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"lori michener" Discussed on PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

"Phone call with one of their recruiters. Yeah Arias areas. Is the expert in travel. Physical therapy a U. R. E.. US MEDICAL DOT com. That's Arias Medical Group A U. R. E. US medical dot COM com our home on the Internet by CAST DOT COM created by build build. PD provides marketing services services specifically for private practice PT's website development and hosted inviting content marketing solutions PT clinics across the country scene with PT. Can Do for you today. Dot Com. We're back let's get back to the show. Were you sitting around. Hopefully a beer or a drink was involved when you said. Hey you know we should do. and which is the beginning of of anything. Hopefully one of you said. Hey Hang on hold my beer and started typing. But how how did this thing come about when you said. Let's let's see what ridiculous stuff we can actually get published. It was crazy. Josh Cleland's idea is a mask. You're generating crazy ideas but actually not following through these so the politics were dumb enough. I have to agree to do it with them. So you get the emails overnight because they come from usually Africa the Middle East India new wakeup in your email box if she had thirty to forty requests to submit a paper. Josh publishes a lot. He has well over two hundred legitimate publication so he gets about thirty to forty these day so he contacted acted all and I by email and said hey. I'm so sick of this crazy paper and I had a gap in my schedule so I started writing. Sent it to those guys they added. They're beautiful remarks to end. The we submitted it to the first request we had and it was published. So crazy joshes the impetus behind us so give if people that the nuts and bolts. What are the? What did the patient look like dead for five years repeated spinal manipulations and then poof? Like how would you describe it if you were going to present this as a legitimate intimate paper. Yeah so it's it's so full of garbage that it's really hard to describe it without somebody saying no. He's he's pulling our leg dead. Five years he met two clinical prediction rules. He centralized allies it. Low fear avoidance multiple subway stations. I mean we made up all this Baloney in a Oswestry of one hundred timed up and go the incident time. I'm because he couldn't get out of the chair. He was unresponsive. During the patient history silliness throughout the whole thing. We decided that a manipulation of only in one manipulation was needed but it would need to be repeated two hundred fifty times which is ridiculous at manipulation. One hundred seventy six. He started to see major changes his in his self reported disability quality of life and then he came back to life. Oh Man I gotta wipe my eyes right now. I'm tearing up a little bit. I mean it's just you riddled riddled with landmines. Anybody who who knew any of these words would say this. I mean it wasn't just one thing or a piece of data or data set this with this thing was stacked act completely stacked end so stacked we had a lawyer. Look at it to make sure that we weren't going to get in trouble. The lawyer wrote wrote back to US instead. This is the funniest thank I've ever read the lawyer sorted out. There's no way if this American we let it let ride so boom you guys get the email you put put together landmine ridden paper patient survives. Fantastic how long did it go from writing to submission to publication less than two weeks weeks that in fact we sent an email because the first thing they did is once they receive the The manuscript submission by email by anyway. They said we're GONNA need you to agree to pay four hundred and forty dollars. I wrote back and said no I. I don't agree to pay. That didn't hear from him and the next thing I know it was a complete copy edited. Final accepted publication. That they sent to me. That never requested the money again. I even emailed them as a courtesy and said hey was a fake paper. Probably WanNa pull it off your website. Nope they offered me a an editorial position after I sent him. You got a job. Yes wow even better so would love to break some news here. Are you going to be taking the position with that journal. No I politely declined. I think like my standards are a little too strict for that journal. What was the name of the Journal just because now I'm curious it was the archives of Women's health are something like that and that's another thing? Ah Our patient was male. Had nothing to do with the focus of the Journal. They were just looking for anything. But but now they're starting to use words that as you mentioned earlier ear which are difficult to sort out the archives of archives right there it sounds like it's legitimate true. That what they do is they target big-name journals they tweak the words a little bit so the an unassuming individual will think that they're actually dealing with that particular journal and we started going out for just pure math as you mentioned engine. Most of these things are in the lower income areas and email cost nothing. So if you send a thousand emails. You've you've likely copied and pasted an ask request and you're you're sitting there for a couple of hours you know. It's it's hard to blame the telemarketers when people are still ordering stuff when they pick up the phone so that's where we come back to full circle the dark side of pubmed and Predator journals. Talk that you're going to be given at. CSM Thursday January twenty fourth eight am and that's going to be in room. One fifty nine A and B You're going to be there with Lori. Michener Frederico Posey Julie Tilson let us know what we can learn there. What are we gonNA walk out of there knowing how to do? But you know you can get a blacklist and this is what Jeff reveals lists used to be in that would be a list of all the journals and all the predatory journals end the we've really strayed away from that because they're proliferating so quickly that it's almost impossible. I would've stay on top of that so we will be talking about white listing. What do you look for in a proper journal? Certainly one of the things. I'm GonNa talk about how it's impacted academia Daimyo at how sleazy academicians are actually using Predatory publishing the pad their CB's to get promoted and to get tenure and a a lot of universities are really struggling with this especially smaller universities. That really require a lot of teaching from their Field that this is their only way of going. We're going to talk a lot about the history of predatory publishing. We'll talk a little bit about some of the things that have happened including our particular thing that we did for fun but it has really done a nice job of pointing out how easy it is published in this particular area and we'll talk a little bit about fake news our Source Amnesia. And how overtime what you read aide Legitimate Journal and what you rate allows the Journal tends to have the same level of creative so we're trying to say our profession is evidence based and with the proliferation of predatory journals and Fash tag fake research. It's going to undermine what the thing that we're trying to build and unfortunately it is difficult and for good the reason to produce quality research and when it's out there you want to be able to find it. It looks like on a lot of different sides of the coin. Academics publishing people being duped into it or using it on purpose maliciously. It looks like is a giant giant problem as you mentioned only getting bigger. I am astounded by the number eight to ten thousand. But as you mentioned they're they're easy to create because they're made of air easy to get a deal I number and pretend you have a journal it's astounding just four or five years ago. It was six hundred and quickly huge problem. Anything else that you're looking forward to a 'em how do you pick what you what you go and you spend your time on in in terms of Presentations what do you look for. How do you pick so like you mostly do networking and you end up with so many people your schedule the me? It's it's the perfect time to do that because everybody is there. I like to target courses that it's a rare chance to actually see somebody speak so whether that's an overseas person that comes in or committee. It's a topic that I I don't normally see an end. Then I show up about forty five minutes before it actually starts to make sure that I can get that is hand because if you think it's interesting chances are with last last. CSM NEW ORLEANS. Seventeen thousand plus some of those rooms could get big and they can get overflowed. And if you're GONNA if there's something that you want really WanNa see and we suggest it's this often get there early as you as you just mentioned and yeah why first couple. CSM's do interviews out there. I'd reach out to people and they'd give me these these windows of time that were super small and I thought I was getting blown off and then go to. CSM's and you realize it might be a couple days but it's there. There are very few opportunities to actually do stuff because there are so many people when you want to be able to say hi in person agreed and the evening functions to are as strong as the day functions. There's very little sleep in that three four day period I say. CSM's four days of longest eight days in my life. Because you need a vacation when you get back from it. It feels like it's and it's a weekend of Vegas right if you're in a room or the Expo Hall. No windows no clocks. It feels like it's always daytime. I'm assuming the I cannot confirm or deny that they're pumping oxygen into the room to keep us awake. I don't know it could be. That's a good so again Dan. The dark side of pubmed predatory journals is going to be Thursday January. Twenty four eight to ten with Chad Cook Lori Michener for Rico Posey and Julie Early Tilson that's going to be in one fifty nine am be. I will say download the abt a APP because sometimes rooms change and they will be updated on the APP faster faster than the website rule looking forward to this. I think this is important and only going to get bigger as you mentioned being six hundred five years ago and now we're close it on ten K.. Hey this is something that we definitely need to put some effort into to make sure our profession doesn't get eroded parting shot last thing we do on the show. This is the parting shots. Take the parting. Shot is brought to you by rock tate. They're more than just a tape company. There are movement company. Rock tape helps athletes at every level. Go stronger longer. Her with the best kinesiology tape. Cutting education and fitness support products. Raw tape wants people to move more and move better. Find Them Online at rock tape dot com uh-huh slash medical. How about we do? The antithesis of Predatory Journal about the jam series have you you may have seen our opioid taper. That came out again suggests a the early access to PT Exposure. Just exposure doesn't even mean good care but just care by e t actually decreases downstream USA. Both few ice and that paper came out on Friday and Jemma Open. Hope everybody gets a chance to read that. We're starting to see enough information to suggest that early access. Access to PT really changes that healthcare utilization process and good way last question Zion Williams. Can she in fact jump over the backboard. It looks like he can clear the backboard. You probably saw him hit his head on the on the backboard it's insane. I can't believe the guy he is. He is a big big man. He's alive at a chance HE S. I saw them play eastern Michigan so I saw him in person. He's a beast. I know he's only here for one year but we're sure glad we got looking forward to uh to see and some more of that. Good Luck in the dance with Zion. He's a he's a big dance partner to have on your team doctor. Jack Cook from Duke University looking forward to seeing you at CSM. Thanks for taking the time not done with us. Hey thanks again for all of what you do and giving us the boys the PT podcast is a product of P podcast LLC it is hosted and produced by hi PT podcast CEO Jim McKay and Cbo Sky Donovan from Marymount University we talk pt drink beer and recorded this has been another poor four from the PT PODCAST PD. PODCAST is intended for educational purposes. Only no clinical decision making should be based solely on one source law care is taken to ensure accuracy factual errors can be present hasn't more on the show. PT PODCASTS DOT COM. All right sure they brought to you by the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning in Innovator and providing advanced post professional education education brooks. IHL offering continuing education courses in numerous.

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