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"loop heron" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Donna. Okay. If I bring Tupperware tonight. I don't think that is the right optics that we're going for you going to serve meals at Ronald McDonald house and bringing Tupperware so you can bring onto leftovers something about it doesn't feel right. Listen, lady, friend. Joke. I joke partially. So you watch movie back back. I don't know what that noise was. But. I wonder it a segue the boy band con the Lou Perlman's story this produced by Lance Bass, which means let me not bury the lead you are talking to a YouTube premium member. Ooh. And if I forget, I set a seri- reminder for twenty six days from then because it's a thirty day trial after the thirty day trial. It's fifteen ninety nine a month. Thank gene. What else am I gonna see besides boy Cobra KAI? Listen hit a boo. Anytime you have set a reminder to cancel something or to remind you of something you don't do it. So I don't know if that lady inside your phone is not listening to you. Is she's just ignoring you. You always come back and go all dang. I forgot to always say even set a reminder nickel. Reminder. Jewish pick. I shop. Right in my talent, her might paper calendar, and I'll remind you. There we go. What's the day for now? Let's do it. Yeah. Why don't we just do? Let's just do may first. Nice and easy. May I get out of there? All right. May I want to it's going on the list? Okay. Good. Okay. There you go. We got you covered during the show Ryan if you're going to reminder set at during the show. What time is the show? All right. So so what you think it's it was very good. If you like fire fraud, if you liked the fire festival documentaries on Hulu on Netflix. You will enjoy you will enjoy this. What they did. This is Lou Perlman is the manager. He is the man who created instinct and backstreet boys. And as the story goes they had both been around for a while. And it suddenly dawned on a couple of the members of instinct and backstreet. Hey, this lieu Pearlman who we thought was doing a such a service is doing us dirty here. Now, what's interesting? Is that Lou Pearlman would get a house for them to all stay in? So instant kind house and back she got house, so they could get together. So then they're like, well, I'm kind of like living high off the hog your that big beautiful home meals are all taken care of then when they were touring they were getting per diem and no expenses, you know, so every hotel is paid for and all that kind of stuff turns out all of the hotels and the expenses and the dinners and the wining and the dining all of that he had written himself in as a sixth member of the bands. And he had convinced them that that was the way to go that it's more equitable because then you don't have to hire a manager in an agent and all that kind of stuff. Instead, I'm the six member, and I handle this stuff for you guys. However with that it turns out that there were I think they were called expenditure. Oh, jeez. It was something expletive. Something's. That. But what they found out when they finally got their first paycheck after years three years of touring, and it was ten thousand dollars each and they were like. Three years, sweat, and tears and recording in the studio industry experts were saying backseat and instinct think what you thought of the boy band movement, but that they worked so hard. But anyway, then all there was all this payment that had to go back to all of the meals and all of the hotels, and it came out of all of their checks. Yes. Because he was just another member. So that was sort of split up between them all there are a bunch of things. I would I would tell you that if you're interested in the backstreet boy era, if you live through TRL, if you liked instinct or liked backstreet, you will enjoy this. What's cool? Is it starts right out of the gates within Saint comeback street, boys. Then it shifts back to the back story of loop hurled Mun growing up usually I'm like, I don't care about like what the childhood was like tell me about the issue. Right. Pop culture, the news event that I'm concerned about however in this case, it was very pertinent to the man he became and the allegations that came out there some interest. Findings about his past about the quote unquote airline that he was the chairman of some peculiar a few fun facts that you find out is that it was lieu Pearlman who again create a both actually than in sync who created the rivalry between them. They both talked about a he would come back to their camp and say, but can you believe those backstreet boy guys, that's what they're telling me this and tell me that and that will get frustrated then he would go back until in sync like that he would flip the script on both of them, and they said early intake backstreet if they were in the same room, they wouldn't wanna talk with each other. They would avoid each other. It was a legitimate feud. And here's how instinct rose to fame. Backstreet was doing great. They were crushing it. Disney channel offers them a special. They said, no, thank you. I'm gonna pass on that. Thank you. Instead in sync takes it. It's a thirty minute special that plays ad nauseam on the Disney channel for the next month and instinct sales skyrocketed and the rest was history. And that's how they then over came backstreet, boys. They got they said yes to the thing that backstreet said no to because actually they were doing a bunch of shows fine. The Disney show, we don't eat it. It was exactly what in sync needed. However, interesting the other hand, there are there's a very interesting reveal about the airline that loop Heron also was a part of the airline transcontinental airlines in midway through. I thought that sounds familiar, but I don't think I've ever seen them pop up anywhere on. But it's well, that's because he does those things that make things turns out he wasn't just screwed over instant comeback street. He was screwing over all sorts of people throw a Ponzi scheme under the guise of investment opportunities through transcontinental airlines. So then you talked to. Real people who got screwed over by him on the enough or incidently rather Lou permanent up getting charged the F B, I got them and put them in for wire fraud and mail fraud. The things that you know, you're talking about Louis Laughlin with the college scandal similar charges to a much much higher degree he swindled millions and millions and millions out of people. So he went to jail and did he die while in died while in jail. Yes, he did. But you also find out where things about some secret cameras that were allegedly set up at his house where he was doing surveilling both men and women who are in his house. He had a tanning bed there. He said he was you know, was checking out all the girls that would come in tan there. There are some allegations about potential sexual misconduct with young men. Let me say this to what's interesting is that you hear from a couple members of instinct a couple members of backstreet. You also hear from Aaron Carter. Wow. I hope he's okay. He does. He not look, okay. In the documentary that he doesn't look. Okay. He does not come across as even keel at all really, the only defendant of Lou Perlman and all of this. Getting really emotional at times at one point. He has to walk off and take his microphone offbeat victims. Mellow man. He was stanchly defending him. But it was it's it's it was rather rather interesting. I think it's about an hour and forty minutes, again, it's on YouTube premium talk about the boy band con the Lou Perlman's password. I gotta remember what it is. You know, like you set it up so quickly because you're just trying to get it here. Okay. But. Oh boy band con on YouTube premium. That's where you can see that what we're talking movies. Just real quick. I know we have to take break, but on people are really loving it. It made fifty three and a half million dollars. Still got ninety one percent on rotten tomatoes people really like it pet cemetery came in second and then Dumbo with third at the box office a guy. When we come back. Most of us think this particular sentiment about social media. According to a new study tell you about that. And also new words have been added to dictionary dot com. Tell you. What those words when we come right back on mytalk one zero seven one the Colleen and Bradley show. Mary.

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