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"loris nece" Discussed on KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz

"I'm Mark miracle. Police in Brazil have again, arrested a farmer convicted of ordering the two thousand five percents the nation of American missionary Dorthy staying register Volvo Dow was detained this week after Brazil supreme court overruled a may two thousand eighteen injunction that had blocked him from serving his sentence in the killing. He was taken to prison yesterday. Back and forth rulings in the judiciary of mostly kept out of prison. Ten was convicted in two thousand ten of hiring to win Chan's to kill staying. She worked as an environmental activists throughout Brazil often in opposition to powerful agricultural and ranching interests, the two men shot staying to death as she was walking to a community meeting to discuss the protections for the Amazon prosecutors alleged gov. Oh, ordered the killings because of stings activism. There are troubling signs that killings of environmental and indigenous activists in Brazil are on the increase since the election of alt-right wing president John Deere Bolsonaro three recent massacres late March and early April in Amazon states resulted in at least nine deaths over the period of just two weeks. The violence was exactly what indigenous groups and environmentalists had worried would take place under Bolsonaro regime. Sue Bradford is the author of Amazon besieged contributor to manga bay. Don, Tom and the former correspondent for BBC Branford told Sonali hot car host of the rising up with Somali show that they're still not sure of the actual death toll in the recent killings. We do know is thoughts that was some people on a an squashes camp. This was the one in in the west of the base in zone us right on the border was Danica. Who had occupied this Eric quite legally Brazil's Lewis onto a hoping to turn into appropriate land settlements that there. The landowners who Orion up this lines, and they decided with the present climate Lois nece onto the sonata government that it was a good moment to go in and try and get these people. So they went in they cut some resistance. But they they we think they quite a lot of people off the line, and the government appears to have done nothing. I we think at least three people were killed on this moment missing. And I think this is what is really worrying in the almost. Now, this climb Loris nece since both Tanada Kate power in January. The Landau is in the lumpy field. They got an on. I two of government, and they can get away with these kinds of acts previously. Would it been combated by that by the government? So seeing a lot of on inside was in Brazil in the Ahmanson only this shit, and you could feel the change that people will very castle before they spoke to you. Environmentalist activists will feeling that it preserves moving into a very dangerous phase. So when we've had these three messages did get reported in the press is interesting, they all in areas, which are right on the edge of the Amazon frontier way, the the the land thieves, and the landowners trying to move in very remote areas. So it's very difficult to get your information is exactly what is happening you right in manga dot com. Where you report it on these massacres that the areas where the violence has taken place our areas of heavy deforestation where the building large dams has brought a capital infusion center land. Prices soaring and invited land speculation by von glut, grabbers loggers and ranchers how much of this has been unleashed by Wilson auto. It was full. A. Whenever you get your new beak development project. Young prices tend to go up, and you tend to get comfort. What is you is is that the land thieves in the on the Landau near the locus feel? They thought this window of opportunity. They're not even really sure if Olsen our will manage to the government, very long. I mean, he's he's getting on top priority uneasy, easy extremely right wing. I think many Brazilians during the electric campaign that all this talk on being an ally of the military dictatorship that will resume nineteen seventy s this was all big toke rhetoric. But now he's in power. He is being extremely repressive going. It's not just the miniature ideology that's his body enough. He's actually going back, and he is embrace the metro views over development. I mean the ministry in the nineteen seventies was that she was my first job. I was reporting the in the nineteen sixties onto the minute. They had this idea which was common in time. That Nate you was an enemy that you had to go and build roads have big projects and homeless the resources of the Amazon for the good of good of Brazil. It was seen as a battle between nature and progress. Over the last forty years on the world, these views of feet challenged. And they change people realize that you've got to what with night that. We have we have destroyed too much too much Forrest and doing sin which damage to the system that we have beginning En-ching phase of extreme warring climate change and reduction the number in the bond of us die of all over the world. So these views have changed radically over this period. And it seems that this happened in Brazil in meaning the nineteen eighty eight Brazil, the new constitution off to the military stepped on which embraced lot of. These progressive news, particularly respect to the Indians. Until Ben the official policy of the Brazilian government. Had been to instigate the engines to make them like other Brazilians simulate they? Lost in business identity. And this constitution was the first time that the presenting the song Keith recognize the festival the agents where the original since I had the right to then on. And Secondly that the have the right to continue with their old way of life with their culture with Glen ridge. It was an enormous step forward and to that of things gained a lot more and more control over their traditional areas. A now. Trying to turn the cook is trying to be Indians of land. So that you can on group business mining using the line profitably. And so what's at stake in the mantle over the future of the Amazon rainforest? During two thousand five to two thousand fifteen had money to bring down quite radically the rights at which down. Listen florist was being cut down. I'm now, it's all increasing again undiminished Santisima wounding that already owns twenty percent of the Amazon forest has been cells. And they're saying that if the percentage of fell far as goes to twenty five percent. That it's very like the Amazon forest will not be big enough to be sustainable. I'm whoa. Quite quick to probably taunted will flip over to being to some kind of savannah. And this would have a huge impact on the wolves climate because the forest the Bussan is funny at the more. They ran the place a key role in stabilizing the woke climate of the greenhouse gases that Negage to be released in the I mean, John of greenhouse gases if the Amazon forest stop freaking until interests. So it's not just a problem of of Brazil going through a bad period. She's a -ffective very seriously Brazil. It's now kind of global crisis, which is going to to Seoul. Former BBC correspondent sue Bradford is a contributor to manga bay dot com and author of the book, Amazon besieged conservation groups are asking state agencies in Wyoming, and I'd Aho to require hunters to carry bear spray in grizzly bear habitat. Eric Gladys reports between two thousand fifteen in two thousand seventeen one hundred forty six grizzlies were killed in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. The vast majority were encounters with hunters Kristen combs with Wyoming wildlife advocate says while grizzly populations have been slowly improving over the past twenty years bears are still struggling to expand their range and connect with populations in the mountain west. However, if we keep having these high numbers of mortalities year after year after year. We are not going to see recovery. We're not gonna see Janetta connect tippety between populations encounters with grizzlies are rare. But comb says more conflicts happen during hunting season in part because bears are drawn to gut piles left by hunters after field stripping game. Skeptics of the proposal say hunters are not about to drop their guns and reached for spray if they encounter a grizzly in the wild. According to the US fish and Wildlife Service and studies published in the journal of wildlife management bear spray has been ninety eight percent effective at preventing human injuries. During bearing counters firearms are only fifty percent effective combs believes the proposal is similar to requiring seatbelts in cars or a life jacket when rafting people tend to be kind of bad shot when they're they're charging them in a high adrenaline situation. If they have that they're spray on their person that we give them a chance to have some sort of secondary method of protection for themselves and for the Barry combs notes that Yellowstone and glacier, national parks. Already require staff to carry bear spray when working in the field and Wyoming OSHA encourages guides and other workers in Christly territory to carry and be trained in the use of bear spray as a matter of workplace safety. The Wyoming fish and game department has sixty days to respond to the petition submitted by conservation groups for public news service. I'm Eric Gladys. Mexican gray wolves are slowly returning to historic territories in these south west United States, but they are still being killed at rates that worry biologist tracking their recovery. More from reporter Ross Brown. The recent US fish Wildlife Service report says the Mexican gray wolf population showed one hundred thirty one individual wools and thirty two packs of two or more animals in the wilderness of era Zona and New Mexico that twelve percent increase over the previous year next biologist Brian bird defenders of wildlife cautiously optimistic but also concerned because Twenty-one wolves died from various. Causes in twenty eighteen to get a handle on mortalities illegal killings Pollution's. And we need to get more wolves genetically viable chill out the wild. Because the great news. The population grew that necessarily mean that their genetics are healthy following a six month study, the National Academy of sciences recently determined the Mexican gray wolf is a separate subspecies from other gray walls, meaning they will retain their endangered status for the foreseeable future. Reintroduction of the gray wolf to the southwest ecosystem began in nineteen ninety eight after they were nearly driven to extinction in the nineteen seventies. Last year more than eighty pups were born with a projected survival rate of sixty percent bird would like to see the southwest ecosystem benefit from the introduction of wolves much like Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park has since grey wolves were introduced there in nineteen ninety five. He says the predatory pressure from wolves in the park. Has increased beaver populations created healthier hurts elk and improved. Vegetation. We meeting. The European were exterminating baiters the left had any idea that they would have found back on our ecosystems science suggests a recovery of the Mexican gray wolf in south west would require at least three connected populations totalling approximately seven.

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