years now and so having Valentines Valentines Day fantasies about Matt Bomer. Yeah of course that'll never end but I love him and we've been together ten years. Yeah and we. We have plans to get married point but not. We're not like wedding people so we've got engaged like a couple of years ago and everyone's like why aren't you getting married and we're like we don't really all we need is the rings you know that we're going to be together. I was the same. I got the ring. I'm so and like 'cause the wedding as are my producers. He's engaged is a whole fucking. Stick a nightmare in itself like hating each other. And why are we can't forever? I'm not interested in any of that sort of stuff. I think at some point we might do like Vegas or a courthouse thing. But it's been ten years now so it's like okay whatever. Yeah sweeping because you're going to be over at some point I'm setting you know. I'm sure we've gone ups and downs. Of course the Bat. Yeah it's like. Yeah it's hard sometimes but the most part though. I Like I love him. Yeah it's hard to like an love someone. I love a lot of people on. Sometimes I just fucking like on the thing that I love or the thing that I love most about my relationship with them is like I like hanging out with him more than anyone else like. Even some of my best friends. Of course I love certain friends but we have fun hanging out together so I think that's the best part that's important because you have your like your go to restaurant and guess what you can have sex. All that other stuff is like the Cherry on right. But it's like you have to be able to spend time like I always say like you have to be able to watch TV with someone and like not. WanNa kill him or you people's couch when you watch TV. Actually we watch a lot of separate stuff because he watches all the murderer stuff like he loves his mystery. All that and I can't handle any of that so I just watch bravo and he doesn't Really Watch Bravo. So I'm like that's really. There's no people's couches couch by myself. Do you haven't heard this. I thought about this years ago. I want there to be a show where you and I watch like Coyote. Ugly like you could tell us stories about like whatever or movies like Makarios Love People's catchwords where it's just you and I watching movies. I do that on tinder. I Mike that guy has gay phase pedophile? I can't like I just like I know who to click and I'm like if somebody actually heard this could be interesting but I am very very judgy like like just five opinions because for that. Were supposed to be as you'RE GONNA go meet up with us. I end so it is about the looks on that part so but like you. Someone looks delay dating the only way we really date anymore. Because we're all home podcasting and ordering Amazon Prime Right. I mean it's just you know it's I feel like people are just super antisocial now and I'm not gonna go go like up in the club. Yeah so it's like Burma meet people on hinge. I just think the hardest part is that people are on a date and they're already like ready to move onto the next state that's my. I didn't do the updating because I met Matt like right kind of as that was Starting or whatever but there's too much like a smorgasbord. They're GONNA date and they're already preparing for the night there on their phone looking for the next day and I. That's what I find toughest because you're always thinking about the next one instead the one you're on right now. I think that can be. Maybe maybe for your friend. I don't think that's for me. I mean I do focus on the one that I'm on but that doesn't mean like just because of a date I'm not going to still be on scrolling but not on the date itself and then if there's a second day you got to take a minute from hinge and then you're like wait a minute. I'm going to give this a chance. And then he calls. You're older and you're like no. You're out of the good thing about updating is you could see the look so you can you know right off the bat if you're physically attracted but is it. Is it true because a lot of people do not look like their pictures? There's no right you know I mean for me you could go online and see what he looked like and you know what I mean. It's different for. I can't find these fuckers using fake names. I WANNA SEE. I WanNa see our video chat. I've decided which I'm super against. In general I hate it. I'm not going on a date ever again with someone that I have not had facetime with because I wanna see that from nineteen eighty-four because that has happened twice. I'm like who the fuck are you like? You're not the person on my show a picture where it's like you see apps and stuff but then you meet him and it's like they have that body thousand percent and then they talk about the first time they were homeless and you're like dating in La Nightmare. Though especially I think for straight women. I think it's like the worst place in the world for straight women to date. Because not only you have all these narcissist here who are trying to be in the industry and women are nurtures by nature and so then they tried to like adhere to these guys who just need so much you mentioned earlier attach at tension stroking the egos. It's like I. I like. What a awful place to weird you. Geographically challenged as far as like dating in La. I like all my friends in Orange County or like on these super hot guys like that's only sixty minutes away and we don't have that here. Yeah it's nuts. I'm like how did you get him isn't here and if they're hot and they're your age dating a nineteen year old so it's just. I I do feel like eventually I will leave. La and the Miami Golden Years. Somewhere else would you go. Probably San Diego not far yes San Diego's beautiful though it's beautiful and my best friend lives there and I feel like people are family oriented and it's close enough because who knows fuckers that I gave birth to are going to go to college like Walter. They know sixteen analyst thirteen. God there yeah get ready for college. Yeah and I'm like wait a minute. We're in California right. So if they both j just like to say he's going to East Coast to give me a fucking panic attack because he's my man. They're both on them. They can use. Try to go to the same place together and I'll just move by you guys that like no no no no they just like to fuck with me and I I need them. I need it. I don't have kids but I think about the day when I do have kids and they decide to go off to college. I will be broken. I I don't know how anyone survived. Well I don't know how they're gonNa go off to college when they don't even know like they can't do anything for themselves. Like I do everything Mike. I'm telling you and you're like you're going to go out into the world and be like what the fuck is this that or I do so. I'm now trying to go out of my way like Oh you want that. Let's go in the kitchen and make that. Let me show you how. You're not sure wash show you how to do that. But it took me a while. Yeah because these kids are just so in the rooms on the video games and they don't know the real world out there and it's GonNa be a rude awakening very rude but you know it'll be good to be for them to get to college or wherever and all those things out. I want them to be okay are you? Are they closer? I was just having a friend a conversation with a friend that boys are typically closer with their mothers and then girls are closer with their fathers to find that to be the kid. I have such a great relationship with both boys. We talk about everything and I don't even WanNa talk about some of it. I'm like Oh and they love their dad too. But he's like their bro so it's just different so they tell me everything you know. It's great I know about the girlfriends. I know the switch. They just broke up. I love him as You know and then with Eddie. They're like playing basketball and broken down and they get into fights and just being a dude so I feel like they have the best of both worlds really. Would you ever have more kids? Are you thought no no fuck that shit is Dun Dun Dun Dun? But they do say their dad on their goddamn super boring and then it's Nice 'cause they get to come to my house where everything's fucking crazy and aggressive. Oh excuse me why do. What do you mean crazy and aggressive? It's just more fun because I can't fight with people and I have road rage and they enjoyed the comes out of my mouth and I got and fight with the tow truck driver and masons like you know that you're a girl I'm like. Yeah and ask girl. This man's taking advantage of me and he's like you are one crazy person. That's good that you're teaching them. The GAULS right. It scares me in general again. I don't kids but the way could be relax the way it is. Now it's different. It's nuts I mean and you have to worry about like telling boys how to treat you always had rankings are so aware hyper aware of it because my divorce and like if they walk before me. I'll be like ladies first to stand there and they come back out. Open the door and so they are so everyday and they want something especially like. Pretty Look Young. I'm like what the Fuck do you want? Just tell me forty bucks an might. Can I have because I don't drink when Jake's at the House on it can I have a glass of wine tonight and bribe him so I can drink? That works that were. Are you telling everyone about your podcast? We'll find out. Find You my podcast. Is Everything Conic You can listen to spotify interview some Bravo liberties and then they also recap shows so right. Recapping vanderbilt rules and the housewives that are on Atlanta. I think Jersey's are on right now. and then you can finance social media at Danny Pellegrino on twitter instagram and then fancy cocktails as the book. I wrote with Rem and Tom and that's out now go buy Amazon or wherever. Yeah I mean you haven't if you put in your name it says Amazon Dot Com. And then your picture pops up and like a reselling. It's kind of weird because I put my name and I don't have Amazon author pitch. I tell them fuck off a lot to do with all right. Well we for our third book because that'll be out soon. All right. Thanks for listening to Brandi. Glanville unfiltered download new episodes every week. And if you haven't already subscribe and be sure to leave us a rating and review and while you're at it check out some of the other great shows available on Straw hut media.

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Bonus: Josh Mankiewicz's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" cameo

Talking Tech

05:50 min | 9 months ago

Bonus: Josh Mankiewicz's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" cameo

"Talking Tech is brought to you by Nerdwallet we all love nursing out on stuff. We love right and as a listener of this show. You probably know a thing or two about tech but when it comes to finances no-one nerds out like nerdwallet. For All your money questions turned to the NERDS AT NERDWALLET DOT com. I'm Jefferson Graham. You're listening to talking tech. Got A little bonus episode talking tech here for you. That actually has nothing to do with tech unless you happen to watch Kirby enthusiasm on. Hbo Go on your phone. On your tablet I recently spoke to Josh. Mankiewicz from dateline. Nbc about his new podcast motive for murder and then we also talked about his recent cameo on the season finale of curb your enthusiasm where the American journalists got to be an actor and of course the first question I had for him. Anybody who's watched curb. Your enthusiasm knows of shows improvised. How much is it provides clearly for this segment? He had a script right. I do not a script They you know they sort of tell you And this was very intimidated. Somebody who'd never done any acting or any you know or Improv before They Kinda tell you where the scene is going to start where it's GonNa end and then you go through it a few times and after each one you know the Larry and his producers come out and go Kay this work. This wasn't as good maybe Putting something about this or or we like that you know. I mean we make that longer. But it's really up to us to what happens in the scene and a in a way. That's a little all these interviews for. Dateline. That's you know. There's some definitely some some improv elements to that. Because you don't know what people are GonNa say so you absolutely. When you're interviewing of it you have to listen to them in playoff what they're saying and so that probably health but it was very intimidating. I can live you. It was well. Let's set it up for the listener. The show opened on you as if you were on the today show doing a piece about Larry David and his new coffee shop. Lotta Larry's who had despite store which which is which is now catching on in Hollywood. So I I did an interview with Sean Penn who In the in the show is set up a spite bird store Now I will say for somebody that You know has never done any acting scene partner ever be Schon. Ben Was a little Was a little bit intimidating He was very nice and and I thought I want fought a couple of times after. He said things like when he screams of the burden to be quiet. I lost it and starting to laugh but that was fortunately like one second later and they were able to. Kinda have when I interviewed. Larry Larry maybe laugh a couple of times but again I was able to hold it until until they edit around it so I did that. Sean Penn I do the scene with Jonah Hill. And it's all in the in the in the the contrivance of I'm doing this story about how these stores are catching on Hollywood that I interviewed Mocha Gel Who's a a the the actor very Garrett who plays it was a wonderful guy and and and and and I did a bunch of Larry and then a year passed more than a year passed after we shot that to win an air and I didn't hear a word from them during that period of time and I thought this probably isn't gonNA make it like they've decided you know they're going to go different way? I'm thinking like it's Kinda weird they're going to like they would get. Sean Penn to do it. But then they wouldn't using unlike the problem just use his answers company out because I would have heard something by now so then. I was astonished when The the Promo for the season finale came up and I was in and I got like thirty phone calls from people and and then it ran and they. They used on nearly everything we shot. It was great. It was a lot of fun. I I take my hat off to Larry and his executive producer. Jeff Schaffer. They were great to work with. They couldn't have made it easier or more fun. It was light. How did you end up on the show to begin with That's a that's A. That's a fun story. It was originally going to be Lester Holt and at the last minute. He had to leave. He was in La to do it and he had to leave to cover actual breaking news which were tornadoes In I think Alabama the Jilin of evil and he had to go and he went and I stepped into the breach. So when Lester is not available in all call Josh for certain kinds of things. Yeah big thanks to Josh Mankiewicz. We will check out the new podcast motive for murder. When it debuts itunes on Thursday I'm Jefferson Graham any questions for me on twitter where I'm at Jefferson Graham. You've been listening to talking tech. Subscribe to the show. Wherever you listen to online audio and I'll be back tomorrow with another quick hit from the world attack. This episode is brought to you by nerdwallet. Nerdwallet has helpful tools and tips for all things personal finance because when it comes to finances no one nerds out like nerdwallet. Are you wondering if now's a good time to start investing or if you should refinance your house when you have those kinds of questions trust the experts at Nerdwallet? They're real nerds. Who Make even the most complicated money questions? Simple to understand. Plus their calculators and side by side comparisons will help you make sense of your options for all your money questions turned to the nerds at Nerdwallet DOT com.

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Mental Health Treatment is for Black Women Too

Shades of Strong ? | Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative

51:54 min | 9 months ago

Mental Health Treatment is for Black Women Too

"Hey guys show here nutty and I did not record an episode this week because we needed a mental health break so we took one anyway. We will never leave you hanging so we are dropping a replay episode of one of my favorite episodes from season. Two and it is all about Black Women Minnaso- hell and guess what may is Minnaso- health or wear this month. So how appropriate check out. The episode is all about black women mental health in Howell. Miss her this offense had boo in the African female culture. I hope you enjoy it. When you're done listening hop over to your favor social media platform let us know what you thought about the episode. We are shades are strong across all platforms and also check it out. Website shaves dot com for all the goodness that ease. She's a strong our guys. Welcome back to a Lotta episode of shades of strong. The podcast created our strong black women by strong black women. I'm Cheryl and I'm natty pay Hay natty into day on today. So we are examining the differences or lack thereof depending on which side of the table. You're sitting on in being a black woman who is strong and being a strong black one and of course we want your wants to hear your view on our subject matter today. So why you're listening tweet. Us share your thoughts on on all social media platforms at shades of strong. But before we got into the juicy nece that today's topic. I want to introduce you to two amazingly awesome coke today and we also have jasmine joining us who are both strong advocates for mental health. So that he is a mental health professional. She's also a minister and Jasmine is a mental health advocate. And she's also the creep ater of the fake place APSO. Welcome ladies. How are you all? I WanNa yes. Thank you so much. I'm so happy to have you guys on. I WanNa give you guys opportunity before we dive into. This is subject matter to tell us a little bit about what you do why you do it. What set just wasn't alcoholic I'll give Dagmara berate by year like fade. I am a minister. Also a mental health advocate animates house. Counselor and I'm also a life coach and also do a pipe pass called. She's about business. Oh what sets my soul is helping other women live their very best lives and I think that the whole mental health piece ties in you know so strongly with the because we can't you know take care about mental health and nothing else really matters. So I'm really in love with the topic and I cannot wait to get into it absolutely. It's GonNa be so cheesy adjustment. Okay so yes. My name is Jasmine Pierre from the warnings Louisiana the creator safe place APP which is a minority mental health app for the black community. That's free on Android an IPHONE. I'm also a peer support specialists. Which is I am a person with lived experiences with mental health issue so I'm just appeared to others who have mental health issues and what sets my soul on. Fire is getting the word out about mental health issues community and let us all know that we don't always have to be stronger. We don't always have to pray away. Everything ooh yes. Her and you guys are not following. Jasmine are falling the same place at. I think it's the safe place all across all social media platforms right jasmine if the if the safe place on facebook but on. Instagram. It's whether it's it's the safe place is he is the same place so definitely check that out. I have the APP download. It on. My phone is a great resource for anybody. Who is looking for a dare face are just WanNa read up on mental health issue so definitely check it out when you get a chance. Aright so let's diabetes so just from your own personal opinion and ignorance ladies. Do you think there is a difference between being a strong black woman and being a woman being one? Who is strong black strong? There's a different absolutely yes but one is like a trope. One is is the stroke that we talked about. Last week's about how society sees this in defined this and it's a very limiting and also in a Lotta ways very demeaning show it's like Oh you're the song black woman therefore you're going to take everything from everybody tolerate him. He's going to be everybody's Newell you're not allowed to ask dealer not allowed to be vulnerable. You're not allowed to. You'll hurt sad or cry ever and if anything bad happens to you know what's the big deal you've got a strong back you can take it back. That's the chill. And that's definitely what we've been living under or very long time and that's completely different from being a black woman Straw. Who happens to be resilient and who can say one circumstances trials had on and need be breakdown and then get back up and keep going. That's the difference. I definitely agree. I think that the strong black woman is like a myth and I think more importantly as dangerous stereotype. That kind of like she says it it basically says you can put all your worries on me all of your abuse. Your mistreatment your drama. Because I can take it because I'm strong black woman whereas being a song woman who just happens to be black is a reality and it takes into consideration my heritage my life experiences my values and says hey because a beef things I've developed fortitude and perseverance perseverance but also because of these things I refused to put up with your abuse. The street many drama. You know two different things and says you know I could put up with it but I'm not you know. Eight two totally different things and I say hey being a true strong woman. A strong black woman is a black woman who was allowed to feel like. We're not allowed to fill anything. We just have to be superwoman. All examine take on everybody else's emotion but we can't even have time to you know take care of ourselves and that's breaking down so women in our community but not allow us to bill it to take care of ourselves. We just have to take care of everybody else because you can't keep going into everybody else. You're all the time as agreed that we would have a different perspective on that and I guess because for me I do define myself as a strong black woman because for me when I when I think about being a woman who happens to be black who happens to be strong. I feel like if I have to choose between that Dan Destiny Cana saying that I'm at odds with being strong are black or be one where I think that on lately all three of them but I think it goes back to the point where it's a bit then. I think that the reason why so many of us frown upon those three wires because of the pressure that society religion at other cultures have placed a now. I do have bundy clear that I do not subscribe to that whole superwoman. Cave is on your on your chest thing like I on Mike in Expressing my abilities I am comfortable with taking a break. Lots on live. I make I'm comfortable with being human so for me for me. I just Kinda feel like it's one insane but we have to be bold enough to say what we're going to accept and what we're not going to accept. Yeah Yeah it's like what we were saying before. I guess it was a couple episodes ago about. We are the ones that get to define ourselves instead of allowing everyone else to keep defining us or US which is where it has been going on a very very long at one specific reason. Why by Jasmin on was because I felt a pulse at that she posted and I don't remember exactly how it ray but I do. Recall is say. If I'm not mistaken you can correct me if I'm wrong but I do recall saying I don't want to be strong anymore or something said that stat and I understood what you were saying because of the pressures that society and religion in everybody around us. Put One jasmine just from your perspective. What could we do differently to? I guess kind of merged the two together for lack of a better. I think we could do a better job of letting black women no being strong. Does that mean that you have to neglect yourself? Because like I feel like ever since I was in earlier themes and everything like that was like the definition of obscene of strong black woman like they just neglect themselves. If somebody hurts them they just have to forgive them in the collect their feelings and not just like at a certain point. In time I was like I don't even WanNa be strong anymore. This what it means to be a strong black woman. If it means I have to neglect myself. It means I have to keep taking all this bs from other people then. No I don't WanNa be strong and I think that's a lot of lot by lot of a lot of people are renouncing but I don't want to be this strong black woman but my goal in this entire movement is to take those three words bag because there's so much naked Darkness that comes along with like I just feel like the world deserves to see our to hear voices that AH proud to be strong black women. Well I think part of that is going back to what Jasmine the whole thing about. Well we have to neglect our own feelings. That bet really resonates very strongly advocate. Because you talked about it before like things that we watched moms do or things that we watched our grandmothers. Do maybe how they could be upset or something that happened to accept them or it could even traumatize them and they had to stuff it all out. There just had this deficit down and act like everything was fine and I grew up in that way. I have to step it all down and pretend I'm good. You know in so men. That's where you get one goal coming back at you with. Oh you're so strong. That's that's the that's not the Sr even like I feel like the textbook definition straight. That's how how was that song winning. You're not even able to express how you're really feeling and you're waiting and you're putting things pile up on top of you and until you're like this this how to care about to blow to blow up you finally blow up and then nobody is fun strong anymore. They're calling me crazy so right. I'm sorry what we say surly album and we did unconscionable to that because bitcoin you dare to fall apart. Now you're weak in. I can understand you know why stumbling get some bad glass so I totally and not only that sheriff but for me. I think that you know currently I'm working on an anthology and for my tractor. I have to discuss how I as an African American woman in America can impact women all around the world. So when you when I think about being a strong woman who just happens to be black. Been that doesn't exclude my sisters who are strong women who just happened to be. Latina. You don't mean in any in that. Also lets them know. Hey as strong women. I'm no better than you because I'm strong and I'm black you know and then also to go into jabbing said like growing up. I remember looking at women in my family and seeing them taping seeing them you know take infidelity and you and I can remember being taken and looking at my aunt find out that her husband was being unfaithful and not say a word and I remember thinking. I'm never going to be like that. But all of the family were saying. Oh wow she's so strong in. My mind is a ten year old girl on my desk. Not Strong that strong but all being silence right but if this weird thing because like on admiral saying to like I grew up thinking that strength means that I forgive will hurt me because that's what I saw and I'm still facing the implications of that in my life so I think that for me if they're so important for me to separate that and say hey listen you are a strong woman you just happen to be black because it's so many we can even talk about like going back slavery you know in how the black woman was forced to watch her husband be so it had shortage so and then she told you can take it. Because you're strong but I I just think it's so d. and we can kind of go go all day talking about this but I honestly feel that the world has said. Let's just put everything on these black because they can take and I honestly just feel like we. We have to stop that. And I think we're doing a great job just discussing it and bringing these things and also letting around the world know that we feed them to and we feed their strength and we've seen their abuse that they take you know we fi you let. Tina's we see you of India. Who can't even speak up and say what they're thinking you know. What I'm saying is such a big picture of it as a strong woman. And it's a need. That just has so much more impact. I also think that this whole strong black woman stereotype has like even kind of got into the field because if you have to separate for Black Women. We have the highest rate childbirth. I mean you saw what happened to the William. She talked like something was wrong with her and they will be able to listen and she almost died because he said no. She doesn't mean any medication she doesn't need. This doesn't need that. And I feel like one of the reasons why are Decorated so high during childbirth is. Because these doc look at that black over there like oh well. They're supposed to be strong. They don't need they don't agree that it's an. And if you talk about Serena we think about the cons of this whole theory tight. I think about Sandra blaming you know you think about those people who are ignorant and that understanding when they see a black woman who is outspoken. Like she was and she's intelligent and they're gonNA treat you like you're oak tree and they're going to throw you around and they're going to beat you up instead of treating you like a soft rose. I'm a black woman and I'm intelligent and I don't think in my mind doesn't mean that you can you know? Talk me around like I'm a man. Manhandled me or give me medical attention you know so. Just give me your. I'm glad that up because I do WanNa Canna touch on and I know a lot of times we we say that. It's not our responsibility to educate that people need to do their own research. But what do you think that we can do collectively to educate those on the outside looking in when to treat us without how to respect the fact that being strong doesn't mean being kicked around right we we have to speak up. I had a experience recently where I was working with a white white man who was helping me with marketing and things like that and I was in a meeting one day and I couldn't respond to text message any semi long text message any faith. Something to the effect of this very unprofessional for you. Do Not Refund to me and it's very aggressive in your ignoring me and I'm like wow you know and I'm I'm looking at this message and I said or you have two choices. You can respon- angle out of anger. You can educate me when I tell you when I finished with him. He apologized to me in my whole thing was I was in a meeting but because I'm a black woman and I could tell by the tone of the of the message. You assumed that I'm ignoring you because I told you previously that. I didn't agree with what you were saying. If I were a white woman would you have responded the same way? Why do you just assume that I'm being aggressive? When I'm actually taking care of business you know and I was very articulate and I explained it to him. He apologized me so I think that we have to speak up but we have to speak up not an anger. We have to speak up you know and show them you know the truth and say hey listen. I understand that you've had X. Y. The experience of the Manga stand. You have these stereotypes your hey let me explain to you. Exactly what's going on at sometimes it can feel like why should I have to do that but I? I realized in that moment that I had an opportunity to make a difference in how he may treat the next black woman that he's working with so yeah. I think we have to speak up and we have to do each and every time even if we don't feel like it you know speaking up as really is is paramount because a lot of audience to speaking up at all Taking me out for going on five years to view the Mississippi where the way that I do now agree that it but I definitely speak than I did. Yeah Yeah we'll walk away from the situation and and say you know what I'm not even gonNA bother with it. But then we're leading them with that impression of US perpetuated. Say That that is important to speak up in that moment when you don't speak up in that moment then you leave the impression that she is aggressive. away continuing to buy into those areas times. Assure a pushover too. I just turned thirty in November. And I'm just now getting used to like being able to speak for myself because for the longest time. I wasn't able to do that because I just felt like you know. I don't need to be confrontational. I just take this back. That can take that. Black is still like the older ad is just like the yes should be carrying other beliefs. And you're very fortunate. And why is Desmond De? Marin into this now at age of thirty and then start letting woody so I had a long time where I was not an interest into stepping down just walking away a donkey bad. No I was just GonNa say I felt like there were a lot of times where I was also listening to the people like. I was taking other people's so-called advice about hey don't rock the boat or would that percents miss the other and I was always trusting. People incentive trusted my own gut in my own feelings about what I felt on. You know in particular moment of the situation so I would always just take someone else's word but what was really going on and never see up and that's really really detrimental to us as to our emotional and mental help. Marie. Yes and sometimes it's like we have to find a good balance because sometimes we will not speak up for fear of being stereotyped. No it's sad. That angry black woman I have. I have some some women that I that I mentor. And they go to the other extreme and they are always confrontational and they're in talking to one of them the other day I said you know. You don't always have to fight fighting fighting all that I know along with that comes about polar the you know the egg noces and some of the mental health struggles. Because you're only in this in this place where there's no back. Thank you gotta fight for what you want. You had and I mean nobody can maintain a a lot of the women that I with. They can't maintain jobs. They can't hold down careers because they're always angry but their diagnosis usually saying the same type of thing about polar anxiety disorder. But they have this thing where nobody GonNa push me around and you know what? I'm trying to say that it has to be a middle ground and you have you know. You can't be a pushover because you don't want to be real tight but you can't eat into the stereotype because you don't want to be weak and I think that that's where it comes to the point where you can say. Listen I am a strong woman? You know but it doesn't necessarily have to do with me. I'm black necessarily I'm different. Women live this life and this is with me. He got bill ground. I I so agree with what you said. Another ground is so important because I feel like the strong black woman stereotype has affected us so much. It's like either you don't want to say anything at all. You don't want to speak up yourself or you like just like some of the women that you just talked about where you're not gonNA take anything from anybody right everybody. It has to be a middle ground. Everybody doesn't have to be a fight for yourself and not get into some huge altercation doing that. There's there's a right way to do it even if that means. Let me walk away for a moment. Reassess the situation in combat when I can properly communicate how I am feeling everything does not have to be a in. Yeah I think part of the getting to where it doesn't always feel like it has to be a fight for a lot of us is community like if we have these kinds of conversations with each other if we know that we're around each other and we support each other and we're able to be sounding boards for each other and we're able to each other listening to each other that whole Extreme fight or flight response go down a lot because we're having other women around us other black women that have had similar experiences or black women who are older than us or blackwood were younger and having different types of experiences that US and their own able to speak into our situation at at that given moment and say Oh yeah I've been through that before. Here's what here's what happened in. Here's how it turned out or I feel. I understand how you feel the same way and this is what happened but I think part of it is a lot of it. We we steal. No I'm just speaking for myself. Isolated like because I'm in a very small town. I don't really know a whole lot of people and I don't have a bunch of what I would call friends. They're like one person one or two people that I hang out with. You know that. Go to lunch with them or whatever but I haven't been here that long it's only there in Is coming up on by the summer and so it's like the relationships that used to have those relationships had been built over long periods of time. And I've been through a certain type of experience here and in the years leading up to getting here that it's left me a little left me a little leery of just going out and distrusting Marty. So I haven't knowing that I've got someone that I can talk to. That is is going to understand like different things that I might be dealing with. Because they've dealt with some ripples. I think that really helps me because that way I can get a different perspective and I'm not just looking at my own subtle vision and either being super angry or super like we just shut down so I think the aspect is really important that back up just for a few minutes. I know you guys mutant the mental and emotional ramifications of being a strong one sums up about that a little bit with Jasmine anti-india are sore. Can you elaborate a little bit more of me? Like how has it affected me as Oh Okay Yeah. I feel like it really has affected my mental health in the past where it's just like I mentioned earlier I just wouldn't speak up from us. Oh Law the time in you know holding a lot of stuff in it is is a trigger to Matt Depression because I still have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder. In over the years are found out like when I hold stuff all the time you know I. It's more pro. Made big suicidal. If I don't talk to somebody about it or express my emotions to somebody and if I can be allowed to say will this hurt me you did is to me in. I just feel like with me vacant. That had to be strong time by being silent and just take everything I feel like in a way. It almost killed me by not able to express myself. Yeah I definitely think that. Trying to live up to that stereotype. You know meaning not asking for help when you need it not resting when you need it take more than we should in. You know standing in relationships when you should leave being involved in toxic friendships. We shouldn't be so if you think about all those things like without mental health no healthy. So if you're if you're if you're doing all of those things because you're trying to live up to the stereotype of being strong. You be mentally healthy. I look back on the strong you know and I'm using quotations strong women in my life child and I'm realizing now as a mental health professional in the life of a counselor. They were depressed. They actually probably should've been on medication things that I saw but nobody talked about it where everybody said okay. This is how this is just how it is. This is just like and even bring it into this. We're talking about the mental health side of it but you would ask me about the Church and how religion contemplate that I remember having a situation where the past or had an affair and we had a meeting and everybody came to the meeting and we were all saying you know is his wife going to come and this woman came into the surgeon. She said in the back of the building. She turned her back to us. So that made birthday into the front and she faith into the bet if thank about mental mayf- best. She was in but she was still there with him and she came back every Sunday. Just that picture of her with her back to everyone that tells you where she was misery up saying it and the Church expected her to be there. They expected her to stay with him. Even though the Bible says that if your husband cheats on you you are released from that marriage. Exactly I guarantee you. They quoted her any more than you can bear. And he'll bring you through a garrick. Neither one of those things there by the way is not an abaya by all means little little placards and posters that we go. We bad is like that and this and this is this is from me. You know. I'm I'm a minister I love God and I you know. Want people to come to him. But we have to be real. I remember taking a young woman to the church. Her husband was beating her actually saw him for a beefy are in her face. Okay you know different. This was the old VCR. But you know how those were being right. Yeah Right. And that's took her to the past there is. This is what she's going through. What can you would advice. Well you know the Bible says and I. I'm sitting there looking like what are you serious so I didn't say that to say that I don't believe the Church of help I don't believe it. I just the charging has harmed us in allow the waiver. I agree I just I just feel like because you know some assail alive because I am an advocate for mental. That you just can't pray away mental illness and I even like war. T. Shirt one. They said No. I can't pray away by mental illness and there was this lady that I was associated with at the time who like really deep in the church. I remember the day after posted that picture. She woke me up at seven o'clock in the morning. I believe it was either six or seven o'clock in the morning. Like seven or eight back. Toback text messages telling me how wrong was mild. Need new that saying that. Jesus can't hill any body that must shorter's rollover not just like I'm just at this point. I would just like floored because she knew me is she knows that. I I have a church shown. Pray she told her that. I Love Guy. But Guy Cables to resources in this earth. The church keeps thinking that if you just rain and you just lay hands on somebody. Just WanNa make their depression. Their mental illness go away in that. No that doesn't work for everybody it. I'm sorry go ahead so I thought okay but I just feel like. I've seen some people in the choice. Say Will you know I pray about by my depression and it just went away. And I'm just like the do you love you. Were actually Clinically depressed. I'm just like say that they're depressed. They haven't even been evaluated so they just like well. Okay I'm cured. So that means will your cure to what does it doesn't like I said right from say. Yeah exactly as a minister. I know that you know you have to look at the big picture. You can't just a whole lot of different things. He has no that you have to consider. There are some people who have imbalances inch. Chemical things are all you know. Pray you know what I'm saying? Hey Jesus can heal. But they may need for medication. It made the ask. Sometimes there are some spiritual things going on. I have personally creeper someone because I recognize a spiritual connection to their depression. Those do exist. I'm not going to get into that. 'cause that's not our topic but those do exist and I have craved with him and they have been released from that like Jasmine. It does not work for everyone because it's all different that just like you know I can have cancer. Thank God I. Don't you know and one of you guys could have it and somebody can handle it. Nothing and one of US gets heels. One don't this is. It's a whole lot of things they go into that and I think that it's a mistake for anyone within the church to tell someone you know right from wrong you because listen. Jesus can't hear you. But like Jasmine. Say he also gives a resource. If that was the case. Why do we even need doctors? Big Big this is so funny is exactly one of the things that Shirley talking about. Last week we were talking about. You know we. We're all we all follow. God We all love God and I have. Decimated prayed my way through a lot of life circumstances over the years. That doesn't mean that when I had a severe ut. I didn't go to the doctor. That's not what has back xactly A doctor has gifts and talents and string and knowledge. That was giving him but you know skills that he has for and that's something that what whatever your occupation is. You're getting fewer your virgin. You're going into becoming good at it. That's do the grace of God. God allowed you to be able to know these things and and do well at gratification. Why does that not include doctrine? Does that not in cool mental health professionals. Why does that not make van? Who prescribed medications or critically for clinical depression? It's it's funny how we overlook that when it comes to something like that. We're not going to overlook that are going to go straight to the doctor. Writing what act is not going to be. I mean that's I called my one at does and we don't believe in God. That's that's ridiculous so we have to really get rid of the whole stigma of we can't go see a doctor. We can't go see eras when we are really really struggle in some fake and even youth the ut add an example like a lot of you know may have chronic. Ut is because of lifestyle right so if we were to go to church in lay hands on us and we get healed and then two weeks later. We're doing the same thing. We ended up in the same place. We're sticking right but if we ever go to the doctor and we find out we educated and we say okay. He said that I'm doing this. I'm not drinking enough water. I'm not doing whatever this is. Why continue to say? The same thing is true for mental health. Yes got can heal you but it maybe some things that you're doing that's called the absolutely be deprived. Maybe you're missing your medication. Maybe situation of the doctor. You can get educated and God is sitting there saying you know what I can heal you but you're just going to be back in the same situation two months for me. Why don't you gotta continue right because we're doing the same behavior? Why don't you use this resource in actually go and get educated your behavior and you can actually walk into healing because housing doesn't always mean laying on hands. Only it can be a combination of things including being educated about what you need. All of that leads to is healing. You by by getting to see the car and go to the absolutely. It doesn't mean that somebody's going to be laying hands on you exactly with miraculous ways to get the healing that a hassle you sometimes. It's going to me going to see a physician right. Yeah I was like really important because when I first started advocating like I do have a pastor and he pray for me in front of the Church and everything and you know I felt better full. Wow like maybe about six or seven months later. I feel depressed again in. Seoul is just like I feel like like Without I started advocating about though some people just automatically all will. She's hailed and she is cured this why. She's doing this to tell people you know. They're going to be cured by Jesus and it's just like it doesn't exactly work like that. It's like I know that I have a diagnosis and I might have this diagnosis the rest of my life. But this how I take care of myself as were healed Decided to keep seeing a therapist or I have to decide. Do I need to take this medication or added decide about myself cares? Look because people don't understand you know mental health issues as different than a broken bone or or something like that is just like it. Could it could come back that. Depending on your circumstances EXA- somebody a definite family traumatic medically exactly so I think people need to not just think about. Oh well let's cure this. Let's see how we can treat this. You can't have your healing absolutely agree with that. One hundred percent and I think the church as a whole at the entire Christian community and other religions as well need to partner with mental health professionals and come up with a solution on how we can better educate danger of replacing air quotes guy with an actual physician. Because sometimes God is going to use those people to give you the hilly that he has for you are you know in all are getting we are to get wisdom right so I feel like we've spent a tragic amount of time really not getting the wisdom that we were expected to get and as that we like. You said we aren't partnering with people who've chained in these fields and we aren't validating the People's experiences and we aren't giving people the the the support that they need to go and see someone to talk to them or get diagnosed and that's on us that's on us as the church not not utilizing wisdom at all not getting because if we had really been getting that we would have already been doing this and so many of us would already be better for it especially women. An- An- another bank to I remember you know feeling when I was told you know by these various people you know. God Can heal your God. Wants you to be depressed. And he doesn't imagine bed if somebody's telling you that and you cannot achieve that what's called. What does that do to a young man especially especially about young women? You know young people who have not had the time to spend with guy and he don't have that one on one new bags in Christ. Yeah that was me and I remember my guy and then he just issue. My brother committed suicide. So that's a whole nother story but you know I've dealt with what would happen when mental health is not to know lost lost. Someone is suicide but I remember saying. Oh My god God love me because on asking him to help me and I'm feeling this way repair saying that. I shouldn't so unless something wrong with me. And that is dangerous because if not true it has nothing to do with running right exactly. Yeah I felt that way before to especially when people have told me in the past you should just pray and I'm like I haven't been go how much my relationship with guys like when some people safe stuff like that it makes you will. Does Guy Really love me. What am I doing awfully do? But Guy and Jasmine. I just WANNA fe few. I'm not going to get off subject but I just want to say this for me. Personally there are from stronghold sometimes that you know will prevent you. Even when you're praying and you're you're you're doing everything that you think is right. There are strongholds. That may be there. That keeping you from getting the breakthrough that you need even when you're taking the medication and therapy but my problem with the church that they don't teach this is why I do not ministry totally different than a lot of people do like. I talk about stuff like that. Talk about strong hose in Seoul ties in generation of curses. Because listen how you gonNa tell me has to be praying in about prey death on a break free but you haven't even told me to go back and look at my history go back in with my. Auntie who also was depressed and who had all the beef mental disorder and see their generational of sadness. Yes they skip a whole part of it when they tell you. Oh you should be free if you praying. You didn't even teach me warfare. You didn't even teach me how to get that a printing here I look. I'm really good coach tagging along with what you just said we talked at length about generational traumas as things that we have have suffered personally but also our mothers and Grandmothers Graham. Zagreb really thinking ed stuff doesn't carry. It is already. They're already been scientific. Study Generations again that. Show that in that. You're a is affected by that mess. I just talked about that. On podcast Holocaust they habit trauma in there. So how what we imagined that. So how is it? It's actually maybe even surprising that we're not all clinically depressed given the fact that we haven't been given we haven't really thought or been taught how to seek out the Wilson to really get the freedom that we need mental l. But I'm going to see a therapist is bad and going and getting medication. There's back so this is like we're not just talking about a will. Just jasmine individually will. She's got these problems in. Oh my gosh. What a shame that she hasn't done free yet no no. It's about Jasmine and you. Andy Shirley Ann. How READING THIS YEAR? Twenty nineteen have still got all of this other stuff. That's impacting us from all the past. Cg's a things that haven't been done. When I was just talking to my son the other day about how black people have also had a lot of things stolen a lot of things I know. My family personally had a lot of things stolen from different generations of my family. You think that doesn't affect your mental health. You think I'm a injustices. Seeing people get killed getting police or anything like that and nothing is ever done about it. The people that do get off. Scot regarding that doesn't do something to your mental health and then when you're harvey thank you Everything around you in the media and society and and and the dominant culture's telling you oh well you know he's just get over it because that's the only way you're going to beat. That's the only way we're going to appreciate you. Respect you and call you a woman. Do you not know that does a number a real number on you mentally and emotionally after does I mean when I think back like me. Having to funds Trayvon Martin's death will vary for me. It was very traumatic in my household. You know traumatic for my son. So you know not only. Do we have to deal with the stuff you know from generations ago being taken from our land in all those things like that? But we also have to deal with the stuff in our Refit pass you know when we were children but then also the stuff from two years ago or one year ago even assume Disney right a not to have to carry a lot to kind of unpacked and process. And I really feel that. That's one reason why we can't possibly do this. As individuals we have to start doing more together absolute physical and you know unfortunately unfortunately a lot of times when you have a lot of women together because the bet strong black woman attitude you can even put you at odds with your host. There have been told you know too strong. You know the boss said that you know you can only have one queen being the have and all that not a crazy stuff so I just think a lot of negatives come from that overall I do think like you said show me that we can change that s going to require. You know what we're doing today and saying you know what I love. God You know I definitely am all for that. I'm a Christian too my core but you may not be able to find the answer in traditional church because for me. I didn't get free jasmine because I asked my brother died. It was almost like suicide with Spirit in my family and I do believe that that you know happens with mental illness and stuff too. But I didn't get free into last started studying on my own. And that's when I decided to become a minister because I'm about so many things and I got free in my home by myself on my floor. Debt is muster. That is guy. Yeah but you know what I had to recognize the curses and I had to say okay. My aunt had a mom. Did this and this is what happened. See that you know what I I have some work to do. Maybe I do have to take my medication. But if something went but the point is that I did not learn that insurance and I've never heard anybody teach me then I I've been saved our seniors. I am now fifty in. I did not get my healing. I was not set free too. I actually took a break from church. I'm so seriously I had to take a break from it because not similar experience where I was in abuse relationship and I mean it was. It was horribly obesity and my pastor and I went to him and told him that this is what. I'm what I'm going through. My life is in danger. My Kids live certain. Kids lives are in danger and he he looked at and he says sister go home row. Go home and I'm telling you that I am on my knees literally begging for my life. Bit Rail healed up to my head. A He's telling me he's going to kill me. I'm literally on my knees begging for my life and I'm telling his mandates any says sister go home for him that's he says just to go home so I didn't. I didn't get my heel. I wasn't set free until I actually took a break from the church. And I had to get into communion with God myself back up still. I'm still on. I'm actually I'm actually exist so forth like that you guys have because after the break from charge zoo and I saw specifically because my church doesn't fully understand because they've let me speak about mental health issues in the church because they're trying to be more progressive and I appreciate that snow. Certain things were on Mike Exam. Everybody fully gets it yet. There's just like I need to have this relationship with God for my soul while take a break. That doesn't mean that I'll never come back right now right. Yeah that's a sense of judgement. Even even when they are receptive and they allow you to speak and they listen. You can still see a few people still there sometime. A lot of people church are wonderful so I don't want I don't want because one of them might hear this because I I know there's a lot of them will do support me. I don't want that. There's not supportive people but it's just sometimes I do feel like that from somebody or the you know you. Can you get Simpson? Somebody's all that stuff away for a little while. Yeah but the whole key is that we can never take a break from guy when we're going have to go to a church. The churches a we ought search amen. Yeah we'll we we did that. We brought it all together and it was so good. I mean it was states are so important because we have allow the church included people to silence us in sweep things under the rug. Because they don't want to be uncomfortable but say it's time to start making people uncomfortable. I say us to take our voices back and speak Loudly until people what we are no longer warranted tolerate in our lives. Are we question is what are we going to today? I feel kind of free. The this is the guy says you have to come on a sheet about business got birds. Y'All could come back. It's anytime one every now. It's an open door in particular day. You guys feel like we need to address on this particular podcast day. Let's let's make it happen. We can do pack awesome. Thank you guys so but you guys for being here with us. Oh yeah is been so good any closing remarks for anybody before we get ready to sign anybody. I mean you know like I said I'm just I'm just glad to have connected with you guys and I would love you guys to come on Macho we can you know. Have a part to That part has an definitely have been shouting. You guys out on the show so I I want to invite everybody to listen to the business show also To been all the podcasts provided and again I'm just I'm just really really thrilled to have been a part of this conversation. We love to take. Timmy's looks good route so much. Good perspectives too. Much risk it. I want to say that Afterlife conversations like this are needed. We definitely need to keep the conversation going because we have a lot to unpack hill from this so. Abdessalam the thankful that I was able to come on the show today in remind people to download the safe place APP on Android an iphone. Yes yes downloading. Mind today definitely. I just want to say a huge. Thank you to both Jasmine data for for joining us. Today this was. I really enjoy these conversations. Now they're very enriching me but I'm you know I'm very much about like we were saying having forming these calamities and getting ourselves getting ourselves the freedom of rain that we all doing it together because as a unit cost so much stronger anyway and I feel like there's there are systems in place to keep that from happening but we're gonNA make it happen. Yeah we crossing the boundary. All right ladies it has been foot in amazing time. We are going to get ready to get out of here again for our listeners. Please tell us what you think about the topic today. Follow us on all social media platforms at shades of strong. If you don't want to tweet us or comment on post you could also go to the website at shades of strong DOT COM and leave voice message. And if you're comfortable with we may air your message on one of our shows are guys. We are out of here. Thank you so much for tuning again until let's keep it one hundred zero.

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Podcast: CCA member offers white label freemium, big upside for the channel

Telecom Reseller

25:13 min | 9 months ago

Podcast: CCA member offers white label freemium, big upside for the channel

"This is the green on the publisher of Telecom reseller. And this is a special podcast for Tier Publications and the Cloud Communications Lance and to Dan with Jason Martin. Who's the CEO of Iot? Jason Thank you for joining Pizza Day. Hi thanks for having me so we're GONNA be talking about. I think a topic that That we really need to talk more about these days. And that is are there alternative presume and there's physically or other alternatives for the channel to be selling as I soon but I Jason What is well I? It's been around for quite a while. And and some people may know us as a multifaceted group calling firm We've got three products and market and it really just commercializes. The same piece of technology so our best known product is free conference Dot Com. Which is the only video I free conference calling platform and it was. Of course the first conference calling brand out there Free CONFERENCE DOT COM is probably what we're best known for about two million users on that Talks you DOT com. Which is the brand that we acquired a few years ago and re platform onto our platform. So it's a live streaming and podcasting platform And relatively popular. But there's a there's a new release coming up This This summer that I'm actually quite excited about. We'll hopefully talk to you about more later and then called bridge which I think is what we're GonNa talk about more today and call. Bridges are enterprise focused group calling Artificially intelligent enabled You know competitor to Zoom. I guess sort web. Rtc attack against the the group calling market. So how is called bridge difference than soon? I think that the first thing people notice is that it's a web. Rtc based tool so rather than having a download to install something on your PC. We we do have a an electron APP that you can. You can download. It actually works inside your browser so you rather rather than being inside your computer and opening up all those security channels to the outside world. You're more or less standing on the front porch of your computer by staying in the in the browser and you've got all that additional security of the browser going through the web. Rtc Channel. So you have you have less of the The vulnerabilities that's the Zuma's got and It's it's also got a lot more features I think than does Different features so some of the things that we've got the the zoom hasn't got his. We were the first one to go to market with a An artificial intelligence assistant which we call q that c u e which does transcript and You know highlights key words and things like that adds more value to your meeting after meeting his over. Let's start with. This is the part with the way this is set up and the utilization of web. Rtc Are you saying that it's basically easier for the average user and I'm thinking beyond the it people in the UC people just this final user. The people that are actually out there is employees using it. Is it just easier for them to set up? Yeah I I certainly believe that. I mean if you If you go in using chrome or safari thought medically Start showing your camera you have. You have to give it the permission like it'll say The browser will ask for permission. Use your camera and microphone but there isn't any sort of install of any sort of execute able in your computer. So if you've never used them before or You know some of the other ones You know Webex used to be notorious for this gotomeeting I know now has the option Where you you? You have the option of downloading and executing and then going through a setup process with call bridge You get a a challenge module Like a little a little challenge box. It comes up and allows you to you. Know Test Your your video and test your audio but you can just go straight into the call And that that's I hope anyway. A lot easier For people than having to go through that process but you know again like there are many different types of users. It's very difficult to think of users as a monolithic group and some users are mentally Arranged around installing a piece of software on their computer and for people like that. I think that you know having a download which which we do. If that's what they choose May make them feel a little better to have that icon on their desktop but But but to just get a caller in or just a moderate a call Or or any sort of video meeting. You don't need it so actually focus on Call Bridge I think. WanNa SORTA think about this. Maybe from the standpoint of the channel so you know one of the big one of the challenges in the last few weeks that a. Lotta Channel Partners had is the customers that are not accustomed to having a remote workforce they have customers who have many people on staff who really are not. It workers you know not not that I don't WanNA say they're technologically challenged but they're not maybe that tech savvy and TC issue for just a moment is it just easier for that type of workforce to adopt this Yeah I mean. I think that Video calling you know. It's time is finally come. There's been about a ten year period. Preceding s where it's become increasingly insidious and a whole new generation has come of age Being quite comfortable with skype and comfortable with video and what's happened facetime. And you know everything from grandparents communicating with grandchildren across distances to business communications. Which is what you and I are used to It's it's had. Its had enough time to become a non threatening element in the In the arsenal that a business has got technology. But but now what we're seeing is a great degree of commoditisation. So it's becoming like dial tone famously. Bill Gates had said that You know computer. Software operating systems would be like dial pound and and that that metaphor is carried forward for everything once we get to the point where everyone on the planet understands what this is and what's happening Then then you you've become commoditised and you're dealing with the prejudice of small dish differences and I think that's the point that we're at right now we're dealing with minor differences between different platforms minor advantages and You know some minor differences in the way that some of the the Ui operates but even the even to the level of common metaphors now. So the the the hangup ECON looks like a phone down on its cradle You Know Mute. Looks like a microphone with an extra line through it Chat speech bubble. you know gallery view is a grid of tiles? All of the ICONOGRAPHY now speaks to that commoditisation and that that is a really good thing. Because I don't think that anybody comes to conference call anymore with video and says what is this. Virtually everyone whether you're a nonprofit or a grandparents in a care home knows what video communication is and is and is ready to engage with it. And that's because of this time period this ten year period where it's it's increasingly become ubiquitous in our in our lives so. I don't I don't think that it's it should be viewed as threatening. I mean I I don't think anybody Thinks about Video communication as a massive change. Their business we have On our blog I recall bridge blog. A A little how to guide how to Move Your Business Online. If you're a traditional business how to use video conferencing move your business online and I think that that sort of shift of taking the communication From a face to face Touch interaction and putting it into this virtual space Should be non threatening and there's some tips and tricks to make it non threatening so you know it's interesting Jason I agree with you ten years ago. This was sort of a bit of a hard sell all of a sudden ubiquitous but then that creates new challenge for the channel. So I have to ask. Why should I be selling a commodity right so I mean well? The first the first thing is because you've got no choice like you have to have this Any anyone in the channel who doesn't offer A video product will be left in the dust. It is it is the must have right now two salad and you can tell because We're we're recording this. We're in the middle of the Cova Corentin and this is the way people are operating. People are running their entire businesses. Whether they're you know a chef remotely watching a kitchen prepare takeout food or You know a flower shop Instructing somebody Which flowers to pick out of the warehouse to put together for a for a funeral. We're using video technology now so it's happening and for the channel. That's an opportunity that they can either participate in or they can retire but if if people think that there's still money to be made in plastic phones on desks There is not there is not So it so the first reason. Why should they sell this is? You've got no choice but the thing is You do have opportunity that you can take advantage of. It's not like we all have to roll over and just say okay. Zoom is one or Microsoft teams as one and therefore the game over there are Cannell enablement companies like ours that are here to transform a PBS and a cloud company Away from being plastic phone enablement focused and make them video enablement focused. So you know like some customers that we've worked with have made the made the shift and it was very easy. We even have some on boarding tools where it's an on boarding processes rather that Make it much easier for people to to transition so for example you know we have one customers. Got Fifteen thousand. Sc Fifteen thousand phones out there kind of a small player We release fifteen thousand video counts and we have everything pre populated with their All of the contact information and everything so they all automatically get fifty they fifteen thousand video counts go out and the on Web. Rtc There's no deployments practice. There's no there's no holiday at the at the laptop level there's an increase of course in level when Customer Service calls. But that's to be expected with anything any change So once these wants to. These accounts are rolled out. They have a couple of months free and then then they have to pay for the accounts once people have gotten addicted to it. It's the old the old heroin. Heroin dealer trick I give you a taste. And then you're you're hooked and keep coming back for more so if I'm a channel partner it sounds like you're saying I better be in the game of selling this. Make the case for call bridge. Why should I call bridge over other other brands? I think I think the the thing that we've heard time and time again is that a this is a very commodity space. So there's certain things that people expect and we've got those features so we were giving. We're giving your customers what they expect but What's different zoom is going to take your customer data and make it part of their own network We don't do that. We let you maintain and hold the customer relationship and hang on to it tightly as you can. That's the real asset in this new space. So what's happening is M- Zuma's becoming increasingly monolithic. And they're not partner friendly so we're very partner friendly. We want you to have a strong and consistent relationship with your customers. Zoom wants take your customers and now that they're moving into you know they're going away from zoom rooms and now they're going into zoom phone and zoom change They're looking to the whole ball of wax. 'cause the next Microsoft so they're they're not partner friendly and they're going to they're going to disinter. Mediate you go straight for your customers. Now you could get quite despondent about that and think. Okay well I guess I better call them but the other thing about it is that they they don't have a very friendly reseller model they do have ms RPM pricing this same as as the retail. And they do give you a break. So you know if it's Fourteen ninety nine per seat they will sell it to you at nine ninety nine. That's true but You can make more money with us. We have very very flexible payment plans and we have a cost sharing model that allows you to go from Framingham. All the way up to pro and make one hundred percent margin we also have a A multi tiered reseller model for call bridge so even though You as as a reseller may want to resell a product. You also have resellers via channel. So you you have people that are taking your product white labeling it and then selling others it's common in in the telecom channel so what we do is we have coverage white labeled as your product and then we also have an admission portals that allows you to manage your your resellers beyond that and the white label. They've got of your product so you can have multi tiers of Reseller Managed on the same platform and again. This is all in the cloud. So it's very easy to deploy there obviously is some security issues some certificates that has to be generated. And there's some hard coding and we don't have. We haven't had a single customer that hasn't asked for some sort of integration. That requires a little bit of tinkering with the with the core platform. But once it's up and running it's It's a hot rod and it's ready to go so jason you know At this stage especially with the way. This crisis has kind of pushed together time and adoption. If you were talking about earlier I imagine that most channel partners are thinking you know. Virtually every one of my customers adopted some kind of video strategy. They're using some product probably. In the case of our readership listenership is would probably be predominantly zoom and indoor teams? And so? You know I'm trying to think you know. Let's say they. They adopt a call bridge. What did they say to the users who are going to say? Yeah but I've got zoom or teams already running. It is tough to to convert You know people once they've once they thought A practice right so there is a bit of inertia customer inertia and it's difficult to migrate customer product. Even if it's something they don't like People don't like change habits so that that's a that's a perennial problem in in in tech that you know we've all seen and and have all experienced but but I think if you've got a relationship with your customer You know you're you're a reseller and you've got You know whatever. You're selling dial tone mobile phones or whatever it is that you're you're selling them Even customer service wants support. Whatever it is they they trust you and the reason that you've still got contracts with these customers is because of that level of trust This is something that Coverage is designed for because You know you can literally put your brand on it like we don't want we don't want customers to see iota or just see call bridge we want them to see you So if you're looking on my desk here I've got walla juice a mango juice. Oh if your if your wallet telecom and you're currently reselling skype for business or Microsoft teams Where you're selling zoom. You could have a wall of meat or at Walla teams and it's it's basically running via coverage and you can bring it to the customer base and say you know you trust us. Trust us on this tool. This is our tool. It's got our brand on it. We stand behind it. We provide support for it. And we'd giving you a pricing break or something like that some sort of incentive to move onto the onto the platform but it's got your brand on it and it's It's your trust that you're selling so you know when I was saying before that you know wh- customers That that level of trust is really what you're selling and and even though we're moving into a highly commodity space the the one thing that is not commoditised is the relationship that you got with your customer. That's the thing that we're we're trying to enable here and with Zoom and Microsoft and I. I know I used to be. I used to run a Microsoft partner. Firm gold certified firm. They've got a great partner program But it it is all Microsoft or nothing so it's very difficult to switch from being a Microsoft shop to being something else but the one thing about Call Bridge tools like this is that they're running on web. Rtc which is which is as universal as you can get these days so a lot of opportunity right now for choice. And you know the thing that's GonNa make the difference in the future is going to be the quality of your relationship with your customer. You know as interesting you bring that up because what I'm hearing you say is that with the predominant other choices which probably Microsoft teams in Zoom. It's really their way or no way that the whole relationship kind of the information. The data the control over the customer and so on the account and billing really goes to the favor of of the the main player in charge Microsoft resume especially in Zoom's case You Know Microsoft. has a very good Customer or Partner Program It it really is well organized. And they really do enable the Channel Two to operate for them. But you can't go to a Microsoft partner and say I want to try this other thing and it's not Microsoft based it has to be inside the Microsoft framework and just conveniently all the servers happened to be Microsoft neum plays in the non affiliated group. So that that's it's very popular in in places where a say oracle has a footprint Or there's there's a lot of UNIX servers for example or or or You know aws as opposed to Azure So you know. Zoom is less affiliated and doesn't have an established partner program they will take your customer and you can see when you approach a zoom and say well I want to offer my customer. Free trial Zoom we'll say well that's no problem. Just send them to the zoo site and they can do a free trial at the same site as soon as the customer goes there. You've just lost the customer. There's no reason for you to be involved in this transaction anymore and zoom has just done an end around and Has disintermediated you. We don't do that. So we we give you the tools to provide free medium service to your customer under your brand with the features that they expect and need and then having an upgrade path. Keep you in the game and keep you keep you making money. And it's the upgrade passes where the money is for the channel in premium model. I think so. Yeah I mean obviously there's costs operating and You know for freedom what you know we. We share those with our channels. So it's you know there are some cost to To operate it but But the money the real money to be made in getting them off of free and getting them onto paid. Obviously so Jason as As we move forward here again. I'm I'm sort of struck by you. Know this transformation of video is sort of this Unique thing and it wasn't really embraced now. All of a sudden a commodity you're talking about you know making it plus commodity for the Channel But Meanwhile what's next for the scene for video? Well I think that if I was listening to this and I was in the channel I would be looking at every single vertical. That's out there right now. That isn't a video enabled and trying to figure out what the good use case You know I alluded to a few earlier. You know like having The the flower shop owner Virtually walking through their Their warehouse and picking up flowers with a with a worker through a video link. That that sort of stuff is is now going to be everywhere. you know we've seen telemedicine really take off and and that's that's something that led to coverage getting hip compliant so we've got GDP Erin hypocr complaints for the for the platform and that's because there are a lot of use cases. They're the channel should should think about what kind of use cases there are for video enablement. And how how can we get in and talk to our customers and get video into their APP? So you know. I The sky's the limit on this stuff and coverages is really just a a shed delaying and meeting tools. So you could do things like have real estate Through video you can have What do you call them? Kiosk can be through video If you're you've got a call center with chat he's GonNa add video to that like so many different use cases And the choices do I buy peck that observer and then a bunch of engineers and build it out or do I just go to a turnkey solution like the guys and just have us integrate the video To that so there's a lot of a lot of use cases out there and and there's There's tons of innovation yet to calm. We're really just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to where where videos going to fit in the future so I think I think that It's difficult to predict the future but I wouldn't. I wouldn't be surprised if there's video everywhere except in the washroom. Hopefully you know Jason. We've been doing this podcast today. On behalf of the Cloud Communications Alliance as well Andrew. You have a special relationship with that organization we've been we've been seeing members now for a few years and it's a great. It's a great group. I find it I find there's a lot of good conversation and You know we get a lot of insights and ideas and and there's a lot of Opportunity Sharing Their. We have a special pricing as well for people who want to use call bridge in their channel and if they are CCA members they get special pricing as well so So if you're not a member now that that alone should make it worth signing up for C. Well Jason. I WanNa thank you for joining me today. And giving us very interesting overview of an alternative to assume and giving channel partner listeners and readers some ideas on maybe a new opportunity that they may be going. We're can we learn more? I think the best places to go to coverage DOT COM Or You could You could send one of us in email You can send me an email. Jason had I owed him Dot Com and I'd be happy to To chat with you more about it. Well Jason Thank you very much indeed and we look forward to learning more about this as we go forward. Thanks a lot.

Microsoft Jason Martin partner Customer Service Zuma Lotta Channel Partners Telecom Iot CEO publisher Bill Gates heroin Cova Corentin Tier Publications Framingham Dan Cloud Communications Alliance
#246: Whole Lotta Red

The Agostinho Zinga Show

1:04:01 hr | 1 year ago

#246: Whole Lotta Red

"Hey there podcast fans. Are you looking for a new true crime. podcast checkout gangster house. The new podcast from imperative. Entertainment Gangster House has has everything hospital Hitman at B. I.. Informants are prison escape of Van Explosion. And so much more. I'm Jason Hoke. Creator of gangster. House and producer podcast Megahertz Atlanta Monster Broken hearts and monster the Zodiac killer. Listen to gangster house right now on your favorite podcast player. Oh hello there. Welcome back to the casinos. Inga's show with me your host Agostino Singer this episode number two four six. That's that's dose. Quattro says dose. Why throw says how you guys doing man how you feeling amazing good to hear? And how am I pretty goodman as you can tell. I've just back from day to day nine to five occupation. I've got my work clothes moment because I couldn't get my coffee. Turn the morning because guess what. Guess what time went by in it stuff to do people to see deals to secure Hansa shake baby to kick puzzles to run into traffic to run across a barrier to jump over a jump under depending on how agile you are and depending on your ability to reenact those Paul Community sorta sheep French movie you so one time so much to do and also busy so I didn't have time to do it this morning but here. I am now live in direct hubby. Doing well imagine ta actually don't mind looking at myself in camera by listening to focus of a blackjack you're on a black jumper sunglasses my hair that have been caught in a while. I'm GonNa Probably let my hager. I little bit more my bed as you can tell from the video jio look I think the Bubba took a too too much off so I want to try and grow it and hope you want to go back. He can just trim the edges exactly and not actually trim it to its way to do in it so that when you go to a barbershop. y'All do something and they do. Complete opposite happens quite often. I notice a common complaint of women when they go to silence usually go from my exper- I've heard people who are hairstylist. You'd most women almost going to hear. Silence have unrealistic expectations of how the has gonNA turn out especially if they come pitch from celebrity to our look like Nj Jolie as you head. Isn't my German talking to sit in the same way. So it's a stylus this job to come and consult with their client. Go back and forth until you find solution when you going. It's like a flip in regular Yodmani African Guy Turkish Dude Asian Asian Guy White Guy Baba for men usually is always the same shit right. Usually you're getting a buzz. Cotton the science will fade. You're trimming the top trimmed up. Maybe some GEL in it. There's not much you know. Must play with him immensely for the most part. So you'd expect them to just do what you want an especially good quite the heck out some pre driving. I have my two free trims I go for maybe a little tape on the edges. Maybe a shape up. And maybe the skin Fade high-skill very best buy is maybe the forfeit baby like the whole thing you saw about taper in and you leave a bit at the back but have many. That's all I have and I know that. Look good on me because I get the same haircuts again and again and again again. It's the reason why the head because you know I know how I look. I know my head. Looks like a flip in fifty percents fifty pence piece. When I chop off the hair now talk? I got an blown shape head hedge ship condo back in the in school so that keeps you off the idea that you need about. Why bigger to talk? But I know I like it and so we'll the barber shop. Expect it to be the okay. How can I help you today as A? Hey bubba can you give me. ABC Indeed and they always end up somehow fucking up a missing the B. and doing something else completely different than c and D and you just swallow it as a solo. You don't complain step lip right as as Brit Brit Zero. You give the best of your money and guess what like a bitch you come back again the following week and you come back again the following week. 'cause you know so I'm GonNa do is figure that I used to back in the day where I'm going to grow my hair and I wanna go. Dan Tell the why look like right. You see it's actually. I might go back and told him not to touch my forbid all just leave it completely as is and then just kind of shave. The sides makes it a coworker though complete. Don't touch my as leave it. I don't mind that she growing make look a bit raggedy because the fed up with the whole like you know edges and shopping on the side of this little bit with strangers I think. Ever since Kristalina mentioned it Akon UNSEE. Now the shop ages. Like you're cutting. Your hair. Looks a bit strange. I'm just GonNa let it grow barley kind of faded a little bit and it had the top kind of well done but then I think the talk one needs to be braided is getting too long now. I need to do something on my hair into braids shape or form. I think I might go for this. Look right I saw some was also possible Perez name dammit. Oh even the game ended the game had some quite cool braids the game braids right go bracelet top of forgot. It was like it was pretty nice. I think I might get that same haircut and if they lose you've had the same thing right so it's like this this is why might if you're listening via the youtube APP them out at deny politicized but essentially it's not gonNa Mari Hecker where you kind of shave the sides and you give yourself this'll atop so while my end up going for the kind of braise on top. It might look pretty cool as you can see on that picture. And that Baba's sought that Baba's that she climbed the games hand looks really really cool as well. Yes on my affair might go for that she. That looks amazing. Take a big fan of that. 'cause I ever has to log on that just to leave as it is money some kind of assistant on top of that Germany frayed with braids as as they call it a China type in what it was but it's actually could phaser braids and infield pretty cool. I like the way it looks on. Probably do that sometime very soon. Kofi again I don't go to because there's a constant truck embattled to find out. How do people that were to go to to get stuff done? Use Google Braids in London. Or would you. Do you WanNa have a good head. If you don't have the heck outside. The game has in this in this picture right. Those kind of American fades right way as super shop and fades in all corners. Amazing where'd do you go. How'd you find out who doesn't London? How'd you find out who raise your hand on saga to go? I'M GONNA go to an antique brave my head to go to another bobby the company. I'm absolutely madison it. I wish it could be done just in one place which Lee Nobuo. So yeah. That's what I'm aiming to do next couple of weeks weeks. Hopefully get that done. You know this is my day to day. Wears as I am as if it was gonNA recommendations about where I can go and get some braids done the top especially run east London and we all can get up in the same place be advantageous. So if you're not going to sit down and get my game ahead with it up like this like how is it. Currency John Quincy Jones Rafic. Maybe Jones about gamma had done up my data top so kind of brazen the top and then skipped Vado. Signed on in. London knows where I can get that done. I'm like I don't care what he's on on the anyway London. That's really good and peace peace and pictures. Please send me links on. Let me know that people are now Google it myself. I'm Lee Mc comment ambulance abby awesome. And if you goes up so many moments that minimum reach maximum or Agostino. Tease at media columnist Agostino teased at Mito Karma. Put Lincoln Show nutsy as well and if you have any tips. Brigham and Inman bring me Inman. Let me look at skin six to agree and is man. Let me floss. Women now mean well happening with me. Oh Yeah I actually don't my wariness. I think I've I've gone. Someone asked me of. I've been asked already like doorway the same thing every day and it's like a combination of Jimmy of free of all these jumpers or got a million black T. shirts and the strikeout continue anywhere by tend to have attended. I signed up signed to really the enjoy dressing in a particularly uniform every day of the week. Especially when I'm going to work especially from I'm working nine to five If if you're living the youtuber creative lifestyle maybe a different is quite cool to mixing up. I think the monotony of the every day going to work I'd rather have. I'd rather not be stressed. I'm thinking about mouth You know again. This is festival because actually give a shit about close but because I care about my appearance and I care about close. I don't want to make myself go crazy by wearing hiring on outfit so I'd rather just have a south. I wear a week and if I WANNA Kinda bowl out the first day on the Friday after work. Because you're going to go off to a drinks can do that but for the most was part of the lockdown said no my ever bring capacity. You could be used. You know doing stuff like this. DJ In right and whatever may be cool. I got I got room in my head to Do other things as opposed to using a Ram just to figure out what went away during the week. which is you know? It doesn't really matter because you're going to have a house anyway. I mean I guess So as long as I've I've got something quite nicely I don't mind something again. This is a neutral looking at a black motorcycle jacket. Wax Jackets and jumper and black act trousers on my stocks are low focus says a pretty neutral look it can work in most basis. I'm not addressing unaddressed. That's the main thing you don't want to have right. You don't be under just when you go anywhere you're going to be over. Listen you go anywhere. I still remember that feeling. Fifth in turning up to three point alibi on a on a Sunday or no my Saturday after I went to church or something and turning up in my future to imagine right when you when you when you what are you talking about East London or that whole era you was. It was very much an all encompassing world. It wasn't necessarily a thing. Yeah it was quite its own thing right. You didn't necessarily like the people that hang out with Della Biology get my promotional my Pi days. They were specific group of people. Right they will kind of a for lack of a better term. They'll canes right so what Tim Balls. People that will taste people now in bands people that were proposal cells we put out working in the craves field. Just all those kind of people. That's why I hang out with but it's rarely that you would mixed up group. People would would your fashion friends or we do train of friends or with your friends from back home or your friends from Church so it was separate so they saw different sides of you and maybe that my friends will say the the same on this side right but I remember being a big alibi. Smokers because effectively. No one has seen me in Charles's that fit right in shoes that will had hard sold that click clack. Could you walk and the talk show not me that way. So what the fuck this dude. Even a bizarre. It's like when you when you see the bartender out one day. She's on a day okay and she's gland up and go. Wow because you always used to seeing him in jeans were defer Bolivar in the back of their pockets or just curious to know mclovin German. He's blow your mind. That's like the adult version of senior teacher on the weekend in West village talking. No that's that sir. I guess has a life in go. bugger shake shack. I leave him alone. So that is the real coming but yeah I don't mind. I don't mind doing that through the weekend. Me and I got really. I'm limiting my drinking especially in a week and of drink our own out during the week just trying to keep it to the weekends and big parties and stuff and you know in that in and out like a knocker Ninja work and making sure I do my stuff outside out of work and that is where I have a balance fulfilled life so but also be worrying about what trials. I'm wearing snow that serious. I mean the main thing is do through my game when I'm step into occupation where I am in because they obviously keeping the lights on and you respect them places via here I am because a well rested and that sort of stuff. I'm good on feeding live. Let's get some topics. Let's get into some topics. Stop of seeing the Internet stuff of been drinking speaking about here and we're good stuff yet. Yeah yeah cool all right so what we have here The two four six toys episode you for seven. I think it might be two thousand seventeen seven. Just make sure I think. I think I have this one wrong as per usual as a huge I think I might destroy. Maybe it says episode two four seven. Let me check and see. Let me check and see because because if it is done I apologize. If you're listening step so two four six I miss up the intro as always do but hey you know what you can you know stop happens come on whereas is this I mean what can I see this. Take ages to load too much tougher. Panova can well shut himself dioxide. Okay cool so nope. It looks like we are two four six. We are okay cool. Thank God thank God all right. Let's let's the students. Let's go through some topics or got lots to talk about. And I WANNA talk about it with you guys so first things first. I saw this riot. This is Diane Real and one of the former editors of fresh is of vogue on British off and back. Today there's a really cool article here from. I'm hop is bizarre. That kind of details her secrets and I fold looking that the first one that came to mind is that they might be a son hip hop repre who could probably do will taking the cue of the. Im billions creative direction or taste or just the way that she kinda put pictures to give. I'm and I would. I would hope you guys have an idea of Wyoming. Right goes up here on. Screen is article from Harvard. Bizarre Diane Valence Secrets. The subtext is the legendary fashion editor and the subject of a new documentary diarrhea and never ceases to astound right. And if you score looked at pitcher what you see in this eastern inefficient scarring it via to park is an older woman who looks casse. Incredibly well put together an amazing lace fabric dress on and she's kind of lying lying on a massive vintage so for with an a an a dorm and a range of tapestry in knickknacks and vases and lamps and chairs or crazy easy amounts of financial around it but as being titled to give the Color Red Red and I fold you know what a good confidence and playboy caught his new album whole thous due to come out while back. We haven't heard about it. We don't know when it's going to come out but I think this'll be cool album cover for Dan. Violent of magic paper card to the He's on a version of this. Diane Berlin an image be pretty cool. Mike Imagine just him may be in like a maybe a bit more and more than apartment. Maybe a lot lot more trinkets around and completely covered in red cloven. Maybe Ian Red Velvet cake or something that'd be flipping sick or something or just sitting Eh. Maybe they'll be similar to the image on the self titled Album Right. That's why he's kind of this to go beside him and he was he was paper. Smuggle something pretty cool. I think take hold on. I think he should take ideally feel free to say that for free. My friend pay with that means we get the album Be More than happy by Eric and I'll be really cool from the. The article says the following. I'm pretty cool one system When I married Who Read this Article Actually Lisa Imo Imo Dino Real Island so let's let's read is quickly so his ambulance secrets right When I married is on the island on religious darn believe what it? I've never imagined that I would spend free documenting. His Legendary Grandmother magazine it's tastes maker. Fashion icon bows driven by the idea of UNRING. Her unique creative genius during the twentieth. Not at all. She was Harper's bazaar and it's my bad. No vote during the twenty six year. Tenure hop bizarre. Diane did didn't just clove women. She presented them with aspirations nations off. Why there isn't a possibility of Glamour? So which is amazing it. That's what you want to live. A life You know just kind of drenched and coveting creativity. Every every single day. His whole life is art. We eat is where you wake up. what you do when you wake up is the things that you e- how you how you work. How how will you work out with what you did when you can have some at artistic dots? That's why I'm kind of I think maybe this is. My version of it is uniform that wearing day in day is my autistic dance. Might one to to stick to one one to two. Maybe it is who knows it. Continues here Richard Richard Avedon said after her death in nineteen eighty nine. She was remainder genius and fresh editor. I interviewed more than sixty people for my documentary is has travel living. Nothing was try. I'm definitely going to watch that and couldn't two sons Tim and Frederick and my husband and his brother Nicholas shed wonderful child. Memories of time spent with no Nina. If there was one common thread it was at Diana Vision Inspire people to push for their own lives. I discovered many interesting things about her during her research. Here to fifteen of them. Okay Am I. I'd love being kind of person not gonNA put Somebody Thompson ample and you never sweat. You're always kind of done to the T.. Like fucking amazing suit as you just look incredible. It'd Wessel and do when I when I grow up. I WanNa be that person that just chunk. That goes Monday. Tosca full fucking particular Nitzan German. You wearing your favorite selene jacket. DOC ID You've got these fucking crazy Swayed lever other. No sandals on from products puppy Patten Street to the GP at one. That's why I want that. Want that vibe. Here's some of the Interesting thing she picked along the lines of religion number one pillows. He doesn't home when fused with perfume via hydro dramatic needles as amazing Before coming number two before fashion editor Diana had laundry shop in London. Legend has it that Wallace Simpson Seduced Edward then Prince of Wales while wailer that is nightgowns. Mom Stall Munster bought down the British Empire. Her suffrage wants joke. She even had one ni- cows tailored with up to free fittings on one song. Single one a nightgown hated and I imagine now that is just amazing. I love that kind of plants. Silence Number Free Jewish had her dollar bills and her tissues. I am before putting her handbag is woman see much share the same lunch every day. A whole wheat peanut Budwood Marmalade. Sandwich was done with Scotch. Jesus wonderful that must say Pena Baron and a Momma's commerce bit. Stranger sounds quarter. I try out peanut. Butter is the greatest invention since Christianity. She said number five. She rarely left the house before noon. Johnston conducted this earth business from her tab number six only dialogue more. The fashion was reading. A favorite book was my big. My life has been more influenced by books if our life. Yes books reading reading books. What what too many down here you can see? I'm a big proponent of books I'm trying to preach about it too much now because I just think rebels facing anything that you'll you know you're intellectually Mashburn Ban yourself and just in general is selfish. It's a selfless thing. Something I do particularly were would suffer. I read is for my own self interest. It doesn't really need go outside of my brain and you know yes just no fun fun. Really what else she had here. As Interest Diane's favorite color is red but she never found the perfect vics shade which she which was according to her the color of a child cap in any of his nation's Pitt poetry interesting. Be I recommend checking out is. I'm GonNa read the whole listening to that makes for a boring podcast but checkout Hoppe's bizarre Diabetes Secrets Arlene cashing Charlottesville. You guys that went to see it and you guys can have a look. Oversea watched watched Beckham Entry. To documentary is called. The eye has to travel and show. Some people have which I'm sure is available on Netflix and stuff isn't a property is what is available on Netflix. In the middle. Look See Z.. Safety is a vital one that fix it probably might be. I said Anna I travel her. No Oh doing the I has this or that. So there's travel yaps available on Youtube and Google play wherever you get your documentaries from also also you know wink. Wink nudge nudge. B. S.. move on from not wine whilst we WANNA see he was move along All this one article here says supposedly she was losing. His edge is a little snip article. Meissner by defender full article is on on the business of fashion buys beyond payable. And obviously I'm not going to pay that Some little read a bit of y Sophomore High Snow by guest. We can kind of take it from Dan. Kind of some is is where they currently going or what direction. They think that playing a what they're playing a in general because I don't think it's actually true. I don't think there is a tremendous air. Traffic may be. The fashion industry's may be tied of St wit right. Then they might have kind of moved on to bigger umbrella things but I think for the most part the idea of kids rebelling and and start in their own brands and printing screen printing on t shirts getting captain braided making their own perfect version of a baseball cap. That will never ever ever ever die in my opinion but who what do I know as optical up here and then we can kind of discuss this further. Because you know what's the point of saying well the stuff of Yukon prevent this. Get up on here one second mythical fine whereas it was article so this go from high snow by not he of course got Gut Barber of Shiga himself. On the main Image Day Hiroshi. Fujiwara says the fuller. This is the headline huge. Join avas discussed what happens once a street. Where bubble best am yours for? Jawara and Ref Simmons are just some of the huge industry talents in the new piece of business of fashion which discusses what future what future could look once she but will bus right and I guess that M- musty comes from the idea that there was a time maybe it was a think. Maybe it was a good less. Let's say what was that fresh. What was the injunction? I probably say ingestion of among veterans from me maybe mark. The beginning of the explosion of street wear on a fashion runway shows. Right remember that Vitim Oncho find actually. Let me get that profess and it'd be discussed the rest of it Betty Moon among the see. Why is it being so weird and stuff tough when closer up and down in closed down and closed it's deemed? Okay cool. Well let me see let collection up on here right and I think this is where is for me personally. Were off in the street where wave came tumbling going down away. The initial sparks from in my opinion right so that victim show ever went to a it was in like a weird on the ground nightclubs. Someone had been in the Paris. That was one way of Gerardo Jerry. Lorenzo Carney West Virgil and if you're sitting next to each other That so that was yeah that was full winter in two thousand fifteen. You remember that show. That was the the famous one the the second show off the Defensive Wall. Maybe the best defection. 'cause I remember the First Section way the moon is up on plinths but I was like a look. Only then we have the first collection wells mostly kind of a sweat kind of singlets or onesies and then we had this that she would have gone screen here. Forward to two thousand fifteen. The had the the had That the had older little kind of security badge holder things on the clips. This is the collection that had the boot discussion to hide the massive bomber Jacket Riano was wearing wearing for a while that huge of a sidebar reduction. Everyone's wearing that. It was just a popular all over the place and as a Korean Bam people's wearing German this I think this is a stop for me. A one St we have really went like full force of instrument efficiency unseen before I didn't really feel like three was kind of an integral part again. That's probably my understanding from it. I don't know if you guys agree with it. But that's why I think tree kind of really kind of infiltrate and ever. Since then they have a brand new TUB Doodo Sheba's of it some some west and others you know you've got brands like Michael Kors and coach. He's kind of garbage brands. Designed to implement animism confession. That doesn't really work as well. And you've got somebody. I have a higher brow brands. Some Obresek may be proud and stuff. You're obviously because you're probably. There is like a genius and a once in a lifetime talent but you know. There is a disconnect when it comes to the youth market at one of the street way way did come about if like a convenient time for them to kind of you know fully lean into bring him back some of the more sporty elements or product Eh cuts in the you know. The quintessential Vitima Hoodie a down jacket. Element doesn't get quick. More quintessential she within basically what we see now right. This appropriation of Mo- cycle pence back into the mainland again. Lovely those are really cool Shiva elements and they're just messing Dibango said. I mentioned that everyone was wearing for a while. And Focus by scoffs night lows of interesting bits of mortgage show. You guys are aware of the article he wanted to say about it So dot Costa the following Extensive piece looks at the situation from both sides of the coin. Firstly addresses the fact that street who has been largely misrepresented as a trend rather than a refresh the street. And you've culture which I agree on secondly highlights highlights war. Today's top designers believe is coming next. It was this real big. I got bit annoyed. Event Info is a bit of a kick in the face or slap to the face. When everyone will the fresh ideas is? We're trying to push some maybe some this designers and in notes were pointing downwards integration for the show. They'll write down things to do tailoring source of tailoring shape shape for application Loza. Things they think are out of reach from the from the regular street red designer but the actual facts of the marriage. That when you're a street wear brand. You'll somebody you know obsessed with street whereas I am. You don't necessarily bothered about you know you don't really care about trying to compete with your favorite pressure Brown. You're kind of doing your loafing your kind of taking staples that you normally have in your own woodruff and expounding it as you please all reinterpreting yards you. Please write most of the high level among the top brands and street wear take something. The hoodie the the basic level Hoodie. Most of the top brands in the world that you deemed top street wear brands out there. They will have different version of the of the early right. Everyone's got different shape a different way. Different finish different trim detail. Everyone's got different interpreting that same thing but they make but they make get season to season out and customs myself. Keep buying buying it but not necessarily trying to compare that Hoodie Takahoti from you get from selene. We give them those Gabino. You might give them good she. We don't care about you go you go to allies that you go to the higher or you go to the kind of luxury brands for what they can offer. When you go to your street wear brands for that? What they can offer the moment they started to bleed into each other and swap notes or you had to go straight brands who are producing a run? A T. He's just because they decided to do it. And so and no marketing up to say price Not that's when it starts to come on do Jimmy. We know so the same thing we know. Isn't I come to you for your sixty t shirts and I go to them for their five hundred pound trainers right it. Both you know upright on different ends of the Totem Pole but both e completely necessary very interesting article that the reps for example said that there are too many hoodies with Princeton. them out. They're really raff half really digital country. Anything to do you not think you're amazing. Talent to somehow be able to disseminate to your ability to take what you see on the streets take what you're seeing Kolja and somehow funnily back into your fresher brands and then lied to you. Point out seminal iconic sometimes archival pieces of fashioned way ahead of his time that goes on to inspire a generation of designers who dan going to do what copy all the forces of your work. You don't think you pay any ROWENA. Imagine the hypocrisy of that recipes. Sadness to many hoodies dude. You may some of the best movies out there. People are still hoodies now like you due to it and hoodies our an amazing who's apob one hoodies. Aw isn't a male version of like a a blouse all night you know that was that. WHOA that fucking What's that what's that dressed in? Czar able to GOZWETA POLKA DOTS. That's our version of it. That's guys version right that kind of style out of dress more skills public because address that is very tau and it you know. It works on most buddy shapes and for the most part most gals Almas must women would be interested in wearing something that right it touches most of the touch mostly because of a wide demographic people and I guess maybe a bummer jacket. Maybe a leather jacket. Ah Not live casino. I don't think most people want to look like they came out of Greece. Something right I think for the most part. Most dudes could wear a Hoodie. A pullover Hoodie in great material real with a nice comfortable nice comfy hood on it some Cozy Puck as you can put your hands in. I think most dudes can fit number one in there. Would you could if someone gave me a decent hood even for about a one for free somewhere. I definitely rock it so I don't anyway. That's a matter. The prints on them. How were you inspire kids? Kids do that. Because you're an amazing. Oh anyway back. To Spring Two thousand eighteen shows calling for a new outline a new shape and tycoon Pang and panic google. It was at tailored clothes. All the new street wear no. They're not Taylor close on new street. Where St Street? Where and technical details clue waste wrong with these fashion people? Why do you think is? Could you say this. Is Doug whistling for them. Trying to get all the minorities out of fashion is could be thing. Could it be like. They were annoyed that she became like a big deal in fashion which then invite a whole bevy of influences photographers. Seen people who look Luke. Nothing like your conventional fashion crowd. Maybe they're fed up and annoyed of having festival bloggers take spaces and that's the influences. Now seem kids. Kids take up all the rooms in the first couple. Rows right begin flying around everywhere. They get an older cat packages. Maybe that's the problem with fashion brand. They just wanted to go back to hi was again right make fashion great again something that kind of stuff but about it so mad noise but yeah I wonder what that's about It's not using the new street where no isn't anyway. Meanwhile Shiro Kubo Undergrad erector or head. Home owner Crater cray their head. But you need to pull those tiles. Just say one thing people all they love to work off in it or they're illegal they love a good multi level ah good slash slash slash slash slash. There's only industry or someone will definitely tell you every job they do in it. Then they'd never you've never met anyone who kind of lays low and and you don't find that Fred Pas. Oh you know what that Guy Gil. Data blows my issue. They will definitely tell you right in the first couple of seconds owner Craig director head by okay. Cool man we you know. Whatever style if you're if you're the founder we just we just assume you're going to be involved in the marketing the there's no one stop into where the CEO Father doesn't please knows all her nose? And everything just pod possible of having you know have your on company in our guest is what can you do anyway. Do here yet. Concept was if you like That doesn't say what he says says for Georgia's quite the same that street where he was getting captured by the luxury fashion and is losing his edge. This is why. That's why Godfather Right. That's what's happening. Fashion is sucking up street. Wear is takeaways. Cool points is fucking you know. It's presenting his glitzy memory. Will the street where kids who shoo guys who've you've been slugging and slaven down below in the depths of street rallies you know picking up a measly amount of money selling March. T shirts suddenly whittled all these fancy. Lots of the fashion world models and it isn't agents and people would you know. Unlimited amounts of blow and drinks are offered between to come in and collaborate heartbreaking have their brandstatter dervishi monkey. I don't I don't I don't I don't I don't have any problem with them except him that Ryan thank you know what fuck this street. We live fraud going to you. Know what's what's that place in Brennan Baron balance or something and starting out with a bunch of dudes. You know trying to sell your line. She at trade show. I'd much of a special hang around not so anything. But at least be around mixing Mixie a couple of lions and have a COUPLA plus a wine in it that makes more sense but unfortunately when that happens the district. We're we know love the one that kind of pokes fun stopping the establishment. The one that's kind of risque pushing the limits loses edge but they don't freshman spits it back out again. It is pasteurized lacking in any sort of real fashioned way. Right you remember. We sold That fucking collection with the fake bondage pizzas member. Dante decided that she wanted to take inspiration from you know the underground electronic BBS DSM counter culture in the whole techno scene. And decide to put that kind of you know straps and harnesses teasha print and print in even golden rounded rounded Kinda stopped to the hemline of a digital transfer print. The fuck is this these people so yeah she needs to be careful. Don't don't dance too close to the Sun Jimmy. Don't get too close to the freshman world. Dip in the case of model to you. Know consoling a couple of shoots and whatever may be provided with insights on. You know why they should use that. Buzzer that belt but you know. Don't go too far. I'll have a article continues however hero Finney Carini Rooney Code Veronica Director of the RETO. John United Arrows his at the true. She won't be leaving the edge behind exactly. Of course she raised on his way down. But if you are real skater data and you want a nice one of my sweat show you continue by not going there we go. It might be going down the popularity with general concern about the people that will go by dimes uh-huh or yard sale or awake or Stasi or supreme. Even these kind of quintessential street where brands you see. A season in season now pleasures Paradise Grind they always going to be around people always going to want some cool t shirts with a CO graphic on it. A good hoodie. A good down into brands. Appoint some fucking awesome down jackets to at the moment notre core tracksuits rice of course socks and low waist bag evolution evolution. Want those kinds of things so people can go down some roses they want to. But you know I'm always gonNA stay de and it continues. Anything that reaches Pecos has to go down and continues. Its the freshener psycho go. But she is still a daily close to me. Nothing has Pete Street where it doesn't change the peak is people that want new things which is no no one cares about an and it here goes was at. That point is echoed by Christopher Marine. See who told been sufficient Misconception Australia Trend Service level adaptation of treatment is not what the is not what the is not what the way of dress stands for. It's the kids more formerly tomorrow just before me tomorrow momentarily. This should would not be considered a street where I get the point is there. Hey yeah all in all. I agree with most of the points that you can read a whole thing on bids of fashion. If you've got the The Lincoln you pay for I don't so not buy I guess. Probably the whole gist of it. I'm sure as buying lingerie will never die will be always wanNA t shirt and a Hoodie and fucking snapback house on. But maybe we've been freshener is kind of dying down. Both worry as to why people seem so eager for it to die. There is something behind it may be again like I said is it. Douglas Link Full. The minority is kind of infiltrating seen people. Getting fed up with fashion in general is a frequent industry. They they all quite trend led maybe just fed up with that trend and they wanna move things that might be a thing to buy large ticket. You depression people. We're GONNA get your space we're going to allow you to put you know a An an Godly man advice on back onto your jackets again. Don't worry you will invite flip. Flynn back into pin ribbon. Him Give you a number. Go Crazy. Never jacket with cop with different packed with different materials lease again site Jimmy wound. That was a big big deal that plan. I've jacket with the flip tatum sweat shirt sleeves. It like whoever whoever still has that in a wardrobe you best you know you best feel shame right now. That Jackie was horrendous. That I've never got females. A Kanye thing in it right. That was a Khania declining influence over to buy that jacket. Maybe it was Connie but that Jackie was so bad so bad doing this one. Move on here We have Seoul Slam Jam. Nike Blazes. These look so good. I've Vinnie came out. The original was thinking maybe a couple of years ago there was a white pair. Remember seeing before as you guys are where I'm slammed gem milan-based unless they Milan looking at what the Milan to shore. I'm Italian based retail store. I mean I. I'm Jim mostly because of good hood. Now missile awesome good mostly because of hideout back in the day show the hideout people were quite close with people everest lamb because most sleet some of the stuff that was gained imported getting sent to the UK also reading and since the slam dessel Klaus per position there after the some that the slam jam. Dad Good Dude is quite interesting. He's well known around people. I'm pretty sure regular obscene people pop store and hang out there. They seem to do some really quite white divisions as of late I remember they did a thing with heroin virgil some other things that Jane Renzo they seem to have used a space as a world like kind of portal into the kind of of youth culture in and around the area. Where is and biologic? Nowadays you're seeing off retail stores and street wear really expand what it means to be a retail store. No no just like you know keeping it to bring more stowaway just kind of by brands. They using as a platform to showcase new talent to take on new collaborations to maybe juice new products to again be voice Mapisa Platform for the local bruce. Take the Brown international single pop shops doing pop ups number country country. which is a really cool idea? You might go down and take your some of your top brand to a local and take him to a new market or you might use that opportunity to go to new market advocates to come out and basically spread the message and especially nowadays with like you know tears trainers hyper releases of cloven is only a certain amount of stores that had those kind of items anyway so in order to kind of make sure you Ghana trust and connection especially with loyal right if you if you do us wrong obviously ever is going to you know disarm Bradfo never way because the people that own counts but for the most part if you're a good person and you are if you're a brand that people resonate with efficient does she recommended People will stick with you come hell or high water. So it's a good idea to start kind of expanding their you know poor and taking the international and this collaboration I think so and isn't that blaze appreciate the white one is slim. Jim Nike Blazer. Class of ninety seven Dressed in black thing is most of course the black and white shoes. I'm always going to be down for me and Brecqhou shoes go together like you know whatever just go to give up so the finger like oh by the most is that it's black and white overseas to go. The white saw roll back up a white swoosh classic ninety seventy nine seventeen blazers shape So he's got the front lip of the front of you. Remember the stew she blazer back Beca today look at places they have nowadays like completely shocked. But it's gotten a little bit of Lipitor Front which is nice. And it's got a little bit of the I'm GonNa quit all the the only pads on on Smith on the outside edges of the shoe dealerships inside but I'll be practices. Probably somebody else by the shape again if I if my feet were one as fats they are now. I'd definitely wear these most often than not. I probably weighed over. Wearing a pair of cumbersome shape looks better at how the Su- system assigned to shoot those really cool but the talking about like the best about him is that in the instep the swishes upside down. Now these came before the obviously the Travis Scott Jordan's and they came think just off the the white ten club corporation so some people might get bored the whole upside down and back way front sue stuff. But I'm not I still think goes crazy. Coast crazy also reminds of that. Was that Nike Shoe Beck. Inundate escape branded where they kind of cough the Nike swoosh and a banana next. Maybe Junior Muir win skate shops were opposed to guess bees and didn't like the fact that not be with basically you know twisting the arms escapes to make sure they only carried they if I remember the time when Nike were very mafia-like in a way that people both issues you couldn't buy you couldn't buy the hype. Want if if you if you wanted to buy the high point you have to buy complete inland collection F an inland collections. Basically the black and white shoes you have to buy the dunk dunk low dunk dunk mid dunk high. The older genus keys. Every single should the thing is about ten shoes in like ESPN mainline collection comes in black and white every season and you have to buy all of them plus the basic minimum. Either by before. You're allowed to get the hype. The kind of tier zero kind of hyper structures. Remember Tuna era some brands. I had taken the solution. Lucia shoe imprint. Sharma took an odd turn and it took it and he pulled up next to the side of that was that was a big deal as I doubt that kind of measure this often you know like not not taking in your shoes too seriously flipping around having fun of and again acas mentioned before. I'm happy about this era of CO labs. It's like you know the color of the this in this era on his crazy back in the day you know nowadays that you can you know. Nowadays you can tell while clock. Collaboration looks like nothing yet. Now cub rations nations sticks out a lot right back in the day when I used to by law sneakers the cook operation just like ill kind of disappearance background. It wouldn't be that big of a deal because everyone was doing these fucking crazy paint by number Carlos. Nowadays it seems like brands. They only get one opportunity to collaborate with Nike Adidas. Whatever may be they take up between to actually do something they actually want to? You wear like something that they are actually passionate about. They go to the they maybe sex more or less popular I think of like a Martin rose and her she as she put out Jimmy. I liked that brands. Nowadays aren't just going for the. You know the the easy low hanging fruit right there. MAXA EDGEWOOD on one. They're going to four like crazy shoes. That may be one. Stand the test of time to terms of trend but something the designer themselves as she wanted to do themselves. And I think this is what you're seeing with this clever because lambda. You could have done wherever you wanted you could you. I'm pretty sure that blaze has made a mobile clashes with a blazer wood shop as well but is an interesting way to do it. Am I like I like the shoe upset on the inside on the insteps already got applause into ninety seven on the back tab and to make even better enough in this as she got me hyped about. The shoe is cool little video for they're gonNA they're gonNA do. They're going to release it so hit the Texas following. The subject Nike Cost I. Seven in blacks is set to release a slam Pets available before for little run arrives at Nike Sneakers Platform. RAFFLE will run for November. Nine to twenty eighth at the legitimate will be a loss in Los Angeles fifty feature the would Hanako. Michael Wood Equal difficult death metal. I don't know how long have you call horror dead ends perform at the show on Vimba Kimba ways a secret fishing horror so this is the event here. They're going to have on the night of November. We actually got me pre hype. So they're doing this in l.. A. Office again coin shop based in Italy is launching is a no coverage would like and low Jeshurun away. I think is pretty cool if it ever it. Basically talked of horror show so go fly posters. La's scenery videos lozo the poetry he don't TV's we'll be going. Vs Lambda Komo of projects horror. Play classmates every night dunks or ablaze. Check that out if you're around the LA L. A.. Area and grab yourself a pay and Yemen really cool collaboration. I like them a big. I think of all this stuff about it. I complain about these again. One of the best out at the moment again. I'm bias blackmore trainers but you know. Shoot me can you Nixon this whilst we have here we have kid cudi cut test plant flea market Hoodie. That looks really nice as well I think GLOWNA DOT COM Gloated oxo thing that I'm shopping will be most more more interested in I'm not sure if he's dropping much the same way to Connie jumping his much. Bob Seem quite few kit. Kat emerged the pieces here in damaged in collaboration if people but so far so good cactus plant flea market has been doing a pretty cool job when it comes to the season suffered designing the lessor stuff. Show people familiar with that Brian. Doing would con- yeah in his album. Released by reluctance is did here so he says this is what. Look like a tail callaway till Hood he was a tale green light blue with intergalactic. Long Beach Kit cutty nineteen probably poppies toll with stars joining the entire Hoodie. And of course Once you once you've been a doc so la La AH level guy. There's all teachers love her. A school and will hill was fine. All the Guinness wholesome messages on the catches plump of course merchant. Of course when to turn turn off the lights in the light show it all goes. DOC riddick Coleman another design elaborating about it I I love the fact that the words guide teach hut. He'll finally ones highlight in the back as well. I'm really cool design. I'm really happy with that one over habit. I'm really fond of this. I'm this will also be available on the fifth so that was yesterday so probably saw that by now one fifty for those of you guys are wondering Made in the US and constructed to the fourteen outs pigment dyed cotton. That's always a really good side and it's like prewashed Claughton could. He's he's not going through tons of treatment before they've even any sort shrink differences. Apply to so you get a real vintage warning forever once at a government features a plethora of puff puff prentice on a chest back and sleeves. These are overlaid by Fiqh a throwback style digital fund and printing could connecting blah. Okay cody entitled pretty the how do Hiep's Brat so many words for Hoodie. That's amazing to be able to write that many words for local talk radio anyway. Check to how is available now Food guys at wondering fans of Cardi like I am the study a bit a bit. Mercy should be adding to your collection. Shen that's one this move on. Move on in me. What up while on the list here we've got Well Kudo article about a full of the Berlin Wall. I softened the God you know I was really awesome. Nothing with celebrating defend investor. Two for the Berlin Wilson lows of Berlin Wall. Commemoration pieces going up. That's exhibitions in London's were happening as Christians in Germany of course around the world people observing this monumental moment and a guardian put together his Co. article that is call them. We've finished every bottle baron cultural edges of night that the the wolf. Hello so loads of people you know cultural icons Thinking you know what I wanna be I wanNA be a coach. Legend owning a cultural icon. People that people would want people to think back back. Look back at my licensing shake. I mean quite lovely country required to culture NEMI. Maybe that's why maybe that's maybe that's my goal is it's pretty good anyway. It kind of highlights closer cultural figures from from Germany or who were integral to that scene. I like the fact that lows of X.. Those of experts as well in the listen it just kind of people from Germany which kind of adds a little bit of coal perspective to the whole issue goes amazing image here everyone a bringing the whole. Oh who's down a protest on top of the wall a young people. I'm a couple of these profiles. Pink some of them were pretty questionably for you. You guys might get kick out them as he confirmed the when I was talking about it is quite few on the air. Show Anita checkout. So yeah I'm the first one is from a guy called Daniel Barenboim. He's a pianist and conductor who lived in Berlin since nineteen ninety-one as leave the Bernstein Oprah. It says the following I happen to be in a Berlin recording the coastal find Tutti with with the film Monaco. The day after the will failed orchestra. oxy file do a console them on Sunday morning. The twelfth of November. I said yes on two conditions must be free own citizens tens of East German. This is the day off the kind of greasy on death row. Just quite cool much not knowing you decide to do such a monument today when rather the whole for Schultz Hustle. Founds sounds of people are queuing. Some are some that for him. We played Beethoven's First Piano Concerto Seven symphony and center and CONC- Fan Tutte of the joy and energy from these people are not shows forgettable. It was much more than appreciative. Audience of a Wonderful Orchestra afterwards. We were a lot of people backstage days. Bhai needs to get ready for the next one for Clinton as goodbye lady about sixty leaning against a wall with the young men about thirty could help her she silje gave me a bunch of flowers. Thousand Frank me I have to tell you. She said this woman had got married. Two years early in East Berlin and had a son but husband fled to the west with their baby and she had no contact with him. Shed light a candle every night but the day before the concert Manta door. It took me quite stout was take that was. He's he was my son. They came to the concert. Celebrate every union. It touched me normally. I told her I would invite her to come anytime impractical by Lynn. She said no Mr Berman. I don't need any invitation. I'll just beat it. That's amazing off. The onset onset. Alex if I would be director one of the best decisions I took was to hire a German dishes from both sides. I'm connected again. Decide late night at another free concert in front of the Brandenburg Gate. You'll be bring back. Memories of Dana changed a whole wealth. Amazing How music brings people together on the profile profile of ut Lempa is an. Oliver is in Libya Woodwind in German singer and actress who started in Chicago and and Regime Harrisburg of the cabaret rate which is all some days. Appropriate from Windows said those destined west of West Berlin and has already cooled one here to Alibaba of Matt Mock Rita Sixty one ambition and record producer from Manchester. Actually who also in Berlin and he says the following he says on on on my first trip to East Berlin. I call it a young new wave looking light who had LILAC DRAINPIPES and Spiky Yuban alcs Tim about the music scene. And if there oh any underground pumpkin says he shook his head it turned out he was starting fulmer in Israel. Police said I was looking for a political underground. PUNK scene is anti state in those working paradises and it was classified as subversive deck mounted which isn't a bad accolade which obviously probably familiar with that having looked at the case of Pussy Not Ryan out some countries. Just don't fuck around. When it comes to this counterculture underground youth led have questioned over for tea time. You know you've you've culture movements. Don't they don't really play too. Many Games Nestle stuff and I guess back in a date by Canadians. Buddy no saint help and so continues later in nineteen thousand nine dollars back in the east abuse an album for the indie band. Division in state unrecorded studios obvious East Germany. It was obviously Germany had already started to fall apart. They'll do demonstrations that people were trying to get out as I take a short break or some friends somehow. I talked him into a road trip. East of progress with looming Karimi non member days later in Hungarian hotel. Along the way I saw a photo the front of newspapers sharing a man standing on top of the Berlin Wall drinking a bottle. Skit a confuse as long as I is until I read the headline that said East. German troops begin portion of the war. I for what what war. Oh fuck they mean. Though it hit me like the Hammer. We drove back to Berlin which had completely changed. The sheiks were teamed with trabants those those famous. 'cause I was aware that kind of look logo buggy Nissim Zan Microsoft Vin because none missive Germany. I the cause of East Germany. The mustache met in cheap tracksuits jackets and stone wash jeans which is probably a massive. Look now they just reminds me of the Monte Rosa collections and Bessemer off best yoga women had their big half Larry leggings. It was incredible positive. The energy in the early nineteen ninety to finish producing the division album which code torture it became the soundtrack for many East German kids who had not been infected by the New South of techno that Stasi informer had four. I had some sort political agenda crop year for East Germany with Western music. How right he was awesome? Zeca may check collected a show notes logical Mostly the ball yet. But definitely some good information if your as infatuated Brunner's I am. You'll definitely get a AH value from checking out some of these Profiles in the Guardian is titled. We finish every bottle but it's culture that is on. The Berlin Wall came down in the Guardian argument port. Lincoln showed because I want to check it out. Definitely have a look through it if you can this in that one is closed that close the closed-door Assu. OC Won't talk about on this list mostly about he See the scene the CDC amazing article hailed. Tom Sachs actually out to be an artist. Twenty four seven. I'm liberty cool little profile on. Tom Sachs individual him. Because he's doing an exhibition thinking Belen is it. Berlin yes belly now is essentially a retrospective of slow. Aw timely is an older weather done from the first piece of what he pulled back created and until the present day again. You don't really see too often from from those two of them. Maybe it's a bit soon for talks. Always full pod. Ouzo lay down his career but quite a few things on the space as program The Tea Ceremony Exhibition in Japan. In think someone depend look fucking incredible. So he's kind of ramping up that level and of course maybe of the back of the net collaborations in my big good time kind of cash out and if you can cash out in a good way and kind of express your pretend spotlight's on him at the moment and cutter reach a big old yet. I'm all the best for it. And of course birding selfish I am and him be one of my favorite odds on that team to stay little more on the ground. But it's cool to see he's been able to kind of collaboration. These exhibitions and spread. Spread the message of Tom. Sex Far white just a really quantico from high Interesting bits and pieces on it. I WANNA point out to you. But it's really quad tickle especially a kind of a a profound him sacks you see him here in the studio and lows of interesting piece that he's put together enough at exhibitions on at the moment right but there's two big the part that really kind of spoke to meet. I WanNa get to talk about here. So there's this one quota like the I think that one isn't it yet. The wisdom I quote really got me. That fool was awesome Mr Tom Sizemore confined it so debt boom so this is the equipment Tom Sex right here. We go. So is the following while they're while this distance from the article all right so it's good. It's Tom's interviews on heist or by to begin Lincolnshire. Gus Check it but I'll read it right now quickly. So this is the folly what I haven't Sacrificed himself as a bureaucrat. Bureaucracy might be the modern ritual. He's most fascinated with one critic in a review of saxo elaborate space program relation at the Park Avenue Avenue Amaury intervention twelve road. I felt like this offer Terry. Four -Tarian Whimsey. One could argue that there is a Whimsey to there was a windy to everything. Snacks does the kind I imagine model. UN participants proudly flaunting however sitting with sex and following him through his Byzantine Studio. And the what. What in the wide aggress of his forces this over -tarian approach seems like a self defense mechanism one that would allow him to be productive in spite of the quick quick sands ends of destruction and the self doubt that would soil up less accredit mines and talk to fully acquire? Relax says there are always. There are many ways of being an artist. Sure but but for me the biggest one is about building my life eating sleeping fucking working out and getting my teeth cleaned. My head caught shopping my chisel and making sure that I have red painful in the moment strikes about preparing for the moment success because elusive as very very small and that made me think right. That's essentially what happens. I think you hear a lot of people especially when I read the book yet. I mentioned quite a few times rituals of WHO's pre school daily ritual. Sorry it's the macy book that essentially it covers of profiles out details. The David chose of lows of influential figures in culture from literature. Whatever you may name it early in that book and one thing that you see from liberals and has what they do is that day prepared? They days or the house before they get to work so that allows them to do what needs to do so this up some some sort of structure in place whereas wake up really early wherever. It's having a cigarette in the morning is go for coffee was working out. They do they do certain things in the morning that natural trigger other things like in the morning when I wake up I have things that trigger. Abba move other actions. My actions are triggered the morning's waking up allie waking up before six. AM So the first thing I do is. I don't eat breakfast Anyway obviously Boston. I go straight to the gym. I come back home a shallow have breakfast recall my podcast go to work. Come back the mix right something journal. What may be seen so each thing triggers the next thing? So if you're a personal rights at you will do all the things I do up until you come back covered shower and a new strain to writing. Because that's what you've done you set your day up where you do those three or four toscan. The beginning then allows you and triggers you into the whole crates of public. Because I think sometimes mentioned that that that time or the the event the time in place where you're suddenly inspired or you have a stroke of genius is only GonNa come about when you're in that kind of mode of working right so he'd be paid for you to be able to Kinda grab that ball solve lightning from the sky package and kind of rottweilers kinda scribbled down the bed paper. So you Dr Forget it but it is so fleeting but in most part. You're just generally gopher emotions right. You're not necessarily doing anything great. How many times have you sign in front of your screen with the customer flicking in front of you thinking about what to write and you sit there? You write something for our rebate yourself. You know God this is the worst thing ever happens all the time because what you're doing day by day that you're training yourself just to start writing you don't necessarily have to write you know like Ernest his heavyweight a fuss time. You won't necessarily do it. Will you doing that. You bring up a practice suddenly when that's Stream of inspiration comes along. You are ready because your desk as opposed also being somewhere else. That doesn't you know you're nowhere near a desk in anything to write with at is suddenly inspiration strikes. And you think you'll remember my usually you're trying to remember dreams in never fucking can happens. So I like the fact that he's like so regimented. And so kind of you know bureaucratic as you pointed out even with the templates. Hey Chavula essentially tells you compare your studio how to clean up to open up how to close down is very by the book like he has to do these things back. These things have to be done to my. What so that the he ever things can happen? It's sort of like a delayed. Gratitude is sort of like discipline discipline. Freedom the JUKKA will quit. The JUKKA will willing quote. I have in the back of my bullet from school is a difficult. Freedom is from just goes away right what what because I from its news books anyway. That's one of the I like discipline. He goes freedom right. The more disciplined. You Damore free wants to the things that you WanNa do and allows you to do other things to generate. Even when it comes to fitness it comes to health if it becomes just blocking right having that work if you pull off a couple of projects and suddenly Ao compiling on top of you and you saw striking us a fat whereas if you discipline yourself to do before you even head home even if that means you have to stay a couple of hours that that means you offering yourself up later on the week to kind of not not so stressed a little bit earlier maybe a couple more. I did before the by the hand in is comes around with lows of things are kind of at that Kinda hit so that's one of the quotes that really stood out to me in that article and in the second one was the NBA right The it was an arrogant. Checkout is really cool interview with Tom. Sexism high speaks very very eloquently and clearly about his approach to designing percha creativity. And I think for the most people especially for craves I myself you are. You tend to struggle with how you do things and you tend to struggle more so just starting how you than to stop whereas this topic or this interview cod is a good way of kind of telling you what it means to be an autism actual the professional artists. It means a conscious ton up to work. It means it means like a show up every single day and I'll just show up the work didn't follow especially if you're showing up something that you love officiant. We work anyway. But if you're struggling to get my husband ration- Mehta's them Erica. Checking out his interview. Tom Sex It is titled in Iceland by a T. The Tom Sachs in. Thailand is our savater went on high snow again. Our Lincoln has shown that you've got to check yourselves and you can see for yourself anyway. That's it for me. It's an hour in pesos. For Tuning in Texas Zinger show episode number two four six as a ways for mcnish regarding myself click the link in the show. I'm not against New Zealand. Dot Com the home of what you can find links to my social media by. Dj Mixes My blog Everything you can find filed there if you want to reach out and send

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InFocus Interview Show: The best of series

Photofocus Podcast

31:54 min | 7 months ago

InFocus Interview Show: The best of series

"You're listening to the in focus interview. Show brought to you by photo focused dot com, an online publication filled with education and inspiration for visual storytellers. This episode is made possible by our partners. Loom Cube the world's most versatile light. Andro a smart storage solution. Now here's your host Bonelli Hello and welcome I'm the. Now! Is An internationally renowned commercial people and children. Photographer based beloved New York City. His creative problem solving and helped promote products and services for many companies such as toward neurosis, the Wall Street Kodak and many more. He's had several time. Magazine covers. Please welcome Jackie Nikki Hello Jack. I finale how you doing. I'm glad you mentioned companies that I work for that I. Now drove out of business like Kodak and. Now Jack. Can you explain the difference between an attorney and litigator and why? It's important to choose a reputable litigator? It's and this goes not just for copyright cases, this also goes for things like personal injury or other things. You want to know if the lawyer you're talking to. is a litigator because litigators of the ones that go into court. There's a Lotta lawyers who never go to court. They're not litigators, and so if if you have a personal injury case and you actually get a lawyer who who we call a door lawyer door lawyers is. They'll take any case. It comes through the door. But they don't litigate. We know one I. Know One personal injury lawyer. Specializes in litigating for other lawyers because what happens is. You you give all the information to you know your lawyer. He goes over it and then he'll tell you by the way we have to bring in a specialist for this because your case. Is going to require this in court. What he's not telling you is. I can't go into court I I. Don't know the procedures I. You have to be a litigator to do that. So. That's real important, and we emphasize it's important to do research in fact. Ed Greenberg and I have a blog. Of Information it's we run it irregularly so whenever we have a topic or we can do it sometimes. We might have one week. Sometimes we might have won every two or three months. The lasts block piece. We put up. was talking about hiring lawyers and being careful to get good recommendations, because there are some lawyers out there. Who are litigators? Who are terrible? Th there's there's one in particular out there right now. Who claims that he PUTS, in? files more copyright cases than any other law firm, and it's true and the courts are sanctioning him because he doesn't know what he's doing. They're saying there's No way you can adequately litigate or represent that many clients. And it's hilarious. Yeah what what I it's. It's a long story of of what this one particular is doing if you copyright. A copyrights. Copyright troll lawyer. His name will come up at leave very obvious, but you should do that for any lawyer. You're hiring you. WanNa find somebody local to you. And even at Greenberg, some people saying well, let's trying to get work. Ed tells everybody he says where you located outside San. Francisco I can give you a recommendation, but you'd need to get somebody in in California. And he does that a lot. You'd need to have a local lawyer if at all possible and you need to have a lawyer who's an intellectual property lawyer Ip lawyer. You, don't you know it's you don't look for mechanic. You know for your airplane under mechanic. You know it's you know. Maybe he can fix your Volvo or your Toyota. Doesn't mean he can fix your plane. They're both mechanics The one I like because this actually happened to us with somebody who wants it at a breakfast somewhere with with somebody we just met. Her new boyfriend said he was a conductor. In immediately we were we were impressing thinking. Wow, you know conductor in front of an orchestra. And then he finished the the rest of the sentence on the long, island railroad. He's a conductor and the other one's a conductor to. It's the same thing with lawyers you need to do research and. We recommend that's something you can ask online about with other photographers if you've. Have you had somebody your happy with if you've been successful. Pursuing an infringement case with. A lawyer. That type of thing is fine. Don't discuss what your case is or how you've been infringed, but asking for that kind of help from the community on social media is not a bad thing to do, and if you can't get a good recommendation near where you are the other thing we recommend, which we think is a great suggestion is a find your local law school near you. And give them a call. Ask for who teaches intellectual property and s that instructor who would recommend? We find that's better than calling the local Bar Association. The probably calling local Bar Association they might give somebody. Who may not have a lot of experience, but needs the work. You know. They're going to try and bring it over to somebody who? Actually needs it, but. We do talk in our column to that at this point. Because of what's going on with the quarantine in digital, we think it's only affected photographers, but it's heavily affected the law industry where a lot of young lawyers law school. The work that they used to do by hand or now being done by computers. In digitally a looking up cases and things. There's a lot of lawyers looking for work, and you have to be careful. There's some really really good lawyers who give you really good advice and there some really bad lawyers out there which we all know I mean. What's? To check with that, what some of the case you've heard what's? The worst case scenario, let's say I. Get a bad litigator. He goes in an airtight. Everyone knows a semi image. Go wrong. He doesn't file correctly this litigator I'm talking about just had. A few days ago. The court said this was a DC in Illinois. Federal Court Illinois's and they said. He just didn't follow procedures. He didn't follow federal procedures. He didn't follow local procedures. And they basically through not only through the case out. They they made. The photographer pay. Twenty thousand dollars to the other side for their legal fees of which photography have to pay ten thousand and this lawyer was sanctioned ten thousand dollars. This is an extreme case I've not heard. This is all the same Laura I'm talking about. He's been sanctioned several times. By the courts and the judges of call them a copyright troll in court, which is very unusual to hear from a federal judge But it's You GotTa do your research. You can get burned. What what these lawyers also do? It which is what happens one of the reasons, a lawyer like that in there several like that will file so many cases is that he's forcing the other side to settle. That's what he's looking for. He's not looking to go to court. Court takes up time. Would he's hoping for is a quick settlement and what happens. Is You find out later? If you go to a reputable lawyer that your case could have been worth thirty, fifty, seventy, five, one hundred thousand dollars. Let's say let's say it's worth thirty thousand dollars. What's going to happen? He's going to settle for two to five thousand dollars on his case. Because, there's no work for him, so he makes more money the he makes more money if he can get quick settlements, and that's what some lawyers do. They look for a quick settlement. And so they file because when you file a federal lawsuit, that's a very serious thing. The other side has to get a lawyer. They have to answer it properly and follow procedures. So, this lawyer quite frankly, we think just doesn't have. It seems like he doesn't have the experience because he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again, so this is the way a lawyer can screw up your case is. We've seen photographer saying Oh. This is great. I had this picture. Infringe in my Laura got me because he's GonNa take fifty percent got me fifteen hundred dollars two thousand dollars. I'm so happy. Two thousand dollars just fell in my lap and then find out later from somebody else that they would have settled for fifty thousand dollars. You know and you would have gotten, and they don't charge fifty percent. They're charging a lawyer normally. In cases like this, except extreme cases, which are thirty to thirty five percent of. The net amount, so you're talking about. which brings up another good subject? I'd love to get into. So. You're talking about you're you're giving up twenty five or thirty thousand in your pocket? Or more as opposed to just getting two thousand not now. Are you happy about that? You know that's a different story. The other thing we talk about to they have these search firms little do searches on the Internet for you. If, Mentioned the name of one of them, and there are several of an all of them seem to be based out of Germany, but there's one called. now if you read, Pixies Fine A. Little fine print on their. Use Agreement If, they find an infringement. You have to give them fifty percent of the settlement. That doesn't count you hiring lawyer. And they said well. We'll hire a lawyer for you. We had there was one case. I can't remember the name of the Remember the name of the suit, but it made headlines all over social media because the judge ruled that. The company was able to take this image off. The Internet and that was fair use. And everybody went absolutely nuts and editor I read the actual court papers and we saw Pixie hired the lawyer the heard Laura who didn't know what he was doing, and the judge even said in his ruling he can only rule on the facts that are presented in front of him. That's the way a trial goes, and that's why you see sometimes lawyer saying outrageous things in the beginning, because if they don't bring up an argument in the beginning, it's considered abandons so if you don't bring that argument up, the judge can't rule on it even if he knows that the ruling is going to be wrong. That's the way the court system works that the lawyers have to argue. you know the facts if they don't present it, the judge can't rule on it. and in this case the judge knew it was a BS ruling and it went to appeals and. It was turned over with no big surprise to anybody. But we read the court papers, not the headlines in social media and the stories we're was being written, and we found out that this is a pixel case the which really upset the judge to because it turns out that. PIXIES Terms. Were they fifty percent? The lawyer who stated court that he gets thirty five percent that miss whatever they would have ended up with a and I. Think in the end they got like twenty, five, hundred, twenty five hundred dollar judgement, two thousand five hundred dollars. The photographer I don't know if this is what happened, but according to way all the papers read. He's entitled to fifteen percent one five. Because fifty percent goes to Pixie thirty five percent was going to the. Lawyer now pixies. Terms of you says if you use them in, they find it. They get fifty percent even if you hire your own lawyer. They get so there was somebody in social media couple I? Forget their name to who had something a while back saying? Oh, you know they sued and they ended up with this tiny amount, and they never said it and I went through. My mind. Is I said this was a Pixie case. You know and Pixie works on the same thing that this trial lawyer that I've been talking about does which is they look for quick settlements they they use their in house. People, which actually is a little illegal, because you're supposed to be using lawyers for some of the things that they're doing. They're trying to use in house people to Get quick settlements from people. And again you end up with money, but it may not be what you are really entitled to. Here's all the years all the years. You've been photographer. How many infringements of you dealt with? Meat. To. Now if we can think how many years you WanNa, Protect River so some of these new retirement. I. It's like they're preying. That somebody's still image and we're GONNA make millions and millions of dollars on an image. And it's like. That's not going to happen MOGO. They're making it. They make it sound like want. Somebody steals your images. You're set for life. Now now and Litigating is not fun. Now Ed, WHO's a lawyer? We did one workshop once. He asked everybody in the room. does anybody here sued anybody in gone to trial? for anything you know three hands. Go Up. And it looks at him and said, and did you have fun? No It's not a fun process although I will tell you. Both of my infringements got me five figure checks I. mean it paid for my preists? That I drive in cash. It's yes, you can't collect a lot. You're not set for life. It's. The it depends on the case. There are certain cases that are worth a lot because of the way the image was used. And there's there's cases that aren't worth pursuing. I. Know Ed specifically. If it's a small case, he says it's you're not gonNA get anything after you pay me. He won't take a case like that. He says it's not worth it. We've we've heard of some things happening like that, but you need to go somebody who litigation these types of things in knows. About the range that a case like that would be worth and. Quite honestly it takes them research even from an expert. If you walk into a lawyer's office and he tells you. Oh, this case is worth fifty thousand dollars off the bat like that. Turn around and find another lawyer because they really don't know they have to do some research. Every case is based on its own facts in its own merits. Photographers like to take something they here and apply to everything. and. It doesn't work that. In in legal cases, everything has its own set of facts and you really have to dive into it. Jacket so funny few summers ago. Excuse me. I'm trying to around the time. I remember I remember. It was in the summer was in the swimming pool and I called you who say Jack. Would you pay three point five million dollars? Excuse me so this photo. This Tatra Liberty and what it was was US postal. Service played a huge mistakes. Lead downloaded a copy. Of. The. From Las Vegas. And not not from and Getty right. Not The actual liberty and the court found that the artist was entitled three point five million. Because of the amount of money. They made. Off The amount of money that the post office made off of that image. That was. That's actual damages. Yes and. Isn't that isn't that? It's comical. I'm looking back at this because you're always go to guy whenever I saw something funny like this. And the first thing you would say. Like, you just said just now. That's actual damages. Now It's it's. There's a I will tell you most of the really big cases. You never hear about because they're settled and they're settled. with nondisclosure agreements, so nobody knows what happened. There's one case that comes up all the time. Which is Patrick Carey versus Richard Prints and it was these pictures of the Rastafarians in. If you read it in the art magazine and I've had lawyers say this to that well Richard Prince. You know one that. And what happened is lower courts off for Patrick. Carey you the photographer. Judge Bates Killed Richard Prince and It was going to be a fortune. He appealed to a higher court the Appellate Court. Said No. These images here are transformative, so that's a fair use and people stop right there. What the court also said was in these five images are infringements, and it's going back to judge Bates a bats who passed away a few months ago. Judge Bats will now determine the damages well. What happened after that is Richard? Prince settled with Patrick Kerio. We don't know how that ended up. I will take a guess and I'm GonNa. Think that I'm probably right is Richard. Prince wrote a very large check. Check to Patrick Kerio, but if you read this in in the new stuff, people saying Oh, you know Richard. Prince got away with this. No, he got away with some of the images and all of them. In fact, a lot of US wanted to see that go to the Supreme Court because we didn't understand how the judges were suddenly art critics and we're just turning. Which ones were transformative? Which ones weren't? There's no clear line on that, and it's a very very confusing area and. because they settled. It didn't go onto another court. Now, that's one of the rare cases where if it did yes, it would have been hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue this case. This case was about millions of dollars. These images the Patrick on I'm sorry that Richard Prints reproduced and sold. He was selling for outrageous amounts of money, and it was into the millions of dollars. So cases like that happened, but there's other cases that are a simpler I know. Oh! Ed had a well. He can't talk about the case. I. Don't know what happened, either, but you know he's had cases. Where like a famous photographer. WHO GETS A lot of money for fine art. Photographs has one of his images. Put on a dress. From like H Inam or something? And you know That goes into a lot of money. Because of the way it was used. He's also sued. A very popular play on Broadway, because they use a photographer's photo for the backdrop of the play, it was a bar in Africa, did no longer existed, and they use this photographers picture of this iconic bar. In fact, they used it in other ways to promote the play became like the logo of the play. So you never know how it's being used, it's it's not always on the Internet. There's a lot of different types of. Infringements. He Jack you're always a wealth of knowledge. That's why I love talking to you. Now. We're we're we find out more about you? Not, telling, you know. Well, it's the things you'd go to our blog. The copyright zone. Dot Com one word, the copyright zone DOT COM and you can ask US questions there. You can also reach me on my My email, which is Jack at Photo News Dot Com. Thank you so much for your time and once again extremely informative. Pleasure. Let's just take a moment and think our partners. Liam Cube Liam Cube is probably known as the world's most versatile light. It's the smallest lightest most compact professional lighting solution on the market loom cube represents. The future of led lighting is a must have for anyone looking to create better photos and video. Check out the new, Loom Cube Strobe. Offering anti-collision lighting for drones at Loom Q dot Com. Drove Oh dro is a smart stored solution that protects photos, videos and more from hard drive failure, giving peace of mind for the working pro or serious amateur, who a lot of external drives cluttering up their desktop save ten percent at drove store dot com with the coupon code photo focus. Now, my guess is an award. Winning photographer was benched sharing his knowledge and love for photography for close to forty years. He is currently the new president of PPA. Please, welcome Gregory. Daniel how you doing. Greg, don't fantastic. Thank you so much. I can't believe that we have. A bit this much time in the same area and not seen each other before. How is P. helping its members during the quarantine period? But yeah I mean for one I would recommend We're I'll talk about a few things here, but mainly I would say the takeaway here would be go to PTA 'cause Geeky has a good pk dot com because GPA has opened up a whole section of. Of of its website and information to everyone whether you're a member or not a member where you're just a creative or or not, you don't even have to be a photographer and. Dot Com. Slash in it together, and it'll come up with a centralized hub place where it's covy everything during this period of time, and so it has things like you know. It's opened up the portal to all this free education. We've opened up our our website for free education for you and Webinars and government assistance, and all the news updates so. That page, if you'll go in there and take a look at that, it will really help you in all these different areas. I, I've put out. On facebook not too long ago I put out a whole series about this and a whole lot of folks other than photographers, lots of creatives and lots of other business owners saw bonded these pages I've received so many messages back thanking us. Thanking PPA for this information, because it's applicable to small small businesses, and so if you're struggling. Looking into how to deal with the PCP as the payback paycheck protection program. Or. You know the quick. Assistance that you could get for grants all the we created webinars our financial financial of put. webinars place us to take a look at and walk through this. So that's that's not area. We're constantly. We're up in a hill doing all kinds of copyright. You know protection for our creatives and not just photographer right? It's creatives with art. And Dome and you know painting. Just all the creatives that are out. There were trying to help with copyright, so we have a lot of connection up there, and so with through those connections we'd been lobbying for greater relief packages for tigers and other small businesses. In one of the things that we heard early on were crying. Help for a wedding. Photographer is because they were. Feeling tons of cancellations with contract relations, and so we put some information about how to navigate those cancellations of the contracts. That's a whole section of it in their Let's see what other things certainly lots of. Dinars and We, we actually producing a series of webinars to help you during this period of time so that when you get through this really difficult time that we're having you come out the other end up running instead of. Thinking about what you're going to do afterward, so during this period of I would encourage everybody really sharpen nats a skill package. I know we've. We talked earlier before the break about the difference between. Being. Seeking out education just on tools like how to do a wrench better right or how to use the screwdriver better or how to swing a hammer better. Those are all great things that we have to do. And you can get lots of online videos to understand how to do those individual things, but be able to have that toolbox, and then use it for a purpose. That's a different world, right? That's a different thing, and that's the business side of it on now that I have these tools. I know how to use. Actually implement those jewels in which ones only make sense for what I'm really trying to accomplish from a business perspective, so I really encouraged me to go in there and do that, and if it, if European member we also just came out with. Creation of an inning together education voucher, which for this purpose thirty dollars if you are. And, you can apply it. Entering Prank competition, YOU'RE GONNA play that thirty dollars towards that you can apply to any of the educational things like we have A. we have a affiliated programs that people teach in their studios throughout the year and and those classes. You can use it for that any anything. That's educational related with NPA You can use a thirty dollar voucher. Lots and lots of stuff on side I would I would encourage everyone your capable cat. That's amazing say. Do you did it for your members? I didn't realize you open up. To everybody that that's absolutely astounding. So I'll make we push that big time, and I like how you're giving photographers. The information that you will need if I need to file government. Relief the relief programs. You know because a lot of them are just stuck. You know it's interesting. How if you want to become a doctor? They make you take business classes. You still take business class because they don't want. Doctors to be out of work or have poor business practices for tigers. I need the same thing. They need to understand business. No matter how great. We are as conifers. Make, sure that we're running business and for you to supply. Stuff like that for everyone. Sure members to ever place to look at it well. Can I find the relief program? What are the things I can do? Tell me during this time I. Think Amazing. Yeah, I totally agree with your is swings back to just circles back around in the beginning of this discussion. And how and how I went through college I have a photography degree in college, and I really knew nothing about business. Even though I have is, is Classic College? I really didn't know really. What business was all about? Until my first class through GPA through the traveling program of business last it was a week long program. That's where it was telling McDonald and Bud Hanes and they taught me how business is structured. How you know how much I should be spending on my cost goods. How much I should be spending on marketing. How much do I should earmark towards having either a a brick and mortar building or working out of my house. Just all of that just how to how to structure my categories, or if I want to be a working in style or what what I WANNA do. Weddings or Senior photography or or More. Like sports photography things like that, so it was all business related, and that foundation really is Jen is when I started taking all these little tools that I had learned in toolbox I knew how to use I still know how to how to use them together in harmony to create a sustainable business model and. WITHOUT PPA I I wouldn't be here today with the nearest successful, and it's not just about me. I wouldn't be able to share this gift with other bowl and. Actually success the create products that they need and desire want. Great, thanks so much for taking time out today and sharing accounts and your stories. It was my pleasure in. And I'm so glad we finally got to look up and do it's been. Quite quite busy doing these these discussions. I've wanted to do this with you for for months now and so hopefully we'll get together and have. You got me ones skip. Cohen comes to town and Sandra peers. Pearson. We'll bring her home them together. A little catch up. A party. Well, thank you so. Yup and I'll see you soon. ALL RIGHT BYE! Bye Now! You're listening to the InFocus interview show. If you like these interviews, be sure to subscribe to our weekly photo. Focus podcast on photo focus, DOT, com. Thank you for joining us.

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The Mouse Tower

Stories Podcast

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The Mouse Tower

"Hello welcome to stories podcast. I'm your host. Amanda Walden. Today story is called the mouse tower. An adaptation of a legend of the Rhine written written for you by Daniel Hynes today. We'd like to say a special. Thank you to ella. And her family from San Francisco California Mario Sky and Lau to vent obstacle and and their family in Crystal Lake Illinois. Esther dern Brac Bell and her family eve and Lauren and bear family from Chicago Illinois and Bennett and L. Olsen and their family from pleasanton California. Thank you so much l.. Bennett Lauren. Eve Esther Lotta Kyw. Marias and Ella. You are part of. What makes it possible for us to continue to produce fun new stories for our listeners? 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That's Madison Dash Reed Dot Com. Thanks enjoy the episode. The mouse tower once upon a time on the verdant banks of the River Rhine there was a castle. It belonged to the local Lord. One Archbishop had oh the second or just harrow. For short he was an old and greedy man who loved to dress. In only the the finest silks he would eat banquets each night off of golden plates with golden forks and drink golden wine from golden goblets. and He. Didn't I didn't really care what anyone thought it. How does castle on the river? Rhine loomed over the water like a drinking bear but it wasn't the secret to his power. Our No that honor belonged to the toll tower sitting in the center of the river reachable. Only by careful boat ride the tower our loomed high and had a clear view for miles both upstream and down any boats. That happened down. The river had to pass under a shadow that would have been intimidating enough for most people but not for Harrow. The Lord made sure there were always a dozen. Archers Arrows at ready perched on the tower's peak like Hungary ravens any boat that came by would be stopped by shout from Hans Hat. Does captain of the Guard heard Jose. He'd say Contra pass-bys told towel off this out paying a toll. The boat captains would look at the well L. Armored Guard and then to the archers on the tower's peak and they'd pay if they couldn't afford to pay with money they'd surrender some of their goods in this way Hata was soon of very rich Lord but even very rich wasn't rich enough for Harrow. Hans he he said go out and buy all of each. That's grown this year. Take some money from our treasury. I've onto own every puff of flour. I've onto own every a bite of bread I've onto own it. All Hans did as he was told and soon the castle storerooms were full to bursting thing and the land around was empty. The people who worked the land whom had oh called peasants soon found that there was nothing to eat. They looked sadly at their bare cupboards and listened to their stomachs rumble. The word got out. That had had a castle full of wheat and soon a a crowd gathered outside the thick stone walls. Please please. They cried. Feel hungry the starving and you have more than you could eat in one hundred lifetimes. How does smiled? This had been his plan all along flanked by Hans John's and a troop of burly nights. He stood atop the castle gates to address the mob. I hear that you are hungry. He called and they a quieted to. Listen I here's at. Your bellies are empty and grumbling when grumble no more. There is plenty of food here in the castle. The crowd cheered. Parents picked up kids and set them on their shoulders. People danced in the mud some whooped with joy and splashed in the nearby nearby river but of course had oh continued. Of course. Nothing is for free and I've done all sorts of gatherings of each so. It's only fair I get my do. He motioned to Hans Guard. Lifted a sack that was overflowing with dark lows of rich nutty bread. The crowd could smell it. Even from far below hundreds of mouths began to water all at once. So Oh I love. Let's start the bidding at Varna gold to piece. The crowd went silent so silent. You could hear the sniffles of hungry kids and the growlings of empty bellies. Finally a squat. Old Man called back van gold piece for a loaf of bread sets robbery address. The Archbishop is for specked snapped Hans at on the Tower's roof. The archers drew their bows sorry. said the man holding up his hands. Beg your pardon but we haven't got any gold not a one of us with Obama's crofters servants and maids. The rest of the crowd muttered their agreement. A piece of gold may as well have been a piece of rainbow for all the chance. They had to getting doing it. They could may be scraped together. Some COPPA maybe a few could melt down. Some family heirlooms for silver but gold. I'm sorry but V. don't have of it not to scrap. Zen said. How do I guess you've owned have my bread? Isa Not a scrap. He turned turned and walked away from the gate. The crowd called after him. Hungry and desperate. But the castle walls were thick and the knights had swords and clubs and armor armor while they had nothing but old wool and empty bellies. All they could do was sit at the gates and Holler and that's what they did. Hata Dole retreated deep into the castle where he had a meal of fresh bread and butter with well preserved salt mutton he aided with a golden fork off a golden within plate and washed it down with golden wine from Golden Goblet all the while. The crowd outside cried for help should veto was them. Hans asked after dinner I go to have a few of the nights runs him off. Maybe lose some arrows to hurry them along forget it said Harrow waving his gleaming fork so feingold doors l.. Starve save on stops a hollering. Han said it grates on the ears. Don't you very. It's nothing but squeak of mice that night full will and happy had climbed into his giant four poster bed it was carved of dark mahogany and draped with the finest silks and Velvets Vitz. All in a deep and regal read. He could still hear the grumblings of the crowd outside the castle walls but they didn't concern him. He yawned and and stretched out in his sheets already. Starting to drift off something tickled his toes. He tossed and turned thinking. It was loose. Feather the tickle again. Then a sharp pain on his big toe was that he snapped flipping back the blankets. Their nestled in the sheets was a chubby little mouse. It had big eyes and whiskers and would've would've been adorable. In other circumstances get out of here. He shouted slapping at the blankets shoe. Show the mouse. Oh scampered away and had got back into bed heaving a sigh. Then he felt a nip on his other big toe he left out of bed and pulled the covers with him. This time. There wasn't one chubby mouth. There were a dozen. They looked at him with clever. Little is and Dan squeaked making a nest of my bed. Such will be your last mistake. He stocked over to the fireplace. Meaning to grab the heavy the iron shovel. The servants used to scoop out ash when he reached for it. Though another chubby mouse left out of the holder with a mighty hata fell back against the bed. His hand landing in the middle of a puddle of mice he looked with horror. There were more than a hundred hundred now chubby fuzzy little mice with dopey ears and friendly whiskers. They started to flow his arm. Like a living sweater. He cried shaking the mice off and stumbling towards his door gods any the door was wrenched open and two guards surged in ready for battle. One had a long sword the other a heavy iron capped club both of their jaws fell open when they saw the bed now nearly completely full of mice in whites and grays and browns had pushed past them and ran into the hall behind him. He heard frenzied squeaking and when he chanced to look over his shoulder his heart began to pound. There were even more orm ice now. They flooded past the guards and swept them off their feet in an instant. Both men were lost beneath the adorable fuzzy tied. Reid had oh cried as the mice came squeaking after him for me. He rounded a corner back to the dining hall and skidded to a stop. Oh Oh no. The room was awash in mice. They covered the floor like a whiskered carpet. They dangled from the Chandeliers and swung like acrobats squealing with delight. They were swimming in the stew. Pardon tumbling on the table. One particularly chubby fellow was reclined in the butter. Dish smeared with yellow Hans broke free and grabbed hat. Oh by the front of his pajamas everywhere he cried so he found off the bread in the basement Zahra endless. He held up his shield shield and bunked away at tubby mouse. That had swung down from the curtains. A second landed on his shoulder and pull that the corners of his drooping moustache archbishop. You should you have to run. He swung his sword and shield but the mice were everywhere squeaking happily they ran up and down his body finding being the gaps in his suit of armor and slipping inside hat. Oh you have to run run He fell to the ground laughing and rolling wildly the my swarmed over him tickling him madly and headed towards Harrow. The the archbishop screamed and ran through the Great Hall through the Barracks and Stables and finally to the small dock hidden behind the castle's walls on the river's vers edge. The mice were right on his heels every step of the way he pushed the boat into the water and let it in shaking a few mice free of his feet grabbing the oars. He Rode Madly Making for the toll tower in the middle of the river. The mice ace didn't stop. They came swimming after him like squeaking fuzzy fish a dozen a hundred an entire fleet of them Hans was right the the things were endless. The second the prow hit the beach he was off sprinting to the towers iron door he went through and slammed it behind behind him with a resounding clang inside his. Archers sat around a low table playing a game of dice mine one of of them asked and then they noticed how does frantic breathing and torn clothes mine air. What is wrong so mice? Samaya every Hata Hata cried running for the stairs. Grab your balls and get back on the roof. It's two doctors shoot the archers Archer's ran to the front of the room to grab their bows and quivers as they geared up. The iron door began to grown Zet. One one of the archers asked leaning close to the door get back just a row. The archers were frozen place transfixed as the iron door began onto bend and buckle from the Keyhole. A fuzzy mouse wriggled an plopped to the floor. Screamed Addo just a mouse. Mine said the Archer Handsome Little Frau isn't she. He bent down to pick it up. And then the door ripped off the wall with the a scream of metal bolts pulling free from the tower stone. A pile a tied. An endless cascade of mice poured through flooding the room they squeaked squealed and peeped and popped and ran up the bows and down the arrows and over the archers until the entire room was nothing but cuddly. Utterly Fuzzy Mice Hata flew up the stairs and found the ladder to the roof. He climbed it to rungs at a time and pulled himself up on the stone. Archers platform above please no more. He was alone for a moment but could still hear the squeaking thing above and below and from all sides it came the endless spur of the mice. They covered the river below. They coated the entire castle like a living moss and they flow up the sides of the tower as easy as spiders. No no more please please I beg of you. Oh the mice boiled up from the ladder and crashed over the tower sides. They swarmed overhead. Oh and soon he was covered he cried out for help but there were only mice. They skittered up his neck over his mouth It all started to go dark mine. Mine had opened his eyes cautiously Hans was there above him looking concerned. Mine Air. Are you okay you over screaming in your sleep. The Archbishop's sat up and looked around. He was still in his bed in his room at the castle. Had It all been green. Some is some is he asked frantic. What the mice? I can still hear squeaking. The mice Hans asked just a crowd outside begging for food like you said just a squeaking of the mice save owned quit feeds them how does said they don't have the gold against the gold old hat. Oh said open basement. Share out SAVITA bread. The flour All of it all of the food all of it but mine are you sure had reached up and grabbed Hans by the collar. I have never been more sure of anything in my life. Now Go sees that it is done. Hans nodded and rush to obey not an hour later. The crowd fell silent. As the castle gates clanged open. The guards appeared eared and for a moment. The hungry people worried they were being chased off but then more guards emerged wheeling carts after cart of bread steaming hot in the chill winter air. They cheered then and praised. How does name eating their fill and going home with bags full of flour to bake soon after had oh stop threatening merchants and he changed the name from the toll tower to the mouse tower? And it's still called that today and if you ever find yourself on the River Rhine the castle and tower are still there and open for visitors and who knows you may even see a mouse. The end today story. The Mouse Tower was an adaptation of a legend of the Rhine. Nine written for you by Daniel hines performed for you. Buy Me Amanda Weldon if you would like to support stories podcast you can leave us a five star review on itunes mega monthly donation at Patriae citreon dot com slash stories. Checkout Oliver merch available at stories podcast dot com slash shop or simply. Tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening.

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036 - Lisa Arney on living with & managing severe anxiety

The Redesign Your Body Podcast

50:29 min | 3 months ago

036 - Lisa Arney on living with & managing severe anxiety

"Welcome to the redesign your body podcast the podcast where you'll learn practical tips and tricks to help create the body of your dreams while creating the lifestyle that suits you whether you're looking to lose weight, rebuild your confidence or just feel better about yourself. This show has it all. You're listening to another episode of the redesigned your body podcast with Jake. What's operators I community? Welcome back to another episode of the Redesign Your Body podcast I'm your host Jason, and today we have the better half of these skinny strong podcast. One of the better hosts of the show liaison with us today Hawaii Lisa I'm good. Thank you. I am fantastic. How are you coping down in? Metro with the stage for them. It's alright. I wake that we went back into lockdown was tough. I wasn't really ready for it as. I don't want to him anymore. I'm sick of it but. I'm getting used to analysis. We get mad. how things have changed for you compared to the loss lockdown was the hottest with justice time because of the Haji distractions. Yeah, it definitely was and I think. The first time like cool I'm GonNa sit myself skull I'm GonNa. Stay fit during the lockdown, and then what's this all up? Get. Back to into the gym enter be really great and then I got a taste of going back into the gym and it was awesome and then to have it quickly ripped away from me. That was that was hard. How long were you going forward Yeah. There's probably that three weeks a lot. Just enough to get get back into the growth and get back. Get a taste for gone again and. The first time they was warning that was laid up to it but this time it was I think twenty four hours or something site. Rough I remember when they caused the gyms down the US time it was. Talk about it talk about it. So I brought a little bit of equipment and the next day bank gone I was like okay. Yeah and the. People going crazy at the supermarkets. I can't get my head around that one people. Panic buying etc is a problem that fueling the program by panic buying but. I only had like a six week window with my Jim because I'm staged three right on the border. There was a lot of anxiety which is the topic of today's episode. Leading up to it in general because everybody's like all the way next when next next and then the troll on you like. Okay. Okay. But the case is going up to the COVID nineteen Yelich. Maybe we are next maybe we're not than Bang. And that creates a lot of tension as well. Hell. So anyway, let's move on from covid nineteen. That's such a draining topic and I don't even look at the news anymore. either. What's your? What's your story? But I know you've come from a background of. Wave struggled a lot with anxiety. So, we WANNA talk about you'll story and How you've managed during Saudi, through transforming a buddy and you fitness nutrition S- are Joe. Yep Sorry. My anxiety started brought on eighteen. Leading. Up to that I was like pretty outgoing person Attend Eighteen I went to a club for the time with my friends I was really excited to. And then. So guy that was really attracted to that ad saying few times go control to him and. As I'm talking to him, I started feeling really sick can do know what was going on said to my friend I think I'm going to be sake. Dorner, what's happening to me, but I need to leave Like. It's the alcohol of had wondering it caught the alcohol and sure enough. I. We left the club and got around the corner from it and physically. And that kind of started this on Rollercoaster Avanzi? At that point, I didn't even know what it was. It came out of nowhere I felt sick. I. Get hot flashes at. Start. Shaking. Was and it was really overwhelming feeling in Whenever I was. Going out with friends I'd stop getting these horrible feelings. It's it's like being nervous but. This. Much us. And yet, really hard to deal with. So where did you go from there? So how long have you did you live with being Zaire before you started to make some changes? Well it was probably about. Three years that I. Had A pretty bad that I stopped going out together and I saw some professional help. Which helped me for a while I saw the psychologist a few times but it gave me some perspective on how I could deal with it, which was really good and it Kinda started to ease and I could go out again and it was really good and then. Later in my twenties, it started to come back I'm not really sure what brought it on at at had break-up from Wifi and I think maybe my security blanket lift as you could say. And own anxiety came back again. And that was probably. Into my thirties that lasted. And it wasn't until. My Partner Kane Kinda gave me this said, Hey, you know what? If you get into White Training Attrition a bit maybe things could turn around us. PRETTY SKEPTICAL THAT ANYTHING COULD CHANGE TO BE HONEST I kind of thought this is may and it's not changing. So. What was the first step then at of? McCain's suggestions. What was the first one that? You started to work with was at exercise. Was it. What will go from there? It was exercise fest. I was pretty hooked on junk food sir. I wasn't ready to give that up at all. So exercise, we tried doing some cardio stuff. I've never really done any exercise before that wasn't interested. I was a pretty skinny the Pepsi may exercising I didn't say the health benefits that come with it and. We tried white training. That was interesting. Sorry. I didn't really enjoy it I. It was kind of like Kane dragged me at. Let's have. And do it for a little bit It's just not for me. And then I doubling again in and out in and out for quite a while. Yeah, the nutrition can. Probably get or a mole grocer do think that. The anxiety was what was sort of telling you it's not what you telling yourself in your head every time cain tried to drag you. Into a gym setting. Yeah. I definitely thought it wasn't for me and when he saw Dr Mean to a commercial Jay which was one that he worked in. So I did know a few of the train instead. I didn't feel like I belong fairly and. I remember wearing of black I covered up lot south wearing full length pants as wearing t-shirts will black. And I was absolutely terrified footing that Jim in Cain would often say me I'm GonNa make you at the back of the gym within made the specific rack. And you had to walk into the gym stairs and then onto the gym full I was sorry terrified to just woke poss- people. Just to get to him. And then to think about doing. Exercises where people could watch me and they judge me and. lifting weights you post pretty sugar faces, right? I. Worried. About the faces that I was pulling I didn't WanNA. Look stupid. I didn't want bring any attention onto me. So that was really uncomfortable time. And it was it was hard to cut of. Land the exercises as well. I had a lot of trouble. I understood what I had to Jerry. Then telling my body to do it as well. It was a really massive challenge that frustration as well as just. Set can send about when everyone else slowed with me. Yes. This two size of play ones sort of the anxiety don't look at me and the other ones like I've got to get this right and you try to process too much information. Like information overload I definitely us yet. And I think when I get information I lay my my brain just shuts down. It's like too much just everything shot. Guy. So what was your first for? Because a lot of people in the rate is on community and even your podcast skinny too strong podcast is. Able at that haven't set foot. In gyms before because. You've probably heard this too I. I don't want people to look at me I feel embarrassed or quid are really self conscious like self esteem or confidence of been there as well. What what was it like when canes would have suggested Hey Bob slits because I know that nickname for. What does what would what did you think when he said Hey let's let's get into the gym. What was that I? Thought Year. Now. I don't want to do it. And so what was what was that process for you to build yourself up to actually step foot in gym? Can you take us through that? I had to have caned by my side. US. Pretty much a bad smell on him. I just glued myself to him because he was now my safety in the gym. What else? To? Be? Honest He. He was very encouraging for me. Having someone having someone by my side was really important. I would not step foot without without him there and. People that don't have a partner. You know a friend does someone WHO'S Holding a hand is a really important way to take that step. Like a lot of people don't even step step for in the gym. They might go to a trainer I another alternative yet. To sort of feel that more comfortable and pretty show went out the trying to suicide this to the. Sits are nobody said to look at you? Or focus on you as more to improve when you struggling with anxiety end and with what you're going through even if Cain said, that's you. Would what were you feeling? What were you thinking even if he was reinforcing? That nobody's GonNa care about you. that. It's pretty hard to believe that no one was watching me and I see now myself that yeah, everyone said to improve themselves and they really couldn't care less for you're doing. They're so focused on themselves. But in the moment when you're that concerned about everyone else it really does feel like those is around new. and. Spicy, native you blink not put your headphones on something that distracts you from. Everyone else. So. Did you ever consider doing exercise outside of the gym I then before going into the gym with? we doubled a little bit at. With some Heim. Workout spot. Didn't really get into it there as well. We tried cardiac two things at harm. Or care. Well. Can you remember to sort of? Did you have a goal back then at all? was there any desire to improve your body shape or your mental ice back then? Definitely wanted to improve my mental health I was going through some pretty doc times from work. That was really important for me and also had lower back pain for. PROSCIUTTO, has seventeen is well. Also that was another thing that came said. Maybe getting in the Might actually help you. It might might help. Some of these back pain you're experiencing time. Main Goals Fest Getting are building up some of that that chronic pain? Ever Yup. Okay. So How long was the first stint in the gym via self direction was at a couple of weeks months. Probably few months on and off I wouldn't say I was consistently going the be days where just viscount good now I, don't want I I'm not enjoying it and That, probably went on for quite a while and then we actually decided to move to a different gym. And account remember the exact transition but there was something about this other gym that I obviously found a little bit more comfortable because I started to guy with Kane, and he could go and doing exercise on a different machine. To do an exercise. So there was there was progress said. And there was a lot of people that still intimidated me at the gym but I got in a bit more confident in what I was doing. said that made it easy. Ah. So did you sort of start to get on top of because remember we talked about before you fighting this information alone retain had to do the exercise and everything else that you telling yourself in your head when did the scale start the slowly tip in in your favor than when Kanga woke off by himself into another exercise So. Probably a few things. One thing that Cain insists that we did was recording my workouts which I was dead against at first but when we were able to. Do you realize fighters, g lights videos, and then compare it to where I progressed inside twelve weeks or something, and I could say that I mean proved that was a massive encouragement for me. And another really significant moment was, when was brushing my hair in the mirror and? That I'd finally grind some biceps as like Oh my God, my body shape is actually changing. I'm feeling pretty awesome right now, and it was that the I think guide me that step forward decide how you doing something that's working and you feeling pretty awesome. And I think there was some confidence that was built from changing my body shape. There's a lot to say in just saying results Yen, and that's recording sort of your whites as well. Some of them. Yes. Yes. Okay. So it does a lot in that Terry lack for those listening not just seeing changes in your body shape but signs that your body's changing when you can't it is a big one you strength going up is the main main one like fitness getting beyond the walk longer distances overrun, which is do other exercises just differences in clothes size to females, hal the that bras and everything fits. If you want, you need to lose weight like so many little things. To pay attention to bench everybody when they when they do focus on it like a lot of people who are overweight will focus on the scales in that number rather than which is a positive really. Did. You have any little other little signs besides saying the guns in the. Mirror. Yeah, I started to notice that my performance in the gym was getting a bit better as well as able to push a bit more and that was pretty awesome. Yes. Yes. So, all of that sort of led to you being out of this sort of big consistent at this point. So how how long from Stott of your journey? Dabbling at the gym to. Take to get you sort of going. Waking wake yet on a consistent then. I recognize well every year. Yeah. Yep. and. Even when I was when I started going to these new Jim. I still don't think I was completely consistent and it wasn't until yet a year if not a little bit more. That I made a promise to Kane that I would give a twelve week program Gar. That's when I finally committed to it. To clean some accountability behind. So, what what was the driver behind the promise at what point what we were trying to do for yourself then? Trying to improve my lower back pain and. Just. Become a happy version of myself. 'cause I was in a pretty spot and I wasn't happy anymore and. Being in the James studied to be somewhere that I enjoyed spending time so that was encouraging to keep at it. Sounded like my little escape. That's really interesting to have going gun from not let me go to the gym I'm stepping foot in Jamnagar to the gym is my escape. How do you feel about that? That potty yourself do feel proud about you being able to get to that point. Yet. So proud and it's Kinda hard to believe that. On the same person I could. Looking back when I first started. Some of a guard now but. was just scared now I look at myself might. Wow, I've changed so much. It's. It's also feel awesome. I don't ever want to look back absolutely. So you mentioned sort of nutrition and food where did that fit in in that first year? was there any conscious effort to improve that it'll? Very little. Very little I think I'd have one good good meal may be a way can. Oh. That's good. I've done really well. Honestly like the food to me. I didn't say the importance at that point and even though I was watching Cain during prep and even I haven't vote with him during his free would help him and not eight it. Up Yeah, it wasn't until I committed to. Training. The twelve weeks that I started to take the fitbit more seriously. Did you ever have like a ritual for days? When you didn't want to go to the Jambi major go anyway for those who listening. With your anxiety when it plays up was there did you ever decide? K I'm going to be kind to myself and just come on Lisa. You've got the give a talk yourself pepys up a little bit. I definitely have to put myself out back. Then it was probably canes going I have to buy a hugely disappointed defied aren't guide which is fine if that's how he get yourself. Eh, you've. Now you've got a gym buddy that you always go with and you don't WanNa. Let down then that's good to get yourself sticking. These days as I still have days where I don't WanNa go. But my goals are important to me and I've gotten an such retained that I don't WanNa miss that workout I'd feel worse if I missed it even if it's a crap workout, I'm so glad that I went and tried. Okay. So y'all nutrition then. So when you started with that that proper twelve weeks if a can ability of actually Trying to be consistent after that. Yeah. What did you notice was happening to you physically and mentally? With your anxiety amicably shipping started to add some little changes into law stop. Probably, one of the biggest things I noticed was performance in the gym. I would lift a lot more and in I was also getting hungry mole. Wit. and. Suppose I just started to, I've role feel a bit better. I wasn't having so many crashes during the day because I was aiding a lot of junk food sugary things. I. Would have these. Massive crash night breakfast was an icebreaker and choice. Morning, I was crashing. But when I started swapping my breakfast choices wasn't having that that crash and it was much easier to get through my days. Let's talk about your your days in an anxiety. What what we allow West is like for you If you can sort of share on that for those because. Let's. It's a touchy thing. A lot of people like to talk about dayquil dice. On social media especially. was you'll. Will your bad days you're worse. Today's life year. Already, feel the teams coming so One of the. The West days was. In my early thirty psalms in job allowed the job, but it started to get caught. Stressful. There was a lot of new things we had to learn as getting a quarter of a while with the workload and things like that and Because everyone, might pain was? Just as busy as I was no, it was really bad to. Help too much. I. Was too scared to put my hand up instead of my boss look experiencing anxiety and I made help Sur. Addison anything I just kept quiet and. trying to deal with myself. So I was bringing a lot of staying up late to try and complete workers getting up early going into work and I was actually just getting nowhere. I going round in circles. Was a really doc time for me. I was cried a lot. When I came and I wasn't working I. Didn't want to spend time with Kane. I just wanted to go to bed and. The dock and just switch off I didn't. I was so unhappy and I didn't know how to get out of it. I just felt trapped. And as pretty horrible experience. And that that's the thing. Do you. Think you look back to yourself. As you are now instead of said, hey, which hand up to someone and and sort of Raychev for that support. Yeah I really should have and those hate Saddam's throughout that joke that. Wish I could have. Plucked up the courage to say this is why I did something stupid. This is why I didn't say when I should have said all. This is why I did not to help. Yeah. I think they're probably was support read probably from. HR. Maybe even other people might take that just wasn't aware of that. I really cannot yet. At. Sounds really at a tough bit. Do you think that sort of carried over into every other aspect of your life and even lead you to the pathway didn't want us to put in the gym in the first place. Yeah. Yes yeah, it has. There was lots of lots of doctrines, but that one was a pretty significant one for me in that was kind of my snapping point. That led me to make biggest changes in my life. It was a go any further into this dock how? An eight. And I need to change what I'm doing because it's not working for me and then the light was Is it was this before the one, the one year stint of trying James. During this this was. After this was probably. Maybe a three three months after I started consistently training with cane that this is when I off of fell apart and I decided to make that change. Okay and so from they're having nine that you could step in the gym now after sort of giving it a go and being consistent and starting to make some slight changes after that snapping point. What was your plan? What was your goal? What was your plan of attack? Set myself a goal to have a photo shoot. In. in very little clothing of. Does, something like that, and that skid the absolute. She had me I'd set it for six months. And I've decided to join Canaan his business at that point. So there was a lot of accountability on me to achieve this goal because I was now representing not myself but I was representing business. Yep, and that's what me got me maybe. and Sir how did you work towards that whilst managing? Your anxiety then. at that point, we had a JIM said harm. Training I was actually training with other clients of canes so. That was little scary at first but after getting into it for bid, actually really enjoyed the company of other people. I was dead against it. I really enjoyed the one to one training and yet what he on nutrition as well. Occur enter. What kind of training did you start with? What was your approach to the training was at we doing cardio in the J. movie doing whites at this point What was your fast just exercise? Wise. Mostly White. So I think it was two days of whites awake and one Cotiere. And you're managing your back as well as point. Yes yes. So I was also saying a Cairo at that time was also he was. Giving US instructions on specific exercises that would help to strengthen my muscles alleviate some of that pain as well. So texture than. The this next stint working towards this photo shoot you'll you training to US awake with whites doing one cardio session awake? And you working on your lifestyle habits We're getting a little sleep as well. I think my sleep was getting pretty good then. Yet, one once I left my job that was causing a lot of that anxiety I think that was a big white lifted off. My shoulders said there was a lot less. Of, that to worry bat, I can just focus on May. I would say there was definitely better sleep. Then do think leading job is the best thing you've ever done. Yes Yup it was one of the scariest things done because I was leaving a secure pay job. Telling my parents that I'm leaving this great secure job to. Myself was terrifying and it took. Quite a few weeks for came to. Convince me that this was going to be the right decision I knew it but it was just scared to take that late. But without a doubt the best thing I ever did was Leif. Sometimes the hottest thing in the hottest choices you have to make often the best ones YEP YEP so definitely. So let's talk so you sleeps getting better I. You've you've put that bird and Off Your shoulders of the that stressful environment of that work that you're in. As. She started to move forward hat by the way. How long? In the future of half hour, the future was What was? From when he said that new go. To that photo she was timeframe. X Months I believe was the call was set Had you notice that alongside your sort of your training and building better last habits? How did you notice that? Your mental space started to improve with stepping foot into the gym and and just feeling more confident in yourself. I was happy up. And I was noticing that a bit more confident when I was training with canes clients that I could. Help them a bit as well with with the technique and things like that. So is getting more confident in what I was doing and coated enough to share it with others jetting was really important. Wow that's a big Roy thing. So it's Kinda like. leaving. Leaving that job in starting to work at a law and then joining Kane on his jaw into into the business. was actually meant for you to Memphis. Meant to happen for you because you teach people. which were you're on confidence as well exactly. Yeah, and so. And so from a win, what else? What other things do you start to notice lady into a six month period upset photo shoot other examples confidence growing a little bit. A question Probably the conclaves that I started wearing. So I was getting wearing things that may be maybe a little bit more. Revealing or Colorful those a lot McCullough that I wanted to add to my clothes and I think that is definitely an indication that I was confident because I was more willing to stand out. Than before when I wanted to wear black all the time and just blend into the crowd. Bass a huge one. Honestly yes. Do you think there was. One that sticks at the most of the defining moment full. When you realized. Hey. Things have changed a lot. In his last six months. was at the photo shoot or when you got the four days after the third issue. Hurricane that was probably off to the fighters I think lady up to it was obviously more confident because the clients that I picked to were. was a crop top and shorts they were and the I definitely noticed more confident. But I think once I sold Weil MC believe that I've wearing this and I'm going to place this on social media God. I remember. Posting my first before announcing. Are Terrified may strict underwear I'm like, why am I doing this? Yeah. But how did that feel? Did you get a lot of love and support? Oh? Yeah. Yep sign much love and support. That was a couple of facebook groups that I put things in and just let it. Not every grapes may stick to stick to the ones that I end. When I put it in like my personal and. My page of my journey yet was nothing but love and support, and that really lifted me. Honestly the I remember. Those days way you did put those fighters in and get a little bit of hate from little chats with the rest of the group. IF for those who will under laser night pot of it sort of. Puzzle trying to support group, and so we look back and forth and that was a big deal that was. But one thing. We need to learn with the support networks is not everybody's GonNa WanNa. Push forward and build you up in support you some people are GonNa be jealous soil just unhappy generally things going in their lives that. We can't quite understand that we can. We can remove ourselves from that and if you have a hard situation where you kinda in our close relatives being one. You can limit your exposure to these pails and limited exposure remains eliminating limiting yourself to this negativity and exposed to just the role of support from your close friends family colleagues in the network. Yeah. Big. One. That's huge and that's taking a lot for me to learn that. So when I, I was experiencing some of these negative. Comments on social media I really took it to heart like it just I'd white me. And even telling some of my family about things that I'd done. They couldn't say it from my perspective only soul aw friend or whatever like that, and over time I've learned. Not to share so much with them because I know how they react and. I still get. On social media. But now just like one hundred bucks back. Co? If. There are issues I'm not gonNA. Let it get to me. I'M NOT GONNA come back I'm not gonNA feed this negative fire and I feel love. Just being out with a guy. Okay, that's your opinion. I'm happy with myself. It's super awesome that you figured out. Some trick is with 'cause you a lot of mental discomfort What are some other triggers at other people who suffer with anxiety might not know about? That you sort of it up on realized that was hard for you and so you sort of avoided those things. That's a really good question I have to think about that one. That's right. We can come back but in the back a sir from from as I said photos, what would you think? Was your sort of confidence going after those photos. After his fight is I wanted more. I was feeling pretty awesome onsite all let's keep this going. This is this is Cole what can I strive for next? Yup. Okay and So what was the goal next? Well. Originally it was another Friday she but that no longer scared me. So it was just a two bit more muscle get a bit more shape and just continue to guard my confidence by in an outside of the gym That's a big one inside the James is the topic but outside the gym as well. In. What areas did you notice your confidence? Growing in yourself. Outside of the gym besides clothing. In that six month period, even satisfy. That eighteen month period, right? Because it was. Mauve, and then another six months like what did you notice that side of the gym? More confidence talking to strangers or so while. I would often dislike not WanNa make conversation with anybody and for me to say. Go to at China's dice and actually talk to some of the China's that was a big step for me. I've never been very good at making conversation with other people was. My bubble I think, I remember another one I don't know if this is quite correct but can used to go and say L. Mental Matt a lot. Yeah and then you started to go. And See Matt with that, Cain. Would previously sit in the car wouldn't you? I did yes. So for quite some time I would actually guy all the way who was like a thirty minute drive away Kane seat in the car I would I would not step foot in the james his hours just cheering today's talk to Matt. And what came to have these? Going to have his meeting was in an hour and then off, we'd go and then down the track. It was put to me that maybe I should take a step up at today's meetings myself and I push back for very long time. I was I was dead against. I'm not doing doing it. And Yeah finally deed and it wasn't so bad off-shore. Oh. Yeah and it's a really nice memory when that POPs up on facebook seeing is fighter. That's right I was get back in the day and then it grew from there. I think maybe six months or more up to that kind. I actually did a presentation in front of Some trainers which pretty scary to do a presentation for the appears and. Personally think I smashed it. I was surrounded myself. You did. I think you. You with the better of the two percents. Thanks. UNDAY. That was. A lot practicing but yeah. The practice like anything takes time. To get your confidence anything build up with that and that's just Your tied Joni has been a slow. Slow Bill. It's not. You can't just build your confidence overnight right now. Definitely, not not. It's been very slow in his lots of lots and ups and downs, but Admiral. To getting better and better, and it's not until you take a step back and actually reflect. On what you've done in the past to say how I really have come. That's important. He need to. We need to look back and. Reflect on that. How often do you do that? Do that when you have My moments have heightened. Anxiety will lack of confidence do use that as told to sort of. Bring you back cold. Yet I think I would say even just now I've I've put my hand up to do live videos on facebook and that's something that I've always been really scared of. Dislike now I'm not doing it. It's a it's a ten day challenge thing and I was like, do you know what this is going to get? My can ability to do it. Let's do it. And then on Mike Hang on a second I've got my own podcast nail and when I look how far coming out I think it's it's weighing over. Sorry. About. Seven or eight months of being doing it. I've caught a lot even since I've started that podcasts, we'll be fine during these live videos stumble something stupid bet got this. That's just on that PUTT gassing transformed Lotta, my confidence with speaking. Now con shut up Dr Denouncing. My Passion. What I'm interested in lot don't ask me because I want shut up for Neyla. And, and then people try to but in feel bad because I'm hoping too much. It's it's a co- failing like a going from when I was sunning the podcast had to have so many like I could sit here and I've got to. Make sure. No what I'm saying now, kind of more confident to swing it and that's another step. Well, that's that's like Kinda this like I gave. A. Few talking points right and. I don't know how many we've kind of hit on them. We come back but I'm just popping more more questions than just Bang Bang Bang responding like nothing. It's crazy like your confidence just in yourself. Sorry let's say how long how long has been now so through today to the first time ever you stepped in gym with Kane How long has it been overall? Fair few years maybe. Five years oh well yeah. Yeah. Okay and so that five. What been some of the highlights for you growing as opposed to. Over that time. Imaging. Overall as a person in the gym and ESA The gym. In the gym I would have to say definitely lifting some heavyweights, whites and heating as. Things that I never thought I could what I first started doing bench press. Bought me a a set of whites that were twenty kilos titled. So the by and Oh, the sides was twenty and I remember I could leave twenty kilos. Sort strong and now I can get up to around thirty wiki leaks and I'm just like that is amazing. I have achieved Siamese much and that has boosted. My confidence hates I feel I feel. Some people that's a really lightweight. Focusing on May What I've achieved is unreal That's really important. You need to learn to justify this meeting 'cause when you get caught up when everyone else is doing, it will bring down. So what does not lessen as well? So what some tips for you design community and even your audiences well. Full if you're struggling with anxiety at any lacking confidence that you want to improve. Your. Health. Focused on you you get your own head and sort of. Try, and and Go to the gym. I would say. Definitely. Find someone to go with if you're really struggling to take that step into the gym whether it's a friend or. Going to the gym and getting yourself a China I think he's a really. Big Step. something that I wouldn't I would never have done it myself. So having candidate was. What I needed and I think that would be really important for A. Lotta. People. Try Not to what everyone else is wearing. Don't worry about what other influences there wearing way things that. You feel comfortable. Because if you feel comfortable in what you're wearing, you're less likely to be concerned about what everyone else is thinking. Chuck on some headlines If that helps you. Farkas. Head finds really a really good one for me to kind of. Switch off the outside, just his on May. And Another tip. It's a hard one but. Understanding that, you need to take steps outside you'll compensated if you WANNA guard. It's absolutely terrifying and I and I can completely relate to this but. You have to take steps and they don't have to be massive stick just tiny ones just a little bit outside, your comfort zone, and over time that little step will become easier, and then you can take another little step forward and. In growing But yeah. You you grow from a win every take those little steps. So final comments. Lisa. What would you say? He'll youngest self from five years ago. If if you could give them. One thing that you think would help the most on overcoming the anxiety in the hardships that went through. What would you say? I would say that it definitely can get beat up you can. Find more confidence in fields in yourself and. Looking back on I, think that would be. May Be hard for me to understand and for me to believe bought. Try take those little steps and try something new because. You can only improve. GET MORE CONFIDENT STRONGER Yeah I actually just sort of another really awesome question to set up with that. What things should people on as sort of benchmarks and targets in little goals has should they structure their approach to? Overcoming anxiety. With That's a good one. Take little steps Don't yourself really unachievable goal so maybe united setting yourself little ones like I'm going to commit to going to the gym twice awake and and stick to that and with nutrition maybe many GonNa Change One little thing Mutt just welcome my breakfast just for now until that starts to feel more comfortable, just setting little achievable goes and documented. So you can see you making this progress in that. Celebrate that Hey I've had. I've had a great breakfast for two weeks and I'm Sonny Awesome I'm going to share that with everyone because that's a big achievement. Of everything you've said is spot on the and and just making sure as well. Strategy stuff with the right people. One hundred percent. Yes. That's a really important one and it doesn't mean that you have to cut out friends that made me agree with what you're doing. It just means spending more time around people that have similar goals that lift you up and encouraging because it really does make a massive difference. Sorry whether it's a facebook group or a group of friends or something like that. Definitely find yourself since support network really brilliant tips from Lisa, the better off is a skinny too strong put gas. Those. wiccan the redesigned community get in touch with you. Where which website facebook instagram podcast through. Got A few. Website skinny too strong skinny too strong podcast dot. com sets with the number two facebook is the skinny strong cost We have a great Anna page she can find us the I also have A. Personal. FACEBOOK page that is about my journey, which is code Mike Pass to abandon me. We can find me they're. Awesome it cost skinny strong podcast. Regard their bigger checkout Kane and laces. Amazing podcast. You got more episodes out how many episodes of that now. At thirty I believe for up to. More at the me because I took A. Definitely, definitely go and listen to. Canaan Laces podcast put cast both really amazing capable good friends of mine and Suba. Knowledgeable Trust me you regret at Lisa. Thank you for coming on the resigned but he put casts thanks for having me. Thanks for listening to another episode of the redesigned your body podcast. If you'd like to stay connected with Jake and others just like you, please join us on facebook at the redesign, your body podcast group or just visit the website and the podcast episode description below.

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ENZ 195  The Art Of Converting 50-60 Leads A Month To Contracts Signed Over The Phone with Steven Morales

Escaping The Real Estate Investing Newbie Zone - Make Money In Real Estate Wholesaling Properties For Quick Cash

31:58 min | 2 weeks ago

ENZ 195 The Art Of Converting 50-60 Leads A Month To Contracts Signed Over The Phone with Steven Morales

"Welcome to episode one hundred and ninety five you're listening to escaping the rei newbies own podcast where you'll learn the underground closely guarded secrets that will revolutionize your real estate business. This podcast is all about helping you. Exit the real estate newbies zone and etter financial freedom building up your real estate thrown. This is escaping the rei news own podcast and now your host real estate investor entrepreneur world traveler and nationwide mentor chris. Bruce how're you doing everybody. Welcome back to another episode of escaping. Rei newbie zone. I'm your host. Chris bruce i want to say. Thank you for tuning into this week's episode and today. I have a very very special interview that i've done that a little bit different. I know we have interviewed a lot of real estate investors but This guy that. I'm actually going to bring onto this week's episode. He is invested in his own right but he actually works for One of the largest real estate investment firms. He's actually head of acquisitions. He's a real estate and sales entrepreneur. He really specialize in negotiation sales and coaching really showing people. How to lock up deals. All right not. The rows will stay career as acquired millions worth over this day deals Y launching new businesses to create long-term wealth for his family. he's also a philanthropist and believes in giving back really enjoys being involved in numerous charities and really making a difference in people's lives. And so what i wanted to do was bring on a special person's a friend of mine. I can say that as well. He's here in the local market and Let's go ahead and wait. No further embracing on my guest. Stephen morales alright. Laser gentlemen like i said on the intro. We have a very special guest on escaping. Rei podcast and i'm not gonna wait any further. I'm just gonna go ahead and introduced my guess stephen morales. Are you doing steve. I'm doing great. Thanks for me on the man. I appreciate you taking time out today. I mean when is. I know you're busy. Usually locking up seven figure deals six figure deal. So i just appreciate you taking time out to speak with All of our listeners. Today no problem will grow so for those. That might not know Much about you stephen. Can you kinda give us a little background history of which you were doing before real estate and how you got into the real estate investing business sure so actually worked door to door sales. I worked at a grocery store. I got a lot a lot of customer service skills but mainly door to door in You also worked at a restaurant and came across real estate Through you know via social media connected with some great people and Just wanted to learn more about it. Start going to networking events start learning the game and now works in surrounded myself with the right people. I started seeing a little bit of success and it just grew bigger and bigger. But i won all in one dollars. Okay yeah That's pretty much. How most people find out with social media or websites. i'm when i first got started The guy that coach me my mentor. He was I don't know. I wasn't social media. It wasn't huge. Back dan but it was. It was some website he popped up on. And i was like all right. I'm hooked all right okay. So you got into real estate and most people usually get into it and they start their own investment business and there so many different like opponents when it comes to run your own business especially taking it to a six seven figure level. So i know you went somewhat a different route You got an started with a company so kind of talk about like. How did you get started with this. Investment company in out of opportunity Approach you sure so. Actually when i was brand new. I started all by myself and it was very difficult and i was going to some tough times in my life and i was trying to scale it and You know sometimes. I had the wrong people on my team and you know i started a found a mentor and they really showed me. You know all the tips and tricks that basics. The ins and outs and really you know. I was learning acquisitions. I really come from a strong door to door face to face kind of sales background. But when you do stuff over the phone it's a little bit different kind of the game right but you know i did it for a little bit and i transitioned my face to face skills over the phone and i found out pretty good at it and after that you know i was still working At a restaurant and a grocery store is transitioning into learning real estate. But once i went all in. I completely left those two jobs and fourteen i small company and when i learned the business i went on my own but then i started realizing and you can get a lot more achieved when you have a team and you're working with that team together. Everybody has a strength that they can bring together and really i came across. on periscope Raphael vargas and. He's a great man to remind up there. Indeed see. I see them doing six for deals. I'm over here. In tampa and tampa. You know wholesaling fees. You know five ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars. Bonus saw six-figure checks up man like men. How do i get involved and connected with this guy. And he was kind enough to come down visit me. We talked one of their first event and at that time he was in. Dc and You know he saw opportunity in tampa so we linked up we join forces. He's in tampa. Now i'm head of acquisitions and really i just want train. Other people important to other people as to how i became successful and i figure out i have a lot more opportunity working as a team and expanding differ markets than doing all by myself so. I'm very satisfied. Happy with the opportunity that came across definitely definitely especially because it allows you to really hone in on your strength like you said sales so then i happen to deal with other parts of the business that you might not really like because i know for sure there's parts of that that's cool okay. I love the process. But you gotta crave the unresolved exactly exactly so okay. So let's talk about like the sales part of of the business because most people think that you need like a really heavy sales background. But i can't help you with that you're really selling yourself and selling the solution To the seller. So what are some things that you've learned along the way that you've used in yourselves. Background to really like get that solar to to accept your offer right so one of the things depending what business. When i was doing door to door i was selling tv. Phone internet difficult sale. You need a certain technique. Do that in was a little bit. Pushy however When you're selling something switching from selling to buying over the phone you really want to build rapport and take those skills as far as poor negotiations and really. Just make them feel comfortable with you. So every time i get a phone call The first thing i do is i control the conversation. I want to let them know how we do. It and how the process is going to go. I'd tell them a little bit about. Why am what i'm gonna do. And that builds rapport builds credibility builds trust. And that's very important to set that proper tone when that phone call comes in and throughout the process you want control that conversation and really educate a lot of people that you speak with an i speak with. Haven't even you know sold house before circles. A different of a game kind of have to guide them explain that process and as long as you build rapport. Keep the trust and just let them know what the next steps are an educate them properly. They trust enough. And you. you close the deal okay. All right so. I know you talk about A lot of deals that you're doing now especially you. You're lacking up The deals over to follow. So let's talk a little bit about like what's that process happened. Does like this deal. You answer the 'cause live or they kind of like going somewhere else and then going to you. How's that process going to look like. Yes so the marketing has a lot to do with it. You know we do online direct mail Know the call comes in. You know. I've accessed the mls all the markets so basically while i ask them simple questions about the asami bedrooms bathrooms. What's a condition of the of the a. C. like i want to go and run comparable properties right on the mls night can actually give them offer less than seven minutes I can analyze the market. The neighborhood really really quick You know give him some options to what did like to do. Because we don't only wholesale properties right some homeowners a lot of it a you know a lot more than full market value and you know we try not to leave any money on the table referred that we have a real estate agent team that will come across a lot of those those listings but as far as investment deals. Come i wanna give him an offer in less than seven minutes to make trump focus on the right people. I get a lot of calls. And say hey. I'm just interested in selling for the right price. Oh great You know a lot of those people. They just want an offer. Maybe they're not really interested in selling their seriously interested in selling even if it's for the right price you don't know what that number is. You wanna spend your time on the right people a lot of people they just you know. They're just curious and they say oh you know. Thanks for Advocate wanna waste your time of those people but really know the costs. Come in. I tell them who we are what we do like giving offerings seven minutes and i always tell them up front. Hey we're real estate investment company. We may not be a good fit free. We don't buy every property we look at but the good news is we also have a good team of realtors just in case we may not be a good fit that make sense and that sets the expectations properly. Then you know as investors we gotta get these properties at a discount. And when i tell them that offer and may not be a good fit for them and they don't get offended because they know we could still help them out if they're still seriously interested in selling but i try to guide them from point a. to point z. Throughout the whole process gotcha okay. Perfect so is there like a way that you like score lease far as like like super motivated to like not motivated or is like their search process you use at all. Yeah really i'm we do is we. We label as far as i can investment lead or agent lead graph either or cold. So let's say a call comes in you know. They lost their job. They're going through health issues. They need us so quickly. That's obviously investment hot leaf. Now if they want a certain price that's higher than what we can offer them. They're still very motivated. But that's going to be a listing as locking it up as an investments. Not gonna make any sense so we warm transfer those calls over to our agents and they lock up those listings immediately. Okay okay and i mean. I know you're doing this again. You're doing over the phone So which you not knowing Obviously what repairs are needed it. You know what what is that far as you make an offer. How do you make justify offer fires. You're going to pay x. amount of dollars. We don't really know the condition of the property right so as a series of questions. How many bedrooms bathrooms conditioning on roof. Ac electric plumbing. And basically i wanna look at similar properties while they're telling me all this. I'm looking at the mls analyzing similar property similar square. Footage i see what they're selling foreign as his condition. I see what. They're selling for fully repaired. So i know what kind of ballpark i have to be in. It's not always a down to the penny offer. I always want to give him a wide range that way. I let them split the price on before survive on the price. They have more control. I want wide range hey looks like this. Property wants to three main street familiar with this. Are you familiar this one. Note this one so for fifty thousand dollars taking that into consideration. What do you think yours is worth. And they'll either tell me more or less a ballpark less or more. But i can mua range. So as long as that number stays within that range of what they're selling in as is condition and seeing what other investors are buying for. I know what kind of price i have to be in. I don't really use the The seventy percent rule that you still use the new formula in working us great and we really just want to find similar comparable properties as to as his condition and make sure the homeowners aligned with that ballpark range yeah. I'm glad you mentioned stephen. Because there's so many people that are educating people telling about the seventy percent rule and it's just the way the market is right. Now it's on fire and a lot of properties are going for. You know a lot higher than they were. You know four five six years ago said percent rotary doesn't always work in every single market. If you can dictate of you know really determine what properties selling for cash you know like you said Fixed up that's where he can really make a real good justification of paying. You know ten fifteen hundred with some so for because i mean. That's a allowed room that you can play with you know depend on how much you wanna make of course of offering a seller that that that particular price. So i'm with you on that man. Yeah i mean we tell the buyers upfront like hey. We're not the experts on these repairs. You've been doing this for a while you can dictate that on your own. I know we got this price. We got this property at a good price and the numbers make sense for them as well and some some buyers willing to pay a little bit more than usual because they like to keep rental properties in their neighborhood sweet spot so it just all depends on the bible. You gotta know your numbers as far as this a deal or not a deal. Water the renovated property sound for one of the as condition property Your numbers have gotta make sense right. Right definitely okay. So let's say okay. So let's say for instance a seller causing let's say for instance they Just evicted attendant near now. You know call you guys. They wanted to sell their property What is the process of life forest. Let's say they accept to offer. Do you go out and decide to a docu. Sign over over over the internet. Excuse me or what does that prices with light yeah. Ninety nine percent of our deals is done. Berkeley be homeowners. Once in a while depending on the market location some of them are a little bit over They don't have computers so what we'll do is we'll send appointment for the agents to go out there and discover the agreement with them and assign simple two page agreement but most of the time when they call in You know what. I told him that when a guy that their next step so what i do is i. Don't wanna sound too thirsty for the deal. Cause homeowners can sense that that's something in sales you gotta learn so let's say they accepted the offer. Hey we let's say we got to be don't know fifty thousand they are is hundred thousand. Yeah they accept the offer fifty thousand. I said great now. Here's what i do. I'm not sure if we can do that price. I gotta check with my partner real quick if we can do that price. Is this something you ready to move forward today. Now they said fifty thousand. I jumped on it. It's way too easy for them. They might back off. Look for higher offers but i always want to build anticipation. God so let me do this. Let me call you back in about five to ten minutes if we can do this. Is this something you'd be ready to move forward on today. If they say yes go ahead you know. Hang up calling back and five minutes. A great news looks like we can't do that. So what the next step is. I'm gonna get your email address. I'll send you over an agreement or view it line by line together. Make sure everything make sense. And then we'll go and get the process started. When is a good time. You'd be in front of a computer or access to your e mail as you can see what i'm saying is i'm still setting up the proper expectations. I make it to a time when they can be in front of a computer or access your email. I don't i don't send agreements unless they commit to that because they says if they say oh just send it You know looking at when i go. I don't do that because there's no commitment. They may not look at it. They may shop around. You don't know. But i want them to commit to a time that they'll be in front of their phone or email or the computer. Whatever the case may be to get access or email. But i always make them commit. And i just read through with them. A lot of homeowners that are already tech savvy. Have doc you signed before whatever they were doing before so i just let them read through it. All right great i just send it over to you. Take your time and review it. I'll be right here on the phone just in case you have any questions that way. I'm you're on the phone and if they have any questions obviously they can ask me. And as long as they're familiar with that they just know where to click click. Click and it's not. Okay so what what would you do in case. Let's say they say sell. This says well. Stephen i want my attorney to look at it and review it. Yeah so what do they say. Hey no problem you know we get attorney serve you at all the time in some instances and take your time with the. When will be a better time for me to fall back up with you. I always want to end with an open ended question. And it's okay if you kind of hesitate don't attorney to review. I mean that's just going to destroy your credibility and i always get that once in a while. Always say you know what no prompt i'm gonna send you over a blank agreement. All the terms are exactly the same. Take your time. Have your attorney review it. We never have any issues with that. When will be a better time for me to fall back open you. Can i give you call back either this evening or tomorrow in those say yes or no but i always wanted them to commit to a dan. Time that i can fall back. Open them so they know i'm coming. They're gonna expect my call. I always want and top of them. Gotcha that makes sense. Ohka all right. So how much time would you say that on average that you like spin on the phone. He's talking with so many cells day. I started long conversations. Are there more like short. Obviously not gonna be short. But how much time would you say on average spending. Yeah now you know again. We get so many different kinds of lead so right off the bat and someone says you know you got a lot of people that are not interested. Obviously i put those on the do not call list but people that are seriously interested. I really want to dig in builder. Poor or find out what i can offer them and see how i can help them. Because a lot of you know investors they you know i used to be guilty of this event. Sometimes the you look at the leads like numbers and they're actually people and they wanna sell the house and i remember Two years ago. I was going through the slump man for like a week and a half i. I didn't get anything. And i'm like man. What am i doing wrong and I figured out that. I need to speak with their people not not just leads numbers and once i did that and i really dig into. How can help them out. You know i got one hundred forty five thousand dollar deal in dc. And i was like man you know. This lady was so happy out with her situation. She was too tough time. I'm glad i can. We made a win win situation. But i would say on average you know. I've closed deals from call time. It comes in the time. It goes out the contract. I'll say fifteen thirty minutes depending on their situation. No the area. How are motivated they are. You're not going to close a deal every first contact but those people are very motivated. Ready to go. I mean within fifteen to twenty minutes thirty minutes. I'll have a signed contract gouging Some people they'll call in just kind of curious but seriously interested in selling they may require a little bit more of nurture follow up. You wanna stay on top of them. but tipple unicol comes in. I would say no fifteen twenty minutes on their motivation. Okay all right. Perfect perfect all right and then glad you talked about that. Follow up do you Is there like a certain follow process that you go by just to you know say sally causing not interested or we just couldn't agree on a price or whatever at this time but they do want to sell it. Is there a certain process that you you follow. Yes so when. I initially speak with them. And i label them as investment hot or investment nurture Is this somebody that seriously interested in selling but you know they need a week Because for whatever reason you know i put that investment. Nurture follow up with them. I'll put a task the next day. But typically i want. Let's say somebody's not answering a out. I'll call them probably five times. Maybe walk every day every other day and then spread. I don't want to overdo it because then you know they're just gonna guys konig in the block you but i also tax. I also email. We also have automated drip campaigns. We put these leads into okay. So there's no lafley guyana. We stamp apple them as well. Okay perfect yeah. I'll tell everybody listen. You leave him money or table. If you're not following up all you have to follow up so key. Yeah we got deals from homeowners. I spoke to two years ago. And it's because i've Consistently followed up with them via email. Some i actually closed one deal was talking to the guy and he was only comfortable via text. You know he even funny because when we to closing he said i asked him like you know what. What was it about us that you lied to of feedback and he's like a lot of other. Investors are blow me up and stuff like i like i spend my time. You did it via tax now. That doesn't happen too often at all. But some homeowners are different than other homeowners. And everybody's into it over the phone. Some people like talking via email. Some people only like meeting face to face And some people are just ready over the phone. You know a true okay so let me ask you And well. I want everybody to know guys. Listen the one thing i like about stephen is that he's humble. But i might let him brag a little bit stephen. How many deals are you guys closing a month. Man i would say fifty to sixty deals few months. Sixty deals guys. It's no joke all right. You don't have to be at that level of close fifty sixty deals that that's insane. But i wanted to bring stephen because it's possible you know as you guys her from his story Where he started off with endure ourselves and is closing fifty-six there guys are doing six figures every single month. You know In his great. And that's why. I wanted to bring on his podcast about yet. So let me ask you Would you say some good qualities that acquisition guy has or girl has to have in order to be successful in his business. yeah I would say you know. What is your purpose You've got to find out you know. Acquisitions very repetitive position. And you've got to have a very strong mindset that you can have to grinded out you're going to speed with a lot of homeowners you're going to deal with a lot of negative people but you can't let that stuff bother. You got to have tough skin that somebody in acquisitions have to have is tough skin for sure. You're going to get a lottery. jackson. Allowed. no is a lotta insult but you just let her off your back and you keep going. It's really another game. You're going to get latinos before you get to a yet. That's really what it's all about so you know you've got to be patient tough skin. You gotta be persistent. You gotta stay sharp with your negotiation skills. I listened in read a lotta Cardona on i listened to a lot of sales podcasts. I really try to shop in my mind as to how i can help These homeowners and make it a win win situation. I just really want to guide them and make them trust me and build rapport But sharpen your sales skills you know. Learn how to overcome objections. All those things you consistently gotta learn. Teach yourself those things definitely. Definitely i agree. I mean i tell people you know so the learning lesson a life lesson as continues on. You can't stop learning the time where you stop learning thinking that you know everything no matter how much money you're making are successful you are. That's when things will start to die out eventually. You know you gotta keep keep recreating yourself keep learning things because there's just there's so much things out there that you just don't know and It's amazing when you know you can pick one thing up from like you said a grant card on. I don't know tape video or whatever and you let me let me implement this and myself strategy then it worked so efficiently and make sure another hundred thousand dollars. He like this crazy Yes yay is. Never get comfortable. That that's going to kill you. You always wanna stay hungry. Something i always say is. I'm always grateful but never satisfied. I know that. I'm a good position. But i know there's a lot more opportunity out there. I love helping other people's well like seeing other people succeed That's a big passion minus training and teaching others. As to what. I'm doing right. They can help other people and their families and leave a legacy for them themselves. Okay so now that you have your You are successful now. You talk about some things that you've been able to do or enjoy in life now that that things have been working out really good a man had been able to really you know on more vacations more freedom. I've been able to give a lot back to my family. My community and i'm a big car disease i got. I got just picked up the mercedes. Sixty three mg. I love it. And i use that money from real states to purchase that and just you know just make an impact and difference not only my life other people's lives especially families. It's really good feeling to help your family when when they need you the most and just take them out to dinners in notifications and and just really take care of them and know that you've got back into saw this. Make a difference in their live like that. You know that's really satisfies me. Not only that but you know. My son is a really big inspiration to wear today. And if it wasn't for him. I i wouldn't be here today and i really wanna I will really want to be a good role model to him. I wanted to look up and say wow. My dad built this. This empires legacy. He succeeded in all these things. You've been successful at it. And i wanna do it now. I want to inspire other people. Not only my son but other people that no matter what you're going through in life you can succeed and you can use that pain or whatever going through his motivation as fueled evasion to success and whatever you choose definitely i love it i love. I love it okay. All right so For people that want to get Maybe to have some deals they want to shoot at you. Or maybe they wanna. I don't know maybe get some more some learn. I don't know if you offer any minting or anything like that on sales training but they want to connect with you period How can they do that absolutely so funny. Thing is. I'm actually starting a Acquisitions sales no real investing type of mentorship program. But you can reach out to me on facebook steve morales and my instagram. Handle official stephen morales. Feel free to shoot me a message on facebook. Dam me on. Instagram asked me questions. I'll give you some some value. But i'm structuring this sales program in. I'm going to be watching very soon and It's really just going to level up whatever business you're in as long as it's sales especially real estate investments it's really gonna level you up so Just keep on the lookout for that and feel free to reach out to me on instagram or facebook. Perfect all right and guys on make sure i include those links and the show notes so you can reach out stephen and connect with the most social media like you said if you wanna learn for somebody that's actually making a lot of money and really for real during this business. I see i've been around. Even i've been around raphael. These guys are real. They're doing a lot of deals on an end to learn from somebody that is really efficient in sales. This is a guy that you want to follow. So make sure that i'm included in the show notes to make sure you go ahead and follow A comeback to the podcast and blog will have the episode. You can just click that links and Definitely follow social media so stephen last question before We get off everybody. Let's say someone is brand new to real estate and are looking to escape newbies own and closed their very first deal. What advice would give them. And i try to always think that this question like what would i. What would i teach myself in really. It's just surrounding yourself with the right people get involved. You know you're going to cut a lot of negative people out of your life. And the first thing i would do is start. Networking find a mentor. It's gonna get a two point eight to point b. much faster you're going to have to pay or it's going to be money or time. It's not free. You gotta provide some kind of value to your mentor. You can decide. Hey teach me this. And you know it's abracadabra your successful. You really gotta pay time or money but to find those mentors. You gotta get involved in the community to start networking and started going to all these seminars. Events start absorbing all these najd but finding a mentor. The person that's going to guide you is really the number one thing that i would recommend gouging. Yeah i tell everybody listened. I mean era has a mentor. I mean you. Think of oprah lebron i mean everybody has a mentor. So's like you can't cheat yourself or try to cheat the game without having one at the end of the day you know like you said whether it's providing value and some type of barter servicing or or money or whatever You're going to have to have a mentor. So instead of going down the long journey of light making mistakes and spend their money wasting time in our other stuff. Get you a mentor. It's just that much faster. I appreciate you chris. Bring me on the show because it's funny two years ago i was driving for dollars and i would always listen to your podcasts. Always taught me something. And i'm like man it would. It would be cool to to get to that level in and learn from him. And i learned a lot just from your podcast just providing value in. It's really honor. Now that i'm on the show speaking with us out what works for me. Definitely man well. I appreciate you coming onto the show. I'm pretty sure is going to really get a lot of nuggets from this episodes. I definitely want thank you for taking time today and guys like i said i'm gonna make sure clue his Handles on social media so make sure you reach out to them. If you love this episode. Please blow his social media. leno That you love episode and Guest even thank you for being on the show. Thank you very much hurry. Thanks for listening. To escaping the rei newbies own podcast at www dot escaped the newbies zone dot com.

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S3 06 | Goodbye secret garage shame

The Pineapple Project

18:53 min | 1 year ago

S3 06 | Goodbye secret garage shame

"This is an ABC podcast. Hello Pineapple gang clear. We do you know what I love sacred. We all have little sacred that you know. Maybe you're just desperate to tell someone maybe someone like a good friend. And podcast host our sacred look everywhere and a lot of the time. They leave in the stock beyond really expensive bike. You bought five years ago and never use might be about a secret desire. Get INTO SHAPE. That will take shit from an ex partner that you hold onto even though you're in a really good relationship now that might be about letting go of the past the stuff that makes us us. There's a raise in private. Investigators go through people's garbage secrets and there's one space whereas secrets love to hang out now. I'm not talking about our hearts. I'm talking about the space in the house at stores. Everything you don't want to do with you might have even put some things into boxes or bags obedience during the season and left them there. Even I paid a Welsh told you not to put down. Put It away. It's where you put this stuff you might just one day. The giant key got on your twenty first signed by your extended family. It's the garage. The shed the junk firm the covered under the laundry sink. It doesn't matter what you call it. Whatever that space in your house? It's time to deal with it this season. We're getting tidy because life is missing. Today we're going to get this wilderness together and learn tips from an expert so that these space never stresses you out again. I'm meeting Collie skirt. He's in the middle of sorting out her garage with professional organizer. A native Burgess. Let's go in showy off his high stakes so I'm Kelly Skunik. I am a mother of two boys married to my husband many. I've got a son six years old and when he was two ma now for your old was born Unfortunately he was born with a congenital heart disorder. Way Die Three. We ended up in the children's hospital. Unfortunately he was there for the better part of seven months and Asimov disappeared for my older child for all the time. I think it created other people running my whole house and me being absent from eldest son for the better part of seven to a year he had three open heart surgeries and and we went through a bit of a rough time. Then we lived in a three story house which everything went wrong. We ended up selling that house. Moving single-story so you can imagine from a bigger house smaller house. How much extra stuff you have in the clutter and all of their and I think maybe because it was feeling guilty. We kept on buying my oldest son presence and presence in presence and all that sort of stuff just builds up and builds up and builds up. Now that colley's youngest is out of the woods she wants to restore some sense of order for peace of mind on the home front like so. Many people do downsize Collie and her family packed a lot from old lodger house into the garage of their new place. It was always that place. Nego- that because you know you've got too much stuff. Everything comes into the garage so I guess from the beginning it was full for me decluttering garage for me personally just means that for the first time I think in four years that I can just feel organised that I can get back my life I can get back on track. You know those people who just radiate love for what they do yeah professional organizer a NATO is one of those people and it's because I give people back time that they never thought they had so not only do I get to people's homes and they open up the complete home that cupboards and their draws as well. They're trying to make their life easier and their family's life and I get to be part of that and I get to be part of a solution and she says. Most of us are falling into a common and stressful trap. The most common thing I find walking into people's homes is that they have too much stuff. Let me tell you what I say here. We we've got an you walk through the opening into the single car garage. It's pretty low. Brief Louis Pints walls and there's quality shelving in here already and when I see immediately as a double premise single pram and some camping equipment and a lot of plastic tops and just a little random stuff as well low laundry products type towels wrapping paper and filing box. Just thought if just Lotta stuff a lot of stuff. Holly wants to shop big to reduce time spent at the shops. While you're about my love. Yes yes certain. Things are okay but how just a lot of towels will get no. I get that that is a time. If you've got room to put buys and it means a corner of the number of trips to the shock I get that yes but not actually. It's interesting that you say that because a lot of families have these. Go right idea in mind of going to costco wherever it may be in bulk by but they actually have no idea where they're gonna put it in their home. Have you ever thought to yourself? I need to buy toothpaste in a packet twenty bulk. Buying is one of those areas that can divide organizers and US normal. Plebs on one hand can save you time and money but on the other it could. Claudia high to the point where you don't really know what you aren't so you ray by the same stuff in that costea time and money also landfill so when it comes to buying in bulk. A good rule of thumb is to have one dedicated space to store these purchases. It could be shelf in the garage once. This space is normal bulk. Buying two year NATO may doing this clutter and decluttering thing every single day when people live in and stuff that they can't find anything when you're trying to get your kids ready for school and you're trying to make dinner or you're trying to get the kids ready for a trip camping and you can't find that bloody sleeping bag if feel like the worst person in the world. You just can't fix this one pace that will get them on that trip beautifully. And what are you end up doing going out to came and buying another one to try and fix and it's just a band aid problem so for me to be able to do this. Kali for her to be able to say like several times today at all my God. I've been looking for this. It's like you give somebody Becca. Bit More Time. That they can then spend with their kids or it can get awful net family trip a bit faster and it's that guilt as well now as a working mother that lost a year. But I'm never around to spend the time with my kids. All right. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge something that we might have banking? Which is often the expectation to get things in order false to one member of the household and itself in the woman. It's that mental Lord thing I talk about that seeing where only one person knows what systems in place and only one person is following those systems. Well can I just say that every organizer we've met so far calls on the setup? They told us again and again that systems only work when there is shared responsibility between all the adults of any time could be a couple with kids could be a couple with a cat and adult share house. Living with your parents it. All parties need to agree on. How House will function otherwise. If it's all falling on one person they are also tighting up after everyone else. And the Dynamic. Just doesn't work probably. Oh Jeez sorry. Sorry native this is this. Is Your job if this system in a garage on any type of room. You can't expect everyone to know what's in your head of hair. Want things to be and I always say that people would rather do nothing to do something wrong. So what do they do that are put it here and hope for the best rather than if the things are labeled and put away and written catering picnic camping people wanna do something right and they wanna show that that you know that they'll put it in the in the right place but a lot of things here what we I mean? We can jam bike. That was one of the things you decided you could let go. Sham doesn't generally need long term storage. But you know who really judge set like any room when it comes to garages or everything else spaces. We Wanna clear the space and then organize remember back in the bedroom episode. We spoke about decluttering. Keep Tonight Oh chuck. Same Rules still apply here obviously wearing a garage but wherever you chuck everything else like Shade. Draw declawed of that space. First but hold up he say. What about that pile of stuff? You're planning on making a little cash on nothing wrong with that. Collies garage is full of stuff to sell. Finally it's been sitting there for quite some time of being Charlie Selma Pram Markazi that we no longer use on gum tree or whatever for the better part of four months and I haven't done it. Anita says yes you can make cash from cloud about be realistic about how lodge that gold mine really us. Look the whole point is is that you didn't buy it as an investment these things right here in by to say. Oh you know. I'm going to buy this so I can get this much back on premise apprentice. You need the child so whether you do give it away to a year's a lot of things like Mommy's paying all there's a lot of charities and stuff around all over that you can give it to and pass it on and you know what even put it up on them. Trees Free even put the point is it's actually causing clutter and taking a big spice time out of your life. Every time post reposte take a picture. You've done it once you I always say. Give it a God because if you can get some money back for Gripe but how long are you going to set yourself a time so like okay usually with my class? Let's put things up for sale. Let's give four weeks and we make a deal. We're GonNa Start Gordon in full. Wakes you know see you later right a native fine. We'll put limits on selling things full-week cities and if it doesn't sell dynamite. I've got a lot of bibs to move Kayak I mean I'm still going to try and get some money out of it all the little atoms can you sell. Yes am I going to sell it? That sort of stuff agree with anytime but the big ticket items yes the WTO to give it a bit of time but also be realistic. Collie and a native place everything from the garage onto a top sitting out in the front lawn they find an absolute treasure trove of forgotten shredders. But mainly Plata's yes all right. This is the This is designed with the things that will never turn to the garage guy right exactly look right and I can see things that would have been hard for you to get rid of this beautiful dimes cake. Plateau and I get that. Oh now bringing up something that you've already argue because she bullshit was led with. There's another cutter inside. Stop only cake planner. I promise that I have and then this was down in the buttocks you do have to. I knew you had to what I'm hearing carly as you've been lying to her all day the whole day. Yeah you you try to protect yourself. And then she just wants to get rid of your stop. So it's like a fine line where like keep it all your next. It's time to organize a useful way to think about multipurpose spaces like garages or sheds is in terms of zones zones adjust areas for different activities. It'll mean no where to find things when you need them. They could be as fierce sports gear as Zarin via tolls hanging on the wall more space gardening. Darn the things you use most should be easiest to reach and lodge rarely used items can live at the back corner of space. These can also help to keep chemicals or other dangerous items out of reach. Organize a native suggests a one time. Investment in weatherproof storage tubs. Make sure you also use clear. Containers stood containers because once you the system in it states. It's not like you you. It's not like a child that evolves after two years old four years. Algae change their wardrobe. Change their bedroom. That kind of thing Pretty much once putting the system it will stay for the whole time. You live in and actually can add value to your home as well having an organized garage with great storage. Thanks professional organized. Native Burgess check back in with colleagues after. She's finished the declutter pain. While she's finding all sorts of things and that's the Bagel holder. Michael Maher from other guys me holds bagels firmly and securely even slicing. I bet you could do it by hand. Someone who am I going to use it and that's the only way you can think about it and you have to be restless. If you want to declutter you've got these colleagues and you know who else has got us someone who lives in a coffee pot that I'm really glad I didn't get rid of calling on declutter. Jeanie and genius paid a Welsh. You give me way more credit than deserved. It is a pleasure to be here. So what's the problem today? Well all right. We're talking about garages and I've just seen a garage web. I mean it's basically become the home of things things. She doesn't know what to do. Yeah that's that's. That's very common loo look. Another way of talking about club is clutter is decisions delayed. Yes Claude is. Decisions delayed and garages are full of delayed or avoided decision many garage. Like oh yeah those boxes. Yeah they've been in there for the last three move. So yeah you know someone died and we put the boxes in. They are year. My son moved out four years ago. And that's he stuff in boxes in. It's all delayed decisions. And here's the thing if you can't find something you don't own it if you can't find it don't on and garages have just become kind of this black hole of clawson where I'll get to that at some stage. So he's the deal you need today to start taking. You know ten minutes fifteen minutes a day and just slowly going through those boxes if they belong to someone else make a phone call and say you have two weeks to come and get them or I'm just donating the whole box to charity. You're not a storage facility for anyone and for all the stuff that you find difficult to go through sentimental stuff if it's important show me it's important by trading it with honor respect stop partying fingernails new decor genie painter. While she really knows how to keep me on my toes such tough love all right. You know how this works by now. He is what we've learned about taming that unruly space of your garage shed or wherever you chuck everything else. One if you're holding onto things to sell them set yourself a time limit. Consider four weeks and if it's not sold exit that vintage armchair you found on the side of the road from your life to have a dedicated space for balked bought purchases. Once that shelf or tab is full more bulk buying toothpaste and three organize your space in terms of zones of gardening. Zayn take a camping zone. Yes address ups aren't why not. I've got one everyone should have one. Zion's will give you a sense of mental clarity so you'll know where to reach via gear as soon as you need it well. I'm certainly feeling a sense of lightness. And calm. That comes with decluttering those havens of sacred junk even if it my house so we left. Collie with all this stuff out on the footpath. We've given her a few weeks. How did she die? Just checking in Oeste. We went through the clutter and finishing my Garo much. Everything's pretty much easy. We've got rid of all the stuff I don't use which was hard to our regret nine not at all And we sold the program and the Kospi everything out of touch. Everything's just got a spice in closed boxes. That's amazing and my head even luckier Collie. And if you've decided to get control of your spikes I'd love to hear from you. Give me call and leave me a message on thirteen hundred six four one triple two or email me a peek at pineapple at ABC dot net dot Org. I'm loving saying before and after photos. I'm Klay and this is the pineapple project this as in we getting tidy because life is messy next time on the bottom of project. It's Al last episode for the season and it's a big. It's the harm the engine room. The kitchen pantry porn phase of the systems. You need to make kitchen. Functional has a jump girl and things. Get a little personal. You feel vulnerable don't you? That's next time on the project. Subscribe wherever you get your costs or here in the listen up. This is a production of ABC audio studios.

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International reform: How can we change the world?

A Whole Lotta Gray

39:17 min | 6 months ago

International reform: How can we change the world?

"Discourse isn't black or white. It's a whole lot agree. Hey, guys, thank you for tuning in I'm your host in each on Android? And this is the seventh episode of a whole lot. Agree where we're going to be discussing how we can better facilitate the process of promoting international fees as well as international security, because let's be real. God knows that the current system does not work for anybody so I want to start by providing you guys with a little bit of context. How did the international system as we currently know it? Come into existence. Let's rewind to September second nine, hundred, forty five. This was the day that the second world. War officially came to an end. Eighty million casualties, one point, three five trillion dollars and unimaginable amount of misery later, the world was in desperate need of an era of peace and stability. And Low and behold months later, the UN was established, which was intended to be a League of Nations two point Oh. Now as you guys know. The League of Nations was setup after the first World War to promote international peace as you also the fact that there was a second World War shows that this League of nations. Thing didn't work out quite as planned. Now, you guys might ask even post nine, hundred, forty five. There aren't too many incidents that this international system has successfully resolved. I'll tell you why a big reason for this is that the international institutions that are actually tasked with promoting these global changes are grossly ineffective so an international institution. Quick definition here is an institution where three or more countries work together to resolve issues that pertain to all member states of that institution, and if you're wondering, this is a paraphrase definition from the Global Energy Network Institute. Some prominent examples of international institutions are like the UN or the world. Health Organization so on and so forth, and I'm going to be using the term international institutions and international organizations interchangeably throughout this episode, so please don't get confused and I'm GonNa be largely focusing on the UN and the only reason for this is the UN is the largest oldest and most. Most prominent of the international organizations, so this is a quick breakfast that these comments that are making throughout the course of the episode, obliged to international organizations on the whole, and they're not exclusive to the UN. Even though the UN is going to be our subject to focus or our means subject to focus for this episode, so let's jump right into the. The data what do people think of the UN or what people think of international organizations? A Gallup poll found that as of two thousand eighteen, only thirty four percent of global respondents believed that international organizations do more good than harm that largely they are ineffective and bist trustful. Keep in mind this way down from the fifty five percent. WHO THOUGHT THEY DID? Did more good than harm. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three, which was eight years after the UN was founded, so it's quite possible to conclude that whatever global progress has happened today in two thousand and twenty has happened despite the existence of these institutions, and not because of it. So why is this the case? Why are these institutions plagued with inefficacy? Let's explore three main segments on how we can potentially make the UN and other international organizations, more effective and useful to the global community. The first segment is structural reform of the institutions themselves. The second segment is having more binding power for U N. peacekeeping forces and the third final segment is making international law and the legal system more binding I'm going to go over each segment in detail starting with the first one structural reform of international organizations themselves before we talk about why the UN and other international organizations need structural reform. Let's go over how they came to be the existing structure of the UN and what its current problems are so following the second world. World War in October. Ninety forty five. The United Nations was setup now this was positive because it signaled the global intent for cooperation as opposed to competition and the geopolitical arena, but we all know that intend only goes a certain distance. If it's not followed through by action so now you must ask why the lack of action in the UN. I'll tell you why. There's a multitude of reasons for this so I'll try focusing on the important ones. The United Nations General. General Assembly as you guys know is the largest wing of the UN and this committee has delegates and representatives from all one hundred ninety three UN member states so wallets agreed forum, which allows for international dialogue and deliberation. There is a glaring structural weakness which prevents it from truly affecting any sort of change laws, and a lot of the critics of the UNC that the UN is a talk shop, not a do shop, and the reason for this is as follows the. The UN General. Assembly doesn't have the power to pass legislation that is binding or mandatory for its member states. What does this mean well? Because the first article of the UN Charter promises sovereignty and autonomy to every member state, the UN technically cannot interfere with domestic laws of UN member countries so ultimately every resolution that comes out of the General Assembly simply serves as mere recommendations or suggestions for these countries, not actual binding laws that these countries need to follow up on. And the best example for this is resolution seventeen sixty one. resolution, seventeen, sixty one was passed to condemn South African apartheid of those. You don't know apartheid. Segregation in South Africa, where the black population was discriminated against by the largely Caucasian South African government at the time now while apartheid was rightfully condemned around the world resolution, seventeen, sixty, one was passed in November. Nine, hundred, sixty, two to put things in context, apartheid actually came to an end, only nine hundred and ninety four, which is more than thirty, which is more than three decades later. Sorry, that's thirty two. Two years later and keep in mind that the UN was formed in nineteen, forty five, which means they took seventeen years just to pass a resolution which condemned apartheid, the duke seventeen years to pass a resolution to say oh. Hey, you know what apartheid is bad. Now you know what you can make. The argument that this resolution made South Africa and International Pariah. The reality is led to no meaningful change. Doctor Alex Thompson who is a US foreign policy professor at Coventry University suggested that bilateral relations between the US and South Africa actually improved during the. Between Nine, hundred, sixty to one, thousand, nine, hundred, which is during the period, where apartheid was condemned by the UN, when they passed that resolution, seventeen sixty one, but part was still legal and South Africa. So just you guys know. Big companies like UBS Barclays, Exxon. Mobil British Petroleum Ibm Chrysler Ford General Motors, these American behemoth corporations all continued to operate in South Africa in between nine, hundred, sixty, two and nine, hundred, ninety four and. Archives further suggest that the South African Nationalist Party at the time. which was you know the party that promoted apartheid. anti-communist ideals which set the tone for agreed bilateral partnership between the US and South Africa because as we all know at the time America was battling communism. So this is evidence that regardless of these symbolic resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly states will continue acting in their own selfish interests as long as it's convenient for them to do so, and this is best evidenced by the US, and South Africa during apartheid now every wing of the United Nations, not just the General Assembly has purely this power to recommend and to suggest do its member states interestingly enough only one wing in the UN actually has binding `bout, which is the Security Council. But that doesn't mean that the Security Council is this highly effective organization either five countries in the security. Council have the ability to veto resolutions proposed in the Security Council meaning that potentially binding resolution would be deemed null and void up on video. So, why is this the case? Why do these countries? How do these countries have? The five veto powers I'll give you some context so the US. The UK China Russia and France are the five veto countries, and they were arguably the five most powerful nations of the dime of the second world. War, but that's not the only reason they have the powers. MR, Francis Wilcox. Who was the United States delegation adviser at the time, said that the big five as he calls it, you know these five countries with veto powers, the big five stated during negotiations, either there exists a United Nations charter where we have the powers or noise, you charter at all, so we see that even the very origin story of the veto powers in the UN is rooted in these powerful countries preserving their own self interest, not promoting. Promoting international peace and security, and you guys might ask. Does it play out this way in practice? You be the judge of that. The three most recent resolutions proposed by the UN Security Council have all been concerned with the following. This is directly sourced from the UN website so the first two resolutions as in the two most recent resolutions proposed by the UN, Security Council concern providing humanitarian access to eleven million Syrians displaced by the war in Syria. To resolutions were proposed on this and the second one is the third resolution the third most recent resolution deals with providing humanitarian assistance and interventions do how Venezuela where currently if you are unaware, people have no access to food, no access to water, no access to basic rations, and all three of these resolutions were proposing two thousand, nine hundred last year, and all three occasions both China as well as Russia vetoed these resolutions, so this is clear evidence that in this case in these cases rather China and Russia prioritized their own geopolitical self interest over humanitarian needs. Because let's be real right. Syria and Venezuela regardless of what your politics is, we can all agree. They've gone through hell right? People have their have no food, no water, so providing humanitarian assistance to. These countries which have gone through a nightmare you would think should not be. A contentious call, but the fact that China and Russia vetoed them shows that. Wow, you know like countries are always countries with veto. Powers are always going to abuse the veto powers do focus on their own geopolitical interests, because you know, they wouldn't benefit from humanitarian assistance, being provided to Syria Venezuela as opposed to promoting the peace and stability and promoting and certain dairy and help to these countries that greatly needed, so we see that veto powers are merely a tool used. Used to preserve strategic interests by powerful countries another fun fact in the last three decades, the United States and Russia bulled. Use their veto powers more than eighty times. That's insane. That's just an an insane statistic and in total Russia's used its veto power more than you know the US, UK France and China. It's used it one hundred fifteen times. If you're wondering which is again, just an absurd number of times, devito resolutions that more often than not try and help anyway. Countries like China and Russia are a great segue to what I believe is perhaps the single most needed structural reform in the UN. The UN official website talks about how democracy is a core value of the. And while the UN does not explicitly advocate for any one model of governance over another the do explicitly state that they believe that democracy and quote Liberal Democratic Values and quote are the best ways to promote international cooperation and security. Further the opening words of the UN Charter are. We the people so clearly. This shows its intent on being viewed as and functioning as a liberal democratic institution, and you know what let's be fair to it for the most part it does, try and operate that wick it grinds. Its member states both the right to vote as well as the right to descend which are key elements of the Democratic Model of governance, but despite all of this we see instances of the UN deviating from its promise of democracy and its origin story. Why is democratic? India the largest democracy in the world by the way which has more than fifteen percent of the global population, and over seventy million four individuals seventy million individuals below the poverty line. Which again fun fact India has more people below the poverty line than anything country on planet earth. So, why is this country not a member of the security? Council, do you not think a country that is saw? Densely populated a country that is democratic and abides by the liberal democratic values of the you add. Do you think they should be included in the Security Council of? Do you know? Show, the global inclusivity representation of an organization such as the Security Council. And we can get into. You know like what India could have done better to be a part of the security, council, but that's just a parallel of the big altogether. The fact remains is that the UN never made any active effort to include US neither nor did any of these five countries. Anyway so the fact remains that the five veto nations and the security, council, today we're the victors of the Second World War in nineteen forty-five, India was still a British colony. I mean we got independence only in nineteen forty seven years after so the result of this was the composition of the most important wing of the UN the only thing they can pass binding legislation is not globally inclusive, nor is it globally. Globally representative of the geopolitical environment. We live in today most importantly, however, the composition of the UN Security Council is anti to the values of freedom, liberty and democracy enshrined in the UN's on charter and its whole we the people preamble narrative. So how can we expect to solve issues that plagued the world's most vulnerable and densely populated if the UN does not have any good representation from South Asia or Africa. So I have two big focal points off structural reform for the UN and the first. Is this that the UN should ensure that all its member states act in accordance with the liberal and democratic nature of the United Nations as we've gone over, you know in these fifteen minutes, or so that the UN proclaims to be a liberal and democratic institution it allows the right to reply right vote right to descend, and it has preamble that promotes democratic framework starting with we, the people, but having this preamble means nothing if the institutional set-up and actions around data to the Democratic 'cause, so you should. Should actively try and ensure that its member states actively abide by liberal and democratic institutional principals, not just make these hollow declarations I'll give you an example. The UNHCR or the High Commission on refugees is the UN's weighing on dealing with refugees and displaced people interestingly enough. Saudi Arabia is a member of this committee, and if you just Google Saudi Arabia Yemen exodus as I'm speaking right now, you're going to see that. Saudi Arabia is a massive reason for the refugee exodus in Yemen, and they've also refused to take in refugees, fleeing war and terrorism from parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Rich right that Saudi Arabia's part of such a commission. And Saudi. Arabia's delegation to this commission is representative of the Saudi, Arabian monarchy, and they use their privileges granted to them by the UN, so they use their privileges granted to them under a liberal democratic setup, do avoid living up to its responsibilities, which is why I always say this that giving authoritarian skates. A platform in a democratic institution is purely a win. Win for the autocratic stayed, and not only is it a loss for the UN, but for also for the rest of the world now since democracy promotion as we've highlighted, is in the UN's preamble, the author raise the bar for what it takes to become a member state. The state should have at least three of the following dates, and this is my proposition. Fun fact, these three tenets which I'm about list out are the three vital tenets of being a proper and functioning democracy as for Dr Zaccaria so the three defendants are as follows the first you need to have a civilian control of the military, which eliminates all these military dictatorships be having a free press, and sees having free and fair elections, which eliminates countries like Saudi Arabia North Korea so on and so forth, and by having these three criteria, not only do you force U.? N. Member States to. Act actually practice what they preach, but also ensures that. Hey, you know what like this country is not only coming to the UN and saying one thing, but it actually walks the talk back home because they're not authoritarian, they have civilian control of the military. The breast and they are free and fair elections. The reality is this is not the case right now. The reality is like the UN has a ton of member states which don't fulfill these criteria, and you see how problematic it is. See problematic. Is that these authoritarian countries? These monarchy's abused. The privileges granted to them in a democratic setup and have no obligation, no accountability to actually follow through with their own obligations. Responsibilities to the international community, so I think it's vital that the UN kind of reform its membership criteria like. If you WANNA be a part of the UN, these are the three things you gotta do. And I said there are two big focal points of structural reform. I'm getting to the second one which is veto reformation, so let's be real. We've established that these five countries the US UK France China Russia abuser veto powers, and they used as a tool to preserve their own interest, but while we've established that it is impossible that these five countries are ever going to seed or give up veto powers, or why would they write? Let's be real. However, as did mentioned earlier, we can at least mitigate the veto abuse if we make. Make the UN Security Council as a whole more globally inclusive and globally representative, and here's why that's imported, the three biggest and longest running bilateral conflicts in the world today currently art the first India Pakistan, the second Israel Palestine and the third is North Korea and South Korea. Interestingly, none of the above countries have any sort of permanent representation in the Security Council. So how is it fair that five unrelated nations get to potentially veto resolutions concerning the about three conflicts without any representation from the you know above countries where these three? Three conflicts are actually rising if the UN truly wants to be able to promote peace and to promote stability, some sort of Utah Reformation in the UN Security Council is required at least by making the Security Council more globally representative and inclusive by expanding the number of permanent members in the Security Council right now these five veto veto countries are the only permanent members of the Security Council, so unless we have a reformation in this veto centric system, and unless we make it more globally, lucid, globally representative. We're not going to have countries. Countries like India and Palestine and Israel and bacchus countries where a lot of this turbulence exists. We're not gonNA have them at the people so I think it's pretty ludicrous that you have a bunch of stakeholders at the table making decisions about the most vulnerable most volatile regions on the planet without having any sort of representation from those parts of the world, and as we've seen before without this reformation, the five job hours will continually use these states that are embroiled in bilateral conflicts as mere pawns to further their own geopolitical gain. In this game of geopolitical chess playing, and that brings me to the end of my first segment of the three segments in you know how we can reform international system and make it work better for all of us and the second segment. I'd like to touch on is the binding power of peacekeeping forces so quick definition again. Peacekeeping forces by the UN is an army which operates as a unique and dynamic instrument developed by the organization as a way to help countries torn by conflict in order to create the conditions for lasting peace so fun fact with some numbers there are currently around a hundred and ten thousand peacekeeping soldiers that constitute the UN peacekeeping forces, but I want to ask this question. Does it really live up to the mission statement of anti quote being away to help countries torn by conflict to create the conditions for lasting peace I have two big concerns with the UN peacekeeping forces, currently one is the real lack of jurisdictional authority to effect change in violent or Derby and areas, and the second is massive sexual abuse and assault that had conducted by the UN peacekeeping forces, so I want to tackle the first one. The United, nations states that peacekeepers monitor and observe peace processes in post, conflict areas and assist ex-combatants in implementing the peace agreements. They may have signed so in English that means that their purpose is primarily to serve as a liaison of sorts between the UN and the respective countries which are going through conflict or have just finished going through conflict or rebel groups so on and so forth, so this ability to purely monitor and observe peacekeeping processes without having the requisite. Requisite jurisdictional authority to do anything about. It doesn't go a long way. In effecting a change in violent areas The Washington Post states how the UN Andrew Liberia two thousand three after the fall of president. Charles, Taylor in a bid to promote peace in highly volatile region where rebel groups were running rampant, and they remained there until March, two, thousand, eighteen, so two, thousand, three, hundred, thousand, eighteen. That's the better part of fifteen years, but what happened was this effective? The United States Department of stayed observed an increase of thirty six percent and violent crime in that fifteen year span in Liberia, and a major reason for this is attributed to the peacekeeping's lack of jurisdiction as well as their lack of essential weaponry to promote peace, so why you guys are probably thinking wide on the peacekeepers have the jurisdictional authority or weapons do promote peace and stability. And again as we mentioned early on the case, it's the argument of sovereignty, and every country is guaranteed sovereignty as protected by the first article of the UN. Charter, so my point that the sovereignty argument is this. Why state sovereignty is sacrosanct, and of course it must be respected I think it's important to note one thing as that the UN is not randomly deploying peacekeeping forces right you end will not deploy peacekeeping force to a country unless there's massive turbulence and instability in the country to begin with so in that case, the UN must make it abundantly clear if international intervention is required in your country owing to its volatility, a degree of your country sovereignty has to be seated. Because what's the alternative you preserve sovereignty? Files into chaos because the UN peacekeepers worked with promoting B.'s. Don't have the jurisdiction authority actually do anything about it, so let's so let's not act as if the UN prioritizes a state sovereignty so much more than the interests of its most powerful countries. Again. This is evidenced by the American invasion of Iraq in two thousand three. When the US got the, UN! Vote for America and Iraq despite the fact that on the premise that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, despite the fact that it was later proved that he did not have weapons of mass destruction so. Let's not act as if the UN has always prioritizing people's sovereignty and I think a good case to not prioritize already is like I, said you make it abundantly, clear that hey, listen if you need our help to solve your problems. If you need our help to solve your violence, you have to let us arrest people. You have to give US jurisdiction authority. You have to give us useful weapons you have. Have to let us actually do stuff instead of acting as a mere liaison, all right otherwise like I said the alternative is, you could preserve sovereignty, but the country will continue to spiral into chaos now Harvard's Carr Center estimates since nineteen forty six a year after the form more than two thirds of all UN. Peacekeeping missions have either seen a stagnation or an increase in violence in the areas that they've been. been sent to and this increase in violence however is not exclusively because of the lack of jurisdiction, which is a great segue to the second concern with peacekeeping forces, which is the widespread sexual assault and abuse conducted by these peacekeepers, so human rights. Watch stated that this is actually an epidemic among peacekeeping nations since one thousand, nine, hundred, six, alone more than forty five percent of peacekeeping missions worldwide have endured some. Some form of abuse and assault of vulnerable locos at the hands of the UN peacekeepers Human Rights Watch also served two thousand five hundred Haitian women in two, thousand, eight, hundred, and more than ten percent of the respondents said that they had father children with peacekeepers as a result of rape and abuse from the UN peacekeepers so I mean that is disgusting enough as it is, but here's where it gets problematic. The first is that peacekeepers as we've established of not only been unsuccessful at promoting bees, but also. To assault and abuse vulnerable locals. Be while the UN explicitly states that peacekeepers must never abuse positions of vulnerability. There's no way to actually get justice for those harm. If a woman gets raped by Sarah French U N peacekeeper. There's no way that the Asian woman can actually get justice, and the reason for this is again because of the immensely frustrating machinery of international organizations. While it is UN peacekeeping force. The allegations of assault and abuse must be resolved by host-country of said soldiers, for example, if a French peacekeeper is accused of rape and assault. The French government is the only entity that can prosecute him. Not any wing of the United Nations so wilder deployed by the United Nations. They're not accountable to the United Nations, and that's a really bad combination. So this is a problem I can think of solving only one of three ways one. You have a greater presence of women, soldiers and women peacekeepers, and obviously that's not going to eliminate the problem, but you would be interested to know that women currently constitute only twenty percent of peacekeepers globally. The second thing I think we could potentially do to solve this problem is. Greater pressure obviously has to be exerted on countries that deploy these soldiers do undertakes with proceedings against those accused and the third one. Is You get rid of this frustrated? Bureaucratic semantic, and make those soldiers accountable to the UN themselves, and then you can prosecute them under international law, but this is actually a great segue to the third and final segment of this episode, which is reforming international law and the international legal system is. What does the international legal system look like early? There's three main factions. The first is the National Court of Justice which years civil disputes between two countries, the second is the International Criminal Court which prosecutes criminal individuals, and the third is the arbitration tribunal of the United Nations that arbitrates regional disputes so I'll walk you through the International Court of Justice and the Arbitration Tribunal as. They focus more on interstate interaction and disputes and let me walk you through. Do landmark cases. Concerning both these two organizations involving two of the most powerful countries in the world. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, six, the International Court of Justice ruled in favor of Nicaragua, in Nicaragua versus the United States over illegal mining activities and rebel support. Off The coast of Nicaragua that was carried out by the United States in two, thousand, sixteen, the arbitration tribunal of the. Rule in favor of the Philippines in Philippines versus China, stating that China had no historical rights to any land or territory of the South China Sea, and for those you guys who don't know. China's been building a bunch of illegal islands in the South China, sea went accord and the arbitration tribunal ruled against China. Now in the case of the former, the first nick over the US US ambassador to the UN John Kirkpatrick said this of the International Court of Justice. He's that a semi legal semi judicial semi political body which nations sometimes accept and sometimes don't. This then went to the UN General. Assembly, where states had to vote on whether they believed the US should comply with the verdict or not, and all member states except Israel. The United States and Salvador voted against the US, but despite this the US chose not to pay any sort of finer reparations to Nicaragua, and they had no legal obligation to do so because as we've established at the very start of this case, the UN General Assembly resolutions are not binding. They are merely suggestions, so despite the fact that every country voted against America, except three America's still didn't have to pay any reparations to Nicaragua. Now in the latter case, which is Philippines versus China. In the latter case, which is Philippines versus China China also chose to reject the arbitrations ruling on the South China Sea, and since then they've only accelerated construction of islands in the region. And in both cases the US and China could get away with it because like we've said these are not binding resolutions or binding rulings, so he see yet another example of international law nod applying to the most powerful states in the world, the US and China, literally the two most powerful countries in the planet. So now my recommendation on how to solve this as follows and please note that I'm not claiming that this is how we can guarantee compliance to international law from countries like America and China. What I am seeing? Is that without the following steps taking place compliance from states like the US and China with international law would be impossible. So my recommendation is this that in addition to the structural reforms pertaining to the UN setup and the UN Charter, the funding structure needs to dramatically change as well former labor secretary of the US and current economics professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Dr Robert Reich, says this, but no matter what the organization is, follow the money to truly understand them, and this holds true for the UN and international legal system as well currently, the International Court of Justice. Is financed by the Secretary General's Trust Fund, which is taken directly out of UN funding, and we've spoken extensively about how the five donations wield a disproportionate amount of power over the UN's proceedings, so the five veto countries right literally account for forty five percent of Total U. N. funding, which means that a hundred ninety odd countries account for fifty five percent. Five countries account for forty five percent. I let you do the number crunching to figure out. How does the power dynamic? Now, further off these forty five percentage points, thirty eight percentage points are funded by the US and China alone so we see how they're able to evade international decisions that go against them. They control the money supply of these various solutions. So this is yet another example of how without this structural change, institutional funding international law will be used merely as a tool of. Excuse me. International, law will be used merely as a tool of America in China or countries like America. In China to preserve their own geopolitical interests, and all other financially influential countries that donate a lot of the US will follow suit. So how can we change this funding structure, Dr Mark, I look who was the two thousand and six deputy secretary, General of the United Nations under Kofi Annan, said that the united. Nations and all related international organizations today are league with a gross and ineffectual redundancy, which hinders swift decision making the United Nations databases estimate that they have an annual budget of twenty billion dollars including all relevant programs. Programs and organizations and the employees, roughly seventy five thousand people Dr Malik maintains that the employment and funding structure remain highly. Oh, pig, and rife with bureaucratic processes he believes that at least five billion of the funding received by the UN's related programs can be expended towards more effective and relevant measures associated with the UN directly. If this funding is located and reinvested into the UN and the UN mandates a greater percentage amount of GDP to be contributed by what's known as rapidly developing nations of for those of you, wondering the IMF defines those as nations that have at least three point, eight percent annual growth rate. That if the UN mandates this greater percentage of GDP contribution by these rapidly developing nations while slashing its financial dependence on countries like France Russia, China America and the UK, it can establish rather duly more equitable plainfield field for these rapidly developing nations, and consequently the rest of the geopolitical community now I just wanted to touch upon one point pertaining to the International Criminal Court since we mentioned it. While it is independently funded by its member states its goal to. End Its goal is to and I quote from the website pursue criminal proceedings against international heads of state or government members. Here's a pretty alarming statistic. One hundred percent of the cases tried by the International Criminal Court have been against African heads of state. This is only to multiple reasons the international criminal. Court can try cases only against its member states so fun. Fact America and China have not ratified the. Treaty, so they're not member states so because they're not member states BICC. They're not under the purview of the ICT. So the ICT candy even try cases against America and China, because like we said they can only try cases against member states. America and China are not member. States go figure and a third of the one hundred twenty two odd ICC member. member-states are African. In recent years both Burundi as well as the Republic Burundi Barundi my apologies for pronunciation, but in recent years we'll Burundi as well as the Republic of South Africa actually have left the international, Criminal Court because they've cited concerns about its anti African bias, so, but whatever the reasons are. This is yet another example of many. We've discussed route this case of their existing a clear asymmetries of power in the international system one where the biggest and most powerful states are continually exonerated from crimes, while the weakest and most vulnerable are tried and punished so clearly as you guys can see. We are in dire need of reforming our geopolitical system. Well, that's all for this episode of a whole lot of grey. And what are you guys saying are widespread, structural and institutional reforms, the need of the hour for the UN. Did you agree with my comments? I'd love to hear what you have to say. Please feel free to tweet me at a niche zero T B. or Instagram at an itch. Do Zero to be alarmed. That's and I as H zero tubular. I look forward to hearing from you guys and stay tuned for the next episode. B.'s I'll see you guys later.

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Bad Boys Prison Exploits - Prison Chaplains Turf Wars

Bad Boys

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Bad Boys Prison Exploits - Prison Chaplains Turf Wars

"This is the show the look to the big that men face with two guys that have been there done that and got locked up for it fresh from cell fifty-three with stories to tell that will make you wonder how goodman can become such bad boys live chats interviews and the occasional bad prison joke. It's time to get real and get raw with Shannon. Darren says the bad boys. This is our weekly show coming to you live That's another button now. China needs two buttons see audit type care of the whole technology stuff. Joe Thing look I filed the technology. You know what happens? I'm in control of other stuff. Which is some of the content the behind the scenes. Bits and pieces shining control of the technical stuff. You're not in control of Shit seriously. This is being really honest. Well what do I do you? Just sit there and look pretty and it's part of what what's what I can do you. You Look you've gotta get your own traits out there. Do what took you so? I'm going to have to change one of these. I did have a a cricket sand. I'm going have to remove that one creates will tell you can hear crickets that. I don't tell jokes than the reasonable part because I'm not good at telling jokes I used to be. I used to be a key. Does always the joke teller boy serious and be funny and tell US Money Jake Jake? She used to tell them on the air con over. They always Abreu jugs. Didn't you have any kind of a good idea? I was I was a good boy girl little rhymes and stuff that oh imagine what those little rhymes all about me. I don't I don't go into anything. That's not naughty voting to shine. You're one of those knows. He knows I went to boarding school. I knew active with football players. We we will afoot same football players. Get up to worry about that yet. I have no social distancing at the moment I'm not an old shoot guns women dancing. I didn't do any of that stuff. Nine told really bad jokes. No actually you know what I used to do. Actually I'll tell you what and and any of the teachers out there that you haven't listened to this you know fuck you tell us what you really think because we shit. So every Saturday. No art at It would learn we used to have Atlanta cinema and so we would actually have the latest movie with it really. You Know Terminator Rocky Hold. I am Lightest Movies. We we actually. We were registered cinema so we got all the light of stuff so I said I know lots cinema art and You don't WanNa go to bed. Yeat Hannah Levin watching movies is good but catch up with girls better. And you're going to stand now would. Lawn is about four kilometers at Lismore. It's not even close to lose more and this is Iran and there was a railway track. And so what we used to do. We would invite the trinity girls who went to Trinity College in town doing so on Saturday night. We would organize them to come in town and they could drive cars and stuff. They differential drive them in and they drop them off. Danny way the ovals were and so we'd head down to the river and we'd have everything set up die before would have far and would and everything there and I'd bring some drinks scene with the. We'd go down to the riverbank on a Sunday night. And have these girls turn up and a little bit above. Ponti a Potty time. Remember one not We we obviously. Someone Seen Cyber Dan the riverbank and these there was four four girls. And and we we saw in the distance these flashlights. And they'll probably looking for us. Oh insight so we would quickly destin Florida. I remember one of my nights. He's trying to put the far failing to revoke. Certainly he slipped down the river bank into the river. So we're trying to get him out of the river so pulling him up getting mad. He's soaking wet and we've desk the far at the goals of each way where we're gonna go eagles around that. Why wait and go towards the school. And there was this big Grassi null and we sort of ran up into the air. And just he'd in these long grass and these three teaches a walking through the grass with their flashlights and him going through the grass and disdain. Really still hoping you don't make a noise and we got away with it. They walked Roy. What Pasta right pasture grasses really long? And then just when they'd gone we just snuck up back up into the into the auditorium and got. We got away with it like seriously. I don't know how I was expecting you to say that you got arrested and that you like. Oh your parents came around okay. There's another story. I actually literally like literally finished the story with an we got away with it. No there's one other story that this wasn't quite like that it didn't didn't get away with it so I was in year eleven. Actually no you. Twelve twelve twelve because my birthday is in December so I was seventeen all the way three twelve right so towards India twelve during the sea in all mitral eighteen and so we considering lightly sneaking out of the school to going to ten and like all alive. Ondrej sort with the old days back. Then you know you could manipulate them a little bit so you can make it fake. Id's story we may feel this made these fake ID's okay and off we went. We snuck out light at once. The teachers had phoenix doing their rounds. And off we went. We all met up at the oval and we went on the railway tracks because they daily way you could really safely get into town was on the right track so a halfway into town and there's a frigging trying or this incurred. He's a big guy and he's still up on the tracks going forgetting get off the tracks and we've dove down this little embankment and there's a there's a plenty boboy fence and Okuda. He got stuck in the BOB Y fans. We hadn't pulling out of the park but we kept on going into town. We go into town new. We got into this club. There was a club in town and here. We are at the Front nightclub and Mites winning I who writing and I'm standing there in our Mimbo sweet child mine was playing in this club that that's all it haunts me now today. He's trying to get into this club bride. And a hand of my day and the bounce straightaway goes grabs. Hold of me rips means saw I'd and says you sit there like Here we go got done on found out and so I had to sit here. And Nick thing these two police officers walking and take me outside and go outside with these place offices and the gang run peeling back and FICO. Id like we're GONNA feel fences. He get so exceed address here from your from North Star and you lost names. Kava said yea you any relation to Barry Cava said year. Barry Calva. He's my uncle to call and Converse. India Kolkata. My Dad Secu- kidding me a Sydney his Berry Cobb detective in Sydney as a cheeses crossed said my. This is your lucky. I know this is your lucky dice. It's your would loan. I said Yeah I would love. He said Dad Right now. You being serious shit wouldn't you? I said yeah or would be of course they said well might cause Barry Baz good good main gripe detective in Sydney in very well and he said I want to go back to school or what consequences you get there. That's up to we'll let you drop me off there. Drop me off the front and snuck back in and got to my bed. Might nothing event. Hang on hang on. Hang on so you now. This is this is the second story that you told me now when nothing actually happened go until you get away with a Lotta Shit School. I'm I'm wondering about telling you about a couple of this thing you going to prison like was actually the culmination of your whole life overshadowed. You've got away with it pretty much. Wow I'll get away with so much stuff at school like seriously a lot. I can make as always the good boy. Good boy I can imagine that except for except for we used to go to the cinema near we At Brunswick heads. You didn't do anything wrong near you pay your parking fall. Everything did do something wrong at school are now now. I at the cinema. I did did you too much popcorn. the saints used to be like these candidates. Remember the canvas seats. Sit back and go campus. It's a long time ago. So I go to authorize obliged and I S- I slit the canvas saints. Did Lord all of them of them every second one. And then you know what had happened. People would sit on the seats and therefore stretched. Pretty Court and flogged court. It is the problem. You go Koi going over honestly. I was the mice unluckiest. I would always get caught. And you know it's like you'd think I'd learned my lesson significant court. I think that's why there was another brush with the law that you had back in nineteen ninety eight and I believe again. Nothing ever happened because it was it was. It was a case of mistaken. Identity was own. Turn it up for. I'll make it quick as quick as I can. So in January of Nineteen Ninety eight my partner or my fiance at the time we went and hold is away. We went skiing trip. Go for two weeks came harm and as we walk through the door of our house you could see. It was completely ransacked like everything was either turn. Everything was missing like all well like everything was pulled out of the refrigerator and frees up and left on the bench stunk so called the place. They time and they investigated it to fingerprints took off fingerprints decide. You know you're you're not a suspect and whatnot anyway about five months later. At that time I owned electrical business with another madman in Hamad. Al And so what happened was in my so the same police officer that that investigated came to my workshop and he said Dumb. Darren just WanNa have a word with you and I said I know ours walked out. Saud and he said might have you ever been to odell straight. I said maybe domino why in the culprit. That was beside him said. Don't fuck US around. You know you've been there who knows you just got serious carry telling you maybe a dung of pain there and I thought you said April fools. What's happening here because we used to fix a lot of the place 'cause so always assuming for that and and I said not an ally might have you been demonstrated. Look a May or may not have. I don't know he said okay. We're GONNA come with us. We need to come and talk to you and I said what what does he sat. And the other couple then says might. It's like this. We need the fuck and drag you out of here in handcuffs or you come with this awesome quietly and I said okay. I've looked I am a more good. Whatever oh come along what he'd help so we didn't tell my business partner and said look with these guys for minutes and have a chat with him. I can't get any funding off it. Goes you get an aide bile? I said Okay so good so I hopped in the car with them and they drove me up to Adele straight posses even pasta these houses. And they're interrogating mean car. You've been here. Have like you fucking Bane. He might look this way swearing because this is what the assigned to me this. You fucking Bane. He so own up to it. Might we've got your fingerprints are ought. So what do you mean you've fingerprints? We picked up your unique hassle or what. You've done to cancel armed robbery just up toward Roy. Now it might. We can sort this shit up. God knock on a twenty two year. Old Kid bicycling in the back of this shit so we drove all the way to. The COP STATION HOPPED OUT OF COMA LAWYER. So call my lawyer. And he said told him what happened. Apparently they got my fingerprints of these places. This and he goes might did you. Do it said No. It didn't do it I haven't done. This is what Di- get into anything. But they interrogate me. Anyway in the interrogation room and interrogated me like I had a really hard gulp me and then charge me with two counts of break in steal armed robbery holies other offenses and let me go and buy let me go on sale and I go back to the workshop and this is look in the evening by the stage and Laura was still open and he said we Bain semi thank. You won't believe it. This is what's happened so we've gone back through invoice book. Yes on the dates that they've said that this this occurred. This occurred and I was at work. I'd written invoices. We fix us. Something doesn't add up because when it was at the police station ascending bloom in the Little Prospect Sill. Thinking did not do this and I don't remember seriously that's what happens in your brain so other. Let's let's let's investigate this so the following dialogue on the fine to my Uncle Bury Sydney savvy and say look this is what's happened. Yada Yada and he said my did you do it. I said he didn't do it. A separate they got your fingerprints sit. No I did not do these crime. I didn't commit this crime. I'm telling you here's a look into it for you so main wall we're looking into this whole thing. Nothing's happened for like a week. Next thing in our light one afternoon evening the officer that arrested me walks into into the office and says Darren of GonNa tell you We stopped up. Well they admitted it. So what do you mean you stopped up by the stage name is in the news? Pipe is already breaking or steel local electrician. Yada Yada. So you're you're history. My name is Matt Margolin mud. So He's telling me that I'm innocent. Now what do you mean Well we we missed up job numbers job. Numbers got messed up another job which got mixed up with another job. And so you'll fingerprints became you know this job. I don't know really so call my lawyer straightaway. Bloody is we are anyway. The following die because my mind was in radio he'd contacted John Laws and told John Laws John. Moores next thing you know in the next is on the phone to me. I'm giving a radio interview on John. Lewis show then right headley then. I'll get a phone call from a current affair tower browns on a flight down to interview sixty minutes the striding post every newspaper seriously. It went to every newspaper every TV. Show in the country. These young blood falsely arrested on two counts of breaking her and steal at apologies from the police. Commissioner I had apologies from everyone calling me up. It was incredible and it was just. It was such an emotional thing. Sorry sorry the bug is firstly. They come on. Is it all go? We'll give you five grain. I gotTa do what we'll give you grain piss off so we had to fight them for two years two years in court and eventually we got to court had our day in court and when I was telling the story on a stain the Opposition need dejected and said can we have a recession and the judge said yes but I think you'd better sort this out outside. Bicyles signed them. Green the shit in here you. You'd better sort this so we made a deal a deal struck and yeah it I actually go compensated for that. Thank goodness But it was a massive process. It was such a process but I had the mayor vomit. Al You know anything you need Darren. We'll help you out. How much did you get? Opponents say that UNILAT- concert legally not a even after all this time probably can't I mean that was was more then more than twenty thousand. Yep more than one hundred death yes oh more than a million nar okay so you listen a million yes but more than one hundred more than five hundred thousand. Not Quite okay. So the fire. So he's the house but the process the purses of it all but it's going through that as a young guy. Yeah being an all you know. You see these guys getting falsely arrested. There was a guard recently who is released from prison who had done thirty nine years in prison. Thirty Nov now. Could you imagine that because you mentioned after thirty ninety years you finally go? Oh well I was actually been you know. Let re release. Because I was innocent and you'd be robbed. Y'All he winning when he was eighteen. Yeah he's an old man he's he doesn't know life he doesn't know how things operate and work. He's a lot and and this is the problem with the system. Why we're here what we're doing. What we do is because we want to make sure that the system changes a little bit to stop this shit from happening so I was only ever called in by the place once really yes and it was it was it was to do with A computer hard drive that. Apparently I had I had not That I hit. Apparently hard-drive was a computer hard. Drive a given it back to the record label I worked for. They said it was empty that it was the computer. Hydride being raced so they got the place in Volterra with really crazy. Sony I get this phone call from detective right and he goes some. We'd like you to come in for questioning tightly. Volunteered for tally. Voluntary me to come in for questioning. Lie I K- I know that I know what totally voluntary means in other words. It's coming up. Yeah so so we've gone okay. All right we'll we'll come in for. I'll come in for questioning. So where do I go? Is it the the broad beach playstation nye Saves Paras Nah We want you to come to the casino. The what I've gone the the. What the Casino. Yes we'll meet you in the foyer. The casino I'm thinking to myself. I mean setup here this jerk right. Someone sent me. Don't you think like I am not someone is not coming to see me at the casino so I put him widow ago? Just come to the foyer. The SENI- and we'll have someone makes you there and we'll escort you to the police station. I'm like this is not Roy's something something is off here so anyway. I'll thought I'll go along. So went to the Casino Knicks. Minute at through a couple of the the the doors of to the side you know. Nia sorta with this is the the Gulf Coast Casino. Okay Nia where there was some doors in that neither neither neither with toilets and all that stuff. There was a door opened up. You couldn't even really say the door was sort of was like a panel in the wall you know anyway. These two copies walkout and then like Just follow us. So I've gone in through this hidden door. This ends of really Mafia. Install here to you. I t you hear what what I saw. You go into that Hindu and then you go to a lift tight you up two or three flights of floors and you comment and there is literally a room filled with cameras. Right like all of these. Tv screens with cameras looking down on all of the tables in the casino mogul of the slot machine. You go to Gary there. Yup they are sitting watching everything that you're doing every little thing. They are watching if you even so far as you know flick. A coin in the wrong direction. You're gone there watching you. They're filming everything. The typing everything. So how did you I mean how did you end up up? They must've apart some much just now. It turns out that these guys were the fraud area right so I pulled into the the fraud area because they thought I was hiding something but deleting a hotdog which I actually never did and so I went up there and and you know they. They couldn't do nothing stock he just. He just turned around and he stopped. Sounds like sale gripes. And off. You Go. I was more interested in the fact that always actually code to a police station inside the casino. I never looked at a police station in. I've never looked at the casino like the same since. Oh like like you know you hear all these your bad these crooks yeah skype from prison and I'm off you know in the casino gambling spending up big. You know because I'm a freeman. All of a sudden never happens. That's like that's like the most dumbest place you can possibly go if you brunette prison. That's the dumbest place you can go to. The casino shines never allowed back the crown casino ever again and we've got Cindy Robinson who is actually from? She's actually watching from America I think okay so these and And she she's going casino like yeah. This is real. This is this actually happened is in the casino. So don't go to the casino thinking that you can. You know you can pull a swifty on the on the roulette table. Noy In live happen. Obviously all watch all these movies like oceans eleven. Hey I believe that whole yes bullshit. It's all these all that CD frigging. They've got cameras on every angle of every CD under area of the place in the iron and the cash going here I come on. Yeah really cash rules the world. Yeah you know it does. It does off. They had people often me lump sums of cash for lots of different reasons and Albanian billionaire opinion. A situation where I've being offered half the reason why was in putting Saad. Weaves these holy insider trading and you're offered lots of money to put people's money in certain blazes like honestly there is a whole series of events that happened within the trading world within the banking world within the Casino World. That is so underhanded. All Bitch it's in the insurance world it's in superannuation world. No matter where there is a lot lots of cash and lots of money you tell me. There is a lot of a lot of changing hands. And all I know at first hand I had big companies and big organizations coming up and going down and give you these when you twenty twenty percent to bring money over to this section over here not over there. Yeah Yeah you know. I got that I made lots of money. Doing Cinders sank. She's in Florida. Says she knows all the casinos Dan they. I'm pretty sure it was. We generally see what's the name of Florida. They had casinos casinos. Like like this happens. This really happened Florida's a beautiful plot out of the world part of the world. It's like the goal cursed better. Actually the Goku was built on the same model as far as Florida. And we've got a casino Miami as well Really nothing like the Miami Nassar and everything on That Day. Florida's beautiful Gulf coast pretty good Gasa. We could hell but they might. They might I apparently Australia's looking at doing a a space program. Oh well we were sending their senior a couple of monkeys up to be high so we haven't quite got to get it done but we haven't we haven't done now we haven't done so we would have cut add teeth and training wheels on the whole thing. Exactly exactly what's GonNa show Sweden do it ourselves? Yes is not going to show us how to do it. And Russia not gonNA come over and say L. Deal here we've supported them Anna Meyer. He's still coming shelves had that's as much so I love the guy other Gal Putin's and magic man. You got a little off the trumpy the Putin just to a political or yeah that can come over and have dinner anytime. Yay costs involved. Vodka Scotch and whiskey so on. What a bit of a chat with you today about the when we went into prison they was a lot of the chaplains right. So you know when you go into into prison you get visited by the prison chaplains. They they come across is pretty cool. Support wanted down with a little bible and dog guarding usually walk in win. It's dinner time so everyone's having dinner you know by the hand going in and everyone Guy Tabby or whatever you whatever you would call and I don't know a lot of the guys used to go to chaplain right go to the prison chaplain just to on an to get out of doing work washing dishes and whether it was parole thing to make all our old thing you mike you pro look good. Lookie Nile turned to God. He's new see that in the newspaper I see like Oh God because God is great. Yep apparently have met him. But isn't it interesting that they turned to God during times of Crisis? But you upset the see. The thing is shining you had to your neck in saw about setting people and emotive upset the chaplains as well I think. Oh no you I did. I did actually so then came. They came down to the to. I Walk One day and I was always in the middle of cooking. You gotta you gotta understand cooking right and I'm getting on prep. I was preparing all the food getting everything ready. And you get to a point where it's like you know you just. You just can't enter into a conversation because because I had Makoko on your on your and you just got to concentrate on getting this done because you know and especially like that always come down on a Friday and Friday was the day that I was doing fish and chips because he right so. I'm chopping the chips trying to cook up as much chips as for all you listeners. Out there there was no pre bagged to China. Does we literally peel the potatoes? And we got we got to this. This guy was pretty amazing. That was he this guy. We came back from the works and said he got a potato chip MICA. What do you what press thing? And it's literally like this like a big press right and you put the potato in the middle and there's like this Gore's underneath it and put the potato they and you pull this thing down on it and pushes. The potatoes read the goal. Isn't it makes chips longhaul before that? W using it for people's Hanes to becoming Haiti for tips to get multiple uses. Of course does that off. But that's okay and so on the busily making chips battering the fish like I've got you know flour from one end to the kitchen to the other fish was the best crump fish head since anytime you just. I wanted to because it's really important especially ingredients into it up. I don't WanNa know what love and so and so here. I am like flour. All over my face. I'm Missy Cook Right here. I've got a can assist like it's just missing and in walks this prison chaplain plus things. Everybody Psych seriously. The last thing that I wanted and everyone scattered flurries like everybody's gone. There's no one around there like like they've all seen the chaplain coming. So they will. They will scattered going into their cells. You know they've got elm standing there with the flair and Mahan and that's it and then like. Oh Oh oh come and talk to you. It's like all right all right. Look look I could. I couldn't go anywhere could run anyway. Couldn't throw the flag down. Just get get the flair and go get the flair the flair and I couldn't make myself disappear in a puff of so so I'm literally like going. Oh crap winnow ago. What am I what am I saying? I'm like Hey hey going. Yeah not really good really good. So haven't seen you in church. I went nine. You haven't because busy with her because I'm a Buddhist soaring. Take a double take right. And he's like. Oh look at Look Buddhist thing I've noticed. Look if I'm if I'm going to align myself to any religion of any sort is going to be Buddhist because pacifist. I'm a pacifist. I am kind of a pacifist. Novus peak of your your pessimism finish. Don't pets I'm but it sounds like a good story I'll I'll be able to put it and he said so. I said if if if you Buddha's Happy to come along. Oh we welcome everyone from every faith knows. Oh what about a Muslim? Oh you saw him you so you like it like this. This twitch is I was like like these nervous tick Yes we accept Muslim. Says well well I mean really. I said so if you're doing a prayer will you pray to Muhammad as well as to to Jesus all No no no no. The praised do have to be made to Jesus and I said well then then you really can't accept me if I'm a Muslim can I can you because I'm GonNa WanNa pray to Muhammad and I'm GonNa WanNa you know. Do My mantras to to Buddha. Ham. I going to do that. Yes but we accept all religions. But you've just got to like you know like what we do and I said those three guys in the same office do you think is in Johnston Sydney office or that. I'm pretty sure they're all sitting next to one another gone man of these guys go wrong seriously. I am for Simpson's think you're going to be the only went up here so you know. I actually got quite upset at at this. Also you passive came out. My passiveness is a came out and I said look I have a real problem with the fact that you don accept other people's Religions and I said in the problem that I have here in this prison is if I'm a Buddhist reformer Muslim you know there's no way for us to go also you stuck in Yoursel- you can't go anywhere hot you got you got to do you. Akbar's like on your arm. Oh that's it on your own. Get You mad at like yoursel. That's it you can't get there's no church go to nothing and I said and any form of if on the Buddhist Waking to Meditation Icon Calcio. Anyway like you've got the monopoly on this. I think I use the word monopoly identity like that very much I think. He didn't think he was. He was against monopoly. Well I do. I do believe you did really pissed him off our remember. Actually I think you've soften the story a little bit. I think you had a little bit of an argument with you. Didn't throw any flower on. Might have I may have told him to fuck off out of the unit. Y- I think he did so. I was trying to that point that he the pacifist really was certain point. There's a point that you get to where you just gotta go. I'm sorry but I'm GonNa make a stained. I'm sorry fuck off. I'm sorry but you'll wrong. People being told they will know you know you don't you don't. Oh someone doesn't so so so it didn't go too well so this guy He lived and Dane. The wake lyda winkler two other guys came. It was like one leafs to comes back. I remember always there. Yeah and they walked in door and I said Oh. What do you guys want? I was rude. You're and I say they said a we. We actually have come talk to you. They've come to core to turn the Buddhist hammock convert Muslim. Yep over to the other side right okay. I'm I'm game I'm up for this. Let's do this. Let's play this. Let's dance and sell. What what did you say? Well we just want you to know the way have no problem with the others and I say when you say. The others being like like the other Christians. The other baptists the prisoners the other prisoners. Nar- we mean the Muslims I went. Oh Wow so. It's come to this. We got to this point Second Week. We got to this point. This is brilliant. You would just push ourselves pushing buttons by this point. I said so when you say the others the Muslims. Well you know the ones that you know that. Believe in violence that advocate violence and I went. Whoa we've just taken this to a whole new level. Well I said say your. You're saying that because you're Muslim. You advocate violence well. Yes have you read the Koran and I said well yes have you. Well no but I said well then. How can you actually say this hour's pretty pissed off by this point? You really had my rabbit because if you gonNA have an argument with someone we'll have you have you like saying it's like saying that you know if if some main abused their wives right. Then that means that. Peter's Yeah I hear you saying and going down that religion or political rabbit hole. It's so screwed up. Isn't it because everyone has such a everyone's got the view and it's very hard co view? Yeah right it's like I'm so you went all right now. We have a very hard costs stains and a view on on the actual prison systems. What is happening in the prison systems? And you know we've gone. We've gone to a point where we this whole covered nineteen thing. We wanted to advocate releasing low risk offenders from the prisons. I mean it only makes sense. Yeah no other. Countries are doing and people are doing it getting the low risk offenders that because washed being there in a in a petri dish ready to get over nineteen. Exactly I mean because you can't social distance in Prison Sartre. We did something a couple of weeks. Go Yep what we do shine we went to. We went to the gory prison. We went to at the front and we were going to try and go in and see someone but we got stopped by the place Who said you step inside this property? We're going to tell you to you. Uh-huh which unfortunately. I didn't is about what she was saying that I know you would've and then the next step was we said What about what about you? Let us talk to You know someone with inside. They can come in and they went. No no no. We can't do that. Even why don't you wrought to the Email this address over in this number and you can talk to them. Well okay all right. Obviously we'RE NOT GONNA go inside so we left there and then we went to Waco we made by security guard. Who say the bad boys? I was expecting you. He was pretty cool. Good Luck Tim. He got someone out. We had a bit of a chat with them. Could get couldn't get anyway with. Oh what's the next step? Let's go and camp out front of dot the Governor General Attorney Jersey and injured mullet queens lanes and we thought we'll go and camp out in front of her office. There was no one there so we called her out. We we've had a L. produces miles. We we've had them send letters. Yeah say come on the show let us know what is actually happening in the present if if you making changed join get low risk offenders out and get them harm. We're talking about people who've got traffic tickets and parking fawns I might have. The Motor Stole a candy from a store or something low risk of Fenders Yup. Get them home and so do we hear back from now we didn't. Dd South end up on an shit list she did. She ended up on L. Lost on Wednesdays ship so we pick up the newspaper today and we see we see that there's a teenager who's out on bail right. So the state government has quashed a bid to reverse bile for teen cues of stabbing murder OBJEC- Beasley now. This person. He's nine years of age. One five youths charged with murder over these teens. Death was granted bail in the Supreme Court last month on the eve of Jackson Eighteenth Birthday so the automobile. Yeah accused of murder accused of murder. Okay now the in response to a letter to the Attorney General Vet. Doff said that there was no grounds for appeal on the decision. It cannot be shunned. There's any error of law or misunderstanding of the facts. Miss Dauth right. Adding Bio was opposed on the basis tile name is was an unacceptable risk of flight and committing any more fences. Now Event Duff defended the fact that this person got Bil- and they're actually actually in full Moda. This girl right is accused of a stabbing murder yet. She gets to go on sale. Now you think about that you think about if you are in prison. Rodney l right. You're in prison because you have parking lines even you had to be the weed on you for goodness psycho. Something not accused of murder but this girl on our attorney general says. Oh it's okay you go home even though you're accused of murder. Yeah no problem. League-high why the fuck can't low risk of fenders be sent home with strict bio conditions to be home with their families during Tova? Nineteen exactly so that all the other prisoners inside his will can practice a little bit more social distancing and the Gods so so you made Al Al Batboys breakfast show Shit List. And now you've just made the weekly show shitless because of this one hundred percent and it's really. It really saddens me completely saddens me because I I think the world of events are done. Some charity work with her In Years Gone by ninety vet really really well and this really saddens me that this is where we are. Well she needs to do some charity work like you know helping the prisoners that are in because of low risk. Jesus Frost because I fucking ran a red light or something I mean I mean. Get me high exactly. I don't WanNA get Corona virus. Exactly Yep so so you know I mean like this is all about standing up for what you believe in and Oh GonNa make me read this one. Oh you're the reading bid because you've got a lovely voice really really soothing voice Yeah so you your children would have gone a bit early because you had these really calming radio. Soothing voice okay children. Let's listen to a bedtime story. Now that says like the burden Detroit. So so you know a really really Just you know to to wrap up the prison. Chaplain Story to I don't have a problem with the prison chaplains. In fact one of the one of the chaplains are really liked and and There was a guy going through some trouble. I ended up getting the prison chaplain and the end of the story. Was that that this particular guy that that had the issue with me and we did end up in a shouting match. It again He did walkaway saying I'm never coming back here again But he did come back and we did patch it up and he did apologize He in fact he was told to apologize by the by the head prison chaplain because all waiting spoke to the head prison. You just you title. The lawyer may be more accepting of other people. That's and that's really most of you know what I want to say. But look there are people in there who do need rehabilitation who do need help and one person who does need help will. He needs to be where he is but he needs he needs. He needs psychological. Help I think is a little bit of a story that we heard this week. Thanks to Heidi. Who Made US aware of this story? And she she. She brought it up Might the news. We went okay. We need to think about this a little bit. How are we going to handle this? But we thought why not? Let's just talk about it because it's a pretty big topic. And that is that an in- has been accused of sneaking ice Risa into the prisons and so he snuck the razor in and he slid a guy's throat and I mean it was terrible. The guy's lying there like bleeding out on the floor. Everyone's walking past no wants to get involved right even the screws and not getting involved and this is this. Is this whole your low risk Phinda Yup with risk offenders or why they even together you and all in for fraud. We're in with murders murderers and rightness. Why are they even together? I exactly why they shouldn't. They shouldn't be in there. I mean why. Why am I in this in in here with a Guy? Who is clearly a psychopath Right now did talk about this on the breakfast show. But let's just bring this up again if I'm going to sneak a Risa a shop razor into prison. How am I GONNA do that? You would definitely put it in your. Hey I know what I have seen I have seen of seen. I've seen where they've they've they slice the skin right. This is pretty scary where I sliced the skin of it and I lifted up and they'll stick something in there and then they'll they'll still stitch the the skin back down again. Jesus s pretty heavy duty. That's when you really know you you've got it you've got someone infra. Yeah you know that you'll go in there and so this this makes you ask this question right this guy. That's not the razor blade him because when you find out how he took it in the right you know that he went in there with a purpose he was set up. He was put into prison to go and do this. Yeah pretty pretty much. I mean no question about like like Yoga. You'RE GONNA go to prison. You're gonNA take a rays of light in and you'RE GONNA go slow destroyed because you know I'm a I'm a more boss or I'm a I duNno Balki. I've unloaded whatever and I'm I can tell them how to in a bucket Yang And and I need you to act some sort of vengeance for me So I'm going to give you a razor blade There's one little catch though with the rays of light. Okay you gotta get it inside properly. You can't take it in through normal means What I'm GonNa get you to do is I'm GONNA get your heart in your foreskin. Jeez what if he doesn't have one? I NYRA look I mean but I mean all the I mean it makes my a mean every every every guy listening to these right now is just cringing going al the mechanics of it and everything. I mean not sort of like oh did I did I did. I put a little bit of planning on it or like rapid in plastic that I can just be uncomfortable I can. I just happened to scratch the wrong way. Oh yea like that's scratching on whatever you want to be careful. Yeah you gotta be careful. Someone hitching their own way. So I love how they say this but they say a prison inmate allegedly right you know. There's nothing. Allegedly the didn't head a razor inside his foreskin before using it to create a Mike Shift. Weapon was used to attack a guile. John Guy John Dialed. I got even. That's why I picked. Thanks so the alleged attack came just a few weeks after this particular piece of shit was moved from another prison and he would wear. He was accused of slashing another inmates throat so he was holding to do that. The MITES threat Rod. Yeah but hell then he did that. He he slashed he's in he's might invites throw. How did he get another rise to the car as well? 'cause someone's gone. Hey I really liked what you did on that That you did that number on that Guy Right. I was really good. I I know you got what it takes to do this next job. GonNa give you all right so what I want you to do. I'm going to give you a Risa putting your foreskin right. Then when you get in. They'll frisk no one's going to touch the touch. The stem of it was like not. No one's GONNA tie set. Just be really careful right when you get in their county. Oh Bob he you know he owed us some Some money was supposed to take some tobacco into the boys Ended up selling it himself. We want the money back. I want you to look after him for his. We want you to do the job. And we'll probably even cut six months of his sentence. If you do this force do that. Um You know something can happen outside. Maybe maybe yeah. Maybe we'll get to you into your accent so I'd say and the thing is then it's like well once you've done that of kilos of crack putting new foreskin. Get you to carry that third now. The the most concerning part about this Roy was that a few days after Christmas right so this happened last year right a few days after Christmas. He used a weapon made of three razor blades and a plastic handle to slit the throat of this might so the goal is pretty ingenious right. He's he's He's he's got this like this this three razor blades. Plastic handle right. So it's been like a bit like a triple Shaef. No will you know? And so he's like okay. I'll say she with one if I miss on the first one I'll get you on the second or the third one so he's just going. Just just go on this. God come to get him and they've gone. We're going to move you. And he's gone a key. Just wait a couple days because they applying star wars on the subway On the in house movie on Foxtel and and off the crickets on us well. I don't want to miss that. So do you want if you move me like in two days time? And they're like you doing us a fiber you'll be wrought you stay in what she cricket staying what. You Star Wars. He goes toward Straw. Hi Happy Krim happy law. I mean if the goal is a piece of sheet doesn't matter he's a shit with Risa Blyden. Hey you know and it goes to show that look you know. There is some sort of corruption in certain areas when you really think about it however is not corruption imprison what he talking about seriously. There's not corruption in Brazil. There is no no no corruption. You're silly silly again you are. Wow Yeah and then there was another guy right. There was an this is. This is the first one. There was another one where I was stabbed inside prison. Oh this is a real pace of work. Yeah here he's looks like a piece of work to let me tell you. This goes a real nut bag as he's serving two life sentences or because one wasn't enough he saving two life sentences for killing a twenty one year old nurse in nineteen ninety four after she finished work at a at a hospital and then they abducted They they basically they adopted a style that again abducted and write this nurse. I mean just I mean and then you know like that was the that was the that was the first one And then he then killed Another guy And basically court for that. He go put in prison but while he was actually in prison he goes and Shives this guy in prison. The Guy was dead on the floor bleeding out everywhere and nobody went up to help him. Just let him go but you you know you're not that mentality to serve. When we were inside. We knew things were going down and something was about to happen. I remember one day there was there was something about to go down. Everyone almost walks off new Opposite Direction to garner year. This is not really happening. Don't want to be involved because if you get involved. You're next one that gets stabbed. Oh absolutely we're GONNA get stabbed on a stick out of this one. All you get older you get dragged into this. Yeah exactly one of the other. The God's own he was day yeah they were yeah. You're part of it. Any wonder like you can look at that and move. Those prisoners would like they should. Someone should have helped him. Yeah but we both know the situation that they all faced in the prison guards have a shoot a ban on that is what happened. And I mean I've got to ask the question had you rehabilitate goes like this. I mean Hell does going to the chaplain help with things like this. These what look Johnny. What was his name? Shit really Hefford sent that was the Kevin Pedophile. Was these nine. Look Kevin. He might have killed one or two or three or four people right. But he's giving his life to Jesus now and so I think he deserves to to be laid out on parole on good behavior because he won't do it again. I WANNA well. Let's put it to Dr Turn Attorney General John Shielding Guy. She'll help she'll let him go straight away. No questions asked. Both you've done your time and some of it's only alleged isn't it it's on alleged. It was alleged. He allegedly had a razor saw. They send him home on Bile. Send Him Hi. I'll go get him. Look at look at him. Looks really face on. The a mother could love salute. What the Hell. What the hell exactly this is stuff. We're talking about now. Makes me really frigging mad when he gets so freaking upset? You know these fucking idiot piece of shit in this blog here. You know that that you know they should not even be with mine stream prison tonight. I shouldn't be they. Shouldn't you again with the guys who were murderers rapists where in forbid a fraud do that reinforce traffic offenses and be a weed in a bit of a small offenses that? I'll with paces shit like that. And You wonder why people get fucking stabbed in prison. They wonder why that's why event Attorney General's you bunch of people fucking wake up to go to prison for once and have a fucking look at what goes on going to watch a bit. None of you have ever been into a watch has before to see the shit that goes on there and the scum that's in that lies and affected it's never cleaned so have a look at what's happening and I'll tell you what when more people are dying in prison innocent fucking people. We are going to make sure we make. We make a mockery of an absolute mockery. Because it's fucking stupid. Do something about it said my piece. Wow I love it. I'll get passionate about that. Tell that that annoys me. Some innocent person this go here. We he's got a family outside. Yes some kids and he gets stabbed because this more on. Who's our ripest and murderer? Gets pudding with him who you know who knows who he is and I could be just an anyone could be just a random oi. It makes me angry a really. Does it infuriates me. Well that's why we're here doing what we do. Because you know All all jokes aside an old you know we have. We have a few laughs and we have a few stories that we tell but the actual fact is that no-one else's actually actually telling the stories no one else he's actually stepping up and saying. I guess what all this stuff that happens here. Something needs to be done about it and and this this is only some of what is it gets reported on. This is only some of it so much more. I mean like we can't even we saw things and we heard things inside that we can't even talk about no because we don't we don't even dare talk about it. Is that horrific? And it's like you know really. It upsets me when I hear people. You've only been in for nine months what to unite like seriously you know what the stuff that we saw in that non months. No one should even have to say and people don't understand that we did actually go to maximum security. We didn't just go out to little farm where the goats pigs cruising around. So we we we saw they were gods cruising around. There was yeah. They weren't singing though upset by that. Here goats bleating we. Didn't we didn't say security secure. It wasn't there either. She wasn't really upsetting. Sort of upsets me are expected that we'll actually are expected tight to be there because it was all about the title and the goats Tater. What's with the titanium knowing that have you not seen that ages old also so okay but I thought it was Shakira. Now it is now is now. Titanic was the original with guards She was the one that Santa looking good trouble. The song trouble trouble. Have you heard well after the show all? Educate you little bit on ad and you can have a look at. How are you love it? Conway let so look you know. I think we've had enough. We've probably ruffled enough today. We are we have and look look. We probably weren't as funny as we usually. Ya but at the end of the day. We're here because we're passionate about what we do. We WanNa make sure we make a statement. We WanNa make sure that all of you people out there get your groove on and share what we do to your family and friends whose guess what you know. It's only a matter of time. You never know that one of your family members of friends could be arrested for anything. Simple very simple. It could be something very simple that ends up in prison or could be mistaken. Identity could be any anything anything and suddenly you go. I know those guys we're talking about and look we. We Really WanNA encourage you to become part of the conversation that we're having so if you're watching this on our facebook page hit over to Bad boys groups outs official bad boys group join in the conversation. They've as we you know we. We love to know what you think up to know what you're going through any questions that you might have about what we've what's happened to us and more importantly we want you to share your stories correct. Share your. So he's done. Don't just sit there. His stall not being able to talk about it actually getting inside something about. We're going to talk about hardy and rebulk Rebecca and a few others that look on. There was a lot of people who people who wanted to be held anonymous in all of this. But you know what credit to you for sending your stories in talking about what you're going through and what you've been through That's your the people were he for if you to make sure that You know the the justices however that you've got a platform that you can have some support exactly as we're all about support as we know al partners outside Your didn't have a lot of support and we we want to be able to directly. Support you all the time. But we'll be able to point you in the right direction. Yeah that's not the case now Make sure you join us for our daily show so everyday we go On facebook also on our chains and on apple you can listen to show the check us out it on our facebook page in his official bad boys. Podcast INSTAGRAM official. Bad Boys podcast. We're also on official bad boys DOT COM. Yup We have a youtube channel which which he set up at the moment for some video it is jumping so you can watch videos and everything but you can say the mornings and healthy and how facebook page in any case Thanks for joining us today and We can't to have a conversation with you. Get into a conversation with this on page we want to hear from you have great diver one where the bad boys don't forget it.

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M 37 Patients Want These Things On Your Website

A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

08:41 min | 1 year ago

M 37 Patients Want These Things On Your Website

"In Minnesota episode thirty-seven we've got a lot to talk about the doctor marketing tips podcasts a patient experience before we jump in the podiatrists series that was couple months ago now six weeks all about feet from muscular-skeletal to having a heart condition in multiple clinics to converting over to a practice management style so lots of good formation their doctors perspective dot net slash podiatrist. Get yourself a quick reference guide okay. Let's jump in Ooh you learn something today says the host all right so some of it's going to be a little bit of a run run through a checklist type of situation and then I'll just elaborate on things if they need to are you gotTa have a responsive website the mobile I design if you don't you gotta switch squarespace wordpress those are going to help out get a good theme theme. I have the PODCAST I I got shift updated. They stopped doing updates national good so contracting the half the switch it over but I'm GONNA do second line themes a really good lay out and that one of the people that helped me for free from his own podcast on how the podcast he switched over to them and I said Oh social proof right there okay anyway so bedford with squarespace as a common theme that people like to us by the way and then of course Jon Morrison he was on the podcast episode one hundred twenty five. He has his own style a website which is really easy to use especially like story branding. You gotTa have a button for appointments on your webpage. There's lots of programs out there. That can do it interview Cairo eight thousand they'll be out of one hundred thirty four and they're coming up with something like that. They have a lot of things going for him but that is in the works. That'll be an update so anyway find a way to get appointments to be booked online videos. You know we say hey you should do videos facebook. You should do videos on Youtube and you should put those videos from youtube on your webpage then you. GotTa have captions look. I use Auto Dot A._I.. All You to do as Upload Your audio or upload your video to their site automatically. transcribe it. You can fix it up. If you don't like the way turned out in then you can put that as a caption for those videos and that's GonNa be huge because the man what was this daily eighty seven percent don't even turn volume on or seventy four percent of the people on facebook never even turn a volume on these videos as kind of wild or on your page the top three things pages look for the ready physician info location ation schedule. So of course they want to wonder you open. Where's your location cool? The actually meet the doctor. That's a huge page so you WANNA make it more personable and tell a story of storebrand has a good view on that <hes> don't have with me but <hes> it's not just hey I went to l._S._U.. In Texas Chiropractic and in business for twelve years in like pets and wife and the kid you know they want more like a make them connect to you. What that emotional? I had ED X. Y.. Z. Issue in got better or maybe inadvertent patient testimonials of like this has happened. They got better and this is why I do what I do because of people like that and the results again you won't have telephone-based appointment you want to be able to like just click the button and then your phone number dial okay being aware of your font size. You don't WanNa think too big too small. A lot of people have these white background with like this light great yeah it looks great but could be hard to read need so if your bike <unk> base is kind of an older people you want more contrast so beware that and of course the landing page speed you gotta have a low time. You wanted to be less than three seconds. People will skip away really fast so he spent all this time in money money building your reputation online getting S._E._O.. Getting their Ganic reach on Google and it doesn't load fast enough. They're out of the door before you can get to him okay think about what patients ask you all. The time as a doctor does might be more like. Condition based shot those down then go to your front desk and as them hey what do y'all get asked all the time so if you weren't already scripted on these don't worry your staff on these are the things that we get asked all the time so right those down now go through your staff or yourself record your answers. The question asked record him then you can post on Youtube live feed it on facebook then of course again transcribe it in the now you have the F._A._Q.. On your webpage you can have a video for and the answer transcribed and you'll have nice robust frequent ask questions and people get answers answered perfectly now speaking of Front Desk. You got to smile make sure everything's clean not cluttered mixture. Someone's on crutches or to get kissing their arms. Run over there and open it. Have your body image language language. Your clothes all be like welcoming warm friendly. Don't be rude. If you've got a route front desk person you might lose impatience and you don't even realize it old school you know they walk in and that bathroom glass sliding door well. You definitely don't want those anymore. She have them to keep it open. Remove it. It's a barrier that in today's age we don't want it and that's why people have these circle desk and open designs moving on online reviews first and second Google page the more reviews you have the better of her thirty something but you've got to keep those current <hes> when people write a positive you say thanks on it when they were too negative review well. You'd be careful with hip up but you can address it a little bit. It'll be crazy but you may have to say hey you know we were in that day. Okay and we actually give out cards overly late. I'll talk about a minute now. Also so eighty seven percent of people do positive reviews. They're gonNA review. That's pretty good now. If you have a trend of negative reviews read those take it's a heart if if a Lotta saying oh the doctor's always late two hours late dinner respect my time you need to figure something out are more staff hire another doctor but you're telling you what they don't like about and that's why you guys such low score on those Google reviews speaking of social media especially. INSTAGRAM and lots of people like to see pimples getting popped and things bidding juiced out in the surgeries in crazy stuff like that but if you really scared of those marriages so like before and after so so results so those videos get a lots of clicks before and after you've probably get a lot of likes because because it shows what you can do like plastic surgery like Whoa look at that knows so much better if you do have product violon you WanNa have only payment pay POW stripe a different things like that and of course nobody wants your phone phone call through a patient reminder Senate text message. There's programs out there that do it. You also have your M._R.. At probably can do it as well. There's a quick simple text message after they fill out new patient forms may need that can take awhile so after to do that. Let them know hey. This is what's going to happen next. This is what your appointment is. GonNa do go here. We're GonNa hear this is going to happen. That's going to happen that way. They know what's going on. You could also make accommodate the doctors being late. You just let them know front like Hey. The doctor is running thirty minutes late. If it ends up being passed a thirty minutes or four or five minutes late weight limit than we give <hes> we have a card you know maybe Panera bread five dollar card by the gas card five dollars Visa Card. Is something like that just as a hate we respect your time. We're sorry running later unusual definitely offering like water or something like that. It really goes a long way when your parking a now a lot of doctors offices will have the front row. Is the doctor parks. There's Dodge Viper his Tesla in here's the staff person of the month will priority. I work reconsidered at one piece. Look like his why gotta come back pay off his tesla ridiculous and then of course you went has SCIATICA. They can't walk congestive. Heart failure can barely walk <unk> short of breath in docked parking upfront park in the back. It makes a big difference even if they don't say much phone messages on hold light music you can actually do like a promotion record promotion. You don't WanNa make a whole too long and of course if you can get a patient testimony like maybe fifteen seconds that could be huge. They await anywhere the phone house. We'll hear good news especially the book an appointment wow so. What did you think she got any comments positive negative etc.? Please let me know this should be an episode. That makes you think makes you wonder what am I doing working improve what.

Google Youtube facebook Front Desk squarespace SCIATICA Minnesota storebrand Jon Morrison Panera bread Ganic INSTAGRAM Texas Lotta Senate eighty seven percent thirty minutes seventy four percent fifteen seconds