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Lorena Bobbitt

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So it's really sad that the media portray me as a crazy hot blooded Latina which is basically a race statement as well so I wanted to set the record straight that a lot of women who actually wanted to talk about the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault couldn't because their boss were men while the first degree that true crime. Podcast that you might end up on my name. Is Jack Panic. I'm sitting away from Alexis Link Ladder and father away from Billy Johnson. It is eleven. Am and Miss Alexis. What are you drinking? I'm drinking a Rosa and orange blood. Orange Soda Spitzer with blackberries in. It sounds delicious. It's called self care. It is called self care and you know I saw that. There was a study about all. This is a Sunday. We're not during working hours but there was a study done that I think. Forty percent of people are drinking during working hours. So this is just. This is our new normal. You guys that we've been living in forever and I just started. Yeah that's true and I start drinking just a slightly earlier than I used to. It used to be like seven now. It's four was. I won't do it in the morning. But four o'clock my See Mornings my ideal time to drink. But you know that's because you go to bed at six. Yes I know. Gives me a full full day to enjoy the festivities? But anyways billy what day is it today it has nothing to fear day. Oh that's yes interesting here but here itself. Yeah there's also it's also old time player Piano Day but I know that that would just bring on a lot of old jokes towards me You're you're projecting we were going to say you love. Pno's any other good days. No that's pretty much it. I think we're well Alexis says that's enough of that. So let's turn down the lights and turn on your anxiety because this could be The Story Lorena Bobbitt drew media attention in Nineteen ninety-three for being one of the most disturbing domestic dispute stories to ever hit the news. Lorraina was not the first woman to ever fight back against her husband and she wasn't the last but her story was one of the first to change the way the world perceived domestic abuse and sexual assault laurynas sent a chill down the spine of abusers from around the world. Because with that kind of a knife she wasn't only asking for things to change but she was screaming for it. Demanding it in the entire world hurt her. So today's case takes us back to June twenty third of nineteen ninety-three Bill Clinton was president. That's the way love goes by. Janet Jackson was on the Charts and the movie. Jurassic Park was the top at the movie theaters and the setting for today's case. Manassas town northern Virginia which acts as a bedroom community to Washington. Dc resign twenty five miles away from the suburban area and the place is rich in American history. And it was the site of two civil war battles battle bull run by a rower and two and re-enactors often depict those battles near the MANASSAS national battlefield. Park. It's quiet and for the most part. It floats under the radar as far as scandals are concerned but all of that was about to change between two and three. Am On the twenty third of June nineteen ninety-three calls between law enforcement officers started ping pong in between one. Another in the information that was being shared was shocking and confusing. There was a man at Prince George's hospital who's bleeding profusely. What happened? His penis had been cut off. Did it is wife her name. Lorena Bobbitt this is a narrative that many of you know but what many of you won't be familiar with is exactly how this happened. How did Lorena Bobbitt become arena bob it and beyond that? What variables and Seidel implications contributed to the Lorena bobbitt phenomenon? We're all familiar with while to answer that. We need to go back to the beginning. Lorena Gallo was born in Ecuador in nineteen sixty nine before eventually moving to Venezuela where she was raised and it was during her childhood. There that Lorraina fell in love with American culture and this notion of the American dream so she decided she wanted to move to the US. She visited America when she was sixteen and she was given the trip to come visit as a consumer goofed and she just fell in love with life. Here when Lorraina got here. She didn't speak a word of English and she learned by taking. Esl classes in watching soap operas and the price is right on TV whenever she cut. She was here on a student visa and she started taking classes at Northern Virginia community. College between taking classes she worked as a manicurist salon owned by woman named Johnny Basuki in fact Jan owned three salons and she took Lorena under her wing and they became fast friends. It was details told near Quantico that Lorraina was approached by a handsome marine lance corporal named John Wayne Bobbitt. John was from Niagara Falls when growing up. His father was not really in the picture. And there's a few of the sad details about John's childhood was that his father drank and beat his mother which caused a really volatile environment by h three John and his two brothers were taken away from his mother due to drug use and neglect and they were sent to live with an aunt and uncle when John was old enough he enlisted in the Marines which ultimately brought him to Virginia which then brought into this dance hall where he met Lorraine and Lorraine was and still is stunning and exotic when the two met apparently the attraction was undeniable in an interview for the Amazon Documentary Lorraina. She said I thought John was very handsome. Blue is a man in uniform you know. He was almost like a symbol a marine fighting for the country. I believed in this beautiful country. I was swept off my feet. I wanted my American dream so they started dating and things moved quickly in the pair got married nine months later in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Their wedding small and performed by a justice of the peace and rain expected marital bliss to ensue. But that's not exactly what happened. So the domestic abuse started almost immediately and by ninety one John had been discharged from the marines and he found himself without a steady paycheck. And this prompted then twenty two year old. Lorraina to become the breadwinner of the family during this time. Lorraina worked as a nanny Virginia area and she continued to work at the beauty salon owned by her good friend. Janet and in this Amazon Series. Lorena said that one month after she and John remarried the to driving in the car and John started driving radically Lori and ask them to stop pleasing her hands on the steering wheel and trying to straighten out their route and it was in this moment that John allegedly punched her for the first time. And this wouldn't be the last time. More fighting ensued and escalated both called nine one one on each other but the violence continued and being the breadwinner. Lorraina felt immense pressure to provide for them to the point where she actually started embezzling money from the salon where she worked over. Seven thousand dollars and remember Jonah. The store owner who had become so close with the Raina. She realized what was going on. So she actually let Lorraina keep her job at the salon but made her payback the money with interest. You knew she was having these awful times at home but remember it's nineteen ninety-three it's Nassar's Virginia. Lorraina has newly arrived in this country. Relatively her family's not here and there were very little resources for her to turn to as far as getting out of her situation that time I didn't have the resources Like we have now for example cell phones the Internet so I couldn't really search for any resources. On there is no hotline. The violence against women's act was not was in diapers basically didn't really exist. It like I said women did not when I called it believes Did this catchers of the nine one. One didn't know how to help me. Because ending know how to handle The victims of domestic violence or the police either in a had to sleeping might call our many times shelters There's no shelters in my community. There was a one shelter that it was were homeless. There was no domestic violence shelters. Even now there's still one shelter and provide eighteen beds in my community of Almost a million people in my family was in. I'm from Ecuador in I grew up in Venezuela and so my family wasn't Venezuela I came from Venezuela and My family away from home was a very sweet nice family That took me in France of my family and a John did estimate may from them. I have no idea what was that of Alex. And little by little he also relate me from my friends in. There's no way that I I have. I can have phone calls. Because he got jealous. I didn't see the red flags of that. I didn't see those signs. You know When I met him was basically it was a nice guy. I mean he was very charming. I wasn't very young naive girl anyway. He was my first love so I wasn't sure what was going on with. This and Lorena was not only being abused. She was so isolated. Remember she didn't have any family in this country so she you know. Just think about that you you. It's your second language. You don't have any family in this country. You marry this guy that's supposed to be your dream guy and then he just starts beating you and you're also twenty two and you become the breadwinner to take on as time moved on. Things didn't get any easier. Lorraina and John's house went into foreclosure. It would break up and make up and rinse and repeat more turbulence Lorraine learned that she was pregnant and when asked later about this time John and Lorena tell different stories. How this exactly went down. According to Lorraina she was excited to start a family until on the news and he was less than thrilled to hear about it. She said that John Didn't think he was ready to be. Add threatened to leave if Lorraina wanted to keep the baby so Lorena didn't have anyone else in this country. She was in her early twenties and didn't want to raise a baby on her own understandably so according to John He'll arena agreed that it wasn't the right time for two of them to have a kid and they decided on an abortion together but she claims that John was the one who suggested she get the abortion or he'll leave so by June twenty second of nineteen ninety-three John and Lorena had been married for about four years. And it's on this day that the subject of separating and possibly divorcing had come up in conversation between the two. This conversation was heated and afterwards learning. What to the police station to ask whether or not she could get a protective order against John. The police said yes she could but they said it would take about three hours to process all the paperwork for the situation and for whatever reason Lorena didn't WanNa wait the three hours and then she left or was forced to leave and that same evening John had named Robert Johnson staying with them so John took his buddy out for some good old fashioned drinking. When John and Robert got back from the bars Robert went to his guest room and John got into bed and fell asleep and he was severely intoxicated. Then as Lorena tells it John Sexually assaulted her and forcibly raped her. After that Lorraina went to the kitchen to get some water in the kitchen she sees a knife sitting next to the kitchen sink and she picks it up. She goes back into the bedroom and then she slices. John's penis off and since John was so heavily intoxicated. He didn't really realize four. Feel or understand the gravity of what was going on and he certainly didn't understand. How severe or serious is in was until moments later? He laid in bed momentarily as blood started to pool on the sheets. And once he did realize lorraine had done he screamed. He woke up his friend. Robert in the two of them rushed to the hospital. And while this is happening laurynas speeding off in her. Nineteen ninety-one Mercury Capri as fast as she could and she told. Abc News and in Nineteen ninety-three interview that she was so distraught after she had named her husband that she wasn't even aware of the fact that she was holding the penis when she got into her car. And once this registered tour she throws it out of the car window and then drove over her friend Janice House genocide that when she saw Lorraina her door crying she believed that John Again had done something to hurt. Lorraina and Janna was well aware of his track record of abusing her so when Lorena told her that she had cut John's penis off Gina's mouth was on the floor sobbing. Lorena gave her a rough estimate as where the location was that she threw the penis out the window and it was in a field across the street from seven eleven within ten minutes of the incident John was at Prince William Hill and as he was being examined the doctors determined John had actually lost a third of his blood volume by this point so there were two things happening when he was in the Er. The doctors wanted to make sure John didn't die and they also wanted to reattach his penis but there was just one problem. They didn't have the penis and they didn't know where it was but the police were trying to remedy that now. The investigators were on board and they had learned where Lorraina had tossed the penis out while she was driving so they had a team of officers searching for it in just an aside. I was watching that Amazon Documentary Lorraina and they interview the doctor and when he was called is in the middle of the night he was on call and he was a urologist in had heard what happened. He was preparing to do a procedure that would whole his jury throughout and he was going to trim the rest of the penis so he would have to sit down like a woman. If they didn't find the peanuts that's what they would have had to do for him. Bright so that's what they were preparing go. You don't have it. I mean the clock is ticking. Appendages GonNa die if it's not sound right away and put on ice so everyone was freaking out that this guy might lose forever as billy said. The police were searching for it by that field at seven. Eleven because they had found out from Janet at that point where it like where Lorraina had thrown it in. The situation was looking grim because when the police got there this field was huge and there was really tall grass everywhere and they really doubted whether they would find this peanuts time for it to still be viable reattachment because back at the hospital. John was being prepped for emergency surgery and was starting to panic and freak out and lose hope that he would be penis less for the rest of his life but in a stroke of good luck or good detective work. The police found the dismembered penis. They ran into the seven eleven. They put on ice and they put it in a brown hotdog bag and ran into the hospital. Give the surgeons who would be working on. John was nearly six. Am when John was finally taken into the operating room for what would end up being a nine hour surgery so now the process of reattaching appeanas actually not that difficult. As far as reattaching appendages goes and I was shocked about this because it seems like it would be extremely difficult. The doctor who did it had never done before really yes so I thought that was fascinating because it is fingers are harder. I mean penises. Don't move on their own without blood rushing into them. You don't even fingers muscles so you're you're having to deal with a lot more nerves in your finger that need to re attach and be able to communicate with your brain to move. A peanut doesn't really need the same way. It just needs stimulation of blood can rush to it so it isn't the easiest. Probably the easiest of the appendages. According to the doctor who did it shocking. Okay so the penis is essentially made up of arteries veins nerves and then there's the urea threat and typically the way that the penis was severed in packs. How easy it is to repair. And if the cut is clean like it was in Bobbitt's case it's much easier to reconnect. So he was super lucky and when John Woke up from surgery. The doctors told him that they had successfully reattached his penis. Right and on the heels of what you said though so in cases where there have been cases where women are raped or assaulted. And if you bite Aquinas. Off Your odds of reattaching it are really low really limit for it's a mess and the bacteria just causes the appendage to be a lot less viable a lot more quickly so in those you hear you've heard about those cases they do on. They have on law and order. Svu All the time too. It's they have it in movies. You see that and in those situations you wouldn't be able to reattach the same way not with this kind of excess and while the surgery was a success and without complications they still move. John to the ICU. But not for reasons. You're probably thinking. They moved in there because the Washington Post had caught wind of the story so word was spreading. The media was already starting to swarm at the hospital. Lorraina was arrested that evening and by then. The story was everywhere. She was facing charges of malicious wounding. And looking at up to twenty years in prison if convicted and you can you can see that this would happen just having worked in it in newspapers. You have sources. It's not even just sources you have sources at at the hospitals. If you hear that somebody's penis was cut off. That is going to travel throughout the hospital. Somebody before social media. Somebody's going to call their friend who works with The newspaper it's going to happen no matter what so. You don't need social media for something like this to happen or cell phones. What we what we were talking about the top of the episode. Where win the initial calls came in about this? And we said the information was confused so the dispatchers were actually speaking trying to avoid the term. They kept saying he's been maimed. Here's an appendage. Because they didn't want to say it because obviously journalist listens to listen to police radios so and they knew that in the interview the dispatcher. And she's like I was trying not to be too explicit because I knew they would cling to this like. You just said billy where it's like. Oh a good juicy domestic husband wife you FEM fatale story and they knew that we're all familiar with Lorraina BOBBITT's name. Have we ever really thought about why? Why almost thirty years later we know about this case in why we're still talking about it when no one died. The stakes are lower compared to other crimes that have drawn this kind of media attention so John's penis was reattached in was functional again. He's still got peanuts. It's not even like he was permanently maimed. I think it's because draw to this story was not about the tangible elements of what happened. It was about the message. Is and Halloween. Is Actions challenged the status quo especially in a place like Virginia? Laurynas actions demand attention and demanded progress. It was sort of a rebellion against the tolerance of domestic violence. I think is a combination of everything I mean. First of all Yeah a lot of the nature of the case People were infatuated on to turn on the TV CAMERAS. Were not that was the first time the AMAS were allowed in the courtroom and they were actually doing an experiment to to bring core cases in two living rooms of homes in America. You know and so when Mike case happened court. Tv was baby. You know like the they actually had. It was a gift for them. My case it. They were very excited and in all they wanted to do the ratings. Where up The salacious stories came up and people were actually infatuated about that. There was a combination of everything was Immigra- Aman Amy Grant And there's a lot of issues about immigrant women Immigrant women so far allowed because they don't call the police. Um so you know the support the the way how. The media treated me As a hub light bloody Latina. That was an issue of racism so people wearing to you know those kind of issues so it was a combination of everything a and also. I think you know man feel vulnerable because I threatened. I caught my ex-husband masculinity and they believe that must be there they're peanuts was or is everything and you know so. They felt threatened. That may be an mendacity. Why they turned into joke to neutralize This kind of situation that was. There's no way they couldn't believe something like is such thing happen so laurine was charged with militias wounding immediately but once. Lorena side of the story leaked to the press. Women's group made themselves heard. They were outraged that John Wasn't facing charges rightfully so but charging John had some difficult implications. And here's why so at the time in Virginia and about fifty percent of the other states. In America there were pretty archaic laws as far as Spousal rape is concerned in Virginia. If you were to be convicted of spousal rape you'd be facing a possible life. Sentence and qualifying for these charges was really difficult. In order for the charges to apply the two spouses would need to be separated. When the sexual assault occurred and another contingency was the assault would have needed to result in permanent bodily damage. So if you break this down and meant that even if the couple is separated and the husband raped his wife if he managed to do it without permanently naming her he wouldn't qualify for this charge at all so instead John was charged with marital sexual abuse which carried a possible. Twenty year sentence instead of the Max of life that applied in the spousal rape charges. John and Lorena. We're going to have separate trials and the questions that were asked in each this. Is He a habitual batterer? Who forced a young woman over the edge or was she this calculated hot blooded Latina? Who wanted to hurt her husband when he threatened to leave her and just fabricated this rape to justify it in a lot of people man mostly feel very compassionate just for then made her own. The case You know he lost his Male or so absolutely. The country was divided into two women were supported of me and especially you know advocates and activists feminist groups etc Inches Women Gentlemen in general In men were with him so I was the one who basically was the gains man or there were portraying me that weight so that was a gender inequality basically and still I think that You know we still even a patriarchal society. John's trial commenced in November of nineteen ninety-three in the court determined that his case had a quote unquote sexual component. So this meant that the news networks needed permission to film and air the trial national TV from the defense and from John and of course. John's defense declined so John's whole thing was he wanted his dignity intact. He didn't feel he should have to testify in front of the world things like that. They did not know how to charge Tam basically so they ended up charging ham for a marital rape but They do not charge him with domestic violence and Know he's Trial less three days and Might try lasted twelve days so I was unfortunately that we couldn't even talk about domestic violence on his trial during the proceedings. The jury was instructed to consider the night in question in they could only also consider what went on in John and Lorraine is relationship within the five days prior to the incident which is very restricting. If you're trying to prove a pattern of abuse in fact it basically sabotages her defense entirely in. This was because of the laws in Virginia. At the time which should not look favorably upon sexual assault victims prosecutors grill arena about these five days on the stand in one instance. Lorena testified that John Marshall to have sex one day but then stated that she consented to sex the following so the prosecutor essentially mocked and berated. Her in a tone that suggested she was lying. How could a woman consent one day and be raped the next while laurynas responses? Sometimes she just gave in and said yes because he was just going to do it anyway and like we know sexual assaults and abuse with a marriage is not so black and white is just not you can love your husband one day and he can hurt you the next and that's not a woman's fault you know more. Ns situation where. She's obviously scared of her partner. I mean her saying yes and giving in those times doesn't mean like she's scared and she's being forced into it some of those times as well so it's just it is very gray and it's hard to prove either way of course domestic abuse victims feel. They're always hoping that their their partner will go back to the person. 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They freeze organic fruits and vegetables at peak ripeness to lock in nutrients and taste my favorite daily harvest. Cup is the Cacao with meant. It's like shake and it's wonderful and I drink it. Virtually every day daily harvest is also committed to minimizing their environmental impact in the process of transition. To one hundred percent compostable recyclable. Packaging go to daily harvest dot com and enter Promo Code I to get twenty five dollars off your first box. That's Promo Code. I for twenty five dollars off your first box. At Daily Harvest Dot Com daily harvest dot com so during the trial. John denied ever forcibly having sex with arena. He denied hitting her. He called her a liar and blamed all the relationships problems on her. He cited her temper as the reason for fighting in the relationship and the only mission he did make in terms of any physical altercations between them. Was that there had been some quote unquote pushing and shoving and their relationship. And what we have to remember about this. Entire trial is that we're talking about consensual sex versus forced rape. It's a he said she said kind of thing. And there isn't always evidence as about credibility and remember this is the Nineteen Ninety S. We're in a super conservative. Courtroom Lorraina is an immigrant from Central America and English as our second language. Oh and she's a woman and we're GONNA stay were to be indicted for spousal rape someone has to have caused permanent disfigurement and or maiming. The victim there wasn't much confidence that John was going to be found guilty and he wasn't. He was acquitted so a and he ended up being acquitted. I think the outcome would have been different. If we were even now we would talk about his trial now Sir. I I believe that he would being convicted. So a Lotta things have changed but You know little by little. We seem to step in the make. Ten steps in the right direction and But still a lot more much more work needs to be done. Even though cameras weren't allowed in the courtroom John's trial got a lot of coverage but it was nothing compared to that of his trial. This case had all the trappings of what we've seen at spectacles such as the Ted Bundy execution or the OJ. Trial people were selling t shirts. One shirt said MANASSAS. Va a cut above the rest and then they were boxer shorts that were sold that said. Vanessa's Va. Don't cut me short. Remember it's the ninety s and everyone in America was having a honeymoon period with outlets like court. Tv and it really was the precursor to reality TV when you think about it the characters in this trial they were a tabloid dream. And this time the world would get to watch every second of what was playing right so remember during John's trial. His case was determined to have sexual components therefore he has lawyers were given the choice about having the proceedings televised. You know to protect his privacy his dignity and for whatever reason Lorraina was not extended that same courtesy they concluded that Laurynas case was not a case with a sexual component. Even though the case was about Lorraina cutting off a sexual organ in response to being raped by her partner so in opinion. Personally I interpret this to mean that the political powers-that-be Manassas at the time didn't really care to preserve her dignity they wanted to publicly condemn. Lorraina and make an example out of her abuse victims. CaN'T RETALIATE. That's the message they're sending here and we're going to put this on display for the world to see first of all they get it wrong. They missed the big opportunity to talk about this crisis of domestic violence and sexual assault. They always wanted to talk about sensationalistic and alluring. Details details about me cutting off my ex-husband's peanut saw so it's really sad that the media portray me as a crazy hug bloody Latina which is basically raisin statement as well so I wanted to set the record straight that a lot of women who actually wanted to talk about the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault couldn't because the boss where men so Lorena trial started on January tenth nineteen ninety four when she pulled up in her car to enter the courtroom. There was a barrage of flashbulbs. A mob of more than two hundred reporters from around the world journalists as far as Japan had flown in. For this case there are more than twenty satellite trucks that lined up the streets. The atmosphere at the courthouse was extremely tense. According to a Newsweek poll that was conducted at the time it said sixty percent of the country was planning to watch this trial unfold so it was a huge huge deal and the stakes were high for Lorraina. She was facing twenty years from maliciously wounding John. But what a lot of people don't know is that prior to the trial the prosecution had offered. Lorena a plea deal. They said that if she admitted to the fact of cutting John's peanuts was a premeditated action. She would only get four months in jail and probation Lorena refused. She wasn't going to admit to something that wasn't true and also if she pleaded guilty to a felony she more than likely would never get an American citizenship and this is just something that she didn't want to risk giving up so imagine the stress and pressure of this whole situation lorraine at this time was only twenty four years old. And that's ten years younger than Alexis and I and I think that we forget how young she was at the time. All this happened. It's intense and when you see the old footage of the trial coverage you see her being pulled up in a car in the back and she just looks devastated to be in the middle of this it. It really is sad and another thing. That's sad is there is obviously media bias as well because so many of these details about this abuse was not and is not commonly known. I mean the whole world was watching my trial. I mean literally. So I'm I was very recognizable because a lot of there there were More of the devices like I said there who were in journalism where men so. The opportunity was not only lost in this hails of the. Know Elson session enlisted story but it was actually lost because the patch we are society there was among the male reporters of mailboxes. Who were in their twenty. Four seven cycle media cycle opening arguments commenced. We have is rain. Violence Lights just opposed against John. Wayne Bobbitt Penis. The evidence will show that it was his penis from which she could not escape which caused through the pain. The most fear humiliation submit to you that the case you will come to one conclusion and that is valuable feeds now. Luckily in mistrial the jury would in could hear everything about Lorraina and John's relationship in Lorena was not restricted to talking about just the five days of their relationship that happened prior to the incident. She could talk about the abuse that started from day. One and she did. He kicked me. He told me that I told you to not cry. And he slapped me on my faith people my hair in my face down. Yes he he about an animal the ask you. Because witnesses recalled in their testimony really supported Lorraine his version of events and the testimony was very disturbing and remember. These are friends of John's. It's not like these are Lorraine's friends testifying that they heard this friends of John's said the John had told them that he loved for sodomy that he laughed about making women bleed during sex. That forced sex excited him. If these are John's friends why would they say this? If this wasn't true others said they'd seen Lorraina with bruising on her face on her arms on her legs neighbors saw her makeup on her face in trying to hide bruises and they would see John Forcing Lorraina to carry heavy things as he walked behind her casually. He told friends that he liked to rape lorraina explicitly in Lorraine is friends and people knew. Lorraina testified as well. Women's defensive brooding over the top and cards and the girl into her hairline and fame flying inbound her neck shoulders before I not however notice that all the rest of your body before depression was very noted to sadness was very noticeable in casually. When she was doing my now she burst into tears. There's testimony that detailed how there are tests conducted on Lorena the day of the incident and these tests confirm that Laurean did have sex or she had been raped before she cut off John's penis however John completely denied having any sexual contact with Lorraine at all that day even though there was proof that he was lying and in fact John Story about how things unfolded change several times and disdained his credibility to some of the most compelling testimony came from a neighbor of Lorraina. John. Heard things that night people having sex. These weren't the thing. How did they differed? They differed a lot of time other than headboard the wall. It would bid me. This woman was having screaming. I mean she would scream out every second and then into continues he trunk. He wanted to have sex. She didn't that's her right. Force turn have sex. She was angry. She retaliated against. But you know we don't live in a society that is governed by revenge. We don't live in a society in which whoever has the biggest nice it was probably one of the most bizarre accidents happen. This could forget a Lo long term. Everything about this case. It is so unique what she did going out of that house. With a Gameboy. A PENIS IN THE HAND. Everything about this case is praising bazaar versus a classic severe resistible impulse after the last witnesses were called. An eastside made their closing arguments. The jury was sent into deliberation and the world was on the edge of their seat waiting for this verdict. Jerry having been converted beginning in the Congo Virginia. Lorraine out in the Norfolk criminal number. Three three eight to one we. The jury find the defendant Lorraina Father not guilty polishes wounding as charged in the indictment by reason of insanity signed play at Cacao for for me becoming richer jury report. They didn't general the jury. Let me thank you for the time and effort you put into this matter. And he's taken to this time. I'll have all parties to remain in the courtroom and be quiet and what a lot of people don't realize don't remember is that Lorena Bobbitt was actually found not guilty and she was found not guilty due to insanity causing an irresistible impulse to sexually wound John so as a result of that she could not be held liable for her actions. Yes that is correct. I was fine no guilty. I don't have any criminal records and A lot of people think you know I went to jail or went to prison for a long time or you know what happened. Really so We actually we both file out not guilty. Hey stew over. He was accused of marital rape. The most interesting thing about this is that I didn't know she was found not guilty. I didn't just from from everything I heard again me. Jack were too young for this to understand and and watch the trial but I had no idea just because what you hear about her. The jokes that are made the the assumption is that she was found guilty in. Probably got in trouble for this. But that's not actually true rape raid. It doesn't matter it's a crime in victim the victim so whether he's a women or is child you know to get a sexual assaulter. Why Dave Make Fun of of me? Why fate make fun of Omega songs about about it and and take it you know but that is the culture. There will event people were uneducated about domestic violence at the time now. There is awareness more people more advocates educating our society and that is great seat so after the trial the media obsession with John and Lorena didn't taper off. That's because from one side. There was an uproar over. Lorraine his acquittal and there was also resounding support for her acquittal on the other side. Women's groups from around the world saw this as progress if immigrant woman from Central America can be acquitted for castrating her white husband after she was sexually assaulted after a relationship of abuse in small towns Virginia. Then maybe this meant things. Were changing celebrities. Politicians from all over the world were weighing in. Everyone had an opinion and it showed up and a lot of places in pop. Culture was actually the cold open of the January Fifteenth Nineteen ninety-four episode of Saturday. Night live with Mike Myers playing John Wayne Bobbitt on the witness stand before another pop culture criminal Tonya. Harding comes by and beats his crotch repeatedly with a bat and the media coverage continued but there was only one of them who is stoking. The fire under Virginia Law a contingency of his acquittal was that since she was declared insane during that brief time period when the incident occurred she needed to undergo a psych evaluation and she was sent to a mental hospital for forty five days after those forty five days. Were up the core and her doctors reevaluated. Her mental state and they ultimately decided that she was no harm to herself or to others and she was released and while this is all happening. John was making the rounds on the talk show circuit. He was a guest on radio shows and TV segments and then six months later he made a really bold move right so after the trial John moved to Las Vegas in there. He met porn legend. Ron Jeremy Clearly. Ron must have inspired him in some unique way because six months after the trial John starred in an adult. Some John Wayne Bobbitt uncut during interview with Vanity Fair. John explained of the adult film quote. A porno seemed like the best way to show. My Penis worked only wasn't all the way healed yet. I realize now that was the point. I really think it's worth discussing that John Bobbitt following the trial just did the mainly things publicly. He Whitney moved to a ranch and he was like a cowboy and he was like. Latte last swing cattle and doing interviews dressed as a cowboy. We get on your penis works. Well we did it and you know we will talk about this in killing time. About men just being blubbering idiot. Sometimes but it's like his manhood was literally cut off his body so for him. That's probably the biggest nightmare a man so it's like I'm GonNa do a porn and show. It still works and having to go get a horse in. I'm going to go women in a pornography film in. It's like to show that I'm still a man exactly. Yeah on the nose. John Bob too on the nose house. Now we've been more subtle like build a house shirtless or like building a house. Well and the thing. He didn't have a job either right so he probably was feeling quite emasculated for a while to maybe go go get a career. Put on a suit something. Get a nice pair of dress shoes. But he was also showing his true colors because shortly before the release of his porn John was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery against his new girlfriend. Kristina Elliott these charges for the supported. Lorraina side of the story. He served twelve days of fifteen day sentence but that negative press didn't sway John from still seeking the spotlight and trying to prove how much of a man he was. He made a second porn franken penis which made his debut in one thousand nine hundred eighty six now. Why would John do another porn? The world need to John. Bobbitt sex tapes probably not but John had agreed to do it after accepting an offer from Howard. Stern for reconstructive plastic surgery for his penis to enlarge it even further and he was not going to be turning that down gross. So Howard Stern talked about the case frequently on a show and he had John Bobbitt on his a guest in nineteen ninety-three for his New Year's Eve special and they raised two hundred fifty thousand dollars to help cover the outstanding costs surgery and in one interview Howard was quoted as saying and this is one of the most disgusting quotes. I've ever heard quote. I don't even by this whole story that he was raping her. She's not that great looking disgusting. It's it really is like one of the most enraging comments that I've probably ever heard my entire life but aside from all this like Howard stern trash. There was also a handful of incidents of copycat crimes after the situation and they're called Baba Mania and it was after the incident. Most of them were self inflicted wounds but it was a whole thing. That was happening. And there is also the bobbit worm which was a worm that taxes to pray with scissor like jaws and this is named after the case as well. So there's all this pop no it's an actual worm like a real worm that a real worm identify words of worm. Bobbitt's were bobbit worm. Come on signed his stoop better than that to better. That's crazy. No the you know the person that named it to probably like I got it. I'm so clever. Flimsy was probably a man so so eventually the media coverage of the Bobby did taper off but the pop culture implications were there to stay and while no doubt lorraina experienced great difficulty during this period in her life she managed to turn this entire thing into something positive and find a silver lining. So it's been Basically almost thirty years three thickets has passed since it happened. There was a documentary air last year about my story. The documentary that Lorraina is referring to is the Amazon Docu series. Lorena a now by doing a lifetime movie so I think it is important to keep the issue of domestic violence and sexual violence It is an incredible platform to be able to do show the stories in a visual way like visual people have to visualize sometimes to say listen. I wanted to show this. I wanted to be transparent. I wanted to be very raw when I talk about it. And just as exactly what I? I've made this the stories. I wanted to people to look at in. This is this is real. This is what happened. This is real life and so I want people to connect with my story because there's a lot of women trapping situation so domestic violence. Did they don't know what to do? And I want to to see my movie to basically inspiring to get away from from this of Yousef situation to their leave. They are in a relationship. There is an incredible platform. I think is not only an incredible platform. It is Keisha as well for future generations do know the this critical issues do exist still now in. These discussions are particularly timely. Given what's happening in the current state of the world especially now with a winning the unfortunate result so coronavirus or cold at night teen Is is really affecting the rice domestic violence and sexual violence cases among women So many women feel that they're trapped in their homes with their abusers so as as survivor of domestic violence. I understand at first hand about the issues and I want to help the victims and I wanted to do provide by providing resources and in guidance. Oh my story is relatable In so many levels especially now like I said so. It's very important to to have this Communications about this critical issues open. Lorraina took back her maiden name Lorraina Gallo. She resumed working in salons and she quietly started dating a man named David. And she's still with David to this day more than twenty years later and they eventually had a daughter named Olivia. I found that people were my friends. Were very supportive. My community was Yeah I mean they recognize me. I never move out of my community. Because if I move I will be recognized everywhere You didn't affect my career. Thank God I was idea real estate for a while I was the I went back to the beauty industry as A. I went to school than I have my license as a hair style and I did hair for leaving for a while and then I went to school and school. Obviously a lot of people recognize me Just based on my face away I going to change myself so I learned to accept the fact that I did not choose to be in the spotlight Right now and the fact that but I stopped myself was very strengthened. Was One of my My strength they kept me through who I am and those pass a might lives. My my trauma actually have helped shape the person that I am today and you know he have actually understand the give me a platform to help others so When I met my partner obviously he knew who I was and so friendship. Friendship turning to respect and respect turning to love and you know. That's that's how he was. I didn't experience with my with John. In Two Thousand Seven Lorraina started a nonprofit called the Lorena Gallo Foundation which is an organization focused on helping to prevent domestic violence through family oriented activities and more years past awareness and condemnation of domestic violence increased as women started pushing back for their rights. The view of Lorraina also shifted and the more time passed the more. It was clear how terrible Lorraina was treated not only by John but by the rest of the world to they have grown more in but this generation will you know memory. I mean I'm talking to you. Your were problem not even born. I Dunno you've you look very young Thanks Lorena. So you know the time that We talking about almost thirty years so I think that the new generation has grown to be more empathetic more sympathetic about the stories and more curious and you know more women into rice. I mean we have more politician women in Congress so the hell lot and to shape the narrative about abuse women and As important I know when my store is and I was looking to get approach by Amazon Last year and They did a very good job. I'm happy with Doku serious Jordan Peele was wonderful his his a man who has a lot of social issues so I trusted him and the whole team of Amazon by then Same thing with a lifetime. Lifetime is an amazing network and day history of telling stories. They're relate to two people and they're very three. The story is the real stories with sensitivity. I think that that is actually Got My passion back to to even tell even more than I know that there are going to treat my story with sensitivity and respect in the lifetime project that Llerena is referring to is called. I was Lorena Bobbitt. And it premiered on Memorial Day two days ago on the lifetime network. I'm doing good. I'm doing fine. I I am happy blaze. I am in a better place I don't leave you know in the past I think the past did have helped me to save the person that I am today and have given me a platform to be able to help other women and You know anybody who is in an abusive relationship so is Is Good is good. Now we're going to keep my mission to help. Victims of domestic violence survivors because survivors. Also have ATS st and they need assistance as well. I will super super big thank you to Lorraine for sharing her story with us If you have a story to tall please email us. Hello. At the first degree. Podcast DOT COM can follow us on instagram. At the first degree out Alexis linkletter Johnson. Jack Vanik join our facebook page. Just search the first degree in the search bar and stick around. Because we're GONNA kill some time. Remember only you can prevent zero killers and keep your friends close. No it wasn't happy. 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And you can get twenty percent off your first purchase using the Promo Code degree. That's twenty percent off your first purchase visit native Deodorant Dot Com and use the Promo code degree. Though were apart these days were sharing more and GYCO would just like to say thanks. Thanks for sharing. Your savage dance moves. Thanks for sharing your diy fails thanks for sharing your inner lip sync star now. It's GEICO's turned to share to with the GEICO. Give back a fifty percent credit on car and motorcycle policies for current new customers. And because GEICO's committed for the long haul. The fifteen percent credit lasts your full policy term visit GEICO DOT com slash give back for Info and eligibility learn more about GEICO's fifteen percent credit on car and motorcycle policies at Geiko dot com slash. Give back you know what I'm not a high school girl so sh- run for the hills. Those who says going out partying in a club. You can't find love. It's the Spidey podcast with Spencer in Heidi Pratt. Hello I'm not dead. If you and your husband go out every night good for you. Hey that was a joke. If you're an idiot beds you spoiled Brat. Your life is a basic new episodes every Monday on spotify podcast one and apple podcasts. Don't worry mom I got you. Alright well welcome to another episode of killing time. I thought Alexis just sent me an email. That said best friends. Hello but it was an email about best scenes and she got confused and excited by mine. Spontaneous love for her I did. I thought you're just reminding me. As we started to record that we are best friends. And that because Alexis gets nervous about this like social distancing thing that she can't touch people and she thinks that means that people are mad at her because people aren't hugging me goodbye. Or hello and I feel like this weird distance and any social distancing. I'm like when I leave. Rena fight or are we good. I just feel like everyone's mad at everyone. The love is not all right later by. Yeah feels like a dude like fist-bump bump and I'm not even you know air. Fist-bump is not enough affection for me as your love. Language Physical Touch. Yeah and words of valid words of affirmation affirmation gifts all of them by all the love languages to feel a little bit about myself. That's that's what I think too. When you know I think about my love. Language is are the mall. I don't know Sir. Yes yes `formation. Keleti time. Hello touch absolutely all of them. I love lingual. What about you billy. What's your love language just to be left alone as Dystonia true isolation? Billy's love language. So I'm feeling the love all over the place this with this pandemic Bl- you know it was so funny is jared and I did an episode of the Lady Yang and one of my questions was was the sweetest thing that either both of us have done for each other and his answer was that I leave him alone loud one number one. This is a lie because all he wants to do is like smother me with affection all the time. But I'm like this is a very interesting answer that you like to be left alone. And that's the nicest thing I've ever done for you. I love that. Savage response think he was just flexing on your love episode in a in a guy he probably sorry love. You is that okay. Afterwards he said that he thought about it for weeks on end and he he's like it was the wrong answer. I didn't mean it but the way he said it was very sweet. Where it's like. We're allowed to be independent and have her own time and be able to like wind down our own but he was a good didn't mean it. I love when you smother me. I need it all the time. Oh my God jared. I love that and also I love the dumb guy that you guys just did good. I do it about me grammatical error. I'm like oh I'm sorry. Is My eighteen hours of work not good enough for you. I've forgotten apostrophe is writer. That's that's dumb guy voiced but all guys are dumped is. I don't care how billy I know that you're like a borderline genius but you're still a dumb guy. Wait a second pay that kind of Shit. Be hearing about that for weeks. I call them stupid. He'll be like no. Jack said it was a borderline genius. Russia. What's your cue have you taken an Iq test sixty eight like that? Was Your Voice that great? That's the new voice. The deeper the dumber though. Yeah not no no no. That's the sound and I see men walking. That's the sound. They all know episode of Family Guy. When I think it's Stuey is like playing the trombone in back of people walking. That's pretty much how I see. Every man they're all just a level of it just doesn't you're all you're all there but what level. Reo Thank you well. It's not the reason for this. I was GONNA say quickey. I'm on the wrong podcast. The reason for this episode of killing time is billion. I both have books that are coming out next Tuesday. Billy's the paperback version of Chase Darkness. With me and mine. Is Our debut Book Lady Gang Called Act like a lady and it's weird that they're both coming out on the same day it is we would we would have been able to do a joint some tour or something like that and the books are so similar to so? I mean if you have one you'll love the other explain like it's different than the first one. My Book has. It's the same thing as the first one. But it's got a brand new bonus chapter about bear brook and how that mystery. Three three quarters of that mystery was solved and then a bunch of updates on other cases and it also has eight pages of exhilarating photos including me in my punk face. Exhilarating lanes last goth phase. Yes I call her they block and white. They're black white break. Come on we got to have two colors our book and Got Fund Say Jack. What is your favorite part of the Book Well yeah I mean so. It's separated into four parts so it's like your relationship with your lover which I hate that word lever self career and friends. It was obviously the most fun for me to write about love because most of those stories were just like my dating escapades that you know so much about Alexis and you also have so many stories so maybe one day we need to make a true crime. Slash like intervene personal. We have him because we have together. We have the craziest freaking stories in the entire world of dating in this Hellhole of Los Angeles but so I think that part of the book is my favorite. I'm GonNa make jared read the section about. It's basically a list of all the men that I dated and they all have nicknames like there's Mattress Mike who slept with his mattress on the ground which you have also dated one is well a few of those and what about the street performer. The street performer is in there. The A mime. So no have I dated am I am? I can't remember no these your friend Kendra is terrified of. She wouldn't have allowed that terrified of mimes know. This guy was A. He was a street performer and then he would make up all these different ways that he would know the superheroes I have. I have an entire chapter about this guy. That dress opposes Superhero on Hollywood boulevard. That's a whole chapter but the street performer guy. He performed all these plays in public bathrooms and then he would like sell his he would give his script for free so then they could also perform them in other public bathrooms so I was hot. Yeah and then. Also there's guy. There's a guy named Chad that you dated. Is the last guy that I dated before. Jared my current boyfriend and Chad still has cornhole boards because I went over to his apartment who he also lives. I live in Marina del Rey. He lives literally like two buildings over from me. I went over there. I brought my cornhole boards. We played Corn Hall. And they're still over there. And and the jared flexes here GonNa make some with my with my prayer ans- so I now you know it's a really. It's a step up dating. Jared Goff cornhole boards in your apartment. And that's why you've left them over there. I did leave. That is true. I've heard them and they were really shitty. Cheap cornhole board. I'm like you know you can you can take. I hope they also had a role. They also spiders all over them so it was just a had to get rid of him somehow but no. When I started dating jared his entire band I talked about shot a few times. We're hanging out and his entire band would not let him live down shad. What was the shad connection? Look what is the funny thing about shad? I don't remember his name right. Yeah it's a weird name. It was just. He's such I mean. Chad is the worst name that you can have as a man really like the Douche Baggy name and then you put it on the front of that Shad ooh shot is just a worst worst version of Chad. Yeah just like Shitty. It is worst version an idiot. Exactly just put outs on the front of something and it makes it like a million times more do she. She'll Alexis say show last shabbily. My name better shock. Kids solid. Yeah that should be your new nickname. Jackie chiles not bad silly at least perfect. I think we need an S. H. In front of everything though she'll lexus chalets pretty solid. It makes you sound like a you. Know what that's on. Shank THE SHANK. That's even better than than the. Shank is like will you? Yeah I'll thank you in a second. You see that grow over there. She's the Shank what's worse what's scarier the Shankar the tank the Shank. I actually think tank scarier you could see tank comments. Shank you know right right in the arteries a razor blade connected to toothbrush. But I I think I think the Shank is you know. I don't know it's too literal where it's like you know what the Shank means but the tank business ambiguous. You don't know what's coming you don't know when it hits you you know gun strapped to that thing. No one's sure how many men are in there. How many women are in there and he dogs in there. Who's to say? Oh who's to say? Are you going to get the Tattoo and a my drawing it for you? I don't know I have to talk to my parents my in that facebook group. And they've all like I've had a lot of backlash about this. Dodd commented. Yeah. I'm like okay great. I should probably remove them from the group which I will do and then we'll discuss it. If but I'm thinking probably WanNa get it if you do I would love to Dri- I have drawn a few tattoos before by a few. I mean one but this could be my second listen. You're drawing if it's happening. He'll be like our tattoos. Since you won't get one I'll have it by the plastics billie anything I would. I would like to try it. Actually can you draw not not a bit not at all solid but thanks billy what? Tattoo of yours and mine drawing. Because this is how this is how we're going to be bonded for I don't know what at Giraffe Giraffe. Yeah just sort of tall tall Taraf type person. I'm Co you're like a green or a stork stuck free or like a buzzard. A tall buzzer. Yeah like I put a dark clean without rain long neck. Actually think this is fun. What animals are we built a crane? Billy's definitely a crane. I mean I. I've been told more my whole life that I'm a monkey like my parents called me a monkey 'cause I would just like climb all over them. And then now. This is transferred also into jared. So that's what I've been told. Yes but you look more like you know what it is like a a sloth like a apathetic hospital still climbing and hang but you're pretty chill like my not knowing you know what I okay. I'll take slot. I learned about slots is their default Hand setting is closed and then they have to work to open. It says the opposite from people. So that's why they can cling onto trees for so long because it's easy because that's just their normal muscles and like a closed sloth lobby cute. Yeah well they have to go against gravity so that makes sense that like they're young practice shut instead of Ben. What animal obviously Something that's like really pretty but then really vicious Geese or swan at the Hollywood forever cemetery and I always feeding swans and I would feed them like Oh they like me. I would stop. They start hissing at you. I'm like yeah. I can be a Swan Day are terrifying vicious vicious vicious vicious geezer. So mean goose. Swans are pretty mean to so. I'M ONE OF THOSE. Mom got attacked by a goose traumatized for the rest of your life. It was terrifying scary there so scary. I avoid them like the plague if I if I see one of the geese though the geese will actually come up to you and want like. Hey what do you got? What do you got the swans? We'll just come up to you but stay stay like probably six feet apart and this be like you know what say and then this year. Whatever but they're not going to be like pestering you because they're like look at how pretty I am. Give me something with your goose I guess I'd really like to be Swan but whatever no I think it's interesting that geese hiss like cats. It's so weird. I mean. Swans off to do that knew the hissed mentally. Look this up. Yeah we'll revisit this though next time. Let's call it time. Death Fourteen fifty seven a quack.

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