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"Unaccompanied act his three previous top. Ten hits all collaborations with other artists. Yon you're younger gonna gooney. We're gonna this'll become second nature to us after the song is just be know after it becomes a humongous hit of the next few weeks. We'll just been native spanish and japanese language right there. yes. I think the majority of the song is in spanish. There's some parts and japanese the name of the song itself for instance so It was powered mostly entirely by streaming activity in. Its first week with twenty seven point. Three million us streams and the track also debuted at number two on the streaming songs chart at number eighteen on the digital songs sales chart but doesn't quite have enough airplay to reach the radio songs chart yet yet yet. Just wait you just wait. All that chart chat has me thinking about some new chart contenders because last week was a very busy for new releases from some of our favorite female popstars. Let's take a closer look at four of these new songs and the first one is lords solar power. This is the first new music from lord sensor two thousand seventeen album melodrama and things are much sunnier this time around and there's a video to match this fun. Somebody funds This new song definitely has a laidback summer vibe. Which is not what you probably are used to thinking of with lord but the buzzer video sees her. In a two piece yellow ensemble prancing around the beach surrounded by. What seems like a commune of cello. Ladies or it could be called. I don't know they're carrying her like on a stretcher in one thing and she has a great lyric where she says. I'm kind of like a prettier. Jesus so i think she's leaning into that. You know the leader vibe. I'm glad that you pointed out. Because i i don't i didn't want to necessarily voice that opinion but it did feel very like commune. You know. we're all sort of you know a burlap colored outfits yes except for lord except in is the center of it. I'm a leader in the center of the a lot of comparisons were made to midsummer the which is a horror movie. So i don't think it goes that direction but who knows you know. We haven't heard anything else from the album yet. So maybe things get darker but she also announced that her next album will be called solar power as well Though she has not yet announced a release date this was just such a huge lightning rod. Relief like twitter lost their minds. I think between the lines not losing their mind at something that's fair but between the song being a sonic departure for lord and the video being you know so just easy to talk about. There's a lot going on there. My favorite meme from it actually overlaid a Humira prescription add over the video. It looked like you know when people are just having so much fun in those like prescription average. Look at what your life could be. Humira you too can be. Lowered unabridged yellow pills of new solar power project. Exactly exactly so. That was definitely probably the most talked about one last week but contending for that all how did. How did the chatter from this next thing. Not out outshine solar power. Maybe outshine there. We go maybe. Maybe lord releasing on thursday was a smart move because this one that came out at midnight Which is megan thee. Stallion's thought shit very fun song but this one is like one hundred percent about the music video. The clip stars a senator character who leaves angry sexist comments on one of meg's music videos all of a sudden he gets a call from the stallion herself and she puts them in his place and then his entire life is transformed where everything he sees is all just like torkan ladies. We've got garbage truck. Drivers grocery store workers diner waitstaff. Police officers all ladies ultra working and it is incredible all to end in a just absolutely honestly like i was watching the whole video videos loving it on the whole thing and then i could not have predicted. No how it all and i am. I was united warning. I didn't know what was happening at the end and i was like. What are they doing. What's happening what and then that. I was absolutely not expecting It's eye-popping it's indeed indeed and there's actually a great behind the scenes video that came out. I'm not sure if it was just yesterday. But that's where. I saw it on sunday. And it's one of the cameraman who shot the video. And he's doing this point of view shot where he's got a camera kind of like attached to his shoulders and he's he's filming one of the twerking ladies and he's moving around to like keep up with her moving and then you see the like half second shot from the video that it creates this like you know booty point of view. It's like but this guy had the greatest day of work you could tell he was loving life and he was just trying to keep up with her and it was kind of great so hard to keep up with the booty. It's hard to keep up next up. We had a a new release from doja cat called need to know. It's our latest peak at planet. Her which is doges. next album coming out june twenty-fifth and she continues the whole extraterrestrial theme with this wine in the video for the very softly song. That's that's just that's a very. That's that's her low key way of describing the track after seeing the meghan video. All of a sudden the doj like lyrics super but In the video doj out on the town. I mean out on the planet or whatever with her alien girl gang and meets a handsome stranger shares. Some smokey shops with her girls. They're like everything's very other worldly forward on star trek next generation. It's very like so. What brings you to town. Purple skinned man. You know it's her skin's green his hair blue it's all jetsons and definitely follows in the the kiss be more five that she and says a setup with her last video so i think wait and see what more we'll see a planet her before the release signed on june twenty fifth and finally we have kylie minogue cover of lady gaga mary the night as we discussed last week on the podcast. This is the latest cover song from the release of lady gaga levin. Born this way album which is now. Do not do on june twenty fifth. That's.

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