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Muses: Loretta Lynn - Part 1


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Muses: Loretta Lynn - Part 1

"And Mindy Bear, listening to rock and roll archaeology. Pantheon podcasts presents. From Toronto Canada. Muses! With your hosts. Shanty and links. The podcast that celebrates the women are rock and roll. Interviews. Stories. And Fabulous Bond. So. Grab those backstage passes and that's get to our show. Hello and welcome to muses I'm Sean T and I am links. And this is the podcast that is about women in music. All about the dolls, the women the group is the wives. The musicians themselves the photographers journalists. We cover everything here and we love it for those who might be new welcome. And for those who might be like the dolls, what are you talking about? who were the dolls? Do you WanNa explain maybe for some newcomers who the dolls are. Oh Jeez. Oh Jeez well. For me, the dolls just represent all of the women in music in general that we have such a connection to. And of course there's the other dolls that were a part of which is Miss Pamelas Group of women, and how many of us are, there must be like over hundred at this point. We're all over spread all over the world. Yeah and yeah, it's just this ever-growing connection of incredible women and women who love music and women who participate in one way or another and Yeah, just a beautiful groupie dog community. Awesome. That's a great way to explain it and Miss Pamela debar. Who who we were talking about has recently interviewed Alice Cooper so. You'll want to head over to her podcast Pamela Bars Pajama Party also on the Pantheon podcast network, and you're gonNA. Want to check out everything that she's put out to date in watch out for that. Alice Cooper episode. It's going to be an amazing one. Oh, I can't wait to hear it. She really influenced him and his look. The GTO's did so. I'm sure they're going to have a great discussion. 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Thank you to all of our patriotic members and we have a couple of new ones, too. Yes, so we want to welcome kate. Want to welcome Ellen and we want to welcome the mysterious library fine. I don't know who you are library fine protocol. Jelly you. Yes, yeah. We really appreciate all the support that we get from you guys through Patriot Fan through instagram's through everything we, we love hearing from you all and yet keep coming and I've been told by our team that they do like it. When you do and you could be so kind to leave us a nice review. We would really appreciate it. Without further is a hassle firm. Do Oh, yes, let's talk about the farm so I have been living out in the country for about two weeks now, and it's amazing. It is restful. It is wonderful being out in nature, and the cats are really happy. There's lots of things being built here. There's always something. Something to do I just hung some fresh laundry up on the line today. Just live in that country dream. Yeah pretty much were currently fixing up a nineteen seventy-two airstream land yacht trailer, so were hanging out a summer out there I'm in a house in the house recording right now, but when I'm not working inside outside. Just yeah, fixing up trailer, things or reading or having a fire things like that and we don't have any running water out in the trailer so when I have to do dishes I well water, and I said outside, and I do my dishes, so you know I'm Kinda, sitting pretty close to the ground, and it just feels really. Feels great feels pretty basics I guess. Yeah, we were talking on our last Patriot on about how you have family that are kind of country folk and you always spent summers there, and this sounds very much like a pullback to your childhood and visiting them and I. Know How much that meant to you, so it's great to see you enjoying yourself out there and enjoying the sun, and just fixing up that trailer. It looks really great so far oh. Thank you. Yep! I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for living out in the country and this kind of inspired this episode I wanted to take the opportunity. Opportunity to get to know a little bit of country music, a little bit more I wanted the opportunity to listen to some really good country music. It's funny because we'll alternate bid to clean the Oldies, and then some new country and the same kind of ten new country songs play on the radio. We kind of know them off by hard at this point, but yeah, there's something really special about that pretty raw stuff that you're going to hear a lot of in this episode. So this episode is about the one and only. Loretta Lynn. I've been really looking forward to hearing about her. Because I honestly don't know that much. Much I do remember watching the movie like many many moons ago and I can't really fully remember it I remember it being worthwhile, though but I feel like this is like the perfect time for you to be doing Loretta, and it makes perfect sense that this kind of came together at this moment and yeah. I'm pumped. Will good I think as I do the episode? You'll probably remember the movie, So the movie was based on the book and this book is is what this episode was taken from, and the book is called coal. Miner's daughter. The book came out in Nineteen, seventy, five, which I was surprised because it was. Was the book is sold out on a lot of the you know. The Indigo Amazon's wherever you can find your books so I. got it. I got the e version, and then I watched the movie after I finished the Brooklyn the episode and that movie came out in Nineteen Eighty starring Sissy Space AC and Loretta. Lynn handpicked Sissy to play her sec- followed runaround around for a year. Her Tommy Lee Jones plays Laura's 's husband. Do the movie holds up I really like movies from the eighties as well. That was all you know. I tend to really enjoy movies to before all of the green screens and CGI annoying. I tend to like the pace of those movies a little bit better, so t, Jane I watched together, and he's a pretty harsh critic, but he really liked the movie as well. Yeah, I mean back then. You really had to rely on story a lot more. It's not like Oh. Look at this thing exploding in the background. Right like it was the story that brings you in, so it makes that makes perfect sense and I agree with you. Yeah there's a scene in the movie where the really? Kinda old fashioned classic train comes towards them. They're standing there. Standing at the train station in the you know. The coal train come comes up, and the steam is coming up and it was just so cool to see that like you never see that I don't even know even if you did a movie now about the nineteen forties and fifties I don't know if they'd really got that, they'd be able to get that kind of thing again. It was just awesome but I'll make the comparison between the Book and the movie as we get. Get into a little bit more The book was released in two thousand ten, and then the Loretta gave a little bit of a little extra at the beginning, talking about some things that she had done since the book came out nineteen seventy five, so one thing to keep in mind if I say maybe some like statistics about her that I learned from the book, keep in mind that if she got more awards after that this book came out nineteen, Seventy Five, and then I'll give you a rundown of what happened after the book. Up until now in her career, but if things are like, oh no, she got more than that or she actually one more. It's just because I'm taking at the time. And that makes sense perfect. Yeah! Alright, so we're GONNA. Talk about we're going to begin by talking about Loretta 's early life and one thing that people might not know about her. That's pretty interesting to just say. Right off. The Bat is that her musical career came much later on in her lifetime, compared to many other musicians that we've talked about in the past and so there's a lot of episode here. That is just her life. Before becoming the Country Music, Star Loretta Lynn. Perfect can't wait good, so we're going to go to go back to Loretta Web. That's her maiden name growing up in butcher. Holler now. One thing that I thought was interesting, so butcher Holler was in the mountains of Kentucky, and she'd discussed the connection between Irish music and country music when I was listening to the country music lately even on these new radio stations they do mention a lot. Kentucky is in a lot of their songs. interesting so I think if you would've asked me before like where country music originate like I probably would have been like I. Don't know if you somewhere in the south, but I mean being Canadian, as well I think that learning these things we've kind of have to had gotten a little bit of somewhat of an education geographically where music has come from I. Don't know absolutely anyways. mother sang a lot as did. Loretta 's Mother's twin sister and it was his mother who taught her how to sing. Singing was a family thing and Laura's sister crystal sings on her own tours and her sister. Peggy sue does harmony with her, but Loretta was one of the oldest ones of of her siblings, so they came a little bit after her, so Loretta was raised with seven other children and was. The oldest yet. Why Ash. And since you know, she was close to the oldest, she was really had a responsibility in taking care of the children as well. Like team effort, right. She's like village. It certainly takes a village in this village was called. Butcher Holler Yeah. She was happy to be surrounded by family and at the time that she wrote the book in a she had kids and grandkids, and she said that her house was like grand. Central Station. After many years of touring and everything you know. Thought. It was important that The readers know before getting into the book that she's her own cook. She does her own gardening. She plans her own vegetables and she pickles those vegetables. Living you know eventually kind of settling in on this ranch in Hurricane Mills Tennessee. There's actually a museum there, and you can go online to Kentucky. Country Music Dot Com Lincoln in the show notes, and you can get a behind the scenes look at the Loretta, Lynn Ranch, and so if links. We were to ever go back to Tennessee again. We could actually go and visit. If we wanted to. The so cool. Got To do another road trip sometime. after fifty two top ten hits, sixteen number one hits, and of course this is an seventy five I said the these members could have changed and being in the music industry for over fifty years. She says it's still her fans that matter most of all. Yeah like I said she grew up in put your hyler, she grew up poor and says in some ways. That was the best part of my life learning how to survive. She said that, even though she's got a million dollars in the bank, she could survive being poor again. So Luck I checked Loretta Lynn's network. And is a little bit more than one million dollars. As most sixty five million dollars. Oh my goodness. Wow, yeah, so here are some other facts about Loretta. She was married when she wasn't even quite fourteen years old why? Yes she had. We'll get into that in more detail. She had four babies by the time she was eighteen, and she was a grandmother at twenty nine Oh my goodness so her husband pretty much said like I raised you the way I wanted you to be. And she went from her father to her husband at age thirteen and so basically yeah, she was raised by her husband. My. God, Wow. She put out a song nine hundred and seventy-five called the pill. something. She did not have in her day and if they did, she said. I'd have been swallowing them like popcorn. We are very lucky to have a the pill. So no surprise, the man who ran the radio station. It's the at the time banned from being played. Wow, but we've got some story to get to before their. When Loretta eventually got to Nashville. This is just a little bit about country music. People called her and people who kind of saying the same kind of music. She did hillbilly singers, and hardly gave country music respect, and so she seen country music. Go uptown and she's proud that she was there when it happened In terms of writing, the spunk shows. It wasn't like writing a song when she had an idea for a song, she scribbles it down on anything that's handy and then sings until the words. Give her a song. She says. People say I can't read or write because I've only got about a fourth grade education. But I can read and write. Some I'm not pretending I know how to write a book, not even a book about me. She used an assistant writer and I know many people. Do I know what they used what she could Use a lesson in Miss Peas writing. Class. Yes and Actually Miss P.. I don't. I think we can say the name, but like just. In case I would double check with her, maybe on a part to it and say it. We'll see but miss. P. is actually being an assistant writer for someone and I think the book is going to be huge huge. Oh, yeah, can't wait. I can assist you writers. They are important. You know and yeah, hearst writer, all like USA live in Kentucky. He visited the coal mines, and he speaks her language. He also traveled with her for a year and has been to butcher Holler so. She told him that's George. We're GONNA have us a hardback book. doggone right? It's going to be a good book. Anything I go at I. Go at it hard because I only do what I want. It's going to be the best book about country music because I don't take no seconds OF HER ATTITUDE! Oh wait till you just. She's incredibly so this book called Coal Miner's daughter is also the name of her biggest song till Loretta, but you're holler where she grew up is the most important part of her life. She said the butcher. Holler may be the most backwards part of the country. She's ever seen and she's seen the whole country. She says that she's the most backward person you ever saw. She says I never knew where babies came from until it happened to me, so she's got a great sense of humor. She's really really smart, and she's Hilarious, so let's kick things off by playing coal miner's daughter. Daughter. Anna! Kavan! On Your The we had. That the one thing that that made sure. Shovel call. Four man! All Day All Right, so Loretta actually starts her sets off with that song because if she doesn't people just Kinda. Yell for it and requested the whole waiting for it. I just get it out of the way and it i. that's the smart. Yeah, so growing up in the mountains of your Holler were probably in Kentucky were probably just as you might imagine if you can imagine it. Loretta never rode in an automobile until she was twelve years old and the first time she saw a toilet with running water was just before she got married. Wow! She says that Holler people are just different than anyone else. They live up in the hills one day at a time. She has relatives who have never been ten miles away in their whole lives, and they're beautiful people in their own way. You know people talking you know people now and I mean I've even said it today talking about getting back to simpler times right, but she says Holler people are already there. They know how to patch their houses and grow their gardens, and they're going to have the last laugh on everybody self sufficient absolutely. When Loretta was little, the next big city was called Van Leer and I don't know how long ago was in the two thousands Loretta got together with Jack White, and they made an album that won a grammy, and it's called Van Leer rose. So that's the year in Van Leer rose comes from van. Leer was five miles away. Goal camp with rows of wooden houses they rented to minors. There were around ten thousand people living there in the good times they had a post office and company stores where you paid for your things in script, and if you went into debt, she says just like the song says you sold your soul to the company store there. Vying. She says that she didn't know too much about prejudice. Growing up in butcher Holler because they didn't know much about anything they're both white and black. People worked in the minds, but the black miners had to live separately. And by the time, Loretta was a well known country musician. She did have a better understanding of racism when she started to have her eyes opened up to the world a little bit, and this is one example of how she handled it in her career in nineteen, seventy two, she was up for the award for best female singer, and she was to collect her award on national television Charley Pride a black singer and musician who became the best selling performer for RCA. RCA records Elvis handed her. The Wo- handed her the award when she won so ahead of time, people warned her not to kiss Charlie if she won because previous to that a girl singer, they didn't say her name was canceled after giving a pack to a black friend on television, but when Loretta want, she gave him a big hug and kiss on live television because she loved him. She loves his music and she also didn't give a shit. What anyone thought? She says you know what nobody canceled on me in. If they had fine at have gone home to my babies and cans, some string beans, and the heck with them all on my God I love her. Yeah, so we're kind of getting to know her a little bit so butcher Holler mountain people were very shy people growing up there. They would kind of hide clam up. If any strangers came up to visit or to any kind of business or anything like that, their uncles made moonshine. People were Pretty Independent. They raised chickens and hogs, corn and berries, and they didn't have the newspaper or really radios to listen to the news. Can you imagine that? It's no I can't. The first time a car went up to her house was actually doolittles and doolittle little would become her husband, and they would remain married until his death in nineteen ninety-six. Yes, she married very young, and they stayed married. Wow, so do little came courting her in his jeep. This red jeep and she says it's about the same as ever up in butcher, Holler. Her fans have visited the old house and she says to get. Get there. You have to ask directions because there's no signs. And she said that some day she would put her old bed and everything in her museum, and since this was a nineteen seventy five I. It's possible, but it's all of their. You know if you go to that museum that all her stuff from her old houses there and then actually on the property. 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Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me with over one hundred million downloads. This five star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play. Download best beans free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best scenes. When Loretta would go up to visit her family afterwards, nobody ever treated her differently, which is a little bit different than some of the other stories that we've heard of the one that comes to mind is Ronnie Spector. Her family really changed. They relied on her for a lot of things when she got famous, but it really doesn't seem that way with Laura's family. She also never paved the road up to put your Holler. Holler even though people said that she should have the so that fans and people could get up easier, but you know what she's the one who put butcher Holler up on the map and she knew her father wouldn't have liked it paved, and she said I waited out of the mud when I left. Put Your Holler and when I go back to visit I. Wade through the mud again. They don't need no pavement. She sounds so down to Earth. Yeah. Babies were delivered in their homes back in those days, and when Loretta was born, an eighty year old blind woman delivered her. Her father sell. She just knew by the touch of her fingertips exactly. Exactly how to deliver a baby. Her father had to sell his milk, cow, old Goldie and pay thirty five dollars to have aunt Harriet come in stay two weeks with her mother when she was born. Loretta grew up in a one room cabin, and it was made out of logs. The cracks were filled in with clay. The walls were papered with sears, catalogs and movie magazines. She was actually named after Loretta. Young WHO's picture hung above her crib Oh. Wow! Yeah Loretta was born on. April Fourteenth Nineteen thirty two. She believes horoscopes, and she was born the year of the Ram, so she's headstrong and doesn't like it when people tell her what to do. Interesting I don't even know what you're I was born, do you? Born! I was born the year of the Dragon. I'd have to look that up I'm the dragon that makes me I'm not really sure fiery fierce fears. Okay, let's Talk About Loretta as parents will begin with his father. He unfortunately died at only fifty one years old. He suffered from years of working in the mine and again. Unfortunately, he passed away before Loretta, even started singing. Oh, no, let's through bad. Bad Yes, even still Loretta feels like her father was the most important person in her life. She another one who is super connected to POPs Oh. Yeah, she had fourteen years of him, giving her love and security, and really taught her to have respect for herself, and to stand up for herself. Love it in the movie coal miner's daughter. The father is played by Lebron Helm Oh. Cool. Oh, yeah. He's really cute and I didn't even realize that he was actually such a good actor. I didn't realize that it was Leon home until after meteorologist Oh. Okay, he did a good job. Yeah, a worst feelings. In Loretta Life was leaving her father to go out west and she didn't see him right before he died, and it still pains her. So her father's name was Melvin Web, but everyone called him Ted. He was smaller man, but five foot, eight and one hundred seventeen pounds, and he was shy. But he could fix anything he could make anything and you pretty much had to do. Everything yourself up in the haulers, or you die so very self sufficient. His parents lived in butcher Holler, and they were one of the first families that settled up there. His Grandmother Was Cherokee and so Loretta says that that makes her a quarter Cherokee, and that was something that she was always very proud of her father didn't have much education. Education, but he could read and write a little bit. When he was twenty. He met Laura's mother. They courted for two years and then they got married. They built their house themselves right after the depression. Yeah, they began having children eight, all four boys, four girls. Her father was more easy going than her mother. Her Mother did most of the correcting. He only got angry. If someone as she puts, it would smart off at Mommy. He was always home like if he wasn't working, he was at home. He didn't have any bad habits. He was always teasing and a Nice Way and Loretta took note of the Nice way that he treated her mother, and she always wanted to be treated in that same way by a man. That's good did that actually happen will get into that. Detail as we move on, he worked on the roads a few days a week and he also worked in his big garden and patched up the house, and they did that to get through the Depression for Clothing Loretta war flour sacks that her mom sewed up as dresses boom imagine that flour sacks sewed up as dresses. This was like a very popular thing back. Then I think especially in the twenties I think it started because of the depression right, yeah! One time. That you have. Oh totally and they were like the same thing with the animals that they oughtn't killed and ate and everything. One time, she was gifted, a really pretty blue dress with pink flowers, and she took such good care of it, but one day they're hog, snatched it and shoot it to bits. So that's life with with Ping that's. When the depression got better, her father bought a house with four rooms. And then this is the one that you see in the movie and in the pictures and the one that has the replica in Tennessee that's when he began working as a coal miner, so my father worked in the mines and Soda My grandfather, and I'm from a mining town It's actually called the big nickel. It was not an easy profession at all. And I could tell later on I. Don't know where I was with my dad, but there were these paintings somewhere, or you know I think it was paintings that the miners had or the man who had been a minor had painted about you know his struggles, and probably didn't call it this time, but now I've come to know it as PTSD and I think it kind of I could tell that it stirred something up in my dad as well and whenever he would go away for work. My mom would always be like so worried. And she'd have a really hard time eating, and then as soon as he walked in the door, she'd like eat for days. Not An easy profession now, and it was probably even worse than anyways. His knees would be ripped up every day for from crawling but he never lane, and then if you would've have wore kneepads than his back would've been all scraped up. And so Loretta says. Yeah that. He kept his family alive by breaking his own body down. men would often get killed in accidents and explosions, and like I mentioned earlier, her dad's suffered from high blood, pressure and Migraines that would make him cry he. Be So many like underlying health issues with people who have that profession that you know we don't even know about. Not to mention black lung and they didn't even know about that then really. And so yeah, when he liked couldn't work anymore. They were just like oh well. Sorry. So. They really didn't know that was thing back. Then and I think all of those factors were a huge part in his pretty young death threats. I'm. Only owned their first radio when she was eleven. So, they especially loved. The radio program called the Grand Ole opry direct from Nashville. Tennessee and Laurent Remember Molly O'Day as the first woman singer that she remembers hearing. This is what Loretta says about her mother I quote. The most beautiful woman in the world, a red headed Irish girl was her mother and half Cherokee was her father, so mommy's one quarter Cherokee with blue eyes and coal black hair. So, like I said kind of that Cherokee heritage is on both sides of the family, and that's something that Loretta was very proud of when always wanted to know more about. So loretto always wanted to be as beautiful as her mother, but she says that she never made it never made it to be as beautiful as her mother, but you can look back at the videos of Loretta singing and everything, and she so charismatic, and she is really beautiful in her own way and. Yeah absolutely so read. His mother was named Clara, but everyone called her clary just like everybody Colorado Ready. She discusses his the trail of tears up where they live named after the time, the US government made the most made most of the Cherokee nation. Leave the mountains. In World War One Loretta Smother learned. Pretty much had a doctor her whole family. When she was still young, she didn't get the fever, but when she was five and spent weeks running water to cool off her entire family, so at five years old, her mother kind of took care of her whole family for a little while solar at his grandmother died, when Laura's mother was six, and then so she was on her own a lot, she she took care of other people's kids. She picked berries. She would sell them. Her mother really took care of people. She knew how to treat burns cold cuts, and would put out literal fires like when Loretta Dress on fire after she was sitting too close to the stove. Loretta mob, a t for every occasion, met of roots and herbs. She drank coffee and smoked, but never let her kids do either of those things. I'm going to read you a little bit hearer about what it was like to smart off to Mommy, and just kind of her dad would say okay, so I still got into my share of trouble with. Mommy I hated to wash dishes and do anything to get out of it I even hit the dirty dishes under the kitchen cabinet. One Time Mommy found out and cracked me over the head with a broomstick. Daddy saw this and said to her no wonder she don't have no sense at the time. Good Ole Daddy always sticking up for his little girl. You won't believe this, but it wasn't. Until after I was married. That I figured out. Daddy wasn't exactly praising his little girl. Oh well I mean I. Guess. It's nice that she can. Turn it into a funny story. Exactly him. After lettuce, father died, her mother moved to Indiana. Remarried I believe it was his first cousin and like I guess that's just a thing like it might sound weird to us, but it was like just the thing that they did. They knew him he was a good man. They trusted him and. She ended up working at a home for children with special needs. Her bosses would say that nobody can heal a child like she can. And apparently she could also read the coffee grounds to tell your future and had an extra sensory perception. Yeah she's pretty special woman. As a child, Loretta was mischievous, always fighting with her brothers. She liked to draw attention to herself so whatever she had done. The kids always forgave her. So the first born in her family was Melvin than it. Was Loretta Herman J Lee Peggy Sue Betty Ruth Donald Ray and I just saw the names her so cute. So the oldest and the youngest of the siblings were fifteen years apart. She'd help out her aunt with her children, and sometimes in the winter you would go three months without seeing anyone but your family, so you tend to get pretty close. She used to sleep on a pallet until she was nine and she would sleep in a room with all of her siblings, but her mother didn't want her sleeping in the same room as all of her brothers when she got about nine years old, so she moved into her parents room into a regular bed until the day she was married. Now No, it seems Kinda strange since. We're. Not GonNA address. But like just in case, let's just. Movie Atta there. Oh. No. So for meals. Sometimes they only had bread dipped in gravy or as a treat, coal miners steak, which is actually Baloney. They ate opossums, squirrels, and squirrel with gravy and biscuits. You know I wouldn't be surprised if my family back in you know in the day would shoot a possums. Cook them up, you know. I mean I guess that's what you did that. You know you gotta eat. Yep They used all parts of the animals, the intestines, the brains, the feet everything, and then they'd take what was left mix so bad of it. She tells a really funny story about a copperhead snake, and how careful you had to be around there. Her Dad actually had a pet snake. It was a black snake that would crawl up from the floorboards during dinner and he'd feed it, and then it would call back down and one time even crawled into bed with Jay Lee and one day when he was at work, her mother killed it with an axe because she didn't wanNA snake crawling in with her baby. Her, Dad was sad that he lost his little buddy. This little black snake shoes just protecting the baby's. Stomach chopping up a snake. So read. It really started singing when she would take care of the babies She would take them out to rock them on the porch. Sing to them. And once she was talking to her baby brother Jay LE- Her dad said that she was going to ruin his ears by singing so loud, but she loved singing loud. She talked about some of her interesting uncles, who made moonshine and went to jail for various things again. Book to get the kind of film detail on that, but it was one of her uncles that had heard her from singing up in the mountains, and said that she should really keep going with that and sounded really nice pro for Loretta schooling days. Way To make Laura's mother mad was to say that her children didn't have education. They did, but. Really, they could only get up to about grade four in butcher Holler I think there was the down in Van. Leer would go a little bit after that, but in the school and Van Leer had a teacher forever great, but for Loretta. It was one teacher from grades one to eight. So Loretta. Didn't have her driver's license for a long time because she was scared of taking the reading tests, but a public official she knew helped her get her license eventually, and it was kind of inspired by the Jaguar sports car that do gave her for Christmas in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety four, when she eventually got her license terms of the education that she did get, she was able to write out her own letters to disc jockeys and fans, and they said it was like she made up her own language because she'd write out. Words like remember is she did eventually get? Those letters the woman who helped take care of her children had two years of college experience and would help her right out postcards so. Good to her fans should send out six thousand postcards every winter. Her kids would even lick the stamps and she says she believes she should thank them. If they took the trouble to write a for sure, that's so cool. but back in the day they usually have six or seven teachers a year. It was really hard for the teachers to stick around. The kids gave them a really hard. A really hard time Loretta said that they were mean, and she was mean she was a mean kid, and there are a lot of meeting kids, but they're all kind of mean to each other unless they were. Growing up tough. Yup Loretta never had any boyfriends until do little came along. She was too busy fighting with boys to be interested in them. When she got older and school, she got a job going to school early to start the fire, she got paid a dollar a month show so cleaned erasers and did odd jobs. She went to school up to eighth grade and she liked eighth grade so much that she did it again, so she says bill forget wasn't any ninth grade. And even though they went to eighth grade since it was like only one schoolhouse, it really was only like getting up to fourth grade. So, however, that work, yeah, but she also liked school is there was singing there and the school house doubled as a church on Sundays raw so? That Laura's mom getting mad. People said that she didn't have an education. She'd be like Loretta. You did so well in school, but one of the red is various. Odd Jobs was helping the teacher right at the report card, so Loretta gave herself as. Oh my God. That's like a dream job for any kid at school. Loretta says that when people ask her what kind of music they same. They sang back in eastern Kentucky in those days. She says well. It was our own music. Most of their songs told a story you could. You could tell me that there's the old fashioned way. People had of telling the news so before newspapers and radio They passed on legends by singing them. She says that most. Most country songs are ballads, and they're like singing songs about people for example like getting killed. Most of the songs were learned from friends and family not on the radio because they didn't have the radio until she was eleven, but the first song that she can remember. Hearing was a song by Ernest Tubb and Ernest Tubb has a cameo in the coal miner daughter Coal Miner's daughter movie. cool. Yeah, there's an another little interesting story that all mention why not sap Assad is going to be a two parter, so we're GONNA. Make space for these funny little stories, and it's about when butcher Holler finally got a better, the doctor used to make house calls and during snowstorms, the doctor had a friend named doolittle Lynn. who had a mule that used to take the dock up into the mountains and a fun fact about this is that the mule was blind. Why everyone blind? I. Don't know I guess they have your hines of perception or other kinds of sentences that they use so it makes them better at their job. I like how even with people and animals like you said like they use everything. To the most of their ability, right Ya you gotTa Blind Mules not like just run them up mount. Exactly. A blind women helping women give birth hey. Scott her hands right so. Yeah! Use everything has used I like it. So talk would go up. To the school, he would give the kids or typhoid shots and Loretta would always be one of the first volunteer she go first and say see it. Don't hurt. So Loretta really did like attention and she was really tough, and the doctor actually helped ready to deliver her first two babies, Dr, and doolittle remained friends for years, and the Reta says Dr Doolittle like to drink and talk about that old blind mule until two of them were about as blind as the mule. The RETA. Loretta really gives growing up in butcher. Holler a lot of credit for her music because she says I don't think we could play our kind of country music. If we didn't come from little places like Holler. And on that note, we are going to listen to the song. You're looking at country. With all the country. Founder of good old, No Paul And the. What you the? Difference. Don't see no city when you look. Called the country. WHO. AM The born yards. Good one. Mike. You're looking at me. You're looking at country. Okay, let's get into Loretta. Is relationship with her husband doolittle? She met him at the little school importer. Holler and she was just kid. He was a grown man twenty one years old. If you WANNA consider that a grown man, she says he was a grown man, but he was twenty one. He already fought in World War Two and had worked in coal mines around the country, so he had A. A bit more of a worldly education than she did right and I'll just say right off the bat that know her parents were not happy about this, so it's not like they were just like Oh cool and like. It's not that it was like. No, that's how it was in in in the time like it was normal for thirteen year. Olds like no, that was still young, even for for then. The interesting Yep Yep. Okay so I'm going to read what she says about doodle. In most ways do has been a good husband. He's worked hard all his life to get things for me and the kids I don't want to say he's never fooled around or gotten drunk or whipped me into line a little, because that ain't the truth. There were plenty of bad moments in our marriage, but I've always respected my husband's common sense when he's traveling with me. I know things are going to work more smoothly, because do. Is there supervising things? I feel safe when he is around Yeah. So, she says interesting. That's why I got mad when people make remarks about my husband. If it wasn't for doolittle, there would be no career I wouldn't have started singing in the first place, and I wouldn't have had the inspiration for some of my best songs in the second place, and I never could have run my business so in a real sense do little is responsible for everything. Everything we've got. Let's get that straight away. They were a team in that respect they were they were in regards to writing autobiography. doolittle wanted Loretta to tell the truth about the relationship I think she went a little easy on them and when I saw the movie there, he was portrayed as a bit more brutal in the movie than she portrayed him in the book. Now I don't. Don't know if because she's written a second book after this and I think maybe she got into more of the details of the marriage, so maybe it's somewhere in between those two things you know. He did work hard all of his life. He didn't just sit around and like allow her yet payment. Be Like God have to work again. He was always working. He spent half of the. The year running the ranch, and then he spent the other half like running her road show, so he was always the life of the party, and she's just like you know. He can get away with more from her than she can get away from him, so he could really kind of make an themself, but she always kind of had to be a little bit better behaved yeah. He did begin with this kind of like father daughter relationship, dynamic and it always kind of remained for them. Yeah, so they met at A. It's weird. Look like it's weird. Happened like fucking thirteen years old. Just, just giving you the facts here. They met at a social at a pie social. Pie Social all it, so it's an event where the whole town goes to probably the school that doubled as the church that doubled as a community center. All of the young girls bake a cake and the cake. I mean Pie. And then the pies get bid on by the boys in the town. And then they spend the next half an hour, hanging out and eating the Pie seems weirdly sexual on I. Guess it kind of is. Interesting it is that's what it is so read. It also sang in the talent show. She was also when the beauty contest and also in the cakewalk and you know there weren't that many kids to participate, so she was in everything. Yeah, so one of event events was the pie bidding. If you if paid the most for the pie, you got the girl and so the right one, the beauty contest because it was also a bidding in whichever girl the most money on the bid won the contest, and so do in his soldier uniform bid on Loretta he paid a lot of money for her. He opened somebody else. He spent five dollars on her Pie Witch Used salt instead of sugar shows in a very good cook at the time. And I looked it up. It's like the equivalent of seventy two dollars today, so he spent like seventy dollars pie yeah. Yup He walked her home that night, she refused to get into his jeep I'm not going home and that. If you want to accompany me home, you, will you walk with me, so he did, and he kissed her good night, and as he walked home like his head on a tree branch got a bloody nose and. He was in love. So her mother heard about the beauty contest and the pie bidding, and when she heard that doolittle one Loretta she was not happy, because she thought he was too old for her what she was and he had a bad reputation, and she said he's the wildest thing around. You can't go with him. Read nodded her head, but she was already thinking about the next time he'd come around again. Their families had log in common they were. Were both familiar with coal mining, their families came from similar places for work after fought in the war, doolittle hauled milk on mule, and since he was already doing that, he would also hall moonshine where he got his nickname moony from do got up to his first year in high school, and then his father left for work, and he didn't come back, and so he was kind of responsible for his mother, and his nine siblings chooses. So many babies. Yeah so for the night they met, he just kept hanging around his house and This is really weird for Christmas. He bought her a doll and he said that he was going to marry her. And by next Christmas they'd have a real live doll. She had a life show. Talking about of course because she's a kid I know. So her mother was still opposed, so it was her father. They were so opposed to this that sent Loretta off to live with her aunt, but do little, found her and picked her up in his jeep and took her home, and then I guess the parents. They were just like all right. There's nothing we can do about this and they started going out on dates. Her mother kept telling her she was too young to get married. But Loretta was persistent, and not too long after they started dating. Do asked her to get married and Laura yes. Oh Man! Her Dad cried all night. When he was told of the marriage, and but you know he didn't. Stop them either I. Don't know if there was much that he could have done, and but her mom did her. This is something you'll regret for the rest of your life. And so there were times when Loretta thought that her mother was right and times when she knew that her mother was wrong, so her mother let her get married because she said Loretta. And acted older than her age, and there was no use in arguing sold right and do got married on January tenth. She said that she was the ugliest bride you ever saw. Because she was wearing her on stress. That fell below her knees. She didn't even have or know about rings until later in her life when men would start hitting on her shows and be like well. You don't have no ring and she'd be like. Oh okay I guess I should get one. When they got married, do wrote down his name. Is Oliver Veneta Lynn and the right I was like who's that because? She thought that little was his real name. Oh my goodness. Eldorado writes about the wedding night as being like. Fake Not Great, but yeah, she write about it as being as brutal as the movie played it out to be so Loretta thought that her parents got her by turning over a cabbage leaf. Had they got my God. They didn't tell her anything about bound. No, she didn't know anything. And so do's Mother Got Loretta Count as a gift and she'd like never had one before, so she put it over her clothes like nothing was explained to her, and so they had sex that night, and she says that she just kind of lied there. She says that back then. Sex didn't mean much to her. She had picked up that kind of old woman attitude. Attitude of sex was fun for men, but not for women so doolittle got some sex books for her to read, and it wasn't until she was older that she even started enjoying it, so it was clear doctor in her twenties explained to her how she could have an orgasm, or as she called it how you can help yourself the movie. Actually this might bring back memories for you of watching it, but the movie on their wedding night depicted a rape because. Maybe nine hundred eighty they didn't call it that but sissies space playing Loretta vs yelling no the whole time. A little bit different than she says in the book but again. You know if Loretta had any kind of power over the movie. Maybe that had. Maybe, they did that for dramatic effect. Maybe that is really what happened I'm not sure I have read the second book. Yeah, four months into goddess marriage. She went to the doctor because she was feeling sick. She was just doctor I'm just I'm having trouble. I'm not feeling well and the dock examiner and said honey you're trouble is at. You're pregnant and Loretta didn't even know what pregnant. But said I can't have nobody. But you know you. Like, you're married and you're sleeping with your husband, so you're pregnant and used to tell her mom that she didn't want to rock babies no more because that's what she would do for her siblings and cousins and air, she was about to have one of her own a real life doll by next. Christmas, while just said. Jacket what he wanted. Just exactly Loretta admits that she was too young to be living with a man. Do had been with other women before they got married when she was two months pregnant. He sent her to live with her parents because she believed he wasn't happy with her and wanted to be with a few other women. She sucked at cooking. So you know if a way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Loretta was in trouble at work. You know after work when I came home from the minds if he didn't like what Loretta had cooked. Just throw it out over the porch, but she's. You Know Loretta. Put an end to do little's affair by writing a letter to the woman that he was with saying that he was married, and she better knock it off and Loretta even wrote a song about a woman who was making is with. Do Little on tour, and so you know the right. It was very much, not possessive, but she was like he's my husband. She was always like that. She kinda stood up for herself in that sense, right from the beginning, and then took that into her career and so I think we should play the song called Fist City I love it. You've been making your bags around town. I love and bomb. But the man! When he picked. He puts it in a garbage can. And what? Better Close Your Business that the move away. If you don't WanNa, go to this city. Did. You better be around my house. YEAH SO FIST CITY! You know song letting women know that they were going to get a mouthful. So great I love it all. Yeah, all right. We're going to wrap up part one here a year after they got married, do moved them to Washington for his work, even though he had promised his father that he wouldn't take her out of town, soulread, his dad cried as he put her on the train. It was her first time leaving town, but there she learned how to cook because they lived with a few other people that do little was working with. She had her baby and she honestly thought that. If you wanted a boy, you got a boy and if you wanted to grow, maybe you got a baby. So? We were shocked to know about anything else. They were surely surprising. Yeah, she was shocked when they had a girl. Because do little had like like those men in those times you know, I wanNA, son, carry on my name and all that, but they had a daughter, and they named her betty sue, and the doctor. Actually surprised at Loretta was able to carry the baby to term because Loretta was so small is fourteen years old so a year later, she had a boy. They named Him Jack Benny a year after that came, Ernest Ray an eleven months after that a girl who they didn't name until she was four, but they eventually settled on Clare Marie Whoa. That was a lot of babies in a short amount of time. Yes, so at eighteen years old. She asked her doctor how she could stop having babies and the doctor said like you know you're eighteen. You should really be having your first baby now like no your fourth, but here's a here's a diaphragm. Someone finally gave her one. I. Know Right So. That the song the Pill for Loretta was really important, and because she she thought it was really important for women to take their health and their choices into their own hands, and to be educated about what the possibilities were, so won't will play that to finish off this episode, but just a few more things at the time when Loretta was raising these children, her entertainment was staying home in singing along with the radio. Do would be out with the boys having a few years, and she would sit home and she'd sing so like a school training exactly exactly and so Loretta had not yet begun her singing career yet. And how it's just around this time. After having her four children and practicing singing at home, you know, do do little had given her a guitar for her fourteenth birthday, and so she'd been practicing more one day. DOOLITTLE said you know you're actually a really good singer. And then that is what Sparks Loretta is next sixty years into her music career, and that's where we're going to stop with part. One of Loretta Lynn Oh my God. That was so good, and I'm so glad you split it up because that was a lot to take in and so interesting in itself, and I can't wait to hear about her career in how that affected everything and this was great. My Goodness Loretta would've story. I know right so that I thought that her upbringing was so fascinating and I thought that all of those little details, and knowing all of that stuff about her was going to be really important to really understand how amazing her success was as a country music musician as a woman in music, and all of these things, so we'll finish their for today. You know our next episode that airs on regular time will be partout all about Lynn's singing career amazing. Thank you so much aunty. No problem and so we'll finish this episode by playing the pill or I am ready. We'll see you next time. When. You Go. From? The. Young The our last scene of this. Oh! Is a bad and adopter. I'm. Dan Your. Now got. All these years I've stated home while you had all your. Ever. That's owned by another baby. beason changes. On nursery. If this chicken your town, because now the pin. Music is produced by SHANTANU and links O'Leary. And is part of the Pantheon Family A- podcasts. 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