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"loria mackey" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Is is that area of low pressure. It's kind of been sitting offshore. Pulls away tonight, the coroner wraps back around. And so these areas that have been kind of stewing in the thirties will drop below freezing even though the coast in the Cape will get slippery tonight and there could be another answer so down along the coast in the Cape, where they were kind of stewing around in the More the witness yesterday and ended today cold and blustery tomorrow. Still, some flurries real fields in the teens not is cold on Thursday. Friday has rain, maybe mixed with a little bit of snow or sleet inland. Then there's a polar plunge coming next week. Remember the real cold air master we had last week? Well, this next one next week is even colder than that last one, and that kind of push of that colder air could spin up another quick hitting impactful storm. Towards us here is we get Sunday into Monday, All things were watching. If you heard the ground hog, they were split hero across the country, right? So I'm favoring the ones that saved six more weeks of winter. Loria Mackey, weather meteorologist. Tina Board, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. All right, thank you so much. Some snow flurries again out there just south of Boston right now, and it's meeting that rain line south of Boston as well. Attempts, arranging anywhere from 32 degrees in Boston to 41 degrees in high Ennis. It's 11 26 indeed delivers great candidates fast, in fact, indeed delivers four times more hires than all their job says, combined. According to Talent nest more it indeed dot com slash credit. Kim Care again With New England business, The wealthy seemed to be packing their bags and leaving Massachusetts and New Pioneer Institute study shows. Many are headed to states like Florida and New Hampshire. Because they don't have personal income tax. The study shows that Massachusetts had.

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