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"lopez andre sukhum" Discussed on MMA Junkie Radio

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"lopez andre sukhum" Discussed on MMA Junkie Radio

"Or thirty five. He wants to. I think forty five prime makes the most sense are I'm gonna go through some featherweights. And then you told me I think if they went they called his bluff, and set thirty five at say, hold on. Hold on play on catchweight, maybe. Yeah. Something like that. Yeah. But forty five I think is, is the rag you need to go right? Hey, give me an update on those scores. Will I the San Jose Sharks are up to nothing Saint Louis blues and the Toronto? Raptors are up nineteen to eight on Milwaukee six thirteen left in the first quarter. Both have been fun this year. What are the series? What's the series at the hockey one? Goes couldn't have stretched it out a little bit more trying to buy time on. All right. The internet's slow. But I think I got my life, my featherweights to populate here, what you get featherweights in the U of C. That makes sense. He's a lot of much say. Jeremy Stevens kinda hit a losing skid. Jeremy would take it, though. Value alone back up in spotlight. K. Swanson's lost four in a row. You know, I, I guess I could say this now this is years ago, but I remember back when. I remember. Cub Tom me. I just know one damn in a fight your favor. And because we kept asking would you go up and way, would you do this at the time now and he said, he goes, I just know, I'm gonna fight him one day, so I haven't rushed at all to try and make that fight this back in WBZ. But you know what? That wouldn't be bad. Michael johnson. Michael johnson. I like the other two better, but Michael Johnson is fun and just about every matchup. But I think the other two would would be would have a little bit of a kick to it. Now they're seat now. There's guys like your dream Brian Taylor, who have not been matched up officially, but I'm not going to include them because they're higher ranked. And I just don't see that. I some of the other ones are kind of, on some sort of a skid with these still have a little bit of name value. You don't wanna just throw your favor out against someone coming off tough or I like it. I think that might be the one Jeremy's not bad. Either. Boy, what are some other names here? Let's go down to thirty five either something at thirty five. Sounds all right. What a snatch up make sense. I was thinking of that one too. Maybe. These are bad again. These are featherweights. So now let's go to bantamweight. Let's see Cammie Ben wait. He find any wine than once, but any winds gotta fight coming up. So he's put in his time. There's John Dodson. Nah. Bryan caraway. Not too bad. Yeah. Okay. I still think cuts on the though. I would agree. Maybe Johnny WALDO back to ask him right now, maybe Matthew, Lopez Andre Sukhum thaw. Everybody else's either kinda streaking in another direction or maybe just not as big of a name, I guess, when he fought, Brad Pickett, Brad Pickett, also seen is better days and nobody, you know, batted an either. So maybe it doesn't have to be some other big time name or anything like that. But. I don't know. Just using my eyes gravitate in that direction when, when, when you wanna up legend that wants to keep fighting. Got thrown. We'll get someone up there. That, that, that matters. If you one if you have a couple junky nation heads up. Eight seven seven. Fight ninety three or eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three how we how we doing on the commercials, we've still got one more. We'd better do that semi junkie radio on fire nation channel six. When we come back, we are.

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