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"lord bertelli" Discussed on Tales

"On Christmas Eve Sergo Wayne's faith cracked. He knew he only had a week to go. And he was no closer to finding the green chapel than when he left two months ago, he could be farther away actually he was wandering blind in the wilderness. Sir Go Wayne finally reached a valley pudding, the snowy mountains behind him, it was cold comfort, however in front of him, Laya, thick, overgrown forest, all dead branches and clustered ancient oaks. The Sun was just coming up, but the light barely broke through the trees. He dropped to his knees. Mother Mary Guide me some manner somewhere I might have mass for Christmas Day Circle Wayne looked up squinting his eyes against the sun through the thicket of trees. He thought he saw a tower. It hadn't been a forest that was blocking out the sun. It was a castle. It's wall stretched far off in each direction circle. Wayne couldn't believe it. His prayers had been answered. seargl Wayne, road his horse through the Treeline, nearing the moat that surrounded the castle. The drawbridge was up, sir, go! Wayne called to the gate. His eyes lit up as a porter stuck his head through a turret. It was the first human face go. Wayne had seen in weeks. Go Wayne Helmet under his arm barely had the strength to shout. Could I bother the master of the House for a warm meal? The porter called out for the drawbridge to be lowered. The bridge hit the ground and go Wayne's heart filled with joy. The full court was there to welcome him all warm and smiling full of Christmas cheer. The court ears descended upon Gohain, eager to assist him with his armor they pulled off his giant steel boots, and his soaked cloak, wrapping him in a lush dry robe. It was a feeling go. Wayne had nearly forgotten warmth. Waiting for go Wayne in the throne room was a large smiling man with a bushy red beard. He was physically imposing, but there was an unmistakable kindness to him go. Wayne could see why his subjects were so willing to follow him. Go Wayne Knelt before the Lord of the House. Thank you for your generosity, my Lord. I've been traveling for months. Could I bother you for a warm meal and perhaps a bed for the night? The Lord told him to stand stranger. It's Christmas stay as long as you need. SEARGL. Wayne stood, and the Lord wrapped him in his arms. The Lord, said go way up in one of his finest rooms, and laid out a feast for him. The wine flowed and the Lord and go. Wayne chatted away into the night. Like old friends seargl Wayne believe his luck of all the Castles to stumble upon he found this one with. It's kind and generous master. As the two men sat and drank by the fire, the lured introduced himself as Berta lack and. And finally asked go wayne his name. The grateful night bowed his head. Sir Wayne of Camelot at your service Berta lack burst into laughter. He couldn't believe it a night of the round table here at his lowly castle Sergei Wayne was happy to see his reputation had made it all the way to this dark corner of England, and was thrilled to Regale the Lord's nights with tales of camelot and the roundtable. The church bells rang calling all to Christmas Eve Mass Lord Bertelli invited Sir Go Wayne to join him for the service. The two sat side by side in the Lord's Pew. In the of his eye, Sir Go! Wayne saw someone move. He turned his head, and for the first time laid eyes on the Lady of the House. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen with a grace all to herself, she moved effortlessly as if gliding across the room, The lady caught Surg Awakens, gays, and smiled Sir Wayne deeply bowed his head in deference to her. After mass the Christmas festival began day after day. Sir Dwayne and Berta lack ate and drank together. It was a more than welcome distraction for Wayne, but it was just that a distraction as dawn broke on the twenty eighth of December Sergei knew he needed to be on his way. He only had a few days left to find the Green Chapel go. Wayne dressed in his full gear, his armor, his TUNIC, his cloak, and went to Berta lacks chambers. Sir Go Wayne Knelt before the Lord thanking him profusely for his kindness, but he had to ask for his leave. The. Lord stared back at go Wayne, stroking his beard. I never thought to ask what drew you out of camelot and the dead of winter. Surely it wouldn't be for any trivial reason, sir go! Wayne stood and leveled his gaze. I in search of the Green. Chapel I must make it there. By the New Year for I have a debt to pay. The Lord leaned forward a strange glint in his eye. Sir, go! Wayne was in luck again. The Green Chapel was nearby, not even a half day's ride from the castle. He could leave New Year's morning and get there before noon. Go Wayne couldn't believe it after all this time. The end to his journey was within reach. BERTA lack encouraged his guest to relax. He threw his arms around Wayne. Let's have a little contest. Be out hunting every morning. Why don't you stay here? Sleep in. Enjoy yourself when I return. I'll trade you my game for whatever you have gained here the castle. What do you say Sir Wayne? Glain shook his hand. These were more than fair terms. The next morning before dawn broke go, Wayne woke to the sound of the trumpets, calling the men to the hunt, but there was another noise that caught his attention a click from the door lock. Surrogate, Wayne's is turned toward the door. Someone was sneaking in on him. Carefully go Wayne peered out of the bed curtains. His jaw dropped at the site of the intruder. It was the Lady Bird Elec creeping into his chambers. Coming up Sir go Wayne's honor is tested now back to the story..

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