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"los anthony brown" Discussed on NFL Live

"That is not scored a touchdown in the red zone and its last 7 trips to the red zone. A lot of discussion about the Patriots offense somehow it will have to make due tonight without its top and leading wide receiver. All right, we'll keep an eye on that. We'll keep an eye on you, Adam, a Monday night countdown at 6 right here on ESPN. Also, our game picks for this pat's cardinals game is coming. Each week here on NFL live, we help the league spotlight the high school coach of the week, the Arizona Cardinals have chosen scooter, molander, from E smart high school. During the state playoffs, his number two ranked firebirds defended their only regular season lost to number one ranked Thatcher high school by beating them 40 two to 21 winning the 2022 three Arizona state championship. Congratulations coach. You are the coach of the week. Hey, let's get back to the cowboys host in the Texans on Sunday. Honestly, kind of thought this game would be a snoozer, but turns out the Texans, maybe the cowboys too had other plans. Second quarter cowboys off in second and goal, Prescott, checking it down to Tony Pollard for the ten yard TV. Every time this dude touches the ball for their offense, something could happen. Great feet on the sidelines. Cowboys take the lead 14 to ten after a dac interception, Texans on the cowboys 28 yard line. Jeff Driscoll connecting deep to Amari Rogers 28 yard touchdown the Texas lead 2017 at the half. Mid third quarter cowboys trailing by three fourth and goal of the Texans one. See, stop short. Great job by this Houston, Texans defense in that series saying four plays in a row handed off. You're not getting in. Okay, another Prescott interception fourth and goal at the cowboys three. Up the middle. Stop short of the end zone. The cowboys take it over at their own two. Ensuing series. The cowboys are driving. What would they come up with first and ten the Texans 40 and Prescott deep to know a Brown for the 18 yard game? Cowboys first down less than a minute to go third and goal of the Texans two and Zeke Elliott rushes up the middle, so the cowboys escape 27 to 23, but man oh man, it wasn't without a cause. They eked out the wind, but this new one NFL live, our Jeremy Fowler reporting that right tackle Terence Steele tore his ACL for a source of the MRI revealed the damage that's not good ESPN cowboys in order Todd archer added that still also tore an MCL. Man, the loss of Terence steel significant blow to the cowboys offensive line. It's struggled in past protection this season. Guys, Dallas has the second worst past block win rate ahead of only the colts. However, there is something encouraging for Dallas 40 year old veteran Jason Peters stepped in for stealing the cowboys game winning drive yesterday. He played well, right? 8 time Pro Bowl left tackle tyron Smith could also be close to making his season debut. We were talking last week about how he was back at practice. But Mina Dax struggles, then they were able to kind of eke out the win there. What do you make of all this? Yeah, I mean, this isn't why they struggled entirely, but I'm beginning to get a be a little bit concerned about the injuries. In particular, because their injuries that are sort of clustering at certain positions, talk about offensive line in a second, but the Los Anthony Brown, not too long ago, one of the starting cornerbacks for the season. They had already lost Jordan Lewis before the season. In this game, you see the drop off with Calvin Joseph giving up a big play very early on. And then on the offensive line, you alluded to, you know, Terrence Steele going out. Josh bell comes in. He struggles, arguably, the biggest reason why one of the biggest reasons why they were able to put together that drive was Jason Peters coming in. Hopefully he can play that well in relief. This is going to be a problem as we look to the playoffs that teams like Philadelphia are ahead of the playoffs in December because those are teams that are capable of hunting mismatches. And when you lose players, there are more mismatches to be found at key positions. Yeah, I'm looking at this dak Prescott photo in our studio here. That was me watching the game just like head in the hands. It gave me a headache. Exactly. Well, Stephen a loved it. So Dan, let's take it on the field though yesterday. What are the tape show you about Dax struggles? That he's trying too hard? Because I would tell you that deck has been a guy that has always, for the most part, seen the field really well in cleanly and right now he's not. And it's in very simple things. You're going to see a three step concept day one install. We call this lion double slanted the bottom of the screen. The worst coverage for it is covered three 'cause that flat defender is already outside. In between the outside sling. You never throw the outside slant in that situation, but deck does. For some reason, then this bottom concept is stick up top you have a flat route and a stick route. That outside flat defenders the read. If he goes outside, you throw them high. Excuse me, lo, if you throw, goes, how you throw it low. I mean, that's a very simple first down read for dak all of a sudden, he holds onto the football. That's the fumble, the very next plays that interception that, in many ways, should have ended the game. And I don't know if it's he's pressing or trying to do too much because he knows the offensive line can not pass protected. It's just not a good past protecting unit. Does he feel the lack of production from the perimeter players that sometimes just the production goes down in games? It's really odd to see a guy that is a good player and that has had a strength of just seeing things with such clear vision seem to struggle with seeing very simple things. Yeah, for me, like watching this game a little bit, I was at a ten year volleyball game watching my daughter get busy, but in between, I was thinking it's just such an immature performance. And yeah, we can look at the Dallas cowboy defense and say, the Texans scored 23 points. This defense is to me watching the film is the reason they won the game. Standing up and boring they neck and a lot of situations where they had unfavorable field position because of this offense. Where's the explosiveness? This is exactly what the Dallas Cowboys did towards the end of the season last year from an offensive standpoint. Everybody kept putting graphics and stats up about their number one offense in the league and they gaining all of these yards. This is exactly how they looked when everybody thought that they would get bounced the first week of the playoffs. I thought some way they would have a resurgence. This team and to your point, Dan, it's time for dak to overcome those things. Like you are going to suffer injuries. You're going to have deficiencies this time of the year. The San Francisco forty-niners playing with their third string quarterback right now. You have to overcome it for you got to figure out a way to make this team a little bit more explosive or they'll be home watching it with us again. This new on NFL live too as it relates to the cowboys. We got they added a little bit of help too. Twice. Joining this team, I love this signing. Look at the big smile there. I'm gonna add him, get him on this team and listen. We're still waiting on the Odell Beckham junior situation, but they got TY, maybe they're good to go four time Pro Bowl wide receiver. Speed. I like it, right? Yeah. The offense doesn't hurt. Hey, still ahead, we're talking a little bit about Jalen hurts in those eagles, but he has been putting on a clinic. Dan is going to show you on the touch screen. The one thing that he's improved on that he's never seen another quarterback improve this much on. You don't want to miss this. It's next, and then it felt live. We'll be right back. With one of the best savings rates in America, banking with Capital One is the easiest decision in the history of decisions, even easier than deciding to listen to another episode of your favorite podcast, and with no fees or minimums on checking and savings accounts. Is it even a decision? Get started today. It only takes about 5 minutes to open an account with Capital One, and there's no minimum to open and keep your account. That's banking reimagined. 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