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June 26th, 2020: Truck and Big Batteries

Talking Tesla

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June 26th, 2020: Truck and Big Batteries

"The. Highlands, Nuremberg skills. It's time for another alone today and a couple of you noted that the contest we'll also just sort of cut off well. That was where we called it. The one where we screwed up the end you see what happened was would happen. Was I failed to run the backup and robots battery ran out. About halfway through, but upsetting really. But Tomes, recording a my recording for the next Ariza was okay. So. There's a couple of little snippets that I'm going to fire out in the next couple of days next week. Just. US Paul Robert is going to be left out and one of the things we talked is electric trucks. No, no, not no, no, not reviewing. Another one this one. I heard today. Can you confirm or deny an NPR story today? Of A an electric truck company I've never heard of that had taken over GM plant somewhere I think Ohio that is making pickup trucks. And it's not lucid, not riven. Another one and they've actually started production. Can you, please confirm Dong or so. It's the GM plant in Lordstown Ohio. Lordstown. That's the one I know. It's the endurance Lordstown. motown motors the endurance. Jewel this came out of. The start up building electric pickup scheduled to be unveiled on Thursday and this was a story from June twenty third. So that's GonNa be two days from now. They're gonNA actually unveil the trucks, not building it so just to follow up a little bit on this truck situation. This is where we are in the world of electrified trucks cyber. Truck Ford F one fifty electric GM's new electric Hummer. Then the startups Nicola, Rivi on Bolinger and Lordstown Motors, that is an impressive lineup of vaporware I mean of vehicles that are gonNA be coming out sometime between now and went full self driving works. I mean sometime in that like window wanted to two thousand year period. Those six trucks will be available. These articles say who's the cash behind us. There's going to be big cash. BASILIO is Steve Burns who I don't know I. Don't know who that gentleman is. It's not who is the cash behind this. We know that you're GONNA have billions of Dole's to get this thing going. Yeah, is it you tell I wish it was I mean it could be they. Could be working a little bit with GM. And maybe that was sort of the deal for the Lordstown plant. I mean what we'll do a little research and we'll report back next time we we meet in and get together but again. That's very exciting, six six plus trucks. Vehicles Coming to electrification that must mean like so, what does that tell you right? We talked for a long time. This has been sort of the thing like do. Do People who own trucks? Do they believe in electrification? Do they want electric occasion obviously? These companies, these six companies that are doing this have done some research. I would imagine and seen that people want electric trucks right, or there would be so many of them on the on the warpath. Right so many of them in the pipelines coming coming to get us. Just that very fact alone that we're looking at six models from six different cars them and I've seen the bull in person, and that's a beautiful car it's it's not a mass market Carta bespoke vehicle, but it still wonderful seen the Rivi on in person may or may not have broken a piece of the review on. It's hard to say. At the launch event it's really it's. It's difficult to say and in. That was a beautiful vehicle. I'm sure the Hummer would be would be nice, and and hopefully has you know charging infrastructure the range the speed of charging capabilities to make it a really viable choice for for people who want to go in that direction. So Thursday that would be yesterday. They did their unveiling in Lordstown and a bit of a political event. Pence was there and some of the other white has peeps with their, and they talked about the car and they took bet how. Wonderful name talkback overton the stuff, but I still can't work at exactly who is paying for? This is Tom said is the CEO? Ten percent of this thing is owned by a group called work. HOW WORKHORSE GROUP! They're trying to get some more loans from the feds and other people to get this thing going. They say they're going to be out in the first quarter next year that they have twenty thousand preordained. It's going to be about fifty thousand dollars and get to be a two hundred and fifty miles. So that's good jobs. We like Kay Shen and we like electrifying trucks, but two hundred and fifty miles doesn't seem like instead good. They say it will pull six thousand pounds. If you point something six thousand pounds, and you go turn fifty miles range. Without pulling something. That's not enough. Range. I think cyber truck is where it's at. You've got to have something like five. Hundred plus miles range because you know when you start putting that thing to work pulling things and stuff that range is GonNa, go way down so nice, troy, but they need a bigger battery pack to my mind and left for today leads wasn't meals. Did you see the video by beyond Nolan I can never pronounce his name. Youtube does great stuff and he is a software geek as well so he cracked stack, and he said that they've changed the software so that they can now address. Up to two hundred just over two hundred kilowatt hour, battery packs whereas before they could. just over a hundred, and that raises the question. Why did they do that right now? It's not like the roadster is coming any time soon which we expect will have over two hundred kilowatt hour battery. It's not like cyber truck is he is soon and we think that's going to have to have something like two hundred plus kilowatt Al Batteries to carry that big heavy thing around and get you know what they're talking about. Five hundred mile range. So three and why are not getting a battery pack that beginning time in my lifetime, so does this mean that they are after perhaps battery day? Tell us that they're gonNA put or at least have a vision of s, an ex with a significantly larger battery capacity I'm pretty excited about that possible. Because right now I think the why kills X. Dead. Now we've seen sales. Go down and down and down and sales go down down and down, but it really could mean the death of X. Because of the y, the X is. Thirty thousand dollars forty thousand dollars more than a wine. It's a great car. It's silly doors, but there's not enough to distinguish for three or four hundred thousand dollars. A little bit bigger has been more caring best inside, but not that much more so I think that exit dead and if they want to keep it around even if They bump up the prices and as a prophet center kind of thing. then. They're gonNA have to do something interesting and one of the few interesting things they could do is give it substantially more range both s and x like Putin big battery, or had the option so that that could go five hundred miles, so that s could go a little five hundred miles then idiots like me might think okay, so this is going to be the cow that's used for camping. That's us. US for big long trips that can plug in stuff at the other end and Cochran with kind of like people might be using cyber truck in the future as a camp of an experience, and you want a giant battery to do that. Giant bet you to be out of drive along way into places that might not good infrastructure for electric charging and to be able to use that giant battery of things. Now, and maybe that's a great idea for the ex. Could that happen or am I? Just out of my mind and they're just GONNA. Let s an slowly slowly. Disintegrate over time, but it is interesting. Find. We have talked about the fact that you know there's probably some mules out there model threes that have one hundred kilowatt battery packs and Illinois said no, no nothing to see here. That's not going to happen. But. You know what's going to happen at some point, the question is at what point do they significantly upgrade is an ex batteries to the new technology and helbig. Oh, yes. If they've got their density way up. Then potentially in the same form factor, they could get a much bigger battery and I hope so I've been saying saying. You release on. The X is up in a year and a half, my girl. Let's just get away. It'll be way cheaper. Be like half the price, and it's just as good, but if there's a five hundred Mile Model X. ally that's going to produce some problems. Mine is mill at the show is alone today I'll took?

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