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"lopez andy murray" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

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"lopez andy murray" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"Look to pay gassed today, and he could maybe do with getting it done into, but also says passing three make a completely logical prediction as as a ways. That section of the draw. And my right is the Lopez rounded section of the draw. Andrew is backing. Crown inch against either against. Purpose. And then either sits Paso, Jeanniot say is that right hundred? That's right. And I think matches such something important there that Steph could use with getting it done in two tomorrow. And if he doesn't rounded, she'll be waiting. She's waiting to take home message. Wrap it up that. That's the one half. The draw the order plates coming results, bring you very quickly. We've got a shoe. Schwartzman be marrying Chile. I mean were the net together. Effort gross. Cool much Schwartzman. Scotsman say. Should it? She was not good. He had about today was. Difficult to watch. Actually, if you compared the marriage, which we saw today to the rank shoes hail, austere contrast was so stop and. Yeah. Just schwartzman's twelfth Glass, cO MAC and third. Brasco win. Okay, heap insult on injury. But he did say lease doubles today. He's a lovely. I mean it's to the extent now that I'm concerned, this sort of something else going on with, with is not just as vicious. I just. Okay. He needs confidence. Big time. Is that Andy Roddick quote confidence over experience and kid, h o the cross Coit spins but absolutely non of the confidence whatsoever. Good, Matt, you're too good. Isn't that the story this week all the all the experienced cross, call pedigree plays have no confidence at the moment and all of the confidence place don't really have the pedigree experience on gross? Yeah. I think you're right. Andy verdicts, cooled it. Stanford resume around was playing so well for two two cents. And then somehow didn't win the second one and then Steve, again, he was a break up in the third set against Nikola who is about forty eight and, and still my who manage to win. It was incredible proper grass-court tennis being played by my who. News old is the men's tennis, sweet spot. Yep. So that means if I could just go back in time, eight years, I would have a chance of still making it. On the show tomorrow, schwartzman's Medvedev at twelve than, sit surpass Oceanian seem then Lopez round inch then it's Jamie Murray and Neil ski ski playing in the doubles against continent and Joan peers and the not before five thirty pm Lopez Andy Murray against either Evans and skept ski or OCSE demo with man who and is UC Mona court, number one so loads of stuff to come tomorrow. There's also the pull hunches trophy, the junior of in between the United States and Great Britain. It's played here tomorrow the wheelchair event, as well. Some fantastic players involved like Alfie Hewitt and Gordon read in Halla to this, this lovely fine day we've had Roja federal when seven five, why are you laughing? Seven five in the third against Joe Wilfred Songa, Mike, goodness was. Two hours sixteen minutes. Seven six four six. So that's the scoreline there. Zver steve. Johnson is straight sets in Birmingham today. We had the defeat of Asaka Niamey Sokolow, six two six three two Yulia Potenza, which is a bit of apprising results. Venus Williams Williams court finals, Ashkenazi just swept aside. Jennifer Brady six three six one. Then probably could still find time to play doubles, Wendy, my if she punish just doesn't want to. So that's not happening. And then in Majorca Angelique Kerber beat Maria Sharapova six two six three that's your big highlight result. Sharpei confirmed, she play and other event before Wimbledon thought you were going to say, not play Wimbledon. She's gonna Petit massive knees at the moment. This news. Just made you Deb your Andrew. How was it? Better than I thought, but it was great. We do. Get accused of being too overly British. For the most part banging on about is not a. Okay. You'll have to teach me if you say Matt robots Andrew bridges cut to go me, David law on the tennis podcasts, broach, unisex with ten of graphics that could have produced by tennis balls com that without mascot Rio with the why I remember it and that's about it for another day, folks. Honey, Murray's back. We'll be back tomorrow.

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