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"lor river" Discussed on Made of Mettle

"Style on the evening of may fourth fourteen twenty nine. After several days of waiting joan was fed up and abruptly declared. I must go in attack. The english joan grabbed her arms and pressed on to an english stronghold in the east where a battle was already in progress when joan arrived the troops were barely holding on but it is said that jones presence was described by soldiers to be so powerful that it provided them the extra energy that they needed to win the battle as well as the fort after this win joan had yet. Another letter of defiance dictated to the english. It was amazing that she was so confident in herself and her direction that she was taunting her opposition. Along the way jones first victory carried momentum for the troops to advance on another stronghold surrounding early on just a day later upon learning of jones approach. The english troops abandoned the fort to defend another position nearby. Joan pursued attacked in took their stronghold by force. Jones grit her determination. Her drive was incredible. There was no obstruction that would stop joan from reaching her objectives. After the second victory joan then went on to attack her third stronghold. She was working her way around. The english is picking them off one by one. The fight was brutal and although joan was wounded she returned and resumed her role in the assault jones returned to the attack after being wounded was credited with again giving the troops the motivation to maintain the pressure on the english. The english troops finally relented in were seen. We're treating a day after the battle began. Although joan was aware of their retreat she did not pursue her reasoning. It was sunday. Although joan was a warrior she always maintained her core convictions. Her belief in her religion one can respect his dedication to her faith above all else. After francis victories against the english stronghold surrounding early on the siege was lifted. The siege was over four days after jones. I attack when john was initially petitioning. The dough phen- to fight on his behalf and was being interrogated. By the dolphins is joan had asserted confidently that she would prove herself at orelon after jones victories early on her credibility with prominent clergyman as well as the public was reinforced. I mean the girl was a hero. That fat could not be denied by the people of france against all odds in assumptions by others. Jones predictions were proven to have come true ironically on the opposing side. The english forces regarded joan as an agent of the devil. The thought that joan was being helped in any way by heavenly forces was inconceivable. Joan left early on in method. Oh phen- at tours where he was waiting for her. Joan urs dauphin to goto roms to be crowned as king although the dough. Phen- was anxious to receive his crown his advisers were telling the dough phen- to look to continue on towards a conquest of normandy instead the dough phen- was torn but the final decision was the first clear the english from the towns along lor river in this mission. Joan was reconnected with an earlier ally. Lieutenant general of the french army these particular lieutenant. General credited joan with saving his life during the battle of early on. This was another instance of jones. Amazing paranormal abilities. The lieutenant general claim that joan had warned him about imminent cannon fire cannon fire that was aimed at the walls directly behind him. This cannon fire was on the other side of the wall essentially invisible to him from his perspective if joan had not warned him about the incoming cannon fire the lieutenant generals surely would have perished under the collapsing wall together. Lieutenant general and joan worked the way down the river and took back several important towns along the way. The french in english again came face to face in battle at on june eighteenth. Fourteen twenty nine yet another important conflict for joan along her long list of conquests. Joan informed the door. Phen- that the victory epa tae would win a greater victory that day than any. He had one so far. Joan had a knowing of the outcomes and impacts of her actions far beyond what was readily apparent during this campaign the english army was hosted an almost completely decimated. This crusade was groundbreaking as it ended the english armies ruthless reputation for invincibility. Joan had conquered a force that was thought to be unstoppable. This was the nature of jones power to overcome in conquer the impossible after another paramount. Victory joan again approach though phen- and strongly encourage him to swiftly go to roms for his coronation the dough phen- continued to hesitate due in large parts to warnings by his advisors. It should be noted that his advisors likely had legit safety concerns for the dolphin at this point. Considering all the recent military action had been taken against the english but again due to jones persistent and persuasive nature she was able to convince the dolphin to move forward with the coronation. The dough phen- sent out letters of some for his essentially his official announcement of the long-awaited ceremony to the public. Joan also dictated to letters of her own before sitting out on their journey. One letter was to a group of loyalists and another was a challenge to the duke of burgundy joan. The phen- set out on the official march to the coordination on june twenty-ninth. Fourteen twenty nine. I wanted to highlight that. This is just ten days. After her milestone victory against the english jones march to the coronation with a dope fiend was yet another landmark journey in her military career as joan march with the dolphin several towns along the way that were pro. Burgundian preemptively surrendered at the news of her approaching arrival. There were of course. Several towns that were still doubtful of joan and the fabled stories surrounding this agent of the devil. One of these such towns were still holding their gundy and loyalties. Joan wrote to them and assured them that they would be pardoned if they surrendered the town replied by sending a popular fryer to assess joan and the credibility of her claims as with everyone along her path. People could not accept or believe that girl such as joan was everything that she said she was. And as with all the people who had met joan before against the towns and the friars own misgivings. The friar himself became a believer in joan. The fryer return with nothing but positive news to report to the people but in spite of the friars good word for joan. The people decided to remain loyal to the burgundian. The dolphins council of advisors convened and it was decided that joan would lead in attack against the town wants. The town was made aware that joan would lead the attack. The villagers promptly surrendered other towns along the way followed suit in similar fashion. The troops marched onto chalan. Another town along the route. The count bishop of chalon personally handed the keys of the town to the dolphin. It should be noted that this town had made an earlier decision to resist the dolphins army on july sixteenth. Fourteen twenty nine. The troops finally reached their final destination. And the next day was the coronation. All of jones dreams. Her mission everything. she'd been striving for. Since i receiving her proclaimed divine direction had come to fruition. The dolphin was crowned the king of france after the ceremony. Joan knelt before the dough phen- in addressed him as her king using his official title for the first time the day of the ceremony. Joan wrote a letter to the duke of burgundy urging him to make peace with france. She also made a pointed requests for him to leave the royal fortress as it was no longer rightfully. His king. charles. Left froms and marched on eventually making his way to the lavar. The strategy was meant to send a message that the king would not be the one to initiate an attack. On france the towns full of loyalists were concerned about the kings approach. But jones sent a letter to reassure the citizens that everything would be okay. Jones letters said that the duke of burgundy who is currently in power in paris had made a truce with france. After the truce it was hoped that the duke of burgundy would surrender paris without in ensuing battle fringe in english troops clashed again. When the english attempted to block the french troops from a river crossing this skirmish was much to the delight of joan who had wanted the king to focus on attacking paris during this transition period. Although the duke of burgundy still resided in france joan was declared the idol and savior of the french. Joan herself admitted that she felt that her dream had been realized on august. Twenty eighth fourteen. Twenty nine the truce with begun had come to an end. Joan was adamant that the troops must take possession of paris by force on september seventh fourteen. Twenty nine the king arrived at paris. An attack on the city began the next day again. Joan was wounded during the attack but continued to provide more support to the troops who were still am battle. Joan wanted the battle to continue into the next day but king. Charles ordered a retreat. Taking heat to the king's orders. Joan in her troops retreated leaving the duke of burgundy in paris. After this battle joan joined the king at the war in the army was officially disbanded a short while after the same lieutenant general the joan had saved from the cannon fire planned a campaign in normandy in which he personally requested presence to lead the lieutenant generals request was denied by the king and joan continue to accompany the king throughout his travels taking towns further establishing herself as a military power house. Joan would swiftly come to the aid of towns that were threatened or attacked by the duke of burgundy. It should also be noted that joan was remembered by those close to the king in villagers of the town. She visited as having an unrelenting goodness and generosity within her soul although she was a fierce who was noted as always being readied in willing to defend her beliefs she was still able to retain her core of grace and morality. This was jones amazing journey her ability to retain who she was above all else against all odds. This is where we're in part. Two of jones journey as this was a huge turning point for joan and jones next parts are. They're pretty packed in complex. So i kind of wanted to put that in just a separate episodes. You guys. don't get overloaded because this is such a interesting and passionate story and it is really important to note. The more complex points of jones journey and a personality that are often left out of her story so and part three we're going to basically talk about jones eventual capture and execution in the events that led up to this point for joan and as always we're going to end it on one of jones. Many many great quotes. Joan was noted as saying this to an english captain during her campaign at orly on you have been with your council in. I have been with mine. Believe me that the council of my lord will be accomplished. And we'll stand in this council of yours will perish so you can follow made of metal and made of metal podcast on instagram in that is made of metal m. e. t. t. l. e. and were also in the process of finally finishing up our website. As those a few other socials for all your crew cats to come check us out so until next time thank you so much for listening and don't forget to bloom where you're planted..

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