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"los angeles county department public health" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Radio apps making news today in Georgia the two cops who were charged in the murder of ri chard Brooks that would be at the Wendy's last Friday night both have turned themselves in Ralph of course the one charged with murder he turned himself in and we'll see whether or not they get bond or whatever the next steps all your questions about the case particularly the murder case against carrot roles which could result in the death penalty in George which I guess makes it pretty serious but does also questions about the district attorney who prosecuted the case we'll talk about all this later on in the show we're talking about the new state wide mandate that in most public settings you're going to have to wear a face covering hello when you look at it in more detail right now most businesses you go winter which are considered public settings one should wear face covering and you know sometimes it's ugly but it's already been out there as far as being outdoors well there's plenty of exceptions but you clearly if you're walking running you're engaged in something active and it's easy to get around people have to socially I'm a problem socially distancing you don't have to wear a face covering but you know it's all this stuff about it you're gonna ride in the taxi or a bus you're in an elevator stairway hallway that's when you're supposed to wear face covering but again there's little force behind this nobody's sure how this would be enforced by a governor Gavin Newsom's department of health we take in your response to this one eight hundred five two zero one five three four it's one eight hundred five two zero one five three four let's start with that James you're on the journey can show what thanks for taking my call I really appreciate it and thank you for all the actual work you've done to expose the truth of this you know Kobe sham obviously it affects people bit you know mostly elderly with underlying conditions in nursing homes and that is why there is no way that I will wear a mask unless I'm asked you especially when I have no confidence in the Los Angeles county department of public health there was a national article that I was in with my mother actually back in December of two thousand seventeen and the Los Angeles county department of public health at the year and a half it was a national article entitled news appeared in publications throughout the U. S. I can email it to you the Washington post's valley times all over and what happened is really kind of porn a public health which I have no confidence in their system the department of public health in the state that supposedly going to enforce this order to wear masks and what happened is my mother had caught this terrible bacterial infection C. diff and the LA county the part of public health they're going for a year and a half at this nursing home she was up to strategical therapy rehab she was even there full time you know there's a home of treatment on the out of the patient right and a resident resident and what happened is a year and a half how many people were infected by the time L. A. county part of public health address that complete like I said you can find the article it is easy because what's going on it sounds similar to the way they handle the whole nursing home problem with covert nineteen it sounds very similar like exactly right and another situation I had what what what what I thought the only kind of part of public health you know pass the book was when my mother was actually in UCLA Santa Monica and I graduated from UCLA so talk to me to be critical of you feel like they're happy to be here it was up usually so Monica Medical Center and she was sent home without even being swabbed for the flu at two AM in the morning and had to return later that day I live up in Santa Clarita and they did even swap it for the flu I complained about that as well a collection of Canada part of a cult and they basically you know apparently covered for UCLA when I complain listen why would my mother swap Ripley which had obvious symptoms and Sabella county department help drop the ball with my mother would proceed if and when she had the flu and up keep in mind that was the worst flu season we've had in years you can argue that a point is probably killed more people than cobra until nineteen house and that was about two thousand eighteen nineteen polluted like I said with the worst one in in years so I have no confidence in the Los Angeles county department public health and also the department public health which you know they're associated with hi I just got to go thanks for the call look here's my take on this I read a story this morning that there are passengers on airplanes who are revolting against this they're they're creating a scene look if a private business want you to wear a face covering to take a flight you do it all right I don't care what your arguments are that the mass don't work or that then you're gonna choke on your own carbon dioxide going back in your face I've seen all the arguments just comply all right it's only a couple hour flight what what is it out of your life you want to create a scene instead and get on my do not fly list to be taken off the plane or because everybody else a big delay don't be an idiot I mean seriously no matter what your ideology is on the masks and again the argument to spend that day for whatever it's worth a lot of the Asian countries have done this we keep showing people in mass in Hong Kong and socially distancing and ball they've done a remarkable job of quelling the virus we're not like that here though a lot of Americans very independent they do not like to look at the government for any kind of guidance and clearly our last caller is on to something I mean the only county department of public health which might be responsible for implementing this locally has been legally incompetent when it came to protecting the most vulnerable to covert nineteen and that is the people in the nursing homes more than half the deaths I meet anybody with any brains managing the situation look at that and say let's send all our resources there and protect those people instead it said every day we just read the number of cases and the number of deaths and we tell everybody to wash their hands everybody should stay home whenever possible I mean they did they took a huge hammer twenty twenty Bucks and smashed it all right let's talk to Bobby on the Johnny Cash show hi how are you doing the first stop how can anyone protect the amount of dust okay they have been truck which I don't know I know it's just I know what you mean by that and it is impossible right okay without mouse that's fine I had to wear one today going to the market so I did sell sold you know ought to comply and like you say that's nice to do and we should do that in order to get our provisions okay yeah you know you what we have to do is we have to turn back the clock a little bit we have to look at the way things were going on before this whole whole thing unfold right before our eyes okay what was happening in China with the riots and down in South America how do they clean off the streets they tell everybody to just go on home and everybody complied and went on home do you think all those people who are righty righty China this past no they did not took so what has happened and how come we are not being shown what is taking place all over the earth right now.

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