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"lor sakala" Discussed on Up Or Out with Connie

Up Or Out with Connie

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"lor sakala" Discussed on Up Or Out with Connie

"The. We're obsessed with the Connie fife show. It's about a lifestyle shift to move up or out. Really? What makes you? It's about opening a new door to live your dream. P too early. It's about enjoying the journey. It's about keeping it real. Dan, Jamir years the. The. It's all about you. Or something I wanted to do stop taking so seriously the taking outrageous out late laugh. Yes. These that Connie fife show, we really union. Airdrie? Now, your host, Connie fife. Well, hello. It's cutting five and this is the Connie five show, and we have an incredible guess today. But before we get there. I just wanna talk about sharing our show because I love in our community. It is just phenomenal. And I just wanna thank you for sharing us and letting other people know about us because it is just incredible. And we continue being incredible guests on the show and today is no different. But when you sharing show in your hashtag ING when you're hanging guests. We have giveaways for you. And today's guest is going to giving away to you a chapter out of her new book, speaking to influence mastering, your leadership voice. So remember to share share share way because people are coming here. They're coming to the confines show because we talk about business. We talk about they're the real deal the ups downs. The, you know, the tears come the successes, and we all. Share in those successes together because we want you to be successful. We want you to really be thriving. Whether it's they're sitting in the suite or building your lifestyle business, and that's all the information that were sharing because we are all about helping you helping the world's most daring minds kick the passion of life activated. So make sure you're sharing us because we really do appreciate that. So onto the show. So let me give a little bit of introduction for our guest today. She speaks to influence. This is exactly who she is. When I first met her. I was just in awe of her the entire time her professionalism, and the work that she does and how she's helping others coach and how she's helping them find their leadership voice. So she's written a book about that. Her latest book is speaking to influence mastering, your leadership voice. She's a woman Jess confidence. She is poise focus and cry. Credibility, and the this is what best describes her? So joining us from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and y'all know Pennsylvania is really dear to my heart. Please welcome to the Connie five show Lor Sakala, right? Connie, thank you so much for having me today. So I what I sing your book. And I know it was gone back and forth and you applying with some different covers. But everything that you do is about influence speaking to influence, so I mean, you've done work with on the stage yourself, but you also help other individuals find their voice on the Ted stage. And you also work with individuals again in in corporate, but you really take them to that place of helping them understand when they don't get a response when they don't have respect or the getting those results that they want. It's really that blind spot that they have themselves show share more about that shore. The. Everybody's had those moments where you feel like in my head. My idea is so crystal clear never body should just yet it and they should us. And the do it needs to be done to make it happen. Right. That's not what happens often begin pushback. We get ignored or we get the run around. Or we just we ultimately the movie in our minds is not the movie that plays out in reality. Right piece of that. Why people respond to us in a way that it'd be isn't optimal is because we have this blind spot and the blind spot is the gap between how you wanna come across. Now, you come across and how you actually come across when you speak, and

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