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Sara Lee Kessler, Fox and Terry Mccreary discussed on Weekend Programming

"The fallen the voice of new york seven ten w o r an iheartradio station it's seventy four degrees at two o'clock good morning i'm james flippin one man is dead and another injured after a pane of glass felt a construction site manhattan yesterday morning police say the sixty seven year old security guard was moving the large glass panel at the central park tower on west fifty seventh street when it fell and pinned him a second worker who was helping him was injured sources say the glass panel was about ten feet by twenty feet and was being moved on the first floor when it fell a fifteen hundred fifty foot skyscraper one of the tallest in the country is under construction at the site polly cries men for seven ten w r a tragic accident in the bronx left the little boy dead sevenyearold chevron buffet was riding a motorized scooter when he was hit in the fordham heights section by an mta bus the driver remained at the scene reports indicate he might have had the green light in brooklyn three people were injured result of a car crash the began when rowdy revellers stepped off a party boat friday night and started a brawl eventually led the gunfire authorities say the boat docked at the brooklyn army terminal near fifty eighth street around eleven o'clock when someone fired off a shot a few minutes later cops gave chase to a reckless driver who sped away from the scene before plowing into a car carrying several passengers near east eighth street officers fired shots near the disorderly driver who was treated for an injured finger i'm terry mccreary for seven ten w are in the nation's capital the happy sounds of a family reunited joshua of utah was jailed in venezuela for nearly two years returned home to the united states after being held on what us officials have called trumped up charges while overjoyed to have him home his mother lori holt told fox news that her son is sick and in need of medical attention despite temperatures exceeding ninety degrees on saturday an ice skating rink opened on new york's governor's island it's called mel's rank and is an eight thousand square foot arena with views of the statue of liberty you can't be that and it'll stay open through the end of october in case you're wondering the ice won't melt because it's not real it's synthetic made of high density plastic polymer i'm sara lee kessler for seven ten w o r the brooklyn.

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