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"lord chen" Discussed on The Higherside Chats

"That's a major indicator probably via indicator of whether you'll take mchugh desk which means simply that you have become longitudinal plasma projected the physics of shambles won't doing and called rainbow body cast joan body in alms names. We have easier body. it's in fact. The bubble of electrical coherence around your or become central pedal. Enough that you can then embed the longitudinal components of this wave array for example. In my case after years of the end of the no clear audience the here ancestors sacred sites with the cherokee folks so that array is the physics of the collective unconscious on the way to make phone calls. There is your aura has to be launched cohere enough plasma objective also. Why when you use that cascading trigger not just bliss brain ways but you can trigger. Ability astral travel view I love it and they're affi- plasma regeneration centres these exists in california vegas oregon colorado many other places. I looked this up. I mean this is pretty impressive that these centers have all adopted this technology. The system at you discovered put together some of these centers. Also offer hydroxy gas inhalation. We had a previous guests. George wise men go on about the importance of hydrogen this hydrogen oxygen and it also seems to play a key role in regeneration and hydrogen is a big part of the thera sherifi plasma regeneration too. Isn't it exactly. in fact. The frequency cascade than i prove is radio. Hydrogen is the core of the verify cascade frequencies as other human laws in brainwave from bliss in in for several home. And yes it's true. It was originally proved the facto structure of hydrogen. Which is why. It's so megan and specially especially in its nanno armato attempt state so for example are las vegas center was best con is well known to the synergy with hydrogen. Breathing at center is true that also hydrogen extra hydrogen in water is the key to healing and we have technology for that the employer dot com which uses emotion vortex but yes Therapy dot net is. I don't know there's twenty years through your forty centers in usa and and many more countries around the world is gone viral. Can i say but i must. I must say that my partner. I'm the co inventor with paul. Here's in western canada. Who probably is the world's leading teacher of hands on alchemy as well excellent so there are twelve but you see. I discovered the physics antoine. Pre-release the precedent there who famously. He'll tens of thousands of cancers here france docking by the french government but he was spending millions to build each one of his gadgets and didn't have a clue of the physics principle unfortunate did not know what face-down station was but he inherited said frequencies from rifle coffee and bike and tesla and the turns out that in that process. They tripped very closely. The cascade predicted by my equation. What i discovered that my quesion predicted more accurately the frequencies onto free rooms using in france. Then we were the perfect specifically pre. We didn't even know that you needed opposing pairs sources which is critical phase. Conjugation as any laser optics. I tell them gotta have to pinecone kiss. Noses great implosion the center and then we did about spectrum by equation but you can read. Physics is very well articulated there. And you're right. It's about a central pinot plasma tornado. We have many technologies that are doing that and even carbonell with a lot of things are cooking but our water tickets your success. Also the employer dot com and our brainwave tech us insane frequencies blamed in mind up very cool. I spent lot of time on that website. And you have used this phrase where pine cones kiss noses a couple of times an. I think the most obvious imagery that people would think of is those ancient depictions of gilgamesh. Or it's shown up several other places where there's a person holding a pinecone out typically with those small bag in the other hand. It's a pretty ubiquitous. Ancient carving or symbol. Is this what you're getting at. Did the ancients obviously have this sort of knowledge base. That we've just. I guess lost overtime. Well we think that hurry stove. Thoth who symbol is what today is called phase conjugation for one thing. And that is the physics of life force in this hermetically sealed as it were and is true. The pine cone is also the way they served their white gold powder which is wise to pick to that ran the chateau but it's also a pine cones very practical tool for rainmaking funeral. How to use it as well. Actually and the purse we think was home for seeds but actually the scenario of anarchy they hit a green gear coup crystal which is functionally computer. In fact they had wars over computer sumerian term or computer. This is n. e. as it may also ooh measurement and as such and. I think didn't get that right. And so that's what the person was for the music for record keeping it settles. The pinecone was there mechanism. Lifeforce generation very practical way to remember how that worked is is well documented listening in on either. When they arrived here they were running them. Pleading all their litters clearly were aging catastrophically prematurely. And they would do what's called. Raise a sham unto the lord. Which at that time was mysteries laid this. I will build an altar. God but actually they were sham refers to what an altar is which is impulsive capacities because that is the only age rehearsing technology that same. Their lives so phase conjugate time reversal. Actually which today would call age. Reversal is what they meant. When they said i will build a sham unto the lord chen also mean blackhall is also built time reversal so to be able to bill at paramedic structure that was charging close it was the beginning of their ability to not age catastrophic because they were houston in tropic environments and practice simple as that picture they call lightbulb in stone in pyramid with the gypsies made lightbulb. Said just a light bulb. It's a plasma tube. Is larry the logo for terrified net because that kind of age reversal technology was shannon to lord was central. All this mary literature so yes they knew something about. When you say phase conjugate is that kind of like a phase locked or a synchronization of this energy. Is that a away. People should think of it. Well i think let's be as concrete as from candy to people know some.

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